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Jan 25 2016

"when these facts are added to the fact that the Zika virus has never done anything prior but cause a mild cold, suddenly blaming it for thousands of shrunken baby brains is outright medical fraud.

Here is an updated version of the original report, which got wiped out:

Tdap induced shrunken brains: The new autism.

The new "Autism", titled "Microcephaly" has suddenly smashed it's way into Brazilian delivery rooms overnight and destroyed more than 2,400 Brazilian newborn babies en utero in only the past 2 months with ZERO DESTROYED IN THE MONTHS PRIOR. Update: Since posting this page, which was extracted from backup after the hack, the number has risen to over 4,000 in less than two additional weeks, as I originally predicted would happen.

The false reason for the shrunken heads is stated to be caused when a pregnant mother is bitten by an Ades mosquito which is carrying the Zika virus, a virus which recently "made it's debut" in Brazil in 2015. The virus as an excuse for shrunken baby heads is an obvious bold faced lie, because the pattern of symptoms does not match the virus which has been proven to have infected humans since 1954 and has never previously been associated with shrunken brains in newborn babies, nor does the geographic propagation pattern match the natural propagation pattern of a mosquito carried virus that would cause undersized brains in newborn babies if it really did exist.

Here is the key quote which fingers the far more likely culprit: A new Tdap shot which was introduced in Brazil in early 2015:

Here is my originally posted capture of what the World Health organization says about Zika:

This "shrunken brain" issue in newborns was just suddenly in Brazil as if someone flipped a switch, and the only way that could really happen is via the sudden arrival of a new brain destroying Tdap vaccine, which arrived in Brazil in early 2015 and became mandatory for all pregnant Brazilian women before week 22 of pregnancy. This sudden occurrence of shrunken brains perfectly matches the arrival of the new vaccine and the malformed births are now happening, with perfect timing.

As standing proof it is NOT ZIKA causing the birth defects, the BBC posted the following, (and I will capture this later and post the actual capture:

From the BBC on Jan 21 2016:

Brazil says the number of babies born with suspected microcephaly or abnormally small heads since October has now reached nearly 4,000.

In the worst affected area, about 1% of newborns have suspected microcephaly.

The Brazilian authorities believe the increase is caused by an outbreak of Zika virus. Just 150 babies were born with microcephaly in 2014.

The brain condition can be deadly or cause intellectual disability and developmental delays.

Colombia's health minister has advised women there to delay pregnancy.

Brazil's health ministry says there have been 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly since October, when the authorities first noticed a surge, up from 3,500 in last week's report.

The link with Zika has not been confirmed, but a small number of babies who died had the virus in their brain and no other explanation for the surge in microcephaly has been suggested.

Now I will translate this: There was a zika outbreak in Brazil. There was a huge surge in shrunken baby brains in Brazil. ONLY A SMALL NUMBER OF BABIES WHO DIED HAD THE VIRUS IN THEIR BRAIN. This means A LARGE NUMBER OF THE BABIES WHO DIED HAD NO ZIKA IN THEIR BRAIN. OUTPUT: The zika cases were coincidental, with the real problem completely unknown. This quote from the BBC blows the zika scam wide open, the next line of the BBC report is accurate:

Zika is generally mild and only causes symptoms in one in five people. It is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also spreads dengue and chikungunya.

There is an additional claim that mosquitos naturally carried this disease across almost all of South and Central America in only six months. This defies all logic because mosquitoes have a life cycle that is too long for immediate propagation and won't fly more than a mile from where they hatch, which would limit the movement of a totally new disease to a mile or so a month, not 30 miles a day.THE ONLY WAY Zika could spread so quickly is if someone had a batch of it, and was spreading it around by flying everywhere and dumping it. Question: Where would they get the virus from, so they could front a zika scam to cover for vaccine damage? How about this next piece of info:

Update to the above: To cover for the far too rapid to be real spread, they are now saying Brazil was tracking Zika in 2014, but all original reports said the first recorded case was on May 21 2015.

Here is the wiki:

"In May 2015, Brazil officially reported its first 16 cases of the illness.[9] According to the Brazilian Health Ministry, as of November 2015 there was no official count of the number of people infected with the virus in Brazil, the disease being not subject to compulsory notification. Even so, cases were reported in 14 States of the country. Mosquito-borne Zika virus is suspected to be the cause of 2,400 cases of microcephaly and 29 infant deaths in Brazil in 2015.[10]" interesting, when it has never been associated with that before!

"The emergence of Zika virus in South America led to a rapid spread throughout South and Central America, reaching Mexico in November 2015"

My response: Yep, it is in Wikipedia, which anyone can write to, including those involved in this plot, and they can just make it all look normal. Yep, symbiotic host/carrier/host diseases just rip across continents to all corners in months, faster than a bush tribesman could travel! IT REALLY IS THAT WAY, Wikipedia said so!

REALITY: This is a host/carrier/host disease which requires new mosquitos to be born before it can spread. This makes it absolutely impossible for it to rip across the entirety of Latin America, from Chile to Brazil to Mexico in only six months. It would take DECADES for that process to complete. But 20 Boeing jets could carry the real brain shrinking cause via vaccines to all corners of Latin America in only 12 hours, with the zika mosquito being a convenient scapegoat for the devastation that followed.

Here is another wiki quote:

"The first human cases were reported in Nigeria in 1954.[3] A few outbreaks have been reported in tropical Africa and in some areas in Southeast Asia.[4]

By using phylogenetic analysis of Asian strains it was estimated that Zika virus had moved to Southeast Asia by 1945.[2] In 1977 - 1978 Zika virus infection was described as a cause of fever in Indonesia.[5]

The first major outbreak, with 185 confirmed cases, was reported in 2007 in the Yap Islands of the Federated States of Micronesia.[6] A total of 108 cases were confirmed by PCR or serology and 72 additional cases were suspected. The most common symptoms were rash, fever, arthralgia and conjunctivitis, and no deaths were reported. The mosquito Aedes hensilli, which was the predominant species identified in Yap during the outbreak, was probably the main vector of transmission. While the way of introduction of the virus on Yap Island remains uncertain, it is likely to have happened through introduction of infected mosquitoes or a viraemic human with a strain related to those in Southeast Asia.[2][6] This was also the first time Zika fever had been reported outside Africa and Asia.[7]"

My response: ALL OF THAT, AND IT WAS NEVER ASSOCIATED WITH SHRUNKEN BABY BRAINS UNTIL IT HIT BRAZIL, WHERE IT JUST SUDDENLY WHACKED THE BABY BRAINS OUT OF 2400 PREGNANT MOMS! See what I am getting at here? And if they change things, and say this disease has a history of shrinking baby brains, remember, up until now IT WAS NOT SO, so something else is causing the brain destroyed babies, it is not any "zika disease", something else is causing it and I guess they figured "zika" sounded spooky enough to blame it all on while they proceed to blow baby brains out with pre-natal pregnancy vaccinations. In many Latin American countries, women are strongly encouraged to get the Tdap vaccine no more than 22 weeks into a pregnancy. Since the story line behind the Zika explanation is patent bullshit, another vector is being used, which leaves only the previously harmless Tdap vaccine as the only available real "shrunken brain" transmission vector, BET ON IT.

Additionally, they would never release a truly damaging disease with the mosquito as the carrier, because the tribe is everywhere, Kikedom has infiltrated all corners of the earth and they won't make themselves vulnerable to their own weapon. That means their weapon has to stay safely within needles and vials, to be separated out by marking "Ashkenazi" on the race card questionnaire handed out by every single hospital they will ever go to. Those who identify their race as "Asheknazi" will get a differently sourced vaccine.

Ok so to sum this up:

1. Prior to 2015, the Zika virus was never associated with shrunken brains in newborn babies.

2. The propagation pattern is impossible, no mosquito borne disease that requires and intermediate host can get to all corners of a continent in only six months. Such a rapid propagation would require the disease to move 33 miles a day, day after day. Mosquitos do not breed, infect, lay eggs and hatch young to re-infect any faster than two weeks and won't fly more than half a mile during their lives, and if movement of people could spread it so fast, it would have happened decades ago. This disease might take six months to go 30 miles, not go 30 miles in a day!

3. The Zika virus has been known about since the 1950's, and requires a carrier host during it's life cycle. If it is so contagious it can rip across a continent via mosquitoes alone in only six months, which would require people flying around on airplanes to do, then it should have traveled across the ocean to Brazil as fast as an airplane can fly along with an infected host carrier from Africa, more than 50 years ago.

4. The autism / child vaccination link has now been so firmly drawn that the scammers need an entirely new venue before they get totally busted, and pre-birth vaccines have to be that venue. They need a safe way to do this and they are not going to get the job done by letting their weapon loose in the wild, where it can jump out of the bushes and nail them. They need a scapegoat for the intellectual damage they need to cause to maintain their future tyranny, and the zika virus is virtually assured to be their chosen scapegoat.


Good question, and I have the answer, CASE CLOSED:

I'll tell you what is going on here - VIRTUALLY ASSURED: Bill Gates or some other slime ball released a new vaccine in response to the autism uproar, which was to be administered to women while pregnant, to destroy the baby en utero so post-birth vaccines would not be blamed for damage they want to do to ALL children and are no longer completely getting away with. The zika virus has to be there to take the rap.


J-bird wrote:

Re the "zika virus outbreak" is it that so many individual doctors are allowing this shrunken brain epidemic to be laid on zika? Is there no attending physician ANYWHERE who has another insight into the sudden onset of this unfortunate malady? Are they being instructed at "gunpoint" to auto-report zika when they see the shrunken brain in a newborn, or are they individually scratching their heads, reporting an un-diagnosed malady, and allowing WHO or its local agents to do the diagnosing? You're doing the Lord's work, Jim. Be extremely cautious, for such work has been known to get one nailed to a cross. J-Bird

My response: Obviously, my take on this is based on deductive logic which says 1. You can't have a mild virus that never caused a problem with newborns suddenly hit a knife edge, starting in November suddenly, like a lightning strike and destroy 2400 newborns in a single country between November 1 and December 30 with absolutely none happening before. Because this cannot happen, logical step 2: It has to be caused by something new, that was introduced while these women were pregnant. Because I happen to know a fair amount about random medical topics and am already up in arms over vaccines I knew variable 3: That in Latin America, all women are strongly encouraged to get various vaccines between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.

If we have 2,400 freak occurences, which might happen to a country 10 times per year as a norm, suddenly strike like lightning and take out 2400 plus in only two months ( a 1,600 fold increase if you factor that into an entire upcoming year, and to make the numbers more obvious, that is a 160,000 percent increase,) there has to be a common binding factor causing it that is not any mosquito borne disease. It can't be a mosquito borne disease because ZERO in October to 1,200 in November and 1,200 in December cannot happen that way. If this was a mosquito borne zika virus problem, there would have been a trend - 5 in May, 30 in June, 100 in July, building up to what is happening now. The fact that did not build up to this final dreadful outcome proves there is something else causing this, and whoever spewed about Zika knows what it is, and that it is not Zika.

The only common binding women specific transmission vector that could make this possible is the Tdap vaccine. Shrunken baby brain occurences would suddenly show up like someone flipping a switch 18 - 20 weeks after such a batch of vaccines got introduced into Brazil. 20 weeks is five months. That leaves the end of May, June, July, August, September, October, Bam-0, in November it suddenly shows up in live births. They said Zika showed up in May. Math says something showed up in May but historical medical logic and precedent says it could not possibly be the zika virus.

As far as "allowing a shrunken brain epidemic", even if they figure out it is the Tdap vaccine (and I am sure many who can think are suspecting that, these people are not stupid) this scourge will continue for five and a half months after they shut it down. It is not a matter of allowing it, it is a matter of dealing with the consequences of an attack after being shot. The people pulling this scam may get away with it for a few more months, because people in the medical community tend to be overly trusting of those who call the shots, but beyond that they are going to have to start killing doctors until all that are smart enough to figure this out are eliminated. It is rational to think they know that and are ready to do exactly that.

Feb 1 2016

Zika a virtual proven psyop on Brazil

BACKGROUND: Brazil does not speak Spanish, Brazil speaks Portuguese. Keep that in mind, and read this from Edu in Brazil:

Edu wrote:

I called the virus zica on purpose, because it is slang for "bad luck" in Portuguese. I think "zika" was intended to be a pun also.

My response: I think you nailed something with this, but do not think the original name had any specific purpose. I think that whoever is running this psy op took advantage of the name, and the name meaning "bad luck" in Brazil is probably the specific reason why Brazil was chosen. A coincidental name would have a huge psychological impact and perfect deniability. This coincidence needs to be shouted from the rooftops, it is just too perfect.

Told you so without saying anything.

Zika obviously being used to install police state tactics in Brazil

The Brazilian government has allowed the zika excuse to be used to justify forced entry into homes by the military. Upon arrival at the door, the military offers no option other than to allow a full inspection of the property to make sure there is nothing there mosquitos can grow in. And it is all being authorized by government officials who are preying on public ignorance about what Zika really is. This is very thin ice for them to be walking on, because even the world health organization has told the truth about Zika, and stated that it is very mild and poses no threat to anyone. Even if Zika really is in Brazil, it is not worth worrying about anyway.

Since anyone in Brazil can hit the World Health Organization web site and read this for themselves, I think it is awful foolish of the authorities to count on stupidity in the populace as the only cover for the actions they have taken.


There are a few odds and ends with Trump. First of all, a prominent hoax story about Chapo getting out of jail again made the rounds yesterday. If you saw that, it was a hoax but it does go along with threats from El Chapo to kill trump.

Trump did well by dissing Fox and the numbers in Iowa prove it. This is the first time I have seen Trump at 41 percent in the last little while, which means he did well by skipping out. There were a few sour grape veteran fronts that may not have been veterans at all saying Trump only used vets to score political points with his fundraiser for vets, but as far as I can see it all went over quite well, and unlike donations funneled through any of the charities Hillary has had, Trump is already delivering on his promises and veterans are already seeing the cash. By that measure alone, trump bashed Hillary into the gutter.

Zika outbreak may have been from Gates mosquito, but . .

It is true that the zika virus outbreak did indeed start where Gates was playing around with GMO mosquitos that were claimed to have been for combatting Malaria, though I doubt that is all they were supposed to do with Bill Gates wanting population reduction via vaccination, and Gates wanting mosquitos to be used as an uncontrollable method of vaccination. However . . .

It has been proven (but not officially admitted) that the zika virus outbreak is not responsible for the birth defects that are prevalent in the same area the main zika outbreak happened in. Something else is causing the birth defects because it has been proven that a large majority of the affected babies have never been exposed to zika. Zika worked as a scapegoat but something else is definitely going on with all of this, and the rush by so many to blame zika is suspicious to say the least, I believe they definitely know what is really happening and are working overtime to bury it.

We are being played

Martin wrote:

What is going on? The mainstream media are whipping us into a hysterical frenzy over a virus that nobody had even heard of, until just a few days ago. We are told that tens of thousands have “fallen ill,” that the virus has spread to dozens of countries, that pharmaceutical houses are “rushing” to develop a vaccine, that WHO is on the verge of declaring an international emergency. Please note one glaring omission – we are not being told anything about Zika virus disease. Doesn't this strike you as strange? So I decided to visit the CDC Web site, and this is what I found:

Symptoms. About 1 in 5 people infected with Zika virus become ill (i.e., develop Zika). The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, or ...

Zika virus disease is no big deal. You'd be sicker with a common head cold.

We're being played, folks – we're being scammed.

My response: The zika virus scam is as stupid as "plastic knives and box cutters". And I always wondered why they ever pushed the "swine flu" and have always suspected they were just referring to "lesser mankind" as pigs, by fronting a pig disease as something that could infect us. Came and went, no mass vaccination needed, and obviously the same is true of Zika, Don't let them push another scam!

Jan 31 2016

Trying to do this from a new device today, it will be sparse because I had a significant computer failure. Most likely there will be something posted by 9 PM CST.

Unconfirmed but probably true: Utah will try to take land jurisdiction back from the Federal Government. The story is that people are getting sick of the way the FED is dealing with ranchers, and the Utah legislature and governor are going to kick the FED out of the state entirely. Utah was the first to really start to get a bad rap with land grabs, lets hope this is real and that Utah succeeds.

The new device seems to be working fine but the keyboard layout is different and will take getting accustomed to.

This took all day and last night to resolve, I have to go do something now and will post later today.

Jan 30 2016

Important info on the Oregon militia:

It really looks like Farganne busted the FBI for running two parallel sites and only publishing what happened at the FBI front location. This is an important read: Crisis actors used to discredit Oregon Militia This really is an important report, READ IT.

Here's a good one:

Kerr wrote:

Ebola was the Beta test for African/Black/Negro de-population. Bird Flu (and all dozens of varieties) were Beta test for Asians, and now we have Zika for Hispanics (but also for across all humangenome types), to slow kill us by destroying the next generation.

Oh, when they grow up, they can still push buttons in a factory farm, pluck chickens, etc, but, they won't have the mental capacity to argue or talk back. With the added benefit that you can feed them dog food thru hamster feeding tube right at their work station!


Why kill off your cattle (Goyim,) when you can just turn them into perfect little sub 35 point IQ machines?

Side note, if anyone would like to truly understand the "Flint Michigan Water Crisis", rent and watch 1. James Bond movie; Quantum of Solace AND THEN WATCH Blue Gold: The Water Wars (Documentary Originally released as a motion picture in 2008. Based on the book Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke.)

Brazil, along with many other South American countries, have been going thru exactly the same type of privatization of their water supplies as the Water Wars documentary describes.

And now, the Brazilian Military is going door to door to "help locate errant water sources" where mosquitoes might thrive?

Bullshit, more like they are pin pointing who is saving rain water to target them later. "They" have already started that in the Western U.S., criminalizing water storage.

Rhetorical question, but:

When a few drops of any oil, (I speak specifically of oils that can be ingested) Olive, Sesame, etc will create a "sheen" over the top of a barrel/container of water that will kill any Mosquito larvae, due to how they breathe/survive (they can't break the surface tension of the oil and they die), then what is the brown powder/pebbles that I keep seeing on all the news programs that the Brazilian Military keeps dumping into these private water supplies "to help eradicate the larvae"?

Why wouldn't "The Authorities" be informing people to use household oils to protect themselves? Oh...right, silly me, guess that is why I NEED TO DIE, too much thinking going on over here!!


My comment: No, you don't "need to die," you are just a "terrorist" who can be detained and worked as a slave laborer. That is a probable destination for the current thinkerswho still remain.

Anonymous wrote:

Re: Zika, the World Health Psychopaths are now sending the conveniently/timely release of a "GMO mosquito" up the flag pole as a source vector, with the "official" explanation that this creature caused a complete mutation of a virus in the wild that caused mild-to-no symptoms to now cause brain-eating symptoms -in less than a year. They truly are counting on the apathy if not the rank stupidity of the masses. The ONLY way this "GMO mosquito" could so quickly deliver a brain-eating virus is if that mosquito was programmed from the get/go to do exactly that. Evidently they figure the blow back that selling that particular explanation would create is more tenable than having TDaP come under widespread fire, thereby causing ALL vax to be under fire. FYI, just a few years ago, a certain TDaP insert included autism as one of its many significant side effects. That inclusion was curiously removed from the insert with no explanation. TDaP has a very bad pedigree.

Stay strong, Anon

My response: Bang on.

Word from Brazil: Zika is B.S.

EDU wrote:

Zica pandemic is bullshit.

Here in Brazil the government speaks of 1 million confirmed cases last year. Please let me know how the hell they confirmed these cases? Did they use molecular tests in all cases? Because Brazilian public health system is so crappy they cannot even confirm dengue flu, which has more strong symptoms. Molecular tests are scarce at best.

How the hell you confirm a epidemic of a disease with symptoms so mild that 80% of the infected people show no symptoms at all? Without molecular tests, it's simply bullshit, it could be anything other than zica virus.

And now WHO says there will be 3 million zica cases in the near future.

The truth is, these numbers are a blatant fabrication. My response: Take this Zika coverage on this web site and show it to a few Brazilian doctors who work with pregnant women, especially the coverage about the Tdap shot. A highly respected Mexican doctor already said it has to be true, so doctors there are likely to agree, and they will be in a position to do something about it. We have this in the bag because the truth is so obvious, all we have to do is inform to wake the right people up.

January 29 2016

The front page is getting too many hits to change, so the top post from yesterday is going to stay on top today.

Quick note: The trolls despise this page, and are slandering the * out of it saying I am trolling for the NWO (quite the opposite in fact) to keep people from hitting this. New ZIKA perspective: They are going to use the Tdap shot to cause serious birth defects which will be blamed on a myth, to try to fully "justify" abortion in the minds of Latin America. They will then use that as a slippery slope to fully legalized abortion. This is one direction all of this is headed.

January 28 2016

Mexico may have figured out the TDAP SHOT!

Anonymous wrote:

Jim I have a coworker who's husband is from Mexico. Informed her about TDAP and Zika. She said she watched the mexican news channel last night and they were instructing pregnant mothers NOT to get TDAP shot. Not sure how true but you are there maybe you heard same.

My comment: I have not watched the news for the last few nights, but approximately a week ago I made it perfectly clear to a well respected and very active Mexican doctor that I knew it had to be the Tdap shot, and referenced how the vaccine manufacturers were re-programming the immune system's macrophages to sculpt what people would become due to giving people "immunity" to such things as intelligence, strong will, and other traits a tyrannical power structure would want customized to serve it's ends. We then discussed Zika and how it could not possibly be the cause of the brain damaged birth defects, and I mentioned Brazil's new Tdap formulation which matched the timing perfectly.

I appeared to get lucky, because this particular doctor was well aware of the ability to sabotage vaccines exactly the way I stated and took what I said seriously. All it would take then is for this well respected doctor to post a bulletin and overnight Mexico would become aware of what is going on, I have not spoken to this doctor since but would like to think I had an impact. I will confirm if this is real, I had something else planned for blowing this into the open but if the genie is already out of the bottle, that will be good enough!

AND TO BURY THE NEXT ZIKA SCAM, WHICH IS LABELING IT A "PANDEMIC": Zika is a mild virus that has NEVER caused a single death in the entire 70 plus years it has been known about, 80 percent of the people who get it show no symptoms at all, and it goes away, with the remaining 20 percent getting only a mild headache and other minor symptoms. But it has a spooky name, will that alone be enough to scam the public? NOT if I have the final word!


Anonymous sent:


Create your own pandemic with your VERY OWN ZIKA VIRUS KIT!

Now we know how Zika got put everywhere! (link to the web site selling this.) This is indeed real!

Here is a relevant piece of related info:

I have already consulted a very reputable doctor here who I will not mention the name of to protect him, and he himself fingered the new vaccine as the probable culprit when I told him Brazil received a new Tdap shot that coincides with the timing of these new birth defects. He stated in no uncertain terms that there is no conceivable way the zika virus could have ever caused a birth defect and that something else that was not natural was at play, and he was suspicious that it was indeed caused by the intent of evil people.

He was well aware of the new secretive vaccine formulations being used to re-program the macrophages in the immune system to be aggressive against the body and do many types of damage, (especially brain damage) and that this was being done in a clandestine way. He then warned to never get a flu shot, the whole 9 yards, (I was actually surprised because he is very well papered) and that speaks volumes, because it indicates that even the well papered doctors are waking up.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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