Yesterday I made a huge error with Netanyahoo

I misunderstood a Mexican TV broadcast about Netanyahoo's statements on the wall, and said he was against a wall for the U.S., but for a wall in Israel. That was not the case - Netanyahoo is FOR a southern border wall. He said it worked great against Palestine, so it ought to work great against Mexico.

There was a pile of disjointed reporting on this on Mex TV and I got it mixed up because my Spanish is still not good enough to get everything right. He still looked like death warmed over though.


Trump fired the Attorney General for defying his immigration order!

WASHINGTON — President Trump fired his acting attorney general on Monday after she defiantly refused to defend his immigration executive order, accusing the Democratic holdover of trying to obstruct his agenda for political reasons. Taking action in an escalating crisis for his 10-day-old administration, Mr. Trump declared that Sally Q. Yates had “betrayed” the administration, the White House said in a statement.

She was replaced with Dana Boente, who was attorney general for Virginia.

Drain that swamp, one bog at a time!

Don't worry about her, she'll snag a high class job at Google, Youtube, or the upper management of Starbucks.

HA HA HA, about draining the swamp: According to the Washington Post, Boente is famous for prosecuting corruption! That's even more perfect for draining the swamp!

So Trump took a pariah and turned it into a win!

Large drug stache found in nose cone of American Airlines jet

31 pounds of cocaine were found in the nose cone of an American Airlines jet that flew a route between Bogota and Dallas. This would mean that drug cartels have bought off airline maintenance crews and are using them to stache the drugs in maintenance only areas of the planes. see this

I removed the posts about fluid friction providing heat in the Dakota pipeline

If I can quote patents, plus a technical source, plus an environmentalist source that make it clear that is a reality with bitumen oil and still get people writing telling me I am full of it, I am not going to waste page on the topic, which is not the type of topic this web site is about anyway. 99.9 percent of the people won't care about the topic.

My take on the Montreal shooting is down the page a ways.

Huge Judgedredd message about free energy posted HERE UPDATE: this report got hacked with spelling errors to discredit it and that is now fixed.


He did it in an incredibly efficient way, without saying a word about Soros. This is how Trump will operate, and this is GOLDEN.

Trump announced he is going to run for President in 2020. What does that mean? It means that he's now a candidate for 2020, which is something that has never been done before - no incumbent President has ever announced candidacy this early before, EVER. What did this accomplish? SOROS, who does everything with NGO's has been shut up, because it is illegal for any NGO or foundation to speak or act against a candidate because that is interference with an election. So they can only do it against a president, who is not a candidate. If he'd done this before the marches that took place, Soros would be toast even now.

So by stating he's a candidate this early, he has shut up Soros for 4 full years! HA HA HA, that's a good one! The details are HERE and keep in mind, this also badly stifles a lawsuit Soros is trying to push through with one of his foundations, which claims Trump should be impeached because he is receiving money from foreigners via rents paid on properties he owns. That is an obvious mis-application of the law, which now cannot be done with a foundation, Soros has to do it directly.

President Trump NOT sucking up to Russia!

President Trump has announced the creation of safe zones in Syria, which was also something Obama tried to do, and something Russia disagrees with. Russia is upset that Trump did not consult them first. Trump's reason for the safe zones is to allow Syrians a place to live in safety so they don't have to become refugees in Europe or America. Let's see how well that works out.

A few good messages


Anonymous sent:

The reason the arab states don't take them, is because America controls all the ones you mentioned....saudi, egypt, jordan, libya, iraq, afghanistan....and america and europe WANT a refugee crisis in the US, because they are scapegoats for "ISIS" to do false flags.

2nd reason...America should take them because AMERICA is behind EVERY war in the middle east....I personally have first hand account, and you can use your own research, that the CIA started Syria, and Libya, and obviously Afghan and Iraq.....all the oil countries who were anti-US, are always the ones in a civil war. Coincidence Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE dont have arab spring civil wars? Because the US already gets their oil and controls their governments. Trump is playing this "Muslims are terrorists" game because he is Zionist Elite bullshit like obama and bush. He knows they didn't do 9/11, or any attack."

My comment: A lot of this is true, and I am bothered by Trump not calling out the Jews on 911 yet. However, that may not necessarily mean he's dishonest or playing a game, because try discussing 911 in the break room at work. It might get you fired if you don't go along with the official lie. Many people are still so fooled you'll get canned for it and you can bet Trump has received some first class handling. This is why my main focus is specifically on what he is doing directly for America, which is perfect so far, and on whether or not he actually attacks a Muslim country. I doubt he will. Maybe he knows and is going along with that "first class handling" to avoid instant death or impeachment. That is another possibility.

Free energy

Anonymous sent:

"FREE ENERGY TECH IS REAL, BUT VERY DANGEROUS.The man who invented the water fuel cell, and PATENTED IT, died of poisoning in a restaurant shortly after he tried to get funding for manufacturing. It's very probable that this was a form of assassinination by the zionists who didn't want the fuel cell on the market. His name is Stan Meyer, and his plans are readily available for those who search for them. In a nutshell, water fuel cells aim to generate H2O2 gas by the most efficient process, and at fast enough rate that you can run a tube into the air intake of a normal combustion engine, and it will run. (Basic Chem: H2O2 Burns back to water upon ignition, especially at the 2-1 ratio of H to O.)

The black-ops obviously are on continual lookout for those who try to not just build them, but especially for those who try to SELL THEM. Designing it is an engineering challenge, but not impossible. After a design is verified to work, then building it properly PER THE PROPER INSTRUCTIONS is not too difficult, but requires patience and a few thousand dollars in material and energy. The truly dangerous part is revealing it to the public and getting them mass produced, because the black ops WILL FOR SURE NAIL YOU UNLESS YOU OPERATE IN ABSOLUTE SECRECY. That's the real reason why free energy tech "does not exist", because if it were allowed, it would destroy the zionist's #2 prime resource they have absolute control over, with the #1 resource being the ability to conjure currency out of thin air by the central banks."

My response: That's a good recap of salient facts anyone who is alert should know about.

Franken food

Alarix sent:

If Trump really want to make a positive difference, than he should ban all patents on genes. Corporations like Mosanto are gaining control on seeds via patents, and with those patents the firm could sue farmers that do not have any GMO crops. Ultimately, it could lead to starvation for many people. When some business men complain about loss of profit without patents, then we must remember them that no corporation a ever created a gene. Genes are only transferred from a specie to a other specie when someone is working on a new GMO. You see, if a corporation own the gene of an homo sapiens then it could eventually own him or her, you or me. Regards, Alarix"

My response: If I was Trump I'd skip the politics, raid Monsanto and the other GMO outfits, jail everyone including the janitor and then try to quickly, over the period of a couple weeks, sort out those who are involved in the actual genetics, separate them, and then let everyone else go. Under interrogation I'd then get the answers to why GMO corn is "not substantially equivalent" to real corn, and why it gives rats tumors and makes them sterile after a few generations. NO ONE would leave until every question was answered. Many would get life in prison for even thinking about screwing nature that way. If they were honest and benign, there is no way they'd have produced something that even a rat can't metabolize correctly. We won't even know what that garbage is doing to us for at least 100 years due to our longer life spans and I have no doubt delayed realization is part of the plan to destroy us. And every last seed produced would be destroyed and at a minimum the companies would be permanently disbanded. That would be the only correct and responsible move, considering what they have already done.

Infiltration of Islam

This message is long, but it is accurate, so I'll post it.

Anonymous sent:

I will tell you why the Arab states are all a*holes. Crypto Jews have infil-TRAITORED Islam and leadership positions. Long ago the House of Saud originated from an imposter from London who masqueraded as a "Royal" family member. The first attempt failed. Later he tried again, and that is when the coup took place. The Rothschilds plan long term and are relentless.

London is also origin of Balfour letter, so Rothschilds illegitimate child Hitler could help bring them their Israel. They planned all these events centuries ago, knowing it would bring them their "greater" Israel, which is planned to span from the Tigris to the Nile. Rothschilds accomplish goals through multi-generations. They think they reincarnate into their own bloodlines. They practice Sabatean-Frank Typhonian sex magik and other dark occult rituals. But I digress.

Jews have a long history of by way of deception, infiltration, wearing false masks, posing as Christians (Maranos of 14th century Spain) the Crypto Sabatean-Frankist Jews who pretended to be Muslims, long before house of Saud came to be. ( Regarding the Sabateans, I doubt they "converted" by force however. True Islam and sincere Muslims KNOW there can be NO COMPULSION, otherwise faith has zero value. MY INSERT: That is confirmed fact, which is why the entire "they hate us for our freedoms terror memes are such PATENT B.S. IMO, this "historic" claim [His-story written by you know who] is just more Jewish projection. And of course there are the Donmeh- crypto jews, the Khaz-ARYANS or Ashke-NAZIs. And furthermore lets not leave out the Yezedi/Kurds who are not Muslims either, but are mistaken as such. In truth they are an occult group devoted to lucifer. That explains A LOT why they and Israel get along so well. It's all out there hidden in plain sight, if one does a little digging, the dots all connect. They do not practice the religions they invade, rather it is a mask. Wolves in sheeps wool to deceive the credulous.

As a Muslim I grow weary of the Jews, largely political Zionists who pull the wool over everyones eyes. I am weary of people not seeing ISIS praying in TWO SEPARATE DIRECTIONS, yet think these are Muslims? And the toyota truck from Texas, that reveals much. Served up to gullible people who take scripted "news" as gospel, who are conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to associate every false blame with Muslims as a group. Who runs hollywood anyway? Who spews scripted propaganda lies through all MSM? Who really was behind 911? Who has the Motto: By Deception Thou Shalt Do War? Who CELEBRATES The bombing of the King David Hotel ANNUALLY. ( NOT MUSLIMS) Who Shares the high holidays with nazis, satanists and witches? ( NOT MUSLIMS) There is one group that does all this. The same group that has influence in all high places. Who spy and get dirt on world leaders or threat with nukes. And I do not doubt some are part of the cousinhood which is the "royal" [IN-BRED] club of the PTSB.

Synagog of satan is the only real enemy. The strawman, boogy man, the FALSE enemy is true Islam. I know you know this Jim. But many of your readers may not. Pity still too many people fail to get to know Muslims. Not unlike judging books they have never read!

The assholes, asshole leaders in the M.E. are all on the sayanim team. (Not the regular citizens, I would never blame the little civilian guys. Their leaders are the ones with no compassion for Palestine.) The cousinhood factors into this big picture, as do the crypto Jews. And their damned sayanim/free masonic cult networks. THEY WEAR MASKS. COSTUMES. And they hire contracted mercenaries or actors, such as those at ISIS.HQ BTW- thanks for revealing that Jim! Too many proven examples of such. Too many failed false flags. And we ought not forget U.S.S. Liberty! Israel/ Rothschilds from London to the M.E. and beyond. There is much more from these quarters, but this should suffice for those curious enough to investigate and verify what I am saying.

I hope this helps answer the question regarding the assholes in the M.E., which are Zionists (Crypto) just like the assholes everywhere else. Inbreds all. God Bless you Jim!"

My response: Well said. I'll summarize detail on a few points: The Toyota truck that somehow landed in ISIS hands proved that the ISIS videos were not filmed in the middle east, instead they were filmed in Texas and a lie about an old truck making it from Texas to the middle east was hatched to cover for it when in fact The ISIS plumber truck never left Texas and was purchased at auction to be used in a psyop, filmed in the U.S.A. That fits perfect, since ISIS mercenary corporation has headquarters in El Paso, Texas, which has been posted on this site with clear proof many times.

I have no knowledge of who the Kurds really are, so I'll post what you said without comment.

It is a basic pillar of Islam that there is no compulsion in religion. This undermines the meme that "they want America dead because it is Christian" badly. FACT: Muslims in Palestine often held the keys to the Christian churches for centuries, and guarded the churches from vandals when they sat vacant for long periods of time, only to allow Christians to have the churches back when they wanted them. Most of these historic churches bit the dust after 1950, demolished by Israel, not Muslims.

All the rest of the stuff about the Jews false fronting as Muslims is so true it makes my blood boil. That is the heart of the issue. They do it to EVERYONE. And obviously the Jews infiltrated the house of Saud, when every Saudi university is now focused on ONE THING: Making sure Saudi Muslim women hate men absolutely, to destroy the family in Saudi Arabia. So what if they have to bundle up to go outside, every single one of them is a bloodletting feminazi, and it is a disaster that is wiping Saudi society completely off the map. They'll be gone by 2035. There is a DAMN GOOD reason why Trump did not put Saudi Arabia on the ban list. And if Saudi Arabia was involved in 911, it is only because the Jews own the place, lock stock and barrel. The type of "owned" that put a sex toy store 1 block away from the grand mosque in Mecca. Figure that! IMPOSSIBLE in an Islamic country, yet there it is, within sight of the Grand Mosque. Clear proof of who runs the place.

Quebec mosque shooting, observations

1. 6 dead, 8 injured. Ok, that could be real, but the number 6? Many people know that is a code number for it being fake.

2. If the shooting is real, the high ratio of 6 dead and 8 injured would strongly indicate common deer rifles were used for the shooting and there were probably 3 shooters and no one reloaded because deer rifles are difficult to reload quickly. So my guess is 3 shooters, deer rifles, regardless of what the press is saying about 2 shooters.

3. I do not believe the shooters called police. That screams FAKE FAKE FAKE, unless they were MK patsies executing a program. Then maybe. Figure that into the odds.

4. I do not believe the police would have any suspects in custody already. How in the * would they manage that so fast absent the shooters flagging them down and saying "HERE WE ARE?" Police investigations take time, so figure 2 week minimum for a legit story.

5. They are saying at least one shooter was Moroccan. I say B.S., because the high casualty rate and low number of people actually shot says DEER RIFLE, and I don't believe a Moroccan would buy anything other than an AK knock off or handgun. They don't think GEE, I'd like a nice Winchester or Ruger, they think AN AK IS COOL, and don't know guns well enough to know how bad a choice a handgun is for a mass shooting. Handguns are not lethal enough to be likely to get 6 dead with only 14 shot, even the recent shooting by my house had a total of 12 shots fired at ONE GUY and he did not die. Deer rifles are going to have a higher lethality per shot than an AK or AR and a MUCH higher lethality than any hand gun. Obviously saying that means the shooter was not Moroccan is speculation, but I'll profile that one and call B.S.

6. The shooters had a thick Quebec accent when they shouted "Allahu Akbar". This rules out Moroccan or ANY MUSLIM, because Islam is specific about how words are said, and accents are not well tolerated. There is no conceivable way any real Islamic shooter is going to scream anything in Arabic with a "thick Quebec accent" unless it was non-Muslims from a non-Arabic country screaming it because they have heard it in the news so much.

The mosque shooting, if it was real, matches the profile of 3 guys cruising around in a Ford with deer rifles and a case of beer, and they figured they'd kick some Muslim ass. Canada still has deer rifles. And I'll be skeptical of any other story, especially since the media is such a scam we don't know if anything happened at all, and if anything did happen the media will twist the story line to fit political objectives. Nothing would be more boring or politically useless than a story about Joe, Art and Blake hitting a mosque when an overwhelming majority of people who say "eh" would be likely to sympathize.


G sent:

"As complaints stream in about USA temporarily stopping refugees, how come very few are not asking why muslim countries are refusing them? far-refused-take-single-syrian-refugee/

Surely it would make more sense that they relocate to countries that are more culturally aligned? Yet they are refused. So why should the USA and Europe be morally obliged to accept them? G."

My response: I have asked this time and time again over the years. If Muslims were really behaving the way Muslims should, according to their religion, there should be no such thing as a Muslim refugee. A while ago (when Israel was bulldozing the border region between Egypt and Palestine,) I hunted for the answer as to why Egypt would not take the Palestinians in. I got a few responses from people in Palestine, who said they would leave if they could but no Arab states would take them.

Jordan? NOPE. Egypt? HELL NOPE. Syria, Iraq, Saud? NOPE. They are simply stuck there, in Palestine, dealing with aggression after aggression, and no one will take them. Granted, there are a few die hards who would stay no matter what, but many many Palestinians want to leave, and they cannot because the surrounding Arab states are A-holes.

How else can I say it? Seriously - WHY IN THE * should America and Europe be forced to take them? That says a LOT, line upon line upon line of fact can be written about these people from that one simple reality alone, and it is not just Palestine, this reality is echoed ALL OVER the Arab world. AS IF Egypt does not have the space!

Time to put this right

This meme is starting to make the rounds - SUMMARY:

"Mexico's dark skinned underclass was sent to America by Mexico's elite to get rid of it."

Answer summary: "B.S."

Here is the meme, this appears in various forms:

"Why Mexico is desperate to keep the illegals in America: Mexico is desperate to keep the illegals in America, because effectively in Mexico, there is a racial caste system based upon skin color. My comment: This is, very tenuously, somewhat present. Continuation: "Mexico has spent the better part of 20 years, radicalizing the dark skinned Mexican's, to get them to illegally move to America. My comment: Pure unadulterated BULLSHIT Continuation: Accusing White Americans of racism, for the most trivial of things, while in Mexico, in order to get a job, you have to attach a photo to your resume(to keep the darkies out). My comment: PURE B.S.

Continuation: Look at the former Mexican president, and even the current one: They look nothing like the millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Heck, Carlos Slim is Lebanese/Semitic origin. My insert: Tenuous truth, light skinned people make it to TV more. Pena Nieto's wife is a soap opera star. Continuation: If the illegals are sent back, it means an end to the Mexican caste system. The light skinned Mexican oligarchy, is DESPERATE, to keep that from happening.My insert: Twilight zone here. Continuation: We need to expose this angle, and demand an end to Mexico's racist, ethnic caste system. We need to radicalize the dark Mexican's, against the light Mexican's. Remind them how wealthy Mexico is, and how the light skinned Mexican's are actually hoarding all the wealth, not paying their fair share of taxes, and deliberately discriminating against Mexican's that are too dark or Mestizos looking.My comment: Horse *****Continuation: It can readily be done.

We need to encourage protests at the Mexican embassy's, akin to the protests at the South African embassies in the late 80's, early 90's, to end Apartheid. The dark skinned Mexican's, must be radicalized. We are at war, with Mexico's light skinned, roman catholic, upper class. We tried peace, but they aim to kill us."My comment: Load of CRAP.


Practically all businesses are owned and run by "darkies". And "darkies" consist of at least 80 percent of Mexico's population. Sending 10 percent of that to America would do nothing to get rid of it. And "darkies" hire "darkies", the use of ID photos to filter this is a flat out lie.

To some degree, lighter skinned Mexicans are a little higher on the ladder, but this is by no means any sort of rule. There are plenty of "darkies" far up the ladder, and many light skinned Mexicans are in the bottom lower class. And there are a pile of totally white Mennonites in Northern Mexico, who are at the bottom of the social ladder by a long shot.

HERE IS WHAT THAT MEME SHOULD HAVE BEEN, if it wanted to at least pretend to be accurate:

Why Mexico is desperate to keep the illegals in America: Mexico is desperate to keep the illegals in America because compared to the past in Mexico, there is now a very low crime rate, and these illegals are all the Mexicans who wanted an easy free ride, and that group is completely loaded with criminals. Mexico would rather have their criminal trash offloaded on someone else.

Add to this the fact that maybe 80 percent of the illegals in America are not really dangerous criminals, and instead work and send money to Mexico from America and there is a second motive evident: To keep the boost to the Mexican economy these people provide in place.

If Trump deports the criminals, Mexico will suddenly be re-burdened with all the trash that got up and left over the past decade or so. And it will be difficult for Mexico to handle that. And if Trump deports all the people who are working illegally, Mexico will suddenly lose an enormous income stream.

Suddenly, Mexico's population will increase by 10 percent or so. So there will be a need for 10 percent more housing, which does not exist. Rents will go skyward and crime will become apocalyptic. Mexico's upper class knows this, and will do anything they can to stop it from happening. They'd rather have America stuck with the high rents, and high crime. It is as simple as that, take the caste system meme and stuff it straight in the trash.

Claudia's comment: Pena Nieto is not light skinned, he's somewhere in the middle. Mexico's secretary of state is, as said by Claudia "Oaxaca dark". Before Vincente Fox, there was Phillipe Calderon, who was totally dark skinned. Claudia looked at this "caste system" meme and grimaced. It is absolute BULLSHIT.



The Anti Defamation league is now attacking President Trump, because on Holocaust remembrance day Trump never mentioned the Jews, or said anything about six million, he just said it was "in remembrance of all the innocent people who died". CLASSIC! HA HA HA, Trump is a closet truther, BET ON IT!

That is actually a VERY NICE statement, unless (obviously) there is a political agenda that particular wording does not suck up to!

That is priceless!

President Trump is BRILLIANT. Give him time. That is all it will take.

Plan to impeach Trump underway

There is a plan to impeach trump underway, launched by George Soros, that I have not mentioned because I do not believe there is any way it can succeed. Now others are talking about it so I guess I will mention it.

The plan follows this basic strategy: Trump owns many properties, and did not simply throw those properties away when he ran for President. People from many foreign countries are renters on those properties (as would be expected if you have so many for rent). So Soros is taking the legal approach of accusing Trump of receiving funds from foreigners as President, and for his campaign. Obviously the spirit of the law does not mean that, and obviously it was Hillary that received funds from foreigners, but if the courts are sufficiently corrupted, Soros is hoping they will go against the spirit of the law and impeach Trump.

Bottom line? If you own any property of significance at all, and rent those properties, you can forget running for president if Soros manages to abuse the law and make this rather nutcase approach actually stick.

Here is an example of the legal wordplay Soros is using in this case:

A man owned a dog. The dog had puppies. The dog was therefore a mother. A corrupted lawyer then argued that because the man owned the dog, it was his dog, and that because that dog was a mother, that it was his mother and the puppies then had to be his brothers and sisters.

Technically, by flipping words you can make that work. Lawyers do it all the time. And that is exactly the type of wordplay Soros is trying to use to get Trump impeached. Will it work? I doubt it.

Can you hear me scam

There is a new scam that uses your voice to unlock your credit cards. You receive a phone call, and it asks "can you hear me". When you say "yes" your voice is recorded, and that recording is then used as voice approval by scamsters who then buy things with, or drain your credit cards, and whatever else they can accomplish with whatever data they have on you. So if you get a phone call and are then asked "can you hear me", don't say yes, hang up.


Anonymous could not have said it better:

Don't forget that it was Bush Neocon's involved in doing 911 that implimented Abu Graib and Gitmo torture knowing as they did first hand that their torture victims were innocent. Obama carried on with the program when he promised to (and could have) ended torture, all the while continuing the terrorist proxy war on Syria for Israeli expansion.

Of course the torture policy must end, but should be delayed to accommodate the American terrorists of the Bush and Obama administrations who approved its use on terrorists. Because the creators of torture in America just happen to be the very terrorists that they approved it for, it is only fair and just that they get their turn at Gitmo. I mean it is absolutely perfect Karma."

My comment: That is it precisely. Trump is 100 percent correct on immigration, and totally wrong on Muslims in general. It is as if he's being steered into ignorance in whatever ways handlers can accomplish, while being allowed complete action on that which he knows about. Maybe he really thinks the Jews have nothing to do with it, maybe he knows but is laying low for a while before he nails them, Maybe -whatever. Who knows. But one thing is certain. Bush, Silverstein, and many many others knew full well that everyone they had at Gitmo was innocent, and everyone they destroyed and tortured abroad was innocent, and every one of the million plus people they killed in Iraq was innocent. And they did it because they are cold blooded murderers that belong in a torture chamber. I am not going to mince words and play nice with this - if the cabal that actually did 911 saw a torture room just for them it would be fair Karma indeed.

I do not think that to this day there has been a single righteous torturing of ANY Muslim. They have been played as patsies and nothing more.

Free energy

I received several messages saying it is not me talking about the pipeline, and that I have to be a troll because if I was not, I'd instead suggest free energy and have that be the solution. MY COMMENT Show me your car that runs on water or gets you there free some other way. Even if they are possible, they do not exist and I doubt Trump had anything to do with that. Until we have them, for one reason or another, oil it is.

Pro life and pro choice march

"I am a woman who went to the women's march and the march for life and the differences were stunning"

A woman attended both the women's march and the march for life and did an amazing job of documenting both. This is well worth looking at:

It is nice to have a POTUS so good that there is too much win to cover entirely

The faults are minor, and the win is HUGE.

leaking pipes

J. sent:

"Hi Jim, I'm a process engineer by profession and have designed pipelines for the long distance transport of various complex fluids. In defense of your comments, I can attest that the only reason a properly-installed pipeline would leak is if it were sabotaged. Regards, J. Stearns"

My comment: No method moves materials more reliably, safer, and with fewer incidents than a pipeline. Arguments against them is in the realm of the technically blunted, who can't understand how much better it is to move things through a stationary object than put it on a semi and have it hit the highway x 6000 plus times per day and ride alongside Grandma in her Lexus. Those who are against pipe lines are usually against civilization in general, living "dances with wolves" fantasies as they text through stoplights while holding a Starbucks between their knees.

A correction

I just spent some time being precise about it, and the Keystone pipeline will only replace approximately 20 miles of train per day, or approximately 6,100 semi trucks. It will not equal a continuous train. This is because it will be transporting heavy tar, which is difficult to pump through a pipe. Pumping lighter fuels would obviously increase capacity enormously, but that is not the case with the Keystone project, which will only move approximately 1 million barrels of heavy tar per day.

Chili's canceled Planned Parenthood fundraiser

After many pro life people complained, Chilis canceled the fundraiser (embedded farther down this page). Too late. I won't do Chilis again EVER. Because once they prove what they are by even thinking about something like this, I know that eating there will put money in enemy hands. Not that I have eaten there since the early 90's (I have not) but if 10 years from now they are still around and someone makes the suggestion, I'll try to steer towards Little Caesars, KFC, or whatever else. They are done for all I care.

California secede?

RT has reported that a bid to leave the United States has been presented to the California senate. I doubt it would result in anything, but if it did, I'd say that as a condition of secession California should have all of its dams removed because the "useless Federal government" built them under FDR. How about ripping all the interstate highways out, because the Federal government built those too. Let California secede, and then cut the power going into the state. Use ALL of Hoover dam and other giant dams on Arizona or bill California "fair value" for that resource.

Like typical liberals, those who submitted the secession proposal can only see 5 percent of the picture. What would California do if all of a sudden an import tax was imposed on anything they wanted to sell in the US? And yes, they'd probably join Mexico. How long would the fun last?

We probably will not get any answers, because I doubt it will happen. See this

Anonymous sent:

"Trump has good heart. but he is wrong about a lot of things. It is sad

My response: Trump has a fast learning curve. With that considered, his good heart really matters.


Anonymous sent:

Please tell me you are not now endorsing torture. Torture is terribly unproductive as a means of extracting information - drugs and brainwashing work much better. What could possibly be gained by use of torture, other than creating more enemies and becoming the devil you revile?

My response: I'd rather be tortured than drugged and brainwashed. However, if that would get the truth out of Silverstein, would you then be for that? Ultimately I'd have to say I am against torture, but there are lines in the sand. What if you knew for certain someone knew where and when a nuke would go off in New York? Would you let that guy eat cheese puffs until armageddon? Torture is a difficult topic. Torture is always wrong when what happened in Gitmo happened. Every last one of those people were either patsies or completely innocent. They were tortured to accomplish the political agenda of covering up 911. That's an enormous crime. But that said, let me repeat my original torture question: Would you be happy if Silverstein was tortured into telling the truth about 911? We all know darn well he knows the truth about 911 if he gave the order to pull building 7, as he stated on PBS. Since we know he knows, would torture be justified?

Let's all be honest here, and ask a simple question: Would it make you smile to see Silverstein arrested and sent down to Gitmo for as much waterboarding as his frail old heart could stand? I sure would. As far as I see it, that would only be (partial) justice served.

On the subject of torture, anonymous sent: Hey Jim - Consider this: While Trump did endorse enhanced interrogation, General Mattis does not. President Trump says that he will listen to him on that, which I think is more WIN! Makes Trump look great by deferring to General Mattis, as well as appearing strong to those in the party who are in favor of such techniques. He did it again!!"

My response: Whoever dreamed Trump was not qualified as a politician and spewed it before the inauguration is going to have to eat crow, because in only 1 week, Trump has shown us he is masterful at the job, while being perfectly honest and actually delivering. This is a perfect example of perfectly played politics.


Comment: They will let a study about 800,000 votes for Hillary being cast by illegals get published, as long as it stops the real reality of 3 - 6 million being cast. They can handle 800,000 but the real truth is just too much to say.

Mexico will probably not seize $100 billion in factory assets

It is true that Mexico threatened to seize American factories in Mexico after Trump did not back down on drug cartels, unfair trade, and the wall. But I do not really think Pena Nieto would be stupid enough to take American factories even if it boosted his popularity, because if Mexico did, everyone in the world would be likely to pull out of Mexico to preserve their assets there and Mexico would become Venezuela 2.

Most likely scenario as far as I see it - Mexico is simply going to get whipped, and say yes. And President Trump knows that. If world analysts really thought Mexico was going to seize U.S. manufacturing the peso would now be worth less than $0.01 to the dollar, instead it actually rebounded a little. Ultimately we will have to wait and see what actually evolves but I doubt Mexico will seize anything.

In my opinion, Pena Nieto is not as bad as average Mexicans make him out to be. After giving it a fair amount of thought, even the gas price rise was probably justified in anticipation of the peso losing so much value with a Trump win that there really was no choice. I disagree with how they introduced the price increases but there really was no other option than to raise the price. Pena Nieto took big hits on his popularity by trying to strike a common ground with Trump, and then failed and kept the hits to his popularity. I'd say this Washington Times piece which discusses the topic of his popularity, is not fake news for a change.

Trump endorses torture

There are quite a few headlines about this. But what would it change, when torture was commonplace under every president prior, including Obama, who supposedly ended it? For as long as the military and intelligence agencies exist, there will be torture. It is modus operandi, with the big question being: Are you torturing innocents, or did you actually get your story straight and do it to the right people? Torturing people in Gitmo was always wrong, because they were supposedly there for 911, and not a single one of them was a neocon, a Jew, an actual actor in 911.

You know who should have been in Gitmo? Larry Silverstein. Could anyone argue with that man being tortured? Or does the thought of someone like him being not so nicely interrogated make you want to smile?

I'd go easy on Trump as far as his stand on torture goes, because if he ends up being 100 percent legit, his attitude on torture might end up being what takes down the NWO. If Kushner is the enemy, it won't take long for Trump to figure it out. And when he does, the dominoes will begin to fall. The last few to fall might be tough. Then what?

I got fooled by fake news

I knew Trump announced the firing of all state department staffers before he was sworn in, and even knowing that, fell for the fake news that they "quit". They did not quit, they were fired. Therefore, this Washington Post report is fake news.

Human-pig Chimera

Yesterday, National Geographic did a report about a human-pig chimera. It sparked a lot of interest. I ignored this story, because this type of thing is decade old news. In my opinion, the only thing that was news about it was the fact that someone was audacious enough to do a human/pig combination. But even at that, it was not very remarkable because it only lived to 4 weeks gestation. When they get one that is fully born and able to reproduce it will be an accomplishment. But in my opinion, not this.

The big question is why in the world they are trying this at all. The National Geographic report talks all about how great it is that they are trying to grow organs this way. PROBLEM: Do you think a Jew would accept such an organ? I'd say probably not, and neither would I.


All the street thugs are showing up now, in DROVES. They are not waiting for Trump to deport them, they are ALREADY ARRIVING.

And this evening there was a shooting 100 feet from where I am living now. I did not think it was that close. Five shots, pause, four shots, pause, three shots. I did not take it seriously at first because it did not seem loud, but then the police showed up and there was a man laying on the sidewalk, right there, in plain sight.

Now the entire section I live in is completely blocked off with god knows how many police cars.

I do not live in a crappy zone. But I knew it would be a zone these street thugs would go to very early on. I told Claudia it would happen. It is happening now, and I am thankful we have that land. It is in an incredibly safe area that is guaranteed to be nothing but safe into the future. I thank everyone very much for making it possible. I am going to try to get onto the property liveable as quickly as possible. Mexico changed overnight. Dump 2 million murder/robber/whatever felons into any country and watch what happens. Mexico will now get to see why America voted TRUMP.

A good one liner:

Anonymous sent: "If trump messes with Mexico, the meeting will be cancelled. If trump messes with Israel, he will be killed"

My response: True statement. On another note, Obama and Bush both tried to move the embassy to Jerusalem and failed. Trump may fail as well, but then again, Trump is Trump. He did not become Trump by failing. I'd like to repeat, I am against this move, but Trump is still really turning out very well.

Anonymous sent:

"Please show photo's of Lac Megantic Quebec to show the anti pipeline crowd how great shipping oil by train is. 42 dead and a town destroyed in 2013

My response: Done!

Yep, I'd rather have a pipeline than this kind of threat rolling through town.

Movement to stop George Soros "sweeps Europe"

I would not exactly say it is "sweeping Europe" but it is interesting to say the least.

The wall

Trump canceled a meeting with Pena Nieto because Mexico refuses to build the wall. Rumor has it that Trump is going to cut trade with Mexico completely off until the $60 billion per year trade deficit issue is resolved. Right now it is all rumor. If President Trump actually did that, Mexico would pay for the wall. Mexico would have absolutely no choice.

There have been quotes as high as $10 trillion to build the wall thrown around online. MY ESTIMATE: $5 billion and no more, IF THAT. When property costs do not get in the way, according to the New Jersey DOT, roads cost only $183,000 per lane mile to build. The lowest cost state, (South Carolina) has had road construction costs as low as $39,403 per lane mile. Even if the wall cost $2 million a mile to build, we'd get 2,500 miles of wall for $5 billion. Much of the wall is already built, and it is far easier to build a wall than it is to put in a two lane road complete with bridges and drainage. A two lane road that spanned the same distance would cost a lot less than $5 billion, especially if it only had to consider what the wall will need to consider, which is nearly nothing when compared to what a road needs.

So don't be trolled about the high cost of the wall, the real estate is cheap along the wall route and there is no way it can possibly cost a whole lot. This does not mean I am for the wall, because if it can keep Mexicans out, it can also trap Americans in.


The entire senior management of the State Department just resigned!

The Washington Post thinks it is a bad thing, because "too much experience walked out the door". I think it is great, because the "experience" that walked out the door was part of a system so corrupt it almost destroyed the country. So what if there are a few glitches and bumps as things get going again, when once back on the road the State Department will at least be going in a better direction.

Troll for Big Oil?

I received several messages saying I am a troll for big oil, after I explained why the Keystone pipeline going in is VERY GOOD. The trolls fired back with "Pipelines leak constantly" and "I am denying Native Americans clean ground water" and "I am a troll for big oil". They then listed a slew of pipeline leaks that have happened over the past 100 years.

I don't think they are going to understand the precision with which things are monitored with modern tech, or care that the Keystone pipeline is required by law to have leak detection with automatic shut off valves at intervals along the length of the pipeline. This is not the 1800's, the Keystone pipeline is likely to have such advanced leak monitoring that sensors along the pipeline will be able to listen for leaks, detect pressure changes a leak would cause, do mass measurements to detect leaks and then automatically shut the pipeline down without human intervention, all the while they are installed on a pipeline made with far greater precision and spec than anything that was around 100 years ago. They won't care that there are plenty of 100 year old pipelines that continue to operate problem free.

I challenge the trolls to prove where a pipeline did significant damage anywhere in the region the Keystone pipeline is going. It is not a seismic zone. Anyway, the point is moot. Because what we are dealing with is communism, from an outside influence (probably China) doing all it can to stop America from receiving what is needed to compete against them. Any time a snail, or weird species we have never heard of is "endangered by _______" or that the Indians are going to be destroyed by something they can't even see and would never know was there if they were not told, every time a poor lowly group has been made the victim all the while they have been handed huge advantages, suspect ONE THING: A communist with an agenda that can ride on the backs of "victims" until it comes to fruition.

Submitting to agendas riding the backs of people communists deceive and then front as "victims" is NO WAY to "Make America Great Again". Thank God POTUS has a brain.

Chilis really is donating to Planned Parenthood

I thought it had to be a hoax, but as it turns out, Fox News has reported the same thing. This donation form is for real:

Chilis has OK food but not great, and I can't remember ever specifically going there just to go there. Knowing they support Planned Parenthood has made it that much easier to just go elsewhere.

WTF did I just read?

Blake sent:

Blake from Alameda Island CA. here Could you give me some help understanding the 100% no abortion policy being chiseled out by the new Potus I.e. Here at home the Outrage over "taking woman's rights" this morning, from my girlfriend, has been both overwhelming and quite frankly - I don't understand the desire/ policy such that I could begin to defend it- Stopping foreign countries from giving on demand abortions helps whom- our slave masters with more on demand Please give me a bigger picture. Thanks Being Blake"

My response: You sound like a guy I once worked with, who's wife had 17 abortions and he thought it was just GREAT. No consideration for birth control, just plant a seed and have it pulled like a weed. Selfish pricks.

It is pointless to say POTUS has said abortion will be permitted if the baby really is an un-viable tissue blob with no heart beat, (in other words a real deformity) because legit abortions are not what you care about. YES, 21 days, at which the heart starts beating is well before practically any woman would know she's pregnant, SO YES, IT AMOUNTS TO AN END OF ABORTION ON DEMAND. GOOD.

Laura Slesinger had a great way to put it: If it is not a baby, what is it? A scallion? What is it? A prawn? How much common sense does it really take to know?

Those who can't figure it out will forever be on the other side of the fence, and definitely on a side road in the afterlife if not outright hell. That's the way I see it, and nothing can change that. Either we have complete value at all points or we have little value, PERIOD.

The Rothchilds are pushing hard for robots to have human rights. See where they are headed? They can't elevate the robot, they can only bring us down to robots. Total pro abortion takes people down to the exact same level - disposable product, JUST THE WAY THE ELITE WANT IT.

"Pipelines develop leaks"

Anonymous sent:

pipelines develop leaks. it's their nature. Oil tankers develop leaks ... it's their nature. Double hulled tankers, now the norm, have fewer uncontrolled leaks. fact. The keystone pipeline can be constructed to minimize leak related risk, but that is expensive and probably won't happen in sensitive areas, underground is worse than above ground, because failures can go undetected longer, and do more long term, think irreversable, damage. Keystone is "iffy", at best."

My response: That's bar room talk.

1. Pipelines have flow and pressure sensors that will warn of the smallest leak at regular intervals along the pipe line.
2. Pipelines do not just "develop leaks" the way a ship will, because they are not having their entire weight riding on waves like ships do, which flexes ships constantly and causes leaks. Expansion and contraction in the pipeline can be accounted for to prevent leaks easily.
3. Tanker ships do not run at many hundreds, or thousands of PSI. Any leak in a pipeline at that pressure will rapidly lead to a very noticeable blow out.
4. It is not in the nature of pipelines to leak. It can happen, but it is not "in their nature".
5. Even if the pipeline does leak, if the leak stays underground, who cares? That is where the oil came from to begin with. Any leak big enough to be noticed on the surface would set off a thousand sensors and crews would be ON THE SPOT INSTANTLY because the last thing they want is a fire geyser.

FACT: One pipeline of appreciable size would replace a constant, endless train, or 50,000 semis constantly running a road as a traffic jam. In fact, I'd bet there would be no conceivable way to get enough semis on a route to replace what a pipe line will do. What's better for the "environment"? Obviously a pipeline, which would drip a LOT LESS OIL than trains and semis!

What would disurb a pow-wow less? A silent pipeline, or a continuous train or convoy?

BOTTOM LINE: Communists, who want America to fall, will be against a pipe line because time and time again, it is the pipe lines that work the best, the cheapest, the easiest, the most reliable, the longest. If they can't successfully bomb a pipeline, the fuel WILL BE DELIVERED. And communists use victim groups to accomplish agendas the "victim" is not even aware of. In this case it was the Indians, but their favorite victims are 1. children, and 2. women. That is why Soros organized the women against Trump, with an out of pocket $90 million. No legitimate uprising happens for $90 million. Legitimate uprisings happen absolutely FREE.

Trump knows this. And the pipeline is GOING IN.

Irrevocable proof Trump's inauguration was probably as large as, and may have been larger than Obama's

Here's a good one!

Look at the church like building - it is PACKED in front of it, yet in the fake media photo there is no one there!. Overall, Trump had the area in front of the white building packed tighter than Obama did. Trump probably, in fact, drew a larger crowd but we can't get that answer without a REAL photo of what was going on behind the white building. What's worse? CNN had this photo, which proves Trump's crowd was ENORMOUS. Pure fraud is all CNN is.

Quick comment: If POTUS gets us out of the U.N., the Russian troops that are stationed around the country will HAVE TO go home. They are here by UN directive. No UN participation means NO FOREIGN TROOPS ON AMERICAN SOIL. Get it done, TRUMP.

You can't make this stuff up:

Transgender "women" were offended by pussy hats at the women's march and felt left out because of all the natural born women who actually had vaginas there! "Some transgender women were bothered by the march's emphasis on vaginas and the color pink. "I believe there's a lot of inequality that has to do with genitals". That's enough page space wasted on this topic, HA HA HA, fail. SEE THIS

Comment on the Keystone pipeline:

The Keystone pipeline, like practically ALL pipelines will be BURIED. If it is buried, the entire Native American opposition is a load of BUNK. They might have a case if it was a giant above ground intruder, but with it being buried they have no case AT ALL. I will repeat: I was never against the pipeline, I was only concerned about how the protesters were handled. But it is a cold hard fact: The protesters were doing the work of the communist global elite, who want every opportunity for America to be great again flushed right down the toilet. There will be ZERO environmental impact from the pipeline. It won't be noticed at all. Blocking it on environmental grounds is fraud pure and simple.

I don't care who owns it, when it will be such an enormous national asset paid for by the private sector. Sure it will make a rich guy richer. But only an absolute tycoon could ever foot the bill for such an enormous project. What can anyone expect?

Pan flute musician

Many people have asked about the CD. I will go to centro this weekend and see if he is there. He should be famous, no ifs' or buts. Lord of the Rings sound tracks have NOTHING that can compete with (or at least is any better depending on opinion) than what this guy does, he's really good and really unique. It seems like he's the source that inspired a lot of others. He is old. He'd be in every coffee shop and many movie sound tracks if he was discovered. He may have been discovered and not properly credited.

I am going to see if the CD has MP3 tracks on it, and if it does I will post ONE so people can get an idea of what this is. He has several CD's and I grabbed one called "Native Inspiriations volume 3". I can't ship from Mexico with any success at all. I already tried with the Fuku reports. I will get the details on how people can get his stuff if I find him again.

Anonymous sent:

Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has written a series of excellent articles, the latest being posted below: "Will America's Counter Revolution Be Successful? Dave states he does not trust Putin and gives several reasons why. His reasons sound credible. He has also written articles about Russian troops being in Colorado. Why would Russia -- if they were truly at odds with Obama as they appeared to be -- send their troops to Colorado... And why would Obama allow the Russians to be there if he (Obama) truly detested the Russians? If Dave is correct about Putin, then Trump (and the entire West Coast) had better be on guard. Putin will attack when Trump (or the West Coast) is not expecting it. Obama has weakened the US military to such an extent, the worry is, Could the US repel such an invasion, especially if Putin teams up with China? It would be a real coup for Soros."

My response: Though I have been happy with a few line items Putin has done, I have remained critical and stated it (though I do not say it much.) Putin is former KGB. It might not even be the real Putin. The Russia I knew, even up until recently, would back Hillary. It is nice Russia is happy about Trump (at least on the surface) but I sure would not trust Russia either.

Anonymous sent:

"For what Scotts, Monsanto, and many other corporations have done to ecosystem, Trump should order these corporations to be investigated and disbanded and the executives (and any complicit scientists) jailed for life if not executed. All of their money should be taken and given to the nation's farmers. Im saying this as anarcho-capitalist too. These people have gone so far over the line that even 1000 years of slow torture would not be just punishment."

My response: A few drone strikes and subsequent disbandment of the companies would do it for me. I don't think I'd specifically torture them, but I would not be too sad if a few got the message in a rather rude way. I firmly believe they are at war with us, and are seeking dominance via destruction. I'd be fine with a no knock visit, and forced shut down on Trump's order followed by jailing of entire employee rolls and massive interrogation to find out who needs special treatment. I doubt the President is stupid about this, and believe he cares. His first few days have been absolute whoppers. Can't wait for what is next!

Firekindled sent:

I am new to your site and appreciate the refreshing truths~ thank you~ is there a e-mail sign up or just ck the page periodically? I tweet some of your info I hope that is ok?"

My response: There is no E-mail sign up because the mails got censored completely after the Fukushima report and I have never been able to reliably send even one. I never mis behaved or sent any sort of bulk mailing, it is a pure back stab. As far as twitter, tweet all of it. No limits.

News blackouts

Matt sent:

Multiple news services today are reporting that the Trump administration is ordering several U.S. government agencies conducting or funding scientific research to cease discussing its activities with the media or public officials. The ban covers agencies in Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture, and in the case of Environmental Protection Agency, extends to a freeze on new grants and contracts.

My response: Trump is going to clean house and he does not want them crying on Twitter. The EPA is going BYE BYE to a large extent. Health and Human Services has no doubt been identified as a bloated domestic agency that is operating as an enemy. He's defunding them huge. And in the case of agriculture, he's probably going to get busy on the GMO topic. None of the agencies are scientific other than pseudo science (global warming) and he probably is sick of it. Other Republican presidents have done the exact same thing to the EPA, it is not unprecedented, but most likely this time they will receive a chest wound, if they live at all.


Anonymous sent:

Is it me or is your site really not mobile phone totally compatible for easy reading?

My response: Every phone I have seen works fine with it. I have made no specific effort to make it work on phones other than a rather large text size and a main column at around 800 pixels. Zero hedge does not work AT ALL on my fully featured laptop due to a CSS error they have that's never been fixed. But it must work on a lot of computers or they'd fix it. There can't be 100 percent compatibility, all you can go for is the majority.

GMO grass defies eradication

Scott's Miracle Grow developed a line of GMO grass for golf putting greens in the 90's, brought it to fruition in growing trials in the early 2000's, and then had a huge wind storm come through the test area and carry the seed for miles across the Snake River Canyon, into neighboring Oregon. There it has been found across a wide area, and it is threatening Oregon's grass seed industry.

Golf putting greens have a problem - the type of grass they use is not robust enough to keep out the invading grass from the rest of the golf course, so it is difficult to maintain them nicely. Scott's tried to overcome this problem by making a strain of putting green grass that was completely resistant to Round Up, so golf course owners could simply spray the putting greens with round up and be done with it.

PROBLEM: The genetic modifications turned it into a super grass that was not like the predecessor. It can overtake any natural grass and is completely resistant to round up. So efforts to eradicate it from the Oregon side of the Snake River Canyon have all failed miserably and it continues to spread in Oregon. Scotts has already spent $500 million trying to eradicate it from Oregon and has failed miserably, they can't wipe it out. This is a great case against GMO's, SEE THIS

CNN threatened Trump

CNN told Trump he had better take a more positive tone towards them or they would destroy him in foreign countries. That is the height of arrogance, because it was CNN that has been an aggressive backstabbing slanderous front, and not Trump. Trump, in my opinion, needs to label CNN as a seditious organization and shut it down in the U.S.

Who cares what Iran thinks or anyone else thinks? I am stunned CNN is allowed to operate in Iran, China, and other places anyway. CNN has already destroyed Trump abroad, how much more could they possibly threaten him than the actions they have already taken? But that's how liberals think, after cutting the throats of everyone who deserved an ounce of respect they think they can still make threats of slander and have them be effective.


SO MUCH WIN in today's headlines

The trolls are hitting the message box, calling me a loser, and saying Trump is so much fail and that my days are numbered because I supported Trump and yada yada. Well, I am well aware of the intercepts getting put in place on the e-mails and donation process and that they are trying to fake a "complete loss of support" from my reader base because I "published so much bullshit" and then "asked for money for land". They then cut the mails off entirely, as soon as I post a new mail address. I am not fooled by this, and plans are already in place to counteract it. This site is too appreciated and too well supported to just shut it off and have it be believed. Traffic is normal, I don't need Alexa so Alexa lying about it won't fool me.

BOTTOM LINE: LOOK AT TODAYS HEADLINES. THE TROLLS ARE LOSING, AND ARE SHOOTING WITH ALL THEY HAVE. They are hoping that killing sites like this one by putting in intercepts all the while they send fake trollage saying the money's gone because people hate them now will actually work. It won't just be this web site, everyone needs a heads up on this. If your finances suddenly go down the toilet it is NOT REAL LACK OF SUPPORT CAUSING IT. Check your own server stats. If traffic is normal, the public did not just suddenly hate you! THEY ARE FAILING: CHECK THIS OUT:


English will be the official language

Face it. America is an English speaking country. I don't ask Mexicans to speak English. I do business just fine in Spanish. And immigrants need to do their business in ENGLISH, period. Obviously in the home they can speak whatever they want. But they should not expect Wal-Mart to.

Budget cuts: National Endowment for the Arts

President Trump is trimming the fat, and rumor has it he's ditching the National Endowment for the Arts. THAT'S JUST PERFECT, they can keep their Jesus in urine perverted paint blotch crap stuffed in the closet never realized, they never produced meaningful ANYTHING anyway. If you can't cut it through the money the public will pay you happily if your art is good you should not be allowed to suck it through a B.S. endowment. I despise the meaningless shapes, and being told "it is what you want it to be, and if you can't see anything in it, you are stupid." Yes, I have been told that before when commenting on the utter horse dung that is now frequently put in public, and in front of most universities nowadays. Killing off the national endowment for the arts is a GREAT way to get rid of meaningless shapes and outright insult productions getting peddled as art.

And no, I am not disenlightened or stupid about it in any form. A month ago I bought a panflute CD from a street performer in Mexico just to be nice, put it in for the first time this morning, and it is AWESOME. There's your art, this guy did not need any endowment whatsoever to be absolutely GREAT. Blows Cuzco into the gutter, and Cuzco (the Art Bell panflute) was quite good.

So the endowment canceling rumor is PURE President TRUMP WIN, I surely hope it is true.

President Trump gives Keystone pipeline a go!

I was in favor of the pipeline going in, and was only concerned about how the protesters were handled. I disagree with the water cannons in freezing weather, that was negligently stupid on the part of the authorities. But face it: you need pipelines to "make America Great Again", absolutely NOTHING can move materials as efficiently as a pipeline will, they are probably two orders of magnitude more efficient than even trains and will function through the worst crisis.

I see President Trump approving the Keystone pipeline as a total slap in the face to the Soros/Hillary/libtard/global warming/ AL GORE CULT. It is about time that happened.

Abortion ban for the U.S.

Only a day after President Trump de-funded international Planned Parenthood, he went for the GOLD in the U.S. with the submission of HR490, which will prohibit abortion in ALL CASES where a heart beat is detectable. This means that if it really is just a "tissue blob" that is going nowhere, it can be removed, but if it has any chance at life at all, it lives. The heartbeat is detectable at 21 days. That's so early in pregnancy that HR490 represents an out right abortion ban.

On this topic, Kurt sent: "Jim, your answer to "Abortion activist" missed a key point. The white women weren't stupid; they were being driven by the R'fella funded Feminist movement away from their homes and into the workforce so they could be taxed. - Kurt

My response: That is a big part of it, but the Jews still did not expect them to do it as much as they did.

Panflute dude beats ENYA. Wow, every song on the CD is good! No endowment, a place in the city center will do! He'll get noticed if he keeps it up.

New CIA director is pro Christian

Pompeo is a little off on Islam and is evidently not aware of how the Jews back stab by pretending to be someone other than what they are, and then behaving badly, but at least if he is a staunch pro-life Christian he's a huge step in the correct direction. MORE WIN.

NON TRUMP RELATED BAD NEWS: The British government went against the British people and said to HELL with Brexit, and are simply making it their choice and their vote instead. So it will probably be stopped. Too bad the Brits gave up their guns, they will need a revolution badly if Brexit is actually stopped.

Mark Dayton, Democrat liberal governor of Minnesota keeled over during a speech Monday

People are speculating as to what happened, but I think it was stress related over Trump actually doing what he said he'd do. There is so much liberal fail going on right now it is an absolute BLOOD BATH and I believe that had a lot to do with it. Minnesota was an absolutely great state until the snowflakes took it over. Now Minnesota may as well be Oregon.


President Trump beginning to flip the trade unions over to Republican

A large number of trade union representatives met with President Trump Monday, expecting to be eviscerated. Instead, they left completely stunned, and said it was the best meeting with a U.S. president in the history of unions. President Trump told them he had their backs 100 percent. MY GUESS: HERE IS WHY

Trade unions are largely responsible for the large middle class America once had. There is no reason for the top few billionaires to own 75 percent as much wealth as the world's bottom 75 percent combined. There is no reason for CEO's to get paid thousands of times as much as the janitor. In Japan, CEO's do not have such a huge wage gap, (it is usually right around 30X and that is still good enough to live very good, especially if people at the bottom are paid well.

President Trump knows the unions gave birth to America's large middle class, and if you are going to "make America great again" you HAVE TO have a robust middle class. That can't happen for as long as a bunch of illegals can undermine a union, or for as long as legal imported workers can undermine a union. By giving unions huge backing and increasing their strength, President Trump has turned unions into enforcement organizations against illegal labor. That was efficient.

At the same time Trump makes it much harder to peddle foreign goods on American soil, President Trump will in effect make the most cost effective choice for American businesses to be to pay people fairly and not hire illegals.

And because of this, the unions, in a day, have appeared to flip from Democrat to backing President Trump in a SINGLE DAY.

This ended up being a dominant story on Fox News and has now spread out to many other news outlets. Obviously we have to see where this goes from here, but it is sure looking good!

The women's protests

They ran a huge segment of the main protest on Mex TV. It was all crowd shot from start to finish. After seeing that and looking at aerial photos from the various protests online, I doubt the total, all protests included, was over a million. That is still significant, but it was not four million as claimed.

If it fits the Soros agenda, you have to divide by 4 to get the actual number. There were not four million. That is laughable. And if it fits the agenda of the American people, you have to multiply by at least 2X, if not 3X. One thing is certain, the MSM is nothing but a bag of lies, and Michael Moore looks like a filthy tub of lard. That man has got to put off more than just a liberal stench big time. Rest assured, there are NOT four million of those types of freaks running around on American streets.

The crowds were bigger than I thought they'd be, but not as large as stated by a long shot.

There is a pile of good stuff in the message window

I will try to get to it all right now.

Chem trails

There was a message sent about chem trails that was too off the mark to fix, so I will just say what is going on:

After chem trails became a huge controversy, with people noticing uniform grid patterns while they were laid down thickly by several military jets at once, the U.S. government and other governments switched how they got it done by simply putting the chem trail ingredients into the jet fuel commercial airliners used. They got the same job done in a way that allowed perfect plausible denyability.

The chem trails are used as a doping agent to turn air (which is a semiconductor) into what is effectively a giant transistor, which when biased by converging radio transmissions (which when they cancel due to correct phasing) drop an electric charge into the chem trail doped atmosphere, and this causes a several orders of magnitude greater electrical flow to be tapped out of the ionosphere and cause atmospheric heating. That is what weather mod is based around. There is a detailed explanation of this in my several years old HAARP report To witness converging radio waves being visibly converted into electricity all you need to do is put aluminum foil in your microwave. The sparks are the re-conversion of the radio waves back into electricity when they reflect off the aluminum foil and collide with incoming waves. Good way to wreck a microwave oven. The ground based transmitters do exactly the same thing but at energy levels diffuse enough to not be observed as sparks, and this provides the "bias path" for a much greater electrical cascade from the ionosphere.

To understand this, you have to know how transistors work, what the silicon is doped with to make it into a transistor, the bias path, the power supply path, etc. It is fairly simple, but quite a lot to understand if you don't have an electronics background.


Anonymous sent:

I notice that Jared Kushner is getting a lot of photo recognition with Trump. He is a billionaire "chosen" Jew who is ardently a defender of Israel, raised to hate Palestinians. Married to Ivanka, he is a clinging vine to Trump's power now as chosen close adviser. It appears he has plans to be President himself in a few years and is successfully plotting to secure his political foot hold to do it. Trump is surrounded by political adversaries wanting him eliminated, or at least de-powered. Obviously, Trump appears easily controlled by Ivanka, his main weakness. She and Jared are definitely being used as Israeli tools to influence Trump. We hope and pray Trump manages to accomplish his goals to MAGA."

My response: YEP. Spooky. But President Trump cannot control who Ivanka married. She attracted an evident leech. Too bad.


Stef sent:

hey Jim, Stef here, I just found this on the white house web site under issues: Making our Military Strong Again

Let us never forget that our military is comprised of heroic people. We must also ensure that we have the best medical care, education and support for our military service members and their families - both when they serve, and when they return to civilian life. We will get our veterans the care they need wherever and whenever they need it. There should be no more long drives. No more wait lists or scheduling backlogs. No more excessive red tape. Just the care and support our veterans have earned through sacrifice and service to our country. The Trump Administration will transform the Department of Veterans Affairs to meet the needs of 21st century service members and of our female veterans. Our reforms will begin with firing the corrupt and incompetent VA executives who let our veterans down, modernizing the bureaucracy, and empowering the doctors and nurses to ensure our veterans receive the best care available in a timely manner.

How cool is that!?!? Fire the parasites!! hahahhahaaaaaa...stay safe!!xo.deplorable stef"

Error correction

Anonymous sent: "Trump team denied that us cooperated with russia against isis."

My response: Yep. That is why I pulled that short report on the topic earlier today.

Umbrella confiscations

Ann sent:

My daughter was in line with tickets to attend the inaugural. She said the umbrellas were confiscated; she saw it. Ann.

My response: Yes, but trolls will troll. Look at the inauguration pictures. It was raining. See any umbrellas? There's your answer. They were taken because of an umbrella gun threat, as a reader said days ago and that is the end of it. That is why I cut straight to "show me the glasses Hitler took from the Jews" when umbrella troll said "show me the umbrellas". That was enough, I went straight for the throat.

World war 2

Anonymous sent:

The bodies you see in pictures are from the aftermath of British bombing Railways so Camps could not get food. There are no bodies found at any of the major camps. It's impossible to burn millions of people in ovens. All Jews stories are made up. There are no Hollywood movies that tell the truth about WWII Hitler or anything going on at that time. Jews fought for Hitler. Notice they push this six million Jew BS but don't mention the Bolshevikims. That's because it was the same Jews that Warred against Hitler and the world that were responsible for the Murder of 10s of millions of Russians. Holohaox is like "Anti-semitic" - complete and total bullshit both are made up to support the jews."

My response: According to the education I got, which was well before everything got screwed up, the railways were bombed to shut down the German war machine. Dams were destroyed, it was full on destruction. Obviously food shortages happened. If railways supplying the camps were bombed, that was coincidence. I think it would be possible to burn millions of bodies in a correctly designed oven, however, the camps did not have anything of the sort. And the fact that they only show whole bodies in mass graves, and not ash burial is, well, what do you think? Certainly not six million I guess.

Enough on the topic, I have said it well enough with today's post (farther down the page) in the umbrella troll post.

CDC raid

Anonymous sent:

Jim, have you seen the youtube by Willam Mount today called FBI RAIDS CDC HQ IN ATLANTA - CONFIRMED? His comments underneath are very interesting...he said he called the CDC and was told they cannot talk about the raid.

My response: I have heard about this but don't have any more on it. Speculation: There was an investigation underway, it got stopped before the raid by Obama and Trump gave the go ahead day 1. Trump is serious about tainted vaccines and all of the scams being run, he's going to shut it down. a raid on the CDC would be great if he triggered it. But you won't know about it if he did.

Dennis Hastert

Down the page a ways, there is a verified accurate article that was done by that revealed how former Republican speaker of the house Dennis Hastert is now suing someone he child molested because that someone spoke up, in violation of a contract involving receiving 1.7 million in hush money. So with that as a preface, anonymous sent:

How about a $1.7 million reward for the first person to hunt down, torture, and kill Dennis Hastert

My response: YEP.

Abortion activist sent: "Without taxpayer funded abortion, blacks would today be a majority in the US. The economy would have collapsed long ago. Every neighborhood would now be a crime ridden hell hole. Until we deport most of the blacks, taxpayer funded abortions for blacks is absolutely necessary for the survival of White Americans."

My response: Abortion was indeed first put in place by the Jewish community to wipe out the blacks. (planned Parenthood is 100 percent Jewish run). When I was in the Vancouver Jewish community for two years, I got word of the end result of what happened: It was done to control black populations. However, that is not what happened. The black women did not go to the abortion clinics in droves, instead the white women did so they could all "progress in life" and "have careers" and they decimated the white race. The Jewish community ended up being shocked by the reaction from white women, and lost all respect. That is, in part, why the colleges now openly destroy white women, and is seeking to destroy the white race. They expected the white women to be a lot smarter than to do that, and to have morals too high for it. When the majority did not, it was pretty much game over.

Media crack down coming

The white house press secretary has said the media is obligated to tell the truth. If that is actually enforced - where you can say whatever you want but it had better be true it will help America heal enormously. And quite frankly, that is the way it should be. If America is going to prevail against a globalist onslaught and remain a free country, it is going to have to have a mandatory accurate press, that is completely free, with just one rule: DO NOT LIE.

No crack down on the media is currently underway, but laws are already on the books to make it possible when the press becomes a threat to the country and if I was President Trump, I'd take the steps necessary to enforce those laws, NOW.

See this.


President Trump already banned the use of federal funds for anything abortion related. This means foreign and domestic. It is about time!

Well, I guess the naysayers are cornered - the usual political process is to talk about delivering on campaign promises for the first six months or so, and then do exactly the opposite. Trump is a first, in my memory at least.

This is bizarre:

Child rapists wants hush money back!

Fmr House Speaker Says Child He Raped Should Pay Back Hush Money Since He Broke His Silence

From Blacklisted News

In April of last year, Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House and admitted child rapist, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for paying his victims to keep quiet.

Hastert was sentenced, not for raping children, but for illegally structuring bank transactions in an effort to cover up his sexual abuse of young members of a wrestling team he coached.

Now, this sicko pedophile is trying to get back that hush money. Because one of the boys he raped broke his silence, in spite of the $1.7 million in hush money Hastert gave him, this pedophile politician wants his money back.

When the victim, known only as "Individial A", broke his silence, Hastert's child rapes were exposed - resulting in the subsequent prosecution.

"To the extent any contract existed between plaintiff [Individual A] and defendant [Hastert], plaintiff breached that contract," Hastert's lawyers wrote.

"Plaintiff's breach of conduct resulted in damages to defendant and plaintiff is accordingly required to return $1.7 million to defendant."

Old but good news:

President Trump already moved to withdraw from the TPP. President Trump is, according to some, scheduled to de-fund international planned parenthood today. President Trump had a bill filed in the Senate on January 3rd to completely withdraw from the United Nations. The Soros petition on the white house web site is obviously hacked, because many have signed, and practically nothing is registering. They should not have made the rigging so obvious because it gave us a way to troubleshoot the situation, and go after whoever is doing it.

According to EVEN SNOPES, Trump's inaguration turn out exceeded Nixon, Carter, Bush Jr, Bush SR, and Clinton. So there is no point to be made about it being a failure if even Snopes is going to be honest enough to say "up to 900,000," but liberal scammers are still trying to say it was a failure. Far from it. Just link your liberal acquaintances to the Snopes report which kills the MSM lies dead, despite Snopes being a liberal cesspool. I guess they figured there was too much proof for them to risk taking a hit and if they admit it was "up to 900,000" you can bet it was 1.5 million or more. But they can lie it down by that much and get away with it.


There are tons of people pushing Nibiru, claiming it can be seen at some times, and not at other times. Planets do not just show up and vanish. Either it is there or it is not.

There is a trick you can play on children up to about four years of age. It is the "I took the cookie you just ate" trick. If the kid is eating small cookies, like Chips ahoy or Oreos, wait for the kid to finish one. Then, put a cookie in your hand and put your hand on the kid's tummy and rub it for a second, then take your hand away and show the kid the cookie, while proclaiming "I just took the cookie you ate". The kid will believe you and demand it back. The same kind of cookie trick is going on with Nibiru. However, no amount of rubbing your tummy is going to make Nibiru show up after the sun has set and there is no lens flare.

OPINION: Nibiru is possible. There is no reason why the solar system could not have a huge dark planet on a gigantic orbit that completes in thousands of years. But once it becomes visible, it is not just going to come and go like a ghost. It will be ever present for all to see, until it passes the way a comet does.

Umbrella troll:

"Shonky troll" who cut the land donations by wiping out the E-mail address (which remains wiped out) won't give up on the umbrellas being taken at the inauguration. Shonky troll is PISSED I even mentioned it, which means it is a real soft spot. So I am going to repeat this: According to a reader who spent 5 hours in line trying to get in and failed because security was so tight after all the threats against Trump, they were confiscating umbrellas due to an umbrella gun threat.

So what am I supposed to say, when Shonky troll sends this: "Show us the piles of confiscated umbrellas or shove them up your hole." Hmmm. Let me guess. HOW ABOUT: Show me pictures of the piles of glasses Hitler took during the holohoax, THAT WERE TAKEN AT THAT TIME, and not just a prop set up to scam people later. After all, with the Diary of Anne Frank being written in ball point pen, what am I supposed to assume when the ball point pen did not even exist until after the war? You are all about fraud, and your prayers, rather than being for the good of the world, are only to ask that your frauds withstand scrutiny.

* No pictures of the ovens in operation.

* No pictures of the gas chambers in operation

* No pictures of the piles of reading glasses

* Ball point pen used on the Diary of Anne Frank. Now, that's a cool story, that might make a good hollywood fiction.

I'd say the bar should be higher on the holohoax than a story about umbrellas being taken. Show us the (properly dated photos) of piles of confiscated eyeglasses or shove the holohoax "up your hole."

True: There are pictures of people going into mass graves, WHOLE, but that only proves the ovens did not exist. And the existence of mass grave photos prove that there should also be pictures of gas chambers in operation, ovens in operation, and piles of reading glasses because the fact there are mass grave photos proves they were not hiding anything with whatever photos they took so there should be photos of everything claimed yet there are not.

Why did the bodies go into the graves WHOLE? Because towards the end of the war, the allies had wrecked Germany's supply lines and they could not move food well at all. The German people were not eating well either. The prison camps took the hit first, and that is where they got the pictures of bodies in mass graves from, bodies that would not have been bodies if the ovens were real. Bodies that obviously died from starvation, and did not have the bulk they'd have if they had arrived, only to be gassed. Approximately 275,000 bodies total, from many different religions, not only Jews. That will make a hell of a photo. But with regard to the six million it is all fake, so easily provable in numerous ways.

Anonymous sent 5 pages or so, here is a quote from it:

"Jim....a little more ammunition for your "umbrella troll" re. the holohoax, from my research:

Records recently released by the International Red Cross, sealed and held under guard at Arolsen, Germany since 1947, shortly after the end of World War Two, present the death toll of prisoners of all races, ages and genders in all German concentration camps combined, for all reasons including disease, starvation, accidents, suicide and natural causes, to total 271, 301 prisoners."

My response: That was in my 7th grade social studies text book. The release could not possibly be new.

The teacher said "But the book we've been using is now under dispute, because recently they have been claiming six million".


Here it is folks! Prior to Trump, the largest inauguration in history was Reagan, with 41 million viewers. The second largest, up until Trump, was Obama in 2009, with 37 million viewers. On TV, Trump took in 30.9 million viewers, but on CNN ALONE, THEIR LIVE STREAMS, logged 16.5 million viewers. That would put Trump at 47.3 million viewers if you count ONLY CNN's live stream, and there were MANY live streams. In all reality, when all are added, my guess (and it is obviously only a guess) is that Trump topped 70 million viewers. Obviously the rain cut down the inauguration crowd, and the extremely heightened security due to an umbrella gun threat and countless other threats EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT prevented at least 500,000 who tried to enter from entering. There were countless people stuck in line that never got in. Obama faced no such problems because white conservatives are so much less violent than liberals of all colors. Face it, that's a FACT.

There is a troll who keeps calling me an idiot for saying an umbrella gun could have threatened Trump. That's a load of BUNK. How about a .223 barrel with standard peep sight set up as a single shot to get it to fit in an umbrella, aimed by a guy with 20/08 vision. That will get you deadly at 600 yards, with great predictability. Just had to say that, because a troll is adamantly calling me a fool for the umbrella gun story, but it is a fact IT HAPPENED, even people who were in DC wrote to this web site saying it happened and as a result they took everyone's umbrellas. And it is stupid to argue with that when the fact security stifled attendance has been stated many places, not just here.

At any rate, extreme security threats cut Trump's attendance, but the TV ratings and live streams pretty much say it ALL, on TV alone, Trump topped Bush jr, Bush sr, and Clinton. Hardly a nobody, and the live streams put him WELL ahead of Reagan and Obama. Oh, I still have a headache so I forgot, Here is the link. The article does not state Trump was the largest outright, but even a monkey could do the math with what they provide.

Every nasty trick being used against Trump

What is happening to Trump in the media pretty much stands as proof that the greater Jewish community, which runs the media, does not care about Israel much and could care less that Trump is likely to have the U.S. embassy for Israel moved to Jerusalem tomorrow. There is no obstacle to this happening whatsoever, because the actual legislation that will be used to make this happen was passed in 1995. This could have been done long ago. I disagree with this being done.

The inauguration attendance

It is beginning to become an old topic now, but just to reiterate - even Snopes put the attendance at 900,000 which is higher than the attendance for Bush or Clinton. But the media won't say that, they will only show photos of Obama's record breaking crowds and then show faked photos of Trump's attendance. It is all pretty lame. When you add to this the fact that about half a million were blocked from getting in due to extremely heightened security in the wake of even Madonna making death threats, along with rain cutting into Trump's attendance, it is understandable he'd have less and I'd rather see Trump alive. FAT CHANCE the media will ever report even one part of that story.

Planned Parenthood

Many news outlets are saying Trump is going to de-fund planned parenthood, most likely on Monday. But yesterday people were saying he was going to do it on Sunday. When he does do it, it will not just be for America, he's pulling funding for all of their activities worldwide. Let's see how long it takes him to sign that executive order.

Soros petition

It is probably set to count 1 in 1,000 votes. Just on this web site alone there are now over 50 messages from people who signed, and the counter is stuck at 9. It is a BIG FAT LIE. That system is broken. It is going to need some real Trump wash.

Here's a good one:


The cabal is too dangerous to jail, they should instead be executed.

Mouse3000 wrote:

Apreciado Jaime: Why arrest cabal garbage? That has no sense. To keep these beasts alive even jailed is extremely dangerous. Their mere existence is dangerous. Not only for the States but for the rest of the world. I presume if they were going so hard against Trump it was because they knew they were not going to be jailed but, eventually, rounded.

My response: Clearly the cabal is too big to jail. That leaves only one option.

I only posted one thing on Sunday because I am still not feeling well. This is not life threatening, it is just a nasty flu.


Before Trump was inaugurated, he already took steps to find out who his enemies were by having congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama submit the following, so it could be ready on day one of his presidency. Here is the abstract:

American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017

This bill repeals the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 and other specified related laws.

The bill requires: (1) the President to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations (U.N.), including any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body; and (2) closure of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

The bill prohibits: (1) the authorization of funds for the U.S. assessed or voluntary contribution to the U.N., (2) the authorization of funds for any U.S. contribution to any U.N. military or peacekeeping operation, (3) the expenditure of funds to support the participation of U.S. Armed Forces as part of any U.N. military or peacekeeping operation, (4) U.S. Armed Forces from serving under U.N. command, and (5) diplomatic immunity for U.N. officers or employees.


Obviously Trump does not expect this to pass. But by having this submitted he will, in one easy step, know who will work with him or against him. BRILLIANT. The full text is HERE

A couple important messages and I am going to bed.

These are the latest posts, in sequence to give you a feel of what is going on. The times are Iceland time, because that is where the server handling the message window is.

04:37:35 on the inauguration video you missed something potentially grave, at time mark 4:21:28 until 4:21:37 on the sound track, they played "Tapps"

,,,2017-01-22 04:29:46,"I signed the petition.... that's 18 :-) - G."

,,,2017-01-22 04:16:50,"Hi Jim, We watched the inauguration on Drudge Report linked to it. You could choose either "Live" Feed or "Recorded" Feed. It showed the huge crowds. Quite impressive. Maybe you can get a screen shot from the video? God bless, - L"

,,,2017-01-22 04:11:51, "Hi Jim, I signed the Soros petition at, clicked the link from my email verification, and now I get a 404 page not found...Hope you're better soon. I use P73 Mediterranean Oregano oil when I feel a cold coming on and it works as fast, or faster than an antibiotic. All the best, Reba"

,,,2017-01-22 04:10:38, "Jim, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but maybe this is the right time and circumstances... I am an experienced Perl/PHP programmer and I could very easily manage a message board. I could install all the spam ddos protection and maybe we can get something going and share the profits in a joint venture. I am the guy with the petition and I so appreciate you linked to that so quickly and exposed the failure of that petition to gain even a single signature. I am hoping that maybe the Trump Admin themselves don't want to publicize that petition because maybe they are going to go after Soros... best not to tip him off! Wishful thinking? Perhaps, yes. Anyhow Godspeed, my friend, glad you can secure some land that is great news. Take care!"

,,,2017-01-22 04:01: "Hey Jim,

Add another to the list of petition signers that didn't see a change. I used an email address that was new to that site so I got the confirmation email, time stamped at 2035 mountain time, 21 Jan. Counter was at 1 before I signed. Still at one afterward."

,,,2017-01-22 03:25:53,"yes. that is what happened. there was an umbrella crew behind the glass. In Kennedy's case the shot was fired from within the car or from very close to the car from outside. Trump got away this time but the operatives working within the CIA will take him out soon. The world wide Jewish activists are ballistic against Trump. Nobody, not even Jesus, could withstand them for long.

Trump will soon drink that polonium."

,,,2017-01-22 02:57:"alright my man. ...never went down. ..almost, but they didnt get him. thats what I hear at 4.25.55. bless you"

Mexican Doctor - a lesson for Trump

I went to a Mexican doctor yesterday and he prescribed antibiotics plus a couple other things to mask the symptoms well enough for me to function with the site running in combat mode, which is more difficult to administer overall. Luckily the people messing with this site must have been occupied because it went OK without it while I was really sick.

Total cost, including NAME BRAND antibiotics, (Mucosef) ceflaxina, NAME BRAND symptom relievers (Bayer) and a skilled doctor at a high class location (HEB in the rich zone, the highest class in this city - that location is so high class it has charging stations for Tesla) where the doctor did a very comprehensive diagnosis process? TOTAL FOR ALL 3: $26. Trump really needs to look at how Mexico is doing things because if Americans could get the prices Mexicans do, NO ONE WOULD NEED HEALTH INSURANCE. Widespread health insurance is proof there is scam pricing in place that makes it essential. FACE IT: A stethoscope, thermometer, ear and eye checker and blood pressure tester is a one time expense, and beyond that how damn much does it cost to look at someone and give an answer? a lot, if a doctor is buried under 500 pounds of needless legislation and works under duress, and THEN tries to turn a gigantic profit.


Trump needs to fix the white house petition web site. This is because a petition to jail George Soros has now most likely received thousands of signers, and the counter remains at one at the same time the counter on a petition favorable towards Hillary has been progressing. This means that it is not a time frame type of delay, which would happen if the site only posted new totals at a time interval, and that it really is proof of fraud.

IMPORTANT: Even in my own message window there are 17 different people who said they signed, and confirmed their signatures via E-mail yet the counter remains pegged at one. Watch: Now, because I said it, they will put the counter at 17. They are that stupid, I would not doubt they would do it.

The petitioning process is an important part of how the American government functions. If all legitimate petitions are blocked, and only scam petitions are allowed through, then we will get a scam government and I have no doubt this has been the status quo for more than a decade. Trump needs to be made aware of this ASAP.


Trump's attempted attendance was probably the largest in history, but out of necessity security stifled it to stop an umbrella gun shooter

Many many people showed up, but were prevented from entering due to an umbrella gun threat.

Anonymous sent: "I left at 4 am to beat the protest today and arrived home about three hours ago. I am exhausted.

I was awake and left my hotel around 7am. Walked about 20 blocks. There were 10's of thousands of people on the non ticket line, and the line was incredibly slow.

Everyone behind me for about 7 blocks, 5-7 wide on the sidewalks did not get in either. I was three blocks away when the inauguration started. I followed many others and many stayed.

I tried to make my way to the parade route, and that was a cluster fuck as well. Slow lines, searching everything, taking everyones umbrellas.

Ok, so there you have it. Many showed, and few entered. They were not allowed. AND THE UMBRELLA COMMENT: There is a report here about an assassination attempt on Trump that was reported by the BBC, just like the BBC did with building 7. It was obviously supposed to happen but someone stopped it.

MY GUESS: There was a credible threat about Trump getting assassinated with an umbrella gun. It was raining, probably due to weather modification to get the umbrella gun in. But they were confiscating umbrellas to thwart the umbrella shooter threat.

There is a report on this page about the BBC reporting Trump had been shot. So my guess is it was planned and stopped via rigorous umbrella confiscation and very zealous security that was attempting to stop a known about assassin that stifled Trump's attendance crowd but kept him safe. They were successful.

I will happily accept a significantly smaller attendance if it means he's still alive.


Snopes proved in words what you can't find in pictures but was broadcast on MexTV: Trump's crowds looked about the same as Obama's but if they were smaller it would not have shown up well on photographs taken from the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument photographs the MSM is pushing are OBVIOUS FAKES, taken either before or after Trump spoke.

The only way you'd have known Trumps crowds were smaller is by photographing side areas that were not part of the main gathering. FINAL ANSWER.

UPDATE: Trump's attempted crowd probably beat Obama's record 1.8 million, See this

Sign the White House petition to ARREST GEORGE SOROS

This web site alone has enough traffic to well cross the threshold. If this petition does not hit 100,000 it will prove the white house petition system is hacked. CONFIRMED: PEOPLE ARE SIGNING AND THE COUNTER STAYS STUCK ON 1. Go there, sign, and see for yourself!



Why do I not think it was hackers? Because it is not the first time the BBC screwed up like this, they also did with building 7, and because there is a live mic accident 4:25:50 as Trump left the podium after his speech, with someone saying "it never went down" and "umbrella crew", which was supposedly there to "hand out umbrellas" got up twice, in a way that was obviously not practiced, and stood behind Trump. Logic has it then that somebody was behind the glass behind Trump with a concealed weapon that was hidden in something mundane, someone knew about it but did not find the weapon, and an assassination attempt was stopped. BBC's gaffe with building 7 forever pegs them as an organization that is deeply involved in scripting huge black ops.

I am giving this a 90 - 100 percent probability: They tried to take out Trump and failed, and it goes all the way up to the highest reaches of British government and global elite.

This would also mean that the white hats have more power than the black hats. There is a high probability that Trump really will be able to "Make America Great Again".

Mexican news announcer STUNNED by Trump protesters

They are the exact same professionals that frequently riot in Mexico

They played clear footage of the violent protesters who smashed windows and did other mayhem on Mexican TV. The news announcer was not ready for what she would see, and was not warned. They just played uncensored footage. And when the camera went back to her, she had an absolutely STUNNED white face, stuttered for a few seconds and said "THOSE ARE THE EXACT SAME RIOTERS THAT GO THROUGH AND DESTROY THINGS IN MEXICO!" They wore the same clothes, had the same emblems, the exact same type of camera footage, it was obviously the same people. I thought the riots in Mexico were a project done by the Mexican government when footage from Mexico showed because the rioters were obviously professional, and operate with impunity, but obviously if they showed up in America for the same gig, it is not a Mexican outfit.

The rioters are at least definitely a professional group that do it as a job. They have to be either directly employed by George Soros or some other scam outfit like the CIA that can operate across borders and put their riot trolls wherever they want them. When they showed up in the U.S., this news announcer who had seen all the footage of these rioters from every riot in Mexico recognized them instantly, and said it out loud, on Mexican MSM, for all to see. I guess they should have debriefed her first. Her reaction was classic.

As I said, there would be ZERO legitimate protest against Trump. It is all staged, pumped up, and anyone who does show up that is not part of the program is just a dupe who fell for the huge amount of publicity the MSM has dreamed up about nothing at all.

Mex news destroyed American MSM lie

They played footage of Trump's inauguration and showed the crowd. Back by the Washington monument it was not empty, it was packed all the way back to the Washington monument. So all the footage and photos you are seeing of that area being empty are just more MSM lies, they had to have been taken either before Trump spoke, or after he spoke. I am trying to dredge up photos of what the crowd really was, but Google is doing a good job of censoring this. I found one last night that was from the Washington Monument perspective, which would prove beyond a doubt they lied, but then the internet cut right when I was going to post it. I am not sure that was a hostile move though, because I was on day 8 of a 7 day internet package and I was amazed it was still going.

Three feet of snow in the Sahara desert today!

There was a lot more than a dusting of snow in the Sahara desert today, it snowed more than a meter and I GOTTA LAUGH, IT HAPPENED ON THE SAME DAY TRUMP SUDDENLY REMOVED ALL REFERENCES TO GLOBAL WARMING FROM THE WHITE HOUSE WEB SITE. He moved quick and made that an immediate priority. Ha ha ha ha !!!!!

There's all kinds of reports about the snow in the Sahara out there now. This could not have possibly been any more perfect for Trump.


One reader gave a believable explanation for why it would work to handle flu symptoms by eating activated carbon, even if it was only from burned toast. I will try that.

From what happened at the inauguration with Trump's speech, it appears that Trump is absolutely, STUNNINGLY, what America asked for. Lookin good!

Due to the flu I accidentally missed the inauguration.

However, as I said, NOTHING would disrupt it because absent an overly expensive sea of paid trolls there was no public support for activity against Trump. It was ALL A BIG FAT LIE.

So there are a few messages regarding the inauguration. My favorite is from a troll:

"Get your house set up and open a taco stand and work for a living for a change. You got your Jew boy in the White House. Now you can retire."

My response: Obviously I was working on something if you are claiming I can now "retire" and no I will not, now is time to be like a pack of yapping dogs, MAKING SURE HE DELIVERS WHAT HE PROMISED. He's got ethics, that much I am sure of, but he's also got resistance and it is going to make it all one hell of a fight for him. So we need to apply pressure, while we also realize he can't clean up such a huge mess in one day.

MY CONCERNS: Now would be the time for them to crash the U.S. dollar if they were going to. We are going to now see just how much support for liberalism there really was in the upper ranks of society, obviously practically all Jews were liberal but there is also Henry Makow as an example of what can be good with them so we will have to wait and see. Ditto for Mike Rivero despite him having a liberal side.

The big test now is to see just how many of the good ones are on top, and how Trump handles the bad ones. He's got a tough job ahead of him, especially since there are plenty of non Jews that are also part of the problem. But it is the Jews who can give the yea or nay to crashing the dollar. Ought to be interesting, these next two weeks are going to be a real ride.

One thing I am sure many readers know is that a strong dollar hurts American products. If the dollar is so strong you can buy three day's work from China for $50, that is what anyone making the same products in America can afford to pay you. But if the dollar is devalued down to where the same 3 days of Chinese work now cost $500 in America, it would make sense to make that product in America. So killing the value of the dollar could backfire on the elite badly, it is not all simple.

Another example: America is now the world's greatest debtor nation, and all of that debt is owed in dollars. If the dollar crashes big time, all the creditors are going to get paid back air. That would help America enormously.

It really is going to be interesting to see what happens.

The marches against the President are going to flop

The biggest one is supposed to be a women's march in Los Angeles. However, even when posted about by someone in favor of it, it was admitted that there are only 70,000 who "said they'd go to the march on Facebook". My bet is that the very largest march anywhere will number under 10,000 with the rest being 500 people fizzles. Camera angles will do a lot, but a DJI phantom drone could bust reporting fraud easily, and there are plenty of those around. There really is not much hatred for Trump in the true public.

All 44th president prophecies are now proven false. We might have passed a huge test we were not expected to.


I woke up with a bad case of the flu, and am not jack flash today. So the best thing I can do to help with the inauguration is to put a feedback window for people on the ground there. Also, normal messages will be taken also. I'll try to keep on top of it all. The problem with the combat mode window has been solved.

Friday Schedule of Events (Eastern Time)

8:30 a.m.: Trump, Pence, their Cabinet nominees and their families and friends will attending a church service at St. John's Episcopal Church, known as "the church of the presidents" because every president since James Madison has attended services there.

9:30 a.m.: Trump, Pence and their families will attend a tea hosted by President and Mrs. Obama on the South Portico of the White House.

10 a.m.: President Obama and Vice President Biden will escort their successors to the Capitol for the inauguration.

11 a.m.: The inauguration program begins.

Noon: Pence will be sworn in as vice president, followed by Trump's oath of office as president. Trump will deliver his inaugural address.

1 p.m.: Trump, Pence and their wives will will attend a Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee luncheon at the Capitol.

2:30 p.m.: Trump and Pence will attend a military review at the east front of the Capitol, and then parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.

3 p.m.: Trump and Pence attend the inaugural parade in stands just outside of the White House. Afterward, he will work in the White House, where he may sign some executive orders.

7 p.m.: Trump, Pence and their wives will attend the Liberty and Freedom Ball at the Washington Convention Center, followed by the Military Ball at the National Building Museum.



Nothing is really going on yet. Lets hope I was right about the protests. PREDICTION: The women's march is going to number less than 500 but be reported as huge, (random number) the protesters will fade, and Trump will get huge support.

Last night

There was a guy with a rubber boot pulled over his head running around saying he's the real president but there was a time rip. That is EXACTLY the type of thing the CIA does, and the scamming media will put him full screen for all to see.

There was a brief protester appearance including violence and fires, but like typical libs, they quit and went home early.

Dahboo7 got pepper sprayed for no apparent reason


The alternate mail address worked, and also re-opened Europe.

It appears that the bans in Europe, and interference in America worked by blacklisting the mail address. It had nothing to do with Paypal, so Paypal worked with the new address. Enough came in within two hours of posting the new mail address to make the land purchase certain. Anything more people send will still be used on the property (to make it easier to get onto) but the big emergency has passed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I will post who sent what to the new mail address soon. Right now I am totally fried from the days frustration and I need to rest. I'll be up early to work on the inauguration and post who sent what. On that note, a reader sent a VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER:

Ann sent:

Hi Jim. This is Ann from the suburbs of DC. Writing you again about prayer. What I've found over the years is that each person has to find what works for them. There are guides but no one right way to pray. I've stumbled upon the immense power of prayer, way beyond anything I ever imagined in my earnest youth. I am but one individual -- not affiliated with anyone or anything in particular. By choice. And I know for a fact there are countless individuals like me. How do I know this? I'm going to keep that private, for now. All of us who are acting for the betterment of all of us, in whatever way we are moved to do, have a great influence on how things go.

My response: Tonight would be a very good night to pray for the transition of power to go smoothly and without incident. There really is a curse that said there will be no president after Obama, but I believe firmly that prayers can overcome that, and that if we choose to side with God at this critical time, we stand a good chance of writing a new reality and entering a future that is not in the Bible. The bible clearly says it is possible, but that the people will choose paths that prevent it. The Quran says that Jesus will return, regardless. Ultimately I am not an authority on the topic, I can only say what I think might be true. I do not think we were predicted to have done as spiritually well as we did to get this far, and Trump is now our ticket forward. I think we all got a new life. Please everyone: Pray for this to go well, and for recovery from the clutches of evil to be our destiny.


Some people have commented that the page backed up one page. That was something I did while I try to figure out what to do about a *damn troll who wrote a hate mail and then stopped ALL donations at around 9 AM cst. He's obviously an employee of an intelligence agency because he instantly halted all mail messages and donations. He sent this message:

"You fucking shonky motherfucker! Seriously, you're now trying to milk your idiot readers to buy you some land? You're scum pal." And the INSTANT that came in, the donations, which were arriving at a predictable and very frequent rate (as proven above) stopped completely, and all mails including bulk mails and spams were stopped instantly. They shut it down. It probably went as far as it did in the first day because they were distracted with the inauguration.

My response to the troll: I have clearly stated what it was for, unlike your precious Clinton foundation. If a-holes like you were not ripping the guts out of the country, I'd never have to ask anyone for anything because I would not have to have practically destroyed myself to run this web site to counteract your horse sh*t. If I worked your job and it was legitimate, rather than destructive, I'd be so effective I'd blow you and your entire department away, and save the government at least $3 million a year because they would not have to hire so many LOSERS.

Well, I am within a stone's throw of having enough for the property. And I backed up the page by 1 because I did not want a huge distraction about a troll at the top of the page (any worse than it is). The request should be gone by now, but everything was stopped.

I created an alternate E-mail address that might not be blocked. It is If anyone wants to help by sending to that with Paypal, it would be great because it is close enough so that only a few more people will tip the balance.

I am going to try to arrange another way for people to send (Western Union or Moneygram) because a lot of people have asked for that but I have to discuss it with Claudia first. I thank everyone who has sent so far, it really is very close to within reach.

Judge Dredd's message was signed for at the Trump tower

"From judegdredd: Hi James, The document was signed for at the Trump Tower just after 11am this morning"

My response: Don't bet on it getting to Trump. Trump is too busy to sign for a letter and there is so much corruption it will get read first and probably ditched. Keep trying via the web anyway.

17 story building in Iran fell due to fire

Trolls are saying this is proof building 7 fell due to fire. However, that is not the case. Aside from some non supporting metal on the facade, The building in Iran was 100 percent poured concrete. When you get concrete hot, it turns back into lime and in many cases will start fragmenting before it turns to lime when water in the concrete turns to steam, which will blow it apart. This can be readily observed by pointing a blow torch at concrete, the concrete will blow pieces off.

Since the building in Iran was a concrete building, comparing it to what happened on 911 amounts to fraud and fakery, but then again, what would you expect from a bunch of intellectually drifting snowflakes?

Less than 24 hours until inauguration

The media has sold this as being for "the least popular President in modern history". Unlike what the media has said, I do not believe there will be a significant opposition, only glory seekers trying to get on camera. The only real opposition is in the media.

Trump is going to sign a few executive orders the minute he takes office. I would expect one of them to be to put the Smith-Mundt act back in place by repealing the NDAA ruling that nullified it, so the media cannot blatantly lie and propagandize the American people anymore. If he, by executive order, re-instates the Smith-Mundt act he can bust CNN for treason within a day if they don't shut their yaps instantly.

America is not supposed to have a totally free and unaccountable press. If the media blatantly lies the way CNN and others have lied, they are supposed to get ripped out and people involved in the lies get jailed for treason. It may surprise some to find out that in America it is NOT supposed to be A FREE PRESS, It is supposed to be A FREE AND ACCURATE PRESS. CNN and others could be instantly wiped out for what they have done if the Smith-Mundt act is put back in place and they keep on lying. I would expect Trump to make this a top priority, and it should be.

So all eyes are on tomorrow. Let's see what happens.

Media now pushing disaster for inauguration

They are talking about everything from a drone strike to a North Korea nuke. I pulled the North Korean nuke part of their script that I had up earlier off the front page because they did not make an adequate case of North Korea actually being able to get one there. If a nuke is blamed on North Korea, it will more probably have come from the Israeli embassy in New york, and be delivered by a China Town bus. Any ICBM type nuking is probably out of the question.

I don't remember the MSM ever publishing pictures of a war torn DC the day before the inauguration, but that is exactly what they are doing. I see this as a threat made directly by them. CNN has even stated that all someone has to do is kill Trump and an Obama appointee will become the next president. I don't know how legit that claim is, but if Trump does make it, I would not be one bit bothered by him shutting down CNN. There is a difference between a free media and treason.

War with China

Jim, I smell a rat. I found it really strange that the US government has come out and directly said that they are sending a naval task force to confront China and enforce a naval blockade around the Chinese man made islands in the south China seas. I think this is a decoy to take away what is happening with the buildup of US/NATO forces on the Russian border. The US have parked 12 or so flat tops in dock but what is bugging me is that there are now about 600 navy strike aircraft available for the European theater should NATO need them. It looks like to me that NATO intend to hit Russia with a first strike under the cover of Trump's Inauguration, What do you think?"

My response: Is this not what Trump said he'd do to China anyway? As as far as I remember, Trump said he was going to do something about those islands. I don't think that would be wise, and I think China probably really does have a right to them. But if Trump was going to do it anyway, why would it matter if this was going on? He hates China. He may need to learn that in the construction business, if you get the contract the other guy goes away. In geopolitics, if you "get the contract," the other guy might blow you away. He is smart. He will figure it out.

Mark Zukerberg wants more privacy!

Mark Zukerberg bought a 700 acre plot of land in Hawaii. That is about two square kilometers. PROBLEM: Due to the way properties in Hawaii are set up, it is possible to buy a plot of land that surrounds other properties that are accessed only via trails. And Zukerberg's plot had about 20 such lands contained in it, which have been owned by the same families since the mid 1800's. Hawaiian access laws say that if your land completely surrounds someone elses land, that your land may be crossed to provide access. Zukerberg says NO.

So he is taking approximately 20 extended families to court, amounting to a few hundred people, to force them to sell their land. The scamming MSM is saying he's "likely" to give a fair price, but quite frankly, I doubt he will. At any rate, the point is MOOT. This prick bought a vacation home in Hawaii, and for his VACATION HOME he's displacing 20 extended families that happen to be natives, and has filed lawsuits against "a few hundred" people in total. Gee. Nice guy. Sounds about right for a DISGUSTING LIBERAL. This is precisely why we need to drain the swamp. And this idiot has mentioned a run for President??!!??

Take a look at this: They did not censor the comments on the article. And in those comments, you can clearly see, via the up votes and down votes, that Trump has GOT TO have a much higher approval rating than is being stated because people ABSOLUTELY HATE FILTHY HYPOCRITE LIBERALS, which numbered so few in the comments that they could not fix the ratings, or the comments!.


Kawasaki has pulled their ads from The Apprentice because they hate Trump!

GUESS WHAT? BAD MOVE. Motorcycle riders, ATV riders and snowmobile riders are PRACTICALLY ALL PRO TRUMP, kick'em where it hurts, there are MANY other good brands to choose from, you do not need Kawasaki. Suzuki makes awesome bullet bikes that can easily compete with the Ninja series and Ski-Doo/Bombardier did not stay in business since the beginning by being garbage. Kawasaki just crapped on their PRIME CUSTOMER BASE, HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS.

Yeah, the scamming MSM now has Trump down to 34 percent popular support, WHAT A LAUGH!


There was another "floating city" seen in the sky over a large city in China with many witnesses. Some people are calling it paranormal. It is project blue beam or a clone of that, PERIOD.

There is a lot to do today, so I have dropped the entire message window (for today, up until 12:30PM in underneath this top posted report, which really should stay on top.


This morning, I discovered that I was suddenly unilaterally banned on ALL, not just 1 or 2, I mean ALL forums and comment sections. This is not just GLP, which locks everyone of positive influence out leading up to important events, I mean it is ALL OF THEM. I have never been banned anywhere before. I don't post stuff from this web site anywhere and play it cool everywhere. If anyone else has been banned everywhere, it needs to be news. And I noticed that everything was totally dry, with little to no support for Trump anywhere, when there is usually huge support. This would indicate that an artificial intelligence has been employed to ban anyone who disagrees with the official MSM line.

Why would they do this? Because they are going to pull something HUGE today and through the inauguration, and we let them get powerful enough to abuse places like SpamHaus to simply shut down dissent at the flip of a switch. They are saying the paid protesters for the Trump inauguration is a fake story now even after the MSM called it real, and they want a COMPLETE SMACK DOWN on every last individual who might say the truth about what happens at the inauguration. They just showed their cards this morning, and exactly how they intend to play them.


At a bare minimum, between 1,000 and 2,000 people who read this web site are going to be in DC, or able to at least get a real view of what is going on there. And this web site branches out to Infowars and other huge sites, that use my material now on at least a weekly if not daily basis. My stuff has directly made the front page of Drudge several times but was not credited back to this site. One good example everyone will remember is the Newsweek Hillary reports that made it that far. If you manage to get anything through the message window that alone might be the critical link it takes to blow the whole story open everywhere.

Today, at 3PM Eastern time, they are going to release their last nuke on Trump, where he's talking badly about minorities back stage for The Apprentice program. If they are blocking comments from decent people, blanket bans across multiple venues, most likely they have a large amount of CGI fakery and false editing in what they are going to release, and they don't want alt media discussing it and killing it. We need to be extra vigilant to stay on top of this and everything else, because clearly, even before they released it, they are already playing more than dirty.

Obviously we need Trump to wipe out many corruptly used spam filters if any newcomer is going to get anywhere in the alt media, I may have gotten a jump on this and become prominent but even despite that I have not been able to send E-mails for more than 4 years now from anywhere to anywhere, even from random accounts at random providers, at all. If I get a cell phone, it will work for ONE CALL and then never receive or successfully send another call, EVER. I have a huge stack of $20 cell phones from 3 years ago, when I finally gave up. I had cell phones working perfectly in the analog days, right up until 2011 when I did the Fukushima report, and then they started going to * and after 2012 have not worked at all. They want me totally SHUT UP, and the artificial intelligence recognizes, tracks, and logs everything THAT WELL.

Everyone needs to be aware of the fact that this type of thing is going on, and that today and over the next while, until Trump fixes it, that people are not ignoring you, they really did not get the call. They can easily kill a business with that. The trick they use to shut my phones off is the voice mail trick, where it pretends everyone you call goes to voice mail, and then it throws away any message you send. Incoming calls are exactly the same, the phone will NEVER ring no matter what, yet the people calling at least get a voicemail answer so they think you are an A-hole for never calling back or answering all the while there is never any voicemail message left by them as far as you see it, and no confirmation of any calls coming in whatsoever. And suddenly, when whoever is upset with you gets to see your phone, the AI listens well enough and tracks their location well enough to put everything they did, said, and sent you, right there on the screen so you look like a total ass when you really never did get it until then. If I was one of the early ones who had a cell phone when they were analog, hated the switch to digital when everyone sounded like they were chewing marbles, and then all the way through 2011 with everything perfect, I am not too stupid to use a cell phone. If you are unaware that type of sabotage is happening, it will KILL YOU. Everyone knows I don't carry a cell phone now, that is how I handled it.

Be aware of this over the next while, because it appears that a great smack down is happening now to silence the heart of America and allow the spawn of satan to take center stage as the only voice heard. Do not get angry with acquaintances over missed calls, try, try, and re-try. That did not work for me, but it might work for you.

Here is the message window for today, (up until 12:30 PM) without comments, because I don't have enough time

The times showing are as the server in Iceland sees them and are not for any time zone in the U.S.

,,,2017-01-18 18:15:19,,"Seems Assange is sticking to his promise to turn himself over to the US after Mannings release, this is playing out all too pat, something stinks about this, it was too predictable day ago, as a cover up for Assange having been snatched or compromised in situ by drugs or some such. my own thoughts are that he was snatched and replaced by a lookalike but the lookalike being only a temporary measure because they knew it was not sustainable long term."

,,,2017-01-18 17:50:23,"I sent 330 mexican pesos"

,,,2017-01-18 17:25:18,"I read your message this AM about the internet shut down. Something new appears to be afoot with censoring now. It looks like for the next few days through the 20th the powers that be in shadow govt have decreed that we are to be left flying blind. Late last night I sent you a moderately long message about fears that Trump may have underestimated exotic weapons that could be used to take him out, and a header note that it was also posted on:

It was gone this AM with no trace, and nearly all two dozen or so comments left there are marked "3 days old". Strange that no new comments were there because it drew much interest. I did not save a copy, but maybe you did get it. Sometimes I wonder if my messages even get through to you when you don't respond, although I know you can't always do so.

Just another compromise to derail us made by big brother I guess. All we can do is trust that someone of conscience within their chain of command will do the right thing at a critical time as we have seen happen already with NSA emails. Maybe Donald has off-world protection by "The Federation", or maybe the "Valiant Thor" story is true, I dunno. lol

It may be time for Christ to return and remove the wicked since most earthly souls have now seen evil power in govt, and decided by vote to stand against it. I was quite impressed with the research and conclusions of the video "Daniel's Timeline" of ten years ago by Dewey Bruton (who recently passed on). His calculations of hidden data "sealed up" in the book of Daniel arrived at mid 2016

as the end of Tribulation, and Christ's return would be during this winter season. He was able to use another set of data therein to confirm those dates. We'll soon see." ,,,2017-01-18 17:24:44,,"Story about you being banned is on WRH, So it's getting out"

,,,2017-01-18 17:16:22,,"obama says another pardon, wont say who yet, have a bad feeling about this, please God don't let it be the clinton freak."

,,,2017-01-18 17:10:17, "vartna to 1055.29mex"

,,,2017-01-18 17:01:56, ,"From judgedredd: Hi James, I spoke to someone yesterday who reads your site and he was driving on his way to DC. So I know for sure that at least one individual who reads your site will be there. Also, he has a friend who is very close friends of the Trump family and even he is now finding it very difficult to get through to Trump. But I did ask for him to tell his friend about my letter so that he can pass the info on to Trump. I also did the one page of key points and I was able to do that, so will be doing things today to get that to be part of the 'package'. Thanks for your imput. One thing that others who read this may want to do is to Tweet Trump and tell him to read the letter from user judgedredd20."

,,,2017-01-18 16:59:47,,"Hi, Jim I have sent you $1054.60 MXN on Jan 17, last night. There were a couple of times you did not register, so I figured you were not receiving. Some times Paypal would not even recognize your email as a valid address, but this time it did, so I hope you'll receive it. All best, Lydia"

,,,2017-01-18 16:54:09, "MAKING MONEY FOR JIM STONE WEBSITE FROM ONECOIN AND UNIVERSITY CAMPUS MARKETS Download pdf from the link below My insert: It looks good but it is 475 pages and I have to vet it before posting the link, can't do that now. Take care A very important document. Probably one of the most important you will ever read. Engr Arinzechukwu Victory Enibe, The Black Scorpion King"


,,,2017-01-18 16:39:59, "Hi Jim,

I pray for your family and safety and for your ability to discern and distribute truth to us daily. I would have become discouraged and detached from the fight several times without the information you provide. I will donate thru my wife's paypal before the 1st.

1. Everyone needs to pray for Trump. Paul Ryan intends to be President and he is 100 percent a traitor. 2. I purchased a geiger counter after Fukushima to scan electronic components I import to ensure we're not populating pcb assemblies with hot components. The background atmosphere readings have always read from 0 - 0.1 for years. Six months ago the daily bumped to 0.2 and have slowly climbed daily until we're reading 1.1 and 1.2 daily. I have confidence in my handheld because we recorded a 2.4 when the nuclear power plant in Nebraska was submerged in 2011 and the gov't website also recorded a level for 3 days that was harmful for Austin. The atmosphere is quickly getting to be unhealthy. There's a reason for it.

3. Remind everyone that the Brave browser is awesome for giving you back enough bandwidth to actually browse the internet. You have to add an exception to keep AVG from removing it; but it works.

4. I detest Bloomberg, Gates, Soros and Buffett. They are all US citizens; so should I flood every comments section of every article, every day with "I hate Americans" propaganda? I'm American and I've pretty well woken up and I'm ashamed of what's being done worldwide. I'm also devoutly Christian and understand the game. I don't want to be nuked over what's being done that I have NO power to stop. They have never called and asked me my opinion on any of it. So, I appreciate your recent posts regarding the issue.

5. If you are mad at your boss; telling your best friend that he/she smells like sulfur, cabbage and urine is NOT what you would say. I had told you that I was at a dentist office in Mexico with no cell or TV when I knew Hillary died. The entire Universe was so happy that it cried out with glee and couldn't contain itself. I was glad to read in Judge Dredd's download yesterday that he agrees. Whatever that entity is that looks like Hillary and has her memories; is NOT Hillary. That monster is gone and whatever is going on is mind-blowing freaky and scary.

6. I also was glad to find the info in the download regarding Nazi's chanting a person's name when they killed them was to capture their terrored essence. That, plus the pentagram drawing made sense to me.

7. I have tried my best to find it for you but cannot. I remember when Obama first came on the scene in the 2008 Democratic primaries that the Clinton team sent an investigator to the Kenyan village. Only one time that I recall, it was published that the entire village confirmed this same story. - There was a Jewish salesman from Ethiopia that hiked over the mountain range twice yearly to sell his goods to them. That man is Obama's true father. Maybe you can find it. Watch Unto Prayer and Ken at Redefining God have done a pretty good job of recording Obama is Jewish by interpreting greetings and seating arrangements at events. But, they don't have the story that I remember. It wasn't 3 months later that the entire village got supplies and electricity and everyone there revised their story. But, it was printed on a prominant mainstream source. I just don't recall. Maybe Stratfor? (but the Mubarak and Egypt atrocities proved that Stratfor would remove docs from their history to support the current narrative.)

8. Last item. VT has always proclaimed themselves to be the leading force behind exposing Republican child pedofilia and murder and organ harvesting. It doesn't take a career in intelligence to correlate what wikileak triggered the entire editorial staff's wildly insane leap onto the anti-Trump train. It is every one of them and they are all into it so deeply that they don't care that they have offended their entire reader base. Someone is now paying their bills because I am not the only one that now refuses to visit their site anymore. Every word of every article is now fake and the call needs to go out to never ever let any one of them be forgiven.

Thanks again for all your effort, Elijah"

,,,2017-01-18 16:18:48,"Hi Jim, I sent $100 CDN to help out,Thanks for your work, Rick"

,,,2017-01-18 16:12:13, "12wderf"

,,,2017-01-18 16:03:40,"Hi Jim, you tried disposable email accounts like"

,,,2017-01-18 15:58:16, "LARGE CLASH BETWEEN THE WEST AND RUSSIA Kremlin Advisor warns: "One should not rule out the possibility of a new Serbian-Croatian conflict'"

,,,2017-01-18 15:53:44,"Part II: NEW Investigation Uncovers Plot to Chain the Trains & Shut Down DC During Inauguration Jan 17, 2017"

,,,2017-01-18 15:34:47,"what do you think:

On January 17, 2017, Edward Snowden's press The Intercept published an article whose byline stated "Trump to revive the CIA's Phoenix assassination program.""

,,,2017-01-18 15:00:14,"Hi Jim - saw your special request and sent $50.00 just now. It says will be available to you on 1.19 Wish I could send more. Wishing you & your family all the best. Keep up the great work. -Sharon"

,,,2017-01-18 14:31:23,"...thought this said something to your work....

In an epic final speech, Joe Biden warns the progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse


Jay Yarow

CNBCJanuary 18, 2017

Joe Biden warns at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the world that democracy is under attack."

,,,2017-01-18 14:03:24,"Jim, I sent $50 USD (1049.20 MX) to by paypal. Tx for the heads up about the inflation."

,,,2017-01-18 13:58:16,"Jim,

Manitoba Moe here. Sent you $20 CDN today (converted by Paypal to Pesos). Sorry pal, money's tight.


,,,2017-01-18 13:10:19,"I know you have an interest in the Mandela effect, did you catch this story:"

,,,2017-01-18 12:28:14,"Hi Jim, I donated 50 euro via Paypal today. I live in the Netherlands/Europe and had no blockade or other problems. Best regards, Daniel" ,,,2017-01-18 11:47:07,"This is most likely involved in declining NFL viewership. I am sick to death of Hollywood anti-white crap and american cultural garbage in general."

,,,2017-01-18 10:43:57,"put my 'contributor' name as Buddha nature - 95usd. cheers."

,,,2017-01-18 10:38:58,"Hi Mr Stone That method you link to for PayPal doesn't work over here.... you have to create an account with phone number and loads of other info.... any other way to contribute?? Cheers G."

,,,2017-01-18 10:21:11,"Dean sent $25 this morning. Good luck with your land purchase."

,,,2017-01-18 10:14:37,"IMO, the NFL is falling because of all the damn ads. The greedy billionaire owners and networks have stuffed a typical game with as much ad time as playing. A typical game lasts one hour, add in the TO's and the penalty times, plus half time, and you'll get around 1:40 of actual game, yet damn near all the games go over 3.5 hours, so are you watching a football game interrupted by commercials or a long-running commercial interrupted by a football game? Besides, who cares if the multi-millionaire players from Chicago beat the multi-millionaire players from Dallas? Greg"

,,,2017-01-18 09:59:36,"Maybe nothing or an anomaly? These two elevated radioactive locations in Washington DC showing are showing up on the independent Safecast radiation monitoring network. Local investigation would be needed to determine the sources of these elevated local detections. These two Washington DC radioactive detections where recently posted on in the radiation forum. One location is near the corner of Church St NW and 17th St NW. The detection appears to be around 0.6 uSv/hr The other elevated location appears to be near or in Seaton Section Park, which is east of the Tidal Basin. It is also showing a detection around 0.6 uSv/hr. If these detections are not false alarms that were recorded by the Safecast car Geiger counters, then they are significant detections, when you take into account the distance the Geiger counters would be from the sources."

,,,2017-01-18 08:55:25,"What`s your take on Roger Stone being poisoned with polonium ?"

,,,2017-01-18 08:42:06,,"I just posted this here as well: We the public know very little detail about exotic and advanced weaponry like the alien reverse-engineered US made UFO's at Groom Lake, other than they remain in the hands of shadow government where people like Dick Cheney have been present. They have been tested on the killing fields of Iraq using devastating beam weapons, all hush, hush of course. There are also Tesla weapons that have been perfected by Russia (and at least one other unknown smaller nation) that can materialize at co-ordinates anywhere on earth with equal to nuclear devastation. The only point I'm trying to make is I hope that Donald Trump has not underestimated his own vulnerability in being "out there" among the public before he has had chance to tame the monster that is his sworn enemy. Discretion is the better part of valor, particularly at this pivotal point in history where so much rides on his actions alone. They have only to take his life and then most of their future losses can be stopped. Americans would be supportive of any extra measures he might need to take in that regard with a simple explanation from him. If he were to televise the Inauguration for the sake of safety, that would be preferable to the nation going through another JFK in Dallas scenario, and having to retake the political swamp without him when it fills up once more."

My only comment on the message window this time around: I AGREE. ,,,2017-01-18 08:00:09,"Hi Jim, I'd love to help, nobody deserves it more than you to be honest, but being without a job, I can't right now. May I suggest a crowdfunding effort? How hard would it be to do the code and set it up? Granted, the f*ckers will try and block it if they know it's for you, but it may be worth trying. Thanks."

I hope this helps you. I hope Donald Trump is allowed to 'cross the finish line' and be officially sworn in as President Of The USA on Friday, January 20, 2017. I also hope that he is genuine and not the 'closers' for 'the powers that be' making their attacks against him an elaborate, sophisticated ruse. Thank you for this GREAT news site. The other one I go to every day/several times a day along with yours is Henry Makow's site at along with Mami's [Stuff] at

Have a nice day and hope you get the funds you need to relocate to that 'safe area' that you talked about on your news site earlier. :) PPS: one last bit of info that may be of help: via one of (Jeff) Rense's recent radio shows (sorry forgot which one). (secured) -- uncensored twitter (secured) (Found on the website) Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others. -- Charles Bukowski (secured) -- uncensored youtube (secured) -- uncensored reddit Found another one: From Cellebrite Appears to Have Been Hacked (secured) Hope this helps you, Thanks again for this GREAT news site! :)"

,,,2017-01-18 06:33:59,"$40 Aud from Pat on 18th Jan."

,,,2017-01-18 04:26:57,"Is the release of Manning a way to explain a sudden appearance of Assange in the US?? Thinker"

,,,2017-01-18 04:25:10,"I am still deeply concerned about the guns that were found in DC however....probably confiscated ones covered with someone elses prints, at least insinuating soneome else, ..."

That concludes what was in the message window up until 12:30 PM.

Prediction: Trump's inauguration will not be disrupted by anything other than paid protesters.

DisruptJ20 will fail for several reasons

Everyone knows about the women's march on DC, the gay party that is planned to disrupt the inauguration, and DisruptJ20, which had plans to spoil the ceremony with vomit gas and other things. It will all fail. It really is a foregone conclusion that it will ALL FAIL.

Here is what will happen: We'll get a few synagogues emptied onto the streets of DC, to fake whoever they are supposed to fake for, perhaps a thousand or so gays will have a party, and the women's march will number less than 10,000 because THAT is all the liberal left has among it's ranks that will actually go. They are in fact VERY small in number compared to the rest of America. On the other hand,

We are going to get a massive wave of Harley riders and Trump supporters through DC that is epic, unlike anyone has ever seen and they are going to seriously disrupt all activities of the liberal left. The bikers alone are going to cause so much fear in the hearts of liberals that they alone will represent the single greatest deterrent that reduces the left's numbers significantly.

The biggest faction of all will be paid for by George Soros and other high end trash. I found this article to the left here after I originally posted this. Seems I am right, because if true dissent was available, they would not have to offer $2,500 a person for it. There will not be a whole lot of real dissent that is not bought and paid for present, because by every measure I ever deemed credible, Trump took the actual election by 70 plus percent, and you don't get riots and other activities happening when a candidate like Hillary (who in fact, I believe, got less than 20 percent of the actual vote) loses.


We'll get huge over reporting of whatever riots there are and huge under reporting of how many people showed up in support of Trump. Trump's supporters are going to outnumber the opposition by a ratio of 8:1 or more. It might be a little different if DC was in California, but geography will limit how many from California will make it to DC and even if they could go easily, they'd still be the minority. The only way we'll get a shred of truth is through whatever alt media shows up.

I am still deeply concerned about the guns that were found in DC however.

You don't just find guns laying in the weeds. They were there for a reason. As it turns out, there were a large number in garbage bags, complete with bullets. And I doubt a significant fraction of them were found. Now, it is going to be pretty difficult to get a long gun through a huge pile of Trump supporters, and it would be difficult to get a good shot with a hand gun (and whoever tried to use it would automatically be dead) so those two factors limit exactly how dangerous the guns are, but guns are guns, and some people are really good shots. Trump had better be behind glass, not having at least that much protection would be very irresponsible. He's worth more than taking a chance and should not be doing public exposure stunts.

A message to Trump

Judgedredd sent:

Hi James, I hope you are ok where you are with everything that is going on. I just figured out something which may have been figured out by others so here goes: The secret service detail that surrounds Donald Trump, the other US President and former US Presidents, is not there to protect (although that is what they are shown to do as a front) it is there to prevent contact between him and those that try and contact him with information outside of 'their' control or to prevent information that the President or President-Elect is trying to GET OUT or they are there to facilitate the President or President-Elect in being assassinated (extropolated from the JFK shooting evidence video of a secret service agent backing away from the car just prior to JFK getting shot).

I say this because I have written a personal letter to Trump which can be found here: (249 pages 112MB - with my info redacted) - and then I came to the road blocks of trying to get it to him. I rang his lawyers and left a message and never got any call back. I left a Tweet on his account (I follow him) with the statement that I was trying to get this letter to him and gave him the URL for it (different to the one above). I then thought about all the ways in which he is 'protected' - Having his emails and social media accounts 'managed' by the secret service, having his mail read 'in case there is something there to harm' etc. These are all classic 'problem-reaction-solution' scenarios.

I hope I don't have to go into details why that is - I know you understand, but what about your readers? So that is why I wrote to you - if I can't get the letter to him in a private way then it needs to be done publicly. This way the fuckers who are trying to control him will have less control over him. He will eventually get that letter, although some of the info will be too old for him to do anything about. I just hope this message gets through to you."

My response: People have written saying the information is GREAT, and one writer said Trump already had it. I would not bank on that, it is staying posted.

He won't have time for 249 pages.

Donald Trump released "Hillary's 10 step guide to getting rich"

From the looks of this, it looks like Hillary is DOOMED now

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start a foundation that accepts loads of money from foreign countries and donors.
Step 2: Become Secretary of State
Step 3: Set up a private email server to cover your tracks
Step 4: Meet with foreign leaders with one condition: They donate big bucks to the foundation
Step 5: Foreign leaders, dignitaries (really anyone who paid to play) gets special favors from Hillary
Step 6: Delete any email correspondence on your personal email server
Step 7: Just in case, destroy devices with a hammer
Step 8: Pray you don’t get caught
Step 9: Get caught, cover up, Lie… and lie and lie and lie and lie
Step 10: Run for president!

See Trump's original post HERE.

Trump is not going to wash well with "politicians" because he is real and does not play politics at all. He'll just say it like it is.

NFL Football is probably doomed

It accidentally landed on the TV twice yesterday. It is not the same as it was 20 years ago, that is obvious. It seems fake. The players lack emotion. What was so wrong with spiking a football that they had to ban it? The crowd sounded fake, like piped in cheering. Nothing seemed real. The entire feel was boring and dark.

I do not watch football, and never did even in the past unless someone else had it on. But in the past I at least did not gag when I saw it, this time around it felt like watching a five gallon bucket drip fill. It did not help to have a pre-set bad attitude towards it over the recent politics also. The sport of curling now blows NFL Football away for all I care. At least the people are passionate with curling. Political correctness did not wreck that sport yet I guess.

Anyway, here is the fairly new (2012) NFL rule against fun:

The excessive celebration ruling would result in a 15-yard penalty under Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1 of the rulebook.

The rule reads: "These acts include but are not limited to: sack dances; home run swing; incredible hulk; spiking the ball; throwing or shoving the ball; pointing; pointing the ball; verbal taunting; military salute; standing over an opponent (prolonged and with provocation); or dancing.

THE NFL is dying (in part) because it is in bed with communist style STUPID. You are a resource. Forget the fun. Score your touch down and SHUT UP.


Last night a shooting happened at a night club in Cancun. The shooting was directed against Americans, Canadians, Brits, and other white people who happen to frequent the club. Bullets came in through an open window.

Now, there are trolls testing the water on various forums to see if people will be stupid enough to believe it was ISIS, RATHER THAN A DRUG CARTEL, OR DRUNK PEDRO PISSED OFF AT AMERICANS OVER THE NEW WALL THAT WILL BE GOING IN.

I would not have even considered wasting page space on this until a few random fools started testing the water with ISIS.

LET ME PUT THIS TO BED: THERE ARE PROBABLY 300 MUSLIMS IN ALL OF MEXICO, AND THEY ALL WORK AT EMBASSIES IN MEXICO CITY. There is absolutely nothing else here. There is no way ISIS could hide. If ISIS was really in Mexico, and it was not just ISIS corporation I have pointed out many times on this site, 1. The Mexican people would kill them. 2. The drug cartels would kill them. 3. The Federal police would kill them. 4. The local police would kill them, and 5. The regular Mex armed forces would kill them.

When it comes to crap like ISIS, there are ZERO Mexicans that would just sit around and let it happen. And they would NOT be able to operate a secret base here. You do, after all, need to eat and drink water, ALL OF WHICH would be sold from tiny stores run by Mexican locals and they'd figure out what was going on by the third time any fool got something from the store. They would solve the mystery 50X as fast as any police effort and then all hell would break loose. There is not a chance ISIS would find a single sympathetic Mexican to help them either.

HERE IS "ISIS", probably an offshoot of the Clinton Global Initiative. ISIS will be going out of business now that the Clintons have left town.

ISIS in Mexico is absolutely nothing more than propaganda, and an American paramilitary company called ISIS that has a base in Mexico across the border from El Paso. Maybe the CIA would pull a stunt too. But THAT IS ALL.

Pluto: Anonymous sent:

Not sure if you pay attention to this sort of stuff. I don't really but found this to be interesting.

Pluto is in Capricorn. Pluto destroys the bad and brings good. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during 1776. The period now started 2008 and goes til 2023. 2023 being ostensibly the end of a second Trump administration. Considering 1776 and what the rebels were up against, the fact that they won their independence is certainly notable. What is also notable in current events is that every attack against Trump has been soundly defeated. There are parallels that are developing. What say you?"

My response: Astrology and other things using planetary events and superstition to make predictions is a huge topic, and some of it is legit. However, I never delved into what was legit and what was not. So yes, it is interesting on that basis only and I can't give a yea or nay. I have never given Astrology or any other thing of this type even 3 seconds of thought other than that if you can make fire demons jump out of a fire (which really can happen) and there are people killing kids to get power, then there must be a dark and mythical reason. Obviously the position of Pluto would not be related to anything demonic, I am just saying that there is more out there than most people realize.