Access to old reports being restored

I am, at present, finally linking in everything on this site. I am going to do it by dates first and then improve from there. This is not a small job.

Trump's golden shower was a 4 chan hoax (and McCain took the bait)

Though Drudge pinned this on McCain, who probably had a lot to do with it getting huge exposure, I am not backing off on the alt media/4chan "exploit" because McCain would simply have been the one to fall for it. Someone had to, and McCain was it. This hoax was posted to 4chan on Nov 1. I would not be one bit surprised if it was Trump that set this up as a stumbling block for the random idiot, but obviously can't say he did it. There is no conceivable way that McCain would have tried this out of the blue, he probably thought it was real.

Trump is a grand master of political chess, despite what CNN says. I would not be one bit surprised if Trump set this up to see exactly who fell for it, so they could be rightfully fried and eaten somewhere in the proximity of January 20. If he did not do this, it was an obvious gift from God that will make it possible to take out a huge pile of trash on day 1.

Last November, right in the middle of the attack on the alt media, when liberals were writing countless fake news stories to trip alt media up, someone in alt media fired back with a fake intelligence report about Trump getting golden showers from prostitutes in a Moscow hotel and posted it to 4chan. This "hotel event" was "recorded by Russian intelligence, that had the hotel room rigged with cameras" and was presented as a "34 page intelligence report produced by America's intelligence agencies, and proof that Russia had the means to blackmail Trump". It was done very convincingly. As it turns out, McCain was the one who took the bait and dropped it in the spotlight.

Well, that fake report sat on 4Chan since Nov 1, and a couple days ago it came out of the shadows and was the exact same type of exciting headline that the liberal scum was using against alt media, to get their phony stories to go viral, AND THE ENTIRE MSM FELL FOR IT HOOK LINE AND SINKER.

So they posted this hoax all over the place. Here is Newsweek's version, and they embellished it beyond belief, every word of this Newsweek report is FAKE NEWS. JUSTICE SERVED. I'M LAUGHING AT THESE FOOLS!

As you can see, Newsweek and the rest of the MSM fell for this hoax completely.

So this morning, Russia stood up and said "We have no compromising information on Trump, the report is a total bluff." They then followed up with this quote - "The Kremlin has no compromising information on Trump. This report does not correspond to reality and is nothing but an absolute fiction". THAT is how viral this went - it went SO VIRAL in the real fake media (which happens to be mainstream fake) that Russia had to issue an official statement saying the whole thing is false!

Ok, so now that you know this, GO BACK AND READ THAT NEWSWEEK REPORT, AND HOW THEY SPUN THIS. THE ENTIRE THING IS FALSE, yet they have in their report Trump getting briefed, Obama getting briefed, the "story making the rounds at Washington dinner plates last summer", the WHOLE 9 YARDS. If you have any subscriptions to Newsweek or anyone else who parroted this crap, I suggest canceling because they just proved beyond all question that they are as FAKE AS FAKE GETS. HA HA HA HA A GREAT STRATEGY TO DESTROY MSM CREDIBILITY BY SOMEONE IN ALT MEDIA, I wish I could say I was the one who triggered it. Whoever did this deserves some sort of national medal of honor.

Julian Assange

Jim, Chris Kitze ( and BIN) here with a comment about Julian Assange's bitcoin adventure today. People are claiming it "proves life". In fact, all it proves is someone, possibly a double, could read a hash from the bitcoin blockchain. These hashes are nearly unique codes that are created every few minutes by Bitcoin as part of the validation process and the code that was read does demonstrate that whatever happened, it actually did happen at that time and it wasn't a recording mashed together. However, it does not definitively prove that it was actually Julian -- any monkey can read a hash. I'll believe Julian is intact when someone who has known him for years confirms facts that only those two would know, such as a location they had coffee many years ago, or where they first met. Even if he is alive, there is no telling what he went through and if the entire Wikileaks operation is compromised."

My response: I was contacted by people who were running an effort to "recover Julian's data and" "reclaim bitcoin for Wikileaks" and that "the blockchain was compromised." Many readers will remember this straight up, I have found it and re-posted it. Here it is. It would prove you right.

This would obviously confirm Julian is in trouble because he is not here to correct the breaches. Here are a few of the messages sent:

"Here are the tools to get Assange's information out of the blockchain. We are about to get gagged. Or worse. Pls do the right thing. These tools won't be around for long. FULL DISCLOSURE, let the people have the truth. No matter how damming. Sir, this information is dangerous. They killed Jean, and group one is missing. We need this public asap. We need more people involved. Be safe, sir. Thank you for being a true patriot. The tools will be improved if we can. And here is the bot link to the archived conversation as we built this. You will need the conversation to understand what to do. this is time sensitive. Thank you."

"I hope that if you have the resources available, you have people looking into the blockchain. The massive ddos was 10/21. We have found things, and others have reported finding full files and keys. We are working on discord in the open. Members of my team have gotten gag orders, and I'm sure my time is coming soon. Pls don't let this be for nothing"

Also. We are unsure of if the blockchain was altered on Oct 27 2016. We have been using a local for our tests. U can find it on the darkweb. These tools... They are not perfected, but if u get your people on them. It will be more then enough to get you to the files. We still haven't combined the torrent magnets. And transmission of enclosed data seems to get people vanned. There has been multiple attempts to make this public for the past two months. Now, we have so many people doing this, I don't know if it can be stopped without shutting down the internet. This is what alot of people died for Jim. We're giving it to u first. And we will continue to share it with anyone interested. These kid fucking old guard types need to meet justice. And Julian deserves a legacy after this. The fact that his dms triggered indicates terrible things. My name is A___ K_____s. I live in Canada. I'm not the one who made this, I only helped. I'm not a spook. Nor a terrorist. Just a person who has had enough of the bullshit"

My comment: This is a prime reason to not think all is well with Julian.

Here's a message that spooked me:

The scum who run the NZ government use 1080 poison dropped from helicopters over huge tracts of wilderness with the stated aim of killing off all deer, as they are an introduced species, as well as possums. What happens is that they kill off the entire ecosystem. From a conservation viewpoint this makes absolutely no sense at all --- the only plausible reason is to eliminiate all wild sources of food. Why? So that when the rats flee to NZ the locals, the few who will not take kindly to their arrival, will have nothing to eat when they go bush into wilderness areas, and they risk death from eating and in some cases drinking from the 1080 poisoned ecosystem. If you think the 1080 will break down, it won't do for a long time under normal circumstances in the wilderness ... and anything that dies keeps on poisoning the ecosystem anyway.

Deer head for water when dying from 1080, the eels eat them and die, the freshwater crayfish eat the eels and die ... everything dies. Save the native birds you reckon? No, most die. NZ has been taken over by scum getting ready for the influx of their mates. Airfields have been built at taxpayer expense. And most NZers are too stupid now to understand, let alone do anything to stop this. (See youtube "poisoning paradise") And certain US administration personnel left immediately prior to the past 2 serious earthquakes. Paradise it was ... but now it is paradise lost. RIP NZ."

My response: 1080 poison is the classic fluoride poison that used to be used for rats in the U.S.

The Neutron bomb

Anonymous sent: Question: By 1970 we already had nuclear weapons that would wipe people only OR structures only. What if our own launched one that wiped us out but left the structures?"

My response: You are talking about the neutron bomb. A neutron bomb is a type of nuke that is arranged to produce less blast and a huge burst of radiation. It is still a nuke, and will still level buildings but not as much. Blocks instead of miles. It is designed to produce a huge radiation pulse. The atmosphere is good at blocking radiation, so outside of two miles or so, it will be a lot less effective. A neutron bomb will kill everyone inside a building and leave the building standing.

I don't think they will use it on the American people, because their goal is total destruction, and not to make it easy for those who remain to rebuild.

Merryl Streep again

Anonymous sent Jim - your swearing in the streep rant is untypical of your messages; you must really be po'd about that bag and her ilk. Your restraint towards doing so over the years is one reason why I enjoy your updates and the information. On another note, are you hearing/receiving any input on NaturalNews site being compromised? Am seeing major errors and delays in loads, and one recent download completely locked up my chromebook; never happened before. Using the IPA though, it works fine. Sent Mike a note twice regarding this and what you suggested with the ipa to prevent undetectable intrusions or redirects, so if others are also experiencing that there, might want to send NN a note about it."

My response: Merryl Streep is my most hated actor by a long shot. She's pure damage. I cannot stand even a still photo of her, let alone see her act. Anyway, with that aside, Natural News is getting attacked big time. Everyone is. Today, despite many attempts, I could not get into the server until after 10 AM and I did not want to do combat mode. There are big problems getting this site from Europe, especially Germany. No total blockages yet, just difficulty. Additionally, donations from Europe appear to be blocked and I have been told this many times by people who have tried. So the attacks are diverse.

The only alt media venue I know of that knows as much about staying visible as I do is Beforeitsnews and affiliate Alex Jones will probably stay visible at great expense. Natural News I am not sure of, they have been getting severe damage lately, and I have no doubt it is because they tell the truth about vaccines and other medical topics, but mostly they are in deep dirt over being accurate with vaccines, which are no doubt the great weapon of doom for the elite. Many people think vaccines were always bad. I do not take that stand, I believe they were of huge benefit up until around 1985 and then they became weaponized and are probably the worst threat to mankind on the face of the globe now. The autism and other vaccine induced problems are intentional, no ifs or buts. Since Natural News is reporting on this accurately, they are like a giant target with a huge bullseye just waiting to take a hit.

Alex Jones and others, (even Drudge) are not such a high priority but they are still targeted. Hopefully all of this will change with Trump at the helm.

More Merryl Streep

Couldn't agree more about that creep, Streep! Watching two feisty black gals called Diamond and Silk kick Meryl to the curb might assuage your rage, it did mine anyway....these ladies are a hoot. Youtube vid is called 'Meryl Streep Underhandely Came For The Donald, Diamond and Silk Straight Out Came For Her

My response: There you nailed it, yes - that's it - why I'd rather be five aisles over looking at toilet brushes than in an aisle with her - she's "creepy". She sets off my soul's alarm bells, like some sort of ghoul even though her face itself is not the cause of it.

Vincente Fox

I have stated many times that I have a direct contact with Mexico's elite. And I have a direct contact with former Mexican President Vincente Fox's immediate family. I got word of what he is saying about the gas crisis. Here it is from my direct contact, translated to English by me:

"Mexico sends it's oil up to the U.S. where it gets refined. In this step, corrupt politicians make a profit, and they take too much. Then, when the gas comes back, the same corrupt politicians dip into it again, and take WAY TOO MUCH. It is damaging the Mexican economy badly and amounts to a direct theft from the Mexican people. No economy can do well if so much theft takes place with a key commodity such as gasoline, because when people pay twice as much for it as they should, there is that much less money to buy what the economy produces, and as a second hit, the high fuel price makes what that economy produces more expensive. In the end, the people pay more with less money to buy with.

And additional detail - He hates Trump. However, even if Trump gets nasty and starts heavily taxing imports it will only have about a 5 percent impact on the total Mexican GDP. His huge concern is the totally unnecessary gas gouging that could easily set the Mexican economy back between five and seven times as much. It amounts to a perfect storm getting ready to smash Mexico, and the good among the Mexican elite are very worried. They have made it clear: American business has nothing to do with the gas prices, it is 100 percent caused by corruption on the Mexican side of the equation. Vincente Fox still cares about Mexico very much and is not happy about what is going on now at all.

Anonymous sent: "Hey Jim, in the past you mentioned Mexico having massive capacity for refining gasoline. Why then, would they be stupid enough to ship it to the United States to have it refined? Makes NO sense."

My response: There are refineries here. Obviously Mexico can make gas. But Mexico also uses a huge amount of butane. Butane fills 100 percent of the role of natural gas and propane in the U.S. I cannot just look at a refinery and know what it is actually producing. Obviously if Vincente Fox says America refines at least a huge portion of the gasoline I am not going to argue with that.

Previous day starts here (9th)

I just saw Merryl Streep's Golden Globes destruction on Mex media

It made my blood boil. I always hated her, the most HATED of all of Hollywood's trash, above even Barbara Streisand. Even if I never saw her act, her "poor me" "I am an easy victim" "but I care so much" demeanor would cause me to flee five aisles away at Wal Mart, where I'd spend time looking at kleenex and toilet brushes until I knew damn sure she was gone from the aisle I wanted to be in.

And Mexican media played totally unrelated footage of Trump where he's smirking about something, as if it was related. It was a Cat 5 bullshit storm. Enough to make me pop an aneurism. No doubt about it, even if the audience wanted to hear what she said, she wrecked the party anyway.

BOYCOTT TIME, HOLLYWOOD CAN STICK IT. I will never get over that, I already said I hated the bastards, that just cemeted it real good. As if that kind of crap "defines America" as many of those trash based losers have claimed over the last couple days.

The drive through tree that fell - opinion

I drove through that tree many years ago. People are saying that the hole in it caused it to fall. I doubt it, THE GEO ENGINEERED STORM HAS CAUSED WINDS OF 173 MILES AN HOUR (281 km/h). Outside of a tornado or hurricane, that could be a world record. THAT is what downed that tree. And they are doing this, as I have said, to fill the dams after intentionally draining them to destroy California agriculture in the name of a drought that never happened, as proven in an old report I pasted in farther down this page where I document that the rain charts were completely normal, and the dams were wide open, letting the water out as fast as possible. This put the San Joaquin river past flood stage while they gave nothing to California growers. This is documented fact. The drought was a big fat lie. They have to get the dams filled before Trump gets in to avoid questions, and this storm is precisely that. They have already done irreparable destruction to California growers. There will be more on this tomorrow.

Elites and radiation

TokaCola sent:

Hello Jim! I have a question about nuclear bombs and radiation. If the elite want to reduce the population and survive the devastation in their bunkers, how would this even work? How could they horde enough food and water and fresh air to live like rats underground until it was safe to come out. They tell us Chernobyl is still not safe to go near after 30 years and they are working at sealing it completely off with concrete and that it would be hundreds of years before anyone could go near it.

However after Nagasaki and Hiroshima people right away moved back and rebuilt. Are the old bombs that different than today? Does it have something to do with higher concentrations in a plant like Chernobyl? Are they lying about radiation risks? This just goes to show they are truly insane for even wanting to survive a nuclear war. Who would want to witness the devastation and be responsible for it happening, including the millions and even billions of deaths including people they knew and perhaps were related to? Do they want to prolong their lives and avoid death that much because they are deathly afraid of meeting their Maker face to face? And if they kill off all the people that were such an inconvenience to them and who allowed them to get so powerful and filthy rich, who would they feed off now with all those people dead? This is truly an insane mind set.

Maybe the radiation thing is over emphasised but still wouldn't they possess even a mustard seed of a conscience that would kick in when they came out of their rat holes to see a world completely destroyed, no power, no water, no heat, no food, and dead bodies everywhere? They'd be better off dead too. I truly think these evil bastards believe they can somehow cheat death and bypass their inevitable recompense with God. Even though they act like satanic, atheist psychopaths, there still must be a little doubt in the back of their minds that they might be wrong and be sent straight to hell. I think what fuels all this is their fear of death, which we are NOT supposed to fear especially if we live God-centered lives and any small sins can easily be covered. Makes one wonder how God will deal with them and their unimaginable transgressions, like wiping out 80% of humanity for their own gain. I think God will have a special kind of hell waiting for them. Thoughts?

My response: The nukes dropped on Japan used less than 100 KG of material and dispersed it a lot better than Chernobyl did. Cherobyl had thousands of times that much, and did not disperse it as well. Additionally, Chernobyl had materials with longer half lives. Even at that, Hiroshima and Nagasaki should not have been inhabited so quickly.

But you are more than right about nuclear war, because if that happens and American nuclear facilities cannot be tended to as a result, they will all go off like Chernobyl and would actually be a lot worse than Chernobyl. If they were not ruined from a direct hit, they'd all go idle and maybe self sustain for a century or so, and then it would all go to hell like Chernobyl. Eventually they'd all be pits from hell no matter what. Those that got wiped out from near or direct hits would deliver showtime within a day. It would be completely unavoidable. Today's nuclear situation is one that can only be maintained safely as long as things are stable. A nuclear war would totally wreck that.

So if the elite really do want nuclear war (and it really seems so) it is obvious that the only thing they seek is the death of Western civilization, while they hide out in New Zealand or some other place that won't get the brunt of the disaster. Seeking a hole in the ground will indeed not cut it, unless they want to evolve into being gnomes.

Obama is NOT a Muslim

William sent:

"My thoughts on the real Obama, mask off:

Another big lie that won't die is that Obama is Muslim. The MSM and every troll in town keeps reinforcing this with some comment or other. Obama is a Zionist Jew, and he helped create and back ISIS which is a US mercenary army acting as proxy for Israel to destroy neighboring Syria. A Muslim would not have done this. Militant "Islam"(NOT) is a Saudi based false flag training program to defame Islam, but Obama is not that either. He does token controlled opposition to Israel as window dressing, but he has done more for Israel than Bush or Clinton. His sealed bio hid the fact that his mother Ann Dunham was Jewish as were the rest of them (certainly his brother Malik who exposed him). They were also a CIA employed family. Being CIA explains how easily he was groomed as president (like Bush Sr.), and what a fraud he is.

My response: Obama is obviously not a Muslim. If there is any Muslim in Obama, it is a cheese cloth veil to hide the crypto Jew within. You are right, and whatever Trump does for Israel is going to pale in contrast to what Obama has done, under Obama Israel launched the greatest massacres in Palestine in Israel's recent history. Any pretext of Obama being Muslim is nothing but a transparent joke. Obama is a satanist with a crypto Jew shell covered with a cheese cloth transparent veil of Islam made from the cheapest synthetic material you can possibly get from China.

A six year old girl used sleeping mom's thumb to place $250 Amazon order

A six year old girl waited until her mom fell asleep on the couch during a movie, and then used her mom's smart phone and thumb to place an order for 12 pokeymon toys on Amazon. I thought this would be a fake news story, but it looks like it is not, See this.

Mexico to seize U.S. assets?

Mexico has threatened to seize $100 billion in U.S. assets in Mexico if Trump follows through with policies he has stated would happen against Mexico. This means: General Motors manufacturing? SEIZED. Other corporate manufacturing, SEIZED. My comment: THAT WOULD BE A GREAT WAY TO TELL AMERICAN CORPORATIONS HOW SMART IT WAS TO SEND AMERICAN JOBS TO MEXICO. Kick them in the shorts. I'M ALL FOR IT!


"Translated that means that should Trump follow through on threats to expand the wall, withdraw U.S. participation in NAFTA or stop remittances, Mexico could target U.S. assets in Mexico. Those assets are estimated by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to amount to over $100 billion." See this

Warning shots fired at Iran

I almost did not mention this until Drudge put it up. A Navy vessel fired several warning shots at Iranian war boats that approached it rapidly in the strait of Hormuz. My opinion: Who cares? This type of thing happens a lot, to the point of being meaningless.

There was another headline on Drudge that I don't really believe: Alibaba is going to create 1,000,000 jobs for Americans over the next few years. QUESTION: How is a Chinese web site that does little more than sell Chinese products going to put 1,000,000 Americans to work without putting 5,000,000 out of work at the same time by undercutting American manufacturing? Good question. Ancient Chinese secret I guess.

Hollywood wants to go on strike over Trump

Hollywood is showing its true colors leading up to the Trump inauguration. And my opinion is that they can stuff it. I have for decades figured America would be a lot better off without that cesspool. Yesterday, they even had the audacity saying that they are what defines America, and that "America would die without them."

Sorry. I don't think that Ernie and Bert magic bed rides through the stars, the overt gay agenda, and overbearing immorality shown by Hollywood in any way defines America. And when I see obvious prozac and drug destroyed soulless actors try to portray people of high honor in movies about historic events it makes me gag. I can't stand to watch it.

Seriously, I used to like Adam Sandler until I figured out he was filth, I used to really like Jim Carey until he spoke out so strongly against guns and proved himself to be dirt in other ways, and now, after getting shown the light time after time in countless other examples, if the actor is Jewish I simply can't watch a movie. I am that disgusted with it all. Fortunately Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson are still out there, and very popular. Aside from animated movies those two are about the only thing I can watch without spitting nails.

So Merril Streep can use an awards ceremony all she wants to push politics and all I'll do is gag, I don't do movies much and for all I care they can all just go away. Practically anyone her age and "Hollywood" played an active part in destroying the nation with their politicized spleck and if they go on strike, I'll rejoice as Indy media rises to fill the gap. There is a huge campaign against piracy in Mexico, and as a result, even Mexican wal marts have a huge selection of Indy Media films that never saw the big screen that they sell for $1 to encourage people to not buy pirates, and many of those are every bit as good as their Hollywood conterparts. There is a variety of topics that Hollywood refuses to match. And it is not all politicized or trying to accomplish an agenda. Why can't a movie just tell a story, rather than try to prove a point? I am sick of it all. And therefore Indy media and foreign films are pretty much all we ever watch here. Hollywood really can stuff it.

On that note, one prime example of Hollywood getting it's butt handed to it on a dirty rag is a Russian animated series called "Masha and the bear". It is at least equal to to anything Hollywood puts out nowadays and it is minus the petty politics. Check this out: Masha and the Bear. Russian and Spanish versions have hundreds of millions of hits. This series is absolutely enormous in Mexico. All the episodes are this good. This is a great insight into just how much Hollywood is not the only thing going.

If this series is not available on American television anywhere, it would prove beyond a doubt that American propaganda is so entrenched that you simply are not allowed to see anything decent from elsewhere go mainstream.

We really can do without Hollywood and I'd be happy if they pouted themselves into irrelevance.

Fox News is on an EMP rant

Bunker for the elite disguised as an "EMP attack" shelter

Foxnews did a report about the re-opening of the Cheyenne mountain complex that is very eye opening.

First of all, they talk about EMP resulting in the deaths of 9 out of 10 Americans. That's a load of BUNK. YES, an extended power outage for the entire country could result in massive deaths. NO, an EMP would not be the cause. And on top of it all, practically everything we would need that would prevent starvation runs on diesel, which does not need an electrical system to work. In field testing for EMP systems that were specifically designed to fry electronics, as of 2007 (the last time I really looked into it) the maximum range for any system was 2 miles in perfectly dry air, which was reduced significantly in high humidity and reduced to as little as 200 yards in rain. And the obstacles were so great (being the laws of physics) that it was concluded that electronics frying EMP bombs would only be a localized battle field type weapon.

Nuclear EMP, which is at a much lower frequency can have an impact for hundreds of miles, but it will not wipe out electronics because it only affects extremely long wire runs (due to its lower frequency) which would mean the grid. Reality is not like the movie "the day after" which was pure B.S. from start to finish. And there is a problem with actually hurting the grid nowadays - lightning suppression systems that are everywhere would simply cause the system to shrug off EMP. This is not the 1940's or 50's anymore, the grid is a lot more abuse resistant than it was back then.

My conclusion is that the Cheyenne mountain facility is not being re-opened for any reason related to EMP. My guess? The elite have lost their bunkers in many places, and they are therefore eyeing the re-opening of that facility which is probably connected to whatever transport systems they have underground, and the $700 million that is "needed for electronics upgrades" is really going to go towards comfy mattresses and wine closets. You could never legitimately re-open Cheyenne mountain and get it all dolled up like new for that low of a price tag, something else is going on.

There will NEVER be a legitimate EMP attack on the entire country of America. But it is definitely possible to fake a nationwide EMP attack with the cell phone system, which can now be used to shut down almost every car, every smart appliance, every cell phone, and make people believe it was an EMP. I believe 100 percent that was a big reason for the cash for clunkers program - to get rid of the best older cars that could not be shut down that way. One of the rules for the cash for clunkers program was that you had to prove beyond all doubt your car was in absolutely perfect condition before it qualified for being destroyed. This was accomplished via insurance records, and emissions/safety check records which all had to be absolutely perfect in the two years prior to the cars being turned in, or they'd be refused. NOT ONE CAR that was a real clunker was destroyed by that program unless it happened by accident. QUESTION: WHY?

The TU-154

Mike sent a question about what happened with the Russian TU-154 that went down with the choir aboard. This is something I covered early on. Russia concluded it was most likely downed by a French naval vessel that was equipped with an electronic attack system as a provocation for war. Russia did not take the bait.

A huge number of great messages came in today but I have a huge headache and it is far more than normal messages. I will get to them tomorrow, but to summarize the gist of it:

1. The language gaffe in the CIA report may not have been a gaffe at all. Obviously they were talking about "influence on the Presidential election campaigns," However, if that influence was referred to as an "influence campaign" rather than an attempt to "influence the campaign" then it would not be a gaffe at all. But the failure to provide differentiation in the wording to specify what they were talking about is still very bad even if it was not quite as bad as I first thought. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and stop laughing at them, but MY GOD, even without the gaffe the CIA report is absolutely pathetic.

I still think it was a gaffe and that they subcontracted it out because it says right in the text that the report is a "product".

2. I know there are serious issues with the Fort Lauderdale shooting that are getting censored. My gut says it was a brain washed patsy who arrived with blanks and media magic and crisis actors did the rest. But I don't feel like commenting on this beyond that right now. And it really may have been to cover up the DHS takeover of the election process, which with Trump in power I think will backfire badly.

3. Obviously Trump is in severe danger, and they fully intend to kill him if they can get away with it. But I also think it is practically assured that Trump is a big time alt media conspiracy fact seeker and he's not even a little bit stupid about anything, and I mean anything. He did what it took to get in, and basically misled politicians thus far, and once he's safely in charge a lot of people are going to be stunned that he really is "one of us". Obviously the elite know this, which is why he is definitely in danger, with MSM figureheads calling for his assassination, intelligence upper ranks calling for his assassination . . . . . He's a lot smarter about this than I thought he was and that is good.

On that note, Anonymous sent:

"I previously posted my strong concerns that Donald is in danger. It has since come to mind another possibility that I can only surmise, having no direct evidence. One of his first priorities was to make strong ties with the military through General "Mad Dog" Mattis. He is known to be reasonable, but is quite ruthless when provoked. He is also respected by troops who are loyal to him. Mattis is the ideal one to give Trump a life insurance policy based on threat of reprisal. That is most likely in play so that Donald's death will result in certain military actions against the Cabal and specific leaders taken out. Like an offer they can't refuse that has been privately delivered and in effect on his death or harm to him period. He dies, you die without conditions. That would cause the Cabal to even take measures to protect him."

4. A while ago I talked about how the homeless were being taken as practice detainees. And I really think this is going on, even now. With that as a preface, I am just going to post this mail:

Just a reminder, while we celebrate Trump's victory, the situation on the ground is still dire. The homeless problem here in Seattle is still getting worse by every single day. And they are still disappearing by the hundreds at a time. We are now seeing tent cities setup on the massive concrete barriers that divide I-5 in the downtown area. These islands are extremely dangerous to reach on foot, because you need to cross 5 lanes of downtown interstate. But people are desperate enough that they are now camping in places that require some serious footwork (and balls) to reach. This is probably because all the spaces in the city are getting filled too quickly, and so they can avoid being harrassed and inevitably disappeared by the cops.

Martial law is most definitely out of the question. It would be a logistical nightmare from hell. But mass riots are going to be inevitable if something is not done quickly. Unfortunately, 99.5% of the population is too brain-dead too even notice ANYTHING at all. Their lives consist of wake up at 5, work their slave labor job, go back to their moldy tinderbox (house), and drink/drug themselves into a stupor while watching the Seahawks game. They are obviously too mentally retarded to take part in any actual rebuilding effort (a "new deal" type project). Lots of them have fancy degrees saying they know how to build things, but they only understand how to build repeat whats in the textbook.

Look at the laughable Seattle tunnel project for a perfect example. The 2 TBM machines that dug the channel tunnel were designed and fabricated in Kent, WA. But somehow, it made sense for us to custom order the largest tunnel boring machine EVER, from Japan, and have it delivered to our specially fitted pier, where hundreds of valuable waterfront acres have been turned into a massive construction site. This option was chosen over a simple "cut-and-cover option which would have been finished years ago and would have had twice as many lanes, without tearing up massive chunks of the city for years on end.

Most of the real innovators in America are on the verge of, or in the process of "going galt". I myself walked out of my engineering job, because I was sick of being verbally abused every day while being paid barely enough to eat and drive to work. The average population here is beyond hopeless, and most likely will not survive without a major, naturally occurring, purge. Its not worth it, working your ass off everyday just to uphold an incompotent child-like population.

When I hear someone say "where did all these homeless people come from? It's so strange, I dont get it." It's very hard to resist the tempation to grab a baseball bat to knock these people out of their comas."

There is a lot more than this in the message box, and a lot more to report on but I have a headache. I will do it tomorrow.

CIA report

I have changed my report on the CIA Russian Influence report to give them the benefit of the doubt on the language gaffe I mentioned in the first report. But even without that, the report is enough of a joke. So all I am going to do is remove the language gaffe part of it.

The intelligence report referenced in the report below is HERE. The only things of substance in the report are from 2012 and then they are tenuous at best.

The report CLEARLY STATES that there was no assessment made on the impact of Russian influence on the 2016 election, even though it is advertised as such all through it! Here is a direct quote, that shows the gaffes. I'll get a capture up later, but for now the site is in combat mode so I cannot upload the capture. This is a text copy/paste from the report:

Scope and Sourcing


Information available as of 29 December 2016 was used in the preparation of this product.


This report includes an analytic assessment drafted and coordinated among The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and The National Security Agency (NSA), which draws on intelligence information collected and disseminated by those three agencies. It covers the motivation and scope of Moscow’s intentions regarding US elections and Moscow’s use of cyber tools and media campaigns to influence US public opinion. The assessment focuses