COLD HARD PROOF: Anyone with an IQ less than 50 should not be allowed to have more than 50 horsepower.

Watch this idiot keep going, dragging a U-haul trailer on it's side after it flipped, like nothing is wrong. This would not be possible if this idiot only had 50 horsepower. Instead, the SUV probably has 300 HP. The driver is probably one of the college professors that is stupid enough to promote the destruction of Western Civilization, mentioned in the next report.

Dangerous people are teaching your kids

In the following video, Toronto University clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson warns parents that "dangerous people are teaching your kids." Here is a portion of what is said:

"You may not realize it, but you are currently funding some dangerous people.

They are indoctrinating young minds throughout the West with their resentment-ridden ideology. They have made it their life's mission to undermine Western civilization itself, which they regard as corrupt, oppressive and "patriarchal."

If you're a taxpayer-or paying for your kid's liberal arts degree-you're underwriting this gang of nihilists.

You're supporting ideologues who claim that all truth is subjective; that all sex differences are socially constructed; and that Western imperialism is the sole source of all Third World problems. They are the post-modernists, pushing "progressive" activism at a college near you.

They produce the mobs that violently shut down campus speakers; the language police who enshrine into law use of fabricated gender pronouns; and the deans whose livelihoods depend on madly rooting out discrimination where little or none exists.

Their thinking took hold in Western universities in the '60s and '70s, when the true believers of the radical left became the professors of today. And now we rack up education-related debt-not so that our children learn to think critically, write clearly, or speak properly, but so they can model their mentors' destructive agenda.

For the rest, watch this five minute video.

Illinois town of Deerfield blocked from enforcing gun ban

Two days ago the ultra leftist city government of Deerfield Illinois put in place an assault weapons ban, with a fine of $1000 per day for posession for every day after they put the deadline in place. It was supposed to go into effect on Thursday, but a local judge struck it down because it violated state law.

So a few tin pot dictators bit the dust, and you can still live in Deerfield.

DACA bill vote falls 2 short

They won't give up until they ram it through. But for now, DACA is off. See this.

Very strange photographic anomaly off coast of Washington State

Some people are speculating that a SAM was launched at Air Force One while Trump was headed to the summit in Malaysia. The timing makes it possible, and you can clearly see the missile at the head of this streak if you expand the image.

So a missile launch happened, and mum's the word? Why?

The only thing that is known is that this missile was launched while Trump was in the air, within at least five hours of when he would be in the area. But I doubt it was a SAM, there are other possibilities, one of which would be a failed attempt to disturb the summit somehow. What is definitely known is the Navy is lying, this is definitely a missile launch from their base, and they were not expecting a photographer to nail a pristine perfect shot of the launch at 4AM. This was not shot by a live cam, it was shot by a meteorologist using manual camera settings.

If they launched a missile, why would they lie? Adding to this information gift, the photographer was a meteorologist, and his camera was set up to embed the exact time of the launch right into the photo. Someone in the know can add 2+2 and figure out what went on here.

RT has more opinions on this.

Mexican MSM strongly favoring Anaya

Last night there was a Presidential debate. Anaya was an absolute jerk, talking over Obrador constantly. Anaya showed pictures of wind mills, telling Mexicans he'd switch Mexico over to all electric cars, and make the electricity for them free to everyone. He showed pictures of solar panels, and said he'd make everyone's home solar, and give them free electricity. He claimed he'd make driving and electricity free for everyone. And perhaps the idiots will believe it.

Here's reality: Electric cars are still predominantly not used, even in the U.S. There is one charging station for electric cars I know about, and it is at an HEB supermarket and I have never seen it used. A search for Tesla's for sale in Mexico returns one hit for a 2012 model, while searches for other cars on Segundamano return over 100,000 hits.

Anaya is not going to be putting electric cars in anyone's driveway when the average Mexican's budget for a car they will use for years is right around $5,000 USD, and sometimes that car is spread across multiple users. Electric cars in Mexico are 20 years off.

His promise to put solar panels on every home is also a hoax. He played it in the most simpleton fashion, and no one could tell me he did not know it when he did it. Solar power systems need more than panels. They need batteries and inverters. They need maintenance. How's that going to work out with three tooth juan who does not even have a blender or toaster? You could not even put solar in a majority of American homes and have it last, without enormous maintenance costs, and there won't be any "maintenance free" Tesla batteries in Mexico when they cost thousands and could be sold in a Mercado. That's exactly what would happen to a solar system put in a home here, if the owner did not ask for it.

Conclusion: Anaya is so deceptive that having him put in charge in Mexico would result in an unprecedented disaster. He is proof positive the worst candidate I have ever seen in my life, if you think Obama was bad for the U.S., Anaya is going to be so bad for Mexico that it will be worse for America than Obama was. The last thing America needs is a nuclear political disaster south of the border. The "south of the border" issue is already bad enough.

Additionally, I will repeat: Anaya will not actually win. If he makes it, it will be because he's the Soros candidate, and got rigged in. The media is helping Anaya in every way possible. Anaya is outspending all other candidates enormously, and the media is not publishing it anymore, even though they are required to. The method of the election steal will go as follows:

They are going to claim a large number of people are undecided in the election, even though recently they published Lopez Obrador had 52 percent support. They recently simply invented a new reality, and put Obrador at 37 percent support, with Anaya at 20 percent support, and 22 percent of the population undecided. They are going to throw that 22 percent undecided on top of Anaya's vote, and rig Anaya into power. That is the only way Anaya will gain the presidency, he certainly will not win it.

Keep in mind that when you hear American media calling Lopez Obrador a nutcase, - keep in mind what they said about Trump. Though Trump has not been able to do much of what he said he would, it is obvious Trump is anything but a nutcase.

DEMS in serious trouble

Prostitution pimp in Nevada wins primary

A Republican who runs several whorehouses in Nevada (where they are legal) won the Republican primary for the Nevada state legislature.

That's news. No further comment. See this

Iran warned North Korea America's word is no good

I am surprised Iran was this brazen. However, it is accurate, and it was what a friend would do. After witnessing America destroy a large number of countries, lie practically everywhere (especially Syria), and destroy Libya with no apparent reason, Iran was spot on when it warned Kim to watch out, because a deal may not actually be a deal.

My own hunch is that Trump meant every word he said, and intends to do good, but how much will that impact reality when Trump finds out who is really in charge? He probably already knows he can't force the rest of the government to go along with him, and for that reason alone the entire summit could be caused to fail. And there is probably an effort underway to cause it to fail just to have a real reason to bash Trump.

Certainly, without question, the President's enemies do not want peace with North Korea to be on Trump's list of credentials. That alone is reason enough to question whether or not any of it will actually succeed.

Cultural council in Germany suggests banning conservative TV talk shows

The will of the people will not be discussed I guess. This was in The Guardian

"The head of Germany's most powerful cultural body has called for the plug to be pulled on the nation's multitude of political talkshows for a year, arguing that their populist agenda has helped fuel the rise of the far right.

Olaf Zimmermann, who heads the German cultural council, an umbrella group for organisations from art galleries to television companies, said public broadcasters needed to step back and rethink a format that has helped cement gloom-ridden public attitudes towards refugees and Islam, and propelled the Alternative für Deutschland party into parliament at last September's election.

"I'd suggest for them, take a break for a year ... though the length of the intermission isn't the decisive factor. What is crucial is that they return with new talkshow concepts and try to come up with more suitable contents with regards to social cohesion in our society," Zimmermann said, arguing that the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF were obsessed with refugee-related issues, often framing them negatively.

o My comment: Do I really need to comment? That pretty much said it all, Germans will either "get with the program" or be shut down, and to hell with what they want. WHAT A "DEMOCRACY"!

Really worth watching: A video Trump showed Kim Jong

It is a copy of the white house feed, which shows the movie screen the video played on, as Kim Jong saw it. The video shows many great places, and makes it clear that North Korea would be one of the world's great places if Kim Jong made the decision to let it happen. It is very respectful to Kim, yet for a couple frames shows the depressing situation in North Korea. It then puts one of Kim Jong's missile launches in reverse, and when the missiles land, never having been launched, shows a great future for North Korea. It is very well done. It takes the form of a movie trailer, with Kim Jong deciding the outcome. Well worth a watch, the video provides a real insight into what went on during the summit.

Why rip Tesla? Mini Cooper immediately catches fire after toll booth crash

Evidently the guy who was ejected from the car was treated and released with minor injuries.

In all Tesla fire cases, the Tesla crashes were worse, because they were so bad the car was ripped in half. In the video linked above, a passenger is thrown from the Mini Cooper after the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and ran it into a toll booth barrier. The car immediately catches fire. And everyone understands that's realistic, because it runs on gas. But it is not OK for a tesla to burn because it is electric. Yep.

Surprisingly the occupants escaped without serious injury.

Iran setup? 3 hostages taken in France

A man took 3 people hostage in France, and asked to be in contact with the Iranian embassy and French government. This reeks to high heaven, so convenient with France going against sanctions on Iran. JUST TOO CONVENIENT. See this I guess. I am tired of this crap, and don't believe it for a minute.

Child trafficking:

I have not commented on this enormous topic because I am trying to work it from my end here, and have not finished. All I can say is it is real, and I have documented a lot. This post was originally more than a page long, but I cut it down to this because I should not say as much as I did.

RUMOR: U.S. planning false flag chemical attack in Syria

I ignored this at first, but it appears Russia really is saying the United States is planning a massive chemical attack in Syria, to be blamed on Assad (or whoever) to justify the U.S. being there.

Here is a typical post:

Militants of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" with the assistance of U.S. military special operations forces are mulling a fake chemical attack in Syria, the Russian military said. The intelligence was confirmed by three independent channels in Syria, said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov in a statement on Monday.

A Xinhua report quoted Igor as saying that the Free Syrian Army militants have brought chlorine cylinders to a settlement in the Syrian province of Deir al-Zour to fake a chemical attack by the Syrian government troops against civilians.

A video of the staged attack, after it is disseminated in the western media, will serve as a new pretext for the US-led coalition to strike Syrian targets and justify an offensive by militants against Syrian government forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, he said.

My comment: Why is it that only sideline publications have this? Should it not be on Sputnik or RT? Skeptical.

Yes, the U.S. does false flags. Yes, this could be legit because of that. But if it is not on RT, it could also be click bait.

Not surprising: Iranian media is more positive towards Trump and Kim Jong than U.S. media

Despite being an "enemy" of the U.S., a quick check of Iranian media reveals that they are far more positive and respectful towards Trump and the NK summit than the American media is. FACT: Even if the deal appears a bit raw for NK, it is the first time anything like this has been accomplished by any President towards NK. Trump deserves a gold medallion for that and the U.S. media is throwing rotten avocados. This really shows how pathetic they are.

My actual analysis below may appear negative, but it is simply a raw look at what actually happened. If this all goes towards the positive and is not just window dressing, it will be a good thing for North Korea.

As far as I see it, the U.S. never had anything to lose or gain in NK, NK is not a significant country for the U.S. and likely never will be. NK might as well be Delaware. If the U.S. never made threats and never put in place sanctions, nothing would have happened there, the war would have ended and NK might have become Taiwan. And the people of North Korea would welcome that. If the meeting with Kim goes to the fairy tale result, that might happen.

There is a flip side to this however, and that is that the war hawks want a "dangerous and isolated North Korea", which they can blame for a nuclear attack on the U.S. when they need it. That will be the biggest obstacle against thinks working out for the better.

Dennis Rodman is very happy about the summit

Dennis Rodman has put Trump above Obama, stating that Obama never gave him the time of day, and never gave NK the time of day, and how is it that Trump, who was supposed to be so bad, accomplished this miracle? Rodman was so overwhelmed by it all that he wore a MAGA hat and cried. Gotta laugh. The American MSM is calling him a fruitcake for it, obviously because the MSM just can't handle reporting anything positive with regard to Trump. I was never a fan of Rodman, however, having him react this way really is big news, and in my opinion is a very positive gesture that makes Trump look great.

And yes, the media had to rip Rodman as well, focusing on his sponsor "potcoin", calling him a sideshow, and making it clear he was "irrelevant" and not part of the discussions. Anything negative. There is no question the MSM is very unhappy with anyone who speaks positively about Trump and what went on. Their attitude with this is treasonous.

What did Kim Jong and Trump sign? HERE IT IS.

Save this image and then expand it and read it. It is clear enough to do that.

Here is the transcribed text:

Joint Statement of President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at the Singapore Summit

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a first, historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un conducted a comprehensive, in-depth, and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment of new U.S. - DPRK relations and the building of a lasting and robust peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK, and Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Convinced that the establishment of new U.S. - DPRK relations will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and of the world, and recognizing that mutual confidence building can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un state the following:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

Having acknowledged that the U.S.-DPRK summit - the first in history - was an epochal event of great significance in overcoming decades of tensions and hostilities between the two countries and for the opening up of a new future, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un commit to implement the stipulations in this joint statement fully and expeditiously. The United States and the DPRK commit to hold follow-up negotiations, led by the U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and a relevant high-level DPRK official, at the earliest possible date, to implement the outcomes of the U.S.-DPRK summit

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have committed to cooperate for the development of new U.S.-DPRK relations and for the promotion of peace, prosperity, and security of the Korean Peninsula and of the world.

President of the United States of America

Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

June 12, 2018
Sentosa Island


Easier said than done, and this is not a contract and is not really an agreement. There's nothing in here about removing sanctions and letting NK join the world. It is all going to depend on what happens in those "follow up negotiations".

It all looks nice with cream and sugar on top but there is no substance in this, other than that there will be future negotiations, and Kim hinted at denuclearization, which should only be done if ALL SANCTIONS ARE IMMEDIATELY LIFTED. That word does not appear in the above statement.

Item 1:< Commit to new relations? According to the desire of the people? That's fluff. Strike it.

2. The U.S. and DPRK will work toward peace? That's fluff. Strike it.

3. DPRK will work towards denuclearization? In exchange for what? That's not mentioned. Semi fluff. There are two sides to every deal, where is the other side of it, you know, where NK gets something in return?

4. Not fluff: the return of POW remains. Since the U.S. was the attacker, that would be a favor by Kim. If he does this, then there should be reciprocation of some sort from the U.S., but that's not mentioned.

So Kim gives, the U.S. takes, and nothing is in this deal that actually benefits NK. That's going to have to wait for the upcoming negotiations. So far, this is a raw deal for NK.

Just wait until Kim learns the real deal is a Rothschild central bank!

Time for a recap: This is the most important issue facing America right now.

America's nuclear industry was purposefully set up to be a weapon that can destroy the country.

Today's current events are posted below this report.


"Federal government" BUSTED for forcing American nuclear industry to become a ticking time bomb

Americans have been told their nuclear waste must go somewhere. Americans have been told their spent reactor fuel needs to be stored inside a mountain in the desert, where it will sit as a threat and menace to the world for millions of years. Americans have been told there is nothing they can do about it. But what if they have been told a lie? What if that "spent fuel" was not spent at all? What if a technology existed which allowed the same fuel to be used over and over, twenty times in fact, and expended so fully that fuel rods would be safe enough to handle directly out of the reactor? Think any "spent fuel pools" would be full? And even if this technology never existed,

What if foreign nations, (France was one) offered to buy this fuel from America for billions of dollars only to have the American Government refuse the offer for no reason at all? Certainly allowing France to have it would solve the problem of getting rid of it. And the final question, WHY would the American Government want so much nuclear material sitting around the country - enough to make countless atomic bombs - only to have it become a threat to America's national security? Could it be that for many years America has not had a legitimate government, and instead has had a band of invaders in power who have intentionally set America up for a fall? After reading this report, I believe you will be inclined to think so.

This report consists of hard scientific fact and even harder answers.

During my journey of discovery in my investigation into the Fukushima disaster, I interviewed an 85 year old nuclear engineer who worked in the nuclear industry during America's glory days, an engineer who earned GE over 100 patents. He was one of the engineers who designed Fukushima, so naturally when conducting an investigation into such a disaster a journalist would want that type of reference. He was surprised when my prior study of reactor systems was so thorough that he had no information about Fukushima I did not already dig up, and he was very surprised when I told him details about the inner workings of his own reactor design he never expected anyone in the media to know.

When I started to think I was going to walk away with nothing new, he began to talk about an entirely different subject. He began his new direction in the discussion with the phrase "My team succeeded in closing the nuclear loop, and Carter banned our miracle with an executive order

Here is what followed that introductory line, and an enormous reason why Americans need to seriously question the current government structure and possibly start over.

"I started in the American nuclear program all the way back at the time of the Manhattan project, and have been involved in reactor design and nuclear engineering my whole life. There was one answer we all searched for, and it was how to close the nuclear loop.

When a reactor such as a boiling water reactor uses fuel, the waste products, which are highly radioactive isotopes that have a different fission characteristic than the original fuel, build up in the fuel and change the nature of the nuclear reaction. A reactor such as a boiling water reactor can only use the fuel until it gets contaminated by these isotopes enough to change the nature of the nuclear reactions taking place. The reaction environment inside a boiling water reactor is only one such environment which will work to trigger a chain reaction, and if that spent fuel is put into a reactor made from different materials, those materials can favor the burning of the isotopes which interfere with the chain reactions in the boiling water reactor and use these interfering isotopes as fuel until they are consumed. After this process, which restores the fuel to it's original state is complete, the fuel can go back into the boiling water reactor and used as new with no reprocessing - the exact same rods can be exchanged between reactors.

We perfected the second reactor design which used liquid sodium as a coolant and the reactor ran much hotter - 1100 farenheit as opposed to 550 in a boiling water reactor. The liquid sodium circulated inside the reactor instead of water, with the heat of the reaction being removed from the system by a heat exchanger which produced steam outside the reactor for use in producing electricity. The temperature difference and coolant characteristics in the complimentary reactor facilitated the burning of the isotopes, and you got to use both sides of the reaction - the boiling water reactor produced electricity while producing unwanted isotopes, and the sodium cooled reactor produced electricity while burning the unwanted isotopes out. This process could be repeated 20 times, and when it was finished the fuel was DEAD and no longer hazardous because all of it's radiological potential was used up. It was a clean energy dream come true, and Carter banned it by executive order!

He specifically stated that the burn down was so complete that the spent fuel was safe to handle directly with bare hands, and needed no special care or maintenance at all, and after I questioned him about exactly how safe, said you could safely sleep on it. I questioned him several times, saying he must be exaggerating, but he said ALL radiological potential was used, and the fuel was completely inert at the end of the final cycle.

Many people know about the liquid sodium breeder reactor developed by General Electric in the late 1970's but few people know the real story about this reactor, which this engineer developed. To back stab the public image of this reactor, it was stated that it's rods would stick and that liquid sodium was too dangerous to use as a coolant. But this engineer, the man who developed it, stated that this media campaign was a pure psy op which like many things the media and government says had no truth to it at all.

He then went on to lament about what a waste of money it was to have the technology banned because nuclear fuel is expensive and they were only able to use it to about five percent of its total potential without implementing this technology. He lamented the fact that his life's greatest accomplishment got banned for no good reason, and it was a tremendous waste of money to not use the technology his team developed. Electricity would have been cheap. So cheap that homes would not have been heated with oil or natural gas, electricity would have been the only sensible choice. Furthermore, with a reduction in the price of electricity by at least 10X, electric cars would have quickly become a standard.

This would have been America's free energy future, with the only real cost being maintenance of infrastructure.

He was sad that we were now paying too much for electricity. I guess that's how an engineer thinks. He had read my article about Fukushima and liked it, so it is an easy guess that his eyes were open to the global conspiracy. But I think he missed the obvious in what he said.

Here is what I think about this technology being banned, and it has nothing to do with preservation of resources or free energy.

Nuclear reactors are huge. They have an enormous amount of nuclear material in them. One boiling water reactor core the size of the ones at Fukushima, which have a thermal potential of three gigawatts and an electrical generating capacity of one gigawatt can easily hold enough fissionable material to make many atomic bombs. And with the technology that makes re-using that fuel illegal, it builds up in the cooling pools at a rate of 25 tons per electrical gigawatt YEAR. This means that after 40 years of fuel buildup even small 500 megawatt facilities have approximately a million pounds of highly radioactive fuel sitting in their pools waiting for the right combination of problems to cause a disaster.

Because the Japanese were at least allowed by their government to use a reprocessing technology inferior to what this engineer spoke of, Fukushima only had approximately 250,000 pounds of "spent" fuel at each reactor site, which remained intact throughout the disaster. But because in America no reprocessing is allowed at all in any form, the fukushima equivalents in America, such as TVA operated Browns Ferry and NSP operated Prairie Island have no fewer than two million pounds of "spent" fuel at each reactor site, which means that Browns Ferry alone could, in a worst case scenario, far exceed the damage done by Fukushima.

Contrary to what the scamming mainstream press has reported, Fukushima reactor 3 was destroyed entirely while at 3,000 PSI (far beyond specifications) which resulted in a complete core expulsion. This threw approximately 100,000 pounds of fuel into the environment, much of it in the form of brown dust that badly contaminated the entire surrounding area and was found around the world. At 100,000 pounds of expelled material, reactor 3 could have produced at most 2 percent of the total contamination possible from a large American nuclear facility. This puts the possible disaster from Browns ferry at 50 to 100 times worse than Fukushima. Multiply that by Prairie Island and the over 100 other similar sized nuclear facilities in America and it is not hard to calculate that a serious national security threat exists.

When GE and others designed the nuclear facilities both in America and abroad, they had calculated that they would indeed succeed in closing the nuclear loop. So they designed the nuclear facilities with an approximate 20X safety margin in the fuel pools, because they did not have a clear date on when the technology would be perfected. It was my impression from this engineer that they got it sooner than expected. So fortunately the fuel pools were over built, but despite being over built they were never designed to withstand the fuel burdens that would result from a political decision to destroy the closed loop fuel cycle technology altogether.

So now, 40 years after the ban, America has fuel pools around the country that are so full that they have exceeded even the extremely generous safety margins they were originally designed to have, and even modest pools often have over 400 tons of highly active isotope ridden "spent" fuel in them.

Having functional fuel pool cooling systems was never intended to be necessary. GE and others wanted only a fractional core worth of fuel sitting in a pool at any one time, with at most one or two entire cores, not 15 or 20. If all cooling systems failed with only the intended maximum of one or two cores sitting in a pool there would be no boiling of the water in the pool, no pending disaster possible from equipment failure no matter how severe. But the way it is now, if there is any sort of attack or disaster which prevents fuel pool maintenance at any of the facilities in America for a period exceeding three days, the water will boil off, the fuel will catch fire and a nuclear disaster of unimaginable magnitude far in excess of Fukushima will take place. And it never needed to be this way, in fact, the situation is criminal.

Foreign nations offered help, but the American government said NO

Upon recognizing the lunacy of America's Federally mandated nuclear sabotage, countries like France and Germany stepped offered to buy America's 5% spent fuel for billions of dollars. They were not held political hostage by a hostile government, and could certainly use a source of cheap fuel. But rather than accept this offer,the American government mandated NO transport of the fuel to foreign nations, no further use whatsoever. American nuclear facilities were forced by Federal regulation to use approximately 5 percent of the fuel's radiological potential, leaving 95 percent of the radiological hazard remaining, and subsequently forced to keep it in a fuel pool that needs continuous maintenance. While arguing against this report, shills have said it was the import/export restrictions which caused such a dangerous situation in America, but since those laws were written by the same government that banned the closing of the "nuclear loop", the export restrictions are only a further indictment of the FED for causing this problem.

Simultaneous with the intentional building of the threat from having so much nuclear material sitting around came all the government scandals and lies about needing to put the fuel somewhere. Inside a mountain in the desert. Inside a dry cask. Maybe in the ocean, all the while the general American public was kept oblivious to the obvious answer: If we are not allowed to use it because of a nonsensical piece of legislation, why not let someone else have it, when they are willing to even pay for it?

Here is what I believe is the answer. And this answer needs to be spread far and wide.

Whatever you think of Kennedy, on the day of his death he was our last hope. No one since has been anything other than an enemy infiltrator, The enemy is not only inside the gates, it has been taking a paycheck from the American people for over 45 years.

Consider this: America's government intentionally put in place policies that de-industrialized America. That's an act of war. The American government put in place policies that intentionally destroyed America's schools. That's an act of war. And I consider forcing via mandate the buildup of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of nuclear warheads worth of perfectly good reactor fuel just waiting for a disaster to be an act of war as well - Only an enemy would intentionally mandate the creation of such a threat, who on earth would, other than someone who hated America? Not only did America lose a marvelous clean virtually free energy future, that future got converted into a threat that could very easily destroy the nation and take much of the world with it. All it would take to kill America, with America's nuclear facilities drastically overloaded with spent fuel, is 150 smart bombs. One successful bombing run and it is over. And that's not even taking into consideration other disaster scenarios, such as earthquakes and computer virus attacks.

Ever since Kennedy's assassination America has not had a true representative government, especially starting with Carter. With a scammed vote, America got over-run by outsiders who wanted the country destroyed. Prior to 1973 America was only going upward, and anyone who wanted to see America destroyed would never permit Americans to get virtually free energy. They would lose oil profits. They would potentially lose control of energy, leaving the financial system the only means of forced social compliance outside of a hot war and they wanted options. True clean energy had to go.

The enemy of America is a sinister enemy. It is a small group of religiously "elite" people who weaponize everything. They have weponized sympathy, victim status, water systems, vaccines, genetically modified organisms and even terror - anything they have been able to think of, and have used these things and many more to destroy. So the nuclear industry, now blocked from a dream come true technology, can be used as a weapon.

There is plenty of proof. No shill can stop people from checking out the history of other nations, such as Germany, France and Russia offering America BILLIONS for this not so "spent" fuel, which can only sit as a hazard after a political decision banning technologies which allow for it's purification at the same time additional political decisions have banned it's export. This hazard has been unnecessarily and intentionally accumulating for years. It's the equivalent of keeping a 5,000 gallon tank of petrol in your bedroom. Better hope all is well with it.

I honestly feel that banning this miracle technology; you should have heard the sparkle, the awe in the old man's voice when he said they closed the "nuclear loop", and the sadness, despair and anger expressed at it's being banned; I feel it was an act of war against America. There were never any accidents associated with this technology, according to this engineer everything negative said about it was a bold faced lie spoken by people of ill intent. The nuclear waste problem is not scientific, it is political.

I believe this nuclear engineer opened up and told me about this because I was the first journalist he ever encountered that actually understood nuclear technology. He knew I would understand what he said and subsequently bring this story to the public. But outside of making the public aware by telling his story in an article such as this, what more can I do?

America's nuclear industry could easily be the weapon that finally kills the country.

Deerfield Illinois: 1,000 day fine for assault weapons

DEERFIELD, Ill. - Members of the village board in the northern Chicago suburb of Deerfield have voted unanimously to ban certain semi-automatic firearms. The amendment to the village's gun ordinance restricts firearms that village leaders define as assault weapons along with high-capacity magazines. That includes the AR-15, which has been used in mass shootings.

The new law goes into effect June 13. Residents who don't remove banned weapons by then face a fine of $1,000 a day.

My comment: That law should not be enforceable. Time to move out of Deerfield.

Kim Jong went public in Singapore

He decided to go sightseeing and was right out in public where he could be shot, allowing people on the streets of Singapore to photograph him freely. This is the first time a North Korean leader has allowed this to be done so openly in 70 years. That may help Kim set a positive tone for the upcoming meeting with Trump.

On the flip side of this, Kim Jong brought his own toilet.

No kidding. Kim brought his own portable toilet to Singapore to prevent enemies from getting his poop and analyzing it. He did not want them getting insights into his diet and overall health. See this.

Massive Chinese hack of U.S. missile data

The Chinese hacked approximately 600 gigabytes of files related to America's top submarine launched anti ship missile. I guess that was almost as good as Hillary's "e-mail server," which was the former home of such secrets.

at any rate, the Chinese have insights into America's best missile tech now, See this, and the next time someone tells you how China is winning the trade war because "they can do it better", ask them why China has to hack our missile secrets to advance militarily, rather than develop their own stuff.

Hawaii: Eruptions not slowing down

As I have said repeatedly, the continued earthquakes are a sign that the current eruption will continue. It is now the most destructive eruption in Hawaii history and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Israel totally penetrated Iran's air defenses

Ayatollah Kahmenei fired the Iranian air force cheif after he lied about a penetration into Iranian airspace by Israel. It was not a small penetration, they overflew all of Iran's major cities in F-35 jets, and it is suspected they disabled Iran's S-300 air defenses with passwords given to them by Russia.

The planes succeeded in photographing many of Iran's secret bases, it's air defense radars, the whole 9 yards. They basically proved they could easily wipe out Iran totally undetected. Satellites have already photographed the locations the F-35 photographed, however it is not good for Iran nonetheless.

If Russia did give Israel Iran's passwords, that does not bode well for Russia's reputation of trust. See this.

George Soros: "Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong"

This Washington Post article pours on the stupid with a misleading headline, AND BY CALLING SOROS A "HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR" even after Soros himself admitted he assisted the Nazis in rounding up the Jews. But yes, Soros is a pro-choice liberal hack, and you can kill anyone you want and be PURE GOLD if you are a liberal.

Here is a snip from the Washington Post, just dripping with deception yet revealing the truth - Soros is hated and now being acted against - if you know enough to read between the lines. One big test of how well Soros can raid and rob the globe will be to see if Anaya gets elected in Mexico. If Lopez Obrador manages to circumvent an election steal, Soros may indeed be in serious decline.

Here is the snip from the Washington Post:

"ZURICH - George Soros, the billionaire investor and liberal donor, sat in his hotel suite by Lake Zurich this week, lamenting the turn much of the world has taken in recent years: "Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong."

His favored presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to President Trump, whose "America First" platform runs counter to the globalism Soros embraces. Trump, he said, "is willing to destroy the world." The European Union, which Soros once hoped would be so successful that he could end his charitable work in the region, is contending with the impending loss of Britain and a rise of anti-immigrant sentiment. And Soros himself has emerged as a political target in elections from Hungary to California, where his donations have been used as a cudgel against the causes he supports.

The 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, who has poured much of his fortune into promoting liberal values around the globe, is now confronting a wave of nationalist sentiment washing against issues he has championed."

My comment: The tone of this Washington Post piece is galling. They so obviously love this cretin. What is wrong with "America first"? Soros is NOT CHARITABLE, he's a manipulative goon who won't give a dime without a calculated payback. Yep, he's globalist, but he is NOT A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, he was a "holocaust" enabler who landed countless Jews in concentration camps, yet now, because he's serving a liberal agenda they can all overlook that? Just gotta drag the holocaust into this, and boost him with it when he helped cause it, just because he's their "champion" now? Oh god, I just felt an urge to barf. I guess they are certain Google and Youtube censorship will cover up that 60 minutes Soros/holocaust piece. That's been working quite well lately, but sometimes someone squeaks it through the cracks. Yep, he's just gotta be the hero.

NICE WORK WASHINGTON POST, really good job with that one, thanks for the help in affirming what you stand for. You'd support a little Jew killing as long as it served your agenda. As long as you could lie about it later. Even to the extent of heaping sympathy on your hero with it. Barf. Close your doors please. Just get it over with and barf. And thanks for telling us we need to nuke Zurich to ensure we get rid of this old smoking toaster.

Ihop changing it's name to Ihob?

Ihop did announce that it was changing it's name to Ihob. That would be a bad move because brand recognition is so important, but it appears this was a publicity stunt for informing people they will now be selling burgers (and their signs will be temporarily changed to Ihob in high publicity areas like Hollywood.) I have a hunch the hamburgers will probably contain real meat. Anyway, the stated deal is that you pay $6.99 and get a burger, plus all you can eat french fries.

People commenting in comment sections hate the name "Ihob" but it will probably all work out if it is predominantly a temporary attention getter. Yes, I'd go there to try whatever they came up with to call a burger. It will probably out class McDonalds substantially.

Possible virus warning: BAD UPDATE!!

This enormous sign (the largest of it's type I have seen by far) is on the most prominent high class street there is in town. And the operating system it is running on obviously understands fully how important it is to simply do the job it was told to, during rush hour rather than freeze the entire screen, demanding acknowledgement that an "update" is needed.

Aaah yes, but "all critical processes" are certainly running in the background.

Usually updates are not this invasive no matter what. So either this sign, (which is enormous,) was set up by incompetents, or there is a serious virus threat, OR POSSIBLY, our helpers in Dimona just can't wait to get a new feature installed into every last system there is, including one that never surfs the web (but is probably web connected) because it's job is to be a sign. So it would be on the web, just not surfing it.

Due to how prominent this particular sign is, there is little question that this "update" cost a lot more than the value of the computer it is running on, this is the fail of all fails.

Cell phone news?

Have you ever seen a news anchor do this before? It was not just this one girl, they were all reading the news off their cell phones. Looks real stupid. This is what people should be doing in traffic, not on TV!

Evolution BUSTED: NEW STUDY: 90 percent of all species appeared at the same time.

I had a hunch this was the case but never made a big issue of it. As it turns out, DNA barcoding has proven that 90 percent of all species on earth appeared at the same time, as if aliens came and seeded the earth with life. OR (gasp) GOD DID IT. Gee, maybe there is some substance to the God theory???

I know I have said this before: Expecting evolution to produce an advanced life form out of nothing is like expecting a hurricane to blow over a mineral deposit and leave in it's wake a brand new 747 jet. That really is about it, and now there is strong evidence life came to earth either by design, or was placed here from elsewhere.

From Tech Times

"Landmark new research that involves analyzing millions of DNA barcodes has debunked much about what we know today about the evolution of species.

In a massive genetic study, senior research associate at the Program for the Human Environment at Rockefeller University Mark Stoeckle and University of Basel geneticist David Thaler discovered that virtually 90 percent of all animals on Earth appeared at right around the same time.

More specifically, they found out that 9 out of 10 animal species on the planet came to being at the same time as humans did some 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

"This conclusion is very surprising," says Thaler, "and I fought against it as hard as I could."

What Is DNA Barcoding?

Over the last decade, hundreds of scientists collected around 5 million DNA barcodes from 100,000 animal species in different parts of the globe. Stoeckle and Thaler looked through these 5 million genetic imprints to find one of the most surprising discoveries about evolution to date.

There are two types of DNA. Most people know nuclear DNA. This is the DNA containing the genetic blueprint for each single individual. It is passed down from the parents to the offspring. The genome is made from kinds types of molecules arranged in pairs. There are 3 billion of these pairs, which are then used to form thousands of genes.

More at the link above.


The ilk of Snopes laughed at us and called us conspiracy "theorists". Well, the laugh is now on them.


Ha ha ha, he handles this so well and absolutely BURNS THIS CONSPIRACY.

SURPRISINGLY, Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley busted this.

A couple years ago there was a massive military exercise in the U.S. called Jade Helm, part of which was the conversion of several wal-marts with "plumbing problems" (as a reason for their sudden shut down) into detention facilities.

Jade Helm vanished from the headlines, and "conspiracy theorists" were laughed at because "nothing happened". Now the "conspiracy theorists" have conspiracy fact, because the Wal-Marts really were converted into detention centers.

These detention centers house immigrant children, who were taken from their parents. Now, this is pure speculation, but there's plenty of wiggle room for abuse in such situations, and it would be foolish to overlook the possibility that these detention centers are in part used in the child slave trade. I have no evidence of this, but it is an obvious possibility with the current child slave trading situation.

Senator Jeff Merkeley showed up at one of these detention centers in Texas, and was denied access. The detention center CALLED THE F***ING POLICE ON HIM when he asked to enter!!! WTF, OVER!!!

The detention center then issued an apology saying "oh we are sorry, but it does not matter if you are a senator, you will be denied access without an appointment. PROBLEM: HE CALLED FOR AN APPOINTMENT, AND THEY REFUSED TO ARRANGE IT. So he showed up anyway. If this place was on the up and up, he should have been granted VIP access.

MY QUESTION: WHY NOT? HE IS A SENATOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, NO VIP ACCESS? WHY??!!?? They refused him access completely. WHY??!!??

Repeat: I strongly suspect child trafficking. If it has to be kept secret, there is something evil going on. If they won't let him in, even after he announced he was going to arrive, SOMETHING IS SERIOIUSLY WRONG

There is a video of him walking up to this detention center HERE (this is the entire video of the incident.)It is complete, the senator is very thorough, and explains it all very well as he does this.

This is one of the spookiest things that has ever been put out there, if you did not watch that video, WATCH IT. SPOOKY AS HELL.


The current Bilderberg meetings

Due to far greater security at these meetings this time around, no one has anything of substance on them. That begs the question: Why such tight security? I believe they are probably planning something huge, probably related to shutting off the voice of the people. They made major ground with this in Europe lately by making it basically illegal to post links and other internet regulation, and China's social credit score is even more ominous. They have GOT TO shut the people up OR ELSE as far as they see it.

They know there are several governments that are reluctant to do it for them, and will no doubt make plans to do it via privately owned companies (Google is a good example). This is the atmosphere in which this year's bilderberg meeting is taking place, and I don't feel good about it at all.

Kiluea had a 5.2 earthquake this morning (Saturday)

The eruption is not going to end any time soon. It will probably intensify, and there will be new real estate. Only, not seriously real because who would build on it, knowing what just happened?

Heck, why not live in a lava tube? A natural home, already built for you. It probably won't get used by the volcano again, right?

RIDICULOUS: VIDEO: Trans "woman" blows away the real girls at track tournament

I guess that in order to enforce the outrageous trans agenda, they HAVE TO let the boys win against the girls, and take the title in sports events. Only you can't call them boys. Here's a thought: If that "trans" girl had an ounce of class, "it" would stay away from women's sports. This video is absolutely galling.

Listen to the announcer. The Trans girl is setting state records in women's track and is being spoken about as if the trans is a real girl. Look at the expressions on the girl's faces. They are not one bit happy about it. But you can bet most of them have drank the kuku cola and will never call the transvestite out. Allowing this to happen is PURE EVIL. And this web site will no doubt be yet again flagged as a "hate site" for pointing out the obvious.

And the agenda marches forward, "progress" is good, don't ya know!

The DOJ has now formally refused to hand the Trump/Russia documents over to Congress for review.

This ought to hit the headlines soon. What did I say?

No one will fry. The government is too corrupt, with too many traitors in key places.

No MSM outlet has picked up on this yet, but you can see the early headlines here.

Something I can't put out of my mind:

If the Miss America pageant will no longer have a swimsuit contest or judge on looks, then the next obvious question to be asked is why? Are they setting the stage for making Hillary Miss America? Seriously. For what reason would anyone eliminate very basic requirements that are currently in place? Most good looking women look good because they take care of themselves. Looks are not as baseless as some people would want you to believe. There is a motive behind them removing appearances from the Miss America requirements, what is it? YOU GUESS.

Are they going to scam Hillary in? I would not put it past them, and if that is not the reason I'd like to know what the reason is. Maybe they want a transvestite as Miss America, and have to nullify the adam's apple? Such changes to such requirements demand explanations. So far only "feel goodery" has been offered as an explanation.

Even the evening gown portion is slated for removal, with women simply being told to wear whatever makes them feel confident. That leaves only the talent portion of the show. Will that carry it? You guess, but from what I am seeing in comments, it will not.

There is a motive for making such major changes, and my guess is that it is a liberal feel good snowflake "all inclusive" motive, now that this requirement is dropped we can have three toothed hicks, crack heads, and other people no one would look at twice qualify, including even must likely transvestite men. And Hillary. END OF PAGEANT. It started as a beauty pageant. NOW WHAT?

Trump plans to cut government regulations.

The photo below shows the scale of what he intends to do. Such cuts in regulations will eliminate millions of government jobs. That much of a reduction would definitely amount to a major swamp drain all by itself.

Is Trump aware of attempts to poison him?

Take a look at this video clip. There is no audio, and I do not know the context, but both Trump and Pence suddenly grab their water bottles and put them on the floor, like they know something is up. Very strange, I have never seen anything like this.

SEE THIS, I will try to figure out if there is an alternative explanation for why they did this.

UPDATE: Judging from the trollage on this topic, it appears this might be significant. There are no comments anywhere that suggest poisoning, and instead the comments are saying Pence is Trump's lap dog, who had to mimic what Trump did the same way people around Kim Jong might. That's B.S., most likely the President got a message through an earpice that the water was likely compromised, and Pence got the same message. Melania, who would not likely have such a communication device did nothing.


We all know that you can't be beamed, and anyone who thinks so is a CERTIFIED TINFOIL HAT WACKO. So how can U.S. government employees , first in Cuba, and now in China, claim to have actually received brain injury from being beamed? I mean, like, I've heard of "conspiracy theorists" claiming they have been harassed by sonic or EM weapons, resulting in sleep disturbance, irritation, or headaches, but actual brain injury??!!?? That is a FAR step beyond what any tinfoil nutter ever claimed, COME ON NOW. Why is it that if it is someone from "officialdom" claiming it, it is all suddenly real?

Yes, the U.S. government has certified that it's employees, who'd never don a tinfoil hat actually got injured by the same tech "conspiracy theorists" have complained about for years and to prove it, they are actually evacuating people from China. YES, this time it is legit, because pro-life pro-family conservative patriots were not the victim in China and Cuba. No, it was fat sucking screw the public government types that got nailed and China and Cuba were the perpetrators, so BELIEVE ME, this time it is legit!

DEAR CIA AND OTHER TRASH: YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. You did a great job of screwing the American people over with your "tinfoil hat" slander, all the while you used the exact same (but probably far advanced) tech on those same people. Your false flags, Antifa, and other psy ops (including 911) clearly prove you despise the American people more than China does, so the use of such tech against the American people by you is guaranteed. HECK, IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT YOURSELVES, HOW CAN YOU CLAIM CHINA HAS IT? After all, according to you, anyone who believes it is real is "tinfoil" whacked. Why the sudden about face?

If you are going to sit there and claim hordes of government people have a legitimate complaint about sonic or electronic mind weapons being used on them, all the while you call ordinary citizens tinfoil whackos for claiming the same thing, you should be wiped out with the stroke of a pen,


And so, the "tinfoil hattery" has come full circle, and bitten the original inventors of the term in the ass like a caffeinated pirhana. The CIA and everyone else who ever pushed "tinfoil hat" off on anyone who could think well enough to know it is legit have lost all credibility with this.

DEAR CIA: YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SMART, RIGHT? WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT DEMAND EVERYONE IN THE GOVERNMENT TO STAY SHUT UP ABOUT THESE CHINA ATTACKS AND ISSUE SECRET DAMAGE PAYOUTS? All you did was let every "tinfoil nutter" know you lied all along because you just proved you know the tech exists by claiming China used it. You are not only liars, you are too stupid to keep a secret, MY GOD don't keep pushing "tinfoil hat" on the American public after this.

I suggest everyone post about how the government employees are nothing but a bunch of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists in the comment sections of every article on this topic, SHOW NO SYMPATHY, IT IS PAYBACK TIME.


This is an excerpt from This report at the Survivalist Blog

Cheap ARs

Here I must bundle many manufacturers together because never before have so many made them so poorly. If the 1911 is America's handgun the AR-15 and all its variants are certainly America's rifles. While quality AR's are more available and affordable than ever before, the design is one that does not lend itself to substandard materials, manufacturing and assembly procedures. There is a price point at which quality becomes impossible.

The line of demarcation for this is subject to debate, but generally good, reliable guns start at around $1,000 and go up from there. Here you can get one of several Colt models like the 6920, nicely equipped from the factory, which will serve you well in most roles. But even in that price range there are several manufacturers that are sketchy. Going lower to $800 we get slim pickings, indeed, with only a handful of manufacturers offering rifles that you could stake your life or match on. Foremost among these is, surprisingly the Smith & Wesson Sport II.

But, even farther down the road into $600 and even, gasp, sub-$600 rifles is where things really get wooly. Makers like Anderson, DPMS, PSA and a multitude of others pump out guns made with questionable components, poor or improper assembly, and lacking in quality control. Heck, even Colt has jumped in the bargain-basement AR world with the Expanse models, which though marked Colt, have very few Colt parts inside them.

My rage over these guns stems from consumers lack of education on what makes for a quality AR. Contrary to endlessly repeated drivel like "All AR's are the same parts, the marks are just different," and "AR's are like Legos, anyone can put them together," the quality of both the components, attention to detail and adherence to best practices in assembly and rejection rate of non-satisfactory parts all add up to superior rifles. Also, last time I looked, you don't need punches, vices, mallets, wrenches, receiver fixtures and anti-seize compound to put Legos together. Tolerance stacking is a thing. Factories are equipped to deal with such occurrences. Amateur builders are not.

"Welp, my Brand X budget gun is just as good as BCM/Daniel Defense/ Knight/Colt." No, no it isn't, and if it was it would be marked accordingly. I and other authors have written elsewhere in endless detail about just what processes go into making hard-running AR's, and so I'll spare you the minutiae here. Suffice to say that the purchasers of these rifles either do not know better or are operating under the assumption that their arbitrary budget is immutable, and don't understand that merely being patient and saving up will net them an heirloom-quality rifle, where these bottom-of-the-barrel blunderbusses will likely go belly up within a few hundred rounds.

I am not unsympathetic to those with limited means and the desire to own an AR, any AR, but I have myself shot, sold and serviced far too many of these pitiful toasters to give them any mercy. Fans of a given cheapo brand will tout that their gun has been flawlessly reliable and can shoot a flea off a peach without disturbing the fuzz. With scarce exception, few of them have more than a couple hundred rounds through the rifle, and these almost always fired in casual plinking.

I on the other hand have seen countless dreams dashed and savings squandered over a difference of a few hundred dollars. I have seen students fuming with impotent rage trying vainly to get their cheap carbine running in the middle of an expensive class before sheepishly accepting a loaner gun from the teacher or fellow student.

It does not have to be life or death at stake to make for real regret: Your time and money are both valuable. Don't waste either piddling around with a cheap rifle.


Yes, an opportunity to pitch a quality rifle from a company that is a fan of this site:

If the link does not work, it is because of interference. Duck Duck Checkmate Rifle, it will be the first (NON SPONSORED) hit there.

Rolling Stone editor: Melania was probably abused by Trump

Take a look at this tweet by a Rolling Stone editor, where he suggests Melania has not appeared in public recently because Trump beat her.

My comment: That tweet takes some explaining, as in, when did Trump ever beat a woman? Where is the associated scandal with that? Jamil should be fired, but you know he'll likely get promoted, "vampire squid" report be damned. Someone probably red flagged Rolling Stone for a takeover if someone like Jamil is on board after the Goldman Sachs "vampire squid" report.

The Democrats got their butts handed to them in a MAGA hat in California

The big blue wave did not happen. Instead, Republicans gained significant ground in California. Actually, my bet is that Republicans gained zero ground, and instead, the democrats were a bit timid about rigging the elections as badly as they usually do, so the true consent of the public showed more than usual. There's no way in hell California was ever a blue state, the dems simply focused on rigging that state more than any other because of how many electoral votes it had. All the red states in "flyover country" are not worth bothering with, FACT: Democrats ONLY DO WELL IN ENORMOUS PRECINCTS THAT HAVE BEEN FULLY CAPTURED FOR VOTE RIGGING.

FACT: Americans overwhelmingly hate Democrat policies, "bobby bangs billy" books in public schools, sex toy education in public schools, super crapped out common core in public schools, high taxes, "family services" stealing so many kids, excessive regulations on business, and even mundane items, such as emissions testing, which Dems pushed through everywhere years ago.

Americans hate "environmental impact fees" on building permits, on lots in cities that have already been approved for building, or the bullshit tree darter snail excuse that impedes people using their properties anywhere else. Democrats hate the American people and the American way of life, there's no conceivable way they ever break 30 percent approval or 30 percent of the legitimate vote, even in the deepest of the deep blue states including California (sans all the illegals being allowed to vote). There's a reason why there are 55 plus million spare votes floating around with no legitimate names attached to them, it is how the Democrats steal elections.

Dishonesty and election theft is the Democrat's er, eh, communist's only hope, Americans truly and duly hate them.

Let's hope team Trump did a little back stage work to STOP STOLEN ELECTIONS, and that what happened in California is a reflection of that.


Update on the Strzok-Page Texts Showing FBI Initiated MULTIPLE SPIES in Trump Camp

I have looked at these, and the reasons people give for why they are going to make a difference. My thoughts: They will not make a difference. If what they have on Comey and others at this time did not land them in the federal pen within a day, adding more to the pile is not going to do anything, especially since there's nothing new that we did not already know. REMEMBER: THEY KNEW THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THESE TEXTS THE WHOLE TIME AND NO ONE FRIED. WHY WOULD HAVING THE PUBLIC KNOW MAKE A DIFFERENCE? The public is irrelevant, these got released only after it was confirmed no one would fry.

Yesterday I basically said "nothing to see here, move along", and I am going to repeat that today. The real story is that everything is so corrupted that no matter what anyone has on Clinton and cohorts, no one will fry. Only a civil war can fix a system that is so far gone. Absent that, nothing to see here, move along.

Update to the Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala

At this time, it appears the death toll is lower than the initial estimates that were given a short time after the eruption, however the rest of the report including the volcano totally covered in glowing lava is still current.

Most of the deaths were caused by the ash cloud. The Fuego volcano first shot out an enormous ash cloud, and lava quickly followed. Obviously they don't call it the "fuego" volcano without a reason, "fuego" is Spanish for fire. This volcano is far far more dangerous than Kiluea, which could be called a "pet volcano" that puts on a good show compared to others which are actually dangerous.

An absolutely great comment (read the reply)

Mike Adams of Natural News will launch a Youtube alternative video site

Here is his pitch. I might actually use this.

FIVE reasons to ditch YouTube and switch to

Mike Adams

(Natural News) As we're all well aware by now, YouTube is no longer a platform for freedom of expression. Over the last two years, YouTube has systematically censored, demonetized and banned video channels that cover cannabis, liberty, natural health and firearms self-defense. This has turned YouTube in an echo chamber of stupidity driven by corporate narratives and globalist disinfo. launches in July, providing a free speech alternative to YouTube. Upon launch, it will almost instantly become the new hub for the most powerful and well-informed videos on the 'net', covering everything from daily independent news to censored science and medicine.

There are five powerful reasons to ditch YouTube and switch to These reasons include: is a platform engineered to protect your free speech. It's run by independent-minded free thinkers, not an evil globalist corporation like Google. This means you can finally stop censoring yourself and actually tell the whole truth in your videos without fear of being cut off. has an affiliate program that can earn you revenues from the massive e-commerce retail operation launching with it. (More details coming soon.)

Our editorial team may help you promote your videos and video channel by writing articles about your video content. This costs you nothing.

You are free to attract your own sponsors and get paid by your sponsors for your video views. We don't get involved in your sponsorship arrangements, and we don't take a cut of your revenues, either. (Unlike Google / YouTube, which demands a cut.)

My comment: I will post a link when this is launched. Let's all hope this flies.

I did not miss the "500 pages released by the FBI with "bombshell" report

If you saw that, I call BULLSHIT. I did not miss it. That particular source has no credibility with me, and is flying high because Google and everyone else lets it. This is allowed by them because there is TOO MUCH BULLSHIT THERE, every time I see a juicy headline and that source quoted I go flat instantly because when I dig into it, nothing pans out, it just reads good. Sure enough, there's nothing there this time also.

I am not going to start posting bullshit just because it will be allowed to go viral.


I try hard not to rip other web sites directly, so I did not name the actual site.

Here is a report that is not bullshit: Girl challenges David Hogg to an armwrestle

Click the image below to go straight to her actual twitter

FACT: She'd kick his butt, and she's cute!

The Miss America pageant has canceled the swimsuit portion of the pageant. I therefore suggest they strongly consider this girl for Miss America, she's definitely it, and does not need a bikini to prove it.

Very unique cure for cancer found

Unlike what they would have you believe, there are many ways to kill the cancer cat, here's a new one.

Summary: A doctor isolated the exact white blood cells that were attacking a woman's cancer already (but there were not enough of them doing it.) He" then grew billions of those exact cells rapidly in a cell culture and administered them to her via IV. They attacked the cancer and killed it. That was a very unique approach to solving a problem. Kudos. The actual report text follows:

From the BBC (so you know if they reported this it is probably not a click bait hoax, despite the fact that the BBC is mostly a hoax) Not this time.

The life of a woman with terminal breast cancer has been saved by a pioneering new therapy, say US researchers.

It involved pumping 90 billion cancer-killing immune cells into her body.

Judy Perkins had been given three months to live, but two years later there is no sign of cancer in her body.

The team at the US National Cancer Institute says the therapy is still experimental, but could transform the treatment of all cancer.

Judy - who lives in Florida - had spreading, advanced breast cancer that could not be treated with conventional therapy.

She had tennis ball-sized tumours in her liver and secondary cancers throughout her body.

She told the BBC: "About a week after [the therapy] I started to feel something, I had a tumour in my chest that I could feel shrinking.

"It took another week or two for it to completely go away."

She remembers her first scan after the procedure when the medical staff "were all very excited and jumping around".

It was then she was told that she was likely to be cured.

Now she's filling her life with backpacking and sea kayaking and has just taken five weeks circumnavigating Florida.

Living therapy

The technology is a "living drug" made from a patient's own cells at one of the world's leading centres of cancer research.

Dr Steven Rosenberg, chief of surgery at the National Cancer Institute, told the BBC: "We're talking about the most highly personalised treatment imaginable."

It remains experimental and still requires considerably more testing before it can be used more widely, but this is how it works: it starts by getting to know the enemy.

A patient's tumour is genetically analysed to identify the rare changes that might make the cancer visible to the immune system.

Out of the 62 genetic abnormalities in this patient, only four were potential lines of attack.

Next researchers go hunting. A patient's immune system will already be attacking the tumour, it's just losing the fight between white blood cells and cancer.

The scientists screen the patient's white

blood cells and extract those capable of attacking the cancer.

These are then grown in huge quantities in the laboratory.

Around 90 billion were injected back into the 49-year-old patient, alongside drugs to take the brakes off the immune system.

The BBC report (which is quite detailed) continues here

One correction to the story: Women do not have chests, they have breasts. But not in the "pc" world, which I reject entirely.

Yes, that would be an interesting cure for cancer, that would be as good as any.


The Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupted, and has killed over a thousand people with the ash cloud. In addition to this, this particular volcano produces fast moving lava that can't be outrun, and this lava has killed many people, in addition to the original blast.

Hawaii has one of the friendliest volcanoes on earth, it does not kill people with explosions and ash clouds, and you can run away from the lava. Kiluea does not produce scenes like this:

Though the destruction in Hawaii is bad, everyone who built there knew this could happen, and everyone had PLENTY of time to get out. In Guatemala, no one had any warning and though they knew it could happen, it killed many people because the volcano went from asleep to that photo in a few hours, if not literally immediately.

I just noticed something - there are not any "Haarp" lightning bolts in that picture. Why are so many volcanoes now producing them when they go off? The above photo, and photos of Hawaii, are what I grew up expecting from a volcano. They are not totally lit up electrically.

Problems since posting in favor of Manuel Lopez Obrador and against Anaya

Since that seems to be the case, I am bumping that post to the TOP OF THE PAGE. If I think I am being messed with, (this is why I am posting at 1 PM and not 7 AM,) getting messed with is a sure way to trigger a re-post because I know I hit the bullseye. SO HERE IT IS.


Currently Mexico is not a shithole country, according to all world economic indicators it is number 15. You can't be that high on the list (ahead of even some European countries) and be a shithole. ONLY THE MEXICANS WHO GO NORTH BELONG IN SHITHOLE COUNTRIES, BECAUSE THEY WANT BETTER TARGETS FOR CRIME AND TO SUCK OFF WELFARE. THE ACTUAL MEXICAN MIDDLE CLASS IS ANYTHING BUT SHITHOLE!!!

Anaya will destroy the Mexican middle class by taxing it into oblivion to support all his bullshit and at the same time he will put divorce courts, abortion clinics, and child snatching social workers IN OVERDRIVE, while calling that freedom, at the same time he flushes all legitimate staff out of universities and replaces it with blood sucking brainwashing liberals and causes Mexico to become FAG CENTRAL, TAKE THAT TO THE BANK AND CASH IT, if you think crime in Mexico is bad now, just wait till Anaya's policies wipe Mexican families out by making things "so much better" for the women. NOT!!!

LOPEZ OBRADOR HAD BETTER WIN THIS ELECTION, BELIEVE ME, YOU REALLY DO WANT A MEXICAN TRUMP SOUTH OF THE BORDER, there won't be any more shit coming north because Mexicans would have no where else to look up to, their country would be fixed and to a large degree, even the underclass would be greatly improved.

If you want "nice" out of me, attacking my shit is not the way to accomplish that, the following is comparatively "nice!"


AZ central, (Subsidiary of USA TODAY) published a hit piece on Mexican Presidential Front runner Lopez Obrador.

With the headline: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is America's worst nightmare they led into a theme of how Obrador is going to turn Mexico into Venezuela. That's B.S., the reality is that the American media is bashing Obrador the way they did Trump, because Obrador is Mexico's Trump. If Obrador gets his way once elected, Mexico is going to absolutely explode upwards economically and even spiritually. Here's why:

1. Oil exploration and exploitation by Mexicans in Mexico, not foreigners in Mexico, will begin.

2. Foreign corporations will be regulated and taxed, and huge monopolies that cause prices in Mexico to be outrageous on tech items and many other items will be broken. Obrador is pissed at monopolistic predatory practices of a few elite Mexicans, and foreign corporations in general. And from what I see, it definitely is a problem here.

Obrador will also clean up the horrendously corrupt importation process, and actually make it possible for Mexicans to buy things online (currently everything gets stolen via bullshit customs paperwork excuses - if you are not "in" they will hold your item and charge you approximately $100 USD per day for "storage" until you tell them to keep it and then they "legitimately" steal it, and that's not an exaggeration) I have been through this and Obrador is going to CLEAN HOUSE with this because that's no way to run a country! So naturally, the people who benefit from this type of corruption want Obrador stopped at all cost.

3. Obrador wants to make peace with the drug lords. Here's how it goes, seriously: If you tell the drug lords they won't be prosecuted or pursued, and that they have safe haven, in exchange for getting rid of the crap that murders in the streets, all of a sudden no one gets shot or robbed in whatever area a particular drug lord controls because the drug lords clean it all up a hell of a lot better than the police do.

Obrador is not stupid about this, the cities where such deals are made have become islands of safety. Obrador is smart enough to know the cartels are simply too powerful to beat, and though it would obviously be better to not have them at all, if they can't be beat, strike a deal and everything becomes a LOT safer. Surprisingly, the drug lords live up to the conditions of a deal better than the government does, EVERY TIME. Obrador is very wise in saying that if you can't get rid of the problem, strike a deal with it for a much better country. It has worked everywhere it has been tried.

4. Obrador wants to make Mexico self sufficient. The country is amazingly capable, but it is being sabotaged by international interests (new world order types) that want to keep Mexico in a position where it can be threatened. Initially, Obrador wants to at least make Mexico independent of food importation, by boosting agriculture and getting all foods grown and produced locally. This should not be difficult to accomplish, there's really no excuse for Mexico to be dependent on anyone this way.

5. It is apparent but not officially stated that Obrador wants to curtail the liberal crap in academics to prevent a Mexican outcome that mirrors what is going on in America now, in addition to curtailing "family services" that take kids out of decent homes, in addition to getting rid of policies that undermine families. Obrador appears to be the "anti-feminist". That's badly needed now, the acid has been applied to Mexico and will absolutely eat the nation if something is not done to stop it. Unlike America however, it is not too late to stop it. Mexico can still be saved.

Since feminism and destruction of the family, and having the state be able to take kids on a whim is a cornerstone of a communist takeover, obviously Obrador is going to be hated and called a nutcase by people in the media who are the spokespeople of that particular effort.

You'll hear all kinds of crap in the news about how bad Obrador is for America, and how horrible he is, and that he'll turn Mexico into Venezuela. FACT: Anaya will turn Mexico into Venezuela, not Obrador. FACT: OBRADOR WILL TURN MEXICO INTO 1950'S AMERICA, AND THAT'S THE DEAD LAST THING THE NEW WORLD ORDER WANTS. So all you will get from any media source is CRAP.

Apparently, the Mexican people are not stupid because despite an endless chain of attack ads on Obrador, paid for by George Soros and funneled through Anaya and his cohorts, Obrador is already over 50 percent approval and continues to climb. Anaya is at 26 percent. (actually probably 15 percent or less, but you know - the "fudge factor",) - they have to make it at least remotely plausible if they decide to try to get away with scamming the vote. Let's hope that fails.

I have thought up a perfect attack ad that Obrador could use, that says it all. It would play the "Movmiento Naranja" theme out of tune for the background music. An Anaya lookalike would be sitting on a park bench watching the following unfold, with a big smile:

It would start with two loving pairs of men and women walking hand in hand. Suddenly, they stop holding hands, and the two women walk into an abortion clinic, and the guys start kissing. On the side there is a man selling tamales. A jack booted thug loudly demands his papers. No guy selling tamales in Mexico needs papers, but under Anaya, he certainly will. The Jack booted thug then kicks the man's tamales in the street and throws him into a detention van, to take him to prison, while screaming at him for not having papers. A Mc'Donalds then takes "tamale man's" place. Then an announcement: "Mexico, be careful what you ask for, is the music really that good?.

That is Anaya and Movmiento Naranja in one neat little package. That type of political ad would absolutely slay Anaya while telling the WHOLE TRUTH.

Being a police officer is NOT one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

With all the hype, and giving police an open ticket to kill anyone and walk, you'd think their job justifies it because it must be dangerous. However, collecting garbage is a more dangerous job than being a police officer. Here is the short list on the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

1. Logger
2. Fishing workers (I wonder how many get tossed overboard on purpose)
3. Aircraft pilots
4. Roofers
5. Garbage collectors
6. Steel workers
7. Salesmen who drive, and truck drivers
8. Farmers and ranchers
9. Construction supervisor
10 General agriculture
11 Street cleaners
12 Mechanics supervisor
13 General construction laborer
14 Police officer

Ok, a few details:

Per 100,000 loggers, 136 die per year. Aircraft pilots? 55 per 100,000 die per year. Garbage men? 34 out of 100,000 die per year. Police officers? 15 out of 100,000 die per year and a little over half of those deaths are from traffic accidents.

Reality: Police work is more dangerous than office work, but if you are a farmer or garbage man your work is more dangerous than police officer. When you drive a car, you are in greater danger than a cop on average (which must mean police predominantly sit around a lot, because driving is more dangerous than their overall job.)

Anyone would think police work is the most dangerous job there is with the way police behave, but that is simply not the case. A pilot is 7.8 times as likely to be killed in a crash than a police officer is likely to be killed by a thug, yet the pilot is not an a-hole when you get on a plane, why do the police have to behave as such?

The stats above came from USA Today, - a leftist rag that loves the police state. If they rated police work as #14 for danger, that number is probably accurate.

Somebody will have to ask Snopes what they think, they may lie police all the way to the top if they can't admit George Soros worked for the Nazi's even with a 60 minutes episode where George talks all about it. I am actually surprised apparently legit numbers got released by a publication as prominent as USA Today, which released them based on government stats.

A Boston business got a citation for too many flags, and in response, added more.

A Boston real estate company put 200 flags on it's front lawn to honor vets for Memorial Day. A city code enforcer then wrote the business a ticket, saying "that's too many flags, remove some" without specifying how many should be removed. The code enforcer cited a city code that stated businesses could not use flags for promotional purposes.

The business responded by saying "honoring veterans on memorial day is not using the flag as a business promotion" and then took down zero, and added 300 more, for a total of 500. It takes guts to defy authorities like that in America See this.

Starbucks rolled back it's bathroom liberalism

I knew that would not last, but they replaced it with an all day "sensitivity" seminar for ALL employees, that focused on "white privilege". Evidently, the black employees absolutely hated it, saying it made them feel uncomfortable. See this

My comment: It obviously would make any black employee watching it "uncomfortable" if they are among those who know "white privilege" is B.S.


An FBI agent was doing a very acrobatic dance at a club in Colorado. When he did a back flip, his gun flew out of it's holster and landed on the dance floor. He then went to pick it up, and shot a guy in the foot. IDIOT. No charges have been filed against him yet, because, of course, he's FBI. Here's a quote from the report:

"Video of the incident obtained by Denver7 shows a man alleged to be the FBI agent dancing while surrounded by onlookers and then executing a backflip. During the flip, the gun appears to fly out of the man's holster. The man in the video jumps to pick up the firearm and appears to fire the gun in the process. The man puts the gun back away in the back of his pants and holds up his hands as onlookers appear shocked and scared."

My comment: Yep, that was probably louder than the speakers. See this.

POSSIBLE RED ALERT HAWAII: significant explosion possible

This sounds like B.S. for a volcano that has no such history we are aware of, but something big is going on

Here is the problem: Scientists operating drones over Kiluea have noticed the rocks are splitting in a pattern that indicates there is enormous pressure building up that is not getting released. They don't know what the result will be, but one outcome could be a very large explosion. Scientists are worried because they have not seen this volcano do this before. SEE THIS.

Prediction: Kiluea eruption is going to be historic

There are too many earthquakes too late in the game, which prove enormous amounts of magma is moving. The latest significant one was a 4.5+ magnitude on the 30th. More ominous is that there have been a large number of 2-3 magnitude earthquakes and several 3-4 magnitude quakes in the last 24 hours (for a total of 289 quakes in that magnitude range in the last day, and 412 quakes total.) Obviously, with that much magma movement, it appears the volcano party is just getting started.

It is super hard to get actual daily numbers off This USGS map, however, if you play around with it for a while it all becomes clear: The entire East side is extremely likely to be totally new turf in the next little while, with people's properties only being discoverable (at a new, higher elevation) via GPS.

Massive censorship to happen in Europe

I have been watching what is going on in Europe to allow the governments there to get control of the media, and rid themselves of the "nuisance" caused by ordinary people simply wanting the truth. It is a menace, that may surpass when Yahoo killed approximately 40 percent of the internet by destroying Geocities. When Geocities was destroyed, scientific information and real history was expunged from the web, almost entirely. Wikipeida and Yahoo answers are absolute trash by comparison, and now everything scientific is behind a pay wall. Europe is heading that way now, with EVERYTHING.

I have seen many comments about how "not repealing net neutrality" could have stopped this. That's bogus, because net neutrality was for America only, it had nothing to do with what Europe does. The repeal of net neutrality has nothing to do with what is going on anywhere else in the world.

Here is basically it, in a nut shell: You cannot run a site like Drudge Report, where you link to other sites, because there will be charges applied to linking. This also applies to any site that has more than just links, any links will be made illegal, unless you can handle the paperwork and pay fees for making links. You also cannot run a forum or any site with a comment section, because people often copy and paste copyrighted material into them, or link to other sites from them, and you have only an hour to remove it OR ELSE. That's impossible. It cannot be complied with. And it would destroy the venue, even if you could.

This web site could probably be made compliant because I usually explain things well enough in my own words to avoid the need for linking, however, they'd hate it so much they would shut it down anyway, because it is so damn obvious the real reason for the new EU rules is to simply shut people up and get all information under state control that there's little question they'd wipe out sites like this one with a reason stated somewhere in the fine print.

There's no mention at all about how Google is going to be allowed to link, but I solemnly promise, with all my heart, that Google won't be punished for breaking the rules EVER, if they are the type of company that would label Republicans "Nazi", like it did yesterday. OOPS, we're sorry for that little gaffe . . . . NOT!!!

Facebook "should" also be impossible to run, but will survive just fine because people who who have had 5 abortions, bang donkeys in the butt and preach the virtues of cutting your nuts off so you can be a girl will be SO LOVED by the establishment there won't be repercussions for those types, no matter how many links they post, especially if they despise Western civilization, and want all white males killed. Anything will be overlooked for those types, BET ON IT. Facebook is not targeting conservatives for nothing, I rightfully hate Suckerberg but let's be serious here: If the real goal of the state is to simply crush conservatives and nationalism, and you're going to be destroyed if you don't comply and do the state's bidding, how would you NOT delete all the conservative or nationalist accounts? You would HAVE TO or you'd go the way of the dodo.

Aah yes, Europe - the litmus test. At least there will be the rest of the world (for now). I am going to be watching what actually happens there with great interest.

U.S. to open embassy in Taiwan

The cost? $250 million, which in Taiwan will do a LOT. Not an insignificant presense. And this is very likely to anger China, because it enforces America's support for Taiwan as a nation separate to China. It will not be an "embassy to China in Taiwan", it will be an embassy to Taiwan, PERIOD.

If anything could spark a war, this is it. It is the Chinese equivalent of an embassy in Jerusalem. Recognizing what China claims as it's own as something separate from China in a totally official way is a great way to stoke tensions, I'd say this is a very bad move unless the actual goal is to ensure there will eventually be a war with China. SEE THIS.

Kim Kardashian behaved well after Trump

She went to the white house to convince Trump to change the reasons for why people are sent to jail. With America having the world's highest rate of imprisonment, that's badly needed - people are receiving heinous sentences for things that should not be crimes at all, all the while real criminals that actually hurt other people walk free. This is without question being done to make law abiding people fearful, and to stuff the prisons with excellent professional slave labor. "horrible" states like China are not even close to as horrible as the U.S. courts and fake "justice system", even Iran's percentage of the population in prison (and Iran imprisons a lot) is only 20 percent of what the U.S. is.

America is a nation that often takes the best of society and jails it on trumped up spurious charges - great law abiding people who were cornered into legal excuses to jail them and are intelligent and threaten no one, all the while it gives the real thugs a totally green ticket to keep committing as many crimes as possible. It is set up that way to cause Americans to beg for more people to go to jail, so the courts can throw more good people who are a threat to nothing in jail and work them as slaves. That's exactly what the American prison labor system does.

How else could a tech item like a cruise missile be produced by prisoners? You can't get that done with someone who would shoot a 7-11 attendant while cranked up on crack. The type that shoots up a 7-11 will get out of jail 20 times because the prison slave system does not want their useless ass taking up a bed, and it wants Americans to believe the jails are not full enough to provide cover for them to get more of the people they want in jail as workers. The "12 time felon murdering and raping illegal alien" who gets to walk free repeatedly happens for a reason - his spot in the prison system has been taken by someone who's labor turns a profit.

So Kim went, had a chat about someone that should not be in jail and was totally respectful, and left respectfully and afterwards talked respectfully. She's probably a decent celebrity, far better than most.

5G frequency bands may be so high the actual cell transmitters can't be used for mind control (but there would be a bigger problem)

Current cell technology in the U.S. uses (for 3g and 4g) frequencies between 1700 and 2100 MHZ. This equates to a frequency that can penetrate approximately five inches into your body. That will work great for "beaming" people. Though there are proposed 5g bands that operate in the same frequency range, the U.S. is primarily attempting to use frequencies between 25 and 80 Ghz. On the low end, at 25 ghz, the maximum penetration into human flesh for a frequency that high should land right around 0.5 inches. The skull, scalp, and other tissues inside the skull before you actually get to the brain are about that thick. On the high end (80 ghz) the max penetration will be right around 0.12 inches. That would totally rule out mind control potential.But there are other issues to consider. The main thing is that the frequencies they need to use travel very poorly, and have very poor penetration.

To get such high frequencies to work a lot of towers will be needed. Most reports say they will double the number of towers. That's a lie. The actual need will be least 10X the number (if they use the 25 ghz band), and the term "double" is being used because they know people can cope with that. But the reality is that if 5g is going to work, every street pole might end up being a "tower". If they want to use 80 GHZ, they are going to need 20X-100X as many towers as there are now. They will have to be on every street corner at least.

It would at that point be a problem because cameras and microphones could be put in the towers, and they would have a perfect upload point. But what is worse is that there is no conceivable way the current cell phone towers are only for communications, it is highly probable they have secondary systems in them for mood control and that would be where the problem is with so many more towers. though the actual cell transmitters won't be useful for mind control, secondary systems could easily be installed along with them, as I suspect already are, even in current cell towers. Add to that the fact that the proposed bandwith is 100X as much as the current systems, and the surveillance/mind control state could become a much more serious problem. There's no question 5g is the final staging of "the internet of things", where it won't take a cell phone to rat you out, your coffee maker or clothes iron or even a piece of "smart dust" could "tell them you are hiding, and where" just fine.

Aah yes, but Youtube will run super smooth!!!

Kim Kardashian at White House

I am so far out of the entertainment loop I did not know who it was in the pictures. I did not know what she looked like.

My opinion: Her showing up at the white house was silly, and could get Trump in trouble the way Monica got Bill in trouble. She might be OK as an individual if she actually went and talked to Trump the way she did. She does not look like typical Hollywood crap.

Given how much stress Melania must be under with the Stormy "scandal" I would not have had Kim visit if I was Trump.


This is not a hoax. Vice actually nailed Google doing it to stack the deck against Republicans. Maybe Google employees are trying to fool an AI into believing it is true by rigging terms. See this


Football game riot in Switzerland pawned off as Muslim "Ramadan riot" in Britain

Here's the story I did not post, because I figured it was a manipulation: "Muslims stage Ramadan riot in Birmingham Britain, after the city refused to close a street so they could use it for Ramadan activities". I did not post this, because I figured it would be very unlikely for Muslims to riot during Ramadan for any reason. I figured there was a back story. THERE WAS.

The hoax Ramadan post has been put on many forums and blogs. It shows people violently attacking cars and smashing things in a city street, purportedly because it is a Ramadan protest. HERE IS THE BACK STORY:

In fact, the riots happened after a regional level soccer match. The losing side rioted. It was a limited event, that involved a few cars that got attacked on a motorway by a group of people. It sold very well as a Ramadan attack. I figured the prospect of a legitimate Ramadan riot was so slim that it had to be totally fake, so I ignored it. I WAS RIGHT, SEE THIS.

World's largest internet hub blows the whistle: NSA and other intelligence agencies are capturing EVERYTHING, and they have to cooperate

German court allows spy agency to keep tabs on internet hubs

This report is about the world's largest internet exchange challenging intelligence agencies that are ALREADY capturing all traffic, in a bid to kick them out via court order. That bid failed. This PressTV report has a "reporting glitch" (probably because it is Iranian) which confirms intelligence agencies are capturing EVERYTHING by default. UPDATE: Yahoo covered this also. Here is the key quote:

"It said the BND, a partner of the US National Security Agency (NSA), has placed so-called Y-piece prisms into its data-carrying fibre optic cables that give it an unfiltered and complete copy of the data flow.

Ok, so there it is. They are capturing EVERYTHING, and it is not only the NSA doing it. The entire text of the report follows:

Germany's spy agency can monitor major internet hubs if Berlin deems it necessary for strategic security interests, a federal court has ruled. My comment: That's the soft ball lead in, because the court case was to stop the intelligence agencies who are already there, fully in place, from continuing - the internet exchange was trying to kick them out.

In a ruling late on Wednesday, the Federal Administrative Court threw out a challenge by the world's largest internet hub, the De-Cix exchange, against the tapping of its data flows by the BND foreign intelligence service.

The operator had argued the agency was breaking the law by capturing German domestic communications along with international data.

However, the court in the eastern city of Leipzig ruled that internet hubs "can be required by the federal interior ministry to assist with strategic communications surveillance by the BND."

De-Cix says its Frankfurt hub is the world's biggest internet exchange, bundling data flows from as far as China, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, which handles more than six terabytes per second at peak traffic.

It said the BND, a partner of the US National Security Agency (NSA), has placed so-called Y-piece prisms into its data-carrying fibre optic cables that give it an unfiltered and complete copy of the data flow.

Given the mass of daily phone calls, emails, chats, internet searches, streamed videos and other online communications, an effective fire-walling of purely German communications is unrealistic, activists argue.

Germany had reacted with outrage when information leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed in 2013 that US agents were carrying out widespread tapping worldwide, including of Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone.

Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany where state spying on citizens was rampant, declared repeatedly that "spying among friends is not on" while acknowledging Germany's reliance on the US in security matters.

But to the great embarrassment of Germany, it later emerged that the BND helped the NSA spy on European allies.

My comment: How many times have I said they are capturing everything? Yes, we already knew, but this report from PressTV is the first MSM report that actually puts it in print, unfiltered. The NSA is going to be doing backflips, this type of report proves relations are anything but friendly, and our worst suspicions have been confirmed and correct for god knows how long. All we know is that the exchange is trying to kick them out and failed which means the issue is not a new one.

Video: Nikolas Cruz vows to shoot up school

Supposedly, Nikolas Cruz made a selfie video vowing to shoot up the school. There are a few things to consider with this.



QUESTION: If the video was from the day of the shooting, where is the cast in this photo?

UPDATE: It has to be a fake video. He supposedly did not have a cast for the shooting. Sometimes there are words when his mouth is not moving. A large amount of the video does not have him in it at all, the camera just points at the ground. Perfect for dubbing in whatever words anyone wants.

Here are a few other key points that really flag this:

1. It has been a while since the shooting, long enough to make a fabricated video with face cloning software. I doubt this was done, but it is possible.

2. It has also been long enough to wipe his brain out and do a recording session after the shooting, to presented as new. I doubt this also, but it could have been done.

3. I seriously doubt this video was done before the shooting, because if it was, it would have been found and aired a lot sooner.

4. Most likely: I'd bet he was staged, and this was part of the program, as run by the CIA. Everyone forgot about the shooting now, so the best way to get a double whack on the topic is to release a disturbing video late in the game, to put the shock factor right back up with day 1 of whatever this was.

If it was a shooting and not a drill, the CIA is still not off the hook - if they were complicit in 911 (they had to have been) what is this by comparison? I do not believe these shootings are organic, no one can tell me that a surveillance network good enough to send you ads for wheelchairs because someone mentioned it (or whatever else) - no one can tell me this system overlooked a video like this being made, or the other "self chats" he had in private prior to the purported time this video was shot, and then did not notify anyone.

FACT: You simply could not plan a school shooting, culminating in a selfie video like this without the authorities being notified if you can't discuss potato chips without getting a Pringles ad sent to you. I call BULLSHIT on the entire scenario, there is a rat in here somewhere.

You mean to tell me you can't discuss shoes without getting a shoe ad, or cars without getting a car ad in the background, not even trying to do anything, yet this kid actually talks right into the phone about shooting up a school, and no one found out? NOT BELIEVABLE.

Here is what I think is more believable (pretty much a repeat:)

This video was made after the shooting, as either part of a paid gig, or a continuation of his use as an MK patsy. If it was not made after the fact, we'd have had this on DAY 2.

Obrador is likely to win the Mexican election

He has 52 percent support at this time. I can tell you why. Because his closest competitor (Anaya) is running his platform based on gay marriage, abortion rights, and excessive law enforcement, and that's not working well in Mexico. Add to that the fact that he looks like a total creep and does nothing but suck ideas from others as soon as they are deemed viable, and no one trusts him. And it continues, with Anaya being a total copy cat with image also. Here's a couple prime examples.

Lopez Obrador did the unthinkable, and showed up to a political conference riding a very low grade sub $1000 Italika motorcycle (THE motorcycle for an average Mexican) and though the bikes themselves are not unsafe, there's no conceivable way a top politician should EVER IN A MILLION YEARS ride one, simply because he could wipe out and then what? So this old man who is a little bit overweight to boot gets off this puny motorcycle and walks to wherever afterward. Mexicans absolutely loved that, it was one hell of a statement of acceptance for average Mexicans, that actually took some grit (for a politician) to do. So Anaya, who is in his 30's and belongs on such a bike, just had to copy it.

Only, when Anaya did it, he did it on a bullet bike an average Mexican would never in a million years own, with an obvious professional stunt driver operating the bike. One of the better un-biased news channels picked up on this and shredded Anaya for not only copying Obrador, but sending an opposite statement of wealth doing it. It was not just that Obrador rode a motorcycle, it was what motorcycle he rode that really sent a message, and Anaya was as out of touch as President Bush was when he saw a barcode scanner for the first time, because he's such an elitist he never goes into a grocery store. Way to connect with the people!

Other ways Anaya copied Obrador was when Obrador started talking about Presidents having too large a pension, Anaya copied him and started running ads for the same thing. Obrador showed up once wearing a giant Mexican sombrero, and Anaya just had to do that too. Such a sleaze ball, at least Meade (candidate 3) was always himself, he just always looked like a church going rich guy.

Anaya is the George Soros candidate however, so we will see if he can get his votes rigged up over 50 percent while Obrador gets his stolen away, anything is possible when Soros owns the voting machine company and is absolutely brazen about manipulating politics.

However, publishing a number and having people accept it is a risky prospect in Mexico, Mexicans routinely hang corrupt politicians, and that is a good thing. There was one on the air yesterday begging for his life, and then they burned him in a car, and the media actually aired it all. So stealing elections is more risky in Mexico than it is in America, where people just seem to accept eating sh*t. I strongly believe Antonio Meade probably has 30 percent support, and Anaya has less than 10 percent, but he's not a pal of Soros, so Anaya it is, in distant second. Let's see how well a little back door work can close the gap.

Obrador will definitely be better than Anaya if he can stop the steal. But the final outcome and what he actually does will be a real wait and see. Hoping for the best . . . .

Clear proof of blackmail by Jews TWICE in the last week

NOW CERTIFIED FACT: If you so much as hint about who runs things, you are GONE no matter how far up the ladder you are.

VICTIMS: Elon Musk and Roseanne Barr

All Roseanne had to do was mention Hillary was close to George Soros, and that Hillary was probably hiding a colostomy bag, and also point out a traitor, and she was branded an anti-semite despite being Jewish herself, and her show got canceled.

All Elon Musk had to do is tweet "who do you think owns the press" NEVER EVEN HINTING IT WAS THE JEWS, and he got branded an anti-semite, and will now definitely be destroyed. Branding him an anti-semite was a VERY BAD MOVE, the comment was so abstract there's no way it could be tied to anti-semitism unless a particular group is very afraid of the general public becoming totally aware of who really owns the press.DON'T YOU DARE ASK THAT QUESTION, IF YOU DO YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE. That sort of makes it all obvious. Additionally, the interplanetary space launch did not help Musk either. The Jews clearly don't want us going into space, they are the ones who infiltrated and destroyed Nasa, they bitch every time an "unauthorized nation" like North Korea or Iran does a successful space launch, and EVER SINCE MUSK PUT A TESLA INTO INTERPLANETARY ORBIT THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT BASH HIS COMPANY TO SHREDS.

If you believe the newfound Jewish lie, you'd think that if you touch a Tesla it will burst into a ball of flames, then grow knives and stab you to death. You'd think a Tesla is a death trap. But the reality is that if you hit a solid obstacle at 60 mph and only get a broken leg, that's awesome safety, and that is typical of Tesla. But the Jewish press won't report it that way, instead, when a Tesla recently slammed into a perfectly solid object and the driver lived, all the Jewish press could manage to say is the car is a death trap because someone was hurt in one, never mind the fact that if you ram into a wall at 60 mph you should be dead no matter what you are driving.

The flaming teslas all happened in accidents so extreme the car was ripped in half. All happened in accidents above 100 MPH. QUESTION: What the hell do you expect when someone is totally screwing off, or running away with a stolen car, and crashes? A car needs energy to move, and it makes no difference if that energy comes from a battery or gas, the energy is still there. The truth is that Teslas burn a lot less after serious accidents than normal cars do, but the Jewish press does not want a "Tesla in space," so KILL THE COMPANY PLEASE. We will walk the ground as slaves AS ASSIGNED with an appropriate number, just as soon as they can manage it. Space travel is OUT.

But back to a more serious issue: WHY DID THEY DESTROY ROSEANNE? Did she not do well enough screwing us over for the last 30 years? That transgendering kid on her current show was not enough to soothe them? How about that national anthem performance, which proved she has no respect for America. Is that not enough? OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR KIKEDOM. Let's look at this closely.

They nailed Roseanne for pointing a finger at George Soros, who bragged about sending Jews to the death camps FOR PROFIT while fronting as a crypto-Jew Christian. He said it was one of the best times of his life. HERE WE HAVE A REAL NAZI and Roseanne was fried as an anti-semite for pointing that out, and that Chelsea married into that family. We therefore have a Jewish community that does not care how many Jews a Jew kills, as long as he serves their agenda another Jew will be branded as an anti-semite for pointing out the crimes of a Jew killer who is serving the current Jewish agenda. And then they will turn around and bitch about the "holocaust" at the same time they provide cover for a real Nazi, because he's Jewish, and is serving their agenda now. Sick. REALLY.

Pointing out Valerie Jarret was used to purge patriots from the white house and comparing that person to planet of the apes and saying Hillary has a colostomy bag were also red turf, but the first was true, and Hillary's colostomy bag is a high probability. Roseanne fried for pointing out traitors, and connecting Soros and Clinton. You can take what she said about Chelsea being married to the nephew of George Soros to the bank, she's an insider, and Chelsea is indeed therefore married into the Soros family. QUESTION:


If anyone does not believe a conspiracy exists they are lost, seriously, if they fried long time servant Roseanne that quickly, and ripped Tesla to shreds only after a successful interplanetary space launch (which is when all the bad press started so that is probably the reason), the conspiracy is a LOT BIGGER than anyone thinks, and has, at it's pinnacle, a lot smaller group than anyone imagined. If even Roseanne can be fried, it has to be a small group at the top indeed.

So what lessons can we take away from recent events?

1. George Soros has a chance of being at the actual top of the pyramid, and so are Hillary and Chelsea. They probably out rank the Rothschilds. If Soros can be a confirmed Jew killer, confirmed by his own words, and still be perfectly protected by the Jews with instant repercussions for mentioning him, he's the champ. Roseanne probably would not have been fried for saying something about the Rothschilds or Rockefellers.

2. It does not matter how well you served the Jews, all you have to do is cross the line and you are toast, even if you are one.

3. You no longer have to mention the Jews AT ALL, all you have to do is ask a question about who runs things the way Elon Musk did, and you are suddenly an anti-semite without even touching the topic. The Jew's reaction to Elon Musk wrote a thousand pages of top level conspiracy FACT in a single line. There is no doubt now.

4. The Jews are so naked and childish with their reactions to things that it is mind boggling that they have not imploded themselves. You simply can't scream "anti semite" and then destroy other Jews who have served the cause well the way they did to Roseanne over a few lines on Twitter. They are toddler level immature. That is a weakness that needs to be pointed out and exploited. There is absolutely no question this particular snake can be tricked into devouring itself.

And here's the bait:

A message to all Jews:

George Soros, a confirmed Jew killer who worked with the Nazis, IS YOUR MASTER. Do not question that. Do not point that out. Do not resist or go against his plan. Do not point out who he is associated with no matter how prominent you are. If you do, you will be instantly destroyed like a goy in Gaza. YOU ARE NOTHING. SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH.

You thought you were great. It has just been proven you are NOTHING if you question anything. You live in a box. The box is all you have.

How does that feel?

Farrakhan really did call for an end to the white man

Here it is:

"Why should there be an end to him (White man)? Because his nature is not in harmony with the nature of God."

White man was only given 6,000 years (6 days) to rule, You cannot deny he has ruled but on what principle did he rule? Righteousness? Truth? Justice? Fairness? I don't think so.

What he (the White man) does, he does by nature. What you (Black people) do, is by learning from your master.

My comment: Dear Farrakhan: You should be sentenced to work at a 7-11 in Detroit with no safety glass, AFTER you work at a 7-11 that would never have safety glass because it is located in a white area. Let's see how well your "blackness" is appreciated when it stands between the door and the cash register in a ghetto!

DRUDGE HEADLINE: STUDY: Atkins diet may cause heart failure

My comment: Did the study also keep track of people who opted out of the atkins diet, stayed at 400 pounds, and had a heart failure because of THAT???

Ha ha ha, Click to read the comments below the article, people were not fooled by it!

Utah's new mandatory vaccine schedule is cold hard proof of vaccine ill intent and sabotage

Take a look at this list of vaccines a child has to have before kindergarten!!! They REALLY WANT THE MORMONS WIPED OUT, I will explain what is going on here.

Here goes.

1. Look at the polio shot. Polio has been eradicated in the United States since 1979, and it was eradicated with a single shot. WHY THE HELL ARE THERE NOW FOUR REQUIRED SHOTS FOR THAT? Why are there FOUR GOD DAMN SHOTS FOR POLIO, when in the past it was ONLY ONE, or even polio drops with no shots at all? ANSWER: Because any time there are multiple shots like this when only one is needed all subsequent shots are booster shots, used to trick the body into doing something it does not want to do - in this case, precedent says: most likely to destroy itself.

Multiple shot regimens for vaccines that used to only require one were experimented with in third world countries, where the shots are now proven to have in fact been anti-fertility vaccines. The additional shots were needed to trick a woman's body into attacking it's own hormones to prevent pregnancy. Since now there are 4 polio shots for little boys when a single shot method wiped out polio, the shots can't possibly be for polio. They can't possibly be to wreck female fertility hormones. It is far more likely that the polio shots are to destroy intellect, and rather than take the kids out in one big whack like they were doing before, they are taking the kids down in 4 steps, so the parents don't notice as much.

With autism rates being 1 in 22 American boys now (in some areas,) a lot needs to be explained, especially 4 shot vaccination regimens for a disease that no longer exists, and was taken out with one shot before.


Ok, next item:

WHY ARE THERE FIVE DTAP SHOTS, WHEN NONE OF THE SICKNESSES IT TREATS ARE VERY BAD, AND NOT FATAL, especially when the package insert clearly states it can cause autism? Given that the polio shot is guaranteed fake, YOU GUESS. Most likely it is to confuse things, so parents cant figure out exactly what did what. After all, if the kid receives an enormous cocktail, what vaccine do you actually point the finger at? Creating confusion is the ONLY conceivable reason for five doses of DTAP, other than the shot itself also being a sabotage vector. HMM, Two MMR shots, when many different brain problems are listed as a possible outcome, right on the vaccine insert?

So now we have 1. A FAKE POLIO SHOT SEQUENCE (only god knows what it is for)

2. FIVE DTAP shots that are not actually needed AT ALL, none of what it treats is serious so God only knows what that shot is for, other than to induce autism where in Utah it now gets five chances to? Look at this package insert. LOOK AT ALL THE BRAIN DISORDERS THIS THING CAN CAUSE, OTHER THAN AUTSIM!!! And Utah requires FIVE DOSES OF THIS??!!?? Why not make it 100 if parents are THAT STUPID???

3. The MMR shot, which states clearly it can cause many different brain disorders, right on the package.



Just gotta produce that "perfect" compliant slave race, and to hell with those who are rendered totally useless Gollums!