This is "shout out loud" PRICELESS:

From Breitbart:

Critics gloated over President Donald Trump's newly revealed tax details from the New York Times. But his economic struggles in the '90s were no surprise for fans of his hit NBC TV show The Apprentice.

"It wasn't always so easy. About 13 years ago, I was seriously in trouble. I was billions of dollars in debt, " Donald Trump said in his opening narrative of the main titles of the show in 2004. "But I fought back and I won, big league."

The New York Times reported new tax information about Trump's real estate businesses, in a widely reported expose, showing a $1.17 billion loss in his various businesses between 1985 and 1994.

Trump also detailed his debt struggles in the '90s in his 1997 book the "Art of the Comeback."

MY COMMENT: So the New York Time's HUGE TRUMP EXPOSE' was something Trump talked about on a HUGELY watched nationally syndicated PRIME TIME TV program over a decade ago. GREAT JOB NYT!!!

Trump has sworn to "monitor" the tech left censorship of conservatives. "Monitor", not do anything about it!

"Yes, they are frying. Imma gonna sit here and watch. YEP, there goes another one! Yep, it is indeed happening. Don't worry, I am monitoring the situation!"

Hate to say it, this does not look good so far.

It is once again time to assess a situation in Gaza

Here it is, in a nut shell: Israel is without question bringing the rockets into Gaza and firing them back at Israel to provide justification for bombing the hell out of Gaza, and I have intrinsic proof. This proof is: If Gaza was sending rockets into Israel, Israel's response would have been against rocket positions in Palestine. Instead, Israel has simply stated that since the rockets are coming from "everywhere" they are going to do punative strikes. And what did Israel blow up? Here's the list.

328 residential buildings, fishing ports, two universities, a mosque, several schools, three media offices, and three ambulances.

Israel simply picked out nice buildings and blew them up. Here is the story of one:

"Azmi Doghmush, a building owner in Gaza, says that he received a taunting phone call from an Israeli intelligence officer on Sunday: "Sheikh Doghmush! How are you doing?... Count down five minutes and watch my proficiency and accuracy in toppling your building, but keep 50 meters away."

I was screaming hysterically, this is a joke, don't do it, this is foolish! He was honest, while my lifetime dream was turned into fallen dominoes" Doghmush, 50, said.

The seven-story al-Qamar residential building in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in the Gaza City was then leveled by six Israeli missiles.

My comment: The nature of these Israeli attacks proves they know exactly who they are targeting, and the nature of the conversation proves they know they are targeting innocents. Israel is merely seeking asset destruction, and not launching a real effort to shut down "rocket fire". You don't blow up 7 story buildings that span an entire city block unless asset destruction is your only objective. This is how the nicest building in a particular neighborhood was taken out, one of over 300 total.

If Gaza was fronting a legitimate rocket threat, the story would have gone like this: "With their perfect intelligence, SO GOOD they can call a land owner and tell him he's toast, Israeli special forces entered Gaza and destroyed a weapons cache, which consisted of over 100 rockets and IED's. They also captured 70 militants and their manufacturing equipment, and then subsequently destroyed the location where the rockets were being manufactured".

THAT is how a story line would go if Israel was not hoaxing the attacks against it's own self. So what's new in the world today? False flag rocket attack ALL THE WAY baby!

I was right about why Pompeo canceled a meeting with Merkel

Lots of people posted about how it must mean key people are going into lockdown before the U.S. attacked someone. I instead hypothesized that there was no doom on the horizon and that Pompeo simply did not want to meet with that hag. I nailed it.

Trump tax return release a big nothingburger.

First of all, what the NYT got was too old to be relevant. Second of all, what the NYT got was solid hardcore proof that Trump did not skate his way to the top. Obviously they spun it as negatively as possible, but one key fact simply can't be wiped out: Trump was hiding NOTHING.

There is nothing more to say about this nothing story, other than the NYT getting it and publishing it was sheer harassment.

FUNNY: An idiot was smoking at the gas pumps, and after telling him to stop smoking repeatedly the gas station attendant nailed him with a fire extinguisher



Another member of the "515 club" laid it out the way it is

I was considering posting something similar, but did not think the public would believe it yet. However, this report simply says it like it is. Libs really are gearing up to kill off Christians and conservatives, their "big tech" behavior proves it. Here goes:

Usually I won't post other people's stuff of this nature This is posted, with edits to cut to the main points more quickly

All News Pipeline: More Evidence The Globalists Are Going For The Kill Shot: If The Left Has Their Way, Are 'Death Squads' For Christians And Conservatives Really Out Of The Question?

The news that quickly reverberated across the independent news on Thursday afternoon after the Drudge Report linked to this story at CNN (saved on Archive) reporting that 'faces-of-death-book' (credit Steve Quayle) and its' 'spawn', instagram, had banned Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and gay Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos after determining their posts had 'engaged in violence and hate'.

Just the latest attacks upon independent media that keep on ramping up as we steamroll towards the 2020 election, as Susan Duclos had reported on ANP on May 1st, one of those attacks was another fake 'fake news' list by a globalist linked conglomerate sponsored by none other than 'global terrorist George Soros'. (Interestingly, following viral backlash, the Poynter Institute has shelved their entire 'fake news websites' list and story!)

Yet as we'll see within this ANP story, with a very real war upon free speech and the US Constitution going on all across 'big tech' and throughout college campuses and news organizations across America, a very real push towards 'socialism' and the banning of criticism, only YOU, the independent media readers, are preventing the globalists from fully carrying out their 'kill shot' that would leave America a mere shell of our former Constitutional Republic.

As Infowars had reported in this recent story that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website, much more than the future of liberty is at stake in this very real war upon freedom, free speech and the US Constitution that Democrats, the mainstream media and the leftist colleges and intelligence agencies have launched upon America. At stake is the very survival of the human race as heard in the only video at the bottom of this story. As Susan had concluded in her May 1st story, "this is war!".

According to the Reverend E.W. Jackson as was reported in this new story over at CNS News, "under the 'right circumstance', the left 'would kill' Christians today because, like the Communists, their hatred is 'profound' and they rationalize that in killing Christians, they are doing the world a favor."

"I'm not saying all of them, " he added, "but I think many of them would kill us because their hatred is so deep. It is so profound, it is so toxic that I think they would rationalize it to themselves that the world would be a better place [without Christians], which is what Communists always do."

My insert: This is without question a reality, only held back by the second amendment.

He continued, "I couldn't see myself doing that for anything in the world, unless I'm attacked and that's a different matter. If attacked, I'm going to protect myself. But no -- because God cannot be glorified by inglorious means."

Yet as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, himself a retired CIA agent, had reported on ANP on April 27th, the US intelligence agencies still have a 'red thread' running through them despite the firings that President Trump has undertaken. As the New American had reported on April 22nd, US intelligence agencies are heavily dominated by the left and Dr. Pry had urged within his story that President Trump carry out a full-scale purge of those agencies to weed out their institutionalized bias towards the left.

And as Susan Duclos reported in this May 2nd ANP story, American universities are being slaughtered by leftist policies with free speech now under attack virtually nationwide with an entire generation of snowflakes being created before our eyes. With the mainstream media, American universities and US intelligence agencies already completely dominated by the left, and very real moves taken by them to censor and penalize any speech they disagree with, especially on the internet via 'big tech', how far are we away in America from Reverend Jackson's warnings coming to fruition before our eyes? Maybe only the 2020 election.

My insert: This is a cold hard FACT. 2020 is going to be what decides whether or not conservative white America lives or is put into death camps, I do not doubt this one bit.

And as we saw in Susan's May 1st story about the Poynter Institute's already discredited and deleted 'fake news websites' list, if anyone still had any doubt that the national news networks were completely dominated by leftists and their insane ideals, we see that Poynter, which calls itself a "global leader in journalism" which believes "it is the world’s leading instructor, innovator, convener and resource for anyone who aspires to engage and inform citizens", was betraying it's own standards by quite literally attempting to blacklist some of the best Conservative news outlets on the internet.

As Infowars had reported recently, 'big tech's' censorship of the independent media is absolutely at the forefront of the globalists attempted 'takeover of America' with the cutting off of one's enemies communications - - long a tactic of war going back hundreds of years. As this new story over at Infowars that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Friday morning reported, this is Chinese-style 'social credit' censorship and throughout history, such blackballing and demonization has led to full-scale cullings.

As J.D. Heyes had reported in this April 29th story over at Natural News, we're now witnessing the complete de-platforming of all voices that don't worship Democrats, abortions and open borders. If you don't run with the insane, they simply don't want you to have a voice. From the Natural News story:

The Democrat Party has joined the globalist Left in their quest to wipe out all remaining bastions of freedom and liberty throughout the West which, if they are successful, will plunge the world into chaos, war, and destruction.

In Europe, freedom fighters like Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin are fighting Leftists in Britain and throughout the European Union as they attempt to build political opposition to what is very obviously an anti-libertarian and anti-democratic campaign of suppression and censorship.

The silencing of political opponents, Jake Lloyd of Infowars noted, is nothing new, as it’s been happening throughout world history. But typically, suppression of speech, political points of view, and expression have been associated with authoritarian governments and tyrannical leaders like kings and dictators - not havens of democracy like Britain and the U.S.

Indeed, America's founding fathers were so offended by such tactics that, in the very first amendment to the Constitution, they recognized an inalienable right for humans to speak, think, and express themselves freely - without having to be 'approved' for certain speech while other speech is banned because it’s been deemed 'offensive' or 'wrong-headed.'

Despite complaints by consumers and platform users throughout the Western world, however, the social media behemoths aren't budging: Like Democrats and the global Left, they are demanding groupthink, conformity of speech and thought, and the quashing of dissenting voices. They are anti-Democrats, in other words, and they won't stop until they shut down all opposition.

Yet as Steve Quayle has warned us in a warning that echoes Reverend Jackson's, "first they take away our voices, then they take away our lives". Who is to say that even in 2019, history cannot repeat itself once again?

Want to see a FANTASTIC example of lazy clickbait MSM parroted news that was probably spawned by a book burning? HERE IT IS

The report looks nice. Why is it clickbait B.S.? Answer: Because this is 75 year old tech, put to rest most of a century ago.

THE VOYAGER MISSIONS LAUNCHED WITH THIS TECH, WTF is a science publication doing blathering about something mastered decades ago as "new and hip"? Fact: If good old uranium 235 was put on a space ship as a power source, it could easily provide power for thousands of years. How long you can provide power for is a function of amount of material present, the type of radiation it produces, it's half life, and how much power you want. U235, with a 700 million year half life is proven to work GREAT. So what if someone figured they could use americium, the math behind all of this was settled before 1950 and if americium was used for a "long life" spacecraft whether or not it was a good choice would all depend on how long you expect civilization to last. It's 400 year half life is aiming quite low in that regard. Uranium 235 would last ENORMOUSLY longer, several orders of magnitude longer.

All it takes to "light a small light bulb" is a few thermoelectric junctions and a source of heat. 1800's stuff. A spacecraft would probably use Bismuth Telluride. So all they did for their "great discovery" was get a well known radioisotope that is on any periodic table and use it to drive a thermoelectric junction. Sorry folks, NO BREAKTHROUGH. I thought any respectable science mag would be above publishing a non "discovery" like this. Who fails to edit that kind of crap out before it is published anyway?

This has all the markings of a millenial re-tracing steps because too many books were burned. It is "new" and "exciting" only because they do not realize their grandpa did it and their college deleted it from the curriculum after the books that had all of this type of data were expunged.

The destruction of libraries is a continuous ongoing theme here, any 1970's city with a population of 50, 000+ would have had a public library that could have done away with the need for this stupid experiment by simply telling whoever did it THIS HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE. . . . . yes, it was a "great discovery" because they could not google it!

AOC and the garbage disposal - This is not a parody or comedy piece, Ocasio Cortez really did livestream this

AOC was stunned by a garbage disposal in her new apartment. I find it hard to believe she did not know what it was and suspect that if she really did not know, it was another Bush vs the barcode scanner moment - the "elite" are TOTALLY out of touch

BAD NEWS: The U.S. military just sent a hospital ship to Columbia, and it is docked where Venezuelans can see it from Venezuela

Why would that ship be there? YOU GUESS.

Want to live in a "Shit Brickhouse?" You can do it, with the all new biosludge bricks!

Theories about why Pompeo canceled a meeting with Merkel are going around

Supposedly, Pompeo canceled a meeting with Merkel after arriving in Germany "for national security reasons" and many have speculated that it is because U.S. authorities now need to be under better security because America is going to war. That's all anyone is mentioning. It is "to the bunkers" and "Russia is going to strike" and "Maduro put a hit out" and "Iran got nukes, FREAKOUT TIME - and all kinds of other similar crap. So since everyone is having their guess as to why Pompeo canceled, I'll throw my guess out there: He did not want to see her ugly face. Seriously. Who would want to spend time in a conference room with THAT?

My prediction: NO DOOM.

LED light company facing bankruptcy for lamps that fail early

This has been a perpetual pet peeve of mine - LED lights that are supposed to "last forever" but fail long before a normal bulb would, and the failure is designed in, on purpose. This is not one of those cases however, I think this case is a case of "Millenials knew more than daddy" and could therefore make a light better. First, my rant:

I am sick of the stupid "blinking LED light" that seems to be everywhere. Wal Mart is plagued with these, as are several malls in my area - seemingly any place that put them in. And worse - aftermarket LED tail lights. I can't count how many trucks I have been behind where "worm trails" of dead LED's are all through the tail lights, IF they work at all. Ditto for at least after market LED headlights. I never bought them because the results are totally obvious. And I believe bad results intentional in many cases to drive future sales - technically there's no reason for an LED to ever fail, EVER, and in many cases there is a "driver chip" that like magic after a certain amount of time stops working. The few LED lights I have bought for the house only failed because they were DIRT CHEAP chinese knock offs, and most are still going anyway. I don't think I have been burned by intentional burnout.

Now back to these lights that are going to put a company out of business:

These did not fail on purpose, they failed because some idiot used an improper and probably "cost saving" plastic lens over each LED that yellowed over time, started blocking the light which caused it to heat up and then melt. From the photos of the failed lamps, they likely used a low melt temperature plastic (what pop bottles are made of) that would fail at temperatures below 100 Celsius over time. You can't run an LED at a temperature high enough to destroy high quality high temperature plastics without quickly destroying the LED, so what happened in this case is obvious. Clearly a low melt temp plastic was used. As a result, many of the street lights in Detroit are self destructing before less than half of the warranty period is up. And quite unexpectedly, Detroit did not order more for a pork barrel payoff, no, instead they are suing the company for replacement, including installation. That's going to kill that company. I am not going to say that company deserves to go under, but I will say someone in hiring desperately deserves to be FIRED. It was probably a lib, probably a female, who hated daddy after a college professor told her to hate daddy and she refused to hire "someone like her daddy" who'd have enough common sense to use a non yellowing plastic that could take a little heat, or better yet, glass.

The headline should therefore (probably) be: SJW's put LED light company out of business - it is the only way people get put in charge of making important decisions, like what type of plastic should be used for a particular job. Hiring is supposed to know if they are hiring B.S., and in this case, they obviously did not know. DITTO FOR THE 737 MAX. This is an important topic, because it was the old schoolers who made American products great. If this situation is not promptly handled, it is going to be curtains for American quality.

Harley Davidson sales are in decline because Millenials are not buying them.

This could end up killing or diminishing Harley. This report spawned this "study based" list of reasons why millenials won't buy Harley. It has gone so viral I do not know where it came from. It is PERFECT.

The reasons for the slump in sales at HD are not President Trump's fault.

Apparently the Baby-Boomers all have motorcycles. Generation X is only buying a few, and the next generation isn't buying any at all.

A recent study was done to find out why Millennials don't ride motorcycles:

1. Pants won't pull up far enough for them to straddle the seat.

2. Can't get their phone to their ear with a helmet on.

3. Can't use 2 hands to eat while driving.

4. They don't get a trophy and a recognition plaque just for buying one.

5. Don't have enough muscle to hold the bike up when stopped.

6. Might have a bug hit them in the face and then they would need emergency care.

7. Motorcycles don't have air conditioning.

8. They can't afford one because they spent 12 years in college trying to get a degree in Humanities, Social Studies or Gender Studies for which no jobs are available.

9. They are allergic to fresh air.

10. Their pajamas get caught on the exhaust pipes.

11. They might get their hands dirty checking the oil.

12. The handle bars have buttons and levers and cannot be controlled by touch-screen.

13. You have to shift manually and use something called a clutch.

14. It's too hard to take selfies while riding.

15. They don't come with training wheels like their bicycles did.

16. Motorcycles don't have power steering or power brakes.

17. Their nose ring interferes with the face shield.

18. They would have to use leg muscle to back up.

19. When they stop, a light breeze might blow exhaust in their face.

20. It could rain on them and expose them to non-soft water.

21. It might scare their therapy dog, and then the dog would need therapy.

22. Can't get the motorcycle down the basement stairs of their parent's home.


I went over what has been presented as "proof the new spillway will fail" and it is hoaxed. If you have gotten onto this new "Oroville doom", you can forget it - the new spillway is going to be revered like Roman ruins 2, 000 years from now, if our civilization bites the dust and it does not get intentionally ripped out.


I do not usually post stuff like this, but this is TOO PERFECT.

Some idiot who obviously did not need to steal, shoplifted BIG TIME and forgot about his license plate

":MENOMONEE FALLS Menomonee Falls police are looking for a man accused of lifting two dozen bottles of Hennessy liquor and a home surveillance system from a Costco Friday.

According to police, the suspect left the store with 24 bottles of Hennessy liquor and one Lorex brand security system, with a total value of $1, 541.75. Police say the man got into a 2018 Dodge Caravan with Minnesota plates reading BEN-904.

My comment: HA HA. BEN 904? You gotta be kidding, he was THAT STUPID?

And by the way, in the age of $49 4k cameras, YES, the ones in the parking lot can indeed read your license plate no matter how grainy and crappy the security cam videos always "look" on TV. They are not crappy like that!.

I have wanted to point something out for a while:

Every time they show "surveillance footage" on TV it is always crappy and grainy and barely enough to show the face. Reality can't possibly be like that. I bought a $15 dash cam, and it's quality was far beyond what they show as "surveillance footage" on TV. Without question, that footage is a hoax to make people believe they can steal 24 bottles of liquor and a security system, and then drive away safe and secure because "the video will be crap".

It would be idiotic for a Costco to not be able to shoot parking lot video in 4K with at least 30X optical zoom. That would cost like WHAT? $250 now? And it probably would not take even that to nail his license plate.

The surveillance videos of today are obviously a lot better than they show on TV, this is not the 80's with haggard old "we'll use this for the surveillance cam on EP mode" VHS quality surveillance that is not even as good as VHS could be on high quality mode. Why do they always show grainy crap?.

8th Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Joined Her Sport see this 7:30 video (well worth a watch)

I doubt Oroville dam is going to have any more problems

Even if it does oscillate, it is going nowhere. The new spillway is approximately 20X as strong as the one that failed. The minimum concrete thickness is 5 feet with the average being 7.5 feet. It is supported by anchors that go down 30 feet, whereas the original one had anchors that only went down 5 feet (the minimum thickness allowed for the current concrete, so even at it's thinnest, it is as deep as the old anchors were.) It is obviously out of this world stronger than the old spillway. There may be water coming up between some of the slabs, however, it is coming up through drainage gravel. That won't erode. My end conclusion is that Oroville is going to be fine. We will know soon.

Take a look at this following capture:

PROBLEM: Venezuela holds elections in May, not January and GAYDO was not even on the ballot.

"Par for the course" CNN PATHETIC. See this.

FOX NEWS: Supposedly they are "all going to jail" after Nunes spilled the beans

My response:

Please take the "TICK" out of the "TOCK", I can sleep better with just tock tock tock. Until someone actually fries, it is ALL PATENT:



This well reputed astronomer DID AN AWESOME JOB. He had 3 cameras - a Nikon P900, a Nikon p1000, and a Canon T5 on a telescope. All 3 cameras did remarkably well AND BONUS: The rocket landed beyond the curvature of the earth, so you can see it vanish into the waves in the foreground, with the top still sticking out clearly lit and perfectly in focus until the engines cut off. No one did a better job than this, NICE WORK.

An excellent independent photographer filmed a SpaceX sea landing from land with a good telescope.

SEE THIS. It will become viewable at 11 AM CST. This astronomer/photographer is good enough for me to call this worth watching before even seeing it.

This video will independently confirm that SpaceX is not hoaxing it's recoveries.

Interesting: After 737 fiasco, Boeing is replacing human workers with robots.

I still strongly suspect the planes went down because the fuselage failed. That would trick a sensor into believing the plane was at the wrong pitch (when it bent)

Remember, the original reports out of Ethiopia said the plane was dropping papers and clothes before it hit. That would mean the fuselage failed. The masks would not have deployed because in both cases the plane was low enough, and there was not enough time for the pilots to figure out what really happened. But Boeing probably knows. There's no way out of this no matter how much it is denied and not reported. If it was dropping stuff on the way down, it crashed due to fuselage failure, PERIOD. How would a "level sensor" deal with having it's reference - the fuselage - crack open and bend? What is a "level sensor" going to do when it's reference is off? Obviously it will try to change the elevation of the plane as the broken fuselage flaps up and down, giving it an ever changing reference. And that's the only way the plane could have been dropping clothes and papers before it hit the ground, which witnesses on the ground said happened.

And Boeing is, as a result, going to replace human workers with machines. Not 50 workers, or a few hundred, THOUSANDS. Why would they do that? Here's a reason: because despite all the little check boxes on paper - ensuring the fuselage went together right - it did not go together right.

I think they are doing this because the workers screwed up the construction process, and they know it. And like I said during my original Boeing rip, it was immigrant workers that did that particular version of the 737.

QUESTION: What would a liberal scum bag do to avoid having to bring back a work force that was ALL WHITE with ZERO third world immigrants, to avoid having another disaster product? They hate whitie, plus can never admit they were wrong, so robots it will be.


The Sukhoi Superjet is probably going the way of the 737 MAX, for a different reason.

It has been determined that there were no crashes of the Sukhoi that were the airplane's fault, the two fatal crashes that plane now has on it's record were pilot error (proven pilot error) and bad weather related. But Sukhoi is finished because they sold the planes for an enormously lower price than their Boeing and Airbus counterparts, and then stuck it to the airline companies that bought them with over priced and poorly executed maintenance. The planes themselves were not all that bad, but when it's stuck on the ground because it is not well supported, needs a part, and you have to wait for it, and then pay TOP DOLLAR - far more than others charged, it's a killer - especially when you have to explain to customers why their flight is delayed or canceled.

The Sukhoi Superjet may well have at least been better than a 737 MAX but with such poor support it is DOOMED.


Democrats sent out a poll to their own base. It backfired.

The question was simple: Do you want to see more justices like Ginsburg on the supreme court, or do you prefer Bret Kavanaugh? Laughably, even a poll sent out to the most dedicated Dems had Kavanaugh scoring 70-30 above Ginsburg. So they deleted the poll. Fortunately others were on top of this when it happened, SEE THIS Even among Democrats, Trump's SCOTUS pick is the clear winner. If in their own poll 70 percent went against them, there's not a chance they either got voted in last time or could win now.

A Sukhoi Superjet was struck by lightning and crashed

Upon takeoff from Moscow airport, it was struck by lightning, which knocked out the radio and wrecked the controls. They could not radio a distress call to the tower and the airport ignored the distress signal the crew was able to send until it circled and tried to land. I suspect due to vodka. The runway was not clear, and after the first approach the tower made the runway available but did not summon emergency crews and they damn well should have. With limited control, it tried to land, bounced badly and then burst into flames. The foam trucks should have been RIGHT THERE to put the fire out and they were not, they did not arrive until a large number of people were dead. There are conflicting reports of how many people are dead but it has been confirmed that many died in the fire because in addition to an inept tower, and no relevant emergency response, SELFISH MORONS DECIDED TO DIG FOR THEIR CARRY ON LUGGAGE RATHER THAN GET OUT OF THE PLANE ASAP, WHICH TRAPPED PEOPLE IN THE BURNING REAR OF THE PLANE. 41 people died because a few in the front kept them in the back of the burning plane while they dug for their carryons.



Believing Google is actually going to delete it is FOOLISH, that's the Bolshevik takeover database you are "deleting" from. You'll only wipe out your copy.


Highly probable: U.S. carrying out ground operations in Venezuela

One helicopter shot down, and ground transport for a General who was in charge of training special ops intercepted and killed off

The Western MSM is claiming the helicopter "crashed" and that the fatal attack on the General was "gang related activity" but both happened in the hours surrounding a military conference Maduro held to tell the armed forces to prepare to repel an attack by America. One can be an accident, 2 equals "The U.S. has already inserted special forces, that are attacking already."

No solid confirmation U.S. special forces did this, but common sense says . . . . . .

Going over the headlines, they are cranking up the war rhetoric

Here is the war rhetoric on "I go to Druge once every four days or so but just did to see if he had anything at all posted about the factory blast" NOPE. Instead I got: Communist North Korea Cuts food rations AND North Korea test fires new missiles AND "Hero blogger rips Kremlin One link at a time AND Russia is stirring up a Stirring up a new cold war via Cuba AND a nice rip on the Phillipine election process and "fake news" related to it AND The DOD is studying military options for Venezuela


And that $27 an hour is ripped out of your hands via a massively scam high priced MANDATORY medical insurance scam, totally outrageous rents and property prices that were forced to apocalyptic highs on purpose, and every other SCAM you can imagine so that even if you do make that much, you're stuck living mundane AT BEST and can't save for a vacation. Never mind the fact that for that average, they no doubt averaged in scammers like Zukerberg and countless spy on and sell out America CEO's, FACT: The "average American" does not make $27.70 an hour. But for a "Let's go to war because we are better than them with their food rations" propaganda scam, $27.70 it is.

Now, I won't say it is unusual to make $27 an hour in the U.S., but it sure as hell is not what most people make. And for those who do make that, how far does it go?

DEFINITE COVER UP AT AB SPECIALTY SILICONES: It appears the explosion in Illinois won't make the MSM news cycle.

There is something fishy with this. They buried it. Here is what went on: This morning I got up and tried to get info on this company that totally blew to smithereens last night (that I reported at the time) and I could not get information on them because every last search reference available brought up nothing but the explosion and pictures of the explosion. This buried all the references to what the company actually did. Their site was down also so I got that info off their archived site. So I wanted to see if I could get daylight photos a few hours after sunrise, and now there is absolutely nothing about this company that you can get to about the explosion coming up (totally inverse situation) and all you get is their promotional stuff the search engines would have returned before the explosion. Additionally, the Google street view link I posted has been turned down into the road and zoomed in totally, so when people click it they get garbage at first. WHY would Google do that?

They won't shut down the search engines for nothing, something is definitely amiss here. One of the on the ground Twitter reporters is still online HERE but he's starting to get trolled.

About the silicone factory in Illinois that blew up last night

It appears they want it expunged from the news cycle. Here is what went on if the censor bots kick in to hide something:

Last night the police were chasing and had caught a van that supposedly had a bunch of antennas on it that (supposedly) was involved in a blast at a silicone factory in Illinois. This blast was felt for about 40 miles and blew all the windows out of everything in the area. The factory is gone.

The factory was called Specialty Silicones, and their web site is down this morning. According to the Wayback machine they had a state of the art lab for research into silicone compounds and they made exotic stuff.

The blast seems far too large for the casualty count of a couple dead and a few injured. Debris was scattered over an area more than a thousand feet across and windows were blown out in the area. Maybe no one was working. But if no one was working, how was there an explosion? Well, that would be why the police chased down a van that they thought did it. They said on the police scanners that the van triggered the explosion via remote. Last word on that was that they had it cornered but they could not get anyone out of it. Then the topic died. So my guess is someone in the van got into the place, planted a detonator and blew something up and for whatever reason the authorities want it hush hush. If the place was not operating, something probably blew it up via a little external help.

There is a way to possibly figure out if that is what happened - the casualty count. If when it all works out only a few are dead or injured, it was probably someone blowing the place up. If in the end there are hundreds of dead and injured, it was probably a work place accident. Media blackout equals inconvenient info.

Google sabotaged the link "This is what blew up" by changing it to a blurry aerial view that is zoomed in to the road and all you can see is a blurry surface. You have to hit zoom out 5 times and then get back on the ground. This "fake news" site is obviously not privileged enough to just have it work.

ENORMOUS explosions in Gurnee Illinois


I don't have a lot of details yet, but here's the text from this Twitter feed

Gurnee, Illinois... At this time we know the following... this is a set of explosions, not an accident. Currently the police have a suspect tied down but not in custody. Police are worried as he is considered suicide by cop with explosives.... @CBSLA ‏

Possible orig as attack on a plant, not sure what kind. CFO of plant is on location and talking with authorities now.

Now authorities discussing a "possible conspiracy that someone set it off remotely".

Blast was so large they are now shutting down all rail service in area for inspections.

‏ A witness said that while she was driving down Delany she heard a large boom and saw debris flying through the air. When she turned onto Sunset Avenue, she saw more insulation and debris in the air and then saw a second boom.

Video from social media shows the aftermath of the explosion and fire. Many of the initial reports of the incident came from Gurnee, where residents said they heard the explosion and felt their homes shake.

Crime scene command vehicles have been set up in area. Bomb squad on scene now.

Still no word or confirmation of cause.. several explosions heard after initial large explosion.

My comment: Let me guess: This explosion happened at a silicone plant. So a right wing nutcase blew the place up because it was making materials for the abortion industry or something else he did not like. If that's where they take this story, DO NOT CALL ME A PROPHET. BARE MINIMUM: RIGHT WING NUTCASE BLOWS UP FACTORY. DO NOT call me a prophet, because this game is getting too old for that. 70/30 odds. Any bets anyone?

ENORMOUS explosions in Gurnee Illinois

Here is a picture of the approximate location of at least one of the explosions (approximate is all you need because debris was scattered for blocks) and after carefully examining this, This is what blew up. It is so GONE that it was hard to make sense of the videos people posted.

No word on any foul play with this yet, it could have been an accident but it will take a while to know for sure.

Government contracted Boeing 737 crash

Plane from GITMO in the river in Jacksonville Florida

QUESTION: Boeing 737 Max or a different 737? Pilot error, or computer glitch?

AND . . . . . . GITMO. You can't make this stuff up, SEE THIS.

"They" want this web site DESTROYED - once again, they cut the business phone

This time they were more sneaky about it and an employee's phone and Claudia's phone was able to dial the business. But I was skeptical because there was no business when we should have had it. So I took the phone that is being used for the internet connection and made a call with it. It returned the message: "Call cannot be completed until you add airtime". Problem: It was in full time use for the internet. It has airtime. So I called Claudia's phone with it, and her phone rang. By then, "they" made the circle of association and the next time I called the business phone with it, it worked.

People really need to realize and accept the fact that the phone shadow ban is real. If they want you destroyed and you need the phone for survival, it will only work when you test it, with numbers they know are in your direct circle of association. Surprisingly I busted them with the modem phone, they did not have that in the circle of association.

They are playing dirty and fully intend to win via any means possible. All businesses need a phone. If you don't answer, it makes the business look like hell and guarantees a total loss of customers. The Alt media is up against more than just a blacklist, it is up against crap like this. People had damn well better wake up about this.

Unfortunately, at this point, any solution to this problem would involve something "they" can call law enforcement for, and scream about how they are the victim. The only way this can be shut down short of killing people over it is via regulation and I don't think you could even convince the Mex government it is happening. Trump probably knows this crap happens in the U.S. and he's not doing jack to stop it, while his base goes to shit. WHY?

The bottom line is that the alt income plan is probably screwed, and this web site is probably screwed. If I can't post a donation request without practically all of it getting blocked or stolen, and can't run a business because I can't communicate, what else am I supposed to do?

Worse: Claudia's school recently hired a new "boss" that wormed his way into a position above Claudia. And once in that position, he has done NOTHING AT ALL other than try to get her fired. He has triggered a constant stream of evaluations and the only reason Claudia is still there is because she has a history going back years and his well planned and determined back stabs have failed to hit home. And there's no reason for it. It is obvious the same enemies of the alt media want Claudia fired, this site-de funded and the alt income plan destroyed. 3 for 3 is TOO DAMN OBVIOUS.

You can say the donation blockage is "paranoia" but we have now repeatedly confirmed (on three separate occasions) that they have a block on the business phone to prevent any new customers from getting through, and they even try that crap on existing customers. One confirmation was from an existing customer saying the phone did not work, one was from us confirming it with commonly used numbers and a third incident was confirmed with the phone I use as a modem. The nutjob who is a real schmoozer and manipulator trying to get Claudia fired from DAY ONE as a boss is more than an anomaly also, I strongly believe he was sent for it. At least I know what is going on with all of this.

TRUMP: "It is getting worse and worse for conservatives on social media"

My comment:

And he's not going to do jack about it. TICK TOCK.

American EP-3 off the coast of Venezuela

The EP-3 is a slow flying low flying long duration spy aircraft. Venezuela sent out F-16's to greet it. Trump is not backing down and is telling other nations to allow an overthrow and not interfere. This does not look good.

Through whatever bribes or whatever, the U.S. thought it was going to get Gaydo in. That failed. The Venezuelan people plus the military and other security forces stood by Maduro, despite "deals" that were made. Now we go into round 4. Round 1: Declare Gaydo the president and stage riots. Round 2. Cut the power. Round 3 - Buy off the military to overthrow Maduro while Gaydo does a sideshow and Maduro keeps the lights on. Round 4: Up next.

This does not look good folks.

Why am I not reporting anything about indictments, arrests, or anything else related to the fraud surrounding the Russia witch hunt? Easy answer


I am tired of the tick tock. Nuff said.

Scientology flagship "Freewinds" quarantined in St Lucia

It is stuck by a technicality due to one woman who came down with the measles. She's over it, but the law in St. Lucia says anyone who is sick at all aboard a vessel means no one can disembark for 21 days. They are changing schedules and moving on to a different destination that does not have such a quarantine policy, which in this case is a mere nuisance. Oddly, people can go onto the ship and leave, but no one who was on the ship to begin with can leave.

The passengers are taking it in stride, and the Freewinds is a very nice ship - nice enough to have full stability controls so you can't get seasick on it because you can't feel the waves, along with prime accomodations, but this has gotta be awful.

One of the dining areas

Sputnik: The U.S. had an agreement with Venezuela's military to arrest Maduro

When the time came, they did not do it.

"The Trump administration had an agreement in place with Venezuela's military that President Nicolas Maduro would be arrested during this week's attempted coup, the Spanish newspaper ABC reports, citing a source in the US National Security Council.

Washington apparently reached the deal with Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez via phone talks conducted over the past few months.

Padrino, alongside other ministers and generals, is said to have accepted the agreements drafted by the self-proclaimed acting president, Juan Guaido. This roadmap would include a call for fresh elections within a month - one of Guaido's main promises - and the recognition of the opposition lawmaker as the "legitimate and interim" head of state.

In turn, president of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice Maikel Moreno, a Maduro ally, had reportedly planned to declare illegitimate the Constituent Assembly, a parallel legislature loyal to Maduro convened by a presidential decree in 2017 in defiance of the opposition-held National Assembly.

This move, as per the report, would legally allow the military to notify Maduro that he was either leaving the country for Cuba or would be detained by court order.

The agreements were supposed be signed at the military base La Carlota in Caracas, from where Guaido, on Tuesday, urged the armed forces and civilians in a video address to join what he called the final push to topple Maduro.

My insert: I was watching this happen, and that Maduro was toast, and suddenly control of the base was back in Maduro's hands. I wonder what happened.

However, his coup attempt did not gain enough traction to oust the president, with the military leadership voicing their support for the government.

According to ABC, White House officials are not aware of what happened on Tuesday, while some sources apparently believe that the coup was derailed by Padrino, who backed out at the last minute.

My comment: I am not aware of what happened either, only that for whatever reason, Guaido got the boot. He had very poor support, used that poor support to start shooting people, and suddenly everything the U.S. bet on blew up, with the base not going along with it. I did not know the U.S. had an agreement ahead of time to arrest Maduro. This really looks bad. And Padrino will now probably feel so bad he "wants to die".

SPLCENTER hack posts ridiculous list of "fake news sites" on Poyntner

They took it down, but only after it created a major uproar.

There is more on this down the page a ways. Last check the list was removed with only the Wayback machine proving it existed. It would be funny, but Faceplant and everyone else used the list to do bulk bans. Now, (evidently) according to the chatter out there, even posting a link to a site on the list triggers bans on Faceplant. Rumor also has it that Youtube lost $70 billion over their recent crackdown and removal of alt media sites, if so, that's not enough. Life goes on I guess.

Today they are saying an equal number of liberal web sites were on the list, (now that you can't see it anymore,) but that is a BIG FAT LIE. All I noticed was that everyone, Breitbart, Hannity, EVERYONE decent that anyone ever heard of - 515 total, was there. Nothing new.

The "515 club" - Make the list and you are GOLD.


The refinery in Carson California just went up in flames. This time, public perception is VERY different - the public is now saying the fires are set on purpose and that's a new development. Take a look at these tweets

"Another convenient refinery fire in Southern California's city of Carson. This is the running joke in California. There's a refinery fire every season when they change blends and prices go up"

"Hey @chevron, @Phillips66Gas, @ValeroEnergy Question... why do So Cal. refinery fires happen just before the summer EVERY YEAR? Don't answer- it's rhetorical as we all know why. We obviously don't pay enough for gas as it is and your shareholders want more return for investment

"I swear I think someone is intentionally setting up them fires hey @GavinNewsom why don't u used are tax payers money for an investigation into why is there so many fires at Carson refinery"

"These damn refinery fires happen all the time always around the time of a switch in blends or anytime they feel like setting it on fire!!!!

"Ah yes the regularly scheduled refinery fire just in time for a dogshit reason to raise prices even more. Nobody is catching on, nothing to see here guys."

There are hundreds of tweets like those, far too many to list. PROUD MEMBER OF THE 515 club

UPDATE: They did not have the balls to keep this list up, so they removed it. Proof it existed is on the Wayback machine HERE (scroll to the second row of reports on the linked page.)

If you make the list, you are among the BEST. Breitbart pointed this out HERE.

As you can see in the far right column, this site has no rank data. That is because having every hit be a redirect that dumps the site to direct IP prevents ranking engines from ranking it. That actually works to my advantage because it obscures the reach of this site from enemies. However, when I set up the direct IP, the site ranked slightly above the SPLC and is now approximately 3 times as well traveled. So it is significant, it BLOWS the SPLC away and therefore got noticed enough to make the list.


I'd like them to try to to rebut ANYTHING on this site - anything at all. If I make a mistake, I clearly state I made a mistake and when I think it might be rumor I call it rumor and when I don't believe the official lie I state the official lie and why I don't believe it. People can make up their minds beyond that, it is all in the open here. There's nothing "fake" at all here, and most of the other sites listed on the "fake" list are solid gold.

HERE'S THE GOOD PART: If I had not made the list as a fake news site, I'd be genuinely worried and a little pissed off. This made my day! That shows how credible those calling names are.

FACT: GO OVER THAT LIST. ANY REFERENCE NOT ON IT IS THE ENEMY, PROTECTED BY A TACTIC CALLED "DISPLACEMENT" WHICH COMMUNISTS USE TO ACCUSE OTHERS OF DOING EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. We all know the ruse, and how to use that list. MY GOD, going over it I cannot believe who made the club, anyone who has ever done anything good is there. WOW.

A secondary response line to add below:

Troll: All the shots are already analyzed and guaranteed safe, only a moron would need further confirmation.

Your response: I'll happily blow my money on foolish endeavors, and if there's nothing to hide, it should be allowed. Why is it not allowed to happen on an individual basis, triggered by individuals and not some "medical panel"? I can assure you that even if I am not an expert, the people at the labs are.

Anti-fertility shots disguised as tetanus vaccines back in alt-media headlines

The current incident they are citing is a multi-year campaign in Kenya that was launched by the typical culprits and got busted in 2014. Anti-fertility is (probably) without question a key component of the gardasil shot as well. Anti-fertility shots are old news and are completely ignored by vaccine trolls in forums and blogs, who either stupidly or intentionally seek to destroy people by pushing pro-vaccine garbage. I am going to take this Kenya incident in a different direction.

We no longer need to point out how the Gates foundation got busted doing this, or how the WHO got busted doing this, or how the UN got busted doing this, - it is well recorded history it happened and continues to happen. What we ought to instead focus on pointing out with this is that it proves evil people are in control of vaccine distribution and they consistently lie about what is really in the shots. This is what you need to respond to vaccine trolls with. When they claim you are anti-science, hit them with a response that includes a reference to the secretly given anti-fertility vaccines, that are totally well documented. When they respond with "that's just __________" you respond with - Oh, you are worse than anti-science, you can't even respond adequately to documented FACT. THEN YOU SAY THIS: "There should be no reason whatsoever why I can't walk into a place that is administering vaccines, or stop the nurse right when she was going to inject it into me and take that EXACT SHOT to an independent lab for analysis. Yet that is not allowed, WHY?

Then keep repeating: We are not allowed to take these shots to independent labs for analysis.

Troll response: Those are controlled items for use only by medical professionals, that you have no business walking around with"

Then you respond again: If they are going to inject this into me, I ought to have a right to have it independently analyzed. Why is this never allowed?

Troll response: You are afraid of needles!

Your response: Nope, that's not it, what does fear of getting poked by a needle have to do with lab analysis?

Troll response: You're just a paranoid nutcase!

Your response: What about those anti fertility vaccines that are totally documented, yet you refuse to acknowledge? They prove that your side of the debate cannot be trusted, it is common sense, not "crazy paranoia"

Just keep looping these damn trolls everywhere you see them. WRECK THEIR DAY. We are absolutely right about this, and really hammer how you can't take the shot from the nurse, right when she is going to inject it, even if you paid for it, out the door for analysis. If you try that, you're going to jail. WHY?



Everyone who hits this site has seen Michelle watch Notre Dame burn. How coincidental was it that she was on the river at that exact time, getting a perfect view? I'd say about as "coincidental" as a fire at Al Aqsa at the EXACT SAME TIME. The one at Al Aqsa was put out before major damage happened, but like Notre Dame, it was widely noticed and could have been devastating.

File this fire at Al Aqsa under YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, MOSSAD ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! I guess, as I have repeatedly said, Muslims did not burn Notre Dame after all!

It goes like this:

1. Burn the holy sites, thus forcing a re-build

2. During the rebuild, introduce "Chrislam".

3. Have the Immams introduce fatwas that support "Chrislam" and have the pope support it too.

4. Hope for people to be STUPID.

It has been formally declared by Russia that Gaydo failed in his coup

Sputnik News has stated that Russia is not going to tolerate further aggression, especially "boots on the ground" military aggression against Venezuela.

This came after it was widely rumored that the U.S. was going to go into Venezulela and oust Maduro by force, after Gaydo failed. And what a failure it was. A BEAUTY. Evidently Gaydo failed so bad that he got no sympathy at all from the Venezuelan people when a live stream of a "Tiananmen square" type episode, where Maduro's forces openly and obviously drove armored trucks over a bunch of Gaydo rioters. It obviously did not help to have Gaydo's people shooting Venezuelans the day before. So sympathy was hard to come by.

INTERESTING STUFF. Wait for tomorrow for developments I guess, on last check of Venezuela's power it is at it's lowest in a while (down by 30 percent) but this time it looks like it was a controlled shut down for the night, so they can make portions of the grid more resistant to attack.

Venezuela learned something important from these blackouts: DO NOT BUY BUGGED TO CRAP CANADIAN SWITCH GEAR.

I ought to do a meme: "Wants public to believe Venezuela runs on 50 year old crap, bugs system with circa 2018 viruses to "prove it".

I gotta say, Trump had some golden moments with this, that did not look good for him AT ALL. That said, he's still my President, who else would be better? Consider "We came, we saw, he died". Trump does not have that attitude at least.

Old laptop (possibly) restored

It is an awesome old (2011) A6 quad core I got at Wal-Mart. No reason to ditch it unless I absolutely have to.

Earlier I mentioned a bug either in the bios, or one that was written into RAM by damaging the RAM. When booting, it looked like embossed blotches on the screen, and after booting it looked like there was a very faint desktop emboss overlay over my desktop, with a different desktop layout than mine, including a different task bar embossed over mine. Something was obviously amiss. A classic intelligence blooper.

I suspect it was a permanently resident Ram virus. Bugs that are done via permanently writing to RAM are accomplished by stressing the ram badly on purpose so it "sticks" and holds a program even after a power off. This virus type is virtually un known of but (may be) mentioned HERE under "Resident". It implants itself by constantly writing to RAM over and over again at a speed the ram normally would not permit until it damages the part of ram it wants to live in, in a way that causes the section of damaged ram to always represent the imprint of the virus. At the link it is called a permanent virus.

This type of virus can be foiled, anyone who thinks it has to be permanent is missing out on a "fix".

If discovered early on, such a virus can be cleared by either freezing or baking the circuits it is in. I opted to freeze it.

If people do not know how to handle such a virus, it might work for a considerable length of time before it gets corrupted, and the longer it is there, the more it can re-enforce it's presence. However, it's presence is unstable because it is recorded into the system in a way the system was not specifically designed for. In my case, the virus was fresh, I noticed it right away (it was obvious) so to clear it I put the laptop in the freezer for a day, and then thawed it slowly under blankets. That cleared it. When rebooted the computer was normal again.

I am going to replace this laptop ASAP however, just in case all I did was get rid of the symptoms. They were, to be specific:

Even after completely removing power from the laptop, it would boot just a little bit slower than before, and even before the screen blank at the beginning of boot occurred, you could see an embossed pattern on the screen. After boot up, this embossed pattern transformed itself into a separate desktop, embossed into the normal desktop that was not a repeat of the normal desktop, the icons were for a different OS. VERY freaky, I knew the system was had, and that having it be visible was a major blooper for someone.

Site updates will go back to normal now.

If you decide to try the "freeze a virus out of your laptop trick" do it this way:

First of all, you chances of having such a virus are near zilch. Only do it if you know for sure something is wrong and a scanner can't find it. Don't be guessing, because this is hard on whatever you do it to.

Commit to doing it right before you do it. If you can't do it as I say, wait until you can.

Put your laptop in the freezer with the freezer totally maxed. Take the battery out first. Have the laptop off the bottom of the freezer, (put it on top of stuff) it should not touch the sides of the freezer, which usually are not as cold as the center of the freezer. You want to freeze it HARD. LEAVE IT IN FOR AN ENTIRE DAY, and I mean, put it in one day, go to sleep at night, and pull it out the next day. Perhaps before you go to work in the morning.

Important: Condensation will KILL IT.

When you take it out, immediately take it to the bedroom and put it under a pillow, and then pull the blankets over the pillow (so the bed looks made, but there's a laptop under the pillow. Don't delay with this, take it from the freezer to the bed instantly. Don't try turning it on, you'll probably destroy it.

Let it sit under the pillow for an entire day. The bed should be made in a way that prevents any of the laptop from showing to the open air, if it shows to the open air, it is going to get massive condensation on the circuits and that's obviously bad.

If you can't do it the way I said you'll probably kill your laptop. It really does have to freeze hard and thaw very slowly in a way condensation can't get on it to begin with, and then left for enough time for any condensation that did occur to dry out of it. This process takes a day and a half.

After I did this with mine, I declared victory, the second embossed desktop (which was someone's obvious screwup) was gone and system performance was normal.

800, 000 children go missing in the U.S. every year

According to the DOJ, 800, 000 children are reported missing EVERY YEAR. So since I have never known anyone who reported their kid missing, I would really like to know why every time Sandy Hook is discussed online there will be several people in the immediate group who knew one of the victims. Not a peep from the 800, 000 EVERY YEAR, but constant presence from someone who personally knew one of the few at Sandy Hook. How big is that budget?

Supposedly Assange got 50 weeks jail

I am still skeptical of all of this. I will be surprised if he does not "die in jail" and even more surprised if the same Assange actually emerges from prison and has his mind. They can cover up a lot of brain damage or get rid of him totally with a solid "prison beating". No matter how this works out, I doubt he will ever be in good shape and as sharp as he was again.

Maduro has succeeded in keeping the lights on through this latest coup attempt. They knocked it down by 20 percent twice, but it was quickly recovered both times.

Mike Rivero posted a brilliant piece that makes me know I am not alone on Venezuela

"Before the fateful day of January 22, fewer than one in five Venezuelans had heard of Juan Guaido. Only a few months ago, the 35-year-old was an obscure character in a politically marginal far-right group closely associated with gruesome acts of street violence. Even in his own party, Guaido had been a mid-level figure in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela's constitution.

But after a single phone call from US Vice President Mike Pence, Guaido proclaimed himself as president of Venezuela. Anointed as the leader of his country by Washington, a previously unknown political bottom dweller was vaulted onto the international stage as the US-selected leader of the nation with the world's largest oil reserves."

Echoing the Washington consensus, the New York Times editorial board hailed Guaidó as a “credible rival” to Maduro with a 'refreshing style and vision of taking the country forward.' The Bloomberg News editorial board applauded him for seeking 'restoration of democracy' and the Wall Street Journal declared him 'a new democratic leader.' Meanwhile, Canada, numerous European nations, Israel, and the bloc of right-wing Latin American governments known as the Lima Group recognized Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela"

So, that is what we have here in Guaido; a guy schooled in "regime change", just so those in the bowels of DC ultimately control Venezuela's oil, and the method of payment for that oil, if in fact, this "Cu Cu KaCHOO" is successful.

But please remember the following; Russia has troops on the ground in Venezuela; the US came with too little too late, to prevent them from being there, at Maduro's invitation. So one has to wonder, just what their orders are?!? To keep Maduro and his family safe at all costs, and at all times??!?

One of DC's "supremely self-reinventing lower-octave bottom feeders", John Bolton, has made his statement today, that the Venezuelan people, and its military, "had" to back Guaido, and by doing that, will preserve the Venezuelan Constitution; Bollix and Codswallop, I say!!

This is about the money, and about the oil, in one of the world's most sublimely gifted countries when it comes to reserves. As Google states, "The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as the largest in the world, totaling 297 billion barrels (4.72×1010 m3) as of 1 January 2014."

Remember how Victoria Nuland bragged about how much money the US spent to get "regime change" in Ukraine?!? United States spent 5 billion dollars to achieve "Regime Change" in Ukraine which, ultimately, proved a stupid thing for it to have done, given the performance of their "anointed Savoir", Poroshenko, in the last election, where he got professionally "creamed" by a Comedian, who just won the Ukrainian election by a huge majority.Volodymyr Zelenskiy wins Ukrainian election by a landslide

How much do you think the US government is willing to spend on "regime change" in Venezuela, to get its hands around that oil?!? Many, many more billions, friends; while our Vets sleep rough in our streets, and US infrastructure is crumbling around us?

Remember; American political system is solely driven by its members' lust for money, to be made off the backs of American working people, or conquering other countries; the situation unfolding in Venezuela proves the truth of that last statement.

And a little companion piece to this last bit, also from Blackwater Founder's Latest pitch to the Trump Administration: sending private mercs to Venezuela to Topple Maduro

I have just three words to share with any of the Trumpians who read this blog: PLEASE, LORD, NO!!

Venezuela update:

Guaido failed to get the support of the military, which, in a very unsavoury scene mowed down protesters with an armored truck. Many rumors of the U.S. landing with forces to oust Maduro are going around, but thus far it has not happened.

My work is significantly stifled due to an attack this morning that probably put my main (now 8 year old) laptop out of commission. I have newer ones I would rather not use, and another one that is old I was unable to quickly find the power supply for so I am using an old tablet. I can still put up a good page but it takes longer. I cannot get updates on whether or not Venezuela lost power again with this tablet but at last check, Maduro kept the grid secure and the military is on his side to such an extent they got pissed off and started running people down. That sure will not look good on Youtube.

Alex Jones is ripping hard on the socialist dictator, and I can see why, however, one must keep in mind that if the U.S. government saw the same kind of uprising, they would gun everyone dead on the spot and if that is hard for you to believe, just look at what happened at Waco. They would be a LOT worse than Maduro. Additionally, I would like to once again state that I am not a socialist, but the Venezuelan people opted for this and it worked great until the U.S. screwed it up with sanctions. Also, to swoop in with a phoney president the way the U.S. and NWO did with Guaido is totally unacceptable.


I got cyber attacked

This time I can directly identify exactly who did it and how it was done. I am on new hardware now. I have lots of stuff to keep going with but I am going to switch this setup out because it is tedious. I could not find the adapter for the cheapest laptop I use as the normal backup because I have not used it for months and did not want to risk a prime laptop doing this so I am working with a 7.5 inch screen and tiny bluetooth keyboard.

GOOD NEWS: I am able to post again BEFORE the coffee machine decided to stop warming coffee for the day! Par for the course I guess and I am going to have to make a final decision on whether or not I am going to report who did this, it was obvious, they are a MAJOR venue that is important and I would WIPE THEM OUT, they would not survive if I said what happened. What triggered them to get an un-removable BIOS flash installed? Here it is, what causes the elite the most fearL :

1. Talking about how any shooting that has a manifesto is likely identified fake because it has one, AND

2. Talking about vaccine damage, and how it is in fact the top intellectuals avoiding them, not anti-science types, AND (it has to be coupled with) information on how doctors actually have spoken up about this, and subsequently mysteriously commit suicide if they are not good at staying alive. The (few) doctors, such as Mercola, who have survived talking about it are well aware of the fact that suicide is very common among doctors who have spoken up and have therefore managed to stay alive. A little discrediting and they are under control. Additionally, speaking about how the medical journals have been subverted and cannot be trusted also triggered this attack.

It came in the form of a bug in the bios or other place an attack could be stored in hardware other than the hard disk, that was obvious because it corrupted a small section of the video display, that happened in conjunction with a stern notice about how I was not welcome there anymore. Even booting with no hard drive at all still has a corrupted memory field showing up - somehow it got written to and I doubt it was a coincidence considering the timing of it all. There are bugs that can permanently write themselves to RAM by hitting the RAM really hard multiple times so it gets stuck and does not clear so it might not be a BIOS bug. The RAM attacks are unreliable and crappy bugs but it is now ADIOS to that computer (maybe I will freeze it, that sometimes works with RAM chips that have been damaged with stuff like this) I will know if I cleared it because the display will return to normal without doing anything at all

At any rate, someone is really sensitive about manifestos and vaccine talk right now.

Venezuela's power stayed on through the latest coup attempt. That means Maduro is still fully in charge, and the virus problems are solved.



The Manifesto - a key "proof" a shooting was staged

So ALL shooters write a manifesto now, eh?

Sometimes YEARS above what their writing level should be.

Is a manifesto now a requirement?

It seems a bit odd to me that anyone would write a huge manifesto at all. I think short messages, like "stop vaccine damaging our kids" or "get your sh*t out of our colleges and schools" coupled with a successful getaway where the perp is not dead or captured within an hour or two would be a lot more believable. Why won't "they" add that variety?

Everything done at these shootings is obviously done in a way that allows them to milk every event to the max - He came, he left a manifesto, WE GOT HIM. Enjoy reading that manifesto. Are they training all of us to write manifestos and then expect to die or go to jail in one whack? Why has the perp NEVER GOTTEN AWAY?

"Wow, it is a lot of work to write a manifesto, and I will get caught, I think I'll do the shooting next week or perhaps skip it altogether because a manifesto is like a college term paper and that takes time I don't have right now, plus I'll go to jail to boot."

And I think I have the clincher: Whoever is staging this crap wants the agenda to proceed unimpeded. And only a tiny fraction of the benefactors of these staged events actually know they were staged - they have to believe it was real too. And if the perp gets away and is hiding out there, able to strike again, some of the lilly limp wristed COMMIES will lose sleep at night, knowing a BIG BAD BOOGIE MAN might one day get them.

"They", - the people at the top of the food chain - don't want that. It would slow down "progress" to have all the minions scared. So they follow the formula.




The Manifesto - a key "proof" a shooting was staged

So ALL shooters write a manifesto now, eh?

Sometimes YEARS above what their writing level should be.

Is a manifesto now a requirement?

It seems a bit odd to me that anyone would write a huge manifesto at all. I think short messages, like "stop vaccine damaging our kids" or "get your sh*t out of our colleges and schools" coupled with a successful getaway where the perp is not dead or captured within an hour or two would be a lot more believable. Why won't "they" add that variety?

Everything done at these shootings is obviously done in a way that allows them to milk every event to the max - He came, he left a manifesto, WE GOT HIM. Enjoy reading that manifesto. Are they training all of us to write manifestos and then expect to die or go to jail in one whack? Why has the perp NEVER GOTTEN AWAY?

"Wow, it is a lot of work to write a manifesto, and I will get caught, I think I'll do the shooting next week or perhaps skip it altogether because a manifesto is like a college term paper and that takes time I don't have right now, plus I'll go to jail to boot."

And I think I have the clincher: Whoever is staging this crap wants the agenda to proceed unimpeded. And only a tiny fraction of the benefactors of these staged events actually know they were staged - they have to believe it was real too. And if the perp gets away and is hiding out there, able to strike again, some of the lilly limp wristed COMMIES will lose sleep at night, knowing a BIG BAD BOOGIE MAN might one day get them.

"They", - the people at the top of the food chain - don't want that. It would slow down "progress" to have all the minions scared. So they follow the formula.




The Manifesto - a key "proof" a shooting was staged

So ALL shooters write a manifesto now, eh? Sometimes YEARS above what their writing level should be. Is a manifesto now a requirement? It seems a bit odd to me that anyone would write a huge manifesto at all. I think short messages, like "stop vaccine damaging our kids" or "get your sh*t out of our colleges and schools" coupled with a successful getaway where the perp is not dead or captured within an hour or two would be a lot more believable. Why won't "they" add that variety? Everything done at these shootings is obviously done in a way that allows them to milk every event to the max - He came, he left a manifesto, WE GOT HIM. Enjoy reading that manifesto. Are they training all of us to write manifestos and then expect to die or go to jail in one whack? Why has the perp NEVER GOTTEN AWAY? "Wow, it is a lot of work to write a manifesto, and I will get caught, I think I'll do the shooting next week or perhaps skip it altogether because a manifesto is like a college term paper and that takes time I don't have right now, plus I'll go to jail to boot." And I think I have the clincher: Whoever is staging this crap wants the agenda to proceed unimpeded. And only a tiny fraction of the benefactors of these staged events actually know they were staged - they have to believe it was real too. And if the perp gets away and is hiding out there, able to strike again, some of the lilly limp wristed COMMIES will lose sleep at night, knowing a BIG BAD BOOGIE MAN might one day get them. "They", - the people at the top of the food chain - don't want that. It would slow down "progress" to have all the minions scared. So they follow the formula. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


FACT: An average Mexican extended family can summon a LOT more people to a party than Biden got for his rally

Super tight camera zoom plus ZERO audience pans prove it, most likely everyone there was paid to show up. SEE THIS.


YEAY. Now it is time for the perp walk. Let's hope Trump does not get sucked on by another deep state leech in that position.

The story is fresh and so far only the British Bullshit Corporation has it, but it does appear to be legit despite the bad source.

Opinion: Current worries about Oroville are legit

There are significant worries about the new spillway at Oroville, which can cause the entire dam to collapse with ease. They are:

1. Water leaking out the base of the dam (never a good thing).

2. Dirt coming out of drain pipes under the spillway, which should be totally clean water. If there is dirt, there is erosion, UNDER the spillway.

3. Water coming up between the slabs on the spillway. This means water can get under the slabs and lift them up.

4. Some slabs have already lifted enough to cause concern.

5. When tested, the entire spillway started to oscillate at a low frequency, thus causing them to shut it down before it shook itself apart.

6. Gates in such bad condition they cannot be shut off well enough to allow repair people to walk on the spillway without channeling the water away from where they are working.

7. An enormous snowpack in the mountains.

8. A dam with water 900 feet deep that has been allowed to get to less than 20 feet of overtopping, with a large amount of water on the way.

I am not ready to say it is going to blow yet, however, if there were no problems with the spillway, they should have been releasing water 65 feet ago. Why did they not do this? That sure looks suspicious.

Let's all hope the points above are only doom, they really do have it under control, and will be able to let it rip when needed, without consequence. One way or another, we are going to know, very soon. The water will definitely overtop this week or next week if they don't start using that spillway.

HA, Sports Illustrated did it right.

They featured a model wearing a "burkini". I figured it would be a hoax, where her head was covered and the rest was a regular bikini, but no, THEY DID IT RIGHT, there is ZERO zing. And that's what the burka is supposed to accomplish.

I'd sure hate to swim in that. But it gets the job done I guess. And categorically ensures that NO wearer would ever get an Olympic medal.

NEVER draw up plans for ANYTHING other than perhaps construction

If you have invented something, never draw up plans except for perhaps the old fashioned way - on a drafting table or paper sketch and if you do that, make sure they never get within reach of a cell phone or other camera lens. By the way, I'd like to throw something in here - When they recently re-flashed one of the phones to put a bug on it, (a burner phone) suddenly the camera max quality went from 320X240 to 1280X960. So your cell cam is probably a lot better than you have access to. The other phone they tried to re-flash at the same time is still bricked so bad it is totally dead. Ok, so back to the main topic with this:

NEVER draw up plans on a computer. I know that it has been well marketed that you are "illiterate" or "backwards" when you don't draw up plans before doing something, but I NEVER do, and everything I try works out fine.

Here's the reality to all of this: If you draw up plans, they are going to get stolen. Especially if you draw them up on a computer. Then, before you release your invention or new and innovative design, if it has a chance of success in the market, someone else who has better funding will have it first.

Since a certain group has the "right to everything because they are superior", and that same group has bugs planted in everything (as proven by all the recent Intel "vulnerabilities") you will get hacked and your plans will get stolen if anyone thinks they are useful.

If you need plans, KEEP THEM ON PAPER and never let any tech device get a good look at them.

The business phone got blocked

This can happen to you also, and if you are not aware of it, you'll be wrecked.

This is a topic I have brought up before, and they tried it. It did minimal damage, because within hours customers came saying the phone was not working. We then confirmed it was not working. The next day, before opening, we went to the phone provider and did not even get to the customer service desk, instead the girl who gives you your number in line (to wait for service) - she also has a terminal, checked the phone, said it ought to work, and suddenly it was working like magic.


I have said this before MANY TIMES: If you need a phone for your business or it is critical for your life in general, and you are either a white male, or a dissident, or in competition with someone who is "privileged" "they" will cause your phone to stop receiving calls and even outgoing you will hit tons of voicemail and busy signals that are not legit. When you are in proximity of whoever is asking "why you never answer" your phone will work PERFECT, to make you look like an a-hole who never answers. They will destroy you with this.

I strongly suspect that in many cases, any calls made to your business will be funneled to competitors but in this latest case with the business phone that did not happen, the message sent back to callers was that it was a bad number.

TAKE THIS TO THE BANK: If you noticed a while back that all of a sudden everyone seemed to "hate you" because your phone went dead and no one called or texted or e-mailed you, or whatever else, you can safely bet that no one hated you, you got cut off. The shadow ban does apply to phones as much as it applies to Facebook.

Anger management with regard to your blocked phone:

Don't go to your friends pissed off about "how you know your phone is blocked", no matter how well they know you they are going to think an acid hit from 20 years ago surfaced. Instead, take your current phone and copy all the numbers out of it. Then put it in the microwave (don't start the microwave) and then go to 7-11 and get a POS prepaid burner phone that requires no identification and for god's sake don't charge it to your VISA. I mean A BURNER PHONE, don't say "Oh, I have my pride, I can't be seen with this", no, Get the EMBARASSING PHONE with TONS of airtime, and then, having NEVER turned your other phone on because it is in the microwave (which will silence it totally) and BEFORE you go home (because geolocation may get your new burner phone censored instantly) and BEFORE you even go back to your car (because the engine computer might associate with your new phone and cause it to be censored) FROM A PARK BENCH after charging it at a Starbucks you never go to start calling friends who went silent on the other phone.

Your new phone will work for the first two or three calls and then it will be associated with you, just from who you called. Make the first couple calls good ones.

This is not a pile of horse dung, BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. HATED IT. If Payphones were still around, they'd work for this also.

Speed of light changing? Horse pucky!

Some IDIOT at Nasa claims the speed of light is changing and that makes time travel possible. That's BUNK. She cited that it is apparent because lasers bounced off reflectors on the moon are taking longer to return a signal than before.

OK, - so - Cute. But I can prove her wrong in a single dash: If the speed of light was changing, the perceived frequency would also change, and that would change the perceived colors (even if it only shifted a miniscule amount because the various colors are precisely matched to frequency) and all of a sudden every yellow LED would not be the same yellow or a different color altogether, every photograph would be screwed up, every TV, computer monitor or Iphone would have screen issues and every digital camera would suddenly shoot shitty color. Crystal referenced oscillators can also prove this.

If the speed of light actually changed, crystal oscillators, which are made out of physical material, would still output the same frequencies, which could then be compared to the various light frequencies for any changes. Since practically everything out there has such oscillators in it, it is a safe bet that at least one of the millions of "lesser" people who work with this stuff all the time would have noticed that the reference charts were off. I'd believe Intel or AMD saying something's now screwy before I'd believe a loner at NASA. I'd like to see her get peer reviewed on this.

Here is a far more probable scenario, if there really is a small difference in how long it takes to bounce light off those reflectors:

Something hit the dark side of the moon, or something else acted to change the orbit of the moon, and no one made the correct observations that would be needed to punch that data in. The speed of light is not changing just because the time it takes to bounce light off the moon changed, before someone makes such myopic conclusions they ought to first seek out other obvious references to confirm it. I'd take, "The moon is really a SPACE STATION and the Annunaki made an adjustment" before I'd take "gee, the speed of light changed, yet all colors are still perfectly calibrated and no one noticed a crystal referenced frequency shift!"

When's the next probe going to blow up? Who the hell is working for NASA now?

I am SICK AND TIRED of the B.S.

All the original reports about the synagogue shooting had a five year old girl getting killed, and then morphed into a woman hero scene where some old lady jumped in front of the rabbi to save him.


Gee, it must be nice to have TOTAL OWNERSHIP of the MSM, **OGLE and more so you can just "mandela" the narrative all you want!

Macron was NOT elected.

Take a look at how much he's hated in France. EVERYONE probably knows he helped burn Notre Dame and it is obvious the French people would hate him, even without that. SEE THIS - an entire stadium started screaming "fuck you Macron" when he walked in for the game.

I noticed something: Known Jews on various forums are PISSED about yesterday's FAKE SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING

They have thrown in the towel and are saying things like "Why is the same old MO used EVERY TIME? People are onto this by now".

I have a distaste for a few of them but gotta hand it to them for calling bullshit on this so prominently, despite being part of the same tribe.


And I also said "this false flag shooting was done with the same low quality as Australia or France". Fake false flag ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!

What did I say yesterday? Yep, I had no sympathy. Because it probably was not real and they need a comeuppance anyway. That comeuppance did not happen yesterday though. Remember: When the Jews pull this crap, they make victims out of ALL OF US because WE are the ones who pay the price via whatever laws or regulations result from it.

270 election officials in Indonesia die counting vote

I think this is a pile of crap, but people "out there" seem to be interested so I'll put it up.

I don't know if this is a hoax story, but the BBC had it, (for whatever the BBC is worth, and that is not much). According to them, 270 ballot counters died counting a recent election, and over 1, 800 more got seriously ill. . See this

Having this many problems with health among the vote counters seems like an anomaly. BBC claims there were 7, 000, 000 vote counters but I gotta say, that sounds like an awful high number - a number so high it would mean on average each vote counter only counted 27 ballots. What's to be believed? BBC? Maybe I'll just delete this. MAYBE NOT. Folks, look at that BBC report. Do the math. Has "common core" wrecked Britain so badly they can't do math? 27 ballots PER VOTE COUNTER? Yeah, . . . . . RIGHT. It can at least be assumed the BBC noticed an anomaly worth reporting, but the number of deaths for 7 million vote counters actually hits just a little bit more than the national average for that time frame, across all people, if there were 7 million vote counters. So I'd say the BBC got a digit wrong somewhere. I'd believe 700, 000 vote counters at 270 ballots each, and a death rate right around 12.5X the national average.

I really am considering deleting this, but what if the story goes viral for the BBC? 270 deaths sounds like a lot for a vote count, the story might take off for them.

Posted only because a lot of people seem interested in this. Sounds like mis-calculated crap. You know, - the BBCNN.

What I have posted about the synagogue shooting below has been "debunked"

Because I missed the fact that he called the police and turned himself in. That's PATENT BULLSHIT, I don't believe it. If he did that he's a useless eater. No one who could write a manifesto like that would be stupid enough to ensure he could never do it again, thereby eliminating all chances of maintaining a deterrent potential. I'd like to make a salient point here with regard to this, and any story flips they might throw in to derail my obviously rather flawless debunk:


From the Washington Post: An alleged hate crime at a Jewish cafe was ‘the most brazen’ a community had seen. It was all fake, police now say.


"Police in Paris have arrested a man in connection with a fire at a Jewish community centre that was initially assumed to be an anti-Semitic attack. French media report that the suspect is a Jewish man who worked there. The centre was daubed with swastikas and set alight a week ago, prompting renewed pledges by French authorities to defeat anti-Semitism and racism.



Here is another tidbit in need of explaining:

Israeli man behind anti-semitic bomb threats in the U.S.

Media outlets didn't wait to find out who was behind a string of bomb threats targeting synagogues and Jewish schools before linking the threats to Trump. A U.S. Israeli man was charged in April 2017 and indicted in February 2018 for the threats.

There are many more of these hate crime hoaxes (I only dredged enough out to make a point) but there are SO MANY, including the Pennsylvania synagogue shooting before this one that was traced back to the corrupted Sheriff Scott Israel in Broward County FLA, that was proven to have been staged from Broward County and TOTALLY fake, if I am in error with this latest shooting (DOUBT IT) one could certainly understand why. The tribe fakes so much to accomplish agendas that anyone who takes what them, their controlled police forces, and scamming media says without an entire truckload of skepticism HAS TO BE BRAIN DAMAGED.

So what if I am hard on them with my take on this synagogue shooting and having no sympathy if it is real, it is virtually assured to have not happened anyway. The only thing I got wrong in my initial post was my comment about the shooter possibly being pissed off about them wrecking his wife with a good college brainwashing (he was too young for that, according to the story line, which was cloudy, at first.) Miraculously, subsequent additions to the story line did a few things to "debunk" my skepticism, (such as he turned himself in and that's how they found him so fast) but that's easy to do when you can just make the story line anything you want, and scam it home with a hoax MSM.

SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING? I AM SKEPTICAL, FINAL ANSWER, and anyone who's not brain dead ought to understand why.


Once again, we have another false flag. I posted several reasons for it to be a false flag and missed an important one, that everyone figured out and it is becoming dominant: The manifesto was of such high quality, done to such perfection that there's no way a 19 year old student, studying to become a nurse did it. It is perfectly done, all the way through. That's an obvious zinger, I noticed the quality was high but I think general public consensus NAILED IT. Scroll down to the synagogue shooting coverage, I cinched this topic early with other perspectives and moved on. I'll update as needed.

Bottom line: This latest fakery was done with Australian or French false flag quality, which made it easy to kill in a couple hours.


I just read a social media post where someone left a simple line: The reason for 5G is to power tracking chips remotely, and they need a high power RF source everywhere to do that

Gee, why did I not think of that? it is OBVIOUS. Let's go over how ID chips work: You can't run them on a battery because the battery would eventually run out and need to be replaced. So all of them have passive recievers that wait for an outside radio signal to be picked up by a coil, which then goes to a diode that rectifies the radio signal to DC, and then the chip powers up.

The problem with all of this however, is that you have to have the chip near the receiver to have it activate the pick up coil (which is low frequency in current models) and the coil has to be large to accept the low frequency signal. 5G answers the problem of proximity and size to acheive power transfer.

Because 5G is millimeter wavelength, the antenna, which can be coiled, only has to be a few millimeters long. If you can coil it, it can be much shorter than a millimeter and work. So much shorter that inside of an item "the size of a grain of rice" you could have hundreds of receiving antennas, all working together to draw in as much power EACH as the much larger receiving coil in the current ID chips. All made possible by a much higher frequency.

This probably is not in production yet, but you can bet your shorts that the people who put 5G at such high frequency and cleared so much bandwidth for it considered this.

Proximity issues can be greatly mitigated by the fact that you can have MANY receiving coils, rather than one, in a tiny space. HUNDREDS. All can work together to get enough power to drive the chip well enough for it to record everything it can and transmit it back, likely over significant distances. "The mark of the beast" could be made a reality with this and it would not be conceptual, it would be practical.

This document from MIT shows that such a system could be practical at distances of over a mile. That would obviously be good enough for "the mark of the beast" with 5G being put in every block or so.

A crane fell off of a Google building under construction and killed 4 people


OK, here is what is wrong so far:

1. He praised the Christchurch shooting, but subsequently went after Jews. That's odd.

2. Supposedly the police found him at home, and arrested him within an hour of the shooting. That's quick, HOW?

3. He supposedly is totally engrossed in 8 chan, yet put his manifesto on Pastebin. ODD.

4. All sources say he posted his manifesto BEFORE the shooting, yet the manifesto is written in the past tense, saying he wished he'd killed more and that he had no remorse.

5. The manifesto was therefore likely written as a puff piece by a 3rd party who wanted shock and awe AFTER the shooting, (this is obvious) and it is WAY too long to have been done in the short time between when the shooting happened and when he was arrested. Therefore the manifesto is BOGUS.

Let's input those 5 items into my mathtabulator and see what the output is:

OUTPUT: THIS IS BULLSHIT, THAT WAS WRITTEN IN AN IMPOSSIBLE TIME FRAME, STATED AS POSTED BEFORE BUT WRITTEN PAST TENSE) likely by people at the synagogue he supposedly shot up. The police arrived WAY too fast, the frame up of the chans was TOP CHOICE, all the while you'd expect him to return to them and brag, but NOPE, it was Pastebin.


UPDATE: As usual, it looks like the following is yet another false flag or hoax

And I did not go easy on the Jews, I have NO sympathy for them no matter what happens. But it is starting to look like yet again, nothing happened. And it was not a white male that did this, if anything did. But they are trying to purge that now, the supposed shooter was a Latino. And a bad shot. Plus an honor student. Plus in a nursing program to become a nurse at age 19. Our little "Doogie Howser" lite. Supposedly applauded the Christchurch shooting and then goes and offs a synagogue. NOT PLAUSIBLE, sounds like someone is playing scategories and the output is totally random.

Anyway, I did not go easy on the Jewish community and won't rescind anything below because it is TOO TRUE. And never said.

NEW STORY: Fruity boy was happy about the Christchurch shooting, and was inspired, so he went after Jews. I guess he can't see the difference between a mosque and a synagogue. Random. Nutz. er, eh, HOAX?


Possible hoax shooting at synagogue

In this case the hoax factor is mitigated by the fact that Jews are not supposed to participate in this crap on Saturday unless they call it a holy activity, and they just might have. So maybe real. And maybe not.

"POWAY, Calif. (KGTV) -- San Diego deputies are responding to a shooting at a Synagogue in Poway Saturday aftenoon.

The incident was reported at the Congregation Chabad loated at 16934 Chabad Way, the San Diego County Sheriff Office twitter account reported."

My comment: If true, NO SYMPATHY. These people are doing everything they can to make themselves the superior race by destroying our kids via shots called "vaccines" that are not. WANT PROOF? JUST LOOK AT HOW THEY REACTED, WITH THEIR MEASLES PARTIES WHEN THE MAYOR OF NEW YORK MANDATED THE SHOTS. They know damn well what those shots do, and boldly proclaimed: THOSE SHOTS ARE NOT FOR US.

And then they go online or pay others to go online and troll anyone who resists them forcing their shots on the rest of us as "anti science".

BASTARDS. No wonder why someone probably shot them up. Right during a huge push of theirs complete with measles quarantines in Cali. WHILE THEY HOLD MEASLES PARTIES FOR THEMSELVES. WTF IS UP WITH THAT SH*T???





But then again, vaccines may not have been the reason this guy (probably) nailed them. The guy might have been pissed by a Jewish professor screwing his wife's head on backwards to destroy his family as we all know they do, or one of the other plethora of things they do to deserve this, and I can make a prediction right now: HE DID IT BECAUSE HE WAS CRAZY AND FULL OF HATE. Maybe they'll throw in ANTI SEMITE.

I am NOT anti-semitic, I am just saying it like it is. The truth does not hate or express opinion, or call ANYONE "anti-semite", THE TRUTH JUST IS WHAT IT IS.

They kicked their own @sses with their recent vaccine behavior . . . . . BUSTED.

Extended power outage in my area

I have enough backup sources to stay oline indefinitely if the cell tower keeps working.

I believe I have pieced together the full I-70 story

This won't be in the news. Here it is:

An illegal immigrant with a fake Cuban identity and either no CDL or a phony CDL who may or may not have had experience driving a big rig in Texas got sent out to Colorado to deliver a load of lumber. His inexperience may have been used for a false flag accident, but that's not the main point of this.

When he made the approach to Denver, which is a 10 mile long downhill stretch, he lost the ability to brake. Perhaps he knew how to motor brake, but whatever he did, it was not enough. However, key to all of this is the fact that his truck was caught going down the mountain on dash cam, out of control, too fast, obviously with a distressed driver and the brakes were not smoking. Brakes on semi trucks don't just fail like that, which makes me question why they apparently were not working. I question whether or not he actually had a CDL because he missed all the runaway truck ramps and the video from the mountain proves he was out of control and should have used one if he knew what it was. He probably did not know what it was. The brakes were not hot enough to be smoking and they certainly should have been if they worked. He clearly did not want an accident. He was not doing a suicide run.

Once he got to the bottom of the hill, he still could not stop the truck. This would be manageable by motor braking at this point, which he did not do. He rode the shoulder all the way to the bridge, where the shoulder narrowed and forced him into traffic that was stopped for a different accident.

This appears to me to be a case of an illegal immigrant driver who did not know what the runaway truck ramps were for. It is evident he did not want to cause an accident or kill anyone, but a combination of not being qualified to drive a big rig in combination with an unexpected problem any properly trained trucker could have handled caused this.

The punch line:

The trucking company had 573 applications from American white males but opted for an illegal because it saved them 58 percent on wages. As snowflake Suzie in hiring spat nails after a college indoctrination about how bad white males are, she opted for a "much nicer" foreigner, saving money in the process. She saved the company money. YEP.


New York City did not ban hot dogs!

I blew over this as fake news word one despite the green new deal. I can't blame people for believing it because the green new deal really is that nutz. This "hot dog ban" is getting parroted everywhere, so I decided I'd look into this. Ignoring the Snopes debunk (which could not be missed because almost all search engines ram that site up the world's behind) and (because well, you know, snopes) I looked elsewhere and here is what is actually happening:

Government run facilities are cutting back on hot dogs. That's no big deal. But grocery stores and hot dog vendors are not going to see anything change. Snopes was accurate about hot dogs. Now let's see them be accurate about vaccines, "race hatred" and 911. That will get them to not show up as the first hit everywhere. Hot dogs are no big deal, so they can be truthful with that topic I guess.

Not as bad as it could be: Repair the interior roof of Notre Dame as it was, and replace the exterior roof with greenhouse glass

Ok, not as bad as some of the other proposals I have seen but having such ugly bee hives in the steeple would be a no-go. If the bees were fine before, why not just put it back the way it was? Obviously because that does not fit the agenda.

President Trump has withdrawn America from the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

As far as I see it, GOOD RIDDANCE. If they are going to burn Notre Dame and intentionally wipe out Western Civilization with third world hordes, GOOD RIDDANCE.

Tribunals? Hannity interview with Trump at least implies this, but as I have been saying: ACTION. NOT WORDS. Sorry, I am not excited about more words!

Huge fire at Russian submarine launched ballistic missile factory

It is at one of the buildings used to make Russia's most state of the art submarine launched stuff. People are hoping it was just an accident. See this.

Here is a DAMN GOOD reason to give Trump a second term:

Biden: If Trump gets re-elected he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation

My comment: Biden knows what the MSM won't report, and many Americans have not figured out. If he said this, he knows a second Trump term is going to "Make America Great Again". I am no fan of Trump's Iran policy, however, provided we don't blow Iran up, they will make it just fine and fixing America is more important than whatever Iran's worries are, which certainly won't be starving or freezing or going without power or not having a car or place to live provided America does not blow them up.

I doubt that will happen anyway.

Interesting: Youtube live streamer catches I-70 semi accident

He was doing a live stream from his car. At the 8:30 mark the semi flew past him, and the rest of the hour long video is him documenting the crash.

The basic story: A truck lost it's brakes on I-70 in Denver and plowed into cars that were stopped for a different accident. It burst into flames and burned everything around it, including other trucks and cars. The flames were so bad they suspect an overpass is wrecked. Surprisingly, there were only 2 fatalities in part because a homeless guy who was probably under the bridge saved a lot of people before the flames reached them. The video is here

Trump on Hannity last night:

Nothing new was said that we did not already know. The only positive thing I can think of is how much the deep state is freaking out over the Mueller report being nothing, and how much the deep state has vowed to double down and take Trump out one way or another. It was also encouraging to have Giuliani call the Clintons a crime family but there's a BIG, GIANT, BLUE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM that is starting to stink: No one of any significance AT ALL has suffered any consequences AT ALL. Where's the beef? Probably not even in the freezer - DEFINITELY not in the frying pan.

So far, only our side is taking hits.

Just when you thought environmentalists could not get more stupid, THIS HAPPENED:

You got that right - it is a $10 "cooler" made out of cheap egg carton paper. The ruse is that it is "biodegradable" and much much better for the environment than Styrofoam coolers. It costs five times as much too. Looks like a piece of disposable crap you'd get FREE with a take out meal.

And it has a problem - condensation alone is going to wreck this thing, you do have to let it dry out between uses as stated on the Igloo web site because it does soak up water, and will eventually give out entirely. They claim it is better than a styrofoam cooler you throw away after one use, but there's a problem with that assumption - I have re-used the same two styrofoam coolers for three years and there's not a thing wrong with them now other than a hole I burned in one by getting it too close to a fire. If you are not careless a (decent) styrofoam cooler can last a long time. To top it all off, it "holds ice for 12 hours" but my (still intact) $2 styrofoam cooler will hold ice for an entire 3 day week end if it is managed right. All the Igloo chest style coolers I ever had, if properly packed with totally frozen stuff would do the same. 12 hour ice life amounts to post-apocalypse cooler DOOM, my main problem is getting the hamburger thawed after having it in styrofoam (the last camping episode we had to skip the turkey ham and hamburgers at first because we could at least pry the frozen hot dogs apart).

With California recently pushing for an end to zoning for single family homes, I would not be surprised if they rammed this thing down the throats of Californians, along with "biodegradable" paper drinking straws that everyone is choking on now because they are CRAP. Clearly, customer satisfaction is not the objective here.

If they lowered the price from $10 to $1, I might consider it, in a pinch. Anyone outside of the reach of whacked out liberal nutjobs would laugh at this thing, yes, those types are in the marketing photos. This will NOT fly in Latin America, they get their eggs in this crap already, there is ZERO RESPECT for this material other than it's usefulness for lighting charcoal grills.

Welcome to the future. Change is good.




You did not expect them to have a real outbreak, did you?

If you saw that headline on Drudge claiming Biden is 8 points ahead of Trump . . . . .

You just saw proof that the election steal is ON.

Gotta condition the public ahead of time so they are not so shocked when stroker wins!

New price check scanners at Wal Mart want to see your face

There are a few new scanners at Wal Mart (the old ones are still there too) but there are new ones for price checks in the store that want to see your face before they will scan a price. If you hide to the side and try to scan them where the camera can't see you, it will not scan the product to give you a price. There's a fair amount of creep factor with that.

About the Iran war post below:

Those who want war are still running the public opinion psy ops for war on Iran in forums and blogs, and it appears it is being pushed for mainly from Europe. Keep in mind in all of this that no matter where the tribe is, it will always attempt to use the U.S. to do it's dirty work so they will shitpost from anywhere.

I sort of figured with it being known that the U.S. plans to start the war with a false flag and tactical nukes that the U.S. would not proceed and hope I am not wrong with that. Hopefully what we are seeing with posts about Iranians beating their wives and committing all forms of atrocities that necessitate their being wiped out only amounts to teenagers and college kids filling out the rest of their contracts and when they are done, it is over.

It is a safe bet that for the first time in about a month, Venezuela finally has 95 percent power restored.

People who have been saying it is "fully restored" for a while don't know how to read the charts, which show 100 percent as "the highest value in the past week", not the actual power level, which can't be tracked without having records to compare the new data to.

There was another obvious attack yesterday (probably to Canadian switch gear) that knocked 50 percent of the power out, but it was recovered from pronto because by now they are getting good at handling attacks. Eventually they will have the entire thing virus proofed, and with Gaydo losing popularity faster than ever his forces are probably a lot less brazen with kinetic attacks. The power situation in Venezuela is probably history.

An "anonymous white house source" has stated the U.S. will destroy Iran this fall

The story goes that 100 tactical nukes will be used to wipe out Iran's military and then the U.S. will steamroll Iran after a false flag attack in the strait of Hormuz "justifies it all".

Ok, the report is actually quite detailed and you may have seen it, or may see it. Here's my take:

Any time a report like this makes it out, the target is so well forewarned that the attack gets called off. If the anonymous white house source actually came forward with a real plan (I think this is legit and do believe it happened) whatever was exposed won't happen. Here's why:

Because the tsunami bomb is a reality. And word on the street is that Russia just deployed it. If they set such a bomb off on the east coast the only thing that would save the heartland would be the Appalachian mountain range. Russia did not miss this story about an American attack on Iran in the fall No way they did. So the sympathy and justification that can be taken away from any false flag is gone already.

FACT: THE FALL OF COMMUNIST STALINIST RUSSIA WAS BULLSHIT, AND THEIR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF WIPING OUT AMERICA STILL EXISTS. Russia won't help Iran, but if they could use America attacking Iran with 100 nukes after a known and talked about false flag as a precedent for using that tsunami bomb, they probably will. Enter a million or so tribal cowards in New York to the equation, and war with Iran this fall is OFF THE TABLE.

Kudos to the whistleblower!


I have been wanting to point out for a while that the Jews probably destroyed Rome

Look at what is happening in Europe now, with the Jews infiltrating all governments, and Jews such as Soros importing hordes from the third world to overwhelm and destroy Europe. The burning of Notre Dame was part and parcel of this (not done by the hordes because they did not have access, it was definitely Mossad or other top level media protected intelligence) but aside from that point, look at what is happening to Europe now.

What is happening to Europe now precisely matches what destroyed the Roman empire. Let's get to specifics:

First, Rome was de-moralized, turned sexually deviant and gay, and then the "hordes arrived" and overwhelmed the population and crashed the empire. Now Europe:

FIRST, Europe was turned sexually deviant and gay, and then the hordes arrived. Europe has not fallen yet, but since we know damn well WHO pushed the gay agenda, WHO infiltrated their governments to allow the hordes in, and WHO owns the media, which keeps everything as silent as possible, the parallel between Europe and Rome cannot be overlooked. The methodology is so exact between the two that it strongly indicates it was the Jews who are doing this to Europe were the same people who actually destroyed Rome. It did not happen to the Roman empire by accident, BET ON IT.

The 200 year cycle everyone talks about as the average lifespan of a nation is probably the average length of time it takes the Jews to infiltrate new organizations and groups, and wipe them out. The only civilization with ancient roots that the Jews failed at destroying via subversion was the Ottoman empire, which was destroyed during world war 1. And guess who was probably behind even that.

About the vegan restaurant that charged an 18 percent male tax -

I am sure you have heard of this because it is all over the news. The story goes: "Handsome Her, " a feminist vegan restaurant in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, closed it's doors due to lack of business because of backlash over it's 18 percent surcharge on males. This surcharge was supposed to reflect the "18 percent wage gap" between men and women (that's B.S.) but I'll humor this for now.

I have the real story: Feminists, (and there are plenty to go around) were intrigued by a male bashing restaurant and were eager to give it the business it needed to survive, but the following factors killed it off: Primarily, literally no one eats vegan and the restaurant simply could not survive on 3 percent of the potential market (at most) in a location that probably cost a lot, and once the novelty of charging guys more wore off, they were TOAST. If they wanted to go vegan, they should have had a HUGE coffee and donut section along with free WIFI, then they might have made it selling coffee and donuts. But as is the case with many business failures, lack of foresight and failure to realize the base product was not popular led to poor business decisions that doomed the place. They do deserve a kudo though:

There were no stories about people getting sick, which means they HAD TO constantly cycle out food that did not get eaten and throw it away, at an enormous cost, that's the only way to keep things fresh when you are not making enough to survive. For vegan, it was probably decent.


Not a single "earth day" prediction over the last 50 years has come true.

Oroville dam is back in the spotlight

There is unconfirmed rumor that Oroville is gonna blow, and the rumor seems legit. It is, however, still just a rumor - here it is:

The rumor is that somehow the new spillway was not done correctly and the mountain below it is unstable. Somehow, water is therefore getting under the spillway when they use it, and undermining it so they are not using it right now, when they really should be using it in preparation for record snow runoff.

It is difficult to get confirmation on this rumor, however, the water in the reservoir is clearly high enough to use that spillway and they are not. They probably ought to be using it with so much snowmelt on the way. The hydroelectric facility is, however, not at full water output, so there are two possibilities I see:

1. The spillway story is a hoax and it will hold just fine when they let it rip.

2. Someone wants the dam to fail, and is setting up a worst case scenario.

The truth to all of this will arrive soon, the dam is almost full and there's far more than enough water on the way to overtop it and a whole lot more. This will definitely be one to watch, however, I am at this point skeptical that the new spillway will fail and it can certainly handle the job if it does not fail.

Future caravans are going to have a tough time making it

Here's the real scoop on the new caravan coming North. This does not diminish the significance of how many illegals are crossing the border daily and does not mean the problem is over -

The original caravan got some sympathy from the Mexican people. Local governments helped them out like they would with stranded travelers. Also, the locals along the way helped them. The federal government also set up work programs so they could start new lives in Mexico. None of that is happening now, because:

1. The first caravan wore people out. It is OK to be charitable once in a while, but a steady stream annoys people, and the Mexican people have had enough.

2. The first caravan had a high number of criminals that did a lot of robberies and caused many other annoying problems and that made the locals along the way mad. They don't want more of it.

3. None of the local governments want to deal with such a problem on a continuous ongoing basis.

4. The Mexican Federal government is getting lots of heat from Trump to stop it, and quite frankly, they too are sick of it all.

There are other things going on also -

Obrador is fighting the gangs and cartels quite hard. He has basically called a truce with the drug lords and said if they stop killing they will pretty much be left alone. however there are other types of cartels in Mexico, and the other big one is the gasoline thieves. Obrador is not backing off on them because they are screwing over the Mexican economy. They have centered their activities in the state of Guanajuato where there is an enormous refinery with many pipelines going out to other parts of Mexico and Obrador is having success shutting them down. So they want him dead. The cartels are so much to deal with already that Obrador would rather not have to also babysit a bunch of caravan migrants.

There was a militia on the Arizona border that captured a bunch of migrants. They did a GREAT job, and what did the FBI do? They busted the militia, arrested it's leadership, and ousted it from the area. One thing is certain, the FBI is a LOT bigger problem for America than the migrants, the FBI is a primary enemy of the American people. Clearly, if you care about the country, you don't jail people who are trying to protect it and the FBI truly showed how much it actually cares about the nation that supports it. They could not possibly suck worse. And there's little question they will do everything they possibly can to bust people who are helping the United States, to keep the flow of migrants that even Mexicans are sick of flowing.

How to access older pages on this web site even though they are not linked:

Look at the page name in the address bar. It is sequential. The current page name is To get to the previous page, change the 3 to a 4. To get the page before that, change the 4 to a 5. To skip to the next set of 10 pages, change the n to the letter o. This sequence continues to .zz0 and then earlier pages than that were named differently. So after .wz0, you would change it to .xa0 to hit the next sequence (of hundreds of pages). This page sequencing was done to stop browser based sabotage from blocking people from seeing site updates.

There are a few hundred pages in this short sequence. There are several thousand more before this.

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It was all done logically and there are thousands of pages, (enough to totally slow the directory down if all had to be listed, even when there were only 25 percent as many as there are now.) With a little playing around, you ought to be able to recall all of them back to march of 2015 when this .is server was set up.

The previous server got banned and shut down and I have not gotten around to posting the backups yet. It was fully backed up and I just never got around to it.