There is nothing in the headlines today, so a summary:

Trump's rally last night was SO HUGE that the line behind ONE (1) of the more than 300 toilets had more people in it than Bernie can attract on a good day. I am a bit upset with Trump lately but I am not 100 percent certain it is justified. I believe he is indeed making deals with powerful Rabbi's but thus far it has taken the form of "the art of the deal" rather than death to the United States. We'll have to see how Iran works out . . . . .

By the way, The Iraqi power grid took a brief drop in output of 20 percent right after a missile harmlessly landed at a U.S. owned Exxon oil refinery there. Just like those rockets that always so conveniently land in the middle of nowhere in Israel. Nothing exploded, nothing got blown up, it just hit the ground near a residential area inside the refinery compound. I bet Iran will take the heat for it though, someone wants some action, and I am really surprised a large portion of Iraq had a brief power outage at that time. NOT coincidence. Very strange.

Merkel broke out into a fitful tremor right when the German national anthem was playing. They are blaming dehydration but I have secret inside information that confirms it was only demons trying to escape her (she's overcrowded and rent is too high) so the national anthem of a nation she destroyed tripped off an attempted mass exodus. It was quite a show.

Despite all the talks of cyber attacks and grid probing between the United States and Russia (obvious precursor to war) nothing happened. I kept an eye on this closely and neither country, NO MENTIONED COUNTRY for that matter had any internet or power instability whatsoever during the entire time. The outage in Argentina was unrelated and due to mis-management they tracked down easily, so I am calling BUNK: No one was probing anyone, it was just a bunch of clickbait trash. And I noticed the power outage in Iraq . . . . . Anyway, I will know if they bomb Iran before there are any headlines, I have the process of monitoring this stuff NAILED. Don't worry yet, - Trump knows the art of the deal and probably knows his advisors are crap.

Here's something important: Jim Fetzer appears to have gotten a corrupted judge in the court case over his book "nobody died at Sandy Hook" and I'll state that it is obvious. No one did. Come after me. Good luck. ANYWAY he may be toast because rather than say no one died when death certificates can be faked, he should have instead approached this by saying "Gee, this kid looks an awful lot like THIS kid under a different name, living at location X. He could have, and then the court case would have flopped. But hindsight is better than 20/20, it matters not if you have mountains of proof in this day and age, it is all about the verbage and whether or not your judge is a piece of trash.

The Pentagon has doubled down on the limpet mine lie


SO, why is the site not working for many people? Easy answer: I believe God loves Iran more than God loves Israel, where they call him G-D, have gay pride parades, promote abortion, and try to drag the entire world into filth, desperation, and war. DEAR ISRAEL, IF YOU ARE GOING TO DOUBLE DOWN ON YOUR LIMPET MINE BULLSHIT, I'LL DOUBLE DOWN ON WHAT IS NOT BULLSHIT: IRAN'S OVERALL BEHAVIOR IS MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS. Therefore, one would have to be a fool to believe Israel is more blessed.


Crew testimony is FAR MORE credible than ANY photo or ANY video, in a world where both can be faked with ease.

OH, AND THIS: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It's - it was like - we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment" - Mike Pompeo, Apr 22, 2019

My response: If you call America an "experiment" you have no place anywhere in government. Thanks for telling us you are a liar, cheater, and thief - and proud of it.



Here is what happened with Alex Jones Sandy hook "kiddie porn"

When I could still occasionally get e-mail, I NEVER opened attachments because too many were malicious. Alex was the same way. So people claiming to be sending him Sandy Hook info sent him kiddie porn in the attachments rather than info. He then forwarded those mails on to other people because the messages appeared to be credible, and other people opened the attachments.

That did not go well.

Microsoft is sending the following message out to MANY people

Gag me with a pitch fork!

Yep, IN YOUR FACE ugliness. I wonder what charming Billy intends to accomplish with this, and NO, it does not make me interested in Windows 10.


Fulford perspective: JAPAN IS NOT BUYING AMERICA'S B.S.

"Even if it's the United States that makes the assertion, we cannot simply say we believe it, " said a source close to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. If having expertise sophisticated enough to conduct the attack could be a reason to conclude that the attacker was Iran, "That would apply to the United States and Israel as well," said a source at the Foreign Ministry.

As far back as I can remember, this sort of public Japanese rebuke of a sitting U.S. administration has never happened even once since Japan lost World War II. - Bejamin Fulford

My comment: Ben's write up is worth a read and spot on, from the perspective of being in Japan. My thoughts are that the genie is so far out of the bottle with this one that if the U.S. does strike (as is stated will happen in the Jerusalem Post) it is going to kick off a world war IF Iran appropriately responds, where "appropriate" would be to simply let 100, 000+ precision guided missiles loose on Israel. Either Iran is going to suck it up and continue taking a beating, or Iran is going to let'er rip once and for all, and the missiles would not be pathetic made in Israel to create a false flag stink "Palestinian" bottle rockets. Fact: Against Iran, "Iron Dome" might as well be kleenex.

100, 000 missiles with the payloads Iran is talking would easily beat a 50 KT nuke NO SWEAT.

Iran situation:

I have obviously kept a close eye on Iran and nothing is happening there, or with the tanker situation. Nothing of significance is happening to oil prices, and no one yet believes Iran did anything. My thoughts at this point are that the entire incident was extremely bad for the United States and Israel, how much worse can it get than to post a "video of a limpet mine being removed" and subsequently have the crew of the ship that mine was supposedly on say NOTHING about it, and instead say they watched "flying objects" hit the ship twice? Obviously those objects were missiles, that is the only thing that would be visible. Some claim it was bullets, but you can't see bullets.

So now, in the aftermath, Iran got bold and said they were going to exceed their uranium production limits within 10 days. And they CAN get bold, because after all, the nuclear agreement is no longer in place, and someone got busted hoaxing an attack on Iran's behalf. What can anyone do about it? Well, I have been watching Iran's electrical situation carefully, checking up on it several times daily and it is stable so far. The only thing I can do is watch and perhaps notice an attack before anyone mentions it. I can also repeat the fact that God obviously loves Iran more than Israel because if that was not the case, Iran would be getting toasted by now. There's no way this tanker incident could have gone the way it did if Israel really was getting divine favors.

I am still a bit embarrassed about calling it all a hoax, however, with one tanker not hit badly enough to even start leaking and the other carrying cargo that could not be seen on the water coupled with obvious fake MSM images of giant gaping holes below the water line that I correctly pointed out were obviously fake it is at least possible to explain why I thought it never happened at all. Oh, and Sandy Hook.

Yesterday I mentioned a huge blackout in Argentina

Yesterday I said it was not likely to have been a cyber attack. Today, Drudge posted that it was likely caused by a cyber attack, and then he linked an AP report that clearly states Argentina's government does not think it was a cyber attack.

As it turns out, one of the main hydroelectric legs of the system overloaded, tripped out, and caused a cascade of blown fuses and tripped breakers when the system tried to auto-restore power to everyone from insufficient sources. A classic grid collapse. They knew an overload of a key segment of the grid was underway, could have avoided all problems by properly allocating power from other areas in advance, and did not. Then kablooey. Easy fix: Replace fuses, reset breakers, and turn everything back on in the correct sequence. It took a total of about 8 hours.

Obviously there will be multiple firings over this, especially of supervisors who were probably napping out of sight and not paying attention to workers, who were also napping out of sight rather than watching levels and tending alerts while all hell broke loose.

I hate to say it, but Trump really did green light GMO BIGLY.

Trump has issued an executive order that will make it far easier for GMO companies to get their products to market. I thought people were against that - and obviously getting the public to accept this has a KEY CLAIM: "Trust your government, they operate in YOUR best interest." and if you don't think so, you are a nutter!


"Mothman" of Chernobyl?

I think Mothman and similar entities may be real but are sort of like Bigfoot, which also may be real. Both would be highly intelligent and able to keep out of sight in remote areas. Both have been featured in MSM reports, with Mothman (surprisingly) given a higher credibility. Now, stories about a "mothman" type entity around Chernobyl before it exploded have surfaced on Russia's MSM.

I'd still say take it with a grain of salt, however, having this get published will certainly boost the entire notion of Mothman.

Mothman is about the size of a man and has wings of a bat, and has a reputation of showing up in locations that are about to have a disaster. Mothman does not attack anyone, it just seems to be an entity that shows up where a disaster will be. The one that is rumored to have shown up at Chernobyl was "headless" yet had eyes, if it was real it is probably a visible spirit entity that varied slightly in form from the American mothman. At any rate, if you are into this stuff, Sputnik News did an interesting piece on the topic.

If you caught the AFP headline about an explosion induced earthquake in NK:

It is a prime example of CRAP reporting. The "earthquake" measured a 1.3, which makes it approximately equal to a few sticks of dynamite, and it happened on the CHINESE side of the border. This type of thing should never make a headline, but since NORTH KOREA was nearby they figured they'd call it an explosion and make people at least briefly think NK did another nuke test.

Iran busted a pool of CIA agents operating in Iran

Iran should not be honoring American passports. People who show up as "salesmen" and "aid workers" and "tourists" and whatever else are more and more nothing but CIA agents and similar, looking to spy, undermine, and de-stabilize the country. This is certainly true of more than just Iran also.


This is on Twitter, so people need to get onto this before Twitter shuts it down. It took me a while to figure out what is going on with this, so I will say it clearly so people won't have to take a long time to figure it out -

Remember the synagogue shooting in New Zealand? As it turns out, the FBI was on 8 chan trying to entrap people and was posting their own stuff to 8 chan to prove 8 chan was violent and needed to be shut down and have their servers seized, and they proceeded with an affidavit and a lawsuit to accomplish that. PROBLEM: 8 chan puts "you" and your identifying number right into the script above whatever is posted, and that only shows for whoever posted it. And that "you" was there for every post the FBI itself made to "prove" 8 chan was a platform for plotting violence. And they were too stupid to redact the "you", which proves they themselves posted it. IT GETS BETTER:

So the "you" made it evident that the FBI was posting under user ID number 8f4812. did their "duty" and deleted everything for the FBI, so people could not do what ARCHIVE.IS MADE POSSIBLE: had everything the Chans ever had posted, archived. And people started going over those archives, looking for posts by user 8f4812 and found other threads where the FBI trolled, and the FBI got busted posting tons of crap about Russia doing Christchurch and more, once ONE innocuous post by an FBI agent got discovered for what it was because the FBI did not redact properly it allowed people a way to find the rest of what the FBI was doing, and folks it is not good, for however long this lasts the twitter thread on this is here take some time going through this to get a clear picture of what is going on, it proves SO MUCH, like:

1. The FBI controls the Wayback machine (, and can have anything removed that they want, but they don't control

2. The FBI is a primary instigator of violence on online forums.

3. The FBI is TOTALLY leftist.

4. The FBI will try to make people who are aware look like nutcases, by pretending to be "aware" and then acting crazy.

5. The FBI will shitpost to frame forums and provide a "reason" to seize servers and shut them down, when in reality, no one who hit those forums to begin with did anything to cause it.

And I am sure, MUCH MUCH more.

Jim Acosta tweeted 1.25 million "followers" about a book signing in ARLINGTON and Only sold about 30 books.

This speaks volumes. It shows how much scamming Trump haters are appreciated, as well as how much people really like corrupted liberal reporters. PERFECT.

Google's response? Sideline, de-monetize, and ban more conservatives! That way, they might increase the number of people who believe the liberal crap they link from 30 to 37.

Power outages, cyber attacks, arrests and more!

Despite numerous reports about Russia probing America's grid and America probing Russia back, no outages, other than a major one that affected Argentina, Paraguay, and parts of Brazil have happened and I did not hear of any attacks against them. 40+million were without power but they returned it fairly quickly, over a few hours.

Despite numerous reports about attacks on the internet, nothing is showing up in the real world. Ditto for arrests:

Everyone plus their followers, their followers cat's and the cat's fleas, EVERYONE is screaming about how Barr is going to trigger arrests soon. EXCEPT ME.

I doubt it is click bait, but I don't believe a word of it. And sit back and watch, and watch, and watch me be totally right, if they can't even be honest about Ginsburg dead or alive, NO ONE is getting busted ANYWHERE except for perhaps the Uber driver for Hillary's florist.

Here is a good reason to NEVER trust a "film critic"

A Netflix documentary on Ocasio Cortez titled "knock down the house" has been given a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100 by critics, and is being "celebrated" as the "greatest motion picture of all time". But there's a problem. LOOK AT THIS. Real people who are not slanted "critics" have given it 2.05 stars. It is very difficult to get anything rated that low, and you can bet even that is being held artificially high by people attempting to slant even that upwards.

Consider this when giving a certified "movie reviewer" credibility, 100 percent of critics gave this 2.05 star mega flop top honors. Their word is DIRT.

And it also means that Ocasio is going to be handed whatever she wants, FOREVER, she is not leaving an "elected" position ever again. Vote rigging will see to that.


GET THIS! After I posted how Israel sucked, the phone I am using as a modem suddenly asked me, out of the blue, if an "app" could access the microphone, camera, pictures and everything else on the device, and it would not quit asking, kept the screen on for hours and made the phone hot, when I have NEVER surfed the web with it directly or used that device AT ALL. It is just a phone I picked up at Wal Mart for $35 that will work as a modem, that is what it's life is for.

So I shut it off with a long power button hold and this morning when I turned it on, so far nothing is asking for anything, however, IT WAS STILL HOT AFTER BEING TURNED OFF ALL NIGHT. Welcome to 3 hour battery life, fortunately it can be plugged in constantly and the cameras are taped over. Maybe I'll de-solder the microphone too.


No no no, I remember the original video looked like random people on the Iranian "limpet mine" boat and now it looks like a bunch of clerics on the boat. I could not have possibly remembered it THAT WRONG, there are deep fakes at play here.

The original "limpet mine" video simply looked like the last step in a rescue. It is different now.

It seems to me the limpet mine video got changed

I watched it repeatedly earlier and it had a guy stepping down like he came down a rope off the tanker, now it looks like they pulled something off the tanker. I don't think I remembered that wrong. Should have saved it.



Which is why when you send missiles after oil tankers, they don't TOTALLY explode, and when you try to blame Iranian limpet mines you get busted by Japan's very own NHK. I guess you don't own that totally, TIME TO START BUYING OUT AND KILLING JAPANESE PEOPLE TO GET IT, that's the only way you succeed and this latest false flag BULLSHIT proves it.



If God was really with you, your false flag would have worked!

STUPID: "Limpet mine" was merely the last guy rescued

Here is their supposed "limpet mine" video, which begs the question: ALL RESCUED WERE THERE, WATCHING. Howcome NONE of the rescued crew says Iran pulled a mine off at the last minute? And the video is WORSE quality than a late 90's brick phone to boot. This is BAD.

Something is SERIOUSLY AMISS with the oil tanker reports from ALL sources

There are TONS of inconsistencies. Some sources are saying one of the ships (the one I showed yesterday) sank, yet the ship's operator says it is floating fine, but on fire. Some sources say the Iranians saved the crews of both ships, other sources are saying The Americans saved the crew of at least one of the ships and the Koreans rescued the crew of the other ship, which begs the question: Why then are both crews sitting in Iran?

Lots of reports are claiming torpedoes. Other reports are claiming Limpet mines. And other reports are claiming "flying objects" hit the ships while Iran is now claiming that upon investigation, it looks like technical issues caused the fires. That's not a done deal yet, and HIGHLY suspicious.

Some reports have both tankers carrying crude oil. Some reports have one carrying gasoline and the other one alcohol. And other reports are claiming one was carrying naptha.

It is very difficult to assess what is going on with all the conflicting crap out there. The only thing consistent so far is that there are no crews on these ships, Iranian investigators are on at least one of the ships, and it appears everything happened above the water line which means yesterday America's MSM was posting bullshit photos of damaged hulls.

I think Iran's claims that both tankers had "technical issues" are LUDICROUS. They are not done yet, we'll have to see where these stories go.


Someone is going to get arkancided. Or something approximate to that.


"The Japanese owner of the Kokuka Courageous, one of two oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz, said Friday that sailors on board saw "flying objects" just before it was hit, suggesting the vessel wasn't damaged by mines.

The Japanese tanker was attacked twice Thursday, damaging the vessel and forcing all 21 crew members to evacuate. The tanker survived the first attack, which hit near the engine room and was followed by another, damaging the starboard side toward the back. SEE THIS.

My comment: The linked CBS report erroneously claims that both tankers were carrying petroleum products, which screwed my analysis yesterday when I assumed the same thing. Alcohol is not a petroleum product, which is what the tanker I featured yesterday was carrying. That is why there was nothing visible on the water, or in the bilge. The one mentioned in the CBS report linked above was carrying gasoline, and I have seen no pictures of it posted anywhere.

All the attacks happened ABOVE the water line, which means my calling B.S. on the hole picture the MSM posted was correct. I am still upset at how I messed up yesterday, despite being right on some of the points I made.

Also, unless they are timer based only, limpet mines won't go off above the water line, and why on earth would anyone put one above the water line, where the supposed video of the Iranians removing one showed to begin with? It's not like they are invisible, it is awful easy to see something stuck to the side of a ship. Why on earth would ANYONE put such a mine in plain sight? Add to that the fact that in the era of crystal clear sat pics and 4k video, the "video" of Iran removing it, which would only prove they removed it, not that they put it there - the video was of a quality you'd get from a 90's era brick phone. That alone is highly suspicious. I doubt that video is legit at all.

The good part of this story is that people are not believing Iran did this. How stupid would it be for Iran to bomb two Japanese bound tankers while Japan's prime minister was talking to Iran's president? Rumor had it that there was an Israeli sub in the area, however, the "flying objects" take on this makes that spurious, some explaining is needed with all of this.

Iran has officially stated the U.S. did the oil tanker attacks

"The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region, " Iran's mission to the United Nations said.

"Warning, once again, about all of the US coercion, intimidation and malign behaviour, Iran expresses concern over suspicious incidents for the oil tankers that occurred today."



My comment: Chinese people are SO SMART that all WHITE PEOPLE had to do to destroy Huawei is tell them they could not use our processors or operating systems in their products. THE SAME IS TRUE FOR ALL NON WHITE COMPANIES, WHITES COULD WIPE EVERY DAMN ONE OUT INCLUDING AUTO MANUFACTURERS BY JUST SAYING THEY CANNOT USE OUR PROCESSORS.

Asians have yet to design a SINGLE. DAMN. ONE.

Yep. She's a SMART GIRL.

Pompeo said Iran did it

Pompeo said no war with Iran

Trump said we would strike without notice.

Well well, the mask comes off: Alex just said Iran admitted to the oil tanker attacks. Iran admitted to nothing!


New York just shut down the TENTH Jewish Orthodox school over vaccine refusal

Yes, not a rumor. A while ago DeBlasio ordered all New Yorkers, including Jews, to get the MMR shot. But the orthodox community has REFUSED, and has chosen to instead accept getting their schools shut down. This story developed a LOT under the radar. OK THEN:

QUESTION: WHY IS THE ORTHODOX COMMUNITY REFUSING "VACCINES" FOR THEIR KIDS? . . . . . . . ANSWER: Because they know what the shots really are, and what is really in them. Howcome they get to know, and CNN won't tell the rest of us?

A great comment on this issue:

"Surprise surprise. While you are "vaccinating" your children giving them autism retard shots "they" are not "vaccinating"


The MMR shot was likely, without any question whatsoever, developed in Dimona and THEY KNOW IT. They are not going to get shot with their own weapon. The mayor is a DUFUS for not just shutting the hell up, he blew their cover BIG TIME. .


Unexpected design blunder for F-35 surprisingly bad

Neither the radar reflective coating or the plane's overall structure can survive speeds in excess of mach 1.2, so it cannot safely be used as a high speed interceptor.

This report at Defense News does say this directly, then it backs off and forces you to read between the lines. The bottom line: The entire fleet has had it's VNE reduced to mach 1.2 That's less than a thousand miles an hour. They can operate above those speeds at risk of structural failure, and the failure of the stealth coating with results that may vary.


The U.S. Women's team thrashed the hell out of Thailand and then were jerks about it.

Obviously the U.S. women's team kicked butt, probably without even needing transgenders, (I never checked on that) but their behavior was over the top afterwards. I guess it was understandable IF you also understand that they are not raised to have any class at all anymore. I guess I can't say I am disappointed they kicked butt (I am not in the least) because they showed that even with all the diminishing of American greatness lately there is still a lot left. But come on now, SHOW SOME CLASS. Let's see how the American girls behave after getting their butts kicked by China or Russia. That may be a far fetched notion however, they really look like they are set to take it all.


Robot cop? Not hardly, and it is BAD.

Some people should not be designing anything, and this "robot" is such an example. How would you like to get pulled over, and rather than see a cop, a POS robot that does not even look or think like a robot plus has to be on a track that extends from the police car because it can't think it's way to your window comes up to your window, lays down a spike strip (what an insult) to stop you from driving off, and then you see a cop's face on a tablet rather than the cop at your door? Pepper bot blows this thing away, and fortunately, the COPS HATE IT.

So unless this robot gets an "ocasio" boost, (you know damn well she did not win anything, a brain burrowing worm could have beaten her) - absent such a phony boost you won't have to worry about ever seing this piece of insulting techno crap any time soon.

"Sir, you may go now. OOPS, sorry, the spike strip was not retracted yet . . . ."

La Brea tar pit eruption!!!

The La Brea tar pits are a tourist attraction in LA that I have seen several times. It's just tar that trapped animals and preserved them, you probably heard about it.

Anyway, The area around the tar pits started erupting tar onto the city streets. There are two possibilities with this:

It is either just the natural progression of the tar pits, which have to be fed occasionally from below to remain as tar pits, or there is something seismically shifting underground, and this could be signaling an impending earthquake.

I will side with "this is harmless" for now, but it is a curiosity no doubt.

Something very strange has happened here

A few weeks ago I purchased a kilo of sugar from the corner store. Normally they will sell in grams, but they seemed to want to sell me a specific kilo. There is something VERY wrong with that kilo.

A while ago I mentioned repeatedly that if you are anyone in alt media or anyone who has gotten the attention and ire of the "elite" that you must randomize all purchases to avoid problems. And that sugar may be one such problem.

Here is what happened initially: After using it in my coffee, I proceeded to run red lights and almost hit people repeatedly, and never had an accident out of sheer luck. It had an off taste that was too sweet for straight sugar but it did not taste like aspartame. Aspartame will totally screw me over. So I set it aside to test the next time I ran out of sugar.

Today, I ran out of sugar for the second cup of coffee. So I grabbed that sugar, telling myself: "You probably had a misperception the first time around, this sugar is going to be OK. And now I am spinning with vertigo, barely able to stay in the chair, I was not expecting it so it is not a misperception, I figured I was wrong about the sugar the first time which is why I tried it again. I should not have.

It is 100 percent motor coordination/balance/association of objects and what they mean, it is not affecting my writing. So now I have a nice sample of sugar I expect to be a royal screw job, and people at the store to tell all about how they were scammed by whoever. I don't know how to get this tested when I can't direct the lab as to what to test for, so I am just going to keep it as a sample and maybe eventually use it on someone I figured gave it to me in the first place (this would not be anyone at the store, who would believe whatever some CIA-hole would tell them.) If I ever get a prime opportunity I definitely will use it. If they don't want me to have a weapon, they should not hand me one. THANKS!

I do not drink or do drugs, so I notice things like this very easily, if this was done by someone on purpose it failed, I will NOT take the "therapeutic dose" over an entire KG, It is obviously possible the sugar company spiked their sugar with aspartame to make it sweeter, but this seems a LOT worse than aspartame, especially since it would have only been a trace amount that you would not notice mixed with normal sugar.

DAY CANCELED as far as other things I had planned, I can at least type. I can barely stay balanced to type. Blood pressure fine, heart beat fine. This is not that.

I have not missed the recent McCaffee story

The one with "31 terabytes" of "A LOT worse than Wikileaks". I have not bothered with this because:

Though I am totally sure it is legit, I am also totally sure McCaffee will be either dead or shut down, he may be a smart guy but he does not understand the conspiracy well enough to know YOU DON'T ANNOUNCE THESE THINGS, YOU DO THEM. He'll be dead or rendered irrelevant so fast it will be ADIOS before word one.

Trump: "Mexico is doing more for the United States than Democrats"

Donald Trump tweeted:

Sad when you think about it, but Mexico right now is doing more for the United States at the Border than the Democrats in Congress!

The usual trolls are the "only thing posting" below his tweets, that kind of manipulation of a social platform should be outlawed, AND, HE IS RIGHT.

Actually, when you ignore the headlines in the scamming MSM, Obrador has indeed done MANY MANY times as much to stop the illegal immigrants than the U.S. border patrol has, but with Soros funding it all it was a daunting challenge. When they bust the U.S. border, they just walk across. When they bust the Mexican border, they have to do it by holding babies in front of them, and if the police try to stop them, they smash the baby. What is Mexico to do? Mexico has a hell of a lot worse situation than the U.S. as far as how evil Soros is, he took the gloves off down here and resorted to killing the innocent to get the job done. Once they start crushing babies against the barricades, what can you do?

Rather than help stage an invasion of the U.S., Obrador instead tried to get all the immigrants to stay in Mexico by giving them jobs. But a large number of them would not take the jobs. They chose to go north to the U.S. anyway. And even among the ones that took jobs, the crime stats were WAY out of wack, and Mexicans got sick of it.

I'd say, contrary to the sh*tposting that appears on various social media, that Obrador did extremely well with all of this, but what can you do when a Soros nuke goes off? People complain that Mexico did not shut down the bank accounts of the people who were final stage funding the caravans sooner, and that when he did, he still did not give out names. But the flip side to this is, there's a reason why Paypal for this site is still working, and because someone is PISSED they can't shut it down entirely, instead they steal or block anything they can get away with. There are two sides to the story of making bank accounts hard to shut down, if alt media in America had a Mexican banking situation in American banks, not one NOT EVEN STORMFRONT would have lost a bank account. They may have still been denied ads and demonetized but they would at least be able to receive donations. The way America's left has it now, you can't even have that work.

Ok, so back to the main headline: Mexico is indeed doing more to help the immigration scenario than the Dems are, and it was not just after tariffs, they were the whole time. The tariffs just put pressure on an effort that was already underway. So the question is:

How much more could the Dems prove they are an element subversive to the United States than to have Mexico, a "leftist" country, do more to solve a problem for the U.S. than they will? And it is a LOT MORE, because rather than do something about the problem, the left in america is doing all it can to make the problem worse.

It's called SUBVERSION

New York just shut down the TENTH Jewish Orthodox school over vaccine refusal

Yes, not a rumor. A while ago DeBlasio ordered all New Yorkers, including Jews, to get the MMR shot. But the orthodox community has REFUSED, and has chosen to instead accept getting their schools shut down. This story developed a LOT under the radar. OK THEN:

QUESTION: WHY IS THE ORTHODOX COMMUNITY REFUSING "VACCINES" FOR THEIR KIDS? . . . . . . . ANSWER: Because they know what the shots really are, and what is really in them. Howcome they get to know, and CNN won't tell the rest of us?

A great comment on this issue:

"Surprise surprise. While you are "vaccinating" your children giving them autism retard shots "they" are not "vaccinating"


The MMR shot was likely, without any question whatsoever, developed in Dimona and THEY KNOW IT. They are not going to get shot with their own weapon. The mayor is a DUFUS for not just shutting the hell up, he blew their cover BIG TIME. .


So much debauchery going on

It does not take much to notice that the left has really thrown it into overdrive down the canyon of debauchery recently. Never at any point before has any leftist company been brazen enough to scream that they stand for abortion up until birth and if people won't accept it, THEY, THE COMPANY, will boycott. They are doing it all the time now. And it went from LBG to LBGT to LBGTQ and now they want to add a P for Pedophile. I am sure a N will be added for those who want to dig up graves and screw the corpses after that. What is up with this lately?

Evidently they believe that if they cancel all conservative voices from all public venues that magically everyone will go queer. There's not a chance that will happen, but "they are brighter than us" and really truly believe that just by stopping us from connecting with each other in any way other than THEIR terms, they'll cause a transformation.

They have stepped this up recently, and plan to enforce it via the subversion of law enforcement, where the laws will interfere with monopolies held by the tech left. They plan to continue the subversion by allowing a wave of immigrants in who are totally unaware of what the agenda is, but will cast a vote in favor of a free handout. They plan to win this in the most despicable way possible but are worried they might not make it. So they are standing up and exposing themselves now in one last huge push to take it all. Whether or not the gamble will work or not has to play out, but their recent freak outs are not good for them and it is hard to believe they don't know that. They probably do.

One thing is certain - with how they are pushing obviously destructive "vaccines" to destroy the intellects of their right-wing competition plus slandering the right as much as possible, while doing all they can to wreck both America and Europe with IQ 70 invaders at the same time they hand all the tech they possibly can to China and other various groups who will work against our interests, if we lose 2020 we are DOOMED. People had better wake up and see this as the war that it is or it will be GAME OVER.

The last thing they care about is honesty. The last thing they care about is social unity. What they are seeking is anything at all that can undermine and wipe out conservatives and nationalists sufficiently enough to allow them to take the reins once and for all, - while all of their ugliness is showing, in broad daylight. They were in the shadows until now, and now the mask is off. If they take over while the mask is off, WATCH OUT, it is going to be FIGHT or be carted away, like we have all been ranting about for over a decade.

9 year old boy stabbed to death by "Fembians" who performed botched sex change surgery

"Rhuan Maycon, 9, was stabbed to death on May 31st by his mother, Rosana da Silva Candido, 27, and lesbian partner Kacyla Damasceno Pessao, 28.

The boy was stabbed to death as he slept after suffering for a year after a botched gender reassignment surgery.

They performed a "sex-change surgery". After removing the penis, they sewed the mutilated region and improvised a version of a female genital organ, making a cut in the groin. The surgery had apparently been performed with no medical supervision after Rhuan's mother had decided to turn her son into a girl.

Rhuan's father had previously contacted Child Protective Services and the police after expressing concerns about the welfare of his son. Rhuan’s father told the press, "We tried to save Rhuan. We published messages on the social media, we contacted police and the Child Protective Services. No one helped us."

It appears that Rhuan had suffered extensive psychological trauma from his mother for being male before his penis was severed and his eventual death.

MY COMMENT: The two women were never held accountable for what they did because it was "only a boy, " and subsequently moved to the U.S. where they now teach third grade. Ok, that was only a guess, but with the way many American teachers are now, a VERY GOOD guess.

The following companies just stood up and said abortion is so central to their business model they cannot succeed with out it.

Here is the current list of companies you should boycott. The list was condensed down to more readable form from HERE. Maybe I'll do a searchable database as the list grows, that would be easy.

Bloomberg L.P. - M.A.C Cosmetics - DVF - H&M - Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics - Yelp - Square, Inc - Portland General Electric - Zoom Video Communications, Inc. - Zendesk - The Standard - Warby Parker - Backstage Capital - Unity Technologies - &pizza - Refinery29 - POPSUGAR - Hello Alfred - Tinder - The Cut - CREDO Mobile - Outdoor Voices - ChowNow - Hint, inc. - R2C Group - Catbird - The Muse - BaubleBar - hims & hers - Blavity - Cinq à Sept and LIKELY - The Riveter - THINX - Trillium Asset Management - WILDFANG - Richer Poorer - Mara Hoffman - OUAI - TomboyX - Heartbeat - Sustain - Dame Products - ADAY - Designer Revival - Cora - Visit.Org, Inc. - Fur - LaRue PR LLC - Lesbians Who Tech - Nia Impact Capital - We Dream in Color - The Cru - Harrington Investments, Inc. - Dazey LA - Gotham Gal - Union Station - New York Media - Le Tote - Aspiration - Sunshine Sachs - BerlinRosen - Swift - Verified Strategy - - Sawyer - General Assembly - Kona Natural Soap Co LLC - LOOM - The Femedic - Smash Strategies - Milo - Obedient - - Okta - Slack Technologies Inc - Postmates - Eileen Fisher, Inc. - Dermalogica Professional Skincare - The Body Shop US - Quintessentially - Ben & Jerry's - Teads - IDEO - BlueJeans Network - Atlantic Records & Warner Music Group - Endeavor - Bolt Threads - Lex Machina - Food52 - PR Consulting - Overtime - Godfrey Dadich Partners - Naadam - Clare V. - Parachute - Houseparty - Threads 4 Thought - The Lede Company - HATCH - Clark - NOAH - Becca PR - Homeboy Electronics Recycling - Full Circle Brands - DRG Search - CleaverCo - Lingua Franca - - La LOOP - Bhakti, Inc. - Inspiring Capital - HigherRing White-Glove Customer Service - Global Gaming Initiative + Jukko - Tia - Bantam Tools - Timehop - Soma Massage Therapy - MilkRun, Inc. - MilkCrate - The Jane Club - WaitWhat - STATE Bags - Picture Motion - Plum Alley Investments - Grey Horse Communications - Dipsea - Loop & Tie - VenueBook - t PRIMA - Hugo - Agents of Change Partners - Paladin - atlasGO - LIVARI - Culture Creators - Melanin.Tech - UserTesting, Inc. - Ladies Get Paid - RVisions Medical Staffing - Moxie Communications Group - PresentVoices - Maven Communications - Amalgamated Bank - M.M. LaFleur - rag & bone - Away - Beneficial State Bank - Birchbox - Glossier - The Wing - Kenneth Cole Productions - Everlane - Seventh Generation - Rebecca Minkoff LLC - Gabriela Hearst - United Talent Agency - Yulu PR - Indigo - iFundWomen - The Helm - ROAM - ClearHealthCosts - Lately - LimeRed - MakeLoveNotPorn - Rebellious PR & Consulting - BeautifulNow - VOZ - Sustainable Pacific - Balloonr - SVILU - Sophie Theallet - FoodtoEat - McPherson Strategies - Vista Global Coaching & Consulting - WhyWhisper Collective - Iconery - Aunt Flow - LOROD - Andrena - RAD - Change Catalyst - Fathom - Heather Taylor Home - Adam Selman Sport - Superfit Hero - Repairogen Corporation - Gyrate Media - Lorals - Mangrove Web Development - Green Retirement, Inc. - Seed Systems - Female Founders Fund - Ends+Stems - Beefcake Swimwear - RockPaperRobot - Colibri Digital Marketing - NEEV - Narrative Food - RoundPeg Benefit LLC - Certifiably - Arrow Event Management - Shifting Patterns Consulting - Nathalie Molina Niño, LLC - Unbound - Women Online and The Mission List - Diana Kane - Carlson & Carlson, Inc. - TAFi - Juicebox - AGENCY672, Inc. - Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden - TGW Studio - Alder New York -

Yelp extortion backfires

Yelp does indeed remove positive reviews for your business if you don't pay them a hefty extortion fee, and Yelp itself will in turn write negative reviews written by their own staff even if they never hit your restaurant or business if you do not pay the extortion fee. I stopped paying attention to online reviews back in the 90's because they are predominantly B.S.

Take a look at what one pizza shop did to Yelp. Just like my boycott of AMC and Disney for their boycotts of Georgia over Georgia's new abortion laws, Yelp needs a boycott BADLY, STOP USING YELP, they are bullshit anyway. Just like Amazon reviews, you really have to read to the bottom on Amazon to know what is going on there. I have a GREAT example of a company posting fake reviews on Amazon, and you'll be surprised what company did it.

I have a GREAT example of a company with a stellar reputation writing fake reviews on Amazon. The company is Roland, makers of very popular pro keyboards. Yes, even they will fake it, check this out!

Recently Roland contracted with a Chinese OEM that had what Roland figured was a half way decent arranger keyboard for home use. The Chinese company name is Mideli, which produced a great sounding budget keyboard and Roland re-branded it as their own.

I noticed people were leaving reviews on this keyboard that were indicative of a product that was not up to Roland standards, yet the product still had a 4 star rating. Here are a few:

"I bought this keyboard last month, and already 3 keys are not working. It's a cheap one"

"Dear Amazon this product is found fauly before 1 year of warranties"

"Not durable. Some keys are not functioning within some days"

And then I came across this review: "Roland ex-20 is rebranded chinese keyboard medeli M361.So expect poor quality. Buy casio ct-x 8000IN instead.Roland made this keyboard for indians and fooled us.

And then there was a splattering of reviews like this, which have all the characteristics of FAKE:

"nice product" / "Excellent" / "Great, Very good product" / "Super, Nice" / "It was worth waiting, it's OK" / REPEAT: "Great, Very good product" / and lots more similar super short super positive five star reviews. That does not happen with an instrument, musicians will describe WHY it is "great".

To be clear, in it's own right, the Mideli M361, when purchased as it was intended to be sold, is not a bad keyboard and when purchased in the perspective of what it is, people LOVE IT.

The problem with it all is that it is NOT a Roland, which is supposed to be thrown in a case wet from a rainstorm, thrashed in the back of a truck over 3, 000 miles of speed bumps, dropped off the stage during setup, and STILL WORK PERFECT. So it appears Roland pumped up the rep of this particular product with a bunch of fake reviews. I'd have strongly preferred from Roland: Please keep in mind that this is an OEM keyboard with a GREAT sound set for home use only and not critical use, it is not a stage instrument, DO NOT GIG WITH IT if you don't intend to treat it like a baby or use it in situations where any problems will be disastrous.

The bottom line: Reviews are rigged. Even by Champions. Roland is a TOTAL CHAMPION company. Take the lengthy write-ups with good perspective with 50X the value of the short one liners, and if everything is a short one-liner or something long that is basically a repeat, don't consider it legit.

Unlike Roland, which deserves a good reputation and never extorted anyone, Yelp is total trash. I used Roland as an example of "even the best will do this, " so seriously CAVEAT EMPTOR, if even Roland pulls this crap, online reviews are worthless.

A&E to stone Jehova's Witnesses with new expose'

MY COMMENT: Oh GREAT. I am SUUURE A&E is going to represent a Christian faith well after they told Georgia they were going to stop filming Walking Dead there if that law against abortion gets activated.

Fine people they are, ripping Jehovas Witnesses. I can't wait! Or maybe I can, I won't pay a dime to watch their sh*t.

First Disney, then A&E. Double boycott. Anyone who pulls the pro abortion crap where if you are not pro abortion it's adios can have their ADIOS, I'll just put them on the same ban list as Frito Lay, Pepsi, Nestle, Starbucks and other companies that use flavor enhancers that are developed with aborted baby tissue. What gives with that? It is such PATENT B.S. and I am not going to be a part of it. Everything tasted better before they started doing that crap anyway, WHY are they doing it, other than to aspire to new levels of evil?

A comment on Iran's new "anti aircraft missile" that can "shoot down stealth

Yesterday I was skeptical, but after giving it a little thought, Iran has lots of precision guided "ballistic" missiles that are so precise they could easily hit a non-moving parked aircraft in Israel. This is proven when they nailed an ISIS command bunker in Syria with a lone missile, killing everyone there and totally obliterating it (this was a couple years ago). Such precision hits are not possible with missiles that cannot be steered after launch, so Iran definitely has that. And if they have that, all it is going to take is a cheap brain and some ground based targeting controls to take out stealth. It is, in fact, not much of a stretch at all to say they probably did it, especially since pointing a rocket straight and having it be steerable is the hard part. They had that solved long ago. Add to this the fact that they have Russian anti-aircraft missiles to reverse engineer, and well, then what?

A helicopter crashed into a rooftop in New York

This was something I would not have posted about, until the MSM started suggesting it may have been intentional. But it probably was not. It appears the helicopter lost tail rotor control and was traveling at a high rate of speed to avoid losing control without the tail rotor. That ate too much altitude, and being unable to clear the buildings to try to land it he chose a roof top, the wrong roof top because it had structures on it the main rotor hit and the helicopter burst into flames.

Probably the final Oroville update of the year

They will not open the gates. There is likely a problem that needs to be grouted on the intake side, and if they opened the gates they risked blowing it. There is definitely water leaking through the dam where it should not be, but this is common in earthen dams and is corrected by injecting wet concrete into key areas to hopefully block off leaks.

We won't see this problem again ever, they know it is there, and were trying to grout it off probably only to discover they could not successfully grout it without access from the lake side. So they kept it all closed off and it looks like they won the bet. The water levels will drop as growers use it and when they can get to the gate side, they'll fix the problem in a day.

There is another factor in all of this that I have mentioned before - California's government is doing all it can to deny the farmers water and they use low water levels in the dams as an excuse, even while they drain the dams out. This year's bumper crop of water is a GREAT opportunity to shut them up. So the people who actually run the dams, who are sympathetic to the farmers pushed ALL the dams in the entire system to the MAX. They went over what they wanted to with Oroville, and got away with it.

What have I been saying? FISA release DELAYED AGAIN.


And this time I almost got excited from the boys in the blogs blowing giddy spit bubble of glee over "what will happen tomorrow".


From here, a large number of conservative sites vanished but are working again

Infowars,, Natural News, David Icke, Gateway Pundit, (so maybe I was wrong about them) Drudge Report (I find that odd) Divine Cosmos (David Wilcock) and 2 popular forums were down here earlier today. ALL LIBSTREAM MSM KEPT WORKING FINE.

From here, a large number of conservative sites vanished but are working again

Infowars,, Natural News, David Icke, Gateway Pundit, (so maybe I was wrong about them) Drudge Report (I find that odd) Divine Cosmos (David Wilcock) and 2 popular forums were down here earlier today. ALL LIBSTREAM MSM KEPT WORKING FINE.

THERE IS BLOCKING GOING ON, I just confirmed there are no internet troubles in the U.S.

Update to below: Infowars,, Natural News, David Icke, Gateway Pundit, (so maybe I was wrong about them) Drudge Report (I find that odd) Divine Cosmos (David Wilcock) and 2 popular forums are not accessible from where I am. Most of the conservative sites I am checking is down. At last check, Rense, Breitbart, WRH and this site still were up. I would not expect this site to go down due to direct IP and a good server location.

No DDOS underway here, if the site is slow it is because people are hitting it to find out what is going on with the sites that are down.

I don't know, I just noticed a large number of sites that are conservative quit working (from here) and I don't know if it is a regional thing or not.




I cannot hit Infowars right now, instead when I type the URL, a new URL with an error comes up, and goes to Google (which I never asked for) and Google has a slander page it is serving instead. No matter how many times I re-type Infowars, I can't get to it even if I manage to circumvent Google's slander page. Google does not do the slander directly, they just make sure all the links have slanderous descriptions. That's slander, but "technically" they could claim "oops".

The same outage for Infowars is also happening on other alt-media sites hosted in the U.S. but I have not checked into what extent, I just noticed no matter what I type, if it is conservative it won't come in but the liberal crap works fine.

CLASSIC: China is circumventing tariffs with fake "Made in Viet Nam" markings.

HA HA, with the NSA out there, this won't last. Or maybe it will. It all depends on how corrupt the NSA is. Anyone want to make any bets? If the story hit the internet, I guess you don't need the NSA to point it out though. Viet Nam discovered this and is PISSED.

OK, so let me make another bet: The NSA knew about this when China was in the planning stages for it, said nothing while it happened, and now that Viet Nam is pointing it out clearly, subversive elements in the U.S. government won't do anything about it anyway. OOPS, I said "let me make a bet". Sorry. No bet needed, this is certified fact, no confirmation needed.


Venezuela is experiencing an 8 percent long term drop in power output that has persisted for days. They still have 92 percent but this is an anomaly worth mentioning.

Repo man jailed for attempting to repossess NYPD officer's personal car

The NYPD nailed a repo man who was doing a legitimate repossession of a NYPD' officer's car. This is a clear cut case of the police being above the law, and subsequently filing false reports. They still have his truck 8 days later, plus all of his computers, cell phone, the whole 9 yards and they are obviously lying in court. The tow truck is a beauty. Rather than accept the fact that even police officers have to pay their bills, they opted to simply wipe out the repo man! I'd bet that truck ends up in asset forfeiture to finish it all off.


This is not in reference to what is happening to this site, it is by observation of what is happening to others. I don't know why they don't keep the theft rate constant but perhaps occasionally a light goes on somewhere and they scurry to the shadows like roaches.

Iran has supposedly made a new missile that can shoot down stealth aircraft

I am skeptical but will say Iran should not be underestimated. Adding credibility to the claim is the specs:

Approximately 100 mile range for non stealth, and 31 mile range for stealth. Maybe it works. Stealth aircraft accomplish stealth largely by not reflecting any radar signals back to the source. Any radar system that is going to defeat stealth needs a transmitter in one location, and a whole bunch of receivers in other locations, all precisely timed. That way there is a chance of picking up a bounce and knowing where it is coming from.

By the way, I remember back in the 80's I had a timex digital watch that was so accurate it would not lose or gain a second over an entire year. Then all of a sudden all the digital watches including Timex changed and all are off by minutes a year. I believe this was done to eliminate low powered timers that were accurate enough to use for military purposes. Low and behold, after a few seikos, a pulsar and a couple citizen watches that were simply not as accurate, after a piece fell off the face on the Pulsar and I was too broke to get it fixed, I picked up a $4.50 watch at a store called Waldos and it is BANG ON, just like that old long gone Timex. Most likely someone got ahold of a stock of old crystal oscillators and put them in promotional grade watches. Accuracy was possible in the past, and judging from comparatively expensive watches since the 80's it is evident someone decided NOPE.


America is still having a horrible growing season due to conditions that are too wet for planting. This has not impacted markets yet. To the plus side, Canada is going to have a bumper crop and so is Russia, so there will be food, But it will cost you, STOCK UP NOW.


That would make FIVE (5) clinton related deaths in the last 3 days.

TOO GOOD: Openly gay Milo Yiannopoulos named grand marshall for straight pride parade

Notice how The Hill brands Milo a "right wing provocateur".

"I might technically be a sequined and perfectly coiffed friend of Dorothy’s but I've spent my entire career advocating for the rights of America’s most brutally repressed identity - straight people - so I know a thing or two about discrimination, " Yiannopoulos said in a statement released by the group."

Boston is attempting to deny a permit for the parade, but city law says they cannot. We'll have to wait and see what happens with this one.


This is a summarized and cleaned up report. To be perfectly clear with why this is a provable hijacking, in this case possibly by a non-government hacker - if you observe both the rear and front dash cam footage from the witness car, you can clearly see the driver is not drunk, is wide awake, and is trying to avoid an accident. The fact the brake lights never come on before impact despite the truck avoiding obstacles, clearly shown by the rear dash cam on approach, proves the car was hijacked because the brakes never engaged before impact, they engaged only after the impact detection system, which would have set off the air bags, activated.

The truck was VERY WELL driven up until impact, which means the "drunk driver" line they always give is a hoax.

The original post follows. Take a look at how inconvenient people are gotten rid of.

A perfectly awake driver who could not have possibly been drunk kept a 105 MPH limited Chevy truck under perfect control at 135+ WHILE HOLDING HIGH BEAMS ON MANUALLY and this driver OBVIOUSLY did not want to hit anyone. This is clearly proven by the rear camera video of another driver Despite not wanting to hit anyone, he did not brake before impacting when he drove perfectly before that, proving he was awake. There's no way that crash happened the way the official story says it did. And conveniently, though you can tell the truck has a front plate that has been blurred out of the video, in the front dashcam video which shows the actual impact. They dash cam at this point oddly did not catch the rear plates but later in the video it does, which means the truck can be identified to find out who was really driving it. Ok, so here is the photo sequence that proves this 100 percent:


Due to the spurious nature of all posts on this topic from all alt media sources, which seem to be taking it over the top, this is a tentative post that is probably real. Evidently Brussels has issued a statement saying the tech is not proven and that they were not willing to use their entire population like "a cage full of guinea pigs".

My take: We don't need 5G. I recently got a 4G modem, and when it is not throttled it is MIND BLOWINGLY fast. It will throttle after a while. I was self conscious at first, because when I was going around looking for stuff to post and comment on it would snort so much data it racked up 15 gigs in NO TIME, then it started throttling down to only about 4X as fast as the 3G modems. Quite frankly, on a cellular plan, I don't need half a gig in 10 seconds. Having 5G be many times faster than that would be a nightmare. Fortunately the plan I have does not meter bandwidth but I still set Youtube to 144 P because all I need is the audio in most vids anyway.

One hit on INFOWARS would blow 40 megs in 2 seconds before throttling. MY GOD, how does Alex afford that?

Yesterday I read that the United States has an average WIRED internet speed of 20.1 megs per second. The 4G modem BLOWS that away, if the plan was metered it would be useless, it would be a situation where one mistake would equal POOF. Who the * needs something freakishly faster than that? 5G is a case where the public never asked for it, but we "needed it anyway". 4G not throttled is so freaking fast I can't even describe it. NO, I don't care if anything faster ever arrives.

To the people claiming Trump is "doing nothing" with the border

Trump has done everything a President possibly can with the border. The problem is not Trump, the problem is leftists who have subverted the government and are treasonously stripping the president of power via corrupted judges and simply not following orders. EXAMPLE: Trump revoked Brennan's security clearance almost a year ago, and Brennan still has it. That security clearance should have been revoked SAME DAY.

Trump is not the problem. When a government gets this far gone, where rule of law is not followed AT ALL, you can't fix it without bloodshed. Hate to say it, but that's the truth. We cannot vote our way out of this.

Ignore the warning from the NSA about a "BAD WINDOWS FLAW"

I put off mentioning this because my readers are not STUPID enough to EVER listen when the NSA says "patch this". God help anyone that is that stupid.

I have a perplexing phone problem that I am sure people will envy

A few months ago I bought a Goophone copy of a Huawei Mate 20 Pro (for less than $100, and it is NOT a Huawei and it therefore has a crappy but "passable" camera.)

Remember the good old days, when you'd only need to charge your brick phone once a week? This phone is THAT on steroids. I don't know how they did it but it is a fully capable tabphone that plays video beautifully on a perfect screen, surfs the web fine, etc and because it mostly sits idle (I never carry a phone and do not use it for calls) the battery lasts UP TO A MONTH per charge. It will occasionally sound out when it receives a notification or whatever, so it is not inactive . . . .

Here is the problem that phone has, and I have defined it as a real problem today: It lasts so long on a charge that by the time it needs to be charged, the cord is lost no matter how I try to "put it where I will find it". And it is different from the cords for the other phones, so you can't just plug it into "anything". Fortunately, with 30 percent charge left, it will still go a few days but will I find the cord before then?

Folks, it is possible for a modern, fully capable phone to go a month on a charge. Why is the only one I have ever seen do it a PIRATE Huawei?

A while ago someone got a bug on it that a factory reset cleared, and when it had that bug a charge only lasted a day. Is that the problem everyone is having with short battery life?

Ilhan Omar rumors ended up being true.

I never really looked into the rumors surrounding Ilhan Omar because there was plenty else wrong with her, and lots of times people spew anything against a Muslim. However, there are BIG PROBLEMS.

As it turns out, Ilhan Omar really did marry her brother to get into the United States, and when she was granted permission to stay, it happened because she under reported her age by approximately a year and 9 months. That means she filed fraudulent papers, and is now sitting in the U.S. government. We all know the state allows this so she's probably going nowhere.

My BIG problem with Ilhan Omar: She's a phleghminist despite that being totally against Islam, plus pro-choice, which Islam never allowed. Back in the 90's I was onto the topic of the infiltration of Islam by American Jews, who sought to corrupt the religion by finding ways to misinterpret Shariah law, and then get the misinterpretations to be accepted via fatwas issued by Islamic leaders that were phoney and Jewish on top of it. As it turns out, just like in Christianity anyone can declare themselves a preacher and have at it, the same is true of Islam, which has no real system of confirming anyone is qualified to do anything. If you can recite quran well enough, it's a go, you won't be checked out (at least back in the 90's.) The Jews knew the system was porous back then and they exploited it with the primary goal being to get abortion legalized under Shariah, which was a daunting task considering it was totally forbidden, and every Muslim knew it.

So they found a way to make acceptance of abortion plausible and exploited it - that way was via Islam's statement of when the soul enters the body. If you kill the body before the soul enters, it is not murder. And therefore abortion is permissible. They knew it was a scam manipulation, but ILHAN OMAR GOBBLED IT UP HOOK LINE AND SINKER and she therefore TOTALLY SUCKS, I could care less what happens to her.

Obviously abortion is not permissible AT ALL, under any religion. I'll never forget what Laura Slessinger (a Jew no less) said to prove it: "If it is not a human baby in the womb, what is it? a scallion? HA HA, SO TRUE, and my own similar statement is: So it is claimed it is a "woman's body". I'd like to see a DNA test prove that. It won't.

The Jews knew full well (obviously there are ones like Laura out there) but the BILL GATES types knew full well that abortion was not permissible under any circumstance in Islam, I watched them announce that they were going to find a way to manipulate shariah to make it "permissible" and it took them four and a half years to find a way at least a moron like Omar would accept it.

It is not necessarily bad to have a Muslim in Congress. But it is VERY bad to have them be of the ilk of Ilhan Omar. I have held off on ranting this, but it is a fact that she has no place whatsoever ANYWHERE her opinion might make a difference, she ought to be wearing sandals on a dirt trail while worrying about whatever might bite her in Somalia. Her family probably knows the pirates in 'Captain Phillips!".

Trump's tariff on Mexico worked

It is hard to figure out exactly what is really going on in politics sometimes, but I do know that when checking up on what Obrador really did say he did not say America should be a free for all for everyone, as is being stated and quoted everywhere. Mexico really did try to stop some of these caravans to a certain extent. But I gotta say, after that tariff Mexico is taking it a lot more seriously and is now totally blocking the caravans, as well as busing central Americans back.

My opinion on immigration is that there's nothing wrong with it, provided whoever arrives does not go on welfare and is not a criminal making life hell for everyone. I remember the days when doors were not locked even at night and keys were left in cars. The only thing that changed that was immigration from places where people did not have the same standards.

Actually, MOST Mexicans DO have those standards but the problem is that there is that 5 percent that does not, and 5 percent will really screw things. When it is predominantly people from that 5 percent going north to the U.S., ADIOS to the "good old days", nowadays you probably can't even trust a cop to not steal your car as well as neighbor bob in the 70's.

I am at a loss as to how a 5 percent tariff caused such a huge change in Mexico, but it is a fact that the military did indeed take action to secure Mexico's southern border, it also caused Mexico to shut down the bank accounts of child traffickers and slave traders, and it also caused them to actually send people back to central America. As far as I see it, that's damn near an anomaly.

Obrador is actually a decent president for Mexico, who looks after Mexico's interests as well as Trump at least tries to for the U.S. A lot of crap gets spewed about Obrador that does not have any roots in reality. Obrador does hit obstacles with corruption in Mexico, and it seems he failed to stop the gas thieves (he had a well done siege on them and they were simply too persistent and the systems of subversion in that regard were well in place here.) Obrador has five more years. We'll see what he can do. I don't buy that he was helping the migrants make it to the U.S. - Obrador is up against the same clan that is fronting an invasion of Europe, and that clan has undermined everything to accomplish it. It is awful tough to stop a well funded and globally supported effort to get people from A to B. I will also again point out that I think the numbers reported from the border are inflated drastically to damage Trump, I am seeing absolutely nothing going on here. One would think it would be noticeable on the street and it is not. There are no waves of people coming through this corridor, which happens to be the best way north and it is not even evident in obvious places, such as the main bus station.

A supposed "hidden cell phone camera" inside Belmarsh prison shows Julian doing a LOT better

UPDATE: OOPS, how did I miss this? Julian Assange could be doing better via a deep fake Now YOU can watch Sylvester Stallone be Terminator.

Whatever drug they had him on appears to be wearing off. However, ALL the pictures show a link to a Gofundme, I don't believe you could successfully hide a camera in Belmarsh, I don't believe you could successfully hide the radio emissions from a cell phone in Belmarsh, let alone get a picture out to the web PLUS set up a Gofundme from there, PLUS not have the gofundme shut down. If you come across this, my thoughts are that it is a probable scam fronted by someone who wants to cash in on Julian. Maybe not, but it looks off and is not believable for me. Do inmates even get access to power outlets to charge things? What about that technicality? I don't believe anyone would get away with shooting pictures with a contraband phone either.

The only positive is that if this is legit (doubt it) Julian is definitely Julian, and it looks like his mind is coming back. Maybe that's why he was "unresponsive" a few days ago (withdrawal), but then again there is the chance that this is fraudulent so who knows when the pictures were really taken or if they are deep fake?

And I am now suspicious about Gateway Pundit where this story broke - they get too many good tips to believe, this one is over the top. I cannot even communicate and I doubt Alex Jones can either whether or not he realizes it, how does Gateway Pundit miraculously not get every damn mail and message censored? Even rense has the same problem, he can't get tips from anyone other than whoever writes what is there and you can tell just by what gets posted. No one is sending Alex or Rense miracle tips out of the blue like Gateway Pundit gets. Though the information is useful and I don't see anything there as dangerous, it is not possible to do what they are doing by being "good", it is only possible to do what they do because it is being allowed. Why?


The deep state has started doing cleanup killings

June 5 - Arkansas senator Linda Collins shot dead in her home

June 6 - Oklahoma senator Jonathan Nichols shot dead in his home

June 5 - NYPD police cheif Steven Silks, likely involved with Pedosta laptop found shot dead in his police car from a "suicide". YEP.

And, just an hour ago today (June 6) NYPD homicide detective Calabrese, who would have investigated the death of the police cheif vanished from the job earlier today, and an hour ago was found dead in the vicinity of his "abandoned" Cadillac.

Think the deep state will be called to account? HA. Laugh. Just wait for the next homicide report.

Kim Jong did not execute or imprison anyone as was claimed by America's MSM

Remember when I posted the following? As it turns out, I was right. ALL of the people the American MSM said Kim Jong killed or did away with have appeared on national television in Korea, attending current events by Kim Jong's side. It started with one he supposedly jailed, and has continued to others he supposedly killed.

Here is my original report, now fully confirmed accurate. HA HA.

According to Reuters Kim Jong executed his negotiator over failed NK summit with Trump>

My comment: DOUBT IT. First of all, Reuters quoted a South Korean newspaper, not a North Korean newspaper, and Reuters will lie it's butt off to get a war started as well as CNN will. Since there's no solid way to know if this really happened absent North Korea publishing itself, I am going to express a little doubt here and point out something obvious: A little over a week ago the Mossad staged a false flag in the gulf to kick off a war with Iran. It may have failed, but who's to believe the ziopress is not just trying to get a war started with NK by printing yet more BUNK?

Here's a word of advice: Not so dear and definitely maligned and purely hostile ziopress: If you don't want us calling B.S. on everything you print, don't lie so much, in fact, don't lie at all. By doing so you put us in a difficult position: what to believe and what not to believe. So when a nuke DOES go off in Israel, NO ONE will believe your media when you cry and show burned bodies and a huge crater, after all you run Hollywood and deep fakes are a reality. You should not have blown your chance to have us trust you by posting SO MUCH PATENT B.S.

On that note, I am calling B.S., Kim Jong did not execute his top negotiator, no, this is just some a-holes spewing a war chant. And if I am wrong, it is because YOU, the ziopress, SUCK.

About the "Abortion doctors play fighting with dead babies" video that has made the rounds lately,

This could have been put in my "repeat headlines" list below, but it needs some explaining. This video is actually years old, not months old, I saw this in 2017 so it is not new news. I think it was done on purpose as a mockery to pro-lifers, it is very short and very blatant and very methodical, like they practiced it several times before shooting the video. It is indeed disgusting but I see it as a manipulation more than anything else, it is obvious they are doing their damndest to anger pro-lifers. There's another blatant one circulating now where an obviously evil young woman, who had twins, says "thank you for this gift of life, but I am not ready for it now" and then she pops an abortion pill. That's another staged video (in my opinion) done for the sole purpose of mockery.

The bible itself said that in the last days, before the day of judgement, that there would be a profound split between good and evil, where either you made a choice to be good or a choice to be evil and that the choice to be evil would be an easy choice. It is fairly evident that is happening now but I don't think it has peaked yet. Sort yourself out and make your decisions now, and make those decisions SOLID. The bible makes it perfectly clear that God hates moderates most of all. Moderates are those who are lukewarm in their convictions, taking both sides in the name of "fairness". Don't be that either, it is a ticket to hell.

Mexico is blocking migrants from Guatemala, and even Infowars reported it

If even Alex says it is happening it probably is. As I stated earlier, I have not seen any hint whatsoever that there should be a border crisis, all the "migrants" coming through this town are the same people daily and there are not many. This town is on THE main corridor that migrants would take north, that subsequently splits and goes to California and Texas. I am not seeing it, and suspect all the hoopla is to back stab Trump.

Well worth a watch: Fair Oaks Farm and Coca Cola - the biggest dairy investigation in history

Despite never being a farmer, throughout my life I have had enough experience to know how farm animals usually get treated, right down to having taken part in branding and neutering, as well as feeding and cleaning - enough family and friends were agricultural to clearly show how farm animals usually get treated. The stuff in the video I linked is not normal, and it proves that no matter how pretty a face you put on things all may not be well behind the scenes. Coca Cola blew it with this one, they got busted BIG TIME. There's a lesson to be learned from this - at least when it comes to the calves you should not have heartless druggies and crack heads take care of them. The video is AWFUL and will probably get banned from Youtube in the name of "hate", it is already restricted. There's no way it should be restricted. This kind of truth needs to be put out there no matter what corporate sponsor takes the rap.

There's a good example of Youtube and the American media being absolute crap in hiding "sensitive images" from the public - A few months ago some people in Mexico were stealing gas from a ruptured pipeline and it all caught fire. People were running across a field on fire, and not just a few, there were LOTS. It was an apocalyptic scene. And Mex media did not cover it up, instead they said "This is what can happen if you steal gas, let this be a lesson to those who are cutting into the pipelines to steal it." And they aired it over and over again, complete with the aftermath with people no longer on fire, but with their clothes burned off and skin missing, basically walking dead. That aired on national television repeatedly, and even now they sometimes show it. You'd never see that on American TV

Youtube's restricting of this coca-cola video where calves in Coca-cola's dairy division are treated in a manner that there is no excuse for and downright horrific, is a prime example of how Youtube is way out of bounds with what they restrict. You ought to watch that video. If that dairy company bites it over that video, it would be well deserved and would stand as an example for the rest of the industry to at least have a gram of respect for how they treat their animals. From what I have seen, this video is an unusual case, most farmers are not total a-holes.

The following is a double post, scroll past it.

Well worth a watch: Fair Oaks Farm and Coca Cola - the biggest dairy investigation in history

Despite never being a farmer, throughout my life I have had enough experience to know how farm animals usually get treated, right down to having taken part in branding and neutering, as well as feeding and cleaning - enough family and friends were agricultural to clearly show how farm animals usually get treated. The stuff in the video I linked is not normal, and it proves that no matter how pretty a face you put on things all may not be well behind the scenes. Coca Cola blew it with this one, they got busted BIG TIME. There's a lesson to be learned from this - at least when it comes to the calves you should not have heartless druggies and crack heads take care of them. The video is AWFUL and will probably get banned from Youtube in the name of "hate", it is already restricted. There's no way it should be restricted. This kind of truth needs to be put out there no matter what corporate sponsor takes the rap.

There's a good example of Youtube and the American media being absolute crap in hiding "sensitive images" from the public - A few months ago some people in Mexico were stealing gas from a ruptured pipeline and it all caught fire. People were running across a field on fire, and not just a few, there were LOTS. It was an apocalyptic scene. And Mex media did not cover it up, instead they said "This is what can happen if you steal gas, let this be a lesson to those who are cutting into the pipelines to steal it." And they aired it over and over again, complete with the aftermath with people no longer on fire, but with their clothes burned off and skin missing, basically walking dead. That aired on national television repeatedly, and even now they sometimes show it. You'd never see that on American TV

Youtube's restricting of this coca-cola video where calves in Coca-cola's dairy division are treated in a manner that there is no excuse for and downright horrific, is a prime example of how Youtube is way out of bounds with what they restrict. You ought to watch that video. If that dairy company bites it over that video, it would be well deserved and would stand as an example for the rest of the industry to at least have a gram of respect for how they treat their animals. From what I have seen, this video is an unusual case, most farmers are not total a-holes.

WOW, nothing in the news today for anyone who has a memory

Toeay is a classic example of news repeating itself

It is not worth it to go to every example and hunt out where it has been all said before, and it has repeated enough for most people to realize they heard it before. I am going to post a few noteworthy examples -

1. Pelosi wants Trump in prison. Top headline on Drudge. How many times have we heard either that, or another variant?

2. Amazon to deliver with drones. MY GOD, how many times have we heard that?

3. Youtube purges "hate". That's like having a kid announce every time he takes a bite of a candy bar, as if it is a totally unique experience that has never happened before. YES, the Youtube candy bar is vanishing. We all know that.

HERE'S A GOOD ONE: 4. Iran six months away from atomic bomb. HA HA, they have been saying that for 50 years and even since before the internet.

5. Putin and Xi love each other.

6. HBO to "push the envelope" in the realm of sexual depravity yet again. Gee, is that new?

7. Lots of boring political stuff we all know is B.S., like "Bernie is +4 on Trump."

8. Here is the one that set me off because it has been repeated so much: "Balloons to lift surveillance gear high in the sky" to spy on everyone. GEE, when was that a "new tech" headline? 1995, 1996, 7, 8, 9, 2001 etc. What a revelation.

9. Southern border flooded with unprecedented numbers of illegals. Folks, I'm not buying it. I won't disagree that there's major trouble, however, I live on a corridor where they would all have to go through and these stories don't make any sense. I am not seeing this happen. I think a lot of this reporting is to undermine Trump, and make him look ineffective. And it is not Trump if it is true, everyone knows it is corrupted judges and Dem fronted subversion anyway.

10. Gee, there's a repeat on the same page of Drudge: "Press freedom in downward spiral". Yes, Youtube is censoring, Drudge said it already, even today.

I thought I could rip this out real quick before taking Claudia to work, but I can't, there are too many examples, like "Dems putting Trump's mental health state under scrutiny" as if that is something new, they have tried this since 2016, "hackers can know what you are typing by hearing you type" - that's been a headline at least 5 times over the years - and so, with NOTHING in the news that is actually news because it is just a repeat of before, GEE, what am I going to post today?

To add clarity to the sodium ion battery report below:

Previous designs for sodium ion batteries did not accomplish an energy density as high as lithium ion. What the Germans did was make it possible to build the battery through dry deposition of materials, which increased reliability and reduced the price enormously, and also increased energy density enormously. If you look up sodium ion batteries you will get old material from 2018 where small research groups managed to make sodium ion batteries work, at a 20 percent cost savings per watt hour over lithium ion. What has happened in Germany is that with the new manufacturing tech, sodium ion batteries will now be practical, plus have a higher energy density than lithium ion, PLUS have a cost reduction of 80 or more percent over lithium ion.

What the Germans managed to do is invent a battery tech where the batteries are basically simply dry painted into existence the way cars are painted during manufacture now, which eliminated all the work and all the hazardous chemicals that have always been a part of the battery manufacturing process. The Germans got it down to a process as simple as painting a surface or printing a newspaper at super high speed, with results better than any battery we have now. There is a chance that in the near future, the cost of a battery for a car will be less than $1, 000 USD vs practically the entire cost of the car nowadays, and to top it all off, the car will go much much farther on a charge. Cost savings are not that drastic yet, but they are still enough to revolutionize electric cars.

I predict the technology will be allowed to proceed and won't be taken away the way so many other great technologies probably were. We will probably see this, and since the late R&D is happening via a major battery maker and not an isolated laboratory, it could hit the market very quickly.

The lithium in lithium ion batteries is a fairly rare metal. It is not a precious metal, but it is not common at all and carries a heavy cost premium. Sodium on the other hand is the most common of all metals, (unless you call hydrogen a metal) sodium is more common than even iron. It is also very easy to isolate as a metal, if you hit the right sourcing sodium is dirt cheap. Hydrogen is technically a metal but in a practical sense it is not, and can't be used in a battery the way metals that don't primarily exist as a gas can be used. Combining the abundance and cheapness of sodium with a manufacturing process that is basically as simple as printing toilet paper will have a MAJOR impact on battery prices, this will, if it comes to fruition, be a death sentence for gasoline powered cars. Electric cars will be cheaper and they will perform just as well.

New battery type: Sodium Ion

The report I have linked here does not even go into the significance of being able to use sodium - the bubble headed reporter, who probably flunked chemistry, missed it like a hail mary in a hurricane. But she at least reported there is a new battery making process. The real breakthrough however is that the process allows us to move from Lithium ion to Sodium ion batteries, and they are already making them. It does work. And it is a major battery manufacturer that is doing the proofing on this, not college kids. This will drastically increase energy density and sodium is the most common metal on earth that you can observe as metal at room temperature - it is DIRT CHEAP.

Sodium is more electropositive than Lithium, which means more energy can be stored by sodium. But it has not been possible to use sodium up until now because it is too soft and too reactive. Knowing the new advantages of the new manufacturing process, they did not even bother with lithium, they cut straight to sodium. That's a serious breakthrough. None of this is specifically pointed out in the linked report, you have to read between the lines to see it.

Boycott AMC?

AMC has stated they may pull the filming of Walking Dead out of Georgia over Georgia's new abortion laws. All I can say in regard to this is BOYCOTT. They are really sticking their necks out for abortion lately, making it easy to put things right.


An American journalist was asked to destroy a vaccine critic on Al Jazeera. So he showed up and did it. But there was a problem - Al Jazeera allowed another news organization in to do a shoot of the same event. For some reason the camera man, who only had one angle to shoot from, walked away from his camera and left it rolling while Al-Jazeera's cameras were taken away. Once the American journalist thought he was not being recorded anymore, he told the vaccine critic "I know you are right, my neighbors who are very smart people who know what is going on had their kids destroyed by vaccines and he admitted he knew the vaccines were destroying the kids but he was reporting that they were not because it was his job.

I don't exactly like the style of this video, but it does deliver the goods. It is a day old and will be wiped off Youtube without question, because I am certain the people who run Youtube are like this journalist, who knew vaccines are causing autism but was doing his job, fighting to say they are not. The video is here

You can safely bet this video will be deleted the moment it is discovered by Youtube staff but I have it saved already and will serve it from here, probably permanently like the Fukushima report. Here we have for the first time on tape proof that the people saying vaccines are safe know for sure that they are not safe but they are pushing the agenda forward anyway because it is their job. At least this reporter admitted it in front of an anti-vaxxer who knew well enough to not give his kids the shots, possibly to prevent the anti vaxxer from being guilt tripped into destroying his kids after that interview.

Going over pictures over the last few days, I think Trump got a body double

The "new hair" scene at the church gave it away, however, Trump has also been on mex media afterward, and it is him. Trump would be stupid to not have body doubles - here's why:

Because if they go to assassinate Trump, and they kill the body double, there's gonna be DEEP DOO DOO afterward. I am not against him doing this at all, (that is, if I am not mistaken about the whole thing) - the key thing is that he's probably OK and has not been replaced.

With all the assassination threats circulating, it would be common sense to use doubles as much as possible. Maybe the one at the church was a bad one. And that reminds me -

Remember a while back when Melania seemed to not want to touch Trump's hand? Maybe that was a double. That would explain a lot.


I always buy the cheapest mac and cheese there is (when I buy it, which is not often). This time around the cheapest mac and cheese was Great Value, and it featured the Disney movie "Frozen". But what did Disney do last week? They said they were going to boycott all states that had strict new abortion laws, because restricting abortion "went against their core values". So they won't shoot any more movies in states that have strict abortion laws. I said I was going to boycott Disney, and I did. The next cheapest thing on the shelf happened to be my favorite brand - La Moderna (way better than Kraft) so I upgraded substantially from Great Value for approximately 20 percent more.

I did not need the upgrade. I was pissed at Great Value for putting that depraved crap company on their box as something special. Oh yes, but little Annie will know it is "FROZEN" mac and cheese and celebrate alone, because people who think like Disney killed her brother!

DO NOT let your teenage kids read magazines such as Cosmopolitan

When I saw what I am going to mention here, I was so disgusted I just clicked out. But after a day I figured I ought to post the following to warn parents.

I have long said "women's" magazines were weapons for destroying society. And now there is proof. Cosmopolitan and others have published something so disgusting I thought it was a ruse but it was not. I am not going to say it, just click the link. It is called a "rusty trombone" and it is a "sex act" that is nasty beyond belief, so nasty I think someone just made this up to destroy society. I cannot believe this is something that was naturally accepted by society. Other so-called "womens magazines" published different reports on this at the same time, it was a coordinated effort, and it also got a Wikipedia post. BE FOREWARNED, THIS IS DISGUSTING and I cannot fathom in a million years how anyone would enjoy this, either the giver or the recipient. I flatly do not believe this existed until these magazines published it as "bedroom advice".

It is clear to me now that the only goal of the so-called "social engineers" over our current society is to simply seek the most disgusting and demeaning depravity they can possibly dream up - stuff that no one would EVER truly enjoy, and then publish it under a veil of "legitimacy" and hope the suckers of society fall for it. Kids are very impressionable, DO NOT let your kids get anywhere near any of these magazines, they are pure wanton destruction and the links I posted are proof.

Silly do-nothing headlines:

Sheriff says governor should be arrested

"Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee should step down, be held in contempt or arrested for approving a "sanctuary" law, according to the Spokane County sheriff.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told host Harris Faulkner on "Outnumbered Overtime" Inslee took the same oath of office that he did, promising to respect federal law.

My comment:It does not matter what someone says, it matters WHAT SOMEONE DOES ABOUT IT.

Big nothing. Action, not words.

California school teacher quits over 10 year old's sex ed

"A whistle-blowing former public school teacher is sounding the alarm about new middle school sexual education standards in California that sexualize children and teach them dangerous sexual behaviors before the age of adolescence.

"It's shocking, " Rebecca Friedrichs, the founder of For Kids & Country, said in an interview with The Christian Post. She spoke of relay races where 10- and 11-year-old girls are trained to put condoms on a prosthetic male erection as the boys watch on.

Kids as young as 11 years old are trained in how to engage in oral and anal sex and taught to experiment with bisexuality by public school teachers.

"It is medically risky on multiple levels. And when you read the curriculum ... it's written almost like a college fraternity wrote this curriculum in a very crass and a juvenile way, " she said of the ongoing sexualization of children.

My comment: Talking about it will accomplish nothing, especially when parents do nothing about it. Big nothing headline, ACTION, NOT WORDS.

Author of the Steel dossier to be interviewed by federal investigators

"The author of the now-debunked 'Trump Dossier' has reportedly agreed to speak with US investigators regarding his role in creating the key document used to justify FISA warrants against the Trump campaign in 2016.

"Former British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the anti-Trump dossier of salacious and unverified claims about the president's ties to Russia, has agreed to be questioned by investigators from the United States, according to a report in Britain, " reports Fox News.

My comment: Gee, that's DANDY. AN INTERVIEW. For launching an attempted coup. Are they serving donuts and cappuccino with that? WOW, almost THREE YEARS into this, and they got to the point of "interview". That ought to get the Q club JUMPIN but as usual, it is NOTHING. No action. No arrests. ONLY WORDS.

Yes, that's what we are getting - words only. No indictments, no NOTHING except for people who played on OUR side of the team.

Are you tired of winning yet?

Russia is not abandoning Maduro and Venezuela

This morning I saw a piece from the Wall Street Urinal linked on Drudge which claimed Russia is going to abandon Maduro because Russia is tired of dealing with continued pressure from the United States to unseat Maduro. I called it BUNK on the spot, thinking "yep, that's just an example of "fake news" and as it turns out, I was right.

As it turns out, Russia is very upset with this fake reporting, and Spoken to other news outlets to debunk it.

If something is in the news and it is not here, it is probably because I called BUNK on it, as was the case this time until I saw Russia's response.

Astronomers are worried that Elon Musk's Starlink internet satellites will Ruin astronomy

It is a legit complaint. The deployment of Starlink was extremely visible. So far, Starlink has proven it is a potential nightmare for observatories. But there's critical information regarding this that is not being spoken by ANYONE. And it is totally obvious:

Right now, the numbers are highly disputed but there are up to 8,000 functioning and non functioning satellites in orbit, with a high majority of them being nonfunctional. No one complained about them. Why would there be no complaints? Easy answer: Because many of them were designed to be non reflective. If the satellite is matte black, no telescope is going to see it unless it has tracking software that points it directly at the satellite. If Elon Musk's starlink satellites raised such a ruckus, there are only three probable causes of that ruckus.

Probable scenario 1: Elon wanted them to be visible, so he made them reflective so they'd show up as good as possible. Lack of forsesight if this is the case.

Probable scenario 2: They are not reflective because Musk thought ahead, and the ruckus is being caused by rocket plumes emitted by the satellites, which will show up very clearly until the satellites position themselves, and then the satellites will "vanish".

Probable scenario 3: There's nothing wrong or different about Musk's satellites at all, but Google hates competition and is skewing public perceptions against Musk as much as possible, so Google's own constellation of satellites (and Facebooks as well) can be launched later and "done right". Musk is not part of "the club", he's another Trump, and he gets tons of undue backlash as a result.

My opinion is that there's no limit at all to how many satellites can be tolerated by astronomers, provided they are matte black so they don't show up in a photo frame unless someone wants them to. If Musk did not think of that with the first 60 he had better think of that with the remaning 1140.

I stand by my statements that NO ONE on the Democrat side, having anything to do with Hillary, Obama, or the Trump investigation, will be fried

I'll just state the obvious again: No one AT ALL on Hillary's side of the equation has been busted for huge offenses, and lots of people on Trump's side of the equation have been busted for nothing. It has now come to light that Mueller fabricated "evidence" in the phony show called the "Trump Russia investigation" and now that it has come to light this happened, there HAS TO be prosecution against him but BANK ON IT: "160 trillion Japanese yen" says absolutely NOTHING at all will happen to the deep state, these people got away with the Fukushima disaster, 911, the Sumatran tsunami and more, including flooding Europe and much of the United States with mongrels. WHAT THE HELL IS TRUMP? Nothing. Not compared to that. He can't do jack, even if he is still Trump and with the latest hairstyle I am starting to doubt even that.

Hate to be a doomer when Hannity is screaming TICK TOCK louder than ever, but stating the obvious - that NO ONE on Team Hillary got properly busted, not even Pedosta, is becoming quite easy now, anyone ought to be able to see there's a problem that is not being resolved and will not be resolved. FACT: Barr's wife knits and bakes with Mueller's wife. They are family friends. Think anything proper is going to happen? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.

So they will force Google to shuffle a few files, a task that could be accomplished by a lone geek and a supercomputer, fine them $50 and make the public cheer. That is NOT PROGRESS, but if they can sell it that way, they will. I, at this point, predict the deep state will win and probably already has. One more ramble here: The lowly MAYOR of the town where "We build the wall" put in their wall has ordered it torn down because it violates a city ordnance that says no wall can be more than six feet high. Obviously that mayor is an enemy of the United States and he gets to walk on over to Krispy Kreme and have a cappuchino while enjoying a multi million BONUS from cohorts of El Chapo. WINNING. If enemies of the United States were not large and in charge, that mayor would be dragged behind a pickup truck until the crows ate his intestines. That's what that bastard deserves, too bad justice will not be served.


I am going to put the Oroville report down here later. There is something wrong with the dam that they are obviously hoping to skate through this year, and fix when the water levels have dropped. Problems like this are common on earthen dams, and they already tried to grout it and failed. The big issue I see with this is that they failed to find the real cause of failure of the first spillway, and still have to deal with it. The new spillway is a lot stronger than the old and will probably hold if they need to use it, but this is a problem that should not be ignored by anyone downstream. Have your bug out bag packed and keep the tank topped off for a while and leave at the first warning but don't go anywhere yet.

Here are the details on how the laptop was attacked yesterday

I was able to fix it. It happened when I logged into Paypal to check it after I shut the donation request down, and after my initial comments on Fukushima. The file either came from Paypal directly or via something that was sitting on the web waiting to send it upon recognizing and identifying the computer with the Paypal account. The symptom was that you could not close the Paypal window. The computer appeared to be locked up. I unplugged power to shut it off, and on reboot there was a desktop "under" the desktop and this time around I could see semitic characters but could not definitively peg them as Hebrew because they were not clear enough, it was just obviously a semitic language written on a second lower layer, especially noticeable on the task bar.

I got rid of it by freezing the computer again in the freezer for the whole day. I don't know if it is really gone or not, but at least the desktop under the desktop is gone.

What am I talking about?

In hard luck cases such as mine, where they have the damndest time getting bugs planted on certain devices, there is a way to imprint the bug or whatever they decide to put on the machine by writing to the same locations in RAM millions of times per second, to "burn it in". It is not good for the system obviously, but it does work if the burn in time is long enough. The only chance of getting rid of it is to freeze the device that got hit and hope the chips that got attacked recover. This time it did again. The concept is similar to trying to write to regular flash but it is much much harder to do to RAM that is not supposed to be written to that way. There's a chance it won't work at all or that you will fry the ram completely or that you will render it useless by crapping out a section but there is also a chance it will go in and work. I suspect that hitting the RAM chips with UV would work to clear the bug IF they had a window to erase them through the way the old eprom chips did. But they don't so that is obviously not an option, freezing the entire device is the best way to try to clear it nowadays.

I was working on a tablet afterwards that is also obviously bugged (that one is a LOT easier because it is Android and there's no chance of clearing it) but I chose to work with the tablet anyway while I froze the laptop real good because I did not want to get another laptop wrecked. I'll keep fixing this one for as long as possible.

"They" nailed the main laptop again immediately after the last Fukushima post

That is why the site has been sparse today. They also nailed the tablet I am working on now, and cut its performance drastically while it now gets super hot and the battery went from 8 hours to two in one whack. But at least I can post through the combat mode window.

ANYWAY the main laptop is in the freezer now to hopefully get the bug out of RAM but I do not think it will work this time. SO to celebrate pissing them off again (actually to celebrate scaring them bad enough to attack again) I am going to lay it all out briefly once more, on a tiny bluetooth keyboard and overheating 7.5 inch screen . . . . .

So here is their reward for "bugging it good". Fukushima, the condensed version.

Israel wanted reparations from Japan, in the form of a 160 trillion yen payout to the world bank to "end world hunger" and Japan said no, because it would trash their economy. At the time, Japan was totally debt free. The tribe WILL be paid when they ask to be paid, so they infiltrated Japanese nuclear facilities with phoney "security" contracts and Fukushima happened to get a "security" contract with Dimona based "security" firm Magna BSP. Interesting enough, Magna BSP specialized in perimiter security with absolutely enormous 3d "security cameras" that were two stories tall, weighed several thousand pounds, and looked exactly like gun type nuclear weapons. One of their cameras is in the picture at the top of this page. Magna BSP trained TEPCO people all about security, and after talking the Japanese into letting them put one of these cameras, a SUPER DUPER one with temperature sensors and radiation sensors, everything needed to monitor the death of a reactor, including a totally unauthorized internet link (so they could watch it all from Dimona) they headed back to Dimona a week before 3/11. All of this is totally documented in the Fukushima report, this is not fluff.

So in the days immediately prior to 3/11 for some odd reason the U.S. navy was right over the Japan Trench dropping "sonobouys", some of which submerged to great depths, to monitor submarines. It is well documented that they were there doing it.

Then, on 3/11 the earthquake happened. But there was a problem with this earthquake - it was stated to be enormous yet the highest seismic reading picked up in all of Japan was a 6.67 and not a single building fell in all of Japan except for a dilapidated welfare shelter 100 miles inland, right where the max seismic reading of 6.67 occurred. If the earthquake was as stated, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Russia would have all shared in the devastation, yet they felt nothing. The only damage was tsunami damage, and it was devastating damage, compliments of a few of those sonobouys which mysteriously exploded with the force of nuclear weapons. immediately after the tsunami, typing the word "tsunami bomb" into ANY forum or any online communication venue tripped auto bans. Gee, I wonder why.

Just prior to 3/11 Israel was gifted the Stuxnet virus, which was specificallyt designed to destroy nuclear facilities. HOW CONVENIENT. Here are a few fast facts to wrap this up because I hate typing on this tablet-

Fukushima never lost offsite power from other parts of the island. Instead, the switch gear in the switch yard refused to engage even after it was totally replaced after the tsunami. Stuxnet could cause that.

There were 11 diesel generators, and five kept running and were never swamped, but the switch gear would not engage, allowing them to run from generator. The story is that they got swamped, but the reality was that 5 did not, they kept working and were simply not allowed to provide auxiliary power because once again, the switch gear, even after replacement, would not engage. Stuxnet would do that.

In a hurry, large semi truck mounted generators were brought into Fukushima, hooked up to the emergency power input switch gear, and VOILA, just like offsite power and onsite power, now power brought in from elsewhere could not be engaged because the switch gear refused to engage. Once again, Stuxnet would do that.

In the control room however, all was well. The pressure and temperature readouts were normal. But the pumps were off, so Tepco had installed auxiliary water injection ports that could allow water trucks that could pump to 2, 700 PSI to pump water into the reactors, to cool them. But there was a problem when they hooked up - despite the control rooms reading normal at no more than 1150 PSI, the pumper trucks could not overcome the pressure inside the reactors and get water into them, even when pumping at 2, 700 PSI. OBVIOUSLY STUXNET WOULD DO THAT. And then, the reactors started exploding and melting down. Israel then threatened to blow up more nuclear sites in Japan, and even attacked a couple in South Korea to less success, *very brief coverage of that, they expunged it quick because it was too obvious a coincidence and JAPAN THEN DID THE 160 TRILLION YEN PAYOUT TO THE WORLD BANK.

Funny thing, I saw it all over the news, and even Ben Fulford commented on it, and now, you cannot find jack on that topic!

So dear folks (and attackers) what is it like living in a nuclear blackmail world? I bet they never told Trump. He would not go for that.

The following short post is what triggered the attacks yesterday. They are still quite touchy with this topic, obviously.

A robot has photographed reactor 2's melted core for the first time

Ok, so the question now is "when will they get a robot to the cores of reactors 3 and 4? ANSWER: NEVER. Because reactor 3's core is peppered all across Japan and into the pacific compliments of an "owl" and reactor 4 was completely dis-assembled and had no core in it at all, as part of maintenance during which an internal stainless steel shroud was being replaced.

That's right, reactor 4 "exploded" when it did not even have a core, all blamed on gas from #3, which is a load of B.S.

REACTOR 4 IS BUILDING 7, THE HARDCORE SECRET OF THE ENTIRE TSUNAMI INCIDENT IS THERE. Read the Fukushima report linked at the top of this page, it has been put there permanently for a reason.


Here's what I think: God did not give satan permission to destroy the United States until after abortion was legalized. And if certain jurisdictions put severe limits on abortion or ban it outright, SATAN CANNOT DO BUSINESS THERE. Hence the exodus of clearly satanic organizations and companies.

GOOD RIDDANCE CNN, let's see if you can survive this move amidst sinking ratings and employee layoffs.

WHITE 19 year old (probably blown away by leftist college professors) runs over white girl ON PURPOSE "because she was white

"A 19-year-old Utah driver struck an 11-year-old girl on an electric scooter Friday, overturned the vehicle, then charged at her after the crash and said: "we all have to die sometime," according to a witness cited in court documents.

The driver, identified as Steven Ray Becky, allegedly tried to flee the area, but a witness held him down until police arrived, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Asked by investigators why he hit the girl, Becky allegedly said: "because she was white."

My comment: How does a 19 year old white guy veer totally over to the shoulder of oncoming traffic to nail a white girl on a scooter? ANSWER: Just brainwash him into hating his own race in college and then get him stoned.

This is squarely and purely 100 percent certified results of brainwashing to make whites hate their own race. Usually people have to pay off student loan debt to receive a full indoctrination, this kid will circumvent that by cutting out early and going to prison instead.



I can't put my finger on it yet, but something seems amiss

The photos recently posted in the Sun of "Trump" don't look right at all to me, and they are claiming it is because Trump got a new hairstyle. And EVERYONE AGREES he "looks better" with the new hairstyle, which would be done for an impostor, to cover up the fact that a lot more than just the hair changed.

Though I am not totally convinced they swapped Trump out yet (he may have had a bad day) it appears to me he's been switched out with an impersonator. There are LOTS of "elvis" shows where you'd swear it was Elvis on the stage, singing voice and all. I will, no doubt, be watching this closely

For reference to the link in the report below, here is a picture of the real Trump with colors that were not tweaked. You can see his face tends towards red, but his hair is TOTALLY GRAY. The photos in the Sun do not properly fake how red his face would have to be to turn his hair red in the same photo, PLUS I don't think it is Trump at all.

Here is the real Trump, with natural colors that have not been tweaked for "orange man bad".

Now for comparison, check out these pictures in The Sun: To me, this comes off as an impostor. Trump's look changes a lot depending on mood so it might not be, but I'll be keeping an eye on this no doubt, Especially when this happened right when "declass" was supposed to start happening. I said one way or another it would not happen, let's hope Trump is OK.


I am calling it now. I was skeptical to begin with (as anyone who reads this site ought to know). I never believed it would happen because there is too big of a problem with subversion. Trump can order it all he wants, IT AINT HAPPENING.

Even Barr will prevent anything that goes beyond the burning of a lowly corrupted smurf. Funny it is that NO ONE we wanted burned got burned. Actually, NOT FUNNY.

If "declass" happens it will be to a select few and sparse documents that reveal NOTHING, and that will be the end of it. I said this immediately when Trump ordered it and much much later, NADA. Just like I said. Wait for them to bust Obama's lost bobble head doll. That's where it will end, with the removal of a lost piece of plastic from the dashboard of a taxi. Zero will come of this, if anything was going to come of this, it would have happened more than a week ago.

Probable remote controlled car murder

Something does not sit right about the fatal car accident involving Spanish soccer star Joseph Antonio Reyes. The accident obviously happened at about 150 mph and the story does not wash

Adding to this is that even the MSM is using stock photos of the car crash on occasion, with the report I linked being one that actually shows what happened to that car. It had a strong roll cage and was stripped clean of parts, INCLUDING ALL 4 TIRES AND RIMS, during the crash. What kind of accident would erase a car like that?

His background was that he was an athletic married family guy, in the car with family. The lone survivor of the crash "died at the hospital". PERFECT. AND WORSE? Within two hours of the crash, Wikipedia had his death and total life story already arranged and told. They probably had it even earlier, that's just when I saw it. That's not possible unless they had it all prepped ahead of time, you can't do that kind of perfect write up on someone that fast unless you know ahead of time what is going to happen. My guess is that someone had a reason to do him in, most likely he was an icon that was holding someone's agenda back.

The very first thing that hit me when I heard about this, straight from the gut is "lane assist" hijack. His car had ALL THAT which means an accident of the type that happened was impossible, he simply went straight off a perfectly marked out highway at probably the max his car could possibly do. SORRY MSM, I AM NOT BUYING THE OFFICIAL STORY WITH THIS, the same way I did not buy the official story of Steve Irwin or the death of Elvis. Both Elvis and Irwin had to be taken out because they were stabilizers of the societies they were a part of - Elvis being the fabric of Americana and Steve Irwin totally defining what it was to NOT be a snowflake. Steve Irwin's death is better explained by a shark dart through the heart, not a damn stingray, the guy was not an idiot.

At any rate, I can't get any info on what this soccer star stood for, only that he was a family guy that was TOTALLY famous, that his car was smart enough to not allow this type of accident, and that he had family in the car, not a bunch of companion dopers. It makes little sense being a supreme athlete that he'd get high enough or drunk enough to crash his car or irresponsible enough to crash it this way, especially in this manner, ESPECIALLY since his car was wired to not let this type of accident happen. So I am going to call this one: DAMN THAT "LANE ASSIST."

YES, with that nice NSA database Israel has access to that is outlined in the next report, they have ALL the car codes, ALL the registration data, ALL the history of everyone's life including everything their competition stands for, and without question, any time it was possible to murder someone with their car, they did and then slandered them as "drunks". They did not end up "owning everything" by being smarter than the rest of us, anyone could get ahead with the NSA fueled advantage they had.

I have noticed recently people commenting on how the Jews "own everything" now. They do. And they did not do it by "being the best". Here is how it was done:

RT: NSA handed ALL data on ALL Americans over to Israel

This included ALL data on government officials with the agreement that "Israel would respect that data and delete it".

Obviously they did not delete it, because they used that data when Obama was in, to fully corrupt the entire U.S. government. Any government official that was not 100 percent in lock step with destroying the United States got removed from office and replaced with one that was. This NSA list is probably how Obama purged the command structure of the U.S. military of so many decent people.

But it is worse than that. Israel got handed detailed profiles on ALL non-Jewish company leaders and owners and most likely everything the NSA had on all non-Jewish owned companies, including all the company contacts and supply lines. Such data could be used to bring the value of a company to zero so the Jews could buy it up for nothing and subsequently revive it. The bottom line now is that there is very little of significance the Jews don't own, and there are very few government offices, right down to the city level, that they don't own also.

This RT report is scathing, and if you read between the lines, it is obvious Israel used the NSA data exactly the way I said above. RT played it safe and did not take it to the ultimate conclusion.


Get it while the getting is good! Pause it exactly 4 seconds into the video and look at the floor - an Israeli flag is painted there. BUSTED.

ANOTHER FAKE ISRAELI VIDEO BITES THE DUST. And I am sure that once they realize this blunder, the video will be VAPORIZED, get it while the getting is good.

According to Reuters Kim Jong executed his negotiator over failed NK summit with Trump>

My comment: DOUBT IT. First of all, Reuters quoted a South Korean newspaper, not a North Korean newspaper, and Reuters will lie it's butt off to get a war started as well as CNN will. Since there's no solid way to know if this really happened absent North Korea publishing itself, I am going to express a little doubt here and point out something obvious: A little over a week ago the Mossad staged a false flag in the gulf to kick off a war with Iran. It may have failed, but who's to believe the ziopress is not just trying to get a war started with NK by printing yet more BUNK?

Here's a word of advice: Not so dear and definitely maligned and purely hostile ziopress: If you don't want us calling B.S. on everything you print, don't lie so much, in fact, don't lie at all. By doing so you put us in a difficult position: what to believe and what not to believe. So when a nuke DOES go off in Israel, NO ONE will believe your media when you cry and show burned bodies and a huge crater, after all you run Hollywood and deep fakes are a reality. You should not have blown your chance to have us trust you by posting SO MUCH PATENT B.S.

On that note, I am calling B.S., Kim Jong did not execute his top negotiator, no, this is just some a-holes spewing a war chant. And if I am wrong, it is because YOU, the ziopress, SUCK.



They are promoting the HELL out of this "Rocket Man" movie, if Pokemon got the same rave coverage it would have blasted to $30 billion. And it is obvious Rocket Man is going to have heavy gay undertones, who gives a crap about Elton John's life anyway, let alone when it is obviously going to be a huge gay pride display? I'll bet the rave coverage will make it BLAST to #1 on Friday night, and Saturday the gay theme is going to flush it to the $.99 rack.

I thought this was rumor, and then Drudge posted it


Journalists really were detained filming Bilderberg participants arriving, and this year it is all HUSH HUSH. Kushner is going to be there, but Trump is not. And I'll bet $50 Kushner is going to get marching orders that will do the United States ZERO good.

You can't really blame Ivanka for going rogue, because regardless of what the feminists say, mentally stable women really do have enormous respect for a man that deeply influences their behavior, and her being the way she is, with much of her effort at conflict with Trump is only proof Jared is a traitor. If he was not, it would show in Ivanka. Trump would be a lot better off if he just ditched the advice of both and hopefully he'll figure that out. I have no doubt whatsoever Kushner latched onto Ivanka for the sole purpose of keeping Trump, who was then already a billionaire, under the close watchful eye of the tribe by putting an enemy squarely at the center of Trump's business. It is modus operandi for the tribe. I doubt Jared is disappointed with her, but I also have zero doubt he sees her as a tool more than anything else. THE FACT KUSHNER IS AT BILDERBERG PROVES IT, absolutely no good will come of this.


Ron Paul has done a 21 minute video and asks the question: Are they trying to kill Assange?

MY ANSWER: I guess Ron missed the fact that Pamela took him out in 2016 and he was not even at the embassy this whole time. All they did was put him in the spotlight for a short time so they could show a face, get him "officially" out of the embassy, and subsequently say he "died in prison" and even if he does not "die" he's already effectively brain dead and he's never coming back. This is a major blunder for them, it just proves Britain has gone full blown cold war COMMIE. Yes, Assange is indeed in the Queen's dungeon and it is a lot worse for him than the old days, where all you'd worry about is a little skin rot and the rats eating your feet.

8.6 ounce premature baby lived AND THEY LIED ABOUT HOW MANY WEEKS PREMATURE to cover for the pro-abortionists

A baby was born at 19 weeks and lived. But the MSM will not admit that, and is instead saying the baby was 23 weeks, (which is the end of the legal time frame for abortions in many states) obviously to squelch "outrage" from the pro-abortion crowd. You can't tell the truth like that and show a case where a baby that could have been legally aborted practically anywhere was more than an "un-viable tissue blob" without offending a pro-abort, so "23 weeks" it is. The linked article above is clearly lying because This gestation chart clearly shows that at 23 weeks the baby should not have been 8.6 ounces, it should have been 18 ounces. 8.6 ounces lines up with 19 weeks.

On another note, Gucci is another company to ban along with Disney because they just released some new apparel sporting the phrase "my body my choice". You know, there's a GLARING problem with that statement, because a DNA test on the abortion remains would unquestionably prove it is NOT HER BODY.

About that new wall that just went in -

The mayor of the town that has jurisdiction over it says it violates city code, which states that no wall can be more than six feet tall. I can't blatantly state the obvious with this, - what needs to be done about this, I repeat: I CANNOT STATE THE OBVIOUS HERE, but I will say that mayor does NOT have secret service protection.

That's an awful big pair of pants he just put on.

According to rumor, Julian assange is "unresponsive" in Belmarsh prison

Yesterday they said he was gravely ill. Today they say he is "unresponsive" but have not announced he is dead.

And I called this long ago if he is dead - we would never see him in public, alive and well, EVER. They nailed him in October of 2016 and it has all been a deception since.

I am still waiting on the final answer, and hate to say I told (everyone) so, repeatedly and repeatedly.


All the outrage, as it turns out, is a product of FAKE NEWS, Trump did not order the ship out of sight, anything that happened was the result of normal Navy maintenance. But they found a story to spin, and well, they are the MSM.

I was not going to mention the following until the MSM said everyone was "outraged"

To circumvent that obvious B.S., I'll chime in

Trump ordered the U.S.S. John McCain out of his sight during his Japan visit. The deep state is "outraged" and claims the outrage on social media is so complete it is even felt by the chips it runs on. But there's a huge problem with that assessment, - all I can find is people laughing. GOOD ONE TRUMP!!!

I was not going to mention the following until the MSM said everyone was "outraged"

To circumvent that obvious B.S., I'll chime in

Trump ordered the U.S.S. John McCain out of his sight during his Japan visit. The deep state is "outraged" and claims the outrage on social media is so complete it is even felt by the chips it runs on. But there's a huge problem with that assessment, - all I can find is people laughing. GOOD ONE TRUMP!!!

Disney to pull out of states that make laws against abortion

This is not rumor or a joke, it is from The Hollywood Reporter

"Bob Iger said it would be "very difficult" for Disney to keep filming in Georgia if the state enacts a new abortion law.

In an interview with Reuters, the CEO of the Walt Disney Co. said he had doubts the company would continue production in Georgia if the controversial ban on abortion in the state comes into effect, primarily as the company's employees would be against it.

"I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully, " Iger told Reuters.

The exec added that if the law does come into effect, he didn't "see how it's practical for us to continue to shoot there."

Disney's prospective withdrawal from production in Georgia would be a huge blow to the state. Recently, Disney's Marvel Studios filmed portions of both Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame in Georgia.

On May 7, Georgia's Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed the "fetal-heartbeat bill, " which bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The legislation, as well as similar moves in Alabama and other states to ban abortion, has caused a furious backlash in Hollywood and led to calls to boycott those states.

The above needs a translation, here it is:

"Our company, Disney, is now evil - as many people suspected. Many of our actors summon demons to help them play their parts, and need a local environment where demons can thrive. All of them have made deals with the devil to get where they are - you have all heard about "give yourself to me, and I will give you fame and fortune" and that's no joke.

In order for Satan to live up to a deal, he has to be there to fulfill it, and it has already become clear that he won't want to be in your state to help us anymore if you ban his favorite treat - the blood and life of the most innocent of all. And our movies are going to suck because of it, because our actors are not good enough, they need all the help they can get."

If you had any questions about whether or not Disney really did go dark, WOOP, there's your answer. I'll never see another Disney movie or buy another Disney product ever, I won't support that, and I thank Bob Iger for saying what it all is VERY clearly.

The American College of National Security leaders has sent this message to President Trump, urging him to NOT go to war with Iran

I have never heard of this organization before, but it is a MAJOR organization that consists of retired military intelligence officials, lots of generals and other high ranking people. There are probably lots of people Obama got rid of in this group, which has clearly stated war with Iran should not be considered.


Dear Mr. President,

We write to you to express our deep concern with the current escalation with Iran in the Arabian Gulf. The mutual animosity between the United States and Iran, the accelerated deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group and B-52 bombers to the region, and reports of Iranian preparations for attacks on U.S. military and diplomatic facilities are highly concerning and make for a potentially deadly confrontation. A war with Iran, either by choice or miscalculation, would produce dramatic repercussions in an already destabilized Middle East and drag the United States into another armed conflict at immense financial, human, and geopolitical cost.

As national security professionals with extensive careers in the U.S. armed forces and diplomatic service, we have witnessed first-hand how quickly disputes can spiral out of control. The lack of direct communication between U.S. and Iranian political and military leaders during a time of heightened rhetoric only increases the possibility of a miscalculation resulting in unintended military conflict. Washington and Tehran are talking past each other and taking actions the other views as dangerously provocative at best and the beginning of forceful action at worst.

We were heartened by your reported desire to avoid war with Iran in favor of other tools, including common-sense diplomacy. While economic sanctions against Iran have had the beneficial effect of reducing financial support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, these, as well as military threats against Iran have thus far proved ineffective in changing the regime's behavior and have likely reaffirmed the beliefs of Tehran's hardline elements that compromise with the United States is impossible.

As President and Commander-in-Chief, you have considerable power at your disposal to immediately reduce the dangerous levels of regional tension. Crisis de-escalation measures should be established with the Iranian leadership at the senior levels of government as a prelude to exploratory diplomacy on matters of mutual concern. The protection of U.S. national interests in the Middle East and the safety of our friends and allies requires thoughtful statesmanship and aggressive diplomacy rather than unnecessary armed conflict.


Rear Adm. Sandy Adams, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Clara Adams-Ender, U.S. Army (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Ricardo Aponte, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Vice Adm. Donald Arthur, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Donna Barbisch, U.S. Army (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Roosevelt Barfield, U.S. Army (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Donald C. Bolduc, U.S. Army (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Stephen A. Cheney, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Julia Cleckley, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Herman J. Cohen (ret.) | Rear Adm. Christopher Cole, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Peter Cooke, U.S. Army (ret.) | Vice Adm. Dirk Debbink, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Brig. Gen. James H. Doty Jr, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Mari K Eder, U.S. Army (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Robert J. Felderman, U.S. Army (ret.) | Vice Adm. Michael Franken, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Lt. Gen. Walter Gaskin, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Robert A. Glacel, U.S. Army (ret.) | Rear Adm. Stephen Glass, JAGC, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Vice Adm. Kevin P. Green, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Richard S. Haddad, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Irv Halter, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Rear Adm. Jan Hamby. U.S. Navy (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Bob Harding, U.S. Army (ret.) | Rear Adm. Charles Harr, MD, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Rear Adm. Len Hering, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Donald D. Harvel, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Major General Sanford E. Holman, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Richard Holwill, (ret.) | Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, (ret.) | Ambassador Cameron Hume, (ret.) | Brig. Gen. David R. Irvine, U.S. Army (ret.) | Lt. Gen. Arlen D. Jameson, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Ambassador Dennis Jett, (ret.) | Brig. Gen. John H. Johns, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Patrick Kennedy, (ret.) | Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Jimmy Kolker, (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Dennis Laich, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Steven J. Lepper, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Phil Leventis, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Donald Loranger, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Randy Manner, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Edward Marks, (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Frederick H. Martin, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Carlos E. Martinez, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Mr. J. R. McBrien, Senior Executive Service, Treasury (ret.) | Lt. Gen. John W. Morgan III, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. David Morris, U.S. Army (ret.) | Adm. John Nathman, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Brig. Gen. J. Scott O’Meara, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) | Rear Adm. David Oliver, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Eric T. Olson, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Richard G. Olson, (ret.) | Lt. Gen. Charles P. Otstott, U.S. Army (ret.) | Rear Adm. Glenn Phillips, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Phillips, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. John Phillips, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Maj. Gen. Gale Pollock, U.S. Army (ret.) | Ambassador Charles Ray, (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Ronald Rokosz, U.S. Army (ret.) | Brig. Gen. John M. Schuster, U.S. Army (ret.) | Rear Adm. Joe Sestak, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Paul Smith, U.S. Army (ret.) | Rear Adm. Michael E. Smith, U.S. Navy (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Francis X. Taylor, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Maj. Gen. F. Andrew Turley, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Ambassador Edward Walker, (ret.) | Brig. Gen. George Walls, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) | Brig. Gen. John Watkins, U.S. Army (ret.) | Lt. Gen. Willie Williams, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Dan Woodward, U.S. Air Force (ret.) | Brig. Gen. Stephen N. Xenakis, U.S. Army (ret.) | Maj. Gen. David T. Zabecki, U.S. Army (ret.) |

I have noticed an ABRUPT shift in Mexico - to kids NOT getting vaccine damaged

I do not know if this is observable in the United States, but it was VERY observable here. Suddenly, (at least in my area) autism vanished and there are practically no kids with obvious signs of vaccine damage. Even three years ago, every time you went to Wal Mart there would be enormous numbers of totally vax whacked kids in shopping carts, drooling, moaning, spinning, vacant and delirious totally screwed up kids, at least 3 or 4 every time at Wal Mart. That all faded away about a year ago, and now you do not see even one, across multiple trips to Wal Mart, I have not seen a single one in the last six months.

I think the eugenicists knew they were cornered and figured it would be best to at least temporarily back off on Mexico, or at least temporarily reduce the amount of damage they figured the vaccines ought to do. And I think that for the later shots, for kids aged 3 and up, they actually put the cure to autism that I have spoken about on this forum in the shots, to clear it up. In case you are new to this, let me explain -

Autism like symptoms were inflicted intentionally by shots that were called "vaccines" but were not. One thing I'll throw in here is that doctors in Mex started noticing the "vaccinated" kids got the illnesses the vaccines were supposed to prevent as much as the kids who were never vaxxed. There's no question the shots were fraudulent. And now I will once again explain the MOA behind how the shots that were called vaccines (but were not vaccines at all) worked, because some readers may have missed this.

The phony vaccines that were really a eugenics type of tool, rather than trigger immune responses against the diseases they were supposed to prevent, triggered immune responses against the body itself, primarily the nervous system. This was accomplished several ways, a big one was by using squalene - which is a key component of the nervous system - as a so called "adjuvant" in the "vaccine". Only, you can't use squalene as an adjuvant unless you intend to do direct harm to the recipient of a shot that has it. Squalene is used by the body in many different ways but the key use the "vaccines" targeted was in the myelin sheaths in the nerve endings of the nervous system. A properly "vaxxed" white boy would be enormously knocked back - there was talk about how the vaccines affected the black population but it hit the whites 10X worse, and filled the shopping carts at Wal Mart with bumbling drooling zombies, which if capable of walking ran around moaning and dropping to the floor spinning. You have all seen this, EVERYONE has seen this, and it was not by accident that it happened. Many people have pointed towards aluminum and mercury in the shots, but compared to squalene those are NOTHING.

An additional way the shots were formulated to destroy the kids was by growing them in human tissue cultures which should never be done (it should be grown in animal tissue, and subsequently at worst trigger an allergy towards whatever animal tissue it was grown in.) The vaccines that are cultured in GMO yeast get no free ride away from accountability either, because once you go GMO the yeast could be 50 percent human. When vaccines are grown in the wrong tissue culture they can easily trigger auto immune disorders, including autism, despite manufacturer's claims they "got all of it out". They never get it all, and they never intended to.

Here is how they had to have fixed the autism problem in Mexico, before they got finally busted and had their asses fried:

You can program the immune system to do practically anything with the right shot, including re-programming it to not remove squalene, or whatever proteins or whatever else the damaging shots told the immune system to do, and I am CERTAIN, BEYOND A DOUBT CERTAIN that in Mex they integrated the antidote shots into the medical system to un-do the effect the original shots purposefully had, during the next round of scheduled childhood vaccines. They did it because too many families noticed the kids were F***ED UP after vaccinations and with high suspicions already circulating, it was not difficult at all to spot when it happened. Subsequent mommy freakouts were too hard to stifle due to the quantity of occurrence, though I am sure they'd have murdered every single mommy that noticed just to silence her if they could have. But obviously that was a step too far, so they backed off and covered their tracks by silently switching the vaccine formulations to reverse and subdue the damage.


And my final statement: To the people running the vaccine eugenics plot: Even if you start dishing out the perfect fixer formulations, that un-do all the damage totally, you will never be forgiven. I know what you intended and I know what you will do all over again the second the storm has cleared. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You can't hide. You definitely backed off in Mexico, but I doubt you backed off in the United States. I SAW IT HAPPEN, I SAW THE TRANSFORMATION WITH MY OWN EYES TO KIDS TURNING NORMAL AGAIN AND KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT WAS DONE TO SCREW THEM TO BEGIN WITH. And there will be vengeance.



Well well, THAT DOES IT. Never had them, NEVER WILL. They just showed exactly what they stand for, just like Gilette.

My prediction on the upcoming food shortage

I don't usually make predictions, but this one is easy to see. Here is what is going to happen:

Due to too much rain, flooding, and soaked fields practically everywhere, a probable majority of American farmers will either plant so late they get lower yields, or they will not plant at all. Those who plant, even those who planted on time, are going to see reduced yields overall due to continued excessive rain that is simply too much for the crops, coupled with crop damage from severe storms and tornados. This may sound silly to people who don't know what happens in agriculture, but severe storms are HORRIBLE on corn and wheat. If there is no hail, soybeans and potatoes survive severe storms better, but that's really not where it is "at" when it comes to store shelves.

Canada is likely to have an absolute bumper crop, but it will not be enough to make up for American losses. Corn is going to be hit the hardest, because Canada is not a good growing place for corn. However, wheat is going to do just fine in Canada.

The end result: No one is going to starve, but there will be drastic increases in meat prices and even things like bread and pasta will cost more. Canada is going to reduce the impact with wheat based products because their growing conditions are prime this year, but anything corn based is going to go BONKERS, and that includes beef, which is corn fed to an enormous degree.

The impact from all of this has not hit yet, STOCK UP.


There is a looming disaster that has not happened yet, but it certainly could. This is not a clickbait bluff,






It is not a disaster yet, but with the weather the way it has been lately, and continues to be, it could easily become a disaster.

My advice, is as usual, to buy LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of the cheapest stuff you eat in your regular diet (pasta is a good choice, as is rice) and start using it before it expires. If it is not canned it will get buggy, you have to buy stuff you really will eat in your normal daily life if it is not canned. Obviously canned foods and things like peanut butter last a long time unopened and are gold when tshtf. Most likely Americans are not going to starve from this, but food prices could easily skyrocket. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve, the answer will start to arrive in a couple months.