A few quick things -

Nunes claimed there is collusion between the Democrats and Russia. He's right. If a Democrat accuses you of anything, it will be that which the Democrat is doing. Who sold uranium to Russia? A Democrat. Who gave America's secrets to Russia and the Communists? a Democrat. And what do Democrats consistently try to do? Answer: They consistently try to put the same systems and programs in place, in the United States, that Russia had. People can at least see that, and the fact that this is true ought to make it obvious the real Russian collusion is being done by those who have emulated the old communist systems the best. I will say it again: Communist Russia is not dead. Their president is a former KGB agent. Anyone see anything wrong with that?

There is a rumor going on about the Navy colluding with ISIS I'd say it is highly credible. The rumor is that the reason why there has been so much Army activity in DC and the recent construction of a new top secret facility to house them in DC is because the Navy is compromised, and was going to try to assassinate Trump by using "Isis" proxies the Navy trained to do it. I'd say that there is a high probability this is true. I thought from the beginning it was all about a hit on Trump, and who could possibly be enough of a threat to activate the Army? Who founded ISIS? Obama. Who fired all those generals and put in place traitors? Obama. Most likely, the Army was the cleanest thing left. And that is why they were the ones who got activated.

The supreme court approved and allowed funding for the construction of 100 miles of NEW border wall Don't get you hopes up however, America's system is so subverted by those who collude with Russia that Trump, a real American, is going to have trouble, even with the approval of the highest court in the land.

Instagram has banned memes. CLAIM: THIS IS HOW RUSSIANS SWAY ELECTIONS - WITH MEMES. FACT: memes bypass the censors. They can't find them fast enough to stop them, the way text based censor functions can. People have to actually track down and kill memes. So since memes are a way for people to get around censors, THEY ARE RUSSIAN, BAN THEM.

Loop right back to that one key word: DISPLACEMENT.

This is the raw link for the video mentioned below, which for some reason does not work as a clickable link. Copy/paste:


It is worth it.

Never thought I'd see this: VIDEO: Bear really does steal entire dumpster from cannabis shop

In the linked report, a bear broke into a fenced off garbage dumpster area that was owned by a cannabis shop, and stole the entire dumpster. One sniff of that dumpster and he knew he wanted it. CRAZY.


Folks, if they were fixable this would not be possible. MARK MY WORD: Boeing's SJW MAX is going to kill the company, they won't get over it. Shit on "whitie" PAY THE PRICE.

And I am a disgusting "SUPREMACIST" for saying it, RIGHT? Oh, yes, I am probably the target of one of those "white supremacist terror" FBI investigations that was stated to be taking almost all their time. They sure are not after real terrorists if they are chasing the myth of "white supremacists groups", all they are instead doing is trolling forums and censoring blogs, there sure as hell is no real "terror", hell, they can't even get a patsy framed with that.

That said, if Boeing cannot back away from that which caused their current problem - social justice warriors getting rid of "angry white males" and replacing them with far more qualified "engineers" from "shithole countries", Boeing is going to crash like the Hindenberg, WATCH IT HAPPEN.

And yes, I am angry, because I hate to see the country going to sh*t!

I still do not believe Ginsburg is alive

Her funeral was had. She was also registered dead, but I was off on her age by two years and as a result, did not realize it was her death record when I found it a few months ago. That's expunged now . . . . .

Anyway, deep fakes and body doubles are a reality, and any talk of her "commenting" on anything and "appearing in videos" will be declared BUNK, PERMANENTLY around here, I don't buy it, she can't go from where she was to spring chicken, she'd be a LOT easier to fake than Elvis and that's all there is to it. What would it take to keep the supreme court in line? Probably only Epstein at this point. A good body double would also do it, and they had plenty of time to arrange that.

Anything, ANYTHING AT ALL to deny Trump another SCOTUS pick.

Erdogan did not have a heart attack and is obviously not dead

Rumors were going around that Erdogan had a heart attack and may have died, and three different Arab media outlets reported it as fact. However, it cannot be true if This RT report has him commenting on the F-35, TODAY.

So it looks like good ol Adnan is not going to get A9 TV back on the air again any time soon.

Iran missile test

I figured I'd mention this so people did not think I missed it. Yesterday I had no comment because it was not one of Iran's good ones When they shoot off some of their good stuff to make a point, I'll worry about it. You know - something good enough to damn near cross the Pacific.

Iran can strike Europe with ease. Little "Israel teasers" simply don't amuse me.

I am not at my best today, obviously

I ate some bad GENERIC hamburger helper last night and it gave me the shakes and a horrible headache this morning, so I am making lots of errors. The snake UFO report is not supposed to be all headline text. I can't get onto the server now to fix it, I'll have to do that later.

Many people who read this site know I programmed my own front end for this site that allows me to post whatever I want into the front page without actually being on the server, the same way a Facebook account allows people to post, without actually logging into the server. I did not want to pay for code I did not trust, so I set up my own. I kept it basic to save time and cannot make edits until I actually log into the server to change them. Having the site set up this way makes me look like I am just a reader and it is too hard to locate me over the web and wreck the connection when I am blended in with everyone else. That's what "combat mode" is. If I actually log into the server, they know exactly who it is and things get whacked frequently. The two different modes use different hardware on my end also, and the hardware that allows me to actually log in is out of airtime.

Anyway, so the following is all headline and I can't fix it now.


My opinion: This looks like an ultralight or a fairly powerful drone dragging a string of super bright LED lights behind it, including even how the light stream breaks up into sections, which would happen when the LED's blowing in the wind flipped the wrong way. Add a team effort and prankster camera operator and Voila! "Snake UFO". I do not believe this, especially when the first was obviously just a long mylar "rocket balloon".

Venezuela just hit the range where I can say they probably have 100 percent power restored

If the power does not fail, there is a good chance they really were hit by a localized EMP at Guri. The lightning arrestors would have tripped everything out and prevented damage, (this is not the 70's anymore, ) and I did not see any reports of downed power lines or destroyed transformers. To get back to where they are now so quickly strongly implies that they were in fact not lying about an EMP. I did not expect this, and initially called B.S.

All modern power systems, even those in Mexico, have lightning arrestors that (usually) prevent lightning strikes from getting into transformers and into homes. They will simply detect the high voltage and shunt it out. The same systems could likely handle an EMP also. Even the line filters you can get to protect your computer have these in them. It is very simple with today's tech. Since ALL distribution transformers are already in faraday cages to prevent them from emitting noise into the neighborhood, having a shunt on the power lines is all it will take to immediately send an EMP to ground. That will totally trip the system out, but it won't likely destroy anything. Venezuela's quick re-start of the entire grid followed the timeline for "everything tripped out, and it took a while (but acceptable time) to replace a few components and turn it all back on."

In my initial post I stated that we would have to wait and see what happened, but I was skeptical it was an EMP. Now I am not so sure. I doubt a virus got in again, they probably have the system hardened against this and if that be the case, with no destroyed equipment anywhere (if no reports of this surface and as of today they have not), an EMP is really the only other possibility.

OOPS, double post and I cannot fix it now.

The left has officially confirmed that the only way to handle them is to seal all exits from the house, and have Kurdi Bear wipe them out with his BIG D-9


CNN: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!"

The House: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!" Kamala Harris: "Trump has abused his power trying to free a black rapper in Sweden."

Yep, the left don't jive, they are far too disjointed, dishonest, and RACIST to ever "jive". Conflicts like this happen constantly when "convenience of comment" takes total precedent over what has been said by them before, and they do nothing but lie. Party of the KKK all the way!


CNN: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!"

The House: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!" Kamala Harris: "Trump has abused his power trying to free a black rapper in Sweden."

Yep, the left don't jive, they are far too disjointed, dishonest, and RACIST to ever "jive". Conflicts like this happen constantly when "convenience of comment" takes total precedent over what has been said by them before, and they do nothing but lie. Party of the KKK all the way!

I will fix this later, this should be on top

The connection got interrupted so I had to drop this down here

To make it clear what we are seeing in that video, and corrected picture:

It is a plastic covered mattress that was not cleaned after whatever sheets were on it were entirely soaked in blood, which is spread evenly across the top of the mattress, but is darker on the sides, where it could flow down and dry without the sheets smearing the dark spots out. The top part is evenly red simply because the sheets were so soaked they spread the blood like a paint brush. The plastic coating kept it all even, which is why there's not a super dark patch anywhere (there would be if the mattress was exposed to soak it up). What we have here is plastic that looks the same as the plastic you'd pull off a pack of bloody meat.

To get a sheet soaked enough to make a plastic wrapped mattress look like that clearly means someone died. We're dealing with people who clearly enjoyed raping until they ripped kids guts out, and then they subsequently kept frolicking in the blood.

What better thing could you ever blackmail someone with than a video of them doing THAT? We all know about Adrenochrome, facial masks, and frazzledrip, now welcome to the bloody rape to death bed, that's the only way such a scene could exist.

Someone managed to get a drone up close to the "temple" on pedo island

Remember the original drone footage, where you could see what looked like ladders inside and not much more? someone dared to lose a drone and got it right up to the glass. Just around the corner from that scaffolding you can see in the original drone video there is a stack of mattresses and the top one has blood from end to end. Whatever happened on that bed probably was fatal for someone. THE VIDEO IS HERE, this is the end of Epstein, it confirms it all.

How the above image was rendered: First I downloaded the 720P version of the video (because that is all my computer can display anyway) and played it back on the SM video player slowed down to about a frame a second. I paused and captured on the clearest frame.

With the Gimp image editor, I then did an automatic color enhance on the bed (because the drone was fighting glass glare which dropped contrast significantly and washed the colors out). I used default settings and did not specifically enhance red. I then did an auto white balance to get rid of more glass haze, and to get rid of the rest of the glass haze I selected a place in the image that I figured ought to be black (the speaker port) and with that as a reference set the black levels to +19 (out of 255 value levels). As you can see, the image actually skewed blue due to the effects of the water and the bed still came up red. BUSTED.

SJW poison strikes Iran

Iran has fronted a "womens" soccer team with 8 guys awaiting sex changes on it. I think this is probably real. Iran has mandatory sex changes for anyone trans, you can either decide you are not a girl, or you are going to be a non functioning version of one. File this under YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

UPDATE: If Epstein was found in the fetal position, that's a defense posture which means he got attacked. It was not a "suicide attempt" no matter what they try to claim now that this got out. A possible attacker is now being questioned.

UPDATE TO THE FOLLOWING, SEE THIS he is very likely to be severely brain damaged. He may or may not live.



Yeah, you know, that Mueller thing did not go too well, let's get rid of Epstein - it could only help.

A cool thought: What if the Mossad takes out the Clintons for killing Epstein? That would be EPIC.


The following is the intro of a 48 page indictment of Mueller by Congressman Louie Gohmert


by Congressman Louie Gohmert

Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.

I do not make these statements lightly. Each time I prepared to question Mueller during Congressional hearings, the more concerned I became about his work ethic. Then as I went back to begin compiling all that information in order to recount personal interactions with Mueller, the more clearly the big picture began to come into focus. At one point I had to make the decision to stop adding to this or it would turn into a far too lengthy project. My goal was to share some first-hand information as other Republican Members of Congress had requested, adding, "You seem to know so much about him."

This article is prepared from my viewpoint to help better inform the reader about the Special Prosecutor leading the effort to railroad President Donald J. Trump through whatever manufactured charge he can allege. Judging by Mueller's history, it doesn't matter who he has to threaten, harass, prosecute or bankrupt to get someone to be willing to allege something - anything - about our current President, it certainly appears Mueller will do what it takes to bring down his target, ethically, or unethically, based on my findings. What does former Attorney General Eric Holder say? Sounds like much the same thing I just said.

Holder: "I've known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years; my guess is he's just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can." Holder does know him. He has seen Mueller at work when Holder was obstructing justice and acting in contempt of Congress. He knows Mueller's FBI framed innocent people and had no remorse in doing so. Let's look at what we know.

What I have accumulated here is absolutely shocking upon the realization that Mueller's disreputable, twisted history speaks to the character of the man placed in a position to attempt to legalize a coup against a lawfully-elected President. Any Republican who says anything resembling, "Bob Mueller will do a good job as Special Counsel, " "Bob Mueller has a great reputation for being fair, " or anything similar;

(A) wants President Trump indicted for something and removed from office regardless of his innocence;

(B) is intentionally ignorant of the myriad of outrageous problems permeating Mueller's professional history; or

(C) is cultivating future Democrat votes when he or she comes before the Senate someday for a confirmation hearing.

There is simply too much clear and convincing information available to the contrary. Where other writers have set out information succinctly, I have quoted them, with proper attribution. My goal is to help you see what I have found.

This is sure to be worth a look. Read the rest HERE

Another update to below:

As it turns out, India's lander is disposable. It is only designed to last a day. Hopefully it will at least do that.

Update to below:

First of all, I am glad Israel's crashed, because they don't deserve to succeed after destroying the civilization that invented it all to begin with. I'll be blunt about it - they are absolute moral slobs that don't deserve success in ANYTHING.

Second of all: If the Indian rover succeeds (and I am actually hoping it does) it will be because India is a lot better at sorting the wheat from the chaff than an SJW at Boeing is. Some of the Indian people are capable of this mission. If it succeeds, it will be because India knew their cultures well enough to pick from them "the right stuff". Enough said.

VERY COOL: India set to put rover on moon, so far so good

We will have to wait and see what it does once it gets there. Maybe it will work. If it does, I'm gonna throw a party, because Israel's crashed. Anyway . . . .

I had wondered why they chose the lunar south pole for this. The answer should have been obvious - because if they put it there, it will not have to survive a long lunar night. All they have to do is keep it out of the shadows and it will be fine. It would be VERY cool if it managed to get meaningful distance behind it before it goes kablooey. We'll have to wait and see how it does.

I'd laugh my *ss off if that thing landed near something that was supposed to be secret, India would be a lot less likely to cover it up, AND, let's see if the damn thing has resolution better than a flip phone. Seems Nasa can't manage that, and has to put a whole bunch of tiny images together to make a big one. Ridiculous.

By the way, before anyone screams fake, keep in mind that you won't see stars in the sky, nor will you see any real color, the moon lacks an atmosphere and therefore all you are likely to see is shades of light gray and brown, and stark black. That won't make it fake.

I just figured out how they are going to shut down the alt web:

This is a multi step process. Here are the steps:

1. Make it so that it appears the large corporations are going to be held responsible for EVERYTHING their users post. (only that never happens, the rules are for someone else) but pegging it on the big guys makes it look benign.

2. Make it so ANYONE can copyright ANYTHING that is not explicitly copyrighted, even if they did not own it to begin with. Cute cat pic the owner posted and never copyrighted? CHECK. Bar-b-q photo of family party that makes good meme fodder, got posted, and no one copyrighted? CHECK. Make it so anyone combing the web can copyright whatever they find, and call it theirs. THAT HAPPENED.

3. Then, just sit back and let The Case Act pass, which will open the door for anyone who illegitimately copyrighted something they did not even produce, to sue you for using it. Even if the original poster gave you explicit permission. Once someone else copyrights it, it does not belong to the creator. That's how screwed up and subverted the American system is.

4. Then have trolls comb through all the memes finding out who posted them and where they got posted, and prosecute every incident to the tune of $15, 000 each. That will BANKRUPT absolutely everyone who's not Facebook, Google, or some other tech left tyrant. THAT IS THE PLAN FOLKS, DO NOT LET THE CASE ACT PASS.

The following post is a messed up version of the one above, scroll past it, I'll fix this later

I just figured out how they are going to shut down the alt web:

This is a multi step process. Here are the steps:, /h1> 1. Make it so that it appears the large corporations are going to be held responsible for EVERYTHING their users post. (only that never happens, the rules are for someone else) but pegging it on the big guys makes it look benign.

2. Make it so ANYONE can copyright ANYTHING that is not explicitly copyrighted, even if they did not own it to begin with. Cute cat pic the owner posted and never copyrighted? CHECK. Bar-b-q photo of family party that makes good meme fodder, got posted, and no one copyrighted? CHECK. Make it so anyone combing the web can copyright whatever they find, and call it theirs. THAT HAPPENED.

3. Then, just sit back and let The Case Act pass, which will open the door for anyone who illegitimately copyrighted something they did not even produce, to sue you for using it. Even if the original poster gave you explicit permission. Once someone else copyrights it, it does not belong to the creator. That's how screwed up and subverted the American system is.

4. Then have trolls comb through all the memes finding out who posted them and where they got posted, and prosecute every incident to the tune of $15, 000 each. That will BANKRUPT absolutely everyone who's not Facebook, Google, or some other tech left tyrant. THAT IS THE PLAN FOLKS, DO NOT LET THE CASE ACT PASS.

One thing I have wanted to point out for a while -

Very few countries have power that is as stable as the United States. Iceland, Australia, and several countries in Europe including Britian have extremely stable power. And before Venezuela got attacked, their power was as stable as the United States and Europe.

From a power stability standpoint, there are then second tier countries, where it is very stable but not perfectly stable. Israel is on that list, along with Mexico, Russia, China, Brazil, and a lot of Europe. Iran is also on that list. There won't be any perceived problems with the power in these countries, but they don't totally flatline with PERFECT delivery all the time.

What's the point with saying this? The point is that the U.S. made the claim that Venezuela had a crappy grid and poor power delivery, when at the time the claim was made, it was one of the few countries on the absolute top tier of perfectly flat and stable delivery. This was done with ease by Venezuela, due to the fact that they had Guri running like a top.

Now they are on what I'd call tier 3, where the lights are mostly on, but there are problems serious enough to affect industry, which needs stable power to remain profitable. When industries lose power, even for five seconds, the cost can be millions of dollars because anything being made at the time will be lost, and then you have to start everything up again, which causes even more waste and lost time. There is no way Venezuela went from having spotless power to tier 3 overnight, and for the U.S. to sit and harp about "those poor Venezuelans with their crappy power" after the United States sabotaged them comes off, to me, as even worse than the Dem's show today with Mueller. It is disgusting, and with Gollum as a bench mark, it can be fairly stated that Gollum was in fact more honest.

Venezuela could be, (I guess) blamed for putting all their eggs in one basket - Guri. This left them vulnerable to outside attack and acts of war. To knock the country dark, just take out that ONE facility. Such a thing is not possible in the United States, where there are countless generating facilities, or even Iran, which was not as stable as Venezuela, but was stable enough and at least has multiple generation points. Venezuela was an example of "all is well, as long as no enemies take us out". And they now can't get out of that trap. They are stuck. Their greatest asset has now become a liability, they can be put over a barrel on a whim.

Nothing but a show to get idiots to support a push for impeachement

There will be a bell curve with what went on with Mueller today, that will have an IQ skew to it that is affected by people's political bias. If you are a dishonest lying liberal in this case, and have an IQ of 150+ you'll say yes, Trump should be impeached. That will skew the curve left. However, if you have an IQ of about 90+ and at least paid attention to everything that went on, and are not a lying scamming liberal, you'll conclude that Mueller dragged everything and everyone on the left is a treasonous bastard That will skew the curve to the right. Below an IQ of 90, and things may get confusing because of the shit show, regardless of who's side you are on, so there's no way to know which way that group is going to swing it. So here is the outcome of today's Mueller show:

You have to take all the idiots and all the scammers of all intelligence levels and put them on Mueller's side of the impeachment equation. Then, add to them about 50 percent of people with an IQ below 90 who might swing either way or are libs and liars, and add them to the scammers on the left. Take that number and subtract it from everyone on the right who, even if they had an IQ below 90 would side with Trump no matter what and add them to everyone else with an IQ over 90 who could see the bullshit, and are honest also. If, when all the liars and Trump hating idiots are subtracted from the second number, you still have a positive number, the bell curve skews right, and America wins. My guess: America wins, today's show got the left NOTHING.

But it was unsettling to say the very least, the left simply has no limits to the depths they will plunge, and that is a threat because those who are intellectually weak and/or lazy are easy to pull into a hole. If they can scrounge up even 30 percent of the population in their favor, (and they probably can) they will successfully steal an election that goes 70 percent against them. That's the real problem - un-checked corruption. We can't seem to get rid of it. Therefore in America's case, Democracy has a good chance of failing.


Trump is going all out! Yes, HE KNOWS IT ALL

So Robert Mueller has now asked for his long time Never Trumper lawyer to sit beside him and help with answers. What's this all about? His lawyer represented the "basement server guy" who got off free in the Crooked Hillary case. This should NOT be allowed. Rigged Witch Hunt!

So Democrats and others can illegally fabricate a crime, try pinning it on a very innocent President, and when he fights back against this illegal and treasonous attack on our Country, they call It Obstruction? Wrong! Why didn't Robert Mueller investigate the investigators?!

It was NEVER agreed that Robert Mueller could use one of his many Democrat Never Trumper lawyers to sit next to him and help him with his answers. This was specifically NOT agreed to, and I would NEVER have agreed to it. The Greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. history, by far!!

Why didn't Robert Mueller & his band of 18 Angry Democrats spend any time investigating Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lyin' & Leakin' James Comey, Lisa Page and her Psycho lover, Peter S, Andy McCabe, the beautiful Ohr family, Fusion GPS, and many more, including HIMSELF & Andrew W?!

So why didn't the highly conflicted Robert Mueller investigate how and why Crooked Hillary Clinton deleted and acid washed 33, 000 Emails immediately AFTER getting a SUBPOENA from the United States Congress? She must have GREAT lawyers!!

My comment: Folks, this is troubling - Trump is obviously worried and it appears to me they let this sit long enough so people would forget Trump is innocent, and then hope people look at the questions Comey posted yesterday - forgetting that one by one every last one was totally debunked, as the investigation happened.

If the FBI is still corrupt, which was strongly implied yesterday when FBI director Christopher Wray stated that virtually all cases of domestic terror the FBI was investigating were linked to "white supremacy" it means that try as he may, Trump can't get the swamp drained, no matter who he puts in it will be a traitor hell bent on destroying America. Trump's tone this morning is cause for worry, things may not be going well for us AT ALL. The FBI should be investigating ANTIFA and all the real "terror", not calling whites, who want to save their country, terrorists! If that's where the FBI is at now, it could be GAME OVER.

Venezuela's power is 80 percent restored

I was skeptical at first, but this fast recovery does imply it was some form of electronic attack that took it out to begin with. I still have a hard time believing they got EMP'd but it is already evident this was a non-destructive outage. My guess: Somewhere in the system at Guri, there is a system that hackers still have access to, that is going to be used sparingly to shut everything off. It is something overlooked because it is "not very important" but somehow, somewhere within a system that is probably associated with a safety feature, there is an ability to shut everything off. It probably won't be in an overload detection system, but could be.

GNC plans to close half it's stores, and I can tell you why:

It is because every time they get something that works, (and they have in the past, a prime example was Ultra Lab HGC) the products get bought out and subverted, and no longer work. GNC thrived when PEOPLE GOT RESULTS. Now they don't, and it's better ADIOS.

I remember 15 years ago, I got some Noni from there. Noni is an anti viral natural supplement that kills colds in a single whack. A friend of mine had some, and proved it worked, on me. So I went to GNC and picked up their variant in liquid form for $30 (my friend had a different brand in liquid form and it cost about the same) and I took the GNC stuff, to kill another cold a year later. It was PURE, and I mean PURE aspartame, so strong it damn near knocked me out. And I knew for certain it was not going to work. I was right, it did not work. And I thought to myself why the * does Noni need to taste sweet, especially like THAT.

At that time, I found out Wal Mart had their own variant for $10. I went and got some. It tasted like natural Noni. It worked. .

The bottom line: GNC is going out of business because people have realized they are just better off skipping watered down garbage (if it works at all, a lot of it certifiably does not) and eating lots of meat instead. I used to have respect for GNC. After I saw them rip the good out of multiple products in recent times, that respect is gone. The real killer was the Noni, there's no way on earth they should have peddled crap that was that bad, and priced the way it was. That was a major destruction of trust, which was already fading because I noticed a lot of stuff they had just did not work anymore.

I don't link Sorcha reports, however, This one REALLY made me think WHAT IF? God, I hope so and unlike most that never come true, this one is definitely plausible enough to link.


Back story: A hole got knocked into a water pipe in Ft Lauderdale. Workers from the third world, and DEFINITELY NOT MEXICO, in Mex they'd get hung for this, but wherever they were from - they simply plugged the hole with a cut off tree branch and CONCRETED IT OVER. Why would a real American never do this? Because water supplies are regulated, and that branch is not up to food service specification. Additionally, they will not do this because you are supposed to use proper parts for everything. ON TOP OF THAT, this did not entirely plug the hole, it is still leaking. ON TOP OF THAT, it is going to rot in a short time, and have a great big blowout. The fact they concreted it proves they intend to make this a permanent fix.

The press report has a "happy as a lark" tone over this, calling them "geniuses" for thinking of this "miracle solution" to the problem, but that's just the scamming zio-press supporting "diversity" - FACT: That is NOT AMERICA. The press is only happy about this because they know damn well it is not, and want America destroyed. What's going to happen here? Short answer: Within a time frame anywhere from a year to five years from now, a sink hole will form and it will swallow a car. It will form whenever that log rots out enough to get an underwater river going.

The American solution to that problem: Insert a butterfly bolt into that pipe - a GREAT BIG ONE, and then, with a wrench and a giant thick washer with a rubber seal on one side, you tighten a nut on the butterfly bolt until it puts a TRUE seal on that pipe, that will last until the water system is replaced.

I cannot believe what they actually did happened in America, and WORSE - the press praised them for it! Just like tranny story hour, if it represents the death of a society, it will get nothing but praise. If you wanted proof an enemy is running the media and the country, just look at the tone of the linked report. I am aghast.

After a few initial glitches, it looks like Venezuela's power is now 65 percent back on. This is one to watch, to see if it cuts off again


And obviously, I am doing captures now, this could be HUGE

HEADS UP: JOHN McCAFFEE who recently spoke up about having dirt on everyone in the swamp and that he wanted to "bring them down" with a 30 terabyte data dump had his boat boarded 4 hours ago, and it looks like he has been detained

The pattern of Venezuela's power recovery since yesterday's black out indicates to me they are screwed

They got damaged badly. However, I seriously doubt it was an EMP that did it. They had their power quite stable for a long time and then got attacked again, this time with probable bad damage. It will take a few days to know for sure, but for now, things are not looking good.

Black guy saves white kid from pitbull

Good job. Real good for race relations. AND: A family member "rescued" a puppy, and specifically wanted US to give it a home. I looked at the picture, determined it had about 25 percent pit bull mix, and said NO.

Conservative consensus overall is against pit bulls. I have looked into what makes pit bulls so bad. Pit bulls actually have a medium strength bite. However, dogs are carnivores, and therefore there are NONE, not even those that have the weakest bites, that can't cause someone to donate blood, not even the little ones. several types of dogs have bites several times more severe than Pit Bulls, with German Shepards being a good example. Here is the problem with pit bulls:

If you injure a German Shepard, it might back off. A Pitbull won't. If any other dog also has reason to believe it has you under control and has established dominance, and does not feel threatened, or it gets injured and figures the fight is not worth it, it will usually let go. A pit bull will not quit. Pit bulls stay and keep attacking until they are dead, or what they are attacking is dead, and since they are pure muscle and very durable, it is super hard to take them out once they start attacking. I managed to destroy one that broke through the fence and attacked Lucas by getting it jammed in a strong door, and kicking the door until I broke it's back. It was not easy, it was an absolute fight to the death.

Afterwards, Lucas, (who was totally helpless against the pit) obviously had an attitude change towards me because I "handled THAT." I was undisputed top dog, and it stayed permanent, even now, years later. Lucas bled all over the place. I did not get touched at all. And I learned something about Pitbulls: Trust me, YOU DO NOT WANT ONE. What I saw in that pit was a freak show demon dog that did not know it's boundaries, would break through another dog's boundary to kill it, and was as tough as the terminator. It was hard to believe any dog could be like that. It was like a Hollywood monster. I plotted how I'd kill it once it got ahold of Lucas, and succeeded. But if I screwed up and that thing got ahold of me, it would have been BAD NEWS.

What we see in this video is a pit bull that was randomly wandering around attacking a kid and biting the back of the kid's head. Fortunately a combination of a medium strength bite and short duration attack saved the kid, and the kid's rescuer also got bit, which means that pit was out looking for people to bite. There's no way out of it. Things are GREAT with Pit Bulls until things go wrong. And no one can predict when that will be. They are fighting dogs, NOT PETS.

There are persistent rumors circulating that Erdogan is dead from a heart attack

I was no fan or enemy of Erdogan, however, I do find it fishy that he might be dead from a "heart attack" after that Russian missile deal, and failing to keep Isis alive in Syria on behalf of the United States. Israel is probably pissed about him getting rid of Adnan Oktar as well (that's actually a huge story that never made press). There's no question Israel hated Erdogan. AND GUESS WHAT: The heart attack weapon is for real. I am not talking about the type of heart attack weapon a jungle pygmy dreamed up, (that is stated by lots of people to be what is used) - you know, the one that shoots an ice dart of poison that vanishes without a trace. That's so outdated that seriously, someone with no tech at all could do it. ANYWAY:

The real heart attack weapon is simply a focused EM beam that is shot at people who don't carry cell phones. However, if you do carry a cell phone in your shirt pocket, that will be used instead. This is OLD OLD OLD OLD news, if Erdogan really is "dead from a heart attack" and they can't find a reason for it and the story is "gee, he was in great health, this was unexpected" consider the cell phone and other methods that work just fine. He made himself a target, and this would not surprise me at all. Most likely, Trump is only alive because there are sensors in place to detect such a weapon and no one has wanted to risk it. It is simply too much of a limited use item, it would be fairly easy to track down who did it.

Let's hope we won't be hearing from Adnan again, I always thought he was a Mossad spook, sent to wreck the Turkish people. If not, I'd like to know how the hell such a thing could actually stay alive.

On a web site called "Lawfare", James Comey published a list of questions for dirty dems to ask Mueller this Wednesday

I am going to put them here, and debunk this right off the bat:

The questions Comey asked do indeed look bad for Trump if there is no context provided. They depend on a jury to have no knowledge whatsoever of what went on, and why despite having the answers be yes to everything, not a single yes answer, if gone over again, would incriminate Trump of anything. There's an old German lawfare quote: If you own a dog, and that dog has puppies, the puppies will be your brothers and sisters, because the dog is a mother you own, which makes her your mother. That's what lawfare is, and Comey is a slime ball for engaging in it.

That said, here's a list of items Comey handed the Dems for them to ask on Wednesday:

"If I were a member of Congress with five minutes to question Robert Mueller, I would ask short questions drawn from the report's executive summaries.

Volume One: Russia

Did you find that there were a series of contacts between the Trump campaign and individuals with ties to the Russian government? (p. 5)

In particular, did you find that a Trump foreign policy adviser learned that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails? (pp. 5-6)

Did you find that the Trump foreign policy adviser said the Trump campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to candidate Clinton? (p. 6)

Did you find that senior members of the Trump campaign met with Russian representatives at Trump Tower after being told in an email that the meeting was part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump? (p. 6)

Did you find that, despite the fact that candidate Trump said he had "nothing to do with Russia, " his organization had been pursuing a major Moscow project into the middle of the election year and that candidate Trump was regularly updated on developments? (vol 1, p. 5: vol 2, p. 19)

Did the Trump campaign report any of its Russian contacts to the FBI?

Not even the indications from the Russian government that it could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to candidate Clinton?

Volume Two: Obstruction

Did you reach a judgment as to whether the president had committed obstruction of justice crimes?

Did you find substantial evidence that the president had committed obstruction of justice crimes?

For example, did you find that the president directed the White House counsel to call the acting attorney general and tell him the special counsel must be removed? (p. 4)

Did you find that the White House counsel decided he would rather resign than carry out that order? (p. 4)

Did you find that the president later directed the White House counsel to say he had not been ordered to have the special counsel removed? (p. 6)

Did you find that the president wanted the White House counsel to write a false memo saying he had not been ordered to have the special counsel removed? (p. 6)

Did you find that the White House counsel refused to do that because it was not true? (p. 6)

Did you find that the president repeatedly asked a private citizen -his former campaign manager -to deliver a message to the attorney general to restrict the special counsel to investigating only future campaign interference? (p. 5)"

My comment: Out of context, and on the surface, that all looks bad. But in reality, there's nothing to it, every last question ends in a dead end. To release anything like this at this point pegs Comey as an evil, evil man. The name of the blog this was released on says it all, it can be found HERE.

In the obstruction section, there is absolutely nothing there that indicates a crime by Trump at all, "wanting to" remove the special counsel is an assumption and before stating Trump "wanted to" there is an almost identical question, that states in the form of his wording that Trump was "ordered to" remove the special counsel and then told someone to write a false memo saying he had not been ordered to remove it. So Trump obstructed justice by NOT listening to orders to shut down an investigation, and then lying about not following those orders to shut it all down? What a worm Comey is, this crap is weak. And it totally circumvents the entire original premise, which was collusion with Russia in an attempt to invent something totally new.

Since every last project in Russia was underway well before the election, every last item Comey lists is irrelevant. But if deprived of facts and put under pressure to issue judgement without any context, a Jury might go for it. Unfortunately for Comey, that's not the scenario and this is pure manure slinging.

Lawfare it is. What a place to put this crap.

SURPRISE SURPRISE: If this is not a re-play, hoax, or deep fake, and it is not a body double, Gollumsburg IS ALIVE

I am skeptical, but this is the first thing I have seen that is convincing in any way. Is it deep fake?

Interesting: Both China and Russia entered South Korean airspace, and South Korea fired warning shots at Russia

Venezuela appears to be DOWN FOR THE COUNT

They are blaming an EMP. My guess is major simultaneous sabotage against infrastructure. Any way you cut it, they are DOWN FOR THE COUNT. I guess tanker charades did not go well enough, and this is a consolation prize for Bolton.


One can only hope there's a trump-tastrophe underway for the left. That is our only hope.

Update to below:

The prices I stated below were accidentally $10, 000 off. No big deal, that's less than 2 percent of what this guy got reamed for, (until you consider the fact that even that 2 percent, all by itself, would STILL be a medical carjacking even if it was the total price)


Cost of Dialysis in a nice hospital on a nice machine in Mexico? $90 WITHOUT INSURANCE - that's the cost straight up, in a "you pay it all" private hospital Cost of dialysis in America's scam medical system? $540, 000 - but if you complain, they'll be nice, and cut the price down to $275, 000.

Yes, America does not have a medical system, it has an extortion racket that charges $5, 000 for a dinner mint, at gunpoint.


Iranian case of having American spies appears legit

They released some related photos that at least partially validate their story. It appears the spies went to Iran, set up their lives, and tried to live as Iranians in disguise. But they look totally American, and Iran nailed their hidden documents, proving they were not Iranian. In such cases, nations tend to abandon people rather than admit there was a spy operation. Trump probably does not know this is legit The photos are here

Venezuela is now blaming power loss on EMP attack

DOUBT IT. That sounds stupid to me, I'll vouch for "hidden sniper hits "X". They need to be careful with EMP claims, I know it may look like it because the entire country blinked out at once, but I seriously doubt an EMP did this if Colombia and everyone else around Venezuela experienced no glitches.

They will find the real problem soon enough I guess.

Venezuela suddenly lost Guri again

The entire thing went offline at once. This looks the same as past known attacks.

Update to the tanker report below -

Just to clarify, Iran has more than one tanker. This is not the Impero, which was taken by the Iranian national guard, this is a less reported tanker from the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE ship Iran seized was a lot less of a ship than even I thought . . . .

It is only 190 feet long, and can only carry 1, 000 tons of oil. Furthermore, it was carrying oil that was likely stolen from Iran. Iranian authorities are stating it was "smuggling Iranian oil" and since Iran openly tries to circumvent sanctions, if the oil was not stolen (from Iran's perspective) they would not have said it was smuggling. It appears this was a setup. Most likely, this ship was going to be used as "proof" Iran was breaking sanctions, and Iran stopped it. No one wants to claim it. Surprisingly, it had 12 crew.

Here is another picture of the UAE tanker Iran "seized".

It was purchased a year ago and re-named the Riah.

Photo caption: "Somali pirates LOVE THESE."

Somali pirates don't go after cargo, they go after crew and demand money to have the crews returned. It is a risky affair, where they try to hook a ladder onto the ship while it is moving. They don't need a ladder for this one.


This is the UAE tanker "Iran stole". It has only been the "Riah" since 2018. Before that it was the Chamat. It was likely purchased for the sole purpose of creating an international incident, ships of this age and size are usually scrapped.

Due to the fact that no one wants to claim this ship, plus the fact that Panama revoked it's registration over the fact that it obviously broke the rules, it looks like Iran scored a free ship, which in this particular case amounts to "whatever that was worth".

THE PLOT THICKENS: Panama has revoked registration for a UAE owned tanker "Iran stole" because Panama could prove the ship deliberately broke maritime procedure, which forced Iran to take it.

So what we have is deliberate provocation, forcing seizure. What cop won't try to pull over someone for driving drunk while going 130? I sort of figured it had to be a situation like this but was not sure. Now I am sure.

Take a look at the pictures RT posted. There are two tankers, the one "Iran seized" is the top one. It is a tiny ship that appears to be a POS at least 90 years old, sent deliberately to break rules and get it seized in a "no loss with that one" scenario.

I am going to re-iterate that the Max 8 may kill boeing

If it does not kill Boeing, it is going to maim the company well into the future. Reason: Because it is a piece of crap put together by FOREIGN engineers who started life cooking with cow dung, got a less than stellar diploma, and then wooed a foolish SJW with "Me better than white male". FACT: If the problem with this plane could be rectified, they would all be flying now. If they are not flying by now, they never will fly. A multi billion dollar company is in a major push to try to solve the problems with this plane, and $10 billion later got nothing in the air again.

To repeat what is obviously happening to these planes, after eyewitnesses saw one dropping clothes and papers before it crashed (which means the fuselages are splitting open) and this has NEVER been stated by the MSM but you can damn well bet I am right - The super long portions of the forward fuselages are breaking and nosing up. This tells a sensor the plane's nose is too high. The sensor then does a nose down, but the wings are also pointed down afterward. The sensor gets itself to "level" but if the nose of the plane is bent upward, what does "level" mean? No one lived to tell about it.

All because "boeing already solved all design issues so foreigners could now take over building their aircraft" and "paying white male engineers" cost too much when they are crap anyways!

Now at least a few of the white male engineers are on the job, trying to re-design the entire aircraft so it will be airworthy. An idiot SJW in management is saying "The plane is not that bad, we won't approve what you are suggesting", you are NOT that great and your opinion is NOT that valid . . . . . meanwhile, the company dies. Whether or not it is game over for Boeing is specifically dependent upon whether or not the SJW's stay in place.

I predict if it took this long already, Boeing is TOAST. The proper people will not be fired, they will instead hold Boeing in a medusa's trance of "diversity" until the company turns to stone and vanishes into the fog.



The term was first coined by Rush Limbaugh. Incrementalism is the steady progression of state tyranny in the absence of people pushing back against it. Here's a CLASSIC case, and it is not rumor:

Pennsylvania school district informs over 1000 families their children will be taken if parents fall behind on paying for school lunch

You know, sort of like tranny story time, and landing in jail if you so much as dare to go into the schools un-announced to see what they are brainwashing your kids with.

"KINGSTON, PA. (AP) - A Pennsylvania school district is warning that children could end up in foster care if their parents do not pay overdue school lunch bills.

The letters sent recently to about 1, 000 parents in Wyoming Valley West School District have led to complaints from parents and a stern rebuke from Luzerne County child welfare authorities.

The district says that it is trying to collect more than $20, 000, and that other methods to get parents to pay have not been successful. Four parents owe at least $450 apiece."

OK, LET ME DO THE MATH - FOUR parents owe $450 apiece. Now THAT is a GREAT reason to take their kids, RIGHT? Oh, but I have an even BETTER REASON - there are "about 1000" other parents who owe the balance - which would come out to $18, 200 total.


Guess what? I know of a school district somewhere that has an administrative headquarters that is sorely lacking the delivery of a cruise missile. They should be dragged through the streets and lynched ALREADY for sending out such a notice because cruise missiles are hard to come by. Pitch fork time.

Ahh, yes, but if you are depressed after the state steals your kids, you have a "CHEMICAL IMBALANCE", POP A ZOLOFT AND GET OVER IT, F*** YOU.

Trust me, the police are all in place making sure justice is served, and the kids really do get taken over $18.50. You see, in the United States they are NOT "corrupt", THEY FOLLOW ORDERS.

Things are once again heating up with Iran

Someone wants a war and that's the end of it. I am skeptical of the current reports, which is why I delayed on posting them. I am still skeptical

According to the official line, which is all too often the official lie, Iran has now seized two oil tankers and is demanding the return of their tankers seized elsewhere. However, today's tanker sailed straight into Iranian waters on it's own, without being seized at all. Obviously once it did that when it was not supposed to, Iran took notice and evidently has it now. This British tanker was not taken from international waters.

Additionally, the tanker the Brits seized was done in a way that violated international law, because neither Syria or Iran were subject to U.N. mandates, which meant that they could do whatever they wanted between each other. So what we have with this is the Brits and others trampling Iran, and doing everything they can to set up excuses to attack when if left to it's own natural behavior, Iran would not have instigated anything. And probably did not instigate anything anyway. However, when it comes to the scamming MSM, it is not the truth that matters, it is what you can convince people is the "truth" that does.

This story is still developing and is in it's very early stages.

This is actually big: Trump had a lengthy chit chat with Rand Paul while golfing, and Rand was assigned to Iran

Why is this big news? Answer: It proves I don't spew B.S. What have I always said about Trump's "excessive" golfing? I have always said this was a major tactic of people in power - to get away from prying ears and have discussions in private. I specifically singled out Trump's "excessive golfing" to not be about the game or leisure, and rather, that it was about negotiating with people. He's not out there screwing around, golf was originally invented by royalty, to provide a "reason" to be out in the middle of an enormous field where they were certain no one would be close enough to hear their discussions. That was the entire reason behind the origins of golf.

If you can't google that, it is because history is being flushed, this was part of an old school education.

Here is one of my previous posts (there have been several over the years)

Idiocy: Trump's golfing bill has "topped 100 million"

I see this out there occasionally, that Trump "golfs a lot" and there is a $100 million bill for it. Here's the truth about golf -

Golf started out as a non-game excuse to get way out in the middle of nowhere, where you could see everything around you, so you could then chat in private and know for sure no one was within earshot. This is why royalty did it. It was not a poor man's game, it was a thing of royalty and was used to discuss secrets in total confirmed privacy. The game had little meaning, it was just an excuse to be out there, talking. Trump likely does the same thing. But the punch line is, Trump is golfing at his own resorts. There's no golf bill. So while he's out there chit-chatting away with whoever, the only bill is the secret service, which is a static fixed cost. You cannot take the budget for the secret service and claim it is Trump's "golf bill", the secret service is simply in the budget.

Trump's golf bill? $0. Secret service bill? $100 million, that would be spent elsewhere anyway.

FINAL COMMENT: When you hear all these stories about Trump taking too much time off for golf, consider that he knows damn well the white house is bugged to oblivion, and that he at least has a measure of control over what goes on at his own resorts. That's not to say that there are no bugs that have been dropped in the weeds by drones, but it is a very safe bet that even if the resort is bugged one way or another, it is a LOT better privacy situation than a confirmed bugged white house, where the microphones will be RIGHT THERE.


Iran has just released an official statement, saying all it's drones are accounted for. This is a big deal, because the drone was shot down in international airspace, which gives Iran a reason to complain. If they are not complaining, someone elses drone got shot down. If it identified itself as Iranian and/or was set up to look Iranian, and it was not Iranian, who's drone would that be?


SEE THIS. It is snoopy dance time, HA HA, if that drone is not Iranian and the U.S. gets it and inspects it, and Iran can prove it was not theirs, then what? Better yet, I heard rumor that it was shot down with directed energy weapons, which means it is likely to be intact and ready for a full inspection if recovered. If Iran is not lying, (and they have no reason to lie, seriously, - they can frame themselves as the victim here) - if Iran is not bluffing this ought to get interesting. Who's trump going to tweet about then?


I am surprised, actually. Very interesting. Wait for outcome. And wait. It will be a while.

Trump just tweeted "a big event" happened in Iran

Apparently the U.S. shot down an Iranian drone that approached a U.S. warship in international airspace. RUMOR There are other reports that Iran has agreed to enhanced inspections of it's nuclear program on America's terms, in exchange for lifting sanctions.

I checked vegetables in Wal Mart today

In Mexico, there is no shortage. Not many people buy canned vegetables in Mexico though. One thing that was VERY noticeable however is how cheap they were, they are currently priced a LOT lower than they normally are in Mexico for some odd reason, at about 1/3 the price in the picture farther down this page. Not on special either.

I will not be around today

There is a family outing, and I have to be there.

I will try to get something posted this evening.

Europe's Galileo GPS system was down for SIX DAYS

Get that? SIX DAYS. But "search and rescue" functionality kept working. All SIX DAYS. Who makes the processors in that system? Did someone send a message with that cute little outage? You can't have a satellite system go down and have ONE function keep working if it really did go down - a function that needs the entire damn thing to work. Someone played a game, it was not jammed or damaged in any way, just a few functions switched off . . . . . FOR SIX DAYS. Got it?

What the world needs now, is another Israeli processor, like I need a hole in my head. How about THAT Huawei? Why not finish the job of developing your own after improving an ARM processor so much? why the hell can't anyone outside of Europe, kikedom and the U.S. do it from scratch? I would definitely buy a totally Huawei designed processor. I WANT ONE.

I have nothing against Bitcoin, but this is funny.

The impeachment will not proceed

It fell pathetically short of the required votes.

The first vegetable shortages are being reported

You had better stock up There are a few grocery chains that are now starting to report having vegetable shortages that are affecting Libbeys, Del Monte, and Great Value. The two main stores reporting this are Wal Mart, and Krogers. IGA will be the litmus test. If IGA starts reporting shortages, it will be DOOM, they are not "just in time" like Krogers and Wal Mart. They have a huge supply chain and interact with thousands of independent stores. If IGA depletes out and starts reporting shortages, it is doom on.

That said, I am going to repeat myself AGAIN: The weather induced food shortages are going to increase prices DRAMATICALLY, STOCK UP on at least pasta and flour.

I am not going to comment much about Trump's "racist" "go back to your own country" comments

Why not? Because every time I see something like this, it was taken out of context and twisted to match hopes and dreams, rather than reality. And so what if he said it, in the context claimed by Dems - it was not a crime. But they are going to try to impeach him for it, to save Epstein's behind, and subsequently, theirs. End of Trump comment - then, there is this - It appears Epstein is blackmailing people who are in charge of prosecuting him. And the top ones are Jewish. How well do you think that is going to go? DAMN WELL, if you are Epstein - it may be impossible to prosecute anyone who is Jewish, because there are too many Jews planted in key positions, all of which will make damn good and sure no one who is of the tribe fries. If Epstien gets released and then flies El Al, he's off SCOT FREE, provided he stays within 80 miles or so of where the plane lands. WATCH IT HAPPEN. Nothing more needs to be said.



This is how Facebook went to the top: The media said it was the new great place to be, and that everyone was using it. There was no legit reason to leave Myspace. And for the meth heads out there, wasp spray is not a legit reason to leave meth. Just like kicking off a viral trend of having people spit in ice tea and lick ice cream, the media can cause anything by simply saying everyone is doing it. And this wasp spray B.S. is another one of those, I don't know what their motive is for doing this (perhaps an insecticide ban) but it follows a perfect pattern: People in X area are doing X. If wasp spray really was a replacement for meth, it would not just be "people in West Virginia are doing it", no, it would be global, because Faceplant won't censor things that will damage society, (they instead censor things that will damage the agenda) and even meth users are connected via Facebook. So here's the story, from the Daily Mail:

West Virginians are inhaling and injecting WASP SPRAY as a cheap alternative to meth

"State police are seeing an uptick in the alarming drug trend known as 'wasping' Junkies are turning to wasp killer spray to give them a cheaper 'meth-like' high The pesticide can be sprayed onto meth or crystallized to be inhaled or injected Physical effects are erratic behavior and extreme swelling of the hands and feet Abusing the insecticide can also result in seizures, paralysis and even death Officials believe it played a role in three overdoses in Boone County last week

Drug users are turning to wasp spray as a cheap alternative to meth, West Virginia State Police said.

Officials believe the bug killer played a role in three overdoses in Boone County last week.

Police told WCHS-TV on Monday that they are observing an uptick in the alarming drug trend, which is also known as 'wasping'.

'We're seeing this here on the streets in Boone County, ' Sgt. Charles Sutphin said. 'People are making a synthetic type methamphetamine out of wasp spray.'

He added that physical effects are erratic behavior and extreme swelling and redness of the hands and feet.

Abused in combination with meth or on its own, wasp spray has been described by users as generating a 'rush, ' feelings of deja vu and a hallucinatory sense of smell, ABC News reported.

Users either spray the liquid onto the meth, or spray it on a wire screen, hook it up to a battery charger which crystallizes it, then melt it down to be shot into their veins.

The final product is called a 'hot shot'

My comment: BUUULLLSHIT!!!

The only thing wasp spray will do to anyone is trigger long term muscle spasms which if intense enough, will kill you. That was not mentioned as the main side effect, the report cannot possibly be true.

Aaah yes, but if you can get all the meth heads injecting this stuff, following the lead of "an isolated pocket in a county in West Virginia" NOT POSSIBLE FOR IT TO BE LOCALIZED LIKE THAT WITH CELL PHONES AND FACEBOOK all will be well, we'll get them off the street and maybe reduce the homeless population a little.

Sorry, I don't believe this line at all: "Users either spray the liquid onto the meth, or spray it on a wire screen, hook it up to a battery charger which crystallizes it, then melt it down to be shot into their veins.

Hook it up to a battery charger to crystallize it? Gee, that's awful specific, why not something else? Lots of things produce electricity, and what kind of battery charger? And then, they MELT IT DOWN TO LIQUEFY IT, so they can shoot it into their veins? Gee, won't that set up in the needle, preventing injection? or do they just shoot it in, at 400F?

What a stupid "monkey see monkey do" report. Even if this was true, no responsible media would encourage people to do it by reporting it. Where is a "facebook censor" that is actually interested in doing society a favor for once?

OH, I GET IT: SOMEONE WANTS BUG SPRAYS BANNED. Just front a ruse about it being a dangerous drug, and OUT IT GOES.

There is a new report going around about people in Sweden getting microchipped

It is gloom and doom, and is claiming we'll all be chipped soon. I initially ignored this report, but it made the rounds well enough for me to comment - Here's the problem with it:

The number chipped was approximately 4, 000. That high of a number has been done before already, for various reasons. And those incidents did not lead to mass chipping of everyone. Why would they fail to? Short answer: Because people are still well aware of what the bible says about this, even total atheists. They'll be atheists until being put under the gun, and then their true colors will show because regardless of what some would hope, people are simply not stupid enough to go for this when it is so obviously outlined in an ancient book. That cannot be coincidence. The bible did indeed predict the era we are in.

To get people chipped it is going to require mandate.That mandate could come in the form of the tech left simply making it impossible to buy or sell with cash, with the chip as the only option. One way or another this will happen. People will be massively pressured to get the chip against their will but virtually all will buckle once they face losing the house or starving. But here's the good news:

This time period only lasts 7 years. After that the system will be overthrown. Anyone who was willing to live humble enough and survive on the streets depending on handouts, garbage digs, and squirrel kills to avoid taking that chip is going to, in the end, win big time.

Let's take a look at the quote:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Let me translate that: If you don't receive the mark, you can still eat out of the garbage because that will not require bying or selling, and it is possible, see this next quote:

"And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God."

I am not going over the rest of the scriptures, that ought to be enough. Let this be clear however - If you actually have the audacity to bug out, throw away everything you have because there's no way you'll be keeping it without getting the mark - and either live like crap in the swamps catching catfish and successfully evading capture for doing so, or you stay right in the thick of it all in the city stinking to high hell because you can't bathe and sleep under a bridge and you even avoid the homeless shelters which will require the chip and simply eat what is thrown away so you don't have to buy it - if you are willing to do THAT for God, - forsake everything you have - which would put you on top spiritually, there's a great chance you'll be one of those standing on the sea of glass.

Gaining victory over the beast and the mark and the number CAN be done. Perhaps you'll be put to death if you insist and get caught. But there will be survivors also. And God absolutely will notice these people.

I am not going to worry about this. I am fully prepared to eat from the trash. I'd like that delayed as much as possible, but if it has to happen, so be it, I am NOT going to take the mark.

Anyway, that's somewhat related to what will be in newsletter 2, which will not focus on that topic but it will be related. I don't want the site to be for proselytizing because if I screw up on advice and get it wrong and mislead people, even by accident, it is BAD. I'd prefer to stick with what I know for sure.

Black mylar rocket balloon with silver end hoaxed another UFO

There. Fixed the headline. This one is stupid. All it would take to make this "UFO" do what it did would be to send up a long mylar balloon (they sell those here in Mexico, they look like rockets) and some are black, just like this. They have a flat end on them that is a different color. That is all this is likely to be - one of those a kid lost, and when it swings the correct direction in relation to the camera shooting the video, the flat bottom which in this case would just be the normal mylar silver, reflects the sun right back at the camera, causing the "beam of light". This was too stupid to mention, but since it made Drudge, I figured I ought to. OH NO, another Mexican rocket balloon got away . . . . .

Trump did not divide anyone

Mitt Romney came out and said that Trump "failed to unite the country". Trump did not fail at anything. Instead, the MSM (owned by you know who) in addition to George Soros, with Antifa, and the Dems by blocking almost everything Trump has tried via courts they spent years corrupting, divided the country. Mitt Romney ought to know damn well Trump did not divide this country against itself. Stating he did via the context of what he has said leaves two options - either Mitt is pure evil, or he's brain damaged. Take your pick, either way he's not fit for office and despite claiming to be Republican, he obviously belongs at the bottom, below Gollum.

Watch the original Lord of the Rings - Gollum clearly had more equity than Pelosi or the rest of the dems combined

The original Lord of the Rings aired on Mex TV a few days ago. It is the one that had Gollum and Bilbo first taking ownership of the ring. During this episode of LOTR, it was clearly demonstrated that Gollum had equity. There was a game of riddles, and when gollum lost, he accepted defeat. He lived up to the deal. He only freaked out when he discovered his ring was gone. The Dems are NOT on the same level.

Gollum was cunning, deceptive, and intelligent, but he was not an outright liar and accepted the fact that he lost the game of riddles, a game of life and death, where he would have at least tried to kill Bilbo if he won. But he accepted his loss. The Dems are not on the same level as Gollum, which (was) the standard of evil until the Dems and others found new limits for it.

Rather than accept their loss when Trump won, they went sub-gollum and have done everything possible to destroy this president, told every form of lie possible, tried to do any damage possible. Gollum was a trickster and very deceptive, but what the Dems are doing is no sort of trick, and beyond deception, - what they are doing has stretched the limits of dishonesty and outright evil so far that I wish to God we had Gollum in their place instead. If you think that's preposterous, watch the gollum scene in LOTR. I was shocked to see that Gollum is, in fact, MILES BETTER than Pelosi, Ocasio, and the rest of the clan believe it or not.

Kamala Harris: Writing blacks a 17 trillion reparations check is not enough

She actually said it. And it only proves that the only motive is to destroy the country. Mark my word: "Reparations" will, if they get away with it, be:

New houses for every black in America, paid for and constructed by whites, with loans and financing whites have to pay off, and they are going to make it personal, where whites are directly assigned specific reparations obligations on an individual basis. It will be set so high that whites will lose everything they have, and work as slaves.

Ditto for new cars for everyone. They will take this as far as they possibly can without getting all the Jews killed for it, (EVERY DAMN LAST CRETIN FIGHTING FOR "REPARATIONS" IS A JEW, this is how they do war. If they can get away with it, they will have everything whites own in total, including patents, all properties, EVERYTHING, even companies, handed over to blacks. Oh, but I am crazy, RIGHT? Nope, think again - consider this -

Who owns our schools? The Jews. Who owns our media? The Jews. Who owns all financing? The Jews. Who owns the medical system? The Jews. QUESTION? Is there any equity there, or have they already taken all 4 of those things to max extremes?

What are they using the schools for now? Specifically and pointedly with no wiggle room or excuses whatsoever, to destroy us. What are they using the medical system for now? Specifically and pointedly with no wiggle room or excuses whatsoever, to destroy us. What are they using the media for now? Specifically and pointedly with no wiggle room or excuses whatsoever, to destroy us.

They are using the medical system to destroy us via shots they claim are vaccines but are not, they are instead "life conditioning shots" that permanently remove the most capable competition against them from our society, right from birth. The rest of the medical system is set up to do nothing but destroy by burying people under enormous financial stress and bankruptcy. They did this to us by waving the flag and saying America is great and there's no medical system in the world as good as it. That used to be true, but now, that's a total hoax.

They are using the schools to destroy us - the schools are what really prove what they want to accomplish via "reparations" - our destruction. They are using the schools to destroy us by brainwashing our kids into being dykes trannies and pervs AFTER they figured it would be great to use the kids to find out who had guns, AFTER they destroyed all curriculum that actually taught the kids and did what a school is actually for - and they did it incrementally. Now the schools are SO BAD that parents are not allowed into them - they cannot go in at random and audit a class. Parents have to go in under cover, disguised as substitute teachers to find out what is going on. The war against America is so out in the open there that they will throw a parent in prison for entering this PUBLIC SPACE, because they absolutely, at all costs, have to keep what they are doing hidden. The kids are kept in line via well established methods of mind control, THEY ARE OWNED. And parents just lazily let their kids walk into that crap and be dissolved, because if they do not, they are going straight to prison.

That's the world the Jews want for us, - they want us destroyed completely, burned to ash, and then have the ash scattered to the wind. Can we allow such cretins to decide what "reparations" should be? HELL NO, they need to be dragged through the streets and lynched for what they have already done.

If you think I am whacked stating the ultimate goal is to use reparations to TOTALLY destroy whites and TOTALLY seize all assets, think again - their system of incrementalism that worked with everything else is well underway already, with Kamala Harris already stating that a check is not going to be enough. All in a period of a month or so. Where do they want to take this? You'd have to be blind not to see it already.

If Americans once again, after getting nailed with all the other things say "They'll never do it, they can't prove who the slave owners were" Americans are going to be the fool, the Jews don't care "who owes who", it is not equity the Jews are after with this, it is purely destruction they seek.

The Chinese sent one of their destroyers through the English channel

It was followed by a British warship all the way through. People are up in arms over it, saying "HOW DARE THE CHINESE DO THIS". All I can say is fair is fair. The U.S. does this everywhere, and that channel is an international waterway. If the Brits don't like the Chinese going there, tough luck.

This cannot happen to the U.S. because as far as I know, the U.S. is the only country to claim and TOTALLY enforce a 250 mile exclusion zone in all waters surrounding the country. Other countries only worry about things that approach to within 12 miles. That makes sense, because how would smaller countries enforce a zone extending 250 miles out? They could not, lots of them do not even have that much coastline. But there's a double standard here -

Why is it that the U.S. gets to claim an enormous exclusion zone, even around territorial islands, and China, which is an equally large country, does not? If China wants to claim the South China Sea, it ought to be allowed. With the islands out there, and a claim to Taiwan, they could own the entire thing easily if they went by the same standards America does. And it ought to be their right, why on earth would the U.S. care if they owned that little patch of ocean? Who would care, other than perhaps John Bolton?

Trump: If you don't like our country, LEAVE

Trump tweeted the following

"Our Country is Free, Beautiful and Very Successful. If you hate our Country, or if you are not happy here, you can leave!"

My comment: Though it is a shadow of what it once was, the world went to hell along with it, leaving it on top. And I am doing everything I can to create situations that put it back where it was, and will continue to until I am dead, or I win.


The following graphic is interesting. However, there is a point to make:

First, the graphic, which is very interesting because it proves beyond question several American companies are WAY too powerful:

Now the point I'd like to make

For as much as people rip Mexico, the economy of Mex is so big they can't use it to make a point in that graphic and they therefore left Mexico out. Mexico is on par with Russia, and though they made a point of saying Apple equals half of Russia, saying it equals half of Mexico just would not work because Mexico has been back stabbed too much. I did a post about this a couple days ago - and here is more proof.

Notice that Mexico, Brazil, and all of Western Europe got left out of the comparisons because all of their economies are large enough to swallow one of those companies easily. Mexico's economy is more than double ALL the African countries outlined in the graphic put together. It is also larger than ALL of the Latin American countries outlined in that graphic put together, ALL 18 of them, including an additional part of Argentina. Mexico dwarfs the economy of Argentina. Mexico is not a "shithole country". There may be a few rogue Mexicans going up to the U.S., but the bulk of the problem is from elsewhere.

There is another report below about Soros running ads in central America, telling people to go to the United States. Those ads have NEVER run in Mexico, and there is a reason why not, right there, in that graphic..

Soros is running ads in central America, telling migrants that if they go to America, they will get both welfare and work

And that is where the root of the problem is. Pull out the root, and the problem is gone.

There is little doubt Swedes are regretting cultural enrichment

An entire line of cars was torched in Sweden. That type of thing never happened when Sweden was Sweden, and not a place Volvo wants to run away from. I am somewhat satisfied Israel is getting a small amount of payback from the Ethiopians, (but they are no where near as bad as what is happening in Sweden) and you ought to read the "horrible racist comments" in places like the Jerusalem post. "Gee, I think it is unwise to let in Ethiopian Jews who only have a thread going back to us". Yep, but it is OK for Sweden and other places to be devoured by people who have no thread to those locations AT ALL.


Here's the short story: Supposedly Iran hijacked a UAE tanker. That's easy to find, just look for it in satellite imagery. OOPS, the satellite imagery that would have that tanker in it is mysteriously missing. HOW CONVENIENT.

Supposedly the story is something legit they are going to run with. So far it is only on Twitter HERE. It appears it may be a legit CNN account. There is an argument underway about whether or not this is legit. Posted for whatever that is worth

Important note about "global warming" and the upcoming "super flood"

Right now, the world as we know it, is already in the middle of a "super flood". The water levels are likely a thousand feet higher than they were even a short time ago.

There is tons of evidence this is exactly the case. TONS OF IT. I think I am going to make this a future newsletter (not the next one, which is already decided on, ) but consider this: They are constantly finding "sunken cities" all over the world, even off the coast of Cuba. When were these cities built? Obviously during the last ice age, when so much water was trapped in ice at the poles that ocean levels were HUNDREDS of feet lower than they are now. Dry land was exposed, the rain washed out the salt, and entire civilizations lived at very low elevations, far below today's ocean surface. And that would make a lot of sense during an ice age, because the lower you go in elevation, the warmer it gets and once you go below sea level, it gets a LOT warmer with only small elevation drops. That may be the great equalizer that makes the world more survivable during ice ages. My guess is that right now, the ice caps are so small relative to the world's history, that if they melted completely the ocean would not rise very much. Where are the giant ice packs that could raise the ocean hundreds of feet? Answer: The ocean already has them melted into it. Yes, that's a great topic for a future newsletter.

Yandex and Yippy are totally independent of Google

I don't know why anyone would want to use Duck Duck and other Google supported search engines when all they do is serve what Google gives them. Duck Duck and others are a front end and nothing more. They MAY provide privacy but who's to say they are telling the truth about even that?

SO, I did a search of Space Shuttle Columbia ground penetrating radar this morning on Duck Duck and got a bunch of impenetrable CRAP about the disaster, with no reference whatsoever to ground penetrating radar. But Columbia was FAMOUS for it and even got published in National Geographic. Evidently Joogle does not want people knowing they can't hide in bunkers, they can only seek shelter in them - ANYWAY,

So I considered trying Yippy and instead went to Yandex on second thought and BOOM, everything about the shuttles and ground penetrating radar was right there, in spades, on top. Yandex gave me what I asked for. Search engines that are powered by Google have been doing that a LOT less lately.

Yippy, which is now powered by IBM's Watson (oh gosh, whatever) at least put the fact that ground penetrating radar was used by the shuttles on the front page. So Yippy is better than Google too, but not up there with Yandex.

Space shuttle based ground penetrating radar is one of those topics I am sure some people wished the sheeple forgot about. It is a perfect test of a search engine's legitimacy. So whatever search engine you use, type Space Shuttle Columbia ground penetrating radar and see what comes up. If it is nothing but the Columbia disaster, the search engine is crap. If it at least mixed in ground penetrating radar, it is not trying to hide anything, and will probably work very well for other searches also.

Obviously Google combs the web constantly and will probably find this post, and an AI will likely temporarily fix this, (maybe not, but maybe.) Wait and see if Google scurries away from the spotlight when exposed.

So why was I looking up ground penetrating radar on the shuttles? Because of Epstein's island, see the next report.

Striking revelation about Epstein's island: There is nothing there that anyone would want to go there for

There are no beaches. There are no lawn chairs with umbrellas. There is a pool mixed in with the buildings on one end of the island, but that's not a reason to go to an island. The entire shoreline is craggy rocks that are hard to approach and offer nothing in the realm of tropical fun. There is no reason to be there, so why did so many of the elites go?

Epstein's island could at least be approached on a zodiac (that's the only viable option) - a zodiac, with a motor that did not extend deep into the water. You could probably get away with mooring a zodiac on the rocky shore below the temple, and then have a really good look a drone can't give you.

The drone operator for the drone videos was obviously being very careful to not lose an expensive drone. The drone was more than just a DJI Mavic, it had a zoom capable camera, and I am sure the operator did not want a loss of at least a few thousand dollars so the operator was very cautious to not have it crash there. But it would have been nice if the operator of the drone had approached the temple windows more closely. I understand why not though.

If anyone does go to that island, it is obvious that temple is undergoing major changes which at present hide what it was. If it does go down to an underground area, anyone who explores the island is probably going to have to figure out what got covered over by tapping the floor and listening for the hollow spot. It may have been, in preparation for a raid of the island, concreted over completely but it will still be there, accessible with a sledge hammer. I find the fact that it is being renovated right now to be puzzling.

It may not be to cover up what it is however, because outside the "temple" there is a square area that looks like it was being upgraded. Maybe Epstein really was just doing maintenance and "improvements" and the owls and dome were going to go back on it again. Who knows. but the point is, the outside area is awful elaborate for that small of a building to be there, which means it is likely an entrance to something bigger. A closer look with a drone might reveal a staircase going down but if it does not, it would not mean there is nothing there. You'd have to actually go inside and start banging on things to confirm it.

The U.S. government knows what is there, the original launch of Space Shuttle Columbia had ground penetrating radar that could have revealed if something is there, and I can only guess that almost 40 years of tech improvements helped that. This was a major story with the space shuttle back in the very early 80's, it ended up in National Geographic, where some of the scans were printed. They were supposedly for showing what was under the surface in Egypt and other places. The penetration depth was up to 50 feet. I was unable to find anything about shuttle radar missions on Google, but Yandex at least had This, and This report also found via Yandex also mentions the space shuttles were major platforms for ground penetrating radar. IMPORTANT: Google yielded NOTHING on this topic, I had to use Yandex.

At any rate, the point is that the tech it would take to know what was on Epstein's island has existed for decades. The very first space shuttle launch had it.

Oh, and this also means they know about your underground bunker, with the only thing keeping it safe being whether or not the wrong people care about it.

No new developments on the 14th

Barry is now soaking the heartland as stated. There are several theories circulating about the reason for the power outage in New York last night, but considering the population of New York, "up to" 200, 000 people affected is not major, and it was on again before the hamburger thawed so no big deal. The prominent theories are that power was knocked out to cover for a raid on Hillary and power was knocked out for reasons surrounding Epstein. Con Air says they don't know what caused it, but early on people were saying they heard an explosion and saw a bright flash. Therefore, I still say squirrel, cat, or mylar balloons. I really think it was just a mundane power outage.

So I figured I'd check the status of Venezuela and Iran. Both have their power and internet stabilized better than it has been in a long time. So nothing is going on there either. Some people are speculating Trump hated Epstein enough to plot his takedown for years I won't say no to that, but if that was what Mueller was really setting up by getting all the roaches out of the corners strutting their stuff in broad daylight to provide cover for it all and more, it would not surprise me. But it is impossible to say.

From what I heard, Disney did a CGI talking cat version of The Lion King and one of the major MSM outlets SJW'ed it. If so, I don't care, I am boycotting Disney anyway and why would they ever mess with that? It was perfect to begin with. A product of a much better company than Disney is now. They ought to leave well enough alone. Stupid move.

SO I am bored this evening. Probably bed time now.

BIG power outage in New York last night.

"Big" means 35, 000 customers, which probably equates to between 150, 000 - 200, 000 people. There are lots of people saying it was an "elite signal". DOUBT IT It started with a large boom. Power is back on this morning. That equals: Someone's cat got into a substation and tripped everything out. That or some other critter, but in New York it was probably a pet. It could have also been mylar balloons.

Not every power outage is going to be something someone caused on purpose.


Epstein was running a blackmail operation on behalf of the deep state. She did not say "deep state" and never will, she simply said "state sponsors".

For some odd reason with Barry, a weather man in Houston claimed the eye was going to re-form 100 miles off the coast

Barry still has a well defined eye. There's no indication whatsoever of any activity that could make a new eye. Why would that weather man claim that? Perhaps because that weather man needs to be detained for questioning.


I was the first (as far as I know) to call it a tropical storm. However, it is not a hurricane, NOT EVEN CLOSE. It is and ALWAYS WAS 20 MPH short of a minimum cat 1. But if it serves the global warming agenda, they'll make it whatever they want.

I guess.

From the same people who claimed a cat 6 hit Mexico without downing a single damn tree.

There are some people who call dust devils "tornados" and I DID see one of those break medium size branches off a tree once . . . . . back in the 70's, I am sure global warming caused that.

Harley has become the first company to do an electric motorcycle RIGHT.

One look at the image, and you know damn well this one was done RIGHT. For $30K, it ought to be!

It is called the livewire and it's appearance is downright iconic. It gets almost 150 mile range on one charge in the city. Surprisingly, highway miles are less but I'd bet that is because they expect people to be hot dogging it, - it does 0-60 in 3 seconds. My guess is that on a country road with no starting and stopping, just straight cruising at about 45 mph, it would probably top 200 miles on a charge. The Harley site for this is HERE. We'll have to see how this turns out. Harley's price is probably set to offset losses from day one. Full specs have not been released, but I'll hedge a bet that it is HEAVY and that is going to impede a lot of snowflakes that might otherwise buy it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Many Harleys cannot get 200 mile range on a tank of gas. That's a big deal, because it means that with the specs on this bike, if you don't hot dog it a lot, you ought to be able to cruise with your buddies just fine. And it uses universal fast charging stations that are compatible with cars, in case you happen to come across one while cruising. From totally dead to fully charged takes an hour on a fast charger, or overnight at the hotel from a normal 120 socket.

Epstein sold the Lolita Express in May and now uses a Gulf Stream G550

The G550 is a much smaller jet that still has a max takeoff weight of 90, 000 pounds, goes mach .8 and can fly over 6, 500 miles nonstop. It is in some ways superior to a 727 but is not nearly as large.

I suspect Epstein sold the lolita express because he may have been expecting trouble.

The final word on Trump and the lolita express

As it turns out, Trump really did not go to pedo island and instead occasionally borrowed the jet when it was ideally placed in swaps for flights on his own (presumably) which is common among people who own private jets. There really is nothing to this. Trump probably borrowed lots of other people's jets also, in exchange for the use of his own.

The ALL NEW Amazon home robot:

This is what people envisioned (the picture is a link)

This is what Amazon did:

IT IS A LAZILY ENGINEERED CHEAPLY BUILT GO ANYWHERE SPY DEVICE AND NOTHING MORE. WHAT A LET DOWN. ANYONE who would EVER allow a device like this into their home, knowing damn well the makers of it are doing their damndest to destroy people and rape their info - anyone who would invite a totally mobile high def TRAITOR to do a deep study of their abode is a fool, it's DARWIN AWARDS time, this time not immediately lethal but doom nonetheless.

I won't have this or ANY robot, not in a million years, NOT EVER. The tech left has already shown it's worth.

That said, here is what I see in this robot: It can't do anything. It is a camera, artificial intelligence and microphone on go anywhere tracks. It can't help you do the dishes, it can't go get the ball, it can't do anything at all other than roam around your house gathering data visually, while it chides you cheerfully for more data, directly from your brain. Any fool ought to recognize that this particular robot is nothing but an intelligence platform and snitch, and no, that's not cool.

Trump claims he never went to pedo island

Let's hope that's true, but I thought I heard otherwise and that he did go there once. Maybe not. What I do know however is that Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-lago after Epstein hit on a younger age girl. Trump liked Epstein before that, and to have that blow it all to pieces strongly implies that if Trump ever did go to that island, he never saw the stuff that went on. After all, it would have disgusted him BEFORE the Mar-A-Lago incident which would have prevented Epstein from being there, and it would not have happened after. BOTTOM LINE: Trump's not a pedo. Whatever the story is, wherever it lands, Trump is going to come out clean. He's more of a teflon president than Reagan was, they can't make ANYTHING stick even if they soak it in instant set epoxy before flinging it. What would stick faster than instant set epoxy? Maybe sticky tar but they have already proven that does not work either.

In reference to my main Barry report below (posted on the 12th) Take a look at this it could not be worse, they are damn near making the weather warfare arrogantly obvious.

Yes, this could be named after Obama considering the disaster it will cause and how impossibly well it matched "predictions", (folks, they can't get it THAT RIGHT) I would not be surprised if it had that name for a reason.

AAAAAAH! After the latest development, I am going to post a Fulford quote

HA HA, It looks like Fulford was right! The Epstein scandal has now dragged the British Royal Family into it. OUCH. As it turns out, PRINCE ANDREW IS INVOLVED IN THIS CRAP so here's the Fulford quote, from his latest newsletter:

"The fallout from the Epstein arrest is likely to continue for some time. However, the fact that he was arrested and 2, 000 pages of information related to his previous arrest and conviction have been made public means this will not be swept under the carpet. Thus, it is a major victory against the cabal."

My response: Well, I liked that quite a bit and it probably sums it up quite well. The rest of Fulford's report on this topic (and there is a lot) is HERE.

Update to below:

The baking powder I use is industrial baking powder that has no corn starch. Lots of the stuff for the home has corn starch. If it does, it won't work as good and you will have to use a LOT more, follow the instructions for how much to use on the package. Most baking powder bread making instructions don't make bread that tastes as good as my recipe below, that was the result of LOTS of experimenting.

Tropical Storm Barry is going to do everything they said it would

Even when it was nothing but a zero rotation low pressure region sitting in the gulf. It is not possible to be THAT accurate with "predictions" unless you knew the game from the start. I am not going to repeat over and over again how I think this is geo-engineered, but I will say people need to stock up on carbos now. Go out and buy your pasta and corn based products NOW, just to save cash. No one is going to starve from the agricultural devastation this storm will deliver as a final knock out punch, but why pay $6 for some noodles you can get for 79 cents now?

I'll tell you a GREAT easy bread recipe - All you have to do is get a large amount of double acting baking powder, and I mean at least a 20 pound bag for $20 so you don't end up paying $300 for that amount in the hyper marked up baby rations they sell at Wal Mart (and don't use baking soda, that's CRAP - ) get that and a couple 100 pound bags of flour or maybe the smaller 50 pound bags at places like Sams. That's your start. The recipe is: four pounds of flour, 100 grams of baking powder, then start with a quart of water and add more as needed, 130 grams of cooking oil (preferably corn oil) that comes out to about a level half cup, a half cup of sugar and a little over a tablespoon of salt.

Add your salt, sugar, baking powder to your flour DRY in a large mixing bowl, and dry mix it. 30 seconds of dry mixing will do. Then add your oil, and while moving the flour, dribble the oil in over a time period of about 10 seconds and then keep dry mixing that for about 30 more seconds. Then pour your water in SUDDENLY, in a big lake in the middle of it all, and scoop the flour rapidly from the side of the bowl, to under the water with one hand while you spin the bowl with the other hand. If you just start mixing at random and don't use the method I said, you'll end up having your hands so coated with wet crap you can't get off you'll regret it. After about 30 seconds doing it as I described all the water will be mixed with the flour in clumps. From there, add more water as experience dictates, the amount you will need will vary by brand and type of flour but you'll always need a little more than a quart. Some brands take almost a quart and a half. Others, just a little over a quart or maybe only a quart. Then start kneading it. It does not need to be a lot of work because the next step does the work -

After at least 100 kneads, where you knead it about 15 times and then fold it and knead it again 15 times and then turn the bowl and fold it, then knead it flat again (100 kneads total, which only takes a little over a minute) you then put it in a big ball, wrap it in saran wrap (don't use ANY white biodegradable bag for this step, it will totally wreck it) even a wet towel covering it or putting a lid on it - anything to prevent it from drying out while it sits for 20 minutes. Don't let it sit longer. Then oil and flour any pan, it does not need to be a bread pan, and tear the dough into six equal parts, form it into the shape of a loaf WITHOUT WORKING IT A LOT because that will push all the gas out and it will be flatter - , cover it or oil it so it does not dry out and let it sit in the shape of a loaf for a half hour ON the surface you are going to bake it on - that does not need to be a bread pan - let it sit a half hour and then put it in the oven at about 400. Cook it until it looks like you want to eat it, (the top should be a solid brown, not light brown)

Adjust everything for the next batch based on your experience with the previous batch or batches.

It will not be cake bread, it will be more of a firm bread but it won't be a tooth breaking bread. It will be moist and dense. It will fill you up.

Done it LOTS, and I MEAN LOTS. My recipe and method. Claudia thinks it's great.

At a very minimum, just in case things go total chaos, spend what will be a small amount at this time getting the basics you need to do that recipe. It is CHEAP to do right now, and you have the recipe though you'll need to play around a bit to find the correct amount of water and get the oven temp just right. The dough should stick to your hands quite hard but leave your hand without any big clumps stuck to your hands when you pull it off.

DO NOT buy bags of wheat - that's just romance. I guarantee 99 percent of the people out there can't handle it. Get the flour.

The best brand of flour I found in Mex was Menu Solutions non bleached. It works GREAT.


Usually I don't like it when American companies sell American weapons to foreign countries. That crap should be OURS and OURS ALONE. But in the case of Taiwan, I can't argue with it. I just can't. From an American perspective, that's actually a good move. And why would an American arms maker worry about sanctions from China? Their stuff is not going there anyway.

I am fairly confident China has good enough weapons in high enough numbers to sit there and not worry about being attacked. Beyond that, who knows how good they are? Considering the U.S. has back doors into all the processors, well, then what?

Alan Dershowitz exposes Rothschilds as Epstein's handler

It appears Lady Rothschild was involved with introducing the world's elite to Epstein, to get the blackmail threats in place. Get the world's elite, even those who would not normally seek out underage girls onto the Lolita Express, have a bunch of them just under the limit all dolled up and over sexed, and put the pressure on, while recording them without them knowing it. Obviously there were plenty that WOULD seek out underage girls, but I'd bet he snagged a few that normally would not. He did not get Trump, but he tried.

In this six and a half minute Fox News interview, Dershowitz, while attempting to make everyone look innocent, instead blew it and made everyone look involved. He should be laying low and keeping his mouth shut for THEIR sake, but he's not, and that is helping us a LOT.

I AM CALLING IT: "BARRY" is a man made storm

Barry started as a low pressure region OVER LAND, that moved over the water, parked itself in one spot for an entire week, then FINALLY got a rotation going, and is simply not moving. That is the first time that has ever happened - where something that started over land went out into the caribbean and started a tropical storm type rotation. How long it lasted and stayed stationary is also HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. And what is this thing going to do? It is going to rip right through the heartland, without much wind, while it drops catastrophic rains on an already rain wrecked region. I don't buy that, someone is causing this.

Barry is now strong enough to call a tropical storm. I have not heard word of this yet, but my own checking on this confirms it is there, or so close to being there it might as well be called. It will not have problematic winds, the rain is going to be the issue with this one.

There is a general consensus circulating in various social media that Meghan did not have that baby

People have noted (in the article I linked WAY down the page today) -

The baby is far too white to in any way be hers.

The baby is acting like it is being held by a stranger, and Meghan is also not acting right - appearing to be holding this baby for the first time.

The baby is WAY too big to have been born when stated.

The photos speak for themselves. IF she is the mom, POOR BABY. Maybe a loving nanny will fill in for Mommy, but for some odd reason Meghan's nannies quit constantly, they get cycled out rapidly. Something is very wrong. It appears to me that the baby is being used as a prop.

Opinion: Tommy Robinson

Obviously, the queen can't have that level of free thought in a country she wants to return to pre renaissance times. I looked into Tommy's situation and his case against the Islamic community is indeed legit. I don't hate Muslims but the case is definitely legit, and he did legit reporting. Obviously this case has been enough to arouse the attention of British Royalty, and if he's going to jail, that is where the royal family wants him. BIG QUESTION: WHY? Obviously, they want to return to the era before the long bow, even if it means destroying their own country so they can once again rule an underclass.

That said, I don't think Tommy is going to get killed in prison. But he had damn well better watch the food and find ways to trade it out for other people's stuff or he'll be drugged into oblivion and wrecked for life.

BOOOM: "Immigration" has wrecked Sweden so badly Volvo is considering re-location

"Often people believe that decisions like these are taken by senior management or in China. But the fact is that we will only place our headquarters in a country where things work" - Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson You'll never see THAT published on CNN SEE THIS

Remember the solar powered car I said was always possible?

As it turns out, it exists, and it's range per day on solar only matches my calculations exactly. This should have been MAJOR NEWS, why the * did THIS STAY BURIED FOR SO LONG?

Yep, someone did indeed do it with a production car.

This is OLD news, but I'll post it, because it got MAJOR MSM attention

The Chinese have a long history of eating aborted babies directly. This is precisely why American abortions have been found on shipping containers headed for China. The going price for "whole dead baby" is $70 per pound. That's just common knowledge as far as I know - and what does not get eaten goes straight into women's make up. Yes, cosmetics, if they are not of the cheapest variety, and list "collagen" as an ingredient while at the same time claiming to be "hypo allergenic" ARE based on aborted baby tissue. This is OLD OLD OLD news. This is pre 2000 stuff. But it has never been prominently featured in the MSM before, so click the link and now know this is TOTALLY MSM confirmed. Gee, all those "wacko" "conspiracy theorists" wearing tinfoil were RIGHT.

Yes, and if I remember right, the book of Revelations does have a line in it that states "The women wore their greatest sins on their faces". I therefore WILL NOT kiss anyone wearing make up.

The storm in the gulf is B.S.

It is staying stationary (too conveniently) over the water and has no sustained (ground) wind speed above 32 MPH. It is the same as yesterday, which means the waters are not building it and the fact it is not moving implies to me it is staying right where the "beam" is, while 50 dweebs probe and hope.

FINALLY someone from the Clinton side went to prison over China Gate, But it was not enough

I don't usually post tabloid crap but WOW,

It could not possibly be more evident that Meghan Markle does not love her baby. There's no mothers love AT ALL. Did she get totally fried out by antidepressants or WHAT???

HA HA, read the comments to the side of the short Instagram video posted in the next link

Here are two VERY REVEALING comments:

"If this is a Jewish driver then I would say that these animals should be thrown in jail.But the caption as usual is vague and hold no explanations.So in light of this lack of info lets stop with the hate.Hate is not the answer!The answer is to move away to an area that is 100% Jewish.We are meant to live together and not near communities that have a thread to us.

My comment: Move away to your own closed communities away from the "animals" because WHAT? You like them??!!??

Next comment: "Ah I see . . . the Jews are being culturally enriched. God bless em. If Israel doesn't get unimpeded immigration Israel will not survive.

Wow, what is going on? The Ethiopians just did this in Israel.

Maybe the tribe causing it all simply has defective ideology? This should NOT happen in Israel. This is supposed to be happening to everyone else, NOT THEM.

This is a VERY important 40 second Twitter video. Take a GOOD CLOSE LOOK at Merkel's legacy

You won't see THAT on CNN!



White Male for July 7 (I am getting way behind on these)

So I am going to do a few quickies. For July 7 it is Solyman Merrick, the inventor of the Crescent Wrench. His early wrenches had the adjuster built into the handle, rather than at the head, but the concept is the same. He was the first to be granted a patent on the concept. Every model T Ford shipped with the modern day variant of this wrench, - which can do "anything" IF you have different sizes and enough patience.

White Male for July 8 - Valdemar Poulsen, inventor of magnetic data storage

Valdemar's machine did not use a bias signal (being invented in 1898 there was no way to do that) and did not sound very good, but it did work. It was a passive device that simply used a very powerful microphone to vary the voltage of a battery which applied a magnetic signal (produced by a coil of wire in the head) to a steel wire wrapped around a drum directly. This steel wire was recorded to and and played back on the same "magnetic head" that almost resembled a phonograph stylus, that used the wraps in the wire on the drum as a groove to follow. The playback signal was sent to a telephone earpiece. Magnetic recording did not become popular until tubes were invented that could apply a bias signal (which helped the clarity and audio compression factors enormously, ) and also allowed a stronger recording signal and amplified playback. But Valdemar proved the concept worked, and that concept is still in everyday use today. Surprisingly, Poulsen's original recordings still work.


Update to below

All Boeing 707's were considered narrow body aircraft, but there was a narrower body variant made for the military. "wide body" means that the actual commercial variant - the same one everyone flew on - continued to be built for the military until 1991


I got looking into the Lolita express (which was a 727) and out of curiosity looked up the 707 to see how it compared. Wikipedia claims that the last 707 was made in 1979. THAT IS WRONG, Britannica says the last 707 was made in 1991, and after checking the aircraft forums BRITANNICA IS RIGHT. The military kept buying the wide body version because it was compatible with existing systems and an engine swap made it cost competitive to operate.

Wikipedia is off on that by 1991 minus 1979. How long is that? That's quite a discrepancy. That's damn near from Pong to Wolfenstein. The error is inexcusable and the direct result of laziness. LET THEM SIT THERE AND SUCK IT, DO NOT FIX THAT POST.

Oh, and I just noticed that at least on Duck Duck, Britannica is now coming up right under Wikipedia. That's a new development and it does not mean Google stopped sucking.

When you re-post my stuff, don't put things in the title I never said

I have noticed a few places, but one in particular, has a habit of doing that. There's nothing malicious about it, but time and time again the modifications in the title end up being wrong, when the main report does not. Many people read only the title. It is important to get that right.

OUCH, MAJOR SCREW UP: A course now given to all Israeli students traveling abroad has this quote:

"If it wasn’t for Israel, you could never wake up in the morning, because the chip in your cell phone that works as an alarm is made in Israel. You couldn’t find your way to work because the application WAZE is an Israeli product, so you’d get lost. If you made it to work somehow you wouldn’t have a computer because Intel produces its parts in Israel, and then your account would be hacked because cyber security is made in Israel. "

LET ME TRANSLATE THAT: Every time I set an alarm on a cell phone that is supposed to wake me up, the alarm NEVER works, even if tested before bed. That's because Israel has the damn thing bugged with a chip THEY MADE and I am a target. Gee, I wonder if Huawei phones have that chip. It is a bit preposterous to claim anyone could not make it to work without a navigator, and Israel does not make the only one. That said, AVOID INTEL LIKE THE PLAGUE if Israel is a predominant influence on Intel, and your cyber security is MADE IN ISRAEL, which means you have NO security, they can't be trusted with JACK.

Yes, EVERYONE knows that if you don't use approved encryption you'll be billed a terrorist and raided. I wonder why. For context, the original post is vast and well worth a read HERE


Billionaire Home Depot co-founder shreds Trump haters in new Facebook post

I got this from an MSM source I don't care to link because they did not write it anyway.

"I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be another great day. I've been celebrating with friends, family and the community since I turned 90. I've told you about the gracious gift of $117 million that was collected and given in my honor to four charities that mean a lot to me. All that happiness blew up because I said in a newspaper interview that I have supported and will continue to support Donald Trump.


Negative stories..; vicious threats, without cause, to boycott the company that has enabled my foundation to give billions to support autism, medical research, education, heart and neurological issues like stroke, and to help our veterans. The company that I retired from in 2002 and have not had a business relationship with in almost 20 years. A company that has employed more than a half-million people. The people who work there are affiliated with both political parties or no party at all. They are of all religions and all colors and backgrounds. Why would people want to hurt them?

All because I give my voice and some of my money to our President. Am I in China? Argentina? Russia? That's what it feels like to me.

It saddens me that our country has come to this, where I, as a private citizen, cannot express my feelings. It angers me and it saddens me, but it sure as hell is not going to stop me. If you thought it would, you've got the wrong guy.

In the next ten years, God willing, I will accomplish more to save this world than my critics will do even if they had forty lifetimes." My comment: Who owns the media that is doing this to him? ENOUGH SAID.

OMG! You have GOT to see what Obrador did to all the Federali vehicles

Today I saw a new police vehicle in the rear view mirror and wondered what it was. Checked the lights, yep, it was a police vehicle. So I slowed down and let it pass to get a look, and almost busted a nut laughing.

Obrador has ALREADY totally merged the Federalis with the national guard. And he had to change their paint scheme. What kind of a paint scheme can you come up with on ALL their vehicles in less than a week? One that looks like sh*t.

Nothing at all was done to remove any dents or fix them up in any way before re-painting, and no buff out finish work was done at all. They look like Ivan and Juan spray painted them in a driveway, white, with a checkerboard pattern at the bottom that would not be possible to sell in ANY market. Totally bland arial font "National Guard" on the doors. They look like CRAP.

And the police, who once looked awesome are now in camo and full military gear, sitting in the back of the truck with an expression on their faces that clearly communicates: "What the F*** just happened?


I never had anything against the Federalis, but this was really something. I did not have a camera to get a picture of it and I doubt any camera (which will have "make it look better" software algorithms) could possibly capture the gravity of what just happened, and how bad that paint looks. It is SHEER UTILITY. Obrador sold Mexico's Air Force One and lots and lots and LOTS of other stuff he figured was a waste of Mexico's money and I just saw that "frugality for the people" in action today, after all, the paint will indeed do the job and does not truly need to look one bit better. Why do "fancy" on the public dime?

In addition to below:

I strongly believe Google is the primary writer of malware that affects competing products. Why does Chrome get off scott free with everything practically? It is not because it is "better". It is likely because Google has an entire division dedicated to attacking other people's stuff. Considering how Google has been proven to behave, it would only make sense.

Google is going to ban Breitbart from Adsense

Then Breitbart will be entirely de-listed, the mail won't work, and Chrome will be programmed to completely censor anyone else that tries to give advertising to Breitbart. That has not been reported yet, but I have a history of being right about these things with regard to google, EVERY TIME.

Major weather in New Orleans

A massive line of thunder storms has moved through New Orleans and caused chaos. The tropical depression I have mentioned already does not appear to be close enough to be causing it, but the overall wind currents in the region are combined.

Prediction: Trump will NOT go down with Epstein no matter how much the media spins B.S.

Here's a GOOD ONE:

This is being widely reported now that Epstein is in the spotlight and they are trying to drag Trump down with him - you have to put the two quotes which are widely spaced in articles together.

Roger Stone once quoted Donald Trump about a pool party he attended at Jeff Epstein's house:

"The swimming pool was filled with beautiful young girls, " Trump said, before adding, 'How nice, ' - I thought, - he let the neighborhood kids use his pool." Epstein was then a member of the Mar-Lago club. That was before he got caught hitting on an underage girl at the club and Trump had him thrown out and banned.

ONE YEAR OF FLIGHT RECORDS For the Lolita Express, and Bill Clinton is on them.

The manifests are abbreviated a LOT which obscures who was actually on the plane, but it is clear there were LOTS of females and all had an assigned abbreviation with groups simply spelled out with two letters per girl and followed by designation "female". This is fairly interesting but is far from being a complete record - spanning only one year and probably the least damning one at that.


From Trump's twitter

"Word just out that I won a big part of the Deep State and Democrat induced Witch Hunt. Unanimous decision in my favor from The United States Court of Appeals For The Fourth Circuit on the ridiculous Emoluments Case. I don’t make money, but lose a fortune for the honor of serving and doing a great job as your President (including accepting Zero salary!).

My comment: The emoluments clause was penned to prevent presidents from profiting off of their position in office. Since Trump already owned everything before becoming president and also had all the clients before becoming president, going after him with the emoluments ruse was ludicrous beyond belief. But they tried it.

A rotation has started in the gulf

I think this one is man made but it is impossible to be sure. It started out as a long lasting low pressure region that had no rotation. Now the rotation is started, and it is complete all the way up to around 28, 000 feet but despite being at multiple atmospheric levels at once the sustained wind speeds are still only 30 MPH. It has to strengthen an awful lot before it can even be named.

This one was called days ago which is too early to be credible, which strongly implies to me they knew it was going to happen because it was going to be a manufactured storm.

PREDICTION: The wind speeds will, throughout the duration of this storm, be much lower than stated. Additionally, it won't drop much rain. If this one is fabricated the way I think it was, every estimate of what it will do will be much much higher than what actually happens, and the only way to confirm they lied about it all will be to check for how bad damage is, if there is any at all.

Obviously I'll keep an eye on this, but with the global wind map being what it is, I won't be falling for any lies. There are too many agencies watching this model and feeding it data, the NWS can't just make it into what they want it to be.

Just to throw this out there -

I would like to repeat and clarify: Epstein definitely was a deep state gatekeeper, who had the job of keeping top politicians in line.

There's no other way to see it. If he was running a sex plane to a sex island that was run exclusively for the top of the top of the top tier people, and he filmed them all IN SECRET, that's exactly what it was. Anyone who stepped out of line would be immediately shown screwing someone far too young, while married or committed elsewhere, while in office, the whole 9 yards, - he got ALL OF THEM on video without them being told. Of course it was a blackmail operation to keep the deep state in line. It gave all the leverage needed to instantly jail those who stepped out of line.

I seriously doubt Bill has done anything of significance with Hillary since Chelsea (she's probably his), Hillary is far too repulsive and Bill is far too much of a player. Lolita express 27 times, plus Monica and probably 30 others . . . . . THAT BOY is going to toe the line come hell or high water. Obama could likely be exposed simply by telling the truth about Michael, who looks more and more feminine as time goes on and the hormones work better . . . . you know - that Ellen incident and many many more . . . . I'd be genuinely surprised if that story was off. One way or another, they have them ALL nailed except Trump.

There are lots of stories now floating around about Trump being Epstein's top client, but there's a problem, NO TAPE. Trump figured out what Epstein was in the 90's and banned Epstein ever since. It is one thing to get on the Lolita express ONE TIME without knowing what it is, and then walking away in disgust, and then banning Epstein from all your resorts. They were not pals after that. Trump had influence, and Epstein tried to nail everyone who was at Trump's level.

The bottom line is that Trump has never had a thing for underage girls. And to top that off, he had options. Why go there?

The only thing Epstein has in his favor with all of this is that he did not kill the girls when he was done with them. That's a fair shade better than Hillary with her upscale facial masks.

This is going over like a lead balloon: Israeli leader claims a new "holocaust" of six million

According to him, "six million" Jews have been lost to "race mixing". "Race mixing" is defined by him as any Jew who marries a non-jew, even if that non-jew is of the same biological race. People are not buying it, because "there's that six million number again" and "Gee, the Jews are the ones pushing race mixing so hard, so it is bad for them, but OK for us?

Here is a short quote from one of their news sources, which might not be fake (this time)

Israeli leader compares Jewish intermarriage in US to a 'second Holocaust'

Israel's minister of education said in a cabinet meeting this month that the rate of marriage between US Jews and non-Jews is like a "second Holocaust, " a report said Tuesday.

Rafi Peretz made the statement in the July 1 cabinet meeting that was attended by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Axios reported.

Peretz was responding to a discussion by officials in the meeting about the growing rate of marriage between Jews and non-Jews around the world, especially in the United States.

He said that because of the rate of mixed marriages, Jewish people have "lost 6 million people, " which is "like a second Holocaust, " according to the report.


To be clear, I do not post material from elsewhere unless it is clearly stated to be from elsewhere.

Due to alt income plan 2 (which is going fairly well) taking lots of time from the site and exhausting me, I am going to summarize a few events

It is inexcusable to have this situation just because Paypal says so.

That said, Peter Godden got through with $35 after Paypal said he was not allowed to donate and canceled one of his donations. It went through AFTER I fired a few nasty grams off to Paypal, none of which were responded to. Peter may have done the same. Here is the plan

This should be done so I can put more time into the site. I am trying to make it look normal but it is tough to do. Anyway -

I am going to write a blanket statement to Paypal, including what agency we are going to prosecute them through (the tech left crap won't cut it here. If anyone gets blocked, they send that statement into Paypal, to force them to answer. IMPORTANT: TO CIRCUMVENT THEIR EXCUSE THEY NEED A REASON FOR WHAT PEOPLE SEND, I AM GOING TO START DOING A NEWSLETTER LIKE FULFORD DOES. That way, it will make it a LOT easier to prosecute them. The newsletter will obviously cover different types of topics. Fulford releases his in part, and then soon after, in full. I will do the same, because I am DAMN SURE it will get censored when I try to mail it out. Enough on that topic -

I am surprised people were surprised, or even noticed, that Wikipedia removed all references to Bill Clinton and the lolita express (on which he in fact flew 27 times)

Folks, what do you expect? It is Wikipedia. For a while they were damn near demanding me to send them money whenever I hit one of their pages ONLY because Google censored everything else relevant and left them as the only option. It irked me BAD. Wikipedia, which is never censored, gets every boost possible, and would not, in a million years be denied ad revenue, was openly demanding me send them cash when none of what is available to them in the way of favors is available to me. ENTER EPSTEIN AND CLINTON = a great reason to NEVER send them a dime -

The day before the story about Epstein broke, somehow unfavorable stuff about Clinton was there, along with other people in relation to Epstein. Today, that is ALL GONE, and ONLY a spurious reference to Trump is there when there was no reference to Trump at all before. Wikipedia is the dead patch of grass under a well aged cow pie. They are beneath crap, and barren to boot..

There is always Britannica.com, which is actually a REAL encyclopedia, but because Britannica fact checks, re fact checks, and re-re-re confirms EVERYTHING PLUS does not pander to SJW's and instead publishes "just the facts" Google flushes them down the crap hole to the bottom of page 3. If you are looking for REAL facts, that's a pro tip. Time and time again Britannica has an order of magnitude better detail and it is all spot on accurate.

So how is Epstein doing? You probably won't find that at Britannica, they focus on relevance and real fact checking can't move at troll speed.

Anyway, next item -

The fissure that opened up with the latest cali quake is probably no big deal

It does not mean California is going to fall in the ocean. Fissures happen all the time in earthquakes, just ask Superman - and this fissure really says nothing about the quake, it could just be subsidence or topsoil shifting. Nothing can be gleaned from it. However, I noticed that Dutchsince also pointed out that the seismic signatures of the quakes were suspicious. My big beef with the data is that none of it was local - everything published was measured VERY remotely, to the point of near irrelevance. Yes, it did have the tail end match a nuclear weapon. But due to the fact the USGS only published crap that was super distant, the sudden shock a nuclear weapon produces as it's key signature was only somewhat visible in a few of them. It was at least visible enough to see, but buried enough for plausible deniability. And that's all they are after. "plausible" grounds to troll with.

HA HA, one of the 4 tankers "Iran attacked" before the second two "Iran attacked" delivered it's bought and paid for BY IRAN cargo TO IRAN.

That's a detail no one should miss - See this.

Here's the back story, in case people forgot - These four tankers were attacked more than 12 hours after someone in the know published, via the Arab MSM that 10 tankers were set ablaze by Iran in a UAE port. The port then notified the MSM that nothing happened. It was supposed to happen 4 hours AFTER the reports came out, but you can't pull a false flag when it has already been reported. The report was complete, and was rigged to say American planes did it. As a consolation prize, the Mossad decided to try to use scuba divers to blow up 4 tankers that were far enough out of port to obscure what they did. They promptly blamed Iran. No one believed them, you can't just "have that" after the MSM reported something else preemptively. Having one of the tankers the divers attacked be destined for Iran with a MAJOR cargo Iran had already paid for was, well, the result of a rush job. GOOD JOB MOSSAD!

Anyone wanting to make a plausible case against Iran has a rather tough row to hoe now. The phony limpet mine crap the Mossad tried to hoax a while later, AFTER the crew of one of the ships said it was a flying projectile that hit their tanker, witnessed TWICE, first by a couple people and second by the entire crew was quite a fail. Only the most ridiculous liars are still screaming "limpet mine". Yes, they gave Iran a legitimate vaccination against aggression, the world's immune system is now well prepared for the next line of bullshit.

To be clear, I do not post material from elsewhere unless it is clearly stated to be from elsewhere.

YOUTUBE: Where a guy spitting in tea and putting it back on the shelf can go VIRAL

Want to lick some ice cream and disgust everyone, and encourage massive amounts of horrible repeat behavior? Do you want to post a tranny video of yourself or perhaps an anal condom review and have it go viral? Or maybe you have a cute kitten video someone might want to watch. IF SO, Youtube is for you. Youtube is the proven home of vulgarity and kittens, but don't you DARE be a conservative type who actually supports civilization or you'll be labeled a hater and banned post haste.

Epstein the gatekeeper?

Bill Clinton "did not inhale" and also never saw Epstein do anything wrong

He also claims to have flown the lolita express (ONLY) 4 times. Ha. Like that will help - especially when there are so many witnesses that (already) screwed him. The guy pisses me off. What more can I say? Well, I could give a little more detail -

Many people have heard stories about how blackmail scenarios are set up to keep people in line. I know several people from Ivy league colleges that told this story about Goldman Sachs:

"They came through once a year, looking for the best candidates, offering "golden handcuffs" which meant that you had to play their game perfectly, and in return, you'd get a life of wealth. Once they located a candidate, (who they preferred to be married) they'd put him up in a nice hotel, alone, and then sent a very sexy girl to try to have sex with him. If he accepted, he'd be welcomed into Goldman Sachs. If he refused, it was adios, because Goldman Sachs wanted ONLY people who could be corrupted and then controlled via blackmail."

Enter Epstein - The testimonies against Goldman Sachs give enormous support to the newly stated stories about Epstein being a gatekeeper, who put people in compromising positions so they could subsequently be controlled via a blackmail threat so powerful it would destroy them and land them in jail. Goldman Sachs on the other hand used lower level blackmail - against a man's marriage - to maintain control but I never heard anything about underage girls or sex slaves from the people who saw this go through their colleges. That does not mean nothing ever happened that no one knew about . . . .

Anyway, with Epstein the entire theme makes sense - he ran the lolita express for the sole purpose of getting blackmail threats against people before they were permitted to continue on to higher places of power. This is evidenced by the fact that he kept records of it all, and subsequently also videotaped EVERYONE'S sexual encounters with these underage girls without them knowing about it. With Goldman Sachs as a precedent for this being done at a lower level elsewhere, it lends serious creedence to the prospect that Epstein was a MAJOR, and I mean MAJOR gatekeeper.

Now that his videos and files are all had by the prosecution, PLUS it has been revealed that over 40 of Epstien's girls reported what happened to the FBI (that's good for Epstien because it means he was not at the worst level - at least he was not killing them) - they ratted to the FBI under Mueller who did NOTHING. This is getting big folks, but there is a problem - One of the prosecutors Maurene Comey, Daughter of James Comey. GEE. I guess they are after the "truth" after all, no tough questions please. Hopefully there are at least a few legit prosecutors working this. Deep state scores again.


When reading the stats, look at the average number over the years. Mexico comes out WAY ahead of Russia on average, but at this time, Russia is slightly ahead. That could easily change next year, Mexico has a history of performing a lot better.

The GDP per capita of the average Mexican is on par with the average Russian

Just the facts: GDP per capita of Russia Russia

GDP per capita of Mexico: Mexico

When you consider the fact Mexico is not paying for a large military, life in Mexico is probably better than Russia.

The big problem with Mexico's image is the fact that predominantly, the worst Mexicans go to America. Also, the drug lords are a reality, and that's a serious black eye. But economically speaking, no one is starving in Mexico unless it is caused by someone like a slave trader. In Mexico those exist at the street level. Elsewhere, they are based in 50th floor penthouses and places like pedo island.

PREDICTION: All 387 Boeing 737 MAX planes delivered will be recalled and destroyed.

Boeing had orders for over 5, 000 and delivered 387. That's good news for Boeing, because it is a LOT better to destroy 387 than it would be to destroy over 5, 000. If Boeing does not recall and re-hire ALL the white males they fired and replaced with foreigners, and then have these white males re-engineer the entire damn plane, and they don't get it done STAT, it is going to be BYE BYE Boeing. Software and cad jockeys do not cut it if they can't understand when numbers are orders of magnitude off just from the use of common sense alone, and can't call B.S. on a bad keypunch just from inherent common sense that is part of their basic existence. An education should go FAR beyond simply telling people how to get machines to do calculations, that education should put a state of mind in people where without any math at all, they know to within a few percent of what the answer should be before they even start so they can call B.S. on bogus POINT BLANK.

If Boeing so much as stalls at bringing back true genius, the company is TOAST.

We'll have to see where the 737 Max saga goes. This plane is the first plane Boeing attempted to build after firing all their white male engineers, while stating "they were not needed anymore, because the process of discovery was complete and all the research they needed to build any plane they wanted had already been done in years past". Foreigners could take it from there. That philosophy obviously worked GREAT. EVERY LAST 737 MAX BUILT TO DATE WILL BE SCRAPPED, even if they somehow get approved to fly again. There will be more disasters if they are approved to fly again, it is not just a software and sensor glitch - the plane is so bad it is structurally unsound.

Boeing has ONE option: Scrap everything made, and release a different plane that looks the same and has the same name, designed by WHITEY.

Rumors of a tropical storm developing are BUNK

There is nothing going on anywhere, in ANY of the world's oceans. It is unusual. There is not one eye developing storm, or even the precursors to one ANYWHERE on the globe.

Epstein updates:

1. Zero Hedge has reported that Epstein is going to rat everyone out.

2. Congress has just been given unfettered access to Trump's tax records, obviously in response to Epstein.

3. Some idiot managed to get a long distance drone over Epstein's pedo island and photographed the whole thing, sorry, no links, the censorbot is so active you can't keep ahead of it with a permanent link, just try to find it. It is very complete and shows everything, including a probable location for sacrifices.

4. Trolls have hit COUNTLESS forums and blogs, posting crap that implicates pedophelia was part of the original American construct. That's cute.

5. Epstein claims to have co-founded the Clinton foundation (which was well proven to be using Haiti as a human trafficking point) I don't really need to get into how filthy that "foundation" really is.

6. Thousands of child porn photos have been taken from Epstein's mansion

7. WOO HOO! Epstein made secret recordings of ALL the "elites" doing their dirty deeds with slave kids, and the feds now have those recordings, with which they can nail almost the entirety of the deep state.

8. As it turns out, no matter what they do, Trump is going to come up clean despite having had Epstein in his circle, because he was never part of ANY of it. That's why they want his tax records - to try to get him another way.

Some people are speculating Epstein is going to whithold names and will try to frame Trump. I, however, doubt that because if that was the case, the tax records would not have been handed over.

This is an interesting David Wilcock post

I am skeptical, but it does make sense, so here it is:

IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed! Posted by David Wilcock | Jul 7, 2019 | IT'S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. Indictments have been unsealed. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards.

Everything we just prognosticated in DECLAS is coming true. Big Tech knew this was coming, and has grossly restricted freedom of speech online as a result.

What independent YouTube creator WOULDN'T want to talk about the biggest story of the year, which may soon become the story of the millennium?

Get ready for a TORRENT of new information coming out that none of us could possibly have foreseen. This is it. DECLAS is happening!

The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State's last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.

The Deep State may have intended to use the facilities in a final attempt to destroy America right before the indictments unseal.

Mass censorship won't stop this Truth Avalanche from falling. We are just now seeing the first pebbles... and we probably won't need to wait very long.

My comment: If Big Tech "knew this was coming" there's a serious security problem but if they did know it was coming, they'd do exactly what they did. I am skeptical but it does make sense, and I am therefore not totally skeptical.


We had DAMN WELL BETTER HOPE what happened at China Lake was a deep state takedown, but considering THEY predicted the second quake, I doubt it. They predicted a third huge one. If that happens I REALLY DOUBT IT. Due to the quake predictions, released on their very own MSM, I am more into thinking it was a reaction to what they knew was coming - if you do this with Epstein, kissit goodbye, Israel DID get their nuclear blackmail option planted down there . . . . . DO NOT MAKE US USE IT.

At this point, it is anyone's guess, if anyone goes to anyone with accurate info, they'll be offed and censored post haste. What we do know is Epstein is getting three hots and a cot. We'll have to take it from there.


The Epstein bust is HUGE, and is something I said would never happen. Granted, he's only a mid level fish, but that fish happens to be a piranha that can eat the deep state alive.

If there are no plane attacks, bomb attacks, or "mass shootings" today, OR HOW ABOUT A HUGE EARTHQUAKE, LIKE THEY SAID WOULD HAPPEN If NOTHING happens, it will only be because the Epstein bust was a surprise and they have nothing prepared for it. But it is highly probable that they do

HEADS UP. And whatever happens, tack it straight onto the EPSTEIN BUST.

Pedovores going NUTZ trying to cover for Epstein.

Get a load of THIS social media post:

"The age of consent was ten or twelve in most states in 19th century America. In Delaware it was seven. Facts."

My response:

Trying to protect the pedos? Then turn around and rip Mohammed?

Right in the middle of the Epstein bust?

What is the motive for posting this crap?

The word "FACT" does not cut it. Link the actual code from a scan of an actual legal document that claims screwing 7 year olds was permitted.

you can't.

Good work otherwise

I have to work on the alt income plan, so nothing more today. Monday is always set aside as "entire day for the site" so hopefully I'll be feeling OK after the week end and will be able to get the latest white male posts up. There will be one for every day and when it is all done there will be a section for it. It is time to tell the white male bashers to just go to hell. Including the U.S. women's soccer team.

Women's World Cup soccer - American team

Here is what I think, and I have already posted this elsewhere:

This team sucks a llama's ass and can just go to hell.

I hate them.

They are the epitome of what will crash Western civilization.

Fortunately, they won't breed.

Despite being women's champions in soccer, this team lost 5-2 against the Dallas under 15 boys team. If they lost 5-2 to an under 15 boys team, it only proves WOMEN ARE WOMEN, and at that most important thing, THEY FAIL.

They have made it perfectly clear THEIR victory will not be OUR victory. They may kick ass against other women on the field, but these stupid f***s will piss on America, kick ass on the field, and then blow their car engines up from a lack of oil because they are too much in the center of their own little universes to listen to ANYONE who would ever prevent that from happening.

NOW THAT THAT HAS BEEN SAID, I will be deeply disappointed if they win against other women, - women who actually have virtue.


IF he is not simply released and IF he does get fried, he's a mid-level fish. The biggest one fried so far. Pedosta did not get fried at all. He does not count. Epstein is a notch above Pedosta anyway. Let's see where this goes. Dominoes? If so, the delivery is going to take a whole lot more than a half hour but it will be far more substantial than a mere "pizza".


They predicted another one, and another one happened. When have they EVER been right about that? And they predict ANOTHER big one will happen, and have NEVER EVER EVER done that before. Furthermore, from what I can tell with the crappy seismograms put out, the large quakes were missing the preamble. Give us the charts from near the epicenter, not Oregon, Alaska or Missouri please!

having a preamble does not mean the quakes were not man made however, a missing preamble only proves a nuke was used. The earthquake tech CAN fake a preamble.

How the HECK do they now magically know when more big quakes are going to happen? They are playing us for fools with their newfound quake prediction magic.


See anything fishy with that? I sure do. And if #3 happens at China Lake, it will REALLY look suspicious (face it, it is already in the bag) something is going on at China Lake and I don't think it is good. I think they are blowing the place up.

Would the deep state blow up China Lake before world war 3 if they could get away with it? HELL YES.

There has long been a rumor, ever since I was a kid a LONG TIME AGO, that submarines had gone as far under California as China Lake. That's the basis for "the whole thing falling into the ocean". If there really is a great American asset there, the deep state would want it gone, no ifs or buts.


There are two China Lake facilities. I did not know that. The first quake happened in the South East corner of one, and this quake happened in the south east corner of the other one. That's not believable, something is probably causing these quakes.

Something big happened again, 10 miles into the China Lake Naval Air Warfare center

They are saying 17 KM N.NE of Ridgecrest, and not saying that Ridgecrest borders China Lake. This quake happened very close to the previous quake and was several times as powerful. I hope the cabal is not blowing up an underground base or something similar, this seems suspicious, it was too close to the previous quake. Both quakes supposedly happened very near the surface. That's very anomalous.

White Male for July 6th

John Dunlop, inventor of the pneumatic tire

There is a reason why there is air in high speed tires, (and even a bicycle is "high speed", and that is because solid wheels, if they are not made out of steel, will compress and the force of compression repeating over and over again makes the tires get hot. Tires not made out of steel or rubber are not durable enough for long term use on pavement or any prepared surface. Trains take non-compressible hard tires to the extreme with steel on steel rails. Cars and bicycles cannot have that for obvious practical reasons.

Even before the pneumatic tire, rubber was used in tires. But they ate tons of energy and got very hot because compressing anything with force takes energy. Dunlop's pneumatic tires solved the problem of excessive materials compression by having the tire be hollow, and supported by air pressure. Rather than compress when the tire rolls, the air simply moves out of the way where the tire touches the road. Not enough air in the tire causes more materials compression than needed, which is why tires that are low on air eat gas and get hot. Optimally inflated tires have very little compression and as a result, the car will literally float down the road on a cushion of air, with very little resistance at all.

In factory use, machines such as forklifts still have solid tires because they don't go fast enough for it to be an issue. But if you took the tires off of a forklift and managed to bolt them to a car and then drove the car at highway speeds, the car would melt them off the rims within a few miles. Cars depend entirely on Dunlop's pneumatic concept, without it cars as we know them would not be practical.

There have been multiple announcements of "airless tires" but all have failed. This is because they have to be operated within the limits set by manufacturers, and you can't expect everyone to drive in the slow lane like Grandma. No air means you will be compressing materials, and for practical driving that simply will not work.

Airless tires have also failed on bicycles because they are extremely hard to pedal, the only cases where they are used is for rentals, when whoever renting the bike is far more concerned about flat tires than whether or not the bike will be enjoyable to ride. Dunlop's pneumatic concept also made bicycles practical.


Last night the Mex MSM had a female federali on bawling about her job and how Obrador was "violating their human rights" by firing all of them. Obrador's response was "what about all the people in Mexico you let down by accepting bribes and not doing your jobs? They have rights too! and he stood his ground.

There is an excellent K-9 unit that might be salvaged that has about 20 officers in it and the rest, (thousands of employees) will probably be scrapped.

Obrador is disbanding the Federal police force for not enforcing the migrant caravan ban

I was right about Obrador!

Obrador actually DID give the order to shut the caravans down, but Soros bought off the Federal police - paying them to not follow the president's orders.

As a result, Obrador is going to rip away all their benefits, reduce their pay, and merge them with the National Guard, with the National Guard's leadership monitoring what they do. The National Guard is following orders, so Obrador is having them take over.

The Federal Police are saying HELL NO, and blocking roads and creating chaos, but it looks to me like Obrador has this in the bag.

The once highly paid police force is now going to be sleeping in tents rather than posh hotels, and their pay is going to be cut ENORMOUSLY.

I can understand why many people thought Obrador was causing the crisis, but I never thought he would, and was skeptical. Now that he has taken this action, the picture is clear.

People ought not be harsh with this president, a lot of propaganda has been spewed about him but consider this - The American MSM hates him the same way they hate Trump, and the reason is because he's not an insider.

PREDICTION: The border is going to become an abandoned zone. From the Mexican side. The migrant crisis will be over soon. Obrador is NOT CORRUPTIBLE.

Unlike Trump, who is being blocked at every turn and devoured by corrupted advisors, Obrador is a lot more able to get things done, because as corrupt as the MSM claims Mexico's government is, it is no where near as far gone as America's. Doing away with the federal police is on par with disbanding the CIA and FBI at once. Let's see Trump get away with doing THAT. NOT A CHANCE.

FIVE MORE YEARS. If Obrador can get through it, Mexico is going to be a lot better country.

Idiocy: Trump's golfing bill has "topped 100 million"

I see this out there occasionally, that Trump "golfs a lot" and there is a $100 million bill for it. Here's the truth about golf -

Golf started out as a non-game excuse to get way out in the middle of nowhere, where you could see everything around you, so you could then chat in private and know for sure no one was within earshot. This is why royalty did it. It was not a poor man's game, it was a thing of royalty and was used to discuss secrets in total confirmed privacy. The game had little meaning, it was just an excuse to be out there, talking. Trump likely does the same thing. But the punch line is, Trump is golfing at his own resorts. There's no golf bill. So while he's out there chit-chatting away with whoever, the only bill is the secret service, which is a static fixed cost. You cannot take the budget for the secret service and claim it is Trump's "golf bill", the secret service is simply in the budget.

Trump's golf bill? $0. Secret service bill? $100 million, that would be spent elsewhere anyway.



HA HA, take THAT in the REAR END CNN! And lots of people said Obrador was letting the caravans through. He was not. Police were simply not following orders. Here's the deal:

First off, I'd like to make it clear that Mexican police are FIVE FULL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better than American police. Even the Federalis are. They don't harass people, they don't shoot people unless they are shot at and sometimes, not even then. Granted, they are not likely to conduct too many investigations of petty crimes but it is FAR worse to have police out raising revenue the way they constantly do in the United States. Asset forfeiture. What a prized name to claim . . . . . ANYWAY, now that I have said that -

Here's the whole scoop on the Federalis - Specifically because they did not stop the caravans when they could have, Obrador is going to merge them with the national guard. That's BIG. Because the Federalis, when out on assignment, got to stay at decent hotels and screw off all they wanted to, plus they got payoffs to not do their jobs with the caravans, from YOU KNOW WHO. Do I need to say it? Hopefully not . . . . .

So the Federalis are mad as hell at Obrador, and they shut down major roads in protest. But that's not going to work, Obrador is going to strip away their benefits and knock them down to the same level as the national guard, and they will be supervised by the national guard, which means it's TENT TIME buddy, IF you even get that. And under the close supervision of the National Guard, they are going to have to do what they are told and not just let the migrants walk, or it is ADIOS.

There's a huge furor over it.

I personally liked the Federalis and never had any bad experiences, they kept to themselves and chased crooks a lot, however, there's quite a few bad apples in key positions that are intentionally, for pay, not doing their jobs. If Obrador has to disband the entire lot by dissolving them into the national guard, well, all I can say is have I ever said anything bad about Obrador? I have nothing negative to report on him, he's TRUMP JUNIOR ALL THE WAY. Mexico First BIG TIME.

There has got to be a reason why CNN and the rest of the scamming MSM hates Obrador, GEE, I wonder what that reason is (NOT). He always wanted to cooperate with Trump and his ditching of the Federalis proves it. Gotta laugh. Watch the crying begin.

Disclaimer: This report was "full of hate" because it goes against the leftist agenda. And this site is "dangerous" because of it, JUST ASK PAYPAL. See the report below titled "Paypal Busted".


Today's 6.4 earthquake was at the China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division. This has me worried, as much as I don't want war with Iran, if this is more than just an "earthquake" I don't want that crap happening here either.

Some people are claiming a nuke was set off to threaten China. If it was a nuke, an underground base is GONE. A nuke would NEVER be set off at that location to send a message to anyone. Here's to hoping for coincidence.

This link has an MSM report on this. They claim it happened in a weapons testing area, but they would not test a nuke there, not even underground.

I missed July 5 white male of the day,

This is not complete due to total lack of time and I will fix this later with pictures and video showing what is going on with this.

July 5 white male of the day is the inventor of color wheel based color television - Guillermo González, and he is Mexican.

I did all of the study on this but don't have time to do the pictures and video now. This invention is too big to include in the list of white male accomplishments,(I stated earlier I was going to skip the big ones) but I am throwing it in here because the inventor is Mexican

A Mexican was indeed the first to invent color television. Due to they type of tech used however, it was not adopted until after the year 2000, when it started being used in DLP video projectors.

This is a bit technical, so I will try to make it easy to understand why it was not adopted in 1940, when it was invented. The tech involved spinning a large transparent wheel with red green and blue sections on it, in front of a black and white television that was driven to be extremely bright. Three frames of video per color frame were transmitted. When the blue section of the wheel was in front of the screen, the blue data was transmitted. When the red data was on the screen, the red data was transmitted. The disc spun at a very high RPM rate and the eye would interpret the different colored frames as a composite color picture. The Mexican version worked extremely well. An American version was tried, but it was crap. The problem with the Mexican version was that it used a very high bandwidth, because one television channel used the bandwidth of three channels to produce the color image. The American version tried to compress it down to one channel (and it looked bad and got rejected after a few broadcasts) Another problem with the concept in general was that if you wanted a screen of a decent size, the wheel had to be huge. FAST FORWARD TO POST-2000, to digital video projectors, where this tech is almost all there is on the market -

A video projector has basically no bandwidth limits. And since the actual area the disc has to spin in can be very small because it is all sent through a lens, the color wheel is now totally practical, and it is the exact same thing Guillermo invented.

Virtually ALL video projectors on the market, especially those that are true high def (1080P and 4k) use the color wheel and a monochrome projection device. Unless you go with a 3 LCD system (which I tend to hate because they are very costly and tend to have crappy resolution for the price) - anything I would buy has a color wheel and a black and white projection device. This color wheel spins behind the lens and is what converts the monochrome picture to a color picture.

There's little doubt the inventor of this device went to his grave thinking it would never be used.

Please note: Some people may argue that Mexicans are not white. However, for as long as I can remember, provided they are not from the Indian tribes (which is very common) or not blacks, they are in fact considered white, and have always been. These types strongly look down on the Indians and the blacks, they are the definition of racist. The Spanish are definitely not Aryan however, and therefore Mexicans cannot be expected to be Aryan either.

That is all I can do for today, I have to focus on the alt income plan and can't do more. COMING SOON: PAYPAL BUST.

Paypal has now officially committed a perfectly documented offense they can be prosecuted for in Mexico, and we will. I will post the plan for this later, if you ever wanted to burn Paypal, now is your chance. They will be forced to either shape up or (even if the censorship stops me from getting additional info) I will proceed with what I have already.

I have crafted a plan to nail them, they can't pull their tech left bullshit in Mexico and since I already have something to go with, I am going to try to REALLY cause them to hang themselves.

The white male posts are causing fools to post ridiculous claims on web sites, not even forums - including "White males are evil and made by aliens" and the rest of the races are pure. Yeah, RIGHT. Anyway, telling the truth means enduring "white supremacist" labeling and associated B.S.

FAIR IS FAIR. Anyone can post any page they want about any group they want and trumpet that group's accomplishments to the world. I am picking WHITE MALE (and even white female, I am going to post at least two) because when it comes to naming accomplishments white males make it EASY. All I need to do is look at anything I have from a bicycle spoke to a Pringles can, and sure enough a WHITE MALE invented it. AND IT IS HIGH TIME THE WORLD TURNED BACK FROM THE TRACK IT IS ON AND PAID RESPECT TO THOSE WHO GAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD SO MUCH.

I am not even going to bother with the big ones everyone knows about, like airplanes, rockets, nuclear reactors, electricity, microprocessors, cars and yada yada, no, even the smaller accomplishments are so great they form the underpinnings of EVERYTHING.

STATING THE TRUTH IS NOT SUPREMACY. STATING ACCOMPLISMENTS THAT ARE DOCUMENTED IS CALLED HISTORY. "Supremacy" is name calling by those who can't accept reality and that's the end of it.


Somehow, G-mail censorship slipped by and I got told what is really going on. I just fired off this message to Paypal. You are unlawfully blocking and / or stealing transactions to this account, and that may work in the U.S. but it will not work in Mexico.

Additionally, someone at paypal is running a shadow version of this account and using it to block the base account from knowing what is going on. Whether or not you yourself know about this personally is irrelevant, it is happening.

At present, I can sue you for slander for saying this is an unsafe account.

Your tech left depends on censorship and operating in secrecy to accomplish it's destruction of targets. That censorship had a glitch, and ONE (1) communication got through, that confirms your actions. We know what you are telling people, we also know that a lot of theft is going on in regions where you think you have enough corruption in place to get away with it, and we know that in regions where you can't get away with it, you are declining almost all transactions.

This is going front page on a top "515" web site. I'd like to say more. Have fun.


1000 character limit, too bad. Anyway, something finally leaked through and gave me what I need to effectively file a lawsuit. Fortunately, Mexico has an agency where all you do is give them proof of what happened, and they take it from there. We now have that proof.


I bet you can't get through it. I bet you'll be so pissed by the three minute mark you have to shut it off. I was.

From the lies you know there is a war on white America, where the left wants white America wiped out. There is no question in this WHATSOEVER, and they are doing nothing but spewing slander and lies to accomplish it. And their motive is obviously to make people forget about and shun Western civilization now that they have accomplished destroying it. We are close enough to the destruction date to remember it clearly and not believe it is gone, and to take it back. They are doing whatever they can to prevent that from happening. They honestly believe they can take our accomplishments, hand them off to foreigners and expect things to work out. But there is a problem, Boeing already tried that, and it might put them out of business. On that note, there is THIS:

The featured white male for July 4 is Jacques de Vaucanson, inventor of the automatic loom

You owe your inexpensive American flag AND your clothing to this man, who invented the machine that made it possible to produce fabrics cheaply and with a quality that was unprecedented. Prior to the automatic loom, clothing was a major investment, such a major investment that ordinary people had one coat, one shirt, one pair of pants and socks and when they got worn out, they got patched and patched and patched until they disintegrated. You'd wear the same shirt for a decade or more, not because it was great quality, but because you had to.

Nowadays, even "poor" people have a closet full of clothes and even if they are old and faded, they are still better than what you would have had prior to the inventions of today's featured white male.


Someone noticed that during a screw up at Facebook, the pictures did not show, and instead their meta data (which proved an AI is combing the images and this is how they are banning American flags) - the AI wrote the meta data into the pages instead of the images. Here are some examples:

Picture may contain: Sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Picture may contain: Two people, people smiling, food.

Picture may contain: One or more people, people on stage, and text

The twitter for this is HERE and obviously, if the AI decides Picture may contain: Puppy, teddy bear and American flag, the picture is now removed from Facebook.

Here is how you build a defacto border wall for the cost of gasoline and a little time -

Trap a large number of five pound alligators. And I mean a couple thousand or so. Put them in a horse trailer that can handle 10, 000 pounds and go to the Rio Grande in various locations and let 500 go in each spot to make damn good and sure you have released a survivable base population that will mate and make more. After a few trips, your border wall will be built.

The border patrol is worried about ONE (1) alligator in the Rio Grande that is only six feet long. A five pounder is almost half way there, and they grow. Times three trips equals "problem" magnified by 6, 000.

Even 50 or so would probably eventually do the trick, but for speedy results the more the better. Let's see the Dems stop that!


Story of a billionaire losing 42 billion dollars loads a virus

Here is the story: Billionaire loses $41,500,000,000. Now has $500 million only

Anil Ambani, who was the 6th richest man in the world with a wealth of $42 billion in 2008, has now crashed out of the billionaire club. In 11 years, the equity value of Ambani's entire business empire has now crashed to Rs 3,651 crore ($523 million). That value, though, also includes substantial pledged shares.

The virus tries to load when the story, which was originally hosted in only ONE location is accessed via a link. If you see this story which is making the rounds now, DO NOT CLICK IT, what I have posted here is all there is.


People on facebook are complaining that they are seeing any picture they have that has an American flag in it disappear from Facebook. It does not have to be a picture of a flag, it could be titled "Puppy jumps over teddy bear" and if there is an American flag ANYWHERE in the background, Facebook will remove the picture.

No complaints from anyone about Israeli flags being removed.

The message is clear: Facebook is a confirmed enemy of the United States and it is WAR.

UPDATE: This extends to any picture Facebook does not want online, and people can't predict what that will be. It is getting noticed. Let me guess: Any picture that portrays a conservative theme, whether it is intentional or by accident.


Google to begin browser based censorship via the Chrome browser

They AND others have been doing it for years in earnest, by not allowing some sites to appear as freshly updated as they are. That is why I have the comment at the top of the page, teling people that reloading the page will not work, they have to instead delete their cache or open a private window.

This next step Google is taking with Chrome is worse

Google is going to outright censor the web by making Chrome simply not load web sites Google disagrees with. This will use the same process that has forced me to constantly change page names (which forces a reload), except it will be done more noticeably.

I told everyone repeatedly this was already happening and that there was little question they would do it worse in the future. SEE THIS. And as a side note, if a window pops up saying "sale ends in X days, click this to close" DO NOT CLICK IT, that could be an overlay Google inserted (they can do anything if they make the browser) I did not click it, I read this story elsewhere and copied the link when that happened.

If Natural News (which I have never seen anything like that happen on before) actually did that, it is a BAD IDEA, it allows anyone hosting an ad to use that ad to plant viruses. That happened here several years ago.

The following submarine story vanished into what may be a cover up.




Debka File is unreliable. However, it is possible from all the details that:

1. Israel struck both a Russian and American submarine, to anger both countries, and there are indeed 13 badly wounded men on a Russian sub, with head injuries. Something did indeed happen.

Less likely:

2. The U.S. fired at Russia first, and Russia responded or Russia fired at America first, and America responded.

OR, 3. a Russian submarine hit either a U.S. sub by accident, or hit an underwater obstacle by accident.

Something definitely happened. My bets are on Israeli false flag attack.

I need to change administration modes so I can use a higher bandwidth connection. All updates will appear in the main window below.

New tentative update on Russian sub

I don't know what is going on with this. Something definitely happened. There is a cover up underway. Apparently an American sub was not hit, but a Russian sub was. Early reports do not match. A general consensus is that something happened, and that an American sub was likely fired on and returned fire. My guess with the Debka story is it is an Israeli false flag. Debka sort of blew it with that. But there's just not a whole lot of info.


I think something happened, and Debka may have gotten it wrong. Initially it was reported that a fire broke out on a Russian nuclear sub, but mysteriously, along with the fire some of the crew members got head injuries. Now all the reports say only smoke inhalation. So here is what I think is likely:

Something jolted the sub very hard, started a fire, some people got smoke inhalation and Putin is being quiet at this time, waiting for answers to come in.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: When this happened, Cloudflare was taken offline. Why would that happen? ANSWER: To stop people from putting pieces together. Something happened, and we are not being told. They don't shut down Cloudflare for nothing. Now that everything is contained, Cloudflare is back up.

Various assorted tyrants have their undies in a bundle over Iran having too much "enriched" uranium

"enriched" is defined as 1/4 the purity needed to work in a BWR-1 reactor, which needs uranium 1/5th the purity needed to work in a nuclear bomb. They are so far away from a nuke that Germany and all other members of the U.N. that have their panties peed over it can just STICK IT. But they are all in an emergency session over it. Gee. I wonder what the outcome will be?

Why would I call them "tyrants" when it includes countries like Germany? Because: YOU KNOW WHO OWNS THEM.

Arizona governor Ducey has denied incentives to Nike due to Nike's disrespect of American history

Nike was going to move into Arizona, with huge incentives to do so from Arizona's government. Then Kaepernick struck and said a shoe, that was going to be released on the 4th of July, was "politically insensitive" because it featured a Betsy Ross flag on the back above the heel. Other "mee too" feel good revise American history liberals jumped on the Kaepernick bandwagon and cried to Nike, which then said all those nice shoes were going to be thrown in the trash. Arizona's governor was PISSED and released the following tweet storm:

"Today was supposed to be a good day in Arizona, with the announcement of a major @Nike investment in Goodyear, AZ.And then this news broke yesterday afternoon. Words cannot express my disappointment at this terrible decision. I am embarrassed for Nike.

Nike is an iconic American brand and American company. This country, our system of government and free enterprise have allowed them to prosper and flourish.

Instead of celebrating American history the week of our nation's independence, Nike has apparently decided that Betsy Ross is unworthy, and has bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism.

It is a shameful retreat for the company. American businesses should be proud of our country's history, not abandoning it.

Nike has made its decision, and now we're making ours. I've ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the State was providing for the company to locate here.

Arizona's economy is doing just fine without Nike. We don't need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation's history.

My comment: I am still boycotting Gillette after their male bash and boycotting Disney and The Walking Dead after both threatened to pull out of Georgia just because Georgia wanted strong restrictions on abortion. THE GRAND CANYON IS NICE. AND 4 CORNERS HAS GREAT BOOTHS WHERE INDIANS SELL VERY NICE JEWELRY. You can swing up to Monument Valley easily from there and then down to the Grand Canyon, where there's lots more cool stuff set up for tourists by the Indian tribes. HOW ABOUT GIVING ARIZONA SOME OF YOUR VACATION DOLLARS? Arizona has LOTS of awesome stuff, you won't ever regret seeing the grand canyon.


When they say "White males don't need a month, they have the entire damn year" you say something approximate to:

"Set up your own month and take it. White males are taking July, and no, "we own the whole time" does not cut it, that's just an undermine of the entire concept of making a statement." OWN A MONTH AND PUT IT IN THEIR FACE.

People from Africa, Asia and the middle east are PISSED OFF about this and saying they did it all. To them, here is an appropriate form of response:

What did your race contribute that you use DAILY?

The airplane?
A car, and the engine in it?
The formula for concrete? (That's Roman, which was white)
The battery?
The electric motor?
The light bulb?
Rockets, space travel and satellites?
Fiber optics?
Plastics? The internet you are bitching over?
Name ONE THING in the tech sector or industrial sector that was not originally created by a white male or based on tech the white male set up. There is NOTHING. NOT ONE DAMN THING. To some degree, Kevlar is credited to a WHITE FEMALE. Madam Curie also did a lot of record keeping that ended up getting used for early nuclear tech and she was white. The rest was done by white males. The Chinese may own pyrotechnics but they did not invent gunpowder as it is used, or even think of using what they had that way. Claims of chemistry being used elsewhere and invented elsewhere fall flat on the front door step of DuPont and 3M, and what about nuclear tech? How about things as basic as map making and navigation in general? That's a white male thing too! The Persians have the base 10 numeric system to their credit, but THEY ARE WHITE. You can't take that away from the white race either.

SO HAVE AT IT. You can prove "Straight White Male Month" is not justified by simply listing the accomplishments of YOUR people wherever they are, in rebuttal. What did you use today that was not invented by a white male? Not even your aluminum or steel cookware! Not even the damn glass you drink from or the type of shoes and clothes you wear.

UPDATE TO BELOW: Confirmed - it was a 350i, the most modern variant of this aircraft. Remote hijack is on the table.

Probable remote hijack airplane crash

A Beechcraft King Air model 350 crashed into a hangar right after taking off in Dallas, at 9:11 AM on Sunday. Some people are saying a remote hijack was not possible due to the "fact" that this aircraft type is old, but there's a problem with that assumption - It is still in production and comes with full internet connectivity while in flight, as a standard item. After 50 years, the Corvette is still in production, and it is not the same car at all.

Remote hijack is extremely probable with this crash. Witnesses on the ground said both of the plane's engines throttled back when it was about 200 feet up, and the pilot could have pushed the nose down and re-landed it because there was enough runway. Instead, it veered left, and went straight into a hangar.

Loss of engine power to BOTH engines in unison, plus where the plane went afterward screams REMOTE HIJACK, who was on that plane?

Probable remote hijack airplane crash

A Beechcraft King Air model 350 crashed into a hangar right after taking off in Dallas, at 9:11 AM on Sunday. Some people are saying a remote hijack was not possible due to the "fact" that this aircraft type is old, but there's a problem with that assumption - It is still in production and comes with full internet connectivity while in flight, as a standard item. After 50 years, the Corvette is still in production, and it is not the same car at all.

Remote hijack is extremely probable with this crash. Witnesses on the ground said both of the plane's engines throttled back when it was about 200 feet up, and the pilot could have pushed the nose down and re-landed it because there was enough runway. Instead, it veered left, and went straight into a hangar.

Loss of engine power to BOTH engines in unison, plus where the plane went afterward screams REMOTE HIJACK, who was on that plane?




The problem with the Boeing 737 MAX goes WAY BEYOND software, giving third world imported labor priority over WHITE MALES has produced a plane that will fall apart in mid air, MARK MY WORD, when it all washes out, the problem they discover will be frame failure tricking a sensor with defective software behind it into flying the plane erratically until it breaks up. This is more than just a software glitch, though shitty software did not help it at all. If the Max 8 ever enters service again, it will be for a very short time span after which every damn last one gets parted out and scrapped.



A while ago I stated that Boeing's problems were caused by "diversity" and the firing of white males. I WAS RIGHT.

Bloomberg has reported that Boeing's problems were caused by firing white male engineers and replacing them with people work farmed from India. I SAID IT FIRST. And I said it without anyone telling me, it was simply obvious.

Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers

Here are key quotes from this Bloomberg report

Engineers complain that Boeing is employing programmers for $9 per hour and the software is junk

The Max software -- plagued by issues that could keep the planes grounded months longer after U.S. regulators this week revealed a new flaw -- was developed at a time Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut costs.

Increasingly, the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, often from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace -- notably India.

Rabin, a former software engineer, recalled one manager saying at an all-hands meeting that Boeing didn't need senior engineers because its products were mature. "I was shocked that in a room full of a couple hundred mostly senior engineers we were being told that we weren't needed, " said Rabin, who was laid off in 2015.

"It was controversial because it was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code, " Rabin said. Frequently, he recalled, "it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly."

The 787 entered service three years late and billions of dollars over budget in 2011, in part because of confusion introduced by the outsourcing strategy. Under Dennis Muilenburg, a longtime Boeing engineer who became chief executive in 2015, the company has said that it planned to bring more work back in-house for its newest planes.

My comment: The paper under the text is screaming, YES, and when you do it in house, BRING BACK THE ANGRY WHITE MALES.

And here is my previous post on this topic. I do not claim to be a prophet, but well, there is this:

I still stand by my original statement that there is WAY MORE than software wrong with this plane, and this post lays it all out PERFECT with cream and sugar on top.


That's what happens when you stop hiring white people and go to the lowest common H1B visa denominator,

THERE. I had the guts to say it like it is, and did it in a single short sentence.

As it turns out, the recent Ethiopian air Boeing 737-MAX crashed due to structural failure, and not a nose down causing pitot tube. I called B.S. on the pitot tube the first time around, and was reluctant to the second time around because it got blamed again and I thought "Maybe". However, the real problem is that the plane is a PIECE OF CRAP that fell apart in flight. Why? Just LOOK HERE.

FACT: Boeing products were without question, NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER, the best in the world until this diversity crap took center stage. Boeing rose to greatness with the work of the WHITE RACE. That is a completely, totally, irrevocable WRITTEN IN BEDROCK FACT. But I'll be a racist for pointing that out I guess. Now that Boeing has called diversity the most important thing they can be a part of, rather than building quality aircraft, we have crap like what just happened with Ethiopian air having a BRAND NEW 737 MAX fall apart in mid air.

It was not the pitot tube. It was not a software issue. Eyewitness accounts clearly prove the airplane simply fell apart in the sky so badly it was dropping "clothes and papers" and creaking and rattling from failing metal.

Now the only question is whether or not Al Bajeeb did not laminate something on the assembly line, or if Phi Bhopar screwed up the engineering somewhere, and ALL OF THESE PLANES need to be thrown in the trash! FACT: The 737 MAX is the first Boeing plane produced with "diversity" being a key component of it all. And what is now happening clearly proves that WHITE LIVES MATTER. THERE. Said it again. And I admit that I am a bigoted racist homophobic intellectually stunted ANTI SEMITE for saying it!

FACT: It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand how important it is to GET THINGS RIGHT. It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand that all of these great inventions DO NOT RUN ON MAGIC and "white boy" did not rise to greatness by screwing everyone and snorting fairy dust. Hiring someone who cooked with cow dung for the first 30 years of life just because a piece of paper said he was qualified does not cut it in the real world, Predominantly these H1B visa engineers are nothing but software jockeys who simply lack the sense they need to see a fatal flaw the software, for some reason, does not point out. AND GUESS WHAT: America invented the airplane, mastered electrical distribution and designed nuclear reactors WITHOUT that software. Go figure. How the hell did that happen? YOU GUESS.


Here are the eyewitness testimonies that prove the all new "strength from diversity" Boeing simply built a horse sh*t product:

"It was a loud rattling sound. Like straining and shaking metal, " said Turn Buzuna, a 26-year-old housewife and farmer who lives about 300 meters (328 yards) from the crash site.

"Everyone says they have never heard that kind of sound from a plane and they are under a flight path, " she added.

Malka Galato, 47, a barley and wheat farmer whose field the plane crashed in, also described smoke and sparks from the back. "The plane was very close to the ground and it made a turn... Cows that were grazing in the fields ran in panic, " he said.


Tamirat Abera, 25, was walking past the field at the time. He said the plane turned sharply, trailing white smoke and items like clothes and papers, then crashed about 300 meters away.

"It tried to climb but it failed and went down nose first, " he said. "There was fire and white smoke which then turned black."

My comment: There is ONE THING that matters: It was trailing debris before it hit and sounded like shaking and straining metal. No reports of explosions (no bomb) just reports of it making loud noises, falling apart, and crashing. That blows control software and pitot tube B.S. straight into the trash. No software update is going to fix this problem!

The white smoke was probably from debris damaging the engines. People noticed the noises of metal coming apart, not the engines, which can only mean the structural failures were so massive they were louder than the engines.

This type of failure was not possible in new aircraft from the original, no diversity, classic Boeing the company built it's reputation on. If this kind of crap is going on, Boeing is now below the quality threshold of 1970's vintage Tuopolev craft, and if they don't stop focusing on diversity and START FOCUSING ON QUALITY, they are going down, it won't be limited to this one POS.

ONLY WHITE AMERICAN MALES ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO FIX BOEING'S PROBLEM. But no self hating snowflake liberal in the hiring department is ever going to own up to that reality, I predict that once all the aircraft produced before the 737 Max 8 obsolete out, Boeing is history. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE: When Trump blocked Iran from receiving all those "nice new Boeing" aircraft, all he did was prevent them from importing CRAP!

UPDATED COMMENT: Interesting it is that Bloomberg said the exact same thing a lot more nicely quite a while later. Boeing had DAMN WELL BETTER bring back the American white male, and the Jews had damn well better stop maiming all the little white boys with shots that are called vaccines yet are not, if they don't stop doing that EVERYTHING is going to eventually fall apart and they'll be walking in the sand again praying for a snake on a stick to save them.

The following post about Iran's internet is not stating there was definitely an attack, it is only pointing out an anomaly that really ought to be watched.