I have kept forgetting to post this. Wal Mart has proven itself to be a subversive enemy agent on American soil, that willfully allows it's stores to be used in "mass shootings", real or not. We don't know if El Paso was a drill or real. But either way, Wal Mart cooperated and knew it was going to happen ahead of time. There is SOLID PROOF of this, it is not just speculation.

The proof comes from two things: 1. The fake patsy photo which was the only thing produced, when Wal Mart has perfect documentation of everything that happens in their stores X at least 100 cameras. They can't claim they are holding all that video secret to "protect the accused" when every damn gas station out there has such video from their cameras on the web instantly. No video means the video simply does not have what the deep state wants shown. What would that be? Easy answer: FOUR shooters dressed in black with completely concealed faces. That's what the witnesses all said early on, but it suddenly morphed to one "white supremacist."

Four shooters IS the real story because you would need shooters blocking the doors preventing people from exiting, and without them there the store would have been empty in no more than three minutes, leaving the shooters no one to shoot for the remaining 20 the shooting was claimed to have taken. The story does not wash, Wal Mart is additionally culpable in keeping the lie in place.

2. But the big reason we know Wal Mart actually assisted in the staging of the first shooting is the Fox News video, where a Fox News anchor screwed up and announced the second Wal Mart shooting before it happened, thus forcing it's cancellation. There's no way Fox could have known a second one was going to happen unless Fox News, Wal Mart, and many many other entities were complicit in it.

I am going to link that video again. In this video, the Fox News anchor announces a second shooting at another wal mart, says the time of 3PM and then says, "that hasent happened yet". Folks, it does not get any more clear than this, if America was not a censored prozac nation, people would be ripping Wal Marts out with whatever construction tools they have, and the police would be helping. That's where we should be with this, a PERMANENT boycott is a no-brainer. If you can't boycott someone who is actively working to destroy you, you either live in a desert or are weak.

This video can be saved with a right click.

Claudia was so upset she cried a little when I said no more Wal-Mart but miraculously everything she cried about, right down to the brands and prices, were found elsewhere SAME DAY, including the detergent and an equal quality rotisserie chicken. So she's not so upset now.

An Epstein sex slave speaks up

This video is an hour long, but it is worth watching. I guess for information's sake, I doubt anything is going to happen to Epstein.

By the way, I'd like to rant a few things -

How can people who claim to be alt media not know it was not Epstein on that stretcher? How on earth could they have both missed that observation, PLUS miss the fact that others observed and posted it? Alex had that gurney pic on his site yesterday, showing Epstein as "dead". Epstein is not dead. The grapevine has now stated that Epstein was allowed girls in prison. That's believable, that can and does happen with permission occasionally even with ordinary people, and if he had girls, there's no way he offed himself and there's no way they killed him, he's out and PROUD. The Gurney pics prove it, if it was not him he's alive because if he was dead, they'd have shown that.

Some are even speculating that because that flight to antarctica (which I am now a little skeptical of but won't write off completely) - some are speculating that when Epstein went to the hospital the first time, (if he even stopped over at a hospital at all) his exit was to his jet and off he went. Epstein DOES have that level of protection, and because he does, it defines America as a third world country. That kind of crap happens ONLY IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. If Epstein is dead (doubt it) that's third world also, real countries that are not corrupted and full of holes like swiss cheese don't have Epsteins getting killed or let out of prison, and they don't have an MSM that behaves the way America's does.

ANOTHER RANT: how in the **** has the prevailing alt media missed the drone videos that show the bloody bed? Why am I going it alone on that? It's not like it is not news and it is not like it is not obvious, even those without wit know damn well that bed was wrapped in plastic to prevent blood from wrecking it, and that blood is all over that plastic. How would it be bloody? Easy answer: Two and three year olds, or babies, are not sexually compatible and they DO GET USED by these people. And if clear and obvious video has been shot of the aftermath, the alt media had damn well better be on it, if they are not, they are either controlled opposition or they are too lazy to hunt down that crap and confirm it. I am certainly disappointed.

Another thing to point out: The FBI is TOTALLY controlled and nothing will come out of the raid on Epstein's island, but there is a VERY salient thing to note: Where control is had, the FBI has covered the windows to stop "Rusty Shackleford's" drone (know damn well it is McAffee or someone else associated with him doing this) But where control is NOT had (there's a white hat in the mix) one of these FBI agents knows damn well Rusty is there and left a window open with that bloody mattress in plain sight (after the FBI had been there because the room had everything moved in it) ONE of those agents took one of those bloody mattresses and put it right by a window that was conveniently open SO SOMEONE IN ALT MEDIA WOULD NOT HAVE TO DO ANY PHOTO PROCESSING TO SHOW THE BLOOD THROUGH THE GLASS GLARE. Yes, indeed, the drone nailed it so well it shows clearly, right on the Youtube player. Can the alt media handle that? Will the alt media show that? LITMUS TEST TIME.

Whoever "Rusty" is is a saint, I suspect it is McAffee and friends, but I can guess how this is going to pan out if even mainstream alt media won't cover it - the bloody mattresses will remain "conspiracy theory" that a million or so people will vehemently state happened, while they are called nutz and told to don the tinfoil. If even Alex won't step on it with this, what does that say? Alex should be ALL OVER THIS. He is not. WTF, over??!!??

Here is an interesting little tidbit:

I am revising the following report with this: The plane identified by the flight tracker does not have the range to get to antarctica from Florida without a refueling stop. It is very long range, but not as long range as Epstein's Gulfstream G-550 that could have made that flight.

So there is a problem: The plane did not have the range without a stopover, and no stopover is noted on the flight track. It is highly unlikely that an average joe spoofed this flight onto the flight tracker, so there are three possibilities: 1. A stopover was made in Brazil that the flight tracker missed, 2. Someone at a relatively high level somehow fed false data into the flight tracker, and 3. The plane was modified for longer than normal range. As far as distance in a day, it is a very fast plane that could have done it with ease, and returned soon enough to have the return show up as same day.

IMPORTANT: When I did this report, I thought it was Epstein's G-550 that made this flight and since it could have, I had no doubts. However, the identifier is for his G-IV, which, if not modified in some way, would have run out of fuel near the southern tip of Africa.Also, the G-IV cannot "sleep" as many as I stated, it can only do 17.

With those things considered, the original report follows.

Epstein's Gulf Stream is still flying. That by itself is not all that remarkable because the elite trade off their planes frequently for use by other elites. Epstein's plane kept flying frequently since he's been in jail, managed by his flight company JEGE LLC, which is still operating. The real curiosity with this however is where the plane went recently. The flight may look impossible to some, but I'll explain why it is not -

I would have ignored this topic if it was not for this particular flight -

Before getting into the "elite arctic base" which now has been confirmed by this flight, and where it is with precision, I'll give a breif history of Epstein's planes -

He started out with a 727 that became known as the Lolita Express. It is larger than the Gulf Stream that made this particular flight to Antarctica, but it did not have even half the range of the Gulf Stream, and Epstein sold the 727 a few months ago, before going to jail the second time. He held onto the Gulf Stream, which is a smaller plane (still not small, but smaller than a 727) and the reason why he kept the gulf stream was because it could still at least sleep 22 peaopl (I mean SLEEP, beyond first class) plus it's range was enormous, capable of going from the U.S. to Antarctica south of Africa in one shot, with no stopovers. Not many planes can do that, and this flight was at the fringe of what even that long range Gulf Stream could do.

This flight track has ended my skepticism of an elite antarctic base. If Epstein's jet went there, we now have proof that base exists and is an elite base, as described. Donald Trump's jet could not have made such a trip without stopping over somewhere, this is a remarkable flight that not only proves there's something down there, whatever is down there is fully fueled and able to accomodate a major international jet. I am surprised.

Now that this has been stated, I'll state the rumor that is clearly not rumor: The elite DEFINITELY have a MAJOR base in Antarctica, below the southern tip of Africa. It has a fully supported international airport able to accomplish LARGE JETS, IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. What would that require? Snow plows. Support people. EVERYTHING.

I need to clarify something here - when that plane made that flight on July 23, Penguins were sitting on eggs, and it flew into a black hole south of the antarctic circle, smack dab in the middle of the antarctic winter. We are told that antarctica is abandonded during this time, but the fact this plane went there during that time blows that away like a house of cards in a hurricane.

ONE FLIGHT by Epstein's jet has confirmed that there is DEFINITELY an antarctic base run by the elite that is fully manned and staffed 24/7/365. That's supposed to be impossible. The base has to be ENORMOUS and not just a stupid shack they have to dig out in the spring while burying lost dogs that got left behind the year before.

How much is down there? My guess is that if this jet could land and take off in the dead of winter, that there are likely accomodations for at least 5,000 people and possibly more, and you can bet those accomodations won't be quaint. By default, there HAS TO be a nuclear reactor down there as well, powering it all because you can't really ship coal down there, nor could you even run a fossil fuel based facility under such extreme harsh conditions if it had to operate standalone with no grid to hook up to. A power outage would equal death in an antarctic winter, they probably have several nuclear reactors down there. By default, if Epstein's plane went down there when it did, there's no other reality possible.

My speculation: There's a base down there which probably does not have the minimum 5000 people, it probably has accomodations for at least 20,000, possibly 100,000 and they'll go down there if they ever decide to pull the plug on mankind and either nuke or plague us to oblivion.

About the recent report with Epstein's "broken neck bones"

I would not change my perspective if Epstein was murdered (the MSM may have taken the middle ground here) and the broken neck bones (if they exist) would indicate he definitely did not hang himself, and was instead strangled. My big beef with that is that it is not Epstein on the gurney. I'd have no problems with him being dead if that was the real story because Clinton would still obviously be the culprit. However, if that is not the story, (and the gurney pics confirm this) it is simply not him on the gurney and that is that.

And because that was NOT Epstein on the gurney he's probably out looking for someone to have a bloody good time with. If so, people need to know about it.

Second update to Epstein plane report above

It is virtually impossible to spoof that flight data. Something is very strange with this . . . . .


There are inconsistencies with that flight data. The plane would have had to have landed somewhere along that route and it is not showing, this particular plane was a Gulfstream GIV, which could not have made the flight nonstop and I got it confused with Epstein's G-550 that could have. He had more than one Gulfstream. This one (despite still having amazing range) would have been the wrong one for the job.

Introducing the ALL NEW Airbus corn harvester . . . . .

An Airbus A321 took off from a Russian airport and ended up chomping on too many seagulls for it to handle. It was subsequently belly landed in a corn field (landing gear up) in apparently PERFECT condition. No one was killed.


The last time I posted a capture from a previous drone video, I had to process the image to compensate for glass glare. It revealed a mattress wrapped in bloody plastic. Trolls took off with it, saying it was "hurricane damage" and that I was full of it. The new drone video nailed it through an open window, so I did not have to compensate for anything. HERE IT IS FOLKS, STRAIGHT OFF THE YOUTUBE PLAYER. I WAS RIGHT. My photo enhancement on the previous photo was PERFECT. This one's not enhanced at all and it shows it perfectly. This is not "hurricane damage", that is blood from a child being raped to death.


UPDATE TO LOTUS HYPERCAR BLURB BELOW: it is not in competition with Tesla because it costs $2 million

China is moving in on Hong Kong

I'll be straight here - China got a LOT more bold after the Epstein fiasco, and I suspect that is because China knows damn well that if the Epstein events (dead or alive) happened, it proves America's government is far enough down the toilet to prove the U.S. is not a stable country, and instability indicates weakness. So this will be one to watch, and I am not thrilled at all.

Lotus has introduced a new electric car that will blow away the fastest Tesla

With their new roadster, Tesla currently holds the top spot with the fastest accelerating production car in the world, at 1.9 seconds 0-60 (disputed in some cases down to 2.1 seconds, but it would still be the fastest anyway). However, Lotus now has one that has far more horsepower, and on top of that it weighs less. See this. The lotus will, however, have shorter range than the Tesla.

Ought to be interesting. It will be the first time in a while (perhaps ever) that Lotus has held the absolute top spot for acceleration. They are known for handling more than they are for acceleration.

Yes, it does exist, it is at the link above. It is not vapor ware.

Infowars: FBI panics and covers windows as drone watches their raid

It is on the front page of Infowars now, MY COMMENT:

If the FBI was interested in doing more than destroying evidence - if the FBI really wanted to bring the truth to the people, they'd welcome the drones. Their reaction to this particular drone says it ALL, they intend to do a white wash and don't want any witnesses. How else could it be? Could it possibly be any other way than that, if they were really working for US? What, pray tell, could a drone observe that they would not want the public to know about? See my post below on this topic, it's all about the bleach bit baby!

Jon McAfee posted a decent tweet stream:

It does not matter who is president. It is the system that is broken. A car with a frozen steering wheel cares little about who is driving. It is continuing in the same direction irrespective. My only goal is to wake up the passengers.

They are taking us for fools. Or frightened sheep - afraid to speak out or take action in the face of a frightening truth. Are we that far gone? If so, my life's work has amounted to nothing.

It's not "The People" against the "Government". The Government is composed of people. Too many people. We have a sickness. A cancerous growth. That cancerous growth is "Unbridled Power". Some in our Government have been consumed by it. It must be removed.

On his twitter, he is also stating that many people are writing articles claiming it is him and it is not, and that the entire bitcoin giveaway was a sham run by people undermining him. Apparently that is happening a lot.


If it was instead 4 men dressed in black, the shooting actually could have gone on for 20 minutes because the people could be trapped inside the Wal Mart. If the shooting actually happened, I'd believe this story long before I'd ever believe "one man went down aisles shooting for 20 minutes and people really were in the store after minute 3.

The following eyewitness accounts are FAR MORE plausible:

Here's a prime quote from CBS I won't call it news.

"On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein's death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News. Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying "breathe, Epstein, breathe."

My comment: Supposedly he hung himself. How do you shout and scream while doing that? You can't. And then "breathe Epstein breathe, from the guards? YEAH RIGHT, that identified to the prisoners who it was all right. Ok, so have someone scream while you are taking him away, have someone shout for him to breathe, and make sure the camera is not on. GOT IT.


Here is how it worked: If anyone from a random link tried to hit it, it would hang. But if they tried hitting it several times, suddenly it would come in at the speed of light, not the way it would come in if there was a server problem.

It will eventually get to the point where I will shut it all down and take other action.

Shrieking heard from Epstein's cell "when he died"??!!??

Damage control, this is what a brain wash looks like, they do it one line of bullshit at a time. They need Epstien "dead" at all cost, and are going to keep putting out little tidbits like this for as long as it takes to "accomplish it".

The bottom line is the body they peddled as Epstein does not match, and there is NO CAMERA VIDEO, which is impossible in that type of jail.

They said a rat chewed the wires. HA, there's no damn way there is a rat in that prison. IF A RAT CAN GET IN, THE PLACE IS POROUS ENOUGH FOR ANYTHING ELSE TO GET IN, AND THAT IS JUST NOT THE WAY IT IS IN THOSE PLACES.

Now you'll see a story about rat infestations in U.S. prisons. . . . . . whatever it takes . . . . .

About the "FBI raid" on Little St. James

The FBI is there to make sure every last bit of evidence is expunged. This is VERY bad news. If you think having the "bleach bit smash them with a hammer and here, we'll help you do it" FBI showing up on Epstien's island is good news, you have it totally wrong, one thing and ONLY ONE THING will happen as a result - every last shred of evidence anyone independent could go there and find, or get with a drone, will be removed, incinerated, and scattered to the wind.


Epstein is now being exonerated, the story will end with "forget about it, it was not what everyone thought" and in a few years, after hiding out in a resort with "five swimming pools and a lake" and having a few body mods, Epstein will go right back to life as usual, kids and all.

It is my opinion that anyone saying Epstein was removed so he could testify worse, or that he is dead, is OFF THEIR ROCKERS, Epstein flew El-Allolita to Tel Aviv where he'll be re-born totally new and that's the beginning, middle, and END of the story.

No camera video. Protocols not followed. NOT EVEN THE GUARDS WERE THERE, for three whole hours. How could anyone possibly overlook those problems, especially since it is obviously not even Epstein on the TWO (2) gurney picks, showing only forehead eyes and nose (and the wrong ones to boot) on one, and NOTHING on the other? The Hillary hearse picture on top is accurate, but NOT FOR EPSTEIN.

Look folks, I went on the story AS IT WAS before Epstein "killed himself".

BEFORE: Epstein was in solitary on suicide watch.

AFTER: Epstein's attorneys negotiated to get him out of solitary and off suicide watch.

THE BEFORE AND AFTER DO NOT MATCH which is why I never accepted the "after" version of events, which was simply framed to make the scenario "work", complete with jail maintenance and a nonfunctioning camera. Yep. I can believe all those coincidences were as stated.

Update to below:

Evidently epstein may have been taken off suicide watch (but there's so much B.S. with all this one could never know) but if so, he was in solitary so NO CELL MATE ANYWAY, fox is full of B.S.

STUPID: Fox News reported that "Epstein's cell mate" was removed right before "suicide".

1. Epstein was in solitary You don't get a cell mate in solitary. . . . 2. Epstein was on suicide watch. You don't get a cell mate when you are on suicide watch. . . . . 3. Epstein was in protected custody. You don't get a cell mate when you are in protected custody. . . . Who the hell writes this hoax news anyway? Obviously the lowest common denominator "no facts needed" types. AND PEOPLE ATE IT UP because it was on FOX.


CNN's now dead Anthony Bourdain used to fake Epstein on a gurney, for only God knows what reason.

Do an image search for Anthony Bourdain. You'd swear you image searched Epstein. I was taken aback, he's damn near a dead ringer.

Look closely at the ear. We don't have the same lighting and the glare on the comparison pic does cause interference but I brightened up the shadows enough to reveal that yes, with a close look at the details it is indeed the same ear on the gurney with the only differences being how the light hit it. I'd like to get another image with a better exposure but this is at least good enough.

Anthony Bourdain was a CNN personality who traveled and ate. He "committed suicide" in 2018.







Well, that cinches it, Epstein is not dead after all. My big question is why they did not picture him dead on a gurney, and why they used someone else. That's odd, but that is what happened. Perhaps they already had Bourdain on a gurney and knew he was a close match for Epstein and used it, but that would not explain the over sized head.

UPDATE: I JUST FIGURED OUT WHAT EXPLAINS THE OVER SIZED HEAD: They had a gap to fill on a gurney that had someone else on it. They had to cover up the face that was there. By the time they spanned the gap with enough of Bourdain's face to look like Epstein, but not enough to include the mouth and chin, which would give it away, the head was too big. The eyes and nose and forehead and hair are somewhat passable on Bourdain if you forget about the ear, but the lips and chin don't cut it at all, so they filled the gap without them, and that's what makes the head look too big.


If you are here for the FOX video that proves the shootings were staged by the deep state when Fox blew shooting #3, scroll down

CONSENSUS: Approximately 65% of the American public think Epstein is alive

Of those who think he's dead, virtually 100 percent think Clinton nailed him. So the virtual total consensus in the country is really weighing in against the deep state BADLY.

I think he flew an el-allolita to Tel Aviv, others are speculating he got off and is in luxury accomodations in exchange for ratting everyone out. No one really knows what actually happened but one thing is certain, suicide is B.S.


While I was spending the entire day on what I did, others spent the entire day going down an entirely different path and Voila! It is not even Epstein on the gurney at all. This surprised me. I figured they'd at least use his face and paste it in where needed, but as it turns out, they did not do that. I don't know where they got the image for the gurney but suspect they killed a lookalike, and used a stock photo to paste the look alike onto, or they used a lookalike to confuse investigation. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:

Let's get another look inside Epstein's ear. PLEASE NOTE: I have noticed some sort of AI is morphing all the Epstein pics to match the guy on the gurney and to circumvent that I looked up court sketches of Epstein (which an AI would not find or modify right, and they match this photo to the left

Yep, that is correct, the confirmed correct ear does not match the guy on the gurney. But there is MUCH MUCH MORE:




Someone did an animated Gif comparison between the man on the cart and the actual epstein. Notice how, despite being close, the two do not match. The eyes don't line up perfect, the nose is sloped wrong, and the ears are different.

Now look at this one Doc Savage posted on the Godlikeproductions forum: - it shows the exact same thing - a mismatched ear and very different facial features. The nose is different, the eyebrows are different, and I'd bet we did not get to see the mouth for a reason.

BOTTOM LINE: Epstein is alive. He got smuggled out of the jail when there was no security for three entire hours and someone else was put in his place, possibly dead. I can't explain why the head on the gurney was the wrong size, but it is obvious this particular story is not even close to what was reported. NOW, ONTO MY STUFF:

UPDATE TO BELOW: Please note my comment about Google street view below this

I doubt the Google street view is legit, because there are inconsistencies that indicate they faked it, however, even if it is legit it is totally pointless when the guy on the gurney was not Epstein at all.




Someone posted a Google street view of this ambulance bay. It matches the picture on the left. However, the picture on the right is not of that ambulance bay (despite it being made to look as such) because on Google, the sign has 4 lines of text that go out to the edge, in this image it has 3 and in this image the lines stop half way down, in the Google image they go to the bottom, the gurneys are missing the FDNY print despite sort of looking the same, and why would a private hospital have FDNY "on site, AT THE FIRE" type gurneys in it anyway? Hospitals and ambulances don't use those, street view has a hoax picture, that's why. In the top image the vehicle is parked the wrong way for this ambulance bay, and even if some are convinced both are from the same ambulance bay, it can't explain Epstein's photoshopped head, where it is so much larger than it should be he might as well be a different species. You know - those Brazilian giants. That was a critical photoshop error they cannot get past, it by itself makes any errors I might have made here (DOUBT IT) irrelevant.

I am not going to issue a redaction, I think that similarities were pasted in by Google and they did not get them all. Usually Google street view is very clear, and even in this picture of the ambulance bay it is VERY clear except for where it matters, in this case "where it matters" they delivered a "limpet mine".

Would Google hoax this enough to instill a plausible deniability doubt? YOU BET, they do nothing but censor and push lies, and They forgot that if they are going to hoax it, details, like where the text actually appears on a sign or gurney AND THE TYPE OF GURNEY MATTERS. No hospital or ambulance would ever use those, why are they hanging there at a private hospital? They would use what Epstein was pasted onto, not a fire department rescue gurney.

Hey, let's say I am TOTALLY WRONG above. (doubt it). But, if so, there is THIS:


I have said this LOTS: If they wanted us to believe the official story, they should not lie so damn much!

GET THIS: Epstein's death was not recorded because the jail had "camera problems".


I have noticed "chatter" that indicates something huge may happen over the week end. It first started with predictions that there would be huge terror attacks on August 10-11 and stuff like that happens so much I blow it off. however, something just surfaced that made me decide to mention this.

A landscaper who works on elite properties has noticed that MANY elite are holding parties on August 11. The post is extremely poorly written, so bad it hurts the message, but IF it is true it begs the question: WHY would they be holding parties on the 11th?


The following is not sourced, it is just floating around out there, and the nature of how it was written is spooky, this is NOT someone screwing around, this was posted by someone not very literate so it fits the profile perfectly as legit: . . . . .

"I'm a landscaper and I work on properties that are owned by billionares and millionaires that are oil company executives ceos of large investing companies s and p 500 investors basically extremely powerful people and like 10 different clients are throwimg a party on August 11th even tho its not necessarily unusual for some of our clients to throw a party every now and then its highly unusual for this many of our clients to throw a party on the same exact day and ive been hearimg about this date from you and many fish I think these people know about somthing everone has been really secretove about it I asked what the party was for and no one knows"

My comment: NOW WE KNOW. It probably will not be a terror attack, they are all having "Epstein flies to Tel Aviv" parties.

How did Epstein die on suicide watch?


I wish I had a football. If I had one, I'd be spiking it repeatedly now . . . .

Here is Shareblue's plan for handling Epstein's "death".

UPDATE TO THE REPORT ABOVE: The dead Epstein pic does not have the shadows that would match the Google Street View pic. If the light was coming from the direction shown on street view. his head should have cast a shadow and it does not. BUSTED AGAIN.


GET THIS: Epstein's death was not recorded because the jail had "camera problems".

LOVELY: As of 8:22 AM, got onto this, and said he's dead from suicide. Looks like the chatter was for real


Update to below:

As of 8 AM, chatter appeared that ABC news did a sudden special report about Epstein killed himself. "Killed himself". I can't get ABC news live down here in Mex. So I have to go on the chatter. According to chatter, this news report broke at 8 AM. This was posted at 8:04 AM. So if he dies later than that . . . . . and this may be their solution to avoid having to go ahead with their terror attacks as stated below:

VERY STRANGE: RUMOR: New 9/11 on August 11

I do not make predictions like this, so don't say I cried wolf when nothing happens. I hate predictions that don't come true. However, there's enough out there now to mention something:

I have noticed "chatter" that indicates something huge may happen on August 11. It first started with predictions that there would be huge terror attacks on August 10-11 and stuff like that happens so much I blow it off. however, something just surfaced that made me decide to mention this.

A landscaper who works on elite properties has noticed that MANY elite are holding parties on August 11. The post is extremely poorly written, so bad it hurts the message, but IF it is true it begs the question: WHY would they be holding parties on the 11th?

The following is not sourced, it is just floating around out there, and the nature of how it was written is spooky, this is NOT someone screwing around, this was posted by someone not very literate so it fits the profile perfectly as legit: . . . . .

"I'm a landscaper and I work on properties that are owned by billionares and millionaires that are oil company executives ceos of large investing companies s and p 500 investors basically extremely powerful people and like 10 different clients are throwimg a party on August 11th even tho its not necessarily unusual for some of our clients to throw a party every now and then its highly unusual for this many of our clients to throw a party on the same exact day and ive been hearimg about this date from you and many fish I think these people know about somthing everone has been really secretove about it I asked what the party was for and no one knows"

My comment: That kind of post actually scares me. I don't know where it came from, just that it is getting passed around. SPOOKY. And it would not surprise me at all, THE STAGE WAS SET IN EL PASO, we know damn well the deep state did that, if they pulled their huge 911 this week end it would probably work.

There is another rumor going around related to Trump that I am not going to mention because it is not supported by anything yet, but I gotta say . . . . . that landscaper's post has spooked me. No one posts THAT CRAPPY if they are into posting hoaxes, that one is probably legit folks.

This site is well traveled enough to possibly stop them from pressing forward if I mention this on the 9th, however, they have become so arrogant at this point that maybe even Alex could post this and they'd do it anyway. Heads up, if something happens over this week end, we were forewarned.

An URGENT message from Gun Owners of America

Things have taken a turn for the worse since we asked you to email the White House…


This Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill, based on a prototype drafted by the anti-gun Giffords Organization, would send SWAT teams to your door to steal your guns with NO REAL DUE PROCESS WHATSOEVER.

This is our promise to you — we will fight until the very last vote is cast to destroy this atrocious bill, but we’re going to need voters like you to help turn up the heat on the Senate GOP.

But early reports are that the anti-gun Left is generating THOUSANDS of phone calls into the offices of weak-kneed Republican Senators.

We need your help countering the Left’s efforts and turning up the heat on Republican Senators. They need to know that America does NOT want these dangerous gun control proposals that will be considered any day now in the Senate!

Please send our pre-written letter to EVERY SINGLE Republican Senator’s inbox telling them that if they vote to end the Second Amendment, American voters will NEVER FORGET it.

ADD YOUR NAME Gun Owners of America has already vowed to support a primary challenger to Lindsey Graham because he is introducing this bill. And we will take note of any and all Republicans who join him in shredding the Second Amendment. I cannot overstate how dangerous this legislation would be.

This bill would create a federal “bribe pot” to encourage states to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation bills. This means SWAT teams would be empowered to show up at innocent Americans’ doorsteps, demanding they fork over their guns, all because they’ve been named a suspected danger to our society.

This is exactly what happened to an African-American gentleman living in Maryland. After a family argument, an angry relative got revenge against Gary Willis by using the state Red Flag Gun Confiscation law to send police to his door. The authorities showed up at 5:17 a.m. and shot him to death.

Giving government agents the power to confiscate firearms, while throwing due process out the window, is the path to tyranny our Founding Fathers warned us about. And the cowardice of a few politicians who care more about the media’s opinions than what is right and true will get us there.

And to add insult to injury, Lindsey Graham is downright lying to the American people when he says that this bill would recognize due process.

If that were the case, his bill could not fund ANY state program currently on the books or any program being considered by any state legislature. Because not one state with red flag gun grabs currently includes due process prior to seizing a gun owners’ firearms!

Point blank: we need to end this bill now before it ends the Second Amendment.

Link to Gun Owners of America

Not much in the news today, so . . . .

McDonalds is under fire in Japan for releasing transparent drink cups, which when lined up correctly looking through them show children engaging in sex acts. The kids are on opposite sides of the cups, and when you look through the cup, you see this:

It is claimed by McDonalds that it was all an accident, but considering ALL cups have a way to configure the kids doing sex acts, I doubt it was an accident. There are lots more examples than these two.

All Israelis were told to leave India and Pakistan for upcoming war.

Nothing follows -

Rumor has it that the Iranian Navy is pretending to be the U.S. Navy and is telling ships to navigate in a way that gives Iran a reason to bust them



There's lots going on with the shootings, all of it quite obviously staged for gun bans. One lib asked for a gun that could "kill 200 people", another walked in with his gun over his shoulder and two boxes of ammo in the cart and filmed people's reactions on his smartphone. Meanwhile Mister "DEAD DAYTON" apparently wrote LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of fantasy pieces about killing people. And Universal is going to release a film called "The Hunt" about libs hunting Trump supporters, despite backlash that forced them to pull trailers. They decided to do it anyway and I'd like to know what they expect to accomplish with such a film, which features elites on the level of Epstein and Hillary hunting kidnapped conservatives on the land surrounding a large mansion. Is that a message? before they do it, they have to warn us? Awful interesting when Dems are calling for "white nationalist" lists to be created.

My opinion on this is that the Dems can talk whatever line they want, and for as long as they don't actually get the guns, they will be too chicken to do it. And if they actually DO come for the guns, they heated the pot too quickly, the frog will definitely jump.

Someone dropped Congressman Castro's Donor list and it is a little bit interesting because some of the donors belong to the Cuban communist party. Don't know what will come of this though.


I have not read these yet (still waiting for downloads to complete) but they are (slightly) redacted. I hate redactions. However, Trump is totally exonerated.


I am going to say this a little differently than the MSM will:

A Bolshevik Communist, or a supporter of communism, who wants an all out gun ban opened fire with an AR-15 in rush hour traffic (because he wanted to make you not feel safe ANYWHERE, not even in your car, PLUS get AR-15's banned.) He's on the loose now because he (or him plus his driver) simply drove off.

HERE IS MY RESPONSE: Gunpowder is stupid when all you need is the propane from a Coleman canister regulated to 100 PSI in a back pack, along with a 2 liter coke bottle (which Nasa has tested fully and found can handle 100 PSI no sweat and subsequently gave building instructions for water rockets) and that will act as a pressure reservoir. You put a splitter on a hose that goes securely onto the 2 litre bottle, and the split off goes to your "gun barrel" and to the Coleman canister. On your gun barrel, you put an unrestricted trigger type air valve. For basics, you just drop marbles and steel balls down your "gun barrel" and for fancier efforts, you can make a vaccuum operated automatic system, that feeds marbles in rapidly with the negative pressure that can be generated on the back side of a pipe when compressed air is put into it at an angle facing forward.

That's a gun build that is so versatile it can't be stopped. Oh, so you banned propane? I'll just use 4 2 liter bottles and pump them full of compressed air. Oh, you banned marbles? I'll just troll the train tracks for taconite pellets or use blow gun darts instead. Oh, you banned 2 liter plastic bottles? I'll have to either look for those in the weeds, or perhaps walk around with anything else I managed to dredge up that can be pressurized, like maybe an old water heater tank out of a small water heater, or an air compressor tank, you know, one of those little pancake ones, that can be pumped up to 250 PSI for better muzzle velocity. I'd like to see them try to force people to register THAT. And what about all those potato guns that people have to be so careful with? All you need for one of those is old soup cans taped together and you can get VERY amazing launches, beyond what PVC is safe with. If that's not your gig, then a strong steel pipe. I knew someone that played for real. His setup used a super strong machined breech and a strong barrel, and it was charged with an oxygen acetelyne mix. He pointed it at a tree with nothing in it at all and blew the top branches off with only the shock wave at about 50 feet distance. It scared the hell out of me because I was not expecting such a blast. I never heard anyone laugh like he did when that happened. It was indeed impressive.

DEAR LEFTIST MORONS - YOU ARE DESTROYING THE SMARTEST BATCH OF PEOPLE THAT EVER LIVED, AND THERE'S 90, 000 WAYS TO GET THE JOB DONE, FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE. HOW BAD COULD IT BACKFIRE WHEN YOU PUT A GUN BAN THROUGH? As I see it now, guns make you a LOT safer than what could actually be done with "shit that's just laying around the house".

Something is messed up in Russia. Is Russia being attacked?

On Monday there was an enormous sequence of explosions in a Siberian weapons facility that I ignored because of the shootings, and because I figured it was an accident. However, something happened today that is beyond weird:

Russia was testing a missile (and the reports on this are conflicting) some are saying they were testing a jet engine, some are saying they were testing a rocket engine, and some are saying they were "testing" a missile that got shot down. I'll go for "Russia tried to launch a nuclear weapon and it got taken out right at the moment of lift off" for the following reason:

After the explosion, there was a "brief" radiation spike. And the Russian government advised people to put FORTY (40) drops of iodine in a glass of water and drink it. They also said there was no threat from the radiation spike, (but drink that iodine).

OK, well, I can confirm that ONE drop of iodine in a glass of water is enough to make it un palatable, 40 drops is a LOT. You don't take that for a "brief radiation spike". I'm calling hoax on the engine test, you don't get radiation spikes from rocket explosions unless there is something someone is not admitting to, and the 40 drops of iodine cinches it. Something BIG happened in Russia that was nuclear weapons related. There's no way out of it despite the whitewash. You can read the whitewash HERE

A French court has determined smart meters make people sick, and ordered the removal of at least a few of them in homes that had medically susceptible people

There's the usual fluff surrounding this topic, where the usual trolls are saying there's no way a meter could make anyone sick. I beg to differ. I have a little intrinsic proof from my own experience that the smartmeters are likely modulating the power wires inside a house in very strange ways, and it produced an effect that can only be explained by the presence of a high frequency RF signal on the power wires in a house. The mind control/beaming/microwave sickness that is all extremely well documented is all RF, and if a smartmeter is not doing this, EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING, that I observed myself:

I have confirmed my own smartmeter puts out a frequency that is not the power frequency to all the wires in the house. And I accidentally discovered a way to confuse the meter by skimming that frequency off -

Here is how it happened: We had an LED light go bad during a long brownout, it burned the switching power supply out. I have lots of electronic parts laying around and did not want to go get a new LED light, so I took a small transformer I had, hooked it up to a rectifier (to get DC from it) and then used a high quality high capacity capacitor (orders of magnitude better than any light would have) to filter it so it would not flicker. The light went back to normal WHEN TURNED ON, but when you turn it off, it never turns off. Somehow, my "old school" circuit that is not a switch mode power supply is snagging a frequency the meter is producing and it is converting that frequency to power, which keeps the light on at about 5 percent brightness, FOREVER, no matter how long the light is off. Since the light switch itself perfectly breaks the circuit, the power keeping the light on is coming from "nowhere". GUESS WHAT:

The utility bill dropped by 80 percent, probably because that circuit is confusing the meter. Somehow it is skimming something off that the meter is producing, that the meter needs to know how much power was used. I knew that circuit had a chance of affecting a smart meter so I was worried, but it appears it did it the "right way". It is super odd that an old school power supply being used in a way it is not EVER used in modern electronics did that - such circuits like the one I built are simply too expensive to be used to light up LED's so they are not used for that purpose. What I built would be used in a medium performance audio amplifier. I laughed at how expensive that particular light now was, but if I am not using the parts for anything else, why not? The effect it produced proves the meters are NOT what we are told, and really can cause effects inside the house that are not advertised.

How does an unconnected circuit still light up, just because one side of the broken circuit (with the switch open, that breaks the circuit) goes back to a smartmeter? Something is screwy with that, the "ghost" light is enough to get a glass of water at night without turning it on. The meter is definitely, without question, producing a prominent frequency that would not be there with an analog meter. That frequency is likely what is making people sick, and somehow, the old school power supply is capturing it and converting it to DC, even with an open circuit.

I have never heard of this happening in electronics before, in order to light the light the ghost frequency has to overcome the voltage drop in the rectifier diodes, and THEN overcome the voltage drop in the light diodes. It has to be VERY strong to do that with an open circuit, which should not work in any way at all if it is open, unless a super strong radio frequency is somehow part of the equation. And that frequency is what would make people sick. The capacitor is only 5, 000 microfarads, it won't power a light by itself forever, it should not be able to do that for more than a few seconds (which it noticeably does do) but it never fades to even close to zero even after hours of being shut off and the fact that the actual diodes in the light itself need 24 volts to do anything at all, getting them to light up takes a lot more than just a fringe effect. Whatever that meter is putting on the line has to be strong.

I disagree with the trolls who are saying the French court is crazy. At least Macron did not screw that up!

There is a recent Hillary Frazzledrip photo that made the rounds, that is fake

Evidently someone wants to undermine that topic by posting fake crap. The picture had someone who looked like Hillary sitting in a room with an old style tv and a bed. Where the mess was supposed to be, it was blacked out. I never believed it so I did not post it. It was not like the original frazzledrip video AT ALL.


Take a look at this - Minethurn technology, - the company owned by the mother of Steve Betts, is stated to be a software developer and it all looks benign, HOWEVER, HA HA - take a look at the web site this company popped up on. The site is USAopps which is a site the government goes to when it needs to contract with the private sector. All the info is there, including the shooter being the contact for Minethurn.

This might dead end here, but it is really all we need to know.

There is a lot to go over today (this is what I am working on)

It seems like they might modify the official El Paso story to include a second shooter. If they do, it will "explain" why everyone stayed in the Wal Mart to be shot, because with more than one shooter, you can block off the doors, and prevent people from leaving. The original story had 4 shooters. That would explain why people stayed in the Wal Mart like caged bunnies being shot for 20 minutes (not possible with one shooter, everyone can bail from the largest wal mart in under a minute, but it might have taken up to 3)

Also, I double checked someone elses work that got posted to 8 chan, and it is accurate - the shooter's mom had a company that contracted with DARPA and other nefarious entities that would be able to stage a shooting like this. It "appears" her kid really did do this, but with AI deep fakes I am sticking with the original story - that the shooter character died in 2014, and he conveniently shot his sister so she can't talk about it. The sister's death is way to funky to go with,it seems to me like a convenient "out" so the sister could not be questioned and blow it.

There is only one thing I have to dredge and that is that the shooter was the contact Darpa had to call to get ahold of the mother's company (worth about 30 million) and I need to see how old that linkedin account is, and when it was updated. If it was last updated in 2014 or earlier, it is still a total go on the shooter being dead. If it was updated with that info AFTER 2014, then we have a serious new problem: How is the shooter the direct company contact Darpa would call? A whole new can of worms, that will put them on the hook every bit as bad and make the shooting even more obviously a government op. This is what I am working on now, check back later.

So we have: The shooter was dead, or he was a direct contact for Darpa to use, OR BOTH. That's bad folks, "they" may think they have an out by saying I am full of it because that's really not the shooters obituary, but if so, the entire thing goes right back on the hook if the shooter worked for his mom's defense firm, which contracted with DARPA and the kid was the contact.

This is getting interesting . . . . .

For now, the following is confirmed legit, but I want other info to see if this kid was alive or dead at the time of the shooting. If he's the contact on the linkedin, then this has to be double checked.

The following is from 8 chan (right before shutdown) and it is confirmed legit:

The fake narratives are despicable beyond belief.

In all actuality, I don't know who shot up El Paso or if a shooting even happened. However, there's a story line to go with it, developing every day, that is convincing - until you realize that the Dayton shooter, complete with manifesto, liberal life profile, girlfriends writing their opinions, ALL OF THAT HAS TO BE FAKE, BECAUSE THE GUY HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS.

There is such an enormous degree of depravity going on in the MSM and the permitted "social media" which is indeed still social but could hardly be called "media" - that I am going to state the obvious here -

Within the alt media community there is very little disagreement that the deep state set this up and executed it, partially according to plan (until Fox News BLEW IT for shooting 3). But I am seeing something that bothers me in Alt media, and that is how so many people are posting and re-posting how the shooters "had lives" "were liberal" "wrote manifestos" "had girlfriends write about them", and more - and that bothers me, because it is now becoming evident that none of the shooters actually exist as stated.

What the obituary for the Dayton shooter tells me is that the deep state, rather than frame patsies, is now inventing entirely new lives based on real people who are probably dead, and if peope ARE actually getting shot, it is the deep state doing it directly and then pinning it on totally fictitious characters that have been re-created via deep fakes and AI.

Why would this matter? Because it guarantees there will be no loose ends that can get them caught for staging these events. Here is how it is probably done:

1. Invent fake profile around a now dead person. The Dems are good at this, just look at how the dead vote.

2. Write a manifesto - (this happens EVERY TIME and it is BULLSHIT,) it cannot be that damn universal that everyone would do it as if they took a college course in proper procedure for mass shootings. Got manifesto? CHECK. Let's put the bullets in that magazine now . . . .

3. Have planted stories and subsequent posts from people who "knew the guy".

4. Have your operative do whatever, including genuine wet work if it happens to be in the plan. Maybe that part happened, maybe not.

Have the police "arrest" the hoax personal identity, or have that hoax shoot himself. Never saw a picture of the bodies of those who "shoot themselves" after these shootings . . . . . NOT ONE PHOTO OF THIS. Why?

5. When no one is looking, kill the arresting officers who were in on the gig so they never ever EVER speak up about what really went on.

Bank on it: This or something similar is precisely what is happening now. No chance of a patsy somehow surviving to say something inconvenient, no cop left alive that could blow it . . . . .

Ohio shooter obituary - debunking the debunkers

No one debunking this thinks the debunk is legit, they are BUSTED. Busted because:

A name coincidence, however unlikely, cannot change the fact that his sister in the obituary had the same name also, PLUS the photo is a PERFECT MATCH. How do you explain that? ANSWER: Call it all a coincidence and hope to God people buy it, without looking over what is here, AND THEN QUOTE SNOPES. My God, Snope is not a resource, it is a satire site fronting legitimacy.

The original story line for this whole charade, as it was (supposed to) play out, has been put together and is now posted below, in the main article window (scroll way down)



People are making the mistake of saying this newscast was for the first Wal Mart shooting, before it happened. This video instead has a Fox News anchor messing up and announcing the THIRD shooting ahead of time, it was supposed to happen at another Wal Mart nearby, which is why early on the news reports said there was a second shooter who left. This other shooter is something I reported here early on. He was going to show up at this other Wal Mart before this Fox news anchor blew it.


This is the most important 15 seconds of video you will ever see in your life. This proves the deep state is doing the shootings. In the video a FOX news announcer for a local station in the city a third shooting was supposed to happen in on Saturday (at another Wal Mart) announces the next shooting by accident, BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and she checks her twitter and re-checks, looks a little confused, and then says "that hasent happened yet".

I am serving this from here for obvious reasons and have enough bandwidth to send it out a million times. LEFT CLICK TO PLAY, RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE AND NEVER LOSE THIS FILE, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED!

MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THIS VIDEO, DO NOT PUT THAT OFF. As far as I can tell, it is going out over 200 times a minute but lots of people are saying it does not work. If so, it is more tech left debauchery, A SECOND COPY IS HERE for however long it lasts.

Folks, this proves Twitter is in on the shootings, Fox News is in on the shootings, Wal Mart is in on the shootings - they HAVE TO be a huge open joke among those who are "privileged", there's no way Twitter missed the fact that these people were using their platform to announce and plan the next shooting and there's no way Wal Mart had this happen at two of their stores by accident, and there's NO WAY FOX HAD THE REPORT AHEAD OF TIME WITHOUT BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED.


The Ohio shooter's obituary appeared on page B7 in the Feb 23 2014 issue of the Hartford Courant.

Now fully confirmed to be a match. The Ohio shooter, who died in 2014, SHOT HIS OWN SISTER LAST SATURDAY, and she's in his 2014 obituary!!!! HA HA, this is not a hoax, it is directly from the source which is clearly embedded in the capture linked in the headline. This was recovered by Astromutt at Godlikeproductions, who subscribed to the paper to get the back issues and LOW AND BEHOLD, THERE IT WAS. This proves the Ohio shooting could not possibly have happened.

Here is what happened: The mom owns a security company that contracts with the government. She decided to use all the pics of her dead son to front as a shooter. And she even said her own daughter died!!! It just does not get any better than this, that is really what happened, the Dayton shooting NEVER HAPPENED and the obituary proves it.

HA HA, I KNEW THEY WERE ALL STAGED AND PROBABLY FAKED. SO PLEASE PAYPAL, PUNISH THIS SITE MORE. YOU CAN'T BAN IT IN MEXICO BUT YOU CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS AND FOR THAT YOU SUCK BECAUSE OF THIS yes, if you'd block a site that reported that totally independently, it is likely because you are involved in this stuff one way or another. No one is stupid, the point is obviously made, - BY YOU.


It seems every once in a while "they" decide to jam the browser solidly to prevent updates from showing. If the page has not updated for a while, open a new private window (not just a new tab, open a private window to turn off your cache) or if that does not work delete your cache entirely and then click here


The above two items prove that these shootings are fake. Yet they are going for broke, with the Dayton shooter getting all kinds of coverage as if it was real. What we have in this case is an agenda driven mother who had all kinds of video and photos of her kid, that was then fed into deep fake software and they are making the narrative now with someone who does not even exist.

Alex is calling this "world war 4". He might be right - it is a war of mind control and perception, where people are caused to surrender via what is fronted by pure fabrication. We are watching history happen. No one died in any Wal Mart or in Dayton, or at Sandy Hook, (though for Sandy Hook they had to use conventional methods of deception, what we are witnessing now with these recent shootings is something entirely new.

Here is the original story line, put together from expunged news reports:

The first shooting was supposed to be at Wal Mart in El Paso in the morning. That was successfully staged. The next shooting was supposed to be at 3 PM at another Wal Mart, done by a guy who was in the original El Paso Wal Mart shooting coverage, but was stated to have left the scene. He was supposed to show up at nearby Wal Mart 2, but the Fox news anchor blew it, so they had to cancel that. So early news reports about multiple people at location 1 were scrubbed, due to the screw up at Fox the narrative had to be changed to a lone shooter because there was no longer going to be follow up.

For the evening course of terror, they resurrected someone from the dead, which they'd never be called to account for, and fabricated the entire thing in deep fake, including setting up fake social media accounts for their fake character. Just watch where they go with this, we have the obituary, now let's see just how far they bring this guy to life via software. This is a lesson folks - in NEVER BELIEVING WHAT YOU SEE OR HEAR FROM THE MSM.

The Ohio shooter died in 2014.

And if you search this guy, you can see he's a match for the Ohio shooting.

The back story on this is that his mom owns a security company that contracts with the government, and she used him because she knew he could not be traced. That's why there are so many different photos of this guy available, his mom had them and used them. This has been posted to ImgUR HERE.

Yes, his mom probably aborted 3 brothers and a sister if she used him like this.

I don't know why people can't see the obvious with the last two shootings, that they are deep state ops and I strongly suspect the lack of this being said in many places is the direct result of tech left debauchery. I am concerned to say the least.

The OTHER "white male" shooting. Question: how did everyone's shoes end up in a pile in the parking lot?

Supposedly, everyone left their shoes behind while fleeing, in a pile, in the parking lot. What kind of LOW IQ COMMON CORE RETARD thought of THAT? This one pisses me off simply because it is so insultingly STUPID:

The original image size on Drudge was 1000X666. I reduce large images and compress them before posting to save bandwidth.

OK, SO - how did that pile of shoes get there so neatly? PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SHOES HERE ON THE WAY OUT, THE SHOOTER COLLECTS THEM AND GIVES THEM TO CHARITY. The police will not take "evidence" and do this with it, THIS PHOTO IS AN ABJECT TEAR JERK SYMPATHY HOAX. This one angers me.



1. How many cameras are in a Wal Mart? We got one video "from someone with a cell phone on the floor, which only recorded audio" YEAH RIGHT. Why, if this shooting lasted for 20 minutes, is there not at least 10 consecutive hours of shooting video from 30 PERFECTLY CLEAR VIEW CEILING MOUNTED cameras? There's more than 30 in a Wal Mart, but let's guess 30 caught it REAL GOOD. Where is that video?

2. How in the * did this shooting continue for 20 minutes? How long does it take for people to bail from a Wal Mart? The largest wal marts in existence are 600X298 feet. They have two doors. That means NO ONE was more than a 100 yard dash distance from the door. most people, male or female, in totally average condition can do that in 20 seconds. Add obstacles and maybe in a worst case scenario, 40 seconds. What would be the reaction of people hearing gunshots in a Wal Mart? My guess is that all opportunities to nail people would be totally over in 1:30 (which is generous) yet it continues for TWENTY DAMN MINUTES while the shooter went "aisle to aisle" nailing people who must have been all deaf and did not realize there was a shooting underway. 20 minutes is NOT BELIEVABLE. Virtually all "aisle by aisle" opportunities were OVER in seconds flat.

3. Let's say this shooting really DID continue for 20 minutes - WHY THEN, did this shooter not get a can of cream of mushroom soup in his left ear at 57MPH from weak throw willie? I'd have probably delivered one at about 81 MPH. SHOOTING OVER. Ha, they claim Wal Mart had no guns on site, so the shooting continued and continued and continued . . . . when the store was full of places to hide from the shooter and throw something back at him, like, you know, perhaps a cordless drill? A can of spray paint? How about a small exercise weight?

No, that did not happen, instead, everyone went back to the toilet paper aisle rather than run out the door and waited THERE, in the paper aisle because there was enough paper towel and nearby cat litter in that section to clean up the BIGGEST blood spill. They knew someone needed a story, and were polite about getting it done.

20 minutes? People were there for 20 DAMN MINUTES? Yeah right, this story is STUPID folks.

I have successfully, in a hurry with Claudia waiting, parked over 100 feet from the door, gone in, got something, hit express checkout and got back to the car in under 3 minutes. That's quick for a Wal Mart, but it is possible, and an ENTIRE SHOPPING PROCESS. I PROMISE, IF THIS SHOOTING WAS REAL, THAT NO ONE WOULD HAVE HIT EVEN THE EXPRESS CHECKOUT. The store should have been empty in absolutely NO MORE than 1:30, thus leaving the shooter with no one to hit.

SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. REPEAT: SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. Ha, that's great, I am in aisle 43, I'll get those Ramen noodles . . . . . and you can't say the shooter had them cornered, there are two widely spaced exits plus emergency exits in a Wal Mart.

4. So he killed 20 and injured that many more. By himself. That's a lot of bullets for a 30 round clip. IS THAT WHY WE GET NO WAL MART VIDEO? BECAUSE THERE'S NO MAGAZINE CHANGES? Look folks, THEY GOT THE REQUIRED EVENTS FOR THIS SHOOTING TO BE REAL, ON VIDEO, IT'S A WAL MART. Let's see video of a magazine swap! If we don't have that the day after, well, that can be deep faked now, it DID NOT HAPPEN, that's a PRIME moment they would have released already.

5. Why, in ALL the CNN videos (and I watched quite a few) is there only ONE ambulance and ONE stretcher showing up? Hell, they had at least 40 people needing ambulances. Where was the overwhelming paramedic support? I have seen a few tards post that "if they are dead, they don't move them". That is true, IF and ONLY IF the body is so dead it has riga. All these were fresh. They should have all been pronounced dead at the hospital. Why ONLY ONE DAMN AMBULANCE?

You can see in the videos the BORDER PATROL, FBI, and regular cops were there, plus ONE fire truck and ONE ambulance. That's a repeat we see at these shootings- totally underwhelming EMT support. And I'll tell you why: EMT's are GOOD PEOPLE, and they could not get 165 of them who were corrupt pieces of shit to front this lie. But they could find five. (including driver). The FBI and border patrol would be EASY to pull enough dirt bags from, but the local police presence was weak too.

I could go on and on with this but I have probably said enough. BOTTOM LINE: They can't do one of these false flags, because they have SJW'ed unqualified people onto the scenario planning teams. Harpreet, who was in the Indian military, said you can't get that high a casualty count with people trying to avoid you in a short time, so the shooting had to be a long one, and Polly gave the go ahead for it to be TWENTY DAMN MINUTES LONG without considering the fact that the place had doors. That's an EMERGENCY GAFFE, and I mean, an F-5 cow throwing gaffe, a product of sheer stupidity and poor planning. That alone kills the story, on the outside edge I might believe 3-5 minutes because Aunt Edna had the electric cart and got lost in the clothing section on the way out . . . . and then only she would have been dead, the casualty count would not have been that high with so many places to hide, in Wal Mart you would never get a clear shot at ANYONE who was not handicapped after the first few seconds.

The original newsletter was going to be on this topic, but I got distracted by Trump's DNA testing at the border, and I had LOTS of decent work already done on the slaves.

The original outline for the newsletter I had originally planned was this:


Prepare for an endless barrage of absolutely horrific false flags, some of which will involve actual deaths

For it, I had everything gathered but it is not put together yet. The topics were:

Swamp critters finally getting arrested.

The FBI labeling investigators as terrorists, AFTER the NY fire departments officially stated that the know the government lied about 911, and that they know explosives were used, and that explosives brought the buidings down, and they subsequently demanded the investigations be re-done AFTER Trump got people in that might actually do it for real. The FBI panicked, and now needs an enormous pile of terror attacks pinned on the public to justify shutting everyone up. WHO SHOWED UP AT THIS LATEST SHOOTING? THE FBI. WHILE IT WAS HOT. GO FIGURE.,

The "conspiracy theories are terror" line is only to cover for those who fear being executed for treason, STARTING WITH THE FBI

Trump likely did in fact accomplish a successful game of 7D chess, and has the deep state squirming like a stabbed worm. That makes the deep state dangrous, there will be HORRIBLE false flags.

The deep state woes are so bad that Ocasio's staff quit. It would be convenient to say they hated her, but what if they really quit to distance themselves from whatever explosions are going to happen soon? What if they saw her kill a kid? Her staff quitting needs some real explaining, Ocasio should have been backed by people who were so into the American takeover they'd do it for religious purposes and NEVER QUIT.

Mueller's testimony was a disaster, thus ramping up the heat.

The DNA testing of migrants proved that the familes arriving at the border were hoaxes, and it killed the "poor separated children" lie totally dead. The separated kids were instead LUCKY, until they got re-united to whoever paid for them before DNA testing started. Now they get taken permanently. No wonder why they got left for dead in the desert a lot - it was the pathetic soulless child murdering types that infest the deep state using them as cheap $600 tickets to a $3,000 per month welfare check. Having this get exposed was HUUUUUUGE, and the Dems lost such an enormous sympathy ploy it pushed the need for more false flags much higher on the agenda, even though it is not directly related. In the first couple months, over 20,000 children were recovered due to these tests, and you won't see THAT on CNN. That is why I did the slave report.

Do I need to mention Epstien? I'll avoid page clutter by keeping it short, everyone ought to know THAT ALONE could trip a 911+

The left is desperate, and we are seeing it in their efforts to capture and implement as much depravity as possible - Trans story hour. Sex ed blow job tournaments that start with putting condoms on WITH YOUR MOUTH. The endless white male bashing. Gays in too many commercials and a majority of shitcoms. The massive escalation of depravity is a clear indicator the left feels threatened, and is now grabbing at anything it can get, ANYTHING AT ALL, on a schedule that is making frogs jump before they get totally cooked. They are off the rails, and it is hurting them badly. The right false flag will put them right back on the tracks again, or so they think. But that won't work if the frog has already jumped, and if it has, then what?

"Then what" depends completely upon whether or not Trump got enough good people in place to prevent a full on national disaster before he started making his move. He's making it now. People had better duck and cover.

Here is a great meme you probably cannot be prosecuted for:


I did not even think about doing screen caps when it first "happened" because I never thought they'd morph the story so badly. The original story was that it was two Latinos, one aged 19 and 1 dead 17 injured, who shot up several stores including Target with one still on the loose. Now it is a lone white computer geek age 21 with 18 dead AT WAL MART.

The story cannot change that much, I call



New roaches are probably NOT becoming immune to poison

There have been numerous reports lately about roaches becoming immune to anything people try to kill them with. An "evolutionary process" is then cited as being the reason, especially for that nasty "German roach" - you know, the little ones that survive well farther north -

Rather than suck up the latest MSM crap, I'd like to present a different explanation for why roaches are "suddenly becoming immune" and it is that the poisons have been changed, changed, and re-changed and have spiraled downwards in effectiveness to meet the latest communist "safety standards". And I have fairly solid case for stating that's probably the reason - Mexico, the land of the roaches, so much so they have the song "la Cucaracha" has no problems with roach poisons no longer working.

You can buy name brand RAID in Mexico that is SO STRONG that one little squirt of it ANYWHERE in the house, (like between the stove and the counter top), one little 1/3 of a second squirt THERE will kill every scorpion, spider, or whatever else that happens to be ANYWHERE in the house even if it never goes into the kitchen. That stuff is so strong that one little squirt in the kitchen will kill everything in the garage, and there's a living room between the kitchen and the garage. And it will keep killing for an entire month. If such a product was available in the U.S. you can bet there would be no roach problems ANYWHERE that people were at least concerned enough about to go to Wal Mart for a can of raid. And I'd bet $50 that if you bought an identically labeled product in the U.S. you could spray the roaches directly and a percentage would live.

As far as safety, the dogs and cats have never been affected by it. And I therefore think that all the "safety" crap Americans have to deal with is just crap, like global warming - it is only done to provide an excuse to rip people off and destroy quality of life, you cannot have an insect spray that truly works because it has been mandated out of existence in the name of safety when the stuff that actually works was not unsafe at all. If you consider that all the safety and emissions guidelines for everything could be an act of war, - let me explain how the people destroying America do war (on one level)

Let's use as an example an Al Gore toilet and faucet. Before Al Gore, you could fill a pitcher in the kitchen in a few seconds because the water would absolutely gush out of the kitchen sink. After Al Gore forced everything to have an aerator and restricted flow, the same pitcher might take two minutes. What's going to happen if your house catches fire? In the good old days, you might be able to fight it off with the kitchen sink. After Al Gore, entire rooms might get engulfed before you filled a single pitcher. And how much time does it waste to wait for water like that? Even if it wastes only three minutes a day, multiply that three minutes by 300 million people - 900 million minutes of American productivity shot to hell for NOTHING, every day. That weakens a nation. And what about the Al Gore toilet that does not flush well anymore? Add toilet plunger time to that three minutes - Or dealing with roaches to that three minutes - or waiting for a non-functional subway system to that three minutes - or trying to get things clean because soap does not work like it used to anymore to that three minutes (Mexico has the old formulations that actually WORK, in the U.S. the detergents are all crap and NEVEr get the stains out) - how much wasted time over that little thing? how much does that hurt a country? A LOT.

No, roaches are not "becoming immune" to poisons due to adaptation. If that was ever going to happen, it would have happened in Mexico FIRST. The problem is that the government is, rather than looking after the people, simply banning anything that works. And it is not via good will, MONSANTO PROVES IT - if it is actually going to do damage, like antidepressants, ecstacy, glyphosate, a "vaccine", a feminist brainwash, tranny story time, GMO's that cause sterilization, a chemical in plastics that feminizes men or whatever else, it gets the green light to whatever calculated extent the people in charge believe, via research and think tanks, the general public won't kill them for.

I'd bet you would NEVER be able to smuggle a can of Mexican raid back across the border to the U.S., and Raid is the most mundane crap there is, we keep that where the cleaning supplies are. We also have the "good stuff" - In Mexico you can buy insect poison that will kill the dog if the dog happened to be put where it was sprayed. That stuff actually has a warning label. You HAVE TO wear a gas mask (that poison is for bed bugs and other stuff that is actually hard to kill, and will turn them to dust) it actually WORKS. And grandma can buy it. You won't get it at Wal Mart. Grandma will NOT be stupid enough to get hurt by it. Grandma WILL find a gas mask that works within 300 feet of her house, at a small hardware store that has every hinge, nut bolt nail or screw, plus hammers, multimeters, the whole 9 yards and someone will be running that store in their living room. That is what a free country is really like. And if someone does happen to get hurt by such a poison, it won't make the news, people are supposed to know what poison does.

Britain to Iran: No tanker swap

My comment: That is easy to say, when the British government has nothing invested in either, and civilians take the loss both ways.

Britain is claiming they took Iran's tanker "legally" and that Iran took their tanker "illegally". But there is a problem with that - the British tanker really did violate maritime procedure and the Iranian tanker is not proven to have done anything at all amiss, Britain simply seized it out of the blue. Bottom line? Iran is correct this time.

An appropriate Iranian response would be: Fine then. Our tanker was much larger than yours, and worth a lot more than yours, PLUS had a cargo that was far more valuable than yours was carrying. So we'll have to take another tanker or two to get even, and if you don't like it and decide to attack, we have missiles that can easily hit Parlaiment. Yes, we'd get hit worse but you will not remain untouched. How about that?

Iran does in fact have missiles that can hit all of Europe including Britain, but I don't know how many can make it all the way to Britain, which is at max range for Iran's best. They as of now don't have any publicly announced missiles that can hit the U.S.


Two fire districts in New York are demanding a re-opening of the 911 investigation

To sum it up: They know explosives were used and are demanding a real investigation that has every incident and every crime called to account. This is new news, they just released the following statement:

Here it is folks, read it and CLAP!!!

The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District 9/11 Resolution

Whereas, the attacks of September 11, 2001, are inextricably and forever tied to the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department;

Whereas, on September 11, 2001, while operating at the World Trade Center in New York City, firefighter Thomas J. Hetzel, badge #290 of Hook and Ladder Company #1, Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department of New York, was killed in performance of his duties, along with 2, 976 other emergency responders and civilians;

Whereas, members of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department were called upon to assist in the subsequent rescue and recovery operations and cleanup of the World Trade Center site, afflicting many of them with life-threatening illnesses as a result of breathing the deadly toxins present at the site;

Whereas, the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District recognizes the significant and compelling nature of the petition before the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York reporting un-prosecuted federal crimes at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and calling upon the United States Attorney to present that petition to a Special Grand Jury pursuant to the United States Constitution and 18 U.S.C. SS 3332(A);

Whereas, the overwhelming evidence presented in said petition demonstrates beyond any doubt that pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries - not just airplanes and the ensuing fires - caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings, killing the vast majority of the victims who perished that day;

Whereas, the victims of 9/11, their families, the people of New York City, and our nation deserve that every crime related to the attacks of September 11, 2001, be investigated to the fullest and that every person who was responsible face justice;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District fully supports a comprehensive federal grand jury investigation and prosecution of every crime related to the attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as any and all efforts by other government entities to investigate and uncover the full truth surrounding the events of that horrible day.

My comment: I don't think Trump is going to miss this. This cannot be buried, and is not click bait. They probably did it as a wake up call, having known all along that the buildings were indeed demolished and that the federal government did it.


They know damn well they cannot answer to what these two fire departments just released, which confirms that not only was 911 an inside job, but also that they damn well know it. Let's see if Trump handles this, or if the newly led FBI will handle this. My guess is NOPE to one or both, it is too big to touch.

File the following under "you can't make this stuff up"

Facebook denies shadow banning, then receives patent for it's proprietary shadow banning methods

From The New American

"Facebook has continually denied that it participates in the practice of shadow banning - a method of blocking a users' posts or comments from everyone except the user who made the post or comment. But a newly granted patent shows that Facebook not only does practice shadow banning, but wants to protect - by patent - the method it uses for doing so.

Despite the fact that Facebook executives denied the practice in congressional testimony in April, the company was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) earlier this month for an automated system that would "receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users" while continuing to "display the blocked content to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked." A better definition of shadow banning would be hard to write.

And since Facebook would use the patented system to shadow ban "proscribed" (read: banned) content, one can safely assume that would include political speech deemed unacceptable by the social-media behemoth. After all, Facebook recently slapped down a post by this magazine's parent organization, The John Birch Society as "hate speech." That post consisted of the cover of the July 8 issue of the print edition of The New American. That cover showed a real picture of an illegal border crossing and carried the caption, "Immigrant Invasion."

With a newly patented automatic system for shadow banning anything "proscribed”"by Facebook, the company would have no trouble pressing the digital mute button on JBS or any other user whose posts run counter to accepted liberal norms.

My comment: Well Well Well, Facebook got caught lying. Again. More at the link.

Two rather stunning murders by migrants in Germany this week

The first was when an Eritrean migrant pushed a woman and child in front of a train. Today's tops that. A Syrian migrant hacked his German room mate to pieces with a sword, and it got captured on two cell phones. Obviously the videos are going to be censored, but for now one of them is HERE

The migrant used one of those ornamental swords people often have hanging as decorations in their homes, and made it obvious that yes, those can do the job just fine.

Evidently he did not really see well into the future when calculating the consequence of hacking his room mate up.

This story was brought to you by Angela Merkel.


Don't let the occasional doom headline fool you, this is a very weak storm season

Let me guess: Somebody wanted to present an illusion of things being very hot with the last heat wave, and had to cause it by starving the oceans of energy. Only a guess, but what is going on in the oceans does not match what happened on land. There is only so much energy the sun gives the earth, and managing where it goes is done with comparatively small amounts of energy that don't really affect global temperatures. Want proof? Just take a look at the global wind map. The wind map, as of today, does not lie because it involves input and observation from many different weather organizations and having one be corrupt can't throw all of them off. So no one can put B.S. into it (yet).

On the global wind map, you will see that there are two sub-hurricane rotations southeast of Hawaii, and one of the two might not even be a tropical storm. The rest of the globe has nothing of significance worth noting at all. There is only talk talk with regard to storms this year, and nothing of substance other than Barry which was obviously geo-engineered, and hit America PERFECT for the worst possible outcome with crop damage. Barry was far too convenient . . . .


From MDsafetech

The response? It is legal, and within legal guidelines, so stuff it!

The first reported injury of 5G in a news report comes from Switzerland, where 5G has been launched in 102 locations. As soon as the antennas were installed, several residents and entire families in the heart of Geneva reported similar unusual symptoms of loud ringing in the ear, intense headaches, unbearable earaches, insomnia, chest pain, fatigue and not feeling well in the house. 29-year-old Geneva resident, Johan Perruchoud, called up Swisscom and was told that indeed the 5G cell towers were activated on the same day he began to feel the symptoms. When others called Swisscom they were told everything is legal and within guidelines.

Dr. Bertrand Buchs, who has called for a 5G moratorium, states he has seen more and more patients with similar symptoms. He notes, "In this case, our authorities are going against common sense ... we risk experiencing a catastrophe in a few years... no serious study exists yet, which is not surprising when we know that this technology was developed in China, then to the United States. In Switzerland, we could open a line for people who feel bad, listen to these complaints and examine them. Our country has the means and the skills. The debate must be launched because the story is not about to end."

These stories parallel that of Anne Mills, author of "All EMF'd Up", who suffered wireless radiation poisoning in Germany when her husband was stationed there for work. She wrote a diary with identical symptoms of those in Geneva. Her concerns, like those in Geneva, were dismissed. She consulted with German physician, Dr Horst Eger, to confirm her symptoms were that of microwave illness seen in military radar personnel and those working on microwave towers.

My comment: Gee, our emissions are within "safe legal guidelines" so if they make you sick, there's something wrong with your genes!

This is worth a look.

Twitter is banning people for saying we should demand voter ID.

We damn well should, and Twitter's reaction proves they not only intend to sway the election, they intend to steal it outright via falsified voting. There's no other way around it, if this is a banned item, the people who run Twitter are election riggers, AT POLLING STATIONS, not just via their site. GET A LOAD OF THIS!

The following has been posted to every forum I know of, so obviously people are interested.

I'll say this my way, because no one is seeing the obvious:

Police states need corrupted, nit-picky tattletales to enforce tyranny. The guy who tattles because you did not mow your back yard, or left an engine sitting there for too long - the phleghminist hack who's better than you because she eats GMO and hates your "unauthorized" garden, or, in this case the moronic neighbor who kept ratting out an old lady for feeding 2 (TWO) stray cats that a neighbor left behind when he moved, simply because there was a city ordinance against feeding stray dogs and cats.

Wanna feel "better than someone else" because you have a problem with your crotch? Just look into all the city laws, find a stupid one, and nail someone with it. In this case, don't feed a couple stray cats. And the city obliged the a-hole by eventually jailing a 79 year old woman over it.

Let this be a lesson: When the police state gets it's final crack down, it will only happen via people who are "superior" because they don't do what you happen to be doing, and they can nail you on a technicality. I am sure whoever griped and got this woman thrown in jail is proud of it, and because most people are decent, whatever violations that particular person is guilty of will just slip under the radar. It takes an A-hole to make it happen, Do not EVER let that a-hole be you.

If there is a problem, talk directly first before calling the cops, and if it is only a "couple cats" for GOD'S SAKE LET IT REST.


Stating the obvious:

Things are looking better now, especially with the timing of Trump re-instating the death penalty for treason . . . . . . need I say more? Maybe . . . . . . HURRY UP.

Gilette has lost $8 billion since their stupid male bash advertisments

Kitco says Gillette posted the losses because of competition from good dollar store brands but I'd then like to ask why Schick and others are not posting similar losses. I have the answer:

I buy nothing but name brand razors because if you use them properly, they last a FULL YEAR each. I use Schick Extreme 3's which only cost 50 cents each in a giant Sam's pack and they last a FULL YEAR each. And I DID buy Gillette occasionally before getting that huge pack, (which ended my razor expenses) but will not EVER AGAIN if something happens to my stache. FACT: If you buy a car after the company that sells it bashed you, your race, or your civilization, you're a spineless moron. At this time, that leaves only Dodge, Jeep and Fiat as cars I'd consider new because I can't afford a Tesla (which would also be an option because Musk has not pulled the SJW crap) - Do that, and I AM GONE. And the same is true for everything from canned foods to Kleenex to a Disney movie to razors, pull that crap, and I'll eat Chinese forever if that becomes the only way to eat and not pander to social programming BULLSHIT.

Adios Gillette, you are posting losses on par with Boeing over the SJW rot and I could really care less if Boeing dies after what they did to all their great engineers just because they were white, they are trying to shift the blame for the failure of the SJW MAX over to Whitie but the effort is largely failing because it is too obviously patently false. Adios Gillette, Boeing, (hopefully Nike) and whoever else takes a crap on their roots including Dicks Sporting Goods, which has now posted enormous losses - I'd rather see them gone and if others stood their ground well enough, we'll see LOTS MORE get tossed in the ash bin of history. I'll be disappointed if anyone who tries to damage our civilization further than it has already been damaged survives in business after trying.


I'll be frank about this: A large city has more car-b-q's DAILY than the total number of Teslas that have ever "spontaneously burned".

Usually it is because people either run their cars without oil or coolant. "Perfect perception mechanical dude" may or may not ever have a car-b-q (less likely with mechanical types) but everyone has seen them, multiple times, for one reason or another. I see them several times a year.

FACT: Cars are something that can catch on fire. Any time enough energy is somewhere that can do the job a car does, there's a chance it is all going to go kablooey. This latest Tesla fire (long delayed based on gasoline car averages) may have happened simply because the guy ran over a rock. There's not a car out there that won't for one reason or another burst into flames if the right owner created circumstances exist. Tesla is definitely on the low side of the bell curve for car fires, but they get attention when they do burn because they are "not supposed to ever burn". EVER. And that expectation is totally unrealistic.

UPDATE TO BELOW: "No one with any proof" saying it happened, it is all a guess based on circumstantial evidence, and I'd say a very good bet.

RUMOR: McCaffee was the one who took drone footage of Epstein island

He was in the area when it happened, and did get detained. I bet he got detained over THAT. The second video set got released while he was detained, however, that would be easy to have done without him actually there to do it.

This is only a rumor, but I'd say it is plausible.

Rumor has it he got a new drone and was in the area. If you watch the videos, the first ones were done with an abundance of caution, with the drone staying well away from all obstacles. But the last video it went right up to the window, very carefully, and got a good look inside. That's where the bloody bed pic came from. Why the difference in how the drone was flown? Easy answer: Because by the time the last video was made, the drone operator had a little practice and could bump it up a notch.

There's no one saying it was McCaffee that did it, and no news reports, but it does fit - him getting a drone and being in the area and then getting arrested in the time frame it happened.

TOO GOOD: A rat runs right through a Fox News live feed from Baltimore when they were disagreeing the place was a rat infested hole

BETTER YET: You can tell a lot of the employees don't like the new trump bashing from Fox, so they filmed the rat perfectly for the live feed, AND THEN PUT THAT PART OF THE BROADCAST ON TWITTER.

LET'S HOPE ALEX GOT THE WORD OUT, the latest development: AG BARR ordered by Trump to open anti trust investigation into big tech

We'll have to see where this goes.

BALTIMORE IS BAD? Other American cities are FAR WORSE.

My response to Breitbart's report about how Baltimore is "so much worse" than Central American countries.

Breitbart did a report about how much worse the murder rate was in Baltimore than many central American countries which got my interest, so I figured I'd find the real story, and take it the whole way.

As it turns out, the top 30 murder cities in the U.S. have such high murder rates that they are far in excess of Mexico, Guatemala, or even the Dominican Republic, or places like India, Iraq, and practically all of Africa. The top 30 cities in the United states are SO BAD that there are only 12 countries on earth that can be classed as bad as they are, all the remaining 270+ countries on earth are, on average, safer to be in

HERE IT IS FOLKS, DONE MY WAY WHICH MAKES THE TRUTH INESCAPABLE. HOW CAN LIBERALS MAKE A CASE THEY ARE SAVING THE IMMIGRANTS FROM "VIOLENT SHITHOLE COUNTRIES WHEN: East St. Louis has a murder rate 4X that of Guatemala, and 5X worse than Mexico, and double the WORST country on earth, El Salvador?

Let's go down a list of U.S. cities, to see how far down we have to go to find one safer than the countries these "refugees" are fleeing:

East St. Louis Ilinois: 113 murders per 100, 000
Chester Pennsylvania: 85 per 100, 000
St Louis Mo: 66 per 100, 000
Gary Indiana: 63 per 100, 000
Baltimore Maryland: 56 per 100, 000 = El Salvador, Venezuela, Jamaica
Pine Bluff Arkansas: 51 per 100, 000
Wilmington Delaware: 49 per 100, 000 = Virgin Islands
New Orleans: 40 per 100, 000 = Honduras
Detroit MI 40 per 100, 000 = Lesotho
Baton Roughe LA: 39 per 100, 000
Flint MI: 38 per 100, 000
Bessemer Alabama: 38 per 100, 000
Petersberg VA: 38 per 100, 000
Jackson MS: 36 per 100, 000 = Belize, St.Vincent,
Youngstown Ohio: 36 per 100, 000
Huntington WV, 34 per 100, 000 = SOUTH AFRICA
Atlantic City NJ, 34 per 100, 000 = St Kitts
Saganaw MI: 33 per 100, 000
Danville Il: 32 per 100, 000
Fairbanks AK: 32 per 100, 000
North Charleston SC 32 per 100, 000
Camden NJ: 31 per 100, 000= Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Brazil
Kansas City Mo: 31 per 100, 000
Chicago Heights Il: 30 per 100, 000
Albany GA, 30 per 100, 000
Goldsboro NC: 28 per 100, 000 = St Lucia

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES WERE ON AVERAGE SAFER THAN AMERICA'S 30 WORST CITIES, INCLUDING: Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and even "shithole" Haiti, with it's rating of a mere 10.

So what does this clearly say? Obviously, if America's 30 worst cities are worse than all countries on earth combined except for those listed, the liberals, claiming America needs to take in refugees to "save them from violence" are full of crap, most of the places they will go to in the United States are WORSE than the countries they came from.

Data sources: (most up to date available)"> And"> (sorry for the Wikipedia link, but it was up to date>

Alex is really popping the big question now, and is facing resistance getting it out

Alex posted an alternate link and it worked, but I am certain he hit interference with this message because his stuff auto plays on everything I have, and for some dark and mysterious reason, his warning to Trump did not. I could not get it to work across multiple devices. Something is seriously screwy with this. Here (was) his message, that probably got blocked for a majority of people:


Alex Jones asks: will Trump take action against censorship, or will he allow himself - and his base - to be destroyed?"

HEADS UP: This got posted on Drudge, and did not work on News Wars or Info Wars, on Android or Linux, with two different carriers: AT&T and Telcel. And I can imagine why it did not work. YOU GUESS.

One device did nothing at all, and another simply said "incompatible media" when that device always auto plays everything Alex puts up. And I have a hunch it was done to prevent Trump from getting the message.


How about that Garlic festival shooting? Like I said, it was NOT NEWSWORTHY without an agenda behind it, (and by the way, it happened exactly 666 days after the Vegas shooting, (go figure)) ANYWAY, this failed drive by shooting in Chicago should get a lot more press because it is not every day that gang bangers screw up so bad that during a drive by shooting, they shoot and kill their own driver!! HA HA, priceless.

Let's see a five line all red headline on Drudge for that! (you won't, because it was not on the agenda!)

Update to below: That is a Prius, which means for long trips you can just switch to gasoline mode when solar runs out.

Toyota has announced development of an all new solar car

It's range is EXACTLY what my math has stated for the past few years

Occasionally in the past, I would post about how efficient solar panels had become, and that they could be used to power a solar car that could be driven by average Americans with average daily miles driven, without ever plugging it in. A couple weeks ago I also posted about a company that was trying to get the same thing to market, and now low and behold, Toyota is probably going to do it. If they do this, it will change driving forever.

If you have a nice parking spot in full sun, the car can be driven 13, 148 MILES per year on solar only. That's slightly more than an average American drives per year. Obviously during long trips you'll have to plug it in, but the bulk of your driving will happen absolutely free.

It does not look elegant yet (like it does with the other manufacturer I mentioned earlier) but Toyota can make it look elegant fairly quickly. The key thing here is that they have at least a rough looking prototype that works GREAT.

Alex Jones "Emergency Message to Trump" is going to be missed because it does not work

This morning I clicked into it from drudge. It dead ends on an image. No instructions on how to listen to it. Later I hit infowars and saw it in the slideshow. Clicked into it with another device. It too dead ends with no time listed as to when it will be available, no instructions, nothing, and just sits there silent. If this is an "emergency message" and that is what it is supposed to do (right now) it is going to fail.

Maybe I am not familiar with Infowars or whatever, but it seems to me that such a hugely announced item should not dead end, and it is not just the laptop, it dead ends on the cell phone too. Simply re-loads the entire page when clicked and goes nowhere. I don't even know if Alex has talked on this yet, there is simply no indication whatsoever about what it is supposed to do. Very strange, and super poor planning if it was done that way on purpose. If not, it is definitely being messed with.

The Garlic Festival shooting was NOT a "mass shooting"

How do you know it was a probable deep state op? When 3 people get killed, and it has five lines of RED headline text on Drudge. They are already pushing the "white supremacist" crap, GEE, WHAT ABOUT CHICAGO, WHERE THREE PEOPLE DIE AT A 7-11 FIVE TIMES PER WEEK END? No news about what happened in Chicago multiple times every week on Drudge AT ALL? No huge red headline text? OK.

Motive driven headlines. Who set this up, and what was their agenda? Enough said.

RUMOR: Bill and Hillary are being taken out right now.

Just wait for her to show up in public again, she did, after all, pass out and get carted away, had to be helped down the steps as a norm due to totally declining old age issues, wore depends, and then showed up for the Presidential debate looking sharp as a tack and GREAT. She will be gone when the deep state LOSES. Until then, just like Ginsburg, there will always be "hillary".

Probable final update for latest Venezuela blackout

It appears likely that an EMP or other attack tripped it out, the way in which power was restored indicates it is a perfectly working system. I initially suspected a kinetic attack (which would have been directed at the power lines) but the speed and manner of recovery seems to show that was not the cause. It was a different type of attack. Venezuel's systems, despite being almost all at Guri, still have multiple generators, and they can't just all go out at the same time by accident.

Sunday news updates

I am just going to type out what I noticed because time is limited.

It seems as if the leftist media ramps up the lies WORSE the more the heat is on.

The latest lie? A majority of Americans want Trump impeached. After the Mueller show, where he failed miserably, the left simply prints what it desires, rather than reality. If it wishes a majority of Americans want Trump impeached, they'll cite a phony source and say it. Here's a zinger: Maureen Dowd stated that today's leftist "progressives" are just like the historic American puritans. I beg to differ BECAUSE: The Puritans believed in God, would have probably burned a woman at the stake for getting an abortion, and definitely would have hung gays. On top of that, they were escaping the tyranny the leftists are trying to put in place via "progressives", - escaping such was the entire reason the Puritans came to America. Add to this the fact that the puritans did not have a snowflake bone in their body ANYWHERE, not even a single dead stratum cornicum cell of snowflakeism on the surface - HECK, even their rectal bacteria lacked such, and they pooped that out to boot. If Leftists think they are any kind of "puritans" they are making up a fake reality any way possible to heap credibility on themselves, which, when usurping the "puritan" label, amounts to STOLEN VALOR.

Anyway . . . .

As it turns out, Siri was recording everything, including people having sex, and sending it back to mission control to be recorded forever. Yes, it was OK, because it was "only for a few seconds" in each instance.


I normally would not post this because I fully expect my readership to not be stupid enough to have a Siri, an Alexa, or a fancy new Amazon do nothing but spy bot going around their homes but to crack a joke about how stupid a lot of sheeple are for having these things, I guess I'll mention it.

How about that Android phone? I have confirmed the Goophone can't possibly be cooperating very well, because the battery lasts at least 21 days at on and idle . . . . . so it is at least possible to get an android phone that does not try to back stab you - IF you buy one that is a pirate of another brand . . . . . ha ha, yes, that's the ticket.

Seriously - I have a fully functional Android phone with 100% faked ID that can sit there and receive calls and texts for 21 days straight without a charge, it is not gutless to boot - and the battery is only approximately 1500 MAH. If a pirate cell phone company can do that, why not a top dollar Iphone? Just ask Siri!

Storm area 51 is ON. No comment, but it is interesting it is ON and LARGE.

$15,000 fine for sharing memes is ON

Not totally through yet, but as I commented on earlier, they want this to keep control, because memes get past the spam filters and censor bots. A $15,000 fine for that is more than assinine. I really don't think I could say it more clearly. AND, I'll therefore try to get as many of my own going that no one can lay a claim to and make them public domain in a way they can't be copyrighted by a random KIKE and stolen, they have clearly stated that is how they are going to enforce the $15,000 fine -

Here is how it goes: YOU post a meme using a photo that is YOURS, of YOUR BABY. You don't copyright it. A Jew then finds your meme, copyrights it, and slams you with a $15,000 fine. That's exactly what this is, it is an abomination and I am not going to pull any punches about who's doing it, it is SPECIFICALLY the Jews, (who steal anything they can) operating via subversive elements in America's government to pass abomidable legislation and screw the public, - which only wants to live legitimately, - TO DEATH.

If you get nailed by this, take your gripes DIRECTLY to the local synagogue, and remember, the "law" (which they own) will not be on your side, you had damn well better bring witnesses and plan it well.

CLAIM: They can't stop Ebola because people fear the government is the cause of the disease

Well, well, I wonder why? Perhaps because after that GOVERNMENT MANDATED "vaccine" Bobby stopped talking and playing the piano, and now only spins, howls, and drools. Aah yes, and I am "anti science" for pointing that out!

I'll say people avoiding the government, even over ebola, is a DAMN GOOD THING because it proves that "vaccine damage" is not just rumor, it is instead a readily observed reality. Only no, because the shots are NOT vaccines at all, which is why people who get them have no better chance of avoiding the diseases many claim to prevent, than the general public.

Knowing this, the scamming leftists that unilaterally push this crap rightfully claim "vaccines" are not causing "autism" because they know the shots are NOT vaccines, and the end result is NOT autism, it is instead a brain injury that mimics the symptoms of autism. See how that works? and they feel good about themselves, because they never lied! It's called satan speak!

YES, I BELIEVE the fact that "Baltimore is a rodent infested mess" is 100 percent ENTIRELY "Trump's fault" and that it is indeed a reason to cry live on CNN when Trump points it out, and then subsequently blame it on him. It's called satan speak!

I used to respect Muslims

However, what they are doing to Europe and the United States, while Ilhan Omar divorces her husband, and Rashida Tlaib (probably a Sephardic Jew) but you can't say that about Omar . . . . . by their works, you will know them and I am seeing nothing but horse sh*t come out of the Islamic community, in the United States, Europe, and everywhere else BUT IRAN. Gee, is that why Israel wants Iran wiped out? Because they are Muslim and decent? - that's beside the point, I did not get onto this rant to pump up Iran . . . . .

NOT SO DEAR SUNNI ISLAMIC COMMUNITY: I once respected you, but you are turning my gut like a paint shaker, I am DISGUSTED at the subway attacks, the acid attacks, the rapes, the welfare - which you receive while pumping your assumed superiority while you rip the guts out of the civilization that proved itself superior before your invasion. Are you really too stupid to see you are being used as a weapon by the Jews, to destroy Western civilization? It is working, Minnesota used to be a nice place! And I know damn well the Jewish community in Minnesota is 100 percent responsible for what is happening there, I was in the Jewish community in Canada and could not figure out why they were focusing on Minnesota so closely back in the mid-2000's and now I know why! Just look at Ilhan Omar, from the land of the pirates. There is the answer.


So sue me for a meme.


A few quick things -

Nunes claimed there is collusion between the Democrats and Russia. He's right. If a Democrat accuses you of anything, it will be that which the Democrat is doing. Who sold uranium to Russia? A Democrat. Who gave America's secrets to Russia and the Communists? a Democrat. And what do Democrats consistently try to do? Answer: They consistently try to put the same systems and programs in place, in the United States, that Russia had. People can at least see that, and the fact that this is true ought to make it obvious the real Russian collusion is being done by those who have emulated the old communist systems the best. I will say it again: Communist Russia is not dead. Their president is a former KGB agent. Anyone see anything wrong with that?

There is a rumor going on about the Navy colluding with ISIS I'd say it is highly credible. The rumor is that the reason why there has been so much Army activity in DC and the recent construction of a new top secret facility to house them in DC is because the Navy is compromised, and was going to try to assassinate Trump by using "Isis" proxies the Navy trained to do it. I'd say that there is a high probability this is true. I thought from the beginning it was all about a hit on Trump, and who could possibly be enough of a threat to activate the Army? Who founded ISIS? Obama. Who fired all those generals and put in place traitors? Obama. Most likely, the Army was the cleanest thing left. And that is why they were the ones who got activated.

The supreme court approved and allowed funding for the construction of 100 miles of NEW border wall Don't get you hopes up however, America's system is so subverted by those who collude with Russia that Trump, a real American, is going to have trouble, even with the approval of the highest court in the land.

Instagram has banned memes. CLAIM: THIS IS HOW RUSSIANS SWAY ELECTIONS - WITH MEMES. FACT: memes bypass the censors. They can't find them fast enough to stop them, the way text based censor functions can. People have to actually track down and kill memes. So since memes are a way for people to get around censors, THEY ARE RUSSIAN, BAN THEM.

Loop right back to that one key word: DISPLACEMENT.

This is the raw link for the video mentioned below, which for some reason does not work as a clickable link. Copy/paste:

It is worth it.

Never thought I'd see this: VIDEO: Bear really does steal entire dumpster from cannabis shop

In the linked report, a bear broke into a fenced off garbage dumpster area that was owned by a cannabis shop, and stole the entire dumpster. One sniff of that dumpster and he knew he wanted it. CRAZY.


Folks, if they were fixable this would not be possible. MARK MY WORD: Boeing's SJW MAX is going to kill the company, they won't get over it. Shit on "whitie" PAY THE PRICE.

And I am a disgusting "SUPREMACIST" for saying it, RIGHT? Oh, yes, I am probably the target of one of those "white supremacist terror" FBI investigations that was stated to be taking almost all their time. They sure are not after real terrorists if they are chasing the myth of "white supremacists groups", all they are instead doing is trolling forums and censoring blogs, there sure as hell is no real "terror", hell, they can't even get a patsy framed with that.

That said, if Boeing cannot back away from that which caused their current problem - social justice warriors getting rid of "angry white males" and replacing them with far more qualified "engineers" from "shithole countries", Boeing is going to crash like the Hindenberg, WATCH IT HAPPEN.

And yes, I am angry, because I hate to see the country going to sh*t!

I still do not believe Ginsburg is alive

Her funeral was had. She was also registered dead, but I was off on her age by two years and as a result, did not realize it was her death record when I found it a few months ago. That's expunged now . . . . .

Anyway, deep fakes and body doubles are a reality, and any talk of her "commenting" on anything and "appearing in videos" will be declared BUNK, PERMANENTLY around here, I don't buy it, she can't go from where she was to spring chicken, she'd be a LOT easier to fake than Elvis and that's all there is to it. What would it take to keep the supreme court in line? Probably only Epstein at this point. A good body double would also do it, and they had plenty of time to arrange that.

Anything, ANYTHING AT ALL to deny Trump another SCOTUS pick.

Erdogan did not have a heart attack and is obviously not dead

Rumors were going around that Erdogan had a heart attack and may have died, and three different Arab media outlets reported it as fact. However, it cannot be true if This RT report has him commenting on the F-35, TODAY.

So it looks like good ol Adnan is not going to get A9 TV back on the air again any time soon.

Iran missile test

I figured I'd mention this so people did not think I missed it. Yesterday I had no comment because it was not one of Iran's good ones When they shoot off some of their good stuff to make a point, I'll worry about it. You know - something good enough to damn near cross the Pacific.

Iran can strike Europe with ease. Little "Israel teasers" simply don't amuse me.

I am not at my best today, obviously

I ate some bad GENERIC hamburger helper last night and it gave me the shakes and a horrible headache this morning, so I am making lots of errors. The snake UFO report is not supposed to be all headline text. I can't get onto the server now to fix it, I'll have to do that later.

Many people who read this site know I programmed my own front end for this site that allows me to post whatever I want into the front page without actually being on the server, the same way a Facebook account allows people to post, without actually logging into the server. I did not want to pay for code I did not trust, so I set up my own. I kept it basic to save time and cannot make edits until I actually log into the server to change them. Having the site set up this way makes me look like I am just a reader and it is too hard to locate me over the web and wreck the connection when I am blended in with everyone else. That's what "combat mode" is. If I actually log into the server, they know exactly who it is and things get whacked frequently. The two different modes use different hardware on my end also, and the hardware that allows me to actually log in is out of airtime.

Anyway, so the following is all headline and I can't fix it now.


My opinion: This looks like an ultralight or a fairly powerful drone dragging a string of super bright LED lights behind it, including even how the light stream breaks up into sections, which would happen when the LED's blowing in the wind flipped the wrong way. Add a team effort and prankster camera operator and Voila! "Snake UFO". I do not believe this, especially when the first was obviously just a long mylar "rocket balloon".

Venezuela just hit the range where I can say they probably have 100 percent power restored

If the power does not fail, there is a good chance they really were hit by a localized EMP at Guri. The lightning arrestors would have tripped everything out and prevented damage, (this is not the 70's anymore, ) and I did not see any reports of downed power lines or destroyed transformers. To get back to where they are now so quickly strongly implies that they were in fact not lying about an EMP. I did not expect this, and initially called B.S.

All modern power systems, even those in Mexico, have lightning arrestors that (usually) prevent lightning strikes from getting into transformers and into homes. They will simply detect the high voltage and shunt it out. The same systems could likely handle an EMP also. Even the line filters you can get to protect your computer have these in them. It is very simple with today's tech. Since ALL distribution transformers are already in faraday cages to prevent them from emitting noise into the neighborhood, having a shunt on the power lines is all it will take to immediately send an EMP to ground. That will totally trip the system out, but it won't likely destroy anything. Venezuela's quick re-start of the entire grid followed the timeline for "everything tripped out, and it took a while (but acceptable time) to replace a few components and turn it all back on."

In my initial post I stated that we would have to wait and see what happened, but I was skeptical it was an EMP. Now I am not so sure. I doubt a virus got in again, they probably have the system hardened against this and if that be the case, with no destroyed equipment anywhere (if no reports of this surface and as of today they have not), an EMP is really the only other possibility.

OOPS, double post and I cannot fix it now.

The left has officially confirmed that the only way to handle them is to seal all exits from the house, and have Kurdi Bear wipe them out with his BIG D-9


CNN: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!"

The House: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!" Kamala Harris: "Trump has abused his power trying to free a black rapper in Sweden."

Yep, the left don't jive, they are far too disjointed, dishonest, and RACIST to ever "jive". Conflicts like this happen constantly when "convenience of comment" takes total precedent over what has been said by them before, and they do nothing but lie. Party of the KKK all the way!


CNN: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!"

The House: "Trump is a RACIST. He's the KKK. He hates Minorities. He has DIVIDED AMERICA!!!" Kamala Harris: "Trump has abused his power trying to free a black rapper in Sweden."

Yep, the left don't jive, they are far too disjointed, dishonest, and RACIST to ever "jive". Conflicts like this happen constantly when "convenience of comment" takes total precedent over what has been said by them before, and they do nothing but lie. Party of the KKK all the way!

I will fix this later, this should be on top

The connection got interrupted so I had to drop this down here

To make it clear what we are seeing in that video, and corrected picture:

It is a plastic covered mattress that was not cleaned after whatever sheets were on it were entirely soaked in blood, which is spread evenly across the top of the mattress, but is darker on the sides, where it could flow down and dry without the sheets smearing the dark spots out. The top part is evenly red simply because the sheets were so soaked they spread the blood like a paint brush. The plastic coating kept it all even, which is why there's not a super dark patch anywhere (there would be if the mattress was exposed to soak it up). What we have here is plastic that looks the same as the plastic you'd pull off a pack of bloody meat.

To get a sheet soaked enough to make a plastic wrapped mattress look like that clearly means someone died. We're dealing with people who clearly enjoyed raping until they ripped kids guts out, and then they subsequently kept frolicking in the blood.

What better thing could you ever blackmail someone with than a video of them doing THAT? We all know about Adrenochrome, facial masks, and frazzledrip, now welcome to the bloody rape to death bed, that's the only way such a scene could exist.

Someone managed to get a drone up close to the "temple" on pedo island

Remember the original drone footage, where you could see what looked like ladders inside and not much more? someone dared to lose a drone and got it right up to the glass. Just around the corner from that scaffolding you can see in the original drone video there is a stack of mattresses and the top one has blood from end to end. Whatever happened on that bed probably was fatal for someone. THE VIDEO IS HERE, this is the end of Epstein, it confirms it all.

How the above image was rendered: First I downloaded the 720P version of the video (because that is all my computer can display anyway) and played it back on the SM video player slowed down to about a frame a second. I paused and captured on the clearest frame.

With the Gimp image editor, I then did an automatic color enhance on the bed (because the drone was fighting glass glare which dropped contrast significantly and washed the colors out). I used default settings and did not specifically enhance red. I then did an auto white balance to get rid of more glass haze, and to get rid of the rest of the glass haze I selected a place in the image that I figured ought to be black (the speaker port) and with that as a reference set the black levels to +19 (out of 255 value levels). As you can see, the image actually skewed blue due to the effects of the water and the bed still came up red. BUSTED.

SJW poison strikes Iran

Iran has fronted a "womens" soccer team with 8 guys awaiting sex changes on it. I think this is probably real. Iran has mandatory sex changes for anyone trans, you can either decide you are not a girl, or you are going to be a non functioning version of one. File this under YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

UPDATE: If Epstein was found in the fetal position, that's a defense posture which means he got attacked. It was not a "suicide attempt" no matter what they try to claim now that this got out. A possible attacker is now being questioned.

UPDATE TO THE FOLLOWING, SEE THIS he is very likely to be severely brain damaged. He may or may not live.



Yeah, you know, that Mueller thing did not go too well, let's get rid of Epstein - it could only help.

A cool thought: What if the Mossad takes out the Clintons for killing Epstein? That would be EPIC.


The following is the intro of a 48 page indictment of Mueller by Congressman Louie Gohmert


by Congressman Louie Gohmert

Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.

I do not make these statements lightly. Each time I prepared to question Mueller during Congressional hearings, the more concerned I became about his work ethic. Then as I went back to begin compiling all that information in order to recount personal interactions with Mueller, the more clearly the big picture began to come into focus. At one point I had to make the decision to stop adding to this or it would turn into a far too lengthy project. My goal was to share some first-hand information as other Republican Members of Congress had requested, adding, "You seem to know so much about him."

This article is prepared from my viewpoint to help better inform the reader about the Special Prosecutor leading the effort to railroad President Donald J. Trump through whatever manufactured charge he can allege. Judging by Mueller's history, it doesn't matter who he has to threaten, harass, prosecute or bankrupt to get someone to be willing to allege something - anything - about our current President, it certainly appears Mueller will do what it takes to bring down his target, ethically, or unethically, based on my findings. What does former Attorney General Eric Holder say? Sounds like much the same thing I just said.

Holder: "I've known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years; my guess is he's just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can." Holder does know him. He has seen Mueller at work when Holder was obstructing justice and acting in contempt of Congress. He knows Mueller's FBI framed innocent people and had no remorse in doing so. Let's look at what we know.

What I have accumulated here is absolutely shocking upon the realization that Mueller's disreputable, twisted history speaks to the character of the man placed in a position to attempt to legalize a coup against a lawfully-elected President. Any Republican who says anything resembling, "Bob Mueller will do a good job as Special Counsel, " "Bob Mueller has a great reputation for being fair, " or anything similar;

(A) wants President Trump indicted for something and removed from office regardless of his innocence;

(B) is intentionally ignorant of the myriad of outrageous problems permeating Mueller's professional history; or

(C) is cultivating future Democrat votes when he or she comes before the Senate someday for a confirmation hearing.

There is simply too much clear and convincing information available to the contrary. Where other writers have set out information succinctly, I have quoted them, with proper attribution. My goal is to help you see what I have found.

This is sure to be worth a look. Read the rest HERE

Another update to below:

As it turns out, India's lander is disposable. It is only designed to last a day. Hopefully it will at least do that.

Update to below:

First of all, I am glad Israel's crashed, because they don't deserve to succeed after destroying the civilization that invented it all to begin with. I'll be blunt about it - they are absolute moral slobs that don't deserve success in ANYTHING.

Second of all: If the Indian rover succeeds (and I am actually hoping it does) it will be because India is a lot better at sorting the wheat from the chaff than an SJW at Boeing is. Some of the Indian people are capable of this mission. If it succeeds, it will be because India knew their cultures well enough to pick from them "the right stuff". Enough said.

VERY COOL: India set to put rover on moon, so far so good

We will have to wait and see what it does once it gets there. Maybe it will work. If it does, I'm gonna throw a party, because Israel's crashed. Anyway . . . .

I had wondered why they chose the lunar south pole for this. The answer should have been obvious - because if they put it there, it will not have to survive a long lunar night. All they have to do is keep it out of the shadows and it will be fine. It would be VERY cool if it managed to get meaningful distance behind it before it goes kablooey. We'll have to wait and see how it does.

I'd laugh my *ss off if that thing landed near something that was supposed to be secret, India would be a lot less likely to cover it up, AND, let's see if the damn thing has resolution better than a flip phone. Seems Nasa can't manage that, and has to put a whole bunch of tiny images together to make a big one. Ridiculous.

By the way, before anyone screams fake, keep in mind that you won't see stars in the sky, nor will you see any real color, the moon lacks an atmosphere and therefore all you are likely to see is shades of light gray and brown, and stark black. That won't make it fake.

I just figured out how they are going to shut down the alt web:

This is a multi step process. Here are the steps:

1. Make it so that it appears the large corporations are going to be held responsible for EVERYTHING their users post. (only that never happens, the rules are for someone else) but pegging it on the big guys makes it look benign.

2. Make it so ANYONE can copyright ANYTHING that is not explicitly copyrighted, even if they did not own it to begin with. Cute cat pic the owner posted and never copyrighted? CHECK. Bar-b-q photo of family party that makes good meme fodder, got posted, and no one copyrighted? CHECK. Make it so anyone combing the web can copyright whatever they find, and call it theirs. THAT HAPPENED.

3. Then, just sit back and let The Case Act pass, which will open the door for anyone who illegitimately copyrighted something they did not even produce, to sue you for using it. Even if the original poster gave you explicit permission. Once someone else copyrights it, it does not belong to the creator. That's how screwed up and subverted the American system is.

4. Then have trolls comb through all the memes finding out who posted them and where they got posted, and prosecute every incident to the tune of $15, 000 each. That will BANKRUPT absolutely everyone who's not Facebook, Google, or some other tech left tyrant. THAT IS THE PLAN FOLKS, DO NOT LET THE CASE ACT PASS.

The following post is a messed up version of the one above, scroll past it, I'll fix this later

I just figured out how they are going to shut down the alt web:

This is a multi step process. Here are the steps:, /h1> 1. Make it so that it appears the large corporations are going to be held responsible for EVERYTHING their users post. (only that never happens, the rules are for someone else) but pegging it on the big guys makes it look benign.

2. Make it so ANYONE can copyright ANYTHING that is not explicitly copyrighted, even if they did not own it to begin with. Cute cat pic the owner posted and never copyrighted? CHECK. Bar-b-q photo of family party that makes good meme fodder, got posted, and no one copyrighted? CHECK. Make it so anyone combing the web can copyright whatever they find, and call it theirs. THAT HAPPENED.

3. Then, just sit back and let The Case Act pass, which will open the door for anyone who illegitimately copyrighted something they did not even produce, to sue you for using it. Even if the original poster gave you explicit permission. Once someone else copyrights it, it does not belong to the creator. That's how screwed up and subverted the American system is.

4. Then have trolls comb through all the memes finding out who posted them and where they got posted, and prosecute every incident to the tune of $15, 000 each. That will BANKRUPT absolutely everyone who's not Facebook, Google, or some other tech left tyrant. THAT IS THE PLAN FOLKS, DO NOT LET THE CASE ACT PASS.

One thing I have wanted to point out for a while -

Very few countries have power that is as stable as the United States. Iceland, Australia, and several countries in Europe including Britian have extremely stable power. And before Venezuela got attacked, their power was as stable as the United States and Europe.

From a power stability standpoint, there are then second tier countries, where it is very stable but not perfectly stable. Israel is on that list, along with Mexico, Russia, China, Brazil, and a lot of Europe. Iran is also on that list. There won't be any perceived problems with the power in these countries, but they don't totally flatline with PERFECT delivery all the time.

What's the point with saying this? The point is that the U.S. made the claim that Venezuela had a crappy grid and poor power delivery, when at the time the claim was made, it was one of the few countries on the absolute top tier of perfectly flat and stable delivery. This was done with ease by Venezuela, due to the fact that they had Guri running like a top.

Now they are on what I'd call tier 3, where the lights are mostly on, but there are problems serious enough to affect industry, which needs stable power to remain profitable. When industries lose power, even for five seconds, the cost can be millions of dollars because anything being made at the time will be lost, and then you have to start everything up again, which causes even more waste and lost time. There is no way Venezuela went from having spotless power to tier 3 overnight, and for the U.S. to sit and harp about "those poor Venezuelans with their crappy power" after the United States sabotaged them comes off, to me, as even worse than the Dem's show today with Mueller. It is disgusting, and with Gollum as a bench mark, it can be fairly stated that Gollum was in fact more honest.

Venezuela could be, (I guess) blamed for putting all their eggs in one basket - Guri. This left them vulnerable to outside attack and acts of war. To knock the country dark, just take out that ONE facility. Such a thing is not possible in the United States, where there are countless generating facilities, or even Iran, which was not as stable as Venezuela, but was stable enough and at least has multiple generation points. Venezuela was an example of "all is well, as long as no enemies take us out". And they now can't get out of that trap. They are stuck. Their greatest asset has now become a liability, they can be put over a barrel on a whim.

Nothing but a show to get idiots to support a push for impeachement

There will be a bell curve with what went on with Mueller today, that will have an IQ skew to it that is affected by people's political bias. If you are a dishonest lying liberal in this case, and have an IQ of 150+ you'll say yes, Trump should be impeached. That will skew the curve left. However, if you have an IQ of about 90+ and at least paid attention to everything that went on, and are not a lying scamming liberal, you'll conclude that Mueller dragged everything and everyone on the left is a treasonous bastard That will skew the curve to the right. Below an IQ of 90, and things may get confusing because of the shit show, regardless of who's side you are on, so there's no way to know which way that group is going to swing it. So here is the outcome of today's Mueller show:

You have to take all the idiots and all the scammers of all intelligence levels and put them on Mueller's side of the impeachment equation. Then, add to them about 50 percent of people with an IQ below 90 who might swing either way or are libs and liars, and add them to the scammers on the left. Take that number and subtract it from everyone on the right who, even if they had an IQ below 90 would side with Trump no matter what and add them to everyone else with an IQ over 90 who could see the bullshit, and are honest also. If, when all the liars and Trump hating idiots are subtracted from the second number, you still have a positive number, the bell curve skews right, and America wins. My guess: America wins, today's show got the left NOTHING.

But it was unsettling to say the very least, the left simply has no limits to the depths they will plunge, and that is a threat because those who are intellectually weak and/or lazy are easy to pull into a hole. If they can scrounge up even 30 percent of the population in their favor, (and they probably can) they will successfully steal an election that goes 70 percent against them. That's the real problem - un-checked corruption. We can't seem to get rid of it. Therefore in America's case, Democracy has a good chance of failing.

To the people at Rumor Mill News, WAKE UP:

I did not want to be this direct with a particular web site, but your donations are TOTALLY whacked and either getting blocked or skimmed by 80 percent or more. Maybe they'll back off on stealing for a brief period of time after I post this (whatever they think it takes for manipulating perceptions) but I pay attention to several web sites that post what comes in, and have a full record of how their finances trend. In July and early August, Rumormill News did not match the historic trends (I am talking about a year ago, ) and since the site stats show that everything is "normal" a sudden falloff in what is received is not possible absent outside tampering. They do it to this site, they do it to EVERYONE but why is it that I am seemingly the only one that can do statistics and trends, and extrapolate what is going on?

FACT: RMN was statistically supposed to receive approximately $1, 600 - $2600 MINIMUM since the beginning of August without mentioning anything at all and simply posting the "widget". Why did that not happen? RMN is not suddenly unpopular. WAKE UP. Yes, all your large donations are going straight into the abyss, you used to get multiple $500+ donations every month, why did that stop?