And all the filthy repubs that are total swamp will be off the hook and smelling like roses. Trump will be gone. Pence will resign. Pelosi will take over if this happens.

The timing of all of this is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

Trump looked excellent at the Pennsylvania rally

If there was any issue with poisoning, it is probably not an issue now. He seemed defiant about the impeachment and IG report but it remains to be seen if that alone will cut it.

Trump rally in Hershey PA live stream I am going to watch at least a portion of this to see how he is doing. If he comes off great it will say a lot about whatever threats he is under or if he's been poisoned. I want to know. STARTS AT 7 PM EASTERN

If they succeed in stopping Trump, either now or over the next 5 years this site will change

There won't be any point in running it to warn people because the communists are going to bulldoze everything and start the genocide. And there WILL be a genocide. People may think I have been a little too explicit with some of the stuff I have said, but clearly, definitely, I have not said enough considering the severity of what we all face. Here is exactly what they are going to do to accomplish the genocide:

The ridiculous wooden homes which are an anomaly world wide and I can say "pathetic" compared to even an adobe mud home, are going to be flown over by helicopters and burned 20, 000 at a time. People will be running, and if they are white, they'll simply be loaded up in their desperation and done away with.

People need to realize just what kind of pathetic danger they are in because Americans allowed wood framed homes to become normalized. This was one of the primary accomplishments of the masons. You cannot have a home that you can't be burned out of like a little pig, even if it has a brick face, which is MANDATED BY LAW IN THE UNITED STATES TO NOT BE ABLE TO STAND WITHOUT THE WOOD BEHIND IT. That's a MANDATE. Why?

In America, even "brick homes" are fake and will collapse in a fire. How good is that going to do you when you're trying to make a stand?


Even with America being the "better country" and a shining example of "quality" Mexicans DO NOT build wooden homes, they are all brick and concrete. Why? Ask yourself WHY. And wake up - your guns are not going to save you on the day the communists burn it all down, and the communists are not a rumor, they are impeaching Trump RIGHT NOW.

Let's be realistic here. If Trump is gone and nothing is cleaned up and you don't run, you are dead. You may be able to shoot a thug at the door, but you'll never take on a helicopter that flies over at 3 AM and burns an entire city down. That's possible in the U.S. and Canada, but no where else in the Americas, WHY? the conspiracy is a lot older than you think.

Why I am concerned about the FISA report, in a nut shell:

Because it clearly stated everything done that was illegal, and then pawned everything off on "mistakes" or "coincidence" or "procedural errors" or "not following rules" and then exonerated everyone, with no one to be punished.

That's death folks. Put a fork in it, they stated their corruption blatantly to our faces and said SO WHAT. And nothing will happen. THE. END.

So what about what it says about all the bad things done, if there is going to be no action, SO WHAT.

I have mentioned the three cities repeatedly on this site.

One of them is Racine Wisconsin, another is Burlington Vermont and I don't know what the third is.

The three cities were identical counterparts built in Russia, so Russians could grow up in them and then infiltrate the United States with a perfect recollection of their "home town". Bernie Sanders is one of these infiltrators and this report that appeared in the Jewish publication "Forward" screwed up and revealed this fact, right at the bottom of the article, after joking about it above.


Cold war communists from Russia have infiltrated the government sufficiently enough to render Trump impotent, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it if even Bernie is one. And by gosh, THEY ARE ALL JEWISH.

Too depressed to do anything

I am so upset after the hoax IG report that I have basically been rendered useless. What can I say? the only answer: all the conspiracy theorists were absolutely correct, and we lost. As it turned out, all the manipulations including "tinfoil hat" did the job. I am not going to say "if this" or "if that" or "someone said this or that and it proves they are guilty so they will fry", all of it is B.S. folks, it appears it is time to put a fork in it.

Trump wanted to drain the swamp. He did not know what the swamp even was, and that instead, it was a borg cube. Far beyond his ability to handle.

He'll tinker around with one or two people who are not totally corrupted and also not totally committed, do his time, probably get poisoned (if not already) and then the so called "elite" - right down to your local rabbi, are going to get even with us for ever threatening them with Trump. The great purge will then proceed, and to keep people shut up about it, they'll just use the same bag of tricks including "tinfoil hat" when anyone exposes them, and it will work. Put a fork in it, WE ARE DONE.

No more pretty "But Q says" bullshit, if it does not get results it did not happen at all.

Comey spelled Corney is NOT an OCR problem.

I pulled the document clearly saying "comey" into open office, changed the font and it then showed 'Corney". That's not OCR folks, but if the lie is enough of a diversion, OCR it will be. Damn the trolls.

It is a specifically different font, done out of spite for whatever reason. And they got caught. Now they are lying. You can clearly see it is a different font specifically made for this, and not OCR. And watch anything at all happen. It will be as I said, the deep state will take zero hits, and they are now going to try to flush Trump. I expected this but did not expect them to be so brazen about it. The fact they were this brazen only proves we are totally screwed and cannot use the system to fix the system.

This image is VERY IMPORTANT so I am putting it right on top again

Explanation: Comey's name is not in the Fisa release, instead a font was made to make an R and an N appear to be an M so in a search only typing "Corney" will make Comey appear to show up. If you copy/paste "Comey" out of the document, it pastes as "Corney". Additionally, elsewhere in the document there is similar play with other words that are very important. This is huge, because it invalidates the document from a legal perspective. See this:

If we got this kind of childish play from official government agencies with something this important, we are screwed. The corruption and contempt is so deep it is irreparable.

Claudia's message and thanks:

I want to thank you all from my heart for contributing so we can take care of my glasses and my health issue that requires me to wear prescription compression tights. It felt really nice to receive your help and all your wishes. You made a much better Christmas for me.

15 years ago a doctor prescribed me dosage of 2000 mg Cortisol twice daily, and it destroyed my health. A normal (very high) cortisol dose for use in emergencies is 50 MG and because there were no dispensaries that had cortisol in such a high dose (2000 mg)-the doctor gave it to me. At that time I did not realize what it was, I just thought he was being nice by making it easy to get the prescription.

My insert: At that time, Claudia was extremely influential in a powerful organization, and I have no doubt a saboteur doctor wrecked her on purpose to prevent her influence in that organization with a specially prepared dosage (for hits on people) that is such a high dose no one sells it. Only the elites and Jews would have access to that. The dose was so powerful it made her grow 4 inches taller and increase 2 shoe sizes. It ended with her having to have surgery to fix veins in her legs and a stroke which she recovered from. She was sent to the doctor on advice from someone she met briefly and I believe that doctor prescribed the cortisol from a temporary office for the sole purpose of destroying her to stop her work and then he vanished. Unfortunately, Claudia did not know what cortisol at that high a dose does.

Claudia's message continues:

The cortisol destroyed my health and caused many problems I suffered from badly for years. Fortunately I have since found a very good doctor who made it possible to avoid the corrupted medical system and she saved my life.

My advice is if you have a health condition don't use the mainstream medical system, they will probably steal all your money and wreck you as a result of their "treatment", try to find a doctor who's intentions are to cure you rather than to keep you coming back. The good doctors are the ones who are actually licensed, but in addition to their standard medical ability they offer alternative treatments such as homeopathic, acupuncture, and herbalist treatments.

Once again I want to thank you for your help, and also to wish you a merry Christmas.

Request: Though I appreciate the thought, don't spam this site to forums.

That is happening now. It does no good and only triggers content bans. This site is officially banned practically everywhere but if people copy paste what is here without the address, that actually gets the word out. It won't increase hits to the site, but the site is traveled well enough anyway. Providing the name of this site is only detrimental on many forums, re-posting what is here only helps (overall, not the site itself)

Trump called the Fisa release proof of an attempted coup

And he's right, because it exonerated EVERYONE and NO ONE is going to fry. Additionally, he missed the fact that Comey was never mentioned. That one thing, right there, proves it is not only all lies and sedition and coverup, it is a mockery. Corney? That did not happen by accident.

I am so deeply angered I am boiling and I am also depressed, if "Corney" is what we got at this stage of the game, We are screwed, glued, and tattooed.

Well, the Fisa report JUST DROPPED

and despite wanting to ignore it I could not resist and combed it for goodies.

UPDATE: I am shamed to admit I peeked at what I knew would be crap, AND IT IS STUPID FAR BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS. I think it actually broke the law. Additionally it has key critical redactions that don't have anything to do with national security at all. I predict full on frontal GARBAGE.


You can't even search "Comey" in the document, if you want to find "Comey" you have to type "Corney". What an insult!!!


Both normal R's and normal N's appear throughout the document which means a special R and a special N were made in the font that don't use the R and the N keys to get a fake "M" to show. Take a look, it is obvious.

With deception at this high a level in plain sight, it proves this document is not trustworthy. They actually made a special font to prevent "Comey" from ever being actually named in it. This also prevents searches for "Comey" from working.

This report is brilliantly written sh*t speak so perfect it flaunts legitimacy like a transvestite "bake my cake" lawsuit yet is so fake Comey's not even in it. It comes off as so pristine and so legit it makes my blood boil, because it is not even a whitewash, it is from a legal perspective a useless document.


Why is this important? Because it makes a practical thermopile possible. Here is how one would work:

You would plate a conductive surface with copper, then nickel, then this metal that does not conduct heat, then another layer of copper, then nickel, until you have 500 layers and all you'd need to do after that is get it hot and it will produce electricity with no fuss or mess or energy loss, with 500 layers and copper/nickel it would be easy to push it to 100 volts.

Today's thermopiles have a problem - they only allow the extraction of electricity via differences in temperature. The thermoelectric effect happens when two dissimilar metals are connected to each other and then heated, and far away from where the heat is you can then extract electricity. However, since every conductor known has either had a very high resistance or been a great conductor of heat, you waste so much heat via heat conduction in the metal (which then has to be thrown away so you have a cool place to hook up to,) that thermoelectric junctions have never been more than a few percent efficient. If this new metal that does not conduct heat is used, it can simply connect to the electricity producing metals and allow the electricity to be taken without losing the heat that produced the electricty to begin with. That would be a game changer that would kill off the solar panel industry - all you'd need is your old 10 foot satellite dish and a little tinfoil to concentrate the sun on the thermopile and you'd get thousands (and thousands) of watts.

This could also be used on a nuclear powered space ship with a microwave or light thruster to make it possible to move quickly without losing mass by blowing ions or fuel into space.


Ha ha, and here is Paddock experiencing "life after death" in an Atlantic City casino AFTER vegas. 10 second video, less than a megabyte. PROVES THE SCAM OF VEGAS IN ONE WHACK. This is nothing new to anyone who reads this site.

In the video, someone who recognizes paddock sneaks a cell phone recording of him gambling across the table with his filipino sweetie (now a confirmed FBI agent) AFTER VEGAS, and our friend with the camera was smart enough to put the casino's daily schedule proving the date into the video with Paddock.

Obviously the FBI or whoever shot up the harvest festival, and then later fake alt media hatched a Saudi line. FACT: if Paddock was in another casino later, and his GF is now proven FBI, Paddock was FBI and that's the entire story. The people were killed from helicopters and that is that, with the windows in Paddock's room kicked out later.



A "fair" election is one in which Jews "vote early and vote often" and only the votes that go in favor of the Jew get counted. Any attempt to shift the outcome away from this is called "election rigging".

Well, today there won't be a "fisa drop", if anything drops it will be watered down B.S. (prediction there) and they will proceed with "impeachment

I am confident the next election will be stolen if the coup succeeds, and that a "fair" election is one that goes the way the Bolshevik Jews dictate, because if you are not a Jew you are an animal in human form and there's no such thing as "your vote" in a "fair" election.

REMEMBER THIS AND PREPARE: If America gets a "fair" election in 2020, it will be followed by a genocide similar to Ukraine except with more people to wipe out, America is a far more populous country than Russia was, and the disaster will be that much worse. See the Deagel report, it only reflects a genocide but they went light on that aspect of it. And it will be 100 percent Jewish backed, let's not kid ourselves with this. And don't get caught up in "the Orthodox jews are not doing this, it is the leftists" - My own experience in that community proved without a doubt it is the Orthodox and Sephards spearheading it all, with the leftists simply being morally depracated losers who can only stage a tranny story time or gay pride parade or throw money at planned parenthood, the real damage is being done by the Orthodox community.

So what do you do about it? Here is reality: If they take the next election, don't pay attention to them screaming about how only losers won't accept the results (that's a classic with them) realize IN FULL it was stolen hook line and sinker and DO NOT HONOR THE ELECTION. Instead, PUT IT RIGHT. If you don't put it right, your kids are going to be wrecked on purpose both physically via shots (or whatever) and mentally via a social mind wipe, while you rot in a grave.

FACT: Though the detention facilities are large, they can't even come close to being enough to contain all the people the Jews have openly stated they want gone. They already accomplished killing off an enormous percentage of the white population via brainwashing of the women, who then sought abortions and subsequently destroyed their families in "divorce court" - courts of a type that never had a place in America's history and are an absolute tragedy for the country and especially the men who were totally blindsided by the vicious corruption those courts represent and how corruptible the women were - the damage has been severe - and even after that, the Jews did not get enough. They want total annihilation of the white race and total replacement and will keep being "progressive" toward that goal until it is accomplished. "Change" and "progress" are the words the enemy uses to trick people because people automatically accept "progress" as a step in a positive direction, not a progressive step toward their destruction. The ruse worked.

What to do if they successfully oust Trump and stage a "fair" election:

If you get your guns taken, you go around and tell EVERYONE, you don't sit there in shame and guilt over whatever they claimed you did to get them taken. Shame and guilt are weapons they use, with them everything is weaponized. Don't stay silent in shame. You go out and scream it to the world and warn EVERYONE. First they came for my brother's guns, and no one did anything because "my brother was a nutcase". Then they came for the neighbors guns, and no one did anything because a pathetic scamming spouse made it "necessary" to take them in "divorce court" and they were not sure he was not an abuser. Then they got the guns away from my buddy at work, and I wondered about that but still did nothing because I was worried about myself, THEN THEY GOT MY GUNS AND ALL OF US VANISHED ONE BY ONE, INCLUDING ME. Here I am, standing in front of a trench, waiting for the next volley of kill shots.

If you don't think that can happen in today's political climate, you are a totally useless pathetic disgusting whack job. Go to hell.

Yes, it is time to say it like it is.

Do not tolerate ANYONE losing their guns. They really are the last stand against the Jewish community, which deeply fears the gun. They have destroyed everything else. They shipped your jobs overseas, handed what jobs remained to H1-B outsiders and illegals, gave all America's tech to China via the takeover of all American companies which they accomplished via censored and compromised communications and not real skill, and THEN sent all the manufacturing overseas which made it "necessary" to tell them EVERYTHING. They destroyed 90 percent of the families and put an enormous number of women on antidepressants merely because the women got depressed and felt like shit over what they were tricked into doing and perhaps they don't even know why they feel that way - they destroyed your churches and badly damaged your children with tainted shots, rigged your elections, scammed you with obscene property costs and rents, hijacked and weaponized the medical system into a tool of financial destruction and THEN called you a loser when you ended up homeless, or suffered a similar disaster. I won't even get into 911 and their many other crimes -

The bottom line is that the Jews are responsible for it all, and then spew the tired old line: If you are not happy with your life, it is YOUR FAULT because of the decisions you made. OH REALLY.

Actually no. The average joe is not "happy with his life" because those bastards robbed him blind, wrecked his health where possible and sent his family into the shitter. They set up artificial scenarios that got the average joe buried in debt crying over family losses and jacking off to JEWISH PORN because there's no one there anyway. What a tragedy it is. Damn them.

Here are the rules for civil warfare:


DO NOT DO SUICIDE MISSIONS. This is highly advertised by the Jewish community because it ensures that anyone who is successful at warfare will be killed immediately. Make every action a repeatable action with an extremely high probability of survival.

Maybe that's all I need to say. That one thing is so important it prevails above all others. I guess the other rules would be to ignore curfews and only attack at night, with fire as the primary weapon. Don't go out warning everyone you're there with a 140 decibel wake up call and for God's sake don't be stupid enough to bring your cell phone. Slink in silently and leave immediately. Totally IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS leave a note saying why it was done. "I did this because you wrecked my family". "I did this, because no matter what I tried, I was forced into letting you jab my kid and now he's a mental midget". Always tell them WHY, and that you will return. Policies will suddenly change overnight.

It is time to start talking like this, because there's going to be 200 million Americans dead if we don't. It is THAT SERIOUS. If you don't think so, you're a useless eater.

Tourists nailed by volcano in New Zealand

This one is worth posting: A small volcanic island off the coast of New Zealand that was frequented by tourists erupted with a large number of tourists on it. They might all be dead. Take a look at this video and note when the people standing on the dock are zoomed in on. Later, that dock is totally immersed in pure volcano breath. They could all be dead, and that's not even mentioning all the people that were on top of the volcano, exploring the caldera or on the paths leading up to it. This could end up being a big disaster but it is too soon to know yet.

I made a significant error in the "banana taped to the wall" story

It sold for $120, 000 not `120, 000, 000 and somehow I screwed that up. Preposterous none the less, and still a payoff.


Here's the story line: Saudis commit mass shooting at Marine air force base in Pensacola, where they were being taught how to fly. Several pilots fled the base after the shooting. Pilots then commandeer airliners and fly them into buildings after calling America the "great satan" yet again.. How's THAT for a story line? The only thing that did not happen is the "fly them into buildings" part.


If anything of the sort happens with airplanes, well, now you know the back story.

Good part of the story: the setup, if it was one, probably got hatched because they can't impeach Trump and are going for the gold elsewhere. How about another 911 and then a gun grab?


Remember when there was a cave with a lost football team in it, that flooded and divers found them, leading to a huge rescue? Musk devised a way to get them out of the cave that was quite brilliant, and they said "NO, stay the hell away from here, we don't want you here with your billions showing off". Well, either Musk went there or had people there and when they refused his help, he said they were pedos who wanted to keep control of the situation which is why they were not allowing outside help, and he specifically called the leader "pedo guy", in front of the whole world.

Well, there was an interesting development. "Pedo guy" sued Musk for defamation, and lost the case. The claim is that he lost because the judge decided Musk did not do anything against the man's character, and I BEG TO QUESTION HOW THAT HAPPENED IF MUSK WAS NOT CORRECT.

HA HA HA HA HA, BRILLIANT! he must have nailed it.

I hope Musk's cyber truck wins the second pulling contest. Musk should software tweak the ECM to allow many more amps than normal and show up with all the motors and related semiconductors pre cooled down to -70 farenheit with dry ice. FTW!.

Want to see 50 conspiracies confirmed in one whack? SEE THIS rare opportunity before it gets buried.

What happens at the link? It's a Twitter link that shows Prince Harry giving a straight out in the open satanic hand symbol to the camera when he meets Melania. It could not be more obvious who the enemies we talk about represent. Of course the "elite" think Trump is crazy, because they are all stealing TONS of "free stuff" and doing all kinds of wanton evil with no fear of repercussions, and they can't believe Trump did not join them. They think he's crazy because he said no, and stood for US.

Update to yesterday's banana post: It was legit. Some guy really did sell 3 bananas taped to a wall as "art" for $120 million each. And that's how the corrupted left launders money.


So far it is just a nuisance and I have limited solar backup, (enough to administer the web site 24/7 but not enough for the fridge) Anyway it went out with a huge boom about five hours ago.

I checked and it looks like there are no real developments, this could be it for the day because lots of other stuff got delayed by the outage and I have to get busy with them. At least I cleaned the office and workshop . . . . Claudia will probably faint over that.

Repeat: In the latest photos of Trump, something is amiss

He is not looking well at all and appears to have been poisoned. I said it before, and will say it again. If it was polonium, he has approximately a month and a half left to live. If it was anything else, they can still stop it.

Maybe he's really upset about the impeachment and in extreme duress, but to me it looks like a poisoning. Perhaps body doubles are being used that just don't have the "life" Trump had? That would not surprise me either. I don't know what, but something is up.


CNN: Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him

"(CNN) - When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning.

When the liberal law professors are neglecting their Thanksgiving turkeys to read congressional transcripts and snarking about Trump's 13-year old son, Trump is winning.

When the politicians are mad - so mad that they have shut down all policy making to impeach the President of the United States on what constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called "wafer thin" evidence - Trump is winning.

You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn't elected to fit in with these people - the political, intellectual class - to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that's apparently what he's done.

My comment: I never thought I'd see the day. More at the link.

Update to below:

The shooter in Pensacola NAS made it to Drudge, but was not an enormous headline on top. So there probably is not a gofundme already set up or a three day old facebook page pledging allegiance to whatever - see the main post below - this morning the "light went on" and I realized that with all the highly publicized shootings there are cash grabs put up immediately when there are significant shootings daily that never get reported that do not and I'd like to know why. If this shooting in Pensacola is not used for a cash grab, it was probably legit.

Another mass shooting

Lately there have been large numbers of small shootings at military bases. The latest one was not a small one an happened at a naval air station in Pensacola. QUESTION: Why are there suddenly large numbers of shootings at military bases? Are all those Obama generals following orders from outside their chain of command? I find it strange that suddenly false flag shootings have moved "on base". We'll have to see where the media takes this one I guess, to some degree they ignored the others and since there are lots of shootings in "Chicago" I ignore anything the media does not pin up as a poster event. When they do, you can bet it is a setup because there is so much they ignore and then they give one LOTS of attention.

You know, maybe I have discovered something - What if false flag shootings are in part done for fundraising? Why is it that we have multiple shootings a day in the U.S. and only once in a while one gets thrown under 50 spotlights and all the victims already have a Gofundme set up? Things that make you go HMMMM . . . .

We'll have to see what happens with this one, when I posted this it was too fresh for details.

I have a hard time believing the "banana" art story is not satire

I looked it over as closely as could be expediently done and it does not appear to be satire. Perhaps Snopes might be useful for something, I wonder what they'll say about it if they bring it up.

The solar car post got someone tweaked. Here is the math, that proves it 100 percent accurate

I don't screw this type of thing up.

I am going to use real world examples, so anyone, (including someone who is currently tweaked over this on a forum) will either get it or be trolling thereafter.

A lightyear 1, which is already prototyped and driving on solar, has five square meters of panels that are 20 percent more efficient than any panels on the open market, (that would equal about 26 percent efficiency). We are going to put the owner of this lightyear one in LOS ANGELES, because it's still far north of both the equator and tropic of cancer, which means light will not be optimal, but not the worst in the world. In Los Angeles on sunny days, you will get an approximate average of 8000 watt hours per square meter of land per day, including morning and evening, which will only produce about 200, mid morning and late afternoon, which will produce about 500, and peak time, which will produce a little over 1, 000 per square meter. The light year 1 has five square meters of panel.

At 26 percent efficiency, 8, 000 watt hours per square meter (40, 000 total watt hours of light possible to be collected over a day) will produce 10, 400 watt hours per day. Charging will not be 100 percent efficient, so take those watt hours and drop them down to 9, 700. Now divide that by the efficiency rating of the lightyear 1, which is 134 watt hours per mile. That comes out to 72.3 miles, or 116 KM per day, solar only. It's not really going to be that good (most) of the time, and not everyone lives in LA, so I stated 80 KM per day. Scroll down to read it, it was not unrealistic at all.

Here's the beef:

The Lightyear One achieved a drag coefficient under 0.20 Cd, which allows it to need just about 83 Wh/km (134 Wh/mile) and despite having panels which in the U.S. would on the good days push it's range to well over 100 KM, it is being rated for European use, not American use, which is why they are stating 40 - 60 KM per day solar only on this car.

. Look at Europe on a map, and how far north it is. Europe exists because the Atlantic keeps it warm, much of Europe is above the 49th parallel, and ALL THE RATINGS FOR THE LIGHTYEAR ONE, (ALL OF THEM) are ratings farther north than any point in the contiguous United States. Americans will get more than the rating from this car, and what about the rest of the world? America is anything but equatorial.

The bottom line is that solar on a car, with today's available efficiencies, is stupid to not have. Anything electric should have solar on it by default.

And now I will repeat the REAL problem with solar powered cars that I posted earlier today:

If George Soros, Al Gore, and Greta Thunberg do not step in to smash the Lightyear 1 and other similar cars, no one will want to drive with gasoline because solar really will be the way. BANK ON IT, THAT IS THE VERY LAST OF THE LAST LAST THING THE CLIMATE CHANGE CROWD WANTS BECAUSE THEY NEED YOU TO BE GUILT TRIPPED INTO PAYING A GLOBAL TAX, WHICH IS WHAT THE CARBON TAX IS. If there's suddenly a solution available that allows you to opt out on the carbon tax, they are going to crush it. They already have the carbon tax so freaking high that it costs many Canadians 5000+ CAD per year. It is a disaster and an ENORMOUS cash cow that no one is going to want to let go of. I am really surprised Canada and other countries allowed their people to be raped so badly by this.

The "sustainability" crowd that is gaining enormous financial clout via the exploitation of "guilt" absolutely WILL be hypocrites, we all know "climate change" is a scam to get people to destroy their quality of life. What's going to happen when that scam comes face to face with a solution that makes it impossible to cash in on? I'd say a LOT of suicides at Toyota and Lightyear. And stupid red tape regulations that will prevent true "sustainability" from ever happening. I don't believe they want it, - sustainability is just a convenient excuse to wreck everything and get people walking and living in cells. They'll take it all the way to "bicycles are destroying the world" eventually - proven by the fact that they already went after cow farts. If they went after flatulence, there's simply no limits for them.

It will take them a while to cast their compunctions aside and allow their hypocrisy to show in full open view - a few years, so we'll probably see token numbers of solar cars that will become the future DeLorians and then they'll fade into obscurity. But solar cars will happen, and whether or not they actually are allowed to make it will depend totally upon whether or not they can be successfully prevented from going mainstream by Al Gore and others of that ilk. Al Gore knows "climate change" is a scam, don't kid yourself by believing he actually believes the crap he spews to keep the gravy train going.

Anyone can make up any numbers they want and apply the worst case scenario to anything. I'll use the American scenario. In America, the light year 1 will do an easy 80 KM per day of full sun practically anywhere. Most people don't drive that much, so as my original post stated, we are going to need the new solid state batteries before a car can operate predominantly solar because such batteries can take the excess from the best days and give it back when needed. The way average people drive in the U.S. (12, 000 miles a year) they'd put that battery to max in short order if they paid attention to where they parked the car, and then have at least 1, 500 miles saved for a rainy day.

What if all that "liberal art" that makes no sense at all is just a way to receive a payoff?

"Book deals" are a well known front for stuffing corrupt morons with cash, every well known leftist gets an outrageous "book deal" that pays in full even if nothing sells, and now, a new item has taken the cake:

In "liberal art" land, some moron who obviously was only receiving a payoff for something took 3 bananas to the museum, taped them to the wall one at a time with a $120, 000 price tag each, and sold all 3.

I don't know why this stuff is not investigated, there's absolutely no question the banana trick was fronted for a payoff. Normal bananas. That would spoil in less than a week. $120, 000 each. YEP.

I tried to see if this was satire and evidently it is not, "art" is now clearly being used as a front for payoffs, be real careful of what you take seriously!

Boeing's problem with the 737 MCAS should have been fixed in a month or less.

If it took them this long, there are serious issues at Boeing. I'll describe in a sentence what the problem is (that they claim they are trying to fix)

They used ONE level sensor when they should have used 3 in case 1 produced an error, which would be a known error because 2 other sensors existed to confirm it.

That one sentence is the entirety of the claimed problem with the 737 MAX.

Now I'll go on another rant about this H.O.J.

No first world engineer who claimed to be qualified in avionics, not even a stupid one that always screwed up the coffee would have used ONE sensor for a job that important. It is not possible. The only way Boeing had that happen is by having people do that job that they knew were not qualified, and on top of that, everyone in the entire approval process was not qualified either. This could have only happened if an intentional destruction of Boeing was underway right now, and I believe there is.

I am going to say it: This is more than just about social justice, and bottom dollar, and maximized profits. What is going on at Boeing right now proves without question that the company is now in the grips of a group (or tribe) that wants to see the destruction of Boeing the same way they see the destruction of the United States. They are doing this on purpose, and THERE IS PROOF NOW.

What is that proof? The fact that it has now taken about half a year for Boeing to do the simple job of placing two more sensors in the aircraft, and running wires to them. That's all there is to this folks (plus a few lines of code, and I mean a FEW, - to account for those sensors and make them a functioning part of the system the code only needs to be about 800 bytes. Not even 1k. If that has not happened at this stage of the game, Boeing is in the death grip of a tribe that wants Boeing totally, permanently, and irrevocably destroyed. All they need to fix this problem, if it is as claimed, is a week of work from a five man team of old school white male engineers. A sub $500 DJI drone has this problem solved, and what the drone would need has to be a lot more sensitive and responsive than what a jet would need, plus operate on more than just one axis.

Boeing is trying to tell the world they can't solve a problem with a single axis control. THAT IS BULLSHIT. Someone is killing Boeing ON PURPOSE, unless, of course, the real problem is the planes are breaking up in flight as I have said all along, and MCAS was blamed.

Yesterday we went to the place for Claudia's new glasses AND . . . .

GUESS WHAT? AN MRI (a basic one) only costs $125 on G.E.'s new five Tesla machine. For their most advanced MRI it costs $175. That's even cheaper than Hospital Campestre I have posted about before. However, Hospital Campestre would probably rate as a 3 star hotel so it "costs more", for whatever that matters compared to what an MRI will set you back in an American scam center.

It is important to note what machine. The G.E. donut is a good one that provides really good results and is considered very modern with the drawback being that there are a few people that don't like the donut because they are placed on a bed that passes through it, and some people are claustrophobic. The other type of MRI is a flat bed scanner, where you lay down and it passes over you. Since those are typically outdated crap I'd take the donut anyday and I don't know how they solve the claustrophobia problem because you are still in close proximity to the scanner.

Anyway, that's more proof that American medical is a rip off.

I was really surprised that the "comprehensive" MRI was so cheap, there are two different types, one where it is just a quick pass through the machine on a specific area and the comprehensive, which looks for every possible cause of a problem in your body. Those obviously cost more, $175 is unbelievable.

For the first time in her life, Pelosi did a "hail Mary"

She did it by telling the Dems to proceed with impeachment. And that "hail Mary" is the closest to religion she'll EVER GET.



We are going to get batteries that give Tesla quality electric cars a 1, 500 mile range. That's a done deal (via solid state batteries.) They expect to have these ready by about 2025. When that happens, solar panels will be able to store excess power that is not used on a particular day for use well into the future, (so your car will be ready for an on-demand 1, 500 mile road trip)

The big problem I saw with making cars truly solar powered was having adequate storage available to make the panels 100 percent effective. That would mean having enough electricity available from past days to suddenly go on a long journey, or to get you through a month of rain. With solid state batteries, that will happen.

Now the interesting part, which I have mentioned before, but now we have real-world stats -

Toyota is working on their own solar powered car, but there is a new company called Lightyear that has the fully developed and ready for production car they call the lightyear 1. Proven testing of this car has shown that when it is placed in full sun, it gains 12 kilometers of charge per hour. That's very significant because it is so much that if you can get it in direct sun while you are at work, it will get approximately 50 KM of range during the best hours of your work day, and an additional 30 or so during the earlier morning and late afternoon hours, plus likely 10 or so more from evening charging. That's a potential for 90 KM a day, or 32, 850 KM a year. Converted to miles that's 20, 367 miles per year which is a lot more than average people drive.

It looks like a no compromises sedan, similar in build to a Tesla. The big important part of the future equation is having a battery that can store all the power you don't use for later, when solar conditions are not optimal. If it can store 1, 500 miles the way the new solid state batteries are promising, that's a LOT of rainy days worth of driving, enough to beat the average between cloudy and sunny days in most parts of the world, thus allowing total solar driving. Obviously if you live in the Klondike, winter driving would not work with this car, but for the majority of the world's population it will work year round. And if you do need a charge, it will be supplemental for those who actually try to get the most out of the panels.

I am going to make a prediction, and I don't make predictions:

If George Soros, Al Gore, and Greta Thunberg do not step in to smash the Lightyear 1 and other similar cars, no one will want to drive with gasoline because solar really will be the way. BANK ON IT, THAT IS THE VERY LAST OF THE LAST LAST THING THE CLIMATE CHANGE CROWD WANTS BECAUSE THEY NEED YOU TO BE GUILT TRIPPED INTO PAYING A GLOBAL TAX, WHICH IS WHAT THE CARBON TAX IS. If there's suddenly a solution available that allows you to opt out on the carbon tax, they are going to crush it. They already have the carbon tax so freaking high that it costs many Canadians 5000+ CAD per year. It is a disaster and an ENORMOUS cash cow that no one is going to want to let go of. I am really surprised Canada and other countries allowed their people to be raped so badly by this.

The "sustainability" crowd that is gaining enormous financial clout via the exploitation of "guilt" absolutely WILL be hypocrites, we all know "climate change" is a scam to get people to destroy their quality of life. What's going to happen when that scam comes face to face with a solution that makes it impossible to cash in on? I'd say a LOT of suicides at Toyota and Lightyear. And stupid red tape regulations that will prevent true "sustainability" from ever happening. I don't believe they want it, - sustainability is just a convenient excuse to wreck everything and get people walking and living in cells. They'll take it all the way to "bicycles are destroying the world" eventually - proven by the fact that they already went after cow farts. If they went after flatulence, there's simply no limits for them.

It will take them a while to cast their compunctions aside and allow their hypocrisy to show in full open view - a few years, so we'll probably see token numbers of solar cars that will become the future DeLorians and then they'll fade into obscurity. But solar cars will happen, and whether or not they actually are allowed to make it will depend totally upon whether or not they can be successfully prevented from going mainstream by Al Gore and others of that ilk. Al Gore knows "climate change" is a scam, don't kid yourself by believing he actually believes the crap he spews to keep the gravy train going.

Someone got Wal Mart to page "Mr. Clinton Killedpstein"

Have you ever had to page someone at a Wal Mart to find them? That used to happen a lot before cell phones and someone pranked it good by having "Mr. Clinton Killdepstein" be paged. See this

Update to below: You can go to the court to "get your medical records" or if you are lucky, you can file a release form but you don't get the real record, you get what they permit you to see and nothing more. The secret file remains NO MATTER WHAT. I am only posting this because trolls will say "you can petition for your records any time" but the underlying reality is that you cannot, "heavily redacted" does not cut it.

American medical is an out in the open blood sucking scam machine. If you think you're lucky to have American medical, you're a fool

American medical is GREAT??!!??

I just saw a foreigner from a FIRST world country post to a forum that "America has great medical care". My GOD how the illusion has foreigners lost!

From LOTS of experience I can state with 100 percent accuracy: American health care is absolute horse shit of the lowest order. And I MEAN BAD. America is the home of scamming doctors and dark stench ridden depression inducing caves called "hospitals" that will destroy your life with debt in less than a few days if you ever get stuck in one, and when you leave, you'll have endless problems that force you to go back again and again to be bled out to the final dime and beyond. God forbid you EVER have any sort of medical issue, even short term, ever in your life because it will be used as an opportunity by psychopaths to destroy you.

Oh, but you have "health insurance", RIGHT? Actually, you don't. You have a rip-off scheme that is intended to totally weaken your position in life before you even get to the hospital by robbing you blind month after month even when you need NOTHING, only to have a hospital rip you off and stick it to you again with crap your policy does not cover. Then you are stuck with bills PLUS forced to pay an obscene amount that no insurance would ever cost. In America, insurance by itself is the medical disaster you hoped you'd avoid having to pay for. You'd be a lot better off without it because the disaster will hit you anyway. That "lesser amount" you pay "with insurance" is still multiples higher than the total price you'd pay in Mex, even without insurance there.

AND WORSE? You do not even get to have your medical records, they are instead kept FAR AWAY from you under lock and key, so the next doctor can keep a scam against you going without a hitch and you'll never be the wiser. Why the hell can't you HAVE YOUR MEDICAL RECORD? In America, your medical record is a secret file you can't look in. WHY? Because the plot against your life is there and they do not want you to see it. It is incomprehensible that Americans don't even get to see their medical records. I was never allowed to look at mine. WHY? If they have to be transferred to another doctor, it happens behind the scenes in secret, NOT IN YOUR HANDS, WHY?

I'll tell you why: Because the medical records document the war on the United States via the medical system. Every last thing done to destroy you is right there, in print. They don't want knowledgeable people who are not involved in the scam digging through them and finding "inconsistencies" or asking questions. Everything from "delusional parasitosis" over morgellons to secret accusations and opinions against you, or even how to rip you off is in there and they don't want you to see it.

And worse, American "health care" is inferior, and I MEAN INFERIOR. I know this for a fact.

I know this because I spent lots of years in the U.S., and lots of years in Mexico.

Mexico's health care kicks America's to the curb BIG TIME and costs about 1 - 4%. You get ALL records of EVERYTHING done and can go to any random doctor on a whim with no reference or way for one doctor to know how another doctor got away with scamming you. Here's a good example of why that matters:

Five years ago, one doctor in Mexico told Claudia she had to have her gall bladder removed. I called B.S, and said he's just trying to scam. I gave her the real advice: Stop eating oily foods, and the problem went away. Five years later she's FINE. No other doctor even knew she came across a scammer. No other doctor ever said such a thing. But if she was in the U.S. she'd have had a permanent record of gall bladder issues, and every doctor out there would have tried to cash in. She does not even need pills. She is fine now.

A few years ago, Claudia's dad needed brain surgery. Here's how THAT went:

Mexico is a place where if you need brain surgery, no one will know you had it unlike in the U.S.where you're transformed into a raggedy ann doll IF you are lucky. Claudia's dad had brain surgery twice due to a fall and made a 100 percent PRISTINE recovery, and I mean 100 percent. Before the surgery he had to wear diapers. After surgery he magically transformed to 100 percent normal within a few days. When has THAT ever happened in the U.S.? They'd have tried to cash in at least on a mobility chair or years of "therapy" to keep the gravy train going and tap him for everything he was worth. Where that scapel goes makes all the difference in future payouts and American doctors KNOW IT. Not in Mexico. He walks everywhere, on his own, and is in his own home and does not need anything. He is perfectly sharp in conversation. He is 100 percent mobile and 100 percent cognitive and 100 percent away from the medical system. Imagine THAT in the United States now. It does not happen to an average joe who has had two major brain surgeries. I was expecting him to be TOTALLY messed up afterwards, because in the U.S. that's what the standard is. How could Mexico be better?.

The bottom line: In the U.S. you are not getting "good medical care".

Here's another example: Why does having a baby have to cost so much? That's a natural process. In Mexico, with no insurance, you can go to a top flight warm cheery hospital with an excellent staff, stay there for 3 days in your own beautiful private room, have a C-section, and when you leave after that "god awful expensive way to do it" the total bill including 2 doctors, all nurse care, all meals, all medicine and 3 nights will be less than $1500. And THAT IS PRIVATE CARE, with no government involvement at all. There are cheaper ones where you'll still get your own room, where the total price will be about $600 but the room won't be as nice. CONTRAST THAT WITH AMERICA, your deductible is virtually assured to be multiples more than the total cost of the entire process in Mexico, even if you choose the luxury route in Mexico.

I cannot even begin to describe what a RIP OFF medical is in the United States and what a scam not even getting to keep your own medical records is. The secrecy and the rip off is SO BAD it does not compute. I see it as an open, overt act of war on the country - an act of war specifically intended to rob and weaken people as much as possible to make America that much easier to overthrow totally and to target everyone effectively when the time comes, and you can take this to the bank: IT IS. THEY WANT YOU SECRETLY DOCUMENTED BEFORE THE TAKE DOWN. You had better keep your mouth shut around your doctor. They ask those "friendly" prying questions about guns and politics for a reason and GOD FORBID you refuse a vaccine. Imagine how you'll do in a prison camp or before a court after being pre - back stabbed.

WHY can't you keep your own medical records? ANSWER THAT. WHY?


HEADS UP: BARR UNSEALED 8 INDICTMENTS WHICH LED TO THE ARRESTS OF 8 PEOPLE. THAT MUCH IS CERTAIN. 90 percent certain: They were busted for funneling foreign money into Hillary's 2016 campaign.

If so, it is about time. Sick of it.

Kamala Harriss dropped out due to not getting support from followers

SILLY: She blamed being forced to end her campaign due to financial woes on "the fact she's not a billionaire" all the while Trump, who WAS a billionaire funded ALL his campaign activities via donations despite having the cash anyway. Who has the real support? YOU GUESS!!!

HA. If Kamala had real support, not being a billionaire would have helped because she'd have extra leverage for getting the help she needed. The fact she did not only proves she's not only not wanted by the right, the left does not want her either.

Ditto for Biden, who no doubt has to use Burisma cash for his campaign.

There is not much in the news today, but I will say this:

If Trump takes the impeachment proceedings to the supreme court he will win and shut them down.

It is my opinion that the testimony of Lisa Page, crying about how Trump bullied her, is going to receive "sympathy" from traitors but otherwise fall on deaf ears.

China is in a BIG pinch after an enormous documents release that proves it's system of secrecy has been breached revealed all about their tyranny in the internment camps. The big thing with this is that when communist regimes get their underwear aired in this way, it is a sign they are going to collapse because they went far enough to lose the support of people they normally control.

Add to their woes a little Trump magic, and I'd say things are not looking too good for Xi. I lost sympathy when the documents dump showed they were having strange men sleep with the wives of the Muslim men they detained, while they are detained. That's so far over the line I can't even describe it, and that's precisely the type of thing that's going to get the Communists wiped out, you CANNOT have the public learn about you doing that.

It is independently certified: Avast went rogue

BOOOOM: Remember that notice I had about Avast saying this site had malware, and that avast saying that was sabotage? As it turns out, Firefox figured out Avast and AVG went rogue and banned them from their add-ons site. YEP. AVAST WENT ROGUE, AND YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!!

Ok, more little ditties on a slow news day . . . . .

On December 10th, using photos to post memes could result in enormous (and I mean $10,000+ fines) if the image you use was produced by someone else, even if they never complain. As a result, I am going to post a stock image section on this site that anyone can use. I am sure others will figure this out also, and the entire "We are going to kill the memes" B.S. will die - all they are doing is creating a new "industry".

Iran wants to sue the United States for staging the latest riots - fat chance they'll collect but the target is $130 billion. It won't happen, but it DOES prove the U.S. did it as I stated, Persians are not stupid and are not going to go chasing vapor. It DID happen, however, collecting on it is a far flung prospect. Most likely they are trying to send a message.

Why are troops marched?

This is just a curiosity post

Here's why: Let's say you need to move 5,000 soldiers to a new location 20 kilometers away. Here's the math -

They will march at the standard cadence of 120 steps per minute, and have a fairly wide stride of one meter per step. This could be considered normal during a war -

At that pace, they do 7.2 kilometers an hour, and 5,000 soldiers will arrive at the new location in 2 hours and 46 minutes.

Now back up and do it a different way. Try loading all those soldiers onto trucks and buses and drive them there. First of all, you suddenly have an enormous logistical problem. Organizing all those trucks and buses is not easy to do, then staging them so people can get on them is not going to happen quickly, especially with back packs and rifles - you'll be well over 2 hours and 46 minutes just loading and unloading them, arranging transit, etc so it really is, when dealing with that many people and a resonably short distance, better just to march them. And that is why it is done.


This is such pathetic theater at this point. Fisa was supposed to drop 2 years ago. Then last year. And it was all IMMINENT. And now, they are REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER DUPER going to drop it, and ohhhhh gosh the stuff in it is DAMNING.

Something I forgot to point out: Trump is concealing his moves

Trump started sending the motorcade to random locations to fool the media about his whereabouts. He did this on Thanksgiving - he sent the motorcade to the golf course while he flew to Afghanistan and spent time with the soldiers there.

The media promptly ripped Trump for "golfing again" and had to eat . . . . well, they did not eat anything because their lies and arrogance makes that optional now. When so much is lies anyway, why would an inaccuracy be a problem? Anyway, we can expect more of this from Trump now, he can't just go to Afghanistan without fronting a ruse because the leakers will give it away, and the media will optimize his chances of getting shot. So motorcade to the golf course it is . . . .

Casualty role players Wanted in Texas

For WHAT? A "Sams Club" shooting? Can't keep using Wal-Mart?

Evo Morales has stated Israel was behind the Bolivian coup

Well well, that's a big one. And he's now chit chatting with Obrador, who has FIVE MORE YEARS in office. I'd say that is quite a positive development. There's no way Obrador is going to remain unaware of Israel's meddling in Mexican affairs (Israel messes with all nations), and the community behind it . . . . . and Morales is spot on.

Actually, the story is a bit bigger than this but the fact Israel and the U.S. got the biggest fingering after all of this is a VERY positive thing and can only be good for the fabric of Mexican society though the economy will likely take a hit simply because Israel and the U.S. can make it happen.

I figured there would be plenty of economic revenge against Obrador because he was not the Soros pick (Anaya was). The Mexican economy is not exactly hot right now as a result of meddling but I doubt it will be possible to totally tank Mexico because the nation is simply too capable of too much to totally slam if the next big news (the way it is in the U.S.) is not about whatever disaster someone caused on Wall Street. In the end, Mexico will prevail simply because the economy is complex enough to totally handle the basics regardless of whatever financial games get played, and also because despite what you hear about the cartels, enough of the Mexican economy is outside of Jewish hands to prevent someone who has a hand on a huge lever from causing the worst disasters. Mexicans will make sure Mexicans get fed.

Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble and nothing of substance is going on here right now, my comments with regard to this are specifically for a "what if" scenario, where Israel gets crude over Morales being able to fly here and find an ally. That was a major plus for Mexico as far as I see it, this country is no one's puppet and you can safely bet that neither the U.S. or Israel are happy about that. That alone could cause problems, everyone knows you can't finger Israel the way Morales did.

There is a major element to this story that is not getting talked about - and that is that Morales cut ties with Israel in 2009 after that enormous Gaza incursion, where Israel bulldozed an enormous section of Gaza and killed 1200 people. 1200 is again an understatement, Israel always under-reports their killings. Ever since, Israel has been trying to overthrow Morales and Morales stopped many attempts leading up to this successful ouster, it was not only about lithium.

Iran discovered that over 100 violent protesters were "pay for play"

Most likely, 8 CIA agents recruited 12 - 15 people each and had them stage this, all were foreigners.

Iran has discovered that the people who burned the banks were well funded outsiders who used construction equipment to break into the banks and burn them, along with many other cases of destruction including burned buses and more.

There were natural protests by actual Iranians over the raising of gas prices from 20 cents a gallon to 60 cents a gallon, which was done to deter gas thieves who were taking the mega cheap gas and selling it with small oil tankers to other countries. That is what the final story ended up being, Iran discovered that 40 percent of total national gas "consumption" was leaving the country in small clandestine tankers and being sold abroad. By raising the price of gas from 20 cents a gallon to 60 cents, they took the profitability out of it because the small tankers are disproportionately expensive to operate, and the risk was no longer worth it (they'd still make money but not enough)

The CIA had about 100 paid instigators ready, (they probably always do, ) - they sit there as sleeper cells waiting for the right moment, and when that moment came they invaded the peaceful protests and started smashing, burning, and shooting. The Iranian police forces discovered the guns used came from outside the country.

Now a few are trying to front a sympathy scam for the "poor protesters" who were not Iranian citizens at all and might get executed for what they did. Considering they killed people, fair is fair as far as I see it.

My opinion: If you are going to go into a foreign country, instigating riots that have nothing to do with the people in that country to make it look like the people in that country are doing it, you should be ready to face dire consequences. There are about 100 that could go beyond the veil for this but I can't find any proof it will actually happen.

Oh, and I'd also like to point out that these same paid riot groups are in Mexico, and also nailed DC a few years ago. It is my opinion that they should be detained for life, automatic life in prison due to the seriousness of the consequences of their fakery, no matter what country they are in and if I ever see them do this in public, a few are going to be very regretful. I am not stupid about this and don't accept it, if they are going to play for pay, I'll make damn good and sure a few of them PAY.

We live in a system where such types are protected. That means it is up to the public to make good and sure their "protection" does not matter.

I am getting annoyed by fake B.S. alt media click bait that has been prevalent lately. Here's two examples that just happened:

This one, posted by Alex linked from his web site is titled "Black Friday women in hijabs fight over a vacuum cleaner at Walmart

But when you actually look at the video, (if you don't click out of it in disgust in the first few seconds) you can see there are TWO vacuums and they are only trying to break the tape that has them stuck together. To call that a "black friday fight over a vacuum" is absolutely ludicrous, and Alex has done a lot of this crap lately. That DOES deserve the title "fake news"

AND OH, I missed a BIG ONE, NOT about Virginia "banning martial arts" or training your kids to use guns, folks, I don't miss this stuff, if I don't post it it is because my crap filter killed it. But since the Alex Vaccum sham got me tweaked, I'll mention this one - Here's the story line with this hoax:

"TYRANNY A LERT: Virginia to OUTLAW Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, Tai Chi, firearms instruction and self-defense training under proposed law SB64"

Here's the reality: This "new law" has been on the books since 1987 and is only a renewal of it. Here is the one from 1987:

"§ 18.2-433.2. Paramilitary activity prohibited.
A person shall be guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he:

1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

2. Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, intending to employ such training for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder.

And here's the part that got conveniently left out:

§ 18.2-433.3. Exceptions.
Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to apply to:

1. Any act of a law-enforcement officer performed in the otherwise lawful performance of the officer's official duties;

2. Any activity, undertaken without knowledge of or intent to cause or further a civil disorder, which is intended to teach or practice self-defense or self-defense techniques such as karate clubs or self-defense clinics, and similar lawful activity;

3. Any facility, program or lawful activity related to firearms instruction and training intended to teach the safe handling and use of firearms; or

4. Any other lawful sports or activities related to the individual recreational use or possession of firearms, including but not limited to hunting activities, target shooting, self-defense and firearms collection.

Notwithstanding any language contained herein, no activity of any individual, group, organization or other entity engaged in the lawful display or use of firearms or other weapons or facsimiles thereof shall be deemed to be in violation of this statute.

1987, c. 720.

CONCLUSION: If you don't see this kind of crap parroted here, it is because I do the background work needed to see if it is actually as presented. That's why sometimes you don't see "huge stories" here, because I deemed them BULLSHIT. This one clearly was, it was not even a new law, it is just an extension of the old one and the new extension has the exact same exemption clause attached to it.

Note to others in alt media: BE MORE CAREFUL, I am getting tired of this crap

Don't go into debt for Christmas

There are plenty of options out there, if you can't afford the fancy one but there's a less fancy one, use common sense! REMEMBER: If it is a tech item, it never pays to get the latest and "greatest" when six months from now there will be something twice as great, and you will keep whatever it is for a decade. Once even a few months pass, the lower model will look very much like the higher model in hindsight . . . .



Jennifer was found the usual way, with two self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head, ruled a "suicide"

Her book "Malice" spoke about the malicious intent the doctors and greater medical community (wholly owned by the Jews) has towards everyday people, and clearly outlined the entire process of a vaccine destroying a child, how the parents were called kooks, the whole 9 yards, and NOW SHE IS DEAD VIA A SUICIDE WHICH INVOLVED THE CLASSIC "TWO GUNSHOT WOUNDS TO THE HEAD

You know folks, I am SICK of this shit, they are wiping us out and anyone who speaks up gets popped. Any doctor that speaks up gets the licence yanked, and then popped. And after they kill all the doctors that speak up, or somehow get their licenses pulled, they then have the audacity to say "There is not a single doctor out there claiming vaccines are unsafe" which is easy to say when the moment they do, they get killed.

There is not a single doctor or prominent writer out there speaking up against the vaccines destroying the kids, BECAUSE WE, THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, KILL THEM ALL. There. That's reality.

Take a look at this excerpt from a review of this book:

"My oldest daughter and her younger brother both had reactions to vaccines. Reading about Suzie almost had me hyperventilating. The scenario was nearly identical to what happened with my oldest daughter. The seizures that began after receiving a "necessary" baby shot have never gone away. Even though her seizures began while we were still in the doctor's office, after the shot was administered, I was told it couldn't be the shot. The doctor and nurses kept repeating that like a mantra. Fortunately it was the third shot so she didn't need another soon after. In the months following the nightmare continued with her having multiple seizures every day. The doctor was ordering all kinds of test because the vaccine was "deemed safe". When I had her brother I held off the shots. I was terrified. That was when the real campaign began. I was paranoid, (admittedly this was true, I was). I was harming my child. I was putting other children in grave danger. What kind of mother was I? Did I realize I was withholding medical care and could go to jail? Eventually they wore me down. I was scared to do it and scared not to. I really believed they would take my children from me. I gave in and he was given the first injection. He did not react the same as my daughter. However his thigh was swollen and extremely hard...even a month later. They assured me it wasn't the vaccine. They gave him the second shot and his other leg had the same reaction. Long story short, my son had to have physical therapy from Easter Seals to learn to walk. My daughter has had to use anti seizure medication her entire life.

My comment: That doctor and nurse KNEW DAMN WELL the shot did it, and have knowingly maimed countless children. It is time to stop putting up with this sh*t. There is no conceivable way whatsoever after all the damage that has been done, and the many many examples out there, that the doctors don't know damn well what they are doing. And they do it because many are sociopaths only wanting their damn lexus.

The days of us allowing these people to walk around in public unscathed while they destroy our children HAVE GOT TO BE OVER, WHERE THE HELL IS THE SURVIVAL INSTINCT? DID IT REALLY ALL GET BLOWN AWAY BY THE FLUORIDE?

Yes, a best selling author spoke up. Shortly thereafter, SHE IS DEAD. If they are going to kill us for pointing out how they are destroying us, how the hell do they get away with walking around in public anymore? I don't get it!

Update to the above:

As it turns out, "Malice" was getting a lot of traction with the public, it struck a chord with the public that witnessed this stuff themselves en masse. I don't know how she got it to print (probably due to the strength of her career) - normally when a writer speaks truth like what was in that book it gets declined by publishers. She blew the topic into the mainstream and was killed for it.

Once again, I now believe the doctors know exactly what the shots are doing, but as her book "Malice" outlines, these doctors are as I have said repeatedly "scamming mechanics" when they are not incompetent. They know damn well what they are doing, and are perfectly willing to destroy civilization either for a religious motive or a payback. This is why they threaten to take the children away from parents who are aware enough to speak up and try to avoid the shots. Today's doctors are pure malice all the way.

update to below: Jennifer is being expunged from history RIGHT NOW, after that story blew up.

A search for her on Youtube returns only one result, and she's currently being expunged from search engines also. There is a huge coverup underway obviously. She wrote many books and was very popular:

"Jennifer Jaynes has earned a place on the USA Today Bestseller's list, the #1 spot (across all categories) on Amazon.com, the #1 spot (across all categories) in the Barnes & Noble's Nook Store, the #1 spot in several mystery subcategories - and has appeared in the Kindle Store's Top 100 list in several countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia and Brazil."

Conclusion: Being THAT popular won't save you from a kill order if you expose vaccines, no, they'll just strike you off social media and hope it all goes away.


Alt reporter confronts Schiff in public, This one minute video is well worth a watch



Rush claims they are preparing for "life after Trump" and are swinging hard left. That's what I have said quite a bit lately, including what rumors have claimed they did to Drudge Report, after, according to rumor, they bought Drudge out.

Actually, I doubt Drudge got bought out, there was probably some coercion with this. Any way you cut it however, Drudge did not belong to Drudge three months ago, and at that time even the ad server changed. Someone switched the site entirely over and is now using it as a leftist persuasion tool, DRUDGE IS DEAD AND SO IS FOX.

If we have no more chemical plant explosions I'll settle for this was revenge on Trump, and not the precursor to a war. If there are more explosions elswhere in the near future, they will be obvious acts of war. How did this only "injure three people" who have already been released? It is called forewarning.

Update to below: Rumor has it that this chemical factory was destroyed by NWO / Israel in preparation for a war with China. some people are also claiming the second explosion happened simply because the place was already burning. I'd say that's plausible but not likely, due to the fact that everything in these facilities is well sealed in metal piping that is not just going to blow up even if it gets hot and these types of flames won't melt piping. If it really is Israel and the NWO doing this, they want America to lose to the Communists, so they are unleashing Stuxnet now. This particular factory would be absolutely VITAL to winning a war.

Contrast this with what Trump just did with regard to Hong Kong that makes this even more suspicious. The CEO is a staunch Democrat. We all know they want American assets destroyed before the next big war so America can be steamrolled and then flipped commie, with a foreign nation playing the scapegoat for what the Jews set up all along. That makes this even more suspicious. That's the way they do it, let's hope more of this does not happen elsewhere.

I do not for a minute believe the initial explosion was an accident, and am doubtful the second one was also. The second one, shown in the link below happened to a distillation tower that was all sealed off, not a tank. I call B.S. on that, I believe someone caused it.

The original post follows



New explosion is exactly what Stuxnet looks like

This is not an industrial accident. This is a cyber war. There's no way what happened in this particular video could be done any way other than the intentional routing and mixing of materials that explode on contact, or intentionally injecting air to provide an oxygen supply. This is a Stuxnet attack, CASE CLOSED.


That's a distillation tower exploding. That does not just happen out of the blue, even if there's fire around it, and the videos that show the entire event show there was no fire right there. That's why the video I posted shows only the blast after it is started, I'll see if I can get the entire sequence posted. There was nothing going on to touch off that blast. That blast would be likely if someone purged the tower with air and then sparked it off. You can't have a distillation tower explode like that, there's no oxygen in one unless someone puts it there. That proves this was an intentional act and not an accident.




There is a rumor circulating the web that appears to be spot on. Somehow, Drudge was coerced into selling the Drudge Report to FOX news, with non disclosure agreements barring Drudge from telling anyone of the news, and three months ago the deal was done. Then Fox showed it's true colors and turned Drudge into an absolute cesspool. It really is not the "Drudge Report" anymore. That's the rumor anyway, and I believe at least parts of it are probably spot on. Drudge is GONE.

Advise your friends that the Drudge Report is now just a leftist tool, with no Drudge overseeing it at all. There's no point in even going there anymore.



Xi is not going to be pleased. Xi claimed the U.S. staged the protests to begin with. I have a hunch this was an issue that should not have been touched. This is purely the Dems playing dirty, and Trump doing the unexpected in response, after thinking like deep blue over the next chess move . . . . . surely Trump did not actually want to do this because it was SO BAD for relations . . . .

My gut is telling me this was very bad, but unavoidable. Not that I agree with China on this, but I sure would not have done this. It trashed so much progress Trump made with China.


Here we are, with some people arguing the flu shot could only be benign, and then, THERE IS THIS OLD VIDEO

Yes, they can indeed modify people's behavior via vaccination. The linked video speaks about vaccinating with a virus, but we all know where this goes . . . . . .


As usual, the protests in Iran are not organic

Iran busted 8 CIA agents and likely missed 43 more.

Yes, it always seems to go this way. One would think that Iranians have enough brains to realize that rioting and burning their own banks and buses when their nation is under stress is not a good move, and now we have a bit of proof to that effect - the CIA was there. As usual.

Iran's security forces need to do a better job with this stuff, because my guess is the REAL bad guys got away. I don't for a minute believe any Iranian would torch a bus or bank. Why would they? Iran is not cartel run or a screwed up ghetto.


FIGURE THE ODDS: A well followed Twitter account called "The DNC war room" posted THIS:

And within 24 hours, a chemical factory in Texas exploded.

Watch the van window and then look how long it takes the trees to shake (the blast is about a mile away)

MY GUESS: They want to nail Trump for "being bad for de-regulating something" and figured a chemical blast would make people hate Trump. The timing of this is suspicious, and back in 2013 with this other referenced blast it really looked like they used a missile to do it. I would not doubt that this time either.

Two new advances:

As it turns out, the successor to the SR-71 has been made. They simply called it the SR-72. I don't know why they made such a plane but evidently it does work and it is rumored to be flying NOW. It supposedly goes mach 6. The big problem with getting it flying was getting turbine based jet engines to push it to over mach 3.5, where the ram jets could take over and push it to mach 6. Evidently this got done

All of this is in the realm of rumor, but there have been a few reports on this topic that make it seem plausible.

The other big development:

As it turns out, current lithium ion batteries can produce 200 watt hours per liter of volume. However, a new solid state battery has been made that already has hit 400 watt hours in the same volume, and is slated to hit 1000 watt hours in the same volume by 2024. That would give a Tesla with a range of 300 miles a 1, 500 mile range and as a bonus, though filling the same volume the battery would weigh less. Additionally, even with only what exists now, the range of a Tesla could be doubled. As an additional bonus, the batteries cannot be damaged by over discharge AND they are forecasted to eventually be charged at 3C, which will allow a "10 minute fill up".

I'd buy that. And make sure it can be charged with 120 volts. That way, if someone decides to shut it all down, you could charge from solar panels and drive anyway.

First failure of our Daewoo washer

Here's the history:

We had a Samsung totally fail when it was only 2 years old, and for whatever reason we did not have the warranty papers. The Samsung was a MAJOR HOJ that Claudia liked because it played music at the end of cycle . . . . but even from brand new it would never do the spin cycle without re-balancing the load, the water pump failed at a year, and then finally at two years and a little change it quit working totally due to mechanical failure. With no warranty to be found, I took apart the samsung and it was a ridiculous contraption with five million parts all cobbled together like a piece of garbage. Befuddled by the mess I tweaked a few things to no avail and gave up.

We then bought my most dreaded brand: A Daewoo because it was mega cheap and we needed something quick, and I figured that no matter how "bad" or "cheap" something was, it would do a LOT better than that Samsung did.

Four and a half years of for the most part trouble free operation later (it is a total genius at managing unbalanced loads, we have not had to adjust the wash in it EVER, but after 4 and a half years it had a major failure. And despite "making sure we kept the warranty papers" they were not to be had, AGAIN. Well, I did not do a deep dredge like we did for the Samsung but they were not immediately findable. So I figured I'd take a look at the Daewoo for the first time and it was a work of pristine elegance and efficiency. It only had TWO (2) parts - a motor and a shaft with a gear on it. Ok, 3 parts because to hit the spin cycle a lever moved and stopped the gear on the shaft from spinning, which locked the main drum. I was surprised - Daewoo got that washer down to ONLY the parts it needed, - the parts it needed to be excellent.

I did not see anything wrong on the bottom so I looked from the top, and discovered that the agitator plate had stripped out where it connected to the shaft from the bottom of the washer. One screw and it was out. Against my common sense, following Claudia's advice we went to "over priced Ryse" for the part. They had it for $20. That was low enough for me to not want to drag butt around town looking for it elsewhere where it might not even be cheaper. I put it in, and that washer is TOTALLY back to new. What a difference from the Samsung, and after seeing exactly how that Daewoo was put together, if there is not a controller failure it will likely last at least 15 - 20 years, it is like the old washers you could actually fix.

So I got the vinegar out and removed all the water deposits because it worked like new and I figured it was good as new and ought to look new. It now does. I used to really look down on Daewoo. That changed.

I made a coding error that messed up what is below so it is a double post. I'll fix that later when I take the site out of "combat mode".


And the winner is . . . . . . . . Mediatek??!!??

Mediatek is a low budget cell phone chipset maker that has historically produced the cheapest chips for the cheapest phones. I have noticed that some Mediatek chipsets are "not too bad" but they always got their butts kicked by anything top notch. NOT ANYMORE

Mediatek has made a new chipset that set a world record for smartphone performance, beating the best from Apple, Motorola, and Huawei by a very generous margin. That's something I did not expect, but I am also not surprised by, not surprised because Mediatek chipsets are super common - perhaps the most common - and that provided a nice budget for R&D. It looks like they did good with that budget, SEE THIS.

Natural News posted a new vaccine report that has a damaging MOA I did not know about

Here's the new one, and I'll point out the nasty ones they missed - but since there's a legit new one that has not been spoken of, this deserves a mention, and proves that the current batch of vaccines is custom tailored with multiple destruction vectors to make DAMN SURE the kid gets dumbed down. Here goes:

The new MOA reads: " Aluminum stimulates and triggers in the brain what’s known to the science and infectious disease industry as interleukin-6 (IL-6). The problem arises when the aluminum also stimulates the activation of Th2, which impairs brain development, according to research run on animals."

It took a solid scientific study to reveal that. And it makes sense. However, there's other stuff where the science is so settled you don't need a whole new study done by someone who totally dredged for answers. Here are the original devastators in vaccines:

They started out with mercury. That needs no explaining. That's automatic brain damage no matter what they push as a reason for it to be in a shot.

The next big nasty they put in vaccines, which caused gulf war syndrome was squalene oil. Squalene appears all throughout the body, and getting that injected in the form of a shot tricks the immune system into believing squalene is a toxic invading substance, which then triggers the immune system to attack it everywhere in the body. This causes enormous auto immune disorders, ALL of the current ones like fibromyalgia, and the doctors know this. But they'd prefer to scam and say it's all safe because if they don't, they lose their medical license one way or another.

But squalene is even worse than that, because the nervous system uses it extensively and when it gets injected into an infant, autism is a frequent outcome, with permanently reduced brain function happening to ALL kids who get the shot. The MSM has hyped how "the new generation is less intelligent" and squalene in the shots is precisely why. The gulf war vets were the testing ground, after it screwed THEM up real good someone figured it was a perfect weapon and put it in the shots for kids. It is called warfare, subversion, - doing whatever it takes to wipe out nations and usher in the New World Order.

They have taken it much farther than squalene since, - right down to having human tissue in the shots to trigger massive debilitating auto immune conditions and the entire human genome (which is a very bad copy of a retard's DNA, ) to make sure the stupid gene gets put into all the kids so the next generation is wrecked without a shot, plus cancer viruses and whatever else, all proven, because they were not stopped with the mercury. They were not stopped with the squalene, despite everyone noticing the kids were getting wrecked. And when some died, they called it "shaken baby syndrome" and blamed the parents. "They" should suffer a holocaust for that, and I hope they do. They won't stop with this crap until that happens.

After Musk trashed a Ford F-150 with the Tesla, Ford asked for a rigged test in favor of the F-150

Ford has asked Tesla to do a "fair" test of the Ford F-150 against the Tesla which involves weighting the Ford down with it's maximum rated load and then have the Tesla drag that up a hill. In the current video people did not notice that the Tesla was dragging the Ford UP A HILL. It was already rigged against the Tesla, and even I did not notice that. Now Ford wants it extra rigged, with the ford at capacity. Musk accepted the challenge

If the Ford is equipped with a 4L gearbox and then loaded with a full ton that's something you can't win against, we'll see if Ford does that. A 4L gearbox is on 4 wheel drive trucks, - it is a dual mode transmission where first gear only goes about 4 MPH and drops everything the engine can do in that tiny 4 mph range. The leverage is extreme. Doing that with weight in the truck amounts to cheating. That would not be allowed in a legit tug of war.

Simply demanding the truck be loaded proves Ford intends to cheat.

Tesla needs to cough up a super truck loaded with the "ludicrous" package. That would very likely still win even a rigged game.

The new Tesla truck demolished a Ford F-150 in a tug of war

Some people are saying the test was not fair because the Tesla got a rolling start. That's not what happened. If you watch, all the Tesla did was take the slack out of the rope. The driver of the Ford was not the best because he got pulled backwards a bit before he spun the tires. However, with overwhelming force on it, that was sort of bound to happen. Then the Ford just spins helplessly as the Tesla drives off like nothing is attached to it.

Here's what actually was not fair about the test, though I doubt it matters:

The F-150 was not in four wheel drive, and the Tesla was. This however probably does not matter when the Tesla can go from 0-60 in three seconds on top of weighing more than the Ford. There's no way it could have lost against an F-150.

Here's the test I'd like to see. Let's see the Tesla try that against a Ford F-350 with four wheel drive and a diesel engine. I think it would probably trip a breaker. Apples to apples. Obviously the Tesla would kick an F-150's butt. Most likely even one of the higher performance sedans would. My guess is that against one of Ford's trucks that is actually known for having power, you'd damage the Tesla in a tug of war. If that was not the case, I am sure to make a better show Musk would have done that.

That said, it was at least amusing to see the F-150 look so helpless, like a toddler that can just be picked up. Clearly the Tesla can stomp that class of truck, which happens to be the most common full size truck.


Remember this:

If there is ever an "ebola" outbreak, or another "swine flu" outbreak - even if the story line goes like this:

"Scientists produced a new killer virus that is going to wipe out mankind because it escaped the lab, and now 90, 000 people are bleeding from their eyes and ears and YOU ARE GONNA DIE IF YOU DO NOT GET THE SHOT . . . . . . "

DO NOT get the shot, it is what has the disease and/or the disease is fake and the shot is for another purpose. The people running the scam are not going to put themselves at risk, and there will not be a major outbreak of this type. At least, the chances of it being legit are so much smaller than the will to carry out an action like this as a hoax to smack down humanity once and for all that one would be foolish to believe anything of the sort, and MUCH MORE foolish to get the shot.

Drudge ran a piece about Bill Cosby "showing no remorse"

Here is my take:

Like Elvis and Michael Jackson, Cosby was an American icon that needed to be taken out. So an enormous stream of women was lined up to file false charges. Cosby to this day claims complete innocence, and therefore has no remorse because he's done nothing to be sorry for. I believe him, the pudding commercials probably caused someone's head to explode, and they said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, that's too much "old school" Americana, OUT WITH HIM.

These are the same people who staged Sandy Hook, killed Kennedy, and fronted 911. Would they take out a stabilizer like Cosby? ABSOLUTELY.

Trump signed the patriot act in again

Here is my take:

The Dems signed it because it was a key tool in their tyranny.

Trump signed it because it allows him to bypass some procedures which will facilitate locking them up, IF we ever get there.

I thought the ADL taking over social media and much of the web had to be a joke. I was wrong

This morning I saw a few references to the ADL regulating everything all users of the top six social media sites post, plus what google allows and a whole lot more HAD TO be a joke. After all, how could that even be done by the ADL?

Well, it was not a joke. GET THIS:

AFTER Google de-monetized virtually all of alt media, and Paypal banned huge portions of alt media, and Youtube deleted or banned a majority of alt media, and Faceplant de-listed, de-monetized and banned an enormous pile of conservatives, while Twitter did the same along with Wordpress, Blogspot, Reddit and a whole lot more, and even Wikipedia went sour on us, while Snopes confirms everyone who got banned, de-listed, de-monetized and more deserved it, AFTER ALL THAT, -

The ADL then claimed that none of these companies ever did anything to stop "haters and anti-semites" from posting or having their actual truth er - eh "FAKE NEWS" get out and that for the job to be done right, they need to take over. How is THAT going to happen? How could the ADL be so powerful?

Well, it all boils down to communism and cooperation. Now we know that the ADL just might be ground zero evil, and ground zero for the assault on the United States. The SPLC was quite naughty, but not like this.

So now we know that the tribe is going to make it's next move to silence the 95 percent and ram rod tyranny down everyone's throats and the ADL is going to make it happen. The ADL HAS NO LEGAL AUTHORITY AND CANNOT MAKE THIS HAPPEN unless everyone in social media, plus Google and more consider the ADL to be top dog and they decide to cooperate. And this was probably the plan all along because they knew people would hate Facebook and Google for taking the next step, so they'll make someone who never played the tech game at all the scapegoat. Cute. It is called teamwork.

We'll have to wait and see how this one goes . . . . .


Collapses of buildings under construction in the third world are not uncommon. They were, at one time, unheard of in the United States, and now after the Hard Rock Hotel collapse, we have another collapse in Cincinnati

Here is what likely caused this, but they won't say: 1. A third world engineer (NOT FROM MEXICO, Mexicans are not stupid with concrete) anyway possibility1: A third world engineer actually did somehow design in a three foot thick concrete slab on an upper floor, which overloaded whatever was available to support it and it fell.

Possibility 2: Third worlders not from Mexico figured they ought to do it for some reason and/or did not pay attention during the pour and over poured.

There is really no room for anything else other than common core, and I doubt that's it, though it could certainly also cause this.

Despite the recent problems caused by my posting "controversial" stuff, I am not backing down because this stuff needs to be said. NEXT ITEM:


That woman looks like a perfectly normal decent woman, and the rabbi looks like well, I'll tone this down because I am hosted in Iceland. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE DESTROYING YOU, LOOK AGAIN, REAL CLOSE. Iceland had better not fall for this.

How do you know you got someone interested in you? Like after the last short newsletter and that "weaving spiders" thing? Answer:

All 4 cores are pegged when all you are doing is editing text. That's how you know. They made sure whatever I am doing gets top priority so there is no lagging, but the fan sounds like a little jet and the system monitor shows they are all pegged.

Gotta have 31 layers of encryption on your spy effort don't ya know!

There is going to be a major update to the "weaving spiders" elite satanic cult center below

including absolutely pristine high megapixel count ground level photos, the one I posted was from a drone that did not have the best camera. The ground level stuff is from an awesome camera. The update will post "when ready" and that will not be today.

Someone managed to download a gig and a half off my computer

Maybe to try to figure out who my contacts are? Ha,they got nothing. And nothing. And nothing. I am not stupid enough to have any computer be capable of sending anyone whatever is not already on the web site.

GEE. A GIG AND A HALF. I went over what was on it and discovered that YEP, they probably got something off this computer that was not on the web site. So I might as well announce to the world: I KNOW ABOUT THIS, AND HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN IT FOR REAL:

Take a good look at that picture above. Can you say "Weaving spiders come out at night?" I KNEW YOU COULD. HA HA. BUSTED. And right there with a cute little star of david, (and there is LOTS AND LOTS on this property not pictured that basically prove it's a place of doom.) I have all of it.

This is located DEEP IN THE WILDERNESS. "where no one would ever go" and is very well concealed. Just like the grove. Gee. How'd I ever find out about THIS?

This crap that gets talked about is not a hoax, no, NOT AT ALL.

So go on and keep digging my stuff to find out who I know, and enjoy finding NOTHING, I'm not "aunt Edna" for god's sake!


About that newsletter -

There have been massive technical difficulties around here lately due to the fact that the site obviously got messed with, and now I have to really deep dredge what is here to find out what is triggering a malware warning. It could be sabotage via the anti-malware software vendors but I have to make sure it is not more than that.

Here is a summary of the newsletter:

Patriotism. Nationalism. Racism. Terrorism. These are all separate items the NWO wants to remove the lines between, so idiots believe "Nationalists" are "terrorists and racists" that have to be dealt with and destroyed.

Obviously we are entering sketchy times ahead with the full on attempted Communist takedown of America. They pull this crap every time, and that is what the newsletter is about. However, I have had too many troubles to get it finished. Here are the main points, for now:

There is little question the white race, which invented the entire concept of "freedom", is hated by the satanic New World Order, which is seeking a replacement population in the United States and Europe that will be easily subdued by Jewish run communism. This newsletter is a warning to everyone about what is going to happen if Trump is successfully outed, and who is really behind these actions.

This is a risky newsletter to publish, but now is the time - while this site is at least still up and running.

I first noticed the war on patriots back in the 1990's when patriots were first being demonized as a threat, and I could not understand how on earth anyone who wanted what was best for America could possibly be bad. This mantra subsequently advanced to "Supremacist" then to "white supremacist" with it's sidekick "white privilege".

I was quite surprised by how many white people fell for the ruse, and by how many "patriots" were shamed just for standing up for America and freedomor even being white. Lots have figured out the ruse by now (the frog is waking up and may jump at the last moment) but things are definitely not looking good for patriotic Americans. If Trump fails to drain the swamp for any reason, be it poisoning or ouster or a stolen election, we will definitely need to fight a war just to survive. The New World Order communists are without question holding straight white America in the utmost contempt, and is drooling at the opportunity to exterminate us.

They did it in Russia.

They did it in China.

They will do it in America.

Do not be the fool that thinks otherwise. If Trump falls, you really will need to use your guns, PLUS Ford F-350's and semi trucks. . . . . .

These people calling themselves "democrats" are not going to listen to your vote and allow a fair election. They have openly stated their utmost contempt and hatred for the "deplorables". They have openly stated they hate the United States and want the country destroyed. They have proven it by not only allowing un-fettered anti-western immigrants en masse, they have taxed you and paid those immigrants a lot more than most Americans make just to be here and squat in a house that should be yours, while causing rents and real estate to skyrocket because there's not enough houses to go around. The homeless problem was mainly caused by precisely this. Real Americans have been priced out of the market, while having their jobs handed to invaders by the enemy, which could have hired Americans for the same or better pay to productivity ratio but they did not. It is not about work getting done, it is about ripping the rug out from under whitie. There's no where to go but the street after that.

The left has openly stated that they WILL disarm you and once that is done, all hell is going to break loose with massive government sponsored killings after which the immigrants will receive YOUR home to live in, because you're dead. They will then have an un-thinking and easily controlled population in your place. There's no way out of this, it is a simple reality.

Until people's liberalism/leftism is no longer treated like an issue similar to talking about someone's bad breath or body odor, we're that much further away from preventing the dishonesty, irrationality and inhumanity of people of the left.

The Democratic party is now irredeemable. Anti-white rhetoric is now a part of its core message. To be of European descent and cast a vote for that party is suicidal. However, to complete their job of stealing America, they need to get the guns. THEY WILL SUCCEED, ABSOLUTELY, IF THE FOLLOWING ADVICE IS IGNORED.

When they come for your guns, they are going to use the APC's given them by the DHS, and you'll have no choice but to hand them over. HERE IS HOW TO HANDLE THIS PROBLEM:

When you see the police going around with all those armored vehicles given to them by the DHS grabbing guns, you cannot wait for them to come for you and everyone else. You need to act in a way that's going to destroy that APC. If you have a Ford F-350 or similar truck, with a nice big flat bed on the back, you're going to have to die for freedom by loading it up with 5 tons of whatever and hitting that armored vehicle at 100+ mph. That's the only way such a situation can be handled. Guns are not going to cut it. If they get tanks on the street after a few armored vehicles are wiped out by "bubba", the only thing we have that will handle a tank will be a multi axle dump truck full of rock going 80+ or a loaded semi at the fastest it can go. Obviously that will work against an APC as well. That will seriously be the only choice we have, and failure of the people to make that choice will result in millions dead Russia style. It is THAT SERIOUS NOW.

For as long as Trump remains in office, there is hope. Don't jump the gun with this. However, if civil war does become necessary people need to realize that the best weapons we have are large pickup trucks, dump trucks, and semi's. And they will HAVE TO be used. They will have to be used any time an APC is seen in public, and not just during a gun grab.

They have already have crossed the line and are not going to stop. The hoax impeachment proves it. Too many people give the benefit of the doubt to others based upon the false assumption that left-leaning emotions are somehow rooted in the nice side of human nature. Just the opposite has been a tragic part of many nations' histories. Do not allow such a tragedy to become part of America's history.

That is the core message of newsletter 6. I have been fighting too many battles to finish it.

ONCE AGAIN: DO NOT DO ANYTHING AT ALL UNTIL IT IS ACTUALLY D-DAY, when Trump is no longer in office. Today he said the corruption goes ALL THE WAY to the top. That's a cute parlor trick but we're going to need a hell of a lot more than tweets and FISA teases DAMN SOON.


Five years after China announced they were not parting out political prisoners for organ transplants, a study by the Australian National University has revealed that there are a lot more organ transplants in China than there are registered donors to cover them. SEE THIS and those organs have to be coming from somewhere.


How about that. It appears I was not guessing. And the chinese elite are now very fortunate to have been blessed with longer lives, thanks to all those college kids they recently busted on a campus in Hong Kong. No wonder why they tried to escape through the sewers. Unfortunately, lacking experience with how distances appear in caves and tunnels, they surfaced too soon and got busted on the spot.

If you ever have to escape via a sewer or tunnel or cave, remember one thing: Your steps are shorter, and you might be grossed out which makes the time seem a lot longer. Go 5X as far as you think you need to, or as far as absolutely possible and ALWAYS choose the straightest route. Pay attention to the time, and never surface without walking for at least a half hour when it is possible to do so and keep track of. These kids probably went down for three minutes, thought they walked for an hour and a half or "definitely far enough" and got busted. The same is true for escaping through the woods: FACT: In the woods you can actually walk several miles and only go half a mile if you don't have a compass to prove you walked in a straight line, and you'll do it while getting grabbed by thorns and tripping over streams. You could easily end up "escaping" for an entire day, and exit within eyeshot of where you went in. It is not easy to keep it all together out there when you don't usually go out there.

House and Senate near unanimously pass bill against China for actions in Hong Kong

With this bill, the deep state resoundingly acted against China for how it handled the Hong Kong protests. Trump has yet to sign it, and if he does, it will anger China badly. I am no fan of China after their recent actions, which mimic what the Dems have planned for white America. I am actually surprised the dems did this, and see it as an image move and nothing more, guaranteed: They don't give a crap about this:


CIA whistleblower reveals Mark Zukerberg as a controlled fraud


A dossier has been released by an individual who was both a CIA agent and Mark Zukerberg's lover during his freshmen year at college. This individual has been back ground checked along with the story, and it all rings true. This individual, who stayed with the project until recently, has stated Zukerberg was used to front Facebook because he was a simpleton not able to understand how he was being used as the front man for a totally CIA backed and run intelligence gathering program. It was this individual and a group of government officials who fabricated, produced and directed Mark throughout the entire fraudulent creation of the Facebook propaganda story at Harvard. These claims are explosive and allege that the entire fraudulent social media network called Facebook was always controlled by the government through the people who were at Harvard directing Mark.

I have edited this to "cut to the chase" and even after doing so it is a very lengthy read. If you really want all the details about Mark's character the entire dossier is at the link. What I have here with the fluff edited out will be a much more interesting read than the original. I understand why the writer went to such detail (which I edited) because it's personal experience but for the average reader it will be an obstacle to the core message.

A more detailed introduction as well as the total unedited dossier is is at Aim4truth.org which received the dossier and confirmed it's legitimacy.




To Every Facebook User,

Mark Zuckerberg, and all of us who were there from the beginning, are lying to you and using your personal life as a government-controlled experiment in brain-washing and mind-control - basically a weaponized system of the military (CIA especially) that got out of control. At this point, Mark Zuckerberg has lost control of a company that he never really owned or operated. Truly, anyone who has ever worked with Mark knows that his mind is a blank and that he is nothing more than a parrot for the government handlers who created him. Mark is incapable of running a McDonald's, let alone one of the most powerful companies in the world. Not even his name is real and his identity has always been covered up. Mark was chosen as child for a CIA training program because his relatives were some of the people creating the program.

I am not making excuses for Mark, but his choices have not been his own. Yes, he has become an evil sociopath who once believed in his heart-of-heart that if he decided he wanted to be president, all he had to do is say he wanted the job and "Facebook" would deliver the election to him. This is the level of brain-washing Mark is at - he is not in contact with reality. You might think that a madman who could think he could become president - because he "said so" - would be discovered and accused as a fraud. Well, that has happened repeatedly with the other three teams that were working at Harvard, under Harvard president Larry Summers, to create what DARPA and In-Q-Tel wanted the most - a cyber-weapon that could control the minds of anyone that could be lured into it. Facebook was always a military weapon - just like Eric Schmidt's Google which was incubated in the same fashion that Facebook was. Mark was a patsy, but a ruthless, heartless, cold-blooded non-human patsy. He became this way through the brain-washing he received in his High School years by a DARPA program called TIA that needed a "boy-genius" to be the front man. This scam would make Mark into a global model of the young, cool, irreverent computer geniuses that "rule the world" and lead everyone to a cyber-god of artificial intelligence. Mark was just an unwitting puppet at first - I felt sorry for him.

I remember when I first became room-mates with Mark in our sophomore year at Harvard. We were in Kirkland House, on JFK Street and had to endure Dustin and Andrew. Mark hated them because they prevented us from sleeping together, even though we were in the same room. It was frustrating and kept our relationship secret. Little did I know that the thing that drew me to Mark, a certain openness for listening to anyone, also made him extremely promiscuous with both sexes.

Mark had no morals, conscience, or shame. He also chased women on Craig's List and would sometimes just disappear to rendezvous with them. He was like a blank slate that simply echoes whatever was happening in his environment. I loved and hated this aspect of his personality but later found out that he, and his brother and cousin, were all the same way due to the brain-washing programs they were subjected to during high school. If certain people spoke to Mark in person or on the phone, he would drop everything and do whatever they told him to do. Certain people had more power and effect over him. I eventually found out, from Mark breaking down and crying, that the brain-washing was permanent and was all part of the "position" these people had promised to create for Mark. He didn't even know what this "position" was or entailed.

But one thing Mark was sure of, he was only "placed" at Harvard "for a while" until his "position" became available to him. Mark was certain that this promise of a position included a great deal of money and power-aphrodisiacs to an incurable narcissist

I must admit that I came under the power of Mark's surety that he didn't need Harvard, a degree, or good grades. Mark eventually dropped out of Harvard at the end of our sophomore year and did become filthy rich and more powerful than he could have imagined. I also admit that I rode on Mark's success to become quite wealthy myself. All four of the members of the club Mark eventually named - "The Fellowship" - became wealthy by no means of our own - we simply knew Mark's secrets.

Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) did not write one single line of programming source code for Facebook. Those are lies and propaganda generated by his government, military handlers. Everyone knows that the Winkelvoss twins (Aaron and Cameron) won a $65 million dollar lawsuit settlement against Mark because they knew that their little HarvardConnection (HC) piece was just adjunct code attached to the original stolen source code - which was given to Mark by Professor James Chandler and IBM. That $65 million bit of dirty knowledge was pretty profitable for a couple of cute Harvard Crew rower jocks with no interest in me.

Mark simply had others adjust the code into what was a government-sponsored military weaponization of a cyber-warfare project directed by the President of Harvard, Larry Summers. Even Summer's himself had his own budding student and staff directory being developed by the Harvard computer staff called "Facebook." Mark didn't even create the name!

I believe now, since Mark was well-aware of the evil intentions of the government, that he has committed crimes of many types with the clear, pre-meditated intention of harming every user of Facebook. That is why Mark let Facebook be used to manipulate elections, he has no moral core. I personally saw the "template" that Hillary ordered that uses Facebook to manipulate voters to win elections for her. Given the amount of election interference by Big-Tech in 2016, I became a reluctant believer in miracles.

I have seen the truth concerning the supposed "Russian Interference" and can tell you that it was all made up and, in fact, was the exact opposite of what the media reported. I have seen so many illegal actions of Facebook that I am indeed complicit with the crimes. That is one of the reasons I must remain anonymous. But I assure you, if I testified, Mark and I would be locked up along with the other members of the Fellowship as well as many, many other Facebook employees.

Though I will not tell you who the members of Mark Zuckerberg's "Fellowship" group were, I can point out that all of the original members of Facebook knew from the beginning that it was a military project for cyber warfare mind-control. Everything done from the beginning was an experiment to see just how far a social media platform could go to "conquer the enemy" through behavioral manipulation with electronic warfare. The idea that Mark wanted to connect all college students in America was a novel idea that was far from the true intention of mind-control of every user in the world.

Free platforms like Google, Gmail, Facebook, and the rest were confidence tricks to get users to experiment on. My old buddy, Sean Parker, an early member of Facebook has "confessed all" to the media and specifically told the truth that Facebook was meant as a cyber-drug to create and control addicts - digital addicts. As Sean said, we knew from the beginning it was harming every user and that is why we never let our friends or our children use these systems - it harms them tremendously and was the original intent of the media. Mark and I were told by representatives of DARPA that that was the intent of Facebook from its inception.

The U. S. Patriot Act allows the military to consider every American a possible terrorist or enemy warfighter until proven otherwise. Every person on the Internet, which was also created by DARPA, is considered a cyber-terrorist and the military sees it as their job to create systems to surveil, target, disarm, and aggressively remote control the user. I hated the idea from the first time I heard of it. Personally, I have never used Facebook and don't let anyone I love use it.

Many of the original Facebook players and the Fellowship have been paid off in huge bribes to keep us quiet. CIA secrecy agreements grow on every plant at Facebook, but the Facebook insiders are turning against Mark anyway for many good reasons. The board of directors wants him fired. Mark's British controllers sent Baron Richard Allen to rein Mark in, but he failed miserably. Even Sir Nick Clegg, x-deputy prime minister of Britain was sent to shut Mark up, but to no avail. Even the second-in-charge of Britain couldn't stop Mark and his non-stop stupidity. Mark opens his mouth, it cost the company billions. Mark testifies, and everyone finds out that he doesn't know a single thing about "his" company.

I can honestly say that, at this point, there are no "insiders" who have any faith in Mark to run the company, or to even speak in public. We believe that even after Larry Summers, the father of Facebook, who planted Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook to shut Mark up and stop revealing that Facebook is the tool of the Democrat agenda for globalism, cannot fix the company. This is one of the points I am most angry about. Mark has become, over the years, no friend of America. In fact, he hates America and rants on about how proud he is to avoid U. S. taxes and to cheat the American people - whom he considers to be animals.

Mark believes he is a higher being - above human beings. He now believes it was all his work that made Facebook. He is completely deluded by his own propaganda, which is nothing but lies. It is because Mark is now a danger to himself and the world that I must tell the true story of how Facebook and social media have become the enemies of Americans and the world.

Mark was shocked when he received an acceptance letter from Harvard, before he had applied. No test scores, interviews, or pre-requisites were required. His government "programming" had made his acceptance a given. Harvard wanted Mark, and Mark did what he was told. So, when the president of Harvard, Larry Summers, called Mark into his office early in his freshman year, Mark was not so surprised. He knew he would have to pay the piper. Summers asked Mark to start a group to work on the social media project - a supposed competition among teachers and students to win a government contract.

The ostensible goal was to create a social directory and Harvard where people could share in small groups. The real intent was to create a social network to manipulate the world. Mark liked the idea but was too lazy to do anything about it. He stuck his nose into the others' camps to see what they were doing, but he himself just talked about it with good programmers and made them promises-thus, numerous lawsuits ensued from those promises.

Larry Summers continued to call Mark into his office for updates, so Mark just lied. Occasionally, others would be in the office with Larry Summers, but one person stood out and showed up at many more meetings in the future. This man was obviously the person in charge of this project. His name was a former Harvard Law Professor James Chandler. He boasted that he was one of the top idea people for DARPA and that he had actually developed lower level programming languages for the Army. He pretended to be interested in me, but I could tell that was a political act. Guys like me can just sense these things.

Over time, it came out that Summers and Chandler had much bigger plans for the social media project and had some outside sources of help to complete the project. Mark found it odd that Summers, Chandler, and eventually Sheryl Sandberg did not put much pressure on Mark to produce but were interested in everything Mark was learning from spying on the other groups for almost two years.

One day, Mark was called to Summers office in Massachusetts Hall to meet a most unusual man. His name was Andrew Marshall and he was the head of the Naval Intelligence Net Assessment Office. Mark was terrified of Marshall from the beginning. Marshall had Mark sign a government secrecy agreement, and other security agreements before he told Mark the ultimate military nature of what the Harvard Facebook project entailed. Mark, and Harvard, were simply being used as incubation think tanks as a cover for a military project that needed a corporate face. Professor Chandler said he had discovered the source code that would accomplish the seemingly impossible task of making a social directory "scalable" to billions of people.

We have not spoken up before now, but I personally cannot hold my silence any longer. I must speak out openly about the criminal surveillance Mark does through Facebook because it gets worse every day. Mark's handlers tell him to allow more surveillance even though security breaches, selling customer data, allowing for spying by CIA, NSA, DIA, GCHQ, MI6, Five Eyes, lying to Congress, meddling in elections, allowing everyone access to Facebook data, censoring conservatives, being a platform for the Democrat party, and many other charges have been brought against Facebook in other countries and America. Mark will not listen to me or anyone else about stopping the insanity. I believe he is unstable and not fit to run Facebook.

When I saw the $1.5 billion from George Soros and the Atlantic Council bring in the AI system (some built by the Cambridge Digital Forensic Research Laboratory) used in Europe to stop free speech, I had had enough. It was then that I knew Mark was truly being used by evil forces and that even he couldn't stop it. He seemed to have a death wish to destroy Facebook and reveal some of its evil intent. This was ruining the company I was trying to help run. There were no other avenues that I could take the company down that would deter Mark from the total destruction of Facebook. Mark had been told to win the country for Hillary, or kill the company trying. He was making astounding mistakes that showed the truth of the evil foundations of Facebook.

Our secrets were gushing out like blood from a slaughtered pig. I kept talking to Mark, trying to change his mind, but he became more insane and impossible to talk to. Mark gave up control of the company to a crowd stumbling over themselves to take personal credit for Facebook's "turnaround", including Highlands Group, DHS, DoD, Naval Intelligence, SERCO, Crown Agents, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Google, Alphabet, Schmidt, Sandberg, Thiel, Hoffman, Breyer, Louie, Ketterson, Goldman Sachs, Blankfein, Dimon, Microsoft, Gates, Allen, Thompson, Balmer, Ozzi, Nadella, Milner, Obama, Pritzker, Hillary, Kutcher, Bono, Soros, Lamont, the Queen's men Richard Allan and Nick Clegg, and the rest of the gang who are eager to clean up Mark's messes. I could see that Facebook was on its last leg but I couldn't understand why Mark would kill the company.

Then, one day I realized what Mark was doing with the obvious crash-landing of Facebook. He was being told that he would get a "deal" with the government charges against the company and would not have to pay billions in fines. The deal would be like the government's deal with Standard Oil when they were charged with anti-trust, monopoly issues. They were made to break up into seven different companies - all of which became as big or bigger than Standard Oil itself. Splitting up the monopoly made the owners seven times richer. That is what Mark is doing. He wants Facebook to be broken up instead of answer to the crimes it has willingly committed. Corporations can simply go bankrupt, dissolve, crash and burn, or do what Google did when it created a new company called Alphabet who is now called the Mother of Google and is worth even more. How a child becomes the parent is a new one for me. Eric Schmidt showed Mark exactly what to do and please remember that Eric Schmidt was also Mark's mentor and the first person to invest hundreds of millions in Facebook before it went public. Eric Schmidt made billions off of his insider trader knowledge from the Highlands Forum investment in Facebook. Britain's offshore banks feed them all with endless money laundering and "deal flow" as long as the Queen gets her cut. All us insiders know this global money game is totally rigged to perpetuate this evil power. I don't want to go to my grave knowing that I didn't do something to atone for my sins in perpetuating these lies.

I believe that Mark is doing everything in his power to get President Donald Trump deposed, just as he did everything he could to try to help get Hillary elected. If Trump continues, the globalist lose. Mark is a true globalist; he is not an American anymore. Mark essentially does not have a plan for Facebook, he simply does what he is told and always has. Mark has made no decisions on his own - not one. This current decision to destroy Facebook from the inside out is nothing more than Mark’s handlers using Mark in their last hours of power. Trump will win 2020 and Facebook will die. The only question left is whether Trump will charge Mark Fakerberg with the crimes he committed.

I, for one, want Mark in jail along with his handlers. I have personally been threatened and intimidated by these Big-Tech monsters since I met Mark Zuckerberg (Greenberg) - a person who truly does not even know his own name or who he is and yet is one of the richest people on earth. Mark did not earn nor deserve a single penny he has been given. Mark is a card-board cut-out who has lost his way and is completely delusional at this point.

As a Facebook insider I demand Mark be fired and all assets taken from him due to his non-stop lying to stockholders and Facebook users. The Board of Directors, underwriters and institutional investors all know about the secret government contracts that have been propping up the company since the beginning, but most average shareholders do not. It is a government-owned and operated military psy-ops weapon that has gotten out of control and been used for treasonous purposes and for seditious actions against the American people.

After she got sick of the lies, Mark's former speech writer Katherine Losse described in her 2004 book The Boy Kings that Facebook has stolen personal data and sold it, created a "dark" profile on every user and sold it to everyone who would pay the price, created secret files of compromising photos, allowed all government agencies to access all user data, breached every user agreement, lied continuously to all users, built in back-doors and zero-day programs for the military, and many other unethical, immoral and illegal activities. Did Mark Zuckerberg (Greenberg) willing and with intent allow these criminal activities to go on unchecked on Facebook? -You bet he did. And he is still doing it and getting worse every day. Like other Facebook insiders, I want no part of this squelching of free speech or illegal surveillance activities or the purposeful experimentation on users to develop new and better means to electronically control, manipulate, and imprison people.

I have stood against Mark’s immoral and evil actions since our freshman year at Harvard. Nothing has changed, except that Mark has gotten worse and his handlers have become so demanding that they are condemning Facebook to the trash heap and creating the circumstances for Mark to become even richer and more insane. His next projects include a system much like what Eric Schmidt has created for China, a social credit system that controls the freedom of every American.

When Facebook is broken up, the new companies will have the Eric Schmidt "Dragonfly" social credit system built in. Mark wants to be like Eric and control the world from a digital Ivory Tower and oversee the depopulation of the earth. These maniacs believe they are "above the human race" and are actually higher beings sent to the earth to control the masses. From my experience, these attitudes are extremely prevalent with Silicon Valley tech giants - and they make me sick.

The time has come to simply end the fake social media experiments and call them governmental black-ops projects. I personally know most of these cyber tech-lords and I can testify that they do not possess the tech skills they claim founded their companies. They are simply tech thieves, like Mark Zuckerberg, who need to pay back those they stole from and be put in jail for their crimes. I personally am willing to testify without immunity and suffer whatever consequences I deserve for knowing these things and never bringing them forth until now. I know that the corruption is so great in Washington D. C. that I would not stand a chance of bringing forth this information without being squelched, killed, or silenced like I have seen done to others.

I suggest that the new Attorney General simply read this letter, investigate and then ask Mark Greensberg to program a single line of coherent code. When he cannot, lock him up.


As it turns out, President Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine that allows an American president to ask Ukraine's assistance in any investigation for any reason. There's no way they have any grounds for impeachment of Trump. The treaty makes any request for the cooperation of Ukraine by Trump 100 percent legit, even stuff they have tried to prosecute him for. See this on the Congress web site

This is being buried to enable the sham impeachment of Trump, which was totally failing even without this particular item being known about. It is very important to spread the word with this, because CNN sure as heck is not going to tell anyone that the impeachment inquiry cannot be anything at all but over.

Like I said in the next item, they won't stop trying to impeach no matter what, even after running over tire rippers and driving the flats down to the axle.

UPDATE TO BELOW: People who are reporting the following are getting insta-banned on Twitter and more, and it is not just little guys getting banned, this includes well established media venues. This one's a doozie, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Because CNN will not report it:

The CEO of Burisma in Ukraine was arrested. He started talking. As it turns out, Biden's kid, Hunter, was not getting paid $50, 000 a month, his base salary was closer to $200, 000 a month, and now that someone is talking, Hunter received several payments "in the millions" totaling $16.5million OUTSIDE of his regular pay.

Here is a quote from the original source at CD media

"In our extensive discussions with Onyshchenko, CD Media can report that he confirmed Hunter Biden took 'off the books' payments totally millions from Burisma.

"There were 'official' and 'unofficial' payments to the Biden family, " Onyshchenko stated.

Onyshchenko also confirmed that former FBI agent Karen Greenaway, who oversaw the Obama administration's anti-corruption efforts in Eastern Europe, directed the coverup of the Biden scandal at the time, in concert with the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, and other Deep State American government assets 'in-country'.

In Onyshchenko's former oversight role over Ukrainian energy security, he was in a unique position to acquire information on Burisma and their dealings with the Biden family.

My comment: The impeachment hearing is not going well. They keep chugging along with absolute blowouts that should end their trip down the road to lunacy, but keep on going like criminal nut cases that have nothing to lose, hoping the cops never catch up despite all the flat tires, among which this report was a serious one. It is shocking that this report relates directly to one of their guys they have in the race against Trump. It does not seem to matter to them at all if they get revealed time after time after time for what they are, it is becoming evident that the only thing that will stop them in their impeachment efforts is a long overdue arrest.

WOW, I did not realize the riots in Chile were SO NUTZ. I just got intrinsic proof of jusy how "nutz".

Chilean police suspend use of rubber bullets after 270 eye injuries

QUESTION: How many times do people have to get shot by rubber bullets before it adds up to 270 eye injuries? How big are the eyes in relation to the rest of the body, and how many shots missed people totally? WOW. What a stat. I don't have to say more to prove the riots in Chile must have been absolutely bonkers, with tens of thousands (or more) rubber bullets fired by police and people still did not back down

I can clearly demonstrate a war on basic information being waged by Google and others RIGHT NOW.

I pointed this out a couple months ago. Today I was made curious about the distance between Venezuela and Cuba by the fact that Venezuela has been flying their equivalent of the Army's C-130 aircraft to Cuba and back to Venezuela non stop, on pretty much the shortest flight schedule it can accomplish. That's worth asking about, so I wondered how many flights per day it could do, and how much cargo could get transported. Obviously, for an answer, you need to know the distance between Venezuela and Cuba.

Having a knowledge of geography from the old school, I figured it was ballpark 500 miles. And if you take the actual closest points between those countries (not where an airplane could take off from and land) it did, ONLY VIA A MAP WITH A MILE SCALE end up being right around 570 statute miles, from the closest point on Venezuela's mainland, to the closest point on Cuba's mainland. I originally went for a direct answer, and into Duck Duck typed "distance from Venezuela to Cuba" and got this (approximate) answer, in all 5 top hits: "The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Cuba and Venezuela is 2, 060 km= 1, 280 miles.. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles per hour) from Cuba to Venezuela, It takes 2.29 hours to arrive.

I then typed the same search into Google and got the same kind of pathetically wrong answer in ALL of the top hits.

I knew the answers were B.S., because back when I was in school, they did not teach crap.

So I thought, how can I trick the system into giving a correct, exact answer? - maybe not for the shortest possible distance, but the shortest relevant distance for that particular answer. So I then typed "distance between Maracaibo Venezuela and Santiago Cuba" which are the closest cities such a plane could take off and land from, and got a relevant answer: 610 nautical miles:

"Your starting point Maracaibo, Venezuela is located at 10.654, -71.64. Your ending point Santiago, Cuba is located at 20.019833, -75.813917. Total distance from Maracaibo to Santiago is 1, 129 kms or 610 nautical miles."

Why is this important? OBVIOUS ANSWER:

Because the current common core education system is not teaching kids this stuff - their only reference for anything nowadays is Google. If Google feeds them lies on purpose, from multiple sources that lie, while google is supposed to be the ultimate fact checker posting the most factual stuff first, the current generation is going to be LOST. And that's exactly what the "elite" want.

Imagine what would happen if this current generation, which has been programmed to hate baby boomers got into a conversation about geography, with the millenial using Google and the boomer going on memory. The millenial would absolutely steamroll the boomer with B.S., while being totally clueless and entirely lacking the mental fortitute to think past a lie sent them by google, and find another way to get an at least close to correct answer - using cities in both countries as reference points.

What is happening with Google on this is cold hard proof there is an effort underway to dissolve ALL knowledge - if Google will openly quote sources that are obviously lying about things as basic as distances in geography, HOW CAN YOU USE GOOGLE TO GET THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY IN A VACCINE, OR WHAT A CANDIDATE REALLY SAID?

Short answer: You can't.

What's worse? Bing, Yippy, and even Russia's Yandex did the same thing. There's no way out of this with ANY search engine, you'd think that with such a commonly asked type of question the people who operate these search engines would figure out there's something wrong and fix this, yet they have not fixed this, and it is universal - any country to any country or any state to any state has drastically wrong distance stats.

Here is an approximate actual answer for my original question as good as I can judge from a map with a mile scale:

The "bird fly" shortest distance between Cuba and Venezuela is 570 miles If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles per hour) from Cuba to Venezuela, It takes approximately one hour, one minute and three seconds to arrive. Compare that to the B.S. you are getting from Google and others, folks, this is a devastating society wrecking problem with accuracy. It is very easy to point this out because distances can be confirmed with existing methods that were around before the internet, but just try getting the facts on anything that can't be proven so easily. The bottom line: The intentional disinfo is now so prevalent that search engines can be considered poison, you had better keep your old encyclopedias, and the older, the better.

Blockbuster: Pelosi: "letting the election decide who's president is dangerous"

This is a bona fide quote from Nancy Pelosi. It clearly shows what kind of a threat America faces:

"The weak response to these hearings has been, 'Let the election decide.' That dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because POTUS is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections."

LET ME TRANSLATE THE KEY PHRASE: " Potus is jeaporodizing the integrity of the 2020 elections". What does this mean? This statement is of profound importance because we know Trump is not rigging the election. A not rigged election has full "integrity" in the classical sense, so if that's not what Pelosi is talking about, what is she really saying? ANSWER:

"Election integrity" as Nancy Pelosi sees it, is the ability to maintain the integrity of the steal, or how well the stealing process will hold together. We all know Trump is not out there stealing votes. Trump wants an election with ZERO FRAUD. If he's compromising the "integrity" of anything then, it is obvious Pelosi is talking about Trump threatening the ability of fraudsters.

That's a positive sign that we might get at least partially fair elections, without perfect integrity in the theft process. We'll have to wait and see, and now we DEFINITELY know what Pelosi is up to, she just shouted it loud and clear.

Trump is supposed to tour a manufacturing facility owned by Apple tomorrow. Let's see if he shows up. If he does, it will reveal a LOT.

We will probably get to see his health most likely. Or body double (there's a reason why Melania shunned Trump's hand once, she would for a body double). I can't say for sure that is the reason why she behaved like that but it does make sense. I doubt a body double will be used for the next rally. This poisoning incident is going to prove itself out just by what happens with public appearances. Is he OK or not? We'll soon know.

Tenured professor who lived under communism in the communist bloc quit because the university obviously went communist

You can't make this stuff up, and this one is ominous . . . .

Columbia University Professor Andrei Serban, who fled communism in Romania, resigned from the university over concerns that it has become communist. The breaking point for Serban was a push on campus for a transgender student to be cast as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet.

According to a report by The College Fix, Columbia University Professor Andrei Serban announced that he is resigning from his position because "I felt like I was living under communism again." Serban has first-hand experience with communism - the former Columbia theater scholar fled communism in Romania earlier in life.

Serban cited several issues with Columbia's current state of affairs. He gave several examples of the growing "social justice" dogma at Columbia, including a campaign to have a transgender student cast in one of the lead roles in a campus production of Romeo & Juliet.

Serban claims that he ultimately decided to resign after reflecting on the campus' response to the controversy surrounding the Romeo & Juliet production, which took place earlier this year.

More at the link

Update to below: News reports say Bourdain was cremated in France, but his mom was Jewish which means he would not have been cremated. It is therefore equally probable that he was either kept on ice or did not die at all until a convenient time. He would have been removed for threatening to expose an elite pedophile ring, and possibly kept alive until an Epstein suicide stand in was just too convenient to avoid use. He was a dead ringer for Epstein, except for those pesky ears, so conveniently and perfectly photographed and a perfect match for Bourdain.

The only thing we can be sure of is that the MSM cannot be trusted. Therefore it has to be explained how Bourdain ended up on that gurney. The above is a plausible explanation.

The FBI is now investigating Epstein's death as a murder and not a suicide

If this web site can point out that it was Anthony Bourdain on the gurney and not Epstein, and the FBI has not gone there yet, the investigation is going to be another 911 coverup. They'll fry a couple patsies, perhaps fictional, so Epstein can be cleared of living and walk around with a new identity. Epstien is likely happily eating matzo balls in Tel Aviv after enjoying a pedosta style shower boy. By the way, Bourdain died two months before Epstein "died" because he was about to expose a pedophile ring and got Hillary's attention. I don't know how the body showed up at the prison, but the ears were a perfect match as was the face and forehead. It was definitely not Epstein on the gurney (this was pointed out clearly here when it happened).


Quick observation on Obama's military

Many people may remember that Obama fired an enormous amount of the top brass in the armed forces, and replaced them with people he wanted in there instead. Lots of people with an ability to reason wondered why this was done - and were suspicious it was because the replacements were communists who would work to destroy the United States, especially in a civil war, where they would give orders to kill gun owning Americans. We now have proof that undermining the country was precisely what Obama had in mind -

The armed forces are now moving Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base after he gave a fraudulent testimony during the impeachment hearing. This is to protect him from arrest for perjury. He should have seen a court martial, but instead got protection. This is specifically due to Obama compromising America's armed forces. So much damage has been done It really looks like the only thing that will save the country is such an enormous collapse of the entire system that the Obama generals stop receiving a paycheck. For now, they are not a protective force, they are instead working to undermine and destroy the presidency and are being aided and abetted so well that known seditious perjurers are sheltered on military bases. BAD NEWS

Sweden dropped Assange's rape investigation

That means it was B.S. all along. Here's the method: When you don't have a legitimate cause to arrest someone you want arrested, just make up a story so wherever he is, he gets arrested and once you have him extradited say OOPS, oh, we were wrong, he was innocent and then claim to have let him go while he rots in a hole somewhere.

Since Assange is now out of the picture, and obviously either adequately destroyed or dead, there's no reason for Sweden to keep "investigating" anything, the job of getting rid of him was completed by someone else. Sweden's recent decision proves Assange was innocent all along, and should never have been trapped in an embassy. If he'd have gotten to Mexico where there's a lot more respect for whistle blowers, he'd have been fine and still able to go for a nice long drive.

DEAR "INTELLIGENCE" TARDS AND OTHER ASSOCIATED MORONS: If you think capturing my server is going to get you the information you want as to who my sources are, you're STUPID, because YOU previously censored everything incoming and outgoing, I do not communicate over the web AT ALL. (I gave up years ago) Good luck with your latest delusions, which this time backfired - your mail censorship actually helped this time!

Heads up: The Trump poisoning incident I spoke about LONG before anyone else took note of happened. That is probably what caused the latest round of server trouble (somebody's PISSED I was onto that day 1.)


Others in alt media are saying Trump was poisoned now, EVEN ALEX JONES, and I had that info a week ago and the current server "changes" are probably done by people who are wondering how the hell I got it. End result: All security whacked to hell. I do not even know if the server is even up or not, or if the site is running off a proxy, I do know however that traffic absolutely PLUMMETED after the hospital event, where people were suspicious something happened to Trump, and now, according to white house staff via Alex Jones, it is confirmed, and it was a poisoning event.

I am not feeling the usual "first with something huge" victory mood, this one is BAD folks, it could be the end. Then again, if Trump was poisoned they were not expecting it to be called so soon so if it is not polonium they might put a stop to it because they fear the backlash. There is an antidote for everything but the radioactive stuff. I am worried about the severe drop in traffic after Trump "had his physical" four months early and 3 hours 45 minutes too long. This site is without question being punished for blowing the poisoning issue open not only first, but ON. THE. DOT.

I am going to clarify what polonium is: Polonium is only had by advanced nuclear states. It is a man made element that is a far extreme alpha radiation emitter. As far as I know, only Russia and Israel actually isolate it for poisonings. An alpha emitter cannot be detected unless a tissue or blood sample is taken and then a specialized radiometer is used to detect the alpha particles. This is because alpha particles are very large and slow, unable to penetrate as much as a sheet of paper, or a few feet of air. They cannot penetrate the skin and leave the body if you get poisoned by them. Alpha particles are extremely damaging to DNA if they get inside the body, but cannot really do anything if they do not. But inside the body, due to the size of the particles, they tear DNA to shreds and are a LOT worse than gamma radiation. If Trump was poisoned with polonium, there is no hope, he's a goner.

If Trump got nailed by something else, (IF he got nailed, it is not official yet but it is virtually assured) then there's an antidote, and fear of public backlash may cause it to be administered.

Well, that will do it for the explanation because I am not sure I am even typing on a web site anymore. One day it really will be over, I'll have to wait and see with this one. One thing is apparent: I do not own whatever server I typed this into, and anything can be re-routed to a proxy if you have the right permissions on the web infrastructure.


I am not sure when it was scheduled, but they are still taking reservations HERE. Let's hope that's not a zombie page.

UPDATE TO BELOW: Simultaneous with Trump being poisoned, Hillary has claimed an assassination attempt on herself. THAT IS CALLED "DISPLACEMENT". We now know she either did it, or knew about it.

Update to the following: White House staff and secret service HAVE CONFIRMED THE FOLLOWING DID INDEED HAPPEN. Alex was notified because he was the biggest voice, able to reach the most people quickly. The suspicion is that a binary poison was used. Binary poisons do nothing if only one chemical half is eaten, but if the other part of the poison is eaten it then combines and does the poisoning. That's how they would get the poison past the food testers. Obviously if it is polonium it would get past a food tester also. It is not known exactly what the poison is, only that it happened.

They are positive it is a chemical agent and not bacterial.

BOOOM!! Alex Jones just said Trump went to the hospital due to poison concerns

Let's hope that's not the case, but I have been saying "polonium" or alternate to it for at least a week. I did not say this without a reason. I am concerned to the core about this. And who would deliver the poison? Why not Kushner, there is zero doubt Kushner wants Trump out of office. Too bad he's an advisor.

VERY WORRIED. If Alex is now covering this, it's SHOWTIME.

Poisoning is how the tribe operates. Something slow acting that mimics degrading health. Typical tribal poisonings take 2 months to kill. WAIT AND WATCH.

Russia's SU-57 just demonstrated the impossible - a perfectly executed tail spin

A flat spin, where the tail goes into the wind, is such a control nightmare it ends in a crash every time. It is considered an unrecoverable situation. yet Russia's new SU-57 can do this impossible maneuver time after time after time.

I think this is the first time this has ever been a successfully manageable flight situation. I'd like to see an F-35 try this. The fact that Russia did this and we did not is proof our military contractors are totally ripping us off.

I cannot begin to state how amazing this is, if the United States can't do this and the Russians can, something went seriously wrong. We are SCREWED until we get the scammers and SJW's out of the department of defense AND the contractors. If this can be done there's absolutely no excuse for the United States not doing it first. This represents an absolute mastery of the sky, if Russia can do this, they can do absolutely anything with aircraft - this represents the max that aerodynamic tech can be taken to.

What this kind of tech means: If you have forward facing guns and missiles, and someone is behind you shooting at you, you just turn the aircraft around and while going backwards open fire at the attacker. You don't pull high G turns and try to ditch them, you simply turn around and fly backwards. Impossible!


A series of secret recordings have surfaced which prove U.S. senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, along with Bob Menendez

The video is in Spanish. Here is a translated transcript that is not from Google

Night falls in Bolivia as tensions increase

A series of audio and video recordings has revealed the plan to hit the state of Bolivia against President Morales.

These recordings reveal the participation of agents from The United States, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez who held meetings with those who overthrew Morales before the hit occurred.

These recordings revealed that the action against Morales was a bi partisan effort by the United States, involving both Democrats and Republicans.

They cooperated to steal elections and create violent uprisings against Morales, and will continue until the entire Bolivian government is overthrown. The houses where the government officials live have been marked for direct attacks with a small painted X in the color that represents their position in government with a specific preference to people who watch over the elections, so they can be eliminated and new people put in their place.

An additional effort will be made to nullify past election results.

There are many many audio and video recordings that demonstrate the ways and ways they plan to hit the state and repress the people and turn back the efforts of the elected president Evo Morales

End translation

My comment: What's good for the goose is good for the gander I guess, the same people pull the SAME CRAP in the United States. Those who did this in Bolivia are probably among those organizing election theft in the United States.

Airport revenues soar as customers are given a way to PAY to turn CNN off

This is a parody report at the Babylon Bee. If only it happened. This would definitely make money if it was done.

Guy who did undercover Planned Parenthood videos slapped with $870K fine

Remember David Daleiden who investigated Planned Parenthood and busted them for high criminal acts that should have shut Planned Parenthood down? Rather than take any action at all against Planned Parenthood, an Obama appointed judge fined David $870, 000.

So women can be encouraged to wait in their pregnancy until the parts are worth more, and then Planned Parenthood parts out the babies and the guy who followed perfect journalistic procedure which gets used by regular journalists all the time is the one guilty of a crime, and gets slapped with an 870K fine by an Obama appointed judge.


Well, I just said what happened, and what will become of it? Nothing. Because the system is so subverted that judge won't go to jail for doubling down on injustice and aiding and abetting a massive criminal organization. It went exactly the opposite of what should have happened, the guy who brought it all to light is the one getting burned.

That ought to tell you how the next election is going to go, they are stealing them left and right even now.

How are those Project Veritas videos going? What happened as a result of them, other than a couple Trump tweets? NOTHING. We can bust the criminals all we want, and it's just catch and release, and they go right back to what they were doing, while demanding paybacks and apologies for the inconvenience of getting busted. I really don't think we can save this mess, the subversion is simply too complete.


Boeing's first aircraft, developed with "diversity" first and foremost, with third world engineers who were "even better than American engineers at half the price" because "white males are full of hate, and did it all for us already anyway, so all we have to do is re-apply old tech" - IS DOOMED. Boeing claimed it would fly in early January, but now the three top American air travel companies have pushed it back to March and airline crews are begging not to fly on it.

MARK MY WORD: HERE IS THE PROBLEM: A single pitch sensor (which should never have been used, there should have been 3 in different parts of the plane so two could check the 1 reporting a problem) was used, and it is located in the nose of the aircraft. The fuselages are cracking and nosing up. This causes that ONE sensor to try to correct angle of attack, which it no longer has a reference to because the plane is bent.

This is 100 percent proven by the fact that witnesses on the ground saw the second crash, and said it was trailing clothes and papers. Clothes and papers were falling out of it. That can only happen if the fuselage split open to drop them, and THAT is what caused the pitch sensor to nose the plane down into the ground.

There is no way out of this. The planes are such hunks of junk that Boeing will pay the ultimate price for ditching "whitie" - Boeing is going out of business. If their process of getting the planes back in the sky (if it ever happens) does not include structural re-enforcements where they are splitting open, they will put these planes back in the sky and even if the sensor problems are resolved, they will crash anyway.

Boeing has a diversity problem, and if they don't fix it STAT, they are going under.

Claudia threw her Huawei Y5 phone in the washing machine

It was in there for 10 minutes before she figured out it had to be there when she could not find it. She's killed other phones with water before. It's the only mode of phone death with her. She's not a screen breaker. The Huwawei, despite being a cheap model, came out of the wash like that's what you're supposed to do with a phone, TOTALLY UNSCATHED. I figured at least the camera must have gotten wrecked but it looks like nothing did.

The sanctions on Iran have forced a gas price hike

Iran's gas was heavily subsidized, and cost (the last time I was told by an Iranian, ) around 20 cents a gallon. This was possible because Iran had such high quality crude and an ability to refine it. Now gas prices have tripled because the government had to divert money from the gas subsidy into other programs to feed people who were starving from the sanctions. There were significant protests, including the burning of a bank and a bus, but as far as I can tell Infowars has over blown the situation drastically and in general Iranians, who are not stupid, understand what is going on.

I don't think it was a gas subsidy personally, I think they were simply able to produce it that cheaply. "Subsidy" would be stated in the context of "what they could have received for it if it was sold internationally", which would make the recent price increases actual price hikes, where the money would be taken and used elsewhere. Even still, gas prices there are definitely low, even after the increases.

There's nothing of significance on the most popular Iranian news outlets, including PressTV which is Iran's government hating CNN equivalent that has regulations in place to prevent it from being used as an outright tool of sabotage. PressTV's coverage is pretty much the same as other Iranian news outlets, which leads me to believe the protests are being drastically overstated in the Western press. However, this is obviously something to keep a close eye on.

The page below this got scrambled including the polonium stuff and I did not have time to fix it so I deleted it. The word about Trump being poisoned got out and the alarm has been sounded anyway. Plus the "malware alert" could have been triggered by the scrambled section also.