I am sure you heard about Pope Francis hitting a Japanese woman

Here was my original take:

You should not grab famous people like that, she was out of line. However:

What did she expect? How has she not figured out he's the antipope and not the nicest guy around before she grabbed him, only to receive confirmation he's a walking prick in spades immediately? Here is the new development:

Rumor has it, (and it is only thin wispy rumor so far, thin enough to vanish like a contrail hopefully to become a chem trail )that he's now going to resign over it. Yes, let's hope this becomes a chem trail that clouds his sky. A new take on that topic. Anyway, The really big problem was he let his real self show through, his look of disgust after a "commoner" grabbed him was a career wrecker, it was intense and very bad and captured perfectly on camera. Let's hope it sticks and that someone who's actually real will replace him. Don't bet on a successor being real, but one can always hope.


Texas church shooting update:

Idiot Bloomberg is saying the security that shut down the shooting, preventing an actual mass shooting, should not have been armed, and some "news publications" are saying it is "terrifying some of the parishioners were armed". You bet. They are terrified because it will hinder THEM from shooting up a church when the time comes for them to do their great culling. They are afraid one of them might break a fingernail trying.

FACT: If the MSM is "terrified" people who have guns stopped a mass shooting catastrophe, THEY PLAN TO DO MASS SHOOTING CATASTROPHES THEMSELVES SOON and are worried it won't go well.


There is a confirmed story making the rounds about a Tesla "bricking itself" in the driveway

People who hate Tesla (because it is the world's best electric car and American, so there are paid trolls from the destroy America crowd trying to get a following) - these people are saying how horrible it was that the Tesla bricked itself and then proceed to rip Musk. There's a good reason to not go along with them:

FACT: virtually all car failures happen when they are sitting in the driveway, and no other car I know of can text you the way the Tesla did, telling you there is a problem before you even try to drive it. Fact: Virtually 100 percent of the time, a fully warmed up car will run until it gets home. Then it will fail while it sits there cold, and not start. That's the way it practically always goes unless you have one that is a leave you stranded lemon which is not the norm.

What would you rather have? A notification at 9 PM that your car knows it won't start the next day, or would you rather go out to it in the morning and get a surprise? The fact the Tesla was able to know it had a problem only proves how good they are, they sit there running diagnostics constantly and know immediately when something broke after it cooled off. Teslas are not lemons. Getting a notification of a failure while it sits does not make Tesla a bad car. Some news reporters are total morons, and I have a good guess as to who is probably one. Find the Tesla story, and how that idiot blathered like a mechanical invalid for the answer.

Tesla proceeded to take care of it immediately, with the driver never getting a surprise failure. BEAT THAT. That's never been done before.


As long as it does not have problems with the mount drifting, and you can bang out good shots with it, the brighter scope is going to win every time in combat.

IF YOU HAVE NO SILENCER, ONE SHOT ONE KILL FOR A VERY GOOD REASON: Reason: Because if you only shoot once, no one will figure out where the shot came from, provided you're making 200+ yard shots. And that will be VERY important. That's one reason why you need a very accurate caliber and a good scope. The second shot gives you away so you need the only shot you fire to be a great shot.

When you shoot, have a place ready to hid your gun in seconds and hide it immediately after the shot. No, not in your house. if they come looking for the shooter and find you, say I HEARD THAT TOO. Those are the FIRST WORDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. And say "It sounded like it came from _______" The mind game will save your butt. Then, when they are gone, GET BACK TO WORK STOPPING THE GUN GRAB.

How to make a GREAT silencer for a high caliber rifle: Use a glass pack, the smallest one, for the smallest car. That's a straight through muffler. Have it arranged so you shoot through the muffler with your gun barrel inserted into it a few inches. Then it won't be one shot one kill, you can pretty much do anything you want from a distance if it works good enough.



If you have a 30.06 or a .270 those will be the best. Put your scope on that is your best for long range and find places where you have a huge view and can take carefully placed well set up shots of about a quarter mile. They will all be wearing body armor designed to defeat your AR. Their body armor WILL NOT WORK AGAINST A .270, that was always the best gun for this out there.

The .270 is the most accurate common caliber. I had a 4 inch shot pattern at 400 yards with mine. That's good enough and you can do it too. Surprisingly I hated my Leupold scope and did best with the Bushnell. If the cheap one works better, USE IT.

Keep an eye on Virginia

If the proposed gun grab goes well, it will be repeated in rapid succession elsewhere. If people actually shoot the bastards, even if they end up being national guard, - even if shooting them is extremely "distasteful" then probably not. REMEMBER: The elections that made this possible were stolen. Illegals did not vote for this either, that's not how they stole it. This was stolen by the tribe taking days off to "vote early and vote often", AND lost ballots AND failure to count AND electronic voting machines AND whatever else needed, there was not a legit election and the people trying to push the gun ban crap are therefore doing it without legitimate authority.

If a few people die over this it will be too bad. IF A FEW PEOPLE DO NOT DIE OVER THIS MILLIONS WILL DIE LATER. All of the great genocides have followed gun confiscation, I know a lot of people may be bored with life but that's not the kind of entertainment I want to see happen. If they start taking the guns, don't ask questions later, don't ask anything at all. Whe you see these bastards, even if they are not actively taking guns after they have started, kill them. Even at Dunkin Donuts if they pull in for a break.


WELL WELL, this is bad, China is worse than I expected. SPOOKY.


Well, the ball dropped and nothing bad happened. 2020 does not have a doomy feel to it (at least not now) we will hve to see how this one goes. wishing everyone well and good times in the new year.


Happy New Year!

There won't be further updates tonight unless something huge happens and I find out about it. I will bring something to update the site with along to the New years party just in case.

What's on the menu? My lasagna.

The family liked it so much after Christmas I basically had to make it again. Plus an extra flat (I made two last time, this time it will be 3) and the pizza oven is warming up to do it now while I boil in the sauce. Nothing can bake lasagna like a pizza oven, I just learned that this Christmas.

To make good lasagna that absolutely won't fail: Cook and spice the meat and sauce separately and with everything pre-prepared and allowed to totally cool off then assemble it all and cook it like it was never cooked before, and of course you boil the noodles separately, don't try the trick of having the noodles cook with the lasagna. That can work, but nowadays people will have a hard time making anything above tolerable that way.

It is important to make sure the sauce boils and to also boil, not fry, the meat. When the meat is almost boiled down, do not drain it, you pour the sauce in. It is also important to let it all cool down to room temperature and then re-cook it.

There is a situation at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad requiring a military response

My opinion is that we should not be in Iraq at all right now, not even an embassy after what we did there so though I hope our people get out safe, I don't think they should return.

The Chinese media is worried about gun ownership in the U.S.

Question: Why? They say gun ownership is out of control in the U.S. Question: Why would they even bother with that topic?


Mexican version of the church shooting:

They did not mention race. They interviewed the guy who shot the bad guy. They showed the exact same camera of the shooting twice, at different resolutions. The first one, that had better quality, showed the black guy. The second time, in lower quaity (for whatever reason) he was a white guy. They said nothing about this, they just played two versions of the shooting from the same camera and moved on, never noting race, and never mentioning the fact that in one video he was white, and the other black.

Very odd. That's quite an oversight.


Back to the shooting:

I don't know if the people posting that the church shooting was fake believe it or not or if they are gov agents trolling. Christchurch, Bat Man, Sandy Hook and more may have been fake, but this particular one was not and that is proven by the very obvious blood spray coming out the back of the security guard after the shot gun blast.

Additionally, the videos are now falsified. In the original, the shooter was black from start to finish and never looked white at all. Now, in the ones allowed to circulate, he turns into a white guy "after his mask falls off" and that's solid proof that someone can't handle the story line. If this shooting was fake, they would not have missed that detail and then had to change it. And now they have a white guy identified as the "shooter" when they are pushing for a gun ban against totally legal and responsible whites in Virginia and elsewhere, - the narrative is obvious. They desperately needed this shooting to be changed into something that fit the narrative.

Last night it was well known and widely stated that the people at the church knew who the shooter was, that he was black and that he was semi indigent in the area and that he had a long rap sheet but kept getting released. You don't get that kind of detail from people and then suddenly have it be a white guy. That is where this shooting is now a hoax, it certainly did happen.


Trump ditched them again

How many days has Trump really spent golfing?

Recently I heard it was 245. But then there was that thanksgiving Afghanistan thing where he sent the motorcade to Mar-A-Lago for another time at "golf", the MSM pounced on it, and low and behold Trump in fact flew off to Afghanistan having used the motorcade as a diversion. Such a diversion happened again last night, his motorcade showed up for golf but this time the MSM was watching, and Trump was not there. So how much golf has Trump really been doing? Probably not 245 days.

The following is a repost because I accidentally headlined it all on (some) browsers.


Trump ditched them again

How many days has Trump really spent golfing?

Recently I heard it was 245. But then there was that thanksgiving Afghanistan thing where he sent the motorcade to Mar-A-Lago for another time at "golf", the MSM pounced on it, and low and behold Trump in fact flew off to Afghanistan having used the motorcade as a diversion. Such a diversion happened again last night, his motorcade showed up for golf but this time the MSM was watching, and Trump was not there. So how much golf has Trump really been doing? Probably not 245 days.


An interesting Q drop

The "Silent" War Continues
29 Dec 2019 - 10:06:19 AM
If Russia didn't [hack] the DNC (insider breach)…..
& US INTEL supported Russia [breach] claim……
What does that tell you?
[Mueller][impeachment] all meant to 'slowdelayprevent' the exposure [& prosecution] of their crimes.
Will new articles of impeachment be 'continually' drafted in effort to hold as ammunition to prevent Senate hearings re: [D] party corruption?
Moves & countermoves.
The 'silent' war continues.


That sounds good. Let's see it happen.

However, I will say this: FIVE DAYS TO GO. Actually, five and change. If they don't hold an emergency session and ditch Trump over New Years, THEY ARE DOOMED.

Major stuff absolutely will happen, and we are going to get a look at just how incapable and wrecked Trump has been lame ducked as a president, Or if that is the case at all. Trump's latest tweets sort of have the flavor of victory. I wish I could just copy and paste the headlines six months into the future into now, rather than waiting for an answer.


Update to below:

I will be running the site in "combat mode" for a day or two and won't be able to get to the top part of the page or into the server to upload the captures of the shooting in Texas until then, but I have confirmed that they are secure and can be posted later. Anyway - I was ripping people for posting a falsified video until I realized that Alex linked to one that had been falsified on Twitter. The captures I have are out of the original. Twitter changed it to a white guy. And that is VERY important to point out.

Update to the update below:

I have found the problem with the gifs of the church shooting - A short portion of the video has been posted to Twitter and linked by Alex. The video posted to Twitter is falsified. Twitter is allowing it to be posted, but it has been changed to show the guy was white. So people are re-posting gifs based on the falsified Twitter video and Alex gave it major exposure.



The videos are being censored, but there are now animated gifs of the takedown, and they have switched the guy's face over to being white.

TOO BAD, I WAS AHEAD OF THIS ENOUGH TO CAPTURE THE KEY FRAMES FROM THE VIDEO AND THEY PROVE HE WAS BLACK. Yes, they want this to be a white guy shooting SO BADLY they're ditching the original video and replacing it with falsified gifs.



An attempted mass shooting by a black guy at a predominantly white Texas church got shut down in 5 seconds by five white guys with guns. The entire incident went out over an HD live stream of the church services, and yes, the truth did get out and now it is getting censored on Youtube before people even finish uploading it. Someone does not want the truth of this getting out, BECAUSE:

This morning, as of 4 AM they have already morphed the story to a white guy did the shooting. That is not the case at all.

Ok, so here's what happened (and I saw the HD video before it got censored - ) It appears the black guy had a beef with another black guy at the church, and he drew his gun to shoot him. But there was a white guy watching out (evidently the shooter got attention before shooting) and when the white guy, (who was quite slow about it, probably because he could not believe what he was seeing) saw the black guy draw his gun he much too slowly drew his gun and was the first one shot, obviously because the shooter needed him gone first. Once he was gone, the black guy shot the other black guy and then was gunned down by 4 other white people who were carrying. The entire thing lasted about 5 seconds.


Here's the actual story line: Black guy tries shooting another black guy in predominantly white church, succeeds in killing 1 white guy and 1 black guy and then within 3 seconds gets gunned down by 4 other whites carrying legal firearms.

Here's the new story line: White nationalist with face obscured by black hoodie and fake beard (thus introducing a story line which makes it impossible to see the face to prove anything) commits attempted mass shooting in church. As it turns out, people at the church have spoken about this and the shooter was a black Democrat voter with a long rap sheet. Wherever this story goes will all depend upon whether or not individual people can manage to post above the censorship.

So they claim "virtually all reported shootings are by whites, especially mass shootings" but what good is that reporting when it totally skips the fact that blacks out mass-shoot whites by a ratio of about 17:1 overall, even when America's white population is much larger? Just look at the crime stats in Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago, and who does all the shootings. But those don't count. GOT IT. OK, but this one does because it happened at a church in a town called White Settlement, and dammit, we're gonna make it a white guy because we have not staged a white guy shooting for a while and we need one.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: At least the Hanukkah stabber is being shown as NOT WHITE. But that was not done with a gun so why not say it like it was - after all the target is white gun owners and stabbings don't hit that category.


UPDATE TO BELOW: I have said enough lately to give the impression this site is about bashing Jews. It is not, but they have done enough noteworthy crap lately to really get a mention. So before proceeding to the following, let me explain it a little bit more:

The story of Frozen, Aryndale, ALL OF IT is a 200 year old Scandanavian story specifically based on Scandanavian countries and Scandanavian culture. Scandanavian countries are WHITE WHITE WHITE PERIOD. Any dark skinned people in those countries are imported, period, whites are the indigenous people. Whites have to come from somewhere, GOT IT. Ok, so let me proceed with why Frozen was so messed up. Gosh, I should have watched it rather than parrot what a few morons perceived when I posted about this a month ago -

The story of Frozen 2 was that white people oppressed the indigenous people (which never existed, the entire concept is bullshit) and by oppressing the indigenous people, Aryndale prospered. This made the indigenous spirits angry, and they cursed Aryndale. Worse, the oppressed indigenous people were dark skinned and obviously Jewish, wearing the star of david in abundance. When their method of oppression (a dam) was destroyed, the spirits of the world were happy and they let the sun shine brightly again.

To hide the fact the story line was absolute bunk, they drew up a fictitious map that does not exist anywhere on earth, rather than the Nordic countries, and that was the world they lived in. They threw away EVERYTHING the original two centuries old story was based on just to bash whitie. And that absolutely chapped me. See the following:

MESSAGE OF FROZEN 2: Western civilization oppressed the Jews, must be destroyed, and don't worry, it will be OK

I kid you not. I saw it today and that's exactly what it was.

At least they avoided the faggotry and did not make anyone gay. Anna ended up getting engaged to Kristoff and he was set to become king. Ok, so that was alright. But let's get to the core message:

The forefathers of Aryndale built a large dam for the sole purpose of oppressing the indigenous people who happened to be dark skinned and Jewish. Never mind the fact that the region the movie took place in never had an indigenous people nor anyone dark skinned, but heck, to make a racial oppression point why not make them dark skinned, and yes, they had to be Jews. They were not stated to be Jewish in the movie, but they wore stars of david. It was not one individual, all the people from the "oppressed people" wore those stars. It could not have been any more freaking obvious.

So the dam, which was built only to oppress the indigenous people (but would be disastrous for Aryndale if it broke) pissed off the spirits and caused a spirit attack on Aryndale. It got so bad that Elsa got drawn into it because of her magic and she was killed after riding a crystalline horse to her doom on an ice island, where "the water recorded all memories" and everything about Aryndale including the sin of the dam was recorded and played back in 3d monochrome. After witnessing this, Elsa went into a cave where she got frozen to death as a revenge from the spirits that were offended by the dam, despite her ice powers and the snow man who was with Anna died because her magic died with her.

Don't worry, Anna saved the day by tricking giants into destroying the dam, and once the dam was destroyed, Elsa magically came back to life and by freak chance managed to get to Aryndale on her crystalline horse on time to cast an ice spell that made an ice wall that diverted the water from the dam around Aryndale. And magically, once that dam was gone and the Jews were not being "oppressed by Western Technology" any more everything was forgiven and the world was beautiful again.

I kid you not, that's EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS. F*** them. And there were other problems -

First of all, the horse Elsa had was a near perfect rip off of the theme from Barbie's "A Pony Tale". I am not a barbie fan but due to a lot of kids around in Mexico I have seen that movie more than once and sat there saying "Look, Barbie is in Frozen!" If you saw that Pony Tale movie you'd know what I was saying. Second of all, there was a little gecko sized dragon that was an unmistakable rip off of the black one from "Training a dragon" right down to the minor personality tweaks and they could not hide that by the fact that it was small enough for Elsa to hold in her hand. There were stone giants that were too much like something from Pokemon.

That said, all in all I'd have said it was not a bad sequel if the stupid @ssed poor oppressed Jew meme was not the centerpiece of the whole thing, that pissed me off too much for anything else good about the movie to save it. And the thematic rip offs made me wonder who wrote it. Though there was a little bit of space between Pokemon and Barbie, there was no space between training a dragon, it was a direct rip off.

And it had Western technology that pegged it approximately to the year 1830. That's approximately when it happened because the very first photography tech was in it.


Poor Jews. Poor Poor Jews.

Visually the movie was great, but it solidly proved that if you're not going to get gaydom rammed down your throat, you're gonna get "white people are the oppressors" rammed down your throat and the jewish throw in was dowright barfable. More than annoying.




CONFIRMED: NANCY IS GOING DOWN AND HER ONLY HOPE IS IMPEACHMENT. That's why she's paying bribes of up to $10 million out of government coffers under the blanket scam funding reason of "humanitarian aid" to get Trump impeached, and also why we really need to watch out until January 4.

The following was posted to Trump's Nancy tweet linked above, not by Trump.

Though it is hard to tell if this is a jab against Trump, it is still priceless.


Ok, so I got onto this via what looked like a rumor post so I searched the topic and low and behold, Look at what the search engines are pointing to

If the search engines are claiming TRUMP is offering bribes to not impeach him, you know darn well the opposite is true and the well worn tactic of "displacement" - where you state your enemy is doing what you are doing to deflect attention away from you - is obviously at play here. The search results, which have been programmed to invert the truth, prove that yes, Nancy is indeed trying to arrange these bribes and that's why she is stalling.

We also have until January 4th to prove there won't be an emergency session called to oust Trump.

My take on the Nancy offering bribes to impeach Trump rumor??? HIGHLY CREDIBLE

The pizza oven mentioned was from alt income plan 1, which I have now described the death down the page a ways.

Lasagna update:

It was such a hit the family wants twice as much for New Years. I am like, well, that was a lot of work, and it was not cheap. But I can't say no either. That was the first time I ever made lasagna. I am not going to roll twice 600 little meatballs this time. They take about 7 seconds each. How does that math work out?

The Lasagna ended up being the #1 hit with a traditional Mexican mole (pronounced molay) being another big hit. I don't know how to make that but someone sure did. Usually Claudia's mom makes that but it was not her this time.


The pizza oven did a marvelous job. Here's what I did: First I made 4 pounds of all meat meatballs 1/2 inch in size by blending one large onion and along with it mixing pepper, garlic, oregano and salt with the hamburger. I then spent an hour and a half making about 600 little meat balls. I then boiled them. Once they were almost boiled all the way down, I added Hunts traditional sauce, to which I added basil. I then had the lasagna noodles ready and laid them out in large cake pans, and put a layer of meatballs and sauce on the bottom, and then topped that layer with cottage cheese, Parmesan and sweet basil. I added another layer of noodles and a few meat balls on top of it with generous mozzarella and and extra sauce on that layer, plus parmesagn and basil. I then added another layer of noodles and on top put only sauce, basil, parmesan and enough mozzarella to top a pizza. X 3 pans. I then put them in the pizza oven before it was totally heated up and cranked it to max and let it all sit in there for 45 minutes. It came out looking like a best case example on a TV cooking show and I cheated some out of the flat we are saving for us and the recipe worked GREAT.

I usually do the turkey for Christmas but I don't think the family is going to be disappointed with this.

Alt income plan 1

Now that it is totally dead, I might as well say what alt income plan 1 was. It was pizza. For this, I built a pizza oven with a stone base and roof for the pizzas and it could do 2 (extra) large pizzas at a time. We had a great recipe. Mexico has a pizza problem - they just don't know how to make pizza and it is a problem to such an extent that Little Caesars is the CHAMP. In most American towns, that would be the cheap pizza you can get quickly and if you want a real one, you go to the "other place". We had the "other place", it was across the board better than Little Caesars, and towards the end it was a full blown restaurant. Everyone said it was the best pizza in town, and it was reasonably priced. and it failed. Here's why:

Because whenever anyone called to have a pizza delivered, they'd get a message that our number was "not in service" yet if they walked in and called from the front counter, it worked fine. They were baffled by this, and since 90 percent of the pizza business is delivery, having the phone constantly be censored killed us.

Guarantee: If you make the sh*t list, and you go into business, your phones will not work. This is a game the Jews, who have owned all the phone companies since the Bell breakup, have used to destroy many businesses, or weaken them enough to buy them out. This was a major factor in them ending up "owning it all".

When I shut it down it went like this: Right in the middle of a work day, I said "That's it, we can't handle having the phones not work, we are dead." And I shut the oven off, laid the employees off, and called it quits. We had tried for about a year.

So it all sat abandoned for almost another entire year. I decided to make lasagna for my contribution to the family Christmas meal. And I had two big flats that needed to be baked plus two small ones for us to have later. Obviously that's too much for a normal oven so I went out and opened the pizza oven and it was in PERFECT condition, almost eerie, I had just finished re-doing all the stones right before shutdown and it looked great inside. It started right up and even the electronics I built for temperature control all worked (after it got rained on a lot) and I was like damn . . . . . how much damage can something as simple as censoring a phone do? There it was . . . . .

The bottom line: If you can't find work, or can't explain why the phone simply will not ring unless it's someone who will do damage or a telemarketer or a nuisance, there's a reason. The Jews did not take everything over by being the best, they did it via subversion and taking control.

Heavily trolled: Burger King's "impossible" burger has 45 mg of estrogen

This is making the rounds. And it is real. And it is getting trolled. Here is the troll: The estrogen is phyto estrogen that has no impact or effect on people. I BEG TO DIFFER

Remember a report a while back where Newspunch did a hit piece on Buzzfeed reporters saying they all had very low testosterone levels? As it turns out, they are all soy boys who eat a leftist diet with an abundance of soy, and it definitely has an impact.

I seriously doubt the legitimacy of the trolls saying phytoestrogen has no impact on people, especially 44 whole milligrams of it in the freak burger. I don't think they have a leg to stand on, we are all getting the results proven to us in abundance. I doubt BPA is responsible for all of it and would place a safe bet that too much soy is playing a major role also. 44 MG of phytoestrogen? Birth control pills usually have half that in human estrogen. What about cows that get pumped up with bovine estrogen to produce better? Despite it being bovine estrogen it does get into people and has an impact, all those "moobs" have got to be coming from somewhere.

I'd never try an impossible burger so I am not concerned for my health with this. Other people probably ought to take notice however and the trolls can stuff it.

Tucker Carson claims CNN pays airports to air their crap

I would not be surprised. $100, 000 each, I don't know for what time frame but at least annually.

And doctors often travel, which would mean they get bathed in that crap and think it's normal enough to run in their offices also. So now we have an explanation for why despite being hated, CNN is everywhere. Just pay the guy with the remote a six figure salary for making sure it lands on CNN.

Subway is going after journalists who claimed it's chicken was only 53% real meat

Wow, with a claim like that, subway can't be too bad. I always thought such places found a way to get the content down to about 15 percent.

Alex claims Epstein's network is still up and running

That may be true, but when everything posted is from July and earlier, it is not relevant. Besides, Epstein is not likely dead anyway and you can't expect him to just vanish into thin air, he'll keep doing what he has always done under a different identity. The bottom line is that the lolita express is no more, that's too visible for a "dead man".

A few things on that illuminati temple -

Here's the deal. I did not give out the coordinates or other info because I wanted a dead man switch. To those who patronize the place: stop messing with this site to such a high degree and at least get the mail addresses out of the spam filters (incoming) it is bad enough to have all outgoing mails censored but incoming is damningly inexcusable and proof that you can't cope. You not only hate this site, you're afraid of it and I just posted a good reason to be.

To the readers of this site: It is a matter of strategy to not give out the coordinates. It is also enough for people to know that there are clones of this illuminati epstein molech pizza and "whatever else" crap out there. This is a religion the elite practice and there are more locations than just the three that are now known of. I am confident the one I revealed is the top one revealed so far but there are definitely others at the same level.

Protect your kids. These places get the "best kids" from state run "child protective services". There is a VERY good reason why so many kids that get taken go into a black hole where the parents are never allowed to see the kids ever again, under the ruse that it is "for the good of the child." That is a BOLD FACED LIE. The real reason why the parents never get to see the kids again is because the people who patronize these temples ate them. or they got raped to death as was evidenced by the clearly bloody mattresses at Epstein's fantasy island. There's no doubt lots of kids bit the dust in private homes, synagogues and hollywood parties also.

Yes they'll trip an "amber alert" when you run away with your own kids. SO WHAT. If you make it and get away, it is likely to be their only chance.

Ultimately, the only thing needed from posting pictures of that place is to send a clear message that this is a widespread problem that is not limited to pizza, Epstein, and patrons of the Grove. This is a widespread global affliction that has become well known about, and showing a third MAJOR location so clearly ought to drive the seriousness of it all home in a way that will stick. It is not over just because the lolita express was grounded. There's little question that the place I posted was the top one so far, whether or not that matters is opinion because Epstein's island was clearly bad enough.

I found this Trump tweet (dated Dec 22) via a Q post.

It is actually quite good, - all the ranting by Dems about Trump being some sort of criminal that is bad for America is just to cover up their own crimes and to boost their efforts to destroy the republic. Anyway, this one from Trump has been said other ways before, but today's was the best.

"The Democrats and Crooked Hillary paid for & provided a Fake Dossier, with phony information gotten from foreign sources, pushed it to the corrupt media & Dirty Cops, & have now been caught. They spied on my campaign, then tried to cover it up - Just Like Watergate, but bigger!"

My comment: It does not matter how true that statement is until something actually gets done about it.

Update to below:

To be clear: The KKK groups and white supremacist groups the ADL listed don't even exist. They may have forged a link to a fake presence they themselves set up, but as actual "white groups" they are fiction. The ADL made that statement up out of whole cloth and forged a falsehood of "white supremacy" to justify their own racist hatred spew against whites. I have checked the groups they claim exist and ALL OF THEM are false fronts.

REMEMBER: Temple god says that if you are white, your life DOES NOT MATTER.

That write up by the ADL is a load of self-feeding B.S. with no roots or reference and 100 percent made up nonsense. It's just name calling and telling whites that if they think they have value, they are a bunch of racist haters. There's no way out of it. Chinese lives matter - no hate. Black lives matter (while Antifa is pillaging and burning) - no hate. Jewish lives matter And you had damn well better think so or you're TOAST. But white lives matter? If you think so, go kill yourself. And that's exactly what they want.

Let's be real here: We know darn well who's really behind hating whites just because whites won't cut their own throats and die of guilt over their "privilege". Who runs the ADL? the historic slave master "race" that absolutely despises whites for their "invention" and "experiment" of freedom. Any self respect and thinking you matter after your race threw the chains off is "hate". And that's what the ADL is around to enforce, until we return to chains.

A couple good ones.

The first one here is more or less a meme that got passed around. Though this was not handed to Pelosi directly (as far as I know) I would not put it past Trump to put this out there and let it make the rounds. This was never traced back to a source which is very odd, usually it is easy to come up with whoever did something like this. That makes it even better because it could have been done by Trump. Maybe we'll know who did this (eventually) maybe not.

This next item is legitimate and came off the chans. I don't usually pay attention to the chans because they move too slow. But they occasionally come up with good stuff, and here is an example.


Thus far, at the time of this posting, the rumor is less than a half hour old and is not confirmed. I WILL SAY THIS: If this is legit, it is GAME OVER for Pelosi, if they missed their chance for a Christmas break surprise they are GONERS. They HAD TO do it over Christmas, it was the only way it would work. If this threat has already passed, then Farganne was right and it's clear sailing from here on out.

It would have actually been advantageous to have a trial in the senate because it would have allowed Trump to testify and hang many. But it was so dangerous to have alive over Christmas that if it really is gone, I'll breathe a sigh of relief. I'll no doubt be keeping an eye on this closely because it is not over for real until January 4.

The above is still rumor as of this posting, but I found enough to at least announce it is probably for real - the impeachment charade in the context of the New Years timeline is over.

Now there's another problem - Pelosi's invitation to a state of the union address. She's an evil decepticon, there's something in it for her if she is calling for it. Trump's security detail had better be on the ball with this. They'll kill him if they firmly believe they can't get rid of him any other way.

Well worth seeing: Pigeon takes ENORMOUS poop on car at car wash

The Pigeon prank

I am extremely upset over the Moloch temple post and am not at 100 percent with writing right now, so I hope the following is written well enough. Most people would be doing the snoopy dance over a blockbuster like that temple but it sort of feels like the Fukushima report, which I was not happy about either. I am merely disgusted that someone actually built that place and what it is used for. I sat on it for a while and while sitting on it was not really all that upset about it but now I am. I hope it gets bulldozed. That said -

Farganne wrote, and here is his take on things -

I had to read his mails via pictures taken with a Huawei phone. So I have to just touch on a few things he said -

First of all, (and I think it is plausible) he believes Trump was recruited by white hats to try to save the country. He also thinks I gave Q the short stick. Both may be correct. It seems inconceivable that Trump is even alive now. If he was not protected he would have been dead long ago. Also, there's a very good example of a recent event that indicates Trump has strong white hat support, and that Nancy and others may well be ready to hang - the following would not be possible if Trump was not in charge -

Over thanksgiving Trump spoofed Nancy's entire intelligence apparatus by sending the motorcade to Mar-a-lago where Nancy and everyone else that hates the country believed Trump went to play golf. Even the scamming MSM reported it, saying YEP. He's there. And then low and behold, he was in Afghanistan eating thanksgiving dinner with the troops. If Trump could pull that off, Nancy is not in charge. And there is hope. I am going to remain a fence sitter with Q but despite how I have basically given up lately there is some hope.

People really need to pay attention over Christmas break to make sure no surprise sessions get held by the house or senate. They played that trick before with the federal reserve and I will comfortably say that if they don't do exactly that to oust Trump over Christmas, they're TOAST.

Farganne also said he got banned everywhere but GAB, and the one place he could still post to - GAB - bit the dust over the moloch temple pictures. Even GAB could not handle that and is a controlled venue, there's no question the tip of the pyramid took note of that temple's cover being blown, it is indeed beyond the grove. I expected it to get widely censored and it did, in highly unconventional ways. It tripped a 17 station alarm. TOO BAD, it is out there and it is not going to die. HEY, IF YOU NEED ULTIMATE SECRECY FOR THAT PLACE YER GONNA HAFTA BULLDOZE IT. have a nice day.

Yes, it is the ultimate of the ultimate dark secret location. That's where you can expect Obama, Queen Elizabeth and more to show up. They probably won't from this point on. This place is so "out there" it even has what are probably gallows, arrogantly and proudly out in the open. Mattresses stacked in a window. You have all seen it. And if it does get bulldozed I'm going to post it with celebration. That place is what conspiracies are made of, a holy grail of evil.

They totally trashed a perfect location for a legit survivalist group by building that place. Shame on them! And enjoy the footage. I sat on that one for a while . . . . . HA HA, THEY ARE ALL WORRIED ABOUT BLOCKING THIS SITE FROM GETTING $550 AND GOT THE LID BLOWN OFF OF, GEE, HOW MUCH DID THAT PLACE COST? Ha ha, yes, that's quite the asymmetrical damage though they have basically unlimited resources they did nothing to earn to get over it with, so there's that.

That said, I am surprised Gab choked on it. Farganne proved that even Gab is controlled opposition, yes, you can post right up to the edge there, but not over. Too bad. If that is so, Gab will fail us also in the end.

So I'll pay attention to Q but still might not be a believer, and at least have a little more hope that Trump is in a better position than it seems . . . . . . I hope Gab gets over it so Farganne can have a place to post less sensitive stuff . . . . . thanks for writing.

Mixed news for Boeing

Boeing's capsule successfully launched on a rocket made by Lockheed Martin and once Boeing's work was on it's own, it failed.

Airbus, (oops, I mean Bombardier) OOPS I mean Spacex kicked Boeings butt which is surprising, because Boeing is a MUCH larger company than Spacex, and that means they have the best working for them, RIGHT? Well, no. Boeing's space capsule failed it's mission due to bad programming (let's face it, that is what this is, a timer is just a timer that responds to instructions from a program, and GUESS WHO PROGRAMMED THE CAPSULE?

Actually, I don't precisely know who did, but I assure you, I have a really good guess. And it was not the legacy white male engineers Boeing had all it's successes with, BET ON IT.

Anyway, at least it did not explode BECAUSE IT WAS PUT INTO ORBIT BY SOMEONE ELSES ROCKET but once it was on it's own, it promptly failed. Will it land? Considering the fact that it failed the nanosecond it was running all Boeing code, well, I'll just cut to the chase - I'd rather be on Elon's rig.


JK Rowlings who was credited with the Harry Potter series and is Jewish got destroyed for saying biological sex is real. Alex covered this HERE and though she's still a leftist, this was quite good for her type.

Obviously the entire trans thing has nothing at all to do with anything other than destroying society. You cannot have men calling themselves women and then shutting women out of the Olympics but it's happening, if it's perverted it reigns supreme and it all proves that this, which started with feminism, is the real face of the demon, - feminism was only a stepping stone on the way to where we are now.

New impeachment rumor: Lindsey only wants no witnesses and no trial and to throw it all out because any real impeachment hearing will hang too many people. So how about no trial at all and an emergency session over Christmas/new years break? I won't stop harping this until the threat of this happening has passed.

Everything impeachment related in one short blurb

Dead Bader Ginsburg wants all senators who are "biased" removed for the impeachment vote. Pretty good for a body double or whatever it is with her, the real iteration is amoeba food. But if it works, it works. There are a few rumors that there will be a secret ballot for the vote to expel Trump in the senate. If that happens, he's a goner, many Republicans are corrupt and it's either them or Trump. With no way for the public to know who voted for what, they'll pounce. Lindsey Graham is a traitor. Don't trust that guy AND Keep your eye on the ball past the beginning of the new year so Trump is not removed during a surprise session while those who would protect him are away.

Rumor has it that the sights are already set on Pence to clear Nancy to become president before April 2020. FACT: 12 Republicans have been arrested and jailed and Trump has now been impeached while the Dems are virtually unscathed. Who's winning? It's called subversion.

Ok, so here is the most hopeful scenario:

Trump will be denied witnesses, but he'll be able to speak for himself. Hopefully nationally televised, and during that time, he's going to let it all out and spill the beans totally. There's a rumor going on that this impeachment was the ultimate 3d chess move that will provide Trump with a prime opportunity to deliver a real "state of the union address" and get all the leftists locked up once and for all. I doubt it but it's a nice thought. If only Republicans are in jail so far, what good will Trump doing a death spew do? It's called subversion, where we, the people, can't win without bloodshed

Ok, so now that this has been said, let's hope it is not all so gloomy. It is not over until it is over. We'll certainly know soon.

Passwords are for entertainment. They only work against people in the same room.

You never expected the same people who build freakish temples and are impeaching Trump to EVER let you see your mail before you do, DID YOU? if so, that's a sad belief system you hang onto.

Farganne managed to get through yesterday.

Due to the mails constantly getting censored that was a nice surprise.

I don't know what he wrote (it went to Claudia's inbox) but I will say this - if alt income plan 3 works there's going to be a Farganne bailout. Farganne went through hell as a result of helping this site and tangling with the Jewish community (he was totally right but went about it in a way I would not have) but no matter what, even if you walk on eggshells if you point the finger at them you're toast.

The problem with alt income plan 3 is that due to constant interference with funding there has been such a shortfall of cash that I cannot buy a machine I need for alt income plan 3, even though it costs less than $300. So I have been trying to build one. Now here's the kicker -

The internet has been so expunged of useful info that I cannot get the basic design parameters for what this machine needs and I have built 5 perfectly working models that over produce and overload the power source. If only I had 100 HP. I only have 2.5 I have done 5 iterations by cutting the parts out of an abundance of PVC I happened to have and have been able to do all of this for free and time spent. At least I am not blowing money but it is DAMN FRUSTRATING to not be able to get any info at all on how all the parts should be sized to get the output DOWN to where my motor can handle it.

If it's electronic, that's no big deal, I build it. But this is mechanical and I don't have the reference data to know what actually has to be done, I am now down to 5 percent of what I thought it would need and it still produces like some sort of freak device. I can't get one photo of one scaled to any power level to get any idea at all of what it needs to be. This type of info used to be what the internet is made of and it is all totally expunged now. No matter what search engine I use, all I get is ads trying to sell me one, even on page 558. Thank you "do no evil Google" and all the other useless feeders running search engines, you wrecked the web.

"Moloch temple" facts - to counter misperceptions and in a few spurious cases, the standard trollage

1. This place is built like a combination of a convention center and a resort. It was impossible to capture the scale of this building due to the way it was proportioned. The room behind the eyes would have at least a 25 foot ceiling and the eyes are about 20 feet wide per eye with both of them equaling about 50 feet including the space between them. They are clearly visible as an "evil face" for well over a mile but you have to be on the surrounding mountains to see this. Under the spider web there is enough space for at least 50 foot trees.

2. This is not a millionaire project, it is a billionaire/trillionaire project that also got, in part, paid for by tax revenues that were siphoned off of environmental programs.

3. Not pictured: There are 3 different dams on the property, there specifically for this place. The smallest one is in one of the pictures. The actual scale of this place is approximately the same as Epstein's island. There is lots of stuff not pictured in the report.

4. It is very remote, but buses can get there. The roads are not paved but also don't need 4 wheel drive. There is enough LP gas storage on this property to empty an LP truck and nothing would need that much, unless you wanted to run a nice ceremonial fire show. They also don't use the gas for heating water because the place has a very large solar water heating array. It is not a "solar heater", it is an array. I don't know what on earth they'd need that much hot water for.

Here is some of the solar water heating array. Note the size of this, it is only on one small not noticed portion of the roof, and that little piece of roof is as much as a house would have. Why do they need that much hot water, and you can at least get a feel for the scale of this place from this picture:

5. Claudia somehow got information that indicates this place was asked for by British royalty and that it was the European illuminati that put it in. Obviously, from some of the stuff on the ground there is at least an occult type of Jewish influence here also. These would not be people you'd leave your kids with.

6. It is kept in perfect functional condition and is occasionally used and between uses the groundskeepers don't bother with the details. There are plenty of little messes from "work in progress".

7. The place emits an evil presence that reaches out for about 5 miles and can be felt by people who don't even know anything is there.

8. It is somewhat probable that after a report such as this that they'll tear it down because they want their secrecy and don't have it anymore. Then again, I have not given out the coordinates so the verdict is still out on that.

9. Though the place is quite private there are ranchers in the area that can see it, at least if they have to go after a straggling cow. However, they would probably not know what it is and would not be able to see into it well enough to observe what is going on.

10. The place definitely could detain people on the lower floor and probably also has a bunker complex. There is simply too much support there for just the surface appearances.

11. This place, with the way it is set up, would be the #1 choice for those who wanted to get through a zombie apocalypse. It would handle that type of scenario with style and comfort and absolutely anyone who mattered could be there. It would be tough to overcrowd. I'd love to have that place after a few exorcisims and a little re-construction to get rid of the creepiness, it is a five star bug out. Exactly the type of place any survivalist would want. I am sure the location it is in was chosen with that in mind.

To those speculating why I am keeping the actual location of the molech temple under wraps - I am keeping it under wraps for the "dead man switch" plus to provide a reason to stop messing with this site's funding. I'll wait a while to see what happens with that. Some people are speculating I am afraid of retribution if I give the coordinates. That's not it.

The following is newsletter 7 now.

UPDATE: When you embed these images elsewhere, if you want this site to serve them you have to actually set a path back to this site and use the file name, and not your software's default file naming (this is going BONKERS) and I can see people's mistakes trying to get this out there. Obviously I don't care if you copy the images out of here and serve them with your own resources.

REVENGE: Molech for the BIG BOYS.

The grove, as it turns out, appears to be for the laborers.(I'll post a disclaimer here - I have not been to the grove to see how nice it is, but I can surely state it does not get nicer than this.) What I have here is the upgrade, that includes f*** rooms inside Molech's head, in an absolutely private and pristine setting that is nearly unapproachable and was only reached with a fair amount of work.

By the way, this place can, like the grove, have flames come out of the ground plus a place for hangings plus an obvious ritual tower and it's a really spooky molech which clearly has F*** rooms behind the eyes. Additionally the place is suitable for child hunts, no child would ever get out of those woods and the entire main theme is "weaving spiders come out at night." ALL DOCUMENTED.

This particular post is going to be worth alerting David Icke, Alex, and everyone else over. It is totally new stuff, and another Grove and Epstein's island all rolled into one.

First of all, context.

These photos were taken with one of the world's most powerful cameras and this particular shot, which was the only way to get the molech face was taken from a mountain that was about a kilometer away. I have others that were taken right on the boundary but for what we are dealing with here, this was the only way to get what this really is to show. it's a molech "convention center" with a weaving spider's roof. The actual size of this is about 20,000 square feet. In front of this is a 15 acre field that is perfectly open and showing Molech perfectly (once you get past the fence). Embedded into the ground are numerous pipes that can shoot flames. The entire location is very luxurious with a full time groundskeeper and security who live in the home in the foreground that is about 200 yards away from the Molech. You can't tell any of this in this particular image because of the image depth compression that happens with a mega powerful lens. For example, the trees are old growth and have trunks 8 feet in diameter, and the tower is taller than them. You'll see how huge this all is in subsequent photos.

This image is a thumbnail. Click it for the larger image.

I actually have far greater detail than even the large image but the question becomes "how detailed does it really need to be, and how much bandwidth am I going to eat?" I settled on a meg a shot.

This next item is pretty much the same thing as the first, with a little different framing and a cropped out example item to provide context for just how large this place is. The scaling is way off from what your perceptions would guess. The home in the foreground is about 200 yards closer and uphill from this temple (it is actually sitting higher than the base of this temple) and is approximately a 1500 square foot home. It's just buried in the trees (which are enormous old growth).

Click for the larger image

Well lookie here. Just like Epstein's "fantasy island" there's a pile of mattresses visible through a window. If you want to screw a kid in the eye of Molech under a great big spider web, this is obviously the place to do it. I wonder who books this place. just kidding. I don't "wonder". I have answers. Later with that, I want my dead man switch.

You can click this for a larger image but the small one is already obvious.

For context, here is the actual layout of the place.

Now that there's context, let's get on the ground around this place.

The entire place is set up so that if you are not familiar with it, you'd never know it was there. It is absolutely buried in the trees totally out in the wilderness, and the moloch area and large courtyard (it is about 15 - 20 acre courtyard) are completely obscured and can only be approached via a river that is flanked on both sides by 20 foot cliffs. These cliffs are buried in tall weeds and brush and are invisible until you almost step off. It would not be a death drop unless you starved to death with broken legs. High enough to break legs and be impossible for a kid to get over but not high enough to kill (most of the time.) It can be accessed by going a considerable distance downstream and walking up, or by coming down from upstream where security would easily see you and nail you.

This place is permanently staffed by people who live in auxiliary buildings and a house you can see in the aerial shot.

the natural looking barriers that are too good to be true are important to note, because there's no way you'd ever stumble across this place, it takes a purposeful effort to get to it. There's a gated road on the east side that attaches to the property (I'll show that later) but if you want to know what is in this place, that road is a no-go, nothing telling is visible and I don't think you'd want to be caught beyond the gate.

The entire place is surrounded by a cliff like this. You have to go down it AND UP it to get up to the level this temple sits at. However, there is in one spot an access from the courtyard with stairs that goes down into this "moat" which provided a way to get a shot of the courtyard. Even though you can look right into the courtyard, you can't see the temple from ANYWHERE along the moat because the trees and other obstacles are perfectly placed to block a view of the temple no matter where you look from, (from the other side of the fence.) It has perfect privacy.

Another detail is that if there's a kid hunt, no kid that manages to breach the fence is getting across that moat, NO WAY. Only, it does not look like an intentional moat, it all looks perfectly natural. It is Perfect.

Here is a look into the courtyard from the top of the steps that went into the moat. This is fenced and locked off from the moat but that is not showing in the photo.

Click this image to have a larger one come in.

One thing to point out here is that you can't see anything from the moat. The fence is right up against the moat also, you can't easily walk the edge and in the few places it is possible, no matter where you look from you can't see a thing despite the fact it looks like you ought to be able to in the aerial photo.

Oh, another thing to point out is that the place is set up for ceremonies much like what Alex talked about. If you look in the lower right hand corner of the courtyard pic, you can see a mound of rocks with a pipe sticking out. That shoots fire like in the molech video Alex got and a lot of these mounds are visible around the perimeter of the courtyard in the aerial shot.

The courtyard shot is pretty much the best that could be done during the day with security walking the place. About those other night time photos for later . . . . . well, I'll wait, this post is only a notification, as stated earlier.

But there's some other cool stuff, that will provide context. Here it is:

This is how nestled it is into it's private spot, way the hell out in the boonies. You'd never in a million years, from this spot, guess it has a moat and you can't just go to it. All of that is perfectly obscured.

There is a scissor lift on the property. Take a look at the branding on it. What a laugh!

This is the nice peaceful "country road" that actually goes down to the place. Considering the place is staffed, it would not be wise to go down un-announced. One thing I did not point out is that it is obvious this place is designed to accomodate "parties" of 1000+ and it is obviously seasonally used. I have a pile of photos of this place and it all boils down to what should I post?

How about if I post a couple of ultimate close ups?

Gee. There's trees in there. Greta Thunberg would like that. Let's call this the Thunberg Hotel.

Actually, that's an important shot because you can clearly see the table and chairs, and put them in context for how large this temple is. also, look down below. There are portal windows with bars in them. Why don't all the windows have bars? Gosh. Why are they only on those small portal windows? Oh well, at least there's light down there.

I don't think this is where the finer accomodations are.

BIRD STRIKE. A bird broke one of the windows on the tower

I gotta say, I have never seen creepy like this, especially with those stacked up beds in the adjascent window. Yikes. They did those slit eyes with the drapes on purpose, don't try telling me that was happenstance.

So how do you close after posting something like this? I GOT IT:

To those wrecking funding to this site, SURPRISE. And this only got posted because Claudia told me to, because you pissed her off too. BONUS: Yeah, I have the goods on the patrons of this place BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!

Now that I have delivered phase 1 on this promise, I might as well spew something else:

Too bad I'm not in the U.S. where people will care more, but I uncovered a ring of Jewish doctors that are murdering people in hospitals for ritual purposes and "expedient" purposes and have 9 of them photographed and tagged, PLUS the 3 hospitals they do it at. Wanna try me? Ha ha, well, you probably thought the aerial image I posted of this "molech temple" a couple months ago could not be followed up on. You guessed wrong. How about that. Maybe someone will do something about those doctors down here, maybe not, but the tribe is the tribe don't ya know! Poke'em anywhere and they all scream. I won't be going to THOSE hospitals to get "care", HA, no way. That's in my dead man switch too.

I bet you laughed while screwing me over this month. Welcome to unintended consequences!

Oh, and a litte side note here: I have uncovered that this place was in part financed by people's taxes, with the excuse to get financing being that the spider web was a terrarium and they "planted lots of trees". Only, it was not stated to the public what the place actually was and the public is not invited. It was just a way to divert funding and get it done on the public dime. Classic! It would be fun to alert the public about this so they could demand access!

I was so mad yesterday it messed everything up including this site.

I am still mad today, plus I am going to be busy with what is posted above, so I am going to cut to the chase:

Trump is not one of the elite that are a problem, and we now have a showdown between Trump and the ones that are a problem. To Trump's advantage is the fact that he was cleaner than mister clean, plus extremely intelligent and very popular. To the deep state's advantage, they have layer after layer after layer after more than 7 layers of corruption and subversion to help them circumvent Trump's efforts to put them down. Who's going to win? That remains to be answered but it is a fact that Trump is one clean meat ball in a whole pot of rotten sauce and that's not a good place to be.

ALL OF THEM ARE ROTTEN AND GOING TO JAIL IF TRUMP WINS, including the top Republicans who are supposed to be protecting him, according to myth. I don't believe that myth. We have to get to January 4 with Trump still in office for anything they say to mean anything, and then, even Lindsey is probably going to jail if Trump can manage to be effective. I can't see how Trump, who is a total outsider could possibly drop into that cesspit and be allowed to eject anyone from it. If that happens, it will only be because Trump successfully juggled 95,000 variables and came up with the ONE winning scenario possible. Yes, a coin can land on edge - and it really would be possible to once, in 50 quadrillion tries, to walk to the car in a downpour and not have a single drop hit you. If Trump finds a way to win, it will be something like that.

I am well aware of "how great things are looking" for Trump right now, and will repeat my word of caution about him getting ousted over Christmas.

Here is what is looking good. I did not miss any of these things.

Three House Democrats are "defecting" from their party because of the sham. They know the impeachment is totally unfounded and don't want to be associated with the Dems who are pushing it. Why this does not matter: Because there are enough traitors on both sides of the fence to push it through anyway, and you can't just get "hit by lightning" and change your political convictions - all they are doing is poisoning a different group later, even if impeachment for them is a no. But I have to admit, it is better than nothing.

Comey is apologizing, saying OOPS, and Trump responded with a reference to jail Yes, the Fisa release was a surface white wash, but it did at least still document an abuse of power though it brushed it off far too nicely. And I was very upset about that. Because every time in the past it has been brushed off saying it was "all mistakes" or whatever, it then went under the rug. This time however it did not. It got analyzed and the response was "What do you mean no one intentionally broke the law? There's so much here it cannot possibly be error," and even people who have not spoken nicely about Trump admitted it. So it did not just dry up and blow away the way I thought it would. That's quite a positive, and a paradigm shift.

Burisma is blowing up, and Biden is promising severe retribution for anyone who investigates his kid. Interesting it is that when all this Ukraine stuff was actually happening, Soros was trying to pull a color movement off. But whatever - Biden is threatening doom when only 83 people showed up for his latest rally, and that's a beautiful thing. The problem is, there's no doubt he's tied to Soros even if the ties are not fully showing yet, which means he probably can deliver "retribution". The two gunshots thing. But it is nice to see him squirm.

The top Republicans are promising to throw the impeachment out the moment it hits the senate and the leftists are screaming "obstruction" and "unfair" and whatever else they can scream over it, which is a classic leftist tactic of "displacement". Any time that happens, they are obviously scared. My worry is that it is all a stage show, and I do not trust even the Republicans who will also fry if Trump is not ousted, and will not bet at all that a surprise session will not be held over Christmas to oust him. On the surface it all looks good but an ocean of snakes would look like a sea of glass from 500 feet up, and I would not doubt at all that this is not what we are actually dealing with.

Giuliani has stated the impeachment is only to cover up Obama era corruption That's obviously true, and spewing it is only going to make the deep state squirm and push that much harder for Trump's removal before the ax falls. Everyone, including Lindsey is likely caught up in this and having a senate trial as Trump has stated he wants get blocked cannot be good AT ALL for Trump, they have something planned and want him gone, BANK ON IT.

Trump tweeted: "As bad as the I.G. Report is for the FBI and others, and it is really bad, remember that I.G. Horowitz was appointed by Obama. There was tremendous bias and guilt exposed, so obvious, but Horowitz couldn’t get himself to say it. Big credibility loss. Obama knew everything!" Ok, so it proves Trump knows everything (he can't wake up that much overnight, he probably knew this back in 2016 but we are looking at a beyond 3d chess player with Trump, who will hold off to the last minute with everything. So that's a great tweet and a good thing, however, now that he has fingered a former president the deep state knows full well how bad a situation it faces and that EVERYONE is going to fry, right down to a former president, and that makes them MORE dangerous and MORE likely to pull an out of schedule session during the Christmas break to oust Trump.

The bottom line with all of this is that we are seeing unprecedented action happening right at a time when a very dirty trick can solve the problem. Rather than jump up and down celebrating all the fireworks going off now, I'd advise people to keep their eye on the ball, and don't let their guard down.

The Republicans want Trump gone as much as the Dems, both sides are crooked and afraid of being drained. If they can excuse off his ouster as an "oops" so they don't suffer consequences at the polls, they absolutely will. Probably on January 3 or January 1 at 10 AM. If anyone thinks someone going to prison won't show up on New Years to stop it, when all Trump's real support is hopelessly far away on vacation to prevent it, well, continue napping and watch it happen.

One would be a fool to not consider that a possibility considering how the Federal Reserve got scammed in.

Purging voter rolls of dead people is "racist"??!!??

A lawsuit was launched against Detroit for not purging the dead from it's voter rolls and the response was that the lawsuit was racist, and intended to prevent "people of color" from voting.

MY COMMENT: What color? GREEN?

Leftists fell back on the old "racism" ruse to protect their sham elections AGAIN, even when the request was merely to get the dead people removed and therefore make it impossible to send people who "vote early and vote often" through the polls on "their behalf".

Yes. That's racist.

Worse than the banana:

Norway gave a guy who paints with his rectum after farting the paint onto the canvass A HUGE grant

He actually does poop the paint out, shoves a brush up his butt and paints with it. The result is obviously garbage.

Donald Trump Junior Tweet: This should scare the shit out of everyone not in the deep state

Yes, he did use the word shit. It is that serious folks.

The tweet is in reference to the FBI fabricating evidence, which proves the agency cannot be trusted. And when an agency is that powerful and not honest, it is indeed scary.

What is even worse? The media never gave this the spotlight when it is earth shattering, which proves they are part of all this. Not that we did not know already . . . . .

How to handle Amazon porch pirates

EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE who lives in a zone where packages get stolen should do this by default:

Take all your dog crap, plus YOUR crap, plus any diapers or rotten food or anything else that is absolutely awful you might have that you can put in a used Amazon box, fill it up with the nastiest naughtiest stuff you have and put it out on your front porch. If possible, find a way to make it fling out of the box when opened.

If 70+ percent of stuff they steal ends up being that, it will at least put a dent in their pirate pride.

Got a pocket mattress you've thought about ditching but still have? Take a few of the springs and make them a nice jack-in-the-box.


Taylor Swift is mad George Soros bought the rights for her music??!!??

Yes, it did happen, and after her high profile announcement the guy who arranged the deal is receiving death threats . . . . . poor guy. Really. And as for Taylor, how can she complain about satan owning her music after she sold her soul for the opportunity to do it all to begin with?

Tsk Tsk.

The only news here is that Soros operates at that level, and can shut down musicians on a whim. Let's see where Taylor goes after her first six albums landed in the Soros pocket.

Take a look at all the plastic trash in Greta Thunbergs $60, 000 Tesla

You know, that $60, 000 Tesla she has been driving, to prove she's green as she goes around town in a car I'll never afford, at 16 years old.

Actually, the mess is no big deal, lots of fine people have messy cars but in her case, WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PLASTIC WASTE? Oh, I get it, she's above scrutiny for that while she bashes the rest of us.

I can't make the passenger side messy because Claudia sits there but just look behind the drivers seat . . . . anyway, no big deal if I'm not cruising the Atlantic in yachts and then bitching about how others are destroying the planet. Just imagine what will happen when Greta is given the power of destruction. It is a very safe bet she's going to use it and then live the high life above the peons, I have zero doubt she's being groomed for exactly that.


WELL, USA Today says that YEP, she did drive that Tesla to a climate conference and arrived with it looking like that.

ANOTHER POINT: To defend Greta, leftists are now using the ruse: "Why are you obsessed with a 16 year old" or "why are you picking on a 16 year old, she's only 16, SHUT UP." So the left is exploiting a 16 year old, and when people point it out, they are attacking a 16 year old. GOT IT. Back in the old school, (and I mean primary school, this was part of a very early American education before the country got subverted) my generation was taught that communists used children to accomplish agendas. That's precisely what they are doing with Greta and pointing that out is not attacking a 16 year old, it is calling the communists out for the scam they are.

Here we have this kid living an elite life none of us could ever dream of, burning more resources and fuel than any of us could ever dream of affording, and we are the bad guys? YEP. Especially if you point out any flaws in a "16 year old". The good ol' victim defense - DO NOT MAKE A VICTIM OUT OF A 16 YEAR OLD KID BY RIDICULING HOW SHE IS BEING USED, JUST EAT THE MESSAGE, CONSUMER.


Peter sent approximately $35, thanks!

That arrived when it was really needed, as usual.

Peter also successfully sent a message to Claudia but I have not been able to read it yet because I can't go into that box with anything web site related without wrecking security (if security is not a total myth).



Two unidentified congressmen saying Trump will be acquitted by McConnel instantly DOES NOT CUT IT. Pay attention and make damn sure they don't scam Trump out over Christmas. This is such an obvious move I can't believe people missed the possibility.

Graham is so useless he's damn near pervert useless, slamming Trump left and right, and Trump can't call witnesses to the senate after being blocked from doing so by top republicans. That's all that matters, IT SAYS IT ALL.

When troubleshooting a problem, things become very clear when all the "maybes" are ousted and you narrow it down to the key facts. The critical key fact is TRUMP CANNOT CALL WITNESSES to the Senate. Why? That's not how an honest proceeding goes.


A day later: They backed off on the "white supremacist" ruse and have gone back to reporting that it was blacks that did the Kosher store shooting. However, they are still saying "supremacist" and "anti semite" despite the shooters being black and claimed "Hebrew Nationals". There's one thing the media will never say: They probably were. And they were pissed at what the modern day Jew has done to the Jewish faith.

I am quite certain God never instructed the Jews to destroy the other abrahamic faiths and their host civilizations, and that's exactly what they seek to do every time one flourishes.

Bright orb Arizona

I'll make this quick: When all we have is crappy video that is SO crappy 3 pixels represent the actual object, it is NOTHING. All we have is a one pixel representation that is blurred so much it looks bigger, and the air force feed that shows an object that is merely an up rendered 3 pixel image. The color was identical to a military flare. ANYTHING AT ALL to distract from impeachment or what? The quality of what is being presented is bad even for "blurry UFO pics" as the standard. Not buying it. Distraction needed. Job done.

Clearing stuff up below: Lindsey Graham is not the one who prevented the calling of witnesses, Mitch McConnel was. Don't pay any attention to McConnel talking about holding the trial after the New Years break, or any of the B.S. about simply rejecting the impeachment the moment it hits the senate, All involved are deep state goons, and the following scenario is more than possible, it is probable.

I am not backing down on this, the only reason to deny witnesses is to speed it up so much it can be done over Christmas and you can damn well bet that's what they have in mind. Every damn one of them is a deep state goon and this is their way out - how they can impeach Trump and not be held accountable for it.

Here is the scenario:




He has stopped Trump from calling witnesses to the impeachment trial in the senate to speed it up and get it done before the end of New Years vacation on Jan 3rd. If the plan I have outlined here is in fact real, he will be there to preside over the senate to keep it open for the vote while many republicans are not there Or he will never close the session and simply leave, allowing the Dems to do whatever.



The next election won't fix it, because there won't really be an election, only a waste of time, and that is IF the left does not kick off the expulsion drive against the patriots before the election.

Rather than blow the impeachment hearings off, Trump needs to go to them and stall, stall, stall.

FACT: If Republicans did not want him impeached, they would not block him from calling witnesses. FACT. They'll pull this stunt if they can get away with it.

FACTS MATTER, anything else, such as it will be thrown out as soon as it hits the senate are mere hearsay. JUST THE FACTS HERE, and they don't look good.

Today's top Drudge headline: McConnel plans to acquit Trump

MY COMMENT: DO NOT BET ON IT, the chances as far as I see it are FAR GREATER that they'll try to ditch Trump over Christmas, and I am not going to back off on this until January 4.

WELL WELL, Alex was only a day behind this site WITH THIS this time and he actually got it right.

He gets enough wrong for me to not attribute that to "fact checking" and I am not a fan due to misrepresentations and inaccuracies there (too frequently, not the majority of what is posted but too frequently) but I do have to say it's a beautiful thing when he nails something like this.

"Strengthening Anti Semitism laws by falsely labeling All Jews as the enemy??!!??

Nope. That's not it. I have been inside that community and with the exception of a fringe 0.05% who disagree with how the goy are being managed and are considered crazy for having sympathies, they really are all the enemy. REMEMBER: God destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah while knowing there were a few righteous stragglers there who for some reason could not leave, and THAT is the state of today's Jews. Every last thing that actually touches society and originates from them is evil for one reason or another, even if it seems to be "beneficial" to a few. If any among them actually do something that goes against the plan, they "spontaneously" die.

To clarify the Portland homeless story that is being misrepresented everywhere

Here are the requirements that affect new buildings: A space must be provided for people to rest. That's it. Now, I don't agree with people being forced to do this but it does not mandate allowing homeless into your home. Better legislation: When the state, via aiding illegal immigrants therefore taking up housing for them and taking jobs away from Americans with them renders countless Americans so desperate they need to camp out next to roads and under buildings and in parks, LEAVE THEM THE * ALONE. That does not happen, they get ripped up and purged constantly. Not only did they get robbed of their lives via policy, they don't even get to have desperation in peace. How about forcing the state to have a soul, rather than pushing that off on private landowners? NO, you can't vote your way out of this because it is precisely the method the tribe is using to destroy the United States and "fair" elections ensure only their will is represented.

Petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi for treason surpasses 250, 000 signatures

Gee. All the while it was so censored it never appeared on any place I usually frequent. If people knew this petition existed, it would hit millions in hours. So there it is. GO FOR IT.

The Dems actually did do this

H.Res.757 - Calling for the resignation and disbarment of United States Attorney General William P. Barr

Yes, they actually did do that. Here it is folks:

December 10, 2019
Mr. Rush submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


Calling for the resignation and disbarment of United States Attorney General William P. Barr, and for other purposes.

Whereas, on March 24, 2019, United States Attorney General William P. Barr deliberately mischaracterized the "Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election" issued by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III;

Whereas, on March 25, 2019, at Attorney General Barr's direction, the Department of Justice ceased defending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111–148), a duly enacted law under the United States Constitution;

Whereas, on April 24, 2019, Attorney General Barr directed then-Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division to defy a subpoena from the House Oversight and Reform Committee pertaining to its investigation of the 2020 census;

Whereas, on July 8, 2019, Attorney General Barr deliberately mischaracterized the legal reasoning behind the Trump administration's desire to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census and abruptly removed career Department of Justice attorneys in an unprecedented attempt to undermine a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States;

Whereas, on July 16, 2019, Attorney General Barr ignored the recommendation of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division by declining to bring charges against the New York Police Department officer in the death of Eric Garner;

Whereas, on July 17, 2019, the United States House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Barr in criminal contempt of Congress for his refusal to comply with a duly-issued subpoena and deliberate obstruction of congressional oversight authority;

Whereas, on December 4, 2019, Attorney General Barr threatened the withholding of police protection from communities that do not show "support and respect" to law enforcement, a statement that has been interpreted as being directed at communities of color that protest police violence;

Whereas Attorney General Barr has perpetuated and promulgated conspiracy theories that have been repeatedly debunked by United States law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including before a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, where he referred to legitimate and legal law enforcement surveillance as "spying", and while traveling abroad to meet with foreign intelligence officials where he has continued to spread this dis­in­for­ma­tion;

Whereas Attorney General Barr has used taxpayer funds for international travel to seek foreign assistance in investigating a domestic political rival of the President of the United States;

Whereas Attorney General Barr has sought to undermine the Department of Justice inspector general's report "Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane Investigation", regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation of the Trump campaign; and

Whereas Attorney General Barr has refused to recuse himself from any Ukraine-related matters in which he is allegedly involved: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives -

(1) condemns United States Attorney General William P. Barr for his despicable comments and actions;

(2) calls on United States Attorney General William P. Barr to resign;

(3) calls on the Virginia State Bar to remove United States Attorney General William P. Barr from its rolls;

(4) calls on the New York State Bar Association to remove United States Attorney General William P. Barr from its rolls;

(5) calls on the District of Columbia Bar to remove United States Attorney General William P. Barr from its rolls;

(6) reaffirms support for the diversity of the United States; and

(7) reaffirms, in the strongest terms, its support for and commitment to the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution

My comment: Everything listed here is what would be expected during a normal course of work for any attorney, yet they framed it as borderline criminal. These people are despicable enough to cause the most passive Americans to conjure visions of creative uses for wood chippers.

Not surprisingly, the bar association is corrupt enough to go along with this if it goes through. So Barr merely did his job, not totally in line with deep state corruption, and this is how it was answered. Classic.

The last line gaffe about the constitution makes me want to switch the motor on the wood chipper from a 7.5 to a 15 with the output positioned over the feed trough on a pig farm.


President Trump signed an executive order against anti-semitism on college campi. This is supposed to rein in all forms of anti-semitism, including from the professors.

We are told that there are TONS AND TONS AND TONS of anti-semitic professors in the colleges, teaching the kids to be good little anti-semites. THAT IS PATENT B.S.

Here is what is happening - the college administrations, in a VAST majority of colleges, are now Jewish. They don't want all those cute little bowls of intellectual jell-o just waiting to be formed to EVER figure out that the scam against them, especially communism, is Jewish. So they fake that they "hate Israel" or even "dislike the Jews" while they program that jell-o so that jell-o stays jell-o and NEVER CONNECTS THE DOTS. That way, they will be perfect little mind wiped peons that perform as needed, on behalf of the Jew, never realizing the Jews are their overlords.

It is a PERFECT scam.



As it turns out, they were part of a radical BLACK JEWISH movement and were pissed at mainstream Jews. And the Jews then flipped the narrative saying "white supremacists" did it. Just sayin. And by the way, targeting kosher stores is no way to fight a civil war. Do your homework first. This got spun as something different that was a lot more politically useful, considering the leftists, who are predominantly Jews, want whites wiped out. SOP for the tribe. Can't trust a damn thing from them.

Sub par employee told to join the "gay group" for promotions

As far as I can tell This report is not a hoax

An employee of CIBC bank in Canada was told that if he wanted to advance, he had to become at least bisexual because all the people above him were. He took the case to the Canadian human rights court and they threw it out. He then appealed to a higher court, which ordered the human rights court to re-open the case.

Here's my take: Yes, he got denied promotion because he refused to have sexual relations with other males the next step up. It was made clear that unqualified people were allowed to advance if they joined the orgies. HOWEVER: If you read the rest of the article above, it is clear that this particular employee was not a good one. There was a quota for making 60 - 70 cold calls a day that he could not meet because he could not speak well enough. That's not an excessive number of calls if you are actually working. He claimed he got "vocal cord stress" and blah blah.

The real story here is that the human rights court threw it out. That is inexcusable, and proves that sexual harassment is perfectly OK in front of a human rights commission as long as it is real harassment so bad you have to take it and give it in the rear when that was not your thing at all.

That's bad. A new low.


And all the filthy repubs that are total swamp will be off the hook and smelling like roses. Trump will be gone. Pence will resign. Pelosi will take over if this happens.

The timing of all of this is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

Trump looked excellent at the Pennsylvania rally

If there was any issue with poisoning, it is probably not an issue now. He seemed defiant about the impeachment and IG report but it remains to be seen if that alone will cut it.

Trump rally in Hershey PA live stream I am going to watch at least a portion of this to see how he is doing. If he comes off great it will say a lot about whatever threats he is under or if he's been poisoned. I want to know. STARTS AT 7 PM EASTERN

If they succeed in stopping Trump, either now or over the next 5 years this site will change

There won't be any point in running it to warn people because the communists are going to bulldoze everything and start the genocide. And there WILL be a genocide. People may think I have been a little too explicit with some of the stuff I have said, but clearly, definitely, I have not said enough considering the severity of what we all face. Here is exactly what they are going to do to accomplish the genocide:

The ridiculous wooden homes which are an anomaly world wide and I can say "pathetic" compared to even an adobe mud home, are going to be flown over by helicopters and burned 20, 000 at a time. People will be running, and if they are white, they'll simply be loaded up in their desperation and done away with.

People need to realize just what kind of pathetic danger they are in because Americans allowed wood framed homes to become normalized. This was one of the primary accomplishments of the masons. You cannot have a home that you can't be burned out of like a little pig, even if it has a brick face, which is MANDATED BY LAW IN THE UNITED STATES TO NOT BE ABLE TO STAND WITHOUT THE WOOD BEHIND IT. That's a MANDATE. Why?

In America, even "brick homes" are fake and will collapse in a fire. How good is that going to do you when you're trying to make a stand?


Even with America being the "better country" and a shining example of "quality" Mexicans DO NOT build wooden homes, they are all brick and concrete. Why? Ask yourself WHY. And wake up - your guns are not going to save you on the day the communists burn it all down, and the communists are not a rumor, they are impeaching Trump RIGHT NOW.

Let's be realistic here. If Trump is gone and nothing is cleaned up and you don't run, you are dead. You may be able to shoot a thug at the door, but you'll never take on a helicopter that flies over at 3 AM and burns an entire city down. That's possible in the U.S. and Canada, but no where else in the Americas, WHY? the conspiracy is a lot older than you think.

Why I am concerned about the FISA report, in a nut shell:

Because it clearly stated everything done that was illegal, and then pawned everything off on "mistakes" or "coincidence" or "procedural errors" or "not following rules" and then exonerated everyone, with no one to be punished.

That's death folks. Put a fork in it, they stated their corruption blatantly to our faces and said SO WHAT. And nothing will happen. THE. END.

So what about what it says about all the bad things done, if there is going to be no action, SO WHAT.

I have mentioned the three cities repeatedly on this site.

One of them is Racine Wisconsin, another is Burlington Vermont and I don't know what the third is.

The three cities were identical counterparts built in Russia, so Russians could grow up in them and then infiltrate the United States with a perfect recollection of their "home town". Bernie Sanders is one of these infiltrators and this report that appeared in the Jewish publication "Forward" screwed up and revealed this fact, right at the bottom of the article, after joking about it above.


Cold war communists from Russia have infiltrated the government sufficiently enough to render Trump impotent, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it if even Bernie is one. And by gosh, THEY ARE ALL JEWISH.

Too depressed to do anything

I am so upset after the hoax IG report that I have basically been rendered useless. What can I say? the only answer: all the conspiracy theorists were absolutely correct, and we lost. As it turned out, all the manipulations including "tinfoil hat" did the job. I am not going to say "if this" or "if that" or "someone said this or that and it proves they are guilty so they will fry", all of it is B.S. folks, it appears it is time to put a fork in it.

Trump wanted to drain the swamp. He did not know what the swamp even was, and that instead, it was a borg cube. Far beyond his ability to handle.

He'll tinker around with one or two people who are not totally corrupted and also not totally committed, do his time, probably get poisoned (if not already) and then the so called "elite" - right down to your local rabbi, are going to get even with us for ever threatening them with Trump. The great purge will then proceed, and to keep people shut up about it, they'll just use the same bag of tricks including "tinfoil hat" when anyone exposes them, and it will work. Put a fork in it, WE ARE DONE.

No more pretty "But Q says" bullshit, if it does not get results it did not happen at all.

Comey spelled Corney is NOT an OCR problem.

I pulled the document clearly saying "comey" into open office, changed the font and it then showed 'Corney". That's not OCR folks, but if the lie is enough of a diversion, OCR it will be. Damn the trolls.

It is a specifically different font, done out of spite for whatever reason. And they got caught. Now they are lying. You can clearly see it is a different font specifically made for this, and not OCR. And watch anything at all happen. It will be as I said, the deep state will take zero hits, and they are now going to try to flush Trump. I expected this but did not expect them to be so brazen about it. The fact they were this brazen only proves we are totally screwed and cannot use the system to fix the system.

This image is VERY IMPORTANT so I am putting it right on top again

Explanation: Comey's name is not in the Fisa release, instead a font was made to make an R and an N appear to be an M so in a search only typing "Corney" will make Comey appear to show up. If you copy/paste "Comey" out of the document, it pastes as "Corney". Additionally, elsewhere in the document there is similar play with other words that are very important. This is huge, because it invalidates the document from a legal perspective. See this:

If we got this kind of childish play from official government agencies with something this important, we are screwed. The corruption and contempt is so deep it is irreparable.

Claudia's message and thanks:

I want to thank you all from my heart for contributing so we can take care of my glasses and my health issue that requires me to wear prescription compression tights. It felt really nice to receive your help and all your wishes. You made a much better Christmas for me.

15 years ago a doctor prescribed me dosage of 2000 mg Cortisol twice daily, and it destroyed my health. A normal (very high) cortisol dose for use in emergencies is 50 MG and because there were no dispensaries that had cortisol in such a high dose (2000 mg)-the doctor gave it to me. At that time I did not realize what it was, I just thought he was being nice by making it easy to get the prescription.

My insert: At that time, Claudia was extremely influential in a powerful organization, and I have no doubt a saboteur doctor wrecked her on purpose to prevent her influence in that organization with a specially prepared dosage (for hits on people) that is such a high dose no one sells it. Only the elites and Jews would have access to that. The dose was so powerful it made her grow 4 inches taller and increase 2 shoe sizes. It ended with her having to have surgery to fix veins in her legs and a stroke which she recovered from. She was sent to the doctor on advice from someone she met briefly and I believe that doctor prescribed the cortisol from a temporary office for the sole purpose of destroying her to stop her work and then he vanished. Unfortunately, Claudia did not know what cortisol at that high a dose does.

Claudia's message continues:

The cortisol destroyed my health and caused many problems I suffered from badly for years. Fortunately I have since found a very good doctor who made it possible to avoid the corrupted medical system and she saved my life.

My advice is if you have a health condition don't use the mainstream medical system, they will probably steal all your money and wreck you as a result of their "treatment", try to find a doctor who's intentions are to cure you rather than to keep you coming back. The good doctors are the ones who are actually licensed, but in addition to their standard medical ability they offer alternative treatments such as homeopathic, acupuncture, and herbalist treatments.

Once again I want to thank you for your help, and also to wish you a merry Christmas.

Request: Though I appreciate the thought, don't spam this site to forums.

That is happening now. It does no good and only triggers content bans. This site is officially banned practically everywhere but if people copy paste what is here without the address, that actually gets the word out. It won't increase hits to the site, but the site is traveled well enough anyway. Providing the name of this site is only detrimental on many forums, re-posting what is here only helps (overall, not the site itself)

Trump called the Fisa release proof of an attempted coup

And he's right, because it exonerated EVERYONE and NO ONE is going to fry. Additionally, he missed the fact that Comey was never mentioned. That one thing, right there, proves it is not only all lies and sedition and coverup, it is a mockery. Corney? That did not happen by accident.

I am so deeply angered I am boiling and I am also depressed, if "Corney" is what we got at this stage of the game, We are screwed, glued, and tattooed.

Well, the Fisa report JUST DROPPED

and despite wanting to ignore it I could not resist and combed it for goodies.

UPDATE: I am shamed to admit I peeked at what I knew would be crap, AND IT IS STUPID FAR BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS. I think it actually broke the law. Additionally it has key critical redactions that don't have anything to do with national security at all. I predict full on frontal GARBAGE.


You can't even search "Comey" in the document, if you want to find "Comey" you have to type "Corney". What an insult!!!


Both normal R's and normal N's appear throughout the document which means a special R and a special N were made in the font that don't use the R and the N keys to get a fake "M" to show. Take a look, it is obvious.

With deception at this high a level in plain sight, it proves this document is not trustworthy. They actually made a special font to prevent "Comey" from ever being actually named in it. This also prevents searches for "Comey" from working.

This report is brilliantly written sh*t speak so perfect it flaunts legitimacy like a transvestite "bake my cake" lawsuit yet is so fake Comey's not even in it. It comes off as so pristine and so legit it makes my blood boil, because it is not even a whitewash, it is from a legal perspective a useless document.


Why is this important? Because it makes a practical thermopile possible. Here is how one would work:

You would plate a conductive surface with copper, then nickel, then this metal that does not conduct heat, then another layer of copper, then nickel, until you have 500 layers and all you'd need to do after that is get it hot and it will produce electricity with no fuss or mess or energy loss, with 500 layers and copper/nickel it would be easy to push it to 100 volts.

Today's thermopiles have a problem - they only allow the extraction of electricity via differences in temperature. The thermoelectric effect happens when two dissimilar metals are connected to each other and then heated, and far away from where the heat is you can then extract electricity. However, since every conductor known has either had a very high resistance or been a great conductor of heat, you waste so much heat via heat conduction in the metal (which then has to be thrown away so you have a cool place to hook up to,) that thermoelectric junctions have never been more than a few percent efficient. If this new metal that does not conduct heat is used, it can simply connect to the electricity producing metals and allow the electricity to be taken without losing the heat that produced the electricty to begin with. That would be a game changer that would kill off the solar panel industry - all you'd need is your old 10 foot satellite dish and a little tinfoil to concentrate the sun on the thermopile and you'd get thousands (and thousands) of watts.

This could also be used on a nuclear powered space ship with a microwave or light thruster to make it possible to move quickly without losing mass by blowing ions or fuel into space.


Ha ha, and here is Paddock experiencing "life after death" in an Atlantic City casino AFTER vegas. 10 second video, less than a megabyte. PROVES THE SCAM OF VEGAS IN ONE WHACK. This is nothing new to anyone who reads this site.

In the video, someone who recognizes paddock sneaks a cell phone recording of him gambling across the table with his filipino sweetie (now a confirmed FBI agent) AFTER VEGAS, and our friend with the camera was smart enough to put the casino's daily schedule proving the date into the video with Paddock.

Obviously the FBI or whoever shot up the harvest festival, and then later fake alt media hatched a Saudi line. FACT: if Paddock was in another casino later, and his GF is now proven FBI, Paddock was FBI and that's the entire story. The people were killed from helicopters and that is that, with the windows in Paddock's room kicked out later.



A "fair" election is one in which Jews "vote early and vote often" and only the votes that go in favor of the Jew get counted. Any attempt to shift the outcome away from this is called "election rigging".

Well, today there won't be a "fisa drop", if anything drops it will be watered down B.S. (prediction there) and they will proceed with "impeachment

I am confident the next election will be stolen if the coup succeeds, and that a "fair" election is one that goes the way the Bolshevik Jews dictate, because if you are not a Jew you are an animal in human form and there's no such thing as "your vote" in a "fair" election.

REMEMBER THIS AND PREPARE: If America gets a "fair" election in 2020, it will be followed by a genocide similar to Ukraine except with more people to wipe out, America is a far more populous country than Russia was, and the disaster will be that much worse. See the Deagel report, it only reflects a genocide but they went light on that aspect of it. And it will be 100 percent Jewish backed, let's not kid ourselves with this. And don't get caught up in "the Orthodox jews are not doing this, it is the leftists" - My own experience in that community proved without a doubt it is the Orthodox and Sephards spearheading it all, with the leftists simply being morally depracated losers who can only stage a tranny story time or gay pride parade or throw money at planned parenthood, the real damage is being done by the Orthodox community.

So what do you do about it? Here is reality: If they take the next election, don't pay attention to them screaming about how only losers won't accept the results (that's a classic with them) realize IN FULL it was stolen hook line and sinker and DO NOT HONOR THE ELECTION. Instead, PUT IT RIGHT. If you don't put it right, your kids are going to be wrecked on purpose both physically via shots (or whatever) and mentally via a social mind wipe, while you rot in a grave.

FACT: Though the detention facilities are large, they can't even come close to being enough to contain all the people the Jews have openly stated they want gone. They already accomplished killing off an enormous percentage of the white population via brainwashing of the women, who then sought abortions and subsequently destroyed their families in "divorce court" - courts of a type that never had a place in America's history and are an absolute tragedy for the country and especially the men who were totally blindsided by the vicious corruption those courts represent and how corruptible the women were - the damage has been severe - and even after that, the Jews did not get enough. They want total annihilation of the white race and total replacement and will keep being "progressive" toward that goal until it is accomplished. "Change" and "progress" are the words the enemy uses to trick people because people automatically accept "progress" as a step in a positive direction, not a progressive step toward their destruction. The ruse worked.

What to do if they successfully oust Trump and stage a "fair" election:

If you get your guns taken, you go around and tell EVERYONE, you don't sit there in shame and guilt over whatever they claimed you did to get them taken. Shame and guilt are weapons they use, with them everything is weaponized. Don't stay silent in shame. You go out and scream it to the world and warn EVERYONE. First they came for my brother's guns, and no one did anything because "my brother was a nutcase". Then they came for the neighbors guns, and no one did anything because a pathetic scamming spouse made it "necessary" to take them in "divorce court" and they were not sure he was not an abuser. Then they got the guns away from my buddy at work, and I wondered about that but still did nothing because I was worried about myself, THEN THEY GOT MY GUNS AND ALL OF US VANISHED ONE BY ONE, INCLUDING ME. Here I am, standing in front of a trench, waiting for the next volley of kill shots.

If you don't think that can happen in today's political climate, you are a totally useless pathetic disgusting whack job. Go to hell.

Yes, it is time to say it like it is.

Do not tolerate ANYONE losing their guns. They really are the last stand against the Jewish community, which deeply fears the gun. They have destroyed everything else. They shipped your jobs overseas, handed what jobs remained to H1-B outsiders and illegals, gave all America's tech to China via the takeover of all American companies which they accomplished via censored and compromised communications and not real skill, and THEN sent all the manufacturing overseas which made it "necessary" to tell them EVERYTHING. They destroyed 90 percent of the families and put an enormous number of women on antidepressants merely because the women got depressed and felt like shit over what they were tricked into doing and perhaps they don't even know why they feel that way - they destroyed your churches and badly damaged your children with tainted shots, rigged your elections, scammed you with obscene property costs and rents, hijacked and weaponized the medical system into a tool of financial destruction and THEN called you a loser when you ended up homeless, or suffered a similar disaster. I won't even get into 911 and their many other crimes -

The bottom line is that the Jews are responsible for it all, and then spew the tired old line: If you are not happy with your life, it is YOUR FAULT because of the decisions you made. OH REALLY.

Actually no. The average joe is not "happy with his life" because those bastards robbed him blind, wrecked his health where possible and sent his family into the shitter. They set up artificial scenarios that got the average joe buried in debt crying over family losses and jacking off to JEWISH PORN because there's no one there anyway. What a tragedy it is. Damn them.

Here are the rules for civil warfare:


DO NOT DO SUICIDE MISSIONS. This is highly advertised by the Jewish community because it ensures that anyone who is successful at warfare will be killed immediately. Make every action a repeatable action with an extremely high probability of survival.

Maybe that's all I need to say. That one thing is so important it prevails above all others. I guess the other rules would be to ignore curfews and only attack at night, with fire as the primary weapon. Don't go out warning everyone you're there with a 140 decibel wake up call and for God's sake don't be stupid enough to bring your cell phone. Slink in silently and leave immediately. Totally IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS leave a note saying why it was done. "I did this because you wrecked my family". "I did this, because no matter what I tried, I was forced into letting you jab my kid and now he's a mental midget". Always tell them WHY, and that you will return. Policies will suddenly change overnight.

It is time to start talking like this, because there's going to be 200 million Americans dead if we don't. It is THAT SERIOUS. If you don't think so, you're a useless eater.

Tourists nailed by volcano in New Zealand

This one is worth posting: A small volcanic island off the coast of New Zealand that was frequented by tourists erupted with a large number of tourists on it. They might all be dead. Take a look at this video and note when the people standing on the dock are zoomed in on. Later, that dock is totally immersed in pure volcano breath. They could all be dead, and that's not even mentioning all the people that were on top of the volcano, exploring the caldera or on the paths leading up to it. This could end up being a big disaster but it is too soon to know yet.

I made a significant error in the "banana taped to the wall" story

It sold for $120, 000 not `120, 000, 000 and somehow I screwed that up. Preposterous none the less, and still a payoff.


Here's the story line: Saudis commit mass shooting at Marine air force base in Pensacola, where they were being taught how to fly. Several pilots fled the base after the shooting. Pilots then commandeer airliners and fly them into buildings after calling America the "great satan" yet again.. How's THAT for a story line? The only thing that did not happen is the "fly them into buildings" part.


If anything of the sort happens with airplanes, well, now you know the back story.

Good part of the story: the setup, if it was one, probably got hatched because they can't impeach Trump and are going for the gold elsewhere. How about another 911 and then a gun grab?


Remember when there was a cave with a lost football team in it, that flooded and divers found them, leading to a huge rescue? Musk devised a way to get them out of the cave that was quite brilliant, and they said "NO, stay the hell away from here, we don't want you here with your billions showing off". Well, either Musk went there or had people there and when they refused his help, he said they were pedos who wanted to keep control of the situation which is why they were not allowing outside help, and he specifically called the leader "pedo guy", in front of the whole world.

Well, there was an interesting development. "Pedo guy" sued Musk for defamation, and lost the case. The claim is that he lost because the judge decided Musk did not do anything against the man's character, and I BEG TO QUESTION HOW THAT HAPPENED IF MUSK WAS NOT CORRECT.

HA HA HA HA HA, BRILLIANT! he must have nailed it.

I hope Musk's cyber truck wins the second pulling contest. Musk should software tweak the ECM to allow many more amps than normal and show up with all the motors and related semiconductors pre cooled down to -70 farenheit with dry ice. FTW!.

Want to see 50 conspiracies confirmed in one whack? SEE THIS rare opportunity before it gets buried.

What happens at the link? It's a Twitter link that shows Prince Harry giving a straight out in the open satanic hand symbol to the camera when he meets Melania. It could not be more obvious who the enemies we talk about represent. Of course the "elite" think Trump is crazy, because they are all stealing TONS of "free stuff" and doing all kinds of wanton evil with no fear of repercussions, and they can't believe Trump did not join them. They think he's crazy because he said no, and stood for US.

Update to yesterday's banana post: It was legit. Some guy really did sell 3 bananas taped to a wall as "art" for $120 million each. And that's how the corrupted left launders money.


So far it is just a nuisance and I have limited solar backup, (enough to administer the web site 24/7 but not enough for the fridge) Anyway it went out with a huge boom about five hours ago.

I checked and it looks like there are no real developments, this could be it for the day because lots of other stuff got delayed by the outage and I have to get busy with them. At least I cleaned the office and workshop . . . . Claudia will probably faint over that.

Repeat: In the latest photos of Trump, something is amiss

He is not looking well at all and appears to have been poisoned. I said it before, and will say it again. If it was polonium, he has approximately a month and a half left to live. If it was anything else, they can still stop it.

Maybe he's really upset about the impeachment and in extreme duress, but to me it looks like a poisoning. Perhaps body doubles are being used that just don't have the "life" Trump had? That would not surprise me either. I don't know what, but something is up.


CNN: Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him

"(CNN) - When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning.

When the liberal law professors are neglecting their Thanksgiving turkeys to read congressional transcripts and snarking about Trump's 13-year old son, Trump is winning.

When the politicians are mad - so mad that they have shut down all policy making to impeach the President of the United States on what constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called "wafer thin" evidence - Trump is winning.

You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn't elected to fit in with these people - the political, intellectual class - to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that's apparently what he's done.

My comment: I never thought I'd see the day. More at the link.

Update to below:

The shooter in Pensacola NAS made it to Drudge, but was not an enormous headline on top. So there probably is not a gofundme already set up or a three day old facebook page pledging allegiance to whatever - see the main post below - this morning the "light went on" and I realized that with all the highly publicized shootings there are cash grabs put up immediately when there are significant shootings daily that never get reported that do not and I'd like to know why. If this shooting in Pensacola is not used for a cash grab, it was probably legit.

Another mass shooting

Lately there have been large numbers of small shootings at military bases. The latest one was not a small one an happened at a naval air station in Pensacola. QUESTION: Why are there suddenly large numbers of shootings at military bases? Are all those Obama generals following orders from outside their chain of command? I find it strange that suddenly false flag shootings have moved "on base". We'll have to see where the media takes this one I guess, to some degree they ignored the others and since there are lots of shootings in "Chicago" I ignore anything the media does not pin up as a poster event. When they do, you can bet it is a setup because there is so much they ignore and then they give one LOTS of attention.

You know, maybe I have discovered something - What if false flag shootings are in part done for fundraising? Why is it that we have multiple shootings a day in the U.S. and only once in a while one gets thrown under 50 spotlights and all the victims already have a Gofundme set up? Things that make you go HMMMM . . . .

We'll have to see what happens with this one, when I posted this it was too fresh for details.

I have a hard time believing the "banana" art story is not satire

I looked it over as closely as could be expediently done and it does not appear to be satire. Perhaps Snopes might be useful for something, I wonder what they'll say about it if they bring it up.

The solar car post got someone tweaked. Here is the math, that proves it 100 percent accurate

I don't screw this type of thing up.

I am going to use real world examples, so anyone, (including someone who is currently tweaked over this on a forum) will either get it or be trolling thereafter.

A lightyear 1, which is already prototyped and driving on solar, has five square meters of panels that are 20 percent more efficient than any panels on the open market, (that would equal about 26 percent efficiency). We are going to put the owner of this lightyear one in LOS ANGELES, because it's still far north of both the equator and tropic of cancer, which means light will not be optimal, but not the worst in the world. In Los Angeles on sunny days, you will get an approximate average of 8000 watt hours per square meter of land per day, including morning and evening, which will only produce about 200, mid morning and late afternoon, which will produce about 500, and peak time, which will produce a little over 1, 000 per square meter. The light year 1 has five square meters of panel.

At 26 percent efficiency, 8, 000 watt hours per square meter (40, 000 total watt hours of light possible to be collected over a day) will produce 10, 400 watt hours per day. Charging will not be 100 percent efficient, so take those watt hours and drop them down to 9, 700. Now divide that by the efficiency rating of the lightyear 1, which is 134 watt hours per mile. That comes out to 72.3 miles, or 116 KM per day, solar only. It's not really going to be that good (most) of the time, and not everyone lives in LA, so I stated 80 KM per day. Scroll down to read it, it was not unrealistic at all.

Here's the beef:

The Lightyear One achieved a drag coefficient under 0.20 Cd, which allows it to need just about 83 Wh/km (134 Wh/mile) and despite having panels which in the U.S. would on the good days push it's range to well over 100 KM, it is being rated for European use, not American use, which is why they are stating 40 - 60 KM per day solar only on this car.

Look at Europe on a map, and how far north it is. Europe exists because the Atlantic keeps it warm, much of Europe is above the 49th parallel, and ALL THE RATINGS FOR THE LIGHTYEAR ONE, (ALL OF THEM) are ratings farther north than any point in the contiguous United States. Americans will get more than the rating from this car, and what about the rest of the world? America is anything but equatorial.

The bottom line is that solar on a car, with today's available efficiencies, is stupid to not have. Anything electric should have solar on it by default.

And now I will repeat the REAL problem with solar powered cars that I posted earlier today:

If George Soros, Al Gore, and Greta Thunberg do not step in to smash the Lightyear 1 and other similar cars, no one will want to drive with gasoline because solar really will be the way. BANK ON IT, THAT IS THE VERY LAST OF THE LAST LAST THING THE CLIMATE CHANGE CROWD WANTS BECAUSE THEY NEED YOU TO BE GUILT TRIPPED INTO PAYING A GLOBAL TAX, WHICH IS WHAT THE CARBON TAX IS. If there's suddenly a solution available that allows you to opt out on the carbon tax, they are going to crush it. They already have the carbon tax so freaking high that it costs many Canadians 5000+ CAD per year. It is a disaster and an ENORMOUS cash cow that no one is going to want to let go of. I am really surprised Canada and other countries allowed their people to be raped so badly by this.

The "sustainability" crowd that is gaining enormous financial clout via the exploitation of "guilt" absolutely WILL be hypocrites, we all know "climate change" is a scam to get people to destroy their quality of life. What's going to happen when that scam comes face to face with a solution that makes it impossible to cash in on? I'd say a LOT of suicides at Toyota and Lightyear. And stupid red tape regulations that will prevent true "sustainability" from ever happening. I don't believe they want it, - sustainability is just a convenient excuse to wreck everything and get people walking and living in cells. They'll take it all the way to "bicycles are destroying the world" eventually - proven by the fact that they already went after cow farts. If they went after flatulence, there's simply no limits for them.

It will take them a while to cast their compunctions aside and allow their hypocrisy to show in full open view - a few years, so we'll probably see token numbers of solar cars that will become the future DeLorians and then they'll fade into obscurity. But solar cars will happen, and whether or not they actually are allowed to make it will depend totally upon whether or not they can be successfully prevented from going mainstream by Al Gore and others of that ilk. Al Gore knows "climate change" is a scam, don't kid yourself by believing he actually believes the crap he spews to keep the gravy train going.

Anyone can make up any numbers they want and apply the worst case scenario to anything. I'll use the American scenario. In America, the light year 1 will do an easy 80 KM per day of full sun practically anywhere. Most people don't drive that much, so as my original post stated, we are going to need the new solid state batteries before a car can operate predominantly solar because such batteries can take the excess from the best days and give it back when needed. The way average people drive in the U.S. (12, 000 miles a year) they'd put that battery to max in short order if they paid attention to where they parked the car, and then have at least 1, 500 miles saved for a rainy day.

What if all that "liberal art" that makes no sense at all is just a way to receive a payoff?

"Book deals" are a well known front for stuffing corrupt morons with cash, every well known leftist gets an outrageous "book deal" that pays in full even if nothing sells, and now, a new item has taken the cake:

In "liberal art" land, some moron who obviously was only receiving a payoff for something took 3 bananas to the museum, taped them to the wall one at a time with a $120, 000 price tag each, and sold all 3.

I don't know why this stuff is not investigated, there's absolutely no question the banana trick was fronted for a payoff. Normal bananas. That would spoil in less than a week. $120, 000 each. YEP.

I tried to see if this was satire and evidently it is not, "art" is now clearly being used as a front for payoffs, be real careful of what you take seriously!

Boeing's problem with the 737 MCAS should have been fixed in a month or less.

If it took them this long, there are serious issues at Boeing. I'll describe in a sentence what the problem is (that they claim they are trying to fix)

They used ONE level sensor when they should have used 3 in case 1 produced an error, which would be a known error because 2 other sensors existed to confirm it.

That one sentence is the entirety of the claimed problem with the 737 MAX.

Now I'll go on another rant about this H.O.J.

No first world engineer who claimed to be qualified in avionics, not even a stupid one that always screwed up the coffee would have used ONE sensor for a job that important. It is not possible. The only way Boeing had that happen is by having people do that job that they knew were not qualified, and on top of that, everyone in the entire approval process was not qualified either. This could have only happened if an intentional destruction of Boeing was underway right now, and I believe there is.

I am going to say it: This is more than just about social justice, and bottom dollar, and maximized profits. What is going on at Boeing right now proves without question that the company is now in the grips of a group (or tribe) that wants to see the destruction of Boeing the same way they see the destruction of the United States. They are doing this on purpose, and THERE IS PROOF NOW.

What is that proof? The fact that it has now taken about half a year for Boeing to do the simple job of placing two more sensors in the aircraft, and running wires to them. That's all there is to this folks (plus a few lines of code, and I mean a FEW, - to account for those sensors and make them a functioning part of the system the code only needs to be about 800 bytes. Not even 1k. If that has not happened at this stage of the game, Boeing is in the death grip of a tribe that wants Boeing totally, permanently, and irrevocably destroyed. All they need to fix this problem, if it is as claimed, is a week of work from a five man team of old school white male engineers. A sub $500 DJI drone has this problem solved, and what the drone would need has to be a lot more sensitive and responsive than what a jet would need, plus operate on more than just one axis.

Boeing is trying to tell the world they can't solve a problem with a single axis control. THAT IS BULLSHIT. Someone is killing Boeing ON PURPOSE, unless, of course, the real problem is the planes are breaking up in flight as I have said all along, and MCAS was blamed.

Yesterday we went to the place for Claudia's new glasses AND . . . .

GUESS WHAT? AN MRI (a basic one) only costs $125 on G.E.'s new five Tesla machine. For their most advanced MRI it costs $175. That's even cheaper than Hospital Campestre I have posted about before. However, Hospital Campestre would probably rate as a 3 star hotel so it "costs more", for whatever that matters compared to what an MRI will set you back in an American scam center.

It is important to note what machine. The G.E. donut is a good one that provides really good results and is considered very modern with the drawback being that there are a few people that don't like the donut because they are placed on a bed that passes through it, and some people are claustrophobic. The other type of MRI is a flat bed scanner, where you lay down and it passes over you. Since those are typically outdated crap I'd take the donut anyday and I don't know how they solve the claustrophobia problem because you are still in close proximity to the scanner.

Anyway, that's more proof that American medical is a rip off.

I was really surprised that the "comprehensive" MRI was so cheap, there are two different types, one where it is just a quick pass through the machine on a specific area and the comprehensive, which looks for every possible cause of a problem in your body. Those obviously cost more, $175 is unbelievable.

For the first time in her life, Pelosi did a "hail Mary"

She did it by telling the Dems to proceed with impeachment. And that "hail Mary" is the closest to religion she'll EVER GET.



We are going to get batteries that give Tesla quality electric cars a 1, 500 mile range. That's a done deal (via solid state batteries.) They expect to have these ready by about 2025. When that happens, solar panels will be able to store excess power that is not used on a particular day for use well into the future, (so your car will be ready for an on-demand 1, 500 mile road trip)

The big problem I saw with making cars truly solar powered was having adequate storage available to make the panels 100 percent effective. That would mean having enough electricity available from past days to suddenly go on a long journey, or to get you through a month of rain. With solid state batteries, that will happen.

Now the interesting part, which I have mentioned before, but now we have real-world stats -

Toyota is working on their own solar powered car, but there is a new company called Lightyear that has the fully developed and ready for production car they call the lightyear 1. Proven testing of this car has shown that when it is placed in full sun, it gains 12 kilometers of charge per hour. That's very significant because it is so much that if you can get it in direct sun while you are at work, it will get approximately 50 KM of range during the best hours of your work day, and an additional 30 or so during the earlier morning and late afternoon hours, plus likely 10 or so more from evening charging. That's a potential for 90 KM a day, or 32, 850 KM a year. Converted to miles that's 20, 367 miles per year which is a lot more than average people drive.

It looks like a no compromises sedan, similar in build to a Tesla. The big important part of the future equation is having a battery that can store all the power you don't use for later, when solar conditions are not optimal. If it can store 1, 500 miles the way the new solid state batteries are promising, that's a LOT of rainy days worth of driving, enough to beat the average between cloudy and sunny days in most parts of the world, thus allowing total solar driving. Obviously if you live in the Klondike, winter driving would not work with this car, but for the majority of the world's population it will work year round. And if you do need a charge, it will be supplemental for those who actually try to get the most out of the panels.

I am going to make a prediction, and I don't make predictions:

If George Soros, Al Gore, and Greta Thunberg do not step in to smash the Lightyear 1 and other similar cars, no one will want to drive with gasoline because solar really will be the way. BANK ON IT, THAT IS THE VERY LAST OF THE LAST LAST THING THE CLIMATE CHANGE CROWD WANTS BECAUSE THEY NEED YOU TO BE GUILT TRIPPED INTO PAYING A GLOBAL TAX, WHICH IS WHAT THE CARBON TAX IS. If there's suddenly a solution available that allows you to opt out on the carbon tax, they are going to crush it. They already have the carbon tax so freaking high that it costs many Canadians 5000+ CAD per year. It is a disaster and an ENORMOUS cash cow that no one is going to want to let go of. I am really surprised Canada and other countries allowed their people to be raped so badly by this.

The "sustainability" crowd that is gaining enormous financial clout via the exploitation of "guilt" absolutely WILL be hypocrites, we all know "climate change" is a scam to get people to destroy their quality of life. What's going to happen when that scam comes face to face with a solution that makes it impossible to cash in on? I'd say a LOT of suicides at Toyota and Lightyear. And stupid red tape regulations that will prevent true "sustainability" from ever happening. I don't believe they want it, - sustainability is just a convenient excuse to wreck everything and get people walking and living in cells. They'll take it all the way to "bicycles are destroying the world" eventually - proven by the fact that they already went after cow farts. If they went after flatulence, there's simply no limits for them.

It will take them a while to cast their compunctions aside and allow their hypocrisy to show in full open view - a few years, so we'll probably see token numbers of solar cars that will become the future DeLorians and then they'll fade into obscurity. But solar cars will happen, and whether or not they actually are allowed to make it will depend totally upon whether or not they can be successfully prevented from going mainstream by Al Gore and others of that ilk. Al Gore knows "climate change" is a scam, don't kid yourself by believing he actually believes the crap he spews to keep the gravy train going.

Someone got Wal Mart to page "Mr. Clinton Killedpstein"

Have you ever had to page someone at a Wal Mart to find them? That used to happen a lot before cell phones and someone pranked it good by having "Mr. Clinton Killdepstein" be paged. See this

Update to below: You can go to the court to "get your medical records" or if you are lucky, you can file a release form but you don't get the real record, you get what they permit you to see and nothing more. The secret file remains NO MATTER WHAT. I am only posting this because trolls will say "you can petition for your records any time" but the underlying reality is that you cannot, "heavily redacted" does not cut it.

American medical is an out in the open blood sucking scam machine. If you think you're lucky to have American medical, you're a fool

American medical is GREAT??!!??

I just saw a foreigner from a FIRST world country post to a forum that "America has great medical care". My GOD how the illusion has foreigners lost!

From LOTS of experience I can state with 100 percent accuracy: American health care is absolute horse shit of the lowest order. And I MEAN BAD. America is the home of scamming doctors and dark stench ridden depression inducing caves called "hospitals" that will destroy your life with debt in less than a few days if you ever get stuck in one, and when you leave, you'll have endless problems that force you to go back again and again to be bled out to the final dime and beyond. God forbid you EVER have any sort of medical issue, even short term, ever in your life because it will be used as an opportunity by psychopaths to destroy you.

Oh, but you have "health insurance", RIGHT? Actually, you don't. You have a rip-off scheme that is intended to totally weaken your position in life before you even get to the hospital by robbing you blind month after month even when you need NOTHING, only to have a hospital rip you off and stick it to you again with crap your policy does not cover. Then you are stuck with bills PLUS forced to pay an obscene amount that no insurance would ever cost. In America, insurance by itself is the medical disaster you hoped you'd avoid having to pay for. You'd be a lot better off without it because the disaster will hit you anyway. That "lesser amount" you pay "with insurance" is still multiples higher than the total price you'd pay in Mex, even without insurance there.

AND WORSE? You do not even get to have your medical records, they are instead kept FAR AWAY from you under lock and key, so the next doctor can keep a scam against you going without a hitch and you'll never be the wiser. Why the hell can't you HAVE YOUR MEDICAL RECORD? In America, your medical record is a secret file you can't look in. WHY? Because the plot against your life is there and they do not want you to see it. It is incomprehensible that Americans don't even get to see their medical records. I was never allowed to look at mine. WHY? If they have to be transferred to another doctor, it happens behind the scenes in secret, NOT IN YOUR HANDS, WHY?

I'll tell you why: Because the medical records document the war on the United States via the medical system. Every last thing done to destroy you is right there, in print. They don't want knowledgeable people who are not involved in the scam digging through them and finding "inconsistencies" or asking questions. Everything from "delusional parasitosis" over morgellons to secret accusations and opinions against you, or even how to rip you off is in there and they don't want you to see it.

And worse, American "health care" is inferior, and I MEAN INFERIOR. I know this for a fact.

I know this because I spent lots of years in the U.S., and lots of years in Mexico.

Mexico's health care kicks America's to the curb BIG TIME and costs about 1 - 4%. You get ALL records of EVERYTHING done and can go to any random doctor on a whim with no reference or way for one doctor to know how another doctor got away with scamming you. Here's a good example of why that matters:

Five years ago, one doctor in Mexico told Claudia she had to have her gall bladder removed. I called B.S, and said he's just trying to scam. I gave her the real advice: Stop eating oily foods, and the problem went away. Five years later she's FINE. No other doctor even knew she came across a scammer. No other doctor ever said such a thing. But if she was in the U.S. she'd have had a permanent record of gall bladder issues, and every doctor out there would have tried to cash in. She does not even need pills. She is fine now.

A few years ago, Claudia's dad needed brain surgery. Here's how THAT went:

Mexico is a place where if you need brain surgery, no one will know you had it unlike in the U.S.where you're transformed into a raggedy ann doll IF you are lucky. Claudia's dad had brain surgery twice due to a fall and made a 100 percent PRISTINE recovery, and I mean 100 percent. Before the surgery he had to wear diapers. After surgery he magically transformed to 100 percent normal within a few days. When has THAT ever happened in the U.S.? They'd have tried to cash in at least on a mobility chair or years of "therapy" to keep the gravy train going and tap him for everything he was worth. Where that scapel goes makes all the difference in future payouts and American doctors KNOW IT. Not in Mexico. He walks everywhere, on his own, and is in his own home and does not need anything. He is perfectly sharp in conversation. He is 100 percent mobile and 100 percent cognitive and 100 percent away from the medical system. Imagine THAT in the United States now. It does not happen to an average joe who has had two major brain surgeries. I was expecting him to be TOTALLY messed up afterwards, because in the U.S. that's what the standard is. How could Mexico be better?.

The bottom line: In the U.S. you are not getting "good medical care".

Here's another example: Why does having a baby have to cost so much? That's a natural process. In Mexico, with no insurance, you can go to a top flight warm cheery hospital with an excellent staff, stay there for 3 days in your own beautiful private room, have a C-section, and when you leave after that "god awful expensive way to do it" the total bill including 2 doctors, all nurse care, all meals, all medicine and 3 nights will be less than $1500. And THAT IS PRIVATE CARE, with no government involvement at all. There are cheaper ones where you'll still get your own room, where the total price will be about $600 but the room won't be as nice. CONTRAST THAT WITH AMERICA, your deductible is virtually assured to be multiples more than the total cost of the entire process in Mexico, even if you choose the luxury route in Mexico.

I cannot even begin to describe what a RIP OFF medical is in the United States and what a scam not even getting to keep your own medical records is. The secrecy and the rip off is SO BAD it does not compute. I see it as an open, overt act of war on the country - an act of war specifically intended to rob and weaken people as much as possible to make America that much easier to overthrow totally and to target everyone effectively when the time comes, and you can take this to the bank: IT IS. THEY WANT YOU SECRETLY DOCUMENTED BEFORE THE TAKE DOWN. You had better keep your mouth shut around your doctor. They ask those "friendly" prying questions about guns and politics for a reason and GOD FORBID you refuse a vaccine. Imagine how you'll do in a prison camp or before a court after being pre - back stabbed.

WHY can't you keep your own medical records? ANSWER THAT. WHY?


HEADS UP: BARR UNSEALED 8 INDICTMENTS WHICH LED TO THE ARRESTS OF 8 PEOPLE. THAT MUCH IS CERTAIN. 90 percent certain: They were busted for funneling foreign money into Hillary's 2016 campaign.

If so, it is about time. Sick of it.

Kamala Harriss dropped out due to not getting support from followers

SILLY: She blamed being forced to end her campaign due to financial woes on "the fact she's not a billionaire" all the while Trump, who WAS a billionaire funded ALL his campaign activities via donations despite having the cash anyway. Who has the real support? YOU GUESS!!!

HA. If Kamala had real support, not being a billionaire would have helped because she'd have extra leverage for getting the help she needed. The fact she did not only proves she's not only not wanted by the right, the left does not want her either.

Ditto for Biden, who no doubt has to use Burisma cash for his campaign.

There is not much in the news today, but I will say this:

If Trump takes the impeachment proceedings to the supreme court he will win and shut them down.

It is my opinion that the testimony of Lisa Page, crying about how Trump bullied her, is going to receive "sympathy" from traitors but otherwise fall on deaf ears.

China is in a BIG pinch after an enormous documents release that proves it's system of secrecy has been breached revealed all about their tyranny in the internment camps. The big thing with this is that when communist regimes get their underwear aired in this way, it is a sign they are going to collapse because they went far enough to lose the support of people they normally control.

Add to their woes a little Trump magic, and I'd say things are not looking too good for Xi. I lost sympathy when the documents dump showed they were having strange men sleep with the wives of the Muslim men they detained, while they are detained. That's so far over the line I can't even describe it, and that's precisely the type of thing that's going to get the Communists wiped out, you CANNOT have the public learn about you doing that.

It is independently certified: Avast went rogue

BOOOOM: Remember that notice I had about Avast saying this site had malware, and that avast saying that was sabotage? As it turns out, Firefox figured out Avast and AVG went rogue and banned them from their add-ons site. YEP. AVAST WENT ROGUE, AND YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!!

Ok, more little ditties on a slow news day . . . . .

On December 10th, using photos to post memes could result in enormous (and I mean $10,000+ fines) if the image you use was produced by someone else, even if they never complain. As a result, I am going to post a stock image section on this site that anyone can use. I am sure others will figure this out also, and the entire "We are going to kill the memes" B.S. will die - all they are doing is creating a new "industry".

Iran wants to sue the United States for staging the latest riots - fat chance they'll collect but the target is $130 billion. It won't happen, but it DOES prove the U.S. did it as I stated, Persians are not stupid and are not going to go chasing vapor. It DID happen, however, collecting on it is a far flung prospect. Most likely they are trying to send a message.

Why are troops marched?

This is just a curiosity post

Here's why: Let's say you need to move 5,000 soldiers to a new location 20 kilometers away. Here's the math -

They will march at the standard cadence of 120 steps per minute, and have a fairly wide stride of one meter per step. This could be considered normal during a war -

At that pace, they do 7.2 kilometers an hour, and 5,000 soldiers will arrive at the new location in 2 hours and 46 minutes.

Now back up and do it a different way. Try loading all those soldiers onto trucks and buses and drive them there. First of all, you suddenly have an enormous logistical problem. Organizing all those trucks and buses is not easy to do, then staging them so people can get on them is not going to happen quickly, especially with back packs and rifles - you'll be well over 2 hours and 46 minutes just loading and unloading them, arranging transit, etc so it really is, when dealing with that many people and a resonably short distance, better just to march them. And that is why it is done.


This is such pathetic theater at this point. Fisa was supposed to drop 2 years ago. Then last year. And it was all IMMINENT. And now, they are REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER DUPER going to drop it, and ohhhhh gosh the stuff in it is DAMNING.

Something I forgot to point out: Trump is concealing his moves

Trump started sending the motorcade to random locations to fool the media about his whereabouts. He did this on Thanksgiving - he sent the motorcade to the golf course while he flew to Afghanistan and spent time with the soldiers there.

The media promptly ripped Trump for "golfing again" and had to eat . . . . well, they did not eat anything because their lies and arrogance makes that optional now. When so much is lies anyway, why would an inaccuracy be a problem? Anyway, we can expect more of this from Trump now, he can't just go to Afghanistan without fronting a ruse because the leakers will give it away, and the media will optimize his chances of getting shot. So motorcade to the golf course it is . . . .

Casualty role players Wanted in Texas

For WHAT? A "Sams Club" shooting? Can't keep using Wal-Mart?

Evo Morales has stated Israel was behind the Bolivian coup

Well well, that's a big one. And he's now chit chatting with Obrador, who has FIVE MORE YEARS in office. I'd say that is quite a positive development. There's no way Obrador is going to remain unaware of Israel's meddling in Mexican affairs (Israel messes with all nations), and the community behind it . . . . . and Morales is spot on.

Actually, the story is a bit bigger than this but the fact Israel and the U.S. got the biggest fingering after all of this is a VERY positive thing and can only be good for the fabric of Mexican society though the economy will likely take a hit simply because Israel and the U.S. can make it happen.

I figured there would be plenty of economic revenge against Obrador because he was not the Soros pick (Anaya was). The Mexican economy is not exactly hot right now as a result of meddling but I doubt it will be possible to totally tank Mexico because the nation is simply too capable of too much to totally slam if the next big news (the way it is in the U.S.) is not about whatever disaster someone caused on Wall Street. In the end, Mexico will prevail simply because the economy is complex enough to totally handle the basics regardless of whatever financial games get played, and also because despite what you hear about the cartels, enough of the Mexican economy is outside of Jewish hands to prevent someone who has a hand on a huge lever from causing the worst disasters. Mexicans will make sure Mexicans get fed.

Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble and nothing of substance is going on here right now, my comments with regard to this are specifically for a "what if" scenario, where Israel gets crude over Morales being able to fly here and find an ally. That was a major plus for Mexico as far as I see it, this country is no one's puppet and you can safely bet that neither the U.S. or Israel are happy about that. That alone could cause problems, everyone knows you can't finger Israel the way Morales did.

There is a major element to this story that is not getting talked about - and that is that Morales cut ties with Israel in 2009 after that enormous Gaza incursion, where Israel bulldozed an enormous section of Gaza and killed 1200 people. 1200 is again an understatement, Israel always under-reports their killings. Ever since, Israel has been trying to overthrow Morales and Morales stopped many attempts leading up to this successful ouster, it was not only about lithium.

Iran discovered that over 100 violent protesters were "pay for play"

Most likely, 8 CIA agents recruited 12 - 15 people each and had them stage this, all were foreigners.

Iran has discovered that the people who burned the banks were well funded outsiders who used construction equipment to break into the banks and burn them, along with many other cases of destruction including burned buses and more.

There were natural protests by actual Iranians over the raising of gas prices from 20 cents a gallon to 60 cents a gallon, which was done to deter gas thieves who were taking the mega cheap gas and selling it with small oil tankers to other countries. That is what the final story ended up being, Iran discovered that 40 percent of total national gas "consumption" was leaving the country in small clandestine tankers and being sold abroad. By raising the price of gas from 20 cents a gallon to 60 cents, they took the profitability out of it because the small tankers are disproportionately expensive to operate, and the risk was no longer worth it (they'd still make money but not enough)

The CIA had about 100 paid instigators ready, (they probably always do, ) - they sit there as sleeper cells waiting for the right moment, and when that moment came they invaded the peaceful protests and started smashing, burning, and shooting. The Iranian police forces discovered the guns used came from outside the country.

Now a few are trying to front a sympathy scam for the "poor protesters" who were not Iranian citizens at all and might get executed for what they did. Considering they killed people, fair is fair as far as I see it.

My opinion: If you are going to go into a foreign country, instigating riots that have nothing to do with the people in that country to make it look like the people in that country are doing it, you should be ready to face dire consequences. There are about 100 that could go beyond the veil for this but I can't find any proof it will actually happen.

Oh, and I'd also like to point out that these same paid riot groups are in Mexico, and also nailed DC a few years ago. It is my opinion that they should be detained for life, automatic life in prison due to the seriousness of the consequences of their fakery, no matter what country they are in and if I ever see them do this in public, a few are going to be very regretful. I am not stupid about this and don't accept it, if they are going to play for pay, I'll make damn good and sure a few of them PAY.

We live in a system where such types are protected. That means it is up to the public to make good and sure their "protection" does not matter.

I am getting annoyed by fake B.S. alt media click bait that has been prevalent lately. Here's two examples that just happened:

This one, posted by Alex linked from his web site is titled "Black Friday women in hijabs fight over a vacuum cleaner at Walmart

But when you actually look at the video, (if you don't click out of it in disgust in the first few seconds) you can see there are TWO vacuums and they are only trying to break the tape that has them stuck together. To call that a "black friday fight over a vacuum" is absolutely ludicrous, and Alex has done a lot of this crap lately. That DOES deserve the title "fake news"

AND OH, I missed a BIG ONE, NOT about Virginia "banning martial arts" or training your kids to use guns, folks, I don't miss this stuff, if I don't post it it is because my crap filter killed it. But since the Alex Vaccum sham got me tweaked, I'll mention this one - Here's the story line with this hoax:

"TYRANNY A LERT: Virginia to OUTLAW Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, Tai Chi, firearms instruction and self-defense training under proposed law SB64"

Here's the reality: This "new law" has been on the books since 1987 and is only a renewal of it. Here is the one from 1987:

"§ 18.2-433.2. Paramilitary activity prohibited.
A person shall be guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he:

1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

2. Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, intending to employ such training for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder.

And here's the part that got conveniently left out:

§ 18.2-433.3. Exceptions.
Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to apply to:

1. Any act of a law-enforcement officer performed in the otherwise lawful performance of the officer's official duties;

2. Any activity, undertaken without knowledge of or intent to cause or further a civil disorder, which is intended to teach or practice self-defense or self-defense techniques such as karate clubs or self-defense clinics, and similar lawful activity;

3. Any facility, program or lawful activity related to firearms instruction and training intended to teach the safe handling and use of firearms; or

4. Any other lawful sports or activities related to the individual recreational use or possession of firearms, including but not limited to hunting activities, target shooting, self-defense and firearms collection.

Notwithstanding any language contained herein, no activity of any individual, group, organization or other entity engaged in the lawful display or use of firearms or other weapons or facsimiles thereof shall be deemed to be in violation of this statute.

1987, c. 720.

CONCLUSION: If you don't see this kind of crap parroted here, it is because I do the background work needed to see if it is actually as presented. That's why sometimes you don't see "huge stories" here, because I deemed them BULLSHIT. This one clearly was, it was not even a new law, it is just an extension of the old one and the new extension has the exact same exemption clause attached to it.

Note to others in alt media: BE MORE CAREFUL, I am getting tired of this crap

Don't go into debt for Christmas

There are plenty of options out there, if you can't afford the fancy one but there's a less fancy one, use common sense! REMEMBER: If it is a tech item, it never pays to get the latest and "greatest" when six months from now there will be something twice as great, and you will keep whatever it is for a decade. Once even a few months pass, the lower model will look very much like the higher model in hindsight . . . .



Jennifer was found the usual way, with two self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head, ruled a "suicide"

Her book "Malice" spoke about the malicious intent the doctors and greater medical community (wholly owned by the Jews) has towards everyday people, and clearly outlined the entire process of a vaccine destroying a child, how the parents were called kooks, the whole 9 yards, and NOW SHE IS DEAD VIA A SUICIDE WHICH INVOLVED THE CLASSIC "TWO GUNSHOT WOUNDS TO THE HEAD

You know folks, I am SICK of this shit, they are wiping us out and anyone who speaks up gets popped. Any doctor that speaks up gets the licence yanked, and then popped. And after they kill all the doctors that speak up, or somehow get their licenses pulled, they then have the audacity to say "There is not a single doctor out there claiming vaccines are unsafe" which is easy to say when the moment they do, they get killed.

There is not a single doctor or prominent writer out there speaking up against the vaccines destroying the kids, BECAUSE WE, THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, KILL THEM ALL. There. That's reality.

Take a look at this excerpt from a review of this book:

"My oldest daughter and her younger brother both had reactions to vaccines. Reading about Suzie almost had me hyperventilating. The scenario was nearly identical to what happened with my oldest daughter. The seizures that began after receiving a "necessary" baby shot have never gone away. Even though her seizures began while we were still in the doctor's office, after the shot was administered, I was told it couldn't be the shot. The doctor and nurses kept repeating that like a mantra. Fortunately it was the third shot so she didn't need another soon after. In the months following the nightmare continued with her having multiple seizures every day. The doctor was ordering all kinds of test because the vaccine was "deemed safe". When I had her brother I held off the shots. I was terrified. That was when the real campaign began. I was paranoid, (admittedly this was true, I was). I was harming my child. I was putting other children in grave danger. What kind of mother was I? Did I realize I was withholding medical care and could go to jail? Eventually they wore me down. I was scared to do it and scared not to. I really believed they would take my children from me. I gave in and he was given the first injection. He did not react the same as my daughter. However his thigh was swollen and extremely hard...even a month later. They assured me it wasn't the vaccine. They gave him the second shot and his other leg had the same reaction. Long story short, my son had to have physical therapy from Easter Seals to learn to walk. My daughter has had to use anti seizure medication her entire life.

My comment: That doctor and nurse KNEW DAMN WELL the shot did it, and have knowingly maimed countless children. It is time to stop putting up with this sh*t. There is no conceivable way whatsoever after all the damage that has been done, and the many many examples out there, that the doctors don't know damn well what they are doing. And they do it because many are sociopaths only wanting their damn lexus.

The days of us allowing these people to walk around in public unscathed while they destroy our children HAVE GOT TO BE OVER, WHERE THE HELL IS THE SURVIVAL INSTINCT? DID IT REALLY ALL GET BLOWN AWAY BY THE FLUORIDE?

Yes, a best selling author spoke up. Shortly thereafter, SHE IS DEAD. If they are going to kill us for pointing out how they are destroying us, how the hell do they get away with walking around in public anymore? I don't get it!

Update to the above:

As it turns out, "Malice" was getting a lot of traction with the public, it struck a chord with the public that witnessed this stuff themselves en masse. I don't know how she got it to print (probably due to the strength of her career) - normally when a writer speaks truth like what was in that book it gets declined by publishers. She blew the topic into the mainstream and was killed for it.

Once again, I now believe the doctors know exactly what the shots are doing, but as her book "Malice" outlines, these doctors are as I have said repeatedly "scamming mechanics" when they are not incompetent. They know damn well what they are doing, and are perfectly willing to destroy civilization either for a religious motive or a payback. This is why they threaten to take the children away from parents who are aware enough to speak up and try to avoid the shots. Today's doctors are pure malice all the way.

update to below: Jennifer is being expunged from history RIGHT NOW, after that story blew up.

A search for her on Youtube returns only one result, and she's currently being expunged from search engines also. There is a huge coverup underway obviously. She wrote many books and was very popular:

"Jennifer Jaynes has earned a place on the USA Today Bestseller's list, the #1 spot (across all categories) on Amazon.com, the #1 spot (across all categories) in the Barnes & Noble's Nook Store, the #1 spot in several mystery subcategories - and has appeared in the Kindle Store's Top 100 list in several countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia and Brazil."

Conclusion: Being THAT popular won't save you from a kill order if you expose vaccines, no, they'll just strike you off social media and hope it all goes away.


Alt reporter confronts Schiff in public, This one minute video is well worth a watch



Rush claims they are preparing for "life after Trump" and are swinging hard left. That's what I have said quite a bit lately, including what rumors have claimed they did to Drudge Report, after, according to rumor, they bought Drudge out.

Actually, I doubt Drudge got bought out, there was probably some coercion with this. Any way you cut it however, Drudge did not belong to Drudge three months ago, and at that time even the ad server changed. Someone switched the site entirely over and is now using it as a leftist persuasion tool, DRUDGE IS DEAD AND SO IS FOX.

If we have no more chemical plant explosions I'll settle for this was revenge on Trump, and not the precursor to a war. If there are more explosions elswhere in the near future, they will be obvious acts of war. How did this only "injure three people" who have already been released? It is called forewarning.

Update to below: Rumor has it that this chemical factory was destroyed by NWO / Israel in preparation for a war with China. some people are also claiming the second explosion happened simply because the place was already burning. I'd say that's plausible but not likely, due to the fact that everything in these facilities is well sealed in metal piping that is not just going to blow up even if it gets hot and these types of flames won't melt piping. If it really is Israel and the NWO doing this, they want America to lose to the Communists, so they are unleashing Stuxnet now. This particular factory would be absolutely VITAL to winning a war.

Contrast this with what Trump just did with regard to Hong Kong that makes this even more suspicious. The CEO is a staunch Democrat. We all know they want American assets destroyed before the next big war so America can be steamrolled and then flipped commie, with a foreign nation playing the scapegoat for what the Jews set up all along. That makes this even more suspicious. That's the way they do it, let's hope more of this does not happen elsewhere.

I do not for a minute believe the initial explosion was an accident, and am doubtful the second one was also. The second one, shown in the link below happened to a distillation tower that was all sealed off, not a tank. I call B.S. on that, I believe someone caused it.

The original post follows



New explosion is exactly what Stuxnet looks like

This is not an industrial accident. This is a cyber war. There's no way what happened in this particular video could be done any way other than the intentional routing and mixing of materials that explode on contact, or intentionally injecting air to provide an oxygen supply. This is a Stuxnet attack, CASE CLOSED.


That's a distillation tower exploding. That does not just happen out of the blue, even if there's fire around it, and the videos that show the entire event show there was no fire right there. That's why the video I posted shows only the blast after it is started, I'll see if I can get the entire sequence posted. There was nothing going on to touch off that blast. That blast would be likely if someone purged the tower with air and then sparked it off. You can't have a distillation tower explode like that, there's no oxygen in one unless someone puts it there. That proves this was an intentional act and not an accident.




There is a rumor circulating the web that appears to be spot on. Somehow, Drudge was coerced into selling the Drudge Report to FOX news, with non disclosure agreements barring Drudge from telling anyone of the news, and three months ago the deal was done. Then Fox showed it's true colors and turned Drudge into an absolute cesspool. It really is not the "Drudge Report" anymore. That's the rumor anyway, and I believe at least parts of it are probably spot on. Drudge is GONE.

Advise your friends that the Drudge Report is now just a leftist tool, with no Drudge overseeing it at all. There's no point in even going there anymore.



Xi is not going to be pleased. Xi claimed the U.S. staged the protests to begin with. I have a hunch this was an issue that should not have been touched. This is purely the Dems playing dirty, and Trump doing the unexpected in response, after thinking like deep blue over the next chess move . . . . . surely Trump did not actually want to do this because it was SO BAD for relations . . . .

My gut is telling me this was very bad, but unavoidable. Not that I agree with China on this, but I sure would not have done this. It trashed so much progress Trump made with China.


Here we are, with some people arguing the flu shot could only be benign, and then, THERE IS THIS OLD VIDEO

Yes, they can indeed modify people's behavior via vaccination. The linked video speaks about vaccinating with a virus, but we all know where this goes . . . . . .