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HEB in Mexico got rid of plastic shopping bags

They got woke I guess. Now you can buy a more or less permanent shopping bag at the counter for about 35 cents. Times whatever number you need. And you'll be buying them a lot, because you won't remember to bring them for your next shopping trip, RIGHT? How's that going to work at the counter? Hey, here are my shopping bags from last time . . . . . I know what I am going to do . . . .

I am going to walk into HEB with a bag from Wal Mart, a couple from Soriana and maybe a Chedraui bag, and when it comes time to bag my groceries, I am going to pull them out so everyone sees them. That's "saving the environment", how could they possibly argue? After all, the normal plastic bags can easily fit 5+ in a rear pocket. You'd never stuff even one "reusable" bag in a pocket and convenience happens to be important. I can't wait.


In Mexico you can buy a GREAT car new for about $8000

There are several options at this price point, but Fiat has the best option.

This car has a crazy warranty. It is a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty that even covers things like seats and door handles plus 7 year roadside assistance (no one ever uses that, I've never seen one of these broken down anywhere), and more - if someone breaks in and steals the radio or other parts off the car, that's a warranty repair too. Crazy.

These are super popular, they are slightly larger than the old school 4 door geo metro, at least partially SUV/off road capable and get over 50 MPG combined. They'll easily go 700 miles on a tank highway only. They don't fall apart, they have quality even in the paint, (which is often skipped over on the cheapest cars which can have the paint fail after a few years) and the way they get driven proves they are VERY responsive. They go the nanosecond you hit the gas (just like my Fiat that is now very old but very dependable) and handle surprisingly well. I have seen where 3 of these were taking 2 of 4 lanes at a stoplight, and all 3 vanished with the green before anyone else moved. That's true of all the Fiats except for the HOJ America let in. The 500 is simply NOT. I'd never consider that one.

Anyway, that ought to be interesting to people who are in markets where nothing truly cheap and great is available. These make a Chevy Spark look like absolute garbage.

According to the Times of Israel the U.S. is indeed sabotaging Iran's missiles



Dutchsinse was sort of like this site but not as careful with accuracy. However, he had an amazing number of absolute blockbuster revelations and that made up for the somewhat frequent bloopers. He was one of the top tier important people in alt media. He got vanished over the Iran situation, see my post down the page a ways where I mention this, and why it was possible to get him to vanish. Maybe he'll magically re-appear, maybe not. This definitely needs to be noted by everyone.

Field McConnel update:


What's worse? When they took offline, they made a porn site. That proves right there who did it. For now, is putting up a landing screen but when it expires out you can safely bet what they are going to do with it.


Facebook knows it's users so well it keeps a record of who is actually posting

Wired Magazine covered this, so that is a sign they are ready to ditch Greta Thunberg Facebook had a glitch during an update that showed people the Facebook admin's control panel that they were not supposed to ever see, yet everyone who hit the site had it open by default. Low and behold, the admins have a record of who posts for who, and as it turns out, Greta Thunberg has posted nothing to her facebook, other people handle that for her. Here's the kicker that Wired will never say:

As a result of this being revealed (a feat I did not know was possible) Facebook knows damn well that Trump never had Russian bots posting on his behalf, everything everyone posted, even tied down to precise individuals posting on other people's accounts, even when in the other person's name, Facebook knew it was not the owner of the page posting and kept a record of it. If you posted on your brother's facebook, Facebook knew it. And there's only one way that could be done, - via facial recognition and web cams.

Facebook is a lot dirtier than anyone ever knew, and that is not surprising.


Contrary to what is being spread now, the U.N. did not officially announce vaccines were sabotaged

There is a big difference between having U.N. doctors state during a conference that they discovered no vaccine safety studies were done and that it is obvious the vaccines are destroying people, and having the U.N. officially announce it. BIG DIFFERENCE. "Official announcements" are followed by actions. Doctors stating such things during conferences causes a string of dead doctors. So there is a VERY BIG difference in outcomes, and that is why I did not even bother to mention this.

Here is what will happen: 40 - 50 doctors who are aware something is amiss will "randomly die" over the next few months and will be kept out of the headlines, and by the time October swings around again, the all new "Autism in 1 out of 17 kids" formula will be released and if you don't take your kids to get it, you are an out of control child abusing tin foil hat nutcase that will become the next child donor to Moloch via CPS. That's how they roll, sit back and watch NOTHING CHANGE.

Related: Alt media bans to shut up vaccine whistle blowers:

Oh, and I forgot the part about how 379 new bans on alt media that bothers to mention the new autism stats will happen, the way Dutchsince seemed to go POOF a couple days ago. But there will be lots of aware people who will sit there and say "Gee, but the U.N. doctors themselves really did say there's a serious problem with the vaccines that is KNOWN ABOUT AND BURIED - and these aware people will be flagged by Alexa, Android phones and whatever crap Apple dreamed up only to be subsequently sabotaged and sidelined by data mining. If they have kids, they'll be watched and flagged after it becomes illegal to avoid vaccines in their jurisdiction, and the kids will get separated and sold, especially if they are white.

By the way, they tried to vanish this site in 2016 - they removed the name from the DNS index and it failed because every page ever posted was done via direct IP and enough people had old pages linked, and the IP address known well enough to do direct access without DNS and about 57 percent of people still made it here to receive the message of what happened. That was the only reason why they backed off and switched it back on. Evidently Dutchsince did not do direct IP by default, so when they poofed him that was it. He vanished. Time will tell if he comes back, and if he does "come back" people are going to have to make very sure it is really him.

Look at what this site does in the address bar when you hit it. Any site that does not do that (and I have never seen anyone else do anything to take the time to make that happen) which means practically every site out there is at the mercy of those who control the DNS servers. They can wipe your private and paid for site off the web with a keystroke and they absolutely will. They tried with this site about 4 years ago and failed because when someone uses DNS to hit this site, this site says "Oh no you didn't" and corrects your "error". THE DAYS OF FREE SPEECH VIA THE DNS SYSTEM ENDING ARE HERE. IF YOU ARE RUNNING AN ALT MEDIA WEB SITE YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER GET A DEDICATED IP ADDRESS AND SET IT UP TO DO WHAT THIS SITE DOES, OR YOU'LL BE TOAST.

How about this:

FIRST I warned you that Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress and others were traps that grew big on trust that would eventually ban truthers, and it happened. Most likely other alt media said I was paranoid, BUT LOOK NOW. SECOND I warned you that Google was going to de-fund everyone who spoke out in a way a communist would not want, AND IT HAPPENED. Then I warned everyone that even Youtube, Twitter and more would start issuing blanket bans on anyone who stepped out of line, AND IT HAPPENED. Now I am warning you to get direct IP access on your own private web sites, because if you do not, and you don't set up your site to automatically default to direct IP so anyone who has an old link with that IP has permanent access, YOU WILL GO BYE BYE WHEN THEY REMOVE YOU FROM THE DNS SERVERS, oh, but wait till tomorrow, RIGHT? I have news for you: Once yer gone, YER GONE, you will not be able to use this rigged and sabotaged system to tell anyone you are still around at ....X, you'll simply be gone and getting direct IP at that time aint gonna bring it all back. If you let it die like that, nothing will.



There could be fallout from this, Iran might counter strike over this, there has to be a reason why they put up such a news bulletin, saying Iran was going to take action over it.

So who would turn off the planes lights, transponders, and communications as it flew through a war zone, and then subsequently make sure Iran's weapons systems detected it as a cruise missile? GUARANTEE: IRAN DID NOT KILL THEIR OWN NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS ON PURPOSE. So who hacked that plane and shut everything off to prevent it from being identified? YOU GUESS




Yes, it does mean something to have corrupt politicians sell America's technical secrets to Russia and China. It means that countries with militaries much smaller than yours can get some really nice gems, good enough to, in critical ways, make you impotent.

How does voting Democrat, or allowing people to charge $700 for a hammer feel now? Perhaps you guessed that America's money was so endless you could sit back and witness robbery after robbery without consequence. America would just take up the slack, RIGHT?

Well, now you see the consequence. And if Iran could do that, what about Russia? Allowing Hillary to do what she did to America, PLUS allowing Bush to get away with 911, PLUS allowing the CIA to wreck patriotism and rip the guts out of America with psy ops that buried tainted vaccines, which in turn have left you with a really shitty soldier pool, especially after you allowed the CIA to run horrific "family courts" that put all your future soldiers into the homes of single moms that let them drift like weeds - IT ALL HAD CONSEQUENCES and now you can't even keep your ships from running into garbage trucks. If your ships are colliding with giant hulks that have no evasion element whatsoever and instead do all they can to inform you they are there, how are these mommy's boys, who never had a dad kick their asses going to stay awake and off porn and drugs long enough to know there's an incoming torpedo?

You should have NUKED the CIA and declared the subversion of this country an attack by a domestic enemy and you did not, you laughed and profited from it, and now you have the results - IRAN, a nation under enormous sanctions that you called inferior that was getting beat up left and right and totally isolated was able to rise up and kick your asses because THE DADS RAISED THE KIDS, AND NO ONE SOLD THEM OUT. How does it feel to be the loser after sitting back while subversive elements caused America to get shredded so bad that happened?

Brief updates:

It appears Israel shut off the transponder and lights on the Ukranian jet via a remote hack, making it impossible to identify itself as friendly. This is when it "suddenly went dark", it did not "go dark" from the missile strike. Having no transponder, no communications and no lights made it appear to be a cruise missile, which Iran then shot down.

Shoot down: Israel's fault. Or whoever hacked the plane. That probably means Israel.

And another interesting tidbit: Here's why the generals were scared in Trump's national address and Iran did not get any subsequent attacks:

As it turns out, the Iranian missiles had a very low failure rate, (if any at all) and ALL of them that were fired at U.S. bases hit valuable targets with pinpoint precision. This was finally admitted to today. In total, 12 targets were hit, all of them perfectly. It is VERY important to note that the U.S. had 3 hours warning before the missiles came in to activate missile defenses and get them targeted, and not one Iranian missile was hit. Now that the wash is starting to dry, we are getting a little more truth from the Pentagon.

As far as the plane shoot down, Iran should have stated right from the get go they shot it down, and then explained why. Perhaps it took them a while to figure out - with no transponder and no lights on the aircraft, (which would have been clearly visible even in the videos if they were working) it really did look like a cruise missile and there's no way they could have known different with such short notice, - they had seconds to make decisions and that was clearly not enough time. Israel can laugh and say, HA HA, you killed your own nuclear scientists to boot.

That is my final answer: Iran shot it down, but it was not Iran's fault.

Prediction: Because Israel now knows Iran has 200, 000+ very powerful missiles that can hit them with smart bomb accuracy, when Iran does get struck by Israel it will be a massive surprise strike. But it will fail, Iran is too geographically large and there will be a serious counter strike that can't be avoided because if GPS is being used for guidance, China and Russia have their own versions and it won't get shut off. Iran absolutely will kill Israel if Israel asks for it, but Iran will also be very badly damaged, if not destroyed also.

Iran probably does use GPS, I doubt inertial guidance systems are capable of that kind of accuracy.

WAITING ON MORE SOURCES: IRAN ADMITS TO SHOOT DOWN. BUT Tasnim News, as official as it gets, says no.

WELL, it sure seems convincing that Israel or the U.S. would shoot it down with all those nuclear scientists aboard, UNLESS IRAN SHOT IT DOWN BECAUSE THEY WERE ABOARD AND THEY WERE GOING TO TALK. HOW ABOUT THAT ANGLE?


No shoot down??!!?? GET SERIOUS, THAT IS LOOKING STUPID NOW, and how did a New Zealand paper get tipped off Iran shot it down while Tasnim is saying NO WAY at the exact same time??? Obviously there is infighting and they are not all playing from the same sheet of music with this one. Looks like yep, they probably shot it down and Tasnim is going to be the last to bend.


Update to below: Whether it was a stealth aircraft firing a missile, or a hacked Iranian SAM system, we now know Iran did not accidentally shoot down this aircraft, most likely Israel did.



That's why the fake missile pieces got posted, someone wanted to point the finger at Iran!

The plane had six nuclear scientists on board who flew to Iran to help them with their nuclear program. Someone shot that plane down while they were being evacuated before a war broke out, and I seriously doubt it was Iran.

The following is from this awesome Twitter account:

I didn't take this far enough. Let's connect some more dots.
CANADA was involved in Uranium One.
-Canadians brokered/staged the Uranium 1 deal.
-Iran wanted nukes & science.
-Canada staged deal, provided home-base for dual citizens & Nuke scientists.

MY COMMENT: That twitter account is going to get VAPORIZED.

And this pretty much confirms that Iran did not shoot that plane down.

Iran has likely been told to bury this, OR ELSE.


The Dicloxacillin did not cut it.

It was looking promising for a few days but started to fail so now it's Cefalaxin. The total set back was only $7. That's for 12 days of antibiotic plus doctor visit. QUESTION: HOW MUCH IS YOUR CO PAY IN THE U.S. AFTER YOU GOT NAILED FOR A HUGE MONTHLY INSURANCE BILL? Mexico is so cheap that all medical bills are likely to be less than a co-pay, and a LOT less than a deductible even without bothering with insurance to begin with. Mexico definitely has the medical situation handled properly.

But there will be no consultations by the U.S. government asking Mexico how it is all done so cheap, because the U.S. government knows and prefers to allow the medical system to be a weapon of war. It should be fairly obvious our government has been usurped by people who want America wiped out. "Insurance" costs so much it's like throwing a new car in the trash every 2 or 3 years, even if people never have a problem and they don't even have to drone strike a car to accomplish that much economic damage. People are all worried about having a medical disaster and insurance paying into a system that is a total scam guarantees the disaster is a way of life.


As I said, the 737 MAX will never fly again. More proof from the BBC

Usually I'd say the BBC is not credible, but in this case they had to have nailed it because they'd be sued if they did not.

BBC: Internal Boeing memos: "This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys." See this.

And I will say it again: The problem with the MAX is not just the MCAS system. Even if they start training the pilots in simulators which they say will solve the problem, the problems will continue because it is only part of the problem.

I am the only one who has been saying from the beginning just how bad the problem is, and the only one who predicted it would not be flying again by now. And I am confident I am right when I say it will either never fly again at all, or will fly again and crash the same way and then be canceled because the root problem is not MCAS.


Insight: If you want to see what Iranians think, This account is from a real Iranian.

He's not going easy on the Iranian government, but he obviously does not want Americans sorting Iran's problems out. You probably won't be able to read it, but the memes pretty much say it all.


Iran is claiming the missile videos of the Ukraine shoot down are psy ops

That proves they did it. Please note that the video I found is not the same as what the MSM is using and that it shows the entire sequence, from the second missile impact to crash. You can refute the videos the MSM is using, you can't refute the one I found, and it is exactly the type of video I said ought to exist if Iran shot it down.

In the video I found, you can see the missile plume that is white, vanish when the missile reaches the plane which is not visible and not on fire and be immediately replaced by yellow flame from burning jet fuel. The plane then flames to the ground and crashes. It is obvious what is going on in the video I posted, Iran can't back out of it and the fact they are trying to proves they did it. If they did not do it, they'd be screaming about a missile shoot down by a missile that was not theirs. They are looking AWFUL now.


Iran is handling the crash site the same way the FED handled 911

They are doing the cleanup with bulldozers. What???

Last night I found the video I was looking for, which proved Iran shot it down. It was not the one CNN and others used, because the one they used did not tell the whole story. Now they are doing what should be a forensic cleanup with bulldozers. That says it all. That does not "pretty much" say it all, it SAYS IT ALL.

Ok, so it was not a stealth aircraft at the site shooting it down. It was likely not Hillary either, unless she chatted Iran into doing it for Ukraine cleanup and I doubt that. There was a hoaxed missile debris post that had me going even more toward a stealth aircraft shooting it down, but with the current missile video that shows the entire process, from impact to crash something I said should exist if Iran shot it down - now that there is that video it is proven Iran is guilty in this.

Iran fired two missiles. The first missile hit likely disabled the aircraft but did not set it on fire. The second missile hit (which is the truly incriminating one) shows the aircraft bursting into flames when hit, and burning to the ground. I think the first one would have crashed it anyway though.

So it is now confirmed Iran shot the plane down, and they are behaving VERY BADLY, as badly as the U.S. government did with 911 and the Navy did with TWA 800. That's not good, if we don't get a full confession out of Iran for doing this, I'll be far less than impressed.


IRAN DID SHOOT THE PLANE DOWN: I FOUND A VIDEO THAT PROVES A SAM TOOK DOWN THE UKRANIAN AIRLINER, AND IT IS NOT WHAT CNN IS USING. This one actually shows a missile nail the plane, which immediately bursts into flames. IT IS HERE.

CNN and the rest of the MSM are posting a different missile strike than this. This is the one that caused the fireball.

So now the discussion online is drifting towards "Iran was probably hacked, and/or someone else inside Iran did this. But if it really was a SAM that took out that jet, I'd be inclined to believe that despite how obvious it should have been as a commercial airliner, someone on the ground got their undies in a bundle and shot it down because it appears to have been flying without any lights on. That's a stupid reason to make such a mistake, considering the plane had a transponder and communications, but I have a hunch that due to the panic, that's exactly what happened. This still does not un-do the obviously hoaxed photo of a missile on the ground I mentioned earlier.


I found the "needle in a haystack" video that shows the entire shoot down, from missile launch, to impact, to flaming plane in the sky, to fireball on the ground.

It is not the same video the American MSM is using, this one actually shows it all happen.

Maybe they'll catch up with that tomorrow.

So I guess a stealth aircraft did not take out the Russian plane after all. Scroll down, this report will move down the page like everything else does.


Peter said the temperature has been at 49.5 and there has been very little rain, and that has fed the fires enormously. I had posted that the temperatures were normal (40) and that rains were normal. Evidently I got bad info, because he's there, living through it. Obviously then, the situation is prime for arsonists, approximately 200 have been arrested so far. With a situation like that it would be a bad year for fires, even without the arsonists. Thanks for the correction!


An update on my assessment of Iran's possible total explosives yield delivery

In that assessment I stated that with a total of about 250 KT of explosives delivery capacity, Iran could probably deliver 1 megaton of equivalent TNT yield because newer explosives are so much more potent than TNT. The amount I stated would be 4X as powerful as TNT. That might have made some people call B.S. so I am going to link a report from 2007, which states that for Russia's "father of all bombs" a special explosive was formulated that gives it 6.28 times the yield of an equal weight of TNT. Persians are not stupid, they likely have developed explosives with a substantial portion of that potency, especially over 10 years later. Here is that report

I do everything I can to keep this site as accurate as possible. No one commented about the potential explosive yield Iran can probably deliver but I figured I'd link that anyway.


(Except for the plane shoot down) The Iran situation is going straight off the MSM front page as fast as they can vanish it

Because it is a serious embarrassment to Israel. Here are a few parting comments on rumors, facts, and story lines:

This incident hurt Israel badly. Rumor has it that Trump did the hit because of a story that was hatched, saying Iran was about to launch a nuclear attack god knows where and that Israel was the one that fed Trump the false intelligence that was used as a reason to do it. There is another story line that Trump got duped into believing another attack on the embassy was being staged. I find the idea of Trump getting hoaxed to be not only possible, but highly probable. But with the choke hold the ziopress holds on everything, we won't get anything solid on this and I doubt Trump would tweet that Israel falsified intelligence *because he either feels threatened or is still highly deluded with regard to Israel.*1

Most definitely false: Soleimani was baited to peace talks and killed. I never focused on this because of what the original source of that story was, and because this was never stated by Iranian media, which would have been ALL OVER IT. If it did not even show up on Tasnim, it's BUNK, pure and simple.

There is another rumor that he was killed in cooperation with Iran and Trump because he was a loose cannon that was threatening Iran's stability. That's more plausible than the story about Trump's bait and switch, but still probably somewhat off. That's not all there was to this, I think fake Israeli intelligence was the primary factor in it all. And Trump's NO DOUBT pissed. I believe Trump thinks he got snookered and I have little doubt he did.

Another rumor is that all of this started as an attempt to kick start world war 3. Actually, that's not a rumor at all. Think about it.

Israel got so scared by the precision of Iran's missile strikes that they started blathering stupidly about a pinky pie laser system that fires from a unicorn horn and magically renders Iranian missiles useless. I believe in magic, and you can too.

Israel also no doubt launched a bunch of rather stupid psy ops (the one with the Kurdish girl angered me the most) saying Iranians wanted to be liberated. Just like in Iraq and every other war America has been snookered into and it has not been true even once. They all hated America during and after their "liberation". Trust me, if Putin tried to liberate Americans from Pelosi, there would be a lot of dead Russians. Deer hunting season would be canceled due to lack of ammo. Don't expect Iran or any other country to be different, people would rather solve their own problems.

I'd say the Iranian situation is pretty much over. It died on the road to war like a destitute Yugo, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ISRAEL, and believe me, it's gonna take a LOT MORE luck the next time around. Fool me once . . . . .and for a change, Iran is now the victim. Not so dear Israel: What's it like having the tables turned? Forget about that false flag you have planned, whatever it is, we are onto it.

* 1. I originally posted that Trump would never say Israeli intelligence deceived him "because they'd have his blood in matzo balls" but that's too much reality to post, even for this site.

The Pentagon is now saying, (as I said minute 1) that the Ukraine plane was shot down.

I would not necessarily trust their conclusions, and if it was a Russian anti aircraft missile that took the plane down it should have shown up on dash cam. That's something they can't put away. But at least this is being said and this time it is not Boeing's fault.

Though it is possible and even somewhat probable overly tense Iranian defenses did the shoot down, the fact remains that the aircraft was flying a known route OUT of a known airport and should have been known about while in plain sight of many cameras that should have captured such a missile ascending. In the absence of that video I still say it is more likely that it was downed by a stealth aircraft but we'll probably never get the word on that.

Supposedly parts of the Russian missile were found in a nearby neighborhood but that still won't convince me when it was a known about missile system used elsewhere and stuff gets planted all the time.

If Iran admits to the shoot down, then I'll believe it. But I doubt they'd be much more honest than the Navy was with TWA 800.


Israel fronts " "We have lasers" hoax

Well low and behold, right when needed, Israel has a miracle laser. I saw this earlier this morning and ignored it because this has been said before and it's a load of crap.

Here's what lasers can work against, at a distance of a couple miles MAX: Thinly made drones that don't have a metal skin. Also, people within a relevant range that would be within a range that a conventional firearm is useful. Lasers are also great at permanently blinding pilots. And there are simple rules of nature that are always going to limit them to bar room talk and plump, unproductive budgets for much more than very close range battlefield apps, where, one on a tank might cut through another tank a couple hundred yards away. After that, the atmosphere becomes too much of an enemy and it scatters the beam down to where it is useless.

So Israel has a magical laser that can shoot down ballistic missiles. Cute. And we never saw it nor it's predecessors in use with Iron Dome. That means it's a hoax. Iron dome is a perfect testing ground because all it would have to work against is crap people can carry. Crap most fittingly made with soup can metal and paper tubes. A laser ought to cut right through that if it can work against a ballistic missile 50 miles away yet it is not even tried with iron dome, where at most flying garbage hits an altitude of a few thousand feet.

The missiles Iran has are not garbage. All it takes to defeat a laser is to have it spin on the way in. That's easy to manage. Most probably already do that. And the big problem - range limited by atmosphere is the big issue, you can make a laser as powerful as you want and the atmosphere will prevent it from being a laser, and turn it into a big spotlight a couple miles out. Lasers work well in space, but not on the ground, where they will always be limited to close ranges simply because there is atmosphere in the way.

Therefore, I am calling BUNK on the laser anti-ballistic missile system that Israel magically crapped out a Unicorn's butt with the warning "The enemies of Israel better not test our resolve or our abilities" right when Iran had a successful hit on U.S. military bases. A more appropriate comment would have been "The enemies of Israel had better not test our nukes" but Israel does not have those so they can't be mentioned. Right. The timing of this screams hoax.


SCAM VIDEO CIRCULATING EVERYWHERE TODAY: "The truth about Soleimani and Iran, from an Iranian

She's not Iranian, at best she's a claimed Kurd who is by appearances an obvious Ashkenazi Jew and she's clearly not speaking for the Iranian people. But it is REALLY making the rounds. There's a big post about this down the page a ways.


A large section of wall might now be built

Trump managed to get it through the courts. I have mixed feelings about a wall and instead think it should all be handled via policy changes. Getting rid of the welfare for illegals would solve the problem. Assistance to illegals should be: Oh, I see you got into trouble here, let's help you out. Here's $500 for a ticket home. That's all. If you blow that on tequila don't ask us again.


UPDATE TO BELOW: HERE IS HOW YOU get into the English version of Tasnim News

Even though it is a simple URL, from where I sit it is not obvious and the front page does not help at all. Bookmark that, so you can separate fact from fiction. Tasnim is the be-all-end-all top of the line washed and verified Iranian source. If someone is spewing it, and it's not on that site, it's B.S.


Contrary to myth this morning, and even RT, Iran is not seeking to escalate confrontation. They are instead continuing an existing operation and will be ready to strike if it is justified.

Here is the EXACT report everyone is quoting via proxy because they can't get to it (it is not easy to get into but I will also link it)

This is from Tasnim news. It does not get more official than this.

Iran's Missile Attack on US Base Beginning of Major Operation:

Commander TEHRAN (Tasnim) -

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh gave some details about Iran's Wednesday missile strikes on a US airbase in Iraq and described the attack as just the beginning of "a major operation".

"The missile strikes on one of the most important bases of the US in the form of an operation code-named 'Martyr Soleimani' were the start of a major operation that would continue throughout the region, " Brigadier General Hajizadeh said on Thursday.

"We did not aim to kill (anybody)" the top commander said, adding, "We intended to hit the enemy's military machine."

"We fired 13 missiles at the (US) bases in Iraq, although we had prepared several hundred missiles for launching, " he stated.

"We did not seek to kill anyone in this operation, " he said, adding, "However, tens of people were killed and wounded."

"We could mount the operation in a way that 500 would be killed in the first step and, if they responded, in the second and third steps, their casualties would have reached 4, 000 to 5, 000, " Brigadier General Hajizadeh went on to say.

The remarks came as Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday targeted two US airbases in Iraq, including the Ain al-Assad in the western province of Anbar, in retaliation for the US assassination of the top Iranian anti-terror commander.

An informed source at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said the IRGC’s missile attack on the US airbase of Ain al-Assad has killed at least 80 American forces.

"At least 104 targets from the positions of the Americans and their allies in the region have been identified, and if the Americans make any mistake again, those positions will be targeted, " the source warned.

The source also said that a number of American drones and helicopters and a large amount of military equipment were seriously damaged in the IRGC missile attack.

Fifteen missiles rained down on Ain al-Assad airbase, none of which were intercepted by the US army's radar system, the source stated, adding that the accuracy and destructive power of the missiles have been so high that a number of the missiles annihilated several sensitive targets simultaneously each.

My comment: The key phrase that everyone missed is "If they responded".So Iran is WILLING to escalate it, and prepared to escalate it, but will not escalate it if the U.S. does nothing further. So, no escalation.

This is very important to note, because everyone seems to be getting their undies in a bundle this morning when really, nothing changed.

From what I saw in the aftermath, their missiles were small but accurate and probably did indeed damage a fair number of targets. Not quite what they implied, and they are not talking about the ones that did not arrive at all. But still, a fairly good show and tell.

There is a fraud Kurdish girl getting major exposure and she's just a typical psy op

A woman I believe is an Ashkenazi Jew is fronting as a Kurdish woman, talking all about how the Iranian people hate their government and love Trump and want to be overthrown. She's a liar. It's a psy op. First of all, even if she was actually Iranian, she's claiming to be a Kurd, and those are not the people you ask an opinion from on Iran. The Kurds have a long history of being scammers, cheaters, drifters and low lifes that never assembled their own nationality simply because even within their own ranks they back stab too much to get it together. Even Trump hates them. They drift from scene to scene causing very low level mayhem and really do belong out with the goats. They are the ones that gave Gypsies a bad name.

IF the woman who claims to be Kurdish actually is Kurdish, you don't ask a Kurd for an opinion on Iran. The reality is that the Iranians are united, support their country strongly, and don't want to be overthrown. They simply want to be left alone to sort out their own problems and not be harassed economically. They do have a strong sympathy for the Palestinian people and understand the Jewish threat but so do I, and that understanding and position is nothing unusual.

Here's base reality: The people who want war (the Jews) are manipulating everyone as much as possible into believing the Iranian people hate their government and want to be liberated. That makes killing them a lot more easy to mentally cope with. But the reality is that IF, on average they hate their government, it's nowhere near the level of hatred Americans have for their own leftists, and I don't know of any American that wants to be overthrown by China despite this cold hard fact. Lots of people are calling for civil war, and please note: If Russia or China show up to "help" they'll be the primary target and after they are dealt with, THEN Americans will sort out their differences.

One thing is certain: War won't help the Iranian people, and they know it. They sure as heck are not passing around the testimony of that Kurd!


This may be why the generals were so perplexed at Trump's speech, and may be the sole reason why Trump backed down. Iran does indeed have a very nasty deterrent and can hit targets as well as America can.


An additional comment to below:

You can clearly see here that a war against Iran will not go well. They really will blow the living hell out of American assets, even if America gets air superiority over Iran when Iran effectively has air superiority even without a real air force. There's no way to win against this outside of nuclear force when Iran can nail aircraft carriers from 1500 miles away as if they had air superiority. Sure, missiles can be shot down. 50 or so. Not 50, 000

These hits are very impressive. America can't do better than that.

Iran hit the bases with stunning pinpoint precision

Yesterday I assumed they sent the missiles to abandoned areas. That was not the case. instead, they targeted structures and proved they could aim their missiles to within 20 feet. They forwarned the U.S. of the attack via Iraq, which is why there were no casualties. It is extremely probable that an attack on Iran was called off because their missiles are too numerous and too accurate.

The photo below is being called in from this report. There is also a more comprehensive photo there showing more than just this hit, proving this was not luck.

A little side note here:

Glacier national park has, for more than a decade, had signs up saying the glaciers will be gone by 2020 because of "man made global warming". But there's a huge problem: They are still there in 2020. So they took those signs down and put new ones up, saying "They will soon be gone" and put no date on it. Reality: ONE glacier shrunk by 65 percent, some did not shrink at all, and the average is that overall, they shrank by 35 percent. Though that sounds significant, it is not - glaciers go through cycles like anything else and my guess is that they are growing again but someone won't admit it.


Trump's speech:

No war, no mention of Ukraine jet shoot down (that's odd) and he looked stressed out. The generals were not happy. I think he found out the U.S. shot down the Ukranian jet and was basically flipping out inside while reading a teleprompter and saying no war, only sanctions, and repeating tired rhetoric while the generals wanted a totally different speech but could not force him to deliver it. IF it is determined the U.S. shot down that plane, then what? If Iran shot it down, you'd think that would get blasted beyond the horizon instantly by those who want war on Iran, but mum's the word, why?.

After that shoot down, I am really beginning to think ALL, and I mean ALL Iran has is a massive missile force that can wipe out Israel. That is ALL. They can't detect crap, have a navy that's suitable for law enforcement, have no meaningful air force or army, but they have a pile of super sized long range missiles. And they don't want their public to know just how weak certain parts of their military are so they are calling it a crash.


There should be dash cam footage posted by now proving Iran shot the Ukranian jet down if Iran did it

Therefore, 80+ percent chance it was shot down from above by a stealth aircraft

Consider this: Tehran is an enormous city, and people there have dash cams just like the rest of us. 25 percent of all cars on the road in Tehran at the time would have been pointed towards the aircraft well enough to capture it on dash cam no matter what part of the city they were in. The missile would have gone up 8, 000 feet or down to 8, 000 feet which would have clearly been captured by ALL dash cams that were pointed the right way practically no matter what. It is not plausible that in a city of that size no one caught the missile plume on dash cam if Iran did it, even at the hour this happened there should be thousands of videos of it.

Therefore, I am going to somewhat surely state the jet was downed from above by bullets from stealth aircraft that were operating in the area undetected by Iran. The holes all over the plane prove it was shot down, and all of the entry holes come from above. So now the question is: Israel or the U.S.? And Iran does not want to say what happened because of the freak out that would happen if the general population realized Iran had no ability to detect foreign aircraft that did not want to be detected.


Dubai is claiming Iran shot the Ukranian jet down

Dubai is talking out it's butt. There is no video of a missile plume going up yet and all the holes in the plane happened from above. If it was shot down with bullets, an American made stealth aircraft probably did it. The bottom line is there's no way to know yet.

People are calling Iran incompetent and that's a mistake, they are not. There is a possibility of an Iranian shoot down because no planes were supposed to be flying at the time, and Iran's military probably knew that. A "no fly" order had been given. One would think under that circumstance that the air port would have told the Ukranian jet to stay grounded but it was only 45 minutes after the order was given, and there was probable confusion everywhere. Either that, or the U.S. said WE REALLY MEAN IT.

And then there's THIS: I find it VERY suspicious a Ukranian plane got shot down with Ukranians on board when Hunter&co is about to bite it. This could have been a hit by Israel to bury the Ukraine scandal by killing witnesses. But that's too obvious to even mention, right? After all, you don't walk around central park screaming to everyone that the sky is blue unless you want to be detained as some sort of freak, despite being right about it.


Probably true rumor: Climate change activists set Australia fires

This is very plausible because 200 people have been arrested so far for deliberately setting them. Why would anyone do that? It's called the carbon tax, and enforcing an agenda. Rainfall and temps in Australia have been completely normal this year, and there are no unusual conditions causing these fires. Australian authorities have figured this out and are now treating all fire incidents as arson.

When you are dealing with Communists in pursuit of carbon tax cash you cannot expect anything to be true or as presented. They are hoaxing the climate angle of this (as I have stated several times already) and now the new news is that it is likely climate change activists doing this.

And that makes sense, because joe blow nobody is not going to get up in the morning X 200 plus all of a sudden in one year and do this. The fires are clearly an organized effort being fronted by an organized group and evidently, when busted, they miraculously happen to be activists. Actually, no miracle there, we all know how such types accomplish agendas, Koalas be damned.


Iran has now stated that if America retaliates for the missile strikes, Israel has a half hour to live

Well well, if Iran DOES decide to strike Israel, they had better launch all 200, 000+ missiles at once because it will be the last thing they ever do.


TOP POSTED: Ukranian plane definitely shot down

It was not mechanical failure and it was not a bomb on board. This picture proves it and there are many others that show the same thing, holes like this were all over the aircraft which means it was either shot to pieces or nailed by a missile:

Pictures this clear have been censored. I did not want to put this one up but they all got wiped and this is the only clear one left:

The puncture holes on this section of wing prove either a missile or gunfire took this plane down. THE OPPOSITE WING HAS THE SAME TYPE OF HOLES IN A PRESS TV PHOTO ALSO. That proves there's no way an engine failure did this, you can't have holes in both wings plus the fuselage from an engine failure, that's designed to not throw shrapnel at all. TWA 800, a known missile shoot down, had the same type of holes in it. No failure on the plane, even a modern day engine explosion, will do this. No matter what the story is, this plane was shot down. CASE CLOSED. updates below.

There are two possibilities with this shoot down: Iran made a mistake, or a stealth aircraft took it out, and Iran can't yet mentally cope with the idea of having an American stealth aircraft operate right over one of their airports without a peep from their radar.


Rumor has it that there were several Burisma execs on the Ukranian plane that were in Tehran for an energy conference, and the plane was shot down (probably by Israel) under the disguise of tensions between the U.S. and Iran. If there really were Burisma execs on that plane as rumor has it, I'd say Hillary, Biden and Obama & co had it shot down, likely by Israeli sleeper cells. They all sleep in the same New World Order bed.

This is only rumor, but it is at least something to put out there. One thing is certain, the plane was definitely, without question, shot down. It burned all the way to the ground and it was clearly captured on video.


Update on Iranian missile attacks:

The U.S. is reporting no casualties and no damage. Iranian media is reporting 30 U.S. service members dead, and numerous aircraft destroyed. So whatever. If the missiles did actually do that, it proves Iran is not gutless but I doubt it, I think they are trying to pacify their public by making their public believe revenge was delivered. We will have to wait and see what Trump says tomorrow..



There is a dispute as to who shot down the Ukranian airliner as it took off from Tehran airport. Some are speculating Iranians shot it down because they are nervous. I find that very hard to believe since it was a regularly scheduled flight with transponder following a known flight route in a normal way in an area Iranians are familiar with. REMEMBER: The U.S. shot down Iranian flight 655 in 1988 and TWA flight 800 in 1996. Smart money says the U.S. also shot this one down.



After Iran launched missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq, the U.S. declared Iran to be a "no fly zone" and 45 minutes into this, a Ukranian airliner lost transponder signal six miles after take off from Tehran air port and simply vanished, with no recorded anomalies in flight speed or altitude. Confirmed crashed. This means a weapons system likely downed the jet because it was flying perfectly normal and then POOF.



Update to my latest Iran post (down the page past the next post)

I may have been too optimistic and Trump's "All is well" might have been an "alrightey then". We will know for sure tomorrow morning when Trump gives an official speech on this topic. If he declares war, then I will post what I was originally going to post.


Claudia received a threatening E-mail from the Illuminati over the temple post

SHE DELETED IT. And I did not get to see it. Deleting that was a BIG mistake. Here's at least the gist of what they said:

That temple is for a higher purpose and Christian idiots are too ignorant to understand it. As a result of you posting what you did, you will now be (either) censored or censured.

MY RESPONSE: How about those cooridinates? Those nice clear pictures prove I have them. All of those photos were geotagged until I wiped the exif.


I know creepy when I see it, that temple does not serve a "higher purpose".

Thank you for writing directly to tell me you're interested in this web site. How about sending that mail again, so I can actually see it? Fat chance you'll actually discover you can do something against me that has not already been done and HOW ABOUT THAT DEAD MAN SWITCH? have a nice day.

No, I am not worried. You have already F***ED me to the horizon and you only don't know about that because you don't trust each other and therefore operate via compartmentalization. You don't even know what your best friends do.


After posting that tease earlier, I have to put something up but there have been developments that put my original take on things back on the shelf

In the interim between the notice I was going to post about what is going to happen with Iran, Iran attacked American bases in Iraq and the fallout from this was not what I expected. At least so far. This attack, and Trump's subsequent response, paints a new picture and I have picked up a little more info.

First of all, it appears Soleimani was getting too powerful and Rouhani wanted him out of the equation. Soelimani had started to engage in conflicts that were not authorized by Tehran. And it looks like Trump did stuff behind the scenes to get rid of a nuisance that was bothering both the United States and the upper ranks of the Iranian government.

Now, all of this is based on Twitter posts and other social media, however, Trump's tweet that "all is well" after the attacks was not what I'd have expected and according to Trump, there will be no military response to these attacks from the United States. Very important: In these attacks, there was no property damage on the bases and there were no casualties. This would not be possible by accident, considering the number of missiles fired. So here's the probable scenario, now that this new tidbit of info has been added to the equation:

Somehow, Trump either communicated with Iran's leadership to take out Soleimani, or he had good enough intelligence that Iran wanted him gone too, and they would not be too upset if the U.S. got rid of that nuisance. For show, because there had to be, Iran blathered and babbled and staged a huge funeral. And then, in "retaliation" which Iran has firmly announced is complete, they sent some precision missiles to a few American bases, set to miss everything and land harmlessly. And they did. This completed the counter strike, Iran has officially stated that is what their response will be, and Trump replied "all is well".

I could be wrong with my assessment here, but it does make sense and I don't think anyone else has anything that is going to prove to be more accurate, at this stage of the game everyone is still guessing. The recent events of this evening have reset everything. We just have to wait and see.



I think I have figured out what is going on, and am going to post some doom, hopefully to circumvent doom. There have been major events happening since the killing of Soleimani that indicate the war hawks are going to zombie push America into a war that sparks such outrage it makes the Deagel report come true. There is a reason to believe we will be set up for this outcome, and it will all hinge on Iran. This will probably post at around 9 PM tonight. I have waited long times between Iran posts gathering info to avoid guesses and I think I nailed the first major Iran post spot on. There is more to this story now - I think I have enough now to pretty much say the plan.

How bad is Puerto Rico shaking? Here it is:

4.7 6km SSW of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 16:27:07 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.2 1km ESE of Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 15:55:11 (UTC) 8.0 km

4.1 11km SSE of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 14:39:35 (UTC) 4.0 km

4.4 8km SSE of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 14:23:39 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.6 15km SSE of Indios, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 14:04:44 (UTC) 9.5 km

4.2 3km SSE of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 13:22:06 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.5 4km E of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 13:00:22 (UTC) 9.0 km

4.0 2km NNW of Fuig, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 12:54:42 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.1 2km SE of Guayanilla, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 12:21:02 (UTC) 30.3 km

4.4 2km S of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 12:10:44 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.3 8km SE of Indios, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 12:08:10 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.4 4km SW of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 11:28:19 (UTC) 10.0 km

5.6 1km SW of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 11:18:43 (UTC) 9.0 km

4.5 9km SSW of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 11:14:50 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.3 2km S of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 10:28:11 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.3 5km SSE of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 10:13:55 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.1 4km S of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 09:41:31 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.2 1km WSW of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 09:35:37 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.1 8km SE of Indios, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 09:08:57 (UTC) 10.0 km

5.0 6km SE of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 08:50:45 (UTC) 10.0 km

5.6 8km S of Tallaboa, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 08:34:02 (UTC) 10.0 km

6.4 8km S of Indios, Puerto Rico 2020-01-07 08:24:26 (UTC) 10.0 km

4.4 5km SE of Indios, Puerto Rico 2020-01-06 21:37:55 (UTC)

That's quite an earthquake collection for such a short time. There were lots of smaller quakes I did not list. Needless to say, Puerto Ricans are on edge right now, hoping "the big one" was the 6.4


I got a BAD internal infection and did not even know it. Here's the back story:

A couple months ago I stepped on a screw and did not pay attention to it because I did not think it went through. It healed over in a few days and I forgot about it. But an infection started under the skin. There was no pain at all for the first few weeks.

One day I crouched down and it felt like I almost blew my knee out. I did not think about an infection, I just thought I was getting old. I limped with the sore knee for about three weeks, wondering if "this was it, I'm over the hill". Then the same pain that was in my knee showed up in my hip, and I thought, "Yep, this is it, I am REALLY going over the hill". And then the pain happened in my foot, all on the same leg and I thought, 3/3 in one leg? That's not going over the hill, what on earth is going on? Then the pain showed up inside my right arm. And I remembered that screw a while back.

I figured I'd test out if it was an infection by taking a mystery bottle of Cipro from god knows when and the symptoms subsided. And then I knew it was an infection. I went to two incompetent idiot doctors on Jan 2 because my real doctor was not available, told them this story and they did not believe it was an infection because to meet that requirement I had to be on fire and dripping pus. The next day my real doctor got this story over the phone, and without even being in the office told one of her assistants to write a prescription for Dicloxacilina. I did not expect that to work, but it did. It looks like I am in the clear. It is now proven I am not going over the hill . . . .

Something weird is going on in Puerto Rico

3 large earthquakes in 2 days.

The first one was a 5.9. The second one was a 6.5 and the latest one was a 6. There are countless small ones continually. The pattern suggests they are foreshocks. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.


HERE IS A GOOD ONE - Iran just designated the U.S. armed forces as terrorist organizations

Actually, they are spot on. During "shock and awe" against a totally innocent country that did nothing to the U.S., pregnant women were so terrified they miscarried. If that is not terror, what is? And if you disagree, try to come up with ONE (1) reason America attacked Iraq to begin with that was not a lie. There was none. Having the biggest gun does not mean everyone beneath the barrel, who can't adequately fight back, is a terrorist and it also does not mean you have a right to just make crap up and then kill millions, even if you can get away with it because no one can stop you. One thing is certain: The arab world is indeed terrified of the United States and does not worry about suicide bombers. There are fewer of those in the entire world than gang bangers shooting each other in ONE Detroit neighborhood. No arab is ever going to see it happen and they know it.



Wow, the Iran timing is priceless

I ignored the story about a large number of very large drones all over Colorado and Wyoming that happened last week, after all there are lots of companies using drones to do surveys of pipelines, power lines, and other things. I sort of blew it off. But there might be a problem -

Even the FAA got no answers as to what these drones were for, and now there's a nuke missing. Or nuclear material. Or something nuclear so the rumor goes - and the stage is now set.

The stage is now set for "Iran to nuke the United States" only I'd bet $50 it won't be Iran, instead a nuke will come out of an embassy somewhere. GUESS WHERE.

Anyway, if a nuke does go off, now you know the back story. And it can be said in one line: Nuke missing, Iran pissed, nuke goes off. DO NOT FALL FOR IT, THE TRIBE WANTS WORLD WAR 3 AT ALL COST and does not give a damn about us. No, Iran does not have a missing American nuke but there will be a story line if those drones over Colorado meant anything.

Even Stevie wonder saw this story line develop, in technicolor.

Iran report, three days in. There's a LOT here, it is not just a one issue ramble.

To win this game, Iran only needs to not play. They are totally and completely winning now.

There are now reports that China is arriving to give Iran military support. Considering how China treats Muslims, Iran had better tread lightly on this. China was looking good for a while a few years ago, but now obviously is some sort of sleazy monster. I find it interesting that monsters are happy with themselves as monsters as long as the secrets stay locked behind barbed wire.

One important thing to touch with all of this is the threats Iran is spewing now. Can they live up to them? Surprisingly, I'd say yes, absolutely. If Iran goes nuts and actually uses what they have it won't be a case where a few things land in Israel and "all is destroyed", it will instead be a case where a few hundred thousand pounds of high explosives land in Israel, and actually levels the place for real, with millions dead.

Here is the Iranian missile equation:

First of all, to be clear, Iran does not have a few beleagured scuds. Iran has improved and upgraded almost all their ballistic missiles to hit within a 50 foot circle at ranges that make it possible for even the little ones to reach Israel. So they have a real deterrent.

Iran has (possibly more than) 250, 000 missiles capable of reaching Israel with at least a thousand pound payload, and some with up to a 4, 000 pound payload. Their "little ones" still carry 1000 pounds of explosives. That's like an American cruise missile an they have them in huge quantities. This data has been expunged recently, I cannot search it out anymore but I remember from 2012 they had over 100, 000 and were working as fast as possible to build their arsenal to an enormous scale. Any way you cut it, it is well known that Israel does not have enough of a missile shield to stop that or anywhere near as many missiles in their entire inventory. So here's the worst case math:

There's probably 250 kilotons of possible delivery by Iran, and that's yield in TNT. There's lots of explosives worse than TNT, and they would obviously be used. It's not irrational to say Iran could possibly deliver a megaton of yield to Israel. Here's the kicker though:

If that yield is delivered in small pieces it will be far more destructive than one big blast. Actual destruction capacity would probably rival 10 megatons worth of nukes, because every last one of those missiles can destroy or seriously damage or kill out to at least five acres of total area. How big is Israel? One thing is certain: Iran is not bluffing when they say they can flatten Haifa and Tel Aviv, aside from the lack of fallout it might as well be a nuclear war. This will not be a case where a few destitute scuds fail somewhere over Saudi Arabia.

To top it off, if Iran decides to strike the Knesset, Dimona, or any other prime target, they are going to hit it. Their missiles are accurate to within 50 feet. Iran could even wipe out Israel's submarines if they knew where they were.

So there's a real deterrent there, and it is one Iran does not want to use because it is, like America against Russia, mutually assured destruction. They'd really nail Israel but they'd die in the aftermath.

So what is the situation like now in Iraq? Not good for America. Iraq voted to kick the United States forces out and the response was: "After you pay for that air force base we put in". That's the wrong attitude, Iraq's response should be: We'll be peaceful after the millions of people you killed on our turf after we did nothing to deserve it and you waged a war of lies are brought back to life, and all our broken families are put back together".

American forces can cry all they want about "thousands of soldiers dead" but they do so from the perspective of being heavily armed paid gangsters that walked into a stadium and shot it up and then cried because a few security guards managed to kill a few soldiers. It does not matter if Iraqis targeted and killed a few thousand Americans when the Americans were there blowing away Iraquis by the hundreds of thousands repeatedly.

FACT: Saying Iraqis were bad for killing American troops is equal to saying any American who fires on the U.N. or Chinese when they invade is a terrorist. And Americans WILL BE CALLED TERRORISTS WHEN THAT TIME COMES. Just wait. The tables will be turned. The "terrorists" are whoever the global deep state wants killed.

So we now have a situation in Iraq where Iraq wants Iran there, not the U.S., and has voted to kick the U.S. out (which they were authorized to do) and the U.S. reniged and said no. And more - the U.S. said "sit down and shut up and take our beatings, or we'll wipe you out".

The situation could not possibly be worse. And here's a nice little tidbit:

As it turns out, Soleimani worked with American forces as an ally when he was useful to U.S. interests and after Obama created ISIS he became the enemy. See the following which (surprisingly) I found at Wikipedia (they'll expunge this post haste now that it is not politicaly expedient for the destruction of Iran)

The 2001 uprising in Herat was a coordinated insurrection and uprising in the Afghan city of Herat as part of the United States war in Afghanistan. The city was captured on November 12 by Northern Alliance forces as well as Special Forces of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The U.S. Special Operations teams consisted of U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force under the command of CENTCOM General Tommy Franks. Iranian forces consisted of agents of the Quds Force under the command of Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, commander of the IRGC, and Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran's Quds Force. The Northern Alliance faction consisted of over 5, 000 militiamen under the command of Ismail Khan, a commander in the previous Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and former governor of Herat before the Taliban came into power in 1995.

UK Special Forces for reasons of national security remained anonymous and did not reveal their formal command structure

Ok, so when useful, Soleimani was an ally. If killing him the way he was killed after he did not serve the immediate agenda is the status quo for the U.S., then the entire world needs to take note of how the neocon mind works. Killing Soleimani, especially the way this happened, was VERY BAD for America's future when cooperation of allies might be needed.

Kenya: It appears there are spillover attacks in countries other than Iran, with a major attack on U.S. assets in Kenya. That is the consequence of the type of strike that was done by the U.S., it triggered enough widespread outrage for people who would have never considered becoming involved to become involved.

Perspective: Why did Trump allow this killing to happen? Probably for politics.

The attack on the Iranian general was likely a pre-requisite from the deep state to allow Trump to finally at least clean out his cabinet, right after Soleimanei was killed they allowed Trump to fire all the Obama holdovers. That was probably not coincidence, there is a lot more to this story than we are being told.

Immediately after Iran said they would not attack the U.S., the U.S. embassy in Baghdad received rocket blasts. Obviously that's Israel false flagging things, now is false flag prime time because Iran really is justified in attacking and that will make any "attack by Iran" believable.

It is my opinion that the red flag Iran hoisted is B.S., they are way too smart to actually follow through with that.

The Iraqi government has officially stated that if the U.S. forces do not leave, they will be considered to be an occupying force (an official target of aggression). That is actually true. If the U.S. does any military actions in Iraq now, it will be very bad for America's image, and it will add to the already bad damage done.

Trump saying he was going to wipe out Iranian culture and historical sites was very poor, is he even in the white house? Did he get drugged or what?

Possible (VERY BAD) rumor:

There is a rumor going around that the U.S. invited Soleimanei to peace talks in Iraq, and that the U.S. shagged him AFTER he flew into Iraq, fully identified and not under cover at all. He was traveling in peace time mode to get to peace talks and according to rumor (not confirmed) the U.S. knew this and did a kill that would have been possible for even a Chicago street gang to do. If this rumor is true, it speaks volumes. I'll go into this a little:

IF he really was invited to peace talks only to be killed once traveling with no cover at all it means:

The U.S. cannot be trusted, and the hit, if ordered by Trump, just might be the impeachable offense the Dems are looking for. If it happened according to rumor, it was a grave violation of international law that will tarnish America's image for decades. IF the rumor is true, it will mean that no one from any state that is a declared enemy of the United States will ever be safe to fly anywhere for "peace talks" and that's one hell of a precedent to set that makes America look like absolute crap. If the rumor is true, Trump drove the tractor into the manure pit.

If the rumor is true, you can forget any more Trump chats with little Kim.

If the rumor is true, it will mean that Iran really is justified in war. But their best move is not to play, this hit was such a disaster for America's image that Iran had their general cached out for 100X value in sympathy and support from the rest of the world. My opinion was that this was a huge mistake, even if the rumor about him going to peace talks is not true. This is Trump's first real blunder, and it could be a catastrophic blunder. Time will tell.

More perspective:

Iranian caller on TV: "America has no hero that we can target... It's a huge country but no real heroes... Who are we going to assasinate there? Spiderman? SpongeBob?!"

Emotional appeal from a former US Hostage in Iran on news Trump may bomb 52 cultural sites in Iran for the 1979 hostage crisis:

"Mr. President, if you are listening, please don't bother yourself on my account. Because I want nothing to do with it."

Iran President Rouhani: Iran will inevitably defend the sovereignty of Iraq as it did in the past. It is imperative to stand firmly for the sovereignty and security of the Iraqi people

Iranian military official Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan: "We will not enter into an all-out war with America under any circumstances and we will respond appropriately to the U.S. strike. Iran's response will be based on wisdom and reason and will be deterrent and influential." My comment: I would not be surprised if Iraq merged with Iran, the stage is set for it.

I'll keep an eye on things and post updates to this as needed. The bottom line:

It might be possible to impeach Trump if Trump gave the order to kill Soleimani, especially if he was killed on the way to the (uncofirmed rumor) peace talks.

Trump saying he'd destroy historic and heritage sites, along with culture, was such a bad move I can't believe he did it. Is he actually the one tweeting?

Iran came out on top. To win, all they need to do is sit down and shut up. And that victory will stick for decades. Even if they don't take this laying down, they still won. It's a win win win win win for Iran, who on earth would have done something as stupid as taking Soleimani out, especially this way? This is likely Trump's first legitimate screw up.


Spacex launch tonight

More starlink satellites. Perhaps Musk made them not so obvious this time. A little black paint adds up to a lot of courtesy in this case. Live stream link


The "Nice little refresher below" is the words of Albert Pike, which have played out with Swiss watch precision up until now. Awareness of these words is needed to stop a potential upcoming disaster in it's tracks. It is not over until it is over, and here is the outline of the plan to bring the world to Satan:



"The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the agentur of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agentur of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

-Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, Albert Pike. Written in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini (his European Masonic counterpart), August 15th, 1871.


As it turns out, the U.S. will not be leaving Iraq, Sputnik got hoaxed.


Sputnik News has stated the U.S. will be leaving Iraq, per Iraq's request

Ok, so that's dubious at best, and will be promptly reversed by an "attack". There's no way the U.S. is actually going to pull out, one way or another a reason to stay will be invented. If the U.S. DOES pull out, Iran is going to own the place. That would actually not be a bad thing for Iraq. But FAT CHANCE.


Pelosi is trying to front Trump's attack as a war crime

Opinion: Though this may well be the first time Trump has actually screwed up in a way action can be legitimately taken against, FAT CHANCE NANCY when the war hawks wanted it. Good luck with that one ol' gal.


Trump has not been as belligerent as he's been made out to be

His Twitter is not that bad. Trump "hitting cultural and historical sites" is a bit overstated. Here is what Trump actually said:

"Iran has been nothing but problems for many years. Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!"

My take: It is still something but not as bad as portrayed in the MSM. Trump is already totally involved in the impeachment and not even on the topic of Iran anymore.

Guarantee: If they did not nail Trump over Christmas break they never will. GAME OVER for Pelosi and crew.


Australia fires started by people, not nature or "climate change"

Australia's recent fires have, in a majority of cases, been started intentionally by people, with over 200 arrests so far. There have been many posts about "how hot it is" and then it is stated that the temperatures are "a scorching 40 degrees" as if that's unusual for Australia. It is not. There was a song by Midnight Oil that decades ago stated the reality of Australia - that it is normally 45 degrees in the western desert and it is not unheard of for the temps to go over 50. That's celsius. So it is the same as saying that much of Australia lives at 110 degrees farenheit and it can go higher. This should not be news for anyone with any awareness of Australia but if people are ignorant, agendas will be fronted.

The devastating wildfires are probably partially political, being set for political reasons but a lot of the problem is simply kids starting fires on purpose. Though they have been horrible, losses have been surprisingly low thanks to excellent volunteer fire crews who are working more than overtime to prevent the worst from happening. There have been significant losses, but not what it would have been without them.

I would not be surprised if this time around, Al Gore types are hiring kids to set the fires so the penalties for doing so will be less. And it is a MASSIVE problem if there have been 200 arrests - just look at what happens in the U.S. - maybe 3 people a year get busted for lighting fires. What is going on in Australia now is probably a war waged from abroad, and 200 people busted pretty much proves that what Australia is going through now is worse than anything that happened in the U.S. - that is a stunning number of people busted considering they don't get busted every time. Thousands of attempted disasters have been set in Australia if 200 people have been arrested.

Only a fool would believe Al Gore believes in "man made global warming", it is all about control and funding a world government via a carbon tax. There's no honesty anywhere, especially with Australia and the horrible fires that are anything but "accidents" or consequence. Instead, they are clearly agenda and 200 arrests proves it.


Iran does not have "sleeper cells" in the U.S.

And remember, the Israeli embassy in New York has at least one nuke

An "Iranian sleeper cell" ruse is making the rounds now. If people buy into it, it gives Israel options for their own Mossad sleeper cells, complete with nuclear weapons stored in Israeli embassies.

The Israeli embassy in New York exhibited a stunning spike in radiation during a 2006 - 7 scan of the city for radioactive hot spots and was by far the most radioactive location in New York. Obviously there was no further investigation into this so-called "anomaly". The Israeli embassy there came up #1 by an enormous margin, being remarkably hotter than anywhere else in the city and there's only one way that could happen. They don't shield their bombs well, obviously.

FACT: No Iranian has to bother with smuggling a nuke into the United States for an "Iranian" terror attack, Israel has that covered for Iran already. I just figured I'd post this well worn topic in light of what is going on now, Israel already has nukes in the U.S. and it is how the nuclear blackmail threat is maintained.


American backed Iraqi leadership has condemned the killing of Soleimani and may ask the U.S. to get out of Iraq

They are holding a meeting on this right now. As it turns out, there were agreements in place for the U.S. to stay in Iraq, and this action violated those agreements. Iraq can tell the U.S. to leave. If the U.S. does not leave after being told to leave, Iraq can go to the U.N. and complain, after which all other countries will be blocked by the U.N. from offering any assistance to the U.S. at all in Iraq.

It will also justify China and Russia to take action in Iraq against the United States.

This could actually backfire on the U.S. big time.


No action by Iran will be taken, HOWEVER HEADS UP:

Iran will not retaliate over their general being killed. Why? Because they can't. And they know they'll be toast if they do. They are like one of those little dogs that barks loudly an inch away from your ankle, and as soon as you turn toward it, it runs away knowing it could get it's butt kicked. Here's the heads up:

Now the stage is set for a false flag to be blamed on Iran. They HAVE TO retaliate, right? Logic would go that way, but the reality of it all is that they are not stupid.

The hit on Soleimani was not a work of genius

He was hit while traveling in a car during a publicly announced visit to Iraq to attend the funerals of 31 Iraqi soldiers the U.S. killed on Dec 29. That changes things quite a bit. That was not a legitimate intelligence based hit against an enemy operating where hit, it was instead the killing of a government official who went to attend a funeral and was going to leave the same day.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL: The moment Trump approved the killing of this Iranian General, he got the approval from the shadow state to FINALLY purge Obama holdovers from his white house. That was not coincidence, Trump had this general killed as part of a deal to finally be allowed to do what all other presidents have been allowed to do on day one of their presidency. That proves he's still not in charge of even the basics.

Iranians are not celebrating this despite what the tech left is scamming on Twitter and other social media, and the fallout could be bad. Iran can now with full "eye for an eye" legitimacy target the highest ranking U.S. officials at will. As it turns out, this general was not in the area commanding anything. He arrived on a regularly scheduled commercial flight. There was no secrecy attached to his visit. That does make a difference, because it is the same as picking off American officials with drones when they leave the air port in France or elsewhere, and Iran has lots of drones.


I am sure you heard about Pope Francis hitting a Japanese woman

Here was my original take:

You should not grab famous people like that, she was out of line. However:

What did she expect? How has she not figured out he's the antipope and not the nicest guy around before she grabbed him, only to receive confirmation he's a walking prick in spades immediately? Here is the new development:

Rumor has it, (and it is only thin wispy rumor so far, thin enough to vanish like a contrail hopefully to become a chem trail )that he's now going to resign over it. Yes, let's hope this becomes a chem trail that clouds his sky. A new take on that topic. Anyway, The really big problem was he let his real self show through, his look of disgust after a "commoner" grabbed him was a career wrecker, it was intense and very bad and captured perfectly on camera. Let's hope it sticks and that someone who's actually real will replace him. Don't bet on a successor being real, but one can always hope.


Texas church shooting update:

Idiot Bloomberg is saying the security that shut down the shooting, preventing an actual mass shooting, should not have been armed, and some "news publications" are saying it is "terrifying some of the parishioners were armed". You bet. They are terrified because it will hinder THEM from shooting up a church when the time comes for them to do their great culling. They are afraid one of them might break a fingernail trying.

FACT: If the MSM is "terrified" people who have guns stopped a mass shooting catastrophe, THEY PLAN TO DO MASS SHOOTING CATASTROPHES THEMSELVES SOON and are worried it won't go well.


There is a confirmed story making the rounds about a Tesla "bricking itself" in the driveway

People who hate Tesla (because it is the world's best electric car and American, so there are paid trolls from the destroy America crowd trying to get a following) - these people are saying how horrible it was that the Tesla bricked itself and then proceed to rip Musk. There's a good reason to not go along with them:

FACT: virtually all car failures happen when they are sitting in the driveway, and no other car I know of can text you the way the Tesla did, telling you there is a problem before you even try to drive it. Fact: Virtually 100 percent of the time, a fully warmed up car will run until it gets home. Then it will fail while it sits there cold, and not start. That's the way it practically always goes unless you have one that is a leave you stranded lemon which is not the norm.

What would you rather have? A notification at 9 PM that your car knows it won't start the next day, or would you rather go out to it in the morning and get a surprise? The fact the Tesla was able to know it had a problem only proves how good they are, they sit there running diagnostics constantly and know immediately when something broke after it cooled off. Teslas are not lemons. Getting a notification of a failure while it sits does not make Tesla a bad car. Some news reporters are total morons, and I have a good guess as to who is probably one. Find the Tesla story, and how that idiot blathered like a mechanical invalid for the answer.

Tesla proceeded to take care of it immediately, with the driver never getting a surprise failure. BEAT THAT. That's never been done before.


As long as it does not have problems with the mount drifting, and you can bang out good shots with it, the brighter scope is going to win every time in combat.

IF YOU HAVE NO SILENCER, ONE SHOT ONE KILL FOR A VERY GOOD REASON: Reason: Because if you only shoot once, no one will figure out where the shot came from, provided you're making 200+ yard shots. And that will be VERY important. That's one reason why you need a very accurate caliber and a good scope. The second shot gives you away so you need the only shot you fire to be a great shot.

When you shoot, have a place ready to hid your gun in seconds and hide it immediately after the shot. No, not in your house. if they come looking for the shooter and find you, say I HEARD THAT TOO. Those are the FIRST WORDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. And say "It sounded like it came from _______" The mind game will save your butt. Then, when they are gone, GET BACK TO WORK STOPPING THE GUN GRAB.

How to make a GREAT silencer for a high caliber rifle: Use a glass pack, the smallest one, for the smallest car. That's a straight through muffler. Have it arranged so you shoot through the muffler with your gun barrel inserted into it a few inches. Then it won't be one shot one kill, you can pretty much do anything you want from a distance if it works good enough.



If you have a 30.06 or a .270 those will be the best. Put your scope on that is your best for long range and find places where you have a huge view and can take carefully placed well set up shots of about a quarter mile. They will all be wearing body armor designed to defeat your AR. Their body armor WILL NOT WORK AGAINST A .270, that was always the best gun for this out there.

The .270 is the most accurate common caliber. I had a 4 inch shot pattern at 400 yards with mine. That's good enough and you can do it too. Surprisingly I hated my Leupold scope and did best with the Bushnell. If the cheap one works better, USE IT.

Keep an eye on Virginia

If the proposed gun grab goes well, it will be repeated in rapid succession elsewhere. If people actually shoot the bastards, even if they end up being national guard, - even if shooting them is extremely "distasteful" then probably not. REMEMBER: The elections that made this possible were stolen. Illegals did not vote for this either, that's not how they stole it. This was stolen by the tribe taking days off to "vote early and vote often", AND lost ballots AND failure to count AND electronic voting machines AND whatever else needed, there was not a legit election and the people trying to push the gun ban crap are therefore doing it without legitimate authority.

If a few people die over this it will be too bad. IF A FEW PEOPLE DO NOT DIE OVER THIS MILLIONS WILL DIE LATER. All of the great genocides have followed gun confiscation, I know a lot of people may be bored with life but that's not the kind of entertainment I want to see happen. If they start taking the guns, don't ask questions later, don't ask anything at all. Whe you see these bastards, even if they are not actively taking guns after they have started, kill them. Even at Dunkin Donuts if they pull in for a break.


WELL WELL, this is bad, China is worse than I expected. SPOOKY.


Well, the ball dropped and nothing bad happened. 2020 does not have a doomy feel to it (at least not now) we will hve to see how this one goes. wishing everyone well and good times in the new year.


Happy New Year!

Bumped back to the top for those who missed it over the holidays: Newsletter 8


23 sins that will keep you out of the kingdom of God. This is a near complete listing though some listed (such as hatred and wrath) are not necessarily sins when they are justified.

The following sins were found on a messianic Jewish site. I believe they were posted as an attempt at manipulation because the site basically commanded Christians to bow down to and worship the current day Israel (which has a six pointed star on the flag, rather than the menorah) so there is something funky with that. That said, these are excellent (though not complete) and I dissect them below. I consider the site a threat to the greater good however and won't link it because I believe it is a menace that will lead people astray with excellent wordcraft. That said, the following list is quite good.


IDOLATRY. Idolatry is defined as a servant of, or worshipper of, an image, a false god, or anything other than the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

WITCHCRAFT. Witchcraft is defined as sorcery, witchcraft, or magic (literally or figuratively).


COVETOUSNESS. Covetousness is defined as desiring something that does not belong to you; dishonest gain, avarice or greed.

EMULATIONS. Emulations is defined as the stirring up of jealousy, envy, or malice in others, because of what we are, or have, or profess.

ENVY. Envy is defined as a feeling of discontented or resentful or ill-will longing aroused by someone else's possession, qualities, or luck.

HATRED. Hatred is defined as a "heart" sin, and any hateful thought or act of hostility is an act of murder in God's eyes for which justice will be demanded, possibly not in this life but at the judgment.

VARIANCE. Variance is defined as the acts of anger that result in quarrels, strife, discord, or contention. Variance often results in division, sects, divorce, and even church splits.

WRATH. Wrath is defined as an emotional outburst that's violent and fierce, but short-lived. It occurs stops as suddenly as it flared up.


EXTORTION. Extortion is defined as the practice of excessively grasping or obtaining something through force or threats, such as money, valuables, or property.

HERESIES. Heresies is defined as opinions held by individuals or groups that ran divergent from clear biblical teachings that resulted in divisions, schisms, and factions.

LIARS. Liars is defined as a spurious witness, a bearer of an untrue testimony, a false witness.

MURDERS. Murders is defined as the criminal, or at least an intentional, act if taking another's life, i.e., homicide.

REVELLINGS. Revelling is defined as people going wild without any moral restraint, such as in "wild celebrations or partying," "rioting," "orgies," etc.

SEDITIONS. Sedition is defined as a forced or superficial commotion caused by a group of people, that rise up in opposition to law or the administration of justice, with the intent of overthrowing that authority, and resulting in disturbing the general peace of the area, land, or country.

STRIFE. Strife is defined as conflicts, arguments, quarrels, hatred between people.intrigue, faction, contention, contentiousness, strife

THEFT, Theft is defined as stealing or taking something from someone without their permission.


Sexual Sins.

ADULTERY ("cheating" or "having an affair"). Adultery is defined as having an intimate relationship with someone other than your spouse.

EFFEMINATE (or CATAMITE). An Effeminate or Catamite is defined as a boy or youth who is in sexual relationship with a man.

FORNICATION. Fornication is a general term for any form of sex outside of the marriage bond, that includes sex between an unmarried man and a woman (called "hooking up"); adultery (sex with someone other than one's spouse), beastiality (sex with animals) or incest (sex with one's family members).

HOMOSEXUALITY. Homosexuality is defined as sexual relations with someone else of the same sex or gender.

WHOREMONGERS. Whoremongers is defined as either one who frequently consorts with or has sex with prostitutes ("a John") or one who sells a prostitute ("a pimp").

UNCLEANNESS. Uncleanness is defined as "moral lewdness" or physical impurity, and could include sex with a woman during her menses (Leviticus 18:19; Ezekiel 18:6). Physical Addictions:

LASCIVIOUSNESS. Lasciviousness is defined as any uncontrolled indulgences of physical pleasures; this can include any physical addictions (food, sex, drugs, etc.).

DRUNKENNESS. Drunkenness is defined as being intoxicated with some substance, usually alcohol or drugs.

FORNICATION. Fornication comes from the Greek word porneia, and it's the source for the English words "porn" and "pornography." Porn and pornography are not innocent pictures, but they are a form of sex that begins as mental/emotional images and fantasies that will harm the image and expectation of one sex with another, and if over-indulged, it can make one dependent on it in order to sexually perform.

Here is where my commentary on the above starts.

First thing to point out - it missed blasphemy and also missed usury, which are both clearly laid out major sins. That said - a few line items here:

Context is everything. Time for dissection:

Hatred: God gave you feelings in part to trigger self defense, and there's nothing wrong with hatred toward those who have actually caused you intentional harm. It is perfectly OK to hate someone who forced you to vaccinate your kid, and then destroyed your kid. Or to hate someone who wrecked your family, robbed your home or business, or did anything else that caused you harm. Not acting on that hatred, if taken to an extreme, is to discard your responsibility to put things right. You have a right to self defense. There is no commandment anywhere that tells you to let people cut your throat.

Wrath: There is absolutely nothing wrong with delivering wrath to people who have earned it. It is all a matter of context. Don't go around potato gunning the neighbor for a loud radio. DO use wrath to put things right with those who have subverted your country. It is all a matter of what it takes and excessive action against petty infractions is obviously wrong.

Here is why I would not link the source site:

It is because the Jews in Israel and elsewhere do the following as a matter of course with near total unilateral acceptance as a way of life, and the site strongly promoted Israel. What do they do? Here it is:

Adultery: This matter is handled with a small payment to a rabbi. Obviously it's not good for a relationship also.

Subversion: In our society, for the purpose of subversion which is a component of sedition, the Jews are more than promoting, they are in effect indoctrinating and forcing the following sins on us: Homosexuality, Lavaciousness, unclealiness (see "rusty trombone")

The following sins are the religion of the modern day Jewish people- it is the only way to describe the state of their religion:

Variance: The Jews do everything they can to sow discord in populations and set people against each other.

Sedition. Through sedition, the Jews have infiltrated the nations of the world, even the CHRISTIAN nations of the world, and subverted them against all common sense with regard to the greater good. That is a serious sin, which gave them the power to enforce the next sin:

Extortion: Extortion is defined as the practice of excessively grasping or obtaining something through force or threats, such as money, valuables, or property. HOW ARE YOUR TAXES DOING? In the original constitutional United States, you did not have to worry about having your property stolen because you refused to be extorted via property tax, your valuables taken via "asset forfeiture" or your wages siphoned off via "income tax" which if run as actually defined - an "income tax" should not be able to touch wages anyway.

The taxes are paid to the Jew. They go nowhere else. The Jews take a majority of "taxes" and use it to feed another sin - usury to pay "interest" towards their "central bank" they got put in place via sedition and subversion. Much of what little remains after the usury payment gets fed into a "welfare" system that is used to manipulate people into further enhancing Jewish efforts toward sedition and subversion of targeted nations. That's what the entire refugee and immigration scam is based on. essentially all of the remainder goes into America's military that gets pointed like a zombie at any enemy the Jew points out, and wreaks wrath on nations and people that never asked for or deserved it despite Americans believing they deserved it after the scamming lying media finished off the truth.

Anyone foolish enough to believe taxes are not extortion ought to try not paying them, and American history proves the taxes we have today are not needed. All national needs were met with taxes on imports and exports. All taxes since that have been implemented by pure, raw extortion for the benefit of the Jew, and that is a sin the modern day Jew has exploited with aplomb.

I don't need to go into the sin of being a liar much, which defines the modern Jew. Just look at the MSM.

Murder: Anyone who goes counter to Jewish efforts and is successful with it spontaneously suicides. That's also modus operandi for the Jew.

When the Torah was delivered, it was not delivered to Israel. All of the Abrahamic scriptures were delivered in the wilderness to "all who would receive them". And nations which followed those scriptures were promised peace and abundance. Prior to the Jewish sedition that destroyed the United States and other Christian nations who received the Abrahamic scriptures and lived them, aside from two Jewish inflicted world wars the Christian nations did indeed have peace and abundance. Due to Jewish sedition and subversion of these nations, what is left now is the remnants of that reward while everyone not Jewish is stuck like rats in a cistern, swirling ever deeper into debt and desperation while they get ripped off at every turn, having "lots of money" but no peace while ALL OF IT gets thrown into scam after scam, nowadays in huge part the medical and mega priced housing scams. Just price the medical so high that even insurance is a financial disaster and crank the property values up into the stratosphere to justify an exhorbitant "property tax".

Which leads to the ULTIMATE Jewish sin:

EMULATIONS: Emulations is defined as the stirring up of jealousy, envy, or malice in others, because of what we are, or have, or profess.


They then did everything they could to stir up envy, jealousy, and malice in all communities that were not specifically theirs, for the sole purpose of gaining superiority, even though the root of their religion was promised to all who would receive it.

Aah yes, Emulations - The good old divide and conquer. Setting up scenarious that cause people to be divided and malicious is modus operandi for the modern Jew, it is a key tool of the destroyer. And they believe they are commanded to do exactly that, so their nation is the only nation that exists, from which they will rule with an iron fist.

The bottom line:

The modern day Jew is going to hell. How much more clear does it need to be than the old testament in the Christian bible? It's an identical match to the Torah, and NONE of the Jews can deny that Christ was Jewish, ONE OF THEIR OWN, DOCUMENTED. What the hell went wrong in that community that made them feel they had the right to destroy the followers of Christ, a DOCUMENTED JEW, and then proceed to destroy Christian nations and Christian people by behaving like a satanic cult? What made them believe it would be OK to adopt the worst sins as a way of life to accomplish it? They are TOAST.

There is a situation at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad requiring a military response

My opinion is that we should not be in Iraq at all right now, not even an embassy after what we did there so though I hope our people get out safe, I don't think they should return.

The Chinese media is worried about gun ownership in the U.S.

Question: Why? They say gun ownership is out of control in the U.S. Question: Why would they even bother with that topic?


Mexican version of the church shooting:

They did not mention race. They interviewed the guy who shot the bad guy. They showed the exact same camera of the shooting twice, at different resolutions. The first one, that had better quality, showed the black guy. The second time, in lower quaity (for whatever reason) he was a white guy. They said nothing about this, they just played two versions of the shooting from the same camera and moved on, never noting race, and never mentioning the fact that in one video he was white, and the other black.

Very odd. That's quite an oversight.


Back to the shooting:

I don't know if the people posting that the church shooting was fake believe it or not or if they are gov agents trolling. Christchurch, Bat Man, Sandy Hook and more may have been fake, but this particular one was not and that is proven by the very obvious blood spray coming out the back of the security guard after the shot gun blast.

Additionally, the videos are now falsified. In the original, the shooter was black from start to finish and never looked white at all. Now, in the ones allowed to circulate, he turns into a white guy "after his mask falls off" and that's solid proof that someone can't handle the story line. If this shooting was fake, they would not have missed that detail and then had to change it. And now they have a white guy identified as the "shooter" when they are pushing for a gun ban against totally legal and responsible whites in Virginia and elsewhere, - the narrative is obvious. They desperately needed this shooting to be changed into something that fit the narrative.

Last night it was well known and widely stated that the people at the church knew who the shooter was, that he was black and that he was semi indigent in the area and that he had a long rap sheet but kept getting released. You don't get that kind of detail from people and then suddenly have it be a white guy. That is where this shooting is now a hoax, it certainly did happen.


Trump ditched them again

How many days has Trump really spent golfing?

Recently I heard it was 245. But then there was that thanksgiving Afghanistan thing where he sent the motorcade to Mar-A-Lago for another time at "golf", the MSM pounced on it, and low and behold Trump in fact flew off to Afghanistan having used the motorcade as a diversion. Such a diversion happened again last night, his motorcade showed up for golf but this time the MSM was watching, and Trump was not there. So how much golf has Trump really been doing? Probably not 245 days.

The following is a repost because I accidentally headlined it all on (some) browsers.


Trump ditched them again

How many days has Trump really spent golfing?

Recently I heard it was 245. But then there was that thanksgiving Afghanistan thing where he sent the motorcade to Mar-A-Lago for another time at "golf", the MSM pounced on it, and low and behold Trump in fact flew off to Afghanistan having used the motorcade as a diversion. Such a diversion happened again last night, his motorcade showed up for golf but this time the MSM was watching, and Trump was not there. So how much golf has Trump really been doing? Probably not 245 days.


An interesting Q drop

The "Silent" War Continues
29 Dec 2019 - 10:06:19 AM
If Russia didn't [hack] the DNC (insider breach)…..
& US INTEL supported Russia [breach] claim……
What does that tell you?
[Mueller][impeachment] all meant to 'slowdelayprevent' the exposure [& prosecution] of their crimes.
Will new articles of impeachment be 'continually' drafted in effort to hold as ammunition to prevent Senate hearings re: [D] party corruption?
Moves & countermoves.
The 'silent' war continues.


That sounds good. Let's see it happen.

However, I will say this: FIVE DAYS TO GO. Actually, five and change. If they don't hold an emergency session and ditch Trump over New Years, THEY ARE DOOMED.

Major stuff absolutely will happen, and we are going to get a look at just how incapable and wrecked Trump has been lame ducked as a president, Or if that is the case at all. Trump's latest tweets sort of have the flavor of victory. I wish I could just copy and paste the headlines six months into the future into now, rather than waiting for an answer.


Update to below:

I will be running the site in "combat mode" for a day or two and won't be able to get to the top part of the page or into the server to upload the captures of the shooting in Texas until then, but I have confirmed that they are secure and can be posted later. Anyway - I was ripping people for posting a falsified video until I realized that Alex linked to one that had been falsified on Twitter. The captures I have are out of the original. Twitter changed it to a white guy. And that is VERY important to point out.

Update to the update below:

I have found the problem with the gifs of the church shooting - A short portion of the video has been posted to Twitter and linked by Alex. The video posted to Twitter is falsified. Twitter is allowing it to be posted, but it has been changed to show the guy was white. So people are re-posting gifs based on the falsified Twitter video and Alex gave it major exposure.



The videos are being censored, but there are now animated gifs of the takedown, and they have switched the guy's face over to being white.

TOO BAD, I WAS AHEAD OF THIS ENOUGH TO CAPTURE THE KEY FRAMES FROM THE VIDEO AND THEY PROVE HE WAS BLACK. Yes, they want this to be a white guy shooting SO BADLY they're ditching the original video and replacing it with falsified gifs.



An attempted mass shooting by a black guy at a predominantly white Texas church got shut down in 5 seconds by five white guys with guns. The entire incident went out over an HD live stream of the church services, and yes, the truth did get out and now it is getting censored on Youtube before people even finish uploading it. Someone does not want the truth of this getting out, BECAUSE:

This morning, as of 4 AM they have already morphed the story to a white guy did the shooting. That is not the case at all.

Ok, so here's what happened (and I saw the HD video before it got censored - ) It appears the black guy had a beef with another black guy at the church, and he drew his gun to shoot him. But there was a white guy watching out (evidently the shooter got attention before shooting) and when the white guy, (who was quite slow about it, probably because he could not believe what he was seeing) saw the black guy draw his gun he much too slowly drew his gun and was the first one shot, obviously because the shooter needed him gone first. Once he was gone, the black guy shot the other black guy and then was gunned down by 4 other white people who were carrying. The entire thing lasted about 5 seconds.


Here's the actual story line: Black guy tries shooting another black guy in predominantly white church, succeeds in killing 1 white guy and 1 black guy and then within 3 seconds gets gunned down by 4 other whites carrying legal firearms.

Here's the new story line: White nationalist with face obscured by black hoodie and fake beard (thus introducing a story line which makes it impossible to see the face to prove anything) commits attempted mass shooting in church. As it turns out, people at the church have spoken about this and the shooter was a black Democrat voter with a long rap sheet. Wherever this story goes will all depend upon whether or not individual people can manage to post above the censorship.

So they claim "virtually all reported shootings are by whites, especially mass shootings" but what good is that reporting when it totally skips the fact that blacks out mass-shoot whites by a ratio of about 17:1 overall, even when America's white population is much larger? Just look at the crime stats in Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago, and who does all the shootings. But those don't count. GOT IT. OK, but this one does because it happened at a church in a town called White Settlement, and dammit, we're gonna make it a white guy because we have not staged a white guy shooting for a while and we need one.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: At least the Hanukkah stabber is being shown as NOT WHITE. But that was not done with a gun so why not say it like it was - after all the target is white gun owners and stabbings don't hit that category.


UPDATE TO BELOW: I have said enough lately to give the impression this site is about bashing Jews. It is not, but they have done enough noteworthy crap lately to really get a mention. So before proceeding to the following, let me explain it a little bit more:

The story of Frozen, Aryndale, ALL OF IT is a 200 year old Scandanavian story specifically based on Scandanavian countries and Scandanavian culture. Scandanavian countries are WHITE WHITE WHITE PERIOD. Any dark skinned people in those countries are imported, period, whites are the indigenous people. Whites have to come from somewhere, GOT IT. Ok, so let me proceed with why Frozen was so messed up. Gosh, I should have watched it rather than parrot what a few morons perceived when I posted about this a month ago -

The story of Frozen 2 was that white people oppressed the indigenous people (which never existed, the entire concept is bullshit) and by oppressing the indigenous people, Aryndale prospered. This made the indigenous spirits angry, and they cursed Aryndale. Worse, the oppressed indigenous people were dark skinned and obviously Jewish, wearing the star of david in abundance. When their method of oppression (a dam) was destroyed, the spirits of the world were happy and they let the sun shine brightly again.

To hide the fact the story line was absolute bunk, they drew up a fictitious map that does not exist anywhere on earth, rather than the Nordic countries, and that was the world they lived in. They threw away EVERYTHING the original two centuries old story was based on just to bash whitie. And that absolutely chapped me. See the following:

MESSAGE OF FROZEN 2: Western civilization oppressed the Jews, must be destroyed, and don't worry, it will be OK

I kid you not. I saw it today and that's exactly what it was.

At least they avoided the faggotry and did not make anyone gay. Anna ended up getting engaged to Kristoff and he was set to become king. Ok, so that was alright. But let's get to the core message:

The forefathers of Aryndale built a large dam for the sole purpose of oppressing the indigenous people who happened to be dark skinned and Jewish. Never mind the fact that the region the movie took place in never had an indigenous people nor anyone dark skinned, but heck, to make a racial oppression point why not make them dark skinned, and yes, they had to be Jews. They were not stated to be Jewish in the movie, but they wore stars of david. It was not one individual, all the people from the "oppressed people" wore those stars. It could not have been any more freaking obvious.

So the dam, which was built only to oppress the indigenous people (but would be disastrous for Aryndale if it broke) pissed off the spirits and caused a spirit attack on Aryndale. It got so bad that Elsa got drawn into it because of her magic and she was killed after riding a crystalline horse to her doom on an ice island, where "the water recorded all memories" and everything about Aryndale including the sin of the dam was recorded and played back in 3d monochrome. After witnessing this, Elsa went into a cave where she got frozen to death as a revenge from the spirits that were offended by the dam, despite her ice powers and the snow man who was with Anna died because her magic died with her.

Don't worry, Anna saved the day by tricking giants into destroying the dam, and once the dam was destroyed, Elsa magically came back to life and by freak chance managed to get to Aryndale on her crystalline horse on time to cast an ice spell that made an ice wall that diverted the water from the dam around Aryndale. And magically, once that dam was gone and the Jews were not being "oppressed by Western Technology" any more everything was forgiven and the world was beautiful again.

I kid you not, that's EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS. F*** them. And there were other problems -

First of all, the horse Elsa had was a near perfect rip off of the theme from Barbie's "A Pony Tale". I am not a barbie fan but due to a lot of kids around in Mexico I have seen that movie more than once and sat there saying "Look, Barbie is in Frozen!" If you saw that Pony Tale movie you'd know what I was saying. Second of all, there was a little gecko sized dragon that was an unmistakable rip off of the black one from "Training a dragon" right down to the minor personality tweaks and they could not hide that by the fact that it was small enough for Elsa to hold in her hand. There were stone giants that were too much like something from Pokemon.

That said, all in all I'd have said it was not a bad sequel if the stupid @ssed poor oppressed Jew meme was not the centerpiece of the whole thing, that pissed me off too much for anything else good about the movie to save it. And the thematic rip offs made me wonder who wrote it. Though there was a little bit of space between Pokemon and Barbie, there was no space between training a dragon, it was a direct rip off.

And it had Western technology that pegged it approximately to the year 1830. That's approximately when it happened because the very first photography tech was in it.


Poor Jews. Poor Poor Jews.

Visually the movie was great, but it solidly proved that if you're not going to get gaydom rammed down your throat, you're gonna get "white people are the oppressors" rammed down your throat and the jewish throw in was dowright barfable. More than annoying.




CONFIRMED: NANCY IS GOING DOWN AND HER ONLY HOPE IS IMPEACHMENT. That's why she's paying bribes of up to $10 million out of government coffers under the blanket scam funding reason of "humanitarian aid" to get Trump impeached, and also why we really need to watch out until January 4.

The following was posted to Trump's Nancy tweet linked above, not by Trump.

Though it is hard to tell if this is a jab against Trump, it is still priceless.


Ok, so I got onto this via what looked like a rumor post so I searched the topic and low and behold, Look at what the search engines are pointing to

If the search engines are claiming TRUMP is offering bribes to not impeach him, you know darn well the opposite is true and the well worn tactic of "displacement" - where you state your enemy is doing what you are doing to deflect attention away from you - is obviously at play here. The search results, which have been programmed to invert the truth, prove that yes, Nancy is indeed trying to arrange these bribes and that's why she is stalling.

We also have until January 4th to prove there won't be an emergency session called to oust Trump.

My take on the Nancy offering bribes to impeach Trump rumor??? HIGHLY CREDIBLE

The pizza oven mentioned was from alt income plan 1, which I have now described the death down the page a ways.

Lasagna update:

It was such a hit the family wants twice as much for New Years. I am like, well, that was a lot of work, and it was not cheap. But I can't say no either. That was the first time I ever made lasagna. I am not going to roll twice 600 little meatballs this time. They take about 7 seconds each. How does that math work out?

The Lasagna ended up being the #1 hit with a traditional Mexican mole (pronounced molay) being another big hit. I don't know how to make that but someone sure did. Usually Claudia's mom makes that but it was not her this time.


The pizza oven did a marvelous job. Here's what I did: First I made 4 pounds of all meat meatballs 1/2 inch in size by blending one large onion and along with it mixing pepper, garlic, oregano and salt with the hamburger. I then spent an hour and a half making about 600 little meat balls. I then boiled them. Once they were almost boiled all the way down, I added Hunts traditional sauce, to which I added basil. I then had the lasagna noodles ready and laid them out in large cake pans, and put a layer of meatballs and sauce on the bottom, and then topped that layer with cottage cheese, Parmesan and sweet basil. I added another layer of noodles and a few meat balls on top of it with generous mozzarella and and extra sauce on that layer, plus parmesagn and basil. I then added another layer of noodles and on top put only sauce, basil, parmesan and enough mozzarella to top a pizza. X 3 pans. I then put them in the pizza oven before it was totally heated up and cranked it to max and let it all sit in there for 45 minutes. It came out looking like a best case example on a TV cooking show and I cheated some out of the flat we are saving for us and the recipe worked GREAT.

I usually do the turkey for Christmas but I don't think the family is going to be disappointed with this.

Alt income plan 1

Now that it is totally dead, I might as well say what alt income plan 1 was. It was pizza. For this, I built a pizza oven with a stone base and roof for the pizzas and it could do 2 (extra) large pizzas at a time. We had a great recipe. Mexico has a pizza problem - they just don't know how to make pizza and it is a problem to such an extent that Little Caesars is the CHAMP. In most American towns, that would be the cheap pizza you can get quickly and if you want a real one, you go to the "other place". We had the "other place", it was across the board better than Little Caesars, and towards the end it was a full blown restaurant. Everyone said it was the best pizza in town, and it was reasonably priced. and it failed. Here's why:

Because whenever anyone called to have a pizza delivered, they'd get a message that our number was "not in service" yet if they walked in and called from the front counter, it worked fine. They were baffled by this, and since 90 percent of the pizza business is delivery, having the phone constantly be censored killed us.

Guarantee: If you make the sh*t list, and you go into business, your phones will not work. This is a game the Jews, who have owned all the phone companies since the Bell breakup, have used to destroy many businesses, or weaken them enough to buy them out. This was a major factor in them ending up "owning it all".

When I shut it down it went like this: Right in the middle of a work day, I said "That's it, we can't handle having the phones not work, we are dead." And I shut the oven off, laid the employees off, and called it quits. We had tried for about a year.

So it all sat abandoned for almost another entire year. I decided to make lasagna for my contribution to the family Christmas meal. And I had two big flats that needed to be baked plus two small ones for us to have later. Obviously that's too much for a normal oven so I went out and opened the pizza oven and it was in PERFECT condition, almost eerie, I had just finished re-doing all the stones right before shutdown and it looked great inside. It started right up and even the electronics I built for temperature control all worked (after it got rained on a lot) and I was like damn . . . . . how much damage can something as simple as censoring a phone do? There it was . . . . .

The bottom line: If you can't find work, or can't explain why the phone simply will not ring unless it's someone who will do damage or a telemarketer or a nuisance, there's a reason. The Jews did not take everything over by being the best, they did it via subversion and taking control.

Heavily trolled: Burger King's "impossible" burger has 45 mg of estrogen

This is making the rounds. And it is real. And it is getting trolled. Here is the troll: The estrogen is phyto estrogen that has no impact or effect on people. I BEG TO DIFFER

Remember a report a while back where Newspunch did a hit piece on Buzzfeed reporters saying they all had very low testosterone levels? As it turns out, they are all soy boys who eat a leftist diet with an abundance of soy, and it definitely has an impact.

I seriously doubt the legitimacy of the trolls saying phytoestrogen has no impact on people, especially 44 whole milligrams of it in the freak burger. I don't think they have a leg to stand on, we are all getting the results proven to us in abundance. I doubt BPA is responsible for all of it and would place a safe bet that too much soy is playing a major role also. 44 MG of phytoestrogen? Birth control pills usually have half that in human estrogen. What about cows that get pumped up with bovine estrogen to produce better? Despite it being bovine estrogen it does get into people and has an impact, all those "moobs" have got to be coming from somewhere.

I'd never try an impossible burger so I am not concerned for my health with this. Other people probably ought to take notice however and the trolls can stuff it.

Tucker Carson claims CNN pays airports to air their crap

I would not be surprised. $100, 000 each, I don't know for what time frame but at least annually.

And doctors often travel, which would mean they get bathed in that crap and think it's normal enough to run in their offices also. So now we have an explanation for why despite being hated, CNN is everywhere. Just pay the guy with the remote a six figure salary for making sure it lands on CNN.

Subway is going after journalists who claimed it's chicken was only 53% real meat

Wow, with a claim like that, subway can't be too bad. I always thought such places found a way to get the content down to about 15 percent.

Alex claims Epstein's network is still up and running

That may be true, but when everything posted is from July and earlier, it is not relevant. Besides, Epstein is not likely dead anyway and you can't expect him to just vanish into thin air, he'll keep doing what he has always done under a different identity. The bottom line is that the lolita express is no more, that's too visible for a "dead man".

A few things on that illuminati temple -

Here's the deal. I did not give out the coordinates or other info because I wanted a dead man switch. To those who patronize the place: stop messing with this site to such a high degree and at least get the mail addresses out of the spam filters (incoming) it is bad enough to have all outgoing mails censored but incoming is damningly inexcusable and proof that you can't cope. You not only hate this site, you're afraid of it and I just posted a good reason to be.

To the readers of this site: It is a matter of strategy to not give out the coordinates. It is also enough for people to know that there are clones of this illuminati epstein molech pizza and "whatever else" crap out there. This is a religion the elite practice and there are more locations than just the three that are now known of. I am confident the one I revealed is the top one revealed so far but there are definitely others at the same level.

Protect your kids. These places get the "best kids" from state run "child protective services". There is a VERY good reason why so many kids that get taken go into a black hole where the parents are never allowed to see the kids ever again, under the ruse that it is "for the good of the child." That is a BOLD FACED LIE. The real reason why the parents never get to see the kids again is because the people who patronize these temples ate them. or they got raped to death as was evidenced by the clearly bloody mattresses at Epstein's fantasy island. There's no doubt lots of kids bit the dust in private homes, synagogues and hollywood parties also.

Yes they'll trip an "amber alert" when you run away with your own kids. SO WHAT. If you make it and get away, it is likely to be their only chance.

Ultimately, the only thing needed from posting pictures of that place is to send a clear message that this is a widespread problem that is not limited to pizza, Epstein, and patrons of the Grove. This is a widespread global affliction that has become well known about, and showing a third MAJOR location so clearly ought to drive the seriousness of it all home in a way that will stick. It is not over just because the lolita express was grounded. There's little question that the place I posted was the top one so far, whether or not that matters is opinion because Epstein's island was clearly bad enough.

I found this Trump tweet (dated Dec 22) via a Q post.

It is actually quite good, - all the ranting by Dems about Trump being some sort of criminal that is bad for America is just to cover up their own crimes and to boost their efforts to destroy the republic. Anyway, this one from Trump has been said other ways before, but today's was the best.

"The Democrats and Crooked Hillary paid for & provided a Fake Dossier, with phony information gotten from foreign sources, pushed it to the corrupt media & Dirty Cops, & have now been caught. They spied on my campaign, then tried to cover it up - Just Like Watergate, but bigger!"

My comment: It does not matter how true that statement is until something actually gets done about it.

Update to below:

To be clear: The KKK groups and white supremacist groups the ADL listed don't even exist. They may have forged a link to a fake presence they themselves set up, but as actual "white groups" they are fiction. The ADL made that statement up out of whole cloth and forged a falsehood of "white supremacy" to justify their own racist hatred spew against whites. I have checked the groups they claim exist and ALL OF THEM are false fronts.

REMEMBER: Temple god says that if you are white, your life DOES NOT MATTER.

That write up by the ADL is a load of self-feeding B.S. with no roots or reference and 100 percent made up nonsense. It's just name calling and telling whites that if they think they have value, they are a bunch of racist haters. There's no way out of it. Chinese lives matter - no hate. Black lives matter (while Antifa is pillaging and burning) - no hate. Jewish lives matter And you had damn well better think so or you're TOAST. But white lives matter? If you think so, go kill yourself. And that's exactly what they want.

Let's be real here: We know darn well who's really behind hating whites just because whites won't cut their own throats and die of guilt over their "privilege". Who runs the ADL? the historic slave master "race" that absolutely despises whites for their "invention" and "experiment" of freedom. Any self respect and thinking you matter after your race threw the chains off is "hate". And that's what the ADL is around to enforce, until we return to chains.

A couple good ones.

The first one here is more or less a meme that got passed around. Though this was not handed to Pelosi directly (as far as I know) I would not put it past Trump to put this out there and let it make the rounds. This was never traced back to a source which is very odd, usually it is easy to come up with whoever did something like this. That makes it even better because it could have been done by Trump. Maybe we'll know who did this (eventually) maybe not.

This next item is legitimate and came off the chans. I don't usually pay attention to the chans because they move too slow. But they occasionally come up with good stuff, and here is an example.


Thus far, at the time of this posting, the rumor is less than a half hour old and is not confirmed. I WILL SAY THIS: If this is legit, it is GAME OVER for Pelosi, if they missed their chance for a Christmas break surprise they are GONERS. They HAD TO do it over Christmas, it was the only way it would work. If this threat has already passed, then Farganne was right and it's clear sailing from here on out.

It would have actually been advantageous to have a trial in the senate because it would have allowed Trump to testify and hang many. But it was so dangerous to have alive over Christmas that if it really is gone, I'll breathe a sigh of relief. I'll no doubt be keeping an eye on this closely because it is not over for real until January 4.

The above is still rumor as of this posting, but I found enough to at least announce it is probably for real - the impeachment charade in the context of the New Years timeline is over.

Now there's another problem - Pelosi's invitation to a state of the union address. She's an evil decepticon, there's something in it for her if she is calling for it. Trump's security detail had better be on the ball with this. They'll kill him if they firmly believe they can't get rid of him any other way.

Well worth seeing: Pigeon takes ENORMOUS poop on car at car wash

The Pigeon prank

I am extremely upset over the Moloch temple post and am not at 100 percent with writing right now, so I hope the following is written well enough. Most people would be doing the snoopy dance over a blockbuster like that temple but it sort of feels like the Fukushima report, which I was not happy about either. I am merely disgusted that someone actually built that place and what it is used for. I sat on it for a while and while sitting on it was not really all that upset about it but now I am. I hope it gets bulldozed. That said -

Farganne wrote, and here is his take on things -

I had to read his mails via pictures taken with a Huawei phone. So I have to just touch on a few things he said -

First of all, (and I think it is plausible) he believes Trump was recruited by white hats to try to save the country. He also thinks I gave Q the short stick. Both may be correct. It seems inconceivable that Trump is even alive now. If he was not protected he would have been dead long ago. Also, there's a very good example of a recent event that indicates Trump has strong white hat support, and that Nancy and others may well be ready to hang - the following would not be possible if Trump was not in charge -

Over thanksgiving Trump spoofed Nancy's entire intelligence apparatus by sending the motorcade to Mar-a-lago where Nancy and everyone else that hates the country believed Trump went to play golf. Even the scamming MSM reported it, saying YEP. He's there. And then low and behold, he was in Afghanistan eating thanksgiving dinner with the troops. If Trump could pull that off, Nancy is not in charge. And there is hope. I am going to remain a fence sitter with Q but despite how I have basically given up lately there is some hope.

People really need to pay attention over Christmas break to make sure no surprise sessions get held by the house or senate. They played that trick before with the federal reserve and I will comfortably say that if they don't do exactly that to oust Trump over Christmas, they're TOAST.

Farganne also said he got banned everywhere but GAB, and the one place he could still post to - GAB - bit the dust over the moloch temple pictures. Even GAB could not handle that and is a controlled venue, there's no question the tip of the pyramid took note of that temple's cover being blown, it is indeed beyond the grove. I expected it to get widely censored and it did, in highly unconventional ways. It tripped a 17 station alarm. TOO BAD, it is out there and it is not going to die. HEY, IF YOU NEED ULTIMATE SECRECY FOR THAT PLACE YER GONNA HAFTA BULLDOZE IT. have a nice day.

Yes, it is the ultimate of the ultimate dark secret location. That's where you can expect Obama, Queen Elizabeth and more to show up. They probably won't from this point on. This place is so "out there" it even has what are probably gallows, arrogantly and proudly out in the open. Mattresses stacked in a window. You have all seen it. And if it does get bulldozed I'm going to post it with celebration. That place is what conspiracies are made of, a holy grail of evil.

They totally trashed a perfect location for a legit survivalist group by building that place. Shame on them! And enjoy the footage. I sat on that one for a while . . . . . HA HA, THEY ARE ALL WORRIED ABOUT BLOCKING THIS SITE FROM GETTING $550 AND GOT THE LID BLOWN OFF OF, GEE, HOW MUCH DID THAT PLACE COST? Ha ha, yes, that's quite the asymmetrical damage though they have basically unlimited resources they did nothing to earn to get over it with, so there's that.

That said, I am surprised Gab choked on it. Farganne proved that even Gab is controlled opposition, yes, you can post right up to the edge there, but not over. Too bad. If that is so, Gab will fail us also in the end.

So I'll pay attention to Q but still might not be a believer, and at least have a little more hope that Trump is in a better position than it seems . . . . . . I hope Gab gets over it so Farganne can have a place to post less sensitive stuff . . . . . thanks for writing.

Mixed news for Boeing

Boeing's capsule successfully launched on a rocket made by Lockheed Martin and once Boeing's work was on it's own, it failed.

Airbus, (oops, I mean Bombardier) OOPS I mean Spacex kicked Boeings butt which is surprising, because Boeing is a MUCH larger company than Spacex, and that means they have the best working for them, RIGHT? Well, no. Boeing's space capsule failed it's mission due to bad programming (let's face it, that is what this is, a timer is just a timer that responds to instructions from a program, and GUESS WHO PROGRAMMED THE CAPSULE?

Actually, I don't precisely know who did, but I assure you, I have a really good guess. And it was not the legacy white male engineers Boeing had all it's successes with, BET ON IT.

Anyway, at least it did not explode BECAUSE IT WAS PUT INTO ORBIT BY SOMEONE ELSES ROCKET but once it was on it's own, it promptly failed. Will it land? Considering the fact that it failed the nanosecond it was running all Boeing code, well, I'll just cut to the chase - I'd rather be on Elon's rig.


JK Rowlings who was credited with the Harry Potter series and is Jewish got destroyed for saying biological sex is real. Alex covered this HERE and though she's still a leftist, this was quite good for her type.

Obviously the entire trans thing has nothing at all to do with anything other than destroying society. You cannot have men calling themselves women and then shutting women out of the Olympics but it's happening, if it's perverted it reigns supreme and it all proves that this, which started with feminism, is the real face of the demon, - feminism was only a stepping stone on the way to where we are now.

New impeachment rumor: Lindsey only wants no witnesses and no trial and to throw it all out because any real impeachment hearing will hang too many people. So how about no trial at all and an emergency session over Christmas/new years break? I won't stop harping this until the threat of this happening has passed.

Everything impeachment related in one short blurb

Dead Bader Ginsburg wants all senators who are "biased" removed for the impeachment vote. Pretty good for a body double or whatever it is with her, the real iteration is amoeba food. But if it works, it works. There are a few rumors that there will be a secret ballot for the vote to expel Trump in the senate. If that happens, he's a goner, many Republicans are corrupt and it's either them or Trump. With no way for the public to know who voted for what, they'll pounce. Lindsey Graham is a traitor. Don't trust that guy AND Keep your eye on the ball past the beginning of the new year so Trump is not removed during a surprise session while those who would protect him are away.

Rumor has it that the sights are already set on Pence to clear Nancy to become president before April 2020. FACT: 12 Republicans have been arrested and jailed and Trump has now been impeached while the Dems are virtually unscathed. Who's winning? It's called subversion.

Ok, so here is the most hopeful scenario:

Trump will be denied witnesses, but he'll be able to speak for himself. Hopefully nationally televised, and during that time, he's going to let it all out and spill the beans totally. There's a rumor going on that this impeachment was the ultimate 3d chess move that will provide Trump with a prime opportunity to deliver a real "state of the union address" and get all the leftists locked up once and for all. I doubt it but it's a nice thought. If only Republicans are in jail so far, what good will Trump doing a death spew do? It's called subversion, where we, the people, can't win without bloodshed

Ok, so now that this has been said, let's hope it is not all so gloomy. It is not over until it is over. We'll certainly know soon.

Passwords are for entertainment. They only work against people in the same room.

You never expected the same people who build freakish temples and are impeaching Trump to EVER let you see your mail before you do, DID YOU? if so, that's a sad belief system you hang onto.

Farganne managed to get through yesterday.

Due to the mails constantly getting censored that was a nice surprise.

I don't know what he wrote (it went to Claudia's inbox) but I will say this - if alt income plan 3 works there's going to be a Farganne bailout. Farganne went through hell as a result of helping this site and tangling with the Jewish community (he was totally right but went about it in a way I would not have) but no matter what, even if you walk on eggshells if you point the finger at them you're toast.

The problem with alt income plan 3 is that due to constant interference with funding there has been such a shortfall of cash that I cannot buy a machine I need for alt income plan 3, even though it costs less than $300. So I have been trying to build one. Now here's the kicker -

The internet has been so expunged of useful info that I cannot get the basic design parameters for what this machine needs and I have built 5 perfectly working models that over produce and overload the power source. If only I had 100 HP. I only have 2.5 I have done 5 iterations by cutting the parts out of an abundance of PVC I happened to have and have been able to do all of this for free and time spent. At least I am not blowing money but it is DAMN FRUSTRATING to not be able to get any info at all on how all the parts should be sized to get the output DOWN to where my motor can handle it.

If it's electronic, that's no big deal, I build it. But this is mechanical and I don't have the reference data to know what actually has to be done, I am now down to 5 percent of what I thought it would need and it still produces like some sort of freak device. I can't get one photo of one scaled to any power level to get any idea at all of what it needs to be. This type of info used to be what the internet is made of and it is all totally expunged now. No matter what search engine I use, all I get is ads trying to sell me one, even on page 558. Thank you "do no evil Google" and all the other useless feeders running search engines, you wrecked the web.

"Moloch temple" facts - to counter misperceptions and in a few spurious cases, the standard trollage

1. This place is built like a combination of a convention center and a resort. It was impossible to capture the scale of this building due to the way it was proportioned. The room behind the eyes would have at least a 25 foot ceiling and the eyes are about 20 feet wide per eye with both of them equaling about 50 feet including the space between them. They are clearly visible as an "evil face" for well over a mile but you have to be on the surrounding mountains to see this. Under the spider web there is enough space for at least 50 foot trees.

2. This is not a millionaire project, it is a billionaire/trillionaire project that also got, in part, paid for by tax revenues that were siphoned off of environmental programs.

3. Not pictured: There are 3 different dams on the property, there specifically for this place. The smallest one is in one of the pictures. The actual scale of this place is approximately the same as Epstein's island. There is lots of stuff not pictured in the report.

4. It is very remote, but buses can get there. The roads are not paved but also don't need 4 wheel drive. There is enough LP gas storage on this property to empty an LP truck and nothing would need that much, unless you wanted to run a nice ceremonial fire show. They also don't use the gas for heating water because the place has a very large solar water heating array. It is not a "solar heater", it is an array. I don't know what on earth they'd need that much hot water for.

Here is some of the solar water heating array. Note the size of this, it is only on one small not noticed portion of the roof, and that little piece of roof is as much as a house would have. Why do they need that much hot water, and you can at least get a feel for the scale of this place from this picture:

5. Claudia somehow got information that indicates this place was asked for by British royalty and that it was the European illuminati that put it in. Obviously, from some of the stuff on the ground there is at least an occult type of Jewish influence here also. These would not be people you'd leave your kids with.

6. It is kept in perfect functional condition and is occasionally used and between uses the groundskeepers don't bother with the details. There are plenty of little messes from "work in progress".

7. The place emits an evil presence that reaches out for about 5 miles and can be felt by people who don't even know anything is there.

8. It is somewhat probable that after a report such as this that they'll tear it down because they want their secrecy and don't have it anymore. Then again, I have not given out the coordinates so the verdict is still out on that.

9. Though the place is quite private there are ranchers in the area that can see it, at least if they have to go after a straggling cow. However, they would probably not know what it is and would not be able to see into it well enough to observe what is going on.

10. The place definitely could detain people on the lower floor and probably also has a bunker complex. There is simply too much support there for just the surface appearances.

11. This place, with the way it is set up, would be the #1 choice for those who wanted to get through a zombie apocalypse. It would handle that type of scenario with style and comfort and absolutely anyone who mattered could be there. It would be tough to overcrowd. I'd love to have that place after a few exorcisims and a little re-construction to get rid of the creepiness, it is a five star bug out. Exactly the type of place any survivalist would want. I am sure the location it is in was chosen with that in mind.

To those speculating why I am keeping the actual location of the molech temple under wraps - I am keeping it under wraps for the "dead man switch" plus to provide a reason to stop messing with this site's funding. I'll wait a while to see what happens with that. Some people are speculating I am afraid of retribution if I give the coordinates. That's not it.

The following is newsletter 7 now.

UPDATE: When you embed these images elsewhere, if you want this site to serve them you have to actually set a path back to this site and use the file name, and not your software's default file naming (this is going BONKERS) and I can see people's mistakes trying to get this out there. Obviously I don't care if you copy the images out of here and serve them with your own resources.

REVENGE: Molech for the BIG BOYS.

The grove, as it turns out, appears to be for the laborers.(I'll post a disclaimer here - I have not been to the grove to see how nice it is, but I can surely state it does not get nicer than this.) What I have here is the upgrade, that includes f*** rooms inside Molech's head, in an absolutely private and pristine setting that is nearly unapproachable and was only reached with a fair amount of work.

By the way, this place can, like the grove, have flames come out of the ground plus a place for hangings plus an obvious ritual tower and it's a really spooky molech which clearly has F*** rooms behind the eyes. Additionally the place is suitable for child hunts, no child would ever get out of those woods and the entire main theme is "weaving spiders come out at night." ALL DOCUMENTED.

This particular post is going to be worth alerting David Icke, Alex, and everyone else over. It is totally new stuff, and another Grove and Epstein's island all rolled into one.

First of all, context.

These photos were taken with one of the world's most powerful cameras and this particular shot, which was the only way to get the molech face was taken from a mountain that was about a kilometer away. I have others that were taken right on the boundary but for what we are dealing with here, this was the only way to get what this really is to show. it's a molech "convention center" with a weaving spider's roof. The actual size of this is about 20,000 square feet. In front of this is a 15 acre field that is perfectly open and showing Molech perfectly (once you get past the fence). Embedded into the ground are numerous pipes that can shoot flames. The entire location is very luxurious with a full time groundskeeper and security who live in the home in the foreground that is about 200 yards away from the Molech. You can't tell any of this in this particular image because of the image depth compression that happens with a mega powerful lens. For example, the trees are old growth and have trunks 8 feet in diameter, and the tower is taller than them. You'll see how huge this all is in subsequent photos.

This image is a thumbnail. Click it for the larger image.

I actually have far greater detail than even the large image but the question becomes "how detailed does it really need to be, and how much bandwidth am I going to eat?" I settled on a meg a shot.

This next item is pretty much the same thing as the first, with a little different framing and a cropped out example item to provide context for just how large this place is. The scaling is way off from what your perceptions would guess. The home in the foreground is about 200 yards closer and uphill from this temple (it is actually sitting higher than the base of this temple) and is approximately a 1500 square foot home. It's just buried in the trees (which are enormous old growth).

Click for the larger image

Well lookie here. Just like Epstein's "fantasy island" there's a pile of mattresses visible through a window. If you want to screw a kid in the eye of Molech under a great big spider web, this is obviously the place to do it. I wonder who books this place. just kidding. I don't "wonder". I have answers. Later with that, I want my dead man switch.

You can click this for a larger image but the small one is already obvious.

For context, here is the actual layout of the place.

Now that there's context, let's get on the ground around this place.

The entire place is set up so that if you are not familiar with it, you'd never know it was there. It is absolutely buried in the trees totally out in the wilderness, and the moloch area and large courtyard (it is about 15 - 20 acre courtyard) are completely obscured and can only be approached via a river that is flanked on both sides by 20 foot cliffs. These cliffs are buried in tall weeds and brush and are invisible until you almost step off. It would not be a death drop unless you starved to death with broken legs. High enough to break legs and be impossible for a kid to get over but not high enough to kill (most of the time.) It can be accessed by going a considerable distance downstream and walking up, or by coming down from upstream where security would easily see you and nail you.

This place is permanently staffed by people who live in auxiliary buildings and a house you can see in the aerial shot.

the natural looking barriers that are too good to be true are important to note, because there's no way you'd ever stumble across this place, it takes a purposeful effort to get to it. There's a gated road on the east side that attaches to the property (I'll show that later) but if you want to know what is in this place, that road is a no-go, nothing telling is visible and I don't think you'd want to be caught beyond the gate.

The entire place is surrounded by a cliff like this. You have to go down it AND UP it to get up to the level this temple sits at. However, there is in one spot an access from the courtyard with stairs that goes down into this "moat" which provided a way to get a shot of the courtyard. Even though you can look right into the courtyard, you can't see the temple from ANYWHERE along the moat because the trees and other obstacles are perfectly placed to block a view of the temple no matter where you look from, (from the other side of the fence.) It has perfect privacy.

Another detail is that if there's a kid hunt, no kid that manages to breach the fence is getting across that moat, NO WAY. Only, it does not look like an intentional moat, it all looks perfectly natural. It is Perfect.

Here is a look into the courtyard from the top of the steps that went into the moat. This is fenced and locked off from the moat but that is not showing in the photo.

Click this image to have a larger one come in.

One thing to point out here is that you can't see anything from the moat. The fence is right up against the moat also, you can't easily walk the edge and in the few places it is possible, no matter where you look from you can't see a thing despite the fact it looks like you ought to be able to in the aerial photo.

Oh, another thing to point out is that the place is set up for ceremonies much like what Alex talked about. If you look in the lower right hand corner of the courtyard pic, you can see a mound of rocks with a pipe sticking out. That shoots fire like in the molech video Alex got and a lot of these mounds are visible around the perimeter of the courtyard in the aerial shot.

The courtyard shot is pretty much the best that could be done during the day with security walking the place. About those other night time photos for later . . . . . well, I'll wait, this post is only a notification, as stated earlier.

But there's some other cool stuff, that will provide context. Here it is:

This is how nestled it is into it's private spot, way the hell out in the boonies. You'd never in a million years, from this spot, guess it has a moat and you can't just go to it. All of that is perfectly obscured.

There is a scissor lift on the property. Take a look at the branding on it. What a laugh!

This is the nice peaceful "country road" that actually goes down to the place. Considering the place is staffed, it would not be wise to go down un-announced. One thing I did not point out is that it is obvious this place is designed to accomodate "parties" of 1000+ and it is obviously seasonally used. I have a pile of photos of this place and it all boils down to what should I post?

How about if I post a couple of ultimate close ups?

Gee. There's trees in there. Greta Thunberg would like that. Let's call this the Thunberg Hotel.

Actually, that's an important shot because you can clearly see the table and chairs, and put them in context for how large this temple is. also, look down below. There are portal windows with bars in them. Why don't all the windows have bars? Gosh. Why are they only on those small portal windows? Oh well, at least there's light down there.

I don't think this is where the finer accomodations are.

BIRD STRIKE. A bird broke one of the windows on the tower

I gotta say, I have never seen creepy like this, especially with those stacked up beds in the adjascent window. Yikes. They did those slit eyes with the drapes on purpose, don't try telling me that was happenstance.

So how do you close after posting something like this? I GOT IT:

To those wrecking funding to this site, SURPRISE. And this only got posted because Claudia told me to, because you pissed her off too. BONUS: Yeah, I have the goods on the patrons of this place BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!

Now that I have delivered phase 1 on this promise, I might as well spew something else:

Too bad I'm not in the U.S. where people will care more, but I uncovered a ring of Jewish doctors that are murdering people in hospitals for ritual purposes and "expedient" purposes and have 9 of them photographed and tagged, PLUS the 3 hospitals they do it at. Wanna try me? Ha ha, well, you probably thought the aerial image I posted of this "molech temple" a couple months ago could not be followed up on. You guessed wrong. How about that. Maybe someone will do something about those doctors down here, maybe not, but the tribe is the tribe don't ya know! Poke'em anywhere and they all scream. I won't be going to THOSE hospitals to get "care", HA, no way. That's in my dead man switch too.

I bet you laughed while screwing me over this month. Welcome to unintended consequences!

Oh, and a litte side note here: I have uncovered that this place was in part financed by people's taxes, with the excuse to get financing being that the spider web was a terrarium and they "planted lots of trees". Only, it was not stated to the public what the place actually was and the public is not invited. It was just a way to divert funding and get it done on the public dime. Classic! It would be fun to alert the public about this so they could demand access!

I was so mad yesterday it messed everything up including this site.

I am still mad today, plus I am going to be busy with what is posted above, so I am going to cut to the chase:

Trump is not one of the elite that are a problem, and we now have a showdown between Trump and the ones that are a problem. To Trump's advantage is the fact that he was cleaner than mister clean, plus extremely intelligent and very popular. To the deep state's advantage, they have layer after layer after layer after more than 7 layers of corruption and subversion to help them circumvent Trump's efforts to put them down. Who's going to win? That remains to be answered but it is a fact that Trump is one clean meat ball in a whole pot of rotten sauce and that's not a good place to be.

ALL OF THEM ARE ROTTEN AND GOING TO JAIL IF TRUMP WINS, including the top Republicans who are supposed to be protecting him, according to myth. I don't believe that myth. We have to get to January 4 with Trump still in office for anything they say to mean anything, and then, even Lindsey is probably going to jail if Trump can manage to be effective. I can't see how Trump, who is a total outsider could possibly drop into that cesspit and be allowed to eject anyone from it. If that happens, it will only be because Trump successfully juggled 95,000 variables and came up with the ONE winning scenario possible. Yes, a coin can land on edge - and it really would be possible to once, in 50 quadrillion tries, to walk to the car in a downpour and not have a single drop hit you. If Trump finds a way to win, it will be something like that.

I am well aware of "how great things are looking" for Trump right now, and will repeat my word of caution about him getting ousted over Christmas.

Here is what is looking good. I did not miss any of these things.

Three House Democrats are "defecting" from their party because of the sham. They know the impeachment is totally unfounded and don't want to be associated with the Dems who are pushing it. Why this does not matter: Because there are enough traitors on both sides of the fence to push it through anyway, and you can't just get "hit by lightning" and change your political convictions - all they are doing is poisoning a different group later, even if impeachment for them is a no. But I have to admit, it is better than nothing.

Comey is apologizing, saying OOPS, and Trump responded with a reference to jail Yes, the Fisa release was a surface white wash, but it did at least still document an abuse of power though it brushed it off far too nicely. And I was very upset about that. Because every time in the past it has been brushed off saying it was "all mistakes" or whatever, it then went under the rug. This time however it did not. It got analyzed and the response was "What do you mean no one intentionally broke the law? There's so much here it cannot possibly be error," and even people who have not spoken nicely about Trump admitted it. So it did not just dry up and blow away the way I thought it would. That's quite a positive, and a paradigm shift.

Burisma is blowing up, and Biden is promising severe retribution for anyone who investigates his kid. Interesting it is that when all this Ukraine stuff was actually happening, Soros was trying to pull a color movement off. But whatever - Biden is threatening doom when only 83 people showed up for his latest rally, and that's a beautiful thing. The problem is, there's no doubt he's tied to Soros even if the ties are not fully showing yet, which means he probably can deliver "retribution". The two gunshots thing. But it is nice to see him squirm.

The top Republicans are promising to throw the impeachment out the moment it hits the senate and the leftists are screaming "obstruction" and "unfair" and whatever else they can scream over it, which is a classic leftist tactic of "displacement". Any time that happens, they are obviously scared. My worry is that it is all a stage show, and I do not trust even the Republicans who will also fry if Trump is not ousted, and will not bet at all that a surprise session will not be held over Christmas to oust him. On the surface it all looks good but an ocean of snakes would look like a sea of glass from 500 feet up, and I would not doubt at all that this is not what we are actually dealing with.

Giuliani has stated the impeachment is only to cover up Obama era corruption That's obviously true, and spewing it is only going to make the deep state squirm and push that much harder for Trump's removal before the ax falls. Everyone, including Lindsey is likely caught up in this and having a senate trial as Trump has stated he wants get blocked cannot be good AT ALL for Trump, they have something planned and want him gone, BANK ON IT.

Trump tweeted: "As bad as the I.G. Report is for the FBI and others, and it is really bad, remember that I.G. Horowitz was appointed by Obama. There was tremendous bias and guilt exposed, so obvious, but Horowitz couldn’t get himself to say it. Big credibility loss. Obama knew everything!" Ok, so it proves Trump knows everything (he can't wake up that much overnight, he probably knew this back in 2016 but we are looking at a beyond 3d chess player with Trump, who will hold off to the last minute with everything. So that's a great tweet and a good thing, however, now that he has fingered a former president the deep state knows full well how bad a situation it faces and that EVERYONE is going to fry, right down to a former president, and that makes them MORE dangerous and MORE likely to pull an out of schedule session during the Christmas break to oust Trump.

The bottom line with all of this is that we are seeing unprecedented action happening right at a time when a very dirty trick can solve the problem. Rather than jump up and down celebrating all the fireworks going off now, I'd advise people to keep their eye on the ball, and don't let their guard down.

The Republicans want Trump gone as much as the Dems, both sides are crooked and afraid of being drained. If they can excuse off his ouster as an "oops" so they don't suffer consequences at the polls, they absolutely will. Probably on January 3 or January 1 at 10 AM. If anyone thinks someone going to prison won't show up on New Years to stop it, when all Trump's real support is hopelessly far away on vacation to prevent it, well, continue napping and watch it happen.

One would be a fool to not consider that a possibility considering how the Federal Reserve got scammed in.

Purging voter rolls of dead people is "racist"??!!??

A lawsuit was launched against Detroit for not purging the dead from it's voter rolls and the response was that the lawsuit was racist, and intended to prevent "people of color" from voting.

MY COMMENT: What color? GREEN?

Leftists fell back on the old "racism" ruse to protect their sham elections AGAIN, even when the request was merely to get the dead people removed and therefore make it impossible to send people who "vote early and vote often" through the polls on "their behalf".

Yes. That's racist.

Worse than the banana:

Norway gave a guy who paints with his rectum after farting the paint onto the canvass A HUGE grant

He actually does poop the paint out, shoves a brush up his butt and paints with it. The result is obviously garbage.