Update to below: The new hospital pictured is a hoax, and the Daily Mail flaunted it with pride

No new hospital got built. An already constructed location that was sitting vacant got re-purposed as a temporary hospital. Daily mail then took what is likely an AI generated photo of a beautiful location and seamlessly blended it with interior hospital photos of a location that probably does not match anything at all.

I got suspicious because the buildings in the background in the excavator animation that posted a few days ago were in an orientation that would not be possible for the new hospital. In the excavator photos, the buildings ran parallel to the "work area" and in the finished hospital pics they were perpendicular. So I knew right off the bat that it had to be a fake, and as it turns out, Chinese news sources state that the hospital that just opened was put into a vacant building that was already constructed and sitting unused. The beautiful hospital pictured in Daily Fail likely does not exist at all.

Stuff like this annoys me badly.


The new Coronavirus hospital is a probable AI hoax

There is something seriously lacking in the evidence the hospital was actually built, and that is photos of the intermediate stages of construction. Take a look at this - the photos go from dirt with machines on it to "finished hospital" with no photos of the progress in between. Furthermore, the complexity of the finished product does not wash, China's quick build skyscrapers do not have fancy curves, WOW, not only did China build an emergency hospital in FIVE days, they built a super duper multi story multi unit DELUXE one. YEP. NO WAY.

The hospital vanished from the news cycle only to pop up complete? It has been done for two days, according to some sources? NO WAY.


Corona virus update from Mex media:

9, 820 cases and 213 deaths. Mortality rate 2.17 percent. Hospital was shown being built (I assume they stopped but they did not). They showed substantial footage from the streets of Wuhan. People were out and about, using public transit, and driving their cars. everyone had the paper face masks. It looked like business as usual except for the face masks (but I don't know what "usual" would be) so it is hard to tell. Traffic was enough to have to wait a few seconds to cross streets on foot but not jammed.

Nothing new mentioned for Mexico. WHO declared an emergency but from what I could tell, it was a precautionary emergency to justify having assets placed in case something actually happens where they will be needed.

I did not expect the number of cases to increase that much, so the final number will probably be higher than my predicted 17, 000. However, it could hit a million and not be anything significant because there are millions of cases of the flu in the U.S. alone and deaths in China are going to have to hit 50, 000 to match the mildest flu season on record in America on a per capita basis. America's mildest flu season in the last 10 years had 12, 000 deaths, and China has more than 4X America's (legal) population. So 50, 000 dead in China will match a mundane flu season in the U.S. You have to die from something and average people simply don't worry about heart attacks and bad colds. If it happens, it happens.

To put things in perspective: If America's worst flu season in the last 10 years (2017-2018) with 80, 000 deaths was up calculated to China's population, 320, 000 people would have died in China. If 320, 000 deaths was represented by a $100 bill, and you received coronavirus deaths in change for your $100, you'd get 6.5 cents back. That's how much they are scamming this "coronavirus".

As I said before, now that everyone in China is wearing their cough covers and being careful, the chance of coronavirus getting anywhere is virtually nil. Any cases that show up will be cases that started before the warnings went out, and time is running out for them, they are going to peak soon.


My first, second, and third Coronavirus posts:

January 17:

"There's a supposed virus outbreak in China. Reported numbers don't match "pandemic". Another bird flu scare?

One line is all that topic needs."

January 18:

"They are really pushing the Corona virus hoax

It is just an excuse to vax people into submission and will be yet another bird flue swine flu hoax. Maybe Mexicans will think it comes from beer. It is not time for the privileged to pull the plug yet, and until they do, there will be no legit virus."

January 19:

"A reminder about the so-called virus from China:

I guess they figured BIRD and SWINE was not going to scare anyone, so they came up with CORONA. YIKES.

DO NOT GET VAXXED FOR THIS BS NO MATTER WHAT. THEY PULL IT EVERY TIME FOR THESE HOAXES, WHICH ALWAYS HAVE BEEN HOAXES. Why would this time around be any different? If they actually cared, they would not be continuously crying wolf to get a rabbit into a trap."

And the hoax goes on. The WHO really did declare this a "pandemic" with only 200 dead. Even today, with 8, 000 infected, TOTAL INFECTIONS are only 10 percent of ACTUAL DEATHS in the 2017-18 U.S. flu season. With a sub 3 percent mortality rate, where does that sit?

I am going to post a graph tonight if it really is trailing off the way it looked like it was yesterday, showing the curve beginning it's return to a horizontal line.

Remember: On January 21 they announced they had the vaccine, ready to go, and now they are saying it will "take a year" . Gosh, how could that be? it's called public awareness, and them expecting us to believe this was not a setup all along. By saying it will "take a year" for the vaccine now, maybe they think everyone will forget what was said a little over a week ago. Not me.


Reminder: Wuhan virus will have NO economic impact

Anyone stating Wuhan virus "closed China's stock market" or "shut Chinese factories down" or "will crash the world economy" is either mis-informed, or intentional disinfo. FACT: On January 25 was the Chinese new year. Almost all stores close on that day for at least two weeks and up to six weeks, and that includes the Chinese stock market, factories, and EVERYTHING ELSE, except essential services.

Fear porn click linkers probably know the real reason why everything shut down in China but to generate hits, they are not going to tell you. I have already gone to great detail on this, including quoting direct sources, if you missed that scroll down the page.

My skepticism of the Corona virus, and what info fraudsters did with this virus is well and permanently founded. I am not going to budge even a micron on the topic. Tonight's Diez En Punto update ought to be interesting after Drudge said it exploded 10X today. With the latest tally being 8300 confirmed cases, that's obvious BUNK.


Today's impeachment update

Chief justice Roberts is a scam judge appointed by the deep state that is so biased against Trump that he should not even sit as traffic judge in a speed trap town. He does not belong on the supreme court AT ALL. Yet he's "judging" an "impeachment" while knowing damn well which witnesses should be called, and blocking them. He himself is part and parcel of this "impeachment" and is neck deep in the corruption that led up to it. God only knows how we got here.



Drudge: WHO declares emergency, cases spike 10 fold

PROBLEM: Cases are only up 7 percent since yesterday, 10 fold since when? You can say 100 fold if you reference back far enough, since patient one, cases are up 8300 fold!!!

Someone told the WHO to declare an emergency, they did not do that by themselves. Run the script and raise on a busted flush.

If they are going to declare this a global health emergency for 200 deaths when the flu kills over 20, 000 in the U.S. over a similar time frame almost every year, one needs to question motives.


Correction to a comment about a cruise ship:

Italy is not permitting the ship to drop off passengers because two people were sick and they are suspecting it is Coronavirus. I stated it was only Norovirus but that's not proven yet. Norovirus is common on cruise ships. Either way, blocking the ship is just stage play. Maybe it's going to be another Poseidon Adventure via a hoaxed pandemic on a ship - they'd get LOTS of headlines from that. If it becomes that, people need to make sure there are even people on the thing to begin with and also to call B.S. on social media posts from people "who are there".

Someone is just ACHING for the next outbreak show to justify ramming another vaccine up our behinds and it looks like the China doom is over.

SOMETHING TO WATCH: In contrast to what I posted earlier, the two satellites may have clipped each other

Massive re-entry event over California is highly suspicious

Though this report in the Daily Mail claims the two events were not related, FIGURE THE ODDS. If the two satellites did collide, any large pieces that came off would slow down enough to re-enter, and with most of the world being ocean there were probably many other re-entry events that were not noted.

Maybe a very lucky shot had one satellite rip a solar panel off the other, with a clean cut that left little debris. I am very skeptical that this massive re-entry event and the satellite event had nothing to do with each other. There were no other re-entry events predicted. They know when satellites are going to re-enter. Having this happen at random, with no forewarning certainly points to a probable best case scenario hit.


Tons of coronavirus sh*tposters

Is Norovirus going to be the next scare scam?

It appears a concerted effort is underway to flood social media with an endless stream of coronavirus DOOM. Mexico's media last night basically declared it was over (cases will increase and level off at about 17, 000) plus the quarantined cruise ship is just a show, they don't know what two people are sick from and are only "suspecting" Coronavirus when it is probably Norovirus.

Last night Mex media said all cases of possible coronavirus in Mexico were debunked except for two that remained unconfirmed. THAT IS HUGE, figure the odds! They credited the lack of any spreading and the quick leveling off of cases to the Chinese government's quick response and people self quarantining. They also stated that even among the worst affected, the virus was not highly lethal.

I am getting sick of all the crap getting peddled in alt and social media regarding this topic, if there ever was a potential credibility wrecker this is it.

The only thing I'll say is that America's DOD has mentioned that "rumors on the internet were spread by the Chinese that the U.S. did this". I call B.S. on that, it's probably not rumor.

Here's what I think, and you can probably take this one to the bank: The U.S. DOD, WHICH INCLUDES BILL GATES, blundered like Boeing, hired out incompetents to produce a killer virus to start the next pandemic to ram a new eugenics vaccine into everyone's @ss and the virus was unstable and mutated INSTANTLY (you remember those mutation reports, right? they happened early on) and after it mutated, it was WORTHLESS. So much for Crispr I guess and if you want a job done right HIRE F***ING AMERICANS.



But it WILL happen eventually if Donald Trump's space force does not get up there and de-commission reverse flying junk.

Here's the problem: Most satellites launch with the spin of the earth because if you want to get to orbit, that gives you a 1, 000 mph advantage. That's less fuel and less expense to orbit. However, for whatever reasons, a small number of satellites were launched the opposite direction. These satellites, which are traveling in the opposite direction are collision hazards, especially without guidance. All satellites have guidance until they malfunction or run out of fuel. Most are now defunct. If there ever is a collision with defunct satellites that are going the "wrong way", there will be millions of pieces of them going random directions in space that will hit other satellites and absent an enormous effort to get up there with hardened equipment that can handle getting hit by fragments, - equipment that can clean vast tracts of space - it might end space flight for good. It will be too dangerous to launch through it.

So far, there have been no clean up missions of the type needed to remove this reverse flying space junk. Last night we got lucky. Such a collision would not do what happened in the movie Gravity so quickly, but eventually, over a few years, there would be MAJOR problems. Eventually there would be so much crap from other satellites getting hit by debris it would be game over in space. If that first collision happens, game over would be inevitable, we would never get enough of the fragments to stop a worst case scenario from eventually happening without an effort expensive enough to wreck economies. The reverse flying satellites must be removed from space before that happens.

Last night's hazard was that a satellite going 17, 000 miles an hour in the reverse direction might hit a defunct space telescope that was going 17, 000 miles an hour in the correct direction. Total materials weight was just short of 3, 000 pounds because once this collision hazard was noted, the DOD confessed that the reverse flying satellite, which was claimed to be a science experiment that only weighed a few pounds was actually a much much larger satellite that had the science experiment attached to it as concealment for what it really was. That would make the impact a lot worse. Imagine the mess 3,000 pounds of crap produced by a combined 34,000 mph impact would make.


Diez En Punto coronavirus update:

The officials in China are beginning to say that it appears they have it under control. New cases are not skyrocketing upward, they are beginning to flatten out.

China's swift response and decisive action was credited for stopping the outbreak. There will be many more infected than were in the SARS outbreak when it is over, but fewer deaths than Sars because the virus is not anywhere near as lethal. From what it looks like, (my math, based on the Diez En Punto report) there will be between 13, 000 and 17, 000 confirmed cases before it is over and between 298 and 390 deaths total before it is over. That would make it a very well contained and managed outbreak that has no where near the impact of the yearly flu.

The Chinese people are cooperating well with keeping it under control by wearing protective covering, not venturing out while sick, and staying at home. There is mass boredom, to such an extent that they showed a guy fishing from his bed with a rod and reel, for five live and healthy fish that were swimming in a circle in a large container. Anything to pass the time I guess.

The hospital, which they said they'd report on daily, was not mentioned at all, it is obviously not getting built. Whether or not it was ever for real is up to conjecture.

It appears this "outbreak" is going to vanish into the night after the light of a single day.

Quite close to what I have said all along.


It has basically now been confirmed that Coronavirus will not leave China

"They" know what this virus is, and that it can predominantly only implant in Asian males. Even then, the lethality is not very high but the fact that it is indeed race specific, and that it is known about, is more than interesting. The study is here.

The abstract is long. Here's a basic summary of what it says: It claims that chinese males have a type of lung cell that the virus can implant in, in much higher amounts than any other group of people. It is a matter of simple genetic variance, and the types of cells people have in their lungs based on their race. All races have the type of cells the virus will implant in, but Chinese males have it at a ratio 5 times higher than other groups. The study predicted a 15 percent mortality rate but as we now know, it is very likely to not be higher than 3 percent, even in Asian males.

The study is interesting primarily because it does imply that whatever happened in China may have been a bio weapon that missed.

Even if the virus at one time had the potential to kick off a pandemic, it is not going to happen. No one lives in fear of the flu, and thus far Coronavirus in China is not even a half a percent as significant as the flu is in the United States. With everyone on their guard now, wearing at least some protection, being cautious, and staying as isolated as possible, coupled with a far lower mortality than originally predicted, the chances of anything big happening might as well be zero.


Update on Lightyear 1 solar car

As of 2020 they have a fully working model that is proven to go 7 miles per kilowatt hour. Add to that the solar panels, and for many people it is a car that never needs to be charged. However, the price is $165, 000 which is going to restrict it's market so badly that only rich techno geeks would ever buy one, and I think that's a total gouge. Tesla could flog the living hell out of it just by putting solar panels on a model 3. So what if it did not go as far on solar only, at least it would be a car an enormously larger group could afford!


Trump's next rally is tomorrow night in Iowa. Some people are mentioning that Trump needs to book NFL stadiums for his rallies so everyone can get in, as it was, 100, 000+ were stuck outside last night.


Update to the possible satellite collision tonight -

The possibility has been upgraded from 1 in 100 chance to 1 in 20. The event, collision or not, will take place over Pittsburgh tonight, and will be visible if they do hit.


Nothing huge in the news today other than more Wuhan hoaxes and impeachment corruption

Rather than harp some more, all I am going to say is that Corona virus is going to have to hit six figure deaths before it is worth noting, and it has not broken 200 yet. It is a pathetic hoax.

Trump's rally in New Jersey already has enough people in line to swamp the venue, and it is 8 hours away.

There will be a possible satellite collision later today. Here's the scoop on that:

A satellite that was launched in 1967 is going to come within feet of an infrared space telescope that was launched in 1983, and they are traveling opposite directions. Both are totally defunct and unable to be controlled. The space telescope weighs over a ton, and the satellite from 1967 has a section that was publicized and weighed about five pounds, and another section that was not publicized (it was classified but now they are talking about it) and the classified section weighs over 200 pounds. , /p>

If this space telescope and that classified whatever it is get a perfect collision, there will be a chain reaction similar to the movie Gravity. It is the exact same scenario. It will release tens of thousands of bits and pieces all large enough to destroy other satellites, and the movements of these pieces are going to cross the paths of other satellites. That particular movie exaggerated things quite a bit, but it's a safe bet that at least over the upcoming years there will be satellite fatalities, that will lead to more fatalities.

If the satellites do collide, it will happen with a combined speed of about 32, 400 mph. Imagine the mess that would make . . . . .



The following is from social media, and I bet it is BANG ON:

The real reason for the coronavirus (in addition to an impeachment distraction:)

The Chinese Communist Party has no solution for HK protestors that have occurred daily for the past eight months. The usual Marxist means of dealing with dissidents - squashing them with tanks, wasn't an option with the eyes of the world on HK and China with a newfound reputation to maintain to the naive West.

Hence, this fake virus psy op is being used as a pretense to build "quarantine" centers in HK, manned by the PLA, to deal with this "virus" (aka dissent, which is spreading to the mainland as well).

This is why:

The planes into our countries from China never stopped (they know it's bullshit but are too scared to call the Communist bullshit artists out on it because that would be bad for business and their Jewish Marxist Banker overlords have warned them not to).

The chinese are "confident" that the virus will peak ten days from now (just enough time to establish their detention centres in HK and force the slaves back to work.)

It hasn't spread to white people. For a virus that has been around now for two months? People should be face planting in the streets of San Fran.

My comment: That's as good an explanation as I have seen anywhere, with fewer than 200 dead, air ports flying as usual, the hospitals not actually getting built (replaced by hoax photos from Alibaba) and when compared to a flu season in the U.S. which frequently hits 50, 000 dead and recently hit 80, 000 dead, even that many dead in China should not trip alarm bells. Why the hype?


Mexican coronavirus update

6000 cases in China, 132 deaths, 2.2% mortality rate, hospital not mentioned (which means it is not getting built)

They played a lengthy video where a guy coughed in a cab, got kicked out for it, and the driver called the police. People are staying in their homes much more than usual also.

Flight Aware still shows business as usual, and up to this point, Coronavirus has killed 0.00165 percent of what the 2017-18 flu season did in the United States alone. WAG THE PLAGUE. If you want to scare people who can't think or do math, just say something is a disaster and it will automatically be so, while much much greater threats go totally unnoticed. How about the impeachment? All I have heard is that anything good that happened in favor of Trump was ignored by the MSM.

Oh, as far as Mexico goes, all suspected cases of coronavirus except two have been dismissed, and the remaining two are not confirmed. Air traffic in Wuhan has remained normal according to flightaware.

MY TAKE: IF there was ever anything significant at all to coronavirus, people in China clamped down on it so fast it does not have a chance. After all, if everyone is wearing at least cough masks, those that have it will be far, FAR less likely to spread it. This outbreak is going to stall and vanish.

More interesting

There has been a bad corn harvest in Mexico. The corn is less than normal and of bad quality. Add that to a poor harvest in the United States. Blamed: Temperatures too cold, and too dry. Tell that to Al Gore.

Many many many corn receiving areas are completely empty. I am not certain about exactly how short the harvest is but it appeared that in at least one area, up to 65 percent of the graineries that normally receive corn received NONE and remained closed, while it was taken to other locations to get enough in one spot to meaningfully store. I'll have to keep an eye on the price of corn flour. That will be the tell all.

Two more quick items:

The aircraft shot down in Afghanistan was DEFINITELY carrying CIA, regardless of what the Pentagon states. The type of aircraft, made by Bombardier, was for clandestine ops and used by the CIA for spying and communications. There's no way out of it just because of the aircraft type.

Kobe's chopper once again, regardless of what is said, did not crash. Drudge showed a picture of him heading towards his chopper at a recent time and it had the Nike wrap on it. The one that crashed had an Illinois paint scheme which, even if Kobe did buy an Illinois state chopper before selling it to the chartering company (to remain his) got re-painted to a black and white color scheme so if the wrap did somehow magically come off during the crash, the paint scheme would not have been for the state of Illinois. It simply was not his normal helicopter that went down. I do not know why they would have killed him but the deception surrounding the actual helicopter is quite odd, odd enough to point directly towards foul play.

There was even a hoax audio track of air traffic control yelling "Kobe, PULL UP, PULL UP" But Kobe was NOT THE PILOT. An obvious hoax. Why?



A corner market in Wuhan

That is one link that is probably worth going to, you don't have to have a facebook account or sign up, you just have to click through. Reality vs perception.

If you ever wanted to see "bat on a stick" or perhaps it's called "batkabob" now's your chance. And it gets a LOT worse than that. They eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING. WOW.

And they are not nice to the animals AT ALL.

I cannot believe that crap goes on in a Communist country.


A sequence of strong earthquakes is occurring in the south Caribbean

7.7 and 6.1 are the strongest so far, there will probably be more.


An interesting event:

Yesterday the Taliban shot down an air force plane in Afghanistan that was full of CIA agents. Today it appears that the people who coordinated the hit on Soleimani were on the plane.


The Corona hospital was a HOAX! When "done" Chinese state media posted an Alibaba stock photo of a pre-existing structure.


Wag the plague!

I just busted it GOOD. Read on!


Update to below: Now bedrock, I don't believe there is a corona virus outbreak at all

Since corona virus manifests itself just like the flu, how do they know the 109 dead are not from the flu? A city the size of Wuhan would get that many, SEE THIS:


Diez En Punto update on Coronavirus

There are now 4, 600 confirmed cases and 109 deaths. That means mortality is dropping. For the first time there was footage of people in proper biohazard gear, but the military walked around unprotected. They played a couple confirmed hoax videos and mentioned the hospital, which had no progress other than a parking lot being done. It was already painted with parking spaces.

With 4, 600 confirmed cases and 109 deaths, it means the mortality rate is 2.36 percent. I'd like to point something out:

According to the CDC in 2017 - 2018 there were 80, 000 flu related deaths in the United States. So what T.F. is the hoopla over coronavirus with it's puny 109?

Before China matches a bad flu year in the United States, this "pandemic" is going to have to kill 346, 340 people. imagine the headlines they'll pull with that, when a bad flu season claimed that many lives per capita in the U.S. only a couple years ago.

When 346, 340 people in China are dead from this "outbreak" they'll match the 2017-18 flu season in the United States. what more can I say? I don't expect to be using the respirator.


I found something very interesting with regard to the Corona virus

It appears a Turkish insider knew about a shipment of viruses from the United States to China, and posted about it on Twitter on June 11 2019. Here is the tweet, here is the translation:

"America sent a plane full of biological weapons to China. Epidemics may begin in China soon.

And let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope.

My comment: The timing on that is interesting, and then, in Turkish alt media, there is this:

We were the first to announce coronavirus in China!

January 27, 2020 12:28 tsi

We first announced coronavirus in China on June 11 2019

"Coronavirus, which has been spread to many countries from Wuhan, China, is on the world agenda.

We announced months ago where and by whom this outbreak would be done.

On June 11, 2019, we warned on Twitter that the outbreak in China was necessary. This information was known at the time, of course, and we were hesitant about whether to explain it. Then we decided to explain!

Coronavirus was built as a biological weapon and flown to China by the United States. Everything is known to the plane's tail number.

It's not right to write everything.

It's already written if necessary.

As we said there,

"Let them not forget that if there is a Turk on earth, there is hope."

Those who know know, I assure you!

The hope of earth and space is THE TURK!

That's all.

In the comments below, there is this:

Are we surprised?
Are we surprised? Of course not.
We're watching with interest..

Mahmoud brother, if they knew this information wasn't normal information, the Chinese would have fought. I think this is information specific to Octane KeleĊŸ.

The fear of the virus will be that no one will get anything from there economically, which will badly damage China. accordingly, anything made there will now cost more.

Also, if the demand for oil decreases and oil prices fall (the tension is not reflected in us, and we also increase our currency) A friend of mine had already told me a few weeks ago that Russia's economy would be attacked by lowering oil prices. If economic production falls in China, China's demand for oil will also decrease, which will cause economic distress to many countries, especially Iran.

My comment: That's a good point. China uses Iran's oil. If for any reason China's economy slows, Iran and Russia are going to feel it. That would be a great reason to ship a virus to China, that white people seem to be more resistant to than the Chinese - to weaken China, Russia, and Iran before a war . . . . .

The above is only pondering, I am not stating any of this as fact, but it is definitely one of those things that make you go Hmmmm . . . . . .




China's new year started on January 25. Reports of factories closing because of Coronavirus are BUNK. They DID NOT close down for coronavirus, they closed down for the new year. AND I QUOTE:


Imagine the Christmas holidays in the US, but longer, and with more extensive travel. Everything closes, and everyone goes home - sometimes for several weeks.

The upcoming Chinese New Year is on January 25, 2020, but the holiday shutdown can affect production times at China's manufacturing companies for as long as two months as many workers travel back to rural villages to celebrate with friends and family.

For those of us who rely on shipping and manufacturing businesses, the Chinese New Year shutdown is an event that we need to be aware of (and prepared for) in advance to avoid delays that could be catastrophic to our businesses.

LET ME REPEAT THAT: "For those of us who rely on shipping and manufacturing businesses, the Chinese New Year shutdown is an event that we need to be aware of (and prepared for) in advance to avoid delays that could be catastrophic to our businesses.

MY COMMENT: Therefore, ALL TALK about coronavirus crashing the world economy because "the factories closed" when they were all scheduled to close for WEEKS, starting Jan 25 are BULLSHIT. That's why people read this site, because every damn last time I cut right through the B.S. and as we speak, WUHAN AIRPORT IS BUSY AS HELL. With all the crap the MSM is spewing, proven out to be spew RIGHT HERE, how could anyone blame me for being skeptical?

Proven hoax videos from 2016 of women puking black goo, and people laying in the streets, DURING THE WARM MONTHS.

Super low quotes from Chinese officials about the actual death toll and problem while Wuhan air port is conducting business as usual during a total "crack down" and a few idiots post pictures of empty terminals. Those planes are not landing and taking off for pilot training!

Idiotic posts about how China could not come up with a few face masks and body covers when they are the ones who make all that stuff and even the dollar store has the face masks we see in the reports most frequently. Those are not protective face masks that mean anything special, they are cough covers ALWAYS worn by medical professionals.

That said, if somehow I am wrong, it will not matter AT ALL if you get off your butt and spend $20 getting a real respirator (the type with replaceable filters) and a pair of goggles from the dollar store. I know I have told people to get those items repeatedly in the past, even without a *possible* (however faintly) pandemic.

Gee, how convenient it was for this virus to strike day one of impeachment, and at a time when China could just "shut everything down" anyway! Gosh, the airplanes are still flying!


Update: The Nike color scheme was put on Kobe's helicopter in 2015, and has been there ever since.


Update to below: Whatever crashed was not his previous paint job either, his previous paint job had a black and white paint scheme.

The crashed helicopter being shown in the MSM does not match anything he ever had OR LEASED.

Here is a quick history of his helicopter: Originally he owned it. But maintenance made it more practical for him to sell it to a company that had a maintenance crew, and lease it back. It remained HIS HELICOPTER. Years ago it had a black and white paint scheme. The crashed chopper in the picture was an Illinois state government helicopter and the double blue paint scheme was from illinois. Even if the "wrap melted off" as hoaxers are claiming, the fact remains that the paint under that wrap was black and white. It simply was not Kobe's helicopter.


Kobe Bryant's helicopter did not crash.


As of the time of this posting, the pictures of the crash are not common, but those that are posted prove it is not his helicopter.


Another Iranian jet crash

This one went quite well in comparison to the last one


How am I supposed to not be skeptical of what is going on in Wuhan when . . . . .

Last night, as of 2 AM CST, Wuhan airport had over 100 incoming and outgoing flights scheduled over a relatively short time period (about six hours?) Scroll down to the flight aware link to see what I am talking about, and what is scheduled now.

Additionally, including planes not leaving or arriving at Wuhan, Wuhan's airspace had 53 aircraft over it at 2 AM CST also. Flight Aware looked like chaos.

THERE IS NO LOCKDOWN ON WUHAN. IF THERE WAS, THE PLANES WOULD NOT BE FLYING, TAKING OFF, AND LANDING THERE. Furthermore, flight aware clearly shows that the same planes that landed are subsequently taking off with new passengers. FIGURE THAT.

That said, just in case there really is something going on with a virus, get your GAS MASK now, not just a paper mouth cover, plus a pair of work goggles. See the report down the page a ways, if anything is really happening you need a gas mask not just a cough cover. A perfect setup will cost less than $20 if you get lucky, one that costs $35 ought to be easy to find

We are going to know for sure if this was all a hoax on Monday Night, when (if) Diez en punto shows the hospital still being built with appropriate progress.


Interesting: Chinese bio tech firm has the same logo as shell biotech firm in Resident Evil

File this under: You can't make this stuff up.



One for painting will be ideal. It has to have replaceable filters and not just be the paper one with a thin band. It has to actually seal on your face. These start at around $12 in the U.S. with most likely costing about $25. You also need a pair of work goggles, that totally enclose your eyes from the side.

The little masks you see won't protect you at all. Those are for surgeons, to block the surgeon's coughs. They don't seal anywhere near well enough and if you are not wearing goggles, you are also not protected at all because the virus will go through your eyes.

I am still a skeptic but it is definitely better to tell people to act NOW, because you'll be glad you have the mask later anyway.


By the way, if you get the type of mask I recommended down the page a ways, the filters are permanent, if you do not use them for chemicals as long as you can breathe with them they will stop viruses. They are far more practical than the little paper masks and a lot safer too. In an epidemic situation, one set of filters would never wear out. With the little paper ones, they are pretty much single use. It makes a lot of sense to just wear the permanent mask and spray it with bleach between uses.

I am still skeptical this outbreak is legit, but if it is, people need to have the right stuff and use it correctly.


A few top comments for if the virus is real:

""Beijing has said the country is entering a 'crucial stage' in dealing with the virus" TRANSLATION: "The virus is completely out of control. We have no idea how to contain it or what to do and we have been lying to you all along."

"I just saw a clip where nurses complained of the hazmat gear having being sent from RepChina were in fact fakes...All that attention being placed on building a hospital makes me think its a distraction and they'd be hiding another area being prepared for mass graves. Sad to say".

"Too late, when it is already global"

"Good luck with those paper masks. Not going to help, but at least it makes them feel protected"

"So ridiculous to build a hospital. The concrete wont even dry in 10 days." My comment: The most they could possibly accomplish in 10 days is a covered dying area. Done well enough to conceal trucks being loaded . . . . .

"If that is real and this is not a psyop idiots are in charge. The mask those soldiers are wearing are surgical masks, the contain the sneeze or cough of the wearer, filter nothing on the open sides. Eyes are also a point of entry. There is a reason you play with them in Bio 4 facilities." My comment: Follow my mask instructions on this page. (scroll down)


Gee, we're supposed to believe China can build an enormous hospital in 10 days and have an astonishing amount of construction gear on site in hours, AND THEN we're supposed to believe that the exact same government took well over a week to fly in a planeload of haz mat suits, when China is where ALL THAT CRAP IS MADE. That's BULLSHIT.

There is a "shortage of haz mat supplies in Yuhan, that has persisted for days in a zone that amounts to a class 5 national emergency, in a country full of bullet trains and factories. I believe it. NOT.

This entire plot is playing out like it was written by sixth graders.


FIRST REALISTIC STORY: Soldiers bring 14, 000 haz mat suits into Yuhan

But there's still a problem. They only have basic face protectors. In a real biohazard situation they should have gas masks. Chinese soldiers at least have standard issue gas masks, RIGHT? Why the piece of paper?

Still not really convinced, This story by the Daily Mail could have been faked. My bench mark will be if that hospital actually gets built.

Daily Mail and others got punked by the fake "dead in the streets" summer time videos and published them as real. So I am still a skeptic, there has been proven deception with this "outbreak" already that is coming off like a wag the dog, Rense posted a bunch of pictures of abandoned terminals and streets, but the problem was in all of them it was dark outside and it is easy to get empty terminal shots and roads at 3 AM anywhere. Tightly cropped pictures of lone people in crosswalks can be done in Mexico City during the day, it all depends on when traffic lights send the surge of cars through.

The hospital being built will be the only proof of anything going on I'll accept after all the hoaxes, and I'll only accept that proof from one source. That will happen tomorrow night. If they don't show progress by tomorrow night, the hospital is a hoax.

Interesting it is that this pandemic was first reported on day 1 of the impeachment.

In "Wag The Dog" the fake war was done to distract the media because the president screwed an approximation of a girl scout if I remember right . . . . . so a wag could be done right now to obscure the fact that the impeachment is a total scam. If flight aware says all is normal, what is anyone critically looking at this supposed to think? Maybe there won't be a normal flight schedule tomorrow . . . . . .


I still doubt this virus, but must say: If it is real, the N-95 mask is NOT going to cut it.

Why is there hype about this mask? It won't be significantly better against Corona than any other cheap mask, including dollar store masks. If you want a mask for a global pandemic, it should at least be like this and have a pair of goggles like these.

The final setup would look like look like this

IF you want to buy protection, and IF the virus is real, do it right at least. Total cost? Can be less than $20 or as much as you want to spend. Additionally, you need to wear gloves and leave them outside the door with your coat (which you obviously also need) and your shoes. Otherwise you will carry the virus into the house with you.

A little common sense here - the little masks are not going to cut it if the virus is real, you also need eye protection and the little fiber masks won't seal well enough, you might as well just use a coffee filter. Yes, I have an appropriate mask and goggles, (for years). Everyone should already have that.

BOOOOOM! Probable cause of site outage found


From my perspective, the site was down today. I checked it with two different providers, and it was down, so down I could not even get a log in screen. But Claudia's Huawei phone worked on the site like normal. So I went to a cyber cafe, and it was down there too. So why did Claudia's phone work?

So I called tech support and they were befuddled and said there was a "network problem" they were not sure of, and they would get to work on it.

I checked with the laptop again a while later. Still down. Then I tried the Goophone and it worked, because it has a pirate Huawei OS on it, and the browser is not a Google, Firefox, or any derivation of any mainstream browser but it works fine. AND THE GOOPHONE WORKED.

So I posted with it via combat mode - saying there was a site problem and what I suspected it was caused by, and POOF, as soon as I did, everything went back to normal with no response from tech support saying they managed to fix anything (they eventually responded saying all is well)

What would clandestine browser based filtering be? Short answer:

When your browser gets updated it receives a database of sites it's not supposed to hit, and sends back the message that the site cannot be reached, even if it can be reached. Google likely handles this even without updates by forcing the first thing Chrome does to be to go to Google and hit a small file with the most important banned sites. Chrome likely does this without updates. Chrome always hits Google even when I don't want to hit google and then displays nothing. Why?

I looked over everything for the cause of the site outage. NOTHING HAPPENED. Nothing at all happened. Iceland's internet is perfect and there's no indication anywhere that anything at all was wrong. A very old chrome tablet worked fine through everything also. Anything that was either not Huawei or was updated in the last couple years did not work. Anything that was old, or Huawei, worked fine.

After a while, tech support said the issue was resolved but I wonder if they actually had to do anything because the problem vanished the instant I got in through combat mode with the goophone. I don't want to put who tech support is on the front page because I don't want problems with hoaxers calling them but they are EXCELLENT. THE BEST.

Anyway, just a heads up: I have noticed odd behaviors before this, where Google's browser would not hit an alt media site, but other browsers would. If you have problems hitting this site or any other, dredge up your oldest piece of crap that's never been updated or your sleek modern Huawei device and hit it with that. I bet it will work.

BY THE WAY: BEFOREITSNEWS IS DOWN NOW FOR EVERYONE ALSO. I thought it might just be from here, but when resolving the site problems today I got a message that BIN is now POOF. Very odd, that one. That's the last one I figured would ever go down because the admins are TOP NOTCH.

If they took out BIN, all I can say is I doubt I am better at this than they are.

New Rumor:

I am going to shift gears and run with this, IF that hospital gets built. We'll know tomorrow night.

The latest rumor is that the biolab in Wuhan was developing a new bioweapon virus that was based on a combination of the common cold and SARS. Due to the long incubation period, a worker at the lab got infected and did not know it. The virus is communicable during the incubation period, so that one lab worker may have infected high numbers of people before even realizing anything was wrong.

Rumor has it that it has a tendency to be race specific, and hits black people much harder than white people.

Keep in mind that this is all rumor, I am still sticking with what Mex media is saying and more strongly considering the "dead in the streets" videos were hoaxes. The fact remains that they all were hoaxes. So this latest rumor could be a hoax also, after all, during this now "total lock down" Wuhan airport is Quite busy, as would be expected for Chinese New Year.

Bottom line with all the rumors: Facts on the ground are not matching rumor. That's what I look for, if that hospital really does get built it will be "facts on the ground", so far all we have is social media posts that could have been done by any hoaxer, an MSM that cannot be trusted, provably fake "pandemic" video and TONS of planes showing holiday traffic in a city that's supposed to be locked down. What can I say? I'm still a skeptic.


Interesting Wuhan virus tidbit:

A forced lock down will not affect China for 1 full month, starting pretty much now, because they close everything down for New Years for a month anyway. If game playing for politics is the objective, now is the time for China to be doing it. It cannot be said that this is an actual factor, but it is an obvious "coincidence" that ought to be made note of.


Wuhan virus common sense:

Obviously, if there's a supposed outbreak somewhere that might soon visit a town near you, it makes sense to FINALLY spend the $10 on a gas mask. Anything that has a carbon filter will do, (carbon is not necessary) but to trap the carbon in the filter, it has to be a hepa filter which will get viruses. Obviously you have to cover your eyes also, cold viruses enter through the eyes easily. Anyway, they are proceeding with the story line. I was in a panic when the site was down earlier - the main points repeated:

It makes little sense to not spend as much as $20 for a decent mask. Masks are dirt cheap and you should have one anyway. If this passes as a hoax, you lost nothing and are a step more prepared.

There is a very high probability they want to advance this all the way to a gun grab. I find it VERY odd that this outbreak happened on impeachment day 1. That right there says B.S., the Chinese government HATES Trump.

I think the Chinese government is the one being honest with this. I think the numbers really are quite low. I still think the hospital build is a Western fronted hoax. We'll have to say what Diez En Punto says on their next report (I'll see that on Monday) if by then they don't have updates and extreme progress shown, it's a hoax.

HOWEVER, IF THAT HOSPITAL REALLY DOES GET BUILT, HEADS UP. That's the key thing that might flip me on this topic but for now, I am sticking with "this is a get everyone vaccinated hoax fronted by the usual culprits".

Big problem and it is the browsers doing it. Server appears down on all browsers but both huawei devices access the site fine. One of the devices is a fake huawei and it still works because it has huawei software. I do not know who can see this but if the main site is blocked I will probably have to use a backup but all have been idled.


Diez En Punto covered the Corona virus in detail tonight, here is what they said:

Wuhan virus has a 3.1 percent mortality, about 1/3rd that of SARS and 41 people have died.

1, 314 people in China have Wuhan virus, and it is confirmed via electron microscope, there are no kits needed for detection.

There are fewer than 30 other documented cases worldwide.

They claimed the hospital that was being built in 10 days was really being built, and that they'd follow it day by day. My guess is they got punked because they had no data I did not get. It will be telling if there are no updates after they specifically said they'd be doing daily progress updates on that hospital.

My conclusion: If that hospital ends up getting built, China is lying out it's butt about the number of cases of Wuhan virus. You don't build that much accommodation for a low lethality outbreak. 3.1 percent is bad, but certainly no where near Sars and a far cry from Ebola.

It was an interesting update from a source I consider credible. We'll have to see where this goes.


VERY INTERESTING: Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out

What if 5g wrecked immune systems and thereby boosted the virulency of the normal cold? One of the main points about 5G was that it would wreck immune systems and make people sick. Silicon vally does not want it and THE KICKER: People in Wuhan say 5G sucks and that 4G was better.


I remember now that Wuhan was where the tech was going to be put in place first but forgot all about that with this "pandemic". What if all we are seeing in Wuhan is sickness from exposure to excessive 5G radiation, and weakened immune systems?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . .

Wuhan rumor:

Rumor has it that china only had triple digit numbers of test kits for corona virus and ran out, and that's why the numbers have stayed in triple digits. I'm not sure this is legit, but I'll throw it out there. One thing is certain - fewer than 30 dead.


For departures and arrivals at the following link, you must scroll down to the bottom of the page. The list is for only a few hours of flights. There are probably over 200 total scheduled today.

Wuhan is not on lockdown and has not been on lockdown after all

There is a possibility the entire coronavirus event was a wag done to distract Americans from Trump's impeachment. If that is not the case, why does Flightaware say Wuhan airport is operating?

There is no quarantine in place if that's the case, and a few Chinese are managing to get through saying they are free to leave the city.

This stinks of a psy op, Flightaware is not hoaxing the fact there are still flights incoming and outgoing as usual. Anyone claiming there are not, including the MSM, is lying.


Remember the impeachment

. . . . . . interesting timing with that virus!


Update to below:

After going over the various videos of the "hospital being built" it appears it may be an AI generated deep fake. The biggest problem is that with all of the excavators going, the terrain is simply flat. There should be holes and trenches everywhere, yet nothing is actually getting done.


New hoax? Excavators rushing to build hospital in Wuhan

This scene does not look credible to me. Supposedly there's supposed to be a new hospital here by Feb 3. That's only 10 days. How did they design a hospital so fast? How can the machines even be used without support? There should be loads of dump trucks there. You can't even adequately cure concrete in 10 days. Pre-fab could work that fast, but you need the foundation to cure before setting it. What about compaction? We'll have to wait and see with this one. NOT PLAUSIBLE. Plausible is a tent city built on a pre existing parking lot in 10 days.


It is apparent the various governments are going to run with the hoax

The swine flu and other stuff did not materialize, so people are skeptical this time. To do away with that skepticism, they are doubling down with actions they have never taken before. Due to the obvious hoaxing going on that got parroted by MSM, I am going to call this one as I see it, and it is DOOM.

I think there is a fair possibility the Chinese government is at least being honest with this, but what they are saying is being tainted by hoaxers on an adrenaline run of clickbait. Some of the click bait, and captures from doom videos are below, totally debunked (You'll have to scroll past the winter time double post) but it is all down this page. Anyway -

Perhaps the Chinese government really is doing the lockdowns. If so, it appears to be an over-reaction, unless there's something we don't know about because after all there really is a level 4 biolab in Wuhan. Whatever this is, it is probably not natural. To keep this all simple, here's a short summary:

1. In 2015, Bill Gates filed a patent (which is further down this page) on a GMO modified coronavirus.

2. Three months ago, during a conference where he was preaching the virtues of population reduction via vaccines, Gates did a hypothetical model where the coronavirus kills 65 million people. That's a stretch for coronavirus, which is simply the common cold, But then again, there is that patent. And at that conference, he preached the virtues of using vaccines to reduce the population.

3.It appears there was an outbreak of sorts in China, but the Chinese government is quoting very low numbers and only a few dead, while obvious hoaxers on Twitter are posting videos from all times of the year claiming they just happened and saying thousands are dying because there are dead people laying everywhere. However, every major city has that many people laying in the streets daily due to either bike accidents or car accidents or passing out from strokes - Wuhan has a population of 11 million, there would therefore, by statistic, be multiple videos of people laying in the streets for various reasons daily. You'll get that many from gunshots alone in Chicago in one day. So there's plenty of hoax fodder, quite well proven by the fact the hoaxers did not get the time of year right, they just used whatever looked good.

4. BIG PROBLEM - Britain is running with this, and doing quarantines. And if they are taking it that far there's little doubt it is going to be done in the U.S. also.

5. BIGGER PROBLEM: Gates has the vaccine ready to go already.

Here is the end game, as I see it:

There is a strong possibility that this virus, hoax or real, is going to be used for a martial law style crack down in various nations, including the United States. If this happens in the United States, it could be used as a pretext for even heavier crack downs, complete with gun grabs and forced "vaccinations" - For a virus Bill Gates has patents on, PLUS the vaccine for, while he babbled all about how vaccines should be used for population reduction.

Bill Gates probably contracted out to China for his virus bullshit, why hire Americans to do it? Americans cost more, may have loyalties get in the way, and might speak up. They might speak up in China also, but there's that language barrier, and the guns and Trump problem is in the U.S. There's no doubt China's government hates Trump, and that's definitely playing into this scenario as it unfolds as well.

I can't say a gun grab and forced "vaccination" is going to happen yet because it is too early to know, but it is sure shaping up in a very bad way.

PRECEDENT: Sandy Hook: - If they could stage such an event in a school that had been closed for 4 years and ram it down America's throat through a rigged MSM they can certainly do a virus scam and have nothing at all be real, Britain does not even need to put quarantines in place, none of it has to be real, the MSM can wag the entire damn thing and there will be no way for the public to know if any of it is real or not. But you can bet martial law in the U.S. will be real if they take this that far, while the reason behind it is entirely fake.

So that's where I am at right now. Needless to say, I am skeptical.


GEE, did I miss something? Why do a majority of the Wuhan doom videos have summer time foliage?

What I am saying here may not be popular with those who love doom, but what else can I say? I try to avoid posting BULLSHIT even when lots of alt media has been fooled!


BOOOOOM: I just figured out how to prove much of the pandemic story line fake

If all the videos posted online to Twitter about people laying dead in the streets are real, why are a majority of them shot during the summer, with lush green leaves on the trees? China's trees don't have any leaves now. It is winter there. That means the videos are random, and no leaves on the trees does nothing to confirm the videos really are of a pandemic.


BUSTED!!! . . . . . sometimes a "day at work" ends quite nicely.

LOOK PEOPLE, the elite are NOT going to release a disease they can be killed by, the "disease" will be in the shot.


I believe I have enough info to put the Wuhan/Corona story together

Mike Adams has now been largely shut down (Natural News). He claims there is a secret court that is shutting down vaccine truth web sites.

There is no secret court. It is called corruption in the system. That is why this site is based in Iceland. When they moved to shut it down 3 years ago, it failed because they did it via corruption in the system and not a court order, which iceland would not issue. So they were stuck by the direct IP access still working and had to re-enable the DNS servers to save face. I got the take down order from internic and did nothing to clear it, the fact I had direct IP and hosting in Iceland took care of the problem by itself. That's called planning.

I told everyone repeatedly to get hosted in Iceland with an Iceland extension. Apparently no one listened, or very few did. Yes, it would not have been convenient which led to procrastination in many cases, procrastination that did not pay off. ANYWAY: So here's the plan: Shut down vaccine truth sites. This site is partially a vaccine truth site and shutdown attempts will fail. That's beside the point, many are not protected well enough.

Launch a B.S. disease that Bill Gates himself projected 3 months ago, specifically for coronavirus, that produced tens of millions dead.

With vaccine truth sites shut down, then mandate the vaccines, and put the killing agents in the shot. In the resulting freak out, use the shot to reduce world population to desired levels.

I'll bet a dime to a dollar I nailed it.

By the way, if Cloudflare is blocking you from viewing Infowars, you have to hit it with a static IP. I have already tested this. DHCP setups won't work, and most people can't tell what they have. To hit Infowars now, it has to be a static IP or cloudflare will oust you, (at least in my case). I have options here, I can bust through lots of difficulties and had to do a little troubleshooting to get through to Infowars today. Results may vary, my problem may have been system or provider specific but DHCP vs static made the difference for me.



One has a guy having a stroke. Another has a guy that was shot. I got that far into it and declared HOAX.

So now every video from China that has someone laying in the street is because of the coronavirus. GREAT. Just keep this in mind:

In one day in this one city alone, you could probably dredge up video of five separate incidents where someone is laying somewhere after getting hit by a car. It looks like the hoaxers discovered this, and are not being careful at all, the second one I saw (that got me to call B.S.) has about three litres of blood coming from the guy's head. That's not coronavirus, that's a gunshot. This has not been described as an ebola clone!

None of the hoaxes are helping with my perceptions of things, other than to serve as confirmation that it is all probably B.S.

The actual official numbers now state 600 infected. I am not even going to consider this, I'd rather cower in fear of the flu, which kills thousands yearly in the U.S. alone, and I can't even do that. This is an agenda game, and if it is not I can't be blamed for thinking so after all the past hoaxes. fool me once . . . . . oops, even the first one did not fool me.


Claim: People collapsing in the streets from Coronavirus

Or Wuhan virus. Whatever. Complete with pictures of people who might have simply had a stroke. You have to die sometime, and with over a billion people in China, photo ops are always available. Who knows if it is legitimate or not? The main story lines now is that it came from a snake, and that it escaped from a biolab. Other stories are that it came from bat soup, because "Bats carry coronavirus". However, cows do to. And dogs And cats And birds (oh my) so we'll have to see where this one goes. The bottom line is that someone needs a serious scare to get everyone to submit to a "vaccine", who could that be? SEE THE NEXT POST.


BILL GATES: Vaccines and health care can be used to reduce the population

And the coronavirus already has a vaccine for it, ready to go. Need I say more?

Furthermore, if we reach zero Co2 all life stops. The reality is that Co2 levels were low enough at the beginning of the industrial age to severely hinder plant growth. The extra Co2 is actually helping.



As of this morning, (Jan 23) total confirmed deaths worldwide are at 17. Don't believe the B.S. that is being spewed about massive death rates.

FACT: 17 deaths worldwide do not amount to enough to confirm any virus did anything, that's a number so low it is statistical chatter.

Top two rumors: China is freaking out, has quarantined two cities and is doing aerial spraying.

The other rumor: Wuhan, where the outbreak was supposedly started, has a level 4 bio lab which was doing research on the world's top pathogens.

I know this stuff is being said but am still calling bunk on this, once you get past hype and rumor, the numbers do not add up.


Adam Schiff: The American people are too stupid to be allowed a vote

Here is the key quote from Schiff, and I'll explain why it is the key quote

"The president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won"

Why is that a key quote? Answer: Because in the Jewish community, a "fair" election is that which goes in favor of the Jew and "misconduct" means any attempt to call any member of the tribe to account. They are not interested in an ethical, accurate, or properly represented election, they are interested in a "fair" election, and don't be fooled into believing "fair" is really fair.

Schiff was pleading with the representatives to oust Trump, because it appears they are worried they won't be able to rig the next election adequately to achieve a "fair" outcome. "Interference" with the election in this case amounts to doing enough to stop the rigging to cause the will of the American people to be represented, rather than the will of the Jew, which is practically the only representation we've had as they sold America out to foreign powers, and maimed Americans as much as possible via "vaccines", scam medical, tainted foods, -

There is no way they don't know what is causing autism, obesity and a plethora of other societal ills. It's not rocket science to get to the bottom of why our kids are getting wrecked. They know why, and are using a phony media to provide cover while subversives are using the medical system as a weapon, both economic and physical. It is 100 - 1, 000X over priced and weaponized to boot. 100X over priced hospital and doctors, 1, 000X over priced aspirin. And there's no secret at all with "vaccines", they are not looking for a way to make them safe, they are instead re-weaponizing the next batch to "frog in the pot" us into accepting an autism rate of 1 in 17 as normal, while all who did not get autism are seriously damaged to various levels from "less than what could have been" to totally wrecked.

Schiff laid it out well yesterday. They have no intentions whatsoever of allowing Americans to slow their destruction, let alone turn it back. They actually are afraid Trump might call them to account. Too bad Kushner is right in Trump's face trying to convince Trump the Jews are not doing it all, when he damn well knows they are and was sent to use Ivanka to keep the scam and subversion going. He had Trump reined in before he even became President, billionaires are dangerous and must be controlled.

So will the senate be swayed to oust a totally decent and innocent president? Short answer: If there are enough crypto Jews, (Jews who pretend to be something other than what they are) I'd say it is a solid YES. They must have their "fair" elections after all, Trump cannot be allowed to finish his term, let alone get on the ballot again.

Trump really got in the way of "progress" which for the Jew means the advancements of their efforts to wipe out the white race and the civilization it created so they can steal the tech and live as gods above other races that will never challenge them. If they oust Trump, they'll probably succeed.


Update to below:

Coronavirus update: They already have the vaccine.

Need I say more?


Update to below:

A truck drove into the blades of a helicopter that was taking off. see this

The helicopter belonged to one of the state governments in Brazil. There's no way the truck's insurance is going to cover this, even if the helicopter did not receive damage that will total it ($1.6 million dollar copter, used price.) It went about as well as it possibly could have.


This is quite a stretch, but:

The coronavirus scam could be used as a front for a crack down in the United States. "They sent all the guards and troops out for the corona virus, not to quell civil unrest, and the ouster of Trump and/or gun grab had nothing to do with it". Granted, the impeachment started out OK but in some way, either guns, impeachment, or a vaccine is part of this coronavirus scam, and perhaps all 3. My tentative guess is Trump won't be impeached, but remember who he's up against.

Never let a good crisis go to waste - as long as people believe there is one. HEADS UP FOLKS. This may be a little bit too forward thinking here, but they would not be pushing an idiotic virus like this one without a reason. The only question is, what is that reason?


Corona virus mutating

Just like all viruses, that's why they claim a new flu vaccine is needed every year. How about that debunk? Let's see where they take this stage show. Now a red headline on what was once "drudge" again. Don't forget: The coronavirus is ONLY THE COMMON COLD. They can't say "cold virus" because that's not spooky enough. Hey folks, the cold is going around in China.



Borrow someone else's device that is on an ISP you never used before, and you'll get on the server. If the first one does not work, try another device and another provider. You'll get in. The rest of the instructions follow.


Update to below:

Dutchsinse gone. Field gone. Abeldanger.org gone. WRH not normal, despite a few updates a couple days ago that are not what it usually is, and now Natural News. Natural news was a big target. See this:


Mike Adams has stated he's getting blocked from administering his web servers

I have the solution, been dealing with this for years -

Here is what he's saying

"Natural News is under extreme attack from a new, highly sophisticated form of cyber warfare that we have not witnessed before. This attack began shortly after we posted our article documenting the FBI's involvement in running the white supremacist front group known as "The Base, " which provided a convenient pretext for Virginia Gov. Northam to declare a state of emergency to disarm citizens at the recent pro-2A rally in Richmond.

This attack has resulted in a blocking of access to our own web servers.

This means we are currently unable to post new stories until this attack is resolved. Some stories posted over the last four days are also inaccessible. In addition to this sophisticated cyber warfare attack, we have also been subjected to phishing attempts that targeted the email inboxes of our staff members. Those attacks were thwarted.

My comment: That was a good report, if I remember right I had a few comments here including Al Quaida means "the base". And I do bet your problems were caused by this. Here is how I solved this problem -

1. Have more than one ISP. That costs more, but do it. AT&T will not allow me to administer this site through the server login AT ALL, but two other providers will. However, AT&T is the champion for everything else so they are predominantly how I do combat mode and find info. No one can block combat mode as of yet, it requires no server login and simply injects what I want into a page because I programmed the server to allow it with my own custom code. No one has been able to hack it either (it's quite obscure) and hackers need at least a lead on how to do it. They don't have that with me because the code is MINE.

2. Have more than one operating system, and more than one device, and in all devices run from USB. They can hoax an illusion of no access from your own devices, when in reality, on the web, all is well.

I used to handle this by going to "totally random computers" to do updates when needed, but I think they got sick of that because they don't bother anymore. That did not get AT&T to allow access however.

3. To have articles show up, you have to re-name their page names and it helps a LOT to dump everything to direct IP the way I do. Their attack is that shallow, simply rename the page and re-link it in, I do it all the time here. For re-named home pages with direct IP, you'll have to make changes to .htaccess every time also but I have that down to getting it done by changing only one character in the entire file, I got efficient with this stuff.

Also, if your site's landing page is always the same name (that's normal) they can mess with that badly, my site's landing page changes every single day, or multiple times daily at times like the Ukraine shoot down because they'll kill it in hours and only changing the page name works to clear it. I have an efficient way of doing that, with just a . followed by 3 digits that are named to keep the most recent updated page at the top of the file structure I estimate it will take approximately 30 years to use up all the 4 digit file naming possibilities. It can't get simpler than 4 characters. By working that sequence backwards, people can hit the older pages and once a topic is a few days old the people causing problems don't care about it anymore, the pages will work.

After a little practice, I can have the entire site appear different to an attacker in about 5 minutes, and nullify all censorship attacks.


So far so good on impeachment

Due to a Senate vote 47-53 in his favor, Trump will control the dialogue. Nothing else yet.


Coronavirus has Trump's impeachment squelched in the news.

Things that make you go Hmmmm . . . .


Coronavirus only gets 1 mention on Drudge today, in middle of page

Here's why: Because somehow, overnight, people figured out it was the common cold and "9 deaths" from seasonal ailments simply does not stack up. The 440 cases quoted on Drudge is actually likely instead 200 million because coronavirus is everywhere and everyone has already had it multiple times. 100 million equates to one out of 50 people have the cold. That's probably about right.


Update to below: This is current as of 11PM Jan 21 and is intended to be a January 22 AM post. It is CURRENT, and not based on old numbers.



Anything else is probable B.S. hype

Diez en Punto, (by far the best newscast, perhaps in North America) stated that there have thus far been 446 cases of Coronavirus TOTAL in the ENTIRE world and that no one anywhere has died. This is proof of a scare psy op, and I can prove it.

FACT: "Corona Virus" is what causes the common cold. Therefore, there are millions and millions and millions of cases, but for their "outbreak model" they are hoaxing people making them think this is something unique by stating low numbers and praying for people to be ROCK STUPID.

Why trumpet 446 "confirmed cases" when there are obviously millions out there? Why trumpet 446 cases with zero dead? Why? Because it "showed up in China first", just like "swine flu" and H1N1? Here's a new education: All of the big scares have come out of China and all, (including coronavirus now) are proven hoaxes, hoax busted right here, on this site. QUESTION: WHY CHINA? Why is China ground zero for this crap? The social credit score? The one place where they can push it with instant penalization of dissenters? Probably something in that ball park.

I am officially declaring the "corona virus" outbreak a HOAX. FACT: in the city where I sit, with a population of 1.5 million, there are at least 3, 000 cases of "corona virus" because it is SO DAMN COMMON. This is not an outbreak, it is a medical scare scam.

A medical scare scam launched by a first year medical student or someone else who thinks "coronavirus" sounds spooky. YES. IT SOUNDS SPOOKY. Spookier than bird flu at least! Maybe that will work. NOT.

Dear so called "elite" - are you going to let the trickle out of this web site rot you again, or are you going to ditch this scam tomorrow, or perhaps a little later when people start screaming HOAX? HOW ABOUT THIS:



And that is precisely why this site gets de-funded as much as possible, because no one else in the entirety of alt media nailed this, once again, like the Ukranian plane transponder shut down and many other things, you heard it here first.

Oh, I forgot to mention: Don't get the vaccine if they get that far with this B.S.



The patent goes into a detailed description of the family of viruses known as Corona viruses and gives no indication whatsoever that they are particularly dangerous at all in people. It is the common cold. The flu is far worse. Coronavirus can be serious in animals but virtually never is in people. This China syndrome is nothing but the next bird flu hoax.


A reminder about the so-called virus from China:

I guess they figured BIRD and SWINE was not going to scare anyone, so they came up with CORONA. YIKES.

DO NOT GET VAXXED FOR THIS BS NO MATTER WHAT. THEY PULL IT EVERY TIME FOR THESE HOAXES, WHICH ALWAYS HAVE BEEN HOAXES. Why would this time around be any different? If they actually cared, they would not be continuously crying wolf to get a rabbit into a trap.




ANNOUNCEMENT: YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST (by a lot) and more - I knew how long the transponder was off before the shoot down. How did I know that? Hack my Goophone to find out. OOPS, it's retired! And by the way, I never used it for that!


My take on Apu being taken from the Simpsons due to "racism"

Indians LOVED Apu, and the Simpsons portrayal of him because it was accurate. They really do run those little stores and talk like that in many parts of the United States. There was absolutely no one from India who was offended by Apu. They saw him as acknowledgement of themselves. Yet he has to go. Because he was unique, and liked for that uniqueness.

Why? because communists cannot stand uniqueness. That is why they push multiculturalism and attack religion. Uniqueness gives people a self identity, which under communism you're not supposed to have. You are instead supposed to be a cell in the body of communism, un-differentiated from all the other cells.

During the destruction phase of any society, they use multiculturalism to claim everyone needs to be recognized but the end goal, and result, is that everyone gets homogenized into an unrecognizable depersonalized blob. Apu stood out as a stark reminder of what the past was like, and therefore, 30 years down the road he now has to go so "progress" can continue . . . . . without that nuisance reminder of a time before everything was dissolved - when people really did have individuality.


Alex Jones crashed a Woman's march

At this march he had his megaphone, made no effort at all to conceal himself, and started screaming "Down With Trump". He got them going good. Hilarious, See this

Gosh, they were stupid. As "out of it" as those who preached for war against Iran, and then could not find Iran on a map. If you can't at least identify Alex, you're LOST.


They are really pushing the Corona virus hoax

It is just an excuse to vax people into submission and will be yet another bird flue swine flu hoax. Maybe Mexicans will think it comes from beer. It is not time for the privileged to pull the plug yet, and until they do, there will be no legit virus.


There's nothing in the headlines today, a few brief things -

Obviously they are proceeding with impeachment and there is every story in the book about what will happen. I do not know what will happen. It appears things are not going as well for Trumps opposition as they would like, but that guarantees nothing. What more can I say? We won't know until it is over. Here's what I'd like to see. DOUBT IT:

When Trump is on the stand he can ask all his accusers everything about their lives and rip them right open. He can rip everything right open. Will he? DOUBT IT. This will go down as another lost opportunity like everything else.

Nothing happened in Virginia

Closing the airspace and having great photo documentation probably did it. Alex was going around in his stylized armored whatever it is. It does look cool and I think I know why he started doing that - because he believes he is threatened and does not want a knife in the gut. It's a nice show piece and if TSHTF all he has to do is sit down and close the hatch.

There's a supposed virus outbreak in China. Reported numbers don't match "pandemic". Another bird flu scare?

One line is all that topic needs.

Taal volcano is becoming more active again but it is not critical yet. The big story with this however is there's an enormous area totaling about40X30 miles that is obviously being pushed up by magma, and that process has not stopped. What if that blows? It would be epic to say the least.


Nothing happened in Virginia, probably because David Hodges was right.

If you can't control the narrative, can't have the airspace, and can't even coordinate with GPS, what's a modern day snowflake NAZI to do?


Antifa's biggest gripe with the GPS shut down was interference with Pokemon on their cell phones. After all, if they can't get away with slash and burn anymore, what else would they be doing besides taking a bus back to mom's basement?


Antifa will not be present at the Virginia protests???

After cooperating with the police and helping them set up the control structures for this protest, Antifa walked off the scene, never to return, according to top Antifa leadership. They will "not be present", only patriots will be present. YEP.

Therefore, we now know that any acts of violence will be squarely blamed on patriots because Antifa can't dress just like patriots and go onto the scene as actors. They cannot do that, so don't even consider it. All acts of violence will therefore justify gun bans because "patriots" will be 100 percent "responsible" for anything that goes wrong.

By way of deception thou shalt do war.


Virginia now wildly afoul of the law

Though this is being widely reported on, I should probably mention it here too

So the story goes: Virginians vow to throw the governor and traitors out with the next election. Response: We'll just get rid of the voter ID requirements then, and extend the governorship to 8 years instead of 4. You can't make this stuff up, WTF, OVER??!!??

Yep, Virginia is THAT FAR gone. Unbelievable.

Very relevant throw in here:

David Hodges actually had a pretty good no-doom info drop (no doom is unusual for him) - he stated that the reason why the U.S. government shut down the GPS signals and airspace over Virginia during this protest was to limit excessive action by Virginia's government, and to foil U.N. troops if they are present anywhere in the state by screwing their GPS navigation. That makes sense, here's why:

Because Americans know America's roads, especially Virginians, who matter most in this, and a foreign enforcement body will be screwed by loss of GPS more than anyone. On top of that, the Virginian government cannot use any type of air support for any oppressive actions they have planned, and in this case I'd trust the U.S. military a LOT more than I'd ever trust the state level government. Having them shut down GPS and airspace over the protest was a very good move that weighs positive for our future as a nation overall.

Certified safe(er) rocket ride than ever before

Prior to now, the rule of space flight was that if anything went wrong, you're dead. But Spacex did a test launch today where they intentionally destroyed the main rocket, detached from it, and then had the passenger section land. It is widely believed that if space shuttle Challenger had such a system, there would have been survivors. Now that Spacex has done this successfully, they are going to start sending people to the space station. This is a first. The first time anyone had a chance of surviving the loss of the main launch stage.

Nasa got ridiculed for not having an emergency parachute on at least the nose section of the Challenger but Nasa has never had such safety items because they "cost too much to launch every time". Spacex got the costs of space travel down so far that such systems are now economically viable and can be included. "disaster" no longer (necessarily) means astronaut death. Yes, I'd fly on Elon's rig.


This is worth a watch.

Check out this 30 second time lapse of a snowfall in Newfoundand

It all happens in the last 10 seconds.

The Oathkeepers are requesting people show up in Virginia tomorrow

If any can, it might be a good idea to show up. ALSO:

I strongly encourage absolutely anyone who has a very powerful camera, especially a P-90 or P-100 to show up and never enter the rally. Your job would be to find a spot where you can see the entire event and get anything that happens on video, and with both of those cameras you can identify people (absent atmospheric disturbances, and there probably won't be many in the winter), the range of those cameras for identifying people is up to 2 miles for the P-900 and 3 miles for the P-1000 provided the photographer is good and the conditions are prime.

It should be possible to get the entire thing captured from a mile away with ease if you can get a clear shot.

Also, those with cell phones - everyone should be recording video or livestreaming FULL TIME. There's no excuse to go in unprepared nowadays. Any digital camera with an optical zoom greater than 20X will be an asset there and the high end Nikons are the absolute champs for this. BRING THE CAMERA if you have a super zoom and obviously if you have a cell, it should be recording full time. The hate America crowd, anyone who's not a "white supremacist" is going to do everything it can possibly get away with, and having a dozen or so P-90's observing from afar, FAR AWAY from the action will totally screw them if they pull anything, and there are lots of less powerful super zooms that could prove to be devastating also.

The importance of such cameras is paramount, there's a reason why they don't want drones there and if you can get a clear shot from anywhere distant you won't need one, the high end nikons will smash most drones. You cannot get away with simply being outside the fence shooting with an inadequate device if they decide to pull something, you need to instead be so far away no one has any clue anyone got a shot. That starts at around 30X and 1080P. There's a pile of cameras out there than can do that. You might not need one of those Nikons to get the job done

If you have any back up USB power supplies have them fully charged and ready to charge your cameras, cell phones might last all day but there are no decent cameras that will and it won't be good enough to not have it going full time.

They banned drones for a reason. They don't want witnesses. Super zoom cameras are the back up and there's a very good chance they'll do the trick, and provide enough intimidation to prevent the gun grabbers from pulling any stunts.

I will repeat: If you have a high end Nikon BRING IT, even if you have to set up on a mountain 5 miles away if you have a clear view a P-90 or P-100 is going to do the job. At that distance you won't be identifying people but you'd sure as hell document a helicopter shooting people up, or the police staging a riot, or whatever, in devastating clarity and you'd get the whole scene.

If you find a prime spot and there's already people there with their high end Nikons, and your camera is not up to that level, USE IT ANYWAY, THE MORE COVERAGE THE BETTER. Also, it might pay off for someone to find a hiding spot from which they can make a video of the photographers who are documenting the scene from a distance, in case the police come to shut them down. If anything is planned, they just might.

Hopefully the day will end boring, with no one capturing anything "good." That's the whole objective of having long range photographers there. Accountability is security.


The following was posted to Facebook by a Virginia Senator:

By calm I do not mean non-vigilant. Always be vigilant.

Senator Amanda Chase

Sadly, I am posting this, knowing that the Governor of Virginia has declared a State of Emergency in our state. I want you to be aware of how we are being set up. Does the Patriot Act ring a bell? Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell? If people show up wearing any kind of uniform, patch or other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist. If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant....if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist. The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen. He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection. It will be used to put the rest of the nation on notice of what will happen to you, if you resist.

They have used the Southern Poverty Law Center over the last 15 years to lay the groundwork. They have labeled us as potential domestic terrorists for a long time now. Anyone who has ever related to the 3%er's, a militia, or just belonged to any Patriot group... the groundwork has been laid to brand you as a domestic terrorist. They have gone out of their way since the Obama years to insure they had us labeled, but it didn't start with Obama. It started with the Patriot Act under the Bush administration. We are being played by a well oiled machine, these things have been in the works for many years.

They are kicking things into high gear. Military veterans were/are even listed as potential domestic terrorists. We were told not once, but several times by the current President, "It's Not Me they are after, It's You, The American People." Their actions over the last three years have shown you he was right, they are coming after us full speed ahead and they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. Sic semper tyrannis, keep your head on a swivel and know what's going on around you at all times, at Lobby Day 1/20/20. Everyone be safe out there....Thus always to tyrants.

My comment: That's spooky coming from a senator. It does not get any more real than that. Take my former advice and get all but ONE gun out of state, NOW.


Iran has it's own Asimo type robot

I did not know this existed. The latest generation, released a month ago, is not as agile as other advanced robots but it seems to be quite intelligent, (much more so than many other robots.) Aside from chatting, It's definitely beyond a Pepper robot at least. see this and the good part, that actually shows the finished robot in autonomous mode, starts about half way through the video.

This robot obviously is not programmed with the same code other robots are programmed with, it actually looks like it is alive and has nerves but it moves like a 90 year old man. And when teased with a bottle of water, it was able to follow what the guy was doing and take it anyway, it did not get confused. As far as agility goes, it's nowhere near Boston Dynamics, but as far as obvious intelligence goes, the thing is definitely not stupid. Well worth a look, and quite surprising Iran developed this.


Taal volcano:

Like I said, the entire caldera and lake the Taal volcano sits within might blow. It is not assured yet, but magma movements under the ground have been enough to do this:

I am not too up on the technicalities of impeding mega eruptions, but to my inexperienced eye that appears to be quite an anomaly. The Twtter this came from is HERE and the associated tweet reads: "Driving around #Taal today it was very noticeable how the displacement and cracks have increased in extent. The photo below was taken 2 days ago, today that warped section had complete collapse"

My comment: If the entire caldera blows, it will be an M7+, bigger than Krakatoa. This picture was not at the volcano itself, it was in the area outside of it's surrounding lake which means the bulge that is doing this is geographically enormous. The bulge is confirmed to be caused by magma movements but does not necessarily mean everything is going to explode. That said, this is a lot worse than anything going on at Yellowstone right now.


It is obvious they are going full steam ahead with a Virginia gun grab, and it is going to be staged from Israel

PRO TIP: If you can, take your guns to a neighboring state NOW. Keep ONE with lots of bullets for combat or they might kick off the genocide, it is THAT SERIOUS.

FACT: They have glorified the AR because it is useless against their toys, the common guns that matter most will be a .270, then a 30.06, then a 12 guage slug.

ENHANCED PRO TIP: RENT A CHEAP STORAGE LOCKER IN ANOTHER STATE IF FRIENDS AND FAMILY CAN'T RECEIVE THEM. Keep only what is necessary for combat, boat accidents do happen and if you put them in a storage shed, use your own lock and keep your mouth shut, even with the people who run the place.

That way, if you do manage to survive getting the ONE (1) gun you kept at home taken from you, you can just go to the storage shed for the next best option.

If the Israelis really do handle this, you're going to learn all about palestine, first hand.

If you distribute your weapons to "keep them safe" and they are in the same jurisdiction, it won't work. Communists first learn of friends and family associations, and act against everyone in a family or group with pin point timing, they'll hit Bob, Joe, Eric, Donald and Roy in separate homes at 3:51 on the same day. No one will be able to warn anyone, "keeping guns with friends to reduce losses" won't work, keep ONE gun and the rest really do need to be kept out of state and fetched when needed.

Odd happenings in Virginia

First item: The FBI set up an "Al Quaida" terror front where white nationalist gun owners are the terrorists. In this case, they were fronted as leftists that wanted to attack gun owners at the rally in Virginia. This report from Breitbart gives all the Sherlock clues but the writer of the report was no sort of detective. It is all put together in the comments below the report. The "white nationalist" group is called "the base" which is what Al Quaida means in Arabic. We have explosives training, Nazis, white supremacists, Al Quaida, military style training camps, encryption violence, and Maryland, home of the world's most corrupted courts as part of this story line.

First hand knowledge: Maryland does injections disguised as "TB tests" on anyone they want scrambled enough for one of their plot lines. Maryland is definitely the most horrific jurisdiction in perhaps the entire world. That this story line is playing out there is not a surprise to me, nothing that comes out of this can be trusted to have any accuracy at all. Maryland absolutely will drug people and make them believe or testify to anything, and then render them incapable of connecting a coherent thought of their own for the rest of their lives. 100 percent communist gulag. I have seen the shots myself and how they coerce people into taking them, a 15CC syringe full of mysterious yellow liquid is NOT a TB test and the shot is designed to put the drugs into your lymphatic system, where they can linger for decades.

Out take: Three people were grabbed for a "terror" plot from god knows where, and made to believe whatever. Perhaps there is a thread of reality about their origins, and maybe they actually played the game a little, but when they entered the system in Maryland the story became whatever works for the agenda and the patsies are gonna believe it. The world really needs to know about Maryland and how what is going on there is identical to the worst Bolshevik Russia ever did, they flew it perfectly under the radar until I saw it myself. There is no such thing as a 15 CC TB test administered via a syringe and needle, what the hell is that shot?

I flew a litlte loose with that (like I did when I recently revealed that temple) because Dutchsince, Field, Abel Danger and possibly Mike got vanished recently, and people need to know Maryland is GROUND ZERO while I am still able to say it.

Next item:

Virginia is now hiring crisis actors for the "terror" story they need to kick off the gun grab. And the pay is $250 per day. PLEASE NOTE: If Soros is paying for this, you'll probably end up getting jipped. He may be a billionaire but he's over-extended himself and rips off his role players whenever he can.

And I quote:

"But the only problem is Soros is a bitch-ass dickstain.

That motherfucker promised to pay me $2,000/week and give me health insurance. He promised to set up a retirement account. He even promised to give me a sizable bonus at the end of the year. But after the inauguration, when it was time to be paid, no check came in the mail."

My comment: Well, that's good to know, but I can't be sympathetic.

Next item: Virginia is going to have Israel handle the drones during the gun grab

You can't make this stuff up, but HERE IT IS. and I beg to question: Why are they consulting ISRAEL of all places right now, for drones, when China provably makes better drones a lot cheaper? Is the first American gun grab actually going to be staged from Israel?

So we have: Already the FBI sent a group of patsies to one of the gun rallies in Virginia and "busted them", only to vanish them into a hell hole in Maryland, where they will be perfectly transformed into what is needed for a story line. We have crisis actors being hired, and military contracts with Israel.


That's a piece of combat gear I have never seen before, WTF is it?


As of the 16th, Mike Rivero has again missed his usual site updates. This is not looking good.

Once again, if you are in alt media and think you can get away with walking around with a cell phone, you're dead. This does not count for Alex Jones, who now sits approximately where FOX used to. They won't kill him, and his fancy broadcasts prove he's not on the rocks. It is my opinion that you can't live the way he does nowadays, showing up in armored trucks, and be facing major difficulties and there has to be a reason why he is not. Is he still valuable? Maybe.

About the impeachment trial, which is now starting:

I don't think the Republicans can be trusted. Both sides of the fence are equal swamp, with the only thing in Trump's favor being the future image of those who wish to betray. If they think they can get away with it, they will.

What more can be said?



I have mentioned this a couple times over the years, and something BIG just happened on this topic - a German man who had 299 ounces of paper gold tried to cash it in for real gold, and the company he bought it at did not have it on hand

So let me entertain you with how the scam works, and how gold prices have been kept low:

Jacob decides to open a gold trading business selling paper gold. Daddy Jacob Senior happens to have about 500 million he can loan Junior. Junior then sets up a corporation which is a person under the law just like you and me. That "person" and not Junior, will take the rap when Junior pulls out and robs everyone. I know, that should not be legal but it is. It's how the modern scam is run. Anyway -

Jacob decides to name his newly created "person" Equity Asset Group, and actually does have daddy's money (at first) to back it up. He gets some physical gold on hand for audits, (lots of it) and it all looks legit. He then puts the gold on the market, and advertises "Buy gold from Equity Asset Group" and we'll even store it for you, so you don't need to worry about security and having it be stolen. Then Clyde, who's getting old, sells the farm and buys gold from "Equity Asset Group" and is happy, because he knows his gold is safe if his apartment gets robbed.

200, 000 people just like Clyde "buy gold", SO MUCH gold that in total, they put 2.5 billion into the kitty, which is only backed by $500 million in gold. Jacob Junior then buys a couple jets with the excess 2 billion and funds Planned Parenthood and others because that will keep him safe during audit time in this satanic system, and throws a little more into parties and paying back daddy the original 500 million and perhaps even sets up a few foundations so he can do a little laundering and play the Soros gig.

Everything's sailing along just fine, so he decides to "sell more gold" and leverages that original $500 million's worth to 10 X instead of 5 X. He MILKS IT GOOD, repeatedly, until it is out 20 or 30X. It all works fine, because Clyde and the rest of them are happy their "gold is safe somewhere" and Jacob Junior did have enough to answer the occasional request for it. But when taken, he never put anything back. Now he's got $190 million worth of gold but so what, it's working and he's floating in BILLIONS.

Then, someone calls out the last batch of gold like this guy in Germany did, and it can't be delivered. Jacob then declares the "person" he set up to front it all as the culprit, people sue that "person" - Equity Asset Group - get nothing, and Jacob walks free, having robbed that person blind. Now he's got a few billion left over to start the process all over again and invents an entirely new person out of thin air to take the rap.

The above is a bit simplistic, but it outlines the situation PERFECTLY.

Right now, the gold markets are leveraged at least 10:1 against actual gold available, there's not a chance they can pay it all out. That means they stole 90 percent of people's money based on a fiction of "value" and an illusion that something was actually there to cover it. This can't possibly end well, if you have paper gold you had damn well better cash it out for real gold - one little bit at a time - because the vast majority of the people who got suckered into it are going to get screwed. BE THE FIRST IN LINE BY ACTING NOW. Do not let the guy holding the short stick be you!


Update to below: Nancy's pens appear to be modeled after a 300 winchester mag


WOW, check out the pens Nancy ordered for the signing of the Trump impeachment

That looks like somewhat of a match for a 30.06. Dimensions and bullets a little off, That would probably jam and not quite shoot right but it appears to try to communicate that caliber.


Message to Iran: You are alive. EAT THE DOWNED JET, don't beg for more


That's a mistake, Israel did it.

Via cyber attack. JUST. LIKE. I. SAID. I am not even going to look at whatever their conclusions were, because I know what happened. And the guy who got the video the media posted is obviously complicit, Iran is right about that.

The Jewish community is in overdrive trolling anyone who says the Jews did it. Here is an example from Infowars:

This post: "The root of all sorrows goes back to America" He's got a point. But he's wrong. The root of all sorrows goes back to letting Jews have such influence in our foreign policy and America enthralled to the Zionist Yinon plan in the middle east.

That post triggered an absolute wall of posts like this:

Hahahaha!!! Okay, are you still doing that little dance as you type? I'm sure the only Iranian to have his head lifted is the dumb SOB who didn't think up this excuse sooner. Hahahaha!!! Hey, some milk in my refrigerator turned , sour, was that the Jews too? And that traffic light on the way to work took extra long this morning, is that the Jews too? And my satellite TV stopped working for a couple of minutes last night, is that the Jews too? And my shirts came back from the cleaners and they put starch in the collar, is that the Jews too? And the.... I hope you paranoia is eating your guts alive, it's obviously feasted on your brain. Hahahaha!!! if you blame the Jews for it, it's gotta be horsesht. hahaha!!!!! And the automatic doors at the grocery store stopped working yesterday, was that the Jews too? And my cell phone battery keeps running out of power, is that the Jews too? Curious how all the Iranians have to do is say something and you clowns 1. believe it above all else, and 2 you blame whatever is handy on the Jews. Naaah, you guys ain't Iranian, no way, huh uh! Hahahaha!!!

Hate to say it, but when a WALL OF COMMENTS like THAT follows that is so thick no one else can get in, someone's doing what they think is damage control when anyone with an ounce of awareness has a chance of seeing through it, anyone with a pound of awareness definitely will. The vehement and plentiful responses to a comment that did not even say Israel caused the plane to be shot down - it just mentioned an underlying problem - proves someone has something to hide, and the Jews then pulled the "tinfoil hat" out to belittle people.

MESSAGE: THAT RUSE IS WEARING THIN. You don't tap dance on something that vehimently if you have nothing to hide.

Too many people know the Jews are the ones behind practically everything for such comments to work anymore, after all, if they own the medical system and shortly after that you're paying $1200 a month into it even if you don't use it there's a problem. If when they own it the vaccines are sabotaged (lots on this lately that will come to nothing, they've been busted repeatedly, repeatedly, and repeatedly even by the UN but you can't drain that swamp) - well, then it does start to look like they could even jam the doors at a super market. I am convinced that every last societal ill of significance, from transvestite story hour, to chemicals in the food, to hacked communications, to censorship, to a scamming MSM they wholly own, to (you name it) is done by them, if it is serving to destroy Western civilization it is them doing it. What am I supposed to say after a Jewish Bernie staffer said conservatives need to be put in soviet style gulags, just for being conservative? The remaining conservatives are all that is left of the root of Western civilization. Throw it in a gulag. That sure as * did not make them look innocent.


My comment on Bernie Sander's staffers saying lock american conservatives in gulags:

I have already posted here several times the fact that there were three cities in Russia that were built to mimic American cities exactly, so future infiltrators could come to America having a full recollection of their "American" home town. Burlington Vermont, which Bernie was mayor of, is one of those cities, and as mayor of Burlington he made frequent trips to it's counterpart in Russia, where they sang American songs at parties. Bernie is a confirmed communist that has infiltrated the U.S. government who has a goal of destroying the United States. Having one of his staffers state he wants conservatives thrown in gulags is not a surprise.

The latest Project Veritas bust is important, because it supports what this site has said about the sister cities in Russia for years, and it legitimizes my previous bust of Bernie Sanders who obviously has the current Russian rooted comminists on his staff. Who else would he have, when he's an about to expire cold war communist? When that's all Trump is running against, he could be a dash board troll and win in a landslide, ALL TRUMP'S OPPONENTS ARE OF THE SAME CLOTH.

Remember this?

This web site is the only one I know of that so often posts stuff that sounds dubious at first, but ends up being confirmed in the future. Can you say "direct hit"? I had Bernie nailed all along, and his staffer just proved it.


Warnings about Taal volcano exploding

There are warnings going out that it is following the same pattern as Pinatubo and is about to blow. They are evacuating at least 500, 000 as a result.

My take: They are claiming it will be "catastrophic", like Pinatubo. However, we are LONG OVERDUE for another Krakatoa level eruption. Why not that? And if it happens, the global warming scammers will have an out, and a reason to invoke a GIANT carbon tax on people who will freeze to death in the extreme cold wave that will follow. We'll have to see how this one goes but my thoughts are that it could easily be and ought to be a lot worse than Pinatubo - if anything happens at all.

If you look at a map of the area surrounding Pinatubo, it looks like a normal volcano. However, a map of the area surrounding Taal shows that the Taal volcano sits in the center of a lake that is actually the caldera of a much larger volcano. I don't know why they consider the larger one to be extinct when it still has a very active cone going at it's center. The bottom line is that where the Taal volcano sits, there's a geologic history of things exploding catastrophically. So this is one to watch.


Nuclear blackmail threat against Russia? The following is VERY ODD.

Russian government to resign? Apparently so

I'd have called this a wild case of fruitcakery if RT was not the source. Is it Russia's April fools day or what? Here's a quote from RT:

Russian government resigns after President Putin's state-of-the-nation address proposes changes to the constitution

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced that the entire government is resigning in a surprise statement released shortly after President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual state-of-the-nation address.

Accepting the resignation, Putin thanked the ministers for their hard work and asked them to function as a caretaker government until a new one can be formed.

Medvedev and Putin had met for a work meeting to discuss the state-of-the-nation address earlier on Wednesday, the Kremlin said. Medvedev explained that the cabinet is resigning in accordance with Article 117 of the Russian Constitution, which states that the government can offer its resignation to the president, who can either accept or reject it.

MY COMMENT: I checked the page over closely to see if it was a joke. Maybe it is a hack. Nothing seems amiss. So who's going to replace the government if the whole thing resigned? No dissenters who want to stay on board with Putin? Or should I say Putin(tm)?

Did someone give them a nuclear blackmail threat or WHAT? Is this related to the recent happenings in Iran? This will be one time I'll be interested in what Sorcha has to say, I'll be looking for it, I am sure it will start with: An earth shattering mind blowing historic apocalyptic rumor was circulating the Kremlin . . . . . ought to be good.

I am having a tough time with this one. Who will fill the vaccum? Appointees who fly in on the wings of nuclear blackmail? This is quite an anomaly to say the least.


Bernie Sanders thinks CNN rigged the debates??!!??

You know, that's hard to say. Because all candidates other than Trump can't get a (non paid) audience to fill a hotel room for a rally so CNN is likely metering everything to microscopic levels to see which one has a 0.0016% greater chance of making it than the rest of them, and that's they guy they'll hand the ball for the hail mary.

As if Bernie has anything to complain about when he's a push scooter up against a 1200CC Harley.


Very strange: It appears Trump wants to ban encryption

Ok, so maybe not. So much out of context garbage gets posted everywhere (especially MSM) that it's hard to make heads or tails of these things. The latest was that Trump supposedly told Apple to make it so it was impossible to lock an Iphone, so law enforcement can get into it. Supposedly, all cops are great people and none have any connections to organized crime and all the access codes Apple provides will remain perfectly secret, so why not?

I'll tell you why: Because at least 15 percent of the police are criminal A-holes and that means at least hundreds of thousands will ensure those access codes are provided to scammers within minutes.

As if we can trust the government with anything. If this rumor is true, Trump needs to wake up.

Update: As of 6 PM Mike has not posted. People really need to watch what is going on in alt media and make note of things like this. Field McConnel and Dutchsince are probably gone, I am not yet sure about Mike.

If you are in alt media, DITCH THE DAMN PHONE. It stays in your house and that is the end of it. Mine probably got wiped out by people who wanted to bug it to make nailing me easy. I was surprised it happened without a sim. I have not carried a live cell phone for 8 years now simply because after the Fukushima report it became nothing but close calls with traffic and being followed, I ditched the phone within a month.

If you are in (legit) alt media at this stage of the game, and you don't have the discipline to not carry a cell phone, ADIOS.


Mike Rivero (Whatreallyhappened.com) Update:

It is now an hour past the latest time his posts usually go up. Very fishy when Claire can post too . . . .

Maybe he'll post later today but posts like this one have to go up in a relevant time frame. I'll check his site later tonight and hope for the best.

Quick summary on Virginia gun ban anti-progress

They sure did not make progress. Dems fell back on banning all guns from capitol grounds but after the NRA started handing out 30 round magazines by the thousands, and thousands of people showed up in protest of further gun bans with their AR's, the AR ban has thus far been scrapped.

We'll see how well the communist plan of "incrementalism" - you know - the frog in the pot thing goes this time around. They may have already dead ended.


Short update on Iranian plane shoot down -

Though the state is not saying it officially, Iranian military officials are claiming there were severe electronic anomalies in play with the shoot down, which involved GPS interference, radar interference, and communications interference. The new take is that due to GPS hacking the plane was not going where it should have been going and while "flying dark" turned towards sensitive military installations and it was impossible to get reliable radar. The rest of what happened as a result has already been told down the page a ways. Iran has started making arrests over this but my guess is that if anyone is "punished" it will be for show and for the most part, when all the evidence is examined, people will walk. After all, when the GPS data on the flight recorders (if it is there) says the plane is in a different location than it was when it was shot down, things are going to get very obvious.



I have been watching who I know about in alt media and there are problems.

Field McConnel vanished into a jail somewhere and now the abel danger web site is gone. That's important, because Field was not the only one there, he did not own that web site, someone else did and it had other people writing for it in addition to Field. They obviously took "someone else" out also.

Whatreallyhappened.com stopped updating. There's a message saying "Feeling down with the weather today" to explain why nothing got posted, but from what I could perceived, both Mike and Claire posted to that site and there was always something posted, no matter what, even if it was only a little. I try to do that here also when there are problems. Never before has Mike not gotten something posted on his site daily for any reason. Maybe he's ok, time will tell and there's always a first for everything, BUT THEN THERE IS THIS:

The following is getting posted to various forums:

Status update on Dutchsince - not all is well

We are a White Hat group of ex-leos called the Patriot Defenders and here's what we know so far

1) His channel is still up: [link to www.youtube.com (secure) but there's no content.

2) His Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram are reportedly all deleted.

3) No one has heard a peep from him for over three days now.

4) Lots of false reports and rumors that, "So and so said he's ok" or "I heard he was fine" or "my uncle said he was ok" or "this guy talked to this guy who talked to this guy who said he's ok", all of which are B.S. as far as we can tell.

5) The last legitimate reports we have are the following:

a) he was at dinner with his wife and overheard that he was acting strange and "agitated" at the table.
b) friend said he had been threatened
c) another friend said his house was bugged.
d) another friend reported he was being followed.
6) We have no other reports at this time that we can verify. Be advised that multiple strange shill or "dummy" accounts are posting false info, which seems to be part of this entire orchestrated attempt to eliminate this man.

7) We can verify all of this is related to his EQ predictions. There is something about what he was reporting recently that reached a very very high level in the government and they took action, because there's something they do not want the world to know, something terrifying that would cause mass panic and also revealed some of their plans. What this is may not actually directly have to do with EQs, however, but carries a tangential relationship with them.

My comment: Dutchsince was ONTO the earthquake machine and somehow knew where and when it was going to be used. If he did not have that info ahead of time, he was a master of digging up government documents that forewarned of when the machine was going to be used, and where to prove an earthquake was not natural. It appeared they started using the machine in Iran during the latest tensions and Dutch was onto that, then POOF. Gone. Interesting how all those volcanoes are going off now, eh? That's part and parcel with the earthquake machine, it can do both. Lots of very weird volcanic lightning going on . . . . .


Taking the sim out of a cell phone will not protect you from spying

I have mentioned this before, and today I got proof. A while ago I got a Huawei knock-off made by Goophone. It was a knock-off of a Mate 20 pro that cost $95. I did not know it was not a Huawei, I just figured it must be the bottom model because of the price. I got it to use it as a modem, but it was not good for that so it sat around until I discovered the video camera was great, despite the still camera being garbage. So I used it for family videos. It also had strong sound and a clear screen, so I occasionally used it to see what people were saying in videos (because my old laptop does not have sound anymore) ANYWAY -

I started to carry the goophone just because it could shoot good video, and the battery lasted a month so it was worry free. It had no sim and was not used for calls, all I ever used on it was the wifi through other devices. All the security settings were done to not allow any installs.

Now, just to be clear - if it's a Goophone it will look like what it is intended to copy, and on the surface will function the same and it had all the behavioral traits of a real P-20 pro. That's where it ended, it accomplished that with a gig or less of ram, and perhaps 2 gigs of flash memory. It falsely reported everything as more. So this was a resource limited phone despite it working real well.

Today I needed it because I had the cell number to the modem in it and I had to re-charge the modem. When I opened it, it gave a Google warning: "It appears someone accessed this device without authorization, allow security check? yes/no. Whenever I get that kind of screen it itself could be a trap so all I do is hit and hold the power button to clear the screen. When I turned it back on, all the videos and photos were wiped out of it. AND I KNEW WHY - because someone installed something to it, believing it was a real P-20 pro and there was no memory to hold whatever they wanted to put on it. So whatever they put on it made the space it needed to install, and to do that it had to delete all the videos and pictures.

That was the only cell phone I ever liked and I did not even use it as one. Most likely someone put a tracking bug on it after they discovered I started carrying it, and they got it on there with no sim in it. Removing the sim does not take the transmitter and receiver out of a phone, that hardware is still there and can be accessed by the "right people" with or without a sim. Usually when I know something is compromised I'll do a ceremonial smashing of the device. This time, when I got home, I opened the door to the storage room and slid it under some furniture that won't be moved for five years. I was not in the mood to smash that one.

So whoever wanted to spy went from having a phone to bug, to no phone at all, I'm not buying another one, I don't carry an active cell phone EVER for obvious reasons and the Canon pocket camera still works. It is OK and unavoidable to have a sim in something that never leaves the house but for someone like me to carry an active device in public - I might as well paint a target on my head.

Final summary of the Iran shoot down of Ukranian jet

This report has changed a lot as new info has come in. The info is complete enough so it likely won't change again. Here is what happened:

Two minutes after take off, the transponder, communications, and lights on the aircraft were shut off, obviously via remote. It flew in this hacked configuration for approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds before, in error, Iranian ground forces mistook it for a cruise missile and shot it down, with Iran's top nuclear physicists aboard. The plane was sent out during a no fly order to get the most important people (and their families) out of Iran before a war broke out, which Iran was expecting.

The only question in this story now is who interfered with communications between the airport, the military, and the pilots, who went dark for a considerable length of time before the missiles were launched. Approximately 1 minute after the first missile was launched, a second one was launched though the first one probably would have downed the plane despite it not being on fire. Eight minutes after take off, it crashed.

My guess is Israel is the one that hacked the plane and shut the transponder, lights and radios off to force it to fly completely dark, the way a cruise missile would. They are the only ones celebrating.

As corrupt as Ukraine is, Iran SHOULD NOT turn over the black boxes until they have at least copied what is on the cockpit voice recorder. If whatever is reported to have come off that voice recorder does not mimic what I just said above, the wrong people will have "analyzed it", you know, like how accurately American votes get counted.

HEB in Mexico got rid of plastic shopping bags

They got woke I guess. Now you can buy a more or less permanent shopping bag at the counter for about 35 cents. Times whatever number you need. And you'll be buying them a lot, because you won't remember to bring them for your next shopping trip, RIGHT? How's that going to work at the counter? Hey, here are my shopping bags from last time . . . . . I know what I am going to do . . . .

I am going to walk into HEB with a bag from Wal Mart, a couple from Soriana and maybe a Chedraui bag, and when it comes time to bag my groceries, I am going to pull them out so everyone sees them. That's "saving the environment", how could they possibly argue? After all, the normal plastic bags can easily fit 5+ in a rear pocket. You'd never stuff even one "reusable" bag in a pocket and convenience happens to be important. I can't wait.


In Mexico you can buy a GREAT car new for about $8000

There are several options at this price point, but Fiat has the best option.

This car has a crazy warranty. It is a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty that even covers things like seats and door handles plus 7 year roadside assistance (no one ever uses that, I've never seen one of these broken down anywhere), and more - if someone breaks in and steals the radio or other parts off the car, that's a warranty repair too. Crazy.

These are super popular, they are slightly larger than the old school 4 door geo metro, at least partially SUV/off road capable and get over 50 MPG combined. They'll easily go 700 miles on a tank highway only. They don't fall apart, they have quality even in the paint, (which is often skipped over on the cheapest cars which can have the paint fail after a few years) and the way they get driven proves they are VERY responsive. They go the nanosecond you hit the gas (just like my Fiat that is now very old but very dependable) and handle surprisingly well. I have seen where 3 of these were taking 2 of 4 lanes at a stoplight, and all 3 vanished with the green before anyone else moved. That's true of all the Fiats except for the HOJ America let in. The 500 is simply NOT. I'd never consider that one.

Anyway, that ought to be interesting to people who are in markets where nothing truly cheap and great is available. These make a Chevy Spark look like absolute garbage.

According to the Times of Israel the U.S. is indeed sabotaging Iran's missiles



Dutchsinse was sort of like this site but not as careful with accuracy. However, he had an amazing number of absolute blockbuster revelations and that made up for the somewhat frequent bloopers. He was one of the top tier important people in alt media. He got vanished over the Iran situation, see my post down the page a ways where I mention this, and why it was possible to get him to vanish. Maybe he'll magically re-appear, maybe not. This definitely needs to be noted by everyone.

Field McConnel update:


What's worse? When they took AbelDanger.org offline, they made Abeldanger.net a porn site. That proves right there who did it. For now, Abeldanger.org is putting up a landing screen but when it expires out you can safely bet what they are going to do with it.


Facebook knows it's users so well it keeps a record of who is actually posting

Wired Magazine covered this, so that is a sign they are ready to ditch Greta Thunberg Facebook had a glitch during an update that showed people the Facebook admin's control panel that they were not supposed to ever see, yet everyone who hit the site had it open by default. Low and behold, the admins have a record of who posts for who, and as it turns out, Greta Thunberg has posted nothing to her facebook, other people handle that for her. Here's the kicker that Wired will never say:

As a result of this being revealed (a feat I did not know was possible) Facebook knows damn well that Trump never had Russian bots posting on his behalf, everything everyone posted, even tied down to precise individuals posting on other people's accounts, even when in the other person's name, Facebook knew it was not the owner of the page posting and kept a record of it. If you posted on your brother's facebook, Facebook knew it. And there's only one way that could be done, - via facial recognition and web cams.

Facebook is a lot dirtier than anyone ever knew, and that is not surprising.


Contrary to what is being spread now, the U.N. did not officially announce vaccines were sabotaged

There is a big difference between having U.N. doctors state during a conference that they discovered no vaccine safety studies were done and that it is obvious the vaccines are destroying people, and having the U.N. officially announce it. BIG DIFFERENCE. "Official announcements" are followed by actions. Doctors stating such things during conferences causes a string of dead doctors. So there is a VERY BIG difference in outcomes, and that is why I did not even bother to mention this.

Here is what will happen: 40 - 50 doctors who are aware something is amiss will "randomly die" over the next few months and will be kept out of the headlines, and by the time October swings around again, the all new "Autism in 1 out of 17 kids" formula will be released and if you don't take your kids to get it, you are an out of control child abusing tin foil hat nutcase that will become the next child donor to Moloch via CPS. That's how they roll, sit back and watch NOTHING CHANGE.

Related: Alt media bans to shut up vaccine whistle blowers:

Oh, and I forgot the part about how 379 new bans on alt media that bothers to mention the new autism stats will happen, the way Dutchsince seemed to go POOF a couple days ago. But there will be lots of aware people who will sit there and say "Gee, but the U.N. doctors themselves really did say there's a serious problem with the vaccines that is KNOWN ABOUT AND BURIED - and these aware people will be flagged by Alexa, Android phones and whatever crap Apple dreamed up only to be subsequently sabotaged and sidelined by data mining. If they have kids, they'll be watched and flagged after it becomes illegal to avoid vaccines in their jurisdiction, and the kids will get separated and sold, especially if they are white.

By the way, they tried to vanish this site in 2016 - they removed the name from the DNS index and it failed because every page ever posted was done via direct IP and enough people had old pages linked, and the IP address known well enough to do direct access without DNS and about 57 percent of people still made it here to receive the message of what happened. That was the only reason why they backed off and switched it back on. Evidently Dutchsince did not do direct IP by default, so when they poofed him that was it. He vanished. Time will tell if he comes back, and if he does "come back" people are going to have to make very sure it is really him.

Look at what this site does in the address bar when you hit it. Any site that does not do that (and I have never seen anyone else do anything to take the time to make that happen) which means practically every site out there is at the mercy of those who control the DNS servers. They can wipe your private and paid for site off the web with a keystroke and they absolutely will. They tried with this site about 4 years ago and failed because when someone uses DNS to hit this site, this site says "Oh no you didn't" and corrects your "error". THE DAYS OF FREE SPEECH VIA THE DNS SYSTEM ENDING ARE HERE. IF YOU ARE RUNNING AN ALT MEDIA WEB SITE YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER GET A DEDICATED IP ADDRESS AND SET IT UP TO DO WHAT THIS SITE DOES, OR YOU'LL BE TOAST.

How about this:

FIRST I warned you that Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress and others were traps that grew big on trust that would eventually ban truthers, and it happened. Most likely other alt media said I was paranoid, BUT LOOK NOW. SECOND I warned you that Google was going to de-fund everyone who spoke out in a way a communist would not want, AND IT HAPPENED. Then I warned everyone that even Youtube, Twitter and more would start issuing blanket bans on anyone who stepped out of line, AND IT HAPPENED. Now I am warning you to get direct IP access on your own private web sites, because if you do not, and you don't set up your site to automatically default to direct IP so anyone who has an old link with that IP has permanent access, YOU WILL GO BYE BYE WHEN THEY REMOVE YOU FROM THE DNS SERVERS, oh, but wait till tomorrow, RIGHT? I have news for you: Once yer gone, YER GONE, you will not be able to use this rigged and sabotaged system to tell anyone you are still around at ....X, you'll simply be gone and getting direct IP at that time aint gonna bring it all back. If you let it die like that, nothing will.



There could be fallout from this, Iran might counter strike over this, there has to be a reason why they put up such a news bulletin, saying Iran was going to take action over it.

So who would turn off the planes lights, transponders, and communications as it flew through a war zone, and then subsequently make sure Iran's weapons systems detected it as a cruise missile? GUARANTEE: IRAN DID NOT KILL THEIR OWN NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS ON PURPOSE. So who hacked that plane and shut everything off to prevent it from being identified? YOU GUESS




Yes, it does mean something to have corrupt politicians sell America's technical secrets to Russia and China. It means that countries with militaries much smaller than yours can get some really nice gems, good enough to, in critical ways, make you impotent.

How does voting Democrat, or allowing people to charge $700 for a hammer feel now? Perhaps you guessed that America's money was so endless you could sit back and witness robbery after robbery without consequence. America would just take up the slack, RIGHT?

Well, now you see the consequence. And if Iran could do that, what about Russia? Allowing Hillary to do what she did to America, PLUS allowing Bush to get away with 911, PLUS allowing the CIA to wreck patriotism and rip the guts out of America with psy ops that buried tainted vaccines, which in turn have left you with a really shitty soldier pool, especially after you allowed the CIA to run horrific "family courts" that put all your future soldiers into the homes of single moms that let them drift like weeds - IT ALL HAD CONSEQUENCES and now you can't even keep your ships from running into garbage trucks. If your ships are colliding with giant hulks that have no evasion element whatsoever and instead do all they can to inform you they are there, how are these mommy's boys, who never had a dad kick their asses going to stay awake and off porn and drugs long enough to know there's an incoming torpedo?

You should have NUKED the CIA and declared the subversion of this country an attack by a domestic enemy and you did not, you laughed and profited from it, and now you have the results - IRAN, a nation under enormous sanctions that you called inferior that was getting beat up left and right and totally isolated was able to rise up and kick your asses because THE DADS RAISED THE KIDS, AND NO ONE SOLD THEM OUT. How does it feel to be the loser after sitting back while subversive elements caused America to get shredded so bad that happened?

Brief updates:

It appears Israel shut off the transponder and lights on the Ukranian jet via a remote hack, making it impossible to identify itself as friendly. This is when it "suddenly went dark", it did not "go dark" from the missile strike. Having no transponder, no communications and no lights made it appear to be a cruise missile, which Iran then shot down.

Shoot down: Israel's fault. Or whoever hacked the plane. That probably means Israel.

And another interesting tidbit: Here's why the generals were scared in Trump's national address and Iran did not get any subsequent attacks:

As it turns out, the Iranian missiles had a very low failure rate, (if any at all) and ALL of them that were fired at U.S. bases hit valuable targets with pinpoint precision. This was finally admitted to today. In total, 12 targets were hit, all of them perfectly. It is VERY important to note that the U.S. had 3 hours warning before the missiles came in to activate missile defenses and get them targeted, and not one Iranian missile was hit. Now that the wash is starting to dry, we are getting a little more truth from the Pentagon.

As far as the plane shoot down, Iran should have stated right from the get go they shot it down, and then explained why. Perhaps it took them a while to figure out - with no transponder and no lights on the aircraft, (which would have been clearly visible even in the videos if they were working) it really did look like a cruise missile and there's no way they could have known different with such short notice, - they had seconds to make decisions and that was clearly not enough time. Israel can laugh and say, HA HA, you killed your own nuclear scientists to boot.

That is my final answer: Iran shot it down, but it was not Iran's fault.

Prediction: Because Israel now knows Iran has 200, 000+ very powerful missiles that can hit them with smart bomb accuracy, when Iran does get struck by Israel it will be a massive surprise strike. But it will fail, Iran is too geographically large and there will be a serious counter strike that can't be avoided because if GPS is being used for guidance, China and Russia have their own versions and it won't get shut off. Iran absolutely will kill Israel if Israel asks for it, but Iran will also be very badly damaged, if not destroyed also.

Iran probably does use GPS, I doubt inertial guidance systems are capable of that kind of accuracy.

WAITING ON MORE SOURCES: IRAN ADMITS TO SHOOT DOWN. BUT Tasnim News, as official as it gets, says no.

WELL, it sure seems convincing that Israel or the U.S. would shoot it down with all those nuclear scientists aboard, UNLESS IRAN SHOT IT DOWN BECAUSE THEY WERE ABOARD AND THEY WERE GOING TO TALK. HOW ABOUT THAT ANGLE?


No shoot down??!!?? GET SERIOUS, THAT IS LOOKING STUPID NOW, and how did a New Zealand paper get tipped off Iran shot it down while Tasnim is saying NO WAY at the exact same time??? Obviously there is infighting and they are not all playing from the same sheet of music with this one. Looks like yep, they probably shot it down and Tasnim is going to be the last to bend.


Update to below: Whether it was a stealth aircraft firing a missile, or a hacked Iranian SAM system, we now know Iran did not accidentally shoot down this aircraft, most likely Israel did.



That's why the fake missile pieces got posted, someone wanted to point the finger at Iran!

The plane had six nuclear scientists on board who flew to Iran to help them with their nuclear program. Someone shot that plane down while they were being evacuated before a war broke out, and I seriously doubt it was Iran.

The following is from this awesome Twitter account:

I didn't take this far enough. Let's connect some more dots.
CANADA was involved in Uranium One.
-Canadians brokered/staged the Uranium 1 deal.
-Iran wanted nukes & science.
-Canada staged deal, provided home-base for dual citizens & Nuke scientists.

MY COMMENT: That twitter account is going to get VAPORIZED.

And this pretty much confirms that Iran did not shoot that plane down.

Iran has likely been told to bury this, OR ELSE.


The Dicloxacillin did not cut it.

It was looking promising for a few days but started to fail so now it's Cefalaxin. The total set back was only $7. That's for 12 days of antibiotic plus doctor visit. QUESTION: HOW MUCH IS YOUR CO PAY IN THE U.S. AFTER YOU GOT NAILED FOR A HUGE MONTHLY INSURANCE BILL? Mexico is so cheap that all medical bills are likely to be less than a co-pay, and a LOT less than a deductible even without bothering with insurance to begin with. Mexico definitely has the medical situation handled properly.

But there will be no consultations by the U.S. government asking Mexico how it is all done so cheap, because the U.S. government knows and prefers to allow the medical system to be a weapon of war. It should be fairly obvious our government has been usurped by people who want America wiped out. "Insurance" costs so much it's like throwing a new car in the trash every 2 or 3 years, even if people never have a problem and they don't even have to drone strike a car to accomplish that much economic damage. People are all worried about having a medical disaster and insurance paying into a system that is a total scam guarantees the disaster is a way of life.


As I said, the 737 MAX will never fly again. More proof from the BBC

Usually I'd say the BBC is not credible, but in this case they had to have nailed it because they'd be sued if they did not.

BBC: Internal Boeing memos: "This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys." See this.

And I will say it again: The problem with the MAX is not just the MCAS system. Even if they start training the pilots in simulators which they say will solve the problem, the problems will continue because it is only part of the problem.

I am the only one who has been saying from the beginning just how bad the problem is, and the only one who predicted it would not be flying again by now. And I am confident I am right when I say it will either never fly again at all, or will fly again and crash the same way and then be canceled because the root problem is not MCAS.


Insight: If you want to see what Iranians think, This account is from a real Iranian.

He's not going easy on the Iranian government, but he obviously does not want Americans sorting Iran's problems out. You probably won't be able to read it, but the memes pretty much say it all.