Nashville just got hit by an enormous tornado

It looks like about an F4. See this


Janitor supply stores will be the last to still have masks

That and food prep stores. They may only be cough covers (not even N-95's) but at this point anything will do if you have nothing, RIGHT?

There really have been no substantial updates to the situation today that can improve upon what is on this page, all the data for today won't be available until tonight. I am frustrated with all of this and can't decide if there really is a virus, or instead a mass culling and intentionally created panic. However, I do believe it is a rock solid fact that Iran's government and Mexico's government are going to be honest about all of this while everyone else lies - the only inaccuracies coming out of Iran are rooted in delusion, and not outright dishonesty. If they report honestly you can cut right through the delusion. And it's not looking good, in Iran the virus without question has a 25 percent kill ratio relative to the recovery rate. I think Israel spiced them naughty.


OUCH: Iran is sending out 300, 000 teams to do door to door checks for coronavirus

I think that is as likely to happen as them defeating the United States given the population of Iran, but I'll certainly safely bet they'll send out up to 10, 000 teams, and that would be a LOT better than what any other country is doing. It appears to me there's someone intentionally spreading the disease within Iran, biological warfare is a reality and what is going on in Iran is not realistic at all, absent that. Today's Iran stats: 261 declared cured, and 66 dead. That's a 25 percent death to cure ratio. Sure looks like a weapon to me. Interesting how it hit the government first, when Israel obviously does not like the place.


From the looks of how things are developing, Drudge FINALLY has a reaslistic front page

Realistic, ONLY after it is way too late

Early on I thought they were allowing unfettered air traffic in and out of Wuhan because it was all fake. Now it is clear they were allowing unfettered air traffic because they wanted to disease the entire globe. Here's my guess right now:

There are probably at least a million infected in the U.S. that are not showing symptoms. Many of these infections would have happened with exposures too low to get going quickly at first, they are latent and will pop up over a month from now. Mexico probably has fewer infections, but I'd bet they are still in the six figure range.

Unlike Wuhan, that started all of this with ONE initial case, the U.S. and everywhere else no doubt started in their areas with many cases - many infection points, and when it does get going (if the virus can amount to anything) it's going to appear suddenly and massively. Can this virus get going? Well . . . . We are all going to know soon. One thing is certain, China did not do what it did and subsequently bring in portable creamatoriums over less than 3, 000 deaths. We're being lied to no ifs or buts.


Claudia said the pope returned to work but I have not seen that yet.

I certainly hope the Catholic church can be saved by a greatly extended absence!



He walked through all those crowds - millions of people, and now supposedly he has that virus, which he likely received weeks ago from that Chinese woman who was screaming and grabbed his hand. GOOD ONE. Put a fork in it, if he really does have this virus we're DONE.


There is an error in the update with a correction below

It was Maersk that erroneously stated factories are running at 50-60 percent capacity, not the writer of the linked report, who quoted Maersk. Why is Maersk wrong? Easy answer: Because they can't see the problem yet, skeleton crews may be in warehouses sending out what's left, and accepting raw materials to pre-stock factories that are not running. The following electrical consumption chart that is the most up to date there is proves almost none of the factories are really running.

The more I look at this, the worse it gets. The following is the most current chart there is, and that is possible, due to when numbers get reported. It shows the same thing - and there's something even worse than is visible on this chart -

First the chart (which is an updated version of the ones below)


Reality: I dropped this into an image editor and used it to put a line on the screen that showed exactly where current usage is compared to new years day, when ALL factories are closed (I'll post that later today) All the electrical consumption did was resume to what it was on New Years Day, when everything was shut down. If that's all it did, even after factory owners were told to switch stuff on without workers there, it means residences are no longer using the amount of electricity they used to, EVEN WITH PEOPLE STUCK IN THEM ON QUARANTINE. How many are dead to make it look like hoax factory start ups only brought power consumption up to residential only levels?

I'd like to make a VERY salient point here -

One of the top ranking U.S. health ministers is scolding people for wearing N-95 masks now, "because those are for doctors and they won't protect you, those are so doctors don't infect people SO STOP WEARING THEM, THEY WON'T PROTECT YOU. Problem: If you have a pandemic scenario, and EVERYONE WEARS THOSE MASKS, those who have the virus and don't know they do won't spread it to others. Here we have high ranking health authorities on MSM news outlets telling people not to wear the masks, when a mask is the ONLY THING THAT WILL SHUT DOWN A SUPER SPREADER. My god, they can't be so stupid they'd not know that, this is proof they want that virus going around as much as possible.

WEAR YOUR N-95 MASK, NOT FOR YOURSELF, DO IT "FOR THE CHILDREN". Communists LOVE using children as a reason to put policy in place, use that reason against them. Wear your mask to "protect the children" FROM YOU and tell them to stick it.

The following double post has an error that was caused by the fact that I am working with tons of charts right now, and I got distracted and talked about the wrong chart. That's fixed above. I'll log in to the main server and fix this later.


There is an error in the update with a correction below

It was Maersk that erroneously stated factories are running at 50-60 percent capacity, not the writer of the linked report, who quoted Maersk. Why is Maersk wrong? Easy answer: Because they can't see the problem yet, skeleton crews may be in warehouses sending out what's left, and accepting raw materials to pre-stock factories that are not running. The real number of factories actually running is likely only about 15 percent, look at the chart down the page a ways, and then this chart immediately below, that shows if the Chinese work force is going to work. It is not.

In this chart, you can see traffic stats for various modes of public transit right before the outbreak, and afterward. Driving cars is now banned, which means if the Chinese workforce quit using cars, the public transit stats should be through the roof if the Chinese people were actually going to work. Clearly, they are not.

Maersk can't convince me the factories are approximately half open with transit stats like this:

The more I look at this, the worse it gets. The following is the most current chart there is, and that is possible, due to when numbers get reported. It shows the same thing - and there's something even worse than is visible on this chart -

First the chart (which is an updated version of the ones below)


Reality: All the electrical consumption did was resume to what it was on New Years Day, when everything was shut down. If that's all it did, it means residences are no longer using the amount of electricity they used to, EVEN WITH PEOPLE STUCK IN THEM ON QUARANTINE. How many are dead to make it look like hoax factory start ups only brought power consumption up to residential only levels?

I am going to do a more in depth report on this later today, I have lots of info that needs to go up and I'd like to make a VERY salient point here -

One of the top ranking U.S. health ministers is scolding people for wearing N-95 masks now, "because those are for doctors and they won't protect you, those are so doctors don't infect people SO STOP WEARING THEM, THEY WON'T PROTECT YOU. Problem: If you have a pandemic scenario, and EVERYONE WEARS THOSE MASKS, those who have the virus and don't know they do won't spread it to others. Here we have high ranking health authorities on MSM news outlets telling people not to wear the masks, when a mask is the ONLY THING THAT WILL SHUT DOWN A SUPER SPREADER. My god, they can't be so stupid they'd not know that, this is proof they want that virus going around as much as possible.

WEAR YOUR N-95 MASK, NOT FOR YOURSELF, DO IT "FOR THE CHILDREN". Communists LOVE using children as a reason to put policy in place, use that reason against them. Wear your mask to "protect the children" FROM YOU and tell them to stick it.


Well here's some confirmed doom for ya: RT: New coronavirus has both aids and ebola cell binding sites

Well Well, from RT. Thanks for the bad news. So someone in a lab incorporated both aids and ebola characteristics into this new virus that made it at least 1000 times as lethal as the common cold. Plug that little factoid into the report below:


UPDATE TO BELOW: The linked report has an error. The writer claims Chinese factories are at 50-60 percent of capacity by referencing the fact that China's power output is 50-60 percent of usual. That's wrong, because residential takes about 40-45 percent of that. The factories are in fact at about 15 percent of normal.


The site that serves this is HERE and I have confirmed this is a reliable site, others have the same data but this site is good about making it clear.

I did not post this yesterday because the line for this year was going almost straight up yesterday and I wanted to confirm it was not suddenly going back to normal.. Look what it did today. That's not good AT ALL.

This is a continuously updated chart. You can probably get the updated version before I post it by simply refreshing that link. I am doing my best to get the most accurate reliable stuff posted here that can't be refuted and is definite. This chart is up to date as of today and has no selective sampling, it simply is what it is. China's not going back to work. If this line does not somehow miraculously go up to the level of the others, starting at around 8 PM CST tomorrow, China is screwed, glued and tattooed. It will not have been a hoax, they are not just going to have manufacturing fail like this even for a dissident roundup. They are not going to have it tank like this over a couple thousand deaths. It has to be millions to justify this. Outlook not so good. One day to wait for a FINAL ANSWER. People can hypothesize and click bait all they want with this virus, but that chart's the real deal.

We are clearly going to get our final answer. And we'll know if everyone lied about the stats, because no one screws their manufacturing over like that for a non-threat.

REPEAT: What does the chart show? It shows how all the factories shut off for the Chinese new year (and the subsequent electrical power demand decrease when they do that) and at the bottom of the valley that's where household usage is in relation to industrial usage. If the line does not rise again after the new year holidays, the factories did not start up again. The previous recent years show what should be happening this year. It is not happening. Something big happened, no doubt about it, it is NOT a show.



The site that serves this is HERE and I have confirmed this is a reliable site, others have the same data but this site is good about making it clear.

I did not post this yesterday because the line for this year was going almost straight up yesterday and I wanted to confirm it was not suddenly going back to normal.. Look what it did today. That's not good AT ALL.

This is a continuously updated chart. You can probably get the updated version before I post it by simply refreshing that link. I am doing my best to get the most accurate reliable stuff posted here that can't be refuted and is definite. This chart is up to date as of today and has no selective sampling, it simply is what it is. China's not going back to work. If this line does not somehow miraculously go up to the level of the others, starting at around 8 PM CST tomorrow, China is screwed, glued and tattooed. It will not have been a hoax, they are not just going to have manufacturing fail like this even for a dissident roundup. They are not going to have it tank like this over a couple thousand deaths. It has to be millions to justify this. Outlook not so good. One day to wait for a FINAL ANSWER. People can hypothesize and click bait all they want with this virus, but that chart's the real deal.

We are clearly going to get our final answer. And we'll know if everyone lied about the stats, because no one screws their manufacturing over like that for a non-threat.

REPEAT: What does the chart show? It shows how all the factories shut off for the Chinese new year (and the subsequent electrical power demand decrease when they do that) and at the bottom of the valley that's where household usage is in relation to industrial usage. If the line does not rise again after the new year holidays, the factories did not start up again. The previous recent years show what should be happening this year. It is not happening. Something big happened, no doubt about it, it is NOT a show.



If this virus is Legit, Rouhani's claim: "I have confidence that the Islamic Republic will succeed in tackling the coronavirus epidemic given the expertise of the country's physicians and capabilities of its medical officials" is like saying you have confidence the nations nuclear physicists could put a mushroom cloud back in a bomb just because they know what that mushroom cloud is.


IT IS EVERYWHERE, in EVERY corner of the United States and if you don't wear a mask at this point, you're either a "foolish virgin" who got caught without enough oil and therefore don't have anything at all, or an IDIOT. DO IT NOW.


Fox News has told everyone NOT to wear the N95 masks "because they don't work on anyone other than doctors" You got that right, they actually said that and they did not want people to panic when they see other people wearing them. THAT does not bode well, here's why:

If EVERYONE walks around with N-95 masks, virtually NO ONE will catch this virus because anyone who does have it will get it trapped in their N-95 mask, provided the mask has no valve. That's two way protection, You from others, and others from you, and the only way someone would not want it that way right now likely wants the virus to spread, IF it is actually real. That's the only way this virus won't spread is if those who have it deposit it into a mask that's a centimeter away from their mouth. Common sense folks!

Here's the deal: I am skeptical of this virus and still think it could be a plot to scam a shot. But what if I'm wrong? How hard is it to play it safe? The N-95 goes on TODAY, before we go out for round 2 preps, and if I scare a bunch of people into wearing one, even just a food prep one, that could only be good. I'm not going full biohazard at least. Fox can stuff it!

Get a load of this!!!

"I'm a medical first responder. We need masks to protect not only ourselves but your loved ones and our own. Not all hospitals and transport organizations are as well stocked as you think. This is a very serious issue. I am glad they are producing more masks. And that the government will issue them directly to hospitals and first responders. We are not just making a run to get groceries or gas. We are treating VERY SICK people for prolonged periods of time. Understand this please."

MY RESPONSE: (and this should be EVERYONE'S response:

F*** OFF, the hospital DOES NOT shop at Home Depot and Amazon.



You can FORGET trying to get an N-95 mask in Mexico now, there's nothing reported in this area and everything still sold out. The Agricultural supply store was ecstatic with the business. I managed to snag a 100 count box of rubber gloves, 4 pairs of goggles and 2 more biosuits, at a janitor supply store they still had food prep masks but they were of the useless type but since they'd be comfortable and at least be enough to put over a sick person's mouth as a cough cover I got a 150 pack. Fortunately I had already purchased 50 N-95's and 5 real gas masks. Those will get passed out to heads of household.

There was no run on wheat flour yet, I managed to snag 200 pounds for about $38 and 25 pounds of sugar for about $9. All the oils were still cheap so I got 8 liters of corn oil for $1.50 a litre. None of that is to be touched, it will sit for a worst case scenario.

One oddity I happened to have around was 1 KG of cheese/butter flavor, it lands at approximately dead center of a decent macaroni and cheese. It has been sitting around for a couple years and I never used it. A couple days ago I tested it and it is SO POTENT that if you're cooking at home, there is no way to measure an amount small enough to use other than to grab a pinch between your fingers that is so thin you can't tell you grabbed anything. So that ought to last out an entire zombie scenario if it is used properly, it ended up being the GOOD STUFF and only cost $2.50. I was very surprised. If you want to know how much the actual cheese flavor component that is in that cheese pack in a box of macaroni and cheese costs, it has to be somewhere in the 0.01 cent range (a hundredth of a cent) because the actual chemical is THAT STRONG. There is no more than 10 milligrams of that in an entire mac and cheese pack no matter how big the pack looks. Too bad I can't tell people where to get that, I never saw anything like it in the U.S., Yes, you can get fake flavors but never in a million years at that potency.

Anyway, Claudia is much happier now, she was scared silly and was obviously thrilled to see all that flour go into the house in 100 pound bags, and at a GREAT price, as well as the other basic preps that will really be a lot better than nothing. It is certainly not premium, but it will really be a good hold out compared to nothing if things really go to hell here. We will, at least, have bread.

4chan anon posts on a board back in January how the Coronavirus is going to kill millions and states cities in Italy were to be used to model the growth rate and spread of the covid-2019 virus. 3 weeks later it is turning out he was probably telling the truth. SEE THIS

MY COMMENT: This is OBVIOUSLY legit. The WHO let the virus spread without panicking everyone for the SOLE PURPOSE of letting the elites get positioned in the stock markets. THERE IS YOUR ANSWER. A lot of good those bastards are!!!


No Coronavirus in Vegas?????


There is a rumor about "Covid 19" being a code word for a Jewish cleansing. I was not able to put this together right now.

Here is the claim:

"In case some of you are wondering why Coronavirus was changed to "COVID 19", it's because it's a hebrew ritual and very likely a spell, whereas "COVID" is a variation of "L'KOVID" which means "in honor of god" and the number 19 has occult meaning in judaism related to cleansing and death."

My comment: That's an interesting claim, but I can't tie it into anything right now due to a lack of time. If anyone else has the time, it would be SOLID GOLD.

It's a definite that Prince Charles demanded it be changed from Coronavirus to something else because of the Davos logo he stood under, and Prince Philip's desire to "return as a virus to wipe out mankind" and the obvious tie in to "corona" and "British Crown" and that stupid dead giveaway logo but as far as it tying into a hebrew meaning of cleansing and death in honor of God, I don't know, I was simply not able to tie that together in the limited time I have right now. We're exiting to do preps RIGHT NOW.


PhD biologist contact in Mex: Coronavirus was man made

Claudia works directly with the guy. He's praying that in this city the summer will be hot enough to kill it but is openly stating Mexico City is probably toast because due to it's high elevation, it never gets warm there.

Behind the scenes, most of Mexico's officials and virtually all of Mexico's elite believe the virus is man made. The lower classes are less sure but a majority of even the lower classes think it was man made. This is first hand info (Claudia works directly with the far upper class)

Panic has not broken out in this city yet but the freakout is definitely happening elsewhere.

Coronavirus: Everyone is using (slightly) rigged data to show doom (but it is still apocalyptically bad)

I tried getting stats on what is really going on in China and it's bad, REAL BAD. However, it appears people are using selective data to show it as being (slightly) worse than it is. This is accomplished by choosing exactly when a data point is set. Everyone is taking minimum peaks with this. It's not all rosy however, because the max peaks are still far below last year. It appears to me that actual realistic power output in China is down by about 40 percent over this time last year, even when the worst negative dips are not considered. That's VERY BAD.

Around this time of year, factories start coming back online, and it appears practically NONE ARE. Most everything should be running by March 2, and it is obviously not going to happen because there are practically no early birds when normally there are.

So how bad is it, really?

Short answer: Factories use more electricity than households do. Out of any decent nation's power consumption, the lion's share goes to industry. At this point in time, all we are seeing in China is non-industrial use, when it should have risen by 45 percent over household use by now, with that 45 percent representing post-holiday manufacturing returning. Once everything is fully up and running post holiday it would be higher than that but at this stage of the game, the disaster is obvious, it has only gone up five percent.

The shit has officially hit the fan. If we don't see a brick wall rise in China's electricity stats between now and March 2, it is probably game over. This will likely be the most conservative accurate statement anywhere, it is not intended to be click bait but the facts simply are the facts. Zero exaggeration = DOOM.


Dead people can't work, nor can people stuck in quarantine. If the Communist government hoaxed for a genocide, we'll see a brick wall rise, starting this week end. If no such rise happens, you'd better buy toilet paper.



They went for sanitizers!!!! That was wrong. A lot of good THAT will do when the virus is deeply rooted in the deepest aveoli all the way down on the bottom.

Infowars has posted a report Claiming Iran is lying about the numbers of dead

I am skeptical but I'll link it.





  Let me describe the Mexico City subway:

Despite being squeaky clean, extremely well maintained, and run like hell with CONSTANT trains, when you (FINALLY) get onto a train during rush hour, there is physical pressure from being squeezed against other people front, behind, side and side. JAM PACKED. They are F***ed.


If this virus is a legit killer worse than the flu, GAME OVER, IT JUST GOT CONFIRMED IN MEXICO CITY and there's no way there are not thousands infected. GAME OVER. Today begins the N-95 mask.




"Articles of impeachment 1 and 2" are named on her saggy boobs. OMG! That really shows the true American sentiment.

  Update to below: The report from the communist party secretary does not say 400, 000 infected, it says they can't get to (at least) 400, 000 people who are known to be in need of help. So the actual number the secretary noted is not 400, 000 it's just a random high number and he might be trying to be honest.

Enter this possibility: It is possible, that overall the greater government is trying to be honest but they are being fed B.S. by locals who are trying to cover their behinds. That's what this looks like to me, when the big boy showed up THE LOCALS WERE BUSTED. And that's not good. Not good at all.



Finally an official document from Wuhan admits 400, 000 infected. Remember that Epoch times report that stated the Chinese government was lying by up to 52X? Take 400, 000 and make it whatever you want now, there is a solid reason why they brought in a large number of portable crematoriums. If they are admitting 400, 000 and lying by up to 52X it's not at all unreasonable to assume 4, 000, 000 infected, and THAT would get the crematoriums going enough to need to bring 40 more in.

As usual, this info got out through Falun Gong. Damn the rebels. Kill them all!


Deaths in Iran are now at 34. Tasnim was the first to update.


A VERY interesting perspective with America and Coronavirus

Unlike China, which is communist, if there's a major outbreak in the United States, people will be forced to go to work anyway, sick or not. It has the potential to kick off worse in the U.S. than any other country because not going to work is not an option - too many people have stressed out finances and will work NO MATTER WHAT.

The American situation: Either be sick at work, or be sick out on the street. Your choice.

That is a factor that could play into the American equation quite badly if this virus is not just for show and tell prior to a forced injection..


Trump to cut funding to sanctuary cities?

For all appearances, it looks like it happened. Perhaps Trump cleaning out corrupt judges is starting to have an effect. See this tweet:

"Federal Court Deals Major Blow To Sanctuary Cities."


In other words, there will be no more Federal Tax Dollars to States & Cities that will not cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement (ICE). This is BIG NEWS! Funds will be cut off immediately. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

My comment: That's the first Trump tweet I have ever seen that actually meant anything. Something has definitely changed. However, getting a subverted system to go along with this might be tricky.



The rules are if it takes you less than 14 days to go from port to port, there will be a quarantine in place for whatever days short of that you used to get to the next port. In some cases, quarantine would not be noticed, in others it would be a total bummer.


DO NOT accept any vaccine for this virus plot, the chances are overwhelmingly high that we are dancing to the music of the pied piper. Even if it ends up being real I'll tough it out 1000 times before I'd ever accept a vax from those who are proven scammers. If they wanted to pull a stunt like this, they should never have used vaccines to cause "autism" or nailed us with the shaken baby scam to blame vaccine sabotage off on parents. If they wanted to kill the world with a shot, they played their cards WAY TOO SOON, the trust is completely and irrevocably broken. They released this virus, don't go to them for the cure.


I gotta admit, I am stressed over this virus

Just in case anyone was thinking I think it is all casual, I do not. I believe there really is a high probability someone released a hybrid we have not seen before, and that no government has thus far been adequate or honest about it. Going over the headlines is not revealing a whole lot, there are a few clues it's far worse than stated buried in the type of chatter you'd expect from a scamming MSM that wants the worst to happen. So bury it, downplay, purge.

I dug out a very powerful amplifier I built five or six years ago just in case the DJ does not show up for a family member's sweet 15 birthday party in May, and ensured it is still 100 percent ready to go. It is. I have a set of Eminence speakers from the same time frame that are also ready but they have also not been used for as long because if you use those in a house you'll tear it up. Anyway, I have this persistent aching worry bordering on fear that won't go away. What will it be like in May . . . . . . worried. Should I start at least wearing the N95's now? I keep getting this nagging feeling the DJ won't be there.

There's another thing that has REALLY been nagging me about this - since this virus (and the binary poison) trigger extreme histamine responses, ephedra would really be useful now. Ephedra in high doses ought to shut it right down, but they banned it all in the name of the "war on drugs" because it worked good in the process for synthesizing meth. But there's still meth without it, was banning ephedra part of this whole plot which we have obviously been set up for now? . . . . . . .and so I pace . . . . and worry.

  RUMOR: Pope has coronavirus at about the right time frame after that woman grabbed his hand . . . . . . that said, he'd be a prime candidate for it. He was no good for the church. What more can I say? He also does not have to be the final pope

I will say this: It might be a good time to start wearing at least an N95 mask. I think I'll start using one today. It would also be a good time to consider taking kids out of school.

One thing VERY IMPORTANT: California's case, where they located a "dis associated" case of coronavirus pretty much cinches the deal, they don't know what is out there now. The numbers are B.S., if there is anything to this virus it is already too late.


UPDATE TO BELOW: N95 means the mask gets 95 percent of what you might breathe in, therefore making N95 masks as I said, WORTHLESS. The mask I linked is a G_D_ N100. Do NOT be STUPID. GET IT NOW.



Prices have gone BONKERS on masks now If you did not get yours when I told you to, it is now time to GET REAMED. Prior to reaming: 1 N95 mask costs $0.20 Now they are $6.25 each. The GOOD mask I linked cost $19.99 when I did. It has only gone up to $22.95 and you had DAMN WELL BETTER ORDER IT RIGHT NOW. The (small) ream is $10.58 shipping which used to be $0. That is a SMALL REAM, you had better order it NOW and thank your lucky stars, tomorrow will likely be too late.

  Drudge: Dems willing to accept "party damage" to stop Sanders ME: . . . . . . and they were willing to accept total destruction to stop Trump.

Dems can't field a viable candidate because they can't come up with anyone better than they have, that will accept being compromised badly enough to qualify. Most people do indeed have souls.

Prices have gone BONKERS on masks now If you did not get yours when I told you to, it is now time to GET REAMED. Prior to reaming: 1 N95 mask costs $0.20 Now they are $6.25 each. The GOOD mask I linked cost $19.99 when I did. It has only gone up to $22.95 and you had DAMN WELL BETTER ORDER IT RIGHT NOW.

  Yesterday, over half the people I saw (and I walked through centro) attended Ash Wednesday. That's a good sign for Mexico though the pope is a scam. There's a picture of him sneezing into a hankie. One can only wish . . . .


Insider info: It is part of the plan to take out the west, SCROLL DOWN.

UPDATE: This poison only has ONE symptom: Lots of perfectly clear phleghm that clogs your breathing until you drown. If there are any other symptoms (except siezure if you really get nailed) it is not the poison. There won't be a fever and there won't be any pain.

Brief summary (because this will fall off the page eventually) - a binary nerve poison has been made that uses pork as one side of the binary. It can be dispersed aerially over large regions. If you eat pork and they release this poison, it will combine with the pork in your system and trigger an extreme histamine response, that will fill your lungs with fluid the same way "Coronavirus" does, - it will definitely scare the population into accepting a kill shot. This is so important I may make a separate newsletter for it but for now the details are still on this page.

No matter how Coronavirus plays out, this is the most relevant statement ever issued and it will remain top posted.

Shinzo Abe told all schools in Japan to shut down for a month

Iran now has 26 dead. There's no way they got this under control. Additionally, other people in top level government are coming down with this virus it is not just the health minister anymore. There's no way it was not a targeted hit. Kahmeini looks very concerned while he says "Iran will soon overcome this menace" approximately as well as he thinks Iran can wipe out the United States.

I'd like to throw in here that China really needs to make sure that whatever they are spraying has not been sabotaged by the binary poison, and to run controlled tests, where one group does not get pork and another does. China's not adding up, it seems to me like something else is at play in China.

Trump is getting ripped for going soft on this virus, at the same time Pelosi and Schumer blocked Trump's funding for controlling this virus (because they want a few billion more added that they can steal) Trump certainly allocated enough but remember Baltimore, where NOT ONE DIME of over a billion in city improvement money actually went to improving the city, it simply got stolen by Dems. They really need theft to be a key component of anything they approve and by the time they stop stealing, Trump's "wimpy" 3 billion total won't cut it.

I am not going to jump on the 5G bandwagon because there's no consistency with 5G locations. 5G may be bad, but it is not the cause of this.

It is obvious this is a GMO virus with a double hit, if you recover you in fact did not, and it will hit a different way the second time. This varies greatly from heart failure to organ failure to whatever else it comes up with, there's really nothing defined for what the second hit will be because it is still to early to have all the details. Trump is not touching the GMO aspect of this and no one else "official" is either because that will lead to the sticky question of WHO, and we ALL know who did this virus.

NHS wants staff to cut all beards. That's because a face mask won't seal with one.



I WAS RIGHT: China is under-reporting Coronavirus cases by at least 50X

Epoch Times got ahold of official government documents, and discovered the Chinese goverment is tweaking the numbers by a factor of up to 52X in some cases. That's not 52 percent, that's 52X.

Explaining the linked article:

The Epoch times got ahold of numerous documents from various regions, all of them showing under-reporting of actual numbers. The lowest cases of under-reporting were 2X and everything in between, up to 52X in various parts of China.

This proves I was right all along. It explains why they brought in portable incinerators. They'd get one set of numbers and report something totally different to the World Health Organization, they kept 2 sets of books.

I am going to say the obvious: Results on the ground prove they are lying by MORE THAN 52X in Hubei province. There's obviously 7 digit dead there. Everyone who managed to get word out has stated they are not even able to get to half of the actual dead to even document them to begin with. They are just sitting here and there, rotting.

I bet there's a third set of books, which is an estimate of reality they did not directly count.

There has to be. They could not keep all those incinerators going even if the actual numbers were 52X. They are now busted in a massive lie in a way that they can't back out of, we know they are lying and the only question therefore is, how big is the lie, really?


Due to the fact that it appears the WHO let this virus spread everywhere possible when it was possible to contain it with minimum pain, while national leaders made damn good and sure it spread, IF it is real, (which is not guaranteed with so few deaths outside of china, even today, ) but IF it is real we have already crossed the river Styx and will be destroyed by whatever measures it takes to contain it if needed. Was that the plan all along? To put us in a situation where the only option was to destroy society in an effort to contain something that will destroy us if we don't destroy ourselves getting it under control?

Probably. See the top posted comment from Lithuania in the upper portion of the page. It is there for a reason.


Now here's a spooky sounding social media post: Coronavirus preventive measures?

This afternoon, on the way to a business meeting in Fairfield CA.. I was startled to see a white military bus parked along side of the road. Granted, Travis AFB is near by, and they have almost 500 of the evacuees quarantined on the base. So, okay, the bus is on the side of the road.

Except... there are about 75 homeless lined up with black sea bags. Like all of their belongings are in the bags. They were listening to the Military personnel and then they were being herded onto the bus. Since I was driving.. no chance for my phone to take a video. Since this is Fairfield, Do Not Take Video or Pictures of any of the Military...

Has anyone noticed this in any other city near any of the other military bases? Where did they take them? Nothing on the news.. Just on the bus and then gone... What makes me concerned is.. a) I recognized a few of them, they were the ones that always stood near the freeway on ramps near Hwy 80 or not too far from the Mall near Travis Blvd and the Solano Town Center.

b) where did they all get matching black sea bags to put their stuff in?

c) what were they promised to get them to all go willingly?

There were no handcuffs. No one was arguing with the uniforms and they were all lined up and waiting to get on the bus. Since I was slowing driving by with the other rush hour traffic.. I found it very strange for a Military Bus to be parked there.

My comment: There's a poop crisis in the area, and coronavirus spreads through poop. If there is a real virus and it got loose in the homeless community, ADIOS folks, that alone would do it. I'd bet they were told they were being taken to a safe shelter to wait the virus out.


Update to below: If you get hit by the binary poison you don't start sweating or itching your nose like the Iranian health minister, now known to be infected by the Coronavirus. The poison produces no symptoms at all and you simply suddenly can't breathe and will be gacking up enormous amounts of clear thick phleghm. If there is any fever at all, it's not the poison.




Your lungs have excess capacity you don't use. This helps you get through lung infections when you need to. You won't notice if this excess capacity is slowly vanishing without a reference. A bread bag is a reference everyone has that is pretty much uniformly made and easy to use.

Squeeze all the air out of a bread bag. Take the deepest breath you can and blow it into the bread bag as far out as you possibly can. Twist the bag to trap the air, down to where the bag is fully inflated holding pressure. Mark where the air fills the bag to. ONE BAG PER PERSON. Keep the bag, and occasionally check to see if you can still fill it to the mark. If you can't, something is amiss and you just got an early warning for FREE.


A doctor in Wuhan needs to answer this:

Are the "jelly like" substances people are coughing up completely clear with no foreign substances or bacteria? If so, that's what the binary poison does. If it is yellow or any other color it is probably not the poison. The poison causes you to phlegm out clear phleghm that is very thick and jelly like. A doctor posted that this is what is happening but he did not specify if there were secondary infections or any coloration. No coloration = binary poison nerve agent that triggers a severe histamine response. Read down the page a ways for details, I don't want to keep re-posting them. I got a LOT of details on this poison. The phleghm is totally clear and odorless, and in HUGE volume.


There is now a high probability that China is not being honest about the virus for national security reasons.

Also, figure the odds of Iran's health minister coming down with a close variant of this virus. Someone is doing selective targeting and it looks like Iran's geriatric government is now on the way out. We need that virus to hit at least the House. Oh nevermind, the "valuable" ones have no doubt been innoculated, silly me. If Iran's health minister spread that virus through the government during the latent period, it's time for taps. GAME OVER. And who's to say he was the only one targeted? DOUBT IT.

Now we have Iran and China, both not all too fond of Israel, on the way out. China was helping Iran circumvent sanctions Israel wanted. And they both got a custom virus. BONUS: The Iranian variant likely works on white people quite well.

I need to repeat something: Stop eating pork.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the binary poison has been released in the United States, but I'd REALLY like to know where China sourced that crap they are spraying everywhere. You have all seen those videos. What if that binary poison somehow got added to whatever they are spraying as a bonus item? China REALLY needs to make damn good and sure where that stuff was sourced. The actual poison is colorless, odorless, tasteless (at least in the amounts needed, it's a total blindside) so if it got added to anything they are spraying, they'd simply kill themselves with it. China is a major pork eating nation.

I also must make it very clear that I have not seen anything supporting the possibility of someone sabotaging China with this poison. It is just something to keep in mind, they could seriously scam the hell out of the United States and other countries with it.


Obama and Buttigieg look like CIA clones

Take a look at this Twitter video - the mannerisms are too similar to ignore. They are obviously mind clones while speaking, to perfection.

Remember when Obama looked like a cardboard cutout with world leaders because he had the exact same smile with all of them? Consider this: No one feels the same about everyone they meet. Their position, disposition, smell, MANY traits are going to make it impossible for someone with an intact analytical mind to produce the exact same facial expression for everyone, yet that's exactly what Obama does in this video. Slow this down to half or quarter speed and take a good look, he was obviously "programmed", such a consistent appearance would only be possible with a robot. Buttigieg is showing signs of being the exact same thing.


There is a new antibiotic discovered by AI and it is a good one

We already had it, we did not know it was an antibiotic, SEE THIS.

Update to below: NOW SEE THIS



Iran's health minister was at a key meeting with TONS of top officials LOOKING LIKE THIS and afterward tested positive for coronavirus. That's a LOT MORE than a cold that he has.

IF he attended such a meeting with all those super old top officials, Iran can probably kiss it goodbye. I have always known there's a virus, my main beef has been with how China has covered it all up so badly it looks like they are killing dissidents. It does not mean I think China has no real problem.

The virus kills old people. Look at that video. Doom ON.



Based on my observations of a reasonable sized pool of people in China, I am betting there will be MAYHEM

We are getting close enough to the official re-opening date for the Chinese economy of march 2. There are a fair number of people who return to work before that, and a fair number that return in the 2 weeks after that date, and NO ONE I am paying attention to has returned. That is an anomaly that must be pointed out. If about 85 percent of China's work force has not returned to work by March 2, and it is instead something like 10 percent, it will be apocalyptic DOOM ON.

Keep in mind that everything coming out of China right now is controlled crap. There is a reason why I use the Oracle internet intelligence map and nothing else. Oracle is NOT a crap company or a lone talented individual, they are an absolute reference and they REALLY set up their data to allow anyone with experience to go over it and figure out what is happening in a nation.

Here is what is happening in China now:

There are still only 5, 000 or so people online, and they are definitely government workers on a global task force. This can easily be seen in the DNS query rate.


This is calculated by the traceroute completion ratio. In any stable country, this line is thin and smooth. But China's line, while remaining relatively smooth, is getting thick. This indicates that their large generating stations are staying online, but they are having TONS of local substation blowouts that are very bad, affecting a million or more people, and those blowouts are taking a long time to get fixed. That means there's absolute MAYHEM going on there.

China's power used to be perceptibly perfect. If you went over their chart last year, you could see that power was stable to within 0.1 percent. But now, it is constantly modulating within a range of never better than 0.5 percent out, to up to 3 percent out. What's 3 percent of 1.4 billion people? I'd say that's a HUGE power problem, things are cracking up there. You can't run industry with power that bad. It has to stay stable, having the lights flicker once can wipe out 10, 000 beany babies in one whack. Obviously things are not being tended to well.

It is clear that good or bad, the Chinese government is at least trying to keep the power stable (because overall it's not trending down) but it's not smooth anymore. There is obvious societal stress going on there now.

Rumor that is probably not rumor has it that the problem is twofold: People there are afraid of going to work because they are afraid they will catch the virus, and there are probably people still barricaded and awaiting disposal. China's work force is going to be smaller but by how much all depends on how deep this purge is, and/or how much the government lied about the lethality of the virus. If few people in Japan die, China's going to have a lot of explaining to do about bringing in all those incinerators and running the crematoriums full tilt, let alone their "official numbers" which despite being obvious patent B.S. are the only numbers the U.S. MSM will touch. One commie helps another . . . . .

The bottom line in all of this is that if you had any plans to get a new computer or other tech device, now is the time, because I doubt replacements will be arriving soon. I don't know how the food supply will be affected. We are approaching China's D-day, we will definitely know on Monday.

IF this was a legit virus: China's toast. Japan is TOAST. Korea is TOAST. And those countries are where all the tech toys are made. It will take probably a year and a half for anything at all to recover, if it does at all.

If there is a virus cover story for a Communist purge: People will cower in their homes afraid of a "virus", China will assign those who were not culled to jobs that get things pretty much back to normal by May. I doubt they'd kill over 100 million but we'll know it was a virus "plot" if China for the most part gets back to work by may. Either way, there will be epic worldwide mayhem over this.


To be clear, I still think coronavirus is a hoax fronted as cover for communist cullings

No matter what gets posted down in this part of the page, the top part takes precedent. The only question with all of this is how many people the Chinese government is killing and how many actually return to work. I know of (approximately) 35 individuals in China and will know whether or not they return to work. From that, I might get an idea of how many China culled.

Yes, there is a real virus out there, and yes, people need to prepare for one, and yes, the world economy is going to crash, but it will be from a loss of China and whatever their government and others do. If Wal Mart and everyone else was getting everything from China and there's a major disruption going on, the entire world is going to feel it. There's doom ahead, (serious doom) for that reason alone.

Whether or not this takes off seriously elsewhere remains to be seen. At this point, I am having doubts. I think they are going to do just enough with a virus story to disrupt an election, intentionally disrupt supply lines to create mayhem and enough to scare everyone into oblivion and make them believe that the reason people vanished was due to a virus, and not a roundup.

I really don't think the Jews would actually release a virus that can nail them, but time and time again we have seen where they (and their communist appendages) have unabashedly genocided millions with fake cover stories. This time it's likely to be billions. All under the cover of a biological disaster plot.

FACT: You need to be a LOT MORE concerned with the people "arriving to save you" than anything they claim to be saving you from. They'll escalate this as high as they need to convince people it's all real, for god's sake STOP EATING PORK.

Inside China, the deaths are obviously now into the seven figure range. Even MSM sources are saying things are not adding up. But outside china, this "killer virus" is not coming anywhere close to matching the mildest flu season on record. So the question therefore is, - What is so different about China? The answer: Communism.


Iran is being honest with Coronavirus deaths

It appears Iran can be a control reference for this. Yesterday Fox quoted 50 dead in Iran from an obscure news source they called "semi official" and that news source never said 50 dead, Fox simply screwed up by misinterpreting what that source actually said and I know how they did. It's called common core.

The good news. 50 people are not dead in Iran from this. The bad news? more people are dying, the number is now up to 15. That's still statistical chatter, but the chatter is getting louder. Additionally, of the 102 people Iran has in the hospital for this, only 50 percent are making any type of recovery. Perhaps the best news is that we now know Iran is not lying, I'll be keeping an eye on what happens there.


To be clear: I am very skeptical of the following post, which is why it is posted as rumor. It is only posted to inform people there is a rumor about Denver going around right now and EVERYONE knows the history of that airport. IF this event really did happen, people need to take notice..



Remember the Denver International Airport and how it went SO FAR over budget?

The same thing happened with the Big Dig.

Obviously due to the extent these projects went over budget, they built far more capability into the system than just air ports and transit.

This is NOT confirmed rumor, and it never will be because the MSM won't touch it. But evidently someone at the Denver Airport saw an enormous train of white buses vanish off the end of one of the runways. They just "vanished into the ground". Obviously if this happened, there's a sliding door at the end of one of the runways with a ramp going down to whatever caused the airport to go so over budget.

This is only rumor. But it's one hell of a good one.

Here is what is NOT RUMOR:

During the Denver airport's construction witnesses saw an unbelievable amount of earth removed by vehicles coming up out of the ground in what is now a grassy area at the end of one of the runways. Evidently that's where the door is, it is obscured by being under grass and vegetation, it is not part of the actual runway. I remember when construction of that place was underway, how much dirt got removed - enough to provide space for an underground city and the construction went catastrophically over budget. People noticed and were wondering what the * was up.

Remember - this airport is where the murals are on display that depict the NWO plan to wipe out humanity. This was a huge conspiracy topic a while back and if an enormous number of buses (enough to carry about 4, 000 people just went down that hole) GUESS WHAT? Do I need to say what?


Remember last month when the bank lowered our credit limit without explanation? Now it is happening to others who have perfect credit, and it may be because the banks are expecting people to be gone

IF the Jews, who own the banks, launched a virus or other plot to kill massive numbers of people, it would be unprofitable to allow them to have their credit maxed out when you know they are going to be gone. This is a serious red flag, and proof of a plot to kill people off that they know about.

They don't need a real virus to do the job, if they are lowering credit limits a good olde tyme genocide will fit the bill fine.

If your credit limit drops for no reason at all, it probably means they expect YOU to be dead so pay up NOW, before they off you. How about that?


Well well, this is not very encouraging:

Keep in mind that Chinese people will not be informed of a culling. However, this proves the situation is VERY SERIOUS.

I am waiting on confirmation that there really are 50 dead in Iran, Foxnews and the site they quoted are not credible enough for such a claim. I have said it plenty: There's no excuse for people to not have a real protective mask and goggles, if you don't have a gas mask by now, SHAME ON YOU!


Foxnews quoted ILNA, a "semi official" news web site in Iran, which claimed 50 dead from coronavirus

They called it "semi official" but there's nothing official about it at all. It is definitely not up to Tasnim, IRNA, FARS or PressTV and none of the real news web sites in Iran have stated this yet. I don't consider ILNA to be enough to bother with, compared to the other 4 it is sparse and weak. It figures FOX would quote such a site because it hides the fact that Iran can beat them no sweat. It makes Iran look backwards. Anyway

Wait and see. Tasnim is THE REFERENCE, there's nothing beyond that, and alarmingly they are quoting 12 dead. Fox dropped the ball on that also, saying that "12 dead" has been the number stated by Iran since Feb 19 when in fact, up until today all 4 of the real news agencies in Iran reported 8 dead, 12 is a new number that just showed up this morning. That is alarming but still down in statistical chatter.

Very important: The coronavirus "causing deaths in Iran" is a completely different genetic strain than the one that showed up in China. So what's the deal? Did Israel custom tailor a virus for Persians? Possibly, but doing so would be risky business. That's way too close to home, unless a certain Ashkenazi tribe is not even close to actually being "semitic". 100, 000 radiations proves the Ashkenazi want the Sephards gone as much as they want everyone else gone so if it's adios to them that's a bonus!.

I have a salient point to make

Sanders had a woman kicked out of one of his rallies when she asked him if he'd give up his planes (in the name of the climate change mantra he preaches). Stunned snowflakes stared at her with a confused look . . . . . . A point of salience:

Communists always do this. They are the ultimate "all for me and none for you" and that really paid off in the soviet union, where many high ranking Russian planes crashed with them aboard because they simply could not match the reliability of Boeing. Now that Boeing has gone Communist, GUESS WHAT?



There really are no professionally taken class photos from Sandy Hook. There are only two photos in existence that is supposed to have anything at all to do with Sandy Hook and the "shooting" and they match a school in Britain. The two (two) stage photos that trolls and scammers state "prove" Sandy Hook was open were not even taken at Sandy Hook and are not professional photos, which is a benchmark needed to prove legitimacy.

Here is the litmus test: Please produce a PROFESSIONALLY WATERMARKED CLASS PHOTO FROM SANDY HOOK WITH ANY OF THE VICTIMS IN IT. All schools have this photo taken, and EVERYONE gets one and EVERY photographer watermarks them. Why, out of the hundreds of students there, has one not surfaced?

RIP Halbig, you are completely right.

I am considering doing a prank call to the FBI With this

Take a look at this quote from the linked report

"What the public should be looking at is the fact that the FBI gave our son the means to make this happen. He has no job, no money, no vehicle, and no driver's license, due to the fact that he is schizophrenic and we; his parents do everything we can possible to keep him safe and functional... He has suffered through countless serious full-blown schizophrenic delusional episodes and he has been put in numerous mental hospitals since he was 16 years old. The FBI came and picked him up from our home, they gave him a vehicle, gave him a fake bomb, and every means to make this happen none of which he had access to on his own."

The parents noted that during the setup, they suspected something was going on and Jerry's father told the informant to stay away from their son. However, according to the parents, the informant "continued to sneak onto our residence. The FBI paid him to continue this operation and I believe they have cleared his criminal record."

My comment: As an FBI agent, the "informant" would not have gotten a criminal record for this.

If I do this prank call, I am going to try to call their equivalent of "customer service" and tell them I am dissatisfied after I read off some of that story. I'll have no problems doing that, I can do it for free without an 800 number. IF I do this, (and it is a big IF) I'll make sure it gets adequately recorded. I'd love to start pranking some of these POS outfits with prime trollage.

One good one to prank would be the people who investigated Sandy Hook. My trollage for that would be: Please send me a link to a professionally taken class photo from Sandy Hook that has the "victims" in it, in any of the three years prior to this "shooting". They can't produce that photo, because the school was closed and awaiting demolition for asbestos concerns.

There's lots of other good ones to be had, but this latest one regarding the FBI takes the cake, that is so prime for pranking it really makes me want to do it. I am a VERY dissatisfied customer!


I have a perfect, random, infallable trace on 35 separate people in China and will know if they don't return to work.

How do I have that? Don't ask because I won't tell, I'll just say I don't score so many perfect hits by accident.

NONE have worked in over 2 weeks but that could just be the holidays. If this continues past March 2, I'll definitely be worried. These are random people and the Communist party can't possibly care about ALL of them. Waiting . . . . . .


Further support for a communist culling in China -

First "Captain obvious": In lots of videos, people who are "supposed to be infected by a virus that wrecks their lungs" are screaming their life force out, obviously in perfect health, as would happen if they knew there was a culling underway.

Second Captain obvious: This so-called "outbreak" was never stated to be any type of hemorrhagic illness, and in all too many videos massive amounts of life blood are gushing out of people's heads as they lay in the street, and there are no videos out there that show how that actually happened, they only show that it happened. Considering you can dub out gunshots from the audio tracks it is perfectly rational to consider that as a cause of death, Plus, there are PLENTY of videos from Falun Gong that have the gunshots. Yep, you wanted them dead, and now we know why. Bonus, their networks are obviously still in place, and they don't even try to "jump the wall", it simply does not exist in the context communists need it to.

Captain obvious conclusion: Somethings screwy with this.

NEVER let a crisis go to waste, right?

Here's the deal: We now have a binary poison that targets exactly the "right people" at a time when communists in China needed to purge dissidents badly, at the EXACT SAME TIME communists are openly calling for replacement of America's white population while they are doing the exact same thing in Europe. The plot ought to be obvious, without "Captain obvious" helping anyone. Pro tip: Don't launch a virus plot while you talk about wiping populations out.

FACT: A communist in China is the same as a communist in Europe or America, they will all work together to accomplish a global communist transition, and "Captain Obvious" has made a few observations as to how this is being fronted:

1. Front a scam in China and get rid of dissidents. They had a problem with dissidents they had to solve, and the timing was PERFECT. Perhaps there is a real virus, (there probably is) but there are also massive lies about deaths, and that's quite funky.

2. Openly and overtly place policies in all other countries that allow the "virus" to spread, or at least create the illusion that "in the name of freedom" they did not crack down soon enough. Make freedom and lack of control the scapegoat.

3. Release the binary poison outside of China, where information cannot yet be so firmly controlled, and create a real crisis. Make it look like the "virus" is spreading like wildfire as communists sit in comfort watching the show.

4. Destroy "freedom" and slam down total control on society, because too much "freedom" caused the problem. People need to grow up after all, and realize there's a solid reason for excessive monitoring and control of everyone.

5. When enough people have been scared into oblivion by the binary poison, issue the kill shot while advertising it as the cure and wipe out the populations in Europe, America and elsewhere that have been a long standing pain for the Communists.


Getting a nice insider tip about a binary poison that has pork as one side of the binary was nothing but a bonus you were not expecting. Yep, that would have worked, NO ONE would have figured that out.



Naturalwisdom and others - thanks for re-posting the earlier post. Here's the deal: Though there is a virus out there killing people, there is probably also secondary actions from Chicoms wanting to use the virus as a mask for taking out dissidents. One way or another, they are not being honest about deaths which have at least by now hit high six figures. Plus, totally separate to the virus, there's a binary neurotoxin that can also be released where needed that mimics some of the virus symptoms and that is what the post was about. If you eat pork, you have the other half of the binary all through you and you're toast if you get exposed, sorry pig farmers, people need to stop eating pork NOW because they could front one hell of a scam with this PLUS kill off people they don't want - white Christians, and replace everyone with their Muslim invasion force.

Buttigeig, Sanders, Pocahontas and others as well as the MSM have made it perfectly clear they want white America destroyed and replaced. Such a binary poison would do absolute wonders and it would not affect a single Jew or Muslim. It is simply too perfect.

Additionally, Iran's coronavirus is not the same as the one in China, I am waiting for this story to develop and will only reference Iran's media for that particular story, they won't lie about whatever happens there.

The existence of this poison is confirmed, my insider info is accurate. it is definitely how they plan to take out the existing population in America. There are too many people in Western societies with genes too similar to the Jews for a race specific bioweapon to work, they therefore developed a different type of tool to do this job. The probable goal is to create enough of a ruckus to scare everyone into getting a kill shot.

This has not been released anywhere in the United States yet, because if it was, it would be OBVIOUS, it would take out entire cities in a week. Hopefully posting this will stop it's deployment, which may have been part of this "coronavirus" plot.

I have no information as to whether or not a gas mask will work against this poison, but it is so potent you'd get nailed in your home anyway and you can't wear a mask full time that way without coming across like a fruitcake, the best solution is to simply stop consuming pork products.

God, "they" are going to HATE this post. And I'm laughing.

Laughing at how they're now scrambling to try to figure out how the hell I communicated when their surveillance state has a lock down on everything. Gotta laugh. FACT: You need your gadgets, and for that YOU SUCK.


Now that they got busted robbing Bernie, he's winning

But Bernie against Trump is like a dash board troll against a Kodiak Grizzly, there's no way Bernie would ever get the presidency legitimately. Only Trump can do that at this point.



Iran's Tasnim news agency has just posted that there were 5 "coronavirus" deaths in Iran. If this did indeed happen they should start to pick up elsewhere. Perhaps it would be a good idea to wear the basic N-95 mask and make sure your hands stay clean. I am still highly skeptical of this virus and won't go around wearing a gas mask but so many people wear the N-95's anyway that you at least won't look like a freak.

In Mexico very large numbers of people wear those masks, it's not unusual at all.



This is not clickbait. SEE THIS

This will be used for people who were on the diamond princess. And probably more.



I have insider info that sounds too crazy to post but there is no choice, it must be said. I'll try to keep it brief:

There is a binary poison that is aerially spread that is a long duration neurotoxin that has pork as one half of the binary. It is extremely potent. If you get even a small whiff and then eat pork, the symptoms are the same as COVID-19. This poison is a super histamine trigger that causes your lungs to fill with phleghm. High doses cause greater symptoms, up to seizures. Once you get nailed by it, (if you survive) it stays in your system strongly for two years and fades out over a decade and if you stop eating pork, it will go inactive. This could be what "coronavirus" in China really is and would explain why people "recover" and then get slammed again.


How hard is it to avoid pork? Not hard at all.

This post was too brief, there's a LOT more detail on this topic but I am worried it will sound "too crazy" to post. I'll say this: What better thing could there possibly be for those who eat Kosher? BONUS: It won't work on Muslims either because they don't eat pork. They're supposed to be the ones taking over, RIGHT? Just listen to the visceral dietribe coming from the "tribe" right now, they want traditional white Western types dead and replaced with third world Muslims. What better way to do it than a binary poison that won't nail Jews or Muslims?

Think about that.

Your lungs will phleghm out and you won't have a fever at all. In some cases you could even be "asymptomatic" and drop dead but usually there's a long period of obvious symptoms.

This has replaced the previous post, I found a better way to say it. I am worried this sounds too crazy, but the poison is DEFINITELY real, and it is VERY potent, a few 2 liter bottles dispersed in a city would do the trick.

I know Chinese intelligence reads this site. And I hope they run tests of this and then take appropriate action. Here are the details:

In mild/moderate poisonings, discontinuation of all pork in the diet will cause symptoms to fade within two weeks. If someone is poisoned with this then eats pork, they go right back to full symptoms. Testing this is how a poisoning can be confirmed.

If this ends up testing out in China, remember what the Bible says about who takes Israel out!

I have not received any notice that this poison was released en masse in China, but it is definitely something to know about and China had damn well better be running tests on people to see what happens, STAT.


The WHO has stated there is a "narrowing window" to contain the outbreak

Reality: There is no "narrowing window", if this virus is real, they are 17 plays into making it happen globally. The "narrowing window" was the day before the first time I posted that air traffic to and from Wuhan was normal. That was well over a month ago. IF the virus is real, they want it to be as "real" as possible, their actions have already proven that in spades.


I finally figured out how to say it in one simple phrase:


Dems really can stay home, it won't matter if they vote at all.


Watts bar reactor shutdown

It is nothing. They probably smoked a motor contactor in a redundant system.

Actually feeling better for the first time in months

I have not been in much pain for about a month now, but today was the first time I have had any energy at all, it started last night around midnight and today I am at about 65 percent energy. That's FAR better than I have had for quite a while, I actually worked on starting alt income plan 3 again.


If any candidate the Dems have fielded makes it, you can likely kiss Spacex goodbye

All of them are saying they are going to rob billionaires down to zero to "help the people". Do you think they'll nail Bill Gates? I don't. I don't think they'll go after Zukerberg or anyone else of that ilk, but you can safely bet they'll nail Musk because he is singlehandedly launching a new American space program, and the last thing the Communists want. They thought they killed NASA (and they did) and they will therefore eat Musk alive. Rumor has it that Russia is now backing Trump. Reality is that Russia will front whatever image it takes to satisfy the Democrats, it was not Trump that sold Russia a pile of uranium Or sold Americas secrets to Russia and China.

The only silver lining in it all was that it took Russia and China so long to figure out how to use the tech that by the time they did, America had already moved three steps past it. Elon Musk alone stomped the living crap out of Russia's space program.


2, 249 now dead from Coronavirus

WHAT A JOKE. That's why they brought 40 incinerators into Wuhan with a capacity of 60 bodies a day each.

FACT: One of Wuhan's small crematoriums can do 100 bodies a day. If there really were only 2, 249 dead that would be such a small number even ONE small crematorium could have handled it. If put in context with the 5, 900 daily capacity of crematoriums in Hubei province, Coronavirus would not have even been noticed by them. Yet to handle the 2, 249 over WEEKS they brought in portable incinerators. And Daily Fail never called the Chicoms on it, nor did any other MSM rag.


I really don't care what Judicial Watch reveals anymore.

I don't care if Tucker Carson says Roger Stone's judge should be impeached;

I don't care if Trump slams the Oscars for giving "best picture" to a foreign film

I don't care if it has been revealed the FBI could have unraveled Epstein decades earlier;

I don't care if there's another Wikileaks dump;

I don't care if Jill Biden broke her silence about Joe's creepy touching;

I don't care if Trump tweets to the horizons about ****

The latest Q drop;

Or MY GOD, another "tick tock" -

It's ALL BULLSHIT folks, Nothing has come of any of it. When are we going to see some action? If the media is lying about Trump's lead, which in fact has him 50 points ahead of any Dem candidate while they lie about single digits, PUT A FORK IN IT, WE'RE DONE. If we are not, please tell me what difference ANYTHING "I no longer care about" has made? If it has not made a difference at this point it is GAME OVER.


I can prove today's music is controlled, but that talent is still out there and not getting heard.

This song, from a Barbie movie, proves good songwriters still exist at least to the level of decent 80's pop. This song is recent and I can guarantee you have never heard it because it's not auto tune B.S. and it does not preach "independence" or "I've been jilted by an evil man and you can walk away too" or any other "politically correct" bull crap that has become a requirement of modern music. It has no agenda.

Sad to say modern music is SO BAD Barbie is a lot more listenable, Listen to this.

It is synth based like a lot of 80's music but the synths are actually played and the song is actually sung, for real.

There are lots of Barbie songs of this caliber which calls for sad commentary - when low budget cartoons that cut straight to DVD and sell for $2 match the best stuff on the radio now - that should be impossible. What happened to our music? It's called an agenda.

Oh my God, it continued after "Youre the one" to "on top of the world" - which I did not even know about Listen to this, Cheap barbie movies are BLOWING AWAY the radio and everyone popular now, UNBELIEVABLE.

After this it continued on to another great one. Granted, compared to the true greats this stuff is sappy, but clearly today's American music industry can't top three random barbie songs in a row. This says it ALL!


The best guy the Democrats could ever field is Bernie Sanders

He's the one I fear the least, not because of policy, but because he's incompetent. That said, the tribe would give him help in spades so there's that. And I'd like to throw in here: No democrat candidate is within 70 points of Trump. The MSM is scamming numbers, saying across the board he's within 12 of all other candidates to allow them plausible deniability when they steal this next election,

And they will.

If they are scamming it the way they are now, you can kiss it away, they are going to take it.


I ran the car out of gas this morning

That's the first time I did that since the mid 90's. That said, I have never had to walk for gas, I have always been able to coast it in. This morning it ran out of gas while I was backing out and I had a gas can with gas in the garage. I was not expecting it at all, I was just going to drive the day. Got lucky. Haven't been bit yet!

China has employed 1600 trolls to suppress Coronavirus dissent?

My numbers say it is about 5, 000 working around the clock, according to Oracle internet intelligence. REMEMBER THAT? China has NO PULSE on the internet, which means all their traffic is government traffic doing perception management. Having the U.S. go online needing "management" when the other side of the world goes to sleep just flattens that traffic pattern right out, I was correct about this and now there's proof in the Epoch Times report linked above.

Remember this chart? When I posted this chart I specifically stated that the Chinese people were not online and that their internet traffic indicated they had about 5, 000 people online, all from the communist government. How did I know this when no one else was saying it, only to have it now be confirmed? YOU GUESS. I'd like to state the Epoch Times got the number wrong, it's more than 1, 600 but that, at this point, is splitting hairs. At least they are onto it.

What this chart shows: Due to the roughness of the line from China, it can be determined there are only a few thousand people online. Due to the extremely muted sleep pattern "pulse" it can be concluded that these people are online 24/7 and that it is top level Chinese government. And the extremely muted pulse pattern that does show is probably from the Pacific ocean. They're trolling, 24/7.

IMPORTANT: Falun Gong is managing to get a few real videos out of China. I believe I have discovered how they are doing it, and mum's going to be the word, I am not saying anything.


It has finally been reported by MSM that Ilhan Omar married her brother

That's such old news I thought twice before posting it, I guess the real news is that the MSM FINALLY reported the story over a year late. I am fairly certain I covered it here when it broke sometime towards the end of 2018.

Not better late than never. They should have been on this day one and the fact they were not only proves subversion.


Ryan Newman walked out of the hospital

No one can believe it. Some people are so skeptical they are claiming he had someone else driving for him, who died. I'd say it is plausible he's out already, and that his own invention - the Newman bar, saved him. The Newman bar is a third support pillar in the center of the car that provides extra strength in rollovers. It prevented his car from being totally crushed.

They are not showing his face, the video shows him walking out of the hospital with his two daughters from behind. His worst injuries were to the front of his head. I don't follow Nascar much but would like to see him driving again. Time will tell if he is actually going to be able to do that again, racing is physically demanding and requires drivers to be 100 percent with it mentally. Hopefully he still has it.


Alt media reports of Iran lockdown for virus are probable hoaxes

Confirm your sources please!

I said nothing about this when it broke yesterday, because I was skeptical and nothing was posted in Iranian media. After another day passed with nothing in Iran's headlines on PressTV, Tasnim, Fars, or IRNA about any lockdown, I'm calling HOAX, they'd have to put that information there. Instead, Iran held elections with record turnout.

There was mention of one guy who was taken from a subway and tested, and two suspected cases elswhere in Iran and that's it, the other thing on this topic was that Iran's borders were not closed despite rumors they were.

So who fronted the Iran Coronavirus bullshit? I know who, and will refrain from saying anything other than SCREW YOUR CLICK BAIT.

40 incinerators made front page on Drudge

Finally. Better late than never I guess. I am not going to say this confirms what was posted here because the MSM needs to confirm their facts by hitting this site, which is days earlier quite often and always far more accurate. Gosh, why did Wuhan need to bring those in with only "2, 000 dead"??!!??


BOOM: "Lean Cruise mode" proves American fuel economy is scammed

My car gets approximately 50 MPG in Mexico, and does it with a 121 HP engine and SUV classification. It is not tiny like a Geo Metro. I have done many reports about how Americans get ripped off on fuel economy, on purpose, to get fuel consumption as high as possible while the government in turn guilt trips people about being "wasteful". It's a mind game PLUS an attack on the American economy, excessive fuel usage by American cars takes a LOT of money out of the American economy.

Low and behold, today I came across cold hard proof that the U.S. government is mandating exactly that. It's called "Lean Cruise Mode" and it is popular in Australia, where people re-flash their ECU's and then get 35 MPG highway in Ford F-150's and other similar trucks equipped with V8 engines. It is not possible to do it with American versions of the exact same vehicles because the U.S. government has made it illegal for auto manufacturers to leave that back door open. Lean cruise mode is what got Volkswagen in trouble, they were having it enable by default when parameters were met that proved the cars were not being emission tested.

I have said Americans are getting scammed on gas mileage repeatedly. 4 cylinder cars (should) be getting 60 - 70 MPG by default, even if they are not tiny ones with no changes to them whatsoever other than software. Up until now I have not had something solid that proves government policy is forcing Americans into poor gas mileage, NOW I DO, HERE IT IS.

How about that!!!

Here is a forum discussion on the topic

This topic appears to be heavily controlled. Here's a forum discussion where a guy closes the thread when people start talking about this, and finding any detailed discussion on this topic (which should be HUGE) is virtually impossible to find, unless it's being trolled into the gutter.

High fuel economy is a reality stolen from all of us. Proof was delivered in spades by Volkswagen's 300 MPG XL1 that never saw the light of day, Al Gore types threw it into the dust bin. They are not there to save the planet, if they really cared about global warming all cars would be like the XL1. That would in effect take 90 percent of the cars off the road from an emissions standpoint.

My guess is that they don't want hyper efficient engines released because it will allow people to fight global wars without needing aircraft carriers. If suddenly your fuel economy was increased by 10X, that's 10 refuelings you would not need for a bombing run. It would make it possible for small nations to hit back when they get struck by the large world powers and they'd be able to do it with a cheap car engine. By denying the world high fuel economy, the tyrants and war hawks remain in charge.

If there is one thing all of this proves, it is called hypocrisy. How evil do the powers that be need to be to scam us all about global warming and CO2 emissions while forcing us to operate at 10 percent efficiency, all the while we have the answers needed to stop burning so much fuel? They are epic A-holes "searching for answers" they shitcanned themselves. But that's the status quo for the same people who mysteriously "can't find the reason for autism" (while they are causing it on purpose) while they jam wind mills up people's behinds.


FACT: Communism is a LOT MORE LETHAL than ANY virus!!!


We have all worried about them doing cullings in the United States under cover of an environmental/biological disaster, and it looks like this exact scenario just played out in China. That hospital had prison bars over the windows most likely because it was not a hospital at all! NO ONE except Falun Gong got anything out of China, and even they might be confused about what went on. They only documented that at least (at latest update) 7500 bodies were disposed of PER DAY. Last count: over 600 infected on Diamond Princess and not a SINGLE death. Virtually all were Asians, it happened to the same gene pool, WHY NO DEATHS?.

How the number 7500 was derived: Down the page a ways, there is proof of how much body burning capacity the Wuhan metro is capable of per day in it's crematoriums, and the answer was approximately 5900 daily. Then, Falun gong confirmed that Wuhan had also receieved (at least) 40 portable organic matter incinerators, suitable for burning bodies, which had been delivered to Wuhan this week, and they had a capacity of five tons per day EACH. On average then, each incinerator could handle at least 65 people per day. That's 2600 bodies, plus 5900 (which actually comes out to 8500 bodies) but I knocked a thousand off for good measure.

FACT: If the crematoriums could have handled the demand, they would not have brought in backup.


Claudia and I went all over Mexico and shot video interviews of rail yard workers in many different locations and NONE of them ever witnessed children on trains. We then uncovered via (white) whistleblowers in central America that Jewish run NGO's in central America were taking children to sell as slaves or use for other purposes and the trains were only a cover story to explain where all the children went. When we published this, INSTANTLY, THAT DAY, the MSM changed it's tune and said "No children are on trains anymore, the police cracked down and busted them all". The derailings were all staged on abandoned industrial spurs, and we documented all of it. Hopefully what I published about a communist culling both killed the Coronavirus story and stopped the cullings. I would not bet the cullings are over however, because of THIS:

And yes, communist style efficiency mandated they do it all over the holidays, when manufacturing output would not be impacted by locking everyone up.

Due to repeated requests, I am going to post the solar newsletter again.

Due to discovering new items and the situation in China, this will replace the original solar newsletter. IMPORTANT: I found a PERFECT charge controller for this, that only costs $35.00 so I am not going to suggest people build one to avoid getting ripped off for $1000, $35 is what they are worth and at that price point it makes no sense to tinker around building one.

Here's the deal: Due to an amazing streak of luck, this newsletter can be a literal punctuation mark. IF YOU:

Buy FIVE of THESE PANELS for a total cost of 1,050

And hook them up to This charge controller that costs $35

And use THIS INVERTER, that you should be able to have at your door for less than $400 You're set. Then all you need is batteries, and I can't give you a price, other than "it ought to be less than $1000". The panels max out at 31.5 volts which is what you want for a 24 volt system, the charge controller is affordable and 24 volts, and the inverter is pure sine, affordable, and 24 volts. All you need to do is get the batteries and you'll be set for well below $2500 total system cost. Read the newsletter if you want, this time it was possible to make it all a piece of cake!

Actually, there's a little more to this - you need to hook the panels up in parallel or their voltage will stack and you'll end up with 158 volts instead of 31.5. If you EVER got that many DC volts and lost control of it, you'd do Nikolai Tesla proud. That many DC volts would sustain an arc well over a foot long once started, so make good and sure you don't screw that up. 31.5 DC volts on the other hand won't sustain an arc at all unless you're trying to sustain it.

Enough of that. If you don't understand the difference between series and parallel, don't try this project.

You can run cheap 12 guage wires from each panel to a single six guage wire pair to go to your charge controller. Simply take every + from every panel and run it separately to the + six guage wire, and a 12 guage negative wire from every panel to the six guage negative wire and run the six guage wire down to your charge controller. If you decide to add even one more panel, you have to use 4 guage wire. There will be a LOT of power there (armageddon power if you screw up with that many panels) but it will be low voltage. It will definitely vanish a single 12 guage wire in a nuclear fireball if you make the mistake of running the output of all panels through a 12 guage wire at once.

Panel cost, $210 X 5 panels at 310 watts each for 1550 watts total at a cost of $1050, PLUS $35 for the charge controller PLUS about $400 total for a nice inverter plus your batteries. It ought to definitely be possible to do it all for $2500 once you buy your wire and batteries, and if you let the solar supply stores gyp you, this system debuts at $15,000.

Don't do this if there is any chance you'll be begging the neighbors for answers.

As it turns out 'Semi truck battery" does not cut it. What you want is deep cycle 8D batteries. Size 8D is the real one.

FLOODED TYPE, NOT AGM You will find them at MANY locations, many auto part stores carry these, here is one at NAPA Note the vent caps. They HAVE TO have the vent caps or they are not the right batteries. If you only discharge this type of battery to 35 percent discharged with 65 percent charge remaining in the battery, they'll last a decade. More really is better, if you take them down to 50 percent discharged, ADIOS in a year or so (depending on which ones, I suspect the one I linked would not give up the ghost easily). You have to know if you are draining them too much, here's how:

With a multimeter and everything turned off check the battery voltage. If they are the batteries I recommended, 65 percent charge will be 12.35 volts. Don't take them down to 12, you'll wreck them STAT. Series voltage will be 24.7 Voltage can be lower than that if they are in use and being discharged and will be much higher than that during the day, when they are charging. That's why you need a 31.5 volt solar panel to charge a 24 volt system, you actually need 30 volts to really drive a charge into the batteries.

The best way to check them is with a hydrometer but then you'll have to deal with taking the vent caps off and acid. If you shut the system down entirely and do a voltage check that will be a less involved job. You need to check this a LOT early on, to make sure the panels are meeting the demand you are putting on the system, always check in the morning before sunrise.

Don't let anyone sell you on "Superior AGM batteries". Yes, they are superior, if they are going in a dune buggy that's going to be doing 30 foot jumps or if you need a portable power supply. This solar setup will likely wreck them in short order and there will be no advantage gained whatsoever. For solar applications AGM batteries are an outright cost gouging hoax. Ditto for gel cells. If one error ever happens in the system EVER, kiss your AGM's goodbye.

Know how much battery capacity you are buying. In the U.S., that's not easy anymore

Everything in the U.S. went to "reserve capacity" which is a lot like saying absolutely NOTHING. The term is so random you can't get a reliable answer out of it. Here is a general guideline I came up with, that will work practically all the time. Take any reserve capacity rating that has no time reference as part of the equation, and multiply it by 0.55. That will be safe every time. So the Napa battery with a "reserve capacity" of 430 minutes is probably a 236 amp hour battery. If the battery gives a current draw/minutes rating, - saw another smaller battery with the following rating: Reserve capacity 180 minutes at 25 amps That's a 75 amp hour battery. 180 minutes is 3 hours. 3 hours by 25 amps is 75 amp hours.

How many amp hours could you take from that big Napa battery, and what does it mean in watt hours? Here's how you calculate that, for extremely long battery life:

236 amp hours * .35 equals 82.75 amp hours available, with 65 percent charge remaining. Times however many batteries you have (you don't need 10 if the battery is that enormous) but let's say you splurge and have 10. That would equal 827.5 amp hours at 12.5 volts (approximately) for 10,346 watt hours, which is SO MUCH you'd annihilate a Tesla power wall into oblivion. 10 of those batteries would hopelessly challenge a power wall, if you REALLY had an emergency and had to take 20,000 watt hours, you would only take them down to 70 percent discharge and they'd survive it fine, if you only did it a few times "over the years". That would not be an option with a power wall.

VERY IMPORTANT: Not all 8D batteries are that powerful. You have the math right here to calculate what you are buying, my guess is in many homes only 4 of those 8D batteries I linked from Napa would work but you'd better get six, spend at least $1,000 on your batteries and if they are deep cycle or marine rated you'll probably do fine. If you had 10 of those NAPA batteries and never drew them down more than 35 percent with 65 percent remaining they might perceptibly last "forever" if you check the levels once in a while and only add distilled water. 10 of those would definitely fetch a lot more than $1000 though. I seriously doubt most homes would need 10. It is up to you to figure out what you need. I'd say 4,000 watt hours at 35 percent discharge would do most people fine if they are not running central air or electric heat. That would definitely do the refrigerator and washing machine plus electric stove if it is used an hour a day but probably not a window air conditioner running all night. LED lighting would not even need to be calculated in. One HUGE power killer is a plasma TV, if you have one and you go solar ditch it and buy something new, a plasma TV is a monstrous power hog that will kill a solar setup. This is not a joke, they are so bad it absolutely would result in catastrophe. The modern 4k televisions use about 10 percent of the power plasma needs.

For the house I am in, I'd only need at most 1,500 watt hours at 35 percent discharged to totally cruise through the dark hours but American style homes always eat more than that. When I go solar, I'll probably just use 2 panels. The old reference for solar, when people were willing to sacrifice to go solar, was 400 watts of panels and about 2,000 watts of storage. Careful use with an energy efficient fridge, TV, and lighting would work with something that small. There's little reason to be that frugal now that solar has made huge advancements.

The solar newsletter really does not need to be more than this now that I located an acceptable charge controller. What you'll pay for a charge controller from a local solar supply store will cost you more than your batteries if you need 100 amps, but if you are not getting ripped off, all it takes is $35. How much does a 100 amp relay cost? There's your answer, and a one cent zener diode handles the rest. That's literally all a charge controller actually needs. If you can get that for $35 pre made, trying to do one yourself is pointless. The charge controller I linked will let you run up to 7 of the panels I linked.

If you get panels other than what I linked, they still have to have a max open circuit voltage of 32 or less (but not less than 29 volts) or there's a good chance the charge controller I linked will mess up bigly, it really is for 24 volt systems only (which actually can run just over 30 volts during charge)


Here is what will probably be the final outline of this hoax

My original assessment right in the beginning was that the Coronavirus was a basically harmless virus that gave people the sniffles. Now that the cruise ship has played out to more than 550 infected with zero deaths it does not seem plausible that any of it was real, and that instead, China, which definitely had six figure deaths, was merely using a virus as cover for killing dissidents.

There were definitely orders for millions of body bags, and the crematoriums were definitely maxed out. how many were actually culled is anyones' guess, hopefully awareness of how Communists tend to behave has muted the actions against dissidents, as did my suspicions about a culling which I spread widely, not only here.

I have GOT TO be right. How can the math add up any other way? Tomorrow, Japan is letting everyone on the cruise ship go. There's a hoax somewhere, a hoax with a motive. China HAD TO announce at least a few deaths because they need a story line for families that notice people really are gone. My 20 percent figure was based on actual numbers that had to be dead, with over a million "infected"- there's no way the crematoriums maxed out any other way.


I just don't see how it could be any other way.

Twitter got testy over it and is now banning anyone who posts about Coronavirus outside the MSM whitewash, and Youtube demonetized Coronavirus videos. Why did they do that? Obviously because they had something to gain from everyone being screwed and are trying to hold on to the last gasp of hope for a phony vaccine to be rammed into everyone. They are the enemy, it could not possibly be more clear and their censorship ought to therefore be very poorly received.

I am moving on to other topics, what more can I possibly say? Oh, I guess I could mention I was not alone on this, John Rappoport was onto it too, though he never got onto the Communist culling he knew something was screwed up with all this and said it quite well, GOOD JOB JOHN.

BLOCKBUSTER INFO: I have finally found a way to confirm a majority of the damning videos in China are getting out via Falun Gong

At first I speculated that the Chinese government was releasing damning information that favored them somehow, but now I doubt that. I have confirmed that it is in fact Falun Gong that is doing a lot of it, and I have figured out how they are doing it. They have a brilliant plan for getting information out of China but it is limited for obvious reasons. Limited, but enough. I am not saying how they are doing it for obvious reasons, but it takes technical expertise, precision, and luck. For an excellent cache of videos you have not seen yet, posted by Falun Gong, See this.


Coronavirus, This is interesting and it is solid evidence real hospitals are not used for "coronavirus".


This is not confirmed, however it is well worth posting a link to:

Wuhan doctor spills the beans about the truth in Wuhan

The above linked writing is purported to be from a doctor in Wuhan, who, like I have concluded, openly states there are millions dead, that the communist government is to blame, and he said it before I did.

Here is what I think: IF this is true, this doctor actually did write the information and general story line, and an English speaking doctor then took over and wrote it with perfection. There is some level of deception as to the origins, however I posted the link because there was an apology posted a day later and it was not written in eloquent English.

How credible is the original writing? I'd say the chance is below 30 percent but not possible to rule out entirely. The only thing I know is that there are six figure numbers of dead, it can't possibly be less, and this writing is in line with that. IF this is true, China's screwed but there is one serious nagging item here: The Diamond Princess, on which no such story unfolded. So there it is, it is at least an interesting read.


Patriotic areas of Oregon are considering splitting off and joining Idaho

At least that was on Infowars. The new state will be called Oregano.


Russia is banning all Chinese from entering??!!?? If so, here's why:

Because they always were Communist and they always were pals with China, and now their "brother" needs image assistance after a mass culling. Russia will definitely play that game. A threat? I don't believe it for a minute.

HOW ABOUT THIS: They don't want Chinese people running to their country to avoid getting shot. How about THAT ANGLE? Remember: The internet in China is STILL DOWN. Only what Chicoms want getting out is getting out, aside from what Falun Gong is getting out, and they are damn good at it which is why the Chicoms want them dead.



I don't think that is presumptuous, I bet they really are.

NOW THE NEW LINE IS THAT "80 PERCENT OF CASES IN CHINA ARE MILD". MY RESPONSE: Yep. they are. VERY MILD. So WHY, pray tell, did the Chicoms have to bring in portable incinerators for "animal carcass disposal"? Why was the 5, 800 capacity PER DAY at the crematoriums not enough? YOU GUESS, I nailed this one and damn well know it. Watch them back paddle, back paddle, back paddle.

The Boy Scouts did not "lose the way"

They got subverted. Somehow, somewhere, in the key positions they got infiltrated by the Jewish/luciferian community which has always hated Scouting, and they slammed the organization into the gutter the way they are trying to slam Trump into oblivion. They managed to get the Boy Scouts right where they want them: In bankruptcy over sexual abuse allegations.

Don't fall for the myth that "they lost their way, " this was done to them by the same people who killed Kennedy.

Ilhan Omar now under investigation by the IRS

some people are complaining that Youtube muted the video so far it cannot be heard, but closed captions work.

Buttigieg: Illegals have every bit of claim to America that legal citizens do

MY RESPONSE: Palestinians have as much right to claim Tel Aviv as Israelis do. And if you don't think so after uttering bullshit like that, you belong in a nut house, not the presidency.


This is a rumor I paid no attention to this morning, but now there are claims that Russia did in fact attack Ukraine, and that both sides took losses. We'll have to see where this story goes from here I guess.


This was an interesting screen

I was looking for a way to reset a locked BIOS chip and came across this:

Hit that address on the 26th and see if the site loads.

710 are NOT infected on the Diamond Princess

John Hopkins University made an error which I caught last night and did not realize the correction I made posted way down the page, with the error remaining without correction right on top. The actual number at the time of posting was 355, which I corrected 10 minutes afterward but did not realize I was not in "combat mode" when I posted the error. This caused the update to show in the wrong spot on the page with the error taking first chair.

Since then, John Hopkins has corrected their error and updated the data to 454 infected.

With that many infected, if the Diamond Princess follows China's numbers (as it should) there should be 92 deaths. If the number of deaths does not add up, China's doing a culling and the virus will amount to nothing globally.

I'd like to throw in a 100% USDA choice certified jab at Communists (and leftists) here.

Communists ALWAYS kill off the best and brightest people, because the best and brightest see right through their B.S. and therefore need to be disposed of. If the numbers on the Diamond Princess do not add up to what the Communists in China are saying, it will be because stupid people ran the psy op and did not realize there were people outside their reach that would realize something like a cruise ship provides a perfect control reference. HEY XI, HOW ABOUT THOSE NUMBERS? YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER HOPE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PEOPLE ON THAT SHIP MATCHES YOUR STORY LINE, and BONUS: You already know if it will. If you've been killing dissidents, you're already BUSTED. Time will tell!

Trump did the pace lap at the Daytona 500

My comment: I don't know why he wasted his time with that, when turnout for his rallies is so much bigger.

The coolness factor was quite high however . . . . .

Mex Media just showed a bunch of Jews at the wailing wall crying for China

What a load of crap. That's as bad as having the Muslims turn towards Devils Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

It's called "Perception management." Can you repeat that with me? Perception management.


There are no significant updates to Coronavirus today but I will say this: I blew off the virginia gun ban for a reason. And I was right, it is now DOA and is totally shelved and inactionable until 2021. Despite it passing, evidently Virgina had a remedial immune system and I am not even going to look into how it happened but this morning it was declared DOA by people within Virginia's government that are not compromised. I figured that would be the case one way or another and I was right. NO VIRGINIA GUN BAN. High capacity mags and AR-15's can be flaunted at will. EAT THAT COMMIES, especially if people on the Diamond Princess do not die in droves.

Even if the Diamond Princess leaves the news cycle pay attention anyway to whether or not there is a 20 percent death rate. So far, with 355 confirmed infected the death rate is a big fat ZERO. If people don't end up dying in droves on that ship, it will prove whatever is going on in China is just commies living up to well established standards. And if people DO start dying in droves, you had damn well better duck and cover, because policies were intentionally put in place to cause that virus to spread to the four corners of the earth and it will be a kill shot. That cruise ship will be the tell all.

The newsletter is no where near complete, please wait before re-posting.

I managed to get this put on top and in order before I expected to but it is no where near complete and will probably be edited on top of that. That said, everything posted here has been washed quite well and is good info.

Newsletter 11: Coronavirus, being completed now.

This page is going to be a mess while I do this and there will be substantial edits done I'll just cut to the chase with a short summary until proof of everything I say here is posted.

454 now confirmed infected on Diamond Princess

Watch what happens here. If an enormous number of people die, the virus is for real. Only a few dead will equal Commie Culling.

This ship is the litmus test. We are DEFINITELY going to know from this.

I have been knocked out sleeping all day which was not expected. Considering what I have been through lately if I feel sleepy I am going to sleep.

Between naps, here's what I noticed through the day -

All the videos showing what is going on in China are being expunged, with only the most prominent ones that everyone knew about remaining. One new thing did come out however, and that is that they are moving incenerators into Wuhan because the crematoriums can't keep up. Here are the stats on Hubei province, based on what I gathered before all the censorship:

There are 49 total crematoriums in Hubei province. There's no data on how many ovens each they have, however, before the censorship kicked in totally one that considered itself small had 17 ovens, 11 working and the rest down for maintenance related issues. They estimated they could do one body every 50 minutes per oven, however, that's actual burn time, there was also time needed for other things so they were, with 11 ovens, only able to do a little over 100 bodies a day while running 24 hours.

They considered themselves to be a small crematorium. I don't know what a large crematorium is, but let's go conservative then and say "average" means 13 working ovens per crematorium, X 49 crematoriums available which are ALL OBVIOUSLY MAXED OUT if the government is bringing in mobile incinerators.

This is what's called thinking for yourself when you know they are lying. You can get to within a likely 30 percent margin of error which is a lot better than a 5,000% lie. Let's do the math.

If 11 incinerators can do a little over 100 bodies a day, let's say 103, the math would go like this: 103/11x13x49= 5,964 bodies burned per day. There's no way out of that math to within percentages, so you know they are lying out to magnitudes. If they are bringing in portable incinerators that are rated for burning dead animals, all bets are off, if they are not doing a communist culling they are screwed and the cruise ship is going to be the litmus test. With that many people proven to now be infected, there should be hundreds dead if the math from quite solid evidence in China adds up.

With everything you'll need solid proof their capacity is maxed out, and here it is, I vetted this, it is 100 percent legit.

VERY IMPORTANT - I spent a half hour coming up with those Chinese characters myself to see if this was a hoax, and it is not a hoax, when dropped into Microsoft translate it really does say "trash and animal carcass processing" and I did not bother with "cabin" because at that point it did not matter.

If they are bringing these into Wuhan, it is PROOF POSITIVE all crematoriums are maxed out and they need more capacity. That means the reports of "millions of body bags" have to be legit, they need to move the bodies in something and when they arrive they go straight into the incinerator.

We can only hope no one on the Diamond Princess dies because if they start dying in droves, the world is SCREWED. It would be much better for the world if this ends up being a culling under cover, as bad as that is, we had all better hope for it.

The incinerator proves hundreds of thousands (and possibly more) dead. The Diamond Princess will confirm whether or not the dead are from gunshot wounds. That's where I am leaving this, one way or another, we are definitely going to know soon.

And as a side note - if China really does produce 97 percent of America's pharmaceuticals, (that's an obvious MSM lie) but they probably DO produce a fair amount which proves their medical can't be shabby, survival rates should be decent in China if they are decent elsewhere and if they are decent elsewhere, there will be a solid reason to seriously point the finger at the communist government.

Here's something cute.

Well well, wouldn't you know . . . . . THIS is the history of the name of the guy who got busted for providing 21 vials of the Wuflu virus that were smuggled in a sock. Surprised I am NOT!

FACT: If that guy was involved with smuggling a virus that later made headlines the way it did, it is DEFINITELY the Jews that did this. There is simply no way out of that reality.

Please note: Despite what I am concluding with this newsletter, there is probably really a killer virus in the mix. If the Chinese government really is using this as an opportunity for a mass culling, it will likely be the end of China when they figure out they really should have focused ONLY on stopping a virus. One thing is certain: They are DEFINITELY lying about the numbers of dead which makes it appear only a few are dying from the virus, with provably exponentially more being dead at the same time overall. That's suspicious as hell, if the virus is killing enough people to require millions of body bags, the government had damn well better say it or their history of genociding millions is going to bite them.

This newsletter already has proof the stories about 7 digit body bag orders are not myth, despite being nowhere near done. If the Wuflu numbers were as stated, there would be no impact on the body bag market.

Also, though I do state it is suspicious this virus hit when it would impact China the least, it could also be possible that it was released by the Jewish community to use China with perfect pre-planned timing, when they knew the Chinese would be traveling everywhere and 21 vials in Lieber's sock is quite damning in this regard.

My concern with how this is being handled is the depth of the lies surrounding all of this, - lies which are super easy to expose, especially when someone went as far as wrecking one of the sources I quoted. That proves they know they are lying about everything with this virus.

There are now over 350 confirmed cases of Coronavirus from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship Japan detained

355 cases. Now we have a reference. They are likely all orientals on that ship, ALL susceptible to the virus the same way the Chinese people are. We are going to know from this if the numbers don't add up, and if the Chinese are doing a culling.

355 cases are enough of a sample to know exactly what is going on and if it is the virus that tripped an order for "millions of body bags" or if it is a communist culling that did it. Time for SOLID ANSWERS. I love self contained 100 percent verified scenarios for PROOF. We are going to know.

Don't wait for this proof, get your masks. There's no excuse to not have such an inexpensive survival item that is so important in an outbreak, and even if this outbreak ends up amounting to nothing that's no reason to procrastinate - you should already have a decent mask.

I am going to drop something in here before I forget it - IF you end up having to make your own respirator and clothes are the only thing available as a filter material, the fabric from classic Levi's jeans will work by far the best. Though it is nowhere near N-95 filtration, the fabric used in thick jeans is the only fabric out there that can totally filter Giardia so it is going to be your best shot. Levis jeans make very good emergency water filters, provided the fabric is not substantially worn out.

Additionally, the paper used to make vacuum cleaner bags provides VERY fine filtration, many vacuum cleaners have filters so good they can get viruses. Usually ones that are hepa filtered have two filter stages, one to get the dirt and coarse stuff, and the other to hepa filter. This was a marketing gimmic for vacuums 10 years ago and might still be. Car air filters will also, ALL OF THEM, out-perform an N-95 mask, that's another good source of filter material. That would be the engine air filter, not the cabin air filter which won't be nearly as good.

SPOOKY, CONFIRMED: These semi truck mounted units really do say "trash and animal carcass processing cabin" on the side of them, this was not easy to prove but yes, This tweet is legit.

This means that reports of 47 crematoriums in Wuhan are probably legit, and they need even more "processing capability" so they are bringing in portable units.

I have come up with substantial fully confirmed and partially confirmed proof that the coronavirus (and I am going to call it that rather than the new name because a certain prince can take his sensitivities and shove them, especially after what he said, and his logo at Davos. If that does not make all of this obvious . . . . . Anyway - there is substantially more than circumstantial evidence that China is doing another communist culling and using this virus as an excuse for why people are missing. It's not single digit thousands, right now it has to be over 2 million dead, and I can prove it. They are not dead from any virus. I can also prove that the main story line is a fabrication which is totally dependent on an uninformed public. Lots of what will be in the newsletter has already been stated in former reports, but due to feeling horrible from a bad infection and then lots of dental work I just posted without linking any proof. This newsletter is going to have all the proof. During this coronavirus reporting my blood pressure went from a very dangerous 190 (or more) over 120 down to 113/71 today and today is the first time since this outbreak I actually feel well (despite a combination of azithromycin, clindamycin, and metronizadol antibiotics which would normally make people feel like crap) with all that in me, after 3 days of it killing the infection for real, I feel far better than I have in months and my blood pressure massively dropped - if an infection is going to kill you it is likely to spike your blood pressure to dangerous levels and this one did. I appear to be "out of the woods" now.

So it is time to get down to business and back up everything I have said over the past month or so.

Here are a couple bullet points:

1. China has ordered from it's own domestic suppliers approximately 7 million body bags, and is insisting on burning every last one rather than using mass graves. This is so far outside the official story line that it amounts to clean cut evidence of a communist genocide, which followed a serious threat of a mass uprising surrounding events in Hong Kong. This ordering of body bags can be at least be partially proven.

2. It can be fully proven that the wholly Jewish owned, and wholly communist media worldwide has supported the communists in China with phony story lines about "unprecedented shutdowns" over this virus, which happened at a time of year when such shutdowns are totally normal for China due to Chinese holidays. I can also prove they expunged evidence I linked and replaced it with total falsehood, to support their story line. I busted them damn good. IF they were not lying about everything, such expungements would not be needed. The fact that this virus story lined up perfectly with Chinese holiday season is of paramount importance because it basically proves the Communists planned this event for a time when the economy would be least impacted, and the Jewish press is providing perfect cover, and destroying proof of what they are doing "where needed".

3. The World Health organization is going to try to use this fake story line to slam communist rule down globally and they must be stopped from doing so at all cost. It has been proven whatever virus this is is man made, however, I find it highly improbable they'd actually release something that could return to nail them, and since the Jews are the ones lying about everything, it is probably their virus. They have wanted a mass global culling down to 500 million for decades and if they can cause significant damage to the Chinese people while remaining perfectly safe themselves, and then use that as a cover story to force a "vaccine" on the rest of the races that are more similar to them (and therefore harder to create a perfectly predictable race specific bioweapon for) that "vaccine" is in fact likely to be the kill shot that actually does the job. Very few people know about the georgia guidestones, and very few people will be able to accept the reality that one certain tribe really could be that evil. If that tribe is not stopped in it's tracks, we definitely will have global communism on top of a greatly diminished population.

Remember that post I had about everything getting shut down for Chinese New Years, where the page I linked got changed to support the official story?

This won't get changed! Here's PROOF POSITIVE they are lying about Coronavirus shutting everything down. This is also strong evidence the communist government is doing cullings during the new years break, when it won't cost them a dime economically.

The newsletter is no where near complete, please wait before re-posting.

Take a look at the third guy in this video. Does it look like he's going to the hospital, or a death camp? That was one hell of a fight and there are other similar videos. These people know something.

I am still tired, the newsletter will be finished later, for now here are a couple interesting things that will be in it:

Take a look at this three minute video that somehow made it out of China (they did not say how, perhaps an American got it out) it has a Chinese woman speaking about the Chinese government and how they set this virus scenario up perfectly. It fits with what I have been saying -

Interesting it is that this "virus" struck right when the communist government needed it most, to lock everyone down right when dissidents were getting out of hand. And as a side note, what this woman is talking about is PRECISELY what the leftists want in the United States, Buttigieg has already stated that he was going to elevate criticism of Jewish people to the status of terrorism so he can lock anyone up indefinitely, while another leftist is running with a guillotine as her logo . . . . . quite telling. Americans had better not let what this woman is talking about happen here, and it absolutely will if the next election gets stolen.

The woman in the video linked above will probably be dead by next week. All Chinese are logged via facial recognition and there's enough detail in the video to nail her via compiled framing even if there is no internet trace.

Some clear and obvious things getting out of China:

The government is taping car doors with security tape to prove they have not been opened and driven. Most likely the penalty for showing up with broken tape is vehicle confiscation and a trip to a death camp. That's not an exaggeration, read on. Additionally, it does appear that the communist government is barricading entire apartment complexes and simply leaving the people inside to either crawl out and scale the face (most likely then falling to their deaths) or die inside of starvation or lack of water or whatever. People definitely are trying to escape these lock downs.

Rumor has it (and this is rumor) that sometimes the security tape is put over car doors with people inside, and if you open that door and break the tape, they'll kill you. Rumor has it they expect you to just sit there until you are dead. I don't know if that is the case but it is being said, and obviously they'll know if you are a dissident by the license plate. In these cases they don't check your health, they just put the tape over the door. If this action was for anything other than nailing dissidents, they'd at least make sure you have a temp.

This is further evidence that they really did order 7 million body bags, we're not talking single digit thousands.

Earlier I had posted that there were orders for 7 million body bags, and based that on posts from several factories I came across that all stated they had to switch their production over to body bags and that they were asked to return to work early to produce "at least a million each". The original source of this was wiped out, I knew exactly how to get to it but did not copy any links (because I felt like crap with this infection) and when I wen for it tonight it was gone. Fortunately, there were others that reported this that are highly credible, and I quote from NTD news, which has direct ties to China:

"China to take private property to fight coronavirus; Factories ordered to mass-produce body bags

In the wake of the #coronavirus outbreak in China, the country's supplies are stretched to the limit. Now some local authorities are eyeing private property.

Questions about the real scale of the coronavirus outbreak in china as some factories are given new orders to produce body bags in large quantities.


Netizens are questioning #China's anti-epidemic team, which doesn't include any epidemic prevention experts.

My comment: Now why would their anti-epidemic team not have any anti-epidemic experts? Easy answer: It's a culling. You don't need epidemic experts for that, you need people from the social credit system working the job to determine WHO GOT THE VIRUS.

NTD news is likely the most credible source out there because they are directly Chinese and not controlled by the Chicoms, with a support base of 100 million people. I doubt they screwed their report up.

They did not report how many body bags the factories were actually asked to produce, but I came across that independently and the answer was "one million per factory PLUS whatever China could get from abroad". 7 million is an estimate based on 4 factories getting the requests for one million each, in their original posts they were panicked because they could not do it - and China ordering abroad, with the great possibility there were a lot more than 4 factories, that's just all I uncovered. I really fear for the Chinese people, and believe they are going through what America will go through as soon as someone is confident enough guns have been taken.

One more comment about NTD news:

If there was ANYONE who could get video out of China it would be them. They'd bust through an internet blockage like drano at 1000 PSI. The communist government in China cannot handle having them around, and can't do anything about it. The big problem with getting the news with regard to what is really going on is whether or not the Chinese people figure out the virus is really just a cover story. So far I am not seeing that. But the evidence is clearly out there and with NTD's comment about no outbreak experts on the anti-epidemic team it seems they might be starting to figure it out also.

The World Health organization just met with Google, faceplant and Twitter

Told them to shut Coronavirus discussion that does not come directly from them DOWN. If you now post anything that disagrees with the WHO, you're censored if discovered, and probably banned. That's OK, this site is still here, and WHY IS THE WHO NOT MENTIONING NO ONE ON THAT CRUISE SHIP IS DEAD? WHY IS THE WHO NOT MENTIONING THAT IF THE VIRUS ACTUALLY IS THE CAUSE OF DEATHS IN CHINA, THAT IT APPEARS TO BE RACE SPECIFIC?

Well well, CENSOR THIS:

GOOD LUCK, because I'm not controlled by a minion!


For people who scroll down here, this was the correction to John Hopkin's error I posted last night, with what I thought was the original post following.



So let's re-do the math based on the known and widely published 355. That would mean that to meet China's numbers 72 people have to die on that cruise ship if there are no more infections (and there probably will be.)

This is an extremely critical watch, we are getting our solid answers from that floating petri dish RIGHT NOW.

I just did the math on the Diamond Princess.

710 infected is based on the John Hopkins incident map - they are listed as "710 others"

Ok, with that known, compared to the now published death ratio (according to China's numbers) of 20.3 percent, there should be, at a minimum, 163 deaths associated with the Diamond Princess at this point in time, if there are no more infections If the numbers do not add up and very few die we'll know the virus is a cover story for something else.


Blowing the lid off another MSM Coronavirus lie:

The lie: "China makes 97 percent of America's pharmaceuticals, and if China gets wiped out by Coronavirus, Americans will not get their meds"

REALITY: I have had TONS of medications for that infection, and NONE OF THEM were made in China. ALL OF THEM were made in Mexico, and I did not even know it until I checked the boxes to find out which ones were made in China. So for another MSM scam busting report, may I present:


Cool cat

Claudia has been scolding me for a while for sometimes leaving the toilet a mess, not flushing, ect. But I am actually quite considerate with that . . . .

When my father in law had his brain surgery he had a 4 month old cat that we took, and it became mine. It was a Siberian Calico (that's one of the coolest cats there is.) My father and law fully recovered, but the cat never got sent back (Claudia was like, NO WAY are we giving that cat back) It got fat (spoiled cat) and became too lazy to jump up to a window to go to the litter box outside (it can, it just does not want to) and as it turns out, it hated going to the litter box so much that the whole time Claudia thought I was not flushing it was actually the cat using the toilet. The cat uses the toilet! Claudia has known this for a while and did not tell me, I just found out last night.

I knew that cat would pee down the shower drain (that cat did that for quite a while) and I figured it started using the litter box when it stopped doing that. At least that was better than peeing on the couch . . . . . but the toilet cannot be beat, I'd rather have that than the litter box. After a while it learned to use the toilet without leaving a mess at all, and Claudia stopped scolding me . . . . Very cool cat.




They are, *according to rumor* dropping now. So once again, here is a very brief official statement from HERE:

There is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that the Wuflu is simply a communist purge of dissidents, which will ripple effect outward from China and provide a means for communists everywhere to grab whatever they can, including the World Health Organization which appears to be involved in causing this outbreak (if real) at a grass roots level.

It is therefore no surprise at all that the WHO would want to silence dissenters, that is, after all, modus operandi for communists.

If they come after you with a vaccine, and actually corner you in a way that forces you to take it, make damn good and sure you give them your own heavy metal laden "vaccination" first, even if it takes more than one shot to do the job.

This site is well protected from the type of action the WHO intends to take, however, if it does go down that's what happened. And remember that direct IP address up in your address bar, this site is, as far as I can tell, the only one out there doing that and if all you hit is that IP, you'll land on the front page with nothing else needed. That already saved this site 4 years ago.


Probably not rumor:

One of North Korea's top trade officials traveled to China with Kim Jong, and afterwards was placed in quarantine. Somehow he violated quarantine and went to a "public bath" (whatever that is) and when Kim Jong found out, he shot the bastard.

OK, so here's the deal: IF this virus is legit (doubt it) but if by some chance it's not just a Chinese commie culling, Kim Jong did the right thing. That kind of behavior, where you'd DEFINITELY WITHOUT QUESTION nail LOTS of other people, who would then nail LOTS of other people if you were infected, is totally inexcusable, especially for someone who was at that level in the government.

Even if the virus is fake (and that remains to be proven, after all, where are all the deaths elsewhere) - how would Kim Jong know that? He'd still be justified in offing the guy.

Keep in mind however that stories like this may be totally fake to get people to believe it is all real and not just a culling, after all, how far into this are we now with single digit deaths outside of China? I see that as a real problem in the story line. Single digits are statistical chatter.

Surprise surprise! Fox News popped the BIG QUESTION: Where are the charges against the deep state?

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went off Thursday on Attorney General William Barr following Barr’s criticism of President Donald Trump for his tweets.

"I guess I am so disappointed in Bill Barr, I have to say this. You know, it's a damn shame when he doesn't get what this president has gone through, and what the American people have gone through, and what his charge is as attorney general, " Dobbs said.

"Where the hell is the report? Where the hell are the indictments? Where the hell are the charges against the politically corrupt Deep State within the Justice Department, the FBI, and why in the hell aren’t we hearing apologies from someone in that rancid, corrupt, department about what they permitted?" he asked.

My comment: It's called subversion and there will be NO CHARGES FILED . . . . . TOCK. TOCK. TOCK!

Watch what happens now - the election WILL be stolen and a single digit popular enemy of the people will become president . . . . and then curtains. IF I am wrong about that, Trump will once again be hamstrung by a scam congress practically NO ONE voted for.


Shipbob post that talked about the Chinese new year shut down got changed to support the Coronavirus story line

Here is what was originally posted:

"Imagine the Christmas holidays in the US, but longer, and with more extensive travel. Everything closes, and everyone goes home - sometimes for several weeks.

The upcoming Chinese New Year is on January 25, 2020, but the holiday shutdown can affect production times at China's manufacturing companies for as long as two months as many workers travel back to rural villages to celebrate with friends and family.

For those of us who rely on shipping and manufacturing businesses, the Chinese New Year shutdown is an event that we need to be aware of (and prepared for) in advance to avoid delays that could be catastrophic to our businesses."

Here is what it was changed to:

"Chinese New Year (CNY) lasts during the last week of January and sometimes into early February, that being said, expect factory shutdowns for 2 weeks or so. The Chinese new year shutdowns are usually followed by mass demand from businesses that need to make up for the 2 weeks worth of delayed products." All the text I quoted is then subsequently scattered through the report in a totally disjointed way. It got thrashed.

UPDATE: I just searched the topic of Chinese new years, and EVERYONE ELSE is saying the same truth. Here it is from another source, Insight quality services our KIKEDOM SCAMMERS did not meta inject YET!

"At the time of writing this, the holiday is a little more than a month away. The Year of the Pig will be over and the Year of the Rat will begin the next day.

Factories will be totally shut down for a number of weeks, and after they reopen, it will take at least a few more weeks for them to get back up to full capacity.

Right around this time of year, many importers are undoubtedly shocked when they try to place an order that they need to receive in February or March and are told they won’t be able to receive it until April or May.

My comment: OOOOOPS, THERE'S A LOT MORE TO CENSOR OUT THERE THAN YOU ORIGINALLY THOUGHT, YOU BASTARDS! "Economy thrashed by Coronavirus? MY @ASS, and this is extremely important to know because it shows just how deep the Coronavirus reporting is being scammed on the economic front, THANK YOU for censoring the originally quoted Shipbob report, thereby confirming this site is having an impact. Surprisingly Oracle Internet Intelligence is still saying the truth about the Chinese people being totally censored and offline right now.

Here's the obvious conclusion:

Whatever is happening in China now is not as advertised, because if it was, they would not have to destroy evidence, which that shipbob report was originally, in spades. HERE IS THE ACTUAL TIMELINE FOR CHINESE NEW YEARS:

Everything shuts down until March 2, and AFTER March 2, schools, factories, and everything else begin to open on whatever schedule they have, with everything open by about March 15. The original shipbob report also stated that even when people return to factories, they don't always return to the same factories and because they are often not familiar with the product they are making that the first ones out after New Years often have unpredictable defects.

Now, because of a successfully fronted lie that even fooled zerohedge, THE EXACT SAME COMMUNISTS THAT RUN THE U.S. (You know, the Jewish community) are in charge of the story line globally and are now going to ram the UN down the throat of EVERY NATION ON EARTH, (that was the headline this morning) and you can damn well bet the U.N., which wants population reduction, is not going to be honest about China.

PROBLEM: A VIRUS. REACTION: PANICKED PUBLIC. SOLUTION, AS REPORTED THIS MORNING: U.N. BARGES INTO EVERY NATION ON EARTH, Gee, that's what they wanted all along! And NEVER FORGET that 100 years ago now, it was the Jewish community that rammed that communist system down China's throat at damn near the same time they did Russia. Think they don't control it now?

With practically NO deaths outside of China, the truth is now coming to light more clearly than EVER. AAAAAND HERE IT IS:

Though, in general, the Chinese marry whoever they want, when undesirables get killed the state assigns a MALE communist agent to families where the man was "gotten rid of" - an agent who sleeps in the same bed with the wife! This recently happened to the Muslims when they started getting "detained."

MARK MY WORD: THE REAL STORY LINE IS SOMETHING LIKE THAT, THE HACKING OF SUCH A CRUCIAL REPORT THAT TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CHINESE NEW YEAR PROVES IT. All the Communist government did was run a virus scam precisely when the economy would not be impacted and they were supported by communists in the media outside of China that made the story line happen. You know, THE SAME COMMUNISTS THAT MADE THE "IMPEACHMENT" HAPPEN. The same damn communists that claim the Chinese people are really sitting on Wechat when Oracle proves China's not even online.

Don't be fooled - real Chinese people really are not posting to TikTok and yakking it up on Wechat!

My blood pressure went from 190+/120 to 117/73

This is a dual message - if you are going against the establishment you can't trust lab results

The infection was so bad it caused very high blood pressure for about a month and a half. It was one of those cases where it was high enough for me to feel it, - high enough for me to know there was something seriously amiss just by squeezing my arm with my hand. My doctor wanted me to take urgent action to drop the pressure but I blew it off. Extreme blood pressure can happen with severe infections.

So my doctor told me to at least get a blood pressure monitor and at first it was saying either what her reading was 190+ or tripping errors due to being so high. I also had full diagnostics done (two different blood tests for about 40 things each) and they came back PERFECTLY NORMAL. I knew THAT was BS (and later had it proven)

Ayway, one side of the story was that eventually the clindamycin killed the infection off enough so my blood pressure was down to about 160/90 before the dentist. The dentist noted that I had a significant infection remaining and prescribed metronizadol and azithromycin in addition to the clindamycin and in ONE DAY that dropped my blood pressure down to what it used to be - 120/73. I was taking frequent measurements and noticed it falling rapidly as the antibiotics killed whatever it was and the last two readings were 120/73 and 117/73.

OK, so you can't trust lab results if you are "being naughty" like I am with this web site

Both tests claimed I had nothing wrong and perfect health. they claimed I had no antibodies or elevated immune response to an infection. They also claimed that my entire body was bacteria free, with not a trace of any type of infection whatsoever. Fortunately the day after those obviously false results (that scared me badly because I knew what someone did as far as falsification went, there's no way the tests were accurate) - within a day I had that dental appointment and the dentist found at least part of the problem and solved it by FINALLY giving me the antibiotics I really needed.

I am obviously very tired after such a rapid pressure drop, but I'll get over it, my health was PERFECT before all this started and I have a hunch I am going to end up like Colonel Pike with totally restored health without the bulgey headed aliens. I was not even thinking when we went to get water today when despite feeling tired as hell I grabbed two five gallon bottles and threw them in the back of the car simultaneously with zero effort. It has been a while, I was stunned I had it back so well when I was feeling so tired.

In the U.S. you're screwed if they want to nail you, your medical record can be a curse if they set out to nail you, and you are never allowed to fix it, it is your secret file where someone else knows the secrets, not you. That badly needs to be fixed in America, and because of the way the records are kept in America I have zero doubt that bad lab results for some people are a guaranteed norm, which is why so many go into that system and are doomed forever.


Day after dental

Surprisingly, no pain the day after a root canal and 2 extractions. But I was so tired I basically slept the whole day. No painkillers other than my typical headache Ibuprofen, taken last night and none today. 3 different antibiotics. I have a hunch I am sleepy because the extra antibiotics are wiping out the infection I had in my leg, and that loads your blood up with crap.

I feel fine however, no headache, just groggy. I'll try to get more than what is below posted later.

EARLY ANSWER: Cruise ship is the litmus test

We probably are not going to need to wait until March 2 for an answer on Coronavirus. The Diamond Princess - which is quarantined in Japan will likely give us an answer. Over 200 people are now "Confirmed to have coronavirus" and that's a large enough pool of people to get a very good idea of whether or not a virus is killing people or if a regime is.

And by the way, having men be more vulnerable to the coronavirus at a rate of 5 to one is about right, when communists do cullings via methods other than starvation they kill LOTS MORE MEN because women are easier to force their will on.

Think about that one for a while.

Additionaly, the killing of pets is exactly what Communists want.

Pets are a waste of resources, RIGHT? And those who have pet dogs rather than eat dogs have an early warning system right there, tipping them off to the presence of an approaching CHICOM.

Virginia got a modest gun ban bill through, PLUS legislation to hand elections to the popular vote winner

The electoral college has the advantage of protecting the nation from stolen elections.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to hand victory to the "popular vote winner" because that way, you only need to totally compromise a few large precincts, where one guy gets totally deleted and the other guy has 500, 000 illegals and 700, 000 dead people vote for him while "voter turnout was lackluster". "Fair elections" will then be guaranteed!



Get your masks anyway, if it only costs $20 that's a survival item only a fool would not have. Just in case there is something about this "virus" that has not been proven out yet, I still encourage people to take at least basic steps to prepare. However, it really looks like this virus is going to land on: COMMUNIST CULLING.

I have already stated this. As of today, the Chinese government has requested approximately 7 million body bags. China cannot produce them in sufficient quantities, so orders are being placed in foreign countries. So I'd like to pop the question: If they are being honest about a virus that has "only killed about a thousand", WHY TF do they need so FREAKING MANY body bags? Also, WHY are they insisting on incineration when there is no virus that would get through the decomposition stage in a mass grave? Obvious answer: Destruction of evidence.

If the so called enormous number of flu killed bodies is outpacing what the crematoriums can handle by SO MUCH, why are they even bothering with burning the bodies at all? Surely they would be justified in using mass graves, no one would fault them for it, yet they are not. Why? It's called INVESTIGATIVE DIG. It is called "This government has, in it's history, an 80, 000, 000 culling, and things were getting out of hand. Deaths so few they cannot be discerned against statistical chatter outside of China strongly points to this.

Perhaps we are dealing with a really crazy virus which in fact does not show symptoms for months, and they just don't realize it yet. That would explain such a small number of deaths outside of China. So get your protection just in case, but don't sit there in fear of having to use it yet.