I have not watched this yet because I have to use devices I don't normally use (my main computer has no sound) but it must be awesome because it triggered multiple responses from the MSM warning people not to watch it. Here's what I have heard:

It very well outlines all points to the current corona scam and names names. Former employees of the perpetrators of the scam have blown the whistle. This current scam is to usher in a new world order by detaining people until society collapses. They did release something real but it failed.

I'll have to watch this but it probably won't be today. it got deleted everywhere but people keep posting copies and many have saved them. The establishment is freaked out over this movie.

Elon Musk:

He stated he will immediately re-locate his manufacturing facilities after local authorities shut them down over the plandemic. I don't know how well that will go or if he'll end up bankrupted over it. Musk is onto the scam, 100 percent. After he announced he was going to basically tell them to stick it with their shut downs, armies, (not teams, ) I'm talking full blown regiments of trolls started attacking him, calling him a nutcase and anything else bad someone could possibly shout on a playground.

Here's my take on Musk: He's actually one of the good guys but he's quite different from what I'd be. I despise starlink and think it was ludicrous for him to launch all those satellites with such a bright light signature. He did not need to have them be so visible. There's lots of other satellites up there that do not do that. And I'm not a fan of the starlink concept either.

He's probably as smart as the original Nikolai Tesla. All that crap he does is by his own design. His own designs led to the most reliable and practical launch systems ever done, and Tesla cars are a work of technical art everyone was forced to copy in one way or another. He's the one that did it for real first. He's the guy with the brains. He blew away Nasa and he's just one guy. I have always said that it takes between 1 - 5 engineers to make a company like Boeing great, and the rest are dead weight, sucking up credit from the greatness of others. Useless feeders in management at Boeing were actually stupid enough to fire their 5 or so engineers that were the ones that truly made it all go. Boeing is therefore now dead, it will coast to the bottom and it will be over. Musk is that ONE engineer that makes it all go. And unlike Nikolai Tesla, Musk had the smarts with money so he could self fund. If the original Tesla had done that, we would not be living in a world where "everything great" got buried.

Musk has lots of "stupid" flaws but I don't think he is evil, and the fact he is probably not evil has put him in the crosshairs of evil people.

Anyway, that's my counter to the anti-Musk trollage going on now.

The Navy went from one carrier ready for action to six in only a couple months

Gee, what do you think about that? Now why would the Navy do that?

Shortages in your area? It is being hoaxed.

It took a while to get the images from that camera to be usable. The image is quite large so it takes a while to come in clear. When the text looks perfect it is ready. Here it is.


A useful link - A large number of banned youtube channels have been archived here

The list is quite comprehensive and a lot of the videos the banned channels had (sometimes all) are there.

The list is not in order of importance, David Icke is on page one right now because his deletion was recent, tru news is on page 31 right now, Red Ice is on page 7 etc, there are approximately 750 banned channels there now. Some have a few videos preserved, some (like Brother Nathaniel) have all. It says when the channel was created on Youtube, when it was banned and when it was archived.

Who did this? This needed huge funding. Maybe Trump?

I do not know if those who got deleted can post new videos to this, or if it is going to just be a cache of what was. But if they CAN post new videos to this, it is GAME ON.

Glitchy crap - Joe Biden's online rally documents The longest known time Biden has gone without inappropriately touching a child.

It's bad. Real bad. Some are suspecting Youtube will take it down to protect Biden from embarrassment.

Does anyone here remember what chatting over webcam was like in the 90's with a 57.6 modem? You know. THAT.


GIANT praying mantis eats murder hornet

How big is that praying mantis? Some can get really big and when they do, murder hornets that kill mice are just food.


Obrador has canceled solar and wind projects, claiming they are BUNK.

He canceled ALL renewable energy projects (except hydro) stating that's just not how you run a stable country. He's right.

I'd wholeheartedly agree on wind, and partially agree on solar. If it is not on your property, where proportionally a lot of your own energy can go into it relative to output without you even realizing you spent time on it, solar and wind really can't keep up. Solar is best where there's backup from grid or generator and in that situation solar can be the champ. However I have never seen anyone have their own wind power actually work for any length of time that made it worth it. Unless you factor in a food supply from all the dead birds. Then maybe a daily quail or two . . . . .

Though solar can be good for personal use, when it comes to running a national grid solar is crap. All it takes is one stretch of cloudy weather and the nation will go dark. Here's how it goes:

If you install coal or nuclear, you can then say "I am guaranteed to get 300 gigawatts when needed ad I know my daily peak demand is 270 gigawatts and will never be significantly more or less. I have a perfectly reliable setup that will produce that output at any time, rain or shine, day or night. So to get a guaranteed power supply that will always work, I have to spend X and the budget will be X.

If you install wind or solar on a national grid, it goes like this: I don't know when the wind will blow or when the sun will shine, so to ensure I'll have 300 gigawatts when needed, I will install 2 terawatts of peak generating capability to (pretty much but not every time) guarantee I'll have my 300 gigawatts no matter what, and the rest of the time, when there are favorable conditions, I'll just have excess power I never tap into.

Solar on a home is a little different. Here's how that goes:

I am going to make a large personal investment for the purpose of being independent. I realize I am running a system that is not guaranteed to always put out 100 percent but if during the slow times it at least keeps the lights on and fridge running I'll be OK, and heck, during the slow times it's usually rainy so I won't really need air conditioning. I'll put in a much larger battery bank for ME than the state could possibly put in for everyone because on my individual basis, paying for it is worth it, and with that battery bank I'll cruise through a cloudy period no sweat and if worse comes to worse, I can always switch on grid power or start the generator.

The bottom line: For individual use, solar is practically always worth it. However, if you have to feed industry, pay employees, and keep everyone going through a deep freeze, - if you need it reliable, have no other source for emergencies, and don't have FULL generating capability from other sources (like a household generator can provide) solar and wind just don't cut it. Wind never will, and solar does not cut it (yet) but probably eventually will. We are not there yet, which is why Obrador is calling bullshit. And that makes him look smart no matter how much the leftists get drippy noses over it.

If anyone calls Obrador a leftist they must consider he's an old school leftist, not a modernized satanic idiot.

Ok, now that I have pretty much laid it out, here is the report that got me interested in this topic the writer does hit some accurate points but the lib-idiot still shines through.


3 percent effective against Coronavirus Remdesivir approved for 500X markup. That's not 500%, that's 50, 000% So how much does a current "watchdog" say it should cost? Answer: $4, 460

How much does it cost to produce? 93 cents per day of treatment.

Benefit? 3 percent increase in chance of survival. And it is the only drug being pushed for corona by Fauci and Gates, for obvious reasons. The reasons it is pushed are: 1. If it works, it does so poorly that statistical chatter buries whether or not it works, and 2. It is priced catastrophically, criminally high. The fact the FDA allows this is a comical hit to their credibility. The FDA is a clown show hoax. But what would you expect from the agency that claims vaccines don't cause autism?

From the linked source, which was cross checked against other sources and found to be accurate:

"Some of the minimum manufacturing costs found for each of the drugs (considered effective against corona) were listed as follows;

Remdesivir (Drug useful against Ebola) - US $0.93/day.

Favipiravir (Drug useful against flu) - U.S. $1.45/day

Hydroxychloroquine (Drug useful against malaria) - U.S. $0.08/day

Chloroquine (Drug useful against malaria) - U.S. $0.02/day

Azithromycin (An antibacterial drug) - U.S. $0.10/day

Lopinavir/ritonavir (Drugs useful against HIV) - U.S. $0.28/day

Sofosbuvir/daclatasvir (antiviral drugs) - U.S. $0.39/day

Pirfenidone (an anti-inflammatory useful in pulmonary fibrosis) - U.S. $1.09/day

The team of researchers wrote that the costs of production of the drugs ranged between $0.30 and $31 per treatment course. A treatment course ranged between 10 and 28 days. The team added that at present, the price of these drugs in the United States and other nations was much higher than the cost of their production.

My comment: $4, 480 for a drug that costs $9 including vials is indeed "much higher than the cost of production!"



The following is a random generic quote I have seen posted VERBATIM for the last 15 years

If you see this posted anywhere, it was not posted by a real person, it was either a troll tank or an AI. It will be attached to whatever the topic being discussed was, leading into it and the final line will be this:

"I have taken 16 vaccinations (incl. boosters) in my life because my work requires me to travel to exotic locations. My kids have been vaccinated as per the guidelines and additionally against the chickenpox. No side effects. Healthy normal kids."

If you see this posted, it is not real. They are ramping up the pro-vax rhetoric now but anyone with a lick of sense ought to know SOMETHING is causing autism and that those causing it know exactly what they are doing. Answers get found for fringe things that only affect a fraction of a percent - autism and generalized dumbing down is highly noticeable in society now and you can damn well bet autism is not a mystery. Yet they'll say it is.

Obviously they are ramping up the rhetoric before demanding vaccination in exchange for "freedom". But your life won't be the same after THAT vax . . . . .

There's a major additional thing I'd like to point out - HOW are nurses showing up, able to comment EVERYWHERE in abundance about people they know who had corona and cases they treated and how awful it is and that we all need to obey and if we want to go out we hate society and here's a good one - "Conservatives claim to be pro life but don't give a damn about who they kill with corona" - all posted by "concerned nurses" -

QUESTION: If all these nurses are swamped tending coronavirus patients and witnessing the worst, how T.F. can they get on every last forum, twitter thread and comment section re-assuring us we are all full of crap if we think we should get back to work?

How many nurses exist anyway? It must be at least 20 percent of the population considering how well social media is being kept in check by concerned nurses who seem to hate anyone who discusses going back to work!

Obviously it is all a scam, for god's sake don't fall for it!



Since there are lots of stories now coming out of the U.S. about items disappearing from store shelves, such as clothes, appliances, bicycles and more, I made it a point to check out HEB and Wal Mart here to see what was going on. Mexico is FULLY stocked.

HEB had some bikes and they normally do not have them. All other items were absolutely packed except for tech items which they normally don't have now. TV's were abundant and discount priced. Meats were totally full and regular priced.

Wal Mart had a pile of bicycles with the only notable thing being that many were the old fashioned balloon tire type, but they also had an assortment of mountain bikes and lots of kids bikes. Wal Mart had the total inventory of Chinese imported motorcycles also, and the mundane things like tires and tarps were at 100 percent.

All appliances were available at both stores in normal amounts. Wal Mart had piles of televisions and every single tablet and laptop was in stock and on sale with zero spaces empty. All the cell phones were fully replenished also. The clothing section was chock full. Not one food item was sold out, not even fresh seafood.

BOTTOM LINE: If shortages are showing up in American stores, then it is an act of war. There was not one thing in either store that indicated there was any sort of economic problem with anything, and these two stores were in the rich zone, which sells out everything quick. It's not like no one could buy anything.

Due to the fact that the meta talk coming from Fauci and Gates implies they are going to release the real deal soon, it is still a GREAT IDEA to prepare even if they are not taking this to the bank where you live. We are not out of the woods yet.


A few quick headlines:

Fauci claims virus did not come from Wuhan lab while American intelligence does

My comment: Fauci is just saying that to cover his butt after funding the place.

American Mercenaries Captured in Failed Raid on Venezuela, paraded through streets

My comment: Yep. They are indeed American, and got caught because of common core. "made in China" will not remain exclusive for long.

Got time to watch Star Wars? Watch this instead. It is an extensive interview with Robert F Kennedy, who blows the lid off everything, including (towards the end) who killed his dad.


Key items, first freezers, now bicycles, are GONE

I'll have to check the stores in Mex to see if they are getting any, if so, a problem in China is not causing it. Mexico has LOTS of bicycles. I noticed all the Chinese made motorcycles are still well stocked. I noticed yesterday the bicycle parts store was buzzing like usual. PROBABLE MANUFACTURED CRISIS in the U.S.

Revealed: Here is how Americans can get everything re-opened:

The following was posted to social media from Ohio:

Not sure if some you guys remember but my mother, who owns a dog grooming business told Dewine to pound salt and that she was going to reopen anyways. She is almost out of money and still has to receive her trump check.

So she opened up on the 1st and within 4 hours, someone called and snitched. Local health department showed up and of course my mom stood her ground and wanted to know the laws that say she is to be closed down. Of course the woman couldnt site such a law as they simply do not exist.

The woman told my mother that she would not be back out if she opened the next day and that they would send the cops. Mom being mom didn't want the hassle of dealing with all the bullshit so she shutdown the next day.

Well she had to call all her customers and tell them what happened and reschedule their appointments and one of her customers said "ive had enough of this crap, im calling the health department to complain". Well needless to say, this sparked a wild fire within my mothers customers base and there wound up being 29 people that called.

Guess who called yesterday and wound up hand delivering the official document that she could reopen? Local health department. What did they say? She told my mother she could go ahead and reopen and that eventually they stopped answering the phone because they knew it was about my moms grooming business.

WE THE PEOPLE WIN AGAIN!!! Business reopened and possibly saved from economic doom and to top it all off, the woman literally said, we wasn't going to allow you to reopen but we simply could not handle all the calls so we decided it was best to let you open!

MY COMMENT: So the dog grooming business lives, while the others who have no balls still die anyway. OPEN YOUR BUSINESS NOW, WTF CAN THEY DO?

Great Britain has now (as I mentioned earlier) doubled down and told family members to snitch on other family members who talk conspiracy

My comment:That means it is not "conspiracy talk." MY RESPONSE: WATER. BALLOON. LAUNCHER. It does not need to be used for water balloons. Spud guns and 500ML plastic bottles mix quite well too. The queen is on thin ice, and not because of global warming. Brits need to stand up NOW and proclaim "The long bow is not history!"

I'd also like to repeat a past rant: If you are not going to do an all out war all at once, all a gun is going to do is attract attention and get you nailed. Water balloon launchers are silent!


Mandated that New York nursing homes, full of elderly who practically die on the spot with coronavirus exposure, take in all people who suspect they have corona.

Just in case that did not make it clear: While hospital beds sat empty and that medical ship never got used, Cuomo ordered all nursing homes in New York to take in coronavirus patients, which triggered massive infection rates in nursing homes. Nursing homes lacked protective gear and isolation, and it is perfectly clear Cuomo wanted the death stats as high as possible and intentionally infected as many elderly people as possible. SEE THIS and though I heard about this, for some reason I did not draw the line to Cuomo attempting to kill as many as possible with this. I did, however, accurately peg him as an absolute dripping slime ball.

Drudge headline: Jobless rate now at 34%

All the fault of you know who.

Drudge once again linked a lie headline: US deaths at 69, 922. NOT DEAR DRUDGE: THAT IS NOT WHAT THE CDC SAYS

A 2003 TV show has today's coronavirus scenario in it, right down to hydroxychloroquine, /h1>



The freezers have not sold out. The government instead issued a ban on all sales of chest type freezers. Numerous people are posting to social media saying everything from Lowes to Best Buy to whoever else sells them can't sell them, even if they have them, MOTIVES ARE NOW CLEAR. DOOM ON.



You can't get one at Home Depot anymore either. Obviously I can't check every source in the U.S. so if you manage to find one, you had damn well better get it and don't worry about the compressor advice I posted earlier, ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING

I said this would happen. Last I checked in Mex, there's a surplus of freezers you can walk right in and buy, this is an American problem caused by traitors. Obviously with manufacturing shut down this would eventually be inevitable but I think they pushed it forward in the U.S. once they discovered people caught onto the fact they were destroying food supplies. Word on the street is they don't want anyone buying freezers to circumvent the upcoming induced famines. Freezer+ solar panels = enemy combatant.


How does Coronavirus know it should not go into Wal Mart but that it should INFEST small businesses?

It must be true! If you're a small business, you are CLOSED, but if you're a billionaire run mega chain, it's business as usual (except for whatever bullshit you want to mind whip the people with, like one way aisles)

Corona - the consolidation virus. Communists like to keep it simple. They want one ONE EASILY CONTROLLED FEED TROUGH. Right now, with small businesses, there are too many feed troughs to keep track of, so coronavirus miraculously goes to the small places and makes them toxic waste holes that MUST BE SHUT DOWN, while it happily dances away from Wal Mart like a fairy.

The motives are obvious. With too many doctors now stating that they are falsifying death reports as corona, with too many doctors now saying they are murdering people to get the stats as well, corroborated by phone calls to husbands, videos of masked men announcing provably living people dead from corona right after those living people were carted away by police, and now DEAD NURSES who blew the whistle, the story line is obvious: Corona is a big fat hoax being fronted to destroy small business and hand everything over to centralized communist systems.

They destroyed America's oil industry on purpose with this. They are destroying America's small businesses on purpose with this. They are quarantining people while feeding them free money to invoke social change. They are destroying agriculture, with the meat sector now documented to be 45 percent wiped out. We need a rebellion STAT and NEVER FORGET WHO FRONTED THIS and how it happened.

This happened because Fauci and Bill Gates paid for the development of a virus that was supposed to be devastating but ended up being a failure because at least the final tweaks were done in China. They probably did smuggle the original out of Ft Detrick but I don't think we got an un-touched American product because if we did, it would have worked.

In conjunction with this, the media played the game and ram rodded a scam down everyone's throats. And who were the main players in ALL OF IT? Answer: The Tribe. They have wormed their way into ownership of all the big corporations people are now feed troughed into. They own the media that fronted the ruse and ran with it as if it was a complete success and to top it all off, Gates and Fauci are also of the tribe, with the "cure" coming from a tribal company. They then destroyed agribusiness by refusing to buy from agricultural sources they did not own with this enforced by the fact that they owned all the big feed troughs people are now forced to go to while non-tribal businesses die. If there are any efforts to put things right, people need to know who did this, it's not going to work if people are stupid enough to think it was Muslims, Chicoms or god knows what else that caused it all.

GET THIS: In Mexico small businesses are doing FINE because practically all of them are open due to common sense: BIG BOX STORES WILL SPREAD THE VIRUS WORSE THAN MOM AND POP STORES. The Mexican method: Keep it in small isolated pockets by letting little places stay open.

The American method: we have an outbreak so let's shut down all the places where only a few people will go while we funnel all of society into the same giant feed trough where EVERYONE from miles around is now forced to go to. That way, if anyone within miles has the plague they are guaranteed to infect LOTS of people from everywhere, rather than perhaps a couple in their own neighborhood where it might be possible to control it.

Obviously there is no real threat so it is all moot, but if you want to go by logic there it is.

Interesting it is that the giant corporations got huge payouts never to be paid back but if you own a small business, IF you get any help at all, it is a loan you have to pay back. There's another way to find out who's behind the corona scam: FOLLOW THE MONEY.


Coronavirus is an attempt to consolidate business to make resistance futile by limiting economic power to those loyal to the agenda. They are using this "virus" as an excuse to put small competitors out of business. They want to increase wealth disparity so people will have a harder time pooling their economic resources to fight tyranny. They want true free markets replaced with a controlled feed trough so free market competition cannot be used to bypass their treachery.


ITALIAN MP: Coronavirus falsified, 96.3% listed as COVID died of something else

There were 925 actual coronavirus deaths in Italy with the remaining claimed 24, 000 dead from something else.

Italian MP Vittorio Sgarbi, denounced the closure of 60% of the businesses for 25, 000 COVID-19 Deaths, of which the National Institute of Health says 96.3% did not die of covid 19 but of other pathologies. That means only 925 have died of the virus. 24, 075 have died of other things. He says false statistics are being use to terrorize the citizens of Italy and establish a dictatorship.

My comment: You know. Like what I said.


Just in case anyone missed this, The CDC was caught lying and had to revise the Coronavirus death stats

Now the total stands at 37, 000 or so. And even those numbers include the murders and false death reports, where coronavirus was written in as the cause of death for things like motorcycle accidents

So bill gates is talking about a "second wave" now.


Yes, the whole thing is a farce but it won't be for long

If you don't obey, they will make it as real as it needs to be

Bill Gates is warning us about a second wave of Coronavirus that will be a LOT worse than the first if we don't obey lock downs and/or keep them in place FOREVER. Quite literally, that's what he's saying, and he's super worried and cares about you and loves you and oh gosh, robs your data and stole every damn last line of code Microsoft ever used in the 90's, destroying Stac, Wordperfect, lotus . . . . . on top of sterilizing much of the third world and maiming countless children under the disguise of "philanthropy", -

Here's the deal: Bill Gates is a protected terrorist. He has the most horrific health history of any man alive. Yes, Soros is bad but Gates is documented to have maimed many with vaccines, delivering sabotage shots that were anything but what was advertised. And now he's "worried" about a "second, more deadly wave". This translates to: If people don't suck under and submit to MY WILL we're going to release the real one the Chinese never tweaked. I'm a protected terrorist, seeking to change the entire political landscape by scaring the shit out of people and I'll kill as many as it takes to accomplish it.

Yes, that's a brazen statement, but he can't sue because everything with regard to his sordid past is documented. He really did maim countless children. He really did go on a campaign involving hormones in vaccines to sterilize women. And he really did destroy the software world, only to have corrupted courts help him. And he really does have Fauci, who handed 7.4 million to the Wuhan biolab on the Gates foundation board, as one of the top five people. He did this virus, NO IFS OR BUTS and if he's warning about a second wave, there's probably going to be one if we don't all comply.

Gates is at the level where only a cruise missile or F-35 strike can solve the problem. You can forget about any sort of law enforcement functioning. How TF are we going to get a cruise missile to where it needs to be? That's where we are at folks, and people really need to start solving problems. If they don't, we are going to get a second wave and this time, it will work. You can't let evil like that fail and try again, you'll lose the entire planet that way.

So I hear they super banned David Icke. Looks like we're winning this folks!

Go ahead and violate quarantine. Go ahead and say "screw the government". Go ahead and do whatever you want, and then watch Bill Gates put it right. That's where we're at folks, the political process can't fix this. The entire system is too subverted to take care of the real problem. What on earth did people expect when the fungus that is Bill Gates was allowed to manipulate the courts continuously and not only stay out of jail, but to flourish? Look what we have now - a two faced mad man that's going to make the Walking Dead world happen. "Kill it before it grows" is hindsight. The problem is now too big to conquer.

Oregon is implementing a new system where kids will be taken over coronavirus

In Oregon they started sending police around checking temperatures door to door, and if parents are running a fever, they take the kids. I don't know the full stipulations on this but you can bet that if CPS is involved with the coronavirus issue the invasion of the child snatchers is happening.

Obviously if you live in oregon you'd better vacation somewhere. You can't predict when you'll get a fever.



They are going to Mexico. While Americans are facing a "meat shortage" Mexicans are getting imported American chicken for 19 cents a pound wholesale, which then retails for (up to) 38 cents a pound. It is clearly labeled IMPORTED FROM THE UNITED STATES. Chicken is not very expensive in Mexico anyway but 38 cents a pound is the cheapest I have ever seen it. This was calculated by taking 1 kilogram priced at 83 cents per kilo and dividing that down into pounds. That's 21 pesos a kilo with 25 pesos per dollar (approximately)

CONCLUSION: They are killing off America's livestock and it is not going in the trash, it is getting shipped out of the country while America's prices skyrocket. This is not about profits, it is about destroying the American people. You can't tell me anyone who is not treasonous would rather sell their product for a fraction of the price outside the country, this is being done on purpose.

Now all the headlines are saying AMERICA IS FACING A MEAT SHORTAGE. NO SHIT.

So how cheap does it have to be leaving the U.S. to sell for 38 cents a pound in Mex? Here's an approximate equation:

10 cents per pound, ship it to the border. It at the border now costs about 11 cents a pound. Mexican taxes get applied. It now costs 12.7 cents a pound. It then gets shipped all over mex. After that, it costs about 14.7 cents a pound. The distributor then takes his cut. Now it's about 19 cents a pound which the final sellers will mark up (as much as) double. 38 cents a pound. Quite frankly I don't think they like doing that because it undercuts their more expensive stuff. But it is showing up in the market here and it is DIRT CHEAP.

Granted, there has always been cheap chicken in Mex (maybe 50 cents a pound) but why, during a crisis, is IMPORTED FROM AMERICA chicken SO FREAKING CHEAP? The answer should be obvious, they are liquidating assets before screwing the American people into the ground.

Now we know why chloroquine kills coronavirus - because a French scientist went through the genome and found out it has malaria genes

I disagree it came from China and was being used to develop a vaccine and was accidentally released, that's only the disclaimer they are using to allow this much information out


How does Coronavirus know it should not go into Wal Mart but that it should INFEST small businesses?

It must be true! If you're a small business, you are CLOSED, but if you're a billionaire run mega chain, it's business as usual (except for whatever bullshit you want to mind whip the people with, like one way aisles)

Corona - the consolidation virus. Communists like to keep it simple. They want one ONE EASILY CONTROLLED FEED TROUGH. Right now, with small businesses, there are too many feed troughs to keep track of, so coronavirus miraculously goes to the small places and makes them toxic waste holes that MUST BE SHUT DOWN, while it happily dances away from Wal Mart like a fairy.

The motives are obvious. With too many doctors now stating that they are falsifying death reports as corona, with too many doctors now saying they are murdering people to get the stats as well, corroborated by phone calls to husbands, videos of masked men announcing provably living people dead from corona right after those living people were carted away by police, and now DEAD NURSES who blew the whistle, the story line is obvious: Corona is a big fat hoax being fronted to destroy small business and hand everything over to centralized communist systems.

They destroyed America's oil industry on purpose with this. They are destroying America's small businesses on purpose with this. They are quarantining people while feeding them free money to invoke social change. They are destroying agriculture, with the meat sector now documented to be 45 percent wiped out. We need a rebellion STAT and NEVER FORGET WHO FRONTED THIS and how it happened.

This happened because Fauci and Bill Gates paid for the development of a virus that was supposed to be devastating but ended up being a failure because at least the final tweaks were done in China. They probably did smuggle the original out of Ft Detrick but I don't think we got an un-touched American product because if we did, it would have worked.

In conjunction with this, the media played the game and ram rodded a scam down everyone's throats. And who were the main players in ALL OF IT? Answer: The Tribe. They have wormed their way into ownership of all the big corporations people are now feed troughed into. They own the media that fronted the ruse and ran with it as if it was a complete success and to top it all off, Gates and Fauci are also of the tribe, with the "cure" coming from a tribal company. They then destroyed agribusiness by refusing to buy from agricultural sources they did not own with this enforced by the fact that they owned all the big feed troughs people are now forced to go to while non-tribal businesses die. If there are any efforts to put things right, people need to know who did this, it's not going to work if people are stupid enough to think it was Muslims, Chicoms or god knows what else that caused it all.

GET THIS: In Mexico small businesses are doing FINE because practically all of them are open due to common sense: BIG BOX STORES WILL SPREAD THE VIRUS WORSE THAN MOM AND POP STORES. The Mexican method: Keep it in small isolated pockets by letting little places stay open.

The American method: we have an outbreak so let's shut down all the places where only a few people will go while we funnel all of society into the same giant feed trough where EVERYONE from miles around is now forced to go to. That way, if anyone within miles has the plague they are guaranteed to infect LOTS of people from everywhere, rather than perhaps a couple in their own neighborhood where it might be possible to control it.

Obviously there is no real threat so it is all moot, but if you want to go by logic there it is.

Interesting it is that the giant corporations got huge payouts never to be paid back but if you own a small business, IF you get any help at all, it is a loan you have to pay back. There's another way to find out who's behind the corona scam: FOLLOW THE MONEY.


Coronavirus is an attempt to consolidate business to make resistance futile by limiting economic power to those loyal to the agenda. They are using this "virus" as an excuse to put small competitors out of business. They want to increase wealth disparity so people will have a harder time pooling their economic resources to fight tyranny. They want true free markets replaced with a controlled feed trough so free market competition cannot be used to bypass their treachery.



Kim Jong appeared at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Double??

He (or a double) made an appearance at a ribbon cutting ceremony looking normal. Though I have always been skeptical about whether or not he was dead and stated everyone was drawing conclusions too early, this time I am skeptical he has actually appeared and think it might be a double. I went over lots of pics and can't say for sure. If you decide to go over pics of Kim Jong make sure you use recent ones of him with Trump because his look did change with age.

My final conclusion is that double or not, they'd have not been brazen enough to do a ribbon cutting ceremony if he really was dead so at least it is quite certain he's not dead. The double, if it is one is a lot more convincing than Hillary's doubles but something seems a little off. It could be age or stress.

I'd also like to repeat that we probably don't want Kim Jong dead. I think he's actually trying to be level headed and that he's trying to do a good job of running the country, which is a lot to ask for from someone in his position and the way he got it. I have little doubt he'd be popular in any group if he never was leader of North Korea. He's a probable best case scenario.



Meat packing plants that are remaining open will be selling meats normally of the quality that goes into pet food to make up for the shortage. This in and of itself is no big deal, because that's what goes into prepared foods (quite often) anyway and if it helps with shortages it is only wise. However -

If the animals that are being euthanized are going nowhere but the ground, it will mean pet food shortages. Now might be a good time to get a 50Lb bag for your terrier or chihuahua, if you have a big dog the problem will be worse.

This could also be nothing because farmers know the difference between a rendering facility and a meat packing facility and if the meat packing facility won't take what they have, a rendering facility (which takes cows that died in the field and turns them into pet food) - such a facility may be overwhelmed and pet food prices might drop. But there's no way to know what is going to happen, in the normal slaughterhouses the leftovers will no longer be going to pets.

None of this has to happen, I find it hard to believe that somehow, miraculously, all the workers for the big slaughterhouses were singled out for corona. Remember what Tyson did during this plandemic and seek alternatives even if things get back to normal, don't say GEE, TYSONS IS BACK!!!!

Word on the street is that Gates&co want to put all the livestock farmers out of business so the public will be forced to eat lab grown mystery meat with only God knows what in it. I bet it won't be kosher!

One thing is certain - there is zero reason for farmers to be forced to destroy what they have, 100 percent of that is Jews in the system wreaking mayhem by simply choosing to not put it into distribution. They want the masses DESPERATE and they want the producers devastated and primed for replacement.

BBC guest: We know we haven't infected enough of the population

Stated when asked when lockdowns should be lifted. Happens at right around the one minute mark.

Concerning: Elon Musk has gone crazy over the coronavirus lock downs

He released a tweet stream that proves he went nuts and then went silent. I think he finally saw the light and realizes just how far everything is gone. Let's hope he did not off himself.

It looks like he TOTALLY woke up to reality and I hope he was only high when he posted all that. Yes, he's right, but that was self damage that looks like the end.


This actually happened -

Weaponizing CPS: This is an outrage


This actually happened -

Chinese kids wear "social distancing hats" on their first day back to school

The top span is approximately a meter. Obviously this won't work because it only points one direction. The hats instead ought to look like giant Mexican sombreros (or make all the kids walk around with open umbrellas).

I guess "Super Wings" is popular in China too, (I am surprised to see that)


General Flynn:

I would guess at least a few readers noticed a conspicuous absence of commentary about General Flynn here. I avoided commenting for a reason. Yes, everyone should hang for what they did. Yes, massive corruption has been revealed. Yes, that the FBI is a scum sucking dog turd licking pile of debauchery has indeed been revealed. But it is a non story.

It is a non story because we already knew what the FBI was made of.

It is a non story because we already know what others involved are made of.

It is a non story because everyone, including the most ignorant leftists know and always knew he was innocent.

AND IT WILL REMAIN A NON STORY until something actually gets done about what went on.

Sit back and watch nothing happen. When it comes to the good of this nation, and prosecuting actual corruption, nothing will be done, -

Everyone in Washington has known since Vince Foster the Clintons were killers and nothing got done and you can't tell me Rush Limbaugh was not enough to have EVERYONE know - (oh vince foster, seems we lost ya) remember that? do you think the FBI missed that? It would be foolish to hand them the possibility they did not know. And subsequently, 911 proved the corruption is so deep no one will be touched, do you really think the FBI overlooked the fact that building 7, which housed their own headquarters at the time, was demolished with explosives? How'd they miss Larry Silverstein going live on PBS stating he gave the order to "pull it"? HOW ABOUT THIS:

DO YOU REALLY think someone totally rigged the FBI's world headquarters with demolition charges from top to bottom and they did not notice someone was in their own building doing that? They probably did it themselves. Anyone who would think that could happen without them noticing is a fool, that alone says the FBI itself was involved in 911 and that one thing alone proves they cannot be worked with and that they are the enemy of the American people.

Point out all you want about how Flynn got railroaded and how it is all exposed now, I'll yawn because tomorrow will be like yesterday, - the system is lost and has been for decades.

Ridiculous claim: Fauci gave Wuhan lab $3.7 million


He did it via two separate grants, one given in 2015 and one given in 2019. Snopes is calling B.S. as usual and saying Trump gave the funding during his term but that's not how it worked, Trump never signed off on anything other than a slush fund from which Fauci wrote the checks without Trump even knowing. AND WORSE:

Fauci did this because research into giving viruses new capabilities was *officially* banned in the U.S. and after that happened, Fauci needed the work done elsewhere. It is beyond suspicious that Fauci moved "virus development" to Wuhan after it was officially banned in the United States and that Fauci paid specifically for coronavirus research.

That gets back to an old story line - where viruses were smuggled from North America (rumored to have been from Canada but whatever, Ft Detrick is still a point of suspicion) - smuggled into Wuhan after the development ban took place in the U.S. - If Fauci funded the Wuhan lab like this after development was banned in the U.S. then Fauci likely pulled the correct strings to get the best variants delivered to Wuhan.

Fauci should be in deep do do over this, but he probably is not due to subversion. This virus is FAUCI'S BABY, and look: He's one of the top 5 guys at the Gates foundation.

How can Fauci and Bill Gates both be walking free now? This funding for the Wuhan lab SPECIFICALLY FOR CORONAVIRUS RESEARCH was reported even in Weak News, the Los Angeles Times and more.

Fauci's not under investigation by the FBI. Go figure, (what a surprise) when they could not even figure out someone was planting explosives in their own building before 911! They are obviously not capable of even looking at national newspapers.

OBVIOUSLY it is easy to be suspicious of Ft Detrick, which was, after all, shut down because protocols were not being followed which could lead to viruses getting out, but I gotta admit,



I might as well cut to the chase: The supply chains are "broken" as much as the Jews want them to be

There's no shortage of demand for meat. Yet companies, owned by both Jews and communist Chinese are not accepting meat from American farmers. Texas farmers are having to euthanize cattle and let it rot while the government imports beef from Nambia. The problem is not coronavirus, and it is not a "broken supply chain", the problem is that a bunch of filthy disgusting people simply decided to not source anything from American farmers. They have, as an act of war, decided to let shelves go empty if they can't replace the American farmer with meat from elsewhere.

That is ALL there is to it, there's a reason why Trump ordered all the meat packing companies to open, he understands this is war and an outright attempt to destroy American agribusiness. The meat that is in the supply lines now will get used up, the farmers will be forced to simply euthanize their cattle because they can't feed them if they can't pay for feed (or go through the expense of creating it) and they'll never pay for feed if a bunch of filthy disgusting kikes, who infiltrated everything, refuse to buy their livestock.

If farmers can't sell their meat and will subsequently be destroyed, it is because a Jew wanted it. ONLY Jews hoaxed this virus up, ONLY Jews ordered the killings in the hospitals (well documented) and ONLY Jews were involved in the release of this virus - hoaxing it off on China with Ft Detrick being the obvious culprit accomplishes TWO Jewish objectives: 1. To point the finger away from them, and 2. To spark a long desired war with China.

It is time to STOP PLAYING GAMES and say it like it is: The Jews want this virus so Jewish communism can take place under a Jewish run new world order. Such a takeover will be easier if all the non-Jewish capitalists are bankrupted. That's what the quarantines and economic shut downs are supposed to accomplish.

It matters not if the average American gets enough to not go belly up when none of the mid level to small businesses are getting the help they need to live. We'll be slammed into "Coke or Pepsi" with everything, and the Jews will own BOTH.


Social Credit Corona?

I'd just like to throw this out there - Now that things have been proven out the way I said by DOD sat photos of the crematoriums in Wuhan (which incinerated 45, 000 people in less than two weeks, not even counting the portable units - )

China probably DID have 3, 000 or so "corona deaths" as stated, and used that as an opportunity to get rid of at least 100 times as many dissidents. This happened RIGHT AFTER the "track everyone social credit" system went in place.

CONSIDER THIS: China's social credit system went full time live only a few months before this "coronavirus" incident. An incident where they are proven to be a bare minimum of 100X off their officially stated death stats. QUESTION: Why did so many extra people die during the coronavirus outbreak?

I find it interesting that no one has drawn a correlation between that social credit system going live, plus the fact that communists drool over the chance to murder opposition, which that social credit system would have pointed out clearly, PLUS the fact that an incident occurred almost immediately after that social credit system went live, where at a minimum, even according to our own military intelligence, 100 times as many died than the communists were willing to claim.

Google is the company that put that all together for them. How about that!

  UPDATE: This is the link to the Washington Times reference below

Washington Times comes clean on Corona

"The new coronavirus is real.

The response to the coronavirus is hyped. And in time, this hype will be revealed as politically hoaxed.

In fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world's biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have no business running a national economy or government.

The facts are this: COVID-19 is a real disease that sickens some, proves fatal to others, mostly the elderly - and does nothing to the vast majority.

That's it."

Do we need to still shelter in place? Our answer is emphatically no. Do we need businesses to be shut down? Emphatically no. The data is showing it's time to lift, " Erickson said, in a recent interview.

He's right. They're right.

The data to keep America closed and Americans closed in simply doesn’t exist. If truth be told, it's questionable it ever did."

My comment: And THAT adds up to: China did a dissident culling and make sure you remember the voice recording, videos, and testimonies. America murdered the second greatest number of people and faked the rest with falsified death reports, with Britain in third for murders. That IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the story, and you heard it here first - where what is said ends up being proven in the future.



Gina in Tasmania sent:

I'm from Tasmania and here its so ridiculous what is going on... a friend of mine who works at the hospital had a lady from higher up tell her that they have to write all deaths off as corona regardless of how they have died... One older lady didn't even make it to the hospital was still in the ambulance and had no testing but was written off as corona! And here the majority are brainwashed and have no idea whats actually going on! I read they were doing this through people like you but to actually hear it through a local source! what a Scam!

My response: What if the entire thing is a hoax from top to bottom and there is no virus at all? Though I can't say that for certain at this point, one has to wonder . . . . . many thanks for this info!


Some quick headlines:

Trump is going to push the entire Corona blame off on China and has suggested demanding reparations from China. At least for now. The problem I have with this is Ft Detrick, bad advisors, and the ever present social tactic of "displacement" as well as the fact that China does have some pride and won't appreciate being blamed for this virus. I think the prospect of reparations is ludicrous.

Good Trump news:

He is going to use emergency powers to force meat packing companies and other food companies to stay open. That's important because some of the major ones set to close were bought out by China and could be closed as a covert act of war.

IT HAPPENED: ABC news reporter working from home Forgot to put pants on.

Normally you don't see news reporters from the waist down but since he did it from home he did not have the camera angles right. I'd say he'd sh*t his pants over this - if he happened to be wearing them.

Tyson foods: " The supply chain is breaking"

Tyson Foods executives said in a full-page ad published Sunday that the closure of food-processing plants due to the coronavirus is "breaking" the supply chain. In a full-page ad published in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, board chairman John Tyson wrote that "the food supply chain is breaking, " saying farmers will be left without anywhere to sell livestock and "millions of animals - chickens, pigs and cattle - will be depopulated because of the closure of our processing facilities." "There will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores until we are able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed, " he added.


Here's a thought: Hurricane season is coming. So how is it going to work out if there are "stay at home" quarantine orders at the same time evacuation orders are given?


I stopped by a Mexican ford dealer that just got cars in, and THEY LOVE TRUMP

They also told me all about the auto industry and what is going on

First of all, the Trump part - they said he handled the economic shut down perfectly by allowing Ford factories in the U.S. to stay open. However, American Ford factories do not export to Mexico due to a large import tax, so the local Mexican factories which had cut production to about 33 percent of normal, could not keep all the Ford dealerships open (which is why the one I observed yesterday was closed). They said there was a small amount of excess inventory they sold off and are now selling what they can get. There are cars coming in, but not like before.

They went on a long discussion about how the virus was warfare and they believe it was done to hurt the United States so China could become the global economic champion. Obviously I did not agree, but I let them talk and got some interesting info - not the least of which being that they believe Trump handled the situation like a master and saved Ford from China.

Now the other interesting stuff they said: They said Fiat, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo closed down production practically instantly because Italy was hit hard and all the management went home to be with family. As a consequence, Dodge also shut down. Hyundai and Kia stopped producing but other non Japanese car makers are operating at partial capacity (similar to Ford, but they did not know exactly which ones totally shut down.) And they also noticed (as I did) that Japan went nuts with production and all the Japanese car companies are taking advantage of the shut downs in other companies to blow out as many cars as they possibly can. They also said that in the U.S. Honda did not shut down but some Japanese car companies did.

So for what it's worth, that's what they said, I for the most part just let them talk because you can't often hook up with people that knowledgeable and they were FULLY conspiracy aware. A little off on the details but they knew far more than most. The bottom line is Ford is going to get through this shut down OK but the Italian car makers might end up suffering over this, as are the Korean companies. There will be cars when this scam is over, I know Gates&co probably wanted to kill it all but Japan, Trump, and Obrador totally screwed it for them. My guess is Bolsonaro was a real pain too. And that's good, VERY GOOD.


Oil tanker explosion in Syria

Quite convenient timing when WTI crude has tanked again. However, one tanker death is not going to impact a market that is flooded with 5, 000 oil tankers worth of surplus (at least). This will not affect the price of oil. "Whoever" could blow up "whatever, " and the market will not come back until people are driving again.


American intelligence is now proving me right about the number of deaths in Wuhan

GEE, how did I have the answers published almost THREE MONTHS before they did?

Key things from the Fox report: American satellites proved there were bodies piled up around all of Wuhan's funeral homes, which operated at 100 percent capacity 24/7 and in one particular 13 day period, processed 45, 500 bodies. That's more than 90, 000 per month. To top it off, this site documented the fact that they brought in a large number of portable crematoriums (40 if I remember right) which could have easily pushed that total to over 150, 000 per month, and that's just the ones we know about - there were probably more.

Add to this the people who died in their apartments after having them sealed off, and could still be sitting there right now. Reality: China, as I always said, has at a minimum of 500, 000 dead and it could be millions. And many of these deaths were not coronavirus, they were dissidents. How long is it going to take American intelligence to say THAT???

I don't know what percentage of people thought my saying it was hundreds of thousands and probably millions was ludicrous at the time, but Fox finally published it with information from American intelligence agencies, and YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, LONG AGO. At that time I was the only one saying it while the intelligence agencies kept their secrets, and ALL of alt media totally missed it. Now others (I'll point out Alex) are parroting MSM reports because they could not get it right even on enormous budgets while it was happening. Perhaps those who got it wrong did so on the claim of "no proof". How did I get proof when there was no "proof", only to have it be published by American MSM with American intelligence sourced damn near an information century later?

I am right about this: THEY KILLED DISSIDENTS. Maybe, (just maybe) American intelligence will finally say this at some point down the road, far beyond any time frame that matters. They can't say it now, because the virus is still too politically useful.



Can you say "favorable coincidence?"!!!


Whatever Japan did, it was the right thing. Today I went around to all the car dealerships to see how they were impacted by the loss of manufacturing due to the coronavirus lock downs. Here is the summary, and conclusion: JAPAN WINS. The first one I noticed weeks ago that had no cars was Fiat/Chrysler. They sold out long ago and they are gone. Ford - GONE. Volkswagen has greatly reduced inventory as does SEAT. Pugeot and Renault are selling out but still have a few cars. Kia and Hyundai look post apocalypse, everything they had has been gone for a long time. Land rover, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, Cadillac sold way down, almost out.

Now here's the interesting part: Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Acura, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Isuzu are stacked with cars, Lexus shockingly so. There were so many cars on the Lexus lot that I was absolutley blown away by the sheer volume. I never look at the Lexus lot but there's no way I could have missed that, they have far more cars than normal. Nissan is up there with Volkswagen as far as popularity in Mexico, yet they had a pile of cars. It is not because they are not selling, it is because none of the Japanese brands stopped producing.

It is obvious Lexus realized the entire luxury sector was going to sell out except for them, and they stocked up. They have amazing variety right now. BOTTOM LINE: Japan's economy is intact because of the way they managed the coronavirus, and Japan alone will be enough to avoid having the world crash. I am sure Bill Gates and others are trying to fix that but Japan also said no to the vaccines so perhaps good luck sans another Fukushima.

I was deeply worried that everything cool was going to go away forever. For as long as Japan properly manages this BIG FAT HOAX THEY PROVED JUST BY STILL BEING ALIVE, the world is not going to go to hell in a hand basket. They will anchor the whole thing.


This will be completed during the day (if nothing happens in the news that needs my attention)

Synopsis: The Coronavirus is such a failure that the elite have resorted to gassing people (where needed to maintain a story line) plus murdering them outright (where needed) and mis-reporting cause of death. Mis-reporting of cause of death is now happening in Mexico, this site got confirmed testimony from a Mexican surgeon who was forced to write down a severe trauma death as a coronavirus death.

It is now obvious that China probably had very limited coronavirus deaths and instead did an enormous purge of dissidents. This is proven by practically no deaths in Taiwan and neighboring countries that should have also been hit hard. It is fully confirmed that Britain disposed of undesirables. Iran probably had no outbreak and instead got gassed. Many nerotoxins mimic coronavirus symptoms perfectly. New York hospitals are murdering people outright.

Coronavirus is being used as a front for an active coup of all governments and is the takeover we have all been warning each other about - they could not do it in ways people were prepared for and instead did it with this virus. It was released as a real weapon but was not stable and failed. To shore in the last of their losses, they are now proposing (in whatever nations they can get away with it) prison terms for anyone who suggests chloroquine or anything else can treat the virus.

The end game is to destroy all industry, even essential industry and induce a massive famine to reduce the population while people are imprisoned in their homes in the name of an invisible boogie man. Most likely during the shut downs they are dismantling factories and destroying key equipment to prevent anything from actually re-starting. When it is all over, it will be a whole new world run by a corrupted psychopath oligarchy.

Great detail on these topics and more will be in the next newsletter, which may be completed today.

RUMOR: The latest Google phone update does not allow writing

I have no confirmation on this, but rumor has it that if you want any text to go into your Google phone after updating it, you have to talk it in, you can't use the keyboard function. If this is true and you really can't type text messages into it, it means they want to run voice analysis on everything to see what your emotional state is with regard to every single thing you'd ever think to send out over the phone. Hand that data to an evil AI and it can do everything from nailing dissidents to destroying relationships.

People really need to put the tech down. Evil is in control of it, why do you want THAT around?

  green new deal

To anyone who is considering permanently destroying the world economy by destroying industrial equipment when everything is shut down:



This info will be part of the newsletter. I am assembling it now and caching it here

They are murdering whistleblowers and calling it suicide. Just like over 100 doctors who spoke up about tainted vaccines all committed suicide, with the latest one "killing himself because he regretted not vaxxing all those kids". Way to send a message.

They are setting up a famine now to kill as many people as possible. Obviously they'll kill whistle blowing nurses. OOPS, they missed one and if you still doubt they are murdering people in the hospitals to get their corona stats, see this, and if you don't think they are genociding undesirables and chalking them up to coronavirus, SEE THIS. and also take a look how the third guy in this video obviously fights for his life while being taken away, obviously they are going to kill him.

They will do anything needed to get their coronavirus stats to justify setting up scenarios where they can starve people to death by destroying economies, even in Mexico the doctors are now being forced to register accident victims as coronavirus deaths, as stated directly to this site by a Mexican surgeon who works for both private and state hospitals.

After I published this, Telcel went from two bars to all bars lit up solid, GEE, I WONDER WHY. Someone got interested all of a sudden and placed an obvious stinger. And there will be nothing gained, no calls were made to meet up with this doctor who has NEVER been on the phone with us EVER. no stinger is going to reveal anything. I doubt Mexican authorities placed it, this was without question done by someone running the covid scam in the hopes of locating the next doctor to kill. That's why I stated it the way I did, whoever placed the stinger knows this happened and that the Mexican death stats are being faked now and they want to know who the hell the whistle blowing leak was.

To repeat: We had a secret meeting with a surgeon who works both private and state medical. A severe trauma victim came into his ward. We know the age of the patient and type of injury. someone screwed up the surgery (not this doctor) and I know exactly what happened to screw it up and cause the death but saying so will reveal who the doctor was, and the nature of the injury will also. When it was all done, the death was recorded as a coronavirus death. That's very serious, it means they are faking it in Mex, faking it in the U.S., faking it in China, faking it in Britain and as logic would have it, they are faking it EVERYWHERE except perhaps Iran, which probably got gassed. I'll have the nerve agents that mimic coronavirus listed in the newsletter when it is complete. Mexico has a major plus going however, and that is that there simply is not enough corruption and infiltration in the medical system for them to be killing people outright.

Obviously I think the virus is real and that precautions such as masks should be taken but there's no reason whatsoever to be trashing economies and setting up scenarios where people will starve to death.

^^The above will make it to the newsletter in one form or another^^


WTI crude has crashed out again

No updates available on anything else. WTI crashed to $12 today and appears to be going lower.

A long time reader sent a "zapper" update -

He said his kid looked at what I did and then hooked him up to a 15 volt electric train set power supply.

My comment: That probably worked but I can't post stuff like that because it might not go well. I'll try to get around to posting the schematics. The problem is that even though practically anything below 20 volts (and above 10) will work, there's a good chance of getting hurt if it is not done right so if I am going to post something like that it will be done in a way that puts up a "barrier to entry" that ensures only people who have technical skills try it. And, additionally, my device would pass for actual medical use (it would not look like a crude circuit in a medical environment, obviously) but if the box was opened and that was inside it would be perfectly OK for predictable and reliable "no lawsuit possible yet still effective" medical use. MY OTHER COMMENT:

If all I had was an electric train set and my physical senses to tell me if I was getting too much, would I do it if I really had to? YEP. But don't do it, (you did not read that here) heh.

Please send an update and if you try that with that train set again and make good and sure you use an electrode that covers the entire infected spot (if you did not the last time around) and tell me how it went long term. My experience was that it took very little to get it done but it should probably be done more than once.

From what I have read, using reversing fields does not work as well as single direction, if you can turn the reverser off do it. If it does not hurt you are probably ok, and if the current is DC your muscles will let off even if the current is still flowing, you don't need to feel them pulse for anything to be getting done. You should be able to feel the current but it should not hurt at all.



I was right. Sources in Seoul say he's alive and well, and simply quarantined for coronavirus. My previous posts said he did it in a coastal resort town, and they ended up being spot on.

They repeated the "kim is dead" rhetoric so much I was starting to wonder, but I did not drink the kool aid.



If you live in Canada, and you go against the official coronavirus lie, it will be off to jail you go. If you mention Chloroquine or alternative treatments, off to jail you go. They are claiming it is for people who willfully and knowingly spread disinfo to disrupt the public, but how do you gauge that, and where are the goal posts going to be put? Obviously this is to stifle dissent and nothing more.

Here is what will get you jailed that they mentioned:

Spreading information on how to avoid catching it. Recommending alternative treatments such as vitamin C, magnesium, or chloroquine. Stating the virus came from a lab and was not from bats, or associating 5G with a generalized illness that mimics coronavirus symptoms.

And it does not stop there - online platforms will be prosecuted if they allow anyone to post such "damaging content".

So far it is only a proposal, but I promise, Gates and Soros are party toasting over it.

What I stated here is specifically mentioned in the report. You can't talk about the P-shuttle sequence or HIV genes in the virus, you can't say squat!


"Home Despot?"

Home Depot put in new "coronavirus" measures that have people irked. One person in, one person out. Very bad service as employees stand behind plexiglass. 100 percent full time obvious in your face cameras recording every move. Lines that snake around the store for checkout, and around the outside of the store to get in. This is all over social media now - and people are beginning to call the place "home despot". That might fit, because:

Home Depot and Lowes (which are associated with the elite at the top) are both putting such measures in place, but the last of the classics - Menards, is not. And people have noticed - MENARDS IS PACKED. And what does that mean? It means that there are no laws telling either Home Depot or Lowes to become despotic, it is pure choice and enforcing an agenda. Menards will likely come out the winner.

By the way, it is now a $350 USD fine in Mex to get caught in public without a mask. I never thought they'd go there, but they did. That won't last. There will be hangings and car-b-q's.


They are ramping up the "Kim is dead rhetoric . . . .

So much it makes me think he might be dead. Wait and see I guess. There's no proof of that yet.


I am going to say the obvious no one is saying: We have seen NOTHING yet

For as long as Bill Gates and his ilk walk free, we are in danger of getting the coronavirus for real. The current release was a weapon which fortunately misfired. But those who released it are cleaning their wounds and doing tweaks. You can't just say they gave up after one blank. They definitely did not give up. If they are not hunted down and imprisoned immediately they are going to do it again, letting such types walk free is the same as never locking up a car thief. Only the world is a lot bigger than a car.


FINALLY some GOOD Coronavirus news: Always infectable, - Vaccine passport won't work

WHO says no evidence of Covid-19 immunity from antibodies

The World Health Organization is warning that people who have had Covid-19 are not necessarily immune by the presence of antibodies from getting the virus again."There is no evidence yet that people who have had Covid-19 will not get a second infection, " WHO said in a scientific brief published Friday.

It cautions against governments that are considering issuing so-called "immunity passports" to people who have had Covid-19, assuming they are safe to resume normal life.

"At this point in the pandemic, there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody-mediated immunity to guarantee the accuracy of an 'immunity passport' or 'risk-free certificate, ' " WHO said.

My comment: This is FAKE NEWS outlet MSN quoting FAKE NEWS outlet CNN, but heck, if it makes me happy I'll post it.

The meta talk in this is that a vaccine won't work, a COVID Id will be meaningless - so we might as well get going in life because we are all screwed anyway.

Only, we're not screwed, just take some chloroquine. Twice a year or right when you get the sniffles. That is all.

We are also not screwed because the bioweapon was a dud.

Maybe CNN mentioned it because they were drooling about keeping people locked up forever. But judging from what happened on California beaches recently, the prospect of that is dubious. If tens of thousands flock to the beaches when they are officially shut down for this hoax, people have called HOAX.


Kim Jong update:

This is basically an abbreviated repeat of the earlier post with a few tidbits of info thrown in -

Despite what the click bait crew has claimed, there is no solid evidence Kim Jong is in trouble at all. Today his train was spotted in a resort town on the coast. It is highly probably he's bugging out from corona. Do not wish him dead, if he goes, the other options are not good. Kim jong is the best case scenario for NK, how lucky we are.

I know people rip him as a tyrant, but it is definitely true that the best thing that could happen is for Kim Jong to stay in power until he's at least 80. Try to name someone in NK that would be better. There is no one. FACT: If Kim Jong was not the leader of North Korea and instead showed up at your work place as an employee, he'd probably be popular. I can't name another powerful communist that would be.



Gee, where have we heard THIS before????



To protect the identity of the doctor, I have to omit key info because there are not sufficient coronavirus deaths in Mexico to bury this in the chatter. We got EVERYTHING - the age, what the person went into the hospital for, that it was mis managed and the hospital caused the death and the hospital put the death down as coronavirus. I cannot give more detail specific to this.

We don't know any state doctors but we know a lot of private doctors, enough to get connected to other private doctors we have never met before. This doctor is a surgeon who works in both state and private hospitals, so that is how we got connected. The bottom line is that a traumatic injury came into a state hospital this doctor was at, the hospital mis-managed the situation, caused a bigger problem that resulted in fatality and then registered the death as caused by COVID-19. This surgeon was not the one who mis-managed the situation and caused the death.

We have the type of injury and how it was mis managed and the age of the patient and the hospital it happened at, as well as who gave the order to mis-register the death, the whole 9 yards and cannot post it because it will blow the doctor's cover and we don't want that.

IS THERE EVEN A VIRUS, OR DID THEY FAKE THIS ENTIRE THING? This is enough to make me want to burn my face masks!

I guess there's a silver lining in Mexico's case - they are not grabbing undesirables and giving them lethal injections to get their statsup into the sky like Britain and the United States are totally proven to be doing, just look at the links permanently posted at the top of this page.


Kim Jong probably not dead

Now American intelligence is claiming he went into isolation after several officials caught coronavirus

Someone in Ireland did a photoshop job of him in a glass casket at approximately the same time American intelligence claimed they used a combination of radars and spy aircraft to prove he is in Wonsan, and released the following:

"It has been reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who has recently become subject to rumors about his health moved to Wonsan to avoid COVID-19. The U.S. authorities captured Kim walking on his own. "It has been identified that Kim Jong Un had been staying in Wonsan during the entire last week, " said a U.S. government official. "He was seen to be walking on his own between April 15 and 20." It has been reported that the movements of Kim’s cars and close associates were also witnessed and Kim was walking on his own without help from others or being in a wheelchair. The U.S. authorities seem to have identified such information based on the analysis of radars and images captured by reconnaissance planes.

"As some of Kim's aids and high-ranking officials have contracted COVID-19, Kim seems to have left Pyongyang, which has a high population density, as a preventive measure, " said the official regarding the reasons why the North Korean leader has not made a public appearance since April 11.

It remains unknown when Kim will make a public appearance again.

My comment: So there you have it. I was skeptical and NK had damn well better hope his sister does not take over, I could be wrong but her pictures just scream "NOT THAT". My personal thoughts are that if you had to have a system in place that is the same as what NK has, Kim Jong is likely a best case scenario. Imagine Hillary in charge of that system!


UPDATE TO BELOW: We had better make sure the next harvest goes in the ground IN FULL, and that at the end of the season it does not get discarded like this. As it is, potato prices are going to skyrocket.



I have said it over and over again: The favorite weapon of the leftists is mass murder via starvation. Watch it happen. IT WILL.

Last year's potato harvest left to rot, stacked as high as the power lines, 4 months before this year's harvest will be ready.

This can be found HERE.

The woman who took this photo does not understand what is going on. This is the harvest from 2019 being destroyed months before the new harvest will be ready. She thinks they are being destroyed because there is no demand for potatoes. REALITY: They are being destroyed because whoever had them saw fit to do it and if that was caused by a lack of orders for potatoes, it only means enemies own the supply line and did not put this food into it. These should have at a minimum gone into big bags of Sams Club potato flakes.

This is what a famine looks like, I am warning you people: This happens EVERY TIME THERE IS A FAMINE. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The leftists either destroy the food outright or create scenarios which cause it to be destroyed, and from chickens to pigs to fruit and now potatoes, IT IS HAPPENING IN THE UNITED STATES.

If potatoes disappear from the stores, or go to astronomically high prices, remember this picture, FOREVER. Capitalism did not fail, a bunch of leftists got control of the supply lines and chose to not put food into them. It is as simple as that. If we let them get away with this Americans won't be shooting, Americans will have nothing to shoot at while they starve to death, the people who destroyed the food are not going to parade down your street and say HELLO! IT WAS US.

PUNCH LINE: Oh, it's only potatoes, we can live without them. There will always be cake!!!


Trump disinfectant "debacle"

I figured I would comment on this considering how foolish the MSM reports on this topic are. And due to their irresponsible reporting, perhaps a few numbskulls really did inject lysol.

There actually are disinfectants that are routinely injected into the body. They are called intravenous antibiotics. Mundane. There are also a couple actual disinfectants in the classical sense that can be harmlessly injected (I am not sure what they are so people obviously should not be guessing) But the main thing Trump was talking about was high intensity light injection to kill infections, - This is a well known alt medical practice called laser therapy, and it does work. I cannot believe the MSM had the audacity to take this topic to looney town the way they did, but it did happen. They actually slammed Trump with it. But slamming Trump is old news by now.


Michigan hospital raided for alternative treatments of coronavirus


SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) -- The FBI is conducting a raid at Allure Medical in Shelby Township. Police confirm to 7 Action News they are assisting the feds with the raid.

It's located on 26 Mile Rd. and Van Dyke in Shelby Township. The FBI confirms the raid is in connection to a questionable treatment for coronavirus that was being offered at the center.

Allure has recently promoted that it is treating COVID-19 patients who aren't hospitalized using intravenous vitamin C therapy "with great results."

In a press release sent out to news stations last week, Allure said that Dr. Charles Mok, the founder of Allure Medical, is providing the high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy to all essential workers in Michigan, saying that it is being used in hospitals around the country.

The company has several locations in metro Detroit and around the country.

My comment: Dead microbiologists???


They have started a new wave of social media cleanse

Everyone who was ever worth anything is getting banned from platforms they don't own, and as a result alternative news is getting thin. I started noticing this on some of the popular forums - all the good posts were gone and auto bans happened constantly. This site won't be affected by this because the sources are too diverse and it is an independent site. But I can see the future and it looks boring, with the majority getting spoon fed bland gerber peas by a totally controlled and deceptive MSM.


Let's look forward in time -

If the economy is not re-started immediately, IN FULL, you can expect the following to happen:

Happening now: No new cars arriving at dealers. There are still a few left but if you don't get one soon, you won't be getting one. Ditto for all other "non essential" goods.

Happening a month from now: If they succeed in fronting this scam for two months, there will be many farmers not planting. You will see many more herds culled and crops not making it to market. Eggs are likely to be too expensive to consider.

Two months from now: Food items are going to start thinning out and lots of things like televisions, cars, phones, blenders - all will be gone or almost gone.

4 months from now: The last of the stoves and refrigerators will be gone. light bulbs will become sparse. Food is going to be hellishly expensive with poor choices available. This won't happen with food as much in Mexico but it will happen in the U.S, Australia, and Europe. Mexico will see substantial price increases but overall variety will be OK.

Six months from now: Starvation starts in first world countries. No one will care that there are no cars or anything else to buy, they will only worry about food. Most will still have it.

A year from now: At this stage, IF the communists succeed with the first stages, their Ukraine style culling will be in progress. They will be going around rooting out preppers and destroying their food while claiming to be distributing it.

THIS IS THE END GAME. DO NOT LET THEM SUCCEED. Their goal is population reduction, and to have whatever remains be thankful to have food, and not worrying about having any sort of life. The fun, games, festivals, vacations, road trips and hobbies will be OVER.

Two years from now: They will gather up everything everyone has, from cars to bicycles to trampolines and destroy it. A majority of wood framed homes will be burned. There is a reason why American codes mandated using wood and having even "brick" homes be built in a way where the bricks won't stand if the wood is not behind them, they had this planned for decades. Then off to the compact city or tiny home or shipping container or internment camp you go.



Dealerships are running out of cars

Soon they will be empty. Yesterday I noticed that not only were the new cars at most dealers mostly gone, but even the newer used cars were far less in number than usual.

I have a hunch many factories will not be re-opening. If people do not get out and stop the assault on our society that is being done in the name of an invisible enemy, there probably will not be any more new cars. No new refrigerators, NOTHING, and if they get their way, food crops won't even be planted this year. Another big thing I noticed was that carrier tied cell phones are sold out. You can still get unlocked phones but the ones that get sold with service plans are really starting to thin out.

Televisions are also vanishing. Though I doubt the communists will want the tech items gone (because they provide perfect intelligence we can be controlled with) when it comes to a lot of things my guess is the one you have will be the last one you ever have, take care of it well.

VERY COOL: Scuba tour companies re-populating reefs

Since due to the shut downs there is a lack of tourists to the barrier reef, those who used to hold guided scuba tours are re-populating dead sections of reef with live coral, With about 1, 000 re-seedings already done, and obviously many more to go.


Something I just noticed about coronavirus:

We shut many things down and stayed home. But except for New York, none of the U.S. coronavirus predictions came true. Why would they come true in New York and no where else? THINK ABOUT IT. Who dominates New York?

There may be tribal types elsewhere in the U.S. but New York is the absolute epicenter of it all. OVER TWO MILLION LIVE IN THE NEW YORK METRO. The only other place with more is Israel. Since they are running the corona operation, from the media to the solution to the beginning release of the virus, THEY OWN IT and they are not going to let the story line fail where they have their highest population density outside of Israel.

We now know with the voice mail from the Dominican woman that they are killing people to hit their numbers. And not surprisingly, right after they purged that huge retirement community (covered here repeatedly) - they loaded them all onto buses in broad daylight while in full hazmat, immediately following that they had their massive explosion of deaths. Coincidence? DOUBT IT.



Gun control was designed to take away your freedoms.

Political correctness was designed to take away your freedom of speech.

Social distancing was designed to take away your right to assemble.

Your face mask was designed to be your muzzle & handcuffs.

Being quarantined to your house was designed to be your jail cell.

The vaccine/microchip is designed to guarantee that the things listed above remain permanent.

The coronavirus was designed to distract you from these facts, while you willingly give up your freedoms.


It is not YOUTUBE anymore, it is THEMTUBE

Once they started censoring anything that goes against the WHO, plus censoring or deleting practically all alt media in general, it became YOU against ThemTube. Find another platform.


Suddenly they are ALL wearing masks

After having it go viral on social media, with everyone asking why none of the politicians were wearing masks during media briefings, today was the day they FINALLY decided to start wearing masks to "prove they are scared". Interesting it is that this came AFTER a Fox hot mic caught them calling it a hoax and that they were all protected anyway. FOR THE RECORD: They did not wear masks before April 23 which means it's ALL B.S., they can't just start wearing them now, after they got busted and have (at least me) believe!

None were wearing masks. None were social distancing. The press was not wearing masks or social distancing, the politicians were not wearing masks or social distancing, it was all B.S. up until today, and today changes NOTHING.


A few quick items

There's nothing on the Corona front I did not expect -

It will always be "two more weeks" from now to armageddon, you know, The frog in the pot thing

They are going to "two more week" the United States and the rest of the world until they kick off the famines for their population purge.

The end game is to reduce world population to 500 million. They can't release a virus that lethal and stay safe themselves, even with chloroquine and whatever else they are using to accomplish their safety. So they will accomplish their killing by stalling economies until everything collapses. It is becoming obvious that was their primary objective from the start. The world population is totally dependent upon an intact economy, remove that and most people will starve.

Kim Jong

They are already naming Kim Jong's replacement (his sister) before he's announced dead, and she looks like Genghis Khunt. If she takes over, NK is going to suffer. Kim Jong could at least be cheerful. I am not among those who think he was a worst case scenario. However, I am not sure about that gal.

New lock downs in China

Here's the deal: The U.S. lied about how many. China lied about how few. Both countries (and more) got most of their deaths by murdering people. This is proven by the British video where they announced and labeled a man dead 10 minutes after they took him away kicking and screaming, the voice mail from the Dominican woman where she said they all got lethal injections and got a very short call out to voicemail before she passed out, and the now well known fact that hospitals are faking death certificates. The faking of death certificates is the least dark of it all, because they are not actually killing people to do that but if it comes down to meeting numbers, they absolutely will. Now is not a good time to go to any hospital for any reason.

I am suspicious about this "new outbreak in china" and am leaning towards "They found a new cluster that had to be eliminated for their communist utopia and have to front a reason for their disappearance". More and more it is going to be exactly that, - there actually is a real virus and their speaking up so strongly against chloroquine and anything else cheap that can handle it without doing major damage, only to offer a hellishly expensive Israeli produced "cure" that has a 23 percent health devastation rate, from failed organs to strokes to you name it - they want this virus to live and it is the little bird that won't fly. So to whatever extent possible they are using politics to make life hell - if only for consolation over what a failure it was.

You cannot call any biological agent that does what this virus did so poorly they had to add diabetes, heart attacks, political killings and strokes to the mortality stats to make it look plausible any sort of success. This virus is a flop and now they are faking it out of thin air like a horde of mimes. And China knows how to mime the best.

If the world was not afraid enough of coronavirus, would smallpox do the trick?

SAFE BET: They are going to play the smallpox card.

Early on in this "coronavirus" event line, I caught rumor of smallpox making a comeback in Mexico. Claudia, who does not use the same sources also got word of this, but I mentioned nothing here because the story did not take off. If the world was not afraid enough of coronavirus, would smallpox do the trick? Don't put it past these people, they actually would do that and smallpox has indeed been kept alive in many BSL 4 labs. They'll do it if they have to, NO QUESTION, and they already tested the waters with this story line in Mexico.


We are NOT "in this together"

The media is going bonkers and saying "Coronavirus, we are all in this together". I have a problem with that, and it is the fact that NONE of the elite are wearing face masks. Just look at the pressers on TV - whenever it is elite circles, no one has masks. No one social distances. There's something about this we are not being told, and we are DEFINITELY not in this together. Even if they start wearing masks now, the truth is known. It is THEIR virus against US. They either know it is not a threat or have proper treatment against it, so they are not even following their own rules.

Don't contribute your energy to "being in this together" because they need it to build consent to slam us. If you don't give them the mood or the consent, they are dead in the water. Coronavirus is going to be OVER as soon as WE, THE PEOPLE, declare it is. Chloroquine will pick up any differences, everyone in the nation should be taking it as a preventive measure. If that order was given, coronavirus would be dead on the spot. The only thing I'd agree with for "all in this together" is taking chloroquine. If they are saying no to that, it is US against THEM.


Chem trails:

Someone wanted me to give my opinion.

I have no idea why they are doing it and neither does anyone else. 100 percent of the chem trail topic is pure conjecture. The lid has been successfully kept as to why it is going on. I do however know HOW it is going on, and have a couple good guesses as to why they are doing it.

Chem trails are almost 100 percent caused by additives to fuel in commercial jet aircraft. There are also cases where they actually get out and spray intentionally but the majority of the problem is put into commercial jet fuel. I used to have all the exact chemistry with regard to what is going on with this and I am not going to dig that up now for this brief post.

I have two big guesses as to why this is being done 1 is that perhaps CFC's really did wreck the ozone layer and they want a secondary shield in place to protect the earth. If that be the case, the collapse of this civilization will be real doom because we need the jets flying.

Reason 2: If there is no ozone problem, then my next guess would be that they need to use the ionosphere as a power source to make things like weather mod and earthquake machines work. Air is a semiconductor the same way silicon is, and to turn a semiconductor into a transistor they need a doping agent to get the air to conduct electricity the way a transistor does. There's not enough ground based power to directly do weather mod, but if they can turn the atmosphere itself into a transistor all they need to do is apply the bias signal and let the ionosphere be the power supply. We all know weather mod is a reality, and there is simply not enough ground based power available to do it unless all they use that power for is to bias a transistor . . . . .


RUMOR: Kim Jong is brain dead

I avoided posting it until I saw too many references to this topic. Here's the problem with the story: The only thing they are going on is the fact that Kim Jong has not been seen in public for a while. And CNN was the primary source. We all know what CNN is made of.

The reality of things is that NK is difficult to spy on and not one official fact has come out about this through any agency. Kim Jong having problems right now is purely based on historic precedent of where North Korean leaders appear during public events. Kim Jong has not been to any lately, so intelligence agencies are assuming there are problems. But what if he's only in a bunker, hiding from coronavirus?

The bottom line is that I can't say what is going on one way or another, and neither can anyone else. Though there is some merit to the possibility he's toast, people ought not report it as fact.


Paper oil going negative FINALLY caused the Arab countries to crash out

For a long time, the arab states managed to keep their oil prices, across the board, above $20 per barrel. But that's not the case today, some Arab blends are now below zero also and lots of them are single digits. I wonder what they think about derivatives now?

Oil prop up FAILURE!!!


Here's why crude went negative:

Because there were many paper oil contracts that expired before people could sell their oil, and when such contracts expire, you have to take delivery. If you have only a paper existence, how's that going to work out?


Let me get this straight: - - - - We are supposed to believe the Gates foundation, PLUS the Wuhan lab, PLUS the World Health Organization, all separate entities needing separate hacks to access all got simultaneously hacked and their big dirty secret boxes were dropped online for all to see, only to have it get widely reported by the MSM.

Before I continue, :

OK, now that we got that out of the way, let me finish this by asking a question: What could possibly be better for any of the "hacked" organizations than to have in all those 25, 000 inboxes all kinds of wording about helping mankind and how much Bill Gates loves us and would not do anything wrong? How long would it take for a supercomputer based AI to fake 25, 000 inboxes and fill them with sunshine "we are innocent" fluff, peppered with a bunch of totally meaningless "oopsies?" and then throw it up on one of the chans? I'd say the right AI on the right supercomputer could drum that up in 20 minutes flat, if not 20 seconds.

Do I believe THREE well secured prominent organizations that everyone is scrutinizing and hates right now actually got hacked simultaneously? NO. And if the worst crap you could ever imagine is not center stage in those mail boxes, that will be proof I'm right.

I did not post this MUCH earlier today when I found out about it (minute one approximately, I don't take long with this stuff) - I did not even bother mentioning it because I called it patent B.S. right off the cuff. 3 for 1 in one day eh? NOT HARDLY and I only mentioned this because the MSM picked it up and started their typical squealing in the same tone they'd use if a celebrity told a burrito joke.

Wait and see I guess . . . . . . . DOUBT IT.


A chat with a coronavirus doctor

This doctor happens to be well known, high ranking, and a little more than an acquaintance of mine, I have been to events with him and talked previously more than a dozen times, so I know exactly who he is -

As it turns out, I bumped into him yesterday and had a good chat about coronavirus. To my surprise he got stationed in Salamanca to help with the coronavirus there. I questioned him thoroughly, and here's what he said:

First of all, he said it was real, and that it was dangerous. He then went on to say there's absolutely no question it is a biological weapon released by the elite and he fingered Bill gates. He specifically stated it was done for political reasons and "we are all screwed". I begged to differ on the "we are all screwed" and mentioned hydroxychloroquine and he did not know a whole lot about it in relation to coronavirus. That alone proves he's not surfing conspiracy sites to get his info.

He's not a conspiracy type but knows how evil Bill Gates and the overall elite are. Most likely he had experience with the Gates anti-fertility vaccines in Mex, he'd have known about them so it was not too hard to finger Bill Gates for this. Evidently analysis has been done in Mexico also that has concluded it is not a natural virus, he knew what a P-shuttle sequence was and that the virus had aids genes inserted into it. He did not get that from conspiracy sites if he knew nothing about how chloroquine works on this virus, or even that it had been discussed widely, accepted by Bolsonaro and declared a drug of choice to be used by the FDA. Very interesting that conversation was.

To sum it up, all he knew is the virus was not natural and he believed it was extremely dangerous and we were screwed and there's a political motive behind it. He believed it was not accidentally released, he knows it was done on purpose. He said Mexico has not done enough testing to understand what the situation really is in Mex. He was obviously deeply scared.

I am not going to publish his name because he needs to be protected. He's saying something completely different about the origins of the virus than is "acceptable" to be said in public, even the Mex MSM is claiming bats. He knows that's a lie.

I went to Claudia's school today

It was one step short of a zombie movie. The elementary section still had all the kid's playground boots lined up neatly against a wall. Dust had settled on all the play ground toys. Water was not working in some areas. In Claudia's section it totally looked like everyone just dropped what they were doing and ran from a nuclear bomb. A giant globe the kids were making sat unfinished. Asia was too big . . . . .

Hand made clay figures sat abandoned. Some of the plants were dying from lack of water . . . . I watered them from one of the few places the school still had water. The rabbits and chickens were in good condition, (groundskeepers were still maintaining the most critical stuff) but overall it was absolutely creepy to walk through such a highly regarded place and see it like that, seriously, it really looked like a zombie apocalypse with everything abandoned and left sitting half done, as if everyone simply dropped what they were doing and teleported out. I have never seen it like that.


After a very long wait with an incomplete killing it took FOREVER for the infection to come back (a little) but it will be enough to run tests (with no stress, I am not in danger this time). I will first apply it to a wrist to see if only passing the blood through the current activates the immune system and initiates a kill that way (this is supposed to be possible according to some). if that has no effect I will then apply it to the problem leg at the hip level, to see if making the blood go into it that freshly charged is enough to start a kill. If that does not do it, I will once again put the electrodes right over the problem area until this time they finish the job. If for any reason they do not, I will try combining the zapper with antibiotics to see if the extra stress of antibiotics is beneficial to killing the bacteria. I will probably start this over the week end but there are other unrelated problems that might push this off until next week.

But it won't be two weeks, followed by another promise of two weeks, followed by another . . . . . you know, like with Coronavirus.


This is the audio of a phone call from a 49 year old Dominican woman to her husband, after she was given a lethal injection and was dying. She had to leave a message. In this message she stated they went around the room and gave everyone who "had coronavirus" a lethal injection and that she was the last to receive it and the last to die. She got the call out before she died. She said everyone else was already dead and that she was dying. Claudia said it sounds 100 percent legit so it likely is.

I have already said they were doing this, and now this phone call happened

A month ago I reported that they purged a HUGE New York retirement facility and that they were going to murder those people. Sure enough, right on cue, the death rate in New York skyrocketed. This Domincan woman would not have been from that retirement community, so they are killing a lot more than just that.


PROBABLY, and DEFINITELY banned everywhere. I figured I'd translate this and paste it in here before it totally vanishes, the audio has now vanished.

Patient with coronavirus reported that she and other patients were murdered at a New York hospital with a lethal injection.

NEW YORK.- A woman from the Dominican Republic infected with Covid-19 left a voice message before dying, in a New York hospital. She stated that they are killing the sick with an injection that they give them to get rid of them quickly

Gertrudis Taveras, a native of Santo Domingo, lived in Brooklyn and was diagnosed with the coronavirus, so she was admitted to a hospital where she died.

Before she died, the 49-year-old woman sent a voice message to a relative of hers, who is also her compadre, in which she states that all the patients who were with her died after being injected.

In the message, in a tearful voice, Gertrudis explains that she was also injected and shows resignation, because she knew that she would die like the others who were confined with her in that hospital.

The audio was posted on social media by the victim's cousin's husband, who calls on people with relatives in New York hospitals to be vigilant about how their relatives die.


WTI is what the petrodollar is based on. This level of crash has to be manipulated on purpose to destroy the dollar.

This is crazy news that can't possibly hold, because clearly the oil is worth more than a NEGATIVE $35 per barrel. This kind of crash is an idiotic stunt. Question: Who pulled this stunt and why? Let me guess: For all barrels of this oil people have in stock, they are going to get a "bail out" to the tune of $35.00 each. Or wherever they take this.

I am having a hard time believing this is not a hoax, SEE THIS


Trump did an excellent troll job:

My only problem with this stuff is we need hard action, not mere trolling.


News commentary

There is no news today, and that's bad because they are covering something up and have shut information pipelines to do it. Here is what I have figured out -

Oil is crashing in an epic way, and for the first time WTI crude crashed along with the rest of them. It is now below $11 a barrel. If other oil types that are not controlled indicators of oil price (WTI is a manipulated reference, the last one they'll let go of) and if it crashed to below $11 it has to mean there are lots of types of oil below $2 per barrel. Unfortunately I can't get the details on them because the sites that report this are crashed out. Maybe it is because people are hitting them like crazy but I suspect it is control of information.

I have no direct confirmation that WTI is below $11 but have found where the official oil price is below $11 a barrel and that is based on WTI. Yesterday, the last time I got accuate oil info, WTI was at $17. That's already catastrophic but the other oil types had not crashed significantly worse than they already were. If the bottom fell out of WTI, that's the final nail.


I have noticed that the middle eastern blends did not drop below $20 for anything other than one of the Iranian blends that did very temporarily a couple weeks ago. There's no difference between American oil value and middle eastern oil, and I suspect this disparity is a manipulation for the sole purpose of destroying America's oil industry. All the while even Iranian oil always stayed above $20 even for the crap, equivalent American based oils fell below $3 a barrel. I don't believe that was a natural occurence, it looks to me like the elites are deliberately trying to bankrupt American oil.


They are lying about Mexico's coronavirus crisis.

I am reading claims everywhere that Mexico's hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus cases to the point of collapse.; THAT'S BULLSHIT. I'll say it in caps (not unusual) but this time I really mean it.

Even Alex annoyed me with his apocalyptic headlines about Mexican hospitals being overwhelmed. Here's the beef:

Mexico has fewer than 10, 000 known cases of coronavirus. ONE HOSPITAL IN THIS MEDIUM SIZED CITY CAN SEE 10, 000 PEOPLE IN A SINGLE DAY. And there are hundreds of hospitals. The biggest one can handle absolutely enormous numbers of people. The rest put together can handle at least 3X what the big one can. This is just in one medium sized city. There's no damn way Mexico is "overwhelmed with coronavirus", I actually went to one of the hospitals the way people do in the U.S. and their coronavirus tent was empty. They said there was another hospital in the city that had a few cases in their tent.

The Western media and even Mex media is now falsely bashing AMLO for "wrecking Mexico with coronavirus" and there's absolutely no truth to it at all. I guess now that they have a leverage point even the kike owned media in Mexico is coming out of it's shell and showing Mexico what it really is, and no one is calling them on it because the ruse is, to a degree, working.

They fully intend to run their scam into the ground like a million mile Toyota

They are not going to give up ever. The wheels have already fallen off and they are dragging their corpse of a virus plot with lie after lie, manipulation after manipulation and hoax after hoax. They are GOING FOR BROKE and even Drudge is an accomplice. There are countless reports now on Twitter and elsewhere where medical workers are being forced to list ALL deaths as coronavirus deaths even for bike accidents, this will give them 7, 800 people daily (the normal national death rate) nationwide to hoax their stats up.


There's nothing perceptible going on in Mex other than the shut downs. There are no overwhelmed hospitals. You can't overwhelm Mexico's medical system with fewer than 10, 000 patients, there are hospitals everywhere and they are excellent. Mexico would not be overwhelmed medically short of approximately 3, 000, 000 patients in hospitals. The numbers are not even close. AND WORSE:

They are claiming Mexico has no doctors. That's a lie. There are doctors EVERYWHERE. Doctors are so plentiful that right now I can walk to 2 in under 5 minutes and be seen immediately. No matter where you go it is the same way, unless you're in farmland. A huge lie is being told about Mexico now which leaves me to question what the motives are.

Actually, there is no question: The leftist have a busted flush and are playing it to the end. The virus plot failed. And it's all they had available to stop Trump and stop the great global awakening. DO NOT FORGET: RIGHT WHEN THE WORLD WAS WAKING UP FOR REAL, BILL GATES (WHATEVER THE ORIGINS WERE, WUHAN OR FT DETRIC ARE IRRELEVANT, RAN A VIRUS PLOT THAT HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE, WITH A REAL VIRUS THAT WAS RELEASED BY SOMEONE. IT WAS NOT NATURAL, IT HAD AIDS GENES AND A P-SHUTTLE SEQUENCE (AT LEAST ONE) THAT PROVES IT WAS MAN MADE.


Fortunately, since in line with their religion it is against the law to hire white male engineers, they got an unstable virus that was a total dud. H-1B saved America's behind. Now they are panicking because their hoax is falling apart without getting the needed results. That means we are all in danger, because the psychopaths are cornered and they have their fingers on buttons all over the world. These are dangerous times indeed.


The reader in south africa replied to my post about beef jerky -

His response really clearly shows there is a huge difference between nations. He said I should have just told people to buy the beef jerky because it is cheaper as jerky than fresh and they'd save a lot of work. Here is the reality of jerky in the United States:

Jerky goes for, on average, about $40 USD per pound and is SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE it is usually sold no more than two ounces at a time. On top of that, quite often it is processed and is not even 100 percent real meat. These listings on Amazon are for bulk quantities and are the cheapest you'll find, some are as low as $30 per pound. If you don't get it on Amazon, you can forget finding it at these prices, gas station prices are like looking at the apocalypse.

I just got a great idea: There are so many Mexicans in the U.S. now that their foods are becoming prevalent so if you go to a Latino store you should be able to find what is called "Carne Asada". Last I checked it was going for about $2 per pound and it is PERFECT jerky beef that is already pre-cut to about 1/8 inch thickness. You could not ask for nicer jerky meat and having it come at that price is a bonus. Carne Asada is AWESOME. Getting the meat that way would get rid of an enormous pile of work - just open the package and throw it into your marianade. Then oven dry it as I suggested, you'd put at most 30 minutes into the whole effort while the oven and soak time did the rest. That would be good meat storage. I'll still be freezing what I have.

Proper carne asada is beef that is cut almost as thin as bacon. The pieces are long and broad. PERFECT jerky meat.


Deborah sent



Trump is TEACHING People, Showing People what these evil creeps are all about. You are a little ahead of the average learning curve here. Many people are just now "awakening" to the truths we already know.

Look at Hellywood Celebs on Home Arrest, wearing GPS ankle monitors. They HAVE to do videos without make up without machines that improve their voices as they sing in the bathrooms. They are STRIPPED. Trump is Showing the World who these people REALLY ARE. They are NOT what people think they are.

Same with Farki Brix daily show. Trump knows they are criminals, he knew that before he put them on the air. He is exposing them! They are committing Medical Fraud on the air, live tv, for the whole world to see: Hydroxychloroquine is a simple solution, a "take two pills and call me in the morning thing", NOT huge fatality thing. We have EMPTY hospitals proving this is all a FRAUD.

Trump wants to reach a critical mass among the American people who have AWAKENED and can see these Truths, before he gets out the cane and pulls them off the stage.

Trump doesn't want anyone confused about why these satanic elite are being arrested, tried and executed for their multiple crimes.

So YOU need to be PATIENT, while lesser informed people are awakened and get on board with what is really going on. The word spreads through word of mouth.

There is a method to his "apparent" madness. There is a reason for his patience.

They are digging their own graves on live tv for the whole world to see.


Delaware: Egg and chicken meat producer forced to kill millions of chickens, and they won't be on your plate

They have to kill them and dispose of them because of staff shortages caused by quarantine. The MSM is lying when they are saying coronavirus caused the shortages, QUARANTINE DID, because if there was no quarantine, people would be able to look for jobs and fill these positions. The damage is all intentional.


There have not been 40, 000 "coronavirus deaths" in the U.S.

Hospital workers are now being told to state that ALL deaths are coronavirus deaths. This is the reason for the sudden uptick of "coronavirus" deaths in the United States. This, along with empty hospitals - so empty they are shutting down and laying off staffs are proof that there is enormous falsification of what is going on, but with as much as the MSM has lied over the years, what's new?

Here is why the hospitals are laying off people when there's no business:

The main reason is because when people are forced to stay home, no one gets hurt. Add to this the fact that the quarantine policies are making it more difficult for people to even get to the hospital and the spurious stuff does not get tended to. Since there is no outbreak to make up for the loss of businesses, hospitals are laying off staff and closing.

It is my opinion that past stolen profits should be pushed forward and used to keep hospitals open but money is money, and the second there's a chance of losing some of that $50.00 aspirin cash, or $100, 000 for two $50 doses of Anascorp cash, the hospital owners will close it all down. It is all about THEM, and nothing more.

Coronavirus: The only plague in the history of the world that shut a large number of hospitals down due to lack of business!

If you have not figured out the story line yet, that ought to help.


Trump: "Social distancing rules should be same for Ramadan, Easter:

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump said Saturday he hopes US Muslims will be held to the same social distancing standards during Ramadan as Christians at Easter, when a number of faithful chafed against coronavirus-related restrictions on large gatherings.

The US president made the comments after being asked to defend a retweet of a conservative commentator who seemed to question whether Muslims would be treated with the same severity as Christians who broke social distancing rules.

"I would say that there could be a difference, " Trump said during his daily coronavirus press conference. "And we'll have to see what will happen. Because I've seen a great disparity in this country."

"They go after Christian churches but they don't tend to go after mosques, " he said.


NOT RUMOR: Fauci really did send millions to Wuhan lab

Like many Trump "investigations", nothing will come of this. Supposedly he's investigating but due to having too many subversive elements afoot, nothing at all will happen. Additionally, even if there was a release from that lab, the virus outbreak originated in the U.S. ayway. All the mappings prove it, and as I have said since February, it got released in the U.S. first, buried as "vaping illness" with the exact same "glass lungs" only to emerge in Wuhan after military games where the U.S. was present. My greatest suspicion is that it came from Ft Detrick but it is also possible it really was fabricated in Wuhan, and then brought back to the U.S. for release.

Any way this is looked at however, the earliest cases are in fact American regardless of where the virus originated and the only reasons why it popped up in China (badly) first are 1. Because the chinese diet helps the virus, and 2. Because Americans travel a sparsely populated nation in quarantine pods (their cars, rather than buses and trains) after which they return to homes that are for the most part hermetically sealed.

I'd certainly, after all the new evidence has surfaced, go with the angle that it was developed in Wuhan while being overseen by Gates and Fauci, and then released here. Fauci's behavior is beyond suspicious, and . . . . . you know . . . . . HELL'S GATES.




Bill Gates is "Hell's Gates"


One VERY IMPORTANT note about Hydroxychloroquine:

Due to the fact that trolls are saying "it is produced by _ and they are limiting supply, I am going to make something perfectly clear: That's not possible.

Hydroxychloroquine is a 70 year old drug that is DIRT SIMPLE to make, it is SO SIMPLE the average meth lab could do it. ALL UNIVERSITIES THAT HAVE CHEMISTRY LABS AND MANY MANY HOSPITALS CAN MAKE IT ON SITE, IN VOLUME, IN HOURS. The MSM scammers are trying to say that there are shortages of this drug and that's not possible unless someone causes it. And they are causing it.

Despite what the MSM is saying, hydroxychloroquine has been approved by the FDA for treatment of coronavirus (March 29) and in response it's been a real troll show. I don't think it can be stopped at this point, but if Gates, Fauci, and Soros have their way they'll get it done. Hell's Gates must be PISSED.

Trump ought to issue an emergency national directive for the meth labs to make hydroxychloroquine to save the country from the scamming medical system. They could do it, America's medical scam is THAT BAD.


Doctors are prescribing hydroxychloroquine far more frequently than the MSM is stating

The genie is out of the bottle. Too many doctors know what hydroxychloroquine does to coronavirus, and how safe and well proven the drug is for this to get buried at this point. I surprisingly just came across intrinsic proof that such a large amount is being given by doctors to people with coronavirus that it has created shortages everywhere, with many pharmacies being drawn down to minimum stock (most are keeping some on hand for people who have lupus.)

This is one good example where one case at a nursing home was looked into and how it's coronavirus patients were being taken care of. A week has passed now since that linked report, here is the key part of the follow up:

"Last week I wrote about a doctor who serves as the medical director of a nursing home in Texas City, Texas testing hydroxychloroquine on a group of elderly patients. The test results are in. It's good news.

Dr. Robin Armstrong faced one of the largest outbreaks in the Houston area when 83 people tested positive for COVID-19 at the 135-bed facility in Galveston County. At the time, I wrote that he was treating 30 patients with hydroxychloroquine. Apparently those numbers have shifted. Now it is being reported that 39 elderly people gave Armstrong permission to treat them with hydroxychloroquine. Fifty-six residents contracted the virus.

Armstrong wasn't willing to watch 15% of the nursing home die without doing something. Using President Trump's line of reasoning - what the hell do you have to lose? - he prescribed the drug. "I thought the risk of seeing 15% of that nursing home die was just not acceptable, " he said of the residents at The Resort at Texas City.

Now that the five-day trial is completed, Dr. Armstrong was interviewed this week about the results. At first, he couched his answer by saying "most" of the patients have done well. "And, you know, and I think that that is suggestive that the medication is helpful, " he said. When the reporter pressed him on "most" patients, he explained. "We’ve got one patient now that kind of goes back and forth, " said Dr. Armstrong, "He's an older gentleman, but we're kind of nursing him through the process, but he's getting better."

My response: So here's a case where 39 elderly people who were sick with this virus were treated with hydroxychloroquine and within a week there's ONE (1) straggler who's not totally cured, but he's "getting better". And still, the doctor "couched his answer". Why? Afraid of losing his license? Got to keep something that has been proven time and time again obscured to not end up dead or cast out? One thing is certain, the doctor is not an idiot, he knows what's up if he's trying to play it safe with his conclusions.

It is perfectly obvious at this point that this really is someone's pet virus that was intentionally designed to get annihilated by one of the cheapest, safest, most effective, and widely available drugs. And by "cheapest" and "available" I'm not talking about prescription drugs, from a global price and availability standpoint it is more like aspirin. Those running the corona scam designed their virus in a way that guaranteed that if they themselves caught it, all they had to do is pop a pill that cost one cent and can sit on the shelf for decades without actually expiring. They are, without question, very upset this got discovered.

Important: Early on I stated (back in December) that they'd never release a virus that could nail them, so if it was real it was probably not man made. Now I have to change that perspective and ask people to remember permanently what happened here - They DID release this virus, and were sure it was engineered in a way where if they caught it themselves, nothing would happen because they knew the secret. And that secret is now out of the bottle. They are desperately trying to put that secret back in the bottle, but if random doctors are now prescribing this drug for corona, it is probably a hopeless effort.

Remember what happened this time, because they are likely to repeat the same mistakes next time, there will be a widely available cure and we'll just have to figure it out.


These types of comments are EVERYWHERE now and are not buried by trolls now, perhaps a ripple effect from what I posted earlier? (heh)

Guess who owns Gilead Lab that makes Remdesivir & the upcoming new vaccine...Soros, Bill Gates & his Dems.

Guess who will make $Trillions off of the pill & the vaccination...Soros, Bill Gates & his Dems.

Guess who has the entire world's patent that'll be approved for global use...Soros, Bill Gates & his Dems.

Guess who will be force fed the pill, vaccine. Everybody.

Guess what Bill Gates calls the new vaccination...06-06-06...Coincidence?

5 Facts We Know About Remdesivir, the Possible Coronavirus Treatment...

1. Remdesivir is produced by well-established biotech company Gilead.
2. Clinical trials of remdesivir began two months ago.
3. And there are seven remdesivir trials going on right now to expedite testing.
4. Remdesivir was first created to treat the Ebola virus.
5. Remdesivir is still in an experimental stage and not approved yet globally for use.


Remdesivir is a devastating drug that has MAJOR side effects, including multiple organ failure at a rate of 23 percent. It is as bad as the hoaxers are trying to claim Chloroquine is.

A course of Chloroquine costs $1 and ZERO for administration. A course of Remdesivir costs $1000 PLUS an enormous hospital bill for administering it, (unknown but a bare minimum of about $11, 000.)

I did not look into the 060606 patent fully enough but I do know it does show up in one patent database. PROBLEM: It is very recently registered and could have been registered by a hoaxer. Then again, that's a sacred number for a scant few so who knows - maybe Gates actually did that.

It is also obvious that the MSM truly is an enemy operative on American soil. All the horrible people "conspiracy whack jobs" have fingered for a very long time are now out of their shells walking proudly, confirming there was nothing whacked about the "theories, " which are now fact because theory is not proven, it is only an extreme educated guess. It is not a theory that water boils at 212, it is a FACT and it is not a theory that Gates, Soros and others are every bit as bad as the "whack jobs" claimed.

We have a real problem now, and we absolutely cannot let Soros and others have their way with this virus. I'm sure they have a special treat ready for Bolsonaro and Brazil for their little rebellion also.