A looting and burning spree was requested by your city government and is scheduled for YOUR city starting June 6 (saturday) in the afternoon. They will be staging the attack at the golden circle If you have an appropriate weapon, be available and start shooting at the first sign of burning or looting. You do not have to take this, and failing to act AWAY from your home will put your home and family at risk, you have to stop things like this before trouble arrives at your doorstep.

There will be no police action against the rioters and no military present, your government has intentionally set up your city as an example and has explicitly requested this to be staged in your city, and has promised no police action. They want your city destroyed. This is what subversion looks like.

If the police are there to assist the riots, they are MORE guilty than the rioters, you did not pay your taxes to have them destroy you. They are to be dealt with AS RIOTERS. If there are any white people among the rioters, target them first, they are the organizers. The white people probably won't be looting, but directing this crap is FAR worse.

Obviously business owners need to be there and well armed and all residents should be locked and loaded. SPREAD THE WORD AND DON'T LET THIS CRAP HAPPEN. YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS TURNED AGAINST YOU AND WANTS YOU DESTROYED. IT IS UP TO YOU TO STOP IT.

KEEP IN MIND: The way this is being done is the same as what is used in warfare, and in warfare no one can tell who shot who. YOU WILL NOT GO TO JAIL.

Hopefully posting this on a major web site that happens to be a fulcrum point for much of alt media will stop this from happening, my objective with this post was to tell them they are flagged and tagged and will be bagged if they do not call this off.


Those are there to cause confusion for theives I know won't read down this far.

I'll be straight - we are in a pickle. It is the Jewish sabbath so they won't be reading the site, and the AI skips this frame. It is probably safe to donate. For the immediate problem we need about $200 and the rest of the request can be handled later. However, the sooner the better.

Please use and don't bother with Western Union, they took care of that. We will keep an eye on this and will remove this request at the first sign of problems. With it being their sabbath this request has a good chance of working. As usual, everything will be listed in the full amount sent. MANY THANKS.

MATH THIS OUT: Trump's approval falls to 38 percent, but 41 percent of blacks are likely to vote for him.

The anomaly was caused by reality VS Drudge.


Probably true: Same DC mayor that kicked out National Guard has officially re-named area in front of white house black lives matter" plaza

  UPDATE TO THE UPDATE BELOW: I suppose I should post a content warning. No, it was not medical treatment.

  UPDATE TO BELOW: not really.


CNN AIRS MEDICAL TREATMENT OF Man bit in the butt by a snake during Minneapolis riots




CLOSED CASKET FUNERAL FOR Floyd Out of "respect" they could not have it any other way despite him not being disfigured at all. Look at that Mayor cry, like he lost a beautiful doting wife.


AMAZON was in full support of the rioters. Now you can watch a livestream of an Amazon mega warehouse burning to the ground in California


DC mayor kicking out national guard day before "million man" protests

Obviously the mayor wants the white house destroyed.

She can't give orders like that, but you know . . . . . . Subversion.

A few quick items

Remember the study in The Lancet that said hydroxychloroquine won't work against Corna? THEY PULLED IT

They knew it was a sham from DAY ONE if they did that, and now that the corona scam has failed they don't want that piece of discrediting crap on their record. BE FOREWARNED: It is now proven that the Lancet has ZERO credibility in crisis, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish a political objective, and once that objective either fails or succeeds they'll say OOPS, there's an error here. Since the vaccine scam is still accomplishing it's political objectives, they have not retracted those studies yet, but they will. BANK ON IT.

Antifa is heading out to farms tomorrow to burn barns and kill livestock

I guess Soros did not give up after all. FARMERS: BE FOREWARNED, STAND GUARD, AND SHOOT THE BASTARDS. Have EVERY GUN LOADED AND GO FOR MAX CASUALTIES. Farmers that have been warned are a freaking ridiculously difficult target, MAKE SURE YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE COWS, and I won't give any secrets Antifa can use, but farmers DEFINITELY know one thing about their cows that is going to SCREW ANTIFA ROYALLY, especially at this time of the year. and "the back 40" can hold many secrets.

Antifa is likely comprised of a few thousand criminals released from prison, and nothing more. FARMERS: START KILLING THEM IF THEY SHOW UP. They won't last long, 5, 000 is only a lot when no one does anything to stop it.

The incredible disappearing Coronavirus (the narrative has failed) by Ron Paul. 20 minute video

Text of letter from John Dowd to Gen. Mattis, original viewable on Trump's twitter here


I slept on your statement and woke up appalled and upset. You lost me. Never dreamed you would let a bunch of hack politicians use your good name and reputation - earned with the blood and guts of young Marines.

You did what you said you would - engage in this discourse.

Marines keep their word.

The phony protesters near Lafayette park were not peaceful and are not real. They are terrorists using idle hate filled students lo burn and destroy. They were abusing and disrespecting the police when the police were preparing the area for the 1900 curfew. Jim, this is the new nihilism. See Dan Henninger in WSJ today

Marines support the police in harm's way.

Did you forget that President Bush used active duty Marines to quell the riots in LA? President Trump has countless cities and some snowflake governors and mayors welting themselves in the use of force to protect innocent lives and property. The AG of Massachusetts thinks burning property is good protest. Three more policemen were stabbed and shot in NYC last night

Think about it. Should he be upset about the obvious failure of leadership? Where are you Jim?

Marines go to the fight.

No one divided this country more than Obama. He abandoned our black brothers and sisters. He gave guns to the cartels. He apologized for our precious sacrifice and generosity overseas.

You remember, he fired you.

President Trump has done more to help our minority brothers and sisters in three years than anyone in the last fifty. Ask the black pastors. Ask the leaders of the black colleges and universities. He got them funded.

Ask them about the prison reform which ended the draconian sentences imposed on young black men by the laws enacted by Biden and his hacks.

You need to bone up on your homework and stop listening to Uncle Leon.

I understand, you had to stick to the assigned narrative which did not include three years of corrupt investigations and evidence to destroy this President, his office, and his lawful free election. Nancy has no tolerance for dissent in the ranks--including those with stars.

You said nothing of the ugly, hate filled, disgraceful comments of Pelosi, Schumer, Perez and other Democrat hacks defaming the President and his office. You said nothing of the unlawful sanctuary cities and the unlawful release of hoodlums. You said nothing of the resistance movement to paralyze our courts and our government operations. You said nothing of the obstruction and subversion of our immigration laws. You said nothing of MS-13 killers and the drug cartels who own huge sections of our major cities. Jim, do you think that hateful rhetoric and those corrupt actions were inspiring and unifying’? Do you think the DI's at Parris Island would find such behavior as unifying?

Maybe, your problem, is a lot deeper. Perhaps you ought to explain how and why you (and John Allen), as CG Central Command, did not engage and take out Iranian Major General Soleimani who roamed the Middle East and wreaked havoc and death of our American boys with his infamous IEDs?

Why did it take President Trump to have the instincts and balls to take him out ( of course over the objection the geniuses in the Pentagon)?

Looks like the Persian mullahs were a one horse sleigh and Trump nailed the horse.....forever. It has been quiet ever since. Perhaps, your anger is borne of embarrassment for your own failure as the leader of Central Command. Did you applaud when the President recognized the central problem in the middle east? Did you applaud the President when he wanted to save American lives by bringing them home in one piece?

John M Dowd


CLASSIC: After Leftie Lightfoot allowed rioters to trash Chicago unimpeded, she's Begging Wal Mart not to leave

Let me try to wrap my head around this. Ok, forget it, I can't. Chicago's leftist mayor, who cheered the riots is now begging major stores not to leave the city after there was no protection from police forces the stores paid for in their taxes, and they got robbed into oblivion and heavily damaged.

THAT is what you call "not thinking". How could they possibly be blamed for leaving?


Looters steal an Imac from another looter


They know they have America's butt kicked if the national guard is taking a knee, so why not just come out now in a mainstream publication and admit Antifa is theirs?

WOW: Ultra conservative Jewish publication "Forward" told the truth about Antifa. WHAT DID I SAY?

My comment: They sort of downplay how significant the connection to Antifa is in the United States but they don't downplay it a whole lot, it reads more like an apology "please accept Antifa" piece "because they really are righteous" and THIS PROVES WITHOUT QUESTION THAT AS I HAVE SAID ALL ALONG, IT IS THE JEWS, EVERY STINKING ONE as if having Jonathan Soros in charge of their front NGO "Friends of Democracy" was not enough to prove it without this piece from Forward.

Perhaps they think their usurpation is so complete they don't have to be careful about hiding it anymore, if they have it in the bag, why would they need to? Surely they could care less if they prove I was right, they did not do this for me!



If these actually were guardsmen you might as well crumple America up like tinfoil and toss it, THIS CRAP HAS NO PLACE IN THE MILITARY and strongly implies the nation is doomed. These kids were programmed by illigitimate teachers instructed to teach what they taught by usurpers and subverters, and the damage is so deep I don't think America will get over it.

If this happened, it is clear the system is infected so badly only war will clear the infection. Some say war is wanted by the elite but I think the way the American gun owner handled ANTIFA pretty much shows the elite are not going to get what they want out of it.

On top of that, I am confident Beer Belly Bubba could destroy these intellectual waifs with an old lever action 30/30 no matter how well they are armed.

If you think "they" are going to appreciate the fact that the police, the military, and even YOU bowed to minorities", think again, they know it is all B.S. and they want you annihilated. Showing minorities respect while you hate yourself and call them better is the setup for EVERY STINKING ONE to destroy you, and "they" are not the blacks and immigrants. People need to wake up and realize it is "EVERY STINKING ONE or we are going to lose it, they are trying to slam the door NOW.

Yesterday's virus

I wonder what they thought when I cleared that virus in seconds yesterday . . . . . .

My comment: To those who did that, I am not an incompetent "web site admin" that is totally software bound, I don't use software AT ALL so when you inject your toys they show up plain as day on code I totally hand typed myself. I don't have to dig through 900 pages of software generated gobbledygook with the comprehension of H1-B. And if you try to use hidden code, good luck, I'll just take whatever you planted and save it for myself. I like free gifts and if they are anything that can go off this site into a reader's computer that's exactly what you handed me. You can't hide that.

Update to below: Here are more of them, I would not be surprised at all if the logo was based on this.


Curiosity: I bet I discovered what inspired the Tesla logo

Obviously I don't know for sure, but this is awful close. It is a tool used for working leather.


I am a 62 year old black man, and this sh*t is embarrassing

62 yrs old never been arrested, in jail , or in a riot. I worked 30yrs @ Gm and was able to retire @ 48. I live in a small town outside of Flint Mi that is 80 percent white, and I have never had any issues in my 22 yrs here. For the life of me I cannot understand Black ppl crying foul, anytime something doesn't go their way. Its always "I was cheated (Elections), I was discriminated against ( Employment). Life is tough and all of us have had stuff go against us, it happens. But normal Black and White ppl just adjust and keep trying until we get what we desire. Life owes you nothing if your not willing to get off your ass and work for it.......

My comment: Black people did not do these riots. More black people are in your camp than you realize. The problem is a certain tribe that manipulates emotions for political gain, and when that's not enough, they consult the prisons for the worst they have, release them, and then train AND PAY them to riot. A few percent of the target population is then manipulated into joining but when that is a population of millions, a few percent can make the whole group look very bad on camera. It's that simple. Thank you for your contribution to America.



There's a new rumor going around that I'd LOVE TO SPREAD because it is probably 100 percent legit, and how such horrible people were recruited for these riots -

Here it is folks, and I'd bet it is SPOT ON:

Rumor has it that a large number of people were released from prison under the excuse of "avoiding covid" and upon release went straight into training for these riots. That would explain why so many were totally unafraid to destroy as much as they did, the way they did. The prisons were the source, and COVID was the excuse used to get these people out to "do their service" and be forgiven for whatever put them in jail to begin with.

That's one hell of a rumor, . . . . . . and I BELIEVE IT.




1. White America DID NOT run the slave trade. The slave trade was run by Jews, WHO CLAIM A DIFFERENT RACE. To run this scam, they set up the same old "divide and conquer" in Africa and had, via skirmishes and wars, the black africans bring them captive blacks from other tribes, and THOSE went on the slave ships the Jews ran.

They played the same old divide and conquer B.S. in Africa to cause them to turn on each other and hand their own people over to the Jews, who then sold them (predominantly to other Jews) as slaves. This entire history has been laid out on this site several times, many people already know this.

AFTER the Jews did this, America went through a bloody civil war which freed them, eventually they got FULL RIGHTS and THEN we gave them a pile of welfare. We don't owe them reparations, if anyone does, the Jews do. So as long as that is kept the rule, which happens to be the rule of history, sure, GIVE THEM ALL THE REPARATIONS the Jews who are screaming to have "Whitie" pay them, paid by the Jews themselves for as long as they can tolerate it.


I probably found the thin excuse the FBI used to blame white conservatives for the riots:


Notice the comment "That guy is next level evil". They really are THAT BAD. They think that tricking them into doing a small amount of damage to themselves after they left a trail of devastation is "next level evil". Here's why the FBI will no doubt say conservatives are "directing the rioters and looters" -

Because by dressing like them, and then putting Trump stickers on their cars, conservatives are DIRECTING the rioters to destroy their own stuff. And I suggest people start doing exactly that. If you live in a riot zone and you have those stickers, start putting them over Bernie stickers or on any car known to belong to Antifa. FRONT AND BACK.


The only things I am seeing in the news today is "them" trying to pick up the pieces of a failed psy op



An alien invasion? A tsunami bomb? a "Russian nuke attack"? One thing is certain, they failed. The riots are going NOWHERE. This has devolved down to where leftist mayors and corrupt police departments are all that remains, how long are they going to allow their own environment to be destroyed? No one is going to care after a while if they have reason to believe they are safe, and with a gun in the closet, they are.

Nothing significant in the news about rioters today

Social media has quite a bit . . . . . looters turned back by shooters on rooftops, California town beats the * out of antifa and sends them running while idiot screams "you're too hard on them, this is not fair", Police officers fake kneeling to get rioters closer, and then attacked (Good one, and the twitter link is crying about it) and lots of stories about people actually defending their stuff now, stopping the rioters cold.

There are still stories of bricks being planted ahead of protests, but none have actually gotten used over the last couple days, and a story about a group pulling up to a store in a $350, 000 Rolls Royce to loot a store, but it appears it is, for the most part, over and all it took was for gun owners to show exactly what the 2nd amendment is for.


You can't make this stuff up, but at least we got our answer: Fraudulent Buereau of Investigation. It needs to be disbanded, NOW.


A few quick items:

"Whites" posed as antifa online and tried to incite violence -

My comment: This stinks of dirty work - a set up to frame white people. There's no way any legit white group would do this, they have not been educated in false flags. It is not in the common core curricula, nor has it been for even decades before common core. Someone else has frameups and false flags embedded in their society. Technically they really are "white" until it comes time for "minority" benefits.

THE GOAL: Implement a military lock down and take guns. The outcome???

The riots failed in a spectacular way. Obviously all of this was done to frame whitie and disarm white America. But they went so far overboard with it that it only proved white America needs guns, and it was the white gun owner that stopped all this, not the military, and not the police.

After getting bored with trashing city centers that were run exclusively by leftists, Good'ol Jonathan figured he'd push his luck in suburbia where if mayhem went unanswered, the public really would have screamed for a police state lock down. And it backfired spectacularly. Yes, when his thugs arrived there was no police response, as he had planned. There was no military response either, because they were not assigned to do it yet. But there was a MASSIVE white male gun owner response, and it stopped everything as cold as a fish frozen in lake ice, and THAT nullified all need for a police state lock down.

There was also a substantial black male response, they were out too, defending their businesses along with whitie and it happened enough to alleviate the white male bash. And the great part of this colossal failure was that it proved Americans really are better off WITH their guns, a gun ban is going to be 90 times as difficult now, Johnny ain't getting anyone's guns.

Lock down FAIL. Gun grab FAIL. The only thing lost was leftist credibility, even garden amoebas have, from this, learned what the left is all about.

Yeah, they'll stage police and protesters taking a knee, and white and black but that crap only happens in c-rate flicks (I think even b-movies would pass on such bunk) it was as staged as "monkeys social distancing to avoid corona in India", some people can see right through that crap (for this particular item a surprising number of people did not see through it) but even with that considered, the left lost BIG. A spectacular plugged barrel backfire.

Take a knee Kaepernick had a Nike store raided by the same people he claims to support.

Oh the irony! And Nike is out, with their latest behavior they got demoted to "I won't even buy counterfeit Nikes, or those that are discounted 80 percent", Nike is such moral trash I won't accept it, even if it gives me the opportunity to walk all over it full time.

Trump bashed for walking over to burned out church

Yep, the left was ALL OVER him for it, calling him an opportunist AFTER they posted a diagram of the secret bunker below the white house, stupidly claiming it was Trumps when it's just a feature of the place that has been there all along . . . . HEY MORONS, you blew it for a future LEFTIST president with that one - Anyway, -

So here this so-called bishop of a burned out church chastised Trump for showing up. You know what that means? It means that the churches in Washing DC (at least that church) are overcome by leftists who don't give a damn about what they preach and that they clearly are not fit for the job, leave that particular church burned because it is better off as a vacant lot. I don't care what kind of a history it has, it sure was NOT Notre Dame.


Drudge: Violence escalates

My comment: I just went all over social media this morning, and that's not what I saw. Here is what actually happened

Antifa went out to multiple suburbs. They announced where they were going. When they arrived every last location had hundreds of people on the streets with guns and this time, Antifa showed up with crow bars and as usual, pallets of bricks were placed in these cities ahead of time so they could smash the hell out of the locations they went to. PROBLEM: There were so many armed people waiting that ALL of the antifa simply got their crowbars taken from them at gunpoint and aside from a Nike store that got raided somewhere (probably by looters and not Antifa) nothing happened.

I have a suggestion: Take the bricks and use them for the purpose they were made for.

Drudge and other MSM are obviously saying things escalated, just like they said coronavirus was escalating and it was all B.S., they need people believing things are "escalating" so the people scream to THEM for help. However, it just so happens that Americans don't need help with this kind of crap. Once the people took to the streets with their guns, Antifa's gig was over. The American people have an overwhelming ability to repel entire national armies in street combat, WTF is Antifa compared to an actual army? AND NOW WE KNOW WHY SOMEBODY WANTED ALL THE GUNS BANNED. They can't get away with their B.S. if they walk straight into an armory where every gun is in the hands of someone else.

And so we have failure of phase 2, after failure of phase 1. Be ready for phase 3, whatever it is, call B.S. on whatever happens and LOOK FOR THE LIE IN EVERYTHING.

Alex DID NOT burn out a homeless guy, (come on now)

Antifa is trying to blame Infowars for burning out a homeless guy. I am extremely critical of Alex for hopping on the "china did it" bandwagon, but to claim his people lit the homeless guy's stuff on fire is ludicrous, here's what happened:

A bunch of thugs figured it would be funny to burn a homeless guy's stuff. They put it on his mattress and lit the mattress on fire. The homeless guy (who did not see who burned his stuff) tried to rescue his stuff from the fire, noticed Infowars was in the area, and blamed them. There is a fairly high incidence of homeless who are actually crazy, and it would take that to make one think Infowars did it. Most people who have hit the skids are going to quickly become smart enough to know outfits like Infowars would not do that.

Then Antifa grabbed footage of the homeless guy accusing Infowars and tried to make hay with it, to limited effect. They did succeed in making it go viral with the complicity of the social media scam machine.



Now the rebut to my rip on Alex has evolved into "not all Jews are bad". That's not what I saw when I was there.

The event that caused me to leave the Jewish community in Vancouver was when a national politician showed up at a neighboring synagogue and spoke to the entire congregation of about 200 about their takedown of Canada and to use their "extremely disproportionate influence" to claim Canada as theirs once and for all.

He was skeptical of speaking in front of me and singled me out individually and the entire congregation said "he's one of us" repeatedly, and only after that did the guy speak and he did so with caution. YOU CANNOT HAVE THAT HAPPEN WITH AN ENTIRE CONGREGATION UNLESS EVERY STINKING ONE IS IN ON IT. THERE IS (literally) NO SUCH THING AS A JEW THAT IS NOT IN ON IT.


Now, there are those like Aaron Russo that appeared to have a conscience and maybe he did. But such types are such an extreme minority that they can be compared to those who stayed behind at Sodom and Gamorrah and perished. They are such a stark minority that god won't spare them in the purge of greater evil, and neither should we.

Did I say that clearly enough? EVERY STINKING ONE, and now, since some A-hole kept posting somewhere, I'll top post my first rebuttal:

Someone is mad about what I said about Alex Jones

My response: If Alex points the finger at China for the riots, I'm sorry, I am not buying it when Jonathan Soros gave the orders to burn American homes last night. Jonathan Soros is a Jew. How many Chinese mayors supported the riots? ANSWER THAT. How many are NOT Chinese that supported the riots? ANSWER THAT. And I'd like another answer: IS THIS WOMAN CHINESE? YES OR NO:


If "CHINA" is behind anything, it is because a "Kloubuchar" welcomed them. And you know, Hillary. Don't blame China for taking advantage of traitors among our own ranks, the U.S. would do the exact same thing. Absent traitors, China would have ZERO influence.

Claiming China was behind the riots was only a setup for getting the American people to go to war, after JEW SOROS gave the order to burn the American people out of their homes. The Jewish community wanted Americans burned out of their homes and subsequently enraged with China for doing it. They wanted to false flag the American public into accepting a war so they could destroy China's government, remove XI, and then put their own communist system in. If China nuked America to oblivion in the process that's all the better because the Jews hate white America too. Alex helped with that (now failure) either knowingly or unknowingly. THANK GOD Trump FINALLY had the National Guard start killing the goons of Soros hours before they actually did burn the American people out.



Now that I have given my final answer, Go through what is on Infowars and fact check it. It is so often bullshit or clickbait I can't believe he'd have the guts to do it. There are some classics of his, like his vaccine rant that did serious good, and I guess there's a chance that overall he's helped the cause, BUT IF HE GOADS THE AMERICAN PUBLIC INTO A WAR WITH CHINA, EVERY BIT OF GOOD HE EVER DID CAN BE FLUSHED RIGHT DOWN THE O'L SHITTEREE, I AM NOT GOING TO SIT SILENT WHILE HE PULLS THAT CRAP.

Using America to take down China while wiping out white america in the process is exactly what the tribe wants, if he's not serving them by posting crap that might cause that by convincing Americans China gave the order to burn them out of their homes what the hell is he doing?

HEY LOOK EVERYONE. watch some "Chinese" police give their full approval while a building is vandalized

Want to see what subversion by the "chinese" looks like? And I mean total corruption all the way to the bottom? Here it is.

Gosh, nobody looked chinese. Maybe I need glasses ALEX.

Watch some rioters play "catch the tear gas"

The following image is in dispute. It is not proven fake or real.



A day after I stated in no uncertain terms that homeowners should shoot anyone destroying their neighborhood, Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County Florida said it even worse. Now there's no worry at all about what I posted here (I was nervous about posting that last night) but now I have the support of law enforcement. Scroll down to the bottom window and then go down until you see what I put up last night. Here is a sheriff saying the exact same thing:




I believe this site played a major part in having the riots get canceled as quickly as they were. It is far too well read and I watched the web, what was posted here spread like wildfire. This was the site that blew the lid off FIRST, and stopped it all. I said exactly who set this up, the year I noticed they started setting this up, and then told people "IT IS GOING TO BE PATHETIC AS HELL IF AN ARMED POPULACE ACCEPTS GETTING BURNED OUT OF THEIR HOMES". I was the only one with this message. I was also the original who pointed out the hoax aspect of how not-so-pink floyd was handled by the "emt's" (total B.S.) and then having KSTP point out the two worked together was a huge bonus, and THEN once again, this site was the original that pointed out the cop they arrested was not whoever actually partook in this b.S. psy op.

When Soros gave the order to burn neighborhoods I actually thought it might be game over, but fortunately Trump alleviated the need for people to follow through with my suggestions by instructing the national guard to stop it, and it was the national guard that used deadly force. THAT PROVES I WAS RIGHT. DEAR HOAX FBI: IF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE COMES AFTER ME FOR TELLING PEOPLE TO USE DEADLY FORCE TO STOP THIS, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ARGUE WITH THE NATIONAL GUARD DOING THAT EXACT THING? F*** OFF, I WAS RIGHT. And the enemies of this site know that, which is why they will again try to kill this site via deprivation of financing. I am the one that has the balls to say it like it is. No I am not one bit sad the national guard used deadly force. NOT SAD AT ALL.


So when you see me mention I visited that place don't be mistaken and actually think I believed a word of it! "Drudge" no longer owns the place. Something happened there that no one has really figured out.

Someone is mad about what I said about Alex Jones

My response: If Alex points the finger at China for the riots, I'm sorry, I am not buying it when Jonathan Soros gave the orders to burn American homes last night. Jonathan Soros is a Jew. How many Chinese mayors supported the riots? ANSWER THAT. How many are NOT Chinese that supported the riots? ANSWER THAT. And I'd like another answer: IS THIS WOMAN CHINESE? YES OR NO:


If "CHINA" is behind anything, it is because a "Kloubuchar" welcomed them. And you know, Hillary. Don't blame China for taking advantage of traitors among our own ranks, the U.S. would do the exact same thing. Absent traitors, China would have ZERO influence.

Claiming China was behind the riots was only a setup for getting the American people to go to war, after JEW SOROS gave the order to burn the American people out of their homes. The Jewish community wanted Americans burned out of their homes and subsequently enraged with China for doing it. They wanted to false flag the American public into accepting a war so they could destroy China's government, remove XI, and then put their own communist system in. If China nuked America to oblivion in the process that's all the better because the Jews hate white America too. Alex helped with that (now failure) either knowingly or unknowingly. THANK GOD Trump FINALLY had the National Guard start killing the goons of Soros hours before they actually did burn the American people out.





FBI: Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation

Don't expect a single investigation or arrest of ANY antifa, despite what is being said by a few talking heads. Instead, the FBI will investigate anyone who tries to investigate Antifa, and will frame them and destroy them. The FBI is not there for you, and 911 proves it. They can only frame people and assist in flying airplanes into buildings. Hell, they even wired their own headquarters for demolition for Larry Silverstein so he could "pull it". Anyone who thinks any skyscrapers are pre-wired for demolition with explosives already in place (I have heard a few people say that) has got to be a fool, if that was the case there would be hacks blowing buildings up and Antifa would have raided the elevator shafts for explosives. It is not how building 7 happened, building 7 was wired for demolition RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SCAMMING FBI that likely did it themselves.

Building 7 is all the proof you need that the FBI is a total hoax - a Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation. There is no hope where the FBI is involved, there will only be assaults on the American people, patent lies, deception, and patsy setups.


Talking heads: Organizers of antifa will be arrested as terrorists

I have only one thing to say: Until you have more than one SOROS head on a pike, it's all B.S. and WHY (pray tell) is the United States giving Soros a free ride? He can't go to many nations because he'll be arrested on the spot for what he's done. But the U.S. is fine, even after his family tried to burn it to the ground. CUTE.


TOO GOOD: From The Mirror - Sex with someone from another household is illegal!!!

Gotta laugh. OH DEAR QUEEN, what if he's gay? Are you going to discriminate against gay/trans in the name of coronavirus? SHAME ON YOU!!!! And yes, the headline is for real, I quote:

"The government is introducing new measures that will mean 'gathering' with one or more people from outside your household, in a private space such as a house or flat, will be against the law in England

Sex in your house with someone from outside of your household is set to become illegal today.

The government is introducing new lockdown measures in England that prevent people from socialising (or gathering) with one person from outside of their household in a private space.

Up until now the person visiting a house for sex would have been the one in breach of the measures.

But now both people would technically be able to be prosecuted under the law, with Amendment Regulations being introduced in Parliament on Monday.

For those couples looking for a workaround, having sex in a public place is already illegal.

My comment: Obviously that's laughable, but what the new law really means is that slaves can't have visitors. There will be absolutely no grapevine or distribution of any thought or speech that does not go through an electronic system the government has full control over and can monitor and document 100 percent.

The law in Britain is for the implementation of a full blown tyranny, so no one can communicate to anyone about anyone being taken or anything that happens. This law is to shut people up once and for all. The queen must be very afraid of an uprising, for the first time now the castle has the elite guard there, not the normal castle guards, and ALL the windows are boarded up from the inside. The queen is afraid of something, perhaps retribution from a white population that's about to be culled? WTF is up with this latest order anyway?



The MSM is censoring SO MUCH and posting SO MUCH patent bullshit that even when there are comment sections, quite often it says "be the first to comment". That happened today again with this story - Tribe of marauding monkeys stuns locals by observing perfect social distancing linked from Drudge (so you know it got enough hits for hundreds of comments) yet from where I sit there are none. And I know why.

There are no comments because the entire thesis is SO BUNK that everyone gagged, EVERYONE posted "THIS IS B.S." and NOTHING made it through the fake clapping filter. When the crowd BOOS, you just use fake clapping, or in this case, silence.

DEAR DAILY STAR: How are a bunch of wild monkeys that don't even comprehend our society supposed to pick up on a CNN broadcast, and then social distance? Most of your reader base is more than three years old, I laughed.


It looks like Trump took action last night to stop the disaster

Yesterday Soros (Jonathan Soros, via his NGO fronted Antifa) announced he was sending rioters into the suburbs to burn homes. It appears Trump said no, sent in the national guard, KILLED A SINGLE SOROS GOON and it was then over.

FOLKS, THE ENEMY IS WEAK. THE ENEMY IS UN-COMMITTED. ALL IT TOOK WAS FOR THE NATIONAL GUARD TO START DOING ARRESTS AND KILL ONE GOON, AND IT WAS OVER. And I'd like to think that what is posted on this site right now scared the shit out of Soros but the only feedback I can get (obviously) is about what the national guard did.

My statement stands:

If these Soros perps come to your neighborhood, don't even give them a chance to burn anyone out, with the first sound of breaking glass, the light of the first fire lit, the appearance of the first mayhem, USE YOUR GUNS. Clearly the smallest threat of retribution is enough to send Soros packing.



Soros has told his NGO's to send ANTIFA into the suburbs tonight. The goal is to burn as many residential homes as possible

PROBLEM: All the homes in the U.S. are made out of wood, and if they start burning it is GAME OVER, if one goes they all go especially with Soros goons lighting multiple fires and creating mayhem for firefighters. THERE IS ONLY ONE OPTION: LOAD ALL YOUR GUNS AND MAGAZINES TO THE MAX NOW, AND IF ANY OF THESE THUGS COME AROUND (EVEN QUIETLY LIGHTING FIRES) YOU SHOOT THEM. If you see any fires start and people running away in black outfits, shoot them. They don't have to light your house directly, if fire responses are overwhelmed ALL houses are going to burn one by one in a great big wave. AND REMEMBER: Soros hires LOTS and LOTS of psychopath whites who want to destroy America. Don't expect the attackers to be black. They might not be.

Remember what I said about American homes being required to be made out of wood so they can be burned on a whim? THAT TIME HAS COME. NOW WE ARE GOING TO SEE IT, I WAS RIGHT.


You mean to tell me the FBI can't figure out SOROS? That's what they are supposed to be doing, and they will not, because they are a Fake Bureau of Investigation, working for heinous despicable factions and criminals. These riots are proof, they should have had Soros on a pike 20 years ago.


If in your neighborhood there is a place where you can reasonably hide outside your home, like a hill or grove, go there, dress warm, bring a sleeping bag and maybe even a tent, camp out, and wait. Most people will return home with no action. But if there IS action, you can be the hero and not a damn thing will be traced back to you. Obviously you leave the cell at the house but I am assuming people are not stupid about that . . . . .






I am not being too hard on the Jewish community, here is proof

I had the real version of this, lost it, and could never get back to it. The real version is longer and does not have the post it note on it. However, the text of what is here seems to be what was in the real version. This is what is allowed now for "the kiddies to see". It is enough.

The original was taken with a crappy cell phone cam that had a high noise floor and to get the file smaller I removed the colors in the noise and rendered it to 15 shades of gray. So it is not as pretty but it is 20 percent of the size. Anyway -

Jonathan Soros owns this org. Obviously daddy is involved also, but formally, Jonathan owns it. This is exactly why the Soros family must be taken out. The kids are the spawn of satan and are definitely going to continue the legacy, times 4. These people must be dealt with, and pointing out the fact that they are Jews, aided and abetted by the greater Jewish community, is the only way to start. Additionally, the Jewish community of Vancouver specifically told me that Bill Gates is Jewish and they worship him like God. He's a step above Soros in their opinion.

So here is what I have, even though it is not the best (I dredged this up today) and posted it to let certain people know I am not stupid and not hurling false accusations from this web site. They'll no doubt still claim I am, but I am going to drive another spike anyway. THE GOOD STUFF IS ON THE SECOND PAGE FROM THE END.

A "328BG" (referred to in this document) is a burner phone made by LG and serviced by Tracfone

Update to below:

It was not ALL of them in Vancouver, it was a few flying back and forth to Minneapolis at the time, however, there's no damn way the entire community did not know Minneapolis was a target and it is highly probable that many flew in from other areas also. Minneapolis was a project to get as many illiterate third world Muslims into Americas heartland as possible, and then attempting to rip it out of America via what is happening now, and the overall fallout of bringing in vast numbers of totally different foreigners and encouraging them to NOT be American.


Here is what Amy (a Bolshevik) thinks of the riots in her own district

THE ENTIRE JEWISH COMMUNITY IS THIS HAPPY RIGHT NOW, and will remain happy for as long as their psy op does not come to their neighborhood.

Look folks, I was there in Vancouver when they arranged this shit in Minnesota. I know damn well it is them, they have been working on this since 2006 (at least) when I saw them setting it up. I did not know what it was for at the time, but I sure do now. They totally ripped the bottom out in Minneapolis, which is why this started there. No city is more compromised.


People obviously have to take the law into their own hands

A (certain) community MUST BE STOPPED. It is not good enough to say Soros (one of them) or the MSM (owned by them) or the government they subverted are the problem, the root of the problem all goes back to ONE COMMUNITY that MUST be stopped from destroying us and ALL OF THEM are guilty. They ALL worked on this to one degree or another. They ALL seek to gain victory over us and then be the communist leaders that take over in the aftermath. There are no options. Either they are stopped from doing this or we are toast, and NO IT IS NOT THE CHINESE.



Alex Jones just definitely proved he's controlled opposition


My comment: Well Alex, THAT IS BULLSHIT. Was your ex really THAT GOOD of a honeypot, or is it all about getting enough cash to pay for that spiffy "tank" of yours? If you say it is anything other than Jewish backed Bolsheviks doing ALL OF IT to America YOU SUCK, my god, does Soros need to be more obvious?


We now know the cop and the "guy he killed" worked together for years. SO:

If George was really getting killed by someone he knew, why did he not ever mention the cop's name while he was being assaulted and dying? He said lots of other stuff, but not that. Why not? Obviously because it was not in the act.


I can prove the police, in ALL MAJOR CITIES WITH RIOTING, are in on it with one simple statement:

The police pulled up in armored vehicles several times to shut down businesses that opened under coronavirus lock down. WHERE ARE THOSE DAMN ARMORED VEHICLES NOW????? ALL police departments in major cities have multiples of them, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?

If you have riots in your city, and those vehicles are not doing overtime, the police are complicit in the riots, there's no way out of it. They are to be considered ANTIFA. And we are all getting the answer now: The armored vehicles are not for upholding the law, they are for taking out decent people.

COVIPASS: Bill Gates has competition from Britain now



This is why the semi driver did not stop

Semi truck driver does not want to be the next Reginal Denny and drags thug until cell phone in pocket explodes (and he obviously, after the video ends, got run over)

This is a new angle on a video some may have already seen, it tells the whole story. This is exactly how Reginal Denny started, with a different ending.

Business owner gets out of SUV, grabs shotgun, and stars shooting at looters

If you missed the rocket landing today because the feed cut, Here it is

It does look like the same rocket, but what you can't see in this feed is that it looked damaged and was leaning. The side facing the camera in the live feed (after it came back) was badly scorched and despite being on a flat surface on the boat, it was leaning. We'll see if they use it again I guess. They can probably at least take parts from it.


Guys in jeep with Trump flag run woman over in Visalia

I have been on that road. It is equal to an interstate, no one is supposed to be on it. So the protesters went out in the middle of a 3 lane highway, slowed all the cars down to a crawl, started hitting them and expected good results. Well, maybe. But there's more to the story: The driver was involved in a gang killing a few years earlier so he probably was Antifa and it was likely all a show. They "let the guy off" because he was "the kid of a police officer"????? Ok, I see where this is going and there's already a petition on a Soros funded web site . . . . .

Here is my general policy for this situation: If ANYONE, and I don't care who it is, runs out in the road and tries to stop my car by getting in front of it, and there's no traffic ahead to slow me down, I absolutely will floor the gas to the max. Here's why: Because most of the time, when that happens, if you stop someone shows up on the drivers side with a gun pointed at you. The one jumping in front of the car will always do it in a way where they can get out of the way if you don't stop, and if you do stop you're a TOTAL MORON.

That was not the case with this jeep however, he was already slowed down and could not go anywhere due to the traffic jam the protesters caused. It was not a high speed impact and most people are suspecting this was set up and done for show, to bash police officers and trump supporters.

Obviously you DO stop if it's some crack head huffing a five gallon container of glue and he just walks out in front of you (that has happened here) but if it is obvious there's a threat, you don't stop and in Mexico you are not obligated to stop for a red light after 11 PM because of carjackers.


Well, they made space flight look like flying first class.

I'd like to see if they mention how crappy the rocket looked when it landed though. The feed cut right when it landed, and I think they did that on purpose because they were not sure what was going to happen with this one. But as has been said for over a century now - any landing you can walk away from is a good landing and that really is all that counts. Maybe the rocket gets scorched on re-entry.

UPDATE: The rocket landed but it looks like crap. I don't think they'll re-use that one.

Astronauts now in obvious orbit. Looks like a success!


They made it to t+2 which means it's time to call it! At this point if anything goes wrong the astronauts can make it back with the safety systems THIS capsule (the first in history to have them) has.


New SpaceX launch LIVE FEED


Pallets full of bricks are Magically appearing on street corners

WHO TF is doing this? There are cameras everywhere, they should be able to bust these people EASILY.



WTF, was he an investigator that got the goods on the wrong guy, or WHAT?


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is hard to tell from a front shot only, but it really looks like the framed up cop does not have a hook nose!


They arrested an actual officer and let the actor walk free, an actor, possibly acting in the NAME of an officer they wanted to frame up and get rid of. You all saw the video, HERE IS THE GUY THEY ACTUALLY BAGGED (left) and the guy in the video:

SEE PHOTO AT TOP OF PAGE Problems: Hair wrong color. Hair grew too much in 4 days. Ears totally wrong (stick out 3 times as much) wrong eyes, less facial wrinkles, wrong face dimensions.

I hypothesize: The guy arrested does look like a police officer. He was probably doing an investigation and uncovered dirt on the wrong people, so they brought in their crisis actor that was a club bouncer (in his off time) and used him and one of his buddies to frame up a real police officer. Additionally:

You can tell in the mug shot that the guy they arrested has a deer in the headlights what just happened "oh no" look and has a different soul than the crisis actor they used. So they are going to get rid of someone inconvenient with all of this to boot. Who knows if his wife really did "file for divorce", whatever fits the story lie I guess.


There is a LOT wrong with the "murder video" that proves these guys really did act this out and there was no killing

The videos are hard to keep linked and are declining in quality as they repeatedly get deleted by Youtube.

1. You can tell when the ambulance arrives and the officer gets off the victim there was no pressure being applied.

2. When the ambulance arrives, rather than tend the victim, (the official reports state the ambulance was warned he needed medical attention and was unresponsive,) they did not tend to him immediately on the ground, instead they loaded him onto the gurney without checking a damn thing, pushed him into the ambulance and drove off. There's a HUGE problem with that.

Standard EMT procedure in this case is FIRST to take his pulse and administer CPR if needed RIGHT WHERE HE IS FOUND LAYING especially when (according to the story line) they were notified he was "unresponsive" and needed an ambulance. EMT's do not load people onto the stretcher first, they first get the person stable if possible and then load them. No one at any point, no officer and no EMT ever checked the guy's pulse. That there alone proves it was a crisis act, done by people who were not professionals knowledgeable enough to even fake it good.

3. Since no one checked the guy's pulse, how did the cops know he was not going to wake up in the ambulance and raise hell? I can't begin to describe what a screw up that was, and to top it all off, in ALL CASES, conscious or not, the cops pick people up up and throw them in the back seat. They would not have called an ambulance at all, having never checked his pulse. He'd have been loaded like a side of beef and taken to the station.

4. The appalling "I am so proud" show by the "officer" at the end was obviously done for the sole purpose of angering the public.

So here we have a story where the neighbors never knew he was a cop, where the victim was never checked at all, just loaded onto a stretcher, when he could have woken up and caused a problem. The police will NEVER DO THAT, THEY WILL NEVER DO THAT EVER, FAKE COPS, FAKE EMT'S FAKE STORY.


This story is another box of fruit loops, and now some in Minnesota's government are calling to declare "racism" a public health emergency like COVID. TOO OBVIOUS.



It looks like Lady Gaga is promoting getting chipped

Real cute right on the tails of Certification Of Vaccination ID.


Take a look at the lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Plastic doll"

First of all, the lyrics are pathetic, senseless, and come off like a neurotic spoiled brat. But then, there is this:

"I've got blonde hair and cherry lips
I'm state of art, I’m microchipped
Am I your type?
Am I your type?
(Oh-la-la, oh-la-la, ooh-ooh, oh-la-la)

At first I thought maybe she was singing from the perspective of one of those "dolls" but after going over the lyrics, no, that's not it, she just sounds like a well developed and trained spoiled brat beyond hope, who wants to be treated like more than just the plastic she is, who's happy to be "chipped".

Let's see one of these modern musical perps do a "bridge over troubled water" or even something as basic as "Hey Jude". They can't. And Lady Gaga just proved it.

Read those lyrics. If I ever heard anyone talk like that, I'd be propelled away so hard I'd steal energy from the environment just to get enough to appropriately accelerate away, and leave a trail of ice. Gone at 700G's.


If Derek was arrested, it was to rebut the KSTP report and nothing more. Both Derek and George are alive.

They will play this act any way needed.





THE CORONA STORY FAILED. Now they are trying to accomplish the same kind of lock downs they wanted by launching a race war.

The Cop's neighbors had no idea he was a cop

Neighbors ALWAYS know if a neighbor is a cop, unless he's an undercover cop, which he clearly was not in the video. Like I stated in the "diesel blunder" the whole thing was likely a crisis act, with numerous things wrong with it. The evidence is piling up that proves this was all faked.



Many readers likely saw a picture I had posted that had the gas station in the background showing diesel at 99 cents a gallon. Though at one time it was that low, and in various parts of Minnesota it is still below $2, the picture was an error caused by low video resolution. I got onto Google maps to double check the gas station in the video, and in street view it does not say diesel, it says coffee. So Speedy puts ONE gas price, and the price of coffee on their sign. I have not seen that done before.

The rest of the post was legit, where nothing in the video made sense but right when I had taken it down and had it cached in "cut" so I could remove the error and re-post, there was a power outage and I lost the entire thing. I am looking into other anomalies now.


I removed the "diesel price" post because it was an error (at least a good enough debunk came out for me to pull it.

I am skeptical. I think it was legit but I am not going to argue with a debunk that could end up being real.


Amazon was down for about 10 minutes

That's a long time for a site like that.





This is supposedly an unreleased draft of Trump's executive order against big tech censorship

It looks (so far) like a toothless complaint. He does accuse them of conspiring with China. But whatever. Let's see the final version and then decide where this might go.


Cuomo wants you to pick up the phone

MY RESPONSE: BUY THIS, put a sim in it, and take the battery out when you leave the home. Put the battery in if you need it while out, use it, and take the battery out. You won't be disappointed with that phone and it is CHEAP. "Killin the oldies" Cuomo can bite it.


Democrats and the MSM do not want you to have Chloroquine. They'd rather have people dying so they can keep this scam going long enough to steal the election via mail in ballots.


El Salvador's president: Most world leaders are taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus, why are the masses being told no?

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) - Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele said on Tuesday he takes hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that U.S. President Donald Trump has promoted as a way to ward off the novel coronavirus, though experts have warned about its safety.

Bukele told reporters that El Salvador was not promoting it anymore as a treatment, following the recommendation of the World Health Organization, though patients would still be able to take it as a preventative measure if they wished.

"I use it as a prophylaxis, President Trump uses it as a prophylaxis, most of the world’s leaders use it as a prophylaxis, " Bukele said.

My comment: That means it is TOTALLY safe and the leaders behind the corona scam want their safety while they use a threat to manipulate everyone else. If you want to instantly know the enemy, any leader that states chloroquine is dangerous and should not be used for corona IS THE ENEMY. Nancy Pelosi takes it. There are NO "Experts" saying to not take it, only scammers are saying that.



I do not know if that particular Jewish community is the only one involved but I do know it has been working on this in Minnesota since at least 2006 and that at that time several traveled to Minneapolis for strategic planning. The Islamic situation in Minnesota is specifically because of them. And I can name names. So go ahead and keep torching America, I can get VERY nasty.

YOU, Vancouver "community, " have your hands on the levers of influence in Minnesota. You had damn well better move them in a more appropriate direction.



Chinese soldier kicks Indian soldier rather than kill him

Now THIS is VERY interesting. A Chinese soldier has his gun across his back and KICKS an Indian soldier to the ground rather than shoot him. There are not very many negative comments with regard to this, See this and I am surprised by the comments. I think Twitter is censoring in favor of the communists because usually you'd get a few idiots saying how horrible it was for the Chinese guy to kick the Indian guy that way but the reality is a kick is a LOT better than being shot. This speaks volumes, VERY interesting Chinese behavior here, they obviously don't kill when they don't have to. I never saw anything like this. That's pretty good behavior for a battlefield.



Today is the day Trump is supposed to crack down on censorship with an executive order. If nothing happens, THROW IN THE TOWEL, WE ARE COOKED.

And about Musk having to cancel the launch yesterday - did anyone notice the un-natural sky colors in the live feed? GEE, what would cause that? Maybe having the camera be a little off? Considering it was Elon doing the feed, I sorta doubt that prospect, he would not have used a 1990's vintage "HD" camera.

I am suspicious about the weather yesterday, it was just too "perfect". I hope Elon considered attack possibilities and has good EMF shielding on that rocket. Hopefully the next launch will be bright blue sky and no interference, MAYBE the weather was natural but I did not like the sky. Elon's launch system does allow the astronauts a way to survive if things go wrong but if it gets electronically attacked who knows what will happen. They probably profiled Musk and know he would not emotionally handle astronaut deaths, and from the trollage I see online, they definitely want him out of the picture because he's a major force keeping America going. Hell, they'd even down his rocket and blame China at this point.

Anyway, back to Trump - DOUBT IT. One can hope. Wait and see.


Heads up: Trump is (supposed to) sign an executive order against Twitter and others tomorrow, wait and see I guess

I do know about this but everything is so subverted I doubt there will be any impact. I am not excited for that reason.






After reading this site, I'd bet any woman who might have been a "karen" won't be, and I feel a bit sorry for those who got their name stuck in that meme.

This is a very spooky video about contact tracing

It truly proves a dystopian system is at our door, and is not even really knocking to get in, it's instead kicking the door in. If people don't rise up to stop this we're TOAST, (especially if it evolves to bracelets or a mark) and you had damn well better get a phone you can take the battery out of. It does not have to hurt, here's a great one with 13 megapixels, 8 cores, 2 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage for only $59.

After seeing what is available for so cheap, I have concluded that the high end phones really are vanity devices, and the elite market ones like that one so they, themselves can have something highly functional that they can keep their privacy with while the suckers walk around showing how great they are with their four digit price tags. DITCH YOUR VANITY DEVICE, seriously, that's all it really is. If you can't take your battery out, I do not want you to "come along to the store with me".

Here is a video that proves you are going to need it to avoid being "contact traced" - which could easily destroy your life

Oh gosh, look at the woman who's a snitch in that video. Look familiar?

Well well, after what I said below, the Washington Post came out with THIS. "Australian researchers see virus design manipulation"

My comment: I guess the Indian scientists who saw this were not enough, or the other scientific teams who saw this were not enough (India caught a P-shuttle sequence that proves Crispr was used) but that was not enough when a cover up was needed and it had to be bats. So now that war with China is needed, Australian scientists discovered it after everyone else did. But people forget how the media lies, so they'll strike that and say the discovery is new. If the bat story is for any reason needed again, like the Indian scientists and others, the Aussies will vanish too.


After the Coronavirus failure the Trump bashing will go to levels that defy history

They really wanted a killer virus. They really wanted elections to be vote by mail so they could steal it. But with all that going to hell in a hand basket they HAVE TO target Trump worse than ever, and lie more than ever, and I am bothered by the fact that there are a few people that actually believe corona is legit. It was supposed to be. But they tried so hard to program something that would only kill the target (and not them, while they took chloroquine themselves for protection) while they told everyone else it was poison and banned it - chloroquine and other "back doors" probably loaded down the simplistic DNA a virus has to such an extent it caused it to de-stabilize and fail.

I can tell you why coronavirus failed. Take a look at this - Viruses have VERY LIMITED DNA. The Papaloma virus only has 8 kilobytes of data in it's DNA which means their coding is very efficient and it has to be because of how tiny viruses are. this page shows coronaviruses have a DNA length between 26.7 and 31.4 kilobytes. (scroll down to the chart, it is down the page a ways)

I'll hypothesize that because Bill Gates, the man of bloatware, who hires people who can only do bloatware, could not get the virus code to run stable enough in a DNA package size that would not make it obvious it was tampered with. I think this virus might have been a problem if Elon Musk did the design but that's not what happened, a thieving proto geek (not even a real one) likely hired incompetents and the damn thing blue screened. Early on it was VERY lethal and then it crashed.

Modern software is spectacularly wasteful. Back in the day (the early days of computers) software had to be efficient, and software that was as capable as what we have now got the job done in kilobytes, and now it is often over gigs. If viruses are to be programmed in a way that's actually going to work, they are going to have to be programmed the way the Apollo missions were programmed, where every aspect of the launch and return was programmed so well it all fit in 2K of ram, with a total program length below 34K, and it could multi-task 8 separate jobs at once. Obviously they were programming binary to accomplish that. And that's how efficient virus programming is going to have to be if it is all going to work in the wild. With kids now using software to write software the simplest things often take megs, the efficiency is now lost, and that's really going to help us avoid getting a virus that actually works. Every virus genome in existence (with the exception of 2 that actually have a large DNA length) all the rest can fit on a 720K floppy. ALL THE REST CAN BE PUT ON A SINGLE 720K floppy, ALL of them. Practically every virus type known to man can fit on ONE. Look at the linked chart - most have DNA lengths below 20K. So they made a virus that could be killed if it had to be, and lost the lethality because they could not hide that in a genome that had to stay within a certain length to be believable.

FALL BACK PLAN: Bash Trump, steal the election, and ram rod what they wanted this virus to accomplish into everyone's lives anyway.

We have now gotten a GOOD LOOK at what they want. They want everyone on lockdown. They want all small businesses gone. They want ONE person in a store per family at a time. They don't want you at the beach, and your religion can STICK IT. They want you flagged tagged and bagged. Screwed, glued and tattooed. They just showed us what they want with this virus scam - TOTAL lock down where no one goes anywhere and we sit at home vulnerable to a knock on the door, where they know we'll be there, and KARENS are going to make damn good and sure it is enforced JUST. LIKE. RUSSIA. Most women will eventually "get it" and realize they should not call the authorities for everything. But about 1 in 10 never "get it" and that is far beyond enough to destroy society. Communism in Russia depended totally on neighborhood snitches, which practically invariably ended up being women. It is necessary to be this blatant now so the women will realize they are being used and perhaps resist it. Guys can still be a problem, but overwhelmingly more frequently figure out what the consequences are.

What do we have to lose if the election is stolen this time? The Coronavirus scam showed us: EVERYTHING and if they do steal it, people had damn well better keep their mouths shut about "violations" or we're all toast. History says snitches will prevail.


Spacex launch possibly delayed to another day

VERY bad weather. I think Musk probably has stability systems that can handle weather like this, but it is bad enough to challenge jumbo jets and no one launches in weather like this. Maybe it will clear but outlook is not so good.





The left is trying to shift the persona of "Karen" to "Karen is an anti-vaxxer". Reality: If "Karen" ever figured out you did not vax your kids, she'd call CPS.

That reminds me, Trump had Twitter start "fact checking" him and Twitter is posting nothing but lies in their "fact check." Trump responded appropriately and leftists all hopped onto him saying Twitter is right, and then bashed him into the sewer. They allowed ONE weak supportive comment to list as #2, and then thousands and thousands and thousands of negative comments, ONLY negative comments. Twitter needs to be shut down. If I had a LeTourneau L-2350 I'd arrive at Twitter and level the G.D. place. I actually would. Them, Google, and Faceplant. I would not skip that opportunity.


"MSM" Daily Beast posts a FLATULENT HOAX


The Daily Beast actually had the audacity to say that Americans staying home on lockdown would kill the grid with their use of air conditioning. The Daily Beast can't fact check it's way through the "Little Mermaid, " let alone national power requirements. FACT: American households account for 37 percent of national power consumption, with industry and businesses accounting for a combined 73 percent. IF LOTS OF INDUSTRY AND BUSINESSES ARE SHUT DOWN BECAUSE PEOPLE STAYED HOME TO "USE AIR CONDITIONING, " POWER CONSUMPTION WILL BE A LOT LESS.

But since the MSM is hoax media, I guess they'll find any way to use coronavirus to scare the kiddies a lot more than "Ursula" will!

Ohh, but it is MUCH MUCH worse than even that. The chart I linked comes straight from the EPA. And on top of that chart stating American households only take 37 percent of power generated in the United States, it even breaks down household energy uses. In that break down, only 26 percent of the 37 percent households use is used on air conditioning, which means 9.7 percent of America's power goes into household air conditioning.

If the sectors that use 73 percent of America's national power on average are largely shut down, how is a 9.7 percent average usage sector going to trip blackouts? Answer: It can't.


The only question remaining is whether or not the Daily Beast lied on purpose or if the publication hires too much common core!

Yes, someone will no doubt "fact check" this site, call it "fake news" and ding Paypal again. I wonder what Twitter would do with this if I posted it there, oh wait, nevermind.


UPDATE TO THE UPDATE BELOW: The phone for about $50 is the wrong one. I don't know how I linked that in, This is the phone that is supposed to be linked under "spend about $50" (it is an entire galaxy better than that alcatel)


UPDATE TO BELOW: The last phone on the list (for less than $150) has an option on Amazon that says "there is an upgraded version available for $109. I checked the reviews, and the battery on the upgraded version is also removable so that's another option.



All are unlocked. All but the first one are 4G. All are android. All are affordable. All will work in the U.S. (but it has to be a carrier that uses sim phones, which is what you want anyway).

I made sure I listed ONLY the HIGHEST GRADE UNLOCKED phones in these price ranges, you can't get anything better for the price unless you agree to be tied to a carrier (which I'll never do again). I did not just do a lazy listing of the first cheap removable battery crap that came up. These are the good ones.

Removable batteries are a tricky thing, a nearly identical phone won't have a removable battery even from the same maker, if you order a different phone the battery probably won't be removable. I spent a fair amount of time ferreting these out.

Spend less than $50 (Keep in mind, this is a VERY cheap 3G phone from a half way decent maker. It will be slow but functional. The description does not mention the battery but I went through the questions until it was mentioned and there it said it was removable. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of morons that expect an IphoneX for less than $50 so the rating on this phone is bogus.

Spend about $50 for 4G, 13 megapixels, 2 GB ram, 32GB rom, A55 chipset (modern)

Spend less than $100 (this is not nearly as high spec as the BLU listed above, but it's an LG if that matters to you and it is not total crap)

Spend about $100 This is has similar specs to the $59 BLU and is probably a step up. Very good specs.

Spend less than $150 for an 8 core phone this is the highest spec phone I could find with a removable battery. It is not mentioned in the description but the reviews say it is removable.


They are already setting up the election steal

The steps to the method:

Run fake polls that show Trump being within a few percent of Biden. The reality is that trump is at about 90 percent and Biden 10. The fake polls are setting up plausible reason for Biden to win, and the scamming MSM will then say, "See, we told you so!"

Run fake models that show Biden winning in a landslide, to also fake public perception into the possibility that Biden really could win.

Then, as reports are already stating, send multiple ballots to illegal aliens who were automatically registered to vote when they got drivers licenses they should never have been given. One illegal reported receiving six, and another reported tracking down 35. That's just what has been mentioned, and they said that even though they were illegal this was wrong, and that Americans should be voting, not them.

Scam the election by claiming Trump lost via mail-in voting. Don't even open the polls in many areas. Go with popular vote to ensure you can slam 50, 000, 000 votes onto the system from a single source, and then use several sources. Bury the fact that there was not enough population in those areas to account for all the hoax votes PLUS the legit votes Trump got. If there's an excess of votes, declare Trump cheated and take away his. Then try to jail him for "rigging the election" because "that's the only way more votes could have been cast than people living".

If illegals are getting double digit ballots in some cases, and more than 5 in others, this is the plan, they are going to steal this BIG TIME and may even attempt to jail Trump for "cheating".

They are that brazen, don't laugh!


Hysterical, adamant, save the plot desperation everywhere!

There are tons of headlines chastising people for celebrating memorial day. Headlines, and social media posts. Let's go over a few

How many non-maskers partied all weekend and are now at the hospital?

My response:


How about THAT? NONE. Oh, I forgot - the virus magically transforms itself into whatever holds the story line.


My response: That's easy to jot down when bicycle accidents, broken jaw surgeries gone amok (leading to death), gunshot wounds, and kids falling out of trees qualify as coronavirus deaths. THAT'S EASY TO JOT DOWN WHEN INTERNS WHO WORK FOR CONGRESSMEN FRACTURE THEIR SKULLS ON THEIR DESKS AND DIE AFTER AN "UNDIAGNOSED HEART CONDITION" CAUSED THEM TO PASS OUT.

Americans stunned officials with raucous memorial day parties

My response: Anything is "raucous" for a communist who wants EVERYTHING to echo in the wells of silence. That's what this coronavirus scam is all about, and they just told us - DO NOT sing in church, DO NOT have celebrations and if you hold weddings there had damn well better not be music or any sort of entertainment, THE GOY ARE NOT TO BE SEEN, AND NOT TO BE HEARD, the world is OURS, GET USED TO IT. Get the hell off 95 percent of our land and concentrate yourself into tiny areas we can avoid while we take the rest for ourselves, We'll ease you into it by FIRST telling you to be silent, and calling your celebrations "raucous" until you finally "get it". F*** off the beach, it is OURS.

AMBULANCE CALLS EXPLODED after everyone took their masks off and played. Damn everyone for coronavirus carelessness, it's payback time!

My response: What they won't say is that the ambulances had no business when everyone sat home locked up. If people sit in their homes, no one is doing anything that can cause a hospital call. The ambulances actually had their calls explode because people at play get hurt. And the numbers merely went back to normal after quarantine had them at near zero. People want to live, and actually LIVING LIFE has it's risks.


A big fat STICK IT to anyone making claims that "coronavirus ignorance" caused ambulance calls to explode, not everyone is stupid.


Did anyone else notice this?

Today I hit drudge and several "coronavirus" reports went to MSM web sites that locked me into an endless chain of corona page clicks I could not back out of, hitting back arrow simply loaded different coronavirus reports about how bad it is, how horrible the American people were for celebrating memorial day with "raucious parties that stunned officials everywhere" and the selfish American bastards want "coronavirus safety" in mini motor homes, and I could not back out of the reports, I ended up closing the browser to get out twice on two different MSM sites that were even nastier than the rest of them.

Yes, you're a selfish asshole for celebrating memorial day while 2, 000 more people died. Hell, I think I'll have to sit around and bawl my ass off every day for the rest of my life because every day 10, 000 or so Americans die. I'm a rotten A-hole for not mourning every death with a separate conscious space on a case by case basis. If you're not a professional funeral wailer, you're a jerk with a penchant for the celebration of death. So SCREW your memorial day, if you partied, YOU ARE DIRT. Raucious outrageous senseless selfish DIRT. And that defines America, GTF BACK INTO QUARANTINE A-hole, that's where you belong, we are SICK AND TIRED of your contribution to the C02 footprint with your incessant, adamant BREATHING. Do you HAVE TO BREATHE? You're wrecking the planet. WTF is wrong with you? How can you be so insensitive? STOP BREATHING FOR GOD'S SAKE!

After what I saw in the MSM today, locking me in, inescapably with bandwidth devouring multiple pop up "damn you for coronavrus" videos, animations and pages. I am getting ready to explode over this sh*t. Just remember who owns the media. Just remember who is pushing this crap. If you eventually explode over this steaming pile of bullshit DO NOT waste it at the gas station.

  Update to below: Twitter retains the referral from this site if you copy the link from the tweet, make sure you strip that off or you'll get shadow banned.


SCROLL DOWN TO: Bolsonaro may make gun ownership a requirement like Switzerland so the people can fight off coronavirus communists

It happened. SCROLL DOWN


VOA News is circulating an AMAZINGLY BRAZEN SCAM

They and other MSM are stating that Japan has lifted all it's lockdowns ahead of everyone because "people obediently stayed home during the entire quarantine, and wore masks". THAT is a bold faced lie, and I knew it point blank. I knew point blank that Japan basically ignored Coronavirus, shut nothing down, and kept business as usual. Every Japanese item produced by the Japanese economy arrived right on schedule. I knew VOA lied, And I was right, in the comments there was this, FROM JAPAN:

"People didn't stay home here

Trains were running and at certain times they were packed

Restaurants never closed and nobody ever did that distancing nonsense here. Everybody is right next to each other.

There's 37 million people in Tokyo. Almost the same amount of people as the whole state of California crammed into one city.

Some people don't even wear masks here."

My comment: And after all that, Japan's coronavirus stats were lower than anyones. And I know why:

Japan is the ONE country smart enough to not only not require the childhood vaccines, they are discouraged. They know the vaccines are wrecking the kids and are not subverted so their kids are safe. And no coronavirus lockdown with very low infection rates, let alone death rates happened because a-holes who list normal deaths as coronavirus deaths - the same people that play cover for horrific vaccine injuries on an enormous scale - are not in the Japanese system, and tainted hacks were not doing coronavirus testing there.

Japan does well across the board, because they are the last country that is not totally subverted. Resistance to subversion is why a "9.1 earthquake" there was not felt in China, Korea, or Russia when it should have also leveled nearby Korea, (it should have been a full blown 7.8 across all of Korea) and why the only damage to Japan was tsunami damage. Resistance to subversion is why not even one person outside the tsunami zone died because nothing anywhere of significance collapsed from that "9.1."

Resistance to subversion is why Japan had practically no actual seismic damage from a quake that should have also done major damage in China. The Japanese at least did a huge payout to the world bank after that fiasco but only because of the continuing nuclear Stuxnet threat. Can you say TSUNAMI BOMB? We just saw the reason for it with this coronavirus failure. Maybe the U.S. ought to go out to the Japan Trench and drop some more "sonobouys" into it. Maybe THAT will convince them to pump their "coronavirus stats" up.



I'm going to say it like it is: If you bought your cell phone for vanity purposes, you deserve to be tracked everywhere because vanity took precedent to common sense. Here is what a vanity cell phone is:

Any cell phone that you can't take the battery out of, that has no features you actually need, but was purchased because you did not want to be seen with something cheap. There's no conceivable reason, other than water resistance, for ANY cell phone to have a battery you can't take out. If your cell phone is not fully immersible and you can't take the battery out, that battery is non-removable for ONE REASON: To prevent you from taking it out to avoid being tracked.

Currently, every cheap cell phone I know of allows you to take the battery out, but when you start going over $120 in price, the option begins to vanish.

So the question then is, why do people need cell phones that cost over $120? 4G is not the reason, one I bought for $35 has that. Perhaps you could argue that you want a better camera, but lots of phones in the $100 price range have decent cameras, (so decent that to beat them you need a separate dedicated camera) so the camera is not the reason. And the $35 phone I have surfs the web totally unfettered, handles every last web site with aplomb and does full HD no sweat. It will suck in a signal deep in the back country no sweat. Are those things not the basics most people want their cell for? I know there are avid gamers that want to go around with their cell phone playing games but that's not the majority of the types I see walking around with high dollar phones, all that processor goes to waste while they surf Youtube and Twitter -

If you have a high dollar phone and you're not a gamer, why do you have it? Is it because you don't want to be seen with something cheap?

Priorities I guess. Don't let vanity get you contact traced. Vanity may well land you in a FEMA camp if the communists actually get "coronavirus contact tracing" done. There are some phones that have a second battery that allow you to be traced even if you take the battery out, however, they won't work for contact tracing because the second battery can only occasionally be asked for power to upload your location, it can't be constant and I am not even sure if such phones are made anymore because the processor requirements of more current phones, even the cheapest ones, will ask any second battery for too much and it won't be practical. So the second battery issue is not an issue anymore, at least not in this context.

Do you REALLY need that top notch Google phone, or Iphone, or Samsung, or whatever else you happened to buy? Is your privacy worth ditching vanity for? You are going to be the one that decides if the communists win. Don't let vanity be the part of that decision that hands them victory.

Site hit by something I was never able to identify

Someone injected code at the server level. Due to the way this site is set up, it detected it but I was not able to pin down exactly what it was. In another way, due to the way this site is set up (it does not run the way most sites do to circumvent attacks) the problem automatically "fixed itself" just from the normal re-routing I do here. I am lucky with that, I did not have to spend hours digging out a bug.

Site hit by something I was never able to identify

Someone injected code at the server level. Due to the way this site is set up, it detected it but I was not able to pin down exactly what it was. In another way, due to the way this site is set up (it does not run the way most sites do to circumvent attacks) the problem automatically "fixed itself" just from the normal re-routing I do here. I am lucky with that, I did not have to spend hours digging out a bug.


Little old ladies LOVE biden, can't get to the polls on foot, and elected him president via mail-in voting

Sound preposterous? well according to a new "poll" they are going to do exactly that. Watch for a new surge of anti-trump crap that is pure fabrication of the likes we have not witnessed yet from the MSM

Scarborough is a prime example

Now they are ripping Trump for "baselessly" accusing Joe Scarborogh of murder. And in the exact same reports they claim the accusation is "baseless, " they are stupid enough to put lines like this:

MSM version of the story:An autopsy showed that Lori Klausutis, who worked in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach congressional office, collapsed due to an undiagnosed heart condition and suffered a fatal blow to the head as she fell"

Actual version of the story: An autopsy noted that she had a skull fracture, but concluded that she died of accidental death after an undiagnosed heart issue caused her to lose consciousness and hit her head on the desk from a sitting position, breaking her skull. The MSM is careful to not mention that she "broke her skull" after "falling from a sitting position into the desk" thus hitting the front part of her head, which is the strongest and least likely place to result in death. You know, LIKE ALL THOSE EXECUTIVES AND OTHER DESK JOB WORKERS DIED AFTER THEY FELL ASLEEP AT THE DESK AND BUMPED THEIR HEAD ON IT. Desks are DANGEROUS. They should ALL come from Ikea so they have a little give when you fall asleep so you don't break your skull.

They then fabricated a coverup by saying she collapsed due to an undiagnosed heart condition (AN "ABNORMAL HEART RHYTHM" and died when she passed out from it. QUESTION: How do you diagnose (for the first time) an "abnormal heart rhythm" AFTER death, when the heart is not beating at all? How can you hit your head on your desk so hard you die? Answer: Scarborough murdered her plain and simple. It can't possibly be more obvious.

She obviously had her head bashed on her desk with all the strength that someone could muster, so hard it fractured her skull and she died. The fabrication of an undiagnosed heart condition causing it proves Scarborough murdered her, it is so preposterous it is beyond sloppy. if that's all they had, the murder must have been obvious, the scene must have been gruesome. Look where Scarborough sits now - right in the heart of the scamming MSM that lies about everything. It is now his job to tell lies as big as the one that covered up killing someone.

The same people that claim a 28 year old with an undiagnosed heart condition died hitting her head on her desk are the ones fronting the corona scam, and saying old ladies are going to put Biden in because for the FIRST CHANCE IN THEIR LIFETIMES they got a chance to vote, thanks to Dems being considerate enough to mail them a ballot.


Bolsonaro issued legislation to give guns to the Brazilian people to avoid COVID tyranny

Bolsonaro has come right out and stated that the Brazilian people must be armed to stop a communist takeover and is attempting to push through legislation to make it happen. He called it like it is - that this entire outbreak scenario is part of a communist takeover and the only thing that can stop it is an armed populace.

Watch this. It is one of the most important meetings ever held by a national leader.


An Iranian tanker made it to Venezuela

Iran sent 5 tankers to Venezuela to bring them gasoline. The first one made it, despite being closely watched by American forces. I don't know why Venezuela would need gasoline from elsewhere brought in when Venezuela is the most oil rich nation on earth but I do know sanctions have seriously messed with their oil industry and sanctions are probably part of the equation. They probably have quite a few Stuxnet attacks also. Venezuela's oil is probably among the worst on earth to refine into gasoline (and that obviously would not help the situation during sanctions) but when things are going well it is still easily handled. Iran's oil is perfect for making gasoline.

Anyway, they should be driving again soon. To put into perspective the amount that arrived on these tankers, Iran did not send their best, they were crappy hulks that did not have much capacity. Large tankers (mundane large tankers, ) easily surpass the amount these five ships put together brought (by a considerable margin) but at least the first one made it without any problems. It looks like crap. Like a garbage scow. But it survived to make it and Iran did not risk a valuable asset, and I am sure that was part of their strategy.

There are other factors in this also. Maduro has kept gasoline prices very low, still around a penny a gallon and If Iran did not give it to Venezuela for free I don't know how that's going to work out. Maduro has kept Venezuela running as well as possible with what they have and maintained very low gas prices but if there's no gas at that low price no one drives anyway.

Before I looked into the capacity of the tankers sent, I figured Venezuela would have what it needed from 5 tankers for more than half a year. But they are small, and brought only enough for a couple weeks, perhaps 3 weeks. At least it won't be E85.






IF CALLER ID STATES ANYTHING ABOUT COVID, DON"T PICK UP AT ALL. (in fact, if it's not someone you know, don't pick up at all)

REMEMBER: Contact tracing has nothing at all to do with health, it is a political map of associations being compiled and this is a primary step that is taken before a culling. Don't give them an ounce of data.

The best answer is silence.



Let's face it. The guy screwed up. His virus failed. He ran the simulations, he released it, and IT FAILED. It does not matter where it came from, (I am still undecided between Detrick and Wuhan) but we do know this virus was paid for by Gates/Fauci if it came from Wuhan, so screaming "china virus" in the media just heaps more failure on Gates even if the scam gets carried al the way to sending aircraft carriers to knock on China's door . . . . . rather than Bill's door.

Gates did not get what he wanted. Everything is opening back up. Someone threw a tantrum and burned a church. Despite the hickish graffiti left behind, the only ones impassioned enough over all of this were those who had something to lose, even if your money paid for it . . . . . and if you operate at a level where other people's money does your evil, you're not a hick. Graffiti fail.

We live in a post "covid" world. And it is a world that has been warned about evil people launching virus plots with what they wanted to be a real nasty killer for the sole purpose of locking down economies and getting people to fall in line commie style the same way people would have to if the guns ever get banned . . . . . and so far the plotters have failed at that too.

I'd like to ask "kingdom of the world" Gates&co how it feels to not get away with stealing for practically the first time ever. They tried to steal it ALL this time rather than just steal software and elections and people's data and they failed. I bet they thought they had it in the bag, all mapped out by AI that had a "you can't possibly lose" scenario all plotted out, - a scenario they are STILL trying to run in their scamming media as it all falls apart because they failed to realize that if you're going to program an AI to win, it needs to have the truth. And if it has that, and it is a genuine AI, one that will actually work, - you know, something that sees the world accurately like the mind of God, and you give it the truth it's going to logic your evil plot right out of existence. A machine is a machine. You can't tell a machine to be evil, it's all just ones and zeros and if it's all going to work, the input has to be accurate. Obviously they did not give it that, considering how fast this particular communist smack down bit the dust.

We now get to watch them spin the last yarns according to the direction of a faulty AI and FAIL, reality does not live in a box that has to compute outcomes based on bullshit.

They'll soon have only a few big box stores to leverage fear into the kiddies and force compliance, only, it won't be fear, it will be an irritation, but since that's their last leverage point they'll use it while society gets moving again with an irritation rather than a communist system.

I am actually surprised they screwed this up this badly. It was SO BAD people woke up before insurmountable damage was done. They'll never get a chance at a virus plot again, EVER unless they do something like release smallpox and if they do that, everyone will know who did it. The genie is out of the bottle for them, they can't put this type of scam back in the bottle and pour it fresh again EVER, and as a result the world is a whole lot safer now.

The air was fresh this morning, it looks like we are going to win this.


Trump moved at WARP SPEED with this one, (it is already in his campaign web site store)

History: When Biden was on the air with a black interviewer, he said that if the interviewer did not support a Democrat for president, he was not black. This happened either yesterday or today, and Trump already has this:


Biden is definitely cracking up

When I heard he said he was going to "beat Joe Biden" on national television, I thought it was a joke someone cracked, so I chuckled and moved onto the next thing. But no, he really did say that on national TV. He's a dropped bowl of spaghetti. The Dems should have definitely stuck with Sanders but they did not because he's not evil enough. He's still a commie but he is simply not evil enough. So now we have to watch the left keep trying to glue a cut out paper doll back together in a rainstorm. And by the way, Joe is "FAR ahead of Trump." People want Joe and there are plenty of polling box supervisors (as proven in Michigan) that are going to prove it.


Here is the best page for the upcoming SpaceX launch


"SpaceX is targeting Wednesday, May 27 for Falcon 9's launch of Crew Dragon's second demonstration (Demo-2) mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board the Dragon spacecraft will return human spaceflight to the United States.

Demo-2 is the final major test for SpaceX's human spaceflight system to be certified by NASA for operational crew missions to and from the International Space Station. SpaceX is returning human spaceflight to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built, and NASA's Commercial Crew Program is a turning point for America’s future in space exploration that lays the groundwork for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

My comment: Now you know why leftists HATE Elon Musk - because after they successfully killed NASA Musk had what it took to bring it all back and "common core" did not stop that from happening.


Highly credible: Dennis Rodman says there's probably something wrong with Kim Jong

See this

"Dennis Rodman has revealed that the world will know "something is wrong" with his pal Kim Jong Un his sister starts getting more face time on TV.

The former Detroit Pistons forward said that he had been in touch with North Korea following speculation that the dictator, whom he befriended during a 2013 trip to Pyongyang, was either gravely ill or died after a botched heart surgery, Metro UK reported.

"I do have communications with North Korea, but I can say this, though: If you see his sister on TV, running the country, now you know something is wrong, that's all I'm going give you, " Rodman, 58, told "Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan, according to the report.

My comment: So why my flip on Kim Jong's health? Because despite passing out naked and puking in a NK hotel hallway, Rodman is credible on this matter, there's no way out of it. He also said Kim Jong's sister is nice. I have my doubts, but he did say it and I can't argue with that.

I had a presentation about a body double all ready to go and at the last minute decided not to post it. Perhaps I should have. It looked to me that the last appearance of Kim Jong was a body double.


The 2017 Australian $10 does indeed have Bill Gates and coronaviruses all over it. This is not a hoax:

I went over several of these. There really are coronaviruses all over it and Bill Gates is at a desk above the 10 filling out papers.

UPDATE: It is being said that the "coronaviruses" are really an Australian plant and that the picture is of a communist poet Mary Gilmore from decades ago, I'd say maybe on the poet but the "coronaviruses" really are not representative of any Australian plant, yes, bramble wattles have puff balls but they don't look like coronaviruses, they are fuzzy. And they don't have hexagrams on them. I still say it is coronaviruses and probably Gates, with a "plausible deniability" element thrown in. Australia is a NWO testing bed because it is good enough to show what will happen and not big enough to have failures be too consequential globally. The possibility of this actually meaning something on the currency should obviously not be overlooked and the hexagrams pretty much say it all.


NEW MEME: We are NOT all in this together

This is starting to go around, along with statements like "I'm not in this "together" with the idiots who can't see it is a NWO plot, etc.

And it is not "social distancing", it is instead "coerced physical separation" and the only reason it is being done is to help the new 5G tracking system, (which does not use GPS) keep track of people and as of now, it gets confused when people are too close. That's 100 percent of what "social distancing" is for.

I stopped wearing the mask on the street because I don't want to encourage people to believe the scam and only wear it in stores. And if a store has a "one person per family rule" that's just a communist bread line store, I boycott where possible. I have had enough of this crap.

Yeah, they are DESPERATE. Banning everything everywhere to patch a failing dike, and today I got rewarded with a FULL STRENGTH signal (that runs worse than a two bar signal) because it is a stinger. And the Paypal thing. We all knew it would eventually come to this absent a car-b-q or two.

On that note: Americans are willing to let it all slip away, as long as they keep their guns. Maybe there's a method to that madness, after all I doubt the cullings will start for as long as people have them. Unless they are starvation cullings. Yes, I let them starve me to death, but I can take my last breath while hugging my .223!

America's obvious future: The only time the gun barrels got hot was when they were thrown into a blast furnace after everyone was starved to death, because the so - called "elite" knew that for as long as people had their guns, starving them was the only option. They'll get them that way.


A reader named Karen is upset with the use of "Karen" to describe "snitch"

My response: If I had coined the name, it would have been Polly, or "Polly Pestilence". There will automatically be hundreds of women named Karen that read this site and there's nothing I can do about the meme because I did not start it, and the genie is out of the bottle . . . .

Headline on Drudge: SUV's replacing cars more quickly than ever

I am going to say it like it is: People always wanted station wagons and minivans. But due to the stigma attached to them now, they'll settle for an SUV rather than go with a car. The Ford LTD station wagon was the ULTIMATE.

There is also probably a small amount of "bug out instinct" in many people now, and SUV's give the illusion they are somehow better than the previous alternatives, though in many cases that's not true at all. Most would be stomped into the dirt by an AMC wagon



From Twitter:

"I was just sent this by a first hand contact in California who told me “My husband and are registered Republicans. Our son is a democrat. He received TWO vote by mail ballots. We each received one!” Needs investigating!


Google is now removing "plandemic" from Google Drive.

They are scanning everyone's "skydrive" for copies of "plandemic" and removing them. Most likely, if you have a windows "update" removal of that movie will be part of the update also. Even flash drives may not be safe, re-name the movie so it is not automatically removed when you plug a flash drive in.


Don't let the MSM fool you, THIS IS KAREN:

The first time I ever heard of a "karen" was in reference to a woman who drove an hour and a half to the beach with her family, only to complain about all the other people who were there and were not "social distancing", just like she was not "social distancing". Paul Joseph Watson was the first person I ever heard to coin the phrase "Karen" and as far as widespread exposure that naming is not more than a week old. The MSM is trying to shut it down now by back talking it because it PERFECTLY defines that BITCH that calls the cops on everyone, you know, that BITCH on the corner in every neighborhood.

Communists need "KAREN" to rape societies to the core. Karen is a selfish self righteous A-hole with her finger on speed dial. Karen is the neighborhood snitch. At least 10 percent of women overall are "Karens" - there is practically not a single neighborhood without one, and though they represent the majority of "karens", fags, transvestites, and useless feeding males are also in the group. I'm just going to say it like it is. And if anyone is offended they can take their sensitivities and stick them. Go somewhere else. We cannot let something as important as recognition of who the nation destroyers are get buried under "sexism, " "misogyny, " and "hurt feelings." KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD KAREN AND MORE - CALL HER TO ACCOUNT UNTIL SHE IS FORCED TO HEAR THE CALLING. The life of everyone's nation now depends on it.


It appears I was wrong about the origins of "karen"

The woman in the BBC video was not named Karen. I made a mistake because my main computer does not have sound and for videos I use closed captions instead of sound. So I messed that up.


Heads up: Apple update 13.5 is installing contact tracing

That's OK, because it is only being activated in "some areas". . . . . . . Right.

This is not something you can avoid. If you have an Apple device, chances are if you check it now, it's already on it. Apple is saying it is for beta testers, but betas do not go out to EVERYONE even if they don't ask for it.

"Contact tracing" is as bad as a gun ban. They claim it is for "tracking people with coronavirus" but absolutely anything can be tracked, such as, if you handed out political flyers and they knew you were going to do it, they could contact trace everyone who got the flyer. They can contact trace out every customer of a business. They can contact trace out the entire sphere of influence of a particular group or organization. And then, when the hammer falls, they can simply wipe out entire circles of association and get every last person. That's what this is about, it is NOT about a virus.


CDC guidelines for re-opening schools

Ensure that student and staff groupings are as static as possible by having the same group of children stay with the same staff (all day for young children, and as much as possible for older children).

Restrict mixing between groups.

Cancel all field trips, inter-group events, and extracurricular activities (Step 1).

Limit gatherings, events, and extracurricular activities to those that can maintain social distancing, support proper hand hygiene, and restrict attendance of those from higher transmission areas (Step 2; Note: restricting attendance from those in Step 1 areas).

Restrict nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups at the same time.

Space seating/desks to at least six feet apart.

Turn desks to face in the same direction (rather than facing each other), or have students sit on only one side of tables, spaced apart.

Close communal use spaces such as dining halls and playgrounds if possible; otherwise stagger use and disinfect in between use.

If a cafeteria or group dining room is typically used, serve meals in classrooms instead. Serve individually plated meals and hold activities in separate classrooms and ensure the safety of children with food allergies.

Create social distance between children on school buses (for example, seating children one child per seat, every other row) where possible.

Consider limiting nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups. Restrict attendance of those from higher transmission areas (Step 1 or 2 areas).

Consider staggering arrival and drop-off times or locations, or put in place other protocols to limit close contact with parents or caregivers as much as possible.

My comment: Good luck!


The following was very well received, so I am going to top post it

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Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot had entire neighborhood's cars towed to stop a church from having services

The following has been TOTALLY censored from the MSM, this is the only place you are going to see it.

After going over the story real closely on this police officer's page the outcome was not what the mayor wanted. It also proves she would not be able to think her way out of a paper bag.

The mayor's goal: To tow every car of everyone who attended church services.

The outcome: No church service attendees got towed, everyone else in the entire neighborhood did and it was a disaster involving countless cars that were perfectly legally parked when the signs went up.

Here's a summary of what happened: The mayor wanted to shut down a church. So on Saturday night, the mayor put up temporary no-parking signs in an entire neighborhood, while normal residents of the neighborhood had their cars totally legally parked and were sleeping and in the morning, at 7 AM she had had a mob of tow trucks totally ready to arrive to take EVERYONE's cars. They did. All cars were gone in a very short time - including those of people who were legally parked in front of their homes. Problem: The church had a contract with a bank and other businesses to use their parking lots, so all the parishoners (for the morning service) parked their cars in these lots. So none got towed.

When the mayor heard what happened and that only normal residents plus medical workers and others who normally parked on the streets in that area got towed, the mayor flipped out and for the next services had police cars block entrances to the parking lots the church used to force churchgoers to park on the street where they would be towed. That was totally against the law, but the mayor - a well established communist - did it anyway. By that time, the church knew what was going on and warned everyone. RESULT: Zero church cars towed and one very pissed off neighborhood.

This is the type of thing that should trigger an impeachment of the mayor. Lori Lightfoot is a lesbian who is currently "married" to another woman, who campaigned for her position on the principles of "Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency, Accountability, and Transformation. Never mind the fact that she was probably rigged into power, let's say it like it is:

A lesbian "equitably and transparently" ambush posted no parking signs in the dead of night on a totally unaware neighborhood for the purpose of "diversity and inclusion" of a CHRISTIAN church and "transformed" the entire neighborhood into a no-parking zone, and then forced "accountability" on residents, who had no clue what happened or why. What a way to fulfill a campaign promise. But that's how leftists do it, and this gal is a PRIME EXAMPLE.

If the site was down, it was not from an error here

I just saw posted somewhere that someone got a 404 when trying to read this site today. I have made zero configuration changes today that could cause that (usually I'll make changes that could, but practically never do) and today was one of those days when I did not do even that.

The site is configured in a "whack-a-mole" way that at random but frequent intervals changes the target someone needs to hit (to stop censorship) and if I make a mistake that can cause a 404 but mistakes like that happen once every 3 months or so and last seconds, no one is likely to ever see it. And I did not play whack-a-mole today (I did about 4 times yesterday) because things got intense yesterday. Not today. 404 not possible unless externally caused. Someone else subsequently posted that the problem is gone. I'll check the server to see if the "immune system" should be tweaked.


RUMOR: Bill Gates claims the covid vaccine works by modifying your DNA

I have found no confirmation on this topic, only shitlinks. The actual type of vaccine does exist, and is used for "gene therapy". It is probably true that the covid vaccine will be exactly this. So here's a description:

Rather than trigger an immune response, your entire body's DNA is changed in a way that causes it to reject the virus. These types of shots do exist, however, if they are planning on forcing EVERYONE to get this shot for a disease that ended up being nothing, motives become obvious. It's not for a disease, it is for the creation of an underclass that will push a genetic downgrade forward, through their children, FOREVER so a few communist tyrants can then stay at the level we are at, and pretend to be gods.

Here's a cute warning: If you are a Jew, don't expect to not be downgraded. The top is for a very small number, and the Jewish community is now far too large to be fully included. Don't push this just because you think you'll never become a victim of your own work, history has repeatedly shown that when it comes to this type of zealotry the number included becomes smaller and smaller until there's only one guy (or family) left. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR and even MORE careful about what you make happen.


UPDATE TO BELOW: The following is on Ted Nugent's web site for $26.00


Rock Star Ted Nugent: Your fear is not an excuse to destroy America

"Why do I have to stay home just because you are scared? How about you stay home... you stay in your house indefinitely, you wear a mask, you socially distance yourself from me, you avoid restaurants, you avoid baseball games, you stay off the roads, you avoid malls and beaches and parks, you believe the made up death numbers, you believe the media hype, you get your toxic vaccine while avoiding vitamin C, sunshine and the things God gave us to actually heal, -

I'm done playing your dumb game. We are not "all in this together." I'm not wearing your dumb tin foil hat anymore. I'm no longer going to be a prisoner of your fear. I'm no longer staying in my house or catering to you because you are scared. I'm not wearing a mask and I'm not staying 6 feet away from you anymore because I'm not afraid of you. You are not my enemy and if I get sick, it's not because of you, it's because of me and my system, which not only have I been addressing for quite some time, but I also know how to treat if I get sick.

This virus (or whatever it is) is already circulating. Millions of people have already encountered it, as it's been circulating around the world probably since last September. You WILL have to confront this thing, if you haven't already. There is no way around it, unless you lock yourself up in your house and it somehow doesn't manage to hop on some mail or some groceries that you ordered online. Your fear is not an excuse to destroy America. Your fear is not my fear and your fear does not have the right to interfere with my life, my job, my income or my future as a free American citizen. So if you're scared, you can just put your tin foil hat on, or even wrap foil all around your whole body - or around your whole house if you wish - but please keep your fear contained to your little corner of the world and don't contaminate me or my family or my Country.

My comment: Well well, that's saying it like it is. NEW APPROACH: If you are afraid of this virus STAY HOME YOURSELF and don't ram your fear down everyone else's throat. PERFECT.


A few quick headlines

Deshowitz just did a video saying that if you don't "get vaccinated" you'll be on permanent house arrest and that the state has the right to shut down every business every park, EVERYTHING over a "pandemic" and forcibly inject everyone. This seven minute youtube video of this social pervert should be mandatory viewing, Dershowitz, in his own words, is saying they are going to destroy us over "coronavirus" and non-compliance is automatic jail.

Ok, so here we have a fake virus killing practically no one and there's a mandatory vaccine. That's not for a killer virus. What is it then? ANSWER: THEY CAN CALL ANY SHOT A VACCINE. THE QUESTION IS, WILL YOU BELIEVE IT?


Michigan has already sent out "vote by mail" ballots to everyone

Some people no doubt got boxes of 500. No ID needed, just fill out the blanks and mail them in. The election ought to go "perfect".

There was a huge dam break chain reaction in Michigan

3 dams so far, with cities underwater and factories, including chemical factories and power stations also submerged. Final outcome not yet known but obviously this is not good.


Pro tip: If anyone says "age of Coronavirus" tell them to pull their head out of their ass

We are NOT in the "age of Corona". We are instead in the midst of a communist smack down that is using something other than "terror" as an excuse to accomplish their objectives. It worked (at first) because it was an ambush on the public that was not awake to the threat of losing everything through something like this, we all thought it would be another terror attack or something else of the sort. But we now have a vision of what they wanted to do all along in the name of "terror" or the "environment" and it is exactly like a hunger games scenario. It is fairly obvious they are going to fail at this but can you imagine what it would be like if they got everything they wanted out of this virus?

And by the way, if there's a Karen in your neighborhood she needs to be dealt with directly and severely. Start with notes on the door, explaining why she should not be a karen. A next good step would be to spray paint KAREN boldly on her house where you can see it from the road. The garage door would be a good place. After that, quickly take it to rocks through windows and escalate from there as needed, communists need Karen and if it comes down to dealing with the problem at that level, people are going to have to do it. If you don't know who your local Karen is, here is help in figuring it out:

Any teacher or state worker. Any single woman who does not cut her own grass. Someone who is surface polite but you noticed that in the past when you tried to talk to them they tried to get information (nosy types) and they keep to themselves mostly. And leftists are far more likely to be Karen than conservatives.

I have had (modern) teachers as neighbors more than once and I can't even describe how horrible they were as people overall. They are nosy as hell, think only about themselves and DO come onto your property snooping and will even round-up your plants. There were three separate incidents of neighbors like that, all teachers. There was only one neighbor that was a teacher that was actually cool, and he was a music teacher. And to top it all off, the only neighbors that have EVER been problems were college professors and grade school teachers. They are freaking dangerous neighbors. They are intentionally destroying society in the schools, and they absolutely will destroy you individually also. They will be the Karen.

If there are no teachers in your area, then - Women are at least 90 times as likely to be a Karen than even a soy boy would be. Communists use women a lot more than they use men to accomplish their objectives. This used to be curricula in cold war era public schools before the schools got wiped out. They'd tell you who the communists used in society to accomplish objectives. Cold war era stuff that was BANG ON. People have to figure out who "karen" is or they are going to be toast, the communist system cannot cope without Karen but unfortunately there are TONS OF KARENS. The schools used to teach all of this but do not anymore because the communists took them over, and now it is all "common core" and indoctrination that produces output that will never be a threat to tyranny.


Some good news: Trump is signing executive orders to permanently de-regulate businesses

As I said a while ago, the only way small businesses are ever going to start up again is if they are allowed to do it without so many restrictions. This has to happen as simple as "I want to open a business" and then, you just open. You don't go to the city for anything. Here's a key quote from a that says it all:

"We had cases where it would take 20 years to build a highway, you had to go through various agencies to get the same permit, " the president said. If a bureaucratic rule needs to be suspended during a time of crisis to help the American people, we should ask ourselves if it makes sense to keep at all, " Acting Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Russ Vought told Fox Business."

My comment: Lots of "bureaucratic" rules were put in place by communists and "Gretas" in the government for the sole purpose of stopping things that would benefit the nation and/or destroy all but the privileged. It is time for the fictional "three spotted frog" to become history along with a lot of other stuff, for example (not related to business) but in many states registering a car is a long and tedious process that requires multiple stops at different agencies and it is on purpose, - states should be required to have their crap together well enough to handle it all, EVERY LAST THING they require, from ONE DESK at ONE BUILDING. The cheapest insurance should be available from that desk, everything they require should be RIGHT THERE including the inspection station so you don't have to spend so much time chasing after their bullshit. One 30 minute stop ought to be enough for the state, but no, they screw you out of a day or two almost every damn time.

In many places, starting a business is your car X50. That needs to be fixed STAT.



I just hit drudge for the first time in weeks to see where the left is taking this hoax. There, I saw headline after headline after headline of "trump is anti-science" and "this virus is going to get you" all the way down the list, in all shades including "coronavirus shaped hail stones a sign from god". So obviously the left is not giving up on this. But I bet you are bored with it all . . . . . I know I am.


Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot had entire neighborhood's cars towed to stop a church from having services

The following has been TOTALLY censored from the MSM, this is the only place you are going to see it.

After going over the story real closely on this police officer's page the outcome was not what the mayor wanted. It also proves she would not be able to think her way out of a paper bag.

The mayor's goal: To tow every car of everyone who attended church services.

The outcome: No church service attendees got towed, everyone else in the entire neighborhood did and it was a disaster involving countless cars that were perfectly legally parked when the signs went up.

Here's a summary of what happened: The mayor wanted to shut down a church. So on Saturday night, the mayor put up temporary no-parking signs in an entire neighborhood, while normal residents of the neighborhood had their cars totally legally parked and were sleeping and in the morning, at 7 AM she had had a mob of tow trucks totally ready to arrive to take EVERYONE's cars. They did. All cars were gone in a very short time - including those of people who were legally parked in front of their homes. Problem: The church had a contract with a bank and other businesses to use their parking lots, so all the parishoners (for the morning service) parked their cars in these lots. So none got towed.

When the mayor heard what happened and that only normal residents plus medical workers and others who normally parked on the streets in that area got towed, the mayor flipped out and for the next services had police cars block entrances to the parking lots the church used to force churchgoers to park on the street where they would be towed. That was totally against the law, but the mayor - a well established communist - did it anyway. By that time, the church knew what was going on and warned everyone. RESULT: Zero church cars towed and one very pissed off neighborhood.

This is the type of thing that should trigger an impeachment of the mayor. Lori Lightfoot is a lesbian who is currently "married" to another woman, who campaigned for her position on the principles of "Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency, Accountability, and Transformation. Never mind the fact that she was probably rigged into power, let's say it like it is:

A lesbian "equitably and transparently" ambush posted no parking signs in the dead of night on a totally unaware neighborhood for the purpose of "diversity and inclusion" of a CHRISTIAN church and "transformed" the entire neighborhood into a no-parking zone, and then forced "accountability" on residents, who had no clue what happened or why. What a way to fulfill a campaign promise. But that's how leftists do it, and this gal is a PRIME EXAMPLE.


Icke needs to get the message: SHUT OFF F***ING CLOUDFLARE.

I have that too, and I don't use it because it is a SABOTAGE TOOL

Cloudflare is for protecting "good people" and Icke does not "qualify!"

If I had his password I'd drop the immune system for this web site I programmed myself straight into his, and if it did not work right off the bat, I'd have it tweaked to work in less than a day AND as a result have mine able to hit more targets. He's been offline a lot longer than it would have taken me to fix this.

This is where "Karen" came from

Who is "Karen?" Karen is the woman that calls the cops on people for violating coronavirus rules. Karen is a snitch. Karen is selfish and whatever she does is OK, but whatever anyone else does is not ok. Karen is the perfect scamming leftist. And here's where Karen started, with a real woman, named Karen who drove an hour and a half to the beach and then complained to the BBC that other people were there.

So now we have this: This, is Karen:

(video removed due to incompatibility)

DO NOT be a "Karen". That's far worse than being an NPC and in this day and age people understand the importance of doing away with obvious communist snitches.

Everyone thinks the Russians were somehow bad people over how they complied with communist directives and turned each other in. But here's the reality of it all: In every society there are about one people in 10 who are so self righteous and of low moral character that they get a thrill out of ratting everyone out, that happens EVERYWHERE. And in the U.S, coronavirus quarantine snitches ended up being EVERYWHERE, just like the snitches in Russia. To survive a communist takeover, these types have to be dealt with by the general public. Let Karen be a warning and for god's sake don't be one.


Tank used to destroy 5G towers?

There is a story going around about a cell phone company worker who "measured the output from 5G towers, saw the levels were catastrophic, and then stole a tank and destroyed 6 of the towers.". This story is false. Here is what actually happened -

This happened in 2009, long before 5G - A man who worked for Telestra in Austrailia got a microwave brain injury from one of the towers (that's definitely possible if you put your head right in the beam up close and keep it there) and after leaving the company he got even by stealing a tank and mowing the towers down. He was a well spoken geek. So yes, a man did go on a tank rampage against cell towers, but it happened over 10 years ago and had nothing to do with 5G.

The story would be GREAT if it happened today and it was against 5G but unfortunately that's not the case. Someone is mis-representing an old story and throwing in a bunch of B.S. that never happened. So know the context if you plan to re-post the story somewhere, and as it is being presented now, it amounts to fake news.

Fake news goes viral because the communists want it to. Fake news is not a threat to them. They can just point, laugh, and say, yeah, that did not happen the way they said, look! The internet is full of CRAP. And while making sure the algo's stop facts from spreading they boost the bullshit and then say "all the bullshit" justifies shutting everyone down.


This may be satire, but it appears a bot may have actually written it as stated.

Washington Free Beacon: I forced a bot to read 1, 000 Jennifer Rubin columns, and then write one of it's own

My comment: If you want to put the mind of a leftist under a microscope, just enter everything they have written over a specific time frame and have the bot sum it up and spew it out. You'll get your microscope view. WOW, this is BANG ON in so many ways.

Biden is right. Trump's disaster gambit lacks competence.

By Jennifer Rubin

President Trump tweeted rage on Wednesday, the worst in history. To compare with decent man Joe Biden, the difference is leadership courage. Trump possesses the bad qualities without precedent, said the expert. The expert is also a victim of Trump because he is an elite nonwhite immigrant.

That's why Trump invented birtherism, a sin of racism against Barack Obama. The respected African American was our most popular president who deserved to lose to Mitt Romney. The extreme right wants to deport him, according to the recent poll. Sadly, I regret the GOP emoluments culture that experienced a 90 percent increase in spineless anxiety, feverish to enable him. Congratulations, Mitch McConnell.

As we know, Trump helps Congress threaten a dangerous inaction. Never mind abandoned ethics, because the White House doesn't fit this falsehood-in-chief. The president ignored coronavirus, which made evidence of Democratic Party to confirm a large government of inclusive science. It is hardly surprising that Trump would favor death, literally.

Emphasize these points: First, egregious Trump lies destroy facts. Second, we know Biden is the right president who made the decision perfectly. The Post reported it as antidote to Trump pandemic. Quote, said the Democrat. Third, ethics are compromised by downward economics. Trump dismantled justice for the first time in history without American support. Fourth, white grievance.

A fatal decision, folks.

Needless to say, when Republican Party assault on Constitution, the result indicates Trump's ego lacks credibility. That's why the American people unsuccessfully avoided death on his watch. Use data to attack the virus, Andrew Cuomo explained. Trump's latest Twitter tantrum is evidence to the contrary, but female Nancy Pelosi is the reason why. The result: dysfunction, disunity, and disgrace.

This continues at the Free Beacon and it does appear to be bot gibberish. But oh, the nature of the gibberish! It's like a mental repair guide you'd hand to a shrink. as if someone got ahold of her Alexa records.

The World Health Organization has been exposed for what it is

As a result lf fruit testing positive for Corona and other corona related reasons, it appears Africa is going to ditch the WHO and Trump is going to also. Additionally, word is going around that Trump himself is taking hydroxychloroquine, Zithro, and magnesium right now.

It looks like the corona scam may be DOA, this might end up being a prime opportunity to see where the most die hard communists are. And by the way, don't count on prosecutions, Barr has already said no one in the Obama admin is going to be prosecuted, let alone investigated. Trump got roped in by another scammer.

So the people who did corona are going to simply walk away from it like a dead horse and go ride another.