Shutdown of CHAZ called off

Yesterday there was a lot of talk that appeared substantial about the mayor finally giving the order to have the police clean up CHAZ. That has been canceled. And by the way:

Several businesses are attempting to sue Seattle for loss of business due to CHAZ, which the city is permitting. The preliminary response from the city is : The government and police have no responsibility to protect you. The police do what they are told.


"To protect and serve" is a hoax the police claim to stand by but we have now learned that after a couple decades of Israeli programming, the police have been destroyed and are no longer the police we once had. They "protect and serve" only the elite who issue the orders.



FACT: CHAZ IS RUN BY WHITES THAT WANT TO MAKE BLACK PEOPLE LOOK LIKE CRAP. EVERYONE PERMITTING THIS IS WHITE. THE LEADERSHIP IS PREDOMINANTLY WHITE. AND THEIR BRAINWASH WON'T LET THEM TOUCH A BLACK MAN, AS WE SEE HERE where a black patriot tears up Chaz, and they do NOTHING because they are locked into inaction by their brainwash programming. This was solid gold.


FACT: WHITES are tearing down the statues. WHITES are predominantly the ones lighting fires. WHITES are directing it all. WHITES are the ones funding it, WHITES are the ones giving it support in the media, and they are blaming it on blacks and making BLACKS look like crap. Only blacks can fix this crap by telling whitie to stick it the way this guy just did in CHAZ.


Want proof of a communist takeover?

Guilt by association is how Communists roll.

If YOU are associated with anyone who commits an "infraction" you get disciplined and fired. The only group that has a history of doing this is the communists. This is also reflected in China's social credit score, where if you do business with someone who has a low score, it lowers your score.

It started in the Western countries with people getting their careers vaporized for stepping out of line. Even supporting Trump got you vaporized. Saying anything in support of traditional values got you vaporized. And now, having anyone near you do that gets you vaporized.

The entire purpose of this type of communist behavior is to weaken everyone in a circle of association when one person acts up. It's how they totally annihilate their opposition. They have to accomplish an ENORMOUS amount of subversion for it to be implemented as much as it is now. It is in full swing now, visible EVERYWHERE.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, BUT FOX NEWS IS SAYING IT IS SO, and in this case it probably is.

GET THIS: After the sham FBI went in there and said it was not a noose, Bubba Smollett is still saying it is. Here is how the FBI investigation went:

Gee folks, do you know anything about this "hang man's noose?"

Answer: I sure do! My garage door has one too. Hey hank, MINE DOES TOO. Oh gosh golly, it looks like they ALL DO. Hmm, a couple came un-tied. I guess they don't all have them, the knots came out of a couple but it sure does make a nice pull handle. It is therefore obviously not a proper noose, but it does look like one. Gee, someone figured out how to tie a noose that's not a slip knot, so it stays in place like a REAL GOOD PULL HANDLE.

FBI: Well, that concludes our investigation that was much harder to solve than HOW THE HELL EXPLOSIVES GOT PLANTED IN OUR WORLD HEADQUARTERS SO LARRY COULD SAY "PULL IT". Gee, how did ANYONE get those planted right inside the building ahead of time, while all those top notch investigators were RIGHT THERE? Yes, that was simpler to solve than even this noose mystery, but we sure won't put that in any FBI reports!

LIKE IT OR NOT, AOC really did tweet this.

I have now double confirmed this tweet really happened.

I have my ways!

BOOM: THIRD way to confirm this tweet is real: Try posting it to Twitter. It will not stay posted there. Everyone who has tried has had it vanish. If this was a fully debunked hoax, Twitter would not be doing that. It would just be in the "UFO bin"

The claim is that it was debunked. But there's absolutely no supporting evidence to prove it was debunked. Until I see supporting evidence and not just Snopes stating it was debunked, all we have is Snopes spewing their typical coverup B.S.

Pro Publica says this tweet never happened also, but they are as bad as Snopes and, that frequently go back and do "clean up". I want a REAL debunk from a reliable source, not this crap.

Bottom line: This is too damaging to have out there. And we all know it's true anyway, even before she tweeted this.

CONFIRMED: THE SECOND WAVE OF CORONA IS FAKE. IT IS A POLITICAL PLOY TO SCREW TRUMP'S ELECTION. Do you know how much it irritates people to have a five year old blow a business secret while tagging along? Snopes and Pro Publica doing cleanup does not cut it!

There are no archive sites that can be trusted anymore, there are only archive sites that are not synchronized right. Time and time again I have seen the Wayback machine delete and change stuff, folks, we are in the middle of a communist revolution, there are no sites of that type that can be trusted anymore, not even can be trusted anymore. The wayback machine bit the dust in 2013 (that's when I noticed they replaced the World Nuclear Association's Fukushima data with crap from Arnie Gundersen.)

Kamala Harris has promised a communist style purge after Trump

Meaning, obviously, after they steal this next election, and they will. People had damn well better secure the voting process or we are DOOMED. Get a load of this!

DEAGEL WAS NOT BLUFFING. AN INSIDER IS THERE AND KNEW A COMMUNIST PURGE WAS COMING. THE GOAL: KILL 230 MILLION PEOPLE. THAT IS WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO DROP AMERICA'S POPULATION DOWN TO 100 MILLION AS PLANNED. WHITES ARE 70 PERCENT OF AMERICA'S POPULATION. HOW MANY IS THAT? 231 MILLION. THE NUMBERS ADD UP. KAMALA AND CREW ARE GOING TO KILL US IF THEY GET THE CHANCE AND SHE JUST SAID IT. Don't go thinking her saying America is "great" actually means anything, it does not mean she wants that greatness to actually live. They feel jilted for being delayed in their plans by Trump, and they are going to kill every damn last person that supported him. With contact tracing, they have you flagged bagged and tagged.

We had damn well better take this seriously and NOT crack a beer, PREEMPTIVE ACTION IS NEEDED. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED. WE NEED ACTION NOW.

Bubba claims to have been chased by white guys in cars for HOURS. FBI to investigate . . . .



This is making the rounds. GOOD ONE.


CONFIRMED. Bubba Smollett's "noose" was a hoax.

Don't give the FBI an ounce of respect for this, they are trash and this is still a cheap shot. But "The FBI investigated and stated the "noose" was there since last fall, before Bubba Smollett got his garage assignment. It was tied as a joke by a previous team. Leftists are saying it does not matter. It sure as heck does, and the FBI still sucks.

The FBI will stop sucking at least partially when they tell the world, with honesty, how their world headquarters got prepped for demolition BEFORE 911, while they were all in the building, so Silverstein could give the order to "pull it" on 911. Until they do that, they are a worthless subversive good for nothing false flagging FRAUDULENT BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, NOT A REAL ONE. No cookie for chit chatting and finding out when that "noose", which was tied to the end of a garage door pull rope was actually put there when they themselves had to have rigged their own world headquarters for demolition prior to 911. They can't tell me they did not notice that going on.

Update on the 3 gorges dam in China

There is fear it will fail due to heavy flooding that is on it's way - the worst in about 70 years. The problem with the 3 gorges dam has been revealed. As it turns out, the company that installed it cheated the contract and did not install footings that would prevent it from moving under water pressure, instead they believed the dam would be so heavy it would never move. The sat photos confirm that it's damn near a miracle it has not failed yet.

How about this for a thought: Maybe they calculated square inches in the place of square centimeters, and as a result were off by a factor of 6.45 when calculating pressure on the dam. The design of the dam was done by Canada, which finshed switching over to the metric system in 1985. WHAT IF the company that actually built it called B.S. on the design requirements and "safely cheated" because of the stated pressure being off by that much? Obviously there's no proof this is the case, but it would make sense that it was a metric/British measurement system clash that did not get caught by whoever cheated.

It is beginning to look like the only proper way forward with that dam is to drain it, demolish it, and re-do it. That would be a daunting challenge, probably best handled by mining companies.

An additional problem was that it was built on fault lines and intended to be able to move. But what has happened so far has taken approximately 300 calculated years of movement and compressed them into about 10. That's obviously not going to work out much longer and a failure of that dam would be devastating beyond description.


AOC just alienated whatever portion of the Latino community listens to her

She did it by declaring Latinos to be "black". That proves she's a sheltered IDIOT. FACT: If you are Latino, and you are called "white" it is a compliment. If you are called a "dark skinned Indian", it is an insult. And if you are called "black", that's cause for killing someone, Latinos are VERY RACIST and they don't put up with it. How stupid is AOC? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world will never know.










Trump is now openly stating the election will likely be stolen

Why would he say that? ANSWER: Because now he knows he can't trust the national guard, the U.S. armed forces, or ANY OTHER security force he puts to the task of keeping the election from being stolen. He knows this because two hours before last night's rally, the National Guard said the stadium was full and stopped letting people in. He found that out later. If this happened, it means there is so damn much corruption it cannot be overcome. The election WILL be stolen and he knows it.

Look at all the leftist states and how they acted with Antifa. If you think such states are going to turn in accurate results, you're dreaming and Trump just woke up. LAST NIGHT'S RALLY WAS THE WAKE UP CALL, CORRUPTION IN THE SECURITY FORCES WAS WHY ATTENDANCE FLOPPED, THEY TURNED EVERYONE IN THE LAST TWO HOURS BEFORE THE RALLY AWAY AND CLOSED THE GATES AND f***ing VANISHED entirely leaving locked gates behind a full hour and a half BEFORE Pence spoke.

This is a serious issue folks, the nation is so far gone we are easily provably screwed. There is simply too much corruption, the communists are in power EVERYWHERE. The conspiracy theorists were 100 percent bang on (like they all knew they were) and now it's all going to happen absent bloodshed and the use of the 2nd amendment.

The only silver lining in it all is that Trump is calling them out NOW and openly stating they are going to steal it, LONG before the election even happens. I don't know if it is actually going to make a difference if everyone knows, but at least everyone will know.


It looks like the treasonous Seattle mayor has given up on her Chaz zone and has submitted to it's dismantling.

BY THE WAY, all the people tearing down statues now are WHITE. NO BLACKS. That means COMMUNIST TAKE OVER CONFIRMED.

They could not goad the blacks into doing it so they are doing it themselves. I don't know if it is the Jews doing this directly or if their useful idiots are.

Warning from Venezuela: When the statues come down, the takeover is underway

A great quote from the comment section at Infowars:

I agree with and endorse this statement 100 percent:

"If the 1776 3% rebels fought the redcoats lined up man to man on the open battle fields we would still be colonized by Britain.

We didn't do that in key battles and skirmishes we became savages like the natives and fought without formal rules... Survival of the fittest

Cry foul play all you want, try and reverse this legally when it took illegal measures to get here, keep playing by the rules to your own demise because to be a true rebel it's not about legality, it's not about the courts, it's not about peaceful resistance, never in the history of mankind has any land been defended without bloodshed...

So when you ultra conservatives are ready to put the bible down for a second long enough to get physical and TAKE back what you feel is lost...

Until then the enemy encroaches and they are making great gains and covering a great deal of battle ground while you you sit there and allow it to happen...

SO.... get over the legalities and peacefulness it's whats killing you softly....

one thing about the opposition, they are not afraid of you, they are in the streets tearing $#!T up while you sit there waiting on the federal government and legalities to save you thinking voting is going to change things....

get out in the streets and TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!

My comment: At least I am not the only one saying it.

The relatives of Aunt Jemima are upset about history being erased

As it turns out, The woman who made Aunt Jemima a fixture of American culture worked for Quaker oats for 23 years, was never a slave, and died in 1956. The family is openly stating they are proud of that history and that "Aunt Jemima" was a compliment and not an object of racism.

My comment: That will make the communists want it wiped out EVEN MORE, and when they finish the job of wiping out everything, they can make any claims they want and no one will have a basis to refute them from. If one thing the communists driving change now care about, it is NOT black history. That's why they have no compunctions at all about wiping it off store shelves. They'd rather see it gone forever than let a black person see a white person buy a box with a black woman on it. No racist would do that, the fact the products existed at all stands as proof America had no racist problem until a bunch of scammers stirred one up from out of nowhere.

I don't recall ever buying "Aunt Jemima", I always went with the generics (because I am cheap) but I always knew that was the "good stuff".

BY THE WAY, SKILLED EUROPEAN INDENTURED SERVANTS built the white house and capitol building. Don't let Obama or anyone else get away with claiming African blacks did that just so they can tear it down and erase America that much more. ABSOLUTELY NO GROUP FROM AFRICA OF THAT TIME PERIOD HAD ANY, AND I MEAN ANY OF THE SKILLS NEEDED TO DO SUCH WORK.

Even Egypt, which was arguably the world's wealthiest nation at the time, with the top intellects in Africa could not have pulled that off. Those are complicated highly skilled structures that needed western craftsmen at every step of construction.

Remember sixth grade, when you learned this stuff? Oh, sixth grade before common core, during the time frame when the books said a couple hundred thousand died in the concentration camps - you know, before it was all B.S. - THOSE BOOKS made it VERY clear that indentured servants (who were basically white slaves) built the white house. Now they claim "little history exists so it's hard to know" - yeah - after all the libraries were destroyed by revisionists. That was an extremely well documented time frame and event. Lots of history exists and if anyone implies otherwise, they are liars. You probably can't google it for damn sure unless it links through to a filthy lie.

This is making the rounds so I figured I'd post it.

Type any three digit number and "new cases" into Google and see what you get

It's a 100 percent hit rate on "new cases of coronavirus" quoting multiple sources, and I tested this, it usually works up into the millions.

I figured I'd try the higher numbers because three digits is few enough to allow for saturation. But when it predominantly scores perfect hits on four, five, six, seven, and eight digits, there's a problem, it really does look like google has an AI that spontaneously writes spooky corona stories no matter what number you type, quoting the number you type, linking through to a source and all.

Many people are suspecting that this was a response to "322 new cases" that was pointed out earlier, done to water down the perceived legitimacy of the 322 expose'. Now it works for ALL numbers, not just 322, so that makes the "322" discover fake. At least in leftie land.

That's like having the U.N. officially recognize Antifa and the Antifa flag, announce enormous support, have it make the MSM in several reports, and after it sparked ENORMOUS outrage all of a sudden it's a hoax, they never said it, never did it, and all the screen caps are all "photoshop" according to troll team six.

You never know what you should save for later, I skipped the U.N. antifa thing because I was not surprised t all and was waiting for them to give "CHAZ" international approval. I figured they'd stand by Antifa forever. Don't worry, they still do but they are not going to publicly announce it now. So just tell the AI to return coronavirus stories for any number anyone types, until google gets busted for that too, let's see how long it lasts.

Jeannie and I had reserved tickets to attend the rally.

Although somewhat chaotic with people driving by yelling obscenities at us as we walked, a mean mug or two and a fight or two breaking out around us, everything wasn't actually that bad. However, finding a gate entrance was quite the task...nothing was clarified - and protesters were blocking entrances. We finally found how to get in. At the exact moment we approached the first barrier (police tape) there were police lined up at the tape and at the opening we were greeted by the Secret service or contract military (not sure who they were) at 6:05 p.m. who told us, along with a multitude of others at our gate (there was three seperate entrance gates at various locations) that we could not enter. We asked why? They said that the BOK had reached its capacity and the temperature checkers had left prematurely and acted pretty smug about it which I thought was strange.

Some who waited with us said they had friends on the inside who text and told them that there were still many empty seats available. So, we waited at the police tape entrance dumb founded for 20 minutes until the police line started backing up and went through a 10 foot fence and chained and locked the gate. No other explanation. Further, no one was even allowed into the jumbotron area to watch it outside. We walked with a man on our way back to our car, who was on the inside but decided to leave, who also said that there were many more seats available.

This is the absolute first hand truth. So, we drove home to watch what was left of the rally on tv to see many empty seats in the background and hear nothing but lies from reporters who reported that the Trump rally didn't have the turnout that they expected inside and no one even turned out to rally outside to watch the jumbotron (which is exactly what a supporter waiting with us said the media would say). Nothing but lies! We were lied to! They locked a multitude of us out! They even reported that Trump was surprised at the low turnout. If I can get a message to the President, I will tell him how they duped him at this rally and how he is getting played by those who surround him."

There is going to be a major report here soon, and right on cue, my cat provided a great photo op.

Cat pictures are hard to censor. So is broken messed up text. Let's get this to go viral so people find out this site exists.


Do a screen capture of this cat picture and send it to everyone. Doing a screen capture will make it impossible to censor. If you simply save the file it will be VERY easy to censor. It should be obvious why it is in everyone's best interest for this to go viral.

I finally got a picture of my cat using the toilet

This cat both hates the litter box and "wants to be like us" so it copies whatever it can. This cat was a kitten when my father in law had his brain surgery. He fully recovered and I said we should give it back, but Claudia said NO, that is YOUR CAT. That's when it officially became mine.

Doing captures of this image rather than saving it and sending it will randomize file sizes, image dimensions and file names automatically. It will be VERY difficult to stop.


Update to below:

As it turns out, the Trump campaign used software to strip repeat applications from the rally sign ups so the stories about twitter kids can't be legit. Something is messed up.


CONFIRMED: The police locked people out of Trump's rally, with BLM as an excuse

Finally reports are trickling in via various social media. Here is what happened: The rally was expected to be so huge that an overflow capacity for 1, 000, 000 people was provided. That amounted to the entire area around the stadium. To get into that area, you had to go through metal detectors that were blocks away. The police shut those down. The lines were there, and people were not allowed entry. Then the media showed nothing but the enormous clear area that was to be used for attendees who could not get into the stadium, saying no one was there and that it was empty, while they refused to show where the actual points of entry were.

The rally would not have been as big as expected, but it would have at least filled the stadium. It did not fill the stadium because the police used the ruse of ANTIFA to deny EVERYONE access after a certain point.


CONFIRMED: The police locked people out of Trump's rally, with BLM as an excuse

Finally reports are trickling in via various social media. Here is what happened: The rally was expected to be so huge that an overflow capacity for 1, 000, 000 people was provided. That amounted to the entire area around the stadium. To get into that area, you had to go through metal detectors that were blocks away. The police shut those down. The lines were there, and people were not allowed entry. Then the media showed nothing but the enormous clear area that was to be used for attendees who could not get into the stadium, saying no one was there and that it was empty, while they refused to show where the actual points of entry were.


Georgia city council asks mayor to resign over rant, saying 'privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance'

The city council of Bloomingdale, Georgia, has asked the mayor to immediately resign over his comments on Facebook ripping those he believes possess "privilege, " including those who wear "$300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance" and those who wear "$200 sneakers when you've never had a job."

Mayor Ben Rozier's now-deleted post in the Gossip Bloomingdale GA Facebook group from Tuesday night appeared to be a response to the term "white privilege, " WJCL-TV reported.

Here's what Rozier wrote:

"What is privilege?....

"Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you've never had a job."

"Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance."

"Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for."

"Privilege is living in subsidized housing where you don't have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table."

"Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest anything that triggers you without worrying about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior."

"Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and [to] be able to send them off to daycare or school you don't pay for."

"Privilege is sending your kids to school early for the before-school programs and breakfast, and then keeping them there for the after-school program...paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! know, us so-called 'PRIVILEGED' the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!"

My comment: The city council needs DIRECT PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION OVER THIS - HARD ACTION - MORE THAN WORDS, and I'll encourage it. And if people are too cowardly to re-post what I post when I say it like it is, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, taking ZERO hard action against the communists at this point is going to be our doom. WE NEED


My final comment on Trump's Tulsa rally attendance:

When you claim a million are going to show up, and only 12, 000 do, it looks pathetic. but 12, 000 is a hell of a lot, even not considering the circumstances, and there WERE circumstances. If anything, we learned a new war tactic of the left, that set up this embarrassment by falsely reserving lots of tickets. Now they have something to "claim victory" over, and call Trump the loser without ever bringing notice to the fact that FIVE showed up for Biden's "rally", that could have been handled by a single table at Starbucks the way drug lords and other high criminals hold "meetings".

BOTTOM LINE: Trump still needed a stadium so the left can STICK IT.


Idiot "PINK" bragged about selling out the same stadium in 5 minutes

First of all, that can't be done. Second of all, I'd like to see that stadium sell out now, when the MSM is still harping about Corona.

UPDATE: Drudge is lying

The claim is that there were no rioters blocking people from entering. Then WTF IS THIS? The MSM is once again scamming. Yes, at the stadium gates there were no rioters. But by the time you got to the gates, you already went through the check points. They did not show that. It is entirely possible for a multitude of people to have been blocked, but with censorship at play it is going to be difficult to find. However, the video I linked above shows at least something was going on to this effect

Drudge is also lying about the turnout. They are playing the usual tricks of bad camera angles and empty seats before or after MAX. Reality: About 12, 000 showed up and totally filled the lower level all the way around and partially filled the upper level. Yes, it was less than expected. But it blew Biden across the galaxy and into a black hole.

Additionally, live streams were probably at record levels. The speech was awesome and high energy, and the trolls are absolutely flipped out over it, doing nothing but lying and backstabbing. Clearly the communists are scared senseless. read Drudge and then Look at this, you'll see clearly the left is lying again and they are not even being careful about it.

Update: Trump rally went extremely well. Live stream viewership went over a million across the various channels, which is quite good.

DECENT stadium turnout in Tulsa, but lower than expected. Approximately 12, 000. Various Youtube live streams added up to about 800, 000 towards the end of his speech. That's just what I could find, there are lots that don't come up in search.

This guy did a 360 view. It is not as good as he makes it look because he kept the camera to the lower deck. The upper deck is mostly empty. But it's a hell of a lot better than Biden's rally he mockingly added to the bottom of the video.

Twitter will probably delete this video because it tells the truth irrefutably, he did a GREAT job of showing exactly what the attendance was. MSM is going to lowball it for sure. I have key captures from his video saved in case it vanishes.


Libs reserved 800, 000 tickets for Trump's rally, making everyone believe they should stay home, and then, it was a crowd only 8 - 10 times what Hillary would draw.


Trump's kid video with CNN backstabbing him got banned, so now he posted this and it is just as good.

It is highly probable that CHOP is killing people and ditching them in the ocean

Human remains in multiple garbage bags are turning up RIGHT THERE. Obviously Weak News is not going to finger the rioters, but I have to say This is suspicious.

If they found two bags, there are probably 50 more out to sea . . . .

There is an effort underway to "prove" Floyd was killed

The people behind the entire scam need ONE THING to survive: A "dead George". There is a way to recover something you have lost in the information war, and they did lose the narrative of Floyd being dead at all. Here is how they are recovering it:

They are taking a step back and saying Floyd was not killed by the cop, he was instead killed by "drugs in his system". This gives a middle road to conservatives who are against all the riots, conservatives can rationalize out that "If there were drugs in his system and the cop did not kill him there's no reason for the riots" while All the rioters will see is a dead George. It does away with the fact George did not die at all and his family raked in 12+ million they are now celebrating with (that's a lawsuit all by itself) and it puts the ball right back into the Leftists hands.

FACT: When the EMT's arrived they were not real EMT's and they did absolutely nothing but prove it was a staged hoax with either a dummy or an actor. They did not check vitals, they did not do any sort of recovery effort, they did not even handle him the way EMT's would - being careful to not disturb any injuries - NO - they just loaded him like a side of beef and off they went. That's all we need to know that no one died there, don't let a hoax about "Fentanyl" - which leaves the scammers a way to go after China again - fool you.

It is not the Chinese

FACT: Despite efforts to pin this on outsiders, NOTHING that is going on right now is backed by the Chinese. The Chinese are not having the mayor of Seattle send CHAZ/CHOP or whatever the children call it food, The Chinese are not telling the police to stand down, and the Chinese did not give them their barricades, electricity, water, - let me make a prediction:

They want Chaz to be the end of Trump and they are allowing those people in there to rape rob and plunder the normal residents of Seattle. A video leaked out that indicates this may be the case. Right before the election, they are going to reveal all the atrocities and blame them on Trump, who "did nothing to stop them." Suddenly the media will be on "our side" telling the truth about everything that happened there, while they do double time censorship right now, to prevent anyone from knowing. Huge revelations will be made about a disaster "horrific beyond belief", the mayor will step up and say they begged for help, and 100 percent of the blame will be dropped squarely on Trump.

That is, of course, if the Hells Angels or the American people don't put it right, and they easily could.


Shooting in CHAZ

One black guy dead, one white guy injured. Shot presumably by CHAZ for "snitching". And in chaz, "snitches get stitches".

We'll see if this makes it to the MSM, and how it gets spun. The best data I can come up with was that the two were snitches that got dealt with. Hopefully this is not related to the video I have posted below.

Why is Trump not acting on Chaz? Easy answer:

Because when this is supported by the mayor of a city, totally within city jurisdiction, and the mayor is even paying for it with city taxes, this is a city issue, not a national one. To call "chaz" an "autonomous zone" is laughable, they are not autonomous at all and this is just a giant stage played party that happens to be a very nasty one. There is no autonomous zone in the U.S. - no "separate nation" set up when the U.S. taxpayers are paying for it and the police could simply wipe it out the moment they are told to. It is all a big joke, (an enormous criminal joke) and the mayor is responsible for every murder, every robbery, every rape when it is happening with full approval.

Trump's not stupid enough to even bother with this hoax. This is supposed to be handled by the FBI (but we all know where that sh*thole stands) and the investigation would be quite simple. Just use public statements for this one. This should have been dealt with in an afternoon.

The only thing needed to shut down Chaz is ONE arrest - the mayor.


Message out of CHOP: Rapes, robberies and a whole lot more

A man reportedly got a call out of the Seattle occupied zone where he stated gangs of thugs at night were breaking into homes, demanding reparations, and raping the occupants. Quite conveniently, absolutely no info is coming up on any search engine with regard to this or even how many people actually live there, only that it is "the most densely populated area of Seattle." The guy in the phone call states there are about 8,000 normal residents in the occupied zone and that they are in serious trouble.

The call reports that during the day, everything seems ok but at night lines of people go down the street and enter buildings, kicking in doors, looting the households, and raping the occupants, with the theme: You did this to us for X number of years, now it's our turn. Residents are reportedly beaten badly and raped in front of their kids.

I may post an audio only version of this later, but for now, this is on Brighteon because Youtube and twitter would obviously delete it.

I have tried to get supporting info for this, but there is NO info, everything is censored, not one of the 8,000 residents has managed to post anything meaningful that can be searched out on any mainstream platform. There is obvious censorship going on when EVERYONE approves and it is "all a great big party" - you'd think the actual residents of the place would at least complain about having their cars trapped in or out by the barricades but there's not jack squat ANYWHERE, which means this call is likely to be absolutely real.

If Google, Faceplant, Twitter and more won't even let ANY of the 8,000 residents complain about having their cars trapped, you can damn well bet they are covering up rape, robbery and murder. It is not "all just a big party", this is happening in the most densely populated zone in Seattle. Why are no real residents being allowed to speak up?

VERY INTERESTING: Breastfeeding inhibits vaccine damage

Evidently the story is that mother's milk contains all kinds of immune boosters that keep a baby's immune system occupied so that when the shot is given, it impedes the shot's ability to program the immune system to destroy the kid.

Now the CDC wants women to not breast feed their kids because it "prevents vaccines from working". You can't make this stuff up, and now, in addition to avoiding shots altogether, MAKE DAMN GOOD AND SURE you get out of the hospital with NO shots and BREAST FEED to help protect the kid if one ends up being forced.


I have not missed the fact that Bolton published a hit piece on Trump

It is almost not worth mentioning because what's new? However, I will say he was quite audacious with it. Accomplished nothing. I just hate him more. Fail.

It would have mattered more if I did not already hate Bolton's guts. He's seething with evil but I still think Cuomo's soul is more dead.

What is good for "the rest of us" is not good for the CNN that promoted it.

After putting up this fence to avoid further attacks, the are STILL inspiring attacks on the rest of us. How about that!


Zerohedge did a report stating that Apple rammed contact tracing onto everyone's phone against their consent. In the comments, people said Google did it too. So I checked my phone (the one I use as a modem) and sure enough, they rammed it onto that phone right where everyone said it would be. I never approved this. I don't even touch or use that phone, it's just a modem.

Update: Apparently Google gave a big warning they were going to do this and that the update could be blocked by disabling updates. But my guess is most people don't pay attention to Google for these types of things, they have better things to live for. Saying they warned everyone is just a lame excuse.

I tested to see if factory reset would clear this. It did.

There is a new "antifa manual" cirulating, It is here

My comment: I question it's legitimacy. And if it is legit, all it does is lay out the Jewish plan for world domination, states a few of their methods, and was packaged to appeal to useful idiots. And I mean IDIOTS. Are there enough to go around? Time will tell.

At any rate, everything spoken of in the "manual" needs to have Jews, who have subverted everything, implement it. It seems to me that there is a possibility the Jews released this to divert attention away from them. That's exactly what it does - it outlines what THEY are doing and tries to put the blame on someone else.

A major problem with it is that it is too short. No organization like Antifa would actually release something so short a 5th grader could read through it in one whack, that's another red flag.

VERDICT: This is a hoax fronted by the Jewish community to push what they are doing and have been doing for DECADES to destroy Western Civilization off on a scapegoat they can abandon, - yes, even Antifa was their baby but I think they are about to leave it at the curb.

In the interest of being "sensitive", Miss Butterworths (supposedly) is going to be changed, she's OUT.

So let me make an ALL INCLUSIVE suggestion for brand image re-shaping


Here's a brief summary: He did not believe the covid numbers, so he sent out top government officials to surprise audit hospitals. None had any covid patients despite claiming large numbers and ONE that was not even finished at all claimed to have 5, 000 patients and 200 dead. THE PUNCH LINE HAS ARRIVED:

The hospital, which was incomplete and not even able to take any patients at all actually did order 200 coffins and had them sealed "ready to be buried." The officials opened the coffins, and they had weights inside. There were no dead bodies, and they took the scam all the way to coffins that really were going to be buried. SEE THIS

Yes, Corona is a scam, an absolutely EPIC one.

There is, however, a very commendable difference between Brazilian corruption and American corruption

In America, they actually kill the people so something real goes in the coffins. Several nurses have blown the whistle on this and not a damn thing got done about it, Cuomo just keeps on having the doctors killing.

In that regard, Brazil is a HELL of a lot better than the United States, it's simply a different, lower level corruption in Brazil where the corrupt at least have enough social merit to not commit murders for the sake of image.

Trump just posted his best tweet ever BY FAR

Watch it to the end.

Stormy Daniels said the Trump affair never happened. See this


The following has been very well received despite creating an uproar from damage control crews and the most common trollage is: The police in country X (just name one) are WAY worse than American police. Here is my response to that trollage:


Heck, WHY NOT. Mexico's police are supposed to be "the worst in the world" and having been both places, Mexico and the U.S. for many years each, I can affirmatively state: MEXICAN POLICE ARE ANGELS compared to American police, America's police have gone down the o'lshitteree so far they are beyond salvage.

I have had numerous encounters with Mexican police, of all types, Federal, local, and traffic, and they are saintly GODS compared to American police. Never once have I been scared. They never did anything to deserve it. If you think other police are worse than American police, YOU NEED TO QUIT SMOKING THE MSM BULLSHIT.

And now, TOP POSTED because it is SO spot on the commies are doing back flips:

FEET BACK IN REALITY: American cops really are the worst in the world. Floyd changed NOTHING.

What if having Israel train America's cops was for the purpose of creating such monsters it amounted to a false flag that had Americans begging for change, with the solution being the U.N.?

Anyone with a lick of sense knows you should not call the cops for anything because they are likely to create more problems, and far worse than what you originally had. Everyone with a lick of sense knows you don't carry large amounts of cash for ANY REASON because the police will rob it if they find it, and then call it "asset forfeiture". The claim is that if you can prove in court where it came from you'll get it back, but the reality is after any court hearing you don't get it back, you get a percentage back and the balance goes to the lawyer. It is outright theft.

America is the only "civilized" country there is, where foreign nations issue people warnings about the cops, and that the cops will rob them. And the cops will take it far beyond cash, and drain every single bank account you have down to ZERO if they find your debit card on top of it all, with a special hacking machine in their squad cars. You don't have to approve, they take it anyway. The lie is that they only take it from "pre paid Visa cards" and the conjure up lies about anonymity and how that justifies it, but your regular debit card is a "pre paid" card and if it links to an account that has your life's savings, they'll steal every last dime of it.

If you want proof of what kind of SH*T American police are, consider the fact that several joined the rioters in Minneapolis and lit the buildings on fire themselves. The balance stood down and let the rioters do whatever they want, and in Portland they took no action at all while an entire section of the city was seized. They did this because the corrupted government told them to allow it and ONLY SHIT would follow orders like that.

Every cop in existence knows the lawyers in divorce court tell the woman to issue a false accusation of domestic violence, and then they follow through on the call as if it was real. How much corruption does it take to do that? Subsequently the man is annihilated, and is often completely stripped of all visitation "because he's violent" and becomes a cash cow that gets stripped of everything significant for the rest of his useful life. The elite protect themselves completely with limits on how high it can go, unless youre not part of the club and then you're a willie nelson who ends up owing tens of millions to some corrupt hag that called the cops and lied. The cops and the courts are the enablers, the women just do it because they are told it is OK. and NO ONE at ANY point in that corrupted system believes any of it is legit, they just do it as an act of war that may have already issued America it's death blow. Now the kids are snowflakes from shattered homes, with no roots, respect or reference. It was intentional. It is probably the end of us, just look at who does the most at these BLM protests: WHITE KIDS. Look at who's tearing the statues down IT ALL STARTED IN DIVORCE COURT WITH A WOMAN WHO WAS PUSHED TO LIE TO DESTROY THE MAN, AND DID.

All of this was enforced by horse shit cops that did it for a paycheck and were guaranteed to be stupid enough via pre-hiring intelligence tests to not see through the scam and run it like it's real.

American cops are the ONLY cops on earth where if you get out of your car at a traffic stop and make any wrong moves, they'll shoot you. For a traffic stop. Subsequently, (quite literally) if all they want to do is ask you where the donut shop is, and you run, they'll shoot you. Here is a video of a cop shooting a guy who was simply waking down the street wearing headphones and could not hear him. They literally will just shoot anyone, there have been plenty of accounts where people who were not in trouble at all got shot just because, for the most part, the cop felt like it.

America is the only country that has cops so bad they'll shoot a restrained dog. They'll shoot a fenced dog. They'll shoot a playful dog. They do it all the time, have people not remembered those reports?

Bottom line: American cops really are trash. American cops REALLY DO need to be totally disbanded and fired. And what caused this? ISRAEL. ISRAEL DID IT. ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY ARE 100 PERCENT CERTIFIABLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HORRIFIC AMERICAN POLICE.

THEY trained them. THEY set up the hiring testing for them. THEY are the ones that infiltrated the courts and turned the courts into scam outfits that ripped kids away from dads, and ran prison labor with good people who were highly skilled, while they let the thugs run free.

WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Here it is.

They wanted to create a situation so bad that Americans begged for salvation from the U.N. And what are these corrupted cities and precincts now trying to do? BRING IN U.N. PEACEKEEPERS.

Bring in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that won't steal cash just because you happen to have it, WONT shoot you in the back while you're wearing headphones, WONT annihilate your life in an intentionally corrupted court, WONT arrive and shoot your dog, WONT drain all your credit cards and then force you to fight and scream in a court that does nothing but rob you - How far have we fallen? So far that there are countless victims begging for this system to end, AND THE JEWS DID ALL OF IT AND WILL ANSWER WITH A SOLUTION.

And what happens when you show up in court seeking justice? YOU GET ROBBED. $20,000 in legal fees, up to MILLIONS. It's a scam of epic proportions. It is a scam you don't encounter anywhere else. America is the only country that has prosecutors hired by the state seeking to drag anyone into that system that they possibly can, even when no legit person wants to sue them. Yeah, we have "courts". Try defending yourself in them. Even if you walk, your life is often damaged or over.

If ANYONE wants a prime example of how vile the American courts have become, just look at what they did to Trump at the national level. They destroyed his presidency. All with kike planted corruption that truly knew no bounds, and in this horrific system, Trump can't put anything right, he gets blocked by corruption at every turn, the same way no one else other than the corrupt can ever seem to get justice without destroying their lives to accomplish it. It is SO BAD that it had to have been done on purpose, to destroy the country.




Police in Atlanta are very upset over the officer who shot a black man. Claim: The black man was unarmed and running. Reality: He grabbed the taser off one of the officers and tried to taze him with it. My opinion is that's not punishable by death, but you know - you can't blame the officer for being trained by the Israelis to handle us the way the Israelis handle Palestinians.

Re-training of the police is definitely needed, I think there's a fair amount of consensus that Israel screwed up America's police force BADLY and everyone knows they hire the most stupid people possible for the job because they don't want intelligent officers questioning things. So for those two reasons - 1. The officer was hired because he was not bright, and 2: The officer got trained to be a thug - he should not be jailed. According to his training, he did it 100 percent certifiably right.

What people really need to be questioning is who T.H. infiltrated our nation so badly that Israel got to train all of Americas police to be this way, and then subsequently ensured the hiring tests would filter out anyone bright enough to say NO. There is a definite problem that needs to be fixed, and it is 100 percent centered around Israel. It is not a white problem, or black problem, once again it all boils down to a ___ problem. TIME TO FIX IT.


Once again: Do NOT blame China

China is not an angelic country. However, they are NOT the ones causing mayhem in the U.S., 100 percent of what is going on in the U.S. is being done by the exact same Jewish community that slammed communism down on Russia. Even what is going on in China now is the Jew's baby, I don't know if they lost control of that baby or not but it is still their creation.



Trump's twitter is NOT "white house" or "the donald" or anything else, it is and NOTHING ELSE. Yes, it is true Trump has not tweeted today. People were suspicious as to why Trump has not tweeted, and the answer was he's done nothing but tweet, and then links to fake accounts were provided. Make sure that if you "think you are reading Trump" you actually are.

The left knows the truth. They know Trump is up by about 95/5 so they are going to try to kill him. Having him not post for a day is concerning. If you have any doubts at all about their intentions, just read what Popular Mechanics posted.


Popular Mechanics just released Detailed instructions for destroying monuments

Cancel all subscriptions. They are communist run. And if any more crap like this gets published BY ANY MSM SOURCE, I am going to release:

"Totally mundane and silent weapons that operate with total stealth"

Update: The original writing for this had descriptions of things a lot worse than the ONE I left posted. I did not post enough for people to figure it out. I am still considering doing so.

Basic outline of intro: Guns suck. one pop and everyone knows you are there. Would it not be much better to use modern technology to take people out in droves, with no one knowing where it came from? Now you can!

I have deleted the body of this post, having left it up only long enough for "them" to see it. That said - Every last weapon I have can be done with stuff EVERYONE has, you will not need to go out and buy anything at all. If buying stuff was a requirement, stealth would be lost. None of them even use any chemicals at all. You'll be stunned by this stuff if I ever do post it, I guarantee it - STUNNED.


Not a joke: They are ditching Aunt Jemima

How about this for a thought: It's not about racism at all. Because in a racist nation with a predominantly white population, you would not be able to sell a product with a black woman on it. That alone proves the racist crap is a hoax. If whites were racist, Michael Jackson would not have a chance, and no one would watch sports. IT IS ALL B.S. folks And I'm going to cut to the chase:

Communists HATE having people have an identity, including a race. That's what the race mixing is for. They want all people blended down to vanilla. You can't have cocoa with coco nut. It is all going to be ONE history, ONE identity, ONE image, - and in that context, a black aunt Jemima won't cut it. To claim that image is racist is such a steaming pile of B.S. that only a communist could spew it, what black person would see that image on a box a WHITE person is buying, and not be proud?

The erasure of EVERYTHING. Every last unique identifier STRIPPED. The only thing you will be allowed to "identify" with is the state. You can't have your culture, your heritage, your history, your race, your religion, - you cannot have ANYTHING to set you apart from anyone else, not even your intelligence, - with that enforced by "vaccines".

They claim it is about supremacy. But once the dominant race is wiped out, you will not even be allowed to identify as black. Aunt Jemima just proved it.


China is likely doing a secondary purge of dissidents

It won't stop this time until about 100, 000, 000 are gone

LET'S FACE IT: Everyone knows Coronavirus was B.S., especially Bolsonaro who just busted the scam wide open, with the most notable event being an un-finished hospital claiming cash for caring for 5, 000 "coronavirus victims", with THAT cash plus the construction cash going into a corrupted governor's pocket. That's what corona is made of, so why is it so devastating in China? ANSWER: It is not. It's a ploy like Cuomo's New York.

LET'S FACE IT: When Coronavirus failed, they immediately launched the BLM crap with a fake killing and Soros backed goons. WE ALL KNOW IT IS ALL PART OF A COMMUNIST ASSAULT, AND CHINA IS COMMUNIST. Why would China be honest about what they are really doing in the name of Corona? You can't get away with storm troopers hauling people off en masse but put a mask and gumby suit on and VOILA! You can beat the living crap out of people stuffing them into a van, and onlookers will applaud.

China has a history of killing tens of millions to get communism in place. The same types are in charge now. We're talking about a country that killed so many people off at birth that it screwed their demographics. These goons were losing control. They needed an excuse to purge dissidents and when Corona happened, they burned so damn many people it caused smog problems despite everything being shut down. REMEMBER THAT? Remember the huge environmental problems China suddenly had after everything was shut down, - a weird smoke no one ever saw before? It was acknowledged that it was crematoriums. But you don't get that kind of pollution from burning 10, 000 people, millions? Yes.

There were all kinds of reports about portable crematoriums, but what if the story is bigger than even that? Who's to say what happened to who when so many were welded into their apartments? They welded an enormous pile of people into their apartments. Remember that? Under those circumstances, who on earth would be out and about to notice trenches or mass burnings outside the city? They had the incinerators IN the cities, and crematoriums IN the city, but as many as there were, they would not cause a smog problem. Where T.H. did the smog problem come from with everything shut down?


If corona is fake everywhere else, - a point beyond easy to prove, what makes it real in China? More communism?


About the post down the page a ways about Bolsonaro busting the COVID scam wide open -

The claim is that he sent out people to forcibly enter hospitals that were reporting huge coronavirus deaths and huge numbers of patients and ALL WERE EMPTY. The linked video gets into corruption, and how one hospital that claimed to have 5, 000 coronavirus patients was not even built yet because the governor of the state it was in stole the construction money. Trolls have hopped onto this saying there's nothing in the MSM and it is B.S., however, brazilians are posting to twitter saying it is in fact legit, that the bust was HUGE and happened all over the country. I am going with this story as 100 percent legit, Bolsonaro would be just the guy to do this.

Summary: Bolsonaro knew the corona stats were phony. He sent out a large number of government officials to force their way into the hospitals against the wishes of the hospital owners, and they discovered there was no corona, only hospital officials and state officials scamming money from Brazil's government, times EVERY HOSPITAL AUDITED IN EVERY STATE and there were a LOT of them, this is apparently huge news in Brazil and the American MSM won't touch it.




Take a look at pictures of the barricades - you will notice that they are movable concrete barricades. They are not anchored. When you arrive, put two people on one side (front) and two people on the opposite side (on the back) and spin them. Once sideways, motorcycles will go right through. The barricades are not secure AT ALL.


I checked around, and 2X2X4 foot blocks weigh about a ton (and you'll see those if you look this up, but that's probably not what these are. They have short Mexicans placing these barricades, and three of these blocks stacked on top of each other would not be as tall as one of the Mexicans., /b> You can see this clearly from the picture. These blocks are probably 18 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and four feet long. That will add up to about a thousand pounds. Rocking and pushing these will definitely get them to spin (on concrete, and a lot are on concrete, it won't work on asphalt). And then you just drive right in.

Even if these are full sized blocks, they should still be spinnable if they are placed on concrete and you put 4 tough guys on them. A Ford Truck that has cosmetics listed as "optional" would have no trouble spinning these without significant damage.

Chaz gave up half it's occupied area in exchange for concrete barriers

I don't know what to make of this, other than at this rate within a month it will devolve down to "mom's basement".


Strong circumstantial evidence indicates Kim Jong is not doing well

Kim Jong wanted peace. There was no reason for him to blow up a liaison office to South Korea that was on his side of the border. I have a hunch that was someone elses decision. And who would that be? His sister, who I have knick named Genghis Khunt?

As much as the MSM has ripped him, Kim Jong was the best thing that could have ever happened. He was actually decent for a so-called "tyrant", I don't think we want a replacement and what is going on now seems to prove it.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has produced an "impossibly good" lawsuit against the FDA for banning Hydroxychloroquine

They pull no punches, and make it perfectly clear that it is available to everyone from the national stockpiles, and that banning it is a direct attempt to rig the 2020 elections

Here is the first little bit of text from the main body of the lawsuit.

"1. AAPS brings this action on behalf of its members and their patients to end the irrational interference by the FDA with timely access to hydroxychloroquine ("HCQ"), which has been donated in large quantities to the federal government for prompt distribution. Specifically, AAPS seeks an injunction against the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization dated March 28, 2020 ("EUA"), which prohibits use of the donated HCQ except for already-hospitalized patients for Case 1:20-cv-00493 ECF No. 1 filed 06/02/20 PageID.1 Page 1 of 24

2. Through a biased, unlawful process described in greater detail below, FDA officials from prior administrations acted contrary to the wishes of President Donald Trump, by arbitrarily limiting use of HCQ from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) "to prescribe to adolescent and adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible."1

3. Specifically, a Barack Obama-appointed official who is outspokenly critical of President Trump, Rick Bright, personally opposed making HCQ widely available to the public from the federal SNS, and distorted the agency process to arbitrarily and unjustifiably limit access by patients to HCQ received as donations by the federal government for the purpose of making it available promptly to the public.

4. HCQ has been approved as safe by the FDA for sixty-five (65) years, and is safer than numerous medications that are widely available over the counter ("OTC") without requiring a prescription, including anti-depressants (St John’s Wort), sleeping pills (diphenhydramine), bronchodilators (ephedrine), many pain medications including ibuprofen, acetaminophen (Tylenol®), and even aspirin. HCQ is not addictive in any way.

5. President Donald Trump himself has repeatedly praised HCQ, and he announced on May 18, 2020 that on his own initiative and with his physician's advice and prescription, Trump took a full regimen of HCQ himself as a prophylaxis against COVID-19, as other world leaders have reportedly been doing.

6. The arbitrary, irrational, and unjustifiable interference by Defendants with the use of HCQ as a prophylaxis interferes with the political process by which the United States selects its president: national political conventions. For nearly two centuries, thousands of delegates attend a national political convention together to nominate their candidate for president and to present their slate to the American public. Continued, irrational interference by Defendants with a safe prophylaxis for COVID-19 has the effect of infringing on the right of the people to hold national political conventions, which have been an essential part of our presidential elections since at least 1832.

The rest is here and the AAPS web site is Here



The story line I went with ended up being what CNN later published. They are claiming a cleaning solution was not fully purged from the system and that it was not intentional. I THINK that's B.S. and that some employees made good and sure the cops got shakes with "something extra" no one would get in serious trouble for.



Bolsonaro did not believe hospitals were being honest about Corona, had people break into one that claimed to have 5, 000 CORONA patients and the place was empty.

Five members of the Brazilian parlaiment went to hospitals under the orders of Bolsonaro to conduct surprise audits and confirm the number of patients there. One hospital claimed to have 5, 000 people with Coronavirus along with 200 dead. When the officials audited it, they discovered it was not even fully constructed yet and had no patients of any sort, let alone Corona.

The same trend happened at other hospitals that were completed. Though they had patients, there were few, if any, with coronavirus while the hospitals were claiming huge numbers.

The hospitals are guilty of embezzlement and defrauding the Brazilian government, while attempting to destroy Brazil with a fraud and forced vaccination scheme.

This same fraud is playing out in American hospitals to an even greater scale now - taken to such an extent that whistle blowing nurses are stating the hospitals are killing people on purpose to get the death stats to actionable levels. Coronavirus is likely the greatest scam perpetrated in the history of mankind.

You will NOT hear about this in America's scam MSM, but for A limited time only there's a twitter thread about this, complete with video of the government officials doing the busts. GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD.


Update to "shake shack"

Apparently the police did an investigation and discovered nothing wrong. However, I am skeptical, something probably was done and my guess is soap. That's not going to kill anyone but it would cause temporary problems that would never be traced.

The ice cream machines have to be cleaned. During this process, soap is run through them. If they did not get it all out (or any of it out, ) it makes really bad ice cream. I have had this happen, where someone did not rinse the machine out and straight soap got into the ice cream. There is definitely an excuse available for "soap in a shake". And I bet it was intentional but it would not be fatal, or even damaging to whoever ate it and nothing at all would turn up in an investigation.

Ilhan Omar's dad supposedly died from CORONA!!!

THAT would be a hoax if I ever saw one. Ilhan Omar is clearly evil enough to do whatever it took to keep the Corona psy op going, and now that the BLM psy op has started to rattle and fall apart, CORONA WAVE 2. How convenient.

He was not fond of her politics. Throw that into the mix.

NYPD poisoned at the Shake Shack?

If so, it was not bleach, bleach will not make you pass out and no one would be able to eat anything that had even 10 percent of what it would take to actually do damage. So it was probably something else.


Trump on Tulsa:

"The Far Left Fake News Media, which had no Covid problem with the Rioters and Looters destroying Democrat run cities, is trying to Covid Shame us on our big Rallies, - Won't work!"

My comment: Trump is nearing 1, 000, 000 ticket requests in a city with a TOTAL EXTENDED METRO population (including all burbs, even the remote ones) of 1.25 million. How popular is Biden really? Probably 95 against, 5 for. You can't hit THAT many ticket requests in a city of that size unless everyone plus the dog catcher is with you.

HEADS UP TULSA: EVEN IF YOU DON'T GET A TICKET, SHOW UP. The left is trying to scam the high ticket sales off as "them doing it" so they can sabotage the event. Every last person who wanted to go needs to go and be obviously TRUMP. The MSM is going to try to scam this, so if you see their cameras, flood the area and purge it of the 50 leftist fakers the MSM wants on screen.


Just a thought: They want the COVID scam re-born so the thugs can burn and loot wearing masks.

Caveat: You can put it right while wearing a mask also.



Wal Mart has started playing anti-cop crap through their speakers. They have also started discriminating against cops and giving them bad service. This is not an isolated case, the entire franchise has made this decision at the corporate level. THEREFORE:

Since they hate you, want you de-funded and dis-banded, don't respond to calls from Wal Mart, (or if you do, make sure you don't take any shortcuts to get there and obey all stop signs, speed limits, lights and maybe Dunkin Donuts on the way there and let the looters HAVE AT IT.) Once you arrive, make sure you properly fill out every paper possible before leaving the car, and walk, don't run.


Covid Masonry!

322 new Covid cases in Mississippi!
322 new Covid cases in Ohio!
322 new Covid cases in Oman!
322 new Covid cases in Kentucky!
322 new Covid cases in Mississippi!
322 new Covid cases in Armenia!
322 new Covid cases in Iraq!
322 Covid cases in Bangkok!
322 new Covid cases in Jalisco (Mexican state)
322 new Covid cases in Juarez!
322 new Covid cases in El Paso!
322 new Covid cases in Mexico City!
322 new Covid cases in Oaxaca!
322 new Covid cases in WISCONSIN!
322 new Covid cases in IOWA
322 new Covid deaths in DELAWARE
322 new Covid cases in Italy
322 new Covid cases in Massachussetts



Twitter is censoring the following image

Here is what you do, there are thousands of Twitter users who read this site (probably tens of thousands but it's hard to say because a lot of people are sick of Twitter.) THAT SAID - This site alone can trash the censorship of this image. HERE IS WHAT TO DO:

COPY THIS IMAGE TO YOUR DESKTOP. Don't re-tweet it, copy it, RENAME IT, and post it fresh. That times well over 10, 000 who will see this post AND have Twitter will amount to a blockage busting censorship disaster. And there needs to be one, this kind of crap can destroy the country and cannot be allowed to go unanswered.

To do one better: Put it in a photo editor, wipe any exif it has, crop it down even a fraction of a percent and re-save it. That will prevent Twitter from using file size, image dimensions, and exif to censor it. But if you don't have an editor, simply re-naming it and re-posting it will probably do the trick./b>


This is why Trump had over 800,000 ticket requests for his Tulsa rally

BUSTED: I can prove ON THE SPOT, in a way George Soros can't back out of it - that he's running the autonomous zone in Seattle.

Thanks to some of the stuff I have done on this topic, I can put it together perfect. How? THEY ARE USING TRACFONE, and that is what George Soros uses. I can prove BOTH. Here's how:

In the dropped instruction pamphlet from Antifa (below the top picture), it states they use 328BG's for communication. What is that? It's a burner phone made by LG that is serviced exclusively by Tracfone. So look at what they are asking for on this list: TRACFONE MINUTES CARDS:

And then read the 4th page down on this document, to see what they communicate on. This is an official ANTIFA document that got dropped and someone found:

This speaks volumes. It proves several things:

First of all, it proves Soros, who runs "friends of Democracy" is associated with Antifa, because the second document was dropped by Antifa. Second, they are not using Sprint, ATT or anything else, they are using THE ONE, THE ONLY, TRACFONE. That they are asking for TRACFONE MINUTES CARDS and not another carrier proves THEY ALL have tracfone, if this was an organic movement there would be other pre-paid carriers mixed in, but no, it's Tracfone and they are irrevocably busted. It has to be Soros.

Third: It proves that Soros either expects them to "live in the wild" to some degree, thus necessitating their need to ask for phone cards, OR that they are too cheap to pay for the phone cards with their pay Soros is giving them. It is also possible they can't get the cards in the zone they are in. It's only a six block area. Poor planning. Someone has to bring these items to them.

Any way you cut it, the fact that they are EXCLUSIVELY asking for Tracfone strongly indicates they are part of the "friends of democracy" front run by JONATHAN, not George Soros (so George can say his hands are clean while his kid handles the dirty work). It means very little to claim to not be running it when Jonathan is an apprentice!

The FOURTH thing this does is add double confirmation that the instructions linking "Friends of Democracy" to Antifa are legit. It was called a hoax. But when right on it it states they use Tracfone exclusively because a phone only serviced by Tracfone is on the Friends of Democracy document, and it is so exclusively used by them that they call it out by model number, AND THEN the only airtime requested in CHAZ is Tracfone, well, that's a multiple hanging. BUSTED.

Trump's rally in Tulsa has, as of 3PM CST on June 14, received over 800, 000 ticket requests

This means the polls showing him with very low approval ratings are as fake as the MSM makes them. This means that over 800, 000 of the ENTIRE TULSA METRO's 1.2 million inhabitants want to attend. How many of these are kids too little to go, being left behind with people to watch them? Factor that in, and Trump's actual approval is about 95 percent. This shows how spectaclularly the corona and BLM psy ops have backfired, it hurt the left BIG TIME.


Message may be heard but will not be implemented, because they can't deviate from their play book any more than a simple BASIC computer could not deviate AT ALL from it's pre-set path, and no one can write a new playbook for them.

ONLY A STEAL WILL GIVE THEM THE ELECTION, Tulsa proved everyone hates the left's guts.


BODY WASH??!!?? Yes, they requested BODY WASH

That's a category of product I shun, I bathe with "laundry bars" from the laundry section because that's the only way you can get pure unadulterated soap like what you could find back in the 70's and 80's. If you want REAL soap visit a Latino store and get this:

This stuff actually gets you clean. You really don't need coconut egg almond extract or whatever other crap is in practically all modern soaps now, whoever came up with the new formulations forgot one thing: Soap is supposed to get you clean. This stuff WASHES CLEAN. It is approximately as harsh as the original Ivory and cleans better than the original Ivory.


BELLY LAUGH: Rep Crenshaw:

"I just want to remind all that when you create an "autonomous zone, " you don't get to demand a long list of supplies from the orderly capitalist society that you are rebelling against.

Kind of defeats the meaning of "autonomous."


Hell's Angels and Mongols head to Seattle

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The Mongols have been around since the 1960's and are worse (I mean better) than the Hell's Angels. It's a smaller club but still enough to take on Antifa all by itself. The two clubs, which have a history of killing each other have formed an alliance and are heading to Seattle. This ought to be fun to watch.

I HOPE TO GOD somewhere around 10,000 Harleys show up with every rider - varying from moderately stable (in this situation) to totally unhinged (in this situation) go in there and half of them are armed. They are going to have to deal with the police, who are supporting antifa first, but if they actually do get in there with bikes, spikes, and attitude they might write a chapter of American history no one ever expected to read. I'd LMAO if they went in there and re-took that autonomous zone all by themselves. They certainly could, and it would be worth it to have a SEVERE altercation with the treasonous cops to have that happen. That would make them heroes.

The following is solid gold

"If white supremacists hate Jews more than anything, why is the incarceration rate for Jews lower than that of gentile whites? Why do white supremacists not jail Japanese people more than they jail themeselves?" And MUCH MUCH MORE, SOLID GOLD

UC Berkeley History Professor's Open Letter Against BLM, Police Brutality and Cultural Orthodoxy via Tracy Beanz on Twitter

Dear profs X, Y, Z

I am one of your colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley. I have met you both personally but do not know you closely, and am contacting you anonymously, with apologies. I am worried that writing this email publicly might lead to me losing my job, and likely all future jobs in my field.

In your recent departmental emails you mentioned our pledge to diversity, but I am increasingly alarmed by the absence of diversity of opinion on the topic of the recent protests and our community response to them.

In the extended links and resources you provided, I could not find a single instance of substantial counter-argument or alternative narrative to explain the under-representation of black individuals in academia or their over-representation in the criminal justice system. The explanation provided in your documentation, to the near exclusion of all others, is univariate: the problems of the black community are caused by whites, or, when whites are not physically present, by the infiltration of white supremacy and white systemic racism into American brains, souls, and institutions.

Many cogent objections to this thesis have been raised by sober voices, including from within the black community itself, such as Thomas Sowell and Wilfred Reilly. These people are not racists or 'Uncle Toms'. They are intelligent scholars who reject a narrative that strips black people of agency and systematically externalizes the problems of the black community onto outsiders. Their view is entirely absent from the departmental and UCB-wide communiques.

The claim that the difficulties that the black community faces are entirely causally explained by exogenous factors in the form of white systemic racism, white supremacy, and other forms of white discrimination remains a problematic hypothesis that should be vigorously challenged by historians. Instead, it is being treated as an axiomatic and actionable truth without serious consideration of its profound flaws, or its worrying implication of total black impotence. This hypothesis is transforming our institution and our culture, without any space for dissent outside of a tightly policed, narrow discourse.

A counternarrative exists. If you have time, please consider examining some of the documents I attach at the end of this email. Overwhelmingly, the reasoning provided by BLM and allies is either primarily anecdotal (as in the case with the bulk of Ta-Nehisi Coates' undeniably moving article) or it is transparently motivated. As an example of the latter problem, consider the proportion of black incarcerated Americans. This proportion is often used to characterize the criminal justice system as anti-black. However, if we use the precise same methodology, we would have to conclude that the criminal justice system is even more anti-male than it is anti-black.

Would we characterize criminal justice as a systemically misandrist conspiracy against innocent American men? I hope you see that this type of reasoning is flawed, and requires a significant suspension of our rational faculties. Black people are not incarcerated at higher rates than their involvement in violent crime would predict. This fact has been demonstrated multiple times across multiple jurisdictions in multiple countries.

And yet, I see my department uncritically reproducing a narrative that diminishes black agency in favor of a white-centric explanation that appeals to the department's apparent desire to shoulder the 'white man’s burden' and to promote a narrative of white guilt.

If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. I think it's fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews. And yet, these alleged white supremacists incarcerate gentiles at vastly higher rates than Jews. None of this is addressed in your literature. None of this is explained, beyond hand-waving and ad hominems. "Those are racist dogwhistles". "The model minority myth is white supremacist". "Only fascists talk about black-on-black crime", ad nauseam.

These types of statements do not amount to counterarguments: they are simply arbitrary offensive classifications, intended to silence and oppress discourse. Any serious historian will recognize these for the silencing orthodoxy tactics they are, common to suppressive regimes, doctrines, and religions throughout time and space. They are intended to crush real diversity and permanently exile the culture of robust criticism from our department.

Increasingly, we are being called upon to comply and subscribe to BLM's problematic view of history, and the department is being presented as unified on the matter. In particular, ethnic minorities are being aggressively marshaled into a single position. Any apparent unity is surely a function of the fact that dissent could almost certainly lead to expulsion or cancellation for those of us in a precarious position, which is no small number.

I personally don't dare speak out against the BLM narrative, and with this barrage of alleged unity being mass-produced by the administration, tenured professoriat, the UC administration, corporate America, and the media, the punishment for dissent is a clear danger at a time of widespread economic vulnerability. I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people. There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims, no public silences, no heartfelt letters from the UC regents, deans, and departmental heads. The message is clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them. Black violence is expected and insoluble, while white violence requires explanation and demands solution. Please look into your hearts and see how monstrously bigoted this formulation truly is.

No discussion is permitted for nonblack victims of black violence, who proportionally outnumber black victims of nonblack violence. This is especially bitter in the Bay Area, where Asian victimization by black assailants has reached epidemic proportions, to the point that the SF police chief has advised Asians to stop hanging good-luck charms on their doors, as this attracts the attention of (overwhelmingly black) home invaders. Home invaders like George Floyd. For this actual, lived, physically experienced reality of violence in the USA, there are no marches, no tearful emails from departmental heads, no support from McDonald's and Wal-Mart. For the History department, our silence is not a mere abrogation of our duty to shed light on the truth: it is a rejection of it.

The claim that black intraracial violence is the product of redlining, slavery, and other injustices is a largely historical claim. It is for historians, therefore, to explain why Japanese internment or the massacre of European Jewry hasn't led to equivalent rates of dysfunction and low SES performance among Japanese and Jewish Americans respectively. Arab Americans have been viciously demonized since 9/11, as have Chinese Americans more recently. However, both groups outperform white Americans on nearly all SES indices - as do Nigerian Americans, who incidentally have black skin. It is for historians to point out and discuss these anomalies. However, no real discussion is possible in the current climate at our department. The explanation is provided to us, disagreement with it is racist, and the job of historians is to further explore additional ways in which the explanation is additionally correct. This is a mockery of the historical profession.

Most troublingly, our department appears to have been entirely captured by the interests of the Democratic National Convention, and the Democratic Party more broadly. To explain what I mean, consider what happens if you choose to donate to Black Lives Matter, an organization UCB History has explicitly promoted in its recent mailers. All donations to the official BLM website are immediately redirected to ActBlue Charities, an organization primarily concerned with bankrolling election campaigns for Democrat candidates. Donating to BLM today is to indirectly donate to Joe Biden's 2020 campaign. This is grotesque given the fact that the American cities with the worst rates of black-on-black violence and police-on-black violence are overwhelmingly Democrat-run. Minneapolis itself has been entirely in the hands of Democrats for over five decades; the 'systemic racism' there was built by successive Democrat administrations.

The patronizing and condescending attitudes of Democrat leaders towards the black community, exemplified by nearly every Biden statement on the black race, all but guarantee a perpetual state of misery, resentment, poverty, and the attendant grievance politics which are simultaneously annihilating American political discourse and black lives. And yet, donating to BLM is bankrolling the election campaigns of men like Mayor Frey, who saw their cities devolve into violence. This is a grotesque capture of a good-faith movement for necessary police reform, and of our department, by a political party. Even worse, there are virtually no avenues for dissent in academic circles. I refuse to serve the Party, and so should you.

The total alliance of major corporations involved in human exploitation with BLM should be a warning flag to us, and yet this damning evidence goes unnoticed, purposefully ignored, or perversely celebrated. We are the useful idiots of the wealthiest classes, carrying water for Jeff Bezos and other actual, real, modern-day slavers. Starbucks, an organisation using literal black slaves in its coffee plantation suppliers, is in favor of BLM. Sony, an organisation using cobalt mined by yet more literal black slaves, many of whom are children, is in favor of BLM. And so, apparently, are we. The absence of counter-narrative enables this obscenity. Fiat lux, indeed.

There also exists a large constituency of what can only be called 'race hustlers': hucksters of all colors who benefit from stoking the fires of racial conflict to secure administrative jobs, charity management positions, academic jobs and advancement, or personal political entrepreneurship.

Given the direction our history department appears to be taking far from any commitment to truth, we can regard ourselves as a formative training institution for this brand of snake-oil salespeople. Their activities are corrosive, demolishing any hope at harmonious racial coexistence in our nation and colonizing our political and institutional life. Many of their voices are unironically segregationist.

MLK would likely be called an Uncle Tom if he spoke on our campus today. We are training leaders who intend, explicitly, to destroy one of the only truly successful ethnically diverse societies in modern history. As the PRC, an ethnonationalist and aggressively racially chauvinist national polity with null immigration and no concept of jus solis increasingly presents itself as the global political alternative to the US, I ask you: Is this wise? Are we really doing the right thing?

As a final point, our university and department has made multiple statements celebrating and eulogizing George Floyd. Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species.

I'm ashamed of my department. I would say that I'm ashamed of both of you, but perhaps you agree with me, and are simply afraid, as I am, of the backlash of speaking the truth. It's hard to know what kneeling means, when you have to kneel to keep your job.

It shouldn't affect the strength of my argument above, but for the record, I write as a person of color. My family have been personally victimized by men like Floyd. We are aware of the condescending depredations of the Democrat party against our race. The humiliating assumption that we are too stupid to do STEM, that we need special help and lower requirements to get ahead in life, is richly familiar to us. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be easier to deal with open fascists, who at least would be straightforward in calling me a subhuman, and who are unlikely to share my race.

The ever-present soft bigotry of low expectations and the permanent claim that the solutions to the plight of my people rest exclusively on the goodwill of whites rather than on our own hard work is psychologically devastating. No other group in America is systematically demoralized in this way by its alleged allies. A whole generation of black children are being taught that only by begging and weeping and screaming will they get handouts from guilt-ridden whites.

No message will more surely devastate their futures, especially if whites run out of guilt, or indeed if America runs out of whites. If this had been done to Japanese Americans, or Jewish Americans, or Chinese Americans, then Chinatown and Japantown would surely be no different to the roughest parts of Baltimore and East St. Louis today. The History department of UCB is now an integral institutional promulgator of a destructive and denigrating fallacy about the black race.

I hope you appreciate the frustration behind this message. I do not support BLM. I do not support the Democrat grievance agenda and the Party's uncontested capture of our department. I do not support the Party co-opting my race, as Biden recently did in his disturbing interview, claiming that voting Democrat and being black are isomorphic. I condemn the manner of George Floyd's death and join you in calling for greater police accountability and police reform. However, I will not pretend that George Floyd was anything other than a violent misogynist, a brutal man who met a predictably brutal end.

I also want to protect the practice of history. Cleo is no grovelling handmaiden to politicians and corporations. Like us, she is free.

Re-defining "Karen"

The left is desperately trying to do away with the "Karen" meme by defining "Karen" as a "white supremacist racist". Let's put this right:

"Karen" is a leftist. A teacher. A snitch. Someone who would have joined Antifa to screw conservative America. A communist tool. No where in her description is "racist", let alone "white supremacist". A "Karen" is self serving and has no give (when it comes to her wants) AT ALL. She really is the one who goes right over the heads of everyone and demands to "speak to the manager". A typical leftist.

Conservatives, who have been pegged as "white supremacists" and "racists" instead tend to sit on their guns and do nothing until the whole house has burned down. They are the last to call the cops, the last to complain, the last to mail in a warranty . . . . - and the ABSOLUTE FIRST to a job site, which wears them out too much to bother with a lot of the little things. Perhaps that's why they are being attacked now? Because during a communist takeover they are the one thing keeping it all together? It sure looks like it.



Well, it looks like the riots have failed because they are resurrecting Corona

What, did they have only two plays in their book OR WHAT???

I hit drudge to see what the latest lies were. And got an eyefull of the latest subversion in Washington and elsewhere. All we have to do to pick out who's a communist plant in our government is watch what they call for now.

Nancy wants 9 historic locations dismantled in Washington DC. These are monuments and statues. What do communists do during takeovers? They destroy such places because they remind people of their history, and where they came from so a clean sheet is provided for communists to write on. That's really what the downing of the statues across the country represent - communist erasure of EVERYTHING.

So Tucker lost more advertisers. Implication: He's not popular. Reality: Communists are increasingly pissed that someone out there had the audacity to throw a gram of titanium dioxide into a big black vat of deception and whiten it a little bit, they are not satisfied that even Tucker, who won't say it like it really is - despite being so soft on them he's damn near one (face it, if he won't call out the real culprits he's a pacifier -) , he'll just play perceptions but playing perceptions is even too much so they'll de-fund him. They don't need money from ads when they just steal everything anyway, Money??!!?? What the hell is that???

Trump said military bases would not be re-named and subversive elements in Congress are saying OH YES THEY WILL. That's as ENORMOUS red flag, and a consequence of having Obama fire all the generals and other top brass who were loyal to the United States.

They are stuck, lying with polls saying Trump's approval is (name a really low amount, it varies) while independent fact checkers peg his approval at about 75 percent after Americans witnessed what a writhing bag of worms the American left is over this floyd thing. And they keep doubling down and doubling down on it, when they have already lost so badly it is all beyond hope and "doubling down" does nothing but point out who the enemy is -

Despite all of this, the actual core of America has not budged. It instead dug in. The floyd psy op blew up WAY too early, they are not going to get their "American spring" so they are pulling the Corona BS again. But how's that going to work out when even the Lancet said they lied?

We will now get to witness the left thrashing in a whirlpool they created by trying to pull the drain on America. Interesting times are ahead, I wonder how nasty the left is going to be in it's death throes. We had damn well better hope it all works out, you can't put communists over a barrel like this and then lose to them if only because they successfully stole elections, if they somehow win this - even via fraud - we will be dead.

The obvious: Antifa is only as powerful as WHITE subversives make them

All the police forces in America are the equivalent of standing armies. If the autonomous zone was not wanted by those who control the police, the Seattle police department would simply crush it with armored vehicles. Any and all autonomous zones set up in the United States were done by the cities themselves, we saw it in Seattle when the city itself handed city hall over, it is ALL A HOAX. There is no "takeover" by Antifa, you cannot claim to be "taken over" if you welcome it. If there was a real takeover by "hostile forces" Seattle would have simply rolled SWAT in with armored vehicles and it would have been over in minutes.

So we'll get to watch the daily hoax again. I wonder what today's will be.


Antifa "planted a farm" in the occupied zone

That'l feed an entire brigade.


Update to the update below: It seems like they are doing something, but whatever it is, it is not sufficient. Wait and see.


Update to below: The following is too fresh to know for sure, so I am calling it rumor.


RUMOR: The cops went in and re-took the Seattle autonomous zone

If this rumor is true, it was done because of BAD OPTICS. If it is true, I wonder what Soros is thinking? G_D__MN White America is difficult to manipulate&%$ EVERYTHING BACKFIRES. Hmmm, Stuxnet nuclear option? That will scare them.


Trump has threatened Seattle that if they don't clean up the mess, he will

There is (limited) Waco potential here. Trump's situation is less difficult than Waco.

WACO: A conservative group that just wanted to be left alone set up a compound totally peacefully and told the government not to enter. Government then destroys the place with no legit reason and kills every last person there, children and all. Bad optics.

Seattle: An infiltrating militant group being paid for by communists, - a group people actually hate, took over several blocks of a city that has a government the nation hates, and even shot video of them handing it all over and posted it. Group then sets up autonomous zone in most powerful nation on earth, a nation that happens to not like autonomous zones. Snowflakes within the autonomous zone then beg for soy based foods after they could not even stop the homeless from taking their food.

DEVELOPMENT: Someone at the city level gave a "warlord" that has taken over there what is most likely an SKS being marketed as a full blown AK. The move was cheap, the SKS is the cheapest thing there is, and I don't mean assault style weapons, I mean, the SKS is BB gun cheap. Because Soros is a cheap bastard. But it will make a show.

And there won't be sympathy like there was for Waco, both the Seattle government and Antifa have made their bed in a skanky litter box. Time to empty it.



That's why the death rates in New York have not fallen.

This is easy to understand, because New York has more Jewish doctors than anywhere else, and they'll all collaborate to keep their scam alive. In This video a whistle blowing nurse from another state who got assigned to New York hospitals stayed despite being appalled by how doctors were murdering people for the purpose of getting the goods on EVERYTHING. Some really damning stuff is around the 29 minute mark where she lays it out so clearly it is obvious there's a national emergency level scam going on.

Video synopsis: This can be really short actually: Scamming New York doctors are murdering people for cash and stats. All laid out and proven by a nurse who's probably dead where she stands.


James O'Keefe infiltrated Antifa.

I did not think he'd get much, but he nailed top people saying They are paid by Soros. I don't think this particular video is going to last.


MUST READ: Archbishop Vigano calls out the deep state in a STUNNING letter to Trump

It's all in there. The masons, the takeover, the deep state, the "deep church", evil that is a minority slamming the majority by disproportionate influence from positions of power, the scamming media, IT IS ALL THERE. The conspiracy is not theory anymore and Trump has been warned.


President Trump released such an awesome campaign video that Youtube is probably going to ban it.


Here's how America's new autonomous zone is working out:

The original leader failed within 48 hours and got taken over by a militant named Raz Simone, who is already beating up black people. Antifa is extorting $500 fro each business for "protection". Supposedly all their food got stolen by homeless they invited in. I doubt that, but that's what they are saying. And NOW THIS:

If Seattle begs for help from DC, I hope this will be Trump's response: "You have the power to take care of this mess yourself. You created, it, you clean it up. I did not hand them the keys to the police department and city hall, YOU DID."

That would be fun to hear at a rally.

I can't believe they asked for soy. They are lunatics. And they are about to discover how the world turns. I say send in a percentage of what they need, (something like 20 percent) and let them fight over it.


I am aware of Antifa shutting down several blocks in Seattle and being allowed into City Hall

But why report that? Antifa is better for society than the filth that was in that city hall to begin with. Let them have it. Maybe they can find a way to tax Bill Gates while they are there.


HOAX WARNING: "Black legs matter"

The hoax tries to peg Floyd as a black CPR doll by claiming he had no legs when loaded into the ambulance. The hoax takes advantage of obscured shots to make it appear he had no legs. Videos of Floyd are vanishing and those that remain typically require logging in to see. Here is a video of only the paramedic segment, and in it you'll see that Floyd does indeed have legs.

Whoever produced the "Black legs matter" meme is a hoaxer trying to destroy the credibility of alt media. Don't fall for it.

I knew there had to be something wrong with that meme because I micro scrutinized all the video and could not believe I'd miss it if he had no legs.


Trump knows about false "provocateurs" and tweeted that the 75 year old guy pushed by police was Scanning their equipment to get the data needed to jam it

That's an interesting development, but I'm not certain Ivanka and Kushner are innocent with these riots. Odds are, Kushner is giving Soros feedback on what Trump might do, behind Trump's back. Kushner and Soros are buddies after all, enough so that Soros gave Kushner An enormous credit line. This is such old news it was probably pointless to mention it, but the more you look, the more you realize Kushner probably pleasures Soros. Kushner is the ultimate inner circle enemy.

 Update to below: "The fact that picture was taken does not make it as represented


So now we are supposed to believe Trumpers are "taking a knee on George"

Drudge had this front paged:

MY COMMENT: The fact that picture was taken does not make it real.


Donations to Black Lives Matter go directly to the DNC, including international funding

I went through all of this and confirmed it 100 percent legit, I first learned about it HERE.

Here it is, laid out in one of my graphics as clearly as it could possibly be. This is confirmed folks, BLM is the DNC's baby.



At the end of May, two guys showed up and worked on "cable TV" on the pole right by my house for three days. I noticed that they seemed extremely nervous when I noticed them. I was thinking, WTF are they doing there that could take three days? It's not like that kind of work is complicated. But eventually they were finally gone. I was suspicious. I did not believe there was a job on a pole that could take that long unless they were up to something.

A couple days passed and I forgot about them being there.

THEN I noticed I could not sleep and the cat started freaking out all the time. And I mean, TOTALLY freaking out. I noticed Lucas was awake all night also, but he stayed quiet. Claudia has not slept well for days and she blames the bed. I could not sleep, even after going to a second bedroom to "get away from being beamed" (that always worked before) and I gave up and tried to sleep on the couch also and that did not work.

After the first couple nights I was able to still function fairly well, but last night was the one that pushed me over the edge. The only place I can be awake and function is next to a box they put up, if I drive anywhere I start spacing out, missing turns, driving like a fruitcake and the last two nights the cat went into ultra freak out mode where it clawed the door and half screamed adamantly yet pathetically meowed (like it was in pain) for hours and hours until we finally let it out (both nights) and it ran over to a nearby school yard and spent both nights there. This cat does not go out. This is abnormal behavior and we know it's not a female because he's neutered. Something changed that is absolutely freaking that cat out now and he looks like he's crashed out after a drug binge.


Claudia not being able to sleep plus Lucas not being able to sleep plus me not being able to sleep PLUS cat freaking out has got to equal something and I knew it was RF manipulation but it's not the same as it was before, before it was possible to get away from it but now it is not, no place in the house is safe.

So I wanted to know what the hell they did on that pole. I know damn well something was put there at that time. I never really paid attention, but it appears that now there is a new box there. I went up to the box (I don't have a drone, I WENT UP TO IT and got really clear photos. And I'll make an offer: Either we stop getting beamed or whatever is in that box is MINE. Here are the photos I took:

This appears to be for fiber optic connections, and it does appear to have fiber optic lines entering and leaving. But with as little as there is hooked up to this box, it was a morning job MAX. This is NOT a three day job.

I'd like to ask a favor: Whoever posts my stuff to Beforeitsnews, please use the small pictures for the thumbnail because I hate having hundreds of gigs get used just to put a thumbnail somewhere. ANYWAY

The two pictures you see below are the small ones, if you click them they open HUGE - I made them ridiculously clear as a form of mockery to whoever put this damn box there. If the cat freaks out again tonight I'm going to use the insomnia this box appears to be giving ALL OF US to go up to it and document what is inside of it. It's not secure. I can just un-clip it and open it. And if we continue to get beamed, I'll put it under 50 wraps of aluminum foil plus a layer of steel, and if after that we can sleep, this thing is MINE, I'm taking it for whatever tech it has. To hell with the "supplemental" fiber optic function it has, it's too big for that job anyway, the DAMN THING IS HUGE and people steal this crap all the time in Mex, the cops won't care. WTF is inside of it? If we all keep getting beamed by this damn thing the world is going to know:

Description: It's a big plastic box about 30 inches long that clips shut like a toolbox and has a keeper screw no one tightened down. I did not un-do the clip that is loose. IF I open it up and it is all legit, I won't take it. But I'm the wrong guy to screw with, I absolutely WILL know if it is a "popper" and if it is, I'll thank whoever put it there kindly, I'd love to dissect one of those.

IF I do open it I'll expect to see ONE conformally coated circuit with a processor and fiber optic circuits in it with ONLY a hook up and lead out for the main fiber optic cable plus space for about 20 taps. The box should not be more than a foot long. If I see any phase array antennas as part of any circuit board, any coil antennas, any power transistors, any heat sinks, ANY RADIO CAPABILITIES AT ALL, this puppy's mine. I'll go up there with a special cutter for each job and neatly but rudely remove it in a minute flat. And then I'll strip the circuits out that should not be there, and post frighteningly clear photos of them.

How about that?

Everyone had better sleep well tonight and the cat had better be purring.


CNBC: Asymptomatic spreaders very rare

Canada's CNBC has stated that asymptomatic spreading of Coronavirus (the whole reason behind social distancing and wearing masks) is very rare. They referenced several countries that have utilized contact tracing and it has been discovered that if you don't have symptoms, you don't spread even if you have it.

CONCLUSION: They knew this all along, and now the riots have priority.


Anyone calling for de-funding the police is the enemy

I don't like what the American police have become. They rob people, they treat everyone like terrorists, they are simplistic and to top it all off, they lie and do frame ups - the whole 9 yards. America's police are VERY corrupt. However, that said, they are a LOT better than what the left wants to put in. For the most part, the police are at least on our side. They are our neighbors. They often live nearby. They don't make bad neighbors. They are a lot better than leftist teachers, (by a country mile).

Many of the departments are VERY corrupt. The fact that they will listen to unlawful orders and let the rioters run amok proves there are serious problems, but de-funding them and disbanding them is EXACTLY what Soros wants, the police, as bad as they are, probably won't go along with a Bolshevik revolution where Christians get purged and I have little doubt leftists see them as an obstacle to progress. A broken foot is better than one that's been cut off.



I have not, in the past, closely scrutinized memes. Most people can probably tell the difference between what I do, and what I get from elsewhere. If it is from elsewhere the only criteria I go by is if it is in effect real, it does not have to be totally syntactically accurate to the letter. A lot of memes are not. Don't quote memes I put on this site that came from elsewhere as gospel.

That said, George Soros really did manipulate the black community, and these riots are his baby and he can be directly blamed even if it was in reality his kids that did it. I posted a meme of Soros talking about it, while stating many many times it was Jonathan doing it. Technically Soros is not running these riots, Jonathan is. And that's a VERY bad thing, Soros raised a scourge that's going to be around a lot longer than daddy.

Clearly the communist revolution is underway now


Communist sleeper cells were planted all across the country. They inhabited the police departments, city boards and county boards, state level governments, and the Federal government, inching their way to dominance over decades. Most got in via rigged "elections". "conspiracy theorists" warned about this for DECADES, and now we have seen it come to fruition with police walking off the job and city councils telling residents they are "supremacists" if they don't let themselves be robbed and destroyed without resistance. Forget the police, for a long time people have questioned who they work for. Now we know.

It is now confirmed that we have been totally infiltrated by communists to such an extent they'll turn loose mobs while firing the police, (as bad as they are, they were better than nothing in this situation) while they goad their mobs with an MSM they had sleeper cells planted all over waiting to pounce at this moment and tell those mobs to DESTROY. We knew the MSM was bad, now we know exactly HOW bad.

So what do we do?

Since the people running this war are manipulating people to accomplish it, attacking those they manipulate will have very limited results. For as long as the people running the show are in charge, all they'll do is increase enforcement measures to get people to accept their destruction via relentless attacks. We are looking at South Africa 2.0 and if the white community does not stop this, the white community is going to be toast. Going after the attackers is not going to be productive. Instead, we have to go after the manipulators.

We know where they are

They are over at Channel 3, or wherever your local news and radio stations are. If they are manipulating the attackers in your area, TAKE THEM OUT. They are on CNN, and running Twitter, Facebook, Google and all the rest -

They are your city council, raping you for exhorbitant taxes, working in secure areas, leaving secure parking garages and then going home to gated communities. THE EVIL IS BEING LAUNCHED FROM GATED COMMUNITIES. NO WHERE ELSE. The people doing this crap don't live in "Apartment 5", no, they stole from you to get enough money to live in areas where they'd be protected while they destroy you.

The only thing you know is where they assemble. That's a hell of a great tip. The parking garage they use will typically exit opposite a long wall or fence or other obstruction where there is no place to hide and it will be obvious you are watching. The advantage is that it is usually a one way street that you can wait at the end of and find out what they are driving and which way they turned. Their pictures are publicly posted and well known, they had to campaign for their positions, even if the elections were stolen. You'll be able to identify them and what they drive and where they go if you are persistent enough and take your time tracking their routes.

They will ALL live in the SAME gated community. Once you unmask one, you will find them all. Let's see how long the "police stay inactive" once riots happen against THAT community. George Soros lives in one. All the evil does. That's how they achieve their primary isolation and protection.

Identify the riot organizers

These people sit in their cars during the riots, directing the riots, supervising the riots - there are also active ones out in the riots - AND THEY WILL NOT BE BLACK. If you ever get into a situation that requires it, don't shoot the black people, go for the whites that are mixed in. Look for people in cars that are parked for long periods of time, or at the Starbucks or other location, or in any park that has a good view, and find them. And these people are sent from NGO's, they do have a home base, perhaps rather than attack them where they are, try to get a cell phone stuck to their vehicle with a tracking beacon on it. Find home base.

The bottom line is that communist infiltrators are EVERYWHERE now, and they have in many places disbanded law enforcement. That means law enforcement is YOU, complete with guns and all. And YOU are going to have to do the job of law enforcement, complete with investigations, tailing people, tracking bugs, the whole 9 yards, including deadly force. You don't have the convenience of a jail to take them to, so your methods are going to have to be a LOT more efficient in making sure these perpetrators are not out destroying society. GET IT?

A pocket telescope (not binoculars) will be an asset. Be patient, you're not going to track them in one day, it will take a couple weeks, where you advance to the point where they vanished and wait there the next day. If everything ends up fruitless, start camping out observing the gated communities, and who comes and goes. Get familiar with the cars leaving city government first, so you at least have a clue when you watch the gated communities. And then, when results are had. WATER BALLOON LAUNCHER.


NEW Newsletter

This is going to be left on top for Monday for those who did not see it over the week end.

I am not going to number this one (I think I'll start dating them instead.)


June 6 2020

White action or inaction TODAY will determine our future

Covid failed to destroy food supply lines as the communists wanted, - they got busted destroying it and could not follow through. They had a back up plot: Claim any store that is open had to be closed to prevent destruction by rioters, thus leaving Americans no where but them to go to for food. Target and Wal-Mart are already starting with this. At last update 200 stores were closed indefinitely. Obviously no one will blame them.

A secondary goal of the riots is to finish the job of destroying small business, so only large communist controlled corporations remain, with absolutely no competition.

The method: Any store that dares to open has heathens descend on it and loot it. Big corporations will survive this a lot better than small store owners. That said - There is a real rational reason to not blame Wal Mart, Krogers, or any other store for closing over this, right down to 7-11. Soros and other subverters will even take this all the way to farmers markets if needed to put the American people in a desperate situation. Then what? Same scenario as Covid "causing food supplies to collapse". The same thing we all thought we avoided - a total collapse of the food supply forcing people to a central feed trough where they'll either starve or be chipped. We are obviously up against a multi-step plan for our destruction.

If this fails, What next? An alien invasion? Take a look at this.

I don't believe it, but they are going to use stuff like this. One of the scenes in the video is a drone show but they faked the ISS footage quite well. Rense had this stuck at the top of his site for days as a "highly credible" video. I'd say no. Obvious drone show says NO but the video is important because it is being pushed as real and is setting the stage for phase 3 "coronavirus". There's a chance the claimed ISS footage actually went out over the web like that, but anything can be put in place of the real footage. Drone show says NO.

How are they going to get away with the riots? By using a primary tool of destruction: WHITE GUILT.

White guilt is being used to cause whites to sit around and let everything be destroyed without resistance. It took decades of university brainwashing to lower the morale of the white race far enough to cause whites to permit this, all done for a very high price tag in the form of student loans. This has come to fruition as shown in this video of a black guy who got a white woman to kneel.

The black guy who did this video was not a bad guy, he did it as a social experiment to show how the white American intellect has been subverted in a substantial portion of the population. The original video was a lot longer and he tried this on multiple people, some refused to accept guilt, and all resisted to some extent except this one girl. And with this girl he documented a stunning truth about how whites can be guilted over nothing. To get that girl to behave like that she had to have been brainwashed to hate herself. This got trolled as being staged. The original video proved that was not the case, he was just checking random people to see what their responses would be to prove how screwed up "white guilt" is and this girl absolutely fell apart.

There are actually quite a few whites who buy the B.S. and the way the MSM and celebrities are talking - where ANYONE who has the guts to say "white lives matter" immediately has their career destroyed - only reinforces it. Anyone who does not hate the white race is immediately banished. What could be the reason for this? Obviously a communist takeover, and because whites resist communism better than any other group, whites HAVE TO be destroyed or the plot will fail. Already they have accomplished such an enormous takeover they can destroy whoever they want on a whim but they still face obstacles, primarily the white gun owner. If they can convince people like this girl to hate their own race, such people become the perfect snitches - a hole in the wheel of freedom.

It is not China. China is not the one paying the rioters. The rioters are being paid by Jonathan Soros via his front "Friends of Democracy". China is not paying the rioter's ways out of jail, Hollywood and other prominent American institutions are, including large corporations that are not Chinese. China is not making American politicians support the rioters, or causing prosecutors to release arsonists.

We, - from the "chinese accusations" going around, blaming them for what is obviously not theirs - ought to be able to plainly see the end game: war with China. They want Americans blaming Chinese for their burning homes and destroyed businesses and empty food pantry - they want Americans blaming Chinese for the destruction of American society - so Americans look away from who really did things and support a war with China, thus allowing Western based communists to expel Xi and put in their own system there.

China obviously has NOTHING to do with the riots when it is white people organizing the riots. It is well documented it is WHITE PEOPLE organizing the riots, only they probably won't say they are white, their religion gives them claim to a different race . . . . . while they subvert, subvert, subvert - - -

The extent to which police forces are not taking action against rioters clearly shows the level of subversion in America by those that want America destroyed. And those paying the rioters way out of jail are among the subverters, don't kid yourself into believing they actually think they have a social cause, they do not and they know they do not. It is all about subversion and destroying the United States and Western civilization.

Record and remember every single hollywood actor and every public figure that paid these people's way out of jail. When they produce a product, remember - THEY HATE YOU, are you really wise to let their content influence you? Remember every city that had these people released from jail. Remember every city that never jailed them. These are the cities that are run by enemies of the American people, and they must be dealt with directly. They are such extreme enemies they want even their own communities destroyed, provided the destruction does not get into their gated area.

The American system is so subverted the perpetrators behind the riots are untouchable. Until ALL the big names both public and private are behind bars, the subversion remains in place. For as long as Fauci and Gates walk free after the corona scam, the subversion remains in place. For as long as Gretchen Whitmer or Lori Lightfoot walk free, the subversion remains in place. For as long as Soros and EVERYONE who organized antifa walk free, the subversion remains in place. Don't kid yourself and rejoice when ONE gets burned, this has to go all the way down to the police forces, city councils and mayors of even smaller cities like Peoria Illinois. Every damn last one that sold out and laughed while America burned has to be called to account and jailed or we are going nowhere from here.

It is up to YOU to enforce the law when the government becomes your enemy and allows you to be raped

It is not even news that an enormous pile of cities have told their police to stand down so the rioters can loot and destroy whatever they want. That means protecting your city is up to you. AND YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.


If you see them looting a Wal Mart, pull up and start shooting or your food is going to be gone. Bullets skyward to scare them off but if they attack, blow their guts out. It is not a game anymore. Serious damage that actually threatens the entire nation is being done, and if the police resist having you shut the riot down, they are rioters, deal with them equally. Today is the day the vigilante is going to have to become law enforcement. There's no way out of it - there is simply no other choice when city councils, leadership, and police forces seek to destroy the city and wipe their inhabitants out by inviting these people.

How bad does the subversion have to be to get the police to stand down and the city leadership to invite the rioters, like what happened in Sterling Heights, where city leaders actually asked for riots to be held there after expelling the national guard and telling the police not to act? so bad it amounts to the alien invasion in Independence day, where all that is wanted is for you to be eliminated. So bad the city council equals the TET in Oblivion.

When it gets that bad, if people don't take the law into their own hands they will be TOAST, and with such a large amount of the American populace being armed, accepting that would be inexcusable. The people of Sterling Heights had damn well better take action, it's showtime Saturday at (approximately) 4 PM at the Golden Circle, right in the center of the shopping district. Hopefully this post will stop it entirely, or at least force the "visitors" to be peaceful and even if nothing bad happens, it was wanted - the residents of Sterling Heights and many other cities had damn well better expel their governments.

It is up to the American gun owner to save the nation

The Communists seriously screwed up. All along they have wanted guns banned, and they just showed us what the second amendment is for. They just showed us that we really could lose law enforcement and have governments be complicit in destroying us, thus leaving our guns as the only ultimate answer. We are there. We have seen it. The conspiracy is not theory anymore.

Remember this day forever. While promising us security, the FBI and greater American intelligence plus the government at the federal, state, and local levels were complicit in the opposite. Where was the "department of homeland security" through all of this? Why do they even exist? Rather than provide any safety at all, ALL OF THESE instead flagged "white supremacists" as the threat. You know. YOU. THEY FLAGGED YOU. Just for saying your life matters. Just for wanting to defend your family, your home, your business. -

The promise of providing security at the expense of freedom has been totally and completely violated. We have been shown BEYOND DOUBT that only one thing was desired by them - our freedom while "security" was an empty promise. It is time to kick ass and get back to before 911. It is time for the cops to stop being a-holes who only serve the state. It is time to fire every damn one that has had Israeli training. It is time to expel every last leader that SCREWED US with both Coronavirus and these riots. We know who they are now, the curtain has been lifted. It is time to declare we are not terrorists and don't deserve to be treated as such with every encounter with law enforcement. It is time to take America back. And if they continue with this riot psy op, or project blue beam, or an alien invasion, or even a war, we cannot back off on TAKING AMERICA BACK.


WE KNOW THAT GEORGE. As I have said all along, your kid, Jonathan did so your excuse does not cut it. Seems to me the cops "took a knee" on the wrong george . . . . . . oh wait, nevermind and you know why.

FUNNY: Antifa was going to hold a "rally" in Placerville california and called it off when the Hell's Angels said they were going to show up to provide supervision.

Well well, that added a positive note to the Hell's Angel's legacy. Yes, the roughest bikers are ALL AMERICAN, and nothing to mess with. Remember the day when people were afraid of them? They are an asset now. Gotta laugh. Guarantee: Soros did not map that scenario out.

It is going to be absolutely EPIC if bikers and gun owners shut Soros down. Let me guess the future: It won't take as long for people to figure out what they should do next time. I can't wait. GOOD LUCK GETTING THE GUNS NOW. We got a taste of what "freedom in exchange for security" looks like, and it was not good.


After he told the police to "take no visible steps to avoid destruction" he's now begging for a federal bailout.


Hey Frey: Are you asking for money to rebuild the businesses that got burned, or is this just for your personal coffers? LET ME GUESS.

Missing post: Youtube is blocking live streams of the protests.

The only one to get a live stream out is RT. If anyone else thinks they are live streaming, (perhaps they are) but it is not coming up in the results. Someone wants to control the narrative, obviously, RT is not good enough to satisfy me, their silence on 911 is why.

This is how you handle Antifa

Auto continue on Youtube will immediately play a CNN trump bash but that short 30 second video is PERFECT.



Trump's approval falls to 38 percent, but 41 percent of blacks are likely to vote for him.

The anomaly was caused by reality VS Drudge.

Probably true: Same DC mayor that kicked out National Guard has officially re-named area in front of white house black lives matter" plaza


CLOSED CASKET FUNERAL FOR Floyd Out of "respect" they could not have it any other way despite him not being disfigured at all. Look at that Mayor cry, like he lost a beautiful doting wife.

AMAZON was in full support of the rioters. Now you can watch a livestream of an Amazon mega warehouse burning to the ground in California

DC mayor kicking out national guard day before "million man" protests

Obviously the mayor wants the white house destroyed.

She can't give orders like that, but you know . . . . . . Subversion.

A few quick items

Remember the study in The Lancet that said hydroxychloroquine won't work against Corna? THEY PULLED IT

They knew it was a sham from DAY ONE if they did that, and now that the corona scam has failed they don't want that piece of discrediting crap on their record. BE FOREWARNED: It is now proven that the Lancet has ZERO credibility in crisis, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish a political objective, and once that objective either fails or succeeds they'll say OOPS, there's an error here. Since the vaccine scam is still accomplishing it's political objectives, they have not retracted those studies yet, but they will. BANK ON IT.

Antifa is heading out to farms tomorrow to burn barns and kill livestock

I guess Soros did not give up after all. FARMERS: BE FOREWARNED, STAND GUARD, AND SHOOT THE BASTARDS. Have EVERY GUN LOADED AND GO FOR MAX CASUALTIES. Farmers that have been warned are a freaking ridiculously difficult target, MAKE SURE YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE COWS, and I won't give any secrets Antifa can use, but farmers DEFINITELY know one thing about their cows that is going to SCREW ANTIFA ROYALLY, especially at this time of the year. and "the back 40" can hold many secrets.

Antifa is likely comprised of a few thousand criminals released from prison, and nothing more. FARMERS: START KILLING THEM IF THEY SHOW UP. They won't last long, 5, 000 is only a lot when no one does anything to stop it.

The incredible disappearing Coronavirus (the narrative has failed) by Ron Paul. 20 minute video

Text of letter from John Dowd to Gen. Mattis, original viewable on Trump's twitter here


I slept on your statement and woke up appalled and upset. You lost me. Never dreamed you would let a bunch of hack politicians use your good name and reputation - earned with the blood and guts of young Marines.

You did what you said you would - engage in this discourse.

Marines keep their word.

The phony protesters near Lafayette park were not peaceful and are not real. They are terrorists using idle hate filled students lo burn and destroy. They were abusing and disrespecting the police when the police were preparing the area for the 1900 curfew. Jim, this is the new nihilism. See Dan Henninger in WSJ today

Marines support the police in harm's way.

Did you forget that President Bush used active duty Marines to quell the riots in LA? President Trump has countless cities and some snowflake governors and mayors welting themselves in the use of force to protect innocent lives and property. The AG of Massachusetts thinks burning property is good protest. Three more policemen were stabbed and shot in NYC last night

Think about it. Should he be upset about the obvious failure of leadership? Where are you Jim?

Marines go to the fight.

No one divided this country more than Obama. He abandoned our black brothers and sisters. He gave guns to the cartels. He apologized for our precious sacrifice and generosity overseas.

You remember, he fired you.

President Trump has done more to help our minority brothers and sisters in three years than anyone in the last fifty. Ask the black pastors. Ask the leaders of the black colleges and universities. He got them funded.

Ask them about the prison reform which ended the draconian sentences imposed on young black men by the laws enacted by Biden and his hacks.

You need to bone up on your homework and stop listening to Uncle Leon.

I understand, you had to stick to the assigned narrative which did not include three years of corrupt investigations and evidence to destroy this President, his office, and his lawful free election. Nancy has no tolerance for dissent in the ranks--including those with stars.

You said nothing of the ugly, hate filled, disgraceful comments of Pelosi, Schumer, Perez and other Democrat hacks defaming the President and his office. You said nothing of the unlawful sanctuary cities and the unlawful release of hoodlums. You said nothing of the resistance movement to paralyze our courts and our government operations. You said nothing of the obstruction and subversion of our immigration laws. You said nothing of MS-13 killers and the drug cartels who own huge sections of our major cities. Jim, do you think that hateful rhetoric and those corrupt actions were inspiring and unifying’? Do you think the DI's at Parris Island would find such behavior as unifying?

Maybe, your problem, is a lot deeper. Perhaps you ought to explain how and why you (and John Allen), as CG Central Command, did not engage and take out Iranian Major General Soleimani who roamed the Middle East and wreaked havoc and death of our American boys with his infamous IEDs?

Why did it take President Trump to have the instincts and balls to take him out ( of course over the objection the geniuses in the Pentagon)?

Looks like the Persian mullahs were a one horse sleigh and Trump nailed the horse.....forever. It has been quiet ever since. Perhaps, your anger is borne of embarrassment for your own failure as the leader of Central Command. Did you applaud when the President recognized the central problem in the middle east? Did you applaud the President when he wanted to save American lives by bringing them home in one piece?

John M Dowd


CLASSIC: After Leftie Lightfoot allowed rioters to trash Chicago unimpeded, she's Begging Wal Mart not to leave

Let me try to wrap my head around this. Ok, forget it, I can't. Chicago's leftist mayor, who cheered the riots is now begging major stores not to leave the city after there was no protection from police forces the stores paid for in their taxes, and they got robbed into oblivion and heavily damaged.

THAT is what you call "not thinking". How could they possibly be blamed for leaving?


Looters steal an Imac from another looter


They know they have America's butt kicked if the national guard is taking a knee, so why not just come out now in a mainstream publication and admit Antifa is theirs?

WOW: Ultra conservative Jewish publication "Forward" told the truth about Antifa. WHAT DID I SAY?

My comment: They sort of downplay how significant the connection to Antifa is in the United States but they don't downplay it a whole lot, it reads more like an apology "please accept Antifa" piece "because they really are righteous" and THIS PROVES WITHOUT QUESTION THAT AS I HAVE SAID ALL ALONG, IT IS THE JEWS, EVERY STINKING ONE as if having Jonathan Soros in charge of their front NGO "Friends of Democracy" was not enough to prove it without this piece from Forward.

Perhaps they think their usurpation is so complete they don't have to be careful about hiding it anymore, if they have it in the bag, why would they need to? Surely they could care less if they prove I was right, they did not do this for me!



If these actually were guardsmen you might as well crumple America up like tinfoil and toss it, THIS CRAP HAS NO PLACE IN THE MILITARY and strongly implies the nation is doomed. These kids were programmed by illigitimate teachers instructed to teach what they taught by usurpers and subverters, and the damage is so deep I don't think America will get over it.

If this happened, it is clear the system is infected so badly only war will clear the infection. Some say war is wanted by the elite but I think the way the American gun owner handled ANTIFA pretty much shows the elite are not going to get what they want out of it.

On top of that, I am confident Beer Belly Bubba could destroy these intellectual waifs with an old lever action 30/30 no matter how well they are armed.

If you think "they" are going to appreciate the fact that the police, the military, and even YOU bowed to minorities", think again, they know it is all B.S. and they want you annihilated. Showing minorities respect while you hate yourself and call them better is the setup for EVERY STINKING ONE to destroy you, and "they" are not the blacks and immigrants. People need to wake up and realize it is "EVERY STINKING ONE or we are going to lose it, they are trying to slam the door NOW.

Yesterday's virus

I wonder what they thought when I cleared that virus in seconds yesterday . . . . . .

My comment: To those who did that, I am not an incompetent "web site admin" that is totally software bound, I don't use software AT ALL so when you inject your toys they show up plain as day on code I totally hand typed myself. I don't have to dig through 900 pages of software generated gobbledygook with the comprehension of H1-B. And if you try to use hidden code, good luck, I'll just take whatever you planted and save it for myself. I like free gifts and if they are anything that can go off this site into a reader's computer that's exactly what you handed me. You can't hide that.

Update to below: Here are more of them, I would not be surprised at all if the logo was based on this.


Curiosity: I bet I discovered what inspired the Tesla logo

Obviously I don't know for sure, but this is awful close. It is a tool used for working leather.


I am a 62 year old black man, and this sh*t is embarrassing

62 yrs old never been arrested, in jail , or in a riot. I worked 30yrs @ Gm and was able to retire @ 48. I live in a small town outside of Flint Mi that is 80 percent white, and I have never had any issues in my 22 yrs here. For the life of me I cannot understand Black ppl crying foul, anytime something doesn't go their way. Its always "I was cheated (Elections), I was discriminated against ( Employment). Life is tough and all of us have had stuff go against us, it happens. But normal Black and White ppl just adjust and keep trying until we get what we desire. Life owes you nothing if your not willing to get off your ass and work for it.......

My comment: Black people did not do these riots. More black people are in your camp than you realize. The problem is a certain tribe that manipulates emotions for political gain, and when that's not enough, they consult the prisons for the worst they have, release them, and then train AND PAY them to riot. A few percent of the target population is then manipulated into joining but when that is a population of millions, a few percent can make the whole group look very bad on camera. It's that simple. Thank you for your contribution to America.



There's a new rumor going around that I'd LOVE TO SPREAD because it is probably 100 percent legit, and how such horrible people were recruited for these riots -

Here it is folks, and I'd bet it is SPOT ON:

Rumor has it that a large number of people were released from prison under the excuse of "avoiding covid" and upon release went straight into training for these riots. That would explain why so many were totally unafraid to destroy as much as they did, the way they did. The prisons were the source, and COVID was the excuse used to get these people out to "do their service" and be forgiven for whatever put them in jail to begin with.

That's one hell of a rumor, . . . . . . and I BELIEVE IT.