This looks good (I have not tried it yet) rips videos from anywhere.

Other video downloaders can't handle more than Youtube.

Remember the McClosky's who defended their home from Antifa?

As it turns out, the pistol Mrs McClosky had was an inoperable prop used in another lawsuit, and the prosecuting attorney ordered it dis-assembled and re-assembled with the parts it needed to work, so it could be presented in court as a working gun. That ought to show just how ethical the prosecution is, see this.

Pants don't stop farts

A woman at Panera bread said it like it is: Pants stop farts about as well as masks stop the virus. Then a bunch of whipped retards attack her, and StationGossip finishes the job of cutting her down.



Why on earth would credit card companies do this, to this extent, if they believed people would be alive to pay the bills? From social media:

"I had a credit card company reduce my credit limit from $7000 to $600(I had a balance of a little over $400). After a google search of the company, it appears they did this to most of their customers. This happened within the last 3 or 4 days.

This will have an impact on my credit score due to the % of available credit no longer there.

My comment: That guy had better watch out, an AI pegged him for elimination and that's the only conceivable reason for this. If he's alive after whatever triggered that happens, he won't have money to feed himself. They would not do that without a reason, and credit card companies are virtually all insiders, WATCH OUT.

With us, we still have the limit for emergencies (I guess) but they told us to pay it down to below a certain level and keep it there.

Rassmussen lies again: Trump "almost equal" to Biden

This is the game they play: Claim they are neck and neck when it's actually 93 Trump / 3 Biden with 4 percent going into the abyss so when the steal is on, people believe it could have happened. What a load of bunk, Biden gets votes from the freak on the corner ONLY. Of course China wants Trump out, (another big story) but with what he did to Huawei, how could they not want him out? They are not brain dead. I totally disagree with what Trump did to Huawei, and also think he should have stayed off the Hong Kong issue but whatever, no one is perfect and if they steal Biden in, the entire world will be DOOMED.


That way they can take you down a notch at a time rather than make the extent of the destruction obvious in one big hit. Don't fall for that crap!

That's how it's done.

MIT develops a face mask that allows facial recognition to work

That's bad. Who are they kidding? The only positive side effect of the mask mandates is that it became much harder to track you everywhere if you leave your phone at home. I WILL NOT BUY THIS. When I'm not wearing a mask that basically amounts to a sheet of toilet paper I wear one where there's absolutely no chance any circuit is going to identify me.

Oh, and they even have AI that can identify you from the way you walk. That's what steel toed boots are for. That'l screw it all up when needed.

A teaspoon is 5 grams??? That depends.

Every time I hit a bullseye, I get tons of troll mails criticizing me and calling me an idiot with no education and correcting spelling, and the entire box is full of nothing but that crap after the fibromyalgia post - But one thing was sent that I'll comment on because it is probably not trollage - how much a teaspoon weighs.

Here is my answer to that: There is no set reference for what a teaspoon will weigh. A teaspoon does not "weigh 5 grams". If you take a teaspoon of styrofoam dust you'll likely have 1/10th of a gram or less, and a teaspoon of platinum would weigh more than 100 grams. A teaspoon of water weighs 5 grams, but magnesium sulfate powder, what I have, weighs less than that. I guess if you compacted it all down into a single crystal that was the shape of a teaspoon it might end up being 15 grams (lots of stuff in the earth's crust has a specific gravity close to 3) but that's not what is going on here, when dry and in powder form it is not that way. A teaspoon of matter from a neutron star would weigh 300 billion kilograms. and yes, there's an error on that page between measurement systems, they mean a tablespoon from a neutron star would weigh a billion short tons which is about 900 billion kilograms. That said, A half teaspoon will probably work. Not that it matters, if you are anywhere within reach of what could be called a level teaspoon you sure won't kick off a bowel movement, you'll still be at the supplement level.

Don't ask Google what a teaspoon weighs, you'll get a wrong answer because there is no answer.

That said, I'll take a correction. I was off on my estimate of a teaspoon in the context I posted it, a half teaspoon will work. The kitchen scale was precise enough to at least show that and if you are using magnesium chloride you'll still need about 2 teaspoons, magnesium sulfate works a lot better. Magnesium chloride has to be up to what I'd call dreadful before it works, Claudia has that and the only time I ever take that is when I'm feeling lazy and she already has it made.

And by the way, I do not have a spell checker in administration mode because how do you spell check computer code? my writing is THAT GOOD, straight up and into the guts of the machine. I can safely bet my spelling is better than what can be mustered by ANY common core troll and most errors are typos, that happens. To the trolls: Please use word. You spew total bullshit without it. Oops, it is Word.



THIS is the Portland city commissioner who told the cops to stand down while the city was ripped apart, thus creating the need for Trump to send in the FEDS to handle it.

Where did that heroin go? I'd like to check my spelling against hers.


A reader requested it since "I can get it down here" and it is basically banned in the U.S. I can't ship it because U.S. customs will steal it. You cannot ship anything of that sort to the U.S., not even aspirin. And it is a theft, OF AN ELECTION. They can't have a cure for their mail in ruse floating around, don't you know!

Yes, there probably was a real virus that cost Fauci a couple million of YOUR tax dollars and probably more from Bill Gates. But it was an advanced technical item DEVELOPED IN CHINA and therefore it blew up and crashed. What can I say? Now they are trying to extract poop from a dead horse. Don't worry though, the thing probably had a warranty and Gates is going to get a nice replacement for it. He said "the next one WILL get attention, said it himself. And guess what? Hydroxychloroquine will work on it, because they are still trying to discredit it, ban it, and make access completely impossible, and "by prescrption after you already have corona" is definitely defined as IMPOSSIBLE when any hospital that gets ahold of you wants you added to the corona death stats.

If you want the stuff, drive down to Mexico, find an HEB and it's right there on the pharmacy counter being sold like aspirin with a nice big presentation: WE HAVE HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE. You'll get gouged for it but it will still only be $25 and that's a lot better than a future Bill Gates will provide you with otherwise.

On another note, I think my brother in law (who is quite brilliant) came up with a way to make it in the home with common household chemicals but I am not sure, he brought some of the stuff he made here and said it was a replacement but I have to talk to him about the process so I can run the chemistry myself and confirm it has to be the right stuff. His is a yellow liquid but that's to be expected when it is not evaporated down to a solid pill form. I will give this priority, if the chemistry is wrong I will know.

The prospect of him having been successful is VERY HIGH, I know the chemistry is supposed to be extremely simple and that any college chemistry lab can quickly synthesize it in quantity. We are talking about a pre world war 2 med with this. So I think there's a good chance he nailed it.

Well well, I did an image search for the liquid form and this is what came up, it looks EXACTLY like what he did.

Here is how this happened: A Mexican figured out how to make the stuff and posted the formula online a couple months ago. He then was a victim of a bomb attack that blew his legs off, but he lived. By the time that happened, his formula and method was everywhere and my brother in law got ahold of it. He's smart enough to follow instructions. If this ends up being as legit as I suspect it is, I'll post it here and that will be THE END of the corona scam.

Update to my fibromyalgia post:

The magnesium sulfate has several purposes, and one of them is to clear constipation. So last night my father in law wanted it for that. I mixed it weak for that purpose because I did not want to kill him. It did not work, but today he feels great and said it was probably because he needed "whatever was in that". He's all chipper today. So there's a good chance that even if it is not needed for mitochondrial signalling, it helps with it, which will give anyone energy. He might have also been damaged by cipro at some point in his life and just got a solid dose of the antidote.

I will repeat: If you want to try it, put about a gram (approximately a level teaspoon) in a glass of water each day for 3 days. If you feel a major change for the better, you needed it. Keep using it each day until you can't tell a difference and then cut it to once a week or so. Using more will not hurt you, but won't add to the benefit. Also, magnesium chloride works but must be mixed much more strongly and it tastes dreadful at the needed concentration.


There is a big difference between the Chinese communists and the communists running the covid scam. The Chinese communists may still have some of the bad traits of communism, like killing lots of people over policy enforcement, but if I had to pick one of the two, I'd go with China any day. China, because the Chinese communists at least want everyone to live well, and did all they could to build a beautiful country where everyone has more than they used to.

Contrast that with the Jewish/Bolshevik type communist: This type does equal or greater killings and wants a slave state where everyone lives in tiny homes, rides bicycles (if they get anything at all) and has their health brought to a minimum. Sure, the Bolshevik commies paid a Chinese lab to create a virus, but that was not the Chinese government, they probably were clueless about what was going on.

So what we have now with the ratcheting up of tensions with China is a competition between two different flavors of communism.

Last night, the Chinese embassy in Houston got busted burning documents before an eviction happened on Friday. They had a bunch of burn barrels set up out back and were torching the documents off. Someone saw the smoke and called it in. Question: Why are they being evicted, and why were they doing the same thing the Japanese did right before the war with Japan? That's a good question. Other Chinese embassies probably did the same thing an were not caught.

What about those empty cities in China? WHAT IF:

What if the Bolsheviks decide to start a killing spree here during a war with China, and somehow China comes in and manages to rescue America's white population? They have tons and tons of cities built there that are totally empty, just waiting to be switched on. What if America's white population ends up there? I'd say this is possible, and if it does end up happening would be a best case scenario, I'd take the "better form of communism" where at least I still have a car and a life any day over the Bolshevik form.

You can trust me on this one: You would MUCH rather have a Chicom rule you than Shin Bet. It is not too hard to "behave" in the Chinese system. Just keep your mouth shut, pray in private, and your life will be OK. The Shin Bet form gets thrills out of how much they can humiliate you. There's a big difference.

Hopefully somehow Trump will fix this, but odds are we have already lost. Yesterday a private poll that was not found by Twitter had Trump "to be elected" at 93 percent of the vote, with biden getting 3 percent and "other" getting 4 with over 100,000 votes cast. Obviously Twitter missed that poll and failed to censor it, and if people really do want Trump that much and all he can get is "38 percent" in the MSM, from ALL sources, things are so subverted there probably really won't be a tomorrow unless the sun is rising in China. At least the Chicoms live up to their word. That's something you won't get from an un-accountable jew. If China did fill those cities with white Americans and Europeans, they'd have a gold mine. For control you just can't leave that zone but at least within it it would not be the hunger games.

Remember what they did in Ukraine. There was plenty of food. The Jews forumlated ways to expel people from their homes and deny access to plentiful food and resources that were RIGHT THERE. And they starved out the entire population and no one could do anything about it. Think that can't happen here? Just ask a cop who "follows orders" to allow his world to go to hell they way they did in Minneapolis. YES. Americans allowed that. AMERICAN COPS ALLOWED THAT. THEY FOLLOWED ORDERS LIKE THE SS. Yes, it can happen here.

Another note about the incident at the hospital:

That incident made it plain as day that Corona is fake. The doctor (a very good one) was a Jew. When my father in law started out saying it is the Jews doing the corona scam and the vaccine was for a chip that doctor freaked out as badly as a gang rape that got interruped by the marines. TOTAL FREAK OUT. If she had an aneurism looming, she'd have popped it. She went far beyond all reason unless she knew damn well there was something to hide. I am going to have a straight talk with my father in law, and tell him he can't just start talking like that with random people. He's sharp as a tack and said it well. If she had succeeded in nailing us, there's little doubt we would have been added to the corona stats, there was a "corona unit" at that hospital.

So far so good. I was terrified by what she did at first, but I already had situations arranged to protect me, she did not manage to take this to my home, (yet). It was very fortunate there were two people RIGHT THERE yelling at the guy trying to prevent us from leaving, they went BALLISTIC on the guy, yelling at him that he HAD TO move - I knew when the Tamale guy who had his food cart right there started yelling we'd probably get out. If we were on our own we likely would have been screwed.

Another thing with this is that it also proves that at least in Mex, the corona hospitals have situation control people at the ready, to get those doors locked one of the messages out of her phone had to have been for that, and someone was at the ready, to get them locked immediately. And the guy that blocked us in was at the ready also. I doubt the cops were, their quick arrival was probably by chance. Everything happened quickly, (the staff apologetically let us out right away and parking lot help and tamale guy flipped out in the first 10 seconds) and no one got a "lock on us" before we managed to drive off.

Another thing I figured out from all this is that the corona scam is being run in such secrecy that much of the hospital staff not directly involved in the corona units is oblivious to the scam, if they were in on it they'd have received instructions to not allow people out if the doors get locked, they'd have instead also received a message to keep us trapped.

What we went through has likely revealed a big secret about how the corona scam is enforced, if you prove you know it is a hoax and they can get their hands on you in a controlled environment, you're doomed. Fortunately this site did not suddenly go silent.

Take a look at this interview with Nancy Pelosi where she talks about being second in line for the presidency and that they are going to fumigate Trump out of the white house so she can take over

3 gorges dam update

UPDATE: They can speed up the water release by 30 percent over what it is now, I thought they had it maxed but it is not maxed. They just don't want to flood the cities downstream any more than they need to.

Also, this Earlier photographic report of mine proves there's no problem with that dam, it is not going to fail.

Water is being released at a rate of 1,155,000 cubic feet per second and it is not even close to keeping up with the inflow. A short while ago I posted a report that showed 3 gorges was in fact not distorted the way it looks in satellite images so that is not something to worry about now, but what is going to happen when it overflows? My guess is nothing devastating because it is not the same as Oroville, but it will be mayhem.

I had forgotten about this issue but evidently the rains never stopped coming and the situation is only getting worse. I wonder if it is a weather war. This is historic rainfall for China by a huge margin. Even if the dam is sitting there in perfect condition when it is all over, if it overtops there is still going to be a disaster because the downstream area can't handle that much water.

Worse technical difficulties have messed things up around here, we'll have to wait and see if I manage to get anything meaningful posted.

Yes, I am still out running around after what happened yesterday, probably because I managed to post what happened. All the phones "updated" after that episode at that hospital, so it is a big "wait and see", needless to say there's something major going on if the reaction was so severe, if the outbreak was real and you said it was not and there was no motive behind it, it would not equal getting locked into a hospital, getting lucky with staff allowing another way out, only for there to be police afterward and someone attempting to prevent you from backing out of your parking spot. Fortunately there was a Tamale guy and parking assistance right there yelling saying "What the hell are you doing, you can't block him in" and the cops had not zeroed in on me because they did not expect me to get out.

Block me in until the corona ghost shadows arrive . . . . .

Anyway, there's a big writeup about this down the page a ways . . . .

And by the way,

If a brain surgeon hauls off with the line "Maybe you do have a brain problem if you don't believe Corona is as stated officially" I am not going to allow that to float, I was like, "What next, is she going to commit him or what" and my responses blew her away. She flipped out totally. She knew I knew. And she did not have to say what she said to an old man. She had a medical position she could have destroyed both me and my father in law from and we'd have been SCREWED if we did not get let out the staff route.

I am ready for round 2.

Bill Gates promised a new virus this fall and my guess is that hydroxychloroquine will still work on it because they are doing everything they can to block public knowledge about this medication.

I got gouged for it, but I got it. I had to pay about $25 for this box that should have cost about $2 but you know, it's not like you come across this stuff everywhere. I only bought one box. I obviously want more than one box. I picked this up at HEB. No presciption or doctor visit needed, it is being sold like aspirin.


We went back to the neurosurgeon with my father in law's brain scans. Everything with that came up OK, and then, he started talking about Bill Gates and corona being manufactured, the WHOLE 9 YARDS and I thought, UH OH. She assured him he was paranoid, was beginning to evolve the conversation to "maybe there is something wrong with you" and I then intervened and said I have direct contacts that introduced me to people who had their kids killed in the hospitals with it falsely registered as covid. At this point she started tapping her phone furiously.

She fired back saying NO, it is real, I know people who are working with this and I responded back, no, it is not real, I know of a kid who got stung by a scorpion and died of covid, another who had a broken arm and promptly died of covid, and a mother who had a difficult delivery and when the kid died, got offered a large sum to register the death as covid. At this point the doctor damn near freaked out and started saying the doctors are Catholics and blah blah and IT IS REAL.

I then said people die of pneumonia with the flu, and that despite this one being fake the next one that will arrive in october will be real because the fake one did not get the results the communists wanted, so they are going to do it for real this time, don't throw away your mask. She asked how I knew all this and how I got this info, and I said "It is my job".

We then left and she followed us out hounding us about how it was all real and I told her "Believe what you want". The entire time she was in her phone rapidly using it like it was some sort of emergency. She stayed on the floor her office was on.

HERE IS THE KICKER: When we got down to the hospital lobby one of the things she did with her phone was have the hospital locked down so we could not leave. Another thing she did was call the police. Another thing she did was have my car barricaded in it's parking spot.

So the hospital staff was befuddled at how the doors got locked, they were not told anything, and let us take a clearly marked unauthorized route out of the hospital. When we got out to the front, the police, with no one behind the glass to bust (that's when we saw them) quickly left. We got to the car and it was blocked in it's spot, with a drainage canal that had a six foot (or so)drop into it in front, and a guy saying "No, I will not move my car, you have to WAIT. Wait for what? there was nothing preventing him from moving, and parking lot assistance forced him to move. I knew what was up by then and tipped him 20 pesos and on the way out security was watching us and totally active communicating.

I figured we'd drive for a little while and get pulled over. I at least got back to type this.

I am confident the reason why more people have not spoken up is because "hospital staff did not allow trapped people to take the unauthorized staff only" way out.

I strongly suspect that if we had not quickly been allowed that, I would not be typing this, those doors are NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE LOCKED. They were the ones we entered through both times and left through last time and the staff was wondering what the heck happened with the doors.

How to cure fibromyalgia in a majority of cases

I am going to come right out and say this, and it definitely is medical advice. This will work in a majority of cases. I know it is illegal to claim to provide medical advice, but I am not selling anything so they can stuff it.

First of all, I am going to state the two SOLE causes of fibromyalgia that the scamming medical community will never admit because they want to rake in cash on your misery. They are the enemy, even the corona scam proves this (with false reporting of stats and outright murder to get them on top of it) no, you cannot trust your doctor.

The two SOLE causes of fibromyalgia and all ailements simiar, in people who were previously healthy are vaccines and quinolone based antibiotics. There is absolutely nothing else causing it. The medical community knows and it is being done on purpose.

What are quinolone based antibiotics? The two most well known are Cipro and Levaquin but there are many more. They are DNA disruptors and the only antibiotics which actually have an aknowledged ability to destroy human DNA, and before that the mitochondria in cells. They impact mitochondria more than human DNA, but they do both. Because they do this, they should be banned yet doctors hand them out like candy for mundane urinary infections and it is malicious, there's no way out of it. One course of cipro for one week is enough to damage most people forever, but some people will get over it. Repeat doses or longer courses are near certain doom.

Symptoms of being wrecked by quinolones:

1. Always tired.
2. Loss of strength (but you may still feel OK)
3. Continuous pain in joints and tendons.
4. The above may appear to be neurological, but it is not neurological and the doctors know it. They'll call it that to cash in and may even dope you with antidepressants.

How do you easily fix this? First, an explanation of what is going on in your cells after quinolones -

The main problem is caused by the shutdown of mitochondria in the cells that make up joints and tendons. Cipro and other quinolones interrupt calcium signaling which is essential for metabolism and all other cellular processes to take place. Calcium is literally the spark plug in the engine of a cell. Taking more calcium after getting damaged by quinolones will not fix the problem, the calcium channels are permanently destroyed. However taking magnesium which is a calcium antagonist somehow provides an alternative path for signaling, and mitochondria can then function again. Once they can function again, cells are again able to replicate, repair themselves, and produce energy. It is not a one time fix, you have to occasionally intentionally replace the magnesium. This can be done by taking a few grams of magnesium sulfate, or magnesium chloride at the same dosage and re-dosing with a couple grams per week thereafter.

Cipro and Levaquin are the two most common antibiotics that cause this, but there's a huge list. GUARANTEED: If you took ANY of the drugs on this list, have not been vaccinated in the relevant time frame and have fibromyalgia, the cure to EVERYTHING is to dissolve 1 level teaspoon of epsom salt into a glass of water and drink that 3 times (once per day for 3 days) and then whenever needed afterward. You also have to eat lots of meat to give your cells what they need to heal themselves. I recommend making it a weekly ritual to take at least one teaspoon per week this way. The two types of magnesium that work are magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride.

Where do you get those? The easiest is to simply buy unscented epsom salts, which are bath salts. I have a hunch the entire "bath salt" scam was based around shutting down this method of curing cipro/quinilone damage, a bath salt bath will drive enough into you to fix the problem also. If you cannot locate unscented bath salts or magnesium chloride (available at some health food stores) you can get away with drinking the scented salts but it will be yucky.


If they can't wreck your life with a vaccine, (which is intentional, they definitely do it on purpose) - they'll wreck you with cipro, Levaquin or whatever other variant of this type of antibiotic they decide. Ignore all the cute "lots of people have no ill effects" bullshit, if you take these long enough they'll get you EVERY TIME and there are plenty of people who get wiped out with a simple 3 day course.

Once you get away from the MSM and into the alt web, you'll find out there's an enormous pile of people who are onto this. But it is not easy to make that break. To get started, use the search term "calcium signaling mitochondria cipro" and have at it. This is definitely what causes fibromyalgia and other closely related ailements.

No matter what your doctor says, if you were not vaccinated and have had any of the new life degrading ailements that are either called fibromyalgia or anything similar hit you out of the blue when you were healthy before, you were damaged by a quinolone antibiotic. Even if you don't remember taking it. Follow the instructions above, they are so easy it could not be easier, so safe it could not be safer, and damn near free. Your recovery, if you eat meat to help your cells recover, will be either complete or so close to that you won't care about the differences, you'll at least get your life back.

How did I figure this out? Remember the leg infection I talked about earlier this year? In the first few days of realizing it was an infection and not "getting old" I started treating that with cipro I had laying around (never taken) and in a very short time did significant damage. After lots of other antibiotics failed to clear it completely the zapper finally drove the infection out but I thought it came back and it did not come back, the pain was caused by cipro damage and I fixed it completely by remembering to take some magnesium sulfate I bought early on, after initially realizing I got damaged by the cipro. I wondered why the zapper seemed to not work this time. The answer was that an infection was not the problem the second time around, it took months for the magnesium to deplete and need to be replaced. Magnesium works so good to fix cipro damage that you'll forget you have to take it, (at least I forgot)

Trump signed an executive order for the normalization of Taiwan

That's not going to go well. And the Taiwanese man who I pictured in his stocked to the rafters toy store wants to give his opinion but I have to give him a brand new flash drive to write on, I will do that today (E-mail will not work, it gets censored) and I will not give him one of my poisoned ones. So that's a job for this morning.

Update to below: There is an expungement of this story going on, originals vanished and when I tried to post captures my computer locked up, however, the Daily Mail popped up with this story so there's whack a mole going on, if the Daily Mail story vanishes I'll post the capture.

To be clear: A federal judge was assigned to the Epstein case and had her family shot by a man disguised as a FEDEX driver.

NOT A HOAX. A new judge was assigned the Epstein case and someone disguised as a Fedex driver Shot her husband and son, killing her son.

AWESOME: Black girl jailed for painting BLM mural with black paint went back and painted it again the second she got released.


WAL MART NOW HAS FACIAL RECOGNITION built right into the monitors everyone can see and it only tracks people who don't wear face masks. 23 second video showing this.


New blast in Iran, See this

As usual, Iran is claiming no casualties and minor damage and "it was an accident". But this was not minor damage, the type of transformer that blew costs millions and takes years to get a replacement for, it is the type not kept in inventory anywhere. This type of transformer gets regular maintenance and is supposed to last at least 50 years. If they had it hooked up to a network that could be sabotaged, it could have been overloaded with the temperature sensors reporting false readings until it blew.

It also really is possible however that Iran, under sanctions, can't get these replaced, it aged out and blew, or was not maintained properly and blew. This type of transformer will blow up if a seal is broken even if it does not rain, they are supposed to be sealed and have gauges that can be checked to confirm they are sealed. If the seal is lost and no one catches it, the process of sucking air in and out with atmospheric changes will eventually cause enough condensation to blow the transformer up. However, with the recent odd explosions all over Iran lately, I doubt that was it.


It appears the countries Bill Gates said "Complied with Covid regulations well enough" may have gone dark

Bill Gates said New Zealand, Australia and a couple others in that area "complied with Covid well enough, and therefore won't get the new virus that WILL get attention." And it appears that they have vanished from conservative type forums. I am keeping an eye on this, if you are from Australia please try to notify me if this happened (though your message probably won't go through if this is so)

Any such bans would be shadow bans, where it looks like you went somewhere, but no one ever responds to what you say.

THIS COULD BE TOTAL BUNK, BUT AT THIS TIME IT LOOKS REAL. It will take time to confirm if this really happened or not.

It is bound to happen. We all know it will eventually happen. We all know we are in the middle of a communist revolution and though their victory is not assured, stuff like this definitely will happen.


There is a new disinfo message going around - your burner phone can't track you

I am seeing it posted in lots of places that burner phones can't be used to track you and don't have contact tracing. That is BUNK.

REALITY: In 2004 there was a mandate by the federal government that all cars had to have a cell connection and GPS built in, even if it was invisible to the user, and by 2005 this was part of the ECM. You can't talk in your car or keep where you are going private. ADDITIONALLY: GPS tracking was built into all phones at the same time and anything 2005 or newer has it, even if GPS is not in the menu and it's just a burner phone. The only way is no phone or a phone you can take the battery out of or put in a pouch that you have proven it can't be called through.

These laws went through in Canada and the United States simultaneously and Canada is more anal about it than the U.S., Canada wants your voice print tied through your phone and you will get a call that hangs up after you say hello on any new phone in Canada, it has been that way there since 2005.



It has already been painted outside an abortion clinic in Utah. By the way, I noticed all the new canned parenthood clinics have solar power on the roof so they can keep going long after the lights go out . . . . . anyway, this was an older clinic, SEE THIS.


WOW: Two black women show up with black paint and DESTROY the black lives matter mural far better than anyone has managed to so far.

One of them even caused a cop to fall in the black paint and get covered from head to toe. This is going to take more than the usual repair. A few idiots at the sidelines try to get the cops to stop them (despite them trying the whole time) but one of them was in freak out mode and got a hell of a lot done before the cops could get ahold of her without hurting her.


Major mayhem in Portland last night (Friday)

Here's the condensed version:

Antifa decided it would be cute to try to barricade federal agents (the ones going around in minivans) into their federal building and shoot high powered fireworks at it. The reports say "explosives" but in the context of more than perhaps a window breaker there was nothing. It was public fireworks. But still, just try that.

They also badly beat anyone who went into the area they were causing mayhem in. At 1:30 AM, the portland police had enough and shot enough tear gas into the crowd to displace the atmosphere, and that was the end of it, as far as I know the police made no arrests.

The mayor then issued a statement saying the federal agents were not welcome and that the city can take care of the problem itself. The mayor is an obvious moron, on top of being an A-hole and probable participant. Here's the real deal: You can't throw even firecrackers at federal agents who are on federal property and get away with it. That's a federal offense that is out of city and state jurisdiction. Once that is done, the process is and should be: You get arrested by the Feds, go to a federal detention facility where you are quickly tried in a federal court and go to federal prison.

I am surprised Antifa got away with it as well as they did, are the Feds compromised the same as the rest?



This is a very impressive one minute robot video

No point in explaining what can't really be explained, you just have to watch it. This is not the Boston Dynamics acrobat video, it is a toy robot video with a toy level robot posessing great intelligence. Not faked, it is clearly a very smart robot.

Bubba Smollett crashed

The crowd booed him when he was introduced, and cheered when he crashed out of the race on lap 17. Not the worst crash, but enough to do the job.

There has been absolutely nothing in the news today that is the type of thing I'd report so I'll just do a few quick items.

It is perfectly obvious that social media censorship has kicked in so hard it has seriously hindered efforts to find out what is going on. I have a few things I'd like to do (that I'll keep secret until done) that will bust the MSM lies, especially in the polls which are obviously fake. We keep hearing about how far down Trump is but the reality is that he would get 78 pecent of the vote and I can prove it. Doing so will take time, but it can be done.

Supposedly Russia has the Corona vax. That's a hoax, they have no vax if antibodies for this particular virus vanish from the immune system as quickly as claimed.

Another point of interest is how Trump is destroying Huawei by using sanctions to force companies to not use Huawei. The only conceivable reason why the U.S. would be so hell bent in shutting down Huawei globally is if Huawei did not allow American back doors into their products (actually Israeli back doors via operation Talpiot) but the bottom line is that Huawei is being punished for producing products that are not wide open surveillance portals for Western intelligence) They recently produced what are obviously the world's nicest phones and basically got screwed out of that victory by this. All stuff I have said before.

There's the usual mayhem going on lately with attacks on Iranian assets And I forgot to mention - I strongly suspect the ship fire that may have destroyed the U.S.S. Bonhomme was set by Iran as a retaliatory measure but obviously can't prove it, and if so, the U.S. is being tight lipped about it the same way Iran is being tight lipped about the attacks against them. The Bonhomme would be one hell of a target, I don't think people realize how significant that ship was, it was the only thing short of a Nimitz class carrier. It could house and deploy a slew of aircraft almost at the same level as a Nimitz class carrier, and on top of that launch sea based ground assaults on land. It by itself is superior to anything Russia or China has but since it's not the baddest thing in America's inventory, it went unnoticed until it got torched.

This ship could host 20 F-35's plus Harriers plus tilt rotors plus helicopters all at once, PLUS large amphibious assault vehicles including large scale hovercrafts and the types of sea based assault vessels that were used to land troops at Normandy (much larger versions of those) and THAT is what got burned, it really was a big deal. If Iran did that, they got even.

Meanwhile we are going through all the same corona fraud we have always endured with obvious falsification of test results and death tolls. America has over 60,000 natural deaths per week anyway, and lots of those can be skimmed off and thrown into the Corona pile. They are doing precisely that.

We are having the usual rumors about elite round ups but there's nothing credible going around and there probably won't be, my guess is that Jared screwed Trump over so badly that there's no longer enough time for Trump to do what needs to be done and then they will steal the election and get rid of the menace. All the lies about how far ahead Biden is are for the sole purpose of instilling enough doubt in the public conscience to allow a steal, and they absolutely WILL STEAL IT. One thing is certain: The silent majority never gets polled. The silent majority always happens during communist takeovers via censorship, just like what we are now seeing on Twitter and all the other platforms, as well as a scamming MSM that did it all along.

You can bet your bottom dollar that an AI is managing the polls if the people doing them believe they are real, making sure the "right people" get the polling question would be childs play for any of big tech with all the tracking and profiling they have, and the AI will produce the list of who gets called to produce a final result that matches whatever the controllers want, even if the controllers don't do the actual polling. That is what we are up against now, BET ON IT. I have obviously not been told that, but what else could possibly explain how obviously fake the polls are?

The silent majority IS NOT SILENT, it is CENSORED.

UPDATE TO BELOW: The mayor of Portland has ordered all federal agents out of Portland after they went around busting violent "protesters". What does that mean? It means the mayor is the ENEMY, the mayor is fronting the riots and should be in prison.


Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets

This is from a Public Television web site.

by Jonathan Levinson and Conrad Wilson

July 16, 2020 2:45 p.m. | Updated: July 16, 2020 7:47 p.m.

UPDATE (7:46 p.m. PT) - In the early hours of July 15, after a night spent protesting at the Multnomah County Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, Mark Pettibone and his friend Conner O'Shea decided to head home.

It had been a calm night compared to most protesting downtown. By 2 a.m. law enforcement hadn't used any tear gas and, with only a few exceptions, both the Portland Police Bureau and federal law enforcement officers had stayed out of sight.

A block west of Chapman Square, Pettibone and O'Shea bumped into a group of people who warned them that people in camouflage were driving around the area in unmarked minivans grabbing people off the street.

"So that was terrifying to hear," Pettibone said.

They had barely made it half a block when an unmarked minivan pulled up in front of them.

"I see guys in camo," O'Shea said. "Four or five of them pop out, open the door and it was just like, 'Oh shit. I don't know who you are or what you want with us.'"

Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14. Personal accounts and multiple videos posted online show the officers driving up to people, detaining individuals with no explanation of why they are being arrested, and driving off.

The tactic appears to be another escalation in federal force deployed on Portland city streets, as federal officials and President Donald Trump have said they plan to "quell" nightly protests outside the federal courthouse and Multnomah County Justice Center that have lasted for more than six weeks.

Federal officers have charged at least 13 people with crimes related to the protests so far, while others have been arrested and released, including Pettibone. They also left one demonstrator hospitalized with skull fractures after shooting him in the face with so-called "less lethal" munitions July 11.

Officers from the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group and Customs and Border Protection's BORTAC, have been sent to Portland to protect federal property during the recent protests against racism and police brutality.

But interviews conducted by OPB show officers are also detaining people on Portland streets who aren't near federal property, nor is it clear that all of the people being arrested have engaged in criminal activity. Demonstrators like O'Shea and Pettibone said they think they were targeted by federal officers for simply wearing black clothing in the area of the demonstration.

O'Shea said he ran when he saw people wearing camouflage jump out of an unmarked vehicle. He said he hid when a second unmarked van pursued him.

Video shot by O'Shea and provided to OPB shows a dark screen as O'Shea narrates the scene. Metadata from the video confirms the time and place of the protesters' account.

"Feds are driving around, grabbing people off the streets," O'Shea said on the video. "I didn't do anything ****ing wrong. I'm recording this. I had to let somebody know that this is what happens."

Pettibone did not escape the federal officers.

"I am basically tossed into the van," Pettibone said. "And I had my beanie pulled over my face so I couldn't see and they held my hands over my head."

My comment: "Did not do anything F***ING wrong that the federal agents saw", or at least he thought so. Those federal officers did not screw this up, GIVE ME A BREAK, and there's lots more to this report at the public television web site.

In case you did not see it, Here is the 40 second Bill and Melinda Gates video where Bill says "This virus did not get enough attention because it was not bad enough, but the next one will" and then they both smile.

Obviously they are launching these pandemics. If they are not stopped, take a look at that video and watch your new masters.

Headline on Drudge:



States have been ordered to inflate their covid stats by 15X and in this video, Collin county Texas has an official meeting videotaped where they decide to go with 17X.

This is not an Alex video, that's just the first frame you never see when clicked, it is instead a video of county proceedings where they agree to scam the covid stats.

Everything damning happens in the first 3 minutes.


A MOAB just went off in silicon valley

Update: This got totally scrubbed and won't get a lot of public attention. However, those who matter have this info and there probably will be reprecussions for Twitter's censorship.

Additionally they morphed the story line. The original story line was that the hackers got access to the private messaging portions of the elite accounts, uncovered tons of criminal stuff, and the hackers then blackmailed the account holders, stating if they don't pay up in bitcoin, their criminal activities they discussed on Twitter would be made public.

Additionally, the hackers took screenshots of Twitter's censorship tools, proving Twitter is lying about censorship and instead has a detailed control panel admins use to clandestinely destroy or boost accounts. Nothing there reflects true public will or what would really be popular at all if left alone. The only surviving capture has mundane censorship tools that are enough to support the story line but not enough to really anger the public. The more complete screen caps showed a precision censorship engine that even allowed percentages.

To immediately provide blanket protection to those sending tweets that proved Twitter was allowing elite criminals to collaborate their efforts with regard to the corona scam and a LOT MORE, Twitter shut down all verified accounts which would hold people accountable to what the hackers found (Twitter obviously did this to protect criminal interests,) AND THE FOLLOWING IS PRICELESS:

The bottom line is that Twitter is actively assisting those who are seeking to destroy the United States by providing them with a private communications platform that allows them to all connect perfectly, while at the same time, Twitter is destroying those who are attempting to save the United States by stifling and destroying communications. The genie is out of the bottle. It is not a mystery or anything they can lie their way out of anymore.

The initial stories about this incident, the hackers made records of the private tweets of the top elite criminals and threatend to make them public if a bitcoin payoff was not made. That was the original story and it has now changed for obvious reasons.

MORE: The control panel proved passwords are irrelevant to twitter admin, they just back door into anything they want, password free and that is what allowed the hackers to get into everything. And worse, if Twitter is now proven to be such an outfit, what about the rest of silicon valley? Twitter has obviously been the cleanest of them all, SO WHAT ABOUT THE REST??

The Los Angeles teachers union has issued a stunning list of demands they want met before returning to work

Basically they want full blown communism and all the demands of Black Lives matter met, including the elimination of the police. I think that's a good thing, home schooling needs more time to root in real good. Considering the quality the current crop of teachers spews out, the longer their list of demands the better, I CAN WAIT.

Elon Musk's new gigafactory in Germany is literally laid out just like a CPU, including how the transistors are laid out on the die.

I am sure he copied a CPU design to maximize efficiency, while the "bits" are parts moving through that CPU. Doing so would probably greatly increase efficiency. The transistors would be the dark patches on the roof, that is literally how processors look if you get the chip out of the case.

A perfect comment was left on Infowars explaining why Dorsey should be in deep trouble. Here it is:

Twitter and other social media are not just publishers, they are authors.

Here's the argument

In twitter and other social media, the terms of service render the content of your posts and photos as company property or at the least provide the company with the rights for dissemination.

You write your post, push send, and your post is the property of Twitter. Then twitter edits it, and promotes or blacklists the content. Twitter takes the content, claims ownership and then promotes it or deletes it. In this way twitter and other companies are not just publishers, they are authors. The same as a newspaper company who hires a reporter or a celebrity who hires a ghost writer. Twitter and other companies offer something of value, free access to their network, and in return the company receives content produced by you and that the company now owns.

Social media are authors in the same way as a newspaper is an author, where the company solicits content and an editorial board determines whether to publish or not and the level of promotion to give to the content.

The immunity provision within the communications act has never covered authors and that is what social media has become.

The new revelations of the twitter editorial control panel proves this point.

My comment: My my, that was good. And, to make it clear - Twitter cannot exist as it does now that those buttons are proven to exist, the violations have been extreme and after Dorsey lied to Congress about it, Twitter should be disbanded.

I ended up stuck in the boonies with a slow tablet and Wal mart connection earlier today

We had to track down the doctor that did my father in laws brain surgery, find the hospital and set an appointment so I am stuck with what I have for doing this site. ANYWAY.

Twitter hack - dont believe what you hear. They are trying to peddle it off as a Bitcoin scam. The reality of it is that was an insignificantly small part of the story, the real story is that the hackers got ahold of proof of top level elite criminal activities and also irrevocably proved that Dorsey lied before congress about censorship. Hackers revealed that Twitter is so corrupt the Army ought to go in and seize the place. And this, by default, means the rest of big tech is equally corrupt.

The ATF seized a bunch of gun parts from China

It appears guns are in short supply nationwide and that manufacturers have asked distributors to return spare parts so they can be used to make guns to sell . There was a big mystery surrounding the ammo shortages and gun shortages and it now appears meddling by the ATF is likely causing it. The method is to interfere with supply lines that support manufacture of gun products to prevent ammo and guns from being built to begin with, while letting stores sell out of what they have. Obviously that would work and the ATF needs to be called out on this to stop it.

Ad blockers now censoring alt media links

I am beginning to see complaints about ad blockers blocking legitimate links on alt media sites. The latest round of updates are blocking even Youtube links if they are made from alt media sites, and even links that are internal to the sites are being blocked by ad blockers in some cases, with no way to turn it off. This is not only happening on one site, there are three that I know of now that are having this clandestine censorship approach affect them. Rather than being allowed to work a message is returned that the link is broke . If you have suddenly encountered lots of broken links, turn off your ad blocker and if the problem persists get rid of it. This is something I have warned about as possible for quite a while. The keyboard battery just died, and I cannot code from the tablet screen so I have to hit post and quit for now.

Insider info: Pandemic mayhem in October

I just finished talking to a high ranking member of a major conservative organization that has already locked down millions of people in quarantine due to the organization having knowledge of a new virus that will be released within a time frame that slates October as a month of major mayhem. This organization has many elite within it's ranks yet is conservative.

They have already provided comfortable quarantine to millions of people. Some of their people are still out and about in public, but they have protected their most valuable people with forced quarantine because they don't know when the new virus will be released and there will be two groups, those that are already quarantined and those that are not quarantined but provide support. It is a very interesting arrangement, they are obviously taking this seriously.

Many readers of this site have probably seen the recent video clip of Bill Gates stating "This virus did not get taken seriously, but the next one will". It came off as a threat. I believe that was a real threat, and now that this organization has taken this action, it really appears we indeed have something to worry about. It was the conservatives that first saw through the B.S. and if this organization is not subverted it has to mean that the elite within it's ranks got real insider info and there really is something new on the way to worry about. I'd say there is a 30 percent chance of subversion and a 70 percent chance this is all legit.

Anyone with a lick of sense knows the doctors are murdering people and false registering deaths, as well as faking test results to get the stats up to actionable levels, but too many people are aware of this now and it is highly probable that the elite have therefore decided to do it for real this time. So it only makes sense to:

1. If you own a business, be prepared to shut it down, now is not the time to expand and put it at risk with additional debt. If it is going under already, don't wipe yourself out trying to keep it afloat.

2. If you consumed your Corona supplies and can build them back up, you had better get that done SOON because the clock is ticking, this time we have a solid warning.

There is obviously a chance this is all a hoax and nothing real ever will be released, but Bill Gates actually did threaten this and this particular organization would be the last one I'd ever expect to fall for a hoax. Subversion of this organization is possible, but not likely.

One final note: I actually went to one of the locations this organization was supposed to be using for quarantine, and YEP, they are there, and quarantined. It looks like they are being stupid for now. This is supposed to be happening in every country, with this organization. Better than in a house at least. There's no question this is legit, my only question is whether or not subversion caused it. And I believe that is unlikely. I would not have posted about this if I did not know for sure such actions were taken. It is spooky, because it is such a freaking huge organization, this is not "heaven's gate".

Trump posted a donation platform that will "work for Republicans" and the link has been blocked

GET THIS: The president himself confirmed this guy's donation page was working, linked it, and then this!!! Leftists could not compromise the site itself, so they just invented a problem out of thin air. Trump could hit this site, why the error after he posted it?

Somebody "spilled" a can of red paint on the Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump tower

PLEASE NOTE: The guy that did it did not get the tip from this web site, because I suggested people use black or white paint, NOT RED. The face mask ensured his identity remained private.

The article is here, and please note: He did not do this right. Don't do it in broad daylight and make it that damn obvious. He got away I guess but you absolutely should not do this type of thing when people can cell cam you. He's not off the hook yet and you can damn well bet if he gets caught, he'll do the max sentence.


The deep state tried to get her a flight to Tel-Aviv today (July 14) and failed. She's going to be held until they are done with her or Hillary gets her.

When outside jail, she had her own security forces protect her. In jail, she's going to have the deep state "protecting her". Let's see how that goes. But no bail is better than a ticket on El-Al.

Florida proven to be inflating COVID stats by more than 10X.

Fox News must not be compromised down to the lower levels yet, because despite losing it at the top levels their local stations still do real reporting, and this is one such report.

They clearly showed the clinics in Florida were exploding the corona stats through the roof by more than 10X and demanded explanations for that. So there is no second wave, the second wave is all based on fraud, (as we all know) - the big surprise here is that FOX actually reported that accurately. I captured this because it was live editing while I was reading it and I never saw Twitter do that before. The top tweet switched from 100 percent to 76 percent as I read it.

This is clear fraud intended for the purpose of destroying the economy and setting up an election steal. If checked, all states will be the same. Felony fraud across the board. It is the only way the left can win. Zero enforcement after being busted will be completely due to subversion and a Bolshevik takeover.

America had damn well better enforce a Trump win or we are going to be toast. Trump is NOT going to lose. He will instead "lose" and after that it will be "America" and "fairness" enforced via white genocide. Think I am exaggerating? All you need to do to make it happen is sit on your butt waiting to "see what happens."



Four white guys beat up black woman and Give her two year old toddler a flying kick to the head.

At least that's how CNN would report this by conveniently and "accidentally" switching a few words and leaving out details (although in this case they'll just not mention it because the video is too clear.)

For those who did not click the link, 4 blacks beat a white woman and kick her toddler in the head. You won't see THAT on CNN or even FOX.


The majority of communist takeover type social media posts are trying to push the blame off on Muslims

It is happening everywhere and I am sure you have seen it. New rule going in somewhere? MUSLIMS DID IT. Got a super spreader? Blacks and Muslims did it! Muslims are Communists! Hate socialism? Muslims do it through "zakat". Muslims are ALL THAT!!!

REALITY: Communists kill Muslims off. Zakat is the income tax in Islam and is assessed at 2.5 percent of all your posessions once per year during Ramadan. Need help? You'll get it, but the "socialism" virtually always ends at 3 days. You are expected to take care of yourself. Muslims are pure capitalist. And those blaming Muslims for this little Bolshevik revolution going on now are either the Bolsheviks attempting to displace the blame away from themselves long enough for them to get the chance to do away with the Muslims and other religions the way China did, or total idiots.

Ilhan Omar is an anomaly. She's clearly a communist POS but then again, she married her brother to skirt regulations and a whole slate of other things, they have their "Epsteins" and "Clintons" also.

Chicago has threatened to bulldoze churches that hold services

Churches around Chicago are reporting that the government has made threats to bulldoze their churches.

They are going to use "summary abatement of public nuisances" which means bulldozing the churches without due process. You know - like Russia in 1917.

The churches will be destroyed if they hold services with more than 10 people. Supposedly this is going before the supreme court. See this.

What the "silent majority" actually is

The silent majority is the group being censored. "Silent majorities" happen when those who are hostile to the majority get control of the dissemination of information and then use that control to push objectives the majority does not want. Silent majorities are what happen under tyranny.

The MSM has created the silent majority in the United States, along with Twitter, Facebook, Google and more. Have an opinion that will conflict with the "six million" minority completely taking over the United States or any other country they have targeted? Bam-o, even if you do have a platform it will appear in Google in name only with absolutely no topic searches working to find it. That way those who already know about it won't think it is censored, while those who don't know about it will never find it.

Have an E-mail that should go viral? If it goes against those who have seized control of the narrative, it will hit a spam filter and likely die before anyone other than those you talk to daily ever see it. They'll allow it through to those you talk to daily, because you can confirm with them it got blocked. But absolutely no one else will see it.

Speak up on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else, and you will be vaporized. And it is all about accomplishing objectives and establishing an illusion - the illusion that the majority does not exist. Silence the majority, and then say it is simply not there. That way, you can steal an election, and a country and get away with it. That way you can destroy multitudes with shots you call "vaccines" and get away with it. You can run a corona scam and get away with it. You can even run CPS as a child theft operation, and then get away with murder.

A few quick headlines

Nothing important in the news today so I'll post this.

Backfire: Leftist boycott Goya products because the CEO praised Trump, and now they are selling out everywhere.

That's because the "silent majority" is not being represented and is instead the "censored majority", which has caused leftists that are too stupid to breathe to actually believe their B.S. is mainstream opinion. How about those Bernie polls??? This would not be possible if they were accurate.


Local governments raising taxes across the board to compensate for COVID shortfalls

My comment: How about spending less like everyone else, rather than ramp up your parasitism against a weakened host?

Maxine waters: Trump supporters are making sure Blacks cannot rise to any level of influence and power

My comment: Not satisfied with Barak Obama and over representation at all levels based on their percentage of population? How about supporting an abortion ban so more get born?

Hollywood crashing from Coronavirus

My comment: And that's bad news? Wal Mart is going to try to fix that by turning their parking lots into drive-ins I guess. Oh well, yet another reason to boycott Wal Mart.

Ghislaine may receive bail to "avoid coronavirus"

My comment: And there's a ticket to Tel Aviv in that prize package.

Large Navy ship on fire in San Diego

This one is a lot worse than stated. This particular ship could host an enormous pile of F-35's, Harriers, drones, helicopters, tilt rotors, it doubles as an "amphibious attack" vessel but any other nation would call it a versatile aircraft carrier because that's really what it is, and few nations have anything like it. Just because the U.S. has the Nimitz class carrier does not mean this "Amphibious" ship is not also an aircraft carrier.

There were early reports that make it appear someone set the fire but those got squashed and now it was officially "caused by a welder".

New poll confirms Americans don't believe Trump-Biden polls

My comment: Americans believe them when they are real. Here are the real stats: Biden 11. "Other" between 11 percent and 13 percent. Trump at 75+ percent. When polling conservatives, Trump is at 97 percent with the remaining 3 percent split. That is reality and people know it.

Repeat headlines: China's 3 gorges dam in danger

Reality: China's 3 gorges dam is not in danger at all, and as it turns out, the distortions in the dam are satellite errors caused by convection off the dam.

This is a re-post of this image from a report I did last week


The following may be the most important post of the year.

This should have gone viral, but I have noticed for the past four years or so (with regard to this site) nothing ever does, they locked this site down with the censorship engines long ago. It's not just searches, it is email, messaging and everything else. Additionally, not one donation or mail came in after I posted this, and I used to get totally bombed. This clearly should have caused it. I am going to have to simply leave this on top so as many people as possible see it and work alt income plan 3 today, there is simply no other choice.


The Coronavirus test is not credible and likely to be for clandestine brain access.

They are claiming the virus wrecks the nervous systems of a large percentage of people, leaving lasting neurological problems and brain damage. But I'd like to ask - is it really a virus doing that, or are the tests doing that?

Folks, the coronavirus tests themselves, in many cases, (there are probably different types) but in many cases they are obviously what is causing the brain damage. Easily explained:

Many of the tests, (all of them that use the incredibly long "swab") take their samples from the cribriform plate, which is a millimeter thick bone at the top of the nasal cavity that is perforated with many holes that go directly into the brain cavity. These holes are what your olefactory nerves pass through, and there are many (the bone is similar to a coarse screen)

If you wanted to sabotage someone by planting a clandestine brain virus, nano tech, or plant a chip in someone, this would be the place to do it because perhaps a doctor could get a chip out but individuals certainly never could without perforating that very thin bone (that is not really even bone, it is about half nerves) and anyone attempting to do an extraction from there would likely end up killing themselves.

Any chemicals, viruses, nanotech or whatever else they wanted to put there will have immediate access to the brain and you can forget about getting that out, once it's in, it is in. It would be literally right on the brain when placed, and go right in.

People complain about the tests being excruciatingly painful with the pain lasting for days. For what reason would the tests need to touch the most brain accessible part of the human body? Are the ones that do really tests at all? DNA tests are done with a simple mouth swab, and it's ridiculous to think any virus test - when you supposedly can spread it by coughing, - would not be the same. Something is screwy with these tests. They have GOT TO be fake, (or at least the ones that literally swab the brain are) No wonder why they hurt for days and GEE, getting your olefactory nerves nailed by whatever is on that swab is probably what is causing people to permanently lose their sense of smell.

COMMON SENSE. I bet you did not know how nasty that test really is. Avoid the test at all costs.

My first post ever on this topic mocked the entire concept of a coronavirus being massively lethal. The obviously unnecessarily invasive "tests" strongly indicate this is TOTALLY fake and they are not tests at all. That's why we end up getting Kiwi fruit testing positive and people who signed up and left before testing getting calls saying they were positive.

THERE IS NO CORONAVIRUS TEST IF KIWI AND NO-TESTS THAT PUT THEIR INFO ON A LIST GET CALLED, THAT IS HAPPENING. They are doing something entirely other than testing and the close proximity to the brain really opens up a reason for questioning what those tests really are.

The McClosky's had their guns taken

The seizure was illegal. It was done in response to them defending their home against Antifa. Now Antifa will arrive, kill them, and burn them down (if they don't have armed security).

Many people are now saying "We have to vote the dems out that are doing this to people". That's not possible when no one voted them in to begin with and they simply steal elections.

PERFECTLY CLEAR: We cannot vote these people out of office, we have to kill them out. Hate to say it, but that's just the way it is.

GENOCIDE COMING - I hate making predictions, but I am going to now. Here is what I firmly believe will be done to kill off America:

They are going to run the covid hoax until everyone NOT RECEIVING GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE gets their homes re-posessed and the renters get evicted. APPROXIMATELY 200 MILLION WHITE PEOPLE WILL HIT THE STREETS, WHERE THEY WILL BE STARVED TO DEATH. The survivors will be those living on government assistance, - YOU KNOW, ALL THOSE PEOPLE THEY IMPORTED TO TAKE OUR PLACE.

I AM RIGHT. I KNOW I NAILED IT. And THAT is how Deagel will be accomplished.

They are setting up a "Ukraine" in the United States

They are already reducing the food supply and not re-stocking a large number of the stores. They know the population is not going to be here in a very short while. They are going to evict people from their homes, JUST LIKE UKRAINE, deny them food, JUST LIKE UKRAINE, and commit a genocide, JUST LIKE UKRAINE.

Americans can't see it coming. It definitely will if the people behind all of this succeed in stealing the next election, and I predict they absolutely will succeed in stealing it. Tucker Carson is a pacifier for the American people to suck on while the setup for murdering everyone is completed.

Update on the zapper -

A reader wrote saying he can't even use 2 milliamps without it hurting. Here are the possible problems:

1. It's not 2 milliamps, and it is being measured wrong.

2. The electrodes are points instead of pads. You can't just touch a wire to your skin and call it good. The current has to go in over an area of at least a square inch per milliamp and to make that work, you have to put your electrodes in a wet cloth or paper towel and not have them be bare metal. Don't salt the cloth or paper towels either.

3. You did not build the circuit right and have either 100 percent ripple DC or AC. Lots of cheap small power supplies are that way.

4. You did not make a properly isolated circuit and are getting bit by line noise.

If done without error, 2 milliamps cannot possibly be a problem. Tens electrodes, which distribute the current perfectly across a suitable area can be over 10 milliamps and not hurt at all. Here is a TENS unit that does 100 milliamps. That alone is proof that there's no way, if done properly, a true 2 milliamps could hurt. 100 milliamps would never, under any circumstance, be comfortable however.

If you have a bullet bike, put a tire you don't mind wasting on it, go to these at night wherever they are with your plates covered and show them some smoking circular respect.

I am tired of having this crap pushed in my face constantly. Leave your cell phone at home, obviously and preferably use an older bullet bike where possible. Scout the area at the time you do it to make sure you will get away with it also.

FOR THE REST OF US, You can also, with complete safety ANY TIME carry a leaking can of black or white paint over these atrocities also. Don't bother with spray paint because you'll be obvious but a leaking, spilling paint can? Who will catch that when no one is around? Make sure it is black or white, not color. There has to be push back at this point or we're toast, many people don't want to take a more assertive action, so destroying these with white or black paint is DEFINITELY peaceful protest. AT NIGHT so the rush hour crowd sees it.


Heck, this is a good idea. A leaking paint can, no brushes, no spray cans, because how can anyone prove you actually meant to do it if you do get caught??? OOPS, the lid was not on right. Sorry!


Robert sent a message saying he'd like to contribute, Western Union would probably be best at this point, please contact Claudia and if you don't receive a response then try Paypal (we are watching the mail but a lot gets censored)

They are accelerating the shutdown of alt media sites.

Just because you can "hit Infowars" does not mean all is well.

Alex seems to walk a fine line where he reports the minimum needed to maintain credibility. Sometimes stuff is good there, but his site is not any sort of litmus test for what is really going on out there. ALT MEDIA IS OBVIOUSLY TOAST

After the latest purge it has become a lot harder to get info on anything. Couple this with the fact that we are in the middle of a communist revolution and the answer is clear: PREPARE. Many people have already had their means of supporting themselves cut off and are living on government subsistence via "unemployment" but that won't last.

Fortunately I have known this was coming for a long long time and I finally got alt income plan 3 working at a commercial level. GOOD NEWS: The production capacities are far beyond what the manufacturers of key equipment I have now claimed, they lowballed them to satisfy environmentalists. By how much I have not figured out yet, but the margin of excess capacity is stunning. All my math went from "barely going to make it" to "there will be leeway, not prime, but at least leeway" and it might be better than even that, and into the range of "enough to expand".

I HAVE TO give that priority now or this site is going to go down, it is better to focus my efforts on survival and at least still have this going for everyone who can still hit it in one form or another after the crack down. I prepared VERY WELL and worked my butt off. Survey says: This site will NOT go down even if all financial support is cut. It would still be very helpful (I am not out of the woods yet) to receive donations as usual this month but it might be the last time I need them - I knew the end was coming and people would have to be blind to not see it. Reality clearly states that very few are going to be in a position to contribute anything soon, (especially if the corona scam gets another push) and that is IF they survive the upcoming genocide.

I have to work alt income plan 3 now, I'll probably update the site again this evening.


I tried the zapper again at the lower current levels. It did not work nearly as well

Initially I did this with 5-10 milliamps and it worked like a champ at blowing away infections. There were others that supposedly studied this and said "no more than microamps" should be used. I figured that was too low a level to ever work, and that such posts were BUNK to cause everyone to fail. I appear to be right. Low levels don't work.

You actually do need 5 MA for this to work right. Fortunately that new fancy one I did can do that if the electrodes are set up for it.

Don't want to have sex with Trans? New standard: If the answer is no, you're a bigot. From RT. I am not kidding.

It is called incrementalism. A society destroying tactic. Keep pushing the margins until those who hold onto ANYTHING from the previous society are criminals or outcasts for doing so, right down to not wanting homosexual sex or trans sex. They'll push it to animal sex next.


Watch a white leftist FREAK OUT over a white man holding a black baby

This is what the public schools and colleges are turning our kids into. Stark raving lunatics. There are consequences when they become adults. If there ever was an ad for home schooling to protect your kids from becoming leftist whackos, this is it.


A great Twitter from South Africa's version of "woke"



This is important information. It outlines Obama's shadow government in the United States


"I do not understand how living in a country with its democracy established over 200 years ago, and now, for the first time in history, suddenly we have a former president, Barack Obama, set up a group called "Organizing for Action" (OFA). OFA is 30, 000+ strong and working to disrupt everything that our current president's administration is trying to do. This organization goes against our Democracy, and it is an operation that will destroy our way of governing. It goes against our Constitution, our laws, and the processes established over 200 years ago. If it is allowed to proceed then we will be living in chaos very much like third world countries are run. What good is it to have an established government if it is not going to be respected and allowed to follow our laws?

If you had an army some 30, 000 strong and a court system stacked over the decades with judges who would allow you to break the laws, how much damage could you do to a country? We are about to find out in America!

Obama said he was going to stay involved through community organizing and speak out on the issues and that appears to be one post-administration promise he intends to keep. He has moved many of his administration's top dogs over to Organizing for Action.

OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of the resistance to the Trump Administration that we are seeing across America, and politically active courts are providing the leverage for this revolution.

OFA is dedicated to organizing communities for "progressive" change... Its issues are gun control, socialist healthcare, abortion, sexual equality, climate change, and of course, immigration reform.

OFA members were propped up by the ex-president's message from the shadows: "Organizing is the building block of everything great we have accomplished. Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines. Commit to this work in 2017 and beyond." OFA's website says it obtained its "digital" assets from the ex-president's re-election effort and that he inspired the movement. In short, it is the shadow government organization aimed at resisting and tearing down the Constitutional Republic we know as AMERICA.

Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says, "The OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the ex-president will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House." Sperry writes that, "The ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the Trump administration through a network of non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than $40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide."

The OFA IRS filings, according to Sperry, indicate that the OFA has 32, 525 (and growing) volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his 'wife' will oversee the operation from their home/office in Washington DC.

Think about how this works. For example: Trump issues an immigration executive order; the OFA signals for protests and statements from pro-immigrant groups; the ACLU lawyers file lawsuits in jurisdictions where activist judges obstruct the laws; volunteers are called to protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings; the leftist media springs to action in support of these activities; the twitter sphere lights up with social media; and violence follows. All of this happens from the Obama's signal that he is heartened by the protests.

If Barack Obama did not do enough to destroy this country in the 8 years he was in office, it appears his future plans are to destroy the foundation on which this country has operated on for the last 241 years.

If this does not scare you, then we are in worse trouble than you know.

My comment: That appears to be useful info, but the Jews could stop this outfit in 0.28 seconds flat if they chose to. Why not? Is it really theirs, with Obama as a puppet?



It will not be corona. It will instead be an exotic nerve agent designed to mimic the symptoms. He's a probable goner.

He busted hospitals that made false infection claims and even weighted "the coffins of the dead" with concrete. They HAD TO nail him, because of this I predict he will not survive whatever they nailed him with.

Here's a scrubbed photo. Download and re-post.


Yes, it is obviously a totally corrupt and demonic transvestite Obama appointed.

And obviously that's why all evidence that could convict her has already been thrown out of court on the grounds it was "obtained illegally"

Trolls are saying that is NOT the judge that will be seeing Ghislaine's case, and the MSM wants it buried at all cost. But then, there is this:

It appears Antifa has been given special tools to cut seat belts and break windows

It is a well made tool that is very small and specifically designed to break car windows with a fine carbide tip that gets the fracture going, and when flipped the other way has a seatbelt cutter built in. Perhaps it is intended for emergency workers.

And yes, a white girl is showing this while wearing a black lives matter hat. Antifa is getting tired of having people get away from their attacks, so they are issuing this tool to their rioters so they can quickly break car windows, cut seat belts, drag people out of their cars and kill them.


1. Avoid riot zones.

2. Bring a hand gun in the car EVERY TIME.

3. IF YOU GET AMBUSHED, AND YOU CAN SEE THERE IS TROUBLE AHEAD AND TROUBLE BEHIND, ALL YOU DO IS FLOOR IT. IF YOU CAN TARGET WHITES IN THE GROUP, HIT THEM ON THE WAY THROUGH WITH PREFERENCE. Sad to say that's the only option now, and they asked for it. BE WARNED, you won't be staying in your car, you'll be dead if you stop.

America ignored the infiltrated colleges for too long and now reality is hitting home. We lost our kids, and in many cases the only solution is to kill as many as possible in ONE WHACK. You'll probably get shot on the way through, but you'll be dead anyway. Might as well make use of the situation.

Keep in mind that if you do get away, the police are aiding and abetting these people, they are RIGHT THERE and they WILL nail you if you do anthing at all to prevent your death. THEY WANT YOU DEAD. This is what subversion looks like, the country is already lost, don't kid yourself about that. In EVERY CASE when they are present and not doing anything about it they side with the rioters and destroy anyone at all that interferes. If they get you cornered punish them as well as possible also, don't bother with being taken alive because you won't have a life after they get you anyway. Nothing could prove more clearly America is a conquered nation than to have the police side with rioters, the enemy is more than in the gates, it is in the fabric of society and must be dealt with AS AN ENEMY. Such police are NOT Americans and NOT part of the "American system" just as the courts that support them are no longer American either. Deal with them accordingly.


YES THE JEWS SET ALL THIS UP, I SAID IT ALL ALONG FOR YEARS but little good it does to say this now when obviously people did not listen and act while they still had a chance to stop this. Hell, they are even paying the rioters to kill you. And they sit in their posh little secure communities and laugh about it while writing the next hit piece against America and plotting to destroy YOU.


I sat down and solved the mystery of why, in all sat photos it appears bent and discovered that it is not bent despite appearing to be.

A CONVERSATION WITH CLAUDIA: Thus far there's not a lot new in the news today, so I am going to just say what Claudia and I discussed this morning

I now believe there never was a "Coronavirus" and that the entire thing was faked. Claudia replied: "But I know people who were diagnosed with it and had it and recovered at home" My response: When hospitals that we know of are killing the children of people we interviewed just to get the stats up, it means the tests were faked, and your friends had the flu.

She thought for a while as we drove past HEB and turned right, and said, "you know, that really is probably the case".

That's where the conversation ended, and now I'll say something I left out of the newsletter because it got too long:

REMEMBER: They ran this entire virus scenario beforehand. All through the actual run of it they faked their mask usage, (actually, at first no masks at all until the public noticed, now they are faking it) and from that alone we ought to know there's a hoax buried in this somewhere -

What happens when you have multi billionaires with an agenda running a hoax like this? Answer: It gets washed through think tanks that are very likely to present every possibility, such as an "Indian scientist" proving it was man made - and Chloroquine, the whole 9 yards - and THAT is the scenario they would run because it adds enough variety to the story line to keep the public focused and believing. What if even the heroes were fake? Having even the heroes be fake allows them to control the opposition. That's something they are masters at, believe it, they thought of this.

The next one will be real

Bill Gates said it himself. "This virus did not convince anyone, but the next one will", with the most sleazy grin, and Melinda coming off like Barbara Spectre, confident and happy with being the root of evil . . . . .

Don't throw away your masks just yet, THERE WILL BE A NEXT ONE, AND IT WILL BE A MAJOR KILLER. They know they have to do it for real now, they are going to have to truly scare even the die hards for their plot to work, and NO ONE IS ABLE TO STOP THEM. The subversion simply runs too deep.





She does not need to campaign, she's in. While the other candidate receives 90+ percent of actual (but not counted) votes.

HIGHLY PROBABLE. Ghislaine stole Madeline McCann and delivered her to the Podesta brothers


Iran is definitely being attacked by Israel, and Israel admitted it

A while ago I did a post where I suspected a major explosion in Tehran was Isreal or the U.S. stuxnet attacking a steel mill. That may still be the case, and if that explosion was a steel mill it was VERY bad, it would have maimed Iran. Yesterday (July 5) Israel took responsibility for the blast at Natanz, where they destroyed the production facility that was making better centrifuges, and they also took credit for destroying a missile production facility. They avoided taking credit for destroying two power generating stations but obviously that's suspicious.

Iran downplayed it all and denied, denied, denied which at this point is starting to look stupid. Why deny this? As of now, the lights are still on there but I would not bet on that for long, Israel is getting away with causing major mayhem and Iran is isolated enough now to be forced to just sit there and take it. Counterstrike? Some are predicting this but Persians are not stupid and may opt to just weather this like they would a natural disaster.

A still image with voice only does not cut it for me, so Consider that when listening to this, which could be true.

It is supposed to be the president of Ghana busting the Rockefellers in the covid scam.


As this played out, last I heard they both died. Back story:

They decided to shut down a dark section of the interstate right on a fairly tight curve in Seattle at 1:30 AM. They blocked it off with two black vehicles and one white one. A late model Jaguar came through at a high speed, was surprised by the sudden totally dark road block, could not stop, swerved around the white van onto the shoulder, THEN saw the protesters and tried to get back onto the highway where there were still protesters (but fewer of them) and nailed these two "gender to be specified", Who happen to be textbook images of the filth that is destroying the united states.

The 32 year old was likely fairly high ranking ANTIFA. The driver was black. After he hit them, he stopped but got mobbed and took off again. It was NOT HIS FAULT AT ALL, he should not only walk, he should sue the survivors of these two whatchamacallits to fix his car, people are rejoicing on social media over this, not mourning.

I was not even going to report this until the pictures of the two women surfaced. HERE WE HAVE TWO WHITE FEMALES OUT BAD MOUTHING BLACKS WITH THEIR BEHAVIOR, and they got nailed by a black guy. I can't believe it, I think there's a strong chance God had a hand in who was taken out, poor Jaguar, it is going to cost a bit to fix it.

I have no sympathy and do not call this sad, and the vast majority of people who saw this agree, though I do know there will be a few readers who sympathize and say I am wrong for my perspective on this. If the loss of a few destroyed people makes the rest of the nuts who should be locked up or imprisoned behave better, that's a LOT better than a civil war. Too bad it was not a semi that would have taken out the entire group.

No, I do not value the lives of those who shoot into innocent people's cars, rip up our history, and shit on their race. Too bad whatever they are doing is not directed at those who brainwashed them into behaving like this but if they knew that, they'd be conservative and not out doing this crap to begin with.



VAST amounts of properly used illegal fireworks on the 4th. I never thought I'd see the day, UNBELIEVABLE.

This is what the 4th in a truly free America should look like. How on earth did this happen?

I was wondering how Antifa and BLM managed to get their hands on so many fireworks to harass people with. I figured the Soros crew provided them, however, that may not be true. If this kind of use happened on the 4th, something must have changed, though you could always go to Indian reservations and buy this type of firework I never saw it done like this EVER. Not even 5 percent of this. At the time I dug through a nice assortment of these on a reservation I did not buy any because the legal stuff was "good enough" then. The good legal stuff vanished about 25 years ago. I always thought the type in the video should be legal and they never were. I did not buy them when I had the chance because I figured they'd be too dangerous for my zero experience. But if people want to have at it let the idiots sort out their problems while licking their wounds.

A video like this, where it is THAT MASSIVE a violation going on totally unfettered can only mean something has changed, first of all, how did what is obviously the entire population get those? SO MANY that any attempt at enforcement would be futile. There's not enough BLM to do that. Patriots are doing that. How???



This month's newsletter got so long I had to leave a pile of stuff out to keep the length reasonable. Here is a topic I left out:

A Key indicator seems to be taking place that proves a genocide is coming

KEY INDICATOR: Some of the store chains are not re-stocking and are instead selling off and shutting down despite not mentioning anything at all about being distressed.

QUESTION: If you were one of the stores that was allowed to stay open because "Corona mysteriously knows not to go there", you know, - stores like Wal Mart - ANYTHING owned by the elite - If you had that advantage, and FINALLY did not have to deal with any competition at all from stores that are not elite owned, why would you sell the current stock out and continuously migrate what's left to smaller and smaller areas? Answer: Because soon, there won't be people left to support so many stores, and you have insider info stating that.

I have seen too many social media posts to ignore, which are stating stores are not re-stocking "certain items" and that many store chains are selling off everything. Stores like Burlington Coat Factory, and Bed Bath and Beyond - many reports that these types are simply selling off existing stock and moving what's left into smaller areas. Many reports of this. Too many "rumors", and ALWAYS BLAMED AS THE REASON: CHINA NOT SHIPPING.

China not shipping. folks, CHINA IS SHIPPING AND HAS BEEN FOR MONTHS. Stores in Mexico are once again fully totally stocked with full variety, TO THE RAFTERS, including the tiny litte private ones in centro that do nothing but sell Chinese stuff. Heck, a large one called Del Sol had a better selection of Chinese merchandise than I have ever seen there. I interviewed a guy from Taiwan named Gabriel who runs one of the little stores and he said China is shipping (and a whole lot more I'll get into later) - he had tons of great merchandise.

At Wal Mart, there's an enormous assortment of things, all the way from $89.00 15 speed bikes to elliptical machines. Every brand of detergent, all the antiseptic wipes and other stuff like that, and every brand of toilet paper in all sizes from 4 packs to jumbo packs. ALL stores are fully stocked with clothes, shoes, and appliances. I made it a point to check this out. There are no bare shelves anywhere. Lots of secondary stores, TINY ONES, packed full of low end Chinese made smart phones and other stuff like watches, toys, all types of solar lights and anything else you can imagine, with no indication whatsoever that there's been any disruption at all.

If there is obviously NO disruption of Chinese supply lines, with stuff arriving like normal in Mex, and everyone is more stocked with that stuff than I have ever seen before, why are some American stores depleting their merchandise out?. There are NO stores selling down stock in the U.S. because "China is not shipping" Mexico proves this. If stores are not re-stocking there is another reason - like - why have a store full of merchandise when the purge happens? Who's going to be around to buy it after that???

Back to Gabriel, who's FULLY stocked.

I got a ton of images proving all the Mexican stores are stocked but since they'll only amount to page clutter and I spoke to Gabriel directly, I'll post his store (with him in the picture)

The big concern small retailers are having in Mexico is that quarantines and shut downs (which are now ending) disrupted the economy so badly that sales are slow. Slow sales are the problem, not an inability to get merchandise.

So what do I think this means?

If store shelves are empty, and prices are high, there's something amiss in America. Prices in Mexico are LOW now. There's no reason for high prices or shortages anywhere now and if that is happening, it is because it is wanted. Why would it be wanted? YOU GUESS.

There is a Christian pastor who may or may not be legit (That's hard to say with these things, but this is worth posting - ) he's gone viral enough to make it even with Alex Jones - he has stated that September is when it "all starts" and by November, it is going to be absolute chaos with the communist revolution, with the wealth of America totally robbed out from under the people outright. It's the type of chaos that initiates genocides and if American stores are not STOCKED TO THE RAFTERS people had better take note, the stores absolutely should be that way now. And if they are not - Why re-stock when no one is going to be around to buy?

And it could be even worse - Why re-stock when the store is going to be burned to the ground (as planned) if not by rioters, by a helicopter (As I have stated repeatedly over the years here) - it has been planned since the communist takeover of Russia - American building codes REQUIRE everything built to be made of materials that burn to the ground. And they obscure that and make everyone "think they care" by writing "fire codes". There are no fire codes in Mexico, they are not needed. But if in the U.S. a home cannot be burned to the ground because it is built like a Mexican home, it is declared a "bunker" and will get bulldozed. Who do you know in the U.S. that has a house that can't be burned to the ground? NO ONE.

Stuff does not burn to the ground in Mexico, EVER. Because nothing, from the lowliest house to a factory to buildings up to about 10 stories tall - no buildings in that size range or below will burn unless ONLY the contents are burning, and that always just stays in one room, which has walls that won't burn through. Why is America different? ANSWER: BECAUSE A GENOCIDE HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR DECADES, THE "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS" WERE RIGHT. Nothing could possibly be more convenient than lighting a match, once that's done it does not matter how many guns the guy has.

I guess I could tell you to prepare but that's getting boring.

I put the donation request down here to help it go un-noticed by those who cause problems

I removed the Hillary tweet "caught by Paul Joseph Watson"

I figured it was real, but can't find enough supporting evidence anywhere. Perhaps it is massively censored.

Minneapolis just begged Trump for half a billion dollars to "fix" the riot damage

LET ME SAY THIS RIGHT: The Minneapolis Jewish community that set all this up wants to do a final profit taking on their little project by stealing half a billion. NOT ONE business that got destroyed will ever see a dime of this if Trump is stupid enough to hand kikedom such a bonus, and the police department will be paid for in increased taxes. 100 PERCENT of anything sent will be stolen, Baltimore and many other such thefts PROVE IT.


PJW may have scored with that Hillary tweet, but let's see him post THAT.


Please use and Paypal

Putting the request down here, out of sight on the Jewish sabbath worked last time. Many thanks to everyone who helps keep this site going.

New leftist scam going around:

"Filthy humans create 2 cubic metres of sewage per day - 8 thousand cubic kilometres a fucking day - half the mediteranean"

My comment: It is this kind of thinking that inspired the Georgia Guidestones. And leftists EAT IT UP without applying an ounce of any intellect. Here's the real math:

If you take ALL industrial applications, PLUS all household applications of water, and average that out for the entireity of mankind, the average person uses 2 cubic meters per day. If you call all of that "sewage", which clearly it is not, then yes, you can claim the average person uses 2 cubic meters, (2000 liters, about 500 gallons per day). But after that, the leftist math fails as can be expected, because they had common core and got ripped off in colleges that brainwashed rather than taught. Here's the rest: 1 cubic kilometer is a billion cubic meters.

Therefore, IF the population is 8.5 billion, all applications, - the entirety of all human activity, - will use approximately 19 cubic kilometers per day. If this was taken from the Challenger Deep which is 10,994 meters deep, it would equal 1.9 /1.0994 (or 1.7282) square kilometers of ocean surface (from the surface to the bottom. To convert that to square miles, you multiply that by 0.3861, which equals 0.6672 square miles.

ALL industrial and residential water use, across the entire planet, only equals 0.6672 square miles of ocean, at the ocean's deepest point. That may sound impossibly small, but it is for real. The world is a big place. We have a lot less impact than the left would have you believe.

I was surprised the math worked out to be so little. A pittance. Bill Gates can stick it. Just ONE of the properties owned by Bill Gates is 4,500 acres. I did not look all of them up, I just hit that one and posted it as an example: the total water usage for all industrial and residential purposes for all of mankind only equals 1,105 acres of the ocean's surface, if measured at the Challenger Deep. That's 25 percent of the surface area of ONE property Gates owns. Sound impossible? Well, no. When you convert that to acre feet it equals 39,846,653.6 acre feet of water. Sounds about right.

Obviously this does not include agricultural uses, but water sprayed on crops can hardly be considered "used" and the math for agricultural uses will come out just as pathetically small. That said, even industrial and household use does not actually "use" the water either, it all gets returned. The bottom line is that it's a BIG WORLD, despite being only a speck in the galaxy.

CHALLENGE: Explain that to a brainwashed leftist, who got RIPPED OFF by an outfit called a "college" that can't even tell students what their buttholes are to be used for.


She has already stated she's not suicidal so it has to be done some other way. The entire web is hopping on Coronavirus with tons of memes including fake future news reports with her getting nailed by Corona.

Rumor has it she's a songbird. She'll be dead before she testifies, BET ON IT.


White House staffers ask: Is Kushner an idiot, or a saboteur?

Well, there's no question to that - he's a saboteur but at least someone there noticed something is wrong.

"Some officials close to the administration feel Kushner is intentionally sabotaging his father's agenda, holding his own ideological agenda as a priority. "The depths and lengths Jared is going to stab Trump in the back [are] quite profound," an individual said. "Trump's been burned by Jared so many times."

4th of July warning: BRING YOUR GUNS. No matter WHAT you are doing or where you are going, BRING THEM. UP TO one fully loaded handgun with one in the chamber PER PERSON PLUS a rifle per group. You have been warned.

For any fireworks celebrations CONCEALED CARRY, don't make a show. If you can't conceal carry into a show, get close enough to watch and be ready for some A-holes to do a mass shooting and PUT. THEM. DOWN. Even from the sidelines if need be. If you have to be on the sidelines and have a rifle with scope, that will be the one to use because you can pick off perps on the other side of the show if you are any sort of a shot. I suggest something with more punch than an AR. The Vegas helicopter would not have been able to cope with even a 30/30 and I would not put it past the FBI to do that again and the sidelines would be where you'd want to be to deal with a shooting helicopter if you had a rifle. I'd take a semi auto .270 or 30.06 over an AR for putting down a mass shooter and especially against a helicopter, which an AR would likely do nothing to.

I suggest bringing the BARE MINIMUM I just listed and not more, don't put any assets at risk that don't need to be put at risk. Most of your guns can stay home. Hopefully most, with my recommendation above met.

Remember Vegas. Keep in mind that to stop a mass shooting, your target will probably be FBI and they'll be situated around the perimeter, above the crowd, will be laying down, and dressed in black, JUST LIKE VEGAS. Plus a helicopter, which will have no reason to be at a fireworks show and had no reason to be above the Harvest Festival. How long has it been? They are probably ready for an encore. Ditto for the beach.

FBI now: OMG!!! CALL IT OFF! CALL IT OFF! CALL IT OFF!!!!! but keep in mind, this warning won't stop Antifa and we know they'll shoot people. The FBI may also use the old standby - drugged and hypnotized idiots.


Lots of warnings about the 4th, including 150, 000, 000, 000 new "Corona" cases

Yes, they have pumped it into overdrive with the B.S. about Corona. I guess they think spewing ever higher numbers is going to scare the kiddies a second time. Same playbook. No variety. Go out, have fun, and BRING YOUR GUNS. It is probably a legitimate claim that there will be ANTIFA violence over the 4th. And if they are whites "speaking up for blacks" and the crowd is not at least half black and you have to shoot to protect yourself, put one out for me too.

It appears the next stimulus check will be $2, 000

Well, if that's what it takes to pacify the masses into inaction I guess. People don't move to fix things until their pants are on fire. Though the checks are well justified, they should come straight from Bill Gates and the rest of the clan that caused this. Seize all their assets so they can smirk about how "the next virus will get attention" while rattling a can at a street corner.


Ghislaine Maxwell arrested.

I never thought I'd see that day. Perhaps this was done to help round up those who are going to rig the election. They had better STEP ON IT.

She was stupid enough to come back to the United States and was found in New Hampshire. Gosh, I thought she'd never do that. Is the deep state losing it's grip? Was she told she'd be fine in the U.S. only to have that end up being NOT? LETS HOPE SO.


Stupid white girl rioting for "BLM" tries to spook a police horse to hurt the cop and gets kicked in the face

Horse kicks are very bad. The horse perfectly put it where it mattered. She probably lost her teeth but the video is not clear enough to really tell. And now I'll say this:

I am getting sick and tired of WHITE PEOPLE making BLACK PEOPLE look like crap by going out and doing things in the name of "black people" that the blacks are not doing for themselves. When a "black lives matter" protest has all whites and latinos, it is false representation and downright pathetic. FACT:

The majority of black people are very upset by the whole BLM ruse, they are not happy with the riots and just want to get along. They are sick of having crazed white leftists go out and SMEAR THEM. Kudos to the horse.

It is clear the only "experience" this white girl has with horses came from Barbie movies, and that really paid off.


I'm just sitting here laughing.



This black guy was on the way to the protest, knew exactly where it was going, and busted the cops for putting rocks right where they were headed.


Not only did the Denver Airport feature a mural tited "suffering and fighting against coronavirus in 1994, Snopes lied about it, when it was provably removed from the airport and archived by a famous art archival group.


This shows up at the end of the video clip. How does he know there will be a "next time" and that it "will get attention"? Ask Fauci, who gave millions to the lab in Wuhan. GET THIS: "Corona did not get people's attention but the next virus will" AND HE AND MELINDA SMILED WHILE HE WAS SAYING IT. You can't make this stuff up, why the HECK does this guy not get a special delivery programmed into a tomahawk?

And then, there's this, from June 30 after Fauci gave a huge talk about a "second wave" that will kill us all . . . . .


Remember: The Mayor is responsible. The mayor is trying to back paddle now, but the mayor funded this and sent the support with TAXPAYER DOLLARS. That means this was never an autonomous zone, it was condoned by a local government. Any city could do this if the leadership was criminal. let's see what happens to that mayor now. Since the cops are totally corrupt and this event proved it, you can well tell how that's going to go. The mayor needs to be imprisoned for this for life, and nothing will happen. Most likely it was only dismantled because they want to run a new covid scam and this was bad for optics with regard to that.

NEVER FORGET: The U.N. actually supported and recognized this zone. I guess it is pointless to preach to the choior here about that, everyone knows the UN is dirt if they can find a site like this one.

This was outside of Trump's jursidiction, it was not his fault. The president cannot directly order mayors, who are state/county/city level, to behave, the other levels between should have handled this and did not. They just quit when they wanted. And now there's a destroyed area the businesses and residents have to pick up, like after a tornado. The mayor and all the police and all the officials who stood down should be liquidated over this to pay damages, but that won't happen. It's called subversion, where your own government wants you destroyed.

It actually ended sooner than I figured it would have, perhaps the kids got sick of tents and wanted to get back to mom's basement. Maybe that was part of it all.


I had no idea whatsoever that Tesla was THAT FAR up. Perhaps that's the reason for the recent hit pieces against Tesla, calling them low reliability crap that is always getting fixed . . . . . I want one.

I'll just have to dream. I would not mind a cyber truck to be honest. I can deal with the way it looks. I'd rig a way for that to run on solar and I would succeed. It's already so ugly solar would not hurt it. Ugly, and I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT.

My original report about what happened to Trump's Tulsa rally was bang on

Trump's actual attendance was probably well over 50, 000 but it was not allowed in.

They stopped an overflow capacity crowd FIVE BLOCKS away from the center, filmed the empty streets around the center, and claimed no one showed up. See this:

"Here is how a corrupt convention center management team kills attendance at a Trump Rally. I was there and saw most of it first hand, followed by others tonight that never got past the temperature screeners.

1. BOK Center holds at least 19, 000. The area outside the convention center set up by the Secret Service and Tulsa PD had a U-shaped squeeze shoot to funnel the crowd down to an area about. 50 feet wide and 600 feet long with an outdoor stage adjacent to the BOK entrance.Trump was supposed to be able to speak to the overflow group from this stage.

2. Entry to the “Secure Area” NOT the BOK center was about 5 blocks away where you had to pass “screeners” who took your temperature, made you put on a face mask and gave you a green band to proceed to Secret Service Security.

3. If the temperature screeners left their post- the entire entry to the BOK Trump rally was shut down.

4. And that is EXACTLY what happened today about an hour after we got through security.


My comment: This is probably why they kicked so many Trump supporters off social media - to prevent these types of testimonies from spreading. And THEN, in pure communist form, the entire MSM, plus scammers at all levels said Trump was punked by kids and no one wants him. NEVER BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY, it happened just like I said to begin with - they totally scammed that rally. It was a disgusting work of communism that did that, and they even rolled in the ashes they made like stench ridden dogs, proclaiming victory and "Trump is slipping".

The people attempting to overthrow the United States feel entitled to do so, and are so damn slimy it is impossible to get a grip on the reality of how slimy they are. This is the Adrenochrome crew, they murder kids for a high. Nothing is past them.


The Chinese gold scandal does not fully wash

Yes, there was a gold company called Kingold in Wuhan that mis-represented what they were selling and that's pretty much where it ends. The pictures of the "gold bars" you see circulating, where a shell is peeled back from a bar of tungsten, are not accurate.

Here is what the company in fact did -

They melted gold into copper and created an alloy. They then plated the outside of the bar in a thick layer of 24K gold. Ok, so there's problems with this too, - however, it is the best case scenario for whoever bought this crap.

The reason why tungsten is the preferred method of fakers is because tungsten weighs so close to what real gold does that scales can't tell a difference. All you have to do with the bars that were a copper alloy is drop them in water and see how many ML they displace for their claimed weight. If they displace too many, they are fake. However -

None of the reports I have seen on this particular scam have stated what percentage of copper the bars actually contained. It might only be 5 percent. It is probably not over 25 percent. And if I was going to get ripped off on a gold purchase, I'd much rather have it be this way than tungsten, the bars in this latest scam at least have a portion of their stated value. If they were selling bars with copper mixed, they could not take this very far and get away with it, absolutely anyone with a decent scale would be able to tell the bars were fake and it took quite a while for this to come to light. So I am guessing no more than 10 percent copper.

If even 5 percent of a bar's weight was copper, and you advertised it as 100 percent pure, there would be an ENORMOUS profit made. They don't have to be completely fake. Yes, I'd be very upset if I got such a bar but it's not the same as having it be tungsten. I'd take "90 percent pure" any day over 100 percent fake core with a 3 percent shell on it. To handle such a bar, all you'd have to do is take it to a mining company that has a mass spectrometer, have them verify how much copper was in it, and they'll pay you the gold weight and then they will throw the bar in with the gold nuggets (which are no more pure, typically 80 percent pure) and refine them into pure gold. If the bars were 10 percent copper and you had enough of them, you could probably walk away with 85 percent of what you thought you had when everything was done. You won't be stuck with zero.

I have noticed numerous posts about stores emptying out

There are numerous social media posts about stores like Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond, (and lots lots more) selling down their stuff and closing off the parts of their stores that are now empty, having moved all merchandise to a smaller area. The posts are validated by the fact that it is all store locations doing it, not just one here and there -

People are speculating that it is a supply line crunch causing it. I can confirm from here that it is not, all the Chinese stuff is still on sale here, at lower than ever prices. Yesterday I saw the mechanical dogs that used to sell for $3 selling for $1. That's spooky to see, these are complex devices with well over 100 parts (I have taken these apart to fix them for kids) and it seemed impossible it could exist for even $3. They are the classic battery operated dogs with fluffy cloth hair that walk and yap.

There are lots of other "too low to be true" prices everywhere in Mex and due to the lock downs here, it seems like very few people are buying. So this is not a supply issue.

Here is my guess, and I'll be frank:

If they are going to kill off over half the population, they don't need all these stores anymore. If they know everyone's going to be gone anyway, why stock up? Why would America be selling down stores, at the same time Mexico is stacked to the rafters with whatever is vanishing in the U.S.?

I just wanted to point out here that no, toilet paper did not stop getting made, ALL the old brands and options are still available, every last one and in quantity. Every last thing there ever was is still available here, right down to my favorite brand of cheap shoes. Even things like refrigerators and sofas and big screens are 100 percent stocked. I noticed a dip in available cell phone makes and models, but all of that TOTALLY recovered, they are all back. If stuff really is vanishing in the United states, that is another huge warning of terrible plans, people in the U.S. had better WATCH OUT.

Huge antifa activity in Portland

They tried to expand CHAZ into Portland. Let's see how far this goes. So far it is "They have lit fires, set up a new zone by blocking off streets with cars, the mayor sent them food in the new zone, and they even established a "quiet area" for rioters to sleep". No confirmation that any police action was substantial enough to matter.




It seems to be random amounts, with some people reporting being double digits short, all the way up to tens of thousands. Very few are reporting their accounts are normal. No one knows what is going on yet, (as of 6 PM CST Sunday) but it appears there was either a major glitch, or a hack.



The claim is that it was a gas explosion in an industrial area with no casualties. However, there were widespread reports of a strong smell of melted metal over a very large area.

I originally reported this as a probable stuxnet attack on a steel mill and do not believe the official story. Something else is going on with this but we are not going to get an answer.

My worry with this is the chance it was a demonstration of a military grade virus attack done to both damage Iran and threaten Trump. "Comply, or your nuke facilities are going to look like this!


Now there are only still photos of the initial blast just getting started. Nothing shows what actually happened. Iran is claiming zero casualties. I am calling B.S. and have saved the original report on this in case anything leaks out. I still think my original report was bang on but I toned it down quite a bit by replacing it with this.

Prior to Chaz, I never heard of "Juneteenth".

There is lots of stuff about it, backdated all the way to the beginning of the internet. But with how they can fake all that now, I gotta say, I am skeptical.

RUMOR: BLM to topple HW Bush statue

MY COMMENT: Go for it! That mass murdering bastard should not have a statue anywhere.

Also do his kid who DID 911, Obama, and Clinton while you are at it!


Benjamin Franklin's 1787 warning about the Jews:

" I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and penetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

If you do not exclude them from these United States, in this Constitution in less than 200 years they will have swarmed in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance and jeopardized our liberty.

If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them sustenance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, Gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves".

My comment: IT HAPPENED.

The following is the top half of the newsletter.

NEW NEWSLETTER: The Communist Revolution is well under way (and too soon)

The communists must be in a pinch, because they are playing their cards too soon, though the power they do have is frightening.

It is interesting to watch history while it happens, but a communist revolution is something no one wants to watch. The communists have everything except the will of the people on their side now, including even the police. They will either back off in fear of gun owners, or they will get very bloody, perhaps the bloodiest revolution in history with by far the highest percentage kill off ever done. It is somewhat evident they will use Chinese troops to purge the American gun owner, that's the only way they will get the numbers they need and due to China's one child policy which mostly aborted girls, there are hundreds of millions of displaced Chinese men with no woman available to throw away for this.

It is clear we are in deep trouble. If China cooperates with America's left, it will be very bad.

First of all, the obvious:

The statue toppling is a hallmark of a communist takeover, and went on far too long for it to be interpreted as anything but a communist takeover underway. Also, the allowance of the CHAZ zone proves without question the American system is possibly compromised beyond recovery. It is important to note, and should be obvious, that if there was no public backlash against Chaz that at least 17 states would have had them established and that the police, who "finally cracked down" would not have if this was the case. We learned from all of this that the police really are not there for us, and serve their masters, not the people. The police are SO bad they will sit there and let murders happen if they are ordered to, and will instead kill and arrest those who step in to stop it. Additionally, Minneapolis disbanded it's police force and the city council members then hired their own private security (with taxpayer money) leaving no security for the rest of the population.

Now we know the plan: Import third world hoodlums from the worst corners of the globe, and use THEM to cause Americans to beg for the destruction of the previous american system. The refugee visa was one of the most filthy false flags ever perpetrated on the American people, we all wondered what was going on with that, and now we know. As far as I can tell, the plan is not working. And the back up will be China if it does not work.

Trump MSM fakery

We have all heard the numbers: Biden leads Trump, and there will be no recovery for Trump, and people hate Trump for inaction, and well, just fill the page with this - and it is ALL A LIE.

I have seen NUMEROUS polls that were not controlled by the communists, and the ones that are at Trump hot spots land him at about 87 percent of the vote, with Biden getting about 3 percent. The polls that are NOT at conservative hot spots have Trump getting 75 percent of the vote, and Biden 11 percent. Yet all we hear in the media is how Trump is losing, losing, losing and how much the people hate Trump. That's easy to have happen when the communists own everything from OAN to FOX to CNN, with all of them just being different steps in information control. You can't tell me OAN can't observe the obvious and they'll probably even be chastised "just for show" but the bottom line is you can't trust ANY media source other than the independents who are saying what you see in your day to day life. NO ONE WANTS BIDEN.

The goal: To place enough doubt in people's minds about Trump having a chance for the communists to get away with stealing the election. All they want is to get enough doubt in people's minds to have Bubba sit there wondering how that happened, rather than shoot. Problem: People are waking up to this, and five months before the election is WAY TOO SOON.

They need the corona scam to justify wiping out private business in preparation for a communist lock down (where everything comes from single sources). They also need a virus scare to allow unfettered vote rigging, and I have concluded the "virus" has been 100 percent fake from top to bottom.

Yesterday Alex posted a frightening report about how coronaviruses spew appendages from cell to cell to speed up their killing. And it's all bullshit to scare the people into mail in voting. I have proof the Coronavirus is likely a scam from top to bottom, that NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL. After all, if Biden is leading Trump, who the hell can trust anything the MSM spews? But there's more than that, I HAVE PROOF this is likely the case. China did a communist culling that they figured was overdue. All the stories, from chloroquine to Indian scientists discovering it was biologically engineered are likely fake. EVERY LAST LINE IS PROBABLY FAKE, AND HERE IS HOW I KNOW:


The above recieved a 7 year old boy with a scorpion sting, they refused to treat him for a scorpion sting and immediately said he had corona, the parents begged for the scorpion shot, THIS HOSPITAL refused, and instead let the kid die. The kid died quickly, and it was written down as a coronavirus death.

This same hospital received a five year old boy who was perfectly healthy but had a broken arm, and the parents left the kid there overnight. The next day the kid was returned in an ash urn, "dead from corona" and already cremated, and the parents were never notified before cremation, they simply arrived to an urn the next morning. Claudia thinks they simply stole the kid.

Next hospital:

This hospital received a baby that had just been born and was in bad condition, expected to die. The baby did die, and this hospital offered the mother a payoff to record it as a coronavirus death. At least they did not kill it. There might not be killings going on at this hosptial.


THIS hospital is where the two doctors who probably murder people that I have mentioned on this site are based. If the parents identify them from photos I have, then it will be proven and I'll post the photos. These doctors will go to the first hospital I mentioned here, when needed. They may have been the ones that murdered the two kids, but there are obviously more than two murdering doctors in this system.

I have posted about these doctors before, but not in the context of Corona. The reports at that time were a warning that there are doctors that are professional assassins that kill inconvenient people when needed. Perfectly qualified doctors, in a perfect position to get away with murder. I have pictures of both doctors but will not post them until I get solid confirmation they were the ones who killed the kids at the first hospital mentioned here. The parents have to say it, and I did not have the pictures of those doctors with me at that time.


This excellent but small hospital is where I overheard doctors talking about what happened in one of the other hospitals in the same city, (probably one of the three I listed) - where a kid was brought in with a broken jaw, "died during surgery" and was listed as a coronavirus death. This is the only private hospital in this list, and nothing bad is going on there. This hospital has doctors from everywhere in it as requested.

Claudia, via her elite contacts, has many many other cases of such incidents but since those could be called rumor, I am only posting what I have directly confirmed with those involved. What I have is enough anyway. All I don't have is a direct ID pegging the two doctors I already investigated to these murders.

Now, obviously, after all that, I don't believe "Corona" is real at all.

I bumped this to the top because it is relevant to the newsletter but won't be a part of it.

I was wondering why Trump's Arizona rally never got a single mention in the MSM (that I saw)

Trump's Arizona rally was completely packed to capacity. So the MSM is not mentioning it, and I never even saw it mentioned ANYWHERE in alt media.

It was difficult to find any mention of it. I had to do very limited searches to specify exactly where and when. Once I figured out how to get it to come in, I discovered all the photos were cropped in ways that refused to show the reality of that rally. All the camera angles were set up to minimize the size of the crowd. I did, however, manage to fish out these three:

It is evident Trump knows he's doomed. He has recently called Biden the next president because the election will be stolen. Totally independent polling shows Trump at 75 percent and Biden at 11 percent but that's not going to work when it will all be stolen anyway.

I DID THIS over the Corona B.S. but I already paid and it was not as much stuff. Claudia was not pleased. Location: HEB.

In the video, a woman who is NOT Karen flips out over the Corona B.S.


Shutdown of CHAZ called off

Yesterday there was a lot of talk that appeared substantial about the mayor finally giving the order to have the police clean up CHAZ. That has been canceled. And by the way:

Several businesses are attempting to sue Seattle for loss of business due to CHAZ, which the city is permitting. The preliminary response from the city is : The government and police have no responsibility to protect you. The police do what they are told.


"To protect and serve" is a hoax the police claim to stand by but we have now learned that after a couple decades of Israeli programming, the police have been destroyed and are no longer the police we once had. They "protect and serve" only the elite who issue the orders.

The following is a post I made earlier that I bumped to the top because it is relevant to the above

Want proof of a communist takeover?

Guilt by association is how Communists roll.

If YOU are associated with anyone who commits an "infraction" you get disciplined and fired. The only group that has a history of doing this is the communists. This is also reflected in China's social credit score, where if you do business with someone who has a low score, it lowers your score and if one person in an entire family does anything "bad enough" they kill or imprison the whole family.

It started in the Western countries with people getting their careers vaporized for stepping out of line. Anything considered "insensitive" got you vaporized. Patriotism got you vaporized. Supporting Trump got you vaporized. Saying anything in support of traditional values got you vaporized. And now, having anyone near you do that gets you vaporized the same way the girlfriend of the guy who flew a banner in Britain got vaporized.

The entire purpose of this type of communist behavior is to weaken everyone in a circle of association when one person acts up. It's how they totally annihilate their opposition. They have to accomplish an ENORMOUS amount of subversion for it to be implemented as much as it is now. It is in full swing now, becoming more and more visible.



FACT: CHAZ IS RUN BY WHITES THAT WANT TO MAKE BLACK PEOPLE LOOK LIKE CRAP. EVERYONE PERMITTING THIS IS WHITE. THE LEADERSHIP IS PREDOMINANTLY WHITE. AND THEIR BRAINWASH WON'T LET THEM TOUCH A BLACK MAN, AS WE SEE HERE where a black patriot tears up Chaz, and they do NOTHING because they are locked into inaction by their brainwash programming. This was solid gold.


FACT: WHITES are tearing down the statues. WHITES are predominantly the ones lighting fires. WHITES are directing it all. WHITES are the ones funding it, WHITES are the ones giving it support in the media, and they are blaming it on blacks and making BLACKS look like crap. Only blacks can fix this crap by telling whitie to stick it the way this guy just did in CHAZ.



This is another group of communists elsewhere. The pens in the voting booth were made with ink that vanished when hit with a cigarette lighter. THIS PROVES THAT NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, THE COMMUNISTS ARE GOING TO STEAL IT IN NOVEMBER. IT IS A DONE DEAL. They already stole 2018. They are confident enough for Kamala to openly state anyone who supported Trump is a goner.

This proves we are screwed. There are so many ways to steal an election there's no possible way we can cope with it, OTHER THAN BLOCKCHAIN AND A RECEIPT. If you don't get a receipt proving who you voted for, that you can check later, the election WILL BE STOLEN.

All they are doing now is putting the mindset in people that Trump will lose, by lying about everything, about every poll, about EVERYTHING. They have committed to doing whatever it takes to steal it, and they know they will succeed. The only thing they need to do is put enough doubt in people's minds to squelch a rebellion.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, BUT FOX NEWS IS SAYING IT IS SO, and in this case it probably is.

GET THIS: After the sham FBI went in there and said it was not a noose, Bubba Smollett is still saying it is. Here is how the FBI investigation went:

Gee folks, do you know anything about this "hang man's noose?"

Answer: I sure do! My garage door has one too. Hey hank, MINE DOES TOO. Oh gosh golly, it looks like they ALL DO. Hmm, a couple came un-tied. I guess they don't all have them, the knots came out of a couple but it sure does make a nice pull handle. It is therefore obviously not a proper noose, but it does look like one. Gee, someone figured out how to tie a noose that's not a slip knot, so it stays in place like a REAL GOOD PULL HANDLE.

FBI: Well, that concludes our investigation that was much harder to solve than HOW THE HELL EXPLOSIVES GOT PLANTED IN OUR WORLD HEADQUARTERS SO LARRY COULD SAY "PULL IT". Gee, how did ANYONE get those planted right inside the building ahead of time, while all those top notch investigators were RIGHT THERE? Yes, that was simpler to solve than even this noose mystery, but we sure won't put that in any FBI reports!

LIKE IT OR NOT, AOC really did tweet this.

I have now double confirmed this tweet really happened.

I have my ways!

BOOM: THIRD way to confirm this tweet is real: Try posting it to Twitter. It will not stay posted there. Everyone who has tried has had it vanish. If this was a fully debunked hoax, Twitter would not be doing that. It would just be in the "UFO bin"

The claim is that it was debunked. But there's absolutely no supporting evidence to prove it was debunked. Until I see supporting evidence and not just Snopes stating it was debunked, all we have is Snopes spewing their typical coverup B.S.

Pro Publica says this tweet never happened also, but they are as bad as Snopes and, that frequently go back and do "clean up". I want a REAL debunk from a reliable source, not this crap.

Bottom line: This is too damaging to have out there. And we all know it's true anyway, even before she tweeted this.

CONFIRMED: THE SECOND WAVE OF CORONA IS FAKE. IT IS A POLITICAL PLOY TO SCREW TRUMP'S ELECTION. Do you know how much it irritates people to have a five year old blow a business secret while tagging along? Snopes and Pro Publica doing cleanup does not cut it!

There are no archive sites that can be trusted anymore, there are only archive sites that are not synchronized right. Time and time again I have seen the Wayback machine delete and change stuff, folks, we are in the middle of a communist revolution, there are no sites of that type that can be trusted anymore, not even can be trusted anymore. The wayback machine bit the dust in 2013 (that's when I noticed they replaced the World Nuclear Association's Fukushima data with crap from Arnie Gundersen.)

Kamala Harris has promised a communist style purge after Trump

Meaning, obviously, after they steal this next election, and they will. People had damn well better secure the voting process or we are DOOMED. Get a load of this!

DEAGEL WAS NOT BLUFFING. AN INSIDER IS THERE AND KNEW A COMMUNIST PURGE WAS COMING. THE GOAL: KILL 230 MILLION PEOPLE. THAT IS WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO DROP AMERICA'S POPULATION DOWN TO 100 MILLION AS PLANNED. WHITES ARE 70 PERCENT OF AMERICA'S POPULATION. HOW MANY IS THAT? 231 MILLION. THE NUMBERS ADD UP. KAMALA AND CREW ARE GOING TO KILL US IF THEY GET THE CHANCE AND SHE JUST SAID IT. Don't go thinking her saying America is "great" actually means anything, it does not mean she wants that greatness to actually live. They feel jilted for being delayed in their plans by Trump, and they are going to kill every damn last person that supported him. With contact tracing, they have you flagged bagged and tagged.

We had damn well better take this seriously and NOT crack a beer, PREEMPTIVE ACTION IS NEEDED. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED. WE NEED ACTION NOW.

Bubba claims to have been chased by white guys in cars for HOURS. FBI to investigate . . . .



This is making the rounds. GOOD ONE.


CONFIRMED. Bubba Smollett's "noose" was a hoax.

Don't give the FBI an ounce of respect for this, they are trash and this is still a cheap shot. But "The FBI investigated and stated the "noose" was there since last fall, before Bubba Smollett got his garage assignment. It was tied as a joke by a previous team. Leftists are saying it does not matter. It sure as heck does, and the FBI still sucks.

The FBI will stop sucking at least partially when they tell the world, with honesty, how their world headquarters got prepped for demolition BEFORE 911, while they were all in the building, so Silverstein could give the order to "pull it" on 911. Until they do that, they are a worthless subversive good for nothing false flagging FRAUDULENT BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, NOT A REAL ONE. No cookie for chit chatting and finding out when that "noose", which was tied to the end of a garage door pull rope was actually put there when they themselves had to have rigged their own world headquarters for demolition prior to 911. They can't tell me they did not notice that going on.

Update on the 3 gorges dam in China

There is fear it will fail due to heavy flooding that is on it's way - the worst in about 70 years. The problem with the 3 gorges dam has been revealed. As it turns out, the company that installed it cheated the contract and did not install footings that would prevent it from moving under water pressure, instead they believed the dam would be so heavy it would never move. The sat photos confirm that it's damn near a miracle it has not failed yet.

How about this for a thought: Maybe they calculated square inches in the place of square centimeters, and as a result were off by a factor of 6.45 when calculating pressure on the dam. The design of the dam was done by Canada, which finshed switching over to the metric system in 1985. WHAT IF the company that actually built it called B.S. on the design requirements and "safely cheated" because of the stated pressure being off by that much? Obviously there's no proof this is the case, but it would make sense that it was a metric/British measurement system clash that did not get caught by whoever cheated.

It is beginning to look like the only proper way forward with that dam is to drain it, demolish it, and re-do it. That would be a daunting challenge, probably best handled by mining companies.

An additional problem was that it was built on fault lines and intended to be able to move. But what has happened so far has taken approximately 300 calculated years of movement and compressed them into about 10. That's obviously not going to work out much longer and a failure of that dam would be devastating beyond description.


AOC just alienated whatever portion of the Latino community listens to her

She did it by declaring Latinos to be "black". That proves she's a sheltered IDIOT. FACT: If you are Latino, and you are called "white" it is a compliment. If you are called a "dark skinned Indian", it is an insult. And if you are called "black", that's cause for killing someone, Latinos are VERY RACIST and they don't put up with it. How stupid is AOC? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world will never know.










Trump is now openly stating the election will likely be stolen

Why would he say that? ANSWER: Because now he knows he can't trust the national guard, the U.S. armed forces, or ANY OTHER security force he puts to the task of keeping the election from being stolen. He knows this because two hours before last night's rally, the National Guard said the stadium was full and stopped letting people in. He found that out later. If this happened, it means there is so damn much corruption it cannot be overcome. The election WILL be stolen and he knows it.

Look at all the leftist states and how they acted with Antifa. If you think such states are going to turn in accurate results, you're dreaming and Trump just woke up. LAST NIGHT'S RALLY WAS THE WAKE UP CALL, CORRUPTION IN THE SECURITY FORCES WAS WHY ATTENDANCE FLOPPED, THEY TURNED EVERYONE IN THE LAST TWO HOURS BEFORE THE RALLY AWAY AND CLOSED THE GATES AND f***ing VANISHED entirely leaving locked gates behind a full hour and a half BEFORE Pence spoke.

This is a serious issue folks, the nation is so far gone we are easily provably screwed. There is simply too much corruption, the communists are in power EVERYWHERE. The conspiracy theorists were 100 percent bang on (like they all knew they were) and now it's all going to happen absent bloodshed and the use of the 2nd amendment.

The only silver lining in it all is that Trump is calling them out NOW and openly stating they are going to steal it, LONG before the election even happens. I don't know if it is actually going to make a difference if everyone knows, but at least everyone will know.


It looks like the treasonous Seattle mayor has given up on her Chaz zone and has submitted to it's dismantling.

BY THE WAY, all the people tearing down statues now are WHITE. NO BLACKS. That means COMMUNIST TAKE OVER CONFIRMED.

They could not goad the blacks into doing it so they are doing it themselves. I don't know if it is the Jews doing this directly or if their useful idiots are.

Warning from Venezuela: When the statues come down, the takeover is underway

A great quote from the comment section at Infowars:

I agree with and endorse this statement 100 percent:

"If the 1776 3% rebels fought the redcoats lined up man to man on the open battle fields we would still be colonized by Britain.

We didn't do that in key battles and skirmishes we became savages like the natives and fought without formal rules... Survival of the fittest

Cry foul play all you want, try and reverse this legally when it took illegal measures to get here, keep playing by the rules to your own demise because to be a true rebel it's not about legality, it's not about the courts, it's not about peaceful resistance, never in the history of mankind has any land been defended without bloodshed...

So when you ultra conservatives are ready to put the bible down for a second long enough to get physical and TAKE back what you feel is lost...

Until then the enemy encroaches and they are making great gains and covering a great deal of battle ground while you you sit there and allow it to happen...

SO.... get over the legalities and peacefulness it's whats killing you softly....

one thing about the opposition, they are not afraid of you, they are in the streets tearing $#!T up while you sit there waiting on the federal government and legalities to save you thinking voting is going to change things....

get out in the streets and TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!

My comment: At least I am not the only one saying it.