Key points, All of this is stated in this Times of Israel report:

She's married to a Jew and followed the Jewish rituals during her marriage, which likely means she is a Jew (but they won't admit that)

She fundraised for Israel, which is something Jews would do

She's going to ram "hate crimes" legislation through like nobody's business, if she gets in WATCH OUT, your web history will be deeply scrutinized and if you ever said Jews were guilty of anything, you'll be toast, retroactively.

She is 100 percent Jewish supported, they are behind her TOTALLY.

She's more AIPAC than even normal Jews are

MARK MY WORD: THE ELECTION WILL BE STOLEN. The Jews are going to use countless fake ID's printed in China, will hand them out in their synagogues and have every damn Jew vote as many times as it takes to overwhelm the entire population of the United States. Whether or not Trump realizes that's how the election got stolen, he will know it was stolen. And when he scrutinizes this, the same military Obama set up will go in and remove him with force. That's why they are talking about that now, they know the public knows they are going to steal this election, and they know they are going to have to enforce the theft. Kushner did what it took to stall Trump long enough to destroy his efforts that would have worked to prevent this.

When they succeed, America will see a genocide un-parralleled in world history, that is PRECICELY WHAT DEAGLE HAS INDICATED FOR YEARS and Kamala will sell it with a smile. The only thing stopping the genocide is gun owners, many of which are convinced Corona is real, and will let that ruse be used as a pretext for their elimination.

NEW ZEALAND HAS OPENED UP QUARANTINE CAMPS don't worry, "everyone is quite happy there".

Quite interesting, when Bill Gates, in his "We are going to release a new virus that WILL get attention video," applauded New Zealand for their horrific crack downs that were credited by the MSM for keeping coronavirus to near zero there.

Here's the real deal: It is called "incrementalism." Since New Zealand buckled on the spot right away, and did whatever the new world order wanted, they are already being taken to the internment camp stage of the communist revolution which was all prefaced by stripping the guns from the population via that damn synagogue shooting ruse that was obviously patently fake last year.


Quite obvious. And "everyone will be happy there" because during a genocide image is everything.

Cop saves man who got his wheel chair caught in the train tracks

Classic Hollywood type save. A man got his wheel chair caught in the train tracks as a train was approaching, a cop who was driving around noticed, and pulled him out of the wheel chair at the exact second the train arrived. He lost his wheel chair that stayed stuck in the tracks but did not get hit.

To be clear on the helicopter shooting -

The MSM is trying to avoid talking about what actually happened and the MSM is posting stock photos of random military helicopters for this story. This is likely to mentally obscure the fact that it happened directly to Trump's own helicopter/security team that puts Trump on helicopters and it happened to one Trump would ride in a location where he might be on it. Though they may be accurate that it was just a training mission that particular helicopter was on at the time, this was not a random shooting of a training helicopter the way the MSM is saying. This happened to the helicopter group that flies Trump to Air Force 1.

It is now basically confirmed that there were 2 assassination attempts against Trump in 2 days

The story now goes that the man the secret service put down close to the white house had no weapon. I do not believe this. The secret service is not going to screw up with something like that, there is a subversive white wash going on. If that was not an assassination attempt, why then was a helicopter assigned to Trump shot shortly after that incident?

I am sure the two incidents are unrelated (NOT) because the secret service shoots people near the white house every day, and helicopters Trump has flown on get shot at frequently too. At least that's how this seems to be getting portrayed in the media that would rather just do away with reports of assassination attempts against a president they want assassinated.

I did not pay attention to this earlier today because I did not realize it was one of Trump's helicopters. Now that this is known, it is quite obvious that assassination of Trump is actually being attempted now, JUST LIKE THE APPARITION FROM LEBANON WARNED ABOUT.

The headlines this morning seriously angered me

I'll say this: Kamala Harris is one of those people who is so comfortable in her evil that she could smile from the center of her soul while burning a busload of children, and sell that smile on a fashion magazine cover where she looked like an angel.

At least with Pelosi you can see through the smile to the rot underneath, that's not possible with Kamala, she's downright dangerous. If the people who get put in charge of the election manage to cheat her in, will Americans be stupid enough to accept that smile? I'd say a large number would, as she commits an epic genocide and sells it to the leftist and idiots as some sort of angelic work. She's a real threat, do not write her off.

She'd be worse than Pelosi. Pelosi knows she's evil. Kamala on the other hand probably has no compass at all. Granted, Kamala cannot be president but in this subverted system that probably won't make a difference.

MARK MY WORD: If Kamala is cheated in, you, your family, and every last person you know who is not brainwashed enough to burn downtown to the ground in the name of "fairness" is going to be murdered in cold blood. Kamala absolutely will set up Ukraine style famines, if she somehow gets control of America, it is game over.

Even if I don't post a whole lot today, it does not mean I am not working to try to save the future. I am, this is not a day off, I am worried. Kamala's smile is the biggest threat America has ever faced, all the normal triggers for signalling "demon" on her are disabled, people are not going to be prepared for this.

Here is how the election is going to go. No insider tips, think about it -

The media will go on a frenzy about how the public loves Kamala Harris. Then, tens of millions of fake votes via fake Chinese printed drivers licenses will be used to steal the electon. This time they are playing it safe and stating ahead of time the results will probably not be in on election night. This is to buy them time in case, despite all the rigging, Trump still takes it. They need time to destroy ballots or, HERE IS THE BIG ONE:

They know damn well that so many people are going to vote for Trump that when they add their stolen ballots to the mix, they are going to have more votes than possible voters by an enormous margin. They will then need days to sit down and destroy enough votes for Trump so that their fake votes to beat him don't introduce so many votes it is not possible. They'll probably destroy upwards of 50 million votes. - they will have to sort out a huge mess - so they already stated they won't have the results on election night.

Kamala and Biden get in. They slip biden a heart stopper early on, and Kamala is not a natural born citizen. That means that with Biden gone, Pelosi will become president after she steals her own election. WE HAVE TO KEEP ALL EYES ON NANCY'S ELECTION RIGGING OR SHE'S GOING TO SNEAK INTO BEING PRESIDENT VIA MURDER AND DISQUALIFICATION OF KAMALA. The only way to stop this is to make damn good and sure Pelosi does not get in by heavily scrutinizing her vote fraud, I don't believe for a minute she has actually won an election for at least 16 years. Stopping her from yet another theft will be our only hope.


A few quick items

The FEC commissioner just announced they probably won't know the election results on election night.

My comment: They will definitely know the results, what they don't know is how long it will take to fix them.

I forgot to mention perhaps the most important development of all with the Lebanon blast.

I held off on saying this and then forgot about it because I could not get total confirmation right away and then forgot about it. I now have TOTAL confirmation this is absolutely legit, and proves beyond question the blast in Lebanon was nuclear.

THE DEVELOPMENT: Putin has stated that any missile that approaches Russia, any cruise missile, ANY missile AT ALL will be considered nuclear, and will receive a nuclear response Before the missile even reaches it's target. What does that say? EASY ANSWER: The Russians analyzed the blast in Lebanon and know damn well the place was nuked. This story finally broke in the MSM today, I'd have mentioned it sooner but the early source last Friday was a little known Russian newspaper and I was running my butt off with other things and did not want to spend time chasing what I thought was a probable rumor.

Folks, it is NOT a rumor, Putin's statement makes it VERY CLEAR Lebanon was nuked, he knows damn well someone has the audacity to use them and just put his quills out.

UPDATE: While I was writing the above, they started expunging reports about this from search engines, they killed MSN and Yahoo (the original top results) from Duck Duck Go, while I was typing about this. I'll let this develop and will post screenshots of before and after censorship if they bury this.



I have a little bit of knowledge about storm damage, and will say it like it is, (but first this:

They want to starve the population of the world off in the name of Covid, but people are not buying it. So in China weather mod was used to destroy crops there, (and it is devastating) and now the U.S. got it's blast.

The claim is that a naturally occurring "derecho" swept right through America's prime agricultural regions and destroyed the whole crop. This derecho would have been devastating to corn and wheat. And it was. First I'll post the pictures to show this storm, and then I'll comment on what I think the result will be.

Here is what I think will happen:

Any wheat destroyed is lost. It will not be possible to harvest wheat that has been knocked down by machine, and it will be too labor intensive to save it by hand. The corn is a different story. I have seen corn get knocked down like this, and it has always lived, it's just laying down. The crop is not lost, but it's going to be hell to harvest that by hand. Any corn destroyed this way will not be cost effective to harvest cleanly in an era of "everything happens automatically" however, it will be possible to at least get the corn off the field and convert it into cattle feed. This represents a probable 70 percent loss of value even if the farmer can get it all.

Also, any time I have seen this happen it is spotty, not everyone's farm gets this badly wrecked. But this was an obvious synthetic storm that was formulated to accomplish an objective. The rules therefore may have changed, the destruction might be complete in a swath 300 miles wide, I don't know if it is, but that storm radar is apocalyptic. This might have destroyed 20-30 percent of America's total harvest, or, more likely (from what I have seen) 15 percent. Certainly the farmers in the most affected areas are doomed.

I know about the shooting near the white house but it is a non event, it happened too far away. Perhaps Nancy set that up and the SS has better crowd scanning gear than expected. They put him down. The President had to be told it happened, he did not hear it.


Final Israeli apologist smack down:

Lots of crap has been said to try to get people to believe it was not a nuke. And on the other side, in support of the nuke reality, there are a few errors being made also. Let's go over them:

1. It could not have been ammonium nitrate because when that blows up, the smoke is white. Correct answer: The smoke color from an ammonium nitrate blast is completely dependent on whatever was mixed with it to get it to explode. Additionally, if the freakishly impossible conditions are met to get it to explode without an oxidizer, you get nothing. The results are pathetic. Under those conditions (as stated in the MSM to be what happened) the smoke is white, not red. So it is partially correct, but not worth presenting. And you'd only meet those conditions with a pound or so under precise control, you'd never cause it to torch off that huge pile.

2. Here's a good one that might fool people: The cloud was water being thrown in the air, it was a harbor after all. Reality: It was not water or water vapor, it was distorted air turning opaque. water vapor would not just vanish in a second, what was actually seen was air distortions from a supersonic blast wave. And, to back that up, where is the harbor in this pic?

3. It was a weapons cache that exploded, not a nuke. Possible. But not likely, the precise shape of the fire ball and perfect shock wave is not very likely, and there's that pic above, this is not the first time. Israel was testing these in Syria and an oops happened, that picture got out. Surprisingly Sorcha posted that pic and that is where I saw it first. Subsequent searches turned up very little, Sorcha may have been given something. And if so, that's plenty of forgiveness for all those "rumors circulating the Kremlin". That picture is literally the holy grail, we now know damn well Israel is using nukes, perhaps a new type, and that is what went off in Beirut.

4. It was not a nuke because there would have been an enormous flash at first. Correction: Only air bursts make the enormous flash. This was not an air burst. This was either set off in the warehouse or in the tunnels under the warehouse. This was a bomb that got smuggled in, I doubt a missile could have hit so precisely there would be no enormous flash. If it was set up in the warehouse, the flash would have been gone before the shock wave blew the roof off. The fireball would still be there, and we have a nice pic of that.

5. The fire beforehand proves this is just an explosion, everyone is nuts for crying nuke. Reality: Ventriloquism is an old art, the fire was the puppet and the nuke was the voice. Israel is not stupid, (actually, they were stupid) because when they set up the diversion they got everyone's attention, including someone who was able to get a high class SLR set up to record the blast with nuclear test site quality. That's a major OOPS, I am sure Israel did not factor that into their equation. The fire ball says it all. It did not even originate in the right place but with typical cell phone cams, no one would have caught that.

6. If it was a nuke, the grain silo would have been completely vanished. Not so. During the Trinity tests, objects that were very solid were placed very near the blast, including a big steel ball, and on the steel ball there was still paint afterward. Lots of nearby stuff was not totally blown away. Additionally, in real life Hiroshima, sturdy structures, including a church only 700 feet from ground zero, stayed standing. That grain silo was beyond sturdy, it was very robust and had materials inside it (that are now scattered all over in front of it after they spilled out) that provided even more support. In reality, the extent of the damage to that grain silo proves it was a nuke, there was a substantial distance between it and the blast and it still got amazingly destroyed. The crater, which was 200 meters across, actually indicates a 100 kiloton blast, but I did not go into that.


A few quick items:

Infrared video of missile strike?

There is a supposed "infrared video" of a missile strike on the port of Beirut. I did not miss this, I saw that within 10 minutes of it being posted, looked at it closely, and determined it was not an infrared video at all, it was instead a photo negative video that had been de-saturated. Could I be wrong? Well, it would have to be very coincidental to have an infrared video match the characteristics of a photo negative video. Everything was a simple invert of the existing contrast values. Technically that could happen in infrared but the chances are beyond slim. And therefore, I did not believe the video was legit. AND, One key item with this: If the missile did not show up clearly in full color video, infrared would provide ZERO advantage, it is implausible that it would be crystal clear in infrared and not show up at all in the color videos, the only color video that had anything in fact had a bird, (the one with the blue circle drawn on it).

SO, my final answer:

We got the damn nuclear fireball PLAIN AS DAY. We have other events in Syria, known to be Israel, that look the same, photographed, PLAIN AS DAY. It therefore is not wise to say any video shows a missile, because that leaves a way for the story to be pried apart. Why does it have to be a missile when it could have been a nuclear torpedo, or driven in on a truck, or planted a week before the blast, or whatever? The important thing is it was an easily provable nuke just from the fireball and blast characteristics and beyond that, nothing matters. We know Israel did that. The already proved this with less witnessed blasts in Syria. Their new toy simply has that look when it goes off.

One other thing: This is a response: The best operating system ever released was Knoppix 5.1

Another item: Clearly, if the government shuts everything down and destroys everyone and wipes out businesses left and right and puts people in desperation by denying people their way of life, under threat of force, AND THEN the government hands everyone checks so "they can make it", there is no virus, there is instead a plot by the government to create dependency in the population, just like what communist systems have.

Communism in Russia was not bad at all for useless lowlifes that wanted to just sit and suck the system, happy to just go along with a sub-mediocre existence that was pre-determined.

Suddenly, all the stats dropped in like nothing happened at all!

After logging NOTHING, suddenly it all appears! Matching historic levels perfectly!!! That means it's all OK. HA HA, not quite, I'm still getting the backup server and will route everything through it, if there's anything at all I can do to prevent this site from being someone's "contact tracing app" I am going to do it. Maybe it won't work to route the site differently, but I know something is wonky and I have to at least try something.

Whoever pulled that crap: I am NOT "Aunt Edna". I absolutely will notice something is amiss even if it all, on the surface, looks normal.

I almost forgot:

I have determined that there is a big probability that op amps are not going to cut it for the Karenator. I wanted to try that to keep it simple, but it is going to have to be done with discrete components and I am going to have to try to keep that simple. There's no other way.

I'll try the most basic two stage discrete section and then use that to feed an op amp. I think I can still make that plug and play with a breadboard if I make everything as standardized as possible. The goal will be to get everything done with two resistor values, one capacitor value, one type of transistor and one op amp. I'd like to throw in an opto isolator based compression stage between the transistors and the op amp also, that's what will get the thing to go into synagogues and embassies. While attempting that, the circuit has to be able to keep a garbage truck from overwhelming the smaller signals. A parabolic dish setup will help for people who want to take it that far.

Oh, that reminds me - all the crappy "spy microphones" use a parabolic dish to do it all, with sub standard garbage electronics. The type of Karenator I am talking about does not need a parabolic dish to work. The spy microphones you can buy are a joke. What I have done in the past will get the signal with no assistance from any concentrator, the only thing a dish will do is help it be selective. If you don't know where the neighborhood spook is to begin with, or even if there is one, what good is a dish going to do? To know there is a problem, you have to hear everyone at once. From there you narrow it down with a dish if you need to. You probably won't need to. You will probably know who the A-hole is with no help like that at all. With a dish, the karenator will work at a distance of a half mile. But your local Karen won't be that far away.

I was going to get transistors for the discrete stages yesterday but the place I could get to was closed. It won't take me any time to breadboard that out, it will probably post on Monday (preliminary) with a refined version by mid week. I am not going to stop with this, it has to be easy, it has to work well, and it HAS TO BE OUT THERE because I'm telling you straight: if Americans have no way to shut down the damn Karens the entire nation is going to be SCREWED. Karens make jack booted police states possible, they can't hire enough police to watch everyone but "Karen" can make it happen!.

I sort of think the Karenator is what caused the "server problem" but it happened after I posted about the apparition.

Total deaths per day thru July 2017 were 7, 700. Total deaths per day in 2020 thru July were 7, 434. WHERE IS THE COVID INCREASE????




I am going to post everything that might have irritated the elite, starting with the MSDS for Ammonium Nitrate, which proves it can't explode unless explicitly prepared to.

They hated this post, because it rips the official story to shreds with a safety document straight from the U.S. government.

DEAR MISTER FUSION GPS: LEBANON WAS NUKED. IT WAS NOT AMMONIUM NITRATE, expecting ammonium nitrate to blow up without being prepared to by adding something for it to oxidize is like expecting a refrigerator to run without plugging it in. At least that's what the MSDS says, it IT IS AN OXIDIZER, NOT AN EXPLOSIVE. Anyone who says amonium nitrate did that blast is an abject fraud. You can't argue with the MSDS.

So what did that blast? Lookie here! Israel was doing these in Syria and expected no one to get (or leak) a picture! This is obviously a smaller one than Beirut, but the same thing.

How do these new bombs Israel has look at the moment they go off? Well, like nuclear tests! Color match really works!

Someone set up a much better camera than they were expecting (probably a $5,000+ SLR) and it shot nuclear test site quality video, where the fireball was captured perfectly. From this, we can clearly see the explosion did not originate precisely where they said it did (it is in front of the smoke plume), AND we can clearly see that it is, in fact, a perfectly uniform nuclear explosion, not from a random pile of loosely packed crap.

And I am sure they did not like this post:

And I have no doubt the Karenator pissed them off. By the way, after tinkering I have concluded that op amps are not going to cut it, I HAVE TO do it with discreet components or it will be a no go, op amps just do not work clean enough, so the challenge will be how to bread board that thing out with really quiet transistors and have it still be buildable by other people who don't know electronics. Working on it . . . and they are probably not happy with that.

Surprisingly, everything started when I posted this:



I don't like publishing this, but it appeared to Claudia twice to stop an assassination of Trump.

Yesterday an apparition from Beirut appeared to Claudia, said it was a bombing and that the elite were going to blame Trump (who did not do it) as an excuse to assassinate him and that she had to tell me to post this to stop the assasination. Claudia said nothing to me and figured she imagined it all, because she did not even know there was a bombing, she was unaware of anything happening in Lebanon. She did not know what on earth the apparition was talking about.

Today the apparition appeared again and told her to tell me. So she came to me, asking about a bombing and wondering what on earth all of this was about. When I told her that Beirut got bombed, (it was clearly a bombing,) she was shocked and apologetic for not telling me yesterday

This entity specifically told her he died in the Beirut blast and was here to give a warning and tell us to state that Trump had nothing to do with the Beirut blast, which will be determined to be a bombing (probably already has) in the elite circles, and that a disinformation campaign was going to happen in the background to get Iran and Lebanon to kill Trump. If this happens, - if Trump is assassinated, all hell is obviously going to break loose and evil will win. The entity was not an evil entity, it was more like a political figure that was not corrupt. From what Claudia said, it was clearly aware of geopolitics.

I posted this because:

1. Claudia was clueless anything at all happened in Beirut. She knew I was working on a big report, but did not know what it was about.

2. I know damn well that was a bombing and am not stuck on the idiotic prospect of pure ammonium nitrate doing this, when it has to have diesel or gasoline added to it to do anything at all, and -

3. This apparition appeared twice stating it was a bomb blast and I don't want Trump assassinated. If Claudia was clueless about a bombing, how on earth could she have come to me telling me about a "ghost" that told her what happened in Lebanon, specifically stating he was from Beirut if it was not something real?

It appeared to Claudia and not me, because I'd have called bullshit and denied it was even there before it even had a chance to speak.

UPDATE: Claudia had more detail

She said he was tall and looked middle eastern and that he was a reader of the site, and that's how he knew to come here. Claudia wanted me to prove I had readers in Lebanon to know she was not crazy. Done: (from July)

Claudia said he was killed by a head injury from flying debris, and that he said he died while he was investigating a tip off that there would be an explosion in the harbor, and that in death, he had the head injury to the left side of his head. She also said that he said something far worse was soon to happen but he did not say what, other than that it would not happen in Lebanon, it would happen elsewhere. He said he spoke to us in the hopes we would get the word out and at least have something to stop future events. He specifically called the "elite" evil.

I am SURE the Cinchona/Quina post did not please them, so I doubled down and did it even better:

They wanted their disease to wipe everyone out so badly that they banned chloroquine in many places, and made it impossible to get practically everywhere else. Here is the alternative, and actual market prices of the alternative, hunt for the low price, people are gouging for this stuff.

IMPORTANT: This stuff, which is the source of quinine, is the exact thing hydroxychloroquine was synthesized to replace. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE IS A COPY. This is not a substitute to the real thing, it is the original real thing.



In this video of a speech he did today, he basically stated he's going into hiding before nailing "rich and powerful people who don't like him very much". He then, as his last tweet, left only "Drain the swamp".

Google maps did not have the trailers. Bing maps did.


I gotta say, someone is hiding something!!!


Sometimes a picture really can tell the whole story. Whoever took this photo was part of the team that destroyed the place, I am now firmly betting on Mossad, and 50/50 split between nuke and sabotage of an Iranian missile facility. If Israel did this for the sole purpose of destroying the port, they probably plan to take Lebanon soon. But even if all they did was take out a weapons facility, it was Israel either way, This photo proves it.

This photo was taken with strong telephoto from a high end SLR that had a large lens, the bokeh and composition proves it. Someone went in there special to do this and was not just walking around with their phone. The mocking attitude expressed by the "Goodbye" is so Jewish the filth of it poisoned the harbor.

UKRAINE 2.0 in UK: Bulldoze factories, homes, and businesses "contaminated with coronavirus"

You can't make this stuff up, yet there it is, Ukraine 2.0 I have said repeatedly that the goal in America was to burn everyone's home to the ground and either leave the people dying of exposure, or cart them off to somewhere else for enslavement

I removed the lebanon bomb drop sequence until I actually get ahold of the original video again, to see if it is as presented.

NO WAY and NO WAY. First Lebanon. Then a huge famous mall in the UAE. AND THEN A HUGE WAREHOUSE INFERNOIN IRAQ. NO FREAKING WAY.

The warehouses in Iraq started with "what sounded like fireworks", just like Lebanon.

There is some reasonably damning stuff on this page - it is fairly obvious Israel did this. Scroll past this photo.

In this photo: You can clearly see that buildings, even those protected from the blast by the grain elevator, got obliterated. I doubt this was "2700 tons of amonium nitrate" that was never even mixed with fuel to make it go boom. Something else did this, NICE CRATER.

Winning rumor (What I'll rate as the hands down winner:)

Iran was assembling weapons in that warehouse next to the grain elevator, and in reality, the explosion was caused by improperly activated solid rocket fuel. Ammonium nitrate? MY @SS. AS IF tons of fireworks and other goodies were in that warehouse with a bunch of abandoned fertilizer, RIGHT ON THE MOST PRIME REAL ESTATE IN THAT PORT. How stupid. What a stupid thing to say. However, high value weapons there? Israel not happy with that? Maybe. Great rumor.

After all, you could totally get around sanctions by putting your goodies together there! What's the president of Lebanon going to admit to? Fertilizer, or Iranian weapons facility?


Now the president of Lebanon is saying it was ammonium nitrate. I disagree, without any fuel in it, - with just straight ammonium nitrate, it cannot explode like that. Israel "did not do this" just like they were not involved in 911. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, AND I HAVE THAT PICTURE. THIS WAS AN ATTACK NO IFS OR BUTS.


My final conclusion: it was an attack by Israel, "Goodbye" cinches it.

The nature of the shock wave clearly shows this was a single device precision explosion that was not ammonium nitrate. The only explosions on record that happen with such precision they send out perfect spheres of that size are nuclear weapons. A large amount of conventional high explosive put together in one big bomb could likely do this also, but this was clearly not fertilizer, which needs fuel added to it before it can explode at all, let alone like this.

There were Israeli warplanes heard in the area prior to this also. So I'd like to offer a new proposition: What if someone from Israel was sent in to start a fireworks cache to set a precedent, and then in the middle of that mayhem, Israel nuked the place? If anything like this happens again, well, things did not magically change overnight, we are likely looking at a new war tactic. Something is not right about this, if this is legit we need ZERO REPEATS EVER AGAIN to prove it.

The damage posted on PressTV does not look like 2.7 kilotons either, it looks more like 20 KT. YOU CANNOT "DESTROY HALF OF BEIRUT" WITH ANYTHING LESS. Sure, the ground zero area is bad, but what is not so easily seen is the buildings that are still standing have heavy damage, and crushed the cars in the streets below them with falling debris. There are tons of those types of pictures.

Look at how far the blast damage extends out. Even the distant buildings are wrecked. What about the other direction? This is a devastation zone well over a mile across. Even the church at Hiroshima, 700 feet away from the ground zero of that bomb remained standing despite being gutted. The buildings in the background in Lebanon are the same, this is similar damage and that grain elevator exceeds Hiroshima type damage, considering how far it was from the actual blast site. I'd bet $500 that grain elevator was 100X as tough as that church that stayed standing in Hiroshima, I do not believe this kind of damage happened outside the realm of war.

This level of damage to Lebanon is too good to be true for Israel, and I'll hedge my bets that it is, in fact, too good.

There are rumors there was a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate that blew up, Those rumors are BUNK. Ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer and needs something to oxidize added before it will explode. If that ammonium nitrate was not somehow saturated with a couple thousand tons of diesel to make this blast possible, something else did this.

Israel "offered help". That means they are innocent, RIGHT??? Please "let us help," so we can go in there and expunge any evidence we might find!!!


This, as configured, will produce 100,000,000X gain. I'll play with this and see if I can make it work well with only 2 stages, to make it easier to build. This version has 4 stages. 100 million times gain may seem like a lot. Not for this. There's a good chance the LM358 chips this uses won't be good enough but they are so easy to use I figured I'd try it to make it much easier for people who don't know electronics to do this. It might work acceptably. Wait and see.

You can click this to view it larger. I used the cheap camera for this, the photos for the official de-bugged and fully tested version (possibly simplified more than this) will be even more clear.

This has not been tested. I did not have the battery.

Update: This worked but don't build it because the noise floor is too high.




The Wisconsin mandate states that people are required to "wear masks indoors", and does not specify private residences. I have corrected this.

The current push with the riots is serving a primary purpose of making people want an even more controlling, demeaning, and jack booted police force than America already had, - you know - like the kind Stalin had. It's all a ruse. They are teaching Americans the value of a soviet style police force. After they themselves enable the thugs to "burn it to the ground" they'll offer the solution - horrific police enforcement and people will be thankful!

Anyway - Gates is going to try to ram the vax into everyone (full steam ahead) while he's not vaccinated, his wife is not vaccinated, and his kids never got a single childhood shot.

The governor of Wisconsin mandated everyone wear their masks indoors or face a $200 fine and all I'll say is that if there is a karen ratting people out for not doing so, keep your drapes closed and never screw up on outside appearances.

YOU HAD BETTER PREP. They are not going to go easy, they are likely going to try to kill you Ukraine style.

Here's how you feed yourself WELL on $2 a day. Take this advice and expand it out to whatever items you want, provided ALL OF THEM pack mega calories into the lowest possible price. Determine this by dry weight vs price. For starters, Get these items in quantity: Pancake mix, corn flour, pasta, cheap bulk chicken, chicken bouillon, ramen noodles, corn oil, refried beans in can, wheat flour, crisco or equivalent, sugar, salt, coffee, baking soda - And then just make your food, the chicken won't spoil if it can be refrigerated or if you cook a big pot of soup and heat it to boiling daily (while keeping it covered.) Flour+ crisco and salt, +water = flour tortillas for bean burritos, at a price that is practically FREE. To "bake" them, throw them on a pan for a minute or two.

Chicken + pasta = chicken soup. You'll need the bouillon for it to taste decent. I use powder, it works much better than cubes.

All brands of pancake mix I have found work best with only water. Even if they say use milk and eggs, skip that and just use water. It is correct when it won't drip off a fork, but will flow off readily in a long thin string that stays hanging off the fork when it slows down. Get it like that and skip every ingredient they tell you to add. Using your head will expand your survival possibilities by 10X no sweat. White corn flour makes malt-o-meal (more like grits) works EXCELLENT. Who could argue with that? $1 for a 2 pound bag you can eat from for a week. Throw a little CORN oil in with the finished product and then just add sugar. If you have milk, great. It will be very yummy considered it is survival food. I don't usually eat it because it causes me to put on weight. But that's exactly what you want when it is survival you are concerned about, just set the amount you eat to wherever you don't gain or lose weight, (unless you need to lose weight, then just eat less.) And get CORN OIL. If you get other oils you'll realize, when you actually need it for your body, that the soy and canola were huge mistakes and olive oil is good, but not good enough compared to corn oil to justify the price, in cooking the quality corn oil provides for the price is awesome. And ALWAYS boil the chicken, don't prepare it any other way, then use the fat for other cooking and drink the broth. Nothing is healthier. NEVER THROW THE CHICKEN FAT AWAY IN A SURVIVAL SCENARIO, use it to fry your tortillas or other foods and you'll marvel at how awsome they come out. All of the goodness in the chicken will go into the broth especially if you re-boil it, NEVER throw the broth away. Drink it or use it as soup.

If you are forced out of your home and police won't let you light a fire, take it as a threat to your life and shoot them. After a while, they'll learn not to screw with people who are facing death.

A note to anyone who has a farm:

The bolsheviks are likely to order the police to, (during the winter time, the colder the better) - the police will likely be ordered to take anyone they find who has been thrown out of their homes, strip them of all posessions, claim they are not under arrest, and then ditch them in the country in the dead of winter so they die of exposure. This is extremely likely to happen. If you have a barn, especially with a hay loft, take EVERYONE IN you possibly can and at least allow them to burrow into the hay so they don't burn too many calories avoiding being frozen to death. The police are definitely going to be stripping people of their posessions by saying "You have to come with me now, and you can't take that stuff with you", don't worry, you are not under arrest, you just have to come with me" and the people will then be thrown to the wolves out in the countryside. Most people will die the first night. That is the objective, to kill off as Deagel stated, 200+ million people and they have to do that in the most innocent looking way possible - by forcing everyone to die of overexposure far away from the population centers that are "to be culled" so no one in those population centers can witness how it is being done, until it is too late and they are taken for a ride . . . . . .


If they force people out of their homes en masse, it is proof positive they want to accomplish a Ukraine on everyone. In this scenario, you do not obey the police, who are following enforcement orders to kill you.

DO NOT LET THEM SAY "FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED". If they come to you with that crap, it means they have orders to murder you, even if they don't know it, you HAVE TO have fire to survive without a home, especially if you are locked out of the system, and you will be. If they try to enforce "no fires" and go around jailing people, (thus forcing them to lose everything they managed to keep, right there, on the spot, they have to be killed off because they are in effect murdering everyone, the buck stops at the passenger door or handcuffs or tazing, DO NOT ALLOW IT, allowing it will get everyone killed. Deadly force will definitely be appropriate. USE IT.

If you see someone feeding food into a mechanical compression dumpster behind a store to "prevent people from stealing the trash" those types have to be killed also. If they won't allow you to even dig the garbage to survive, and instead keep it all hopelessly containerized and crushed until the truck comes, that's an outright effort to kill you, there's no damn reason to not throw the food, in whatever condition it is in, to the starving masses.

I am saying these things to get people in a frame of mind that will help them survive Ukraine 2.0. If you are forced out of your house, you take GUNS AND AMMO FIRST and if anyone harasses you, do not even comply once, NOT EVEN ONCE, and use deadly force to put a stop to harassment IMMEDIATELY and without delay.



Accepting whatever "vaccine" they have will also equal death, DO NOT COMPLY.


All must have a strong bike rack on the back with a big plastic box (preferably bigger than a milk crate) with side boxes or bags hanging below it, you have to have this just to carry food and a tent and without it you will die. Do not procrastinate, get a bike for EVERYONE in your household NOW, and make damn good and sure it is set up to carry 50 pounds on the bike rack AT LEAST. Yes, you will probably have to push it through the snow. Try moving 50 pounds constantly day in and day out during the winter cold any other way. You won't, you'll fatigue out and die without a bike.

Ma'am, you have to leave your backpack and your bike here and get in the car. "But I'll die without that"!!! "That is not my problem, I have orders. Leave your bike and backpack HERE. John, who's "just out of sight" had damn well better shoot that F***ING COP.


They set up 15 different control groups that were to be pressured by the following messages, to see which ones were most effective at getting people to accept the vax. THESE WILL BE THE FUTURE HEADLINES AND MANIPULATIONS, BET ON IT!!!

pressure: "message about how COVID-19 is limiting people's personal freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its personal freedom."

pressure: "message about how COVID-19 is limiting peoples's economic freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its economic freedom."

pressure: "message that COVID-19 presents a real danger to one's health, even if one is young and healthy. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to prevent oneself from getting sick."

pressure: "message about the dangers of COVID-19 to the health of loved ones. The more people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, the lower the risk that one's loved ones will get sick. Society must work together and all get vaccinated."

pressure: "message about how COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the economy and the only way to strengthen the economy is to work together to get enough people vaccinated."

pressure: "message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and society must work together to get enough people vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease."

pressure: "message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and by working together to make sure that enough people get vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the embarrassment they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease."

pressure: "message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and by working together to make sure that enough people get vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the anger they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease."

HERE IS MY FAVORITE: THE SCIENCE RIP. If you are against vaccines, you are too stupid to understand science. PROBLEM: Those who know the vaccines are destroying people are better at science than any other group. But you know, it's called displacement. HERE IT IS:

pressure: "message about how getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most effective way of protecting one's community. Vaccination is backed by science. If one doesn't get vaccinated that means that one doesn't understand how infections are spread or who ignores science."

I swear, if anyone in the open public, (where I can get ahold of them physically) comes at me with that science bullshit, they will eat a chair.

pressure: "message which describes how firefighters, doctors, and front line medical workers are brave. Those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave."

That's another doozie, why on earth would you need to be "brave" to take a vax unless they know damn well it will destroy people? Who are they trying to fool?

The message you send may not be the message people receive anymore.

Claudia got a video from a group of insiders (white hat insiders) and attempted to send it out, and the contents of the message she sent got changed to family photos she has not even accessed recently. If you think you are passing information to people you probably are not, YES, they'll "get a message" but it won't be the one you sent! So when you call and ask if they got it, they'll say YES and if you don't clarify what you sent, they'll never know it was supposed to be more than puppy pics. This is the same crap the Bolsheviks pulled in Russia, you'd get a mail and half of it would be blacked out or missing or it would be re-written entirely by a spook.

Cinchona/Quina - the answer to hydroxychloroquine bans

I went out and found this stuff. Here is how it went.

Last night I saw a post to a popular forum that stated Cinchona was what Quinine was derived from. Quinine is the root component of hydroxychloroquine. Back in 1935, it was well known that quinine prevented malaria, so attempts to make it synthetically were successfully carried out, with the result being hydroxychloroquine. Quinine is the natural version, hydroxychloroquine is the synthetic version. Both are considered equal, but the synthetic version is more popular because it is cheaper and easier.

Or should I say, "should" be cheaper, now that it is known the next generation of designer viruses can be killed by hydroxychloroquine unscrupulous types are charging 10X or higher markups. The usual $2 for a pack of pills now costs whatever price they put on it, (I paid $25 for mine).

So I set out to find Cinchona today, to find out how it is priced relative to how hydroxychloroquine is now priced, and perhaps buy some. I found it, and bought some. There is a lot I learned, even if you have this stuff you probably ought to read this.

I found it labeled as "Quina" bark, was not sure that was Cinchona but it said it was anti-malarial so I figured "Quina" ment Quinone and bought a 250 gram sample. Good move, it was the right stuff. In Mex, it's called "Quina".

Prior to going out looking for this stuff, I made sure it was available in powdered form. And it is. This is important because I saw many people were simply boiling the big bark pieces and that's no way to get any benefit out of it and seeing it in powder form made it clear it was OK to grind it down like that. When I got back I put it in the blender and blended it down to "cappuchino", perhaps more, it was such a fine powder that the dust in the blender never settled out, I ended up simply pouring it into the bag with a dust waterfall coming out of the pitcher.

When it is that fine, it is obvious a little will go a very long way. I got every last bit of it out of the blender I possibly could, and then took a coffee cup full of water and rinsed the rest out with that, and poured it back into the coffee cup. I then microwaved it for 3 minutes and poured it through a coffee filter. The tiny amount left in the blender made a FILTERED brew that looked like this:

Dosing: I was cruising through this, figuring I'd drink it all because it was like a really good tea. I was wrong. I felt the physiological effects in my kidneys only a few ounces into it and knew I dosed it good, this stuff is not tea!

I figured I'd guage how much was the right amount by how it felt in my system and figured "there's no way the gram or so left in the blender could possiby be too much" and I appear to have been wrong (so far) which is really good news. No one wants any sort of survival item that runs out lickety split, and from what it looks like, when prepared as I prepared it, this small 250 gram bag that cost a little less than $2 would probably last a whole year if taken daily. I was only about 3 ounces into the brew made from residual dust when I clearly had enough despite enjoying sipping away at it, surprised at how good it tasted. It smells really nice too.

The only bad thing I have to report is that I threw ALL OF IT into the blender so I can't get a picture of how it should look like if you manage to buy it. Not to worry, tomorrow we are going to the main mercado to see if we can get it cheaper. I'll have another sample tomorrow, even if I have to go back to the first place to get it.

I have something very curious on this topic to show, get a load of this!!!

Want proof this Cinchona bark is something the NWO fears? Here it is!

That report, by Reuters, has them stating that quinine is not the same as hydroxychloroquine. The reason they give is because one is synthetic and one is natural. They even state that hydroxychloroquine was made as a synthetic version of the natural stuff, and then after stating that, claim alt media is lying when they claim it is the same because the man made version is synthetic.

That's the same as lying. THEY LIED THEIR BUTTS OFF. Because anyone with an IQ above 73 ought to be able to figure out that the natural version is probably better than the synthetic version, and that both do the same job. Any idiot ought to be able to figure out that when alt media says they are "the same" that it is a reference to function, not form!

I will have more on this tomorrow, as far as I see it this was a day well spent. I'll definitely be able to get enough to ensure no one in the family dies of the new virus, that is now priority number one.

Did I say new virus??? Yes, I did. It is coming. You can damn well bet it is coming, because that Reuters post was such a scam in it's presentation that clearly they intended to discredit and cause confusion. Chloroquine, quinone, whatever you manage to get, is definitely the remedy for their new virus and they don't want the public to know that. They fully intend to try to kill us off on the rebound, every action they are taking proves it.

By the way, Claudia managed to get ahold of an insider video via one of her contacts, where the insiders disagreed with the current plot to kill people off while slamming communism down. They discussed in depth how other insiders were getting the chloroquine banned and when Claudia tried forwarding it to other people they instead got a picture of her with one of the more popular kids at a party. They actually browsed her phone for that, she has NEVER sent that picture out. So there was confirmation the message was sent and received, and if she had not called and confirmed what actually arrived she'd never have been the wiser. They are getting THAT NASTY with this, folks:

When you send information to people, it is not good enough to ask them if they got your message, you now have to ask them what was in it because the censors are switching the contents.

I am going to leave the Ghislaine links on top for another day

They were difficult to get onto this site (due to how many there were) in a way that did not use code I never use and obviously this should be prominently placed for a while. They are already linked above, but that window of links will soon be an ocean that swallows this.

Giuffre v. Maxwell - Links to the documents released on 07-30-2020 (which were under seal)

https://archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.nysd.447706/gov.uscourts.nysd.447706.136.0.pdf https://archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.nysd.447706/gov.uscourts.nysd.447706.143.0.pdf


Google has become part of an integrated system which sniffs all content off "banned" sites and then prevents that content from being sent in e-mails, even without links.

This means that if anyone copies anything off your site and tries to send it, it will get deleted from whatever message you send, or go entirely into a spam filter.

YOU MUST BLOCK GOOGLE to stop it from getting any data from your site, anything Google gets will go directly into the internet trash bin when people try to repeat it, even when it is kept completely outside the realm of Google.

Forget the norobots command, Google does not respect anything anymore. It will just pretend to not be a robot and will go in anyway. To block Google for real, take this data and drop it into your .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteOptions inherit
Files 403.shtml> the beginning of this line needs a bracket (it will not post here with it in place)
order allow,deny
allow from all
/Files>// --> You must put the bracket at the beginning of this line also
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from 2001:4860:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2404:6800:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2607:f8b0:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2800:3f0:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2a00:1450:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2c0f:fb50:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

If you can still see the Googlebot in your stats, you have to extract the IP addresses it used and then ban them the same way. This ought to be a really good start.

If Google won't post your content anyway, why on earth would you allow them to index the content of your site and then put it in spam filters ALL PLATFORMS USE? You'll never spread a message!


No refrigerators in stock??!!??

I just came across another social media post stating refrigerators and freezers, except for the mega expensive models, are not available in the United states. The claim is that the factories are all shut down. In Mex, it is business as usual, you have endless choices from the cheapest crap to top dollar. Something is MESSED UP in the United States if there are no refrigerators there, like, perhaps a BOLSHEVIK PURGE approaching? Who needs a fridge during a Ukraine 2.0?



An AWESOME tshtf bug out idea

Let's say you had a 12 foot or even a larger 16 foot alumacraft boat with NO MOTOR, so it does not have to be licensed - it's a row boat -

Commie shtf and they are purging EVERYONE but you have this boat ready to go, on a SWAMP, not a lake, a big huge swamp in Louisiana or a place like the everglades - keep in mind this boat has to be all aluminum and without any hdpe bottom added to help it survive continuously hitting sand bars - bottom is just aluminum.

You push off with a few sheets of plywood and some wood screws and rudimentary tools aboard, plus a few lighters, matches, extra clothes and your fishing gear, plus cooking utinsels and start rowing your "lucky you have it" 14 footer in the swamp. What's going to happen?

Within 3 minutes you'll be buried in the swamp, out of sight of the storm troopers that are rounding people up right there. You can hear the mayhem but you are on your boat, and no, they won't get you, you're in the swamp. So you row a couple miles into it and start screwing the top onto it with the tools you have, and make a nice 10 foot section of it a covered survival area, with the other 4 feet open. Since it is aluminum, you got some sand from somewhere and a few rocks, and set up a fire pit right there on the boat. It's all aluminum, with that fire pit sitting right on the water, there's no way the aluminum is going to melt through, and you start fishing. Half hour later, you have enough catfish for a day and then, in the easiest way to forage imaginable - from a boat, you go around and gather the rest of your food. Meanwhile your neighbors who never listened are in camp fema.

Maybe you have wife and kids on the boat. 10 feet of covered boat is a LOT better than a van. And you are IN THE SWAMP, you can get out at any little island and kick back, while the world goes to hell. Don't worry, no one's coming for ya.

Worth a chuckle, and 100 percent legit. That really would be it.



I agree 100 percent. No election until they stop playing their stupid games.


Man pranks golfers who's balls come into his yard

Very funny. I don't usually post stuff like this here, but this really takes the cake. Hilarious!


Map of renters to be Evicted by state

Important: Read the article afterward, and look at how they make whites look bad. CNBC claims that mostly blacks and latinos will be evicted, and that whites have advantages and will not be evicted. But when you look at the percentage of evictions and the proportions of the populations in the hardest hit areas, the hardest hit areas are WHITE.

CNBC is DISGUSTING. Here's reality: Blacks will be evicted at a far lower rate than whites because many live in subsidized housing. Latinos may be evicted at higher rates but I doubt it. And nationwide, even if every last minority and latino got evicted, it would not be enough to cover total evictions pending, whites will be expelled at very high levels. Some areas that are predominantly white are facing an over 50 percent eviction rate.

I doubt this will actually happen. Most landlords are not going to want to evict half their tenants when no one will replace them. They'd have to be blind and stupid to not understand why this is happening, this is not the normal scenario and they know it. My guess is that a few high profile evictions will be paraded in the news, all of them minorities to show how horrible whitie is, and for the most part, people will stay put.

If there are mass evictions that go against my predictions, WATCH OUT.

This will be the setup for killing off the country via exposure to the weather and starvation. If it ends up going that way, it's a Bolshevik revolution, no if's or buts. They created the reason for perfectly good hard working people to be put in a position where they can die easily, and they will then proceed to make sure that happens. The whole "white privilege" ruse will be trumpeted to the world while whites get exterminated via exposure and starvation.

Once again, 3 gorges is EVERYWHERE in alt media

So I'll repeat again: It is not going to fail. There are no significant cracks in the dam itself. There are cracks in a lock network to the side of the dam but that's not the dam and cracks in that won't really matter. There are also no significant distortions in the dam, the distortions that show up in sat photos are from updrafts that are distorting photos. There is simply nothing to see in this, but some people have not figured that out I guess.

I only posted this because the doom is entering a fevered pitch now, and though there is some reason for it with all the flooding, I'd put the chance of a true worst case scenario at about 0.000026% and yes I just made that up. I decided to post this again when I discovered even Joel Skousen was talking about a possible imminent failure.


Very surprising: Iran's underground missiles

They really do "come out of the ground", not a missile silo. What I think is going on with these is that they are solid propellant missiles that can sit in the ground for very long times in very inexpensive structures that have been covered over with a foot or so of dirt on top. When the gas pressure from the launch enters the very small space around the missile, it blows the dirt cover off and the time the missile is engulfed in fire from doing so is so short nothing happens, it just shoots out of the hole with no obstruction. Very efficient and quite brilliant. If ground penetrating radar has trouble finding these, GOOD LUCK, it just looks like undisturbed desert.

If I got a pack of seeds from China and did not know what they were . . . . .

I'd get a BIG pot, make good and sure they could not get into the surrounding environment, and I'd plant them to see what happens. Little shop of horrors??? Curiosity would get me.

Soon to be a big story: Bridge fire and train derailment in Tempe Arizona

There are no details at this time, but it appears someone lit the bridge on fire and a train could not stop on time, went over it, and derailed when half way across. This is rumored to be an ANTIFA action. Update: As it turns out, Antifa was indeed protesting under that bridge and in the area for 3 days prior. Considering the fact that the fire appeared to be set intentionally because it was uniformly a long distance down the bridge I'd say it is highly probable Antifa did this but you probably won't hear it in the MSM.

The typical train bridge fire happens when a train has a stuck brake or blown bearing on one of the cars and then ends up stopped on the bridge. The entire wheel and bearing structure will be well beyond red hot, and that torches off the bridge. But that's obviously not what happened this time, the fire was too uniform and involved too much of the bridge early on.


The injection fraud An investment banker who helped families manage financial disasters as a result of vaccine injury speaks out

This is a long read. Ignore the paragraph that appears close to the beginning where he talks about one of his companies, that is not what this writeup is about.

This is a great item, where an investment banker, as part of a conspiracy they all knew about, helped people manage their finances after their kids got destroyed by vaccines. Average cost? $5 million over the life of the child, and he lays it all out from a bankers perspective, it is all done intentionally. This is a MUST READ, all the way through. He estimates that over 50 percent of the kids get damaged by the vaccines and the parents don't even realize it, with doctors putting the numbers even higher.


The contact tracing software is written extremely poorly

It hobbles or destroys devices it gets put on. It is also extremely deceptive and uses hidden buttons to cause people to give authorizations they don't know they are giving. Two days ago Google's contact tracing destroyed a budget tablet that was BRAND NEW, a day after a little girl's birthday. We are going to try to re-flash it but are not expecting luck because it got rooted by whatever it was, the factory settings and procedures are not there anymore The only site it ever hit was Youtube and it happened when Google said it wanted to install contact tracing. I said no. Tablet bricked.

So this morning I tried to activate wifi on a budget phone I have that is a good phone, this is something I do daily because it is the modem for administering this site (not like it was anything new, I have literally done it 500 times) and there were hidden buttons on the screen everywhere, simply trying to activate WIFI caused a sequence of approval screens for stuff I have never heard of (it was ill defined) and I seem to have managed to get out of the trap but the phone appeared to be sluggish afterwards. This phone NEVER SURFS THE WEB AT ALL, IT IS A PHONE AND A MODEM. Nothing at all is installed on it, and no sites have been hit by it, whatever came into it was rammed onto it.

One would think that if "they" wanted to invade everyone's lives, they'd at least be polite, non destructive and discreet about it but no, they are pushing gadget hobbling CRAP on everyone and I have little doubt they are destroying between 10 and 20 percent of the devices out there. Not only are they evil, they are incompetent.

Even if your device works "pretty good" after getting that sh*t on it, why should "pretty good" suddenly be the best case scenario?

I HAVE TO migrate to Huawei that is banned by Google I guess. It seems they nailed Claudia's Huawei that was made before all this crap against Huawei, it now gets hot as hell and has to be charged twice a day but it seems to still run ok.


If you saw the google bricking a tablet post here before, it is still legit.

We are going to try it on a different WIFI connection, but that cannot explain why factory reset cannot be done. If it still does not work I am going to call Google and post the call.

It seems they want their contact tracing come hell or high water and don't want people factory resetting it off.

QUESTION: Why spend billions to rush the development of a vaccine when HCQ, zinc and Zithromax are fully capable of treating COVID-19?

ANSWER: Because that would not "do the agenda". Certification Of Vaccination ID. Obviously it is an agenda virus that can't be cured by hydroxychloroquine for that reason alone!


After going down the page to link stuff in, I just noticed a lot of important stuff got wiped from this page.

Perhaps the new method of linking everything in will circumvent that. Here is a brief summary of one important item that was removed:

Russia denied China the S-400

Russia sold weapons to India, and then refused to sell S-400 missile systems to China, with "coronavirus" as the excuse. Trolls ripped this news as fakery, but it did indeed happen. After a little digging, I discovered the reason why Russia did not sell these missile systems. It is because Russia knows China will simply copy them, and because Russia is about to flip sides and assist the Bolsheviks in destroying China, so they don't want the Chinese to have this missile system mass produced, modified, and turned on them to stop a Bolshevik takeover of China. That is likely what got this particular post deleted.


This Hydroxychloroquine video is getting deleted and banned on all mainstream platforms as soon as people put it up

It is not hard to understand why. At least brighteon has it. I REPEAT AND HAVE ALREADY REPEATED THIS: The current push against hydroxychloroquine is only being done because they are about to release the next more deadly virus, and as a safeguard they made the virus curable with hydroxychloroquine, the same way the first one was. That is ALL there is to this story, sometimes the entire plot can be stated that efficiently.


As a side note I'd like to add that to be fully effective, it has to be taken with zinc. I don't trust supplements, too many are fake now. So I have already thought of how I will make the zinc when I need it IF there are not foods available that have the appropriate amount of zinc.

First, the foods:

Political correctness has wrecked zinc info in foods. Here is the cold hard fact: all you need to get ALL the zinc you need is to eat a quarter pound hamburger. That's about 100 grams. All the common foods that are promoted as being "great sources of zinc" can't compare to beef, it is on a daily basis the #1 prime source. If I knew I had Corona, I'd eat at least half a kilo, let it soak in real good and then take the hydroxychloroquine.

So they say spinach is good. Well, I guess, if you want to eat six cups of it to match 100 grams of beef. So they say wheat bran and other grains are good. MAYBE to a robot, that analyzes chemical content and then does not sort out facts, the problem with grain based sources of zinc is that grains have a chemistry that permanently binds the zinc, so even though they have 5X what is in beef, you'll get zero. A cow's gut can release the zinc. Your gut cannot. And then, there's the champion of zinc - cooked oysters. I put beef before these because beef is more common and some people don't like oysters. If you can get them fresh, they'll give you so much zinc your body won't know what to do with it and eventually, if you eat too many over time you'll get sick. 100 grams of drained oysters will give you 6X what your body would want, (if you don't have a deficiency, and you probably do.) and it is perfectly rational to conclude that canned oysters will do the same.

Let's say you are all out of oysters and beef, and need other options. What then?

Any nut, bolt, nail, or screw that appears to not be the color of steel, and is bright and shiny is usually coated in zinc. Roofing nails will always be coated in zinc, but those are not shiny. The inside of a modern penny is zinc once you scrape the copper off. This link discusses clearly how zinc can be released from the sources I listed, - all you do is put a zinc plated item in direct flame until the zinc boils off in white smoke and then capture that smoke. Rather than breathe it in (which will not hurt you in small amounts) I'd probably opt to catch it in a perfectly clean (And I mean CLEAN) wet rag that had the smoke rise directly into it and then wring it into water. It will make you feel a little sick but you'll get over it. The linked page has enough info on it for you to be able to figure it out. Do that only in an emergency, when you don't have a known good supplement or any of the truly good foods available to get your zinc from

One last thing: I'd almost be willing to bet that simply scraping a metal nail file that is usually part of a fingernail clipper on one of the zinc pennies edgewise would get enough available zinc from that penny to work, that's the easiest thing anyone could ever do - scrape off a little pile of zinc from a penny, mix it in with something and eat it. It will probably work, but I can't guarantee it, it may need to be an oxide or combined with an acid to work (then again, your stomach might provide the right acid) so who knows, if I had to, I'd surely try it.

Zinc can poison you in high amounts but it is not toxic. It would be tough to get enough to kill you. And it will wear off with no after effects eventually.


Seeds from China - SHUCKS! Youtube basically banned a video of a guy who grew them.

A guy received a bag of seeds from China (the ones they are warning about, ) planted them in a pot (so they would not contaminate anything) and did a Youtube video of what grew and posted it so everyone could see it. Now when you click the video Youtube has likely falsely claimed the video was made private so you can't watch it!

Aaah yes, the "private video" ruse, sort of like that cloudflare problem, or having your site hung by Google Analytics on purpose . . . . . . . anyway,

The plants, in their early stages, look like cucumber plants.


Two serious China developments:

1. A massive dam release that came with no warning flooded over 30 million people and destroyed countless cars and businesses. I do not believe the CCP would do this without warning. I instead think it is far more probable that a stuxnet type attack on the dam was launched, and the water was released by the United States or Israel, which are also likely waging a weather war on China now also. A pre-existing example was Venezuela, where Maduro said outright a virus attack happened against their main hydroelectric project that plunged the nation into darkness. If the U.S. could do it to Venezuela, there's little doubt they can do it to China, I simply don't believe China would initiate such a disaster and not tell anyone when they are operating "via divine mandate" and are the only communists in the world that are going to be held accountable by the people for "screw ups" like that. It probably was not a screw up at all, it just "happened" while they were trying to figure out why on earth the release happened.


Russia sold a pile of weapons to India and then turned right around and refused to sell weapons to China. That means there has been a fundamental change in relations, and China is now a likely target that won't be supported by Russia. If I remember right, I said in a recent newsletter that the Bolsheviks hate the CCP because at least the Chinese communists are trying to make everyone in China prosperous. And China really did get a lot of nice stuff, with a good standard of living given to many many people, perhaps even the majority. The Bolsheviks want the opposite - they want everyone stripped down and impoverished. So the Chinese system has to be wiped out, and you can safely bet the Bolsheviks have their eyes set on China. I really wonder if Trump really knows what he's doing by trying to weaken China, if the Bolsheviks win, the world is going to suck for EVERYONE.

You can take this to the bank: You would MUCH MUCH rather be ruled by Chinese communists than Bolshevik communists. They are in a totally different park. It will be a disaster if America wipes out China just so the worst tyrants of all can take everything.



I won't say this will make a difference, but here it is:

Rep Gaetz appeals to Barr to prosecute Zukerberg for lying to Congress.


Now that I have hydroxychloroquine I am going to go around to all locations I can think of, show them the box, and see if I can find a fair price on the stuff. I can't pay $25 a whack for a whole bunch of people. I'll probaly want 40 - 50 boxes so a lot of people can be protected. The real virus will be released soon and hydroxychloroquine will still work against it because if it will not work, they would not be so vehimently scamming the topic now.

AUGUST NEWSLETTER: Different type of mosquito?

This is the August newsletter. It will very likely end up being supplemented. It is finished now, if you read it before, scroll down (and the center portion has received a few edits.)

Mosquitos changed after the claims of "releasing benign GMO mosquitoes for mosquito control." We have a new type now, and it is anything but benign. It appears the GMO variant was not for mosquito abatement, there are more then ever, and they changed.

First of all - the most obvious thing is that the new mosquitos are smaller. But the behavior of the new mosquitoes is very different from the old also.

I have not mentioned this up to this point, because I figured it was just the way Mexican mosquitoes were. But the whole family has talked about this now, and I can now state they have changed.

Here are the characteristics of the new GMO mosquitos, and there are MANY new characteristics that have not been seen before, the bio engineers obviously took DNA from many types of insects to get behavioral traits mosquitos have never had:

First of all, the non GMO mosquitoes, when they approached a screen, would buzz up against it, and land on the outside. That's where they would stay. The new mosquitos don't buzz up against the screen, instead, they land on it, squish their bodies down, and crawl through it. Screens don't work on them anymore, they just come right in.

Second new mosquito trait: They hide. The original mosquitoes God made would just land anywhere on the wall and you could pick them off easily. Or they'd start buzzing around you and never leave while you swatted them. The new mosquitoes back off as soon as you start swatting them, and they will not land on a wall after being pursued, NOT EVER, instead they land on something that is their own body color, or cose to it, or something that has a pattern that will obscure them, and if that's not available, they'll hide in a crack. They are extremely difficult to nail.

Third new mosquito trait: They crawl. In the past, (and I got good at this because I camped a lot) no mosquito would fly down a hole that was less than a couple inches across and a few inches deep. They'd stay outside instead. So while camping all you had to do to keep the mosquitoes off is get in a sleeping bag and close off all but a small breathe hole, make sure they had to fly a little to get to your face and that would be it, none would fly any distance down the hole to bite you. The new mosquitoes have to have received programming to make such a huge difference: Now, they will actually force their way under sheets and walk under them the exact same way fleas and ticks will, to keep mosquitoes out the sheets have to be totally tucked in, square cornered, and tight. Worse? Even if the sheets are that way, it won't work, the bed spread has to be that way also because if it is not they'll just crawl under the bed spread and bite through the sheets. It's freaking weird. How did mosquitoes suddenly start acting that way?

Fourth new mosquito trait: They will not bite above the waist unless you are totally asleep and motionless for a period of time, and you are covered from the waist down. The natural mosquitoes would bite you anywhere. Not the new ones. The new ones seem to have been programmed to know when and where it is dangerous to bite. If they bite anywhere your arms will reach you can swat them easily. Somehow they know that now, and will only bite waist down where you can't get them unless you move first to reach them. Even when they crawl under the sheets.

Fifth new mosquito trait: They fly UP your pants. That's something the old mosquitoes never did. The new ones fly up your pant legs and bite you under your pants the same way ants would bite, and they are impossible to kill when they do that, you literally can hit them as hard as you want and they'll still be there, biting. And once they are there, they'll crawl up past your knees and keep on biting, even with close fitting jeans. Very weird.

Sixth new mosquito trait: They are tough as hell. The natural mosquitoes would just squish with a small hit. The new ones have to be hit VERY hard, and even then sometimes they won't smash. If they have blood in them they still will smash, but if they do not have blood, or not enough, good luck!

Seventh new mosquito trait, and this one is VERY ODD: They keep returning to the same spot to bite. The natural mosquitoes, if you did not get them, would bite you anywhere on return. The new ones always return to the same place, and keep biting in the same place. Why would this be programmed into them? Easy answer: Because if they are going to be used for "vaccination" they have to keep biting in one place to trip an immune response, - they have to get the concentration of whatever they have high enough to get the immune system to know it is there and then react against it. If they bite everywhere the way natural mosqutoes will, that won't happen. Once one of the new mosquitoes picks a spot, it will always return to it.

8th new mosquito trait that shows something has fundamentally changed: Natural mosquitoes would land and look for a capillary to bite into. They could sense where the blood was below the surface, and access it in one bite. The new mosquitoes poke holes everywhere and seldom hit a capillary. Vaccinations don't go into veins, they instead go in the way the new mosquitoes bite, which is at random. That would be too unproductive and dangerous to do for a natural mosquito. They have to hit it on the first try because they are risking their lives to bite. But if a mosquito is now able to hide where it can't be found, is tough to not die when hit, smart enough to bite below the waist and preferably below the knees, plus can walk UNDER blankets and fabrics, well, it's just not as important to hit blood on the first try. Which was probably intentionally done - they probably were stripped of their ability to do so to cause them to hunt for blood via a million pokes, and as a result, deliver a vaccine.

9th new mosquito trait: Random, dodgy flying. Mosquitoes used to fly straight to where they are going and land. Quite frequently the new mosquitoes continuoulsy dodge while flying, which makes them literally impossible to pick out of the air the way the old ones could be nailed despite the new ones flying at a lower speed overall. I have noticed that the new mosquitoes are also VERY quiet, I can never hear them unless they fly an inch away from my ears, and my ears are very sensitive, so sensitive that at times the ticking of a wrist watch is not only audible, if it is quiet enough in the room it can be annoying. I'm not talking the ticking of an old timex, I mean the new ones with digital guts, that are a lot quieter. I can hear mine from 15 feet away and I can't hear these damn mosquitoes. THAT had to have been programmed into them, I can hear the old ones from across the room easily.

What has Bill Gates said all along? That he wanted MOSQUITOES to deliver vaccines. Is that what we are dealing with now??? The new mosquitoes are behaving in ways that would do that perfectly.

I and this family are not the only ones that noticed something weird is going on with the mosquitoes now. I have seen posts on social media that talk about "phantom mosquitoes" that you can never find that always bite where you can never hit them on time and seem to magically know they are going to be hit and then, if you ever do get a glimpse of them, it will be brief and they'll be hid, only to bite you again the first second they possibly can. Additionally, you can pursue them relentlessly with a mosquito racket and seldom kill them. They just keep on persisting. However, I have come up with a very inconvenient way to nail them

The only way I have been able to nail the new mosquitoes is by getting my hands full of soap suds from hand soap and then swing my hand around after them rather than a mosquito racket. They are easy to get that way because they are not fast like the old mosquitoes and can't cope with soap suds. You can swat at them all you want and never nail them, but you will be hitting them without knowing it. The soap suds prove it, one successful contact with soap suds and they get stuck. But who is going to take the time to do that just to get a mosquito when one is biting the hell out of you at 2:45 AM which is another new trait of these mosquitoes: They bite 24/7. The old mosquitoes had preferred times to bite. Not the new ones.


We all know the quarantines for the last virus were BUNK. And we also ought to all know by now that Bill Gates has produced a new virus he will release in September. Since Bill has consistently talked about "using mosquitoes to deliver vaccines" for almost two decades now, who's to say that "vaccination" won't be the new plague and that the mosquitoes, which have totally new traits, won't be what will deliver it? Lock yourself up all you want, and comply all you want, and even close your windows and suffocate yourself, the new mosquitoes will probably find a crack somewhere, any little void in the caulk or any weakness in a home's defenses, get in, and nail you while you are quarantined. Those running the virus scam have decided hydroxychloroquine will still be the cure for the virus (which is why they still say it does not work, that it is dangerous, and why they restrict it) with the false claim you'll be given it if you get sick - they are not going to worry about their own mosquitoes because of this. But what about you?

The following is a continuation of the August newsletter, even though it is linked in separately from the front page

There is another huge thing on a different topic that needs to be mentioned: WEATHER WAR WITH CHINA.

It is well known by now that the elite in America are destroying as much food as they can possibly get away with in the United States. What is less well known at this time, not even significantly reported in the MSM, is that at least 50 percent of China's agricultural land is too flooded to produce crops. That's a sad statement when the crop is rice.

At a VERY convenient time, a CRAZY CONVENIENT TIME, China is having a natural disaster of epic proportions and I beg to question what is causing it. Some people are claiming the United States is getting even with China for the floods the U.S. had last year. Some claim the floods in the U.S. were caused by China. I DOUBT IT. Here's what I think is a lot more likely:

This can obviously only be opinion because no one is spilling the beans, but my guess is that the same people who are probably not American and not Chinese are triggering the floods. They may predominantly live in America but have no allegiance to America. They want a war with China. They are manipulating Trump to damage China. What happened to Huawei was beyond the pale. Reason for war as a single issue item. There's no doubt the Chinese are pissed, and what is going to happen if they conclude American equipment caused their weather disaster? What's going to happen if China suddenly can't feed it's people because of such a disaster, and they figure out it was done by "the United States", even if via a zombie controller? YOU GUESS.

Subsequently, America's food supply has been weakened. But it is still there to be had. What would China try to do at that point? It's a perfect setup for (hot) world war 3. A war that very well could happen with Americans ousted from their homes, trying to avoid satanic mosquitoes that will kill them with the new plague. How will that work out? Not well at all, and I'd say it is highly probable. I believe the setup for that is happening right now with a weather war against China.

I hate to be a doom monger, but I think we are all in deep trouble. Even if we manage to stop the election from being stolen, what's going to happen when Bill Gates and Fauci finish redeeming the warranty on their first virus, especially if they put it in one of these new psycho mosquitoes from hell, and then China is triggered into attacking us? Bill and Melinda looked quite proud of "The next virus that WILL get attention", there's no question they had the work on the first one re-done and that they really believe they have it now, how is such a thing going to work out for everyone when China is, for a very good reason, torching off neighborhoods?

If corrupted communists controlling American cities won't tell Antifa to stand down, do you really think they will tell China to stand down?

The following is also part of the newsletter, but is linked in separately above.

If you do not have a bicycle, GET ONE FOR EACH PERSON IN YOUR HOME

If they initiate a bolshevik style collapse in the United States, where people are cast out of their homes and on the street with no food or money, the best thing you can have is a bicycle (with a bike rack) and a small back pack. Also one of the small $20 tents from Wal Mart and ONLY Wal Mart - wal mart, love or hate the place, has the most valuable tent for survival there is. It can be carried on a bike rack (that should have a milk crate or other weather resistant box on it) SET THAT UP NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

People will still be ditchin bicycles cheap now. I'd bet you could get 4 perfectly workable bikes in the U.S. for $100 bucks total, if not free. you will need tube patch kits and a small crescent wrench also. One important thing to know about a bike is if you have to fix the tire, you might not even need to take the rim off, you can usually just push the tire aside enough to get at the leak with the tire still on the bike. but most importantly, if you do take the tire off you only loosen the outside bolts, the inside ones adjust the pressure on the bearings and if they are too loose the rim will wobble and wreck the bearings, if they are too tight then the bearings will have too much pressure on them and they will shatter or quickly scrape down to nothing. The best thing to do is never create a problem by messing with the inside bolts.

So, get 1 bike per person, each bike should have it's own patch kit and a small crescent wrench (which can literally do everything on a bike) and you'll probably need a flat head and philips, but everyone has that (at least "everyone".

Here is why you desperately need bicycles and a cheap tent now:

Because if a Bolshevik style crack down happens in the U.S. the first thing they will try to do is starve you and you'll be going everywhere, trying to find food. If you do that walking, you'll destroy yourself in a couple weeks via calorie loss. You can casually bike a total of 30 miles or so per day and if it was really zero effort casual you'll burn very few calories and not wear your body out. Going around at 5-10 mph on a bike uses practically nothing from your body, it is so easy. And while going at a speed that is "so easy" you will blow away walking and beat running and whatever food you do find will then actually matter and not have it's value degraded by the fact that you blew more calories getting it than whatever value it has. With your tent on the bike, you can then set it up wherever you are, and not waste any calories "going back". If it is the tiny one from Wal Mart, two people can sleep in those, and they can be hidden while set up very easily. The shelter from the little tents is almost equal in quality to a house and they last years if treated carefully. The big tents really are not as good, they are cold by comparison, difficult to carry, and very difficult to conceal. They are only better if there's a place you can put them where you never have to move them or take them down and you really need the space.

Having a bike and a small tent will make such an event possibly survivable. The objective is to kill you via starvation and weather exposure. The Bolsheviks like to claim righteousness because "They never kill anyone", no, everyone died because they were vagabonds that did not eat. We had no camps and no kill squads." Don't get Bolsheviked. You can stifle their tactics by eliminating weather exposure and greatly diminish calorie loss with those two items.

If you have a bike, I know you probably have not used it for 10 years. Even mine is seldom used. Take it out and give it some oil and adjustment and a clean up.

Ezekiel 3:18-20

18 "When I say to the wicked, 'You shall surely die,' and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand.

19 "Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.

20 "Again, when a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you did not give him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand.

If you have anything you need to clean up, now is the time to do it because it is more than ever likely to be your last chance. And it will make no difference at all how good you were in your life prior, god does not "take an average" and judge you that way.

The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.

What matters most is where you are spiritually when you die.

Asteroid rumors going around

I don't know how widespread this is, but it is BUNK. The rumor is that they will be arriving at the end of 2020 and it' all hush hush, and was the reason for the corona scam and the funneling of final trillions into deep state interests, so they could finish completing their survival bunkers on an accelerated schedule. I CALL BUNK. If there are any "asteroids," they will be tactical nukes.

One very important thing to say on this topic, people MUST be aware: When ICBM nukes are launched, they will look like asteroids coming in. ICBM's go into space and re-enter, and will leave a tail just like a meteor. Super bright meteors are only the size of a pea. They are perfectly visible when they are only the size of a grain of sand. An ICBM is so much larger than that, that the brightness will be indistinguishable from a major meteor event. Don't get punked if they try this and push it off on "meteors, they just might.


A radio host was ripping Trump, watching the rioters slash and burn, kept calling them peaceful and Trump hateful, and then the rioters showed up at his apartment and trashed it. This proves that no matter how bad things may seem at times, there's plenty in life to be thankful for.

Solid reason to believe war with China is looming

Suddenly there are accusations China is using it's embassies as spy networks. That always happens before a planned war, any country that has plans to attack China is going to report that Chinese embassies on their soil are spy networks. The U.S. said it first, therefore logic would have it that the U.S. will start the war.

Why spy networks? Because embassies are islands of nations on foreign shores. It is natural to use them for spying during war, so the U.S. is issuing preemptive accusations.


Butt dial covid tracking

Something I noticed with my Android phone . . . . . very bad

If, for any reason, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT EXCEPTION I hold the phone in a way where my hand touches the screen, no matter how or where I touch it and it is held for about 10 seconds, it automatically opens an app that Google, and only Google, can track me with. Various apps, all Google.

I have never set up any of the apps on any phone I have ever had, I don't use apps and never have except for the camera and browser. Why is it that configuration, the camera, the phone, the gallery and the web browser never open, ONLY apps that have tracking features as a key component? Apps that are not even on the primary screen? HOW IS IT CHOOSING TO OPEN ONLY APPS THAT CAN DO TRACKING, WHEN THE PHONE IS ASLEEP AND THOSE APPS ARE NOT EVEN ON THE PRIMARY SCREEN??? Just sitting there, waiting for approval with a phone you don't even realize is open, waiting for an accidental button push.


A few quick items

Russia sold weapons to India, that Russia knew would be used against China. China is not happy with that. So much for relations. That's actually a big development. The deal involved a few fighter jets, I'd imagine an additional few Sukhoi Frogfoots (Russia's A-10), cruise missiles and other flavors, plus small arms. The total deal was a few billion which does not sound like a lot until you factor in the fact that a frogfoot is still below 20 million. The rest of their stuff is dirt cheap and works good for the price. Why would Russia do that???

People are puzzled why Russia would sell India those weapons at this time, when things are hot with China. India is allied with the U.S. and Europe. Why would Russia sell to a nation on the other side of the fence?

Perhaps things are not as they seem.

And an opinion - Back in the day, the Chinese SKS was dirt cheap and considered good for the well below $100 price, but it could not even come close to matching a Russian AK, which it was a (for the most part) copy of. In turn, the M-16, from an accuracy and precision standpoint, made the AK look like it came from bob's garage. The only problem was that the much higher precision of the M-16 made it sensitive to getting dirt in it, and that happens in combat. But still, I'd take one over an AK any day because I am a good enough shot. The difference in long range accuracy puts the AK below a kid's 30/30. That's a viable gun, but "no one uses that", most people consider it a starter gun. If the SKS, which is a gun the Chinese took seriously is not as good as an AK, and an AK, which is OK close in and for spray and pray can't even come close to the accuracy of an M-16, how's a war with China really going to go? Probably nuclear, it's China's only hope. They probably produce garbage, but they successfully copied rockets and nukes.

That said, if someone gave me an SKS or I had no gun and it was all I could afford, I'd go for it, you can still hit things with one inside 100 yards and that's a hell of a lot better than nothing. That will beat practically all hand guns.

Biden polls:

People are asking questions on social media at this time (soon to be censored questions) about how Biden could be polling SO HIGH. Here is my answer:

They push the fake polls to make an election steal easier.

In many areas, Trump is 93 vs biden's 3-4 with the balance going to whatever and there's no place where his support is below 78 percent, not even Los Angeles. Those who support Biden run the media, and they cannot publish that the public hates them (and their guy) that much, Biden is SO LOW he does not even equate to having the full support of even the Jewish community.

Let me repeat that: Behind the scenes, when you go over all the stuff I do and put it all together, it is OBVIOUS that no matter what lies the MSM spews, Biden's entire support base does not equal the population of even America's Jewish community.

The only support biden has is coming from the peak pyramid communists, not even the lower level communists, and those who have been blackmailed by Epstein types. They consist of a pool of approximately 5,000 people. The remaining million or so that support Biden are either making errors in responses or too stupid to read a bubble gum wrapper, or PURE EVIL.

China is going tit for tat with embassy closures

So now they are telling America to close embassies in China. I don't blame them, the American embassies are always platforms for spooks. Always. That's what tripped the Iran hostage crisis which is a bit of history you never get accurate details on. Anyway,

Historically Americans have a very legit beef with China. But nothing big happened recently that can justify what Trump did to Huawei, I cannot blame them for being mad. That said, off the books they kicked the hell out of Cuomo's death toll. There are major problems with that country to say the least. And I still can't figure out why, to this day, their military has not been able to get ahold of an accurate gun. They have a new "high precision" assault rifle in the works, but it is way too early to call it proven. It just looks like an upgraded SKS.

Rep Gohmert STUNS Democrat party by saying they should be disbanded for being the party of slavery

This will go nowhere, but people are quite amused by it, and it is the truth.

This looks good (I have not tried it yet) rips videos from anywhere. https://www.savethevideo.com/

Other video downloaders can't handle more than Youtube.

OK, I found something I don't like about that particular video downloader - If it is possible to NOT download in full HD, I did not find the option. It seems to snipe the highest quality option available as the only option. If I am serving the video from here, I don't like more than 320P which is always good enough. That said, the compression is divine, so that makes up for it to some extent. And it's the only one I have seen that can rip a video from anywhere.

Remember the McClosky's who defended their home from Antifa?

As it turns out, the pistol Mrs McClosky had was an inoperable prop used in another lawsuit, and the prosecuting attorney ordered it dis-assembled and re-assembled with the parts it needed to work, so it could be presented in court as a working gun. That ought to show just how ethical the prosecution is, see this.

Pants don't stop farts

A woman at Panera bread said it like it is: Pants stop farts about as well as masks stop the virus. Then a bunch of whipped retards attack her, and StationGossip finishes the job of cutting her down.



Why on earth would credit card companies do this, to this extent, if they believed people would be alive to pay the bills? From social media:

"I had a credit card company reduce my credit limit from $7000 to $600(I had a balance of a little over $400). After a google search of the company, it appears they did this to most of their customers. This happened within the last 3 or 4 days.

This will have an impact on my credit score due to the % of available credit no longer there.

My comment: That guy had better watch out, an AI pegged him for elimination and that's the only conceivable reason for this. If he's alive after whatever triggered that happens, he won't have money to feed himself. They would not do that without a reason, and credit card companies are virtually all insiders, WATCH OUT.

With us, we still have the limit for emergencies (I guess) but they told us to pay it down to below a certain level and keep it there.

Rassmussen lies again: Trump "almost equal" to Biden

This is the game they play: Claim they are neck and neck when it's actually 93 Trump / 3 Biden with 4 percent going into the abyss so when the steal is on, people believe it could have happened. What a load of bunk, Biden gets votes from the freak on the corner ONLY. Of course China wants Trump out, (another big story) but with what he did to Huawei, how could they not want him out? They are not brain dead. I totally disagree with what Trump did to Huawei, and also think he should have stayed off the Hong Kong issue but whatever, no one is perfect and if they steal Biden in, the entire world will be DOOMED.


That way they can take you down a notch at a time rather than make the extent of the destruction obvious in one big hit. Don't fall for that crap!

That's how it's done.

MIT develops a face mask that allows facial recognition to work

That's bad. Who are they kidding? The only positive side effect of the mask mandates is that it became much harder to track you everywhere if you leave your phone at home. I WILL NOT BUY THIS. When I'm not wearing a mask that basically amounts to a sheet of toilet paper I wear one where there's absolutely no chance any circuit is going to identify me.

Oh, and they even have AI that can identify you from the way you walk. That's what steel toed boots are for. That'l screw it all up when needed.

A teaspoon is 5 grams??? That depends.

Every time I hit a bullseye, I get tons of troll mails criticizing me and calling me an idiot with no education and correcting spelling, and the entire box is full of nothing but that crap after the fibromyalgia post - But one thing was sent that I'll comment on because it is probably not trollage - how much a teaspoon weighs.

Here is my answer to that: There is no set reference for what a teaspoon will weigh. A teaspoon does not "weigh 5 grams". If you take a teaspoon of styrofoam dust you'll likely have 1/10th of a gram or less, and a teaspoon of platinum would weigh more than 100 grams. A teaspoon of water weighs 5 grams, but magnesium sulfate powder, what I have, weighs less than that. I guess if you compacted it all down into a single crystal that was the shape of a teaspoon it might end up being 15 grams (lots of stuff in the earth's crust has a specific gravity close to 3) but that's not what is going on here, when dry and in powder form it is not that way. A teaspoon of matter from a neutron star would weigh 300 billion kilograms. and yes, there's an error on that page between measurement systems, they mean a tablespoon from a neutron star would weigh a billion short tons which is about 900 billion kilograms. That said, A half teaspoon will probably work. Not that it matters, if you are anywhere within reach of what could be called a level teaspoon you sure won't kick off a bowel movement, you'll still be at the supplement level.

Don't ask Google what a teaspoon weighs, you'll get a wrong answer because there is no answer.

That said, I'll take a correction. I was off on my estimate of a teaspoon in the context I posted it, a half teaspoon will work. The kitchen scale was precise enough to at least show that and if you are using magnesium chloride you'll still need about 2 teaspoons, magnesium sulfate works a lot better. Magnesium chloride has to be up to what I'd call dreadful before it works, Claudia has that and the only time I ever take that is when I'm feeling lazy and she already has it made.

And by the way, I do not have a spell checker in administration mode because how do you spell check computer code? my writing is THAT GOOD, straight up and into the guts of the machine. I can safely bet my spelling is better than what can be mustered by ANY common core troll and most errors are typos, that happens. To the trolls: Please use word. You spew total bullshit without it. Oops, it is Word.



THIS is the Portland city commissioner who told the cops to stand down while the city was ripped apart, thus creating the need for Trump to send in the FEDS to handle it.

Where did that heroin go? I'd like to check my spelling against hers.


A reader requested it since "I can get it down here" and it is basically banned in the U.S. I can't ship it because U.S. customs will steal it. You cannot ship anything of that sort to the U.S., not even aspirin. And it is a theft, OF AN ELECTION. They can't have a cure for their mail in ruse floating around, don't you know!

Yes, there probably was a real virus that cost Fauci a couple million of YOUR tax dollars and probably more from Bill Gates. But it was an advanced technical item DEVELOPED IN CHINA and therefore it blew up and crashed. What can I say? Now they are trying to extract poop from a dead horse. Don't worry though, the thing probably had a warranty and Gates is going to get a nice replacement for it. He said "the next one WILL get attention, said it himself. And guess what? Hydroxychloroquine will work on it, because they are still trying to discredit it, ban it, and make access completely impossible, and "by prescrption after you already have corona" is definitely defined as IMPOSSIBLE when any hospital that gets ahold of you wants you added to the corona death stats.

If you want the stuff, drive down to Mexico, find an HEB and it's right there on the pharmacy counter being sold like aspirin with a nice big presentation: WE HAVE HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE. You'll get gouged for it but it will still only be $25 and that's a lot better than a future Bill Gates will provide you with otherwise.

On another note, I think my brother in law (who is quite brilliant) came up with a way to make it in the home with common household chemicals but I am not sure, he brought some of the stuff he made here and said it was a replacement but I have to talk to him about the process so I can run the chemistry myself and confirm it has to be the right stuff. His is a yellow liquid but that's to be expected when it is not evaporated down to a solid pill form. I will give this priority, if the chemistry is wrong I will know.

The prospect of him having been successful is VERY HIGH, I know the chemistry is supposed to be extremely simple and that any college chemistry lab can quickly synthesize it in quantity. We are talking about a pre world war 2 med with this. So I think there's a good chance he nailed it.

Well well, I did an image search for the liquid form and this is what came up, it looks EXACTLY like what he did.

Here is how this happened: A Mexican figured out how to make the stuff and posted the formula online a couple months ago. He then was a victim of a bomb attack that blew his legs off, but he lived. By the time that happened, his formula and method was everywhere and my brother in law got ahold of it. He's smart enough to follow instructions. If this ends up being as legit as I suspect it is, I'll post it here and that will be THE END of the corona scam.

Update to my fibromyalgia post:

The magnesium sulfate has several purposes, and one of them is to clear constipation. So last night my father in law wanted it for that. I mixed it weak for that purpose because I did not want to kill him. It did not work, but today he feels great and said it was probably because he needed "whatever was in that". He's all chipper today. So there's a good chance that even if it is not needed for mitochondrial signalling, it helps with it, which will give anyone energy. He might have also been damaged by cipro at some point in his life and just got a solid dose of the antidote.

I will repeat: If you want to try it, put about a gram (approximately a level teaspoon) in a glass of water each day for 3 days. If you feel a major change for the better, you needed it. Keep using it each day until you can't tell a difference and then cut it to once a week or so. Using more will not hurt you, but won't add to the benefit. Also, magnesium chloride works but must be mixed much more strongly and it tastes dreadful at the needed concentration.


There is a big difference between the Chinese communists and the communists running the covid scam. The Chinese communists may still have some of the bad traits of communism, like killing lots of people over policy enforcement, but if I had to pick one of the two, I'd go with China any day. China, because the Chinese communists at least want everyone to live well, and did all they could to build a beautiful country where everyone has more than they used to.

Contrast that with the Jewish/Bolshevik type communist: This type does equal or greater killings and wants a slave state where everyone lives in tiny homes, rides bicycles (if they get anything at all) and has their health brought to a minimum. Sure, the Bolshevik commies paid a Chinese lab to create a virus, but that was not the Chinese government, they probably were clueless about what was going on.

So what we have now with the ratcheting up of tensions with China is a competition between two different flavors of communism.

Last night, the Chinese embassy in Houston got busted burning documents before an eviction happened on Friday. They had a bunch of burn barrels set up out back and were torching the documents off. Someone saw the smoke and called it in. Question: Why are they being evicted, and why were they doing the same thing the Japanese did right before the war with Japan? That's a good question. Other Chinese embassies probably did the same thing an were not caught.

What about those empty cities in China? WHAT IF:

What if the Bolsheviks decide to start a killing spree here during a war with China, and somehow China comes in and manages to rescue America's white population? They have tons and tons of cities built there that are totally empty, just waiting to be switched on. What if America's white population ends up there? I'd say this is possible, and if it does end up happening would be a best case scenario, I'd take the "better form of communism" where at least I still have a car and a life any day over the Bolshevik form.

You can trust me on this one: You would MUCH rather have a Chicom rule you than Shin Bet. It is not too hard to "behave" in the Chinese system. Just keep your mouth shut, pray in private, and your life will be OK. The Shin Bet form gets thrills out of how much they can humiliate you. There's a big difference.

Hopefully somehow Trump will fix this, but odds are we have already lost. Yesterday a private poll that was not found by Twitter had Trump "to be elected" at 93 percent of the vote, with biden getting 3 percent and "other" getting 4 with over 100,000 votes cast. Obviously Twitter missed that poll and failed to censor it, and if people really do want Trump that much and all he can get is "38 percent" in the MSM, from ALL sources, things are so subverted there probably really won't be a tomorrow unless the sun is rising in China. At least the Chicoms live up to their word. That's something you won't get from an un-accountable jew. If China did fill those cities with white Americans and Europeans, they'd have a gold mine. For control you just can't leave that zone but at least within it it would not be the hunger games.

Remember what they did in Ukraine. There was plenty of food. The Jews forumlated ways to expel people from their homes and deny access to plentiful food and resources that were RIGHT THERE. And they starved out the entire population and no one could do anything about it. Think that can't happen here? Just ask a cop who "follows orders" to allow his world to go to hell they way they did in Minneapolis. YES. Americans allowed that. AMERICAN COPS ALLOWED THAT. THEY FOLLOWED ORDERS LIKE THE SS. Yes, it can happen here.

Another note about the incident at the hospital:

That incident made it plain as day that Corona is fake. The doctor (a very good one) was a Jew. When my father in law started out saying it is the Jews doing the corona scam and the vaccine was for a chip that doctor freaked out as badly as a gang rape that got interruped by the marines. TOTAL FREAK OUT. If she had an aneurism looming, she'd have popped it. She went far beyond all reason unless she knew damn well there was something to hide. I am going to have a straight talk with my father in law, and tell him he can't just start talking like that with random people. He's sharp as a tack and said it well. If she had succeeded in nailing us, there's little doubt we would have been added to the corona stats, there was a "corona unit" at that hospital.

So far so good. I was terrified by what she did at first, but I already had situations arranged to protect me, she did not manage to take this to my home, (yet). It was very fortunate there were two people RIGHT THERE yelling at the guy trying to prevent us from leaving, they went BALLISTIC on the guy, yelling at him that he HAD TO move - I knew when the Tamale guy who had his food cart right there started yelling we'd probably get out. If we were on our own we likely would have been screwed.

Another thing with this is that it also proves that at least in Mex, the corona hospitals have situation control people at the ready, to get those doors locked one of the messages out of her phone had to have been for that, and someone was at the ready, to get them locked immediately. And the guy that blocked us in was at the ready also. I doubt the cops were, their quick arrival was probably by chance. Everything happened quickly, (the staff apologetically let us out right away and parking lot help and tamale guy flipped out in the first 10 seconds) and no one got a "lock on us" before we managed to drive off.

Another thing I figured out from all this is that the corona scam is being run in such secrecy that much of the hospital staff not directly involved in the corona units is oblivious to the scam, if they were in on it they'd have received instructions to not allow people out if the doors get locked, they'd have instead also received a message to keep us trapped.

What we went through has likely revealed a big secret about how the corona scam is enforced, if you prove you know it is a hoax and they can get their hands on you in a controlled environment, you're doomed. Fortunately this site did not suddenly go silent.

Take a look at this interview with Nancy Pelosi where she talks about being second in line for the presidency and that they are going to fumigate Trump out of the white house so she can take over

3 gorges dam update

UPDATE: They can speed up the water release by 30 percent over what it is now, I thought they had it maxed but it is not maxed. They just don't want to flood the cities downstream any more than they need to.

Also, this Earlier photographic report of mine proves there's no problem with that dam, it is not going to fail.

Water is being released at a rate of 1,155,000 cubic feet per second and it is not even close to keeping up with the inflow. A short while ago I posted a report that showed 3 gorges was in fact not distorted the way it looks in satellite images so that is not something to worry about now, but what is going to happen when it overflows? My guess is nothing devastating because it is not the same as Oroville, but it will be mayhem.

I had forgotten about this issue but evidently the rains never stopped coming and the situation is only getting worse. I wonder if it is a weather war. This is historic rainfall for China by a huge margin. Even if the dam is sitting there in perfect condition when it is all over, if it overtops there is still going to be a disaster because the downstream area can't handle that much water.

Worse technical difficulties have messed things up around here, we'll have to wait and see if I manage to get anything meaningful posted.

Yes, I am still out running around after what happened yesterday, probably because I managed to post what happened. All the phones "updated" after that episode at that hospital, so it is a big "wait and see", needless to say there's something major going on if the reaction was so severe, if the outbreak was real and you said it was not and there was no motive behind it, it would not equal getting locked into a hospital, getting lucky with staff allowing another way out, only for there to be police afterward and someone attempting to prevent you from backing out of your parking spot. Fortunately there was a Tamale guy and parking assistance right there yelling saying "What the hell are you doing, you can't block him in" and the cops had not zeroed in on me because they did not expect me to get out.

Block me in until the corona ghost shadows arrive . . . . .

Anyway, there's a big writeup about this down the page a ways . . . .

And by the way,

If a brain surgeon hauls off with the line "Maybe you do have a brain problem if you don't believe Corona is as stated officially" I am not going to allow that to float, I was like, "What next, is she going to commit him or what" and my responses blew her away. She flipped out totally. She knew I knew. And she did not have to say what she said to an old man. She had a medical position she could have destroyed both me and my father in law from and we'd have been SCREWED if we did not get let out the staff route.

I am ready for round 2.

Bill Gates promised a new virus this fall and my guess is that hydroxychloroquine will still work on it because they are doing everything they can to block public knowledge about this medication.

I got gouged for it, but I got it. I had to pay about $25 for this box that should have cost about $2 but you know, it's not like you come across this stuff everywhere. I only bought one box. I obviously want more than one box. I picked this up at HEB. No presciption or doctor visit needed, it is being sold like aspirin.