This power monitoring site sparked my interest for two reasons:

1. It shows Britian's power requirements are very low for the type of country Britain is.

2. It shows that more than 50 percent of Britain's power comes from wind, solar and hydroelectric.

The above would be a good situation if wind power was reliable, but wind mills break constantly and the wind is finicky. It is a bit risky for Britain to stake so much of it's energy future on a technology that will, by default, produce ZERO in 20 years if left without massive continuous maintenance because by then every last wind mill in the system will be dead. If there are any serious economic downturns or collapses of the means to support them, kiss them goodbye very quickly.

Update to below: Kamala Harris is even worse, with a peak support of 11 percent and an average support of 8 percent.



Google Trends is a hole in the lie right now, if you Click this, it takes you to Google Trends which is inadvertently showing the cold hard truth: Biden's PEAK SUPPORT is in Delaware, where Biden has 25 percent support to Trump's 75 percent. There are only THREE (3) states where Biden has 20 percent support or more, and all other 51 regions (including Puerto Rico) support Trump by a margin of 81 percent or more. Even California wants Trump by 83:17.

At first I thought the system was broke because I went to the end of the list and everything was showing 84:16. But I then realized that Trump held such a smashing lead nationwide that it simply said that or similar everywhere else, except for the 3 states where Biden had over 20 percent support.

See for yourself. Click the link. If the election is not rigged, Trump will smash this election far beyond anything that ever happened in history.


The Kenosha rioters Were apparently provided with a pile of broken concrete

There's no construction in the area, how did THAT get there?????


Kenosha riots

A man was driving down the street, noticed two women fighting, stopped to break up the fight, the police arrived and shot him to pieces in front of his 3 kids that were in the car.

You won't hear that stated in the MSM but that is exactly what happened.

This video of the police shooting clearly shows the police are trained SS thugs now. However, the riots were also not an appropriate response because they were directed at totally innocent targets.

AND, this is a classic example of NEVER CALL THE POLICE NOW, because they will only make the situation worse. This guy stopped his car to break up a fight between two women, was not even involved in the original problem, and the police shot him 8 times with three of his kids in the car. Even if he's alive, shot 8 times in the back mean's it's game over, he's at a minimum a paraplegic.

Clearly the cops were scum but the rioters were equal because they set fire to tons of innocent people's stuff. America does not need cops like this, and it is highly probable that they were trained to be total trash in situations like this one for the sole purpose of giving minorities a great reason to go nuts. Once enough cops were Israeli trained to shit all over the American people, they did their "American spring" and used totally heavy handed police tactics like this to justify it. There was simply no reason for that shooting whatsoever, especially 8 DAMN TIMES.

IN THIS SITUATION, THE COPS DID THIS AND THEN THE MAYOR ORDERED THEM TO DO NOTHING TO STOP THE RESULTS OF THIS. THE GAME IS OBVIOUS: USE THE POLICE TO TRIGGER RIOTS AND THEN DON'T LET THE POLICE HANDLE THE RIOTS. THE MAYOR SHOULD BE DRAWN AND QUARTERED. If the mayor's veins seal and prevent bleeding to death, then take the torso and head and stake it to an ant hill. My God, I hope this type of thing starts happening to those who permit the riots sooner rather than later. I'm sure this got votes for Biden (not) but it will get votes counted for Biden.

If you think it's OK for the cops to shoot people just because they gave an order to stop, and they will shoot anyone, including totally random people who are deaf or wearing headphones what on earth would you vote Trump for? Such police behavior does not even happen in China, Mexico, or anywhere else other than history, with Hitler and Stalin. Clearly the police have been trained to anger people over the edge.

Post office problems in California a probable scam

There are reports about Californias USPS being in a shambles after a "Trump supporter" cut their funding and shut down fraudulent mail sorting machines that had been rigged to steal the election by tossing mail in ballots for Trump in the trash. Reports claim animals are dying and food is rotting. I call B.S.

The "Animals are dying" part of this can only happen if postal employees either don't give a damn or are ordered to not give them even basic water. I never heard of mailing animals anyway but I guess it can happen. If any are dying, it is wilful neglect and cruelty to animals on the part of the employees and lower level management, that wants a huge Trump bashing show.

FACT: If animals are dying it is being done on purpose. If food is rotting, it is being done on purpose. Food and animals DO NOT GO THROUGH THE MAIL SORTING MACHINES THAT GOT SHUT DOWN, they are on a separate channel and if there are any problems with that channel, the employees let it happen. So let me put this story in the proper light:

After firing all the white people who might care, the post office, under leftist control, put in easily manipulated minorities who, once things were not perfectly as the management wanted, let things go to hell because of bad attitude and heartlessness for the sole purpose of making a show. My guess is that 75 percent of the postal work force in California is doing little to nothing, and intentionally causing the situation to explode. A TEMPER TANTRUM.

Kim Jong in coma?

Evidently his sister may be taking over. If that be the case, WATCH OUT. As much as little Kim got bashed, he was an absolute best case scenario. It could be a lot worse and I think we are about to see it.

Chinese organizing American riots from their embassies?

That's what has been going around town lately - THAT. Salient question:

If so, how did the Chinese get American police departments to drop off pallets of bricks for the rioters? How did the Chinese get American cops to start some of the fires? How did the Chinese get American police to stand down and allow the rioters to do whatever they wanted?

Obviously there's no answer for that which will fit the "China did it" story line, so anyone who pushes the "Chinese did it" B.S. is either stupid or on the team that did the riots. No way out of it, CASE CLOSED.

Every once in a while they try to run the "China did it" B.S. and hope for a few intellectual carp to suck on it. My take: Obviously China is not happy with the U.S. right now so there probably are Chinese efforts at gaining the upper hand on the U.S., however, when cops support the rioters on orders from WHITE JEWISH MAYORS and a few minority tag-alongs China is a hard sell, in fact, saying China did it is beyond a hard sell, it's a laugh.

So who is doing the riots? Well:

I can't say I can definitely conclude this is legit, but a vast majority of people are seeing death to America in this logo, including a baphomet and satanic signaling. So I figured I'd post this.

Look at what was in the wheel well this morning

Claudia noticed it. When I was backing out she said there was a "huge butterfly" on the car. So I parked it and looked. There it is. It was patient for a clear picture but when I touched it to get it to fly so it would not get hurt attempting to fly from a moving car it was full of life and took off instantly.


Claudia was haunted by the first one (the only one that got clicked on because it was a not labeled ambush) - it haunted her because the kids were totally happy and in perfect shape, as if they grew up in a totally different reality where what they were doing was completely normal. That's Epstein's world, I am certain she got sent the high level stuff straight from the deep state.

OK, so howcome Google did not censor THOSE mails???

I went to the FBI web site to report them to themselves and as soon as I clicked the "leave a tip button" a form opened with all of our data already filled out for us!!!

So here is my message to the FBI: I reported you as spam. Do not continue to send kiddie porn to Claudia's box. Also, come clean on building 7, YOUR WORLD HEADQUARTERS which you rigged with explosives so Larry could "pull it" right on cue. Why not bust Hillary while you are at it? I know why not. Because you are a Fraudulent Bureau of "Investigation" with "investigation" in quotes because that's the last thing you ever do, you are nothing but a frame up fraud farm that destroys anyone who opposed evil, LIKE, YOU KNOW - TRUMP.

I'll tell you what the FBI is now: The FBI is a tax funded arm of the deep state that does nothing but investigate the deep state's opposition and jail it. To give them an illusion of "legitimacy" they invade the lives of retarded patsies and trick them into "terror plots" and when even a retard can see it for what it is, they'll drug the retard and get it done anyway. You know, like that theater shooting. And when there's too much of a hoax element to even that, they'll demolish the entire location where it happened to avoid having critical thinkers go in and solve what they did.

To avoid having a "boring topic" hog the front page when it really needs to be posted, I'll cut the new epstein report down to the absolute basics:

The deep state has every intention of kicking your butt and I CAN PROVE IT.

Epstein has got to be alive, well, and out of jail with the full knowledge and complicity of the FBI and more. Obviously then, the deep state will go right back to business as usual once they ditch Trump. That's huge news, and I have proof of this.

Take a look at Epstein's island as it was when he "killed himself" and look at what it is now. A WHOLE NEW CEREMONIAL SITE IS BUILT plus a tennis court, improved roads, lots of new trees, lots of new buildings, a new dump, and all the old dilapidated stuff, including the temple, is fully restored. Google tried lying about this, saying to other people that my captures were from 2017. But a documented image from 2019 to compare it to proves major stuff is going on out there, and that the deep state really is not on the run. Once they ditch Trump it will be business as usual, and as pissed as they are, conservatives had better be getting ready to more than duck and cover.

Here it is folks: Click the left image and you'll see how his island was a month before he "killed himself" Click the right image to see how it is now, look at how improved the island is only a year later, and consider what this has to mean. This obviously means you had damn well better prep if you're not some evil pervert.


Continuously blaming the communist government of China for the Wuhan virus in an effort to spark war is not justified.

The Wuhan lab was not directly controlled by the communist party, it may have been regulated but they acted autonomously like any other business would, and filled a contract for pay. Who paid? Fauci and Gates. And from Fauci, the pay was 2.7 million dollars, directly from federal funds. The people responsible for the wuhan virus are Fauci and Gates, Fauci should be nailed for fraudulent use of federal funds if nothing else and Gates shoud be in Gitmo.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, Say it all you want, and nothing will happen. It is called SUBVERSION.

REMEMBER: The so-called Wuhan virus had 7 variants in the U.S. and 2 in China, which means it started in the U.S. and China was blamed. Why did it get started in the U.S. when a Chinese lab was paid to develop it? Because Gates and Fauci paid for it, and subsequently took delivery.

2700 evangelical pastors agreed to encourage their congregations to take the corona vax

That's an abuse of their position. Here they are telling people "not to politicize coronavirus" and then they use religion to push the vax. If the politics don't get you, your pastor will! Who arranged this? The CIA? Was it a POLITICAL 501-C3 requirement? How did they get 2700 pastors aboard with this if they are not government paid trolls? I'd bet lots of them get dark money from the FED just to stay open so they can control people. Seriously. I think that's a safe bet.

They produced an ENORMOUSLY detailed argument for getting vaccinated that is satan speak all the way through it, "it feels so good" to read it and you'll shout Hallelujia! when you get through that screed and if you don't take the jab you're a godless humanist who can't understand science. It is THAT BAD.

If your pastor is pushing this crap, now you know you don't have a pastor. There's no scientific basis whatsoever that "coronavirus" did anything at all, after all, this year no one died of the flu. That's a first!!!! who the hell is pushing a vax that needs motorcycle accidents to add to it's urgency? Can you get vaccinated against motorcycle accidents? Since lots of motorcycle deaths were counted as corona deaths (and many more, it was not just motorcycles) I'd say YES, if you get the corona vax, you can't die from anything at all!!! It's the immortality shot! you won't die from falling, or a car accident, or burns or anything else, because all those deaths were wrapped up into Corona and that's what the shot is for!

Ron Paul: Do not trust the political or medical establishment

Ron Paul intervews Robert Kennedy who reveals who really killed the kennedy's and why. Additionally he gives strong warnings about the medical community which he has fought for decades.



Sylvester Stallone is the Terminator deep fake (This has portions where Arnold's face shows due to lighting and angle, which remains perfect in Biden's speech)

And here is Biden's speech, which despite keeping his face layered right all the way through is glitchy through all of it and sometimes his mouth gets too big and too small because the AI does not place it right. BUSTED. I did not watch the whole video, I just saw people were in an uproar about it being fake, clicked a few minutes in, and saw it was totally messed up between 6:40 and 6:55 and at 6:53 he glitches like Max Headroom.

Biden speech:

This was the original post on this topic, before I totally figured it out.

Weird sequencing in the video has people guessing whether or not it was taped in segments, or a deep fake altogether. One of the cues is when Biden straightens up, everything behind him moves up with him. Something is not right with the video of this speech. One thing is obvious: Biden did not do this speech in one take, as presented, if he did it at all.

THE SPEECH IS CLEARLY A DEEP FAKE WITH GLITCHES. Watch it and watch his lips. Go to 6:40 in on this video and watch. At 6:53 his whole face glitches and prior to that his mouth looks totally fake in it's movements and is constantly over and under sized. This is a total glitchy deep fake done by a lackey.

Biden: Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated.

Unfortunately, 51, 000, 000 unrequested mail in ballots already sent means the steal is on.


I got that Biden speech downloaded in HD just in case they try to fix it, or it vanishes.

Yes, I got it before anything bad happened to it, the glitches are there.


I will soon be releasing the embassy buster. This will have analog compression. I have tested the opto isolator I could get easily for use as a compressor and it appears it will work, it has the correct characteristics (as far as I can tell).

I also had to make changes to the input stage to prevent it from dragging a voltage based microphone down.

Unfortunately, it appears it can't be as simple as I had hoped but it will still be simple. The final version will likely have two easy to get chips, and two easy to get transistors and a total of about 15 parts. Parts count is not the problem, the problem is making this work with parts anyone can get without hunting for them or using Amazon. It would all be easy if that was not a requirement. And it has to be done by Sep 1 so people have time to put this together to use it to stop an election steal.


To those who hoaxed the datasheets, you cannot fool me by claiming a chip that can handle up to 70 volts can have a 43 ohm resistor hooked up to that 70 volts through a chip based GAS diode. How stupid was that? Someone wanted a bench top mushroom cloud and I was not fooled. HEADS UP: They have an AI in place (or whatever) that is faking the datasheets to anyone who is in opposition to the commie takeover. I have this photographed. They actually thought they'd fool me by putting a 22 ohm resistor as an external part in the place of what had to be a 300 K ohm resistor, and a 43 ohm resistor in the place of one that had to be at least 12K. I was not stupid. All that did was give me a warning, you cannot believe the datasheets anymore, and the AI copied this across ALL datasheets from ALL sources. Fortunately I knew where to start without the datasheet and only needed the pin outs.

FACT: That's how they get Iranian shit to go BOOM before it should!!!


Post office:

I will repeat, since this is in the news AGAIN: The only thing Trump did was get rid of machines that had been compromised and were capable of assisting an election steal. There's nothing more to this than that. So the left is FREAKING OUT because part of the infrastructure they were going to use to steal the election is now out of service.

Second item:

They have probably concluded that they are not going to be able to steal the presidential election, and are therefore focusing strongly on stealing the house and senate again, so they can either successfully impeach Trump or lame duck him into oblivion as they already have. All eyes have to be on the house and senate races, they are cumulatively as important as the presidency and it really will matter if they get stolen the way they were last time. Ocasio clearly did not win her seat, and a majority of the others are equal.


I am 100 percent on the side of Millie Weaver

So it seems like there's an information war between Alex and Millie. Let me make it simple: Alex goes around in a $200, 000 armored truck spouting from a megaphone and broadcasts from a high class studio that predominantly employs Jews. Anyone in legit alt media has likely been stripped down to working alone, and if they do manage to get a new car, it will be a Yaris. I obviously can't even afford that new. What else does Alex drive? Just his show car cost $200, 000. Who the hell is funding him after he got de-platformed everywhere? He sure as hell can't make enough to put up that kind of an image from selling supplements.

Millie was uploading FROM HER HOUSE. You have to have that just to make it. Everything she had went into basic survival and the alt media work was carried along with whatever it takes to survive. There was no real budget for it. Add to this the fact that I know that at least the portion I did get to see was absolutely perfectly as it was, to such an extent people had to violate their clearances to deliver it, and the rest of the picture becomes clear. Alex has an armored truck it would take Millie's entire budget to pay for over 10 years without interest and then she'd have to be homeless and not eat anything to do it. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER REAL TRUTHER, we all know now that Breitbart is a hoax because they started saying Biden is ahead of Trump, anyone who has any cash at all in this business that can't support it independently somehow is a HOAX. There is no one out there that meets the definition of "well funded" while being real, NO ONE.


A few quick items:

North Korea is in trouble

After shutting down the border with China over Coronavirus, and subsequently getting nailed by devastating crop destroying rains (the same ones that hit China), North Korea now faces major food shortages, to such an extent that Kim Jong tapped into his own security reserves (for the government) to feed the people, and even that is gone. As a result, Kim Jong is ordering people to turn in their dogs so they can be eaten. Not a joke, NK is in serious deep doo doo.

I believe this is all weather warfare. I do not believe the rains which are so bad they are wrecking crops are natural at all, I believe a competing communist system is now attacking communist countries so the Bolshevik form of communism will be the global form. Even communists don't want competition, it is commie against commie now, and the Chicoms wanted their people to live too well. Despite the flaws, Xi really did want a good life for the Chinese people. I don't agree with a lot of the methods used to get there, but he's a universe better than the Bolsheviks. We will have to wait and see how well China holds up now. North Korea is probably doomed.

Take a look at this race hatred pushed by CNN

Never mind the fact that over 90 percent of the doctors are not black which means the actual death rate is lower than with black doctors. This is pure race war stoking and nothing more, CNN should be burned to the ground. Captured rather than linked, because CNN might be forced to rescind this.


Yesterday Giuliani said there would be a huge "swamp draining" arrest, and today New York arrested Steve Bannon on very dubious grounds. Arrested him for privately funding a portion of the wall.


Steve bannon arrested

Well, that's not Hillary. Winning??? Better prepare for "the day after" a stolen election. Reason for Bannon's arrest? Hard to prove, but the claim is he inappropriately used a Gofundme. Whatever.

Millie Weaver was supposedly a "domestic violence" offender when in reality all she did was try to stop her crazy mom from being destructive to the video she was working on. And in the end, her mom was not so nutz when she figured out Millie was not full of it, and dropped charges that should not have been filed anyway. Then, months later, at precisely the correct time and date, a grand jury had a hearing over a $50 cell phone her mom had AFTER her mom told them to forget it all, and arrested her out of the blue . . . . . you know how these things go -

If you are one of the "good people", you can frazzle drip 50 kids that were paid for from campaign finance funds, tax dollars and other fraud - you can heap murder after murder on top of stealing and frauding everyone to buy the people you are going to murder and CNN will make you an angel. If you are one of the "bad people" you will be jailed for having a gas station receipt slip through a hole in your pocket and onto the street. That's the system we live in now, and it is becoming more and more evident we are going to have to shoot our way out of it. We are not there yet, but that 70 mph semi is only 3 feet away from your parked bumper.



My take: From what I saw in that video (as much as I could watch before the bandwidth capped) I'd say Millie struck something real, and Alex by comparison is still riding training wheels. Yeah, his armored truck is cute.



Belarus president Lukashenko did not fall for the Corona scam AT ALL. Then Belarus held a presidential election on August 8th. In this election there were 3 opposition candidates and 3 normal Belarus candidates, and all 3 opposition candidates were JEWISH WOMEN who happened to be "human rights activists" with Israeli citizenship. (you know, OPEN THE BORDERS TYPES). They tried to rig the election but somehow security was maintained and the existing president took 80 percent of the vote, so they did not get in.

There is plenty of supporting evidence the election was legit, including signatures of petition from the people of Belarus to consider candidates, which had their percentages (by number) match the final election outcome. This means the election had to have been for the most part legit with any differences being mere errors, and also, obviously with an 80 percent victory the errors could be huge and Lukashenko would still have won.

Now there are probable Soros funded Antifa style riots going on in Belarus and Lukashenko rightly shut them down.


The European Union, with no review of what happened whatsoever, declared the election not valid and is demanding a new one.

Obviously, if there is another election it will be "fair" rather than accurate.

My take: If 80 percent of signatures from the people petitioning for who should run for president before the election went to Lukashenko, the final polling results matching that are probably legit. The main opposition candidate raising a stink right now got 104,757 pre-vote signatures while Lukashenko got 1,939,572. How the hell can that be argued with? That's as stupid as saying Biden is ahead of Trump. But you know, when the Jew is the loser, that's the way it goes. We'll get a repeat of this in the U.S. soon, with the only likely difference being a successful 90 percent steal. They absolutely will reverse a 90+ percent victory. Obviously someone is pissed about not getting a successful rig in Belarus. And they are bashing Lukashenko now the same way Trump is getting bashed, because Lukashenko stood up to the new world order repeatedly, telling them to stick it, with the latest and most grandiose being the Coronahoax. Yes, Belarus is STILL WHITE. I'm sure they want that changed by a "human rights" president that happens to be an Israeli JEW.

Video of the probable last moments of a Tesla remote hijack were captured by a security camera

The story is that the steering stopped responding while the accelerator maxed and the brakes failed simultaneously while autopilot was not being used. We all know what that means. Like, that mandatory 3g connection every car was required to have model year 2005 and newer being put to use yet again. The Tesla probably had a better connection than 3g. And the driver lived to tell about it, which is clearly not supposed to happen.


The Bidening: The best Trump campaign commercial ever


Straight from the CDC:


Trump finally said it out loud: "The only way we will lose this election is if it is rigged"

Obviously the left went nuts over it, saying he intends to therefore steal it, but no, that statement is in fact quite accurate.

Trump's real numbers: Fly over country: 97 percent. The worst liberal hell hole: 70 percent.


Musk just successfully launched and recovered (the same) primary booster for the sixth time.

Starlink mission. I am not thrilled about Starlink but will say that if you can keep re-using the primary stage like that, eventually space travel will become truly economical. The way it was done before this was like flying a jet ONE TIME and forcing every passenger aboard to pay for that jet in one ticket. Even using a booster 3 times would cut the cost of space travel in half, six times cuts it to 25 percent. If we start seeing boosters get used more than 20 times that will be the holy grail.


DNC convention DISASTER from The Daily Wire. I do not link stuff that is not worth seeing, this is solid gold.


Millie Weaver's Shadowgate WATCH HERE

I finally got around to viewing at least a portion of this, and it is legit and specifically why she was arrested. That cannot be argued.

I found this in HD and could not watch it at a lower resolution, so I knew my bandwidth would eventually throttle it down to not watchable. I got about 20 minutes in before that happened. Here is what I think:

Somehow Millie got a direct insider contact that gave her stuff she should not have had. And she made good on that and produced a great video. It is legit. I doubt it covers everything I have mentioned here but there's little question I got to see the screens of the systems that make "combat mode" necessary, and also got to see how they always crack my connection and nail my passwords. From my own intelligence experience, every aspect of what I saw in the first 20 minutes is spot on, right down to "That's really how it looks at the NSA, I wonder how the hell she got that". Clearly she knows a few white hats.

My conclusion: Nothing in this video was a surprise to me other than the fact that she somehow actually got the real deal I'd have been sent to leavenworth for if I got that out of the facility and got busted for it. Obviously stuff is more modern now but some of it was EXACTLY as it was even back then, it is BANG ON.

If you have the bandwidth to just sit there and watch this in HD it would be horrible if you did not. There's no doubt at all this is what got her arrested and they can't say that because it will legitimize everything she said and confirm this is not a hoax to those who can't get to this particular site and read my words: It is NOT A HOAX. Great job! I honestly can't say how the hell she got some of the actual screens other than white hats taking big risks.


Statement issued by Millie Weaver's mother:

This is Millie’s mother ... It's my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohio ... because it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done. All families have their disagreements...especially during a quarantine.... In Ca nothing happens when you call the police.....I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief, who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset... this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry... makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this. I verified with the police that this is the reason for her arrest. Beyond ridiculous....I can't believe it. Grand jury indictment for her mom's cell phone ???

My comment: Obviously the grand jury was not over a cell phone. Mom was a leftist until this event, it looks like she got a wake up call. Additionally, her mom wanting charges dropped won't make a difference, the state prosecutor will take it from there if the mom won't. Corruption at it's finest!!!


Death Valley just recorded an accurate and reliable temperature of 130 farenheit, the highest ever recorded



This is only rumor so far, but it is being spread in Israeli papers and one Lebanese paper that is spewing BULLSHIT about how innocent Israel is and it could not possibly be them. So until I see some real confirmation that the Lebanese government is fingering Israel for the nuclear blast I'll leave this as rumor - However -

I went over all the Iranian papers I consider credible for information on this and found only one report by PressTV (which I consider to be the lowest of Iranian sources I'll pay attention to) where they strongly finger Israel for the blast - there are likely more on the other sources but they are very difficult to go through. Usually PressTV won't publish a report like that until the more official sources say the same thing so there are probably other sources claiming this (I don't have time to dredge the entire Iranian media for this) but having this show up at PressTV is quite telling.


Since this was so obviously a nuclear blast that even "micro nuke" drone theories have been hatched I am willing to hedge my bets that the rumors about Lebanon's government calling it an Israeli nuke are probably real, they probably took radiation readings and were (probably) discussing how to break it to the world, when Israeli intelligence got their hack via various smartphones and they are pre-releasing the debunk before Lebanon officially announces it. That's my guess. Wait and see. And if they do state it was a nuke, it will be the most conservative and well thought out announcement they have ever done because the subsequent implications will be biblical. Maybe they'll chicken out. Who knows at this point. I hope they go for it and spill the beans worse than that grain elevator (which ended up having 33, 000 tons of wheat destroyed) once the real story was told.

And about those "micro nuke drone theories" all I'll say is this was not an airburst, it either went off in tunnels below the warehouse or in the warehouse because the initial flash was (mostly) obscured by something that had to be blown out of the way before the fireball appeared. There was the same flash all nukes make but it got muffled by a barrier. I guess someone could have flown such a drone into the warehouse but I'd call that dubious.


The Supreme Court has just ruled George Soros NGO's are foreign and therefore don't have first amendment rights

We'll see where this goes, but if they operate as is past this point, they can now be legally wiped out. Whether or not this happens or not will be a real wait and see.


Time to just say it like it is -


The whole "Black Lives Matter" situation has proven: The Jewish community is running this, because every time these bastards go to Jewish areas they are dispatched by the police INSTANTLY AND WITHOUT DELAY, and when they are not in Jewish areas, they rape, kill, loot, steal, burn and vandalize at will, with no intervention from the police whatsoever. That means ONE THING: The police serve the Jews and follow Jewish orders, the exact same way they did in Bolshevik Russia. They are not protecting the people AT ALL, they are serving the Jews and enabling the Jewish takedown of America. There's no other way to say it, the truth, from what has happened alone, proves it. Maybe they'll stage a Jew bash like those fake synagogue shootings to cover it up, If so, if they stage a "Look, it happened to me too" incident they already failed, FAIL, because what is going on has already been noticed.

So that begs the question, what do we have now? We don't have the police. I know that's not a popular thing to say now but it is accurate.


From their actions alone, a majority of America's police forces are private mercenary organizations that do what the Jews ask for, while being paid to do it by YOUR tax dollars. The police don't protect now, they instead:

1. Extort.

2. ENFORCE THE RIOTS. Try to stop the rioters, and the police will arrest you.

3. Murder. Follow their orders to force you to accept your destruction as you are looted and your business is destroyed, or they'll shoot you. They literally will. They will allow the looters in to destroy your business, and if you try to stop the looters and then resist arrest for trying to stop the looters, they'll kill you. YET IF THE RIOTERS GO INTO A JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD, THE COPS STOP THEM ON THE SPOT. That proves without question the police are KNOWINGLY private mercenaries for the Jews, and that the rioters are just idiots who are clueless of the bigger plan because if they were aware, they would not have approached any Jewish areas to begin with.

As much as people may want to disagree, I am RIGHT. Who planted the bricks? THE POLICE. Who started the first fires in Minneapolis? THE POLICE, and they only stopped when they got busted. Who stands around and lets the rioters do anything they want, raiding and shooting cars, and THEN goes to arrest any drivers who get out of the situation with the gas pedal even after shots are fired? THE POLICE. THE POLICE ARREST EVERY DAMN PERSON WHO HITS THE GAS AND GETS AWAY, even if they have been shot. And that can only happen if they are not police at all anymore, and are instead paid goons and private mercenary forces, provided for FREE, to the Jews, for them to use against you to destroy your country while you pay for it all via taxes. It does not matter who pays them (you) what matters is who controls them, and from their actions it is obvious the controllers do not have your interests in mind at all.


Millie Weaver update:

After jailing her first, Youtube and other "mainstream" video sites deleted her video and called it "hate speech" when there was no hate speech in it. Then the state issued orders to take her children and put them in custody, even though they were already being cared for. Then the public freaked out and last I heard (very early news) she may be released without charges.

Here is how it goes:

Youtube labeled her video "hate speech" because despite the fact she never mentioned the Jews, it was 100 percent their infrastructure, system, and consipiracy she pointed out. Since everything was Jewish, Youtube knee jerk reacted and called it "hate" when there was no evidence of any hate, it was just the "wrong" information. Once she was helplessly in jail, the state issued orders to get rid of her children. I say "get rid of" because they figured they had her and she was not going to be around to complain about them being taken, while on whatever they drugged her with as she was either killed or sat in jail. The dad could just be kept out of the press. KIDS GET FRAZZLE DRIPPED, to provide an enormous rush to the J community and maybe the blood is saved for matzo balls. At least they thought, -

THEN, people out in the community started posting everywhere that the people who detained her needed to be shot, and that it was time to use the second amendment. It really looked like it was going to happen. Very convincing, here are a few samples:

"This is a job for the local militia. they need to arm up, and surround the building and arrest all within on grounds of attempted and past kidnapping. Hold a trial, and a public hanging. Or, just burn the building down with them all inside."

"It's fucking crazy how mad these people are. It's total fucking war at the top of the chain psychotic sociopathic child rapists fighting for power using any means necessary. CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES is even corrupted and used as a tool to make people comply. It's sick when will it end."

"When we do something to the politicians - we need to use the second amendment the way it was intended - so that any future politician will remember that if they mess around it will happen to them too"

It appears that kind of talk, along with a large number of people showing up at the court house demanding her release got her released. I am still waiting for details but it is obvious the line was crossed when the state said it was taking the kids.


To be clear below, in 1990 I was given that tour by the exact team that had just finished setting that machine up. It was a privileged event that involved only a few people.

The probable real reason why Trump removed various mail sorting machines:

In 1990 I was given a tour of the mail sort center in Minneapolis. I was shown a mail sorting machine that could read each address on every letter and then print a barcode on the bottom, and then send the mail down the appropriate chutes for delivery. It did it at a blinding speed. More importantly, there was another kick out where mails would go to groups of people who would open them and read them. They were on two floors, a total of about 40 people. Presumably they had the job of sorting out what that machine could not read, but lots of envelopes got opened. They had every type of envelope needed to re-mail after opening, and detailed printers that made it all look undisturbed, IN 1990. THAT TECH WAS THERE IN 1990 - where they could scan and re-print envelopes that looked original.

Obviously then, here's what I think Trump shut down -

If in 1990 you could be entered into a database and have your mail hit a kick out so spooks could read it if you were of interest, how much more advanced is that tech in 2020? My bet is that Trump removed mail sort machines that had been compromised to steal the election. If you're a Trump supporter, they wanted your vote to go right in the trash, at the sort level.

Trump should have ALL the sorting machines removed for this time period, - so many they have to do the mail the old way, by hand. The system is too compromised now for any kind of machine sorting to be trusted, they make the police state too efficient.

Trump was absolutely right.


You can instantly make it illegal for them to vaccinate you, even if exemptions on religious grounds are denied

Here is what you say:

I have experienced a vaccine injury or adverse event -

There are many variations of how this can be said, and this is one anyone who has been vaccinated since perhaps 1995 can say. Since then a majority of the vaccines have been sabotage agents that make people sick as hell, trip allergies, and cause neurological disorders. If you claim a vaccine injury or adverse event in the past, they can't do jack and can be prosecuted. Make sure you document this.

I am allergic to ingredients listed on the insert

When you say this, cite your adverse reactions and subsequent injury caused by them.

I am prescribed a medication counter-indicated on the insert

Be careful with this one, and yes, try to get an ongoing subscription to one of those meds (and then don't take it, or even buy it, they can't prove you bought it but you can prove you have a subscription. If you do not have a way to prove this, you can be toasted for it, make sure you set this up as soon as the insert for that vax becomes public.

The Jews are not going to take it. They have set up their plot for this ahead of time, there absolutely will be ways to avoid this vax without using the religious exemption and three are listed here.

Ok, let me be very clear with this because I have only mentioned it briefly in the past: The coronavirus vax is supposed to work by re-programming your cellular structure to not accept the virus, and it WILL BE RE-PROGRAMMED WITH DNA FROM A WORM. If you think the Jews would ever let their bodies to be re-programmed with worm DNA, you're smoking pot while on ecstacy, meth, and shooting heroin after drinking a never ending supply of acid that will trip you for life. You'd have to be some sort of freak show to believe the Jews would EVER allow themselves to be re-programmed with worm DNA to such an extent a human virus won't work anymore. That is EXACTLY what Gates is doing, how's THAT going to work out?

Re-program you with DNA from the lowest life forms on the planet, because to them that's where you belong, you are an animal in human form, a GOY, and you can damn well bet they have their way out of this.


Yes, I believe they murdered Trump's brother Robert

I completely believe that was his real twitter, because if it was not, why did it get removed by Twitter the moment he died? How would they know right when to remove it if they were not informed of a murder plot beforehand? I'll be brazen here - Robert Trump was murdered and Twitter was in on it. They knew beforehand, the timing of the shutdown of that account was just too perfect.

They could not shut it down while he was alive because he could have complained and confirmed it was his. If it was a hoax account, considering what was said there, (scroll down to see a nice big sample, ) - it's over the top true, hilarious, and awful, the absolute last thing Twitter would ever want. If that was not the real Robert's account, it would have had every bit and byte of it's content exploded at the speed of light on day one. There's no way Twitter did not know about that account, which got very popular quickly and was launched only after Trump's scamming sister released that book, which Robert hated her for. That Twitter was likely Robert's response to that book. All of that is documented below if you scroll down.

Breitbart has probably been taken over by communists, and/or probably was a limited hang out site all along, showing it's true colors now

Remember that Breitbart reporter with the whole "he touched me" thing? You know, THAT, I have been skeptical ever since and it is now justified

Breitbart just ran the headline "Biden's lead over Trump shrinks to 3 points". THAT'S PATENT B.S., Biden NEVER had a lead over Trump at any point ever. Any news publication that even implies Biden at any point had a polling lead over Trump is either too stupid to do their own work and/or think, or a scamming con that spews lies for agendas and motives. If Breitbart entered that fray, it is ADIOS, I never paid attention to them after the "he touched me" thing anyway, I forgot the reporter's name but who cares.

Let's get something straight here - in the grain belt/flyover country, Trump has 97+percent support, and people will vote for him. In the liberal sh*tholes, Trump has well over 70 percent support, there's not a single precinct anywhere where Trump would not smash it, he would take every single state and county in a legit election. Unfortunately the YIDS have infiltrated the entire voting infrastructure from top to bottom and enforce a "fair" vote rather than an accurate one. Election theft starts at the synagogue, and so does the scamming media, feminism, abortion, the income tax, horrendous property taxes, hydroxychloriquine bans and everything else, those bastards did ALL OF IT. I am 100 percent convinced that they are 100 percent responsible for every damn bad thing that happened to America over the last 50 years, including 911. If a civil war does not address this issue, any effort to fix it will be as futile as shampooing carpets with piss.

Robert Trump is dead. And the moment he died, Twitter suspended that account. What's up with that????



Tennessee has launched a coronavirus task force who's only job is to go around to everyone's home and do "health and welfare checks" un-announced. Obviously because after the old venues for stealing children got shut down, a new one is needed and Tennessee buckled.

Sorry Miss, the state has decided YOUR children have to go because of _______________ (any reason but coronavirus). Disproportionate if not totally, white children will be taken.


NASHVILLE, TN— Today, the Tennessee Department of Education announced members and objectives of the statewide COVID-19 Child Wellbeing Task Force, which was convened to support the holistic needs of Tennessee children in response to extended school building closures.

Governor Bill Lee charged Commissioner Schwinn to convene the COVID-19 Child Wellbeing Task Force in response to the pandemic’s long-term effects on Tennessee's school districts and students. The goal of the Task Force is to help communities come together to check on our kids.

“The Child Wellbeing Task Force will work to ensure that the needs of Tennessee children are met during and after extended periods away from school, and to empower local communities to meaningfully engage in ways that support child wellbeing, ” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. "I am encouraged by these dedicated individuals from across the state who have stepped up to serve."

The department's strategic plan, Best for All, prioritizes the whole child as one of three priority areas.

The Task Force will operate with the following concrete objectives:

Empowering Local Implementation: Identify local infrastructure, relationships, and resources to promote supports for students and families.

Supporting Rapid Response for late summer and back-to-school 2020: Develop a set of action items that local communities may utilize over the summer and throughout the traditional back-to-school season to support the needs of children.

Determining Ongoing Support for Academic Year 2020-2021: Develop a set of action items that local communities may utilize to support the needs of children when school resumes in the fall of 2020.

The Task Force will produce the following deliverables:

By July 6, 2020, the Task Force will produce a postmortem report on the impacts of school closure on critical services to children that occurred across the state and will identify opportunities for locally established and maintained infrastructure.

By July 10, 2020, the Task Force will provide guidance for conducting child wellbeing checks during the summer and/or throughout back-to-school season as children begin a new school year. By July 24, 2020, the Task Force will provide guidance for community-based child wellbeing checks, services, and supports throughout the academic year.


By October 2, 2020, the Task Force will develop the Pandemic Preparation Toolkit, outlining a more comprehensive set of recommendations, action items, and planning tools for local communities for any future school closures.

By December 11, 2020, the Task Force will produce a report to the Governor summarizing the work of the group and making recommendations for the future.

Yeah, bullshit. Take all of that report and trash it except for ONE THING: Child wellbeing checks on every kid in the state. They'll take what they want with impunity in the name of Corona and that is all this is for. They made it clear in that first little bolded statement: "The goal is to check on the kids." Gotta bury it under the cover of "legitimate cause" with the rest of the crap to get away with it!

Yes, in the name of coronavirus, we are going to invade and inspect EVERY HOME and make sure everything is "to our standards" which are not defined, and can be invented on a whim any time we find a kid we really want to frazzledrip.


I made an error below that fault tolerant browsers can cope with, however, for some people a lot of text may be headline size and I am administering the site via "combat mode" now and can't fix that.


Not much in the news today, however:

The headlines on Drudge are making every excuse that could possibly be made to condition the public into accepting scenarios that will allow a perfect election steal - with one notable one being "Mail in ballots from swing states may not be counted on time . . . . . . blah blah, and not one headline about countless drivers licenses all registered Democrat arriving from China, for the purpose of assisting an election steal made even easier by "everyone wearing face masks". It is all being set up for a big steal and it could not possibly be any more obvious.

Trump's brother's Twitter account:

Yesterday I posted a slew of tweets from Robert Trump that were absolutely hilarious and cut right to the truth. Yesterday, many people were skeptical that it could possibly be his real twitter, but I found absolutely nothing indicating it was not, and supporting evidence that it probably really is Rober'ts real twiitter. So today I went over everything again, mostly expecting to see a solid debunk somewhere about it not being real, and there was only more evidence that it is in fact real. If it really does end up being real, Trump has a brother that truly represents the overall American sentiment and he is witty and holds nothing back . . . . the MSM is never going to point to him because they won't survive his comments if the account becomes widely known. Is it Really Robert's real Twitter? If not, it is a damn convincing spoof that is worth looking at anyway, it really looks like Robert is spilling a pile of insider info there, right down to Mitt Romney being blackmailed by a photo of him screwing a group of young boys. Considering what Mitt should be doing in politics considering his background, I'd give a "highly probable" to that, from someone who has legit inside info and probably really is the real Robert.


The new public sentiment (among the living)

This morning I was taken aback by how people who are supposed to be sophisticated and intelligent have fallen for the Corona B.S.

They are clearly visible - the IDIOTS who wear a mask while driving their cars alone. Brainwashed stifled idiots. The ones, who rather than have a barbecue, sync themselves daily to the B.S. in the MSM with the TV constantly droning fear and falsehood they never see through, and that makes them GREAT. Better than the people who can see through it all. They are the perfect Nazis. Do people who see through the idiocy realize this?

What is a mask mandate? It is the same thing as a star of David. Being forced to wear it to identify yourself as a sucker to the agenda. Being forced to wear it to prove you submit to the agenda. Giving the worst of the Nazis a high horse to ride on, to ridicule others who see through it all and point the finger: YOU LOW LIFE. YOU IDIOT. WHERE IS YOUR MASK? SEE, I HAVE MINE!!!! never questioning how worthless the masks are documented to be, never questioning the lies, the fear, the fake death stats, never questioning ANYTHING - merely going along with the agenda, - which makes them superior. THAT is what a Nazi is made of. Brainless compliance that somehow makes them superior, and anyone who does not comply inferior.

The people who don't believe and comply anyway out of fear or passiveness or politeness are just as bad, because they give the illusion of everyone believing. They won't stand up for themselves, they just go along with it all, and are the types who will go along with it all and not question the trains, buses, and diminishing population, and if the AI has slated them for removal because they are silently anti-gay and pray in secret, if they are too often contact traced out to associating with those who can think and have a back bone, they themselves will vanish too.

And beyond compliance, what will the mask give all of our handlers the power to do? EASY ANSWER: STEAL THE ELECTION. No face recognition is going to nail them as they go around with 20 false identities printed up in China all registered to vote on their fake license, LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR: There are 3 million Jews (out of a larger number) in the U.S. that are going to be voting early and voting often. If each of them have 20 of these fake licenses, they'll slap down 60 million votes and destroy the election. They are not going to bother with the fact that there will be millions of votes more than registered living people, they'll just delay the results until they toss out what is needed until they scam it in, and the masks will make it all possible.

Think about that, these A-holes need to be busted in their own communities via people who have Karenators in parked cars. They are going to steal this, they have set up everything perfectly beforehand to make it possible. We had damn well better stop this or the "mask nazis" will comply with whatever it takes to accomplish a genocide, "contact tracing"? Hiring multitudes to do "contact tracing" over a phony threat? WHY??? Easy answer: That's how the communists can know exactly who knows who and get rid of people with the utmost efficiency. Corona is just too perfect.


It appears Trump's brother got drunk and went on an extended very salient twitter rant

There are a few people claiming in social media that this Twitter has to be fake, but I looked into this very closely and it does not appear to be fake. If anyone rips this, and rips me, saying it is fake, don't buy that without scrutinizing that claim closely. I obviously can't prove this is real, but there's no evidence at all that it is not real. Read it and LOL, this is a long and good one, and for strong supporting evidence it's probably real, scroll to the bottom.

Update to below: The rumor I got was that she had the dirt on Hillary, was uploading it, and the story was to break tonight. For acquiring those mails, (according to the rumor) she got busted for "burglary". And Hillary again skates. If rumor holds, it will prove they were being illegally monitored, and the deep state took care of business.


Millie Weaver of Infowars was just arrested on live stream for burglary. The offense? Getting ahold of incriminating Hillary Clinton Emails. On infowars now, story developing

She was in the process of uploading, got throttled down to oblivion to slow the upload, and during that time the cops showed up and arrested her.


The new public sentiment (among the living)

This morning I was taken aback by how people who are supposed to be sophisticated and intelligent have fallen for the Corona B.S.

They are clearly visible - the IDIOTS who wear a mask while driving their cars alone. Brainwashed stifled idiots. The ones, who rather than have a barbecue, sync themselves daily to the B.S. in the MSM with the TV constantly droning fear and falsehood they never see through, and that makes them GREAT. Better than the people who can see through it all. They are the perfect Nazis. Do people who see through the idiocy realize this?

What is a mask mandate? It is the same thing as a star of David. Being forced to wear it to identify yourself as a sucker to the agenda. Being forced to wear it to prove you submit to the agenda. Giving the worst of the Nazis a high horse to ride on, to ridicule others who see through it all and point the finger: YOU LOW LIFE. YOU IDIOT. WHERE IS YOUR MASK? SEE, I HAVE MINE!!!! never questioning how worthless the masks are documented to be, never questioning the lies, the fear, the fake death stats, never questioning ANYTHING - merely going along with the agenda, - which makes them superior. THAT is what a Nazi is made of. Brainless compliance that somehow makes them superior, and anyone who does not comply inferior.

The people who don't believe and comply anyway out of fear or passiveness or politeness are just as bad, because they give the illusion of everyone believing. They won't stand up for themselves, they just go along with it all, and are the types who will go along with it all and not question the trains, buses, and diminishing population, and if the AI has slated them for removal because they are silently anti-gay and pray in secret, if they are too often contact traced out to associating with those who can think and have a back bone, they themselves will vanish too.

And beyond compliance, what will the mask give all of our handlers the power to do? EASY ANSWER: STEAL THE ELECTION. No face recognition is going to nail them as they go around with 20 false identities printed up in China all registered to vote on their fake license, LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR: There are 3 million Jews (out of a larger number) in the U.S. that are going to be voting early and voting often. If each of them have 20 of these fake licenses, they'll slap down 60 million votes and destroy the election. They are not going to bother with the fact that there will be millions of votes more than registered living people, they'll just delay the results until they toss out what is needed until they scam it in, and the masks will make it all possible.

Think about that, these A-holes need to be busted in their own communities via people who have Karenators in parked cars. They are going to steal this, they have set up everything perfectly beforehand to make it possible. We had damn well better stop this or the "mask nazis" will comply with whatever it takes to accomplish a genocide, "contact tracing"? Hiring multitudes to do "contact tracing" over a phony threat? WHY??? Easy answer: That's how the communists can know exactly who knows who and get rid of people with the utmost efficiency. Corona is just too perfect.


A working Karenator

We are going to need this to stop stolen elections, and when you catch them, you have to handle it yourself, with force, because "law enforcement" won't do jack. We are already so far into tyranny we are going to have to shoot our way out, voting won't cut it, and the Karenator will give people solid facts to work with. It is time for the people to build their own NSA, and I am going to post how.

Problems with this iteration: It is not stable enough on a bread board working with a 9 volt battery so I had to use a car battery. Then it was stable enough to not feedback it's own signals within itself. Also, the noise floor is higher than I'd like it to be. Today I am putting together a test rig I can plop any NPN transitor into and optimize it's gain to noise ratio in a minute or two, I am tired of tinkering and have the parts to build that. It will speed things up enormously. That said, the current Karenator is quite excellent in it's own right.

Good stuff: The circuit is VERY simple for a stable and good working 4 stage AUDIO amplifier. This is not a switch, it actually stays stable enough with this dirt simple configuration to do high quality audio. That's far more difficult than using it for DC or digital. It definitely gets enough gain to do the job. However, I'll call it incomplete for now and might have to add compression stages (right now any nearby sound clips it out totally) which means compression has to be added, probably after stage 2. It does enough by stage 2 for a compressor to work with. This has to be done perfectly right if people are going to use it to secure the election by busting fraud from outside where the votes are counted (at a distance) or by getting Jews discussing "voting early and often" on or near election day at the synagogue when they talk quietly and no windows are open (and that's how it is done, they don't use a PA.)

As is, with the right pickup, it will easily nail conversations clearly at about 750 feet open air. If you added a parabolic setup, this would likely do a half mile. That's all fine and dandy if there's not too much background noise, if there is, it HAS TO have compression. I'll be doing that next and the performance actually has to be better than that to work as needed but at least this would get someone out of the woods for the casual Karen.

I UPPED THE ANTE: I AM NOW GOING FOR SECURE THE ELECTION. THAT MEANS I NEED TO DO THE EMBASSY BUSTER. This stuff is not elementary school easy, you won't find these plans on the internet. That's not what I am doing. It takes real tinkering to get an amp to be that sensitive. I am going to try to boost sensitiviety with an opto isolator based compressor (this will work a million times better than digital if I can pull it off) plus, if I do manage to get that right, it will be another dirt simple circuit on the same bread board with the rest of it that anyone can build, I'll make it plain as day, you won't get instructions in "chinese".

I am going to try to refine this a bit and after another day of tinkering I'll post exactly what it is. This eats time like crazy, it's not easy to perfectly arrange an extreme high performance amplifier on a bread board that stays stable with only 4 components per stage (on a bread board) this would be a lot more stable on a real board. I had to pull some real tricks to get it to not oscillate on a bread board.

The speaker is the microphone. However, I can't come up with any that are better than a normal microphone right now. I'll have to go get a piezo speaker, those work fairly well.



Key points, All of this is stated in this Times of Israel report:

She's married to a Jew and followed the Jewish rituals during her marriage, which likely means she is a Jew (but they won't admit that)

She fundraised for Israel, which is something Jews would do

She's going to ram "hate crimes" legislation through like nobody's business, if she gets in WATCH OUT, your web history will be deeply scrutinized and if you ever said Jews were guilty of anything, you'll be toast, retroactively.

She is 100 percent Jewish supported, they are behind her TOTALLY.

She's more AIPAC than even normal Jews are

MARK MY WORD: THE ELECTION WILL BE STOLEN. The Jews are going to use countless fake ID's printed in China, will hand them out in their synagogues and have every damn Jew vote as many times as it takes to overwhelm the entire population of the United States. Whether or not Trump realizes that's how the election got stolen, he will know it was stolen. And when he scrutinizes this, the same military Obama set up will go in and remove him with force. That's why they are talking about that now, they know the public knows they are going to steal this election, and they know they are going to have to enforce the theft. Kushner did what it took to stall Trump long enough to destroy his efforts that would have worked to prevent this.

When they succeed, America will see a genocide un-parralleled in world history, that is PRECICELY WHAT DEAGLE HAS INDICATED FOR YEARS and Kamala will sell it with a smile. The only thing stopping the genocide is gun owners, many of which are convinced Corona is real, and will let that ruse be used as a pretext for their elimination.

NEW ZEALAND HAS OPENED UP QUARANTINE CAMPS don't worry, "everyone is quite happy there".

Quite interesting, when Bill Gates, in his "We are going to release a new virus that WILL get attention video," applauded New Zealand for their horrific crack downs that were credited by the MSM for keeping coronavirus to near zero there.

Here's the real deal: It is called "incrementalism." Since New Zealand buckled on the spot right away, and did whatever the new world order wanted, they are already being taken to the internment camp stage of the communist revolution which was all prefaced by stripping the guns from the population via that damn synagogue shooting ruse that was obviously patently fake last year.


Quite obvious. And "everyone will be happy there" because during a genocide image is everything.

Cop saves man who got his wheel chair caught in the train tracks

Classic Hollywood type save. A man got his wheel chair caught in the train tracks as a train was approaching, a cop who was driving around noticed, and pulled him out of the wheel chair at the exact second the train arrived. He lost his wheel chair that stayed stuck in the tracks but did not get hit.

To be clear on the helicopter shooting -

The MSM is trying to avoid talking about what actually happened and the MSM is posting stock photos of random military helicopters for this story. This is likely to mentally obscure the fact that it happened directly to Trump's own helicopter/security team that puts Trump on helicopters and it happened to one Trump would ride in a location where he might be on it. Though they may be accurate that it was just a training mission that particular helicopter was on at the time, this was not a random shooting of a training helicopter the way the MSM is saying. This happened to the helicopter group that flies Trump to Air Force 1.

It is now basically confirmed that there were 2 assassination attempts against Trump in 2 days

The story now goes that the man the secret service put down close to the white house had no weapon. I do not believe this. The secret service is not going to screw up with something like that, there is a subversive white wash going on. If that was not an assassination attempt, why then was a helicopter assigned to Trump shot shortly after that incident?

I am sure the two incidents are unrelated (NOT) because the secret service shoots people near the white house every day, and helicopters Trump has flown on get shot at frequently too. At least that's how this seems to be getting portrayed in the media that would rather just do away with reports of assassination attempts against a president they want assassinated.

I did not pay attention to this earlier today because I did not realize it was one of Trump's helicopters. Now that this is known, it is quite obvious that assassination of Trump is actually being attempted now, JUST LIKE THE APPARITION FROM LEBANON WARNED ABOUT.

The headlines this morning seriously angered me

I'll say this: Kamala Harris is one of those people who is so comfortable in her evil that she could smile from the center of her soul while burning a busload of children, and sell that smile on a fashion magazine cover where she looked like an angel.

At least with Pelosi you can see through the smile to the rot underneath, that's not possible with Kamala, she's downright dangerous. If the people who get put in charge of the election manage to cheat her in, will Americans be stupid enough to accept that smile? I'd say a large number would, as she commits an epic genocide and sells it to the leftist and idiots as some sort of angelic work. She's a real threat, do not write her off.

She'd be worse than Pelosi. Pelosi knows she's evil. Kamala on the other hand probably has no compass at all. Granted, Kamala cannot be president but in this subverted system that probably won't make a difference.

MARK MY WORD: If Kamala is cheated in, you, your family, and every last person you know who is not brainwashed enough to burn downtown to the ground in the name of "fairness" is going to be murdered in cold blood. Kamala absolutely will set up Ukraine style famines, if she somehow gets control of America, it is game over.

Even if I don't post a whole lot today, it does not mean I am not working to try to save the future. I am, this is not a day off, I am worried. Kamala's smile is the biggest threat America has ever faced, all the normal triggers for signalling "demon" on her are disabled, people are not going to be prepared for this.

Here is how the election is going to go. No insider tips, think about it -

The media will go on a frenzy about how the public loves Kamala Harris. Then, tens of millions of fake votes via fake Chinese printed drivers licenses will be used to steal the electon. This time they are playing it safe and stating ahead of time the results will probably not be in on election night. This is to buy them time in case, despite all the rigging, Trump still takes it. They need time to destroy ballots or, HERE IS THE BIG ONE:

They know damn well that so many people are going to vote for Trump that when they add their stolen ballots to the mix, they are going to have more votes than possible voters by an enormous margin. They will then need days to sit down and destroy enough votes for Trump so that their fake votes to beat him don't introduce so many votes it is not possible. They'll probably destroy upwards of 50 million votes. - they will have to sort out a huge mess - so they already stated they won't have the results on election night.

Kamala and Biden get in. They slip biden a heart stopper early on, and Kamala is not a natural born citizen. That means that with Biden gone, Pelosi will become president after she steals her own election. WE HAVE TO KEEP ALL EYES ON NANCY'S ELECTION RIGGING OR SHE'S GOING TO SNEAK INTO BEING PRESIDENT VIA MURDER AND DISQUALIFICATION OF KAMALA. The only way to stop this is to make damn good and sure Pelosi does not get in by heavily scrutinizing her vote fraud, I don't believe for a minute she has actually won an election for at least 16 years. Stopping her from yet another theft will be our only hope.


A few quick items

The FEC commissioner just announced they probably won't know the election results on election night.

My comment: They will definitely know the results, what they don't know is how long it will take to fix them.

I forgot to mention perhaps the most important development of all with the Lebanon blast.

I held off on saying this and then forgot about it because I could not get total confirmation right away and then forgot about it. I now have TOTAL confirmation this is absolutely legit, and proves beyond question the blast in Lebanon was nuclear.

THE DEVELOPMENT: Putin has stated that any missile that approaches Russia, any cruise missile, ANY missile AT ALL will be considered nuclear, and will receive a nuclear response Before the missile even reaches it's target. What does that say? EASY ANSWER: The Russians analyzed the blast in Lebanon and know damn well the place was nuked. This story finally broke in the MSM today, I'd have mentioned it sooner but the early source last Friday was a little known Russian newspaper and I was running my butt off with other things and did not want to spend time chasing what I thought was a probable rumor.

Folks, it is NOT a rumor, Putin's statement makes it VERY CLEAR Lebanon was nuked, he knows damn well someone has the audacity to use them and just put his quills out.

UPDATE: While I was writing the above, they started expunging reports about this from search engines, they killed MSN and Yahoo (the original top results) from Duck Duck Go, while I was typing about this. I'll let this develop and will post screenshots of before and after censorship if they bury this.



I have a little bit of knowledge about storm damage, and will say it like it is, (but first this:

They want to starve the population of the world off in the name of Covid, but people are not buying it. So in China weather mod was used to destroy crops there, (and it is devastating) and now the U.S. got it's blast.

The claim is that a naturally occurring "derecho" swept right through America's prime agricultural regions and destroyed the whole crop. This derecho would have been devastating to corn and wheat. And it was. First I'll post the pictures to show this storm, and then I'll comment on what I think the result will be.

Here is what I think will happen:

Any wheat destroyed is lost. It will not be possible to harvest wheat that has been knocked down by machine, and it will be too labor intensive to save it by hand. The corn is a different story. I have seen corn get knocked down like this, and it has always lived, it's just laying down. The crop is not lost, but it's going to be hell to harvest that by hand. Any corn destroyed this way will not be cost effective to harvest cleanly in an era of "everything happens automatically" however, it will be possible to at least get the corn off the field and convert it into cattle feed. This represents a probable 70 percent loss of value even if the farmer can get it all.

Also, any time I have seen this happen it is spotty, not everyone's farm gets this badly wrecked. But this was an obvious synthetic storm that was formulated to accomplish an objective. The rules therefore may have changed, the destruction might be complete in a swath 300 miles wide, I don't know if it is, but that storm radar is apocalyptic. This might have destroyed 20-30 percent of America's total harvest, or, more likely (from what I have seen) 15 percent. Certainly the farmers in the most affected areas are doomed.

I know about the shooting near the white house but it is a non event, it happened too far away. Perhaps Nancy set that up and the SS has better crowd scanning gear than expected. They put him down. The President had to be told it happened, he did not hear it.


Final Israeli apologist smack down:

Lots of crap has been said to try to get people to believe it was not a nuke. And on the other side, in support of the nuke reality, there are a few errors being made also. Let's go over them:

1. It could not have been ammonium nitrate because when that blows up, the smoke is white. Correct answer: The smoke color from an ammonium nitrate blast is completely dependent on whatever was mixed with it to get it to explode. Additionally, if the freakishly impossible conditions are met to get it to explode without an oxidizer, you get nothing. The results are pathetic. Under those conditions (as stated in the MSM to be what happened) the smoke is white, not red. So it is partially correct, but not worth presenting. And you'd only meet those conditions with a pound or so under precise control, you'd never cause it to torch off that huge pile.

2. Here's a good one that might fool people: The cloud was water being thrown in the air, it was a harbor after all. Reality: It was not water or water vapor, it was distorted air turning opaque. water vapor would not just vanish in a second, what was actually seen was air distortions from a supersonic blast wave. And, to back that up, where is the harbor in this pic?

3. It was a weapons cache that exploded, not a nuke. Possible. But not likely, the precise shape of the fire ball and perfect shock wave is not very likely, and there's that pic above, this is not the first time. Israel was testing these in Syria and an oops happened, that picture got out. Surprisingly Sorcha posted that pic and that is where I saw it first. Subsequent searches turned up very little, Sorcha may have been given something. And if so, that's plenty of forgiveness for all those "rumors circulating the Kremlin". That picture is literally the holy grail, we now know damn well Israel is using nukes, perhaps a new type, and that is what went off in Beirut.

4. It was not a nuke because there would have been an enormous flash at first. Correction: Only air bursts make the enormous flash. This was not an air burst. This was either set off in the warehouse or in the tunnels under the warehouse. This was a bomb that got smuggled in, I doubt a missile could have hit so precisely there would be no enormous flash. If it was set up in the warehouse, the flash would have been gone before the shock wave blew the roof off. The fireball would still be there, and we have a nice pic of that.

5. The fire beforehand proves this is just an explosion, everyone is nuts for crying nuke. Reality: Ventriloquism is an old art, the fire was the puppet and the nuke was the voice. Israel is not stupid, (actually, they were stupid) because when they set up the diversion they got everyone's attention, including someone who was able to get a high class SLR set up to record the blast with nuclear test site quality. That's a major OOPS, I am sure Israel did not factor that into their equation. The fire ball says it all. It did not even originate in the right place but with typical cell phone cams, no one would have caught that.

6. If it was a nuke, the grain silo would have been completely vanished. Not so. During the Trinity tests, objects that were very solid were placed very near the blast, including a big steel ball, and on the steel ball there was still paint afterward. Lots of nearby stuff was not totally blown away. Additionally, in real life Hiroshima, sturdy structures, including a church only 700 feet from ground zero, stayed standing. That grain silo was beyond sturdy, it was very robust and had materials inside it (that are now scattered all over in front of it after they spilled out) that provided even more support. In reality, the extent of the damage to that grain silo proves it was a nuke, there was a substantial distance between it and the blast and it still got amazingly destroyed. The crater, which was 200 meters across, actually indicates a 100 kiloton blast, but I did not go into that.


A few quick items:

Infrared video of missile strike?

There is a supposed "infrared video" of a missile strike on the port of Beirut. I did not miss this, I saw that within 10 minutes of it being posted, looked at it closely, and determined it was not an infrared video at all, it was instead a photo negative video that had been de-saturated. Could I be wrong? Well, it would have to be very coincidental to have an infrared video match the characteristics of a photo negative video. Everything was a simple invert of the existing contrast values. Technically that could happen in infrared but the chances are beyond slim. And therefore, I did not believe the video was legit. AND, One key item with this: If the missile did not show up clearly in full color video, infrared would provide ZERO advantage, it is implausible that it would be crystal clear in infrared and not show up at all in the color videos, the only color video that had anything in fact had a bird, (the one with the blue circle drawn on it).

SO, my final answer:

We got the damn nuclear fireball PLAIN AS DAY. We have other events in Syria, known to be Israel, that look the same, photographed, PLAIN AS DAY. It therefore is not wise to say any video shows a missile, because that leaves a way for the story to be pried apart. Why does it have to be a missile when it could have been a nuclear torpedo, or driven in on a truck, or planted a week before the blast, or whatever? The important thing is it was an easily provable nuke just from the fireball and blast characteristics and beyond that, nothing matters. We know Israel did that. The already proved this with less witnessed blasts in Syria. Their new toy simply has that look when it goes off.

One other thing: This is a response: The best operating system ever released was Knoppix 5.1

Another item: Clearly, if the government shuts everything down and destroys everyone and wipes out businesses left and right and puts people in desperation by denying people their way of life, under threat of force, AND THEN the government hands everyone checks so "they can make it", there is no virus, there is instead a plot by the government to create dependency in the population, just like what communist systems have.

Communism in Russia was not bad at all for useless lowlifes that wanted to just sit and suck the system, happy to just go along with a sub-mediocre existence that was pre-determined.

Suddenly, all the stats dropped in like nothing happened at all!

After logging NOTHING, suddenly it all appears! Matching historic levels perfectly!!! That means it's all OK. HA HA, not quite, I'm still getting the backup server and will route everything through it, if there's anything at all I can do to prevent this site from being someone's "contact tracing app" I am going to do it. Maybe it won't work to route the site differently, but I know something is wonky and I have to at least try something.

Whoever pulled that crap: I am NOT "Aunt Edna". I absolutely will notice something is amiss even if it all, on the surface, looks normal.

I almost forgot:

I have determined that there is a big probability that op amps are not going to cut it for the Karenator. I wanted to try that to keep it simple, but it is going to have to be done with discrete components and I am going to have to try to keep that simple. There's no other way.

I'll try the most basic two stage discrete section and then use that to feed an op amp. I think I can still make that plug and play with a breadboard if I make everything as standardized as possible. The goal will be to get everything done with two resistor values, one capacitor value, one type of transistor and one op amp. I'd like to throw in an opto isolator based compression stage between the transistors and the op amp also, that's what will get the thing to go into synagogues and embassies. While attempting that, the circuit has to be able to keep a garbage truck from overwhelming the smaller signals. A parabolic dish setup will help for people who want to take it that far.

Oh, that reminds me - all the crappy "spy microphones" use a parabolic dish to do it all, with sub standard garbage electronics. The type of Karenator I am talking about does not need a parabolic dish to work. The spy microphones you can buy are a joke. What I have done in the past will get the signal with no assistance from any concentrator, the only thing a dish will do is help it be selective. If you don't know where the neighborhood spook is to begin with, or even if there is one, what good is a dish going to do? To know there is a problem, you have to hear everyone at once. From there you narrow it down with a dish if you need to. You probably won't need to. You will probably know who the A-hole is with no help like that at all. With a dish, the karenator will work at a distance of a half mile. But your local Karen won't be that far away.

I was going to get transistors for the discrete stages yesterday but the place I could get to was closed. It won't take me any time to breadboard that out, it will probably post on Monday (preliminary) with a refined version by mid week. I am not going to stop with this, it has to be easy, it has to work well, and it HAS TO BE OUT THERE because I'm telling you straight: if Americans have no way to shut down the damn Karens the entire nation is going to be SCREWED. Karens make jack booted police states possible, they can't hire enough police to watch everyone but "Karen" can make it happen!.

I sort of think the Karenator is what caused the "server problem" but it happened after I posted about the apparition.

Total deaths per day thru July 2017 were 7, 700. Total deaths per day in 2020 thru July were 7, 434. WHERE IS THE COVID INCREASE????




I am going to post everything that might have irritated the elite, starting with the MSDS for Ammonium Nitrate, which proves it can't explode unless explicitly prepared to.

They hated this post, because it rips the official story to shreds with a safety document straight from the U.S. government.

DEAR MISTER FUSION GPS: LEBANON WAS NUKED. IT WAS NOT AMMONIUM NITRATE, expecting ammonium nitrate to blow up without being prepared to by adding something for it to oxidize is like expecting a refrigerator to run without plugging it in. At least that's what the MSDS says, it IT IS AN OXIDIZER, NOT AN EXPLOSIVE. Anyone who says amonium nitrate did that blast is an abject fraud. You can't argue with the MSDS.

So what did that blast? Lookie here! Israel was doing these in Syria and expected no one to get (or leak) a picture! This is obviously a smaller one than Beirut, but the same thing.

How do these new bombs Israel has look at the moment they go off? Well, like nuclear tests! Color match really works!

Someone set up a much better camera than they were expecting (probably a $5,000+ SLR) and it shot nuclear test site quality video, where the fireball was captured perfectly. From this, we can clearly see the explosion did not originate precisely where they said it did (it is in front of the smoke plume), AND we can clearly see that it is, in fact, a perfectly uniform nuclear explosion, not from a random pile of loosely packed crap.

And I am sure they did not like this post:

And I have no doubt the Karenator pissed them off. By the way, after tinkering I have concluded that op amps are not going to cut it, I HAVE TO do it with discreet components or it will be a no go, op amps just do not work clean enough, so the challenge will be how to bread board that thing out with really quiet transistors and have it still be buildable by other people who don't know electronics. Working on it . . . and they are probably not happy with that.

Surprisingly, everything started when I posted this:



I don't like publishing this, but it appeared to Claudia twice to stop an assassination of Trump.

Yesterday an apparition from Beirut appeared to Claudia, said it was a bombing and that the elite were going to blame Trump (who did not do it) as an excuse to assassinate him and that she had to tell me to post this to stop the assasination. Claudia said nothing to me and figured she imagined it all, because she did not even know there was a bombing, she was unaware of anything happening in Lebanon. She did not know what on earth the apparition was talking about.

Today the apparition appeared again and told her to tell me. So she came to me, asking about a bombing and wondering what on earth all of this was about. When I told her that Beirut got bombed, (it was clearly a bombing,) she was shocked and apologetic for not telling me yesterday

This entity specifically told her he died in the Beirut blast and was here to give a warning and tell us to state that Trump had nothing to do with the Beirut blast, which will be determined to be a bombing (probably already has) in the elite circles, and that a disinformation campaign was going to happen in the background to get Iran and Lebanon to kill Trump. If this happens, - if Trump is assassinated, all hell is obviously going to break loose and evil will win. The entity was not an evil entity, it was more like a political figure that was not corrupt. From what Claudia said, it was clearly aware of geopolitics.

I posted this because:

1. Claudia was clueless anything at all happened in Beirut. She knew I was working on a big report, but did not know what it was about.

2. I know damn well that was a bombing and am not stuck on the idiotic prospect of pure ammonium nitrate doing this, when it has to have diesel or gasoline added to it to do anything at all, and -

3. This apparition appeared twice stating it was a bomb blast and I don't want Trump assassinated. If Claudia was clueless about a bombing, how on earth could she have come to me telling me about a "ghost" that told her what happened in Lebanon, specifically stating he was from Beirut if it was not something real?

It appeared to Claudia and not me, because I'd have called bullshit and denied it was even there before it even had a chance to speak.

UPDATE: Claudia had more detail

She said he was tall and looked middle eastern and that he was a reader of the site, and that's how he knew to come here. Claudia wanted me to prove I had readers in Lebanon to know she was not crazy. Done: (from July)

Claudia said he was killed by a head injury from flying debris, and that he said he died while he was investigating a tip off that there would be an explosion in the harbor, and that in death, he had the head injury to the left side of his head. She also said that he said something far worse was soon to happen but he did not say what, other than that it would not happen in Lebanon, it would happen elsewhere. He said he spoke to us in the hopes we would get the word out and at least have something to stop future events. He specifically called the "elite" evil.

I am SURE the Cinchona/Quina post did not please them, so I doubled down and did it even better:

They wanted their disease to wipe everyone out so badly that they banned chloroquine in many places, and made it impossible to get practically everywhere else. Here is the alternative, and actual market prices of the alternative, hunt for the low price, people are gouging for this stuff.

IMPORTANT: This stuff, which is the source of quinine, is the exact thing hydroxychloroquine was synthesized to replace. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE IS A COPY. This is not a substitute to the real thing, it is the original real thing.



In this video of a speech he did today, he basically stated he's going into hiding before nailing "rich and powerful people who don't like him very much". He then, as his last tweet, left only "Drain the swamp".

Google maps did not have the trailers. Bing maps did.


I gotta say, someone is hiding something!!!


Sometimes a picture really can tell the whole story. Whoever took this photo was part of the team that destroyed the place, I am now firmly betting on Mossad, and 50/50 split between nuke and sabotage of an Iranian missile facility. If Israel did this for the sole purpose of destroying the port, they probably plan to take Lebanon soon. But even if all they did was take out a weapons facility, it was Israel either way, This photo proves it.

This photo was taken with strong telephoto from a high end SLR that had a large lens, the bokeh and composition proves it. Someone went in there special to do this and was not just walking around with their phone. The mocking attitude expressed by the "Goodbye" is so Jewish the filth of it poisoned the harbor.

UKRAINE 2.0 in UK: Bulldoze factories, homes, and businesses "contaminated with coronavirus"

You can't make this stuff up, yet there it is, Ukraine 2.0 I have said repeatedly that the goal in America was to burn everyone's home to the ground and either leave the people dying of exposure, or cart them off to somewhere else for enslavement

I removed the lebanon bomb drop sequence until I actually get ahold of the original video again, to see if it is as presented.

NO WAY and NO WAY. First Lebanon. Then a huge famous mall in the UAE. AND THEN A HUGE WAREHOUSE INFERNOIN IRAQ. NO FREAKING WAY.

The warehouses in Iraq started with "what sounded like fireworks", just like Lebanon.

There is some reasonably damning stuff on this page - it is fairly obvious Israel did this. Scroll past this photo.

In this photo: You can clearly see that buildings, even those protected from the blast by the grain elevator, got obliterated. I doubt this was "2700 tons of amonium nitrate" that was never even mixed with fuel to make it go boom. Something else did this, NICE CRATER.

Winning rumor (What I'll rate as the hands down winner:)

Iran was assembling weapons in that warehouse next to the grain elevator, and in reality, the explosion was caused by improperly activated solid rocket fuel. Ammonium nitrate? MY @SS. AS IF tons of fireworks and other goodies were in that warehouse with a bunch of abandoned fertilizer, RIGHT ON THE MOST PRIME REAL ESTATE IN THAT PORT. How stupid. What a stupid thing to say. However, high value weapons there? Israel not happy with that? Maybe. Great rumor.

After all, you could totally get around sanctions by putting your goodies together there! What's the president of Lebanon going to admit to? Fertilizer, or Iranian weapons facility?


Now the president of Lebanon is saying it was ammonium nitrate. I disagree, without any fuel in it, - with just straight ammonium nitrate, it cannot explode like that. Israel "did not do this" just like they were not involved in 911. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, AND I HAVE THAT PICTURE. THIS WAS AN ATTACK NO IFS OR BUTS.


My final conclusion: it was an attack by Israel, "Goodbye" cinches it.

The nature of the shock wave clearly shows this was a single device precision explosion that was not ammonium nitrate. The only explosions on record that happen with such precision they send out perfect spheres of that size are nuclear weapons. A large amount of conventional high explosive put together in one big bomb could likely do this also, but this was clearly not fertilizer, which needs fuel added to it before it can explode at all, let alone like this.

There were Israeli warplanes heard in the area prior to this also. So I'd like to offer a new proposition: What if someone from Israel was sent in to start a fireworks cache to set a precedent, and then in the middle of that mayhem, Israel nuked the place? If anything like this happens again, well, things did not magically change overnight, we are likely looking at a new war tactic. Something is not right about this, if this is legit we need ZERO REPEATS EVER AGAIN to prove it.

The damage posted on PressTV does not look like 2.7 kilotons either, it looks more like 20 KT. YOU CANNOT "DESTROY HALF OF BEIRUT" WITH ANYTHING LESS. Sure, the ground zero area is bad, but what is not so easily seen is the buildings that are still standing have heavy damage, and crushed the cars in the streets below them with falling debris. There are tons of those types of pictures.

Look at how far the blast damage extends out. Even the distant buildings are wrecked. What about the other direction? This is a devastation zone well over a mile across. Even the church at Hiroshima, 700 feet away from the ground zero of that bomb remained standing despite being gutted. The buildings in the background in Lebanon are the same, this is similar damage and that grain elevator exceeds Hiroshima type damage, considering how far it was from the actual blast site. I'd bet $500 that grain elevator was 100X as tough as that church that stayed standing in Hiroshima, I do not believe this kind of damage happened outside the realm of war.

This level of damage to Lebanon is too good to be true for Israel, and I'll hedge my bets that it is, in fact, too good.

There are rumors there was a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate that blew up, Those rumors are BUNK. Ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer and needs something to oxidize added before it will explode. If that ammonium nitrate was not somehow saturated with a couple thousand tons of diesel to make this blast possible, something else did this.

Israel "offered help". That means they are innocent, RIGHT??? Please "let us help," so we can go in there and expunge any evidence we might find!!!


This, as configured, will produce 100,000,000X gain. I'll play with this and see if I can make it work well with only 2 stages, to make it easier to build. This version has 4 stages. 100 million times gain may seem like a lot. Not for this. There's a good chance the LM358 chips this uses won't be good enough but they are so easy to use I figured I'd try it to make it much easier for people who don't know electronics to do this. It might work acceptably. Wait and see.

You can click this to view it larger. I used the cheap camera for this, the photos for the official de-bugged and fully tested version (possibly simplified more than this) will be even more clear.

This has not been tested. I did not have the battery.

Update: This worked but don't build it because the noise floor is too high.




The Wisconsin mandate states that people are required to "wear masks indoors", and does not specify private residences. I have corrected this.

The current push with the riots is serving a primary purpose of making people want an even more controlling, demeaning, and jack booted police force than America already had, - you know - like the kind Stalin had. It's all a ruse. They are teaching Americans the value of a soviet style police force. After they themselves enable the thugs to "burn it to the ground" they'll offer the solution - horrific police enforcement and people will be thankful!

Anyway - Gates is going to try to ram the vax into everyone (full steam ahead) while he's not vaccinated, his wife is not vaccinated, and his kids never got a single childhood shot.

The governor of Wisconsin mandated everyone wear their masks indoors or face a $200 fine and all I'll say is that if there is a karen ratting people out for not doing so, keep your drapes closed and never screw up on outside appearances.

YOU HAD BETTER PREP. They are not going to go easy, they are likely going to try to kill you Ukraine style.

Here's how you feed yourself WELL on $2 a day. Take this advice and expand it out to whatever items you want, provided ALL OF THEM pack mega calories into the lowest possible price. Determine this by dry weight vs price. For starters, Get these items in quantity: Pancake mix, corn flour, pasta, cheap bulk chicken, chicken bouillon, ramen noodles, corn oil, refried beans in can, wheat flour, crisco or equivalent, sugar, salt, coffee, baking soda - And then just make your food, the chicken won't spoil if it can be refrigerated or if you cook a big pot of soup and heat it to boiling daily (while keeping it covered.) Flour+ crisco and salt, +water = flour tortillas for bean burritos, at a price that is practically FREE. To "bake" them, throw them on a pan for a minute or two.

Chicken + pasta = chicken soup. You'll need the bouillon for it to taste decent. I use powder, it works much better than cubes.

All brands of pancake mix I have found work best with only water. Even if they say use milk and eggs, skip that and just use water. It is correct when it won't drip off a fork, but will flow off readily in a long thin string that stays hanging off the fork when it slows down. Get it like that and skip every ingredient they tell you to add. Using your head will expand your survival possibilities by 10X no sweat. White corn flour makes malt-o-meal (more like grits) works EXCELLENT. Who could argue with that? $1 for a 2 pound bag you can eat from for a week. Throw a little CORN oil in with the finished product and then just add sugar. If you have milk, great. It will be very yummy considered it is survival food. I don't usually eat it because it causes me to put on weight. But that's exactly what you want when it is survival you are concerned about, just set the amount you eat to wherever you don't gain or lose weight, (unless you need to lose weight, then just eat less.) And get CORN OIL. If you get other oils you'll realize, when you actually need it for your body, that the soy and canola were huge mistakes and olive oil is good, but not good enough compared to corn oil to justify the price, in cooking the quality corn oil provides for the price is awesome. And ALWAYS boil the chicken, don't prepare it any other way, then use the fat for other cooking and drink the broth. Nothing is healthier. NEVER THROW THE CHICKEN FAT AWAY IN A SURVIVAL SCENARIO, use it to fry your tortillas or other foods and you'll marvel at how awsome they come out. All of the goodness in the chicken will go into the broth especially if you re-boil it, NEVER throw the broth away. Drink it or use it as soup.

If you are forced out of your home and police won't let you light a fire, take it as a threat to your life and shoot them. After a while, they'll learn not to screw with people who are facing death.

A note to anyone who has a farm:

The bolsheviks are likely to order the police to, (during the winter time, the colder the better) - the police will likely be ordered to take anyone they find who has been thrown out of their homes, strip them of all posessions, claim they are not under arrest, and then ditch them in the country in the dead of winter so they die of exposure. This is extremely likely to happen. If you have a barn, especially with a hay loft, take EVERYONE IN you possibly can and at least allow them to burrow into the hay so they don't burn too many calories avoiding being frozen to death. The police are definitely going to be stripping people of their posessions by saying "You have to come with me now, and you can't take that stuff with you", don't worry, you are not under arrest, you just have to come with me" and the people will then be thrown to the wolves out in the countryside. Most people will die the first night. That is the objective, to kill off as Deagel stated, 200+ million people and they have to do that in the most innocent looking way possible - by forcing everyone to die of overexposure far away from the population centers that are "to be culled" so no one in those population centers can witness how it is being done, until it is too late and they are taken for a ride . . . . . .


If they force people out of their homes en masse, it is proof positive they want to accomplish a Ukraine on everyone. In this scenario, you do not obey the police, who are following enforcement orders to kill you.

DO NOT LET THEM SAY "FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED". If they come to you with that crap, it means they have orders to murder you, even if they don't know it, you HAVE TO have fire to survive without a home, especially if you are locked out of the system, and you will be. If they try to enforce "no fires" and go around jailing people, (thus forcing them to lose everything they managed to keep, right there, on the spot, they have to be killed off because they are in effect murdering everyone, the buck stops at the passenger door or handcuffs or tazing, DO NOT ALLOW IT, allowing it will get everyone killed. Deadly force will definitely be appropriate. USE IT.

If you see someone feeding food into a mechanical compression dumpster behind a store to "prevent people from stealing the trash" those types have to be killed also. If they won't allow you to even dig the garbage to survive, and instead keep it all hopelessly containerized and crushed until the truck comes, that's an outright effort to kill you, there's no damn reason to not throw the food, in whatever condition it is in, to the starving masses.

I am saying these things to get people in a frame of mind that will help them survive Ukraine 2.0. If you are forced out of your house, you take GUNS AND AMMO FIRST and if anyone harasses you, do not even comply once, NOT EVEN ONCE, and use deadly force to put a stop to harassment IMMEDIATELY and without delay.



Accepting whatever "vaccine" they have will also equal death, DO NOT COMPLY.


All must have a strong bike rack on the back with a big plastic box (preferably bigger than a milk crate) with side boxes or bags hanging below it, you have to have this just to carry food and a tent and without it you will die. Do not procrastinate, get a bike for EVERYONE in your household NOW, and make damn good and sure it is set up to carry 50 pounds on the bike rack AT LEAST. Yes, you will probably have to push it through the snow. Try moving 50 pounds constantly day in and day out during the winter cold any other way. You won't, you'll fatigue out and die without a bike.

Ma'am, you have to leave your backpack and your bike here and get in the car. "But I'll die without that"!!! "That is not my problem, I have orders. Leave your bike and backpack HERE. John, who's "just out of sight" had damn well better shoot that F***ING COP.


They set up 15 different control groups that were to be pressured by the following messages, to see which ones were most effective at getting people to accept the vax. THESE WILL BE THE FUTURE HEADLINES AND MANIPULATIONS, BET ON IT!!!

pressure: "message about how COVID-19 is limiting people's personal freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its personal freedom."

pressure: "message about how COVID-19 is limiting peoples's economic freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its economic freedom."

pressure: "message that COVID-19 presents a real danger to one's health, even if one is young and healthy. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to prevent oneself from getting sick."

pressure: "message about the dangers of COVID-19 to the health of loved ones. The more people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, the lower the risk that one's loved ones will get sick. Society must work together and all get vaccinated."

pressure: "message about how COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the economy and the only way to strengthen the economy is to work together to get enough people vaccinated."

pressure: "message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and society must work together to get enough people vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease."

pressure: "message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and by working together to make sure that enough people get vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the embarrassment they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease."

pressure: "message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one's family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and by working together to make sure that enough people get vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the anger they will feel if they don't get vaccinated and spread the disease."

HERE IS MY FAVORITE: THE SCIENCE RIP. If you are against vaccines, you are too stupid to understand science. PROBLEM: Those who know the vaccines are destroying people are better at science than any other group. But you know, it's called displacement. HERE IT IS:

pressure: "message about how getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most effective way of protecting one's community. Vaccination is backed by science. If one doesn't get vaccinated that means that one doesn't understand how infections are spread or who ignores science."

I swear, if anyone in the open public, (where I can get ahold of them physically) comes at me with that science bullshit, they will eat a chair.

pressure: "message which describes how firefighters, doctors, and front line medical workers are brave. Those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave."

That's another doozie, why on earth would you need to be "brave" to take a vax unless they know damn well it will destroy people? Who are they trying to fool?

The message you send may not be the message people receive anymore.

Claudia got a video from a group of insiders (white hat insiders) and attempted to send it out, and the contents of the message she sent got changed to family photos she has not even accessed recently. If you think you are passing information to people you probably are not, YES, they'll "get a message" but it won't be the one you sent! So when you call and ask if they got it, they'll say YES and if you don't clarify what you sent, they'll never know it was supposed to be more than puppy pics. This is the same crap the Bolsheviks pulled in Russia, you'd get a mail and half of it would be blacked out or missing or it would be re-written entirely by a spook.

Cinchona/Quina - the answer to hydroxychloroquine bans

I went out and found this stuff. Here is how it went.

Last night I saw a post to a popular forum that stated Cinchona was what Quinine was derived from. Quinine is the root component of hydroxychloroquine. Back in 1935, it was well known that quinine prevented malaria, so attempts to make it synthetically were successfully carried out, with the result being hydroxychloroquine. Quinine is the natural version, hydroxychloroquine is the synthetic version. Both are considered equal, but the synthetic version is more popular because it is cheaper and easier.

Or should I say, "should" be cheaper, now that it is known the next generation of designer viruses can be killed by hydroxychloroquine unscrupulous types are charging 10X or higher markups. The usual $2 for a pack of pills now costs whatever price they put on it, (I paid $25 for mine).

So I set out to find Cinchona today, to find out how it is priced relative to how hydroxychloroquine is now priced, and perhaps buy some. I found it, and bought some. There is a lot I learned, even if you have this stuff you probably ought to read this.

I found it labeled as "Quina" bark, was not sure that was Cinchona but it said it was anti-malarial so I figured "Quina" ment Quinone and bought a 250 gram sample. Good move, it was the right stuff. In Mex, it's called "Quina".

Prior to going out looking for this stuff, I made sure it was available in powdered form. And it is. This is important because I saw many people were simply boiling the big bark pieces and that's no way to get any benefit out of it and seeing it in powder form made it clear it was OK to grind it down like that. When I got back I put it in the blender and blended it down to "cappuchino", perhaps more, it was such a fine powder that the dust in the blender never settled out, I ended up simply pouring it into the bag with a dust waterfall coming out of the pitcher.

When it is that fine, it is obvious a little will go a very long way. I got every last bit of it out of the blender I possibly could, and then took a coffee cup full of water and rinsed the rest out with that, and poured it back into the coffee cup. I then microwaved it for 3 minutes and poured it through a coffee filter. The tiny amount left in the blender made a FILTERED brew that looked like this:

Dosing: I was cruising through this, figuring I'd drink it all because it was like a really good tea. I was wrong. I felt the physiological effects in my kidneys only a few ounces into it and knew I dosed it good, this stuff is not tea!

I figured I'd guage how much was the right amount by how it felt in my system and figured "there's no way the gram or so left in the blender could possiby be too much" and I appear to have been wrong (so far) which is really good news. No one wants any sort of survival item that runs out lickety split, and from what it looks like, when prepared as I prepared it, this small 250 gram bag that cost a little less than $2 would probably last a whole year if taken daily. I was only about 3 ounces into the brew made from residual dust when I clearly had enough despite enjoying sipping away at it, surprised at how good it tasted. It smells really nice too.

The only bad thing I have to report is that I threw ALL OF IT into the blender so I can't get a picture of how it should look like if you manage to buy it. Not to worry, tomorrow we are going to the main mercado to see if we can get it cheaper. I'll have another sample tomorrow, even if I have to go back to the first place to get it.

I have something very curious on this topic to show, get a load of this!!!

Want proof this Cinchona bark is something the NWO fears? Here it is!

That report, by Reuters, has them stating that quinine is not the same as hydroxychloroquine. The reason they give is because one is synthetic and one is natural. They even state that hydroxychloroquine was made as a synthetic version of the natural stuff, and then after stating that, claim alt media is lying when they claim it is the same because the man made version is synthetic.

That's the same as lying. THEY LIED THEIR BUTTS OFF. Because anyone with an IQ above 73 ought to be able to figure out that the natural version is probably better than the synthetic version, and that both do the same job. Any idiot ought to be able to figure out that when alt media says they are "the same" that it is a reference to function, not form!

I will have more on this tomorrow, as far as I see it this was a day well spent. I'll definitely be able to get enough to ensure no one in the family dies of the new virus, that is now priority number one.

Did I say new virus??? Yes, I did. It is coming. You can damn well bet it is coming, because that Reuters post was such a scam in it's presentation that clearly they intended to discredit and cause confusion. Chloroquine, quinone, whatever you manage to get, is definitely the remedy for their new virus and they don't want the public to know that. They fully intend to try to kill us off on the rebound, every action they are taking proves it.

By the way, Claudia managed to get ahold of an insider video via one of her contacts, where the insiders disagreed with the current plot to kill people off while slamming communism down. They discussed in depth how other insiders were getting the chloroquine banned and when Claudia tried forwarding it to other people they instead got a picture of her with one of the more popular kids at a party. They actually browsed her phone for that, she has NEVER sent that picture out. So there was confirmation the message was sent and received, and if she had not called and confirmed what actually arrived she'd never have been the wiser. They are getting THAT NASTY with this, folks:

When you send information to people, it is not good enough to ask them if they got your message, you now have to ask them what was in it because the censors are switching the contents.

I am going to leave the Ghislaine links on top for another day

They were difficult to get onto this site (due to how many there were) in a way that did not use code I never use and obviously this should be prominently placed for a while. They are already linked above, but that window of links will soon be an ocean that swallows this.

Giuffre v. Maxwell - Links to the documents released on 07-30-2020 (which were under seal)


Google has become part of an integrated system which sniffs all content off "banned" sites and then prevents that content from being sent in e-mails, even without links.

This means that if anyone copies anything off your site and tries to send it, it will get deleted from whatever message you send, or go entirely into a spam filter.

YOU MUST BLOCK GOOGLE to stop it from getting any data from your site, anything Google gets will go directly into the internet trash bin when people try to repeat it, even when it is kept completely outside the realm of Google.

Forget the norobots command, Google does not respect anything anymore. It will just pretend to not be a robot and will go in anyway. To block Google for real, take this data and drop it into your .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteOptions inherit
Files 403.shtml> the beginning of this line needs a bracket (it will not post here with it in place)
order allow,deny
allow from all
/Files>// --> You must put the bracket at the beginning of this line also
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from 2001:4860:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2404:6800:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2607:f8b0:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2800:3f0:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2a00:1450:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
deny from 2c0f:fb50:4000:0:0:0:0:0/4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

If you can still see the Googlebot in your stats, you have to extract the IP addresses it used and then ban them the same way. This ought to be a really good start.

If Google won't post your content anyway, why on earth would you allow them to index the content of your site and then put it in spam filters ALL PLATFORMS USE? You'll never spread a message!