Newsletter 2.

It is unclear what happens to the kids between age 2 and age 5, that age group was not directly observed during this investigation. The obvious answer would be that they are taken and sold.


Trump managed to slip mandatory DNA testing through to confirm families were real at the border. Here is a story of an extreme case:

"A Honduran migrant admitted to purchasing a baby for $80 in Guatemala after finding out that it was easier for family units to apply for asylum at the United States border.

Amilcar Guiza-Reyes, 51, confessed to immigration agents when he presented himself at the border with the six-month-old boy and was told he would be required to undergo a DNA test.

According to U.S. officials, the undocumented immigrant, Guiza-Reyes reportedly bought the child during his stop in the western Guatemalan town of Huehuetenango and continued his journey through Mexico before reaching the southern U.S. border where he was detained May 7.

The case is one of thousands which officials flagged as potentially fraudulent in recent weeks.

The child, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, was transferred to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services for placement.


Most Mexicans and central Americans are APPALLED by people who steal and sell babies for purposes such as this, and would NEVER DO IT. The fact that thousands of people have been stopped at the border since MAY ALONE, and confirmed to have stolen and/or purchased kids proves all by itself that America is getting the scum sucking bottom feeders (of the type that infest our government now, just ask Pedostein) as a primary component of what is coming across the border. Here is the situation in Mexico -

I have actually studied this on my own, and hit corruption in the police forces that stopped any action on this topic - There is a criminal underworld that only consists of approximately 20, 000 people in Mexico, that has a system of taking people from the historic Aztec and Mayan villages and selling them on the slave market. These people are baited into leaving their villages (they are not usually stolen from there outright), they are instead tricked into leaving and arriving at destination (X) for "work and opportunities". Entire families, including the children, husband, wife, are required to arrive at destination (x).

When they arrive, for the first few days, (long enough for them to report back about how great things are) they are allowed to stay together as a family. Then the families get split up, and the woman will be sent to one location (with her baby if she has one) and any kids that are over the age of 2 either get sold or get sent to a different location where gangs manage and train them, and the dads are probably killed and dumped in the desert. They vanish, and I don't know where to.

The women are kept under threat - "If you do not go to where we tell you to, and work the way we tell you to, we will kill your children". The women are then worked to death doing juggling acts in the streets (or other acts, or perhaps cleaning windshields, or whatever they can do to get money from people in cars) while their children (any over the age of five) are also taught to juggle and forced to be out in the streets, little tiny children, begging for money.

These little kids are worked from 6 AM to 7 PM and they stay ON THE JOB PERFECT. I found out how that was accomplished -

The slave owners hook them up to electrical torture devices that use biofeedback to manage the suffering. The devices have the appearance of small boxes that have 1/4 inch "microphone jacks", two for torture and one for biofeedback and they are battery operated. The connections simply get plugged in and have clips they hook up to the kids. The devices generate multiple wave forms that signal pain. When the biofeedback system detects the subject has adapted to a particular wave form, it will switch it for a different one to put the pain right back up to max. The kids writhe in pain and scream horrifically for hours. And when it is done, the clips are removed and there is not a single damage mark on the kid anywhere.

These kids are then sent out and monitored by "employees" at Pemex gas stations or other gas stations now that Pemex is not a monopoly, or Oxxo stores, or any supermarket that has security (the security guards will watch the slaves) or even the security at Plaza Mayor in Leon (I tracked them down to that and actually identified the people doing it) - it is not ALL employees at Pemex or restauraunts or pawn shops or wherever, there will just be one, (several at Plaza Mayor) who only works those jobs to keep an eye on the slaves, who are working at an intersection within sight. If a kid walks off the job or stops doing it, they can't really get away, they get captured quickly and then get taken and hooked right back up to the box.

So the system is in place for stealing any kids they want. And the ones who are between the age of approximately two and five simply get taken and sold or trained, because they can't be used immediately to juggle, mommy can't carry them all day in the street - so they are usually "waste" that most likely gets taken and sold off. The lucky ones end up at the U.S. border and are then taken away from whoever has them. The going rate in Mexico in 2012 was $7000 pesos and I have not had any updates for that since, but have stitched the rest of the story together since, including where, in Leon they actually get tortured, housed, and fed. I had it all nailed down and could do nothing to stop it.

Let this be a message: The people arriving at the U.S. border with kids that are not theirs are aware of and part of this slave system that does this to people. What kind of quality do you think these people, who are a spat on minority in Latin countries because they are simply too evil - what kind of quality do they have? THAT is what the Democrat party in the United States wants, and is encouraging, to immigrate to the U.S.

When Trump started ordering DNA tests on immigrants to prove the kids actually belonged to a real family unit, he likely seriously hampered this industry in Mexico, which treats people in such a disposable manner. The women, after a few weeks of being worked to death, get put on drugs to keep working, and fall completely apart after about three months and after that, they vanish and a new fresh face "full of hope" will be where they were. At that time, any babies they may have been carrying are likely sold, and the women are buried in the desert.

At the time I really started looking into this, a reader sent me money to buy a P-900 camera, which I used for this. Obviously you can't get close to the action documenting it, or you'll get nailed, and the people at Plaza Mayor did nail me because I was not expecting to be tracked by every exterior camera on a large mall - I did not realize the problem was that serious. Claudia and I were forced to ditch all cell phones and move to a new place at that time. This is something I never mentioned on this site, but I'll mention it now. I did manage to cause them to give up their efforts at Plaza Mayor for about a year, but they are back at it now. Here are some photos I documented this with.

The following images were also captured during my slave investigation, which had to end because things heated up too much, and because it was obvious the police would do nothing, they watch this crap happen every day they are on the road. They cannot possibly be stupid about it.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Families sometimes go out into traffic with their own acts, or washing windows, or whatever these slaves do, and are not slaves. This investigation pursued info that ended with finding out where actual slaves were tortured, cooked for, who supervised them and where from, some of the key people in charge and where they hung out, as well as how the slaves got around, how they were controlled, and WHERE THEY WERE HOUSED. I was beginning to close in on the actual ring leaders when I had to quit. Having them get buried in the desert when they were used to death is an assumption, but it is fairly obvious when new ones keep getting cycled in after the previous ones looked so used they'd die on the spot.

This is how the mothers look when they are first sent out to work. Always the same clothes, exactly matching all the other slaves. I was not planning on reporting this aspect of it all, so I did not have a large set of photos to choose from on this topic.

I'll try to get a current photo that clearly shows this, (a heavily drugged mother who is definitely in her last days, holding a baby) and will post it if it is possible to get such a pic after this report got posted. This report will probably trip a 7 alarm alert.

Meanwhile, their kids, who they are separated from, are so well "torture trained" they transport themselves on the buses, at five years old, and no one questions a damn thing. Claudia says they are a couple years older than five, but I don't think so, especially considering the photo after this one:

This next picture ought to give you an idea of just how small these kids are, and they work OBEDIENTLY out in traffic like this, ALL DAY for at least 12 hours, on the day this photo was taken, this kid showed up in this intersection on an early bus at 6 AM, was joined by an older kid at 3 PM, and left with other slave kids that were working other insersections in the area at 7 PM. They do this every day because they fear that torture box so much, I have heard them on it and the pain is so great their voices make two tones at once. It was absolutely freaky and I could do nothing to stop it, I had to stay concealed. That is how you get a tiny kid like this to go out and WORK.

The kids are VERY young. This one was being supervised by security at Plaza Mayor.

This one was being supervised by an employee at the Valet parking business.

This is one of the (suspected) slave masters I confronted directly. I linked her to the guy who sells the torture devices (and where his shop is) but did not successfully link her directly to the slaves featured in this report (she had a different group) I have a hunch this one also steals children but did not catch her in the act. Her continuous ongoing placement in Centro is a prime location to steal children from. I did not get a good picture. This slave master vanished after the Plaza Mayor incident (which happened fairly close in time to the HEB incident, so I am not sure which one caused it.)

I tracked this all down to where ALL the slaves I had under investigation would go at the end of the day. They go to this neighborhood which is FAMOUS for being so dangerous the cops will not go there. It is only partially inhabited and most likely the slave lords have multiple side by side units with slaves in them, with the walls knocked out between units. The torture location is in a fairly decent neighborhood, they are brought there in totally blacked out SUV's and vanish into a closed garage. The same location prepares the food, which is then brought into these apartments.

After seeing how the youngest slaves were managed, it appears the gangs are part of this, and that many of the gang members and cartel "disposable goons" started out as slaves that could be properly trained and managed, and survived. At the end of the day, it appears young gang boys at about 10 years of age come to collect the money, but by the expressions on their faces it is not theirs to keep. They subsequently follow the younger kids to the same slave location.

I am sure Trump's DNA testing at the border is probably going to give this particular operation a serious cramp, but I doubt it will shut it down totally, the fact they use the kids age 5 and up in traffic like this (while they sell the younger ones) plus they enslave the moms and the dads, (the dads show up at first and are the first to vanish,) they probably get offed real quick. This operation is more than merely selling toddlers.

The situation simply got too dangerous for me to continue beyond where this report goes. I had it nailed well enough to shut it down, only to discover that revealing all of this to the authorities and having them know I did such an investigation would probably get me offed. It would get you offed in the U.S. also if you did a similar job of tracking Epstein down and then told the cops. These types of A-holes happen to be ruling the world right now. In the end, I was only out a few cell phones (which got tracking bugs one after the other) and a successful move, plus a LOT of time, it took a couple months to do this and track everyone down.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Though I did not feature any gas stations in this report, gas stations are BY FAR the most common location for the slave supervisors to supervise from. To solve the mystery of where the slaves were kept and who was in charge I had to focus on a few locations and then nail down everything from there, and as luck had it, none of the locations I chose to do it from were gas stations. I am certain the ownership of Plaza Mayor has nothing to do with the slaves, this definitely is slipping under the radar and it is going to be HELL for the management of that mall to keep these people out, when while there they can monitor MANY intersections from MANY cameras and from Plaza Mayor alone, there are four prime areas slaves can be worked and watched at once. Add to that the fact it is a prime high income zone, and well, Plaza Mayor is going to find it difficult to keep these types out. I have a lot more locations (including other locations surrounding Plaza Mayor) than what are featured in this report documented, but there's only so much that is appropriate to put here when the point has been made.