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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Muhammad Ali not buried according to Islamic tradition

It has taken too long for the funeral to happen according to Islamic law, he should have been buried today. Yet he is scheduled to be buried next Friday. Islamic law forbids embalming and a wake. The body is supposed to be buried no later than the day after death, due to the fact that embalming is prohibited. It is possible that regulations in the U.S. prohibit a standard Islamic burial and embalming could be circumvented by keeping him on ice. Even with this, to wait a week violates Shariah. I have no details other than this.

He was quite the guy.

June 3 2016

The most important piece of info in the Hillary E-mail scandal that NO ONE SHOULD FORGET:

Hillary had no password. All you had to do was type "" and you were in with full permissions. The hacker stories are all lies. No hack was needed to get in AT ALL. When you consider there were thousands of classified documents there, it is obvious it was a front for selling America out in exchange for donations to the Clinton foundation. She clearly and obviously left it the way she did to let absolutely anyone in, if they knew about the domain All of this is covered in better detail on this page, scroll down.

Racist math test

This is not a hoax, this really was given to 8th grade students at a middle school in Alabama. It is going viral, so I might as well post it. The teacher has received time off but considering this was not handed out during math class, I think the teacher wanted to joke at the end of the school year.

Mandela effect with the Bible? I doubt it!

There is a meme going on right now with the mandela effect changing the Bible. But if the exact translation and edition is not stated as changed, it is all meaningless, because there are many bible translations.

The gold standard is the King James Version. The easy reading standard is the NIV. If you are looking for the mandela effect and not sticking to those, you are going to be lost because none of the translations are direct, they are all approximations and though they will (mostly) all be close to the original in meaning, the wordings can all be very different.

Since I have not yet seen anyone discuss the Mandela effect with the bible while being this specific, I have to call BUNK because apples to apples, or you have nothing.

Mexico southern border fence with Guatemala

I fell for the hoax for a few minutes. But then I used satellite view on Google maps, and "flew" the entire border. There is no fence there, and there is not even a border patrol road. Additionally, when you get to Belize, even Belize has no fence, nor Mexico. It is all just totally open.

It would be a cool story - say Mexicans oppose our wall all the while they have one, but it would only be a story, there is simply nothing there AT ALL.

White privilege gorilla

My original post about the gorilla being shot was how the black community reacted on social media, saying it was caused by white privilege. That report is still up, and it looks like Brietbart covered it as well. Not much was said about this happening, but here's a good example.

Doctors waking up

"From the outside looking in now and as I'm saying this to all you people, I almost feel like an ass...It's kinda like, you wake up one day and you just feel like, God! I'm just blindly, like a robot, following through with this [vaccination] with no new data, no new information and didn't know what was in them...That's part of why physicians are very resistant to this information because you have to sit at home and redigest and relearn everything that you learned and come to terms with the damage that you potentially caused through the years." SEE THIS

It is becoming clear: Jet crashes yesterday were caused

I'll get more specific: The blue Angels crash happened to plane #6 of the team, at 2:01 Eastern time. The pilot died. The flyover of Obama at the air force academy also had a plane go down - (a thunderbird F-16 ) and That plane was also plane #6 of the group and it officially went down just after 1 PM Colorado time.

SO, Two planes. F-16 and F-18. Both #6 in their respective squadrons. And both go down within an hour of each other. Yep. I'm with that. Nothing is going on.

Trump's dad was arrested for KKK activities in 1927??!!??

They have pulled out all the stops and are going for broke! I have not seen this anywhere in the MSM yet, but they are testing this on social media. Apparently Trump's dad was arrested at a KKK protest in 1927. And when I posted a response, asking how an issue that old could matter now, and that they were really grasping at straws, it triggered an instant ban.

So Trump's dad was KKK in 1927. GUESS WHAT? I don't care. That is before the great depression, before world war 2, before television, jet travel, space travel, BEFORE THE HOLOHOAX and really, I'd rather see what Trump did himself, not what someone else was involved in 30 years before he was born. And if you say that, you will be BANNED. I bet I know what this means: Most likely Trump said no to a deal that would involve corrupting him, so they are taking the most desperate possible measures at getting something to stick. And I think even the KKK angle will backfire, because everyone has seen what is going on in recent times and I am sure many wish the KKK was back to put things straight. Better KKK than KIKE KIKE KIKE, that much is certain. We need to get the KKKIKE out of American politics, American finance, we need them FLUSHED more than any other thing in American history. The KKK was mild by comparison to the KKKIKE. At least the KKK did not manipulate "Child Protective Services" into stealing 150,000 children a year to be sent to a ceremony somewhere and be butchered, or get mortally injured while being butt banged in Tel Aviv, only to get sent to the "hospital" to have the organs taken before death sets in.

Trump is probably not perfect, but you don't have to be perfect to step into a situation and stop that level of evil.


Perhaps this is why the new garbage about Trump is out today:

Trump: Hillary has to go to jail for mail box!

It is probably Hillary's paid trolls trying to create a meme. So I'll offer my suggestion, and it is the word KKKIKE. And what about those protesters? All they are doing is re-enforcing support for Trump! Behaving the way they are behaving is a stupid thing to do at a time like this.

There were anomalies yesterday, that happened in this sequence:

First people started complaining that Facebook and much of the web was down. Then two planes crashed, (one as it flew over Obama). Then a military truck flipped into a ravine on a military base in the U.S.

So even though I still think the Air Force was playing a game with Obama, (to send a message), what if Russia was sending a message to Obama that they could take a plane down electronically right as it flew over him, crash another at an airshow elsewhere, cause mayhem on the web, and remote control U.S. military vehicles? That is a possibility (however faint it is) so I figured I'd mention it.

Considering the condition of the apparently perfectly landed "crashed" jet that went down in Colorado, I still think it is more probable that the rest is coincidence and the Air Force sent Obama an insult. It happened so close to Obama that Obama greeted the pilot before leaving!

An Air Force jet crashed immediately after it flew over Obama!

As Obama was delivering the commencement speech for air force cadet graduates at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, a squadron of F-16 jets flew overhead and one of them crashed. They were not doing any fancy maneuvers, simply flying in formation slowly overhead, and one of them had a malfunction as it was passing over and crashed in a nearby field at a very low speed. It is mostly intact, and the pilot ejected safely.

Unfettered evil can affect susceptible electronics I guess. An F-16 is not a piece of garbage.

Come to think of it, this looks to me like the plane was purposefully landed in a perfect spot after the pilot ejected. The air force would have known where a safe field to land in was, could have done it via remote, and perhaps this was done to spite Obama. I can only wish, but look at that picture! It could not have been any more perfect!

WAIT A MINUTE HERE - look at the grass behind the plane - It could just be the camera angle obscuring it, but it really looks like the grass is not damaged behind the plane. It had to at least roll to where it is, but it really looks like it was intentional. If the grass is deep enough to obscure the landing gear, and it is down, (which the plane position sure looks like,) this would be the prank of the century! Need better pictures . . . . . .

Elon Musk believes we live in a simulation.

Here is something spooky: When physicists found the "god particle", they discovered it had no mass. What does this mean? It would mean that it is just a piece of computer code that decides what the mass of objects that are built from it are going to be, according to a programmed formula. The "god particle," which is the root of all, WEIGHS ZERO. And that means everything based on that particle would weigh zero, right? not if a piece of software said otherwise . . . . . . . and that is, for all appearances, the only way . . . . . .

I am not 100 percent convinced, but it is intriguing to say the least (the trivia about the God particle). Elon Musk does not mention the god particle, he has other logic to reach his conclusion. SEE THIS

Hillary's "Mail Server" was a domain called "" which required no password at all to get into!

I do not believe Hillary was so stupid she could not enter a password. Her E-mail was set up in a way where you just type and the box opened automatically, no matter what computer you accessed it from. And this was done because "Hillary was too stupid to enter a password. RIGHT. And guess what? Huma was also so stupid she had to have a similar private E-mail server too!

So what we had with Hillary was an open rape of the U.S. and I have always stood my ground - initially the reports proved that Hillary had over 5,000 SCI level documents on that mail server and now we know they were there for ANYONE who typed "" to peruse, no hack needed at all. And it was all done on the ruse of being too stupid about computers to enter a password!!!!

Ok, so in Mexico, Mexicans look down on the indian cultures because they are basically illiterate with no education at all. AND EVEN THEY CAN USE A COMPUTER AND HAVE E-MAIL, WITH A PASSWORD. Hillary is obviously lying about this, you can't tell me neither she or Huma can enter a password, and claiming that should be called perjury in court and nail her to the wall forever all by itself. Yep, she got through college and could not even use a typewriter. YEP. That is what this amounts to, SEE THIS

Trump now has yet another great weapon to bash Hillary with. Trump could win against Hillary with only one line: "You testified that you are so computer illiterate that you can't use a password. Where does that put your intelligence? If practically any 8 year old can log into properly secured E-mail, where does that put your intellect, and how can you say you could ever qualify as President?

Here is the technology that is used to trick a child's immune system into attacking the brain after vaccination

They obviously do not mention the fact that a vaccine can program the immune system to attack the body itself, but by stating it can programmed to attack cancer - which is the same tissue that is in the body gone amok - and going over how that is done, this article still says a lot. And it also serves as an open admission that, as I have always said - genetic reprogramming via vaccination is possible also. I see this MSM report as a major screw up and release of information that is key to knowing what vaccines are really all about with regard to dividing mankind into two groups - those who have had their futures vaccined away by a tiny elite, and the elite, who will elevate themselves as far as possible.

Most of today's reports will drop in below this slime ball, because this just makes my blood boil.

The first credible forced online ID proposal has been fronted

The excuse is to prevent "fake product reviews" online, but since this proposal came from "hate crime legislation central", it is obvious it is really for something else, (such as online discussion). This U.N. wide ID system is not mandatory now, but it is actually in place, which is ominous. see this

UN soldiers are committing widespread child rape

This does not surprise me a bit: Peacekeeping rapists because this always happens in war. The process: The war machine destroys all the infrastructure and puts itself in the position of starving the conquered population. Then soldiers take advantage of the ability to starve people, and force them to trade sex for food and other things they need.

I am not one bit surprised even UN forces are doing this, it always happens and there is nothing sacred about a blue helmet. Even the American forces did what is spoken of here in Iraq and Afghanistan, in fact, the American forces were worse. The worst in history were the Japanese when they attacked China.

By "Fading light:"

This is a social media post that says a lot and should be spread:

Real CONSERVATIVES are fed up with being lied to.

Lies don't bother liberals in the slightest, and don't let them ever tell you otherwise. Liberals literally believe the truth is subjective. Right and wrong are defined to them only by what serves their interests and what does not, respectively. Liberal journalists lie constantly and liberal citizens are angry only if someone dares to point it out, not about the lie itself.

The only reason liberals like Bernie more than Hillary is that he has promised them more free stuff than she has.

Liberals don't care about civil rights; they have stripped the civil rights of every Christian and White male in this nation and never give it a thought.

They don't care about slavery; there's slavery - real, honest-to-God slavery - all over the world and they ignore it in favor of focusing on what was here a century and a half ago.

They don't care about lives; they murder a million babies every year in this country.

They don't care about helping the poor; they want to import Mexican wage-slaves by the truckload so they can have cheap produce.

It's all a pseudo-ethical charade so they can get more of what they want for themselves and to blazes with everyone else.

Artificial sweetener "Splenda" has been linked to leukemia

Gee, I thought all it was linked to was dizzyness, nausea, and reduced mental output!

All of the modern sugar alternatives might as well be poison. Saccharin for me is the worst when it comes to dizzyness and disorientation, but sucralose, stevia, and aspartame are also enough to make me crash like a drunk. I cannot believe they are even legal, and hopefully now that sucralose has been linked to leukemia, we might get to kiss it goodbye.

Splenda is sucralose, not aspartame, which is now classified as a class 2 narcotic. But they, along with so called natural "stevia" both have the same effect on me - disorientation, reduced ability to process visual input, loss of balance - all 3 do this to me which makes me think all artificial sweeteners that are allowed on the market right now are doing the same job fluoride was supposed to do. Try eating toothpaste and see how you feel, swallowing toothpaste (a mistake for kids not often repeated) will have the same effect on me as a diet coke.

I remember something called a fizzie when I was a kid. You could throw a fizzie in a glass of water and it would turn it into a glass of soda. Fizzies used sodium cyclomate as an artificial sweetener, and when I was a kid, that had no effect on me at all. As an adult I had the unusual opportunity to try a 1970's fizzie someone had saved away. It was still perfectly good. It did not have the mind warping effects that any of the sugar alternatives have now, but it was still not a positive experience because as an adult, it tasted so exactly like sugar that my body believed it got sugar when it did not, and I crashed. Most likely I produced a dose of insulin that was not needed, due to my senses being tricked into believing sugar was consumed. That does not happen with aspartame or any other modern artificial sweetener, most likely because those taste totally fake and do not fool anything.

SWEDEN: 163,000 migrants last year, only 494 have jobs!

Over 50,000 of these migrants received work permits, yet less than one percent that received a work permit has a job! SEE THIS.

First "zika microcephaly baby" now born in the U.S.

What they won't tell you: The woman was pregnant in Latin America, where a new Tdap shot given to expecting mothers has been recently introduced. Evidently she traveled to America to have her anchor baby. Why can't they draw the connection between the introduction of this new vaccine, and microcephaly everywhere it goes?

Doctors here in Mexico (two high paid well connected professionals, not Doctor Simi) were intrigued enough by what I told them about the vaccines to dig into the topic. Two months later, (last week) they returned an answer and congratulated me. They were surprised that anyone in the public would draw the connection to vaccines. BAD NEWS: According to them and a large newly developed team of doctors, it's not just the Tdap shot, they believe more than one vaccine is to blame and many doctors have tracked this down and know Zika is B.S. But the MSM won't print that, because the truth will interfere with an agenda.

Both doctors I talked to ended up collaborating and now the only place the the Zika story can be fronted to full effect is in the media, the doctors are rapidly waking up to it. And surprisingly, Faceplant did not stop them from communicating on this topic. Another potential obstacle I guess I should warn them about, but for now, so far so good, they all linked up on Facebook and blew it open. These were high profile top paid doctors that go around to many different private hospitals forming groups that do surgeries and other work, and the groups all interconnect as various teams are put together for various reasons. So facebook can only help, it can't stop them. This was HUGE,

The vaccine scam is well on its way to being BUSTED in Latin America.

I guess the profit motive and brainwashing has made it so American doctors have a long way to go . . . . . .

Merkel is an old East German communist

Jim Stone, June 1 2016


Merkel has a history of being a prominent East German Communist, who's parents moved from West Germany to East Germany when she was still a baby, most likely to undermine the Protestant Church. After growing up in East Germany, she was an extremely prominent and positive voice for Russia throughout the cold war.

She has done nothing but leech a ride on the backs of, and good image of Christians for political gain. After riding a Christian horse to power in free Germany, she then felt it would be great to flood free Germany with Muslims. I have nothing against Muslims (I do not believe the B.S. propaganda being spread about them) however, to make it policy to bury the Christian base under a wave of people from a different religion, who were lower class where they came from, reeks solid of an old world communist attack on Western civilization.

Given Merkel's history, where in East Germany she was a member of the East German Communist Party who functioned as a mid-level propaganda commissar for the Free German Youth, (the Young Communists) she cannot possibly pass the sniff test as the leader of a supposedly free nation. In her position in the Free German Youth, she performed the role of secretary for agitation and propaganda. A double whammy. That puts her on Putin's KGB turf, but it is not known if she ever met him when he was a KGB agent, despite the fact that Putin worked in East Germany as an agent at the same time.

In addition to working heavily in propaganda for the communist regime, Merkel also held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland (SED), which was the leading Marxist-Leninist party of East Germany. Members of this party enjoyed a number of special privileges denied to ordinary Germans in East Germany after the Second World War. Among these privileges was the right to travel to "capitalist" and "western" countries and additionally, Merkel was permitted to watch Western television, with a prominent roof top television antenna pointed directly into West Germany. For an ordinary German, having that get discovered at all would mean a trip to the gulag. The only East Germans who shared this privilege were senior officials and closely trusted members of the communist party.

Thousands of East Germans who were imprisoned or killed for protesting against the communist regime did not garner any sympathy from Merkel, who accepted, propagated and collaborated with the East German regime at a high level against the free thinking people in East Germany.

Merkel managed to climb to the highest levels of power after the dissolution of the Eastern bloc, by joining the Christian Democrats (CDU), where eventually she became chancellor of free Germany in 2005 and continues to rule over a united Germany. She flawlessly went from hardline communist propagandist to globalist capitalist virtually overnight, mirroring the behavior of a cold-blooded chameleon.

Merkel obviously seeks the destruction of free Germany

Merkel's immigration policy, which marches forward against the democratic will of the people, is as communist as it gets and shows her roots and intentions of destroying Germany as clearly as anything possibly could. Only a communist dictator will go directly against the will of the people, who have clearly said no to more migrants. By accelerating immigration dramatically as the German people were demanding a stop to it, Merkel has with dictatorial flair signaled the end of the free German nation. A free people have the right and ability to make their country what they want it to be. They have clearly said no to the immigrant invasion, and Merkel in response accelerated it, and buried their protests under communist style "hate crimes" legislation which is a hallmark of Communist behavior.

Anyone with enough brains to keep even a solitary tooth in their mouth can see the writing on the wall: Merkel will definitely destroy the German people, and she will accomplish it via social dilution and hate crimes legislation. And who seeks hate crimes legislation? The Jewish people, who use hate crime bills to make it illegal to criticize anyone, including them. They are willing to do away with criticism of all groups if it means people will be forced to turn a blind eye on their actions. Merkel a Protestant? NOT HARDLY. Merkel is a crypto Jew with parents that went into the Protestant community of East Germany to rip it's guts out, and when she grew up, SHE PROVED THIS by working to propagandize and imprison dissidents. She is no more Protestant than a camel's @ss, beyond what it takes to get her filthy Jewish hands on public policy and destroy a nation.
This puff piece that makes this filthy communist look like an angel actually had several key pieces of info I cut her to pieces with:
May 31 2016

Is Michelle Obama really "Michael?"

I thought Alex Jones committed career suicide when he made that claim, but it might actually be so.

I do not think it is a maxi pad in the linked Youtube video.

When I woke up this morning, I thought about what I had posted here and wanted to take it down. Because it is too unbelievable. But what if? The only thing lacking on this topic is an open admission, and we won't get that. And why is Obama pushing the gay/transgender issue so hard, when that is not even the president's job? He should be impeached for that. What in the world is going on? Perhaps there are a few clues here.

Take a look at this youtube video, which has "Michael" dancing on the Ellen Degenerate show. If it really is "Michael," he forgot to wear a jock, and his balls showed clearly:

Take a look at Michael's hand. I have confirmed this over numerous photos, and it is absolutely real- Michael has a man's hands. A woman's hand has a ring finger that is approximately equal in length to the index finger, or slightly shorter. If it is longer, it will only be by a very small amount. A man's hand has a ring finger that is unquestionably longer than the index finger, and in Michael's case, this trait is exaggerated, it is OBVIOUSLY a man's hand, more so than even Obamas!

Joan rivers died under suspicious circumstances two months after stating the following on a live television camera, while being chased by reporters and in a bad mood:

"We already have [the first gay president] with Obama, so let's just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny... a transgender. We all know." This statement by Joan Rivers, where she says "tranny . . . a transgender" is said in a way that makes it perfectly clear she meant what she said. And why say "we all know"? because it would be a huge running topic the insiders all know about.

When you take all the other traits - the wrong shoulders, which are way too wide and quite manly even from the back, and a hip size that is noticeably smaller than the shoulders, as well as a head to body ratio that is 8:1 which matches a man's perfectly (a woman's is 7:1) and no amount of hormone therapy is going to change the actual hardware under the skin) it seems "Michelle" probably really is Michael and Alex really was not off his rocker.

Fitting it is that Obama would write legislation forcing transgenders and crossdressers to be allowed in the women's bathroom, I believe we really do have a gay president as Joan Rivers said. No problems with "mistresses" at the Obama white house. Fitting end to America - that is exactly what the Jewish community would want in office to bring about the final end of a nation that was founded on Godly principles.

And I now have very little doubt that Obama's kids are adopted and matched for appearances, and would not be surprised if "child protective services" stole them from the real parents as babies. Such is corruption at the highest order and if the above is actually true, you know the luciferian elite would take it all to the MAX.

Bandog sent:

From Bandog -- I thought this was old news, but since you're on the topic, "Serena" Williams is also a man: as is his brother "Venus". I believe all three are big projects by the Satanists, hence Rivers' murder (see Wikipedia page, where docs admit it). BTW, I've been collecting ebooks and was surprised to find those of Judith Reisman are not offered in ebook form on Amazon, only hardcopy. Get 'em while you can! Please persist relentlessly on this topic, per bandog. thanks

My response: I did not say anything on this topic until I believed it was a 100 percent certainty.

Why would I hesitate to publish this? EASY ANSWER: Because if this is true, it proves that the secret service is a front, that all of America's screening processes are a front, that the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and all the other "security" agencies are cold hearted scams that do nothing to protect the country, and that is a lot to say. Because you can't tell me they did not know this, and it would have been their job to prevent this presidency if they were still legitimate. I KNOW IT "SEEMED" OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE ALL SCAMS, BUT THIS PROVES IT, we need a complete overthrow of government and a rooting out and jailing of entire government agencies. It would be better to empty the prisons and let whoever is in them (sight unseen) loose and pack them full of "public servants" that allowed and caused this to go on and that is a lot to say. If Trump does not get in and subsequently clean house, the legitimacy of the United States is toast, and it will be a proven hive of parasites that do nothing but suck the blood out of hard working well meaning people.

This just killed it for me, You cannot have two gays and a tranny kept secret in front of the public while they occupy the nation's highest office unless all public authority is completely rotten and needs to be ripped out, jailed in an old oil tanker and sunk to the bottom of a trench. The security agencies are not working for the nation, and are instead most likely proxies of a foreign power that wants America totally wiped out. It cannot be any other way if the first lady is a tranny.


I do not for a minute believe this report, which appeared in The Sun, is legitimate, though it appears to have been presented as legit. I don't believe there really is a trend with this, I think it is a psy op and they are testing the waters to see if suggestion leads to people actually doing this.

Yes indeed. If you like to rip holes in stuffed animals and insert vibrators and screw them, and then post about it on social media, you are now officially recognized as being a "plushy" and it is, according to them, just fine.. Get a load of THIS:

This was linked on Drudge! From the Sun:

Ready, Teddy, Go!

HUNDREDS of Brits from across the country will be heading to bed with a teddy tonight. But while most are looking for something to cuddle during the night, for some the bear hugs take on a bigger significance. Plushies are people who are either emotionally attached to or sexually intimate with their stuffed animals.

The frisky fetish, known as plushophilia, has seen people modify their toys for sexual purposes, sometimes with vibrators zipped inside. Plushies have even set up specific dating sites - where they can share their love of furry friends. Others buy lingerie for their toys, to "make it a little more enjoyable to undress them".

'So far, all my girlfriends found it cute', one blogger shares The bizarre trend has been linked to furries, people who have sex whilst dressed as their favourite cuddly toy - often known as their fursona. Plushies have been bristling under the surface of "normal" society for quite a while, and now some are breaking by the taboo by taking to blogging sites and Skype groups to discuss their illicit attraction.

And, according to Reddit user Aaa Throwie, most people are more accepting of the unusual desire that one might fear.

He explains: "I embraced my plushie love and have felt much better for it." "I share a room with my brother and his girlfriend and I keep my giant bear on my top bunk." "I’ve got a few others decorating the room. What's happened was the opposite of what I expected." "My brother's gf (girlfriend) brought a few of her own plushies so now their bed has some, my aunt got me a huge pillow dog for my birthday, and I've had a few awkward sexual experiences with new people (winky face).

Ok, so you know where they are going with this, the report is HERE and I saw nothing about it being satire.

About the gorilla that was shot

I have to be race specific about this, because of what happened in social media. GUESS WHAT? According to some of the black communities, the gorilla was shot to "protect white privilege!"

In case you do not know, here is what happened: A black woman with numerous criminal offenses was texting her butt off at the zoo, rather than watch her children. One of her children then crawled into the gorilla cage, and fell a large distance, and got hurt. A large silverback male gorilla took a protective position over the child, and did nothing to the child other than protect it. Animal experts have analyzed the video and concluded the gorilla would not have hurt the child. But the gorrilla was shot dead.

Then media censorship kicked in and obscured the facts, and in addition to obscuring the facts, made mention of the gorilla being shot as being caused by "white privilege". The black community then jumped on the social media bandwagon, outraged that "white privilege" killed a gorilla, and did not even know that it was a black woman being totally ignorant of her children that caused it all, and that the gorilla was in fact shot to protect a black child.

The media obscured the facts so badly that I did not know what was the truth until I saw pictures of went on that were posted by news sources that were more honest with this story.


I knew NASA was holding back the good stuff!

Click here for an amazing 600 mile long swath of Pluto's surface.

Snowden told everyone "how to go dark" by taking parts out of a cell phone, and then telling people to keep using it!

I'll say this: If your cell phone works after taking the parts out, you are as visible as the Goodyear Blimp. This is because the microphone still has to work, the transmitter still has to work, and the cell network will triangulate your position even if the GPS is disabled.

True "going dark" means you don't have a phone at all, no tablet, no laptop, no digital camera with WIFI, no car year 2005 or newer, and not even an Ipod. It means no bluetooth devices, no smart TV, no desktop computer, no smart appliances and no smart meter. Going dark means you can't even have a decent radio in your older than 2005 car. Going dark means you convinced all your friends to ditch everything I mentioned, or you won't talk to them. And if anyone tells you you can go dark without ditching everything I mentioned here, they are BUNK.


There has been a U.S led coup in Brazil for the sole purpose of keeping the corrupt in power

In Brazil, the country's largest newspaper has published a transcript of a secret recording leaked to a newspaper. The words recorded are the plot by the rich Brazilian elite, involving both the US-corrupted Brazilian military and Supreme Court, to remove the democratically elected president of Brazil under false charges in order to stop an investigation of the corrupt elites who inhabit Brazil's senate and bring to an end Brazil's membership in BRICS which has now lost 20% of its membership.

Democracy has been overthrown in Brazil as in Ukraine, Honduras—indeed, everywhere the dirty evil hand of Washington falls, including the US itself. There was a leak of a 75-minute recording of the conversations between Brazilian elites laying out the plot to frame the President of Brazil in order to protect themselves.

The transcripts of this recording are not merely clues or signs. They are proof: proof that the prime forces behind the removal of the president understood that taking her out was the only way to save themselves and shield their own extreme corruption from accountability; proof that Brazil's military, its dominant media outlets, and its Supreme Court were colluding in secret to ensure the removal of the democratically elected president.

Once again, the same elite that are bashing Trump are at it elsewhere, this is precisely the type of thing a vote for Trump will hopefully stop the U.S. from doing. Hopefully Brazilians will rebel and put it right, Read more here and as a side comment I guess Brazil got "bad" swapped out for worse. No one needs a commie, but there is even less use for the type of filth that runs the U.S.

May 28 2016


Many of you have seen my reports about how the Jews infiltrated and destroyed every library in the U.S. by getting on the staff, and then throwing away all the scientific books, which were then replaced by feminist/gay/politically correct dogma and a huge number of zero depth "self help" books.

This was not of worry for a while because all the technical types stormed Yahoo's geocities, and put the materials there. Geocities used to be a science research masterpiece. I hit that place more than any other, for no fluff, only data. Then the Jews got in control of Yahoo, said that kind of data archive won't do, and killed off approximately 40 percent of the internet by ripping all the hard drives out that were at the heart of Geocities, and throwing them straight in the trash. This was an act of war, there was absolutely no possible profit motive to it. Then science on the web died. Wikipedia is a 1.3 percent POS by comparison, it amounts to less than a bicycle in exchange for an SUV and Yahoo Answers is not even that. You can't get jack off the web anymore, a single 1970's CRC handbook of Chemistry and Physics will have more in it than you could possibly ever hope to find on the web now without hitting a pay wall.


In what European science chief Carlos Moedas calls a "life-changing" move, European Union member states today agreed on an ambitious new open access (OA) target of having all scientific papers freely available to all people by the year 2020. SEE THIS and if this really does come to fruition and is as good as Geocities once was, it would be a very good reason to get a 100 terabyte raid array and an unrestricted T-10 or better so you could vacuum it all in one shot and archive it. It would truly be worth the investment.

A quick comment about Glenn Beck:

If there ever was an example of a communist establishment troll coming out of the closet, Glenn Beck is IT. There is no better example of a man running a media campaign for years that he did not believe in than Glenn Beck. He led on many for a very long time, only to spring with a totally new face when called on like a two headed jack in the box. I was never a huge fan of Glenn Beck, and was not a fan of his alternate - Rush Limbaugh, but at least Rush did not have a loose spring under his cap. Rush now kicks Glenn Beck into the gutter. Rush came out of all of this smelling like a rose.

You are no longer allowed to see smart meter plans

No kidding. A Washington State court sued a man for posting smartmeter documents the state gave him to begin with, and flirted with terrorism charges.

From The Register:

"Mocek was given a mix of unredacted and redacted documents by the city, the meter makers complained, whereas he should only have received and published files they had censored. Seattle officials said they were not skilled enough to know for sure which parts to redact, so left it to the suppliers to edit the files – yet, unredacted information managed to make its way into Mocek's hands and onto the internet.

Landis+Gyr and Sensus promptly sued the city, Mocek and Muckrock, and filed for an injunction: ultimately, the suppliers wanted the documents taken down, and the unredacted copies banned from public view.

On Thursday, a temporary restraining order was granted by the King County Superior Court in Washington – and Muckrock founder Michael Morisy confirmed the unredacted documents have been taken down pending the outcome of the case.

My comment: Why on earth would smartmeter documentation need to be "redacted" before the public got to see it? The company that made the smart meter claims "trade secrecy," but with the black pall already over smartmeters, that sounds pretty bad!

Lots here, See this


In the dialog box that pops up asking if you want to install, there is a red X. X means no, right? Well, not with Microsoft's latest trick. Clicking no in the dialog box will trigger the install.

I am going to get an Athlon 64X4, install Windows XP professional, get a bunch of spare parts, and make that my offline flagship. That setup is so powerful it is totally without limits. The old athlon 64 quad core was so potent it still blows away most of what is on the market today, and since XP professional will run on it correctly, seeing all cores without issue, on top of the fact that XP was made to perform well on garbage, when it runs on that particular athlon that is still great by today's standards you will see sub five second boot times with the right hard drive and after boot everything you try is instantaneous.

Come on now, if all you want is productivity software, who needs more than XP? Mid 2000's software was all perfectly capable, what is any better now? Windows 10 makes it clear: The way forward is to step back to XP, and run it on something GREAT.

They way forward is NOT to step back to windows 7. Because when you see the upgrade path to windows 10, everything from 7 forward is included. That means that even windows 7 most likely is nothing but cheesecloth. And since XP worked great, why not?

People need to snap out of the mindset that "new is better". It is simply not true when it comes to computers anymore. I can obviously see that there is a very good reason to upgrade from Windows 98, but windows XP professional passed a milestone and the modern operating systems, (outside of things that were introduced to intentionally obsolete XP) are not one bit better. In fact, they are a LOT WORSE, they are not one bit more capable than XP in productivity apps and they hog CPU like crazy. And the CPU hogging is for one purpose: To add more encryption to the operating system to make it that much more hopeless for anyone to figure out what the OS is doing in the background. To make it that much easier to rape you.

XP it is. Or Linux / BSD.

See This.

Executive order 13603

I found this on Investment Watch totally by accident. And it is spoooky.

Slave Labor Force

According to Executive Order 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall designate, can conscript "persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation," in both "peacetime and times of national emergency." I can hear the Obama supporters now as they will write to me and say, "Obama would never do that, you are drinking from the Kool-Aid". Well, here it is, you can read it for yourself.

Sec. 502. Consultants. The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations. The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.

This means that Obama, and his fellow communists, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including being able to force that person to perform assigned labor without being paid.

Read the rest of this HERE

May 27 2016

Thimerosal and autism?

The CDC was forced to release evidence that thimerosal causes autism. OK, GOOD. BUT . . . . . . There has been NO thimerosal in American vaccines given to children since 2001. WHAT IS CAUSING AUTISM NOW? BETTER TECHNOLOGY. So you can hear all about thimerosal any place you go, and the truth is still secretly locked away.

LET ME REPEAT THIS: There is a BIG reason why I have never jumped on the Thimerosal bandwagon, and that reason is because I do real work here and won't parrot bullshit. And I am being harsh here for a reason. Thimerosal is no longer in childhood vaccines, and therefore it cannot be what is causing ever higher rates of autism. But I know what is in the vaccines now that does cause autism, because I have studied this topic extensively and consulted real pharmacologists. Autism is caused by three vaccine related things now (and it is intentional.) THESE THINGS ARE, IN ORDER:

1. The use of fetal cell lines to culture the vaccines. They cannot get all the human based tissue out, and that causes huge problems.

2. The use of adjuvants in the vaccines that trigger an immune response against the nervous system.

3. Live genetically programmed viruses in the vaccines, that are specifically designed to do damage.

4. It is also possible that recombinant technology now often used in the manufacturing of vaccines derived from GMO yeast has yeast carriers which have been genetically programmed produce nervous system mimicking materials, that program the immune system to attack the nervous system. Recombinant vaccine technology using GMO yeast to produce proteins and DNA which trigger an immune response has become common. -and-

5. The use of human albumin in modern vaccines definitely triggers organ problems and auto immune disorders.

THEY REVEL IN THE THIMEROSAL / AUTISM IDIOCY, BECAUSE TO DEBUNK THE ANTI-VAXXERS IT IS JUST TOO EASY TO POINT TO THE YEAR THIMEROSAL WAS NO LONGER USED. That makes a joke out of anyone who pushes thimerosal as the cause of autism, and anyone who believes it. Anything stated about it causing autism (and it might have,) is over an ENTIRE DECADE out of date. 15 years out of date in fact. Yep, "they" will gladly let that go viral.

Scroll down to the bottom of THIS PAGE and read.

Continued ignorance on this topic will serve as a perfect green light for "them" to seek better and better ways to vaccinate our children into oblivion. And they will point to the "thimerosal" and laugh, because it is such a perfect debunk.

And I'd also like to make it clear that I'd never accept a vaccine with thimerosal, I'd like to keep my neurons and not be mad as a hatter!

Tesla blocked from selling cars in North Carolina

Tesla has been blocked from selling cars in North Carolina because North Carolina has a statute which states that no car manufacturer can sell directly to the public without a middle man. All Tesla products are sold direct, and other car dealers complained that it was a violation. The workaround would obviously be to set up a shell company to sell through.

OK, but I'd like to ask something then. Is there a law in North Carolina to prevent Apple from selling directly to people through Apple stores? PROBABLY NOT.

See this

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Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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