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July 31 2016

E-Voting machine companies that donated to Hillary rigged the election for her

Hillary Clinton exceeded exit poll totals in states that had no paper trail to audit the vote. This is why I am encouraging people to get election day off from work, so they can conduct exit polls and catch this type of fraud. And all of this fraud happened in states that used voting machines from companies Hillary had in her back pocket via the clinton foundation. This was uncovered in the leaked E-mails.


From the same people who released the study showing the extraordinarily high probability that Hillary Clinton exceeded exit polling results in states that had no paper trail to use to audit the vote, we now get some even more "interesting" developments.

It seems that Hillary did especially well in which states where the owners of two of the three companies that make and support e-voting machines, donated to the Clinton Fund.

Interestingly, much information has recently come to light about the Clinton candidacy. Notably, the hacker Guccifer 2.0 released documents which he took from the computer network of the Democratic National Committee. Among these files, one tabulated a list of big-money donors to the Clinton Foundation. One fact has gone unreported in the media: Two of the three companies that control the electronic voting market, namely Dominion Voting and H.I.G. Capital (i.e. Hart Intercivic), are in this list of big-money donors.

To examine the possibility that the products linked to these companies had been used to commit electoral fraud, we borrowed the methodology of a paper by Francois Choquette and James Johnson (C&J). Their paper is based on one of the basic principles in the biological and social sciences: As the amount of data increases, the measurement of the average approaches the ‘true’ average. In other words, as more data is added, the average fluctuates less and less. [...]

You see, these same voting irregularities had been shown to occur in the 2008 and 2012 elections in favor of McCain and Romney, respectively, by the researchers, Choquette and Johnson. In 2008 and 2012, McCain and Romney" were "financially interconnected with two of the major electronic voting companies." Both the companies who donated to the Clinton Foundation share a history of past election controversies and conviction for white collar crimes.

So, Rodolpho Cortes Barragan, Standford and Axel Geijsel, Tilburg University, used the same methodology Choquette and Johnson to examine the primary results in 2016. Here's what they found just in Louisana:

When we looked at the results of the Republican primaries, we did not observe that any candidate kept gaining a larger and larger share of the vote at larger precincts (meaning the lines were relatively stable as precinct size increased). However, when we looked at the Democratic primaries, we observed severe abnormalities. Namely, the share of votes that Hillary Clinton received kept increasing (leading to a whopping 25%). This type of statistical abnormality is seen in almost every parish (county). It does not appear in any parish for the Republican primary ...

Funny how no "funny business" ever occurred this year in the Republican primaries, only the Democratic ones. But I digress ...

In their new study, Barragan and Geijsel didn't look at the exit polling, which was immediately attacked by many Clinton supporters attacked the use of exit polls (often with little or no knowledge of statistics) as vaild, such as Ari Bermin in an attack piece he wrote for The Nation. This time Barragan and Geijsel looked at pre-election polls of likely voters, to see what effect the election results varied from those polls in states with and without a paper trail, on a county by county basis. Here's what they had to say:

[We uncovered] new information that suggests to a concerted effort to swing the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Specifically, we move beyond comparing the official results to the controversial exit polls. Instead, we examine a relatively neglected set of numbers: The expected result based on pre-election polls of likely voters. 337 such polls are listed on the database provided by Real Clear Politics, representing 139,231 voters across 34 primary states.

We found that while the polls were quite successful at predicting Clinton’s numbers in states with paper trails (just a statistically inconsequential 1% difference), Clinton over-performed by an average of 9% in the states that use electronic voting machines but fail to provide paper evidence of this vote

Heer's that result as expressed in a bar graph. The blue bars show what the pre-election polls predicted the percentage of votes Hillary would receive versus the red bars, which show the actual election result for Clinton.

As you can see, in states with no paper trail because the votes were counted on untraceable e-voting machines, Hillary improved by a whopping nine (9) percent increase over pre-election polling results for likely voters, whereas in states where paper trails existed, she only exceeded the pre-election polls by one (1) percent. Ironic eh, one percent? It's as if someone with a black comedic sensibility was writing this year's election "script."

July 30 2016

The Robot Revolution is a real threat, and possibly a big reason why the elite want Hillary

Several European countries are launching proposals for guaranteed income for everyone, and even though that is a communist dream come true, if the robot revolution really happens and happens soon (as I suspect it will) a guaranteed income is going to be the only way many people make it. If you are stuck in a manufacturing job, store tending job, or food service job, or even an office or representative type job your job will be the first on the chopping block. And if the elite do not want to deal kindly with those who lose their jobs to robots early on, it will take a murdering psychopath president like Hillary to make the transition to robotics go more smoothly. Smoothly, as in no compunctions about communist style purges and massive fema camps, just like everyone feared all along.

Here are the jobs, from my extensive technical experience that will be the LAST to be replaced by robots. You had better transition soon.

These jobs require totally unappreciated skills it will take robots 30 or more years to replace.

1. Auto mechanic (your last option, that job sucks.)
2. Plumber.
3. Industrial electrician.
4. Other electricians.
5. EEA - Electronics Equipment Analyst (probably a huge boom coming in this $60 plus an hour field, which requires full industrial electrical skills on top of advanced electronic skills including robotics repair and maintenance and the IBEW will give you all your training, with pay, FREE.) gotta be one sharp cookie for that job though.
6. Construction worker, all types including roads, houses, etc. Robots will do some of this type of work in the future, but only a fractional percentage.
7. Electrical line man (THAT IS A TOUGH ONE, FAT CHANCE ROBOTS WILL EVER DO THAT JOB and it pays real good.) That totally under appreciated job would need star wars level tech to accomplish with a robot.
8. Millwright.
9. High danger random environment crane operator. This would include all boom cranes, and many bridge cranes.
10. Any form of basic industrial maintenance that requires random judgement, no matter how low level.
11. All surveying and inspection jobs, such as dam inspection, land inspection, bridge inspection and determining overall safety of anything infrastructure related. If robots enter this field, they will be for quality improvement under human control with no human jobs displaced.
12. Photographer. Too many judgement skills required to do the job in a way anyone will appreciate for a robot to handle.
13. Paramedic and EMT. Long time coming before robots will do that.
14. Mobile farm working veterinary.
15. Botanist. And this is an expanding field, you will find work.
16. Microbiologist
17. Field welder (hot stick, "holding onto a railing to reach a beam" random job)
18. HVAC tech.
19. Any type of installation job that requires working in a random environment on ladders, etc.

There are many other jobs of this type that will take 30 years to replace with robots. This is because they often require work under hostile conditions and work where full time excellent judgment is needed, as well as things like total mobility, balance, and dexterity. Robots still totally fail with this, and nothing is on the drawing board that will accomplish these jobs (or this type of job) including those I did not mention.

Jobs that are marketed as high skill jobs that a robot could replace today, (and some of these will surprise you but what I am saying is bang on)

1. Accountant. Accountants do calculations. One proper robot could replace 20 with today's tech.
2. Bank executive - works from a policy script that can easily be put in a robot that would speed things up 10X.
3. Family doctor (the type that looks or asks for symptoms and assigns big pharma meds from a script.) Seriously, that job takes no skill a robot could not replace as it is today, most doctors are not real "doctors" and a robot could replace them with ease. Naturalist doctors will take a while longer to replace, because in reality they are a lot more skilled than many big pharma drug pushing doctors.
4. Any office related paper shuffling job, robots could, right now, today, replace virtually all office workers.
5. Semi truck driver. I'd prefer to see this job not go robotic, but it is already there.
6. Sales positions of many types are already being done by robots.
7. Any and all representative jobs are currently being done very well (under experimental conditions, and in a few cases real world) by personality androids similar in function to C3PO and these robots absolutely will wipe out the job of "company representative". They do not have failing memories, and remember faces forever, conversations forever, and are already far superior in many ways to their human counterparts. Furthermore, the next best model will receive the previous model's life experiences when it is time to throw the old one in the trash. If Asimo's dextrous body was plugged into modern people mimicking software, we'd have C3PO RIGHT NOW.
8. Stock trader. Robots already rule this "advanced" field.
9. Train operator, including subway trains that operate around people. Robotic trains of this type have been in use for 20 years.
10 Airline pilot. - Has been accomplished since the 757/767 were introduced but pilots still sit in the plane for passenger assurance.
11. Child care worker.
12 Teacher (robots are already doing this in China, and getting great results.)
13. Lawyer. Robots could kick human butt in this field, and soon will.
14. Any job that requires interaction with people, who can think their way around robot deficiencies (such as people knowing they have to sit in a chair before their hair can be cut.) Yes, hair cutting robots will be a reality soon.
15. Hillary Clinton. Everyone knows she is some sort of thoughtless android that follows orders. And from the most recent pictures of Hillary, android faces are more real and convincing to boot.
16. I would not bet on many programming jobs being around much longer, at the top they will still need people but software is becoming so assistive now that it takes fewer and fewer people to get it done. Computer programming will plateau and then fade.

Where job security will be:

Surprisingly, all fields regarded as "craft" fields - in other words, the scowled upon grunt work, require skills a robot can't accomplish, and will not accomplish any time soon.

I made this list because many people think assembly and food prep workers will be the first to go. But what most people are not talking about right now is the fact that many many "skilled" jobs are going out the door just as fast now and it will be the jobs feminists and liberals scoff at that will become what is needed to make it. 1 robot will easily replace 5 average "liberal" office jobs. In the not so distant past, these jobs were done by people who were sent to the office because they could not handle a "man's job" and they did not get paid jack. That is a cold hard FACT. And it is about to go full circle now, where a "man's job" once again rules.

If you want job security for a while, go into any job that requires sweat and brains in a random environment. Yes, even the plumber will rule over the accountant and sales rep.

For a little more status, visit the IBEW and start pulling wire as an apprentice NOW. They will probably be hiring, because a lot of millenials are too precious for such work. If you can't figure out circuits, you could be a welder. If you can't do those, you could be a plumber. If you can't do that, maybe you would be a good auto mechanic. Auto mechanic should be the last on your list, it is a comparatively low paying often brain busting sweat bloody knuckle job. Any "craft" job will pay you to learn as an apprentice. Look it up and hop to it, because a displaced robotic future is awaiting those who fail to act NOW.

July 29 2016

Hillary has announced a massive "voter registration" drive

Obviously what this really means is that she is going to have tons of voting stations rig the vote with electronic voting machines and pre vote stuffed SD cards. She will steal the election if she can get away with it.

It is time to prepare to stop a stolen election. And it is NOW OR NEVER. ASK FOR THE DAY OFF NOW, NOT 3 MONTHS FROM NOW. Go to the polling stations, set up exit polls, have scouts out looking for scam buses pre loaded with people who will vote at multiple places, and when you see them, get video of it all. Plenty of people will have permission from bosses to stop the election from being stolen. And when you see the buses, you follow them, walk into the next polling station and on video start screaming about how they already voted and you have video proof of it.

They have absolutely no intentions of letting the American people decide this vote, and it has been true of all recent past elections. The difference is this time many many people KNOW IT. DO NOT LET THE ELECTION BE STOLEN. GET OUT AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE, theft of the nation cannot be allowed again, this time we really will be FINISHED.

LIBERAL LOGIC: factor this!

1. Hillary got booed when she started her speech.

+ 2. Bill fell asleep during Hillary's speech.

+ 3. 700 paid seat fillers were at the convention, which proves Hillary, in an entire nation, can't fill a couple thousand seats. If she could, she would have had plenty of volunteers, and they can't cite security concerns, because anyone who is paid can be as "dangerous" as a willful volunteer. Why such difficulty getting voluntary support?

Those three things added = "the next morning, the economy surged by 1.2 percent in a single day!"

Yep. Thank you MSM.

Will Preemptive Accusations Against Russia Cover Up Voting Fraud?

Usually I don't post other people's stuff, but this was really good

Link to source

The Clinton campaign and some pseudo experts assert that Russia is somehow guilty of hacking the Democratic National Committee and of revealing DNC emails via Wikileaks. There is zero hard evidence for that. The Clinton campaign also claims that Trump asked Russia to hack Clinton's emails. That is also not the case.

But two "liberal" computer experts, who are taken serious in the security scene, now build on those false assertions to say that Russia might manipulate voting machines in the November 9 elections. It would do so, presumably, to change the vote count in favor of Trump.

A Bruce Schneier op ed in today's Washington Post is headlined: By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines.

That headline alone is already dumb. ANY hacker could target and manipulate the easy to deceive voting machines - should those be connected to the Internet. Local administrators of such machines can manipulate them any time.

Schneier is, untypically for him, in war mongering mode.

If the intelligence community has indeed ascertained that Russia is to blame, our government needs to decide what to do in response. This is difficult because the attacks are politically partisan, but it is essential. If foreign governments learn that they can influence our elections with impunity, this opens the door for future manipulations, both document thefts and dumps like this one that we see and more subtle manipulations that we don’t see.

The U.S. manipulates foreign elections all the time, according to Bush administration lawyer Jack Goldsmith. It may not feel nice to suddenly be the target of manipulation attempts instead of the perpetrator, but manipulation attempts in elections are normal everywhere and no reason to start a war or other "response" measures.


[W]e need to secure our election systems before autumn. If Putin’s government has already used a cyberattack to attempt to help Trump win, there’s no reason to believe he won’t do it again — especially now that Trump is inviting the “help.”

What a joke. Trump has not invited Russian "help" to manipulate voting computers. Trump also did not ask Russia to "hack" the Clinton email sever. That server no longer exists. If the Clinton email-server was secure, as Clinton asserts, and if the emails in question have been deleted, as Clinton also asserts, how could Russia  "hack" for them?

Trump made a FOIA request for emails that, Hillary Clinton claims, have been deleted. What does she fear about that? Trump asked Russia to give the deleted Clinton emails to the FBI, should it by chance have a copy of them. Such a Freedom of Information Act request usually goes to a part of the U.S. administration. But the Obama administration says it does not have those emails. Trump then made a joke in directing the request to Russia.

Trump did get the furious media "outrage" response he intended to get. He thereby ruined the PR effect of the last night of the Democratic Convention. That was likely the sole intention of his stunt and again shows his marketing genius.

But back to the Schneier op-ed. That one is now joined by a piece at Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow. Doctorow is like Schneier a famous person in the computer scene. He quotes the Schneier piece and adds:

Voting machines are so notoriously terrible that they'd be a very tempting target for Russia or other states that want to influence the outcome in 2016 (or merely destabilize the US by calling into question the outcome in an election).

The Doctorow sentence neglects, like Schneier, that the entities with the most obvious interest and capabilities to manipulate U.S. voting machines are not foreign countries. U.S. presidential candidates and their parties have much more at stake. The candidates and the money and interests behind them have stronger motives as well as more potential to change the voting results.

Why do we see such an orchestrated attempt to preemptively accuse Russia of potentially manipulating U.S. voting? This without ANY evidence that Russia ever has or would attempt to do so? Are there already plans for such manipulations that need a plausible foreign culprit as cover up story? Or is there a color revolution in preparation to eventually disenfranchise the election winner?

Cory Doctorow also sees destabilization as a possible motive and outcome of voting manipulations. Already back in March John Robb warned of a scenario this fall in which election results come into serious doubt and where a conflict over voting results escalates into a civil war.

I do not foresee such a scenario (yet). But should large scale voting manipulations take place, and be blamed on Russia, more than a civil war enters the realm of possibilities.

July 28 2016

DEAR JEWISH COMMUNITY: How do you feel now?

I might as well use this opportunity to say Hillary is an obvious crypto Jew. There. Done. Now, how do you, the Jewish community, feel about what is happening despite the fact that you can ram rod any lie you want down everyone's throat you can imagine, due to your total ownership of all mainstream media? How does it feel to be outwitted completely, across the board, despite having total control over all info easily had? How does it feel to get beaten in the infosphere even after you destroyed practically every home and family in America, ripped the children's brains out with destructive vaccines and a huge portion of the adult population's brain out with fluoride, antidepressants, and poisoned food? You wounded America and the rest of the world horribly and gave everyone huge wounds to tend to, many are grasping for life after what you have done and despite that they still had the intellect and will needed to see through all your piped in 24/7 bullshit.

YOU SUCK, because all you are able to do is play by a 5,500 year old play book that was probably written by someone else, and worked just fine up until a society was created that was so advanced it survived death until long after all the plays ran out. That book had to have been written by someone else, because you can't come up with anything new, it is always the same old crap re-played over and over and OVER. We are onto you now, and you are SCREWED because you don't have the brains you need to add to that book and continue your rampage and we are still alive. That book was written by someone superior to you and your failure now proves you stole it, obviously.

You had better start hiding now, because many many people are awake to just what level of filth you went to, and justice is coming. OH GO CRY. Cry in the wilderness, and about how you are oppressed and all the other crap just because people "hate Jews". You don't have the brains to figure out why, GEE people really don't like being enslaved with taxes and licenses, and your phony central banks, GEE, people don't appreciate having their astonishing medical accomplishments turned into weapons and used to wipe them out, GEE, people are sick of the brainwashing that has caused so many broken homes and destroyed people, and perhaps for the first time after you destroyed a society, a large number of survivors know it was YOU that did it.

I myself would prefer to see Fukushima in one piece, or perhaps somehow ripped out with a tractor beam and dropped on you heads, after what you did there you surely deserve it. Yeah, you are still winning the media war in Japan, but probably not for long, and they are real A-holes when pissed. Just look at what they did to China a few decades ago. I wish the same on you. You surely deserve it 10X more than the Chinese did. And your pathetic @sses could not possibly handle a pissed off Japan, especially when they are experienced with being nuked and got over it psychologically.

Where are you going to run, when this time around you screwed the entire world? Historically there has always been a place for you to slither off to, what are you going to do now that that option is gone? We all know that as soon as you get a foot hold somewhere you use that foothold to launch operations against all of us, that is no secret anymore, and at least 50 million people know it. 50 million is too many I'd say, will you ever be safe again, now that your sht is falling apart? If you continue to play the destructive parasite, I certainly hope you are never allowed to sleep again.


Opinion: U.S. spy plane handed to Russia on a silver platter

One of America's best surveillance aircraft has made a flawless and willful landing in Russia with the claim it's landing gear had a problem. I don't believe the official story, and I also don't believe Russia's reaction. I think the landing of this aircraft was for a technology transfer to Russia, willfully done by Clinton and Obama before Trump gets in, to weaken the deck of cards Trump has to play with. I believe both Obama and Hillary hate America and want this country destroyed, and the landing of this aircraft in Russia is just another "uranium deal". It could not have been worse. Obviously the media will play this down, but this was huge, and it is not conceivable for me that it was not intentional.

The equipment aboard this particular aircraft is something Russia drools for, Gee, thanks for just handing it to them HILLARY.

How did it make a perfect landing with a landing gear problem? Why did it fly 1,660 miles, to land DEEP INTO RUSSIA when with that many miles of flight it could have easily landed safely elsewhere, including Alaska? I AM SURE HILLARY HAS THE ANSWER TO THAT.

I did this picture of Hillary and Obama to the left here just to put up something that showed on their faces how obviously corrupt they are. After it loaded on the web site and I took a second look, I was shocked by how awful Hillary really does look in this picture, the face does not match the neck and she comes off appearing like some sort of clown faced android defect. Bat Man villain. Probably just a makeup issue, but wow, MY GOD, how awful that creature is.

What about that hole in her tongue? ??? She really does look like a fake android. The original picture is on Twitter HERE, it has not been modified other than cropping and adding of text.

California mystery lights are an obvious space craft burn up

Mum is the word (so far) on what spacecraft it was. UPDATE: It is now confirmed to have been a Chinese rocket re-entering the atmosphere and breaking up. The pieces landed in the Pacific. Initially the U.S. authorities said it was a meteor, but have now stated it was a Chinese rocket.

It was an obvious space craft burn up, which looks different than a meteor. Meteors stay together usually, and if they do break up the pieces are large and usually leave tails. Spacecraft will turn into many bright pieces that do not leave prominent tails after each small piece. This one provided a great opportunity to see what a space craft looks like when it dies on re-entry. This re-entry was fortunately only junk.

Good laugh: Russian warships at the DNC

While retired Adm. John Nathman, a former commander of Navy Fleet Forces Command honored Navy vets, ships from the Russian Federation Navy were displayed on a giant television screen behind him, complete with the Cross of St Andrews prominently painted on the sterns, which is a Russian navy symbol. American ships have the U.S. flag there. No one noticed they were Russian until it was long over, and now the DNC is apologizing for using the ships of the "enemy".

And THAT is what democrats will bring America - "common core" presentations set up by idiots who can't tell the difference between the American and Russian military, or at least figure out what is what when assigned to do so. If they can't get that right, they have no business running the country, they can call Trump unqualified all they want and I will guarantee Trump would have never made THAT mistake.


THE POLICE RESPONDED AND HELD ALL OF THEM AT GUNPOINT IN A MEDIA ROOM UNTIL HILLARY'S SPEECH WAS OVER! No kidding. This started out as rumor I ignored, and then Fox News aired it! This is precisely the type of thing Hitler did, and many other horrible dictators did to silence their opposition. This fox news video is under a title subject that does not mention this, but it is mentioned in the first four minutes START LISTENING AT MINUTE 3. This is talked about right around 3:20. Not a hoax, Hillary really did do this.

Yep, if Soros wants Americans detained, Hillary is a FINE REPRESENTATIVE. If she can so easily treat her own party members like this, how much more easily can she attack a perceived enemy country such as Russia? WWIII anyone? This woman needs to be stopped at all costs.ARCHIVE THIS VIDEO AND RE-POST IT IF YOUTUBE DELETES IT OR IT SOMEHOW GETS CHANGED. This is enough to sway anyone with a brain.

Acts like this act of desperation are an indicator that something is going to go BOOM, if you see a BRILLIANT flash of light, and I mean BRILLIANT, unlike anything you have ever seen before, DO NOT DUCK AND COVER, get underground or at least in a depression, or a drain pipe, or something else that might protect you better than a wooden house and wait for Hillary's blast wrath to pass over. Then, if your car is still operable, drive away from there until the gas is gone. If there is a radio station still working, tune in to learn all about how ISIS (tm) did it.

Folks, if this happened at the DNC, it is GAME OVER, you had better be ready to duck and cover.

David Duke is running for the U.S. senate

Citing a "change in the political climate", David Duke is running for U.S. senate. However, you'd never know that because the MSM has it censored, and for some odd mysterious reason, His campaign web site will not load. And I know why! Since Duke is spot on target with Jewish crimes against humanity, they cannot let him anywhere near Washington DC.

With all the Diebold magic going around, don't expect Duke to get anywhere, even if he had 100 percent voter support. Hopefully Trump will solve the diebold problem so it will not be so difficult for Americans to have a voice.

Hillary walked out on at the DNC, media SILENT

Hillary got walked out on after being assigned the democrat candidacy. Hundreds of empty seats. And the media said NOTHING. See this:

The democrats were obviously upset that their votes really did not matter. Now let's see if a pariah that caused a walk out will be in-your-face assigned the presidency. Hillary is not at 44 percent support, 51 percent support, or any other number the ziopress dreams up. Hillary is in fact at approximately 11 percent national support, she has the Jewish population that bathes in lies and corruption, a few other assorted high level establishment criminals, and then a few spurious trash idiots to round the number up to about 11 percent. This would put support among Democrats at around 22 percent. And that would be enough BAD to trip a walk out, people do not just walk out because their guy lost, they walk out when they know they have been robbed and are PISSED. You can't tell me that if it was bad enough to trip a massive walk out that everyone remaining was happy. That is not how life works.


This quote was pulled from social media, it is obviously true because we saw a huge part of this during the primaries:

"I worked in county gov for a few years and had to program those machines. There are SO many ways they can be manipulated to give fraudulent results.

First, the person loading the voting choice data on the SD card they use can actually set candidates with a negative vote total from the very start to deflate a candidate's vote count they don't want to win.

Second, the people setting up the machines can manipulate them by not calibrating the touch screens properly so that when you touch a spot on the screen, it actually activates the touch as two inches down or to the right or wherever you want it to be. This is easily done during the touch calibration where it asks you to simply touch points it displays to calibrate it in which case you would touch down or to the right of those points to commit fraud.

This election is going to be STOLEN!!!

My comment: The touch screen calibration would not be needed for anything other than setting up fraud. Do you need to calibrate your Ipad or tablet every time you switch it on? The calibration feature is obviously added as an election stealing option and is precisely how during the primaries, people noticed their vote for Trump had been switched to another candidate. People need to be notified of this ahead of time and told to shoot video of their entire voting process so this can be caught and published. ADDITIONALLY, WE NEED PEOPLE ASKING FOR TIME OFF RIGHT NOW SO THEY CAN CONDUCT EXIT POLLING THAT IS COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF THE MSM, ALL IMMORTALIZED IN HD VIDEO FROM GOOD VIDEO RECORDING DEVICES TO ALSO CATCH DOUBLE VOTERS MAKING THE ROUNDS TO MULTIPLE POLLING STATIONS, and additionally, to count the total number of people who went into the polling stations to prevent the dead from voting. If the votes cast are in excess of the total number of people who showed up, the dead voted, PERIOD. And if less votes get cast than what should be, you know one of the candidates started out with a negative number on that SD card.

July 26 2016

Oh my god the arrogance. Take a look at this mail: Yeah, if someone was too lazy to register, or is an illegal alien, and they can't vote, THAT is how the "evil republicans" will "deny people of color the right to vote" and win! Democrats are better than that! What a hair puller.

Mail # 11291 proves the DNC was writing directly into the press, with no press scrutiny whatsoever. Interestingly, Miranda thinks this particular rip on Trump is not credible and does not like the delivery method.
Mail #11290 - "I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton she's going to go down like Monica Lewinsky" - Broward County Republican Chairman Bob Sutton. They then, in the mail, talk all about how Sutton is a misogynist, rather than the fact that statement is probably true.

Sanders endorsed Clinton, even after he became aware that she stole the election. Sanders is the troll I always thought he was.

SEE THIS LINK I PULLED FROM E-MAIL #11285 it clearly shows exactly why Sanders endorsed Clinton at the DNC, he really does not care about anything, other than a democrat winning, and that means Sanders is the same old establishment we are trying to give the boot. He was never an alternative to Trump, EVER.

Can you really blame Bill for cheating? Well, maybe, but let's face it - he is not a saint and the test was difficult.

Muslims behead priest in Normandy?

Not likely. Since the Mossad was strongly implicated by their own photographer being at both Nice and Munich, you don't need to have proof a photographer showed up at any subsequent attacks to throw the entire thing in doubt. Why has ISIS never attacked anything Jewish yet to date, when according to them, the Jews are the biggest enemy?

This was most likely entirely a hoax, but remember, the Mossad is murderous and brutal, the worst outfit of all, so it is entirely possible the priest actually died.

I'd like to add a little perspective here - If you look through the DNC E-mails, it is obvious they are not playing a game when it comes to Trump, and it is obvious, just by what they say and how they act, that Trump is a real opponent, and not any sort of trojan horse as a few have claimed. And these staged terror attacks are only helping Trump.

So what are we seeing then? My guess is a mis management of perception management. Common core education results coming home to roost in politics, where anyone who can think can see obvious glaring holes in strategy. If an Islamization of Europe is the goal, either the Mossad and the planning teams believe they have the numbers they need to kick off a race war in Europe so it is time to start stirring the people to war, or someone is being rock stupid about planning. And nothing they are doing in Europe is helping the Democrats or Hillary, any successful terror marketing is only making them look stupid, while it bolsters Trump.

They might be in a no win situation, and we may be witnessing the thrashes of death for the big lie. But we might also be witnessing the setup for a nuke going off in the U.S., which would be the Mossad's last chance at stopping American elections from going forward, and in that way, stopping Trump. They have to stop Trump, or too many Jews will be going to jail. This is going to be a real dig through a fruity punch bowl, and I gotta laugh, the DNC E-mails really do seem to have added just the right spice.

Watch the Jewish communities and make sure the synagogues are full. Make sure there is no mass exodus underway in any one location, no huge wave of moving trucks, all lights on as usual. Because if they are going to nuke a city, they are not going to be there for it. Remember: None of the nukes went missing in Turkey. That means that if an American nuke does the job, it was sourced right from American soil.

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Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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