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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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STUNNING weapons cache found by Russian forces in Ukraine

Multiple billions of dollars worth in several buildings.

The whole ball of wax. American light anti tank weapons. American mortars. Old Ukranian stock. Stuff Ukraine was assembling. Stuff from other EU countries. Huge anti tank missiles. Huge anti aircraft or whatever else missiles. Even Russian stuff. An entire warehouse full of spent casings to be reloaded. THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX, - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Ukranian forces abandoned this which means they had no ability to relocate it before being overtaken. That means they are losing. There are enough weapons in this stache to win a war against a major power, the discovery was THAT BIG.
It is not just the first warehouse full at the beginning, they go through multiple warehouses and prove NATO is supplying Ukraine with a dream stache.



Divine Image Destroyed

I was asked to help get this video exposure, and when I saw it, it became a mission.

The human genome project revealed that the name of God was written repeatedly into human DNA, and when the "junk DNA" was gone through it was revealed that it contained the hebraic scriptures, all the way up to the New Testament. This was prevalently exposed in the 1990's but I have not seen anything about it since.

The real job of the vaccine is to hijack the DNA and remove the name of God from it so satan can claim it as his own. Watch the video, I have more than a gut feeling this is true, I know THIS IS THE ANSWER. This is exactly why people change after the vax, and why full monks get detached from God after the shot. That's all been reported on this site, now here is the reason it is happening:

The video above is coming off my own servers and can be downloaded by right clicking or using the options that appear in the player. If for some reason it does not show up, Click here to view and download

Update to below

The guy who did the video I am referring to here might not be a liar, but the source is bad, the site he is quoting shows that grid anywhere there is a lot of activity because it cannot map to a high enough detail.


How many ceremonies did Alec Baldwin attend? I don't think you can get that kind of VIP service from the MSM after attending only one!!!

I saw this last night but called B.S. because it's not possible to shoot anyone with a prop gun but low and behold, when I checked today, THERE IT IS:

QUESTION: How do you shoot the director, who's not even in the film, with a prop used for the film? I think it is likely this incident did not even happen on the set!

Either that or someone switched the gun, or it was his gun and he wanted them dead. No legit Hollywood prop gun did this.

The MSM is calling it a "malfunction" and I am calling BULLSHIT. They are fulfilling a service, NOT REPORTING.

Hmm, one dead, one injured. Were they on top of each other in the janitor's closet? Was this a jealousy thing? If this is legit, there should be video footage of it, right? you don't fire a "prop gun" when the camera is not rolling. THIS REPORT BY ABC IS ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT, there is no way that happened as stated, EVER.

Bluetooth and the vax

The story is that many people are noticing that the vaxxed are showing up on bluetooth. I spent some time looking into this recently and it looks like people might be onto something.

There are now numerous posts, well done posts, to social media where people have tested to see if the vaxxed really are showing up on bluetooth, and it seems to be the case. When they do, they show up as an "unidentified device" with a string of numbers for the device name. Some are showing up with several connections. I figured this had to be bogus so I tested it myself, out of range of the only person in the area that I know is vaxxed with Pfizer. All devices within range identified themselves. And it would make sense for them to identify themselves, because when people connect they have to know what they are looking for, RIGHT?

Mexico is not heavily vaxxed with MRNA vaxxes. Most of the people in Mexico who are vaxxed got CanSino or Sputnik. And when I scanned for connections, all of them identified themselves, there were no unknown devices. But the topic of


If, in this day and age you find yourself in the middle of a famine and the people who caused that famine arrive as saviors, chances are they are not there to save you, they are there to finish you off.

The day the bananas arrived

America was well into the famine and nearing the completion of "dark winter". A large number of people perished during the dark winter but a majority still remained, - haggared, starving, cold, but they could see spring was arriving . . . .

And then the outbreak happened. Here is how that outbreak could happen -

The bottom line is that we are far enough into the GMO era to have every last item be contaminated by people that do not have what is best for us in mind. Yes, they could easily make any food item a disease vector by now if they were so far along in the 90's they could already have bananas grow vaccines in them.


This is not myth or rumor, this is 90's tech. This is PRE FLIP PHONE TECH.

The prominent method of trolling the Los Alamos physicists quitting over the jab:

"114 nuclear physicists! HA, there are 14,000 people out at Los Alamos, this is a non event".

Actually, no. Because these nuclear physicists are at such a high level they need three digit numbers of people to support each one and 119 only applies to the top tier, not the entire facility. We don't know how many people actually walked out at Los Alamos but it is more than 119, that's for sure.

These people need security, mess hall, janitors, IT techs, HVAC techs, electricians, mechanics, welders, fabricators, various technicians, THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX under them. And that's not what is making the headlines for quitting because those types are not news.

The bottom line is that America is being dismantled like a cow in a meat packing plant, and Los Alamos is part of that.

Cumbre Vieja volcano update

There have been some interesting developments worth noting.

First of all, outwardly it looks like a perfectly ordinary eruption. However, at this point there should not have been a resurgence of earthquakes and now rumor has it that the government there is telling the people to prepare for a major earthquake. Exact magnitude not given, only 6+

I looked for this warning and could not find it so I did not post on this yesterday but word is starting to more than just go around on this topic so it probably should not be ignored.

Continued earthquakes mean the current eruption probably will not actually stop any time soon but it is not a remarkable eruption, other than that it happened literally on main street. Continued earthquakes may indicate a lot more is going to happen also, and if there is a 6+ that would really be something that would signal a much worse eruption on the way.

People make the mistake of thinking the eruption is a big deal, but that's a volcanic island, so NO. Lesson: If you are going to build on a volcano, consider it temporary.

GOT SHORTAGES? You had better do something about it while you still can.

Jim Stone October 20-21 2021

I got video out of HEB in Mexico that Americans need to see. There are no supply shortages at all. Gobs and gobs of merchandise, 100 percent stocking of fresh meats, all the brands of cereal, three digit choices of candles, all the Christmas stuff like usual, toy aisle packed . . . .

I decided the best way to get the pictures out without getting caught was to take the spy pen and simply run video and do captures. The video turned out fine but it will take a while to go through and when I finish, this will get bumped back up to the top.

I could not tell what was actually being recorded because I was using a spy pen. So some of the photos are not clear, and in most of those I write what they are.


All the photos you need to see to prove I did not take a few opportunity shots!!! Yes, I am trying to save your ass with this. ASK YOUR WARRING JEWISH COMMUNITY ABOUT WHY THE SHELVES ARE EMPTYING OUT OR YOU WILL BE DEAD. Say what you want about Mexico, but at least it does not look like a Georgia guidestones plot.

Celene Dion had to cancel 21 shows due to muscle spasms

Mum's the word on her getting the Corona vax, all questions, no answers. Let me guess . . . . . . .


Read this Ben Fulford report, if he's right it is GAME OVER because the supplies are stopped due to bankruptcy of the so-called "elite". I gotta say, that report has me deeply spooked

Obviously I can't confirm or deny whether or not this is true, but I have a gut feeling he's right. What happens when YOU pay for your stuff, but the people up the supply chain who took your money for it do not? That's what he is proposing, and it would definitely spell total doom.

I once had a contract with a company that had a "net 90" pay schedule, where once owed you get paid in three months. Others operated at net 30. What if China is getting sick of a "net kike" pay schedule?


Japan beat the Corona virus

Read that linked AP report for an education in communist false reporting. It implies Japan rammed the vax into everyone quickly, and that's what solved the problem so well. That's a bold faced lie.

Here is what really happened: Japan found crap in the vials, rejected the vax, and told everyone to take ivermectin.

By way of deception thou shalt do war!!!

ISRAEL to pied piper conservatives off a cliff!!!

National conservative convention? HA!!! How about a carefully concocted brainwash to destroy that which the Jews hate most - the American conservative? Want to control the "enemy" narrative? Just host the enemy and play the friend. Israel has THAT nailed.

Repeat: The report quoting UK government documents stating the vax is destroying the immune system -

I have no doubt this is actually legitimate, but declined to post the report because the charts as presented were never produced by the UK government. They were an interpretation of what UK produced. Do I think the vax is legitimately reducing the immune system by 5 percent (or so) a month and that will result in recipients developing full blown aids? I believe that is highly probable and that it will be our future. However, the charts presented were done in a confusing way that could not be summed up without reading the report and just believing what was said, so though I think it is probably true, I was a little skeptical.

Yes, I think many people are on their way out, Let me just put it in plain speak: If we have a pandemic that is killing less than a tenth of a percent of those who catch it unless they are over 70, and someone is freaking out and destroying everything to force people into a shot, the pandemic is likely fake and the shot is DEFINITELY not for that pandemic. That leaves the question: What the hell is that shot really for?

The nuclear physicists walked out of Los Alamos over the jab, because they are anti-science!!

Quite shocking: Infowars found and posted a video of a woman who knew all about the pandemic in September of 2019. SEE THIS.

She nails the whole plan, including martial law (lock downs) and mandatory vaccines. It is so spot on it is weird. Even better, her name is Claudia.

Spooky: Entire section of large store filled with open lawn chairs to hid the empty shelves.


LaPalma update

It appears to be a perfectly normal eruption, which, aside from it's initial hurling of magma to over 2,000 feet is progressing as normal. There are however earthquakes happening that are anomalous and could indicate something bigger on the way so we will have to wait and see what happens.

"Let's go Brandon"

If you have not seen this video, it is HILARIOUS. An absolutely perfect rap tune that totally slays the announcer who said the crowd chanting "fuck Joe Biden" was saying "Let's go brandon"

Great comment below it: "I'm guessing the 900+ people who DISLIKE'd this song simply weren't fans of the beat... because there is no way in hell Biden has 900 supporters left."

The quality of this is the same as a major record label. Two minutes. See this. If a long commercial plays just hit skip. I will not do embeds anymore after getting sabotaged by them.

Lori Lightfoot gets back talk from police over her vax mandate:

SO THIS IS PROBABLY LEGIT. You can right click the video to save it (this is coming off bitchute)

TO THE VAXXED: YOU SUBMITTED TO A WEAPON MADE IN CHINA AND PUSHED ON AMERICA BY TRAITORS. YOU ARE DEAD. All you can do is weep. Am I mad at China for this? Actually, NO, because many countries will do this, the problem is the traitors like Obama and Biden and the jewish community that aided and abetted all of this, it could not have happened without them. Don't believe for a minute the kikes got THEIR shot. It is all stage play so they can scream "victim" too and make everyone look away.

It really looks like "they" are going to actually go ahead and starve America out


Notice the guilt trips calling Americans "spoiled" and "it is their turn". THAT IS A BRAIN WASH TACTIC. FACT: If you build a society that does not have these problems, you are RESPONSIBLE, NOT SPOILED. The Jews are trying to guilt trip us over the damage THEY did and the shortages THEY caused by infiltrating our government and using that government AFTER A STOLEN ELECTION to apply pressure to key locations, like some form of perverted economic acupuncture, to cause this.

Mexico's shelves are all FULLY STOCKED. Are Mexicans "spoiled"??

There are two major law firm headlines I do not want to skip

But I do not know what to make of it, so I'll just say what they are

First of all, supposedly there's a class action lawsuit that has been filed in Florida that has enlisted from all five branches of the military suing the Pentagon for the dishonorable discharges related to refusing the vax. This would be great if it was true, and even better if it went somewhere but since this is all up in the air and may even be thrown out of court I am going to stop at that.

The second one may have helped the Southwest pilots get Southwest to drop their mandate - Evidently another law firm accurately stated that the vax is not approved and therefore, if COMINRATY is not available, the mandate cannot stand because you cannot mandate anything that's not officially approved. That's all I have on that one too.

If I was a dictator, I'd MANDATE a 145 DB speaker blaring VAX DAMAGE, VAX DAMAGE, VAX DAMAGE BROOOP VAX DAMAGE and the speaker would be tied in with medical records for whoever they are going to get so it got it right every time, and be impossible to shut off. I'd then leave it up to my WELL ARMED POPULACE to "take care" of the people behind this.


Here is the reason you'll never hear that I accumulated over the time this all played out:

Commercial jet pilots are not stupid. They are literally the only step short of a professional astronaut. Everyone saw by now that PhD's are the most likely group to refuse the jab. Anti-jab is NOT anti-science, those against the shot can look at the facts and think critically, and that includes pilots.

So when the pilots were faced with getting a shot they knew would most likely destroy them, because they understood the "science", they could add up facts and think cricially. They then looked critically at Southwest's company policy and discovered that they could all demand their reserve vacation at the same time, except during peak holiday travel periods, and there were none right now. So they took that rather than the shot, could not be penalized for it because it was Southwest's own policy that made it possible, and grounded the Mother F****r. Spiked Southwest RIGHT INTO THE GROUND.


Obviously both shots are the same thing, but papwerwork matters and Southwest chose flight rather than death. It's that simple, there is no more to this story than that.


Like it or not, this WILL MATTER.

If you want to know how credible and safe that jab is, look who's gonna be pushing it on your kids, your military and EVERYTHING ELSE. SMH.

They are not taking the moral high road with this, YOU are going to be wiped out by perverts, like it or not. What kind of moral base does THAT THING have???


My suspicion on the "aborted babies in the vax"

First of all, in an MRNA vax, there's no "excuse" for that. It's not that type of shot. The fetal tissue gets in actual "vaccines" because rather than use cat tissue or dog tissue or eggs or whatever else that would work just fine, a group of perverts use the fetal cell lines just to be evil. Using the fetal cell lines, rather than triggering allergies to dogs and cats, triggers allergies to yourself, and then you get crap like fibromyalgia and autism, which, like the blood clots, "no one" can explain . . . . . obviously they can. They are not stupid. They know.

My suspicion, and I really think they are doing this -

I believe "they" are doing murder rituals, - satanic rituals, which they can't perform daily over 50 year old cell lines - I'd bet they are holding rituals, doing murders, and in the process of the murders they are telling demons to take posession of every single cell in the baby they are killing, hopefully (for them) one they ripped out alive during a "partial birth abortion" and then telling the demon those cells will be kept alive so it can inhabit them for "forever" and then they are injecting THAT into people, along with the MRNA crap. I'd bet THAT is how evil the obtaining of the fetal tissue is that they have in that shot. 50 year old cell line? MY *SS, why would they put THAT in a shot that cannot have any tissue at all in it be explained?

Remember this video,where the priest who got that shot said it drove all presense of God right out of him? It is not only that priest, this got posted widely by a lot of people that had that happen to them. There's something in that shot that does that, how about having posessed living tissue put in you? The MRNA functions, it HAS TO "be alive", whatever process they are using keeps stuff alive and I'd bet a dime to a dollar those shots have satanic rituals embedded in them that way.

I received a mail stating Hal Turner knew who is causing the shelves to be bare

It linked to a one hour video I don't have time to watch. It's probably legit but I don't have time for it. And I know who is causing the shortages anyway. Let me make it clear: The Kosher store has prices as usual and is VERY WELL STOCKED. Is that clear enough? Do I need to give details? Corona is theirs. The vax is theirs. The shortages are theirs. Common core is theirs. Critical race theory is theirs. The divorce courts are theirs. The abortion clinics are theirs. The scamming hospitals that charge $50 for a $.01 aspirin and $50,000 for a $50 vial of anascorp are theirs. Porn is theirs. LGBTQRSZYFJDK is theirs. "Elections" which are "fair" instead of accurate are theirs. That last keylogger that stole your data was probably theirs, and ran on THEIR operating system that does the same anyway but because it is THEIR OS, CNN, which THEY OWN says it's "ok" and idiots believe it. Antifa is theirs. So is the FBI, CIA, and now the NSA. ALL THEIRS. 911 was theirs. The Boston bombing was theirs. Sandy Hook was theirs. All the wars are theirs. You list any damn thing that pissed us off outside of a flat tire and it is theirs.

I just gave you all the info you'd get from 20 hours of video in one short hit, which is why, if a video does not get the point across in five minutes I don't watch. That's for other people who don't need to hit 300+ items in a day to find the few that will be posted. I'll post a one hour video myself if that's what it takes because sometimes it is needed.


Since I mentioned "flat tire" here is why tires have air:

Because unless a solid tire is made out of a super hard material and rides on a super hard surface (steel train wheel on steel rails) there will be compression in both the tire and the surface it rides on. Compression makes heat. Air in the tire replaces compression with bending, which makes a lot less heat. Rather than compress, the air just squeezes out of the way. Cars have LOTS of power, if the compression was not handled by simply having air move out of the way, no matter what you put on a car it would take that power, convert it to compression of materials and it would melt in 10 minutes on the highway. And obviously, steel wheels on a car would ride poorly and wreck the roads. No one would want a car restricted to riding on rails.

BUSTED: Doctor Leana Wen was CNN's primary crisis actor for Boston bombing

Normally I won't even mention Natural News but they got this one right - and have done past reports about Leana Wen before that cinch this down tighter than a boy scout knot.

They GOT HER. Click the links Natual News posted. All they are doing is linking in twitters like I often do, but BOY do those tweets add up, THEY NAILED IT.


Navy Seals forced to quit and repay their training if they don't get the vax???


That will fail in the first un-corrputed court in one second flat. And if it did not fail, said marine would have every right to go postal. And would be a fool not to. Let's see the shitty cops go up against THAT.

Latest thing getting air: Kamala Harris is Kamal Arouche

It looks good as long as you stay within the report, but if you do your own image search you'll find out that some sort of software was used to make a similar guy's face morph towards Kamala's and Kamala's morph towards his.

I'll address this because it got traction but I am not going down that road. What difference would it make anyway when the election was stolen and people let it stand? Even if Kamala was a guy, that would be a small issue by comparison to what has already happened. A "Hydra" in a vax everyone already knows is a killer.

FACT: The only people they can get vaxxed in Mexico now are either total losers, or those they can hold hostage for life saving medical treatments which will be denied by some private hospitals if they don't get the shot. NICE SHOT, HUH??

More crap about air bubbles and hydras in the vax

Some idiot saw hematite on the beach in Australia, discovered it stuck to a magnet (duh) and started screaming "GRAPHENE". Here's a little test. Take any magnet and throw it in the dirt, or any sand that has any sort of black color mixed in and be amazed.

The new line about "hydras" and "squids" and "tentacled monsters" in the vax is that ivermectin kills them. But don't forget that the exact same woman who "revealed these monsters" put dried gelatin on a microscope slide, dropped hydrogen peroxide on it, threw down a cover slip, showed air bubbles and called them "graphene" balls. She then let the slide dry overnight and amazed everyone by the shapes that formed in the dried gelatin. That's exactly how that hoax was done, be careful what you believe because people like her are DESTROYING OUR CASE. Everyone believes it, she gets 5 stars EVERYWHERE. Only, NO. SMH.

That EFFED US. Mission accomplished.

China's hypersonic missile

I was going to skip this because America's missiles do the exact same thing and come in at mach 12, not mach 5. 1980's tech to boot. Though it could be stated that China would never have gotten that if Hillary had not handed it to them on paper, it was bound to happen at some point, and America's "80's crap" is still better.

The big question is: Why has nothing new been built that is any better for the last 30+ years? I think we all know the answer, and it can be found in how our sabotaged schools crush the little white boys into 1X1 inch cubes. Who is doing that? Who made the schools that way? Do I need to keep repeating it?

I will also add that America's "military officials" are not "horrified" by China's "advancement" because if they were, they would not be actively dismantling the military with a shot that will maim all those who can be coerced into accepting it, while they simultaneously discharge just under half of the military for saying no. That right there proves it is the end. The military is not going to save anything, it is being wiped out worse than any world war could, from within the ranks, and no one can do jack to stop it. OBAMA'S GENERALS ARE DOING THEIR JOB. Rigged elections have consequences and they are coming home to roost.


I had a reason to do major shopping recently, here is what it cost in Mex.

There is 100 percent availability in ALL ITEMS, and I MEAN ALL. As I said a few days ago, ALL stores in Mex are stacked and packed to the max. ZERO empty shelves.

Something is amiss however, - because in the American chains, not only the meats are catastrophically priced, but now, select items are skyrocketing in price. Jellies and jams have gone up enormously across all brands. Some of the rice has doubled in price. Some of the pastas have doubled in price. Many MANY items have doubled in price. But here's what I managed to score for $50 on the first shopping adventure for this.

I bought the best stuff and simply refused to buy rip offs. (At least in Mexico) you can get good top name brand stuff cheap if you keep a flexible mind (don't bring a shopping list) and REFUSE to be ripped off "here and there".

1. 15 dozen grade AAA eggs with a total weight of 24.42 pounds and yes, I did weigh them at home. They were my favorite brand.
2. 10 pounds of good pasta
3. 15.4 pounds of Del Fuerte tomato sauce (the highest grade tomato sauce in mex) that represents according to the packages 30.8 pounds of tomatoes, (it is the best of the best brands, even better than Hunts) and is sold in one liter boxes. That is important to point out because I'd have gotten twice that amount if it was the cheap crap, (that would not be Hunts, which is actually ok) and people need to know that to compare prices
4. Six of the small cans of tuna, in the highest grade. The cheap grades add soy, this was no soy and high drained weight stuff. I studied every last can out of the 30 or so options available and nailed the best price to content ratio. Wore Claudia RIGHT OUT.
5. 7 pounds of oatmeal
6. A good container of garlic, and a good container of pepper, and a kilo of sea salt.
7. Six 500 ml bottles of Valentinas salsa. That's the best brand.
8. A 2 pound can of pineapple chunks
9. 6 whole chickens with a combined weight of 26.4 pounds

10. 10 pounds of rice

Total cost of all items so far: $74.20

Compare that to American prices. If you cannot do that in America, something is amiss.

You might think it is a joke, or the food is crap, or whatever, but it is NOT a joke and some of that stuff is at a quality you can't even get in the U.S. - especially the Soriana meats and the eggs, which have a quality that would stun an American. Soriana is DA BOMB. Americans are getting SCREWED right now.

You might think it is a joke, or the food is crap, or whatever, but it is NOT a joke and some of that stuff is at a quality you can't even get in the U.S. - especially the Soriana meats and the eggs, which have a quality that would stun an American. Soriana is DA BOMB. Americans are getting SCREWED right now.

A reader wrote and said New Orleans and Biloxy ports could save the country

It is clear and obvious that the state of California is doing what it can to put a seige on the United States. A reader sent a message recommending the port of New Orleans and Biloxy be used to circumvent this. That would be a good idea that would actually work, provided treasonous types did not get in the way even there to stop this. I'll make it even more clear:

They could shut down the East and West coasts ENTIRELY. 100 percent. And they would not kill America, provided the Mississippi was not shut down. And it is the heartlanders that predominantly control the Mississippi. How significant is this? Let me give you an idea:

I do not know if they are still operating, but the Twin City shipyards used to make vessels at least 300 feet long and could get them to the gulf through the lock and dam systems on the Mississippi.

Furthermore, there are tug boats pushing barges with a combined length of well over 1,000 feet all the way to Minneapolis. Though this would not go through the last set of locks this wide, the last set can handle 3 barges wide and is well over 1,000 feet long. It will handle 4 barges long and possibly more.

CLEARLY the Mississippi that goes right up the center of the country, all the way to the twin cities, could save the country from an outright leftist coastal siege. Would it be allowed to? I have my doubts, but it surely could.


If you have been vaxxed, you are safe and do not need a mask, do not need to social distance, and have NO RESTRICTIONS. If you can catch a disease you were not vaxxed for it, what the hell was really in that shot?? COMMUNISM???


If you saw the report about the UK government's reports that show vax recipients are developing HIV, I have skipped this for several reasons. I do not trust it because the charts posted are not in the government source cited and do not want to troll the source just in case they are right. If you come across it, fine, if you don't I do not think you missed anything. I like stuff to line up properly before posting it and that report does not.

The best move is to NOT GET VAXXED, if the vaxxed are going to develop HIV what can anyone do about it? I do not think the vaxxed will live long enough for HIV to matter anyway.

I was not even going to mention this because I really think it is just "air bubbles in a microscope slide". Then I saw it go viral and did not want to look stupid for missing it. If you are wondering what I am talking about don't sweat it. I am not going to help what I don't believe by linking it.


Totally ignorant woman shoots the video it is better with the sound off.

I TOTALLY ENDORSE THE CONCEPT OF SETTING UP VAX DEATH CLINICS FOR HALLOWEEN. You do not need 12 skeletons, a cardboard tombstone with Pfizer written on it and a cardboard cutout syringe labeled COVID VAX poking into it would get the message across and could be done for the low low price of a cardboard box and a little paint.

Rumor: Southwest grounded practically all flights yesterday (14th) and it is not being reported. Don't repeat that, it is only a rumor.

Remember what I said about the Caterpillar workers striking over the Covid vax and nothing else?

Workers of a different major union said HELL NO too, and their union went to bat for them against the mandate.

LOOKS LIKE I NAILED IT. Though Caterpillar's union is the same Ford or Chevy have to deal with - The United Auto Workers, the parallel here cannot be overlooked

When I put stuff on this site, even if it seems far fetched, time and time again it rings completely true later as confirmed by this next item. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!

203,000 union workers are gonna take authorized time off (that is not actually a strike) but they WILL NOT WORK if the mandate gets imposed until this COVID vax B.S. is actually in a union contract. Which THEY have to agree to. AWESOME!!!!

ALERT (but not yet red alert) Wal Mart has MAJORLY jacked prices up on select food items in Mex.

How about crappy low grade ground beef for $5 a pound. CHECK. Lots of other items went up HUGE. I just got the high grade stuff at HEB for $1.50 a pound (fabulous stuff) last week. Down in Centro, as checked THIS week it is even cheaper. What gives with Wal Mart??

Heb's "better than Wal Mart by a lot" stuff went up to about $2.55 a pound at around the time I picked up that really nice stuff cheap. That is a lot higher than the locals or the old price by percentage points but not a full on doubling.

I checked the other stuff too. Everything from Mayo to Ramen to peanut butter to (you name it and chances are you're right) went up by 40 percent across the board, and there's no reason for it, everyone else is selling things for what they used to. How about $2 for a regular size box of mac and cheese? You can now do that to yourself at Wal Mart. I can get my usual generic crap at HEB for 60 cents still but at Wal Mart even that is $1.50 Bag of beans at HEB? 50 cents. Same bag of beans at Wal Mart? 70 cents, and Wal Mart used to be cheaper than HEB. Bag of pancake mix at Wal Mart? $2.00. Same bag at HEB? $1.50. Simiar quality different brand at Bara? $1. Conclusion:

There's no substance to it, Wal Mart Corporate is playing games and jacking prices to hit an agenda, not because they have to. That said, at least in Mex ALL store chains, Ley, HEB, Soriana, Wal Mart, Mercado Mexicano, Chedraui, Aurrerra - ALL OF THEM have ALL items stacked to the rafters and to the back, there are ZERO shortages in Mexico and I can tell you why: Because Obrador is not an enemy of the people, and those who stole the election in the United States ARE. Just last week LEY had 43 inch 4K big screens for $250. Still a nope because I won't spend donations on that, but I did notice. All stores have 20 brands of toilet paper in 4 varieties each too. 10 brands of cat litter. Wal Mart had higher prices on appliances than I have ever seen but others are still cheap. There's no shortages on anything AT ALL.

So if you are seeing such developments in the United States or elsewhere it is all by design - all because someone wants it - NO ONE can tell me Mexico can be stocked far better than the U.S. if someone is not playing games. The shortages are BUNK.

That said, Wal Mart spooked me today and I will definitely be keeping an eye on this. If others start raising prices I will throw a red flag, but for now it looks like Wal Mart is being a corporate smart alec (or should I say robot) with prices, no one else has followed suit or should I instead say orders?


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17 second video: WORLD'S GREATEST COP and I mean it, PRICELESS.

We are going to do each other a favor: You are going to slow down while coming through here, and I am going to rip that Biden/Harris bumper sticker off the back of your car so people don't think you are an idiot.

LaPalma worse than I thought

Boeing jet forced to land after being nailed by ash

The flight path had it WELL away from LaPalma but it got nailed anyway and had to do an emergency landing after both engines started acting up. SEE THIS.

INTRINSIC PROOF EVERYONE IN OUR "GOVERNMENT", Psaki, Pelosi, Biden, anyone they want to avoid having shot - INTRINSIC PROOF they are all, to the public eye, actors in masks.

That's why Pelosi's health came back so well and someone is doing a good job of acting Biden.

MUST WATCH, this girl has an obviously cheaper mask (because your tax dollars paid for Biden's) and it STILL, until you see her take it off, looks 100 percent completely real, facial expressions and all.

This has to be clicked because it was marked as "sensitive".

UPDATE: The troll method for this video is that "after the mask, her make up was not smeared so it is fake" PROBLEM: she's not wearing any. Claudia needs no makeup also. Where did the hair go? It was a wig that fell off behind her, the only direction it could go. There's another wig right beside her.

Biden may well be in the white house while an actor fronts on movie sets.


Want to see a HIGH QUALITY lie, just as good as what cold war Pravda would spew?? HERE IT IS:


Caterpillar workers in fact walked off the job because of the vax mandate.

The MSM is stating all the workers went on strike because of a pay discrepancy. However, they screwed up their report, stating workers from many industries are going on strike, including MEDICAL WORKERS. What are MEDICAL WORKERS walking off the job over? VAX MANDATES and NOTHING ELSE. John Deere actually offered such a huge pay boost that it was obviously to sucker people into accepting the jab for their jobs. That backfired, they STILL SAID NO.

If I was the editor at Wapo, I would have called BULLSHIT on that report and littered it with red marks, a spanking, and possible firing. That is SO BAD it is far beyond vomit, it should have been "end of career." That is, of course, assuming the objective was truthful and accurate reporting!!!

I intentionally skipped Shatner going into space.

I will say this however: Rather than talk about how amazing it was, he should have said "Even a shuttle craft is smoother than THAT but I had a good time." It would have pleased his fans a whole lot more.


THAT is NOT a benchmark!!!

New York to do gas attack tests with "non toxic" gasses. Problem: Biological agents are non-toxic.

HERE IS WHAT WAS LEFT UNSAID: That IF this was not an attack already carried out, it was probably practice for one. They would want to know how it was all going to work before actually doing it.

SERIOUSLY: Think about it. Would "terrorists" actually follow the dispersion techniques and locations the way this test is being done? Hell no. They would be clueless about the results without doing the tests themselves. ALL DATA GATHERED WOULD BE USELESS FOR CONSTRUCTING PLANS, GOOD OR BAD, UNLESS IT IS BEING GATHERED BY THE ACTUAL FUTURE PERPETRATORS TO SEE WHAT WILL WORK.

They want predictable results. For "predictable" you need to do tests, and then ACT ON THOSE TESTS, WITH PRECISION.

Also left unsaid is that these tests were already done in 2012, the same way. They do not need to do a repeat. What is the real motive for this? Rationally, it would be to act on the data from 2012. The vax is being rejected. They need another scare. This would be PERFECT.

An old man lays it all out: Tell them to stick it.

This will work with small companies that stupidly demand the jab:

Make no mistake, America is being permanently dismantled like a cow in a meat packing plant

Heard frequently: "They cannot replace all these professionals with third worlders"

I have seen this comment going around, as if it was a self evident truth that will save us.

This reality will not save us.

The people behind the jab have no intention whatsoever of EVER replacing 30,000 pilots that walk out, 600,000 medical workers that walk out or ANYONE ELSE including the military that walks out because this is the end of America, they are dismantling the country. No, these people will not be replaced and they are never going to work again.

Worse, when the people behind the jab create the next wave of emergencies, the pilots that DO get the jab will be crashing frequently creating even more chaos and the medical workers that got it are going to be stroking out and screwing up left and right in a system that has been totally set up to fail. Soldiers who were jabbed will be on the low end of the intellect to begin with, who will crack under pressure rather than think rationally like the talent that had the picture well enough to walk out - and they will be further diminished beyond their already previously lower intellect. China is going to pummel America into the ground. It is all by design.

The shot is the greatest weapon ever wielded. Nothing in history has done so much damage. It is not only the deaths and maimings of those jabbed, the damage is so much worse than a pile of deaths and maimings because it has hit the top intellectual backbone of the United States harder than any attack on the country ever has just by causing such massive walk outs. Those who hate America, including Pelosi, Soros, Biden and more - the "elite" are absolutely thrilled by the rampant destruction their mandates are causing. They knew it would happen and as an act of hatred against America, they did it on purpose.

If you wanted to destroy America's military, what better way could there possibly be than to cause a mass walk out of the top 40 percent of the armed forces while the rest of them get a shot that kills and maims a lot of them while it diminishes the rest? No battle, - no entire war has damaged the American military as badly as this shot and the mandate. The military has been annihilated ON PURPOSE.

What attack on ANY country has been so serious it took out 600,000 nurses and doctors? The jab and the mandate did. That's the final number, with 40,000 lost in New York state alone. How much worse could an attack have possibly been?

People had better wake up and smell the coffee. "They can't do that because" does not cut it when if their only objective is to cause the collapse of the nation, there could not possibly be a better play.

America's pilots, engineers, front line medical, emergency response, shipping and everything else critical is being de-platformed right now, and every last thing these people worked for is going straight to the shredder, never to be returned to. It is so far past the time to shoot the bastards causing it that it might be too late already, what good is it going to do to "take the country back" when all of the top people have already been wiped out and probably buried behind a camp? That's the objective, if it was not, then explain why the top is getting taken down first.

Australians have easy access to pure vitamin C, it is not restricted there. If you are in Australia, try these links: (the price is more than I pay in Mex but not bad) is confusing with pricing and ordering, don't pay much over $30 AUD per kilo, N essentials is priced high ($49 AUD per kilo) but not totally ludicrous but I would try to find something cheaper - but if you have to I guess OK . . . .

IMPORTANT: This is not friendly vitamin C. Vitamin C is supposed to be yummy, right? WRONG. Start with half a teaspoon in a glass of water and mix it with sugar if it is the stuff I linked because if you are not careful it will knock your socks off (if it is real)

I am surprised. It is not difficult to get this in Australia.

Outside of fighting off diseases and trying to keep communities alive, 1KG of this stuff taken a gram a week would stop all possibility of vitamin C deficiency for 20 years. It is THAT POTENT. It will go quicker if you use it to fight off an illness though, I'd get more than one kilo.

For long term storage, keep it in the refrigerator in a perfectly sealed container. There will be no significant degradation in 20 years. Heat will wreck it. Too much light will wreck it over time. Moisture will wreck it. I am just keeping mine in the cupboard because degradation in a dark room temperature cupboard is 1 percent per year and it will be gone before that matters.

Many people are now posting about bank changes on Nov 15

They claim to be getting letters from their banks stating transfers from personal accounts will be limited to $1,000 USD total PER DAY, not per transaction, both incoming and outgoing unless it is for their job, then up to 5,000 from their employers can be deposited in one day.

Seems to me they want to limit how much people can take and run with in an emergency, or send to others that have an emergency.


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE