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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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This morning I got hit and run by a car and have a double fractured arm and definitely broken ribs. I was power riding a bicycle going 30+ MPH and the car figured he would go around me real quick to turn in front of me. I figured my arm would just rip the mirror off so I held the handle bars. I was wrong, the mirror broke my ribs too. My left forearm has both bones broken enough to bend 90. It just flops without the splint.
I was outside the city and sat in the weeds splinting my arm so the broken bones would not flop around and cut everything up.
I then pushed the bike about 8 miles into the city and stopped at the first ciber cafe to type this. Yes, Rambo.
I am hoping it will only be a cast and not surgery. Hopefully the ribs won't be too bad.
I always wondered if a very fast bike accident could match an average motorcycle accident, I just got my answer.
It was wierd. I wondered why my left hand just let go. I did not feel the break, my arm and ribs just crumbled like sugar candy. And I am so far taking the pain like a champ. I can't laugh, I might puncture a lung! This is the worst I have ever been physically injured - I aways wondered how I would take it. Answer: Rambo is possible. But I will definitely need help.

since I am just sitting here waiting for someone to arrive I might as well post some stuff.

Musk did a demo of his robot

It was not tethered and seems to walk just fine. The processors aboard the actual robot are not yet powerful enough to have the robot do tasks when it is not tethered but when it is tethered it can. As I predicted, when tethered it looks about as capable as Asimo got before being canceled and Musk's team has worked on it for only about 9 months (Asimo was a 20 year development program). "Experts" called Musk's robot "cringeworthy" but in my opinion it's by far the best that has ever been developed in such a short time - time to release is four years from now so what can anyone expect at 9 months?? It's pretty good I'd say.

From a LEFTIST RAG, (so you know things are starting to slip: Pfizer CEO Andrew Bourla Has bugged out from testifying about the vax

He was supposed to appear before the European special committee on Covid-19 to explain why there were so many secrets about the vax, and rather than show up he jumped ship. GEE, I WONDER WHY!

An excellent writeup about the fate of the Nord Stream pipeline was posted at The Gibralter Messenger

I disagree that the Nord Stream disaster will equal Fukushima, but this is an amazing piece that really explains what is going on.

"The Nord Stream Pipeline Repair Dilemma

The Nord Stream Pipelines attack may end up being an environmental disaster to equal the Fukushima disaster, with the release of millions of cubic metres of methane-gas into the environment, from the attack and in an attempt to save the pipelines.
It has been reported that the Russians are having to maintain gas flow through the Russian end of the pipelines to prevent seawater entering and starting a process that, once started, never ends - rusting. Rust never sleeps once it has started.
So, unless they have a tool for removing and killing the rust, they have two options:
Keep pumping gas through the pipelines and thus damage the marine life and the environment with massive amounts of released methane.
Abandon the pipelines as being scrap, after costing billions to build, and laying new ones, that evil lunatics could also destroy.
Depending upon the amount of damage and whether the pipes are just holed, or separated and twisted out of shape will determine how difficult they are to repair, if that is decided upon. They can only pump gas through the Russian end to prevent rusting, but obviously not through the other end past the damage in the side terminating in Germany, which will inevitably fill with seawater and rust, thus needing to be replaced, if they cannot kill the rust.
It is possible to repair pipes under water using a hyperbaric welding system and at 70 metres depth, mixed-gas saturation divers who are Lloyds qualified and certified welders, but it would be a monumental task, because the pipes are coated and encased in concrete and then are possibly below the seabed. If the Russians have used the normal method of jetting the pipes into and under the seabed, using a system whereby an huge sledge sits on top of the pipe and moves along it, whilst having high pressure jets to blow the sand away from underneath the pipe, creating a trench that the pipe settles into, then getting to the pipe to repair it will be even more difficult.
The question for repairing is: did the pipes just sit on the seabed, or were they jetted into it? At 70 metres depth it would not be vulnerable to anchors dragging into it, like in shallower waters, but the water depth is not uniform, especially as the sea approaches land.
If they sat on the seabed they would be more vulnerable than if jetted-in, but easier to both find to repair and to attack.
Welding conventionally underwater makes the weld brittle, because the weld does not cool naturally like on land, but is instantly cooled by the seawater. That's why with something like these pipelines the hyperbaric-welding system is used, because it uses a gas-pressurised chamber over the pipeline, to keep the water off the welding, so it cools slowly like on land.
The bottom-line of this is that only a satanic-lunatic would do something like this, and with satanic lunatics running the world, as they undoubtedly are, and doing things like Fukushima and the Nord Stream pipe destruction and future lunacies, it brings into play this Scripture reference:
Matthew 24:19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the Winter, neither on the Sabbath day:
24:21 For then shall be great oppression, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the Elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
A comment, after reading this: The pressure the pipelines "dropped to" after being blown up was actually the pressure put on the gas from the German side by the water at the blast site. Until the water arrived . . . . .
This was obviously an act of war by the United States that was done for the purpose of devastating Europe. It was probably ordered by Soros&Klaus for the purpose of facilitating the "Great Reset". It does justify an action by Russia, at the level of sinking a few Nimitz class aircraft carriers or quite frankly, whatever Russia decides to do. It is serious beyond serious.
Update: I have noticed some people are erroneously stating that the above is in error, that there are shutoff valves to stop the above from happening, etc. However, That is not the case, this writeup is bang on. I double checked to make sure after I saw people ridicule it but as usual, I did not post crap.

If you see the video of a baby in a bag, it's a hoax.

The video is being pushed as "a baby grown outside the womb, in a bag". The video is in fact a c-section abortion at near term floating in a plastic bag, detached placenta and all. It is stupidly done with a large bubble in the bag that would never be in an "artificial womb". It clearly shows how callous the people who work in abortion clinics are.
Some people might remember a video from a few years ago where the abortion doctors made intact partial birth aborted babies "dance". This is at that level, the same callous disrespect for life, this time done most likely for hits on TikTok.

Europe warns about mobile network outages because of power shotages???

Now THAT is BS. There is no conceivable way any cell system which can talk to a phone that has at most 4 watts and usually 300 milliwatts under normal circumstances needs more than a 400 watt solar panel that should now cost at most $400. This is just BUNK that paves the alley of stupidity with a way to fool the masses into accepting outages that are nothing but a way to control the flow of information "when needed". Cell towers have battery banks that keep them going for 3 days with no power available to boot. And THAT is going to go out? That's more than silly, it is downright stupid.

BEWARE: At least some forms of the flu shot will be MRNA from now on.

Look at the sleazy approach TIME takes with that article. They are calling the total failure MRNA shots a "remarkable success" when anyone who knows anything at all or can think at all knows full well they were an absolute failure AND catastrophe. What a sickening white wash by the once reputable (40 years ago) TIME.


Wow, the source is fairly cheap now, why is it so much at the pump and elsewhere, especially heating oil?

Look at THIS CHART - Canadians are REALLY getting reamed!

These prices support a gasoline price of absolutely no more than 85 cents CAD per liter, and that's with a 20 percent refinery mark up which does not happen (it is usually a lot less, reality should land the price around 70 cents CAD). Heating oil should be less than the price of gasoline to boot. $2+ CAD per liter when oil prices are this low is a crime against decency, absolutely ridiculous!

WORLD WAR 3. Russia will not tolerate this.

This is indescribably bad, and the damage to both Nordstream 1 and 2 is so bad they might as well be gone. Russia has no choice but to take action over this, and there's only one pathway of action available in the current political climate The attack on the pipeline occured in waters controlled by Denmark and Sweden, waters which are completely "owned" by the U.S. military. If you are into real doom, this is it. Trump is not lost on this, and they are calling him a nutcase because he is not lost. Perhaps they want to pre-backstab him before he ends up being completely right??

Hurrican IAN damage -

So far from IAN - NOTHING but washed up boats and destroyed trailer parks, with normal stick built houses built to standards totally unscathed, even in the storm surge zone. There is no significant damage outside the surge zone, which means IAN was a weak storm. They are lying about IAN so FEMA can pull another Katrina. IAN was a FEMA CANE, watch for FEMA to be total tyranny.

The hoax is on. READ THIS HEADLINE and then look at the actual photos. Aside from storm surge, literally nothing happened, "entire trees" get ripped out starting at 65 MPH for the weak ones, and 90 MPH for the strong ones. If the winds really were 155 mph, not a single tree should be standing. This Daily Mail report is a classic example of "dumbing down", if there's that much storm surge and the structures are still there, there were no 155 MPH winds to go with it.

They are lying about IAN and counting on people to be too stupid to see it. Why? So FEMA has an excuse to be VERY NAUGHTY.
So far all the damage photos show what was destroyed in the storm surge zone, and boats that were washed ashore. That will happen with ANY hurricane or even a strong tropical storm, according to the wind maps IAN was only category 1.
ANY hurricane that makes landfall in a populated area will do what IAN did, even a cat 1. That is the price of putting your home right on the shore. The only serious damage photo I have seen from IAN outside the surge zone was a trailer park, which will stand up to what?? Maybe I'll change my mind if more gets shown, but when it comes to hurricanes, if the shoreline is in the photo, the photo does not count because storm surge is a reality.
THE BIG story with IAN is that it is rumored FEMA conducted home raids while the owners were evacuated. If that is the case, that is the story of IAN. They can show all the damage photos they want, but FEMA would have known if IAN was truly dangerous, and if it was, they would have been out of there too, NOT RAIDING HOMES.


This is storm surge, NOT a serious hurricane if the trailers are still there!!! It damn near looks like this damage photo was AI generated, that looks impossible!

How do you get intact trailers next to washed up boats that big??

Are they using AI generated photos of storm damage? Some of those boats are awful damn big, if those trailers are still there I CALL BULLSHIT. Look at the water line on some of those boats and compare that to the height of the trailers. That water line is the minimum depth the water had to be to put those boats there. HOW TH could THAT MUCH water go over those trailers, waves and all, and they still be there in one piece, and everyone used the same gray window boards. EVERYONE PAINTED THEIR WINDOW BOARDS GRAY. Coincidence? Trailers perfectly intact with a boat that has a 12 foot draft right there. that screams fake.

Maybe I am wrong, but considering what FEMA did, I smell a HUGE RAT. If all the serious damage happened to shoreline trailer parks, the story line does not cut it.

RUMOR: It appears IAN was used by FEMA to raid people's homes while they were "evacuated"

If that ends up being the case, remember one thing. ONE THING: If Ian was SO BAD everyone had to evacuate, why was it NOT BAD ENOUGH for FEMA to evacuate also? What, are they GODS? Hell no!
FACT: If Fema went into people's homes to raid them while they were evacuated, then hurricanes, starting with IAN, are to be questioned because they are the new platform for getting people out of their homes so their guns can be grabbed and their homes can be raided.
There is no way out of it. IAN was NOT a serious storm, it was an excuse for FEMA to be as evil as it was during Katrina. FEMA home raids when everyone is evacuated?? How cute and trustworthy!! A new type of weather warfare!!
Be ready for horror stories about "how bad Ian was" because if FEMA is doing this, they are going to need awesome cover. How many levees will they blow? Well, considering there are none to be blown, the story line is going to HAVE TO BE huge!!

It looks like alt media drank the kool aid.

Someone in alt media (I did not track down who) published a report about "hoarders raising food prices". Probably a CIA front. Why would repeating that be drinking the kool aid? That's easy to explain - Because communists and the MSM call ALL PREPPERS hoarders. You are not prepping, you are HOARDING. Using the word "intensifies" in conjunction with "hoarding" also pegs you as a leftist con job, anyone in alt media should have seen that and known it for what it was rather than repeating it.
Now, I know that lately alt media has been getting censored so badly that it's often hard to come up with content, but to get content you should never allow your audience (which is the primary pool of preppers) be called "hoarders", especially in famously communist terms, because that's just setting them up for the takedown. Who wants that?

Would I ever buy an electric car?

Sure. AFTER I had a clandestine 5000 plus watt solar system installed. I would not want the state to know about it. If anyone had such a setup, no one would shut their electric car down. Sure, range would be limited to within 100 miles of home, but that would be acceptable compared to no car. A 5,000 watt solar panel setup would charge a Tesla at a rate of 20 mph average during peak sun. You'd get at least 120 miles of range per (sunny) day out of that.
The system would have to stay clandestine because more and more states are causing problems for solar homeowners. They don't care about the climate, it is all about regulation, control, and "owning nothing and being happy". Own nothing, be happy, and if you are not happy, we have a pill for that!!

BOTH Nord Stream pipelines have suffered huge pressure drops

Update: It appears both Nordstream 1 and 2 are so seriously damaged that they might actually be destroyed. If that's the case, expect major action for Russia and a complete winter disaster in Europe.

Both of them are sub-sea pipelines which makes me think the problems have probably been induced by American or Israeli submarines. Though an undersea route is very practical during normal times, in times of war it's the worst thing you could possibly have because anyone can sneak up on it and cause a sudden "pressure loss". Russia is far too straightforward to be the source of sabotage, if there's one thing you can count on with Russia, it is that messages may be given subtly, but Russia does not play B.S.
Additionally, Russia has nothing to gain and everything to lose with those pipelines damaged. Russia was still selling gas. Who wanted the dark winter? Who mentioned the dark winter? Who coined the phrase? and what is the loss of both Nord Stream pipelines likely to cause for Europe? Who wants the American dollar to be the prominent currency? The british pound did rebound to $1.10 after hitting an all time low of $1.05 but the trend is down, who would want that? Obviously someone who has everything invested in America. Like George Soros.
Who's calling the shots? Schwab or Soros? I'd say Soros. First they'll totally crash Europe while injuring the United States. Then they'll totally crash the US also.

Elon Musk is about to unveil a new robot

I think all the robots thus far have been stripped down piles of crap. I think even Sophia is probably just an Amazon Alexa with a different face and voice attached. That's all it will take for a talkbot like that. Elon might give us something real. After years of trying to get it right and making great progress and producing a rather impressive robot, Honda retired the Asimo program because MIT and others like Elon Musk have made it irrelevant. One huge talent can totally blow away a team of engineers, what's going to happen when Elon puts the self driving tech into his robot? As much as that has been ripped on, it is still amazing and when the only problem would possibly be bumping into someone (which happens frequently in real life) that self driving tech would be awesome.
Both Honda and Elon are masters at mechanics as well. However, Elon has Spacex so I'd venture to guess he'll come up with an absolutely superior robot body as well, I predict Elon will leapfrog the Asimo program in six months flat and blow it away in a year. The fact that Honda retired Asimo after all that work pretty much says it all. And I don't think MIT came up with anything across the board superior to Asimo, though they did totally kill Asimo with the physical aspects. Asimo was able to listen to multiple conversations at once in multiple languages (not just two, at least five) and participate in all of them simultaneously. MIT never accomplished that. Even Sophia cannot do that. Elon probably will.

I do not believe IAN was serious

Disclaimer: There are some interesting photos that would indicate something bad happened, but at least one is impossible and there's not a single off shore neighborhood with storm damage pictured, (storm surge always wipes out beach homes, sometimes even with only a tropical storm) - IAN is a "wait and see" but for now it looks like trailers, storm surge, and an excuse for FEMA to be very naughty. Right now, before the outer eyewall has even made landfall, it does not qualify as a hurricane at all, and barely cuts it for a tropical storm. The winds at water level are only 65 MPH according to Ventusky, which is a very reliable wind speed site. So what's new? They play this game every time in the name of "climate change".
Drudge has even gone as far as calling it "Ian the Horrible". What is going to happen when something horrible does strike? I doubt it will in the near future, I think the sun is going into a relaxed cycle where it is not outputting as much, which means weather mod and fake headlines will be needed to fake anything other than global cooling. Additionally, I don't think the continuous overcast from all the chemtrailing is doing anything but causing cooling also.

Want proof the schools have been weaponized? Dems vote to block parental consent for gender therapy

Now why on earth would they do that? As far as they see it, you kids are not your kids.

Florida has issued evacuation orders for Hurricane IAN

300,000 have been ordered to vacate Tampa Florida. They say Ian is going to gain strength rapidly. I say: Doubt it, but if I lived in an area that oes not do well in hurricanes I would consider it wise to evacuate, provided I could be sure I would not be robbed while away. That happens a lot.

Putin granted Snowden Russian citizenship

You know what that means? It means Snowden will soon have an AK in his hands, did he ever consider that??

A couple weeks ago, Trudeau banned 1,500 models of guns in Canada and ordered their confiscation. Today, the head of the Alberta RCMP commanded all the police to ignore the new gun laws and not enforce them at all.

So that's a small win I guess, at first I thought it was all of Canada but nope, just Alberta. Let's hope that much, if not all of Canada follows suit.

HUGE: How did I miss this? The British pound is falling like a rock,

The pound may soon, for the first time in history, be valued below the U.S. dollar. If that happens all hell is going to break loose in Britain, and this strongly implies that the "money changers" have favored the United States over Britain, and probably Europe as well. They'll probably base themselves in the U.S. rather than Brussels as I once suspected they would . . . .

The headlines on Drudge strongly imply the steal in America is still on

The scheme is to blackball Trump and Repulbicans so much that it gives a "plausible reason" for America to suddenly swing left right when needed. In the end, the stories about Trump will fade away and everyone will accept yet another round of vote fraud.

A brit lays it all out: We are getting scammed.

Britain is energy independent, Britain does not get any gas from Russia or America, Britain gets it from the North Sea, and gas is not even the big contributor to British energy, over 50 percent of Britsh energy comes from wind and nuclear, and then there's hydroeletric also. The war in Ukraine did not affect Britain in any way. Absolutely nothing changed on the British energy scene other than high level scammers arbitrarily jacking up prices in a great big "blame Russia" con job.
The linked video is an hour long but if you click past the advert it will land where he's making his main points.

That said, Nord Stream 2 dropped from 105 bar to 7 bar overnight . . . . .

so something is going on there . . . . . rumor has it that it is leaking into the water off the Danish coast, HMM, would that be the work of an American submarine??? All the MSM outlets are now calling the pipeline "defunct". So it is probably under attack and they are going to blame all the damage on Russia not maintaining it. Some outlets are still reporting that it dropped from 300 bar to 7 bar but corrections are being made, 300 bar is a nearly unachievable pressure. High pressure long range gas pipelines typically operate between 70 and 100 bar, I'd attribute operating at even 105 bar to the typical Russian tendencies towards lower safety margins. Example: How the Russian fixed the space shuttle in the movie "Armageddon" by throwing the service manual aside and simply beating on things instead. In the movie, that saved the day.

The banking disaster rumor DID NOT come true

That's why I am always skeptical of rumors that have been spread before, only to go nowhere. Banking collapse rumors circulate strongly once every six months or so, whenever some pundit manages to spew a good spiel.
However, China is still up in the air. We have now learned that China is genociding an entire city in an effort to purge Muslims out. More on this down the page a ways, either Xi was saying NO, and his party did not agree, or he was saying YES and his party did not agree, there's probably trouble in China in one form or another and we now at least know there's a genocide underway.

Italy's new conservative (normal) Prime Minister says it like it is and will probably get whacked.

Italy's new prime minister Giorgia Meloni says it like it is: The entire purpose of the attacks on family, gender, and country are to remove our self identity. She lays it all out perfectly. There are two possible ways she got into power: 1. She's a trojan horse or 2. The Jews were too afraid to steal this election in Italy because the heat is on too much right now, when it comes to election theft the gig is up worldwide, everyone knows it, nothing is hidden and stealing elections nowadays basically amounts to calculating whether or not there will be enough outrage from the people to actually threaten the local synagogue. Italy probably passed that mark, Giorgia does not look fake.
If you are going to run a perfect slave state, people cannot self identify even down to the word "I". "I" cannot exist. "I AM" a boy. "I AM" a girl. That has to be stripped, because if it is not stripped, it could evolve into "I AM worth more than this". Self must be expunged down to "what is today's assignment? Same as yesterday? OK.

BEWARE of new highly sophisticated ATM bank card skimmers

They are less than a millimeter thick, fit perfectly in the credit card slot of an ATM and they read the magnetic strip on the card to get the card data. A sideways facing pinhole camera then steals your PIN when you enter it.
This is crazy stuff, someone spent an enormous pile developing this totally un-noticeable contraption. That was NOT done by "uncle Bob", there's a major company behind this.

China is committing a genocide in Yinling city

I found out about this in an offhanded way. They are targeting the Ughihr Muslims for a wipeout, most have not had anything to eat in 40 days. The American MSM is silent on this, China is claiming "only 20 people a day are dying" but that admission asks the question, why are ANY starving at all??

See this Youtube video, it really is happening.

Is this why Xi was rumored to be having problems?? Coronavirus is a GREAT scapegoat for a genocide.

Think the Democrats won New York in 2020? think again.

If this is the reception Nancy got at a leftist music festival in New York, there's no way Trump lost that state.
Trump also smashed California and "they" stole that state too. The real action happened in California, where it took them an entire month to "count the votes".

Favorite Leftist lie: The boomers destroyed everything.

FACT: The "boomer way of doing things" was stopped completely right around 1985, at the latest 1990, and it has been ALL DOWNHILL SINCE. Boomers thought "made in Japan was crap" and even today, the old American tools when dug out and tested beat the quality of the new Japanese tools, and totally destroy anything from China. THE BOOMERS DID IT RIGHT.
They passed on enough common sense to the Gen-x'ers to make Gen-X the next target, that generation is targeted already. Boomers were the best America ever got, at a time when America was the best at EVERYTHING. It's no wonder the ire of the elite is pointed at the boomers now, and the so-called "elite" will proceed to blame everything they themselves did to destroy the United States on the boomers to make young america, which the "elite" have made clueless, hate it's heritage. It's called "displacement", and it will serve well to make sure the old, great America never returns.
UP NEXT: The slave state the Boomers were the opposite of.

"Horse and carriage is NOT the future.

Animal rights laws will prevent that. The future will not be bicycles either, the world is about to go Kim Jong on a global scale, in North Korea bicycles were banned because they gave the general public too much mobility, which "destabilized the country".
The evolotion will be: Electric, only to have that made so expensive that you call for an "electric transport" that goes about 25 mph which is enough to get to the store but not really do anything, to go somewhere you'll have to use the train. THEN:
The train and electric transport will be priced out of reach, forcing people onto bicycles. Then, they'll make up an excuse for why bicycles are destroying the planet and the common core types, (which will be totally dominant by then) will believe it.
Then they will ban bicycles.
The next step to "preserving resources" will be to have people walk everywhere, until even that will be "too much" and the world will evolve into a system of work camps no one leaves without permission - the perfect slave society.

"1,000 Goy slaves."

Will I live to see it? Probably not, but I'll probably live to "call electric transport".


That's an absolutely INSANE price and an electric car charging station in Britain is asking that much, making electric FAR MORE expensive than petrol.

Electric car chargepoint operator Osprey ups rates to record 1 GPB per kWh making it pricier than fuelling a petrol model
Osprey Charging has increased the cost to use its rapid devices by more than 50% on rising wholesale prices Charging rates hiked from 66p per kWh to 1 GPB - that means each charge of a family EV will rise to around 40 GPB MY COMMENT: Unless it's a Tesla, that raises the price to 80 british pounds, MINIMUM, and some EV's will cost considerably more than that to charge, it's all about battery capacity and the higher the better. 40 KWH is for the lowest electric cars on the road now.-
With wholesale electricity prices continuing to soar, he said the company had been put in a 'difficult position'
My comment: This is where electric is going, if you have an electric car you had better get solar panels at home and keep them a secret or you'll end up being charged for using them, that's happening more and more these days. Obviously the electric cars are a trap, they want people totally dependent on electric and then they'll just say there's a "power shortage" and either jack the prices to impossible levels or cut everyone off.
To put this in perspective, charging 1 pound per KWH will make a 12 mile trip in a Tesla cost about $4 USD IF you are taking it easy. $4 would get you about 10 seconds of "ludicrous mode". I once had a Ford F250 with a 460 in it. I tested it and if you were doing the ultimate light foot you could eke 18 MPG on the freeway at about 60. Gas was cheap at that time, so I put in my head the truck could get 18 and proceeded to get about 4 MPG because that much power was too much fun. Acceleration is a PRIMARY reason why people buy Tesla, even the slowest Tesla is a monster, electric prices at that price will make driving a Tesla simply not viable for most people..

ANOTHER RUMOR: BANKING OUTAGE I always ignore stuff like this until the rumor gets too loud -

I fist saw this rumor on the 22nd and totally blew it off. Apparently there's a liquidity crisis and the ATM's are supposed to shut down on Sunday, starting in the UK on Sunday, and the US on Monday. Total mayhem follows and then over the coming days it spreads globally.
I call BS, but at least I mentioned it. At least I hope it is BS . . . . Heard it before . . . . why this time??

CIA sponsored war propaganda???

Russia had better hope so. I guess the AK's might be salvageable with a little TLC and who knows how many, if any, were like this.

Red cross not labeling vaxxed blood

Important to know about if this is true. According to this, the Red Cross will not label the blood beause "the vax does not enter the blood stream and is harmless".
Well, the Rothschilds are deeply involved with the Red Cross. That's probably why. No further comment.


Jennifer Zeng who is highly credible on Chinese topics cannot make sense of this, and is responding to the rumors the same way I am. She's not sure either.

Is it true? There's nothing in the MSM about this yet, which means one of THREE things:

1. The story is BS.
2. Xi was a Soros puppet, the PLA got sick of it and trashed him for it, and the American MSM is trying to figure out how to spin this
3. Perhaps specific leaders that were powerful enough said "enough of the Russia alliance BS, we don't want to be wiped out by the United States, so we are in charge.
What would I go with? Easy answer: SOROS TROLL, because if this is true and the MSM is mum about it, it could mean only that, if China flipped away from Russia the MSM would be doing a high ball.

NOT ONE PEEP ABOUT THIS ON DRUDGE, not even a mention of a huge stupid "conspiracy theory" which may mean they just don't know how to spin this. IT COULD ALSO MEAN THE ENTIRE RUMOR IS FALSE.

Electric cars are making power grids unstable

OF COURSE. That's what happens when you drop a huge new load on a system that is systematically being scaled back via the carbon tax and carbon based fuel bans, while unreliable and hellishly expensive solar and windmills take over. It is all part of the plan - get everyone on electric, then jack the rates through the roof, and then declare that people can't charge their cars because the system can't handle it . . . . own nothing and be happy!

NOT RUMOR: Massachussetts energy companies are arbitrarily declaring a 64 percent rate increase Nov 1.

Gosh, that's almost two months before the official start of winter in Massachussetts!!! Ought to get nice and cold before winter "officially" starts. I myself call "after Halloween" the start of winter, but that's not "official".
Massachussetts is not alone in this, lots of other states are going to hammer the rates at about the same time. Question: Energy is a commodity. How do they know they will HAVE TO spike the rates like this? They don't, it is all politics.

Time to spill the rumor: Coup in China

I ignored this at first, but have seen it in too many credible places. Rumor has it that Xi is facing ouster and that a coup is underway in China. Some have speculated that it is not a coup, and that it is a military operation getting underway. On the 21'st there were headlines stating that China's air traffic would be cut by at least 57 percent over the next short term (define that) let's say a couple weeks, and that the cancellations have already started and that the Chinese are upset.
Therefore I suspect there is a military action underway, and that there is no coup because if there was a coup, headlines would not have been talking about mass flight cancellations in the near future, a coup is done in secret.
End rumor, for what it's worth. Wait and see I guess.

Russia has been well set up for a nuclear false flag

If anything happens, don't believe a word of what is said on CNN and other outlets. I seriously doubt anything will happen, but I would be very suspicious if anything did.

more than one person caught one of Bill Gates' mosquitoes

And it is numbered. Hoax, no?? It is not a lone incident. And how do you stamp a mosquito? You don't, it is likely genetically programmed to grow that number.

Does not look quite normal either!

New Covid variant BF.7 is spreading like wildfire and could soon "become dominant".

And if you check, there's also a variant BF.15 and there's probably lots of other BF's because it what?? Spreads like monkeypox???

Tucker Carlson is right: The U.S. is the one threatening nuclear war by suggesting it so much.

Every time you look at what Russia actually says, Russia is NOT threatening nuclear war, Russia instead says "do not threaten us because all options are on the table". So hearing the U.S. claim over and over again that Russia is making threats means only one thing - that it is the U.S. that intends to attack, thus making "all options open by Russia" necessary.
When the U.S., via Zelensky, threatens to nuke Russia, that's an "all options" prospect and what, did the U.S. smuggle nukes into Ukraine? Is Ukraine now a holder of U.S. nukes like Turkey? I would not be surprised.

Significant development: Russia mobilized 300,000 troops

But . . . . BUT. . . . I thought they lost them all in Ukraine!!!

Russia NEVER sent 300,000 troops to Ukraine and the linked MSM report states that this is a PARTIAL mobilization. So what happened to that "defeated" Russian army??!!?? A lot of people and pundits are saying Putin is threatening to go nuclear. I say not likely. Putin is simply reminding the West that conventional armies are going to take a back seat if he believes HIS conventional army will be wiped out. After all, when it comes to nuclear capabilities Russia can go toe to toe with anyone, and nukes trump convetional hands down. It makes no sense to build a huge conventional army when the only thing that can beat what you have is a superpower that has nukes, where you actually might win.

FACT: There will be NO NUCLEAR WAR until Putin's conventional forces are defeated and he's just getting started, UNLESS the West nukes first.

Simple as that.
Additionally, there are rumors and rumors of rumors of an impending draft in the U.S. That's possible, and if Russia is so weak why would America even need to consider that? I guess participation ribbons won't cut it, no matter how good your tech is and what about that Covid shot they all got? Do they need better blood now or what?
Just imagine what some of our draftees will look like nowadays and how they'll perform . . . .

The new Iphone is a full time connected SAT phone and no one even knows it. Get a LOAD OF THIS!!!

"Use Emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone 14

With iPhone 14 models, you can use Emergency SOS via satellite to text emergency services when you're out of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.
How Emergency SOS via satellite works
Emergency SOS via satellite can help you connect with emergency services under exceptional circumstances when no other means of reaching emergency services are available. If you call or text emergency services and can't connect because you're outside the range of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, your iPhone tries to connect you via satellite to the help that you need.
When you use a satellite connection, the experience is different than sending or receiving a message via cellular. In ideal conditions with a direct view of the sky and the horizon, a message might take 15 seconds to send, and over a minute to send under trees with light or medium foliage. If you're under heavy foliage or surrounded by other obstructions, you might not be able to connect to a satellite. Connection times can also be impacted by your surroundings, the length of your message, and the status and availability of the satellite network.
My comment: And when you get bugged, you're going to be tracked NO MATTER WHAT, all the way out in the back country where there is no signal, or out on the ocean where there is no signal, after all an SOS can't be legit without your GPS coordinates! Forget the miracle it is that it can work without a dish, this is straight up tyranny fodder.
And by the way, I got a bottom of the line cell phone so I could take the battery out. GUESS WHAT?? The battery, when out of the phone sitting by itself, gives the notification ding. If you can take the battery out (at least in this case), the battery itself now has complete cell circuitry in it, and in my case it even has a damn speaker. And it looks like a normal battery, there is no speaker hole on it. Someone who bugs that battery has to be damn stupid to make the mistake of having it ding. Once bugged, the SIM is optional, the bug software takes care of that.
I was wondering why the charge was depleting even with it out of the phone until I noticed it dinged . . . . .

A college professor speaks up: College is worthless.

"Former professor here. I'm in the process of changing careers and here's why: I cannot ethically continue to take a salary from such a fucked up system.
The underlying problem is the diversity worship. College administration believes in diversity above all else. We as professors have been forced to water down the curriculum so that the majority of our "new recruits" can be "successful" and graduate. I'm here to report I have given students passing grades who didn't even speak English.
These students get a worthless degree and in exchange, they mortgage their future with student loans, and in my experience, many of these minority students who were held in such high esteem by the diversity worshippers are unable to find gainful employment. Now these little brown pawns are saddled with a lifetime of debt and no ability to pay it off.
Since the brown wave of invaders, quality has fallen so low that many universities have embraced a system of accommodating "disabilities". This generally involves students who are either retarded or cheaters. The kids who are retarded obviously should not be there (I've been commanded to give some of these students up to four times the amount of time on exam) and the clever cheaters have figured out that all they need to say is "I have test anxiety" and the disability office takes over from there to justify their own existence. I taught in a major that is a direct pipeline into medical professions. I'd often argue that none of these students will receive double time or a distraction free environment on the job.
Who wins in all this mess? Administration. They recruit the retards and minorities because all they see are numbers and skin tones. Their existence as overpaid and underworked management depends on numbers. Our American population just isn't enough to sustain their outrageous salaries so they worship diversity and recruit kids who have no business in college. I cannot stress enough how destructive administration has become at universities around the country. They are a group of highly unethical, egotistical, lazy and overstuffed people who would have no chance in a career outside academia. The most dangerous of these people are the female administrators who will lie and cheat to attain their desired outcomes.
So in closing I am leaving the profession because I can't lie anymore. I can't pretend what I'm doing is good or noble. I hope our country takes notice of what is happening, because I really did believe in the concept of higher education, but like everything in our nation, it has been rotted from the inside out. If you want the best for your kids, send them to a trade school. I would only let my kids attend university if they were dead set on a career they could not obtain without a degree (e.g. nursing, engineering, etc). Things are truly worse than you think on every college campus.
My comment: College used to be for the best and brightest, and a college degree made a difference when only 10 percent (or so) of the population could go to college and actually be smart enough to get through it.
THEN college became easier, and became EXPECTED. If you did not go to college, you were second class, and average people could pass.
NOW college is there to pass the bottom and put it equal with the top in the name of "equality" which really means "subversion" and "creating confusion to prevent a nation of employers from knowing who really is qualified for the job. If someone truly qualified lands the interview along with someone who is not really qualified, is papered better, and can talk a good line, who's getting hired?

You guess.

And that's a great way to lower a superpower down to a status where it can be defeated. Which countries want that? 1. Israel. 2. China. 3. Russia. And Israel is making it happen.


                   NY SUES TRUMP CLAN FOR FRAUD
                                'ART OF THE STEAL'
                                   222-PAGE FILING

If he inflated his worth by billions, and paid taxes based on that, why would a referral to the IRS be made? For a refund?
Trump lost billions over the presidency, and this may be how they'll try to cover that up. Leftists won't consider how "inflating value" can't possibly trigger the IRS into doing anything, they'll just drool over the headlines while chewing their nails.

Something new to be aware of (I had no idea this was going on)

When you get a new job, that job often includes training. That training always used to be free. Now companies are having minimum work times required to "pay for" the training, and if you leave before that time you get charged thousands of dollars.

Remember the song sixteen tons"? Sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt . . . . . I owe my soul to the company store . . . . . what is going on now is the new form of that.
Back before workers rights laws, a lot of corporations would have their factories or mines or whatever else in such remote locations that there was no way to leave to buy food or anything else. So they would set up company stores at the job site, and what was in the stores was priced higher than what people's wages could pay for, so they ended up in debt to the company and could not leave until that debt was paid off. That gave the corporations a literal slave pool they could rob, they'd get back all the pay in the company store which basically amounted to a slave's comissary.
Now, asking for people to pay for job related training before they can work, (training that used to be assumed and free for any job) is beginning to take the form of the old "company store".
When getting a new job, be careful of what you are getting into because a lot of times the wording in the agreements is tricky and that training is not free, when it really should be. This includes explicit wording in big print saying it is free, which the fine print nullifies. This can subsequently be used as a way to force you to work for a place far longer than you wanted to.

It is not just the deaths, it is the disabilities

I was making an error when I said that all the job openings that could not be filled were caused by vax deaths. Actually, the vax is disabling people and making them unable to work at a ratio of at least 5:1 which means far more people are out of the workforce than the death stats would indicate. This reality is a new discovery, it is probably a lot worse than stated.

In this video, Edward Down states that five million people are out of the workforce from vax related disabilities but my guess is it is far more than that because it is way too early for most of the people who have been disabled to even realize what has happened and get it recorded as a disability. TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

In earlier reports from this year I calculated at least 20 million people were dead and did it with the workforce stats. That was an error, because the people might not actually be dead, they might just be disabled and too weak or sick to work. Now we have five million documented disabled people added to the list which helps explain what is going on and why there is a worker shortage and why Biden has the border open to get more workers into the country - , that's 25 percent of 20 millio. When you add the actual deaths it's probably 30 percent of 20 million and the number will grow as more and more people realize that life is not the same anymore, and subsequently go on disability.
Many sites are repeating reports about Wal Mart canceling billions of dollars of orders, and predicting a dark winter because of it. I think this year will be a dark winter for Europe, but not the United States.
Consider this:

If five million people are out of the workforce due to disabilities and well over a million are now dead, and there's probably a LOT MORE than five million disabled because most have not come to grips with it yet, and that was not in Wal Mart's calculations, OF COURSE they'd be canceling orders because they'd be having their inventory pile up. Wal mart has just on time inventory. If there's substantially more inventory because 10+ million people are not buying anymore, they'd have to cancel to avoid being overstocked. That's what I think "wal mart canceling orders" is really about.

The earthquake in Mexico did nothing that I am aware of

Construction is simply too well done in earthquake zones now for a 7.6 "off the Pacific coast" in an area not immediately near any city for it to do much. Yes it was a significant quake. Significant consequences? No.
What is interesting with this however is that this quake happened within an hour of a nationwide earthquake simulation which means it might not have been a natural quake at all. It is highly probable someone sent Mexico a threat.

Zukerberg lost $71 billion after the horse sh** endeavor "Metaverse"

People probably thought he was crazy for attempting such a piece of crap and it hurt the credibility of everything, including facebook which was already facing credibility issues over abject censorship.
The world can do without Zukerberg, let's all hope the losses continue until he's hanging out in mom's basement.

Another badly censored tweet: some places in Europe are seeing a 10x increases in energy prices and riots are breaking out.

Once again, through all of this remember: The actual energy providers, (Russia mainly) have not increased their prices at all, it is the local governments and subverted companies doing this. 100 percent treason for "the great reset".

Bill Gates strongly implies that they are not going to meet their 2030 goals

Too many people caught onto the vax and can see through the BS. Hopefully Russia is not just playing a game also, and threw a wrench into the works. Soros has claimed to own China, but if he does not truly understand the Chinese mind, he might not. And that would also cause a 2030 failure.

Celtics fans loudly sing and hold a huge letterboard: "If you hate the Royal Family clap your hands" over a one minute applause for the queen.

The content is marked "sensitive" and some people won't be able to watch it, there's the hardest block on this I have ever seen. But it's not deleted. aah yes, here's another copy that works:

NO ONE who avoided the vax regrets it

Show me the grieving masses that are sad because they did not get any of the corona shots. Aside from a few scammers posting for pay, there's nothing. Then look for posts by people claiming to have been damaged by the shots, reports of deaths, the whole 9 yards. They number in the hundreds of thousands, even after Faceplant went into overdrive trying to wipe them out, and all the other social media firms did everything they could to wipe out all discussion of the topic.

It appears to me, just by who's happy about their decisions now, that the science is settled!

How can Germany's energy sector be collapsing when Russia provided the gas on the cheap?

There's an easy explanation for this - buy the gas on the cheap, charge everyoe 4x the price, get a multi billion dollar windfall, steal it all from the company's coffers and then declare bankruptcy. That's exactly what they did, and they did it for a reason: Cash in pocket, and "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy".
Obviously they will try to blame Russia for this, but Russia was not gouging at all, the company DID get the money after gouging it's customers, why is the company suddenly bankrupt? Where did the money go? Obviously into "the great reset."

Beforitsnews post: Chinese troops are now entering Ukraine to fight for Russia

Apparently China has sent a very small symbolic force to Ukraine.

I do not put stuff from Beforitsnews on this site for a reason and that is because it's usually made up crap.

Keep in mind this is "beforitnews" which is not vetted in any way at all and predominantly posts hoaxes. However, since China has formally allied with Russia, this might be true, even if it is a symbolic presense not really able to accomplish anything, if it is true it is quite the development.

Taiwan is having a string of significant earthquakes

Enough to make me wonder if China is experimenting with earthquake tech. It started yesterday and I ignored it because though a 6.5 is significant, it is not newsworthy. However, when that is followed by a 7.2 and a bunch of other high magnitude quakes up to 6.0 it is worth mentioning. So far it is probable that improved construction has minimized damage. The 7.2 was intense and shook for a whole minute, it was not just a bump.
UPDATE: infrastructure is failing.

There is a lot of speculation that China is causing this, I am not alone in my suspicions.

Rumor has it that DeSantis paid over $12,000 each to fly the migrants to Martha's vineyard. That could be disinfo, but if it is not it would not reflect well on him. If he wants to play games like this he needs to do it in an upright way, not ripping the public off.

Confession of a troll: "I was just offered $400 to make an anti-Trump video" (Where disinformation really comes from)

Trump never needed to pay anyone to do anything pro-Trump.

More on the immigrants DeSantis sent to Martha's vineyard

Hillary called it human trafficking,
Martha's vineyard welcomed "all migrants" officially, on the surface (for a good look) and when they arrived, they were immediately kicked out.
And THEN: The leftists who supposedly welcom migrants held a fundraiser to "help the migrants" and then stole the money.
In addition to this, prior to this incident, Martha's Vineyard had a fund of $14 million to "help migrants" and someone stole it all. So despite advertising decent accomodations for them, when they arrived there was NOTHING and they are now mad at DeSantis for sending them there.


Leftists are not charitable at all. Their fundraisers are cash cows and if they ever do anything in the name of charity, it is for the purpose of politics and their own personal gain and they'll only put on a charity face if the actual charity is done by anyone but them.
Meanwhile, censors on social media are having to wipe out endless posts to the effect of: Screw Martha's Vineyard, SEND MORE.

Vaxxed drag queen drops dead on stage during a performance

My comment: Lifestyle choies can have consequences, AND I MEAN THE VAX.

Those who have been injured by the vax are not allowed to talk about it evidently . . .

Putin is a master troll: "If you want the gas to flow, all you have to do is push one button

From Pravda:
If European countries want to cope with the energy crisis, then they should lift sanctions from the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Vladimir Putin believes.
Russia is not the cause of the energy crisis in Europe. In order to overcome it, European countries can, in particular, lift sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference following the SCO summit.
"In the end, if it gets too hard, if everything gets so difficult, go and lift the sanctions from Nord Stream 2. Fifty-five billion cubic meters per year - just press the button, and it will flow," the Russian president said.
"The energy crisis in Europe did not begin with the start of the special military operation in Ukraine. It started with the green agenda," Putin said.
My comment; Even if it is just theater, Putin is stating the facts. Europe is causing the gas crisis, not Tussia. It is not a good idea to "fight a war" against Russia by putting in place sanctions that will cause Russia to play it's hand. Europe will suffer more from the sanctions than Russia will.

Update to a post from yesterday: Martha's Vineyard has a MELTDOWN after De Santis flew two planeloads of illegals in

"What!?? What do you mean? We can't be the victims of the sh** we push off on everyone else!!! GET THEM OUT OF HERE, THEY HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE . . . . all the while Martha's Vineyard has a prominent sign stating they are welcome!!!


How the US planned the war and energy crisis in Europe

The US wants the European union in a war with Russia, and has even manipulated the environmentalists into making it happen.
"As the first outlet in Europe, Nya Dagbladet can publish what appears to be classified US plans to crush the European economy by means of a war in Ukraine and an induced energy crisis..
RAND Corporation's think tank, which has a huge work force of 1,850 employees and a budget of $350 million, has the official aim of "improving policies and decision-making through research and analysis". It is primarily connected to the United States Department of Defence and is infamous for having been influential in the development of military and other strategies during the Cold War.
A document signed RAND, under the opening heading of "Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.", suggests that there is an "urgent need" for an influx of resources from outside to maintain the overall American economy, but "especially the banking system".
"Only European countries bound by EU and NATO commitments can provide us with these without significant military and political costs for us."
According to RAND, the main obstacle to this ambition is the growing independence of Germany. Among other things, it points out that Brexit has given Germany greater independence and made it more difficult for the United States to influence the decisions of European governments.
A key objective that permeates this cynical strategy is, in particular, to destroy the cooperation between Germany and Russia, as well as France, which is seen as the greatest economic and political threat to the United States .
"If implemented, this scenario will eventually turn Europe into not only an economic, but also a political competitor to the United States" it declares.
The only way: "Draw both sides into war with Ukraine".
In order to crush this political threat, a strategic plan, primarily focused on destroying the German economy, is presented.
"Stopping Russian deliveries could create a systematic crisis that would be devastating for the German economy and indirectly for the European Union as a whole", it states, and believes that the key is to draw the European countries into war.
"The only possible way to ensure that Germany rejects Russian energy supplies is to draw both sides into the military conflict in Ukraine. Our continued actions in this country will inevitably lead to a military response from Russia. Russia is clearly not going to leave to the massive Ukrainian army's pressure on the Donetsk People's Republic without a military response. This would make it possible to portray Russia as the aggressive party and then implement the entire package of sanctions, which has already been drawn up".
Green parties will force Germany to "fall into the trap".
The green parties in Europe are described as being particularly easy to manipulate into running the errands of American imperialism.
"The prerequisite for Germany to fall into this trap is the dominant role of green parties and European ideologies. The German environmental movement is a highly dogmatic, if not fanatical, movement, which makes it quite easy to get them to ignore economic arguments", it writes, citing the current foreign minister of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, and the climate minister, Robert Habeck, as examples of this type of politician.

This is so obviously the work of the CIA and SOROS that it does not surprise me at all. Rand is credited for it, but this did not get the green light without CIA involvement. the rest of this amazing find is here.

Ridiculous headline on Drudge: "We are ready to team up". REDS RISING.

The headline is one of the huge ones and goes to a worn out topic about Russia and China being quite open allies. I'll put this straight: Russia offers China about 20 percent of the economic incentives the United States does, IF THAT. It might only be 10 percent. FINAL ANSWER:


China is going to pay lip service to Russia and China will please the United States. That's all there is to it.
Another Drudge headline: New York City the wealthiest in the world. I can tell you how that happened, when places like Beijing ought to blow New York away: This happened likely because New York was a giant sucking vortex for all that corona bailout cash that seemed to vanish into nowhere! New York surely is not producing enough to earn that status legitimately, how about Beijing?

2 weeks ago the WEF launched a new AI to "fight disinformation" on the web.

It looks like it worked. Alt media has fallen off a cliff. Practically all of what is posted now is old re-runs as people scramble for something, anything to post and even I am trying not to do that.
In the place of legit new reports, there is disinfo posted that is allowed to spread, such as Germany unilaterally banning the Covid vax (nothing of the sort happened) but that's allowed to spread like wildfire.
One super cool thing did happen though - Everyone should know by now that some states that are run by conservatives are shipping illegal immigrants to DC and other places which are causing them to come, and then having the conservative states take them. So the conservative states are putting them on buses and gifting them to the people who brought them here. DeSantis took this to a whole new level - he chartered two commercial jets and flew them full of migrants into Martha's vineyard. Only elites live there, Martha's Vineard is their bugout location, where they can live in comfort if TSHTF for them, that's why Obama is there. Sending illegal migrants there by plane (because it's an island) has upped the ante big time and is good for a huge laugh. Yes, I am laughing at that.
Rumor has it that there will be no rail workers strike because "Biden saved the day and handled the problem". I'll tell you something - there's no way the wages in the United States could possibly be so high without something nefarious going on. They HAVE TO be that high just because rents, services and fuel prices are held very artificially high, and that situation is synthetic.

The high rents and home prices are an act of war.

Who's causing that?
Well, I'll explain what is going on with that - the high prices that make it MANDATORY to pay people exhorbitantly are an act of war that is being waged via zoning ordnances (the freemasons) high rents and property prices (the Jews so they can milk financing and more,) and mega fuel and utility prices (the WEF). The sole reason for this is to force Americans to be paid exhorbitant amounts of money, which is subsequently stolen via taxes (to feed the war machine) and also stolen via the same high rents, fuel prices and utility prices for ONE REASON: To soak the last of the wealth out of the United States so the Jews and "elites" can spend it elsewhere where the people can live on 10 percent of an American wage to the same standard of living simply because they are not being robbed.
What does it take to drop the price of a home by 90 percent? even 98 percent? It's easy: Drop zoning laws and leave people alone. Remember the good old days with Adobe houses that anyone who manages to find now will be thankful for because they are so comfortable and stay warm without heating and cool without air conditioning? THOSE ARE FREE. Only labor, and they are so easy to build anyone can do it, and they stand without much maintenance for 200 years. Who changed that over to shitty stick built crap that needs constant maintenance, costs a fortune to build and a fortune to cool because they are just wooden boxes that heat up instantly in the sun, and freeze instantly in the cold - WHO DID THAT? Find the answer, and you'll discover exactly who the enemy is. Can't pull off a "dark winter" when everything is adobe!! You would not freeze out jack.
And if you did not want Adobe, stick built could be done for 10 percent of the current prices just by dropping zoning laws and building codes and leaving people alone. So what if they build a tree fort quality house? Is it liveable? That's the only question that should be asked, and even at that, that question should ONLY be asked by the buyer if the house is ever sold. That's what a free country is, where the **** did America go? Initially the codes and zoning did have a purpose, but in this day and age, they are nothing but a platform for robbing people of every last dime they can dig out of the cracks.
There is little chance America will ever be rescued from this situation - Because the property values have been forced to such unreasonably high levels that the zoning laws and building codes HAVE TO stay in place just to prevent the "value" from being ripped out from underneath those who have paid so much into it. America is pretty much stuck where it is, and it took over 100 years to get there. History has been erased as far as what homes once were, at one time they simply were put up in a week or so and served the purpose fine, they were not a life draining investment. When World War 2 vets returned, the average home price was $2,000 dollars, they were stick built and could usually be paid for in cash, or paid off in two years. That left so much expendable cash that America did nothing but prosper. Who changed that and why? Answer that question, and you'll know who the enemy is, none of the current situation happend by accident.
So that's probably the majority of my contribution to alt media for the day, I'll certainly check throughout the day for anything new that happens to break through. If they are going to use an AI to expunge every last decent meaningful truthful news item from the web that has not already been posted 500 times it's just going to have to be like this when necessary. It's not totally unmanageable but it does leave me asking what the hell is actually going on out there.
We all know Biden has gaffes, how many more do we need?
We all know the vax is a killer, how many more embalmer's reports do we need?
We all know about the federal reserve not being federal, how many more reports do we need?
We all know we are being tracked, hacked and sold out . . . . need to hear THAT again??
Ditto for so much more, where are the reports about the latest Hillary killing? The latest sellout? The latest election theft? The latest random whistleblower item no one ever knew about, that will actually impact our lives, presented accurately? All of it is getting buried. The news is simply not the news anymore.

Illegal immigrant says the border is wide open live on Fox News, right in front of Pamela's house.

We all know that, but it is nice to get some confirmation.

Nothing in the news today so a few quick items -

King Charles seems to be having a hard time with the stresses of the new responsibilities and he's getting moody. More work than he thought it would be.
Drudge posted the worst headline yet: "Days after 911, Trump's golf course re-opens". WTH is that? What does a golf course opening on ANY DAY other than 911 have to do with anything at all? If they have to dig that deep, they have nothing at all.
Britain banned the covid vax for all kids under age 11. That's a positive step but why not go the whole way? And look at the headline: "ANGER as plans to roll back covid vax for under 11's". ANGER FROM WHO??? When you bust someone's agenda and they get mad at your actions, you don't say there's "anger" because the agenda pushers don't matter. The headline should have used the word RELIEF.
Will people rejecting organs after the MRNA vax become a trend?? Possibly.
The FBI took Mike Lindell's phone. Old well reported news, but they probably wanted his contacts directly from the device instead of a planted bug to make good and sure of those "double taps." This is nothing but drawing circles of association before a communist purge. I don't think people realize how serious this is, but then again it is sort of like watching an approaching asteroid you can't do anything about at this point. Surely we won't be voting our way out of it.
Friday is D-Day for the rail strike If the rail workers actually do strike with the economy being the mess that it is, and with all the problems the states have become for the truckers, it actually will be chaos. At exactly the worst possible time. Biden has stated he's creating "emergency contingency plans" but my VERY SAFE BET is that any "plans" will be for the sole purpose of milking the most out of a problem/reaction/solution scenario and not what is good for the country at all.

After cutting power to Ukraine to prove it could be done, Putin put the rhetoric in overdrive

He's calling out the West big time, saying it's not going to be a unipolar world order run by Jews. He has the full backing of China also. However, with Soros saying he owns China one must wonder about Putin's "prior" involvement and membership in the WEF. I would not be too sure there's any legitimacy in this at all.
However, real or not, if it serves to convince the public that this line of thought is what sparked World War 3, it will be mission accomplished.
Many people will not be able to view the RT link, I can't do anything about that right now because I can't do a capture of it right now (like I usually would).


55 seconds of Biden's speech, where he is slamming Republicans for violence, overlayed with prime scenes of BLM violence. That video calls Biden RIGHT OUT, a perfect job of showing what a liar he really is.

Congressman Tim Ryan: We have to kill and confront "extremist" Republican movement"

He thinks it is unreasonable to have to negotiate with conservatives and wants them wiped out so he can instead negotiate with leftists who wear the Republican badge, and will "communicate on more reasonable terms".
This is exactly the type of thing I have been warning about lately, they are trying their damndest to marginalize the probably 130+ million (not 80 million) Trump voters so it will be more palatable for leftist extremists to physically eliminate them. This type of talk is part of every Communist revolution - you know, the type that literally always gets completed with a genocide.

The warning signs are there. Are people going to see them this time???


"As the soviet empire collapsed, I moved in and picked up the pieces. First in Hungary, then in poland, then in China and this is how the Soros empire is replacing the soviet empire."
He left out his later endeavors that are still in progress but he's at his full age in this video, it is not old stuff.

Silly and petty: Britain asked all world leaders to fly commercial airlines to the funeral

To help fight climate change!! ANSWER: Hell no, they'll take their own state aircraft and charters where needed.

Opinion: Just because Russia made power and communications outages in Ukraine temporary does not mean it was not serious.

Mike Adams and a few others got pretty worked up about it, and they are right. If you ever wanted a warning shot fired before World War 3, cutting ALL of a nation's power off, PLUS ALL of their communications off, including Starlink for any length of time at all only means one thing:
Russia sent a message, a very clear message that they have been playing nice all along, and as soon as Russia sees fit, they can simply black out countries. Nice of Russia to not actually destroy anything serious to accomplish this, but it was still done and it represents a MAJOR escalation.
Now we have Russia cutting off gas and proving they can cut the power too. What if they expand that to all of Europe, stacked on top of a gas outage? I don't think people realize how serious this is and just how well positioned Russia is to totally kick butt this winter. Russia could, and you can surely bet Western governments are going to blame Russia for the problems, not their policy and most of all the fact that the gas only got cut because the governments of those countries did not pay the bills.

Russia is NOT being aggressive here, the European governments are being aggressive by NOT PAYING BILLS, after the citizens paid them to pay the bills IN FULL.

So Russia cut the gas. That's not aggression at all. Cutting the power sure is, but most of the current problems are not due to Russia doing anything that should not be done at all. It will be interesting to see where this all ends up, but my guess, due to the fairly obvious displays by Western governments that prove they want their nations destroyed for a "great reset" - is that this won't end in a nice place at all.

Want to see how "out of it" the new generation can be? This is it.

Two girls laugh as a large amount of gasoline spills, and stay standing right in the middle of it while one of the two is drenched in it. I take risks but even I would not do that, especially laughing.

Blue Origin crashed

Perhaps someone does not want anyone interfering with the "glory" of NASA's fake mission?

This is Amazon's rocket. One of the boosters exploded a minute after takeoff leading to a crash of a mostly intact spacecraft. Only Google's stuff was aboard, no one died. This is the first time any of Bezo's rockets exploded, but he's not going for the gold the way Musk is, Blue Origin is supposed to just be a pleasure craft.

Perhaps the most important article of the month

It has it all: Trump won 2020, I believe in Q-anon and I murdered my family
From Yahoo news:
A Michigan man shot dead by police after murdering his wife and badly injuring one of his daughters had reportedly been sucked into the QAnon conspiracy theory after refusing to accept that Donald Trump had lost the 2020 presidential election.
Details of Igor Lanis' descent into violent extremism were posted on Reddit on Sunday by his 21-year-old daughter, Rebecca Lanis, under the title "My Qdad snapped and killed my family this morning."
Some Reddit users initially questioned the veracity of the post, which was published under the username "qanonruinsfamilies" only hours after the shootings. But then Oakland County police confirmed the drama in Walled Lake, in the suburbs of Detroit, in the early hours of Sept. 11, when Lanis, 53, shot wife Tina, 56, and daughter Rachel.
My comment: Doubt it. And who's to say the REDDIT poster did not just take an existing news report and then embellish it? The police only confirmed the event, not Trump, 2020 and Q anon, IF this report is true at all. This article is important because it appears to be a frameup of patriots and others who are asking questions. Before wiping out people, communists know well they must be demonized. If Trump supporters are family killing whack jobs, a genocide is easier to accomplish.

Russia has gone into destruction mode and knocked out all the power in Ukraine.

UPDATE: Russia did not cause significant damage, this appears to have been a threat. Russia turned the power back on about 12 hours later and basically showed Ukraine who's really in charge.

Obviously if the games continue, it will be lights out in Ukraine because Russia can do it with practically no effort. Russia knocked out all the internet, cell service, and jammed starlink. If Russia did not do that before, Russia was not fighting a war. Now Russia is.

Salient thought: If Russia really is as "weak" as the west is claiming, that brings nuclear war that much closer because that's definitely a game Russia can play.

The U.S. did not win in either Afthanistan or Syria, so there's that. Some types of wars are not winnable.

Clinton appointed judge prevents Arizona officials from purging dead and illegals from voter rolls.

Gotta steal it somehow. Clintons. Interesting. Not really, we already knew.

THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY was broadcast on national television in the 1990's. OOPS, it is coming true!!!

Not much of a "theory" anymore, is it? Theories die when facts take their place. At one time, in the distant past, 2+2=4 was a theory too!

9/11 - If it happened in Israel, this would be the biggest Jewish holiday of the year.

They put many of their holidays on disaster dates so old grudges can be continued forever, freshly renewed each year.

Deaths in Japan I did not miss this.

However, though there's probably something of note I think the data is skewed somehow.

A few quick items

Putin will not be invited to the Queen's funeral. Representatives from all other countries are slated to be there. None from Russia allowed. It is probably just theater, I think Russia may be playing a script.
Rumor: Alex Jones will soon be indicted on falsified federal charges. considering the fact that the FBI is now doing completely politically based raids, I would be surprised if this rumor was NOT true.
North Korea is now a self declared first strike nuclear state. Mister Huff and Puff spouts off with so much crap that this news is not worthy of a separate post, I'll just mention it here. Kim Jong can be reasonable when he's not cornered but we all know the situation, so he's not.
People are wondering why the U.S. flag is at half mast for the Queen. I am not wondering. Though I see that as being totally optional, there is such a thing as personal preference and expressing condolences, whether or not she deserves them.
The polio being discussed in New York State is a vaccine derived variant, not a natural one, and it is only being found in the sewers. So the answer to the problem is to vaccinate??? POLITICS.
Rail workers are probably going on strike next week. This is likely to be pre-meditated supply chain chaos, with the rail workers just being pawns to a larger, corrupted system. You do NOT go on strike at a time like this. They ought to have enough sense to know that and they probably do. I suspect the higher ups are stirring the pot and hoping for "the best".

STUDY: Infection with the Covid virus did NOT increase incidences of myocarditis/percarditis

An organized and officially published medical survey of unvaccinated parents who had Covid has revealed that the unvaccinated parents had absolutely no increase in myocarditis, only the vaccinated parents did.

This is an important study, because it destroys the myth that Covid was the cause and not the MRNA vax.

Many medical scammers have stated that the vax is not the cause and that all people, all groups vaxxed and unvaxxed have seen an increase in myocarditis because "covid causes that". Studies like this are needed to prove that's a lie because they put pressure on the vax pushers by proving the vax is the only cause.

The real reason why Musk does not want Twitter may have surfaced

"It does not make sense to buy Twitter if we are heading into World War 3".

Elon Musk wanted to "slow down" his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter months after Russia invaded Ukraine, saying in private texts that it wouldn't make sense to buy Twitter "if we're heading into World War 3."
These texts came to light in a hearing Tuesday about pushing back a trial in October over Musk's deal to buy Twitter, along with other disputes about discovery. Musk told Twitter in July he was officially backing out of his agreement to buy the company in a letter that argued Twitter had wrongfully withheld data on "bots" and spam accounts.
The text messages were sent May 8 to a banker at Morgan Stanley, which is financing part of Musk's deal. In these texts, the billionaire also cited a coming speech from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin gave a speech May 9 for the 77th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, where he said Russia's decision to invade Ukraine in February was the "only right decision" and baselessly claimed the West was "preparing for invasion of Russia."
"Let's slow down just a few days," Twitter's lawyer said, reading out Musk's texts during the hearing. "Putin's speech tomorrow is really important. It won't make sense to buy Twitter if we're heading into World War 3."

Baseball rules are changing because common core types don't have long enough attention spans for traditional baseball.

I kid you not.

There is now a 15 second pitch clock, and other additional rules to speed up game play, such as the positioning of infielders to prevent them from moving players according to who is at bat and where they normally hit a ball, the increasing of the size of the bases from 15 inches to 18 inches to make it easier for people to touch them and steal bases, and other new rules for pitchers. A complete rundown on the changes is here and I repeat - they are doing this because "viewers have shorter attention spans" and "they need gameplay to be more exciting".

In other words, the audience is too un-disciplined and dumbed down for totally traditional baseball. And I won't blame video games or smartphones for that, this is TOTALLY a symptom of a failed educational system.

Yesterday Australia banned the Covid vax in kids 5-11 years old because it destroyed their testicles. But that must mean it is still OK to give the vax to kids six months to five years old, RIGHT??

At least Canada thinks so!. Interesting it is how when it is irrefutably proven that the vax is destroying 5-11 year olds, it is automatically assumed it is ok for 12 and up, and under 5's!!! How does that work, anyway? How is a vax selective with it's damage to specific age groups? It is called agenda politics. "Oh, you busted us there but it is still OK HERE, prove it is not!"
And that's the way the world turns, at least how it does now.
And by the way, HOW pray tell does a vax that's for a variation of the cold virus end up aborting pregnancies and destroying testicles??? Coincidence??

Just what I have been saying . . .

Australian health official finally admits the vaxxed are dying from myocarditis

GREENPEACE??!!?? stops shipment of Russian gas??

Yes, Greenpeace is in on the dark winter action, they blocked a Russian liquid natural gas ship from delivering a load to Sweden. You can't make this stuff up, when Russia delivers, GREENPEACE to the rescue!!! All greenpeace menbers should be singled out to have their "carbon" shut off first!!!

35 Trump supporters were just raided by the FBI

. . . . . you know, the usual communist revolution stuff.

Adios Switzerland: Swiss citizens who set the thermostat too high this winter face three years in jail if caught.

After the Swiss and Finns joined the Germans, Austrians, and Swedes in bailing out their energy providers, who are facing trillions in margin calls; new legislation covering Switzerland's energy supply will make heating homes to more than 19 degrees celsius unlawful in the event of an energy shortage.
In addition, hot water should not be heated to more than 60 degrees, and portable electric heaters, saunas, and heated swimming pools are prohibited.
Swiss citizens found to be in violation of the country's new heating rules, which prohibit warming homes above 19 degrees celsius (66 farenheit) this winter, could face daily fines of up to 3,000 Swiss francs and up to three years in prison.
To note, the World Health Organization has long held that a temperature no colder than 20 degrees celsius is recommended for children, the elderly, and those with existing health conditions.
Markus Sporndli, a spokesperson of the Swiss Department of Economics (DEF) explained that "infringements of the law on the supply of the country are always misdemeanors, even [...] crimes, and must be prosecuted ex officio by the cantons."
The fine to be imposed on consumers found to be violating the new energy laws will range from 30 francs up to a maximum of 3,000 francs per day, Sporndli said, confirming the amount would be dependent on the nature of the offense and the economic situation of the perpetrator.
Furthermore, willful violations of the government guidelines could see consumers jailed for up to three years in prison, something Sporndli says the government hopes to avoid.
My comment: **** Oh, there's that "66" number again, hidden by the celsius scale. I bet the sixty-sixers are exempt!!!

Timeline shift?

Today there was a HUGE and UNAVOIDABLE tree right where I go every day that was not there before. This type of thing has happened several times in my life. One other very noticeable time is when, on a sidewalk I walked every single day an entire bus stop complete with roof and all vanished without a trace, with a perfectly straight sidewalk where it was. Absolutely nothing disturbed, no disturbed ground, NOTHING. That one was as obvious as this tree. A glitch in the matrix or what? Shift to a new time line?
Interesting how the death of the Queen changed so much in the political realm, likely affecting even the Catholic church. Who knows what else happened.

The Pope disbanded the Knights of Malta

That's the end of the church. The Catholic Church will now be re-written fully in the image of the New World Order. That was the last straw, the only thing left of the Catholic Church will be local pockets that can see what is happening and resist it while officially going along with it. They will have to "go along with it" or they'll simply be cut off.
My guess is that this is not the end of the church, it will recover after everything gets collapsed but that might take 100 years. Or as little as 20. Wait and see I guess. Granted, the old order was corrupt, VERY CORRUPT, but they at least kept things within limits. Now all limits have been erased. It will just be whatever the likes of Soros&klaus want.

RUMOR: Whitesnake canceled their 2022 tour after being vaxxed.

Not rumor: Justin Bieber went Christian and then they effed him up with that shot damn good. A deal is a deal, don't ya know!!! It is interesting how so many of these "anti establishment" musicians lined up for the shot and got whacked.

BLOCKBUSTER: Australia tells the crown to kiss off with "King Charles" and demands independence

A sugar coated Reuters report for sure, but it is all between the lines (still)

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australians on Friday mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth, but republicans also revived a longstanding debate on ending the country's association with the 1,000-year-old monarchy.
The British monarch is the head of state in Australia, among 14 realms outside the United Kingdom, although the role is largely ceremonial.
Australia has long debated the need to keep a distant monarch. A 1999 referendum in Australia on becoming a republic lost with 55% of voters opposed.
"Our thoughts are with her family and all who loved her. Now Australia must move forward," said Australian Greens Party leader Adam Bandt, a prominent republican.
"We need Treaty with First Nations people, and we need to become a Republic," he wrote on Twitter.
My comment: "We need to become a Republic, you know, as in "And to the republic, for which it stands!". American kids were told all along the Queen had no real power. What's up with that??? Was that done so someone could push feminism along??? Second most potent country on earth for so long, many times the most potent, with the most potent figure being a woman does not work well for the feminist mantra, does it?.

A doctor hired an outside investigative firm to track covid vaxxed kids. Here are the results

Total hero doctor, an AWESOME two minute vid that is not only pure content, it is presented at the speed of light. You'll want to watch this one twice.

NOT hour long clickbait. Gets to the point and provides the data in just over two minutes flat. That's how it should be done, many stretch two minutes of data out for two hours which might be entertaining if the presenter is good, but it totally destroys the productivity of the viewer.

HILLARY HIRE: Democrat official murders journalist!!!

If not Hillary, I am sure there is a relation in there somewhere!! I am surprised this got reported by CBS no less!

Snapchat took all the voter data from Republicans and handed it to Democrat election firms

No matter how Axios frames this, it was not a mistake. All mainstream social media firms are treasonous now, it is interesting how conservatives and Republicans never seem to benefit from these "gaffes". Axios said Republicans could have, but did not exploit it. I call B.S., this was a one sided data sweep. After all, how could Republicans possibly benefit from receiving their own data?

From Axios
"A slip-up by social media giant Snap allowed leading Democratic campaigns and party committees to unwittingly tap into a vast repository of Republican voter data to hone their midterm ads, Axios has learned.
Why it matters: There's no indication Snap was aware of or facilitated that data sharing, and the company said it's taking steps to rectify the oversight. But the blunder underscores the sensitivities surrounding reams of voter data that have become a highly valuable political commodity.
Context: On Snap and other platforms, political advertisers can target their ads to highly specific user segments - frequently relying on data brokers that hoover up information on voters' interests, activities, spending habits and other criteria.
Driving the news: Snap's political ad archive shows multiple Democratic and progressive organizations were able to target their ads on the platform using data maintained by the Republican-aligned firm i360.
The firm is affiliated with the political and philanthropic network founded by billionaire Charles Koch.
Its data was used to target Snapchat ads by groups including the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial campaign.
There's no indication that any of the advertisers knew they were using i360 data or took any steps to exploit it beyond normal ad targeting decisions.
My comment: So Snapchat failed to keep someone's database secret. How did that happen? And how would Republicans use that data to their advantage when it was their own company that had it, that they could access themselves? Axios has no answer for that!!!

This letter was sent home to parents on the first day of school in Burlington Ontario

They are normalizing Corona vax related problems, they will make them "normal". Obviously there's some real crap happening if they found it necessary to do this. They are ALL IN on "sads" "Sudden Adult death syndrome" where "exercise or emotional excitement" triggers "sudden cardiac related death" without mentioning by clot. And the obviousness of it all lays another fact bare - sudden infant death syndrome was also vax related, where many kids got their lifetime dumb down, and some took it worse than others, all the way from "the sharp edge is gone" to varying shades of autism, to death. Here is the later on in life version:


The queen has died

At least officially. I think she's been dead for a while and they took their time making sure everything was "properly arranged" for her replacement before announcing it. How long is a "while?" At least a month.

The UK has banned the Covid vax for little boys because it ruins their testicles by destroying their development

Dr. Wolf discussed the latest development from the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency banned the COVID vaccine from childrenwho had not turned five by the end of last month. The UK will no longer offer the vaccine to children aged 5 to 11.
Wolf also discussed a recent investigation that revealed the devastating affects of the vaccine on little boys. According to Dr. Naomi Wolf, the vaccine is hindering the development of the testes of pre-adolescent boys. This is a catastrophe.
The vaccines hurt the testes and hurt the parts of the testes that develop the masculinity and secondary sex characteristics of little boys, and baby boys, and teenage boys. So they literally harm the chances of your little boy child to grow up normally as a male human adult.
My comment: Yeah, we knew but did not have the guts to say it. And banning it for ages 5-11 is obviously not sufficient and they know that! That's just their "compromise".

PROGRESS: World Net Daily, (which at one time was advertised on Rush Limbaugh) has reported MORE AND MORE EMBALMERS ARE REPORTING COVID VAX CLOTS.

It's not just one or two "kooks" anymore, this is going mainstream. Granted, World Net Daily is probably banned along with the rest of alt media, but it was not always the case, when they started Rush Limbaugh promoted them.

Remember a few months ago when I said "shall not be infringed" includes cannons?

I then explained that civil war re-enactments proved what the second amendment was really for, and that "shall not be infringed" meant ANYTHING, ANY type of weapon, but somehow that got changed with the old grandfather clauses for civil war type weapons left in place. WELLL . . . .
That just changed in New York state:
New gun laws which went into effect (in NYS) Thursday have forced cancellation of the Angelica Civil War Reenactment scheduled for later this month.
A notice posted a few hours ago to the event's Facebook page advises that: "Unfortunately this event (scheduled for Friday-Sunday, September 23-25) is being canceled for 2022.
"The new firearms law passed by the State of New York and effective September 1st changed more than the handgun permit requirements.
"Also added are prohibitions against possession of many types of firearms in 'sensitive locations' which include streets, sidewalks, parks and most public locations.
"Black powder weapons are not excepted from this ban. Possession of a firearm in public is now a felony.
"After obtaining a legal opinion, it was determined that we could not continue with holding the event this year. Participants could be subject to arrest.
Update: To say the event is not canceled, they are going their to camp, with no cannons, no firearms, no NOTHING.
My comment: So there you have it!!!! Creeping progressing "progressive" tyranny, and you know damn well New York State is so over-run by traitors they could care less about the civil war, that's American history, not theirs!

Watch a Jewish she-demon promote transgender surgeries to kids on TikTok.

I confirmed she's indeed a Jew. We all know who's pushing this nation destroying crap. Nice to have confirmation.

Remember the Jackson water problem?

You know, the one where I said it was corruption/incompetence causing it? Well, the Army Corps of Engineers (you know, they don't tolerate bullshit) arrived and fixed the problem in five minutes. It was just a simple problem, just like I said, and NO ONE IN THEIR MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT COULD COPE WITH IT.
I was wrong about a "developing failure" though, it was too easy to fix. Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba told reporters it could cost up to $1 billion to fix the “indefinite” water issue, and Biden declared an emergency and sent the corps of engineers who fixed it for free, in "one day", however a day is defined.
MY FINAL VERDICT: Hard to say if it was corruption or incompetence, but there will be no billion dollar budget to "fix the problem"! Kudos to "bidenbama" for finding a real solution - which was to simply bypass the BS.

Skynet/killer satellite/ something nefarious launch - The Artemis moon mission is fake, BANK ON IT.

Howcome no one knew about this mission even a week ago? Just suddenly one day they announced they were going to launch a HUGE rocket and BOOM, there's a moon mission. You mean to tell me the same NASA that cannot even launch astronauts to the space station anymore (totally dependent on SpaceX) suddenly crapped up a huge moon mission with "the biggest rockets ever?? B.S. But I bet a search of this mission will show tons of articles going back to infinity and beyond, and everyone will say "gosh, how did I miss that?" You did not. The web is increasingly fake. Articles would be planted and probably written by AI
I believe the Artemis moon mission was paid for with Corona bailout cash, that they slapped the rockets together post haste after having already designed them, and/or the rockets were made long ago and pulled out of mothball for a huge launch that is anything but a moon mission.
Even if I am totally wrong about the announcement of a moon mission and I somehow missed this up until now, I don't believe there really is a moon mission.

What could the Artemis mission really be?

1. Cover for launching a massive hunter killer satellite program, as part of Trump's new "space force". Did anyone forget the Space force? America has one - what, did anyone really think all they'd do is track Chinese satellites and look for UFO's?? Absolutely not. A "Space Force" as part of the DOD will need to put military hardware into space to justify it's existence, and "Artemis" would be perfect cover for that. Let Hollywood handle the public.
2. It could be the platform for getting all the vaxxed trackable globally. Everyone who is not a pet rock to the government knows the vaxxed are transmitting, and even long ago hyper sensitive satellites could easily pick up items like the key scanners on calculators and digital watches (when the watches beep), if someone is transmitting bluetooth out in the boonies where there's no radio chatter messing up a signal that has to be defined and picked out, one of those satellites could probably pick up bluetooth from space and make sense of it. It would not work in the city where 3 million other signals were competing, but if it was out in the boonies with no interference, no sweat. Not to mention trackability of cell phones which are more than a cake walk from space, when they are out of tower range. There's no way anyone would escape such a grid unless they stripped all RFID of all types off themselves, were not vaxxed, and went into the wilderness with no electronics at all.
3. A while ago Bill Gates talked about a way to block the sun from space, to make bible prophecy "come true" or whatever reason he had - What if the mission is for the final installment of "project blue beam" which can fake alien invasions, make cities float in the clouds, etc (the cities happened in China) "project blue beam" tech is well known about, and perhaps they need it to be more stable and this "artemis mission" is for that - it is anyone's guess.
4. How about a system that assists with making weather mod systems work better, and they need to launch nuclear reactors for that because solar won't cut it? That sounds about right for "the largest rocket in history".
I don't believe the Artemis rockets are limited to 59,000 pounds of payload to the moon either. They are bigger than the Saturn 5 Apollo rockets, which, (despite the lies told in the media) the Saturn 5 was the champion by spec, with 90,000 pounds delivered to the moon in a few days, NOT 59,000 delivered to the moon in over a month as claimed by the "most capble ever and biggest" Artemis. Something stinks with the ratings on Artemis. Additionally, the Apollo rockets could put over 250,000 pounds in orbit. MY GUESS:
If the Artemis rockets are really bigger and more capable than the Saturn 5, (and they probably are more capable because they are bigger and 50 years more advanced) I'd bet they can actually put half a million pounds into orbit, And no one wants to explain why they have THAT MUCH capacity, so they are lying.

One thing is obvious - The current "moon mission" is a hoax to cover for a military mission or something else "they" don't want to talk about, whatever that is is anyone's guess, and NO ONE is saying what it really is. How about one of my suggestions?

A few quick items

A while ago I posted about how Justin Bieber was destroyed by the vax Due to continuously declining health, he has canceled all future concerts and tours. He must not have been one of "them", though he was useful for a while. He converted to being one of "us" shortly after he peed on that monument in Mexico.
Gavin Newsom has announced a $22 minimum wage in California (at least for restaurant workers). Now, I'll tell you who wants a $22 minimum wage - it is the SIX POINTED DUAL CITIZEN that wants to charge outrageous rents and then take all that "minimum wage" cash and spend it elsewhere on the globe. All they are doing with this is giving a certain clan a way to cash in on the "poor" by giving them a windfall, and then taking it all.
OOOUUCH, future revealed - Russia released this advertisement which mocks Europe, and "wishing them luck this winter" with their gas cut off. That's not a subtle message at all.
Amazon shut down all it's solar rooftops citing fire concerns. I'll tell you why. Because to boost efficiency and lower cost, they ran at over 32 volts DC. Most solar systems do. And to make it super cheap, I bet those systems ran at over 100 volts. That makes inverters cheaper, wiring cheaper, EVERYTHING CHEAPER but there's a problem with doing that - The problem is that once you go over 32 volts, a DC arc won't extinguish. So if there are any problems in the system that opened any connection anywhere, the DC current from the panels would arc right around that, at full power, until things heated up and burned. That's why AC is better than DC. Ac self extinguishes usually in 1/120th of a second. And the higher the DC voltage, the bigger the problem gets. 32 volts will only arc a fraction of an inch. But bump that to over 100, and it will arc 6 inches. Bump it to 250 and once an arc is established, it will go more than a foot. Beautiful fire starter. Cheaper and "more efficient" does not necessarily mean better on a flammable roof.


GET THIS: If you snore, you're going to have heart problems, brain problems and cancer!!!

HA HA HA, the three biggest things the MRNA vax is known to cause can now be blamed on the fact that you snore!!! How silly are they going to take this ruse?? I'd say they'll take it all the way to the most distant star the Hubble has ever photographed. After all, if people are stupid enough to believe snoring causes cancer, they might as well go for it.

Broken record time: THE STEAL IS ON. Said it many times.

The Trump bash appears to have failed, and Trump has now openly stated Biden is an enemy of the state. I disagree. Biden is the friend of the deep state and the enemy of the American people, who are not part of the state whatsoever. THEIR NEW APPROACH, SINCE IT APPEARS THEY ARE LOSING THE TRUMP BASH WAR: They are going to say the Supreme court ruling on abortion "energized the women" and flipped them all to Democrat.
REALITY: Such a decision won't change a single woman. People are who they are and vote as they vote, no woman who would have voted Republican is going to flip to DEM just because the supreme court made that ruling. The scamming NWO would like you to think so, but in reality, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

They will do it if they are paid to!!

Russia now cut off gas to Germany (a couple days ago it was France) and now OPEC has agreed to cut output too.

If someone gave you billions and bilions of that multiple trillion dollar "covid bailout cash", would you cut your output? I bet OPEC would. Money can get anything done. As I have said all along, the COVID bailout cash was SO MUCH, and so little a percentage made it to the people that it HAD TO have actually been a "buy everything up so you can destroy it" fund and not really a bailout. Why would OPEC cut production when they are absolutely raking it in? You know what I think . . . . .
Don't be fooled by the headlines and what is presented. This is TOO PERFECT for a "dark winter" scenario to be true, a "dark winter" Biden said we'd have. I think this is a setup, and Russia (a wef member) is cooperating with OPEC countries (WEF MEMBERS) to create the chaos the WEF wants. "Perfect storms" do not come from nowhere when it comes to politics, Watch it happen. second link is a half hour video explaining the games to be played.

A black man puts his own picture on his OWN BRAND of pancake mix and then Facebook calls it racist

Looks like good stuff. Nice story on the product web site, clearly explaining what the product is too. He grew up in foster care and dreamed about his own family and making great pancakes. When he grew up, he did exactly that, marketed it, put his picture on it, and facebook banned him.
He's obviously also conservative. Maybe that's the real reason why Facebook banned him.

5 minute video: A kid was tricked into transitioning by teachers

Now at age 18 she decides she wants to be a woman, and despite being told she could de-transition at any time now realizes they can't put her breasts and other female parts back, the damage is permanent.
This is what teachers are doing to kids. And parents are allowing it. Who's fault is it when they get compliance instead of this:

HMMMMMMMM . . . . . .

Take a look at this AI generated art.

It is actually awesome, if AI can do that now I'd say that's a big problem, that is a work of genius. If an AI could do that just from a short description of what someone wanted, entered in text, evil people are going to rule. We can't compete with this.

New flick with bisexual cannibal gets 8 minute standing ovation

Timothee Chalamet's Sexy Bisexual Cannibal Stuns Venice: 'Bones and All' Gets 8.5 Minute Standing Ovation

Timothee Chalamet had all of Venice seeing red on Friday night at the world premiere of "Bones and All." The actor donned a sparkling backless jumpsuit in a blood-red shade - a cheeky wink to the drama's central protagonists, two cannibals in love.
The film, which reunites Chalamet with his "Call Me By Your Name" director Luca Guadagnino, lives up to its title with gory attacks and scenes that involve limb-chewing and eating. But despite the uncomfortable subject matter, the audience at the Venice premiere for the movie devoured "Bones and All." The film received a 8.5-minute standing ovation, the longest and most enthusiastic of the festival so far. (It handily beat the previous record holder "Tar," a drama starring Cate Blanchett as a tortured composer, which had a 6-minute ovation.)

It could not possibly be more obvious where "they" are taking things! Maybe it really was a cinematic masterpiece. Doubt it.

White House: "We have created 10 billion jobs"

Pilot threatens to crash a hijacked airplane into a Wal mart in Mississippi

A Beechcraft King Air C90. Definitely enough to wreck a Wal Mart. That's a twin engine propeller plane that can take about 10 people. At the time of this post, the plane is still in the air. The Air Force DID NOT intercept, and it has been way too long, this is a false flag. The Air Force is supposed to intercept all rogue aircraft within 15 minutes, except in the most remote regions. A Wal Mart in Mississippi is not remote. If this has gone on for hours it's a setup, no ifs or buts.

This has now gone on for 4 hours with the plane doing 200 mph. No air force intercept in that much time means this is a game.

Final update: Pilot in custody. I wonder what the agenda for this hoax was.

Unrelated to the following: Apparently a malfunction has the Nord Stream pipeline completely shut down.

Yeah, a "malfunction" probably. Russia has stated the shutdown is "indefinite". Russia might be playing it's cards to mess up Europe before alternative energy plans can be worked out. Here comes Europe's "dark winter"??
I think Russia is probably doing this to increase strategic strength. Europe does have backup supplies, and if any future actions by Russia are going to have immediate impact, those supplies must be exhausted. That's what I think this is all about, Russia will probably turn it back on once the reserves are gone, and then Russia will make sure the reserves stay at zero.
That's my guess anyway.

People across Europe are rebelling against energy rate hikes by not paying their bills

I do not know if these are just token gestures or if they are serious but if they are serious, the people are correct - there have been no significant increases in energy costs, nothing even close to justifying the rate hikes. See THIS and THIS and WOW, THIS.

That last one had it's energy bill go from 60,000 GPB to 420,000 GPB. That is an obvious act of war, the bill was ridiculous to begin with, Russia is providing the power and Russia did no such increases, the bill should still be $60,000 and probably not even that.
The people are obviously right, but the corruption is so deep in the governments now that it likely won't matter, and refusing to pay will only give the government the excuse (or the providers that are obviously bilking the public) and excuse to do exactly what they really want - to simply cut it all off.

MY GOD, did Biden EVER jump the shark

Read Biden's speech. This is where Soros and others are taking it. If you ever wanted to see a prime example of what is said not long before governments clamp down into full blown tyranny with genocides and rail cars, THAT speech is It.
In a post down the page a ways, Gingrich was absolutely right. Gingrich strongly implied that Americans have a time span of six months to two years before "they" do their ultimate takedown of American society, with conservatives slated for a full blown purge. The time is now, everyone had better be paying attention and making plans.
HERE is a PRIME EXAMPLE of what is coming to lesser and lesser people, until it gets down to beer belly bob who long ago posted to Facebook he liked Trump: The Feds have started the arrests, starting with an oathkeepers leader who tried to stop the election from being stolen. The election WAS overturned, their claims of Trump supporters trying to overturn it could not possibly be more bogus. It is absolute BULLSHIT. But that's exactly how full blown corruption does it, they accuse others of "trying" to do exactly what THEY did and then they do the arrests while and by accusing others of their own actions.

Soccer star wants to know why so many young athletes are dying on the field

LONDON (LifeSiteNews) - A former English soccer star lamented last week that no one is paying attention to the sudden rise in deaths of athletes that has taken place since the introduction of the COVID shots.
Speaking last Thursday to Mark Steyn for GBNews, former English soccer star Matt Le Tissier stated that the lack of investigation into the sudden increase of deaths of young athletes is a scandal and so is what he calls a normalization of it in the mainstream media.
"I have seen so many people, so many incidents of young, fit, healthy sports people collapsing on the field of play," Le Tissier told Steyn. "And it's just not normal, and yet the media seems to be normalizing it, and nobody seems to be paying any attention whatsoever to this huge rise that has gone on, and for the authorities in charge of these sports to not notice it or not calling an investigation I think is absolutely scandalous."
"I have been trying and hopefully I'll get a meeting soon with the powers that be in (soccer) to try and put evidence before them to show them just what is happening, because they don't seem to want to investigate it themselves, and I think that's criminal," Le Tissier concluded.
Last year we saw a sudden rise in heart attacks and illnesses in dozens of athletes from multiple sports. Medical experts such as former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon have linked the sudden onset of illness to the vaccines. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized the correlation between myocarditis, a dangerous inflammation of cardiac tissue, and the mRNA-developed COVID shots in June 2021, declaring a "likely association" between the two.

Newt Gingrich: The totally corrupt justice department WILL indict Trump

He will then face a totally corrupt jury hand picked from an area where he got 5 percent of the vote and then be tried before the most corrupted court in American history

"You have corruption from the Attorney General, to the head of the FBI, to senior elements of the FBI," he said. "You have collusion from a wide range of the intelligence community. You had, I think it was 50 some intelligence senior officials who signed a letter last year that we now know is a total lie, none of whom have recanted."
"I fully expect the Justice Department to indict President Trump in a DC court, a district where he got 5.6 percent of the vote. So by 19 to one, the jury is likely to be against him."
"I have no idea what's going to happen next," he explained. "I'm a historian by training and I tell everybody you have to assume that nothing, you know, tells you anything about how corrupt and how sick this is going to get. Because you have fanatics who represent a secular religion who are determined to destroy not just Trump but Trump's followers. They could do almost anything. We have no way of knowing what the next six months or two years are going to bring
My comment: Newt is one of the better people in politics and I would not even call him good. He is also deeply embedded in American politics, a total lifer who's getting old. He has experience. If he said this, Trump just might be screwed and him saying they are going to go after his followers means they intend to wipe the country out and start over with new immigrants. It can't be any other way.

I WAS RIGHT: The DOJ will wait until after mid terms to press charges on Trump.

Because there will be no charges. If they brought this to a close now, they'd have to stop running slanderous and deceptive headlines. But if they delay until after mid terms, they can keep on saying anything they want, real or not. The entire FBI raid was nothing but a new "covid pandemic" for this election.

Major refinery fire - higher gas prices?

Probably, even if they are not justified.

The Metaverse is dead.

They get the reason wrong though. Rather than use 2020 graphics, the Metaverse is using graphics that would have looked janky in 1993. No one wants that crap, graphics alone would have killed the metaverse. If it looked real, like it could have, I doubt this would have been the outcome but that takes too much processing and zukerberg did not pony up the cash for that. He really thought people would settle for garbage.

Never mind the huge Trump headlines like:


Such headlines are going to simply go away after the election, when backstabbing season is over. All they are going to say is everyone shifted democrat after Trump was shown to be a monster, to give plausibility to an election steal. After it is stolen, they'll say Gosh, Sorry, HOW DID WE EVER get that so wrong? And then they'll expect you to forget the election season backstab that put them in power. That's all this FBI charade was about, if they had anything, if they found ANYTHING AT ALL, Trump would already be detained.
Welcom to the new form of vote fraud, where fake FBI busts give plausibility to simply stealing elections. They'll put this on wash rinse repeat.

UK energy prices are indeed exploding.

Yesterday I posted about how people in Britain were claiming their energy bills increased 5X or more. I was skeptical. But today we have This story from the MSM, that supports it all. A restaurant owner has had his bill increase steadily, and this month it was over $10,000 GPB. That's about $11,000. The entire bill history is not shown but in the past it was likely around $4,000 or less considering the curve that can be seen in the three showing months.
Energy is where it is at. And if you think going solar will save you, THINK AGAIN, Yes, the beurocrats have gotten bold enough to charge people for using their own solar systems on occasion. They actually do have the audacity to tax the sun.

JOE BIDEN: The vacuum cleaner bag is hot today.

At least on par with that far side cartoon. He's just spewing BS.

A day later and There is still no water in Jackson Mississippi

Remember, all they need to do is get the pumps running and there's no one in maintenance that's competent enough to reset a PLC or VFD or push in a contactor. You cannot just have "pumps not running", if electricity gets to them, by gosh, they'll run!!!

NO ONE on staff is smart enough to just bypass the system and hook up new wires and a simple contactor to boot!!! That is all it would take. ____________________________

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE