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The seasonal flu shot is now MRNA and it is not being mentioned

Even most doctors do not know. And a little bird told me a secret - it is not a flu shot at all, it's really just a covid shot. They said flu shots would be MRNA, and then it happened with nothing more said. My guess is practically all non-emergency shots are a con job now.

We are witnessing a communist revolution via vote fraud

One thing I would like to point out is the fact that the lack of any response from Republicans means they are in on it also. The fraud is so out in the open that it is obvious they know, there are no secrets to any of this.
To be clear: The Republicans who are playing the part and "voting correctly" to "establish a clear conservative record" are also flaming leftist commies just like those who advertise being so, because when it all comes down to busting the fraud they are nowhere to be seen - and they know. They obviously know.
The enemy is in the gates and on both sides of the hall, the Republicans are not powerless to stop this. So it is time to get ready for a bloodless transition to communism, after which there will be blood because the communists are not going to tolerate anyone who would vote for a legitimate conservative candidate even if they never voted. AI spyware will tell them all they need to know, Enjoy the latest Iphone!!!

What can I say? The fraud and Republican reaction to it proves all is lost.

Enjoy the next lockdowns. I guess that 4K TV will make it all more tolerable while even it sends back all they could ask for and more; you WILL get the shots if you are anywhere near where one of those will work.
Don't expect a Poseidon nuke to do the dirty work either, Russia will probably warn the roaches and then do it for show. Even brainless AOC will survive. My guess is that Russia will follow orders, Putin is WEF, that is primary.

I have a hunch we are going into an F5 without Dorothy, no storm chasers allowed.

Your shelter had better be well hidden and stocked.


And no, the "all new video" "kayne just released" is from before Pasternak nailed him, perhaps from the same day, Kayne's twitter confirms he's still MIA.

The problems: 1. confiscation of an Amazon order purchased for an alt income plan and 2. Obvious overt attempts to run me over with insanely turbocharged trucks, (two of them) and I mean 11 second quarter mile quick.
1. I ordered a critical hard to find item for an alt income plan that was only available on Amazon. I had it sent to the DHL center for pick up to avoid having it stolen by a sidewalk bandit. Amazon confirmed it arrived. I went to get it and it "was not there". I then tried logging into Amazon to prove it should be, and got the message: "no cellular service." So I logged in through a computer that was there, and Amazon said I never ordered anything. Gone without a trace.
So I had to leave with nothing. I checked Amazon when great signal showed. It immediately dropped to zero and said "no service". I rebooted the phone an hit Youtube. Worked perfect. Hit a bunch of other sites, worked perfect. all five bars. Then hit Amazon, tried logging in, paid attention to the bars and when I hit enter, my cell phone suddenly dropped all bars and said "no signal".


So when I got back home, happily the computer still had the Amazon screen with full data, who received the package, everything, so I photographed it and returned. I was polite the first time and when I showed them proof the order really did exist, they said "too bad, go away."

Obviously Jews, intelligence, whatever received the package and had a way to delete records from Amazon. Mexico has ways to pay Amazon with cash and that's what I did, it was not a payment issue. AND MORE: whoever did this had a way to disconnect my cell from the system when I accessed Amazon.
I have an unlimited data plan, that was not it. The phone is a brand new Motorola that was required for the data plan, which is also my household internet I use all the time. That was not it.
2. The trucks:

It was night time on a 3 lane crossing plus bus lane. Very wide street with only a few lights. Both trucks had their headlights off and engines quiet. When I went to cross I heard the engines start screaming but I did not see them because the headlights from all the cars behind them made too much glare and for some reason not even a sillouette of the trucks showed until they were close. I started running from the noise and made it through the bus station barricades barely on time. It's a double sided bus route station, not a main station. When I got to the other side, both trucks already came around and were stopped in the street in the lanes for no reason at all, waiting for me to cross in front of them. I waited. They waited. and then I scremed F*** you and they went. It was obvious what was going on.

So I will say this:

I believe Kayne was Tiffany Dovered. Tiffany also "showed up in a video" she did not post while her Twitter stayed dead. And as far as I go, I was "too naughty" to Pasternak to not be punished, first showing with Amazon and then the trucks. -SO-

NOT DEAR AT ALL HARLEY: You are not a trainer, you are a handler. An arrogant handler that has people so stockholm syndromed you are confident you can post threats like that and still be loyally loved. So loved that NO ONE will ever post the threats. Obviously you do it all the time; so deep is your arrogance - and that means one thing:


You are degenerate de-humanized filth. Abhorrent malfunctioning trash, and it is confirmed, Kayne proved it. You used dupes like Brittany Spears to push your filth and trash America with it, Yep, she's nuts but that was not so when your ilk got ahold of her at first - You destroy people to maintain control as a requirement for public visibility AND WE ALL KNOW THAT NOW THANKS TO KAYNE, - A HERO WHO'S PROBABLY NOW BLOWING BUBBLES IN A PADDED ROOM.
Worse - stolen elections an drag queen story hour prove the rest of your tribe is as bad as you are, when Hitler detained your tribe he damn well had a reason, it's too bad he also had a heart. A fact you erased but was faithfully recorded:
One of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps toward the end of the war. Says the Report: "In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1st, 1945 ... In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results. Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC, and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp ..." (Vol. III, p. 83).
Clearly, the German authorities were at pains to relieve the dire situation as far as they were able. The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing of German transportation, and in the interests of interned Jews they had protested on March 15th, 1944 against "the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies" (Inter Arma Caritas, p. 78). By October 2nd, 1944, the ICRC warned the German Foreign Office of the impending collapse of the German transportation system, declaring that starvation conditions for people throughout Germany were becoming inevitable.
In dealing with this comprehensive, three-volume Report, it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis occupied Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate the Jews. In all its 1,600 pages the Report does not even mention such a thing as a gas chamber. It admits that Jews, like many other wartime nationalities, suffered rigours and privations, but its complete silence on the subject of planned extermination is ample refutation of the Six Million legend. Like the Vatican representatives with whom they worked, the Red Cross found itself unable to indulge in the irresponsible charges of genocide which had become the order of the day. So far as the genuine mortality rate is concerned, the Report points out that most of the Jewish doctors from the camps were being used to combat typhus on the eastern front, so that they were unavailable when the typhus epidemics of 1945 broke out in the camps (Vol. I, p. 204 ff) - Incidentally, it is frequently claimed that mass executions were carried out in gas chambers cunningly disguised as shower facilities. Again the Report makes nonsense of this allegation. "Not only the washing places, but installations for baths, showers and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had often to take action to have fixtures made less primitive, and to get them repaired or enlarged" (Vol. III, p. 594).

Understandable war casualties, NO GENOCIDE.


Riggable elections are how cowards "state their case".

SINISTER TROLLAGE: "You voted for it!"

I am now seeing many trolls posting about "how they hate the election results" and "shame on you for voting that way". That is nothing more than fraud enforcement.

No, people DID NOT "VOTE THAT WAY," fraud does not equal voting, these damn trolls are playing in a digustingly evil way blaming outcomes on the people, saying they hate it, and "oh well, you asked for it" only NO. NO ONE "asked for this", fraud is not consent, a think tank producing trollage to quell outrage by blaming the victims is NOT consent, when you see anyone saying "you voted for it" call them out. At this point in the game Dems, Independents and Repubs ALL know it is fraud - do not let trolls get away with that crap.

Let's see if Iceland shuts this site down for the following.

When they shut it down over the Hunter Biden with a little girl pic, it was done to shut down the truth, not for the reason stated. This is equally bad.


He vanished Nov 4 after posting this. Odd for a guy with 31 million followers - who posted multiple times daily - and wanted to be president - to say nothing all the way through an election. HE. GONE.
Read the part where (Jewish) Harley says he will have Kayne institutionalized for speaking up.

Conclusion: You cannot expose the Jews that way or you are toast, if we ever see Kayne again he's going to be jell-o. It looks like the harley rode kayne.

Obviously posting that threat from Harley was not enough to save Kayne, because it said so much in a Jew's own words that damage control had to be done at all costs.

THIS is Kayne's handler who said he'd lock up Kayne in a nut house if Kayne failed to shut up. looks like that is exactly what happened.

Question: How can a Hollywood "fitness trainer" have you locked in a nut house??? ANSWER: They are not really fitness trainers, "fitness trainer" is the cover for "handlers".

FACT: The people who stole the last elections in Brazil and the United States are the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who want to use poison shots to destroy you, your family, and everyone else you know.

We will now go through the nastiest communist revolution in the history of all civilization. Communists have culled tens of millions in the past, but they never did billions. They will now.

Try this search engine instead.

Fraud does not make an election legit any more than a stolen porsche makes the driver rich.

Yes it was stolen, the indicator I got was from Maricopa county where someone shut the stealing machine off and Dems were revealed as a minor party with 14.1 percent of the actual vote.

Dems scored lower than independents nationwide and they won. Not even hard leftists want their B.F. story times and $5+ gas. Maricopa made it clear: The dems are a marginalized party with a stealing machine.

A huge fire broke out at a chevron refinery in California

Everyone is blaming the rigged in government. No one knows how the fire started but it looks like a huge leak was set on fire.

Maricopa gave us a strong indicator: Dems have 14.1 percent of the national vote.

It is clear at this point that they are posting the fraud results early to quell post election vote fraud outrage. The chart from Maricopa county says it all, nationwide that shows approximately how much fraud needs to be applied for the dems to "win". In reality, dems likely won nothing.

Democrats will claim they swept it on the abortion issue. This election is why the supreme court ruled the way it did - future plausible cover for vote fraud. But early results from Maricopa county say it all, the dems really are a fringe group and they cannot possibly be a major party elsewhere if they show up ANYWHERE like that. The "problems" obviously happened after a white hat shut the fraud algos off. The real status of dems nationwide started showing. Independents were beating the dems 2:1, Republicans 4:1, so they shut it down. Numbers that bad have to indicate a total nationwide wipeout.


REMEMBER: the red stripes on the flag represent the blood of those who had the guts to fight tyranny; blood that did not run yellow.

The last stolen election was followed by yellow, and look what happened: forced DNA tweaking death shot injections. Tyranny has never stooped so low and it all happened because nothing was added to the stripes.

Election coverage:

In the past these were busy days, because I believed "if they got caught" something would be done about it. Those days are over, we know it will be stolen, especially when all votes are supposed to be counted on election day and Biden is assuring us it will take weeks. Since that's an open admission of fraud, why bother with the subject? the outcome is already known.

Rapper gets "The eye of the pfizer"

I should not get a chuckle out of that.

The following was posted on the 7th.

Today is let's get nuked day. WAITING.

A lot of people are predicting nukes to stop the election. DOUBT IT. New York has not been evacuated and we all know who controls what. IF we are gifted with a nuke, it will be set off in a corn field, not where it really would matter, a little showtime for the kiddies, and battlefield nukes don't cut it for justifying residential use.
Oh, but they HAVE TO stop the election because they are going to lose . . . . . . . NOPE. They are so confident in their system of fraud that's the last thing they would do, they have to breathe the air too.

RUMOR: "You can overcome the ballot stuffing, go vote!

Reality: At the end of election night, "they" will have the final data they need to determine just how much they need to rig things to put the guy who serves the deep state best ahead by the minimum needed, and they will do it even if the actual results were 93 against, 7 for. They have thrown away the plausible safety margins they once adhered to because they know the public will just lay down and die if told to.

CONCLUSION: Rumor false.

They will then call white conservative males who are tempted to put things right "violent extremist terrorists" and the males will buckle because "violence is wrong" and after 911, none of them want to be equal to a "sand nigger". And the victors, newly emboldened by how they can steal without consequence will then finish wiping out the white race in the most profitable way possible. That's where we are headed at mach 1, and after this "election" the "victors" will jump to light speed.

Arizona governor candidate to Hillary Clinton: "I am in perfect health, my car's brakes are perfect, and I am not suicidal

RUMOR: Gold to be re-valued to wipe out debt

If it is done properly, it will be worth at least as much per ounce as a bitcoin. only rumor


Qianhai World Trade Building in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

It was obviously done on purpose. Obvious coordinated explosives. looks just like 911. Will it fall into it's own footprint?

Gotta hand it to "them", they practice what they preach!!

Tel Aviv pride event

Could they have faked that?? who knows, it sure looks real.

The Jews are telling Kayne West thay if he does not apologize they are going to drug him into a zombie and "play time with the kids won't be the same again"

Kayne has balls of steel if he put this out.

BLOCKBUSTER: A Milwaukee election official showed a state rep how the election would be stolen and demonstrated it, and Mayor Cavalier Johnson fired her.


If you want to post anything medical, it has to be certified by youtube as "medically accurate" and "in sync with national and global dictates." That means no more speaking up against tyranny when it appears in medicine. No more Bells Palsy posts. No more whistleblowers. Youtube has become a platform where unwitting people provide entertainment for free, while drawing people to a common watering hole where tyrants push agendas. Youtube has been going downhill overall for a while, and now this.

Not much in the news today, other than people waiting for the election to be stolen

The public mind appears to be split between a false flag happening to stop the election, and "They have refined the theft system since last time and tested it in Brazil". Biden's speech did not help much, with assurances of it taking forever to count the vote and "that does not mean fraud" ringing as hollow as a three year old gourd. We all know what will happen, empty platitudes cannot fill the credibility void.
So now we wait.

3 minute video - how our elections get stolen

The presenter shows how the databases are hacked and millions of voters, all properly registered, appear out of thin air. Milwaukee's deputy director of elections Kimberly Zapata demonstrated this for Rep Janel Brandtjen and was promptly fired by the mayor for it. She will soon die in a "drunk driving accident" at the max ungoverned speed her car can do, or commit suicide: Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced Thursday, Nov. 3 that Milwaukee's Election Commission deputy director Kimberly Zapata has been fired. This, after he says she fraudulently requested military absentee ballots and sent them to Republican state lawmaker Rep. Janel Brandtjen.

So she demonstrated a fraud mechanism for real to prove it was not "conspiracy theory" and was promptly fired. She will be dead and it probably won't make the news.

I don't like Youtube shorts, but this one is priceless.

saying what it is will wreck it.

There is a way the constitution will allow the suppression of free speech

And more, any way they want. It's called war, which is probably why Congress critter Raskin talked openly the way he did (see below), that will do nothing but make the Russians fight like hell. He just gave them something to fight for. Probably intentionally.

Here's a nice snippet of info

and falsification of records to cover this up is well underway.

Johnson also revealed the following increases in other health conditions following the mandate of covid injections in the military:

  • Hypertension: 2,181 percent increase
  • Nervous system disorders: 1,048 percent increase
  • Malignant neoplasms of esophagus: 894 percent increase
  • Multiple sclerosis: 680 percent increase
  • Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs: 624 percent increase
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome: 551 percent increase
  • Breast cancer: 487 percent increase
  • Demyelinating: 487 percent increase
  • Malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands: 474 percent increase
  • Female infertility: 472 percent increase
  • Pulmonary embolism: 468 percent increase
  • Migraines: 452 percent increase
  • Ovarian dysfunction: 437 percent increase
  • Testicular cancer: 369 percent increase
  • Tachycardia: 302 percent increase

Between the years of 2016 and 2020, there were 1,499 codes for miscarriage reported each year. From January through October 2021 - not even a full year - there were an astounding 4,182 miscarriages logged into the system.

During his panel, Johnson further made note that it appears myocarditis rates are being doctored by the government. Back in August 2021, it was shown in the codes that myocarditis diagnoses were up 2,800 percent. This month, however, it is now listed as only 200 percent higher.

"There appears to be doctoring of the data," Johnson stated. "Now, my staff has already sent - this morning, we sent a record preservation letter to the Department of Defense to try and protect this data."

I found the above info HERE.

The people behind the vaccine/covid scam begged for forgiveness in The Atlantic

NO WAY. you do not give the kind of evil that will murder you and everyone else forgiveness, common sense people!!! Forgiveness = green light to do it again, and worse.

Note that the EPA says the bleach can be up to a year old. I thought it was less than that.


There is not a peep being said amout him in the MSM this morning, Nov 2. And several alt media sources have stated he is getting the military involved in a vote fraud investigation. Time will tell, but it appears the MSM went with a little wishful thinking yesterday. The MSM may stay quiet about this through the election in the US to avoid having Brazil set an example for what should be done when nations get stolen.

Defying God?

What is the real reason behind the push to GMO? you can't tell me all of this stuff is practical.

Brazil is over. Bolsonaro conceded.

My guess is the decision involved nuclear blackmail. The spider did tour Brazil, and my suspicion is that it contains a nuke that is used to force countries to accept the placement of permanent nukes that will be set off if anyone disobeys . . . . Schwab is so cock sure he will succeed that it certainly looks like he does have such threats in place.

My suspicion- THIS is how Brazil lost the election.

This was the greatest national disaster in Brazilian history

Nancy is refusing to turn over home security video

Obviously because it has a gay quarrel documented, including how that window got broke. And also probably because the FBI does not want to be contradicted by local police statements. And also likely because Nancy said yes to millions to not give it out, which is more than the paltry thousands the MSM would offer.

A free translation:

"A small number of U.S. military forces inside Ukraine have recently begun doing onsite inspections to ensure that Ukrainian troops are properly accounting for the Western-provided weapons they receive, a senior U.S. defense official told Pentagon reporters Monday," the AP/WaPo reporting revealed."
translation: "American forces are fighting face to face with Russian forces because Ukraine's military is GONE.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote investigator Gregg Phillips were arrested for making the documentary 2000 mules

Supposedly the left and the judge and everyone else said they were not arrested for the documentary, instead they were found in contempt of court for refusing to reveal who blew the whistle and made the documentary possible. The vote fraud enforcing judge and more wanted the whistleblowers out of the system before they steal 2022.

The arrests were obviously done to sever the link between the whistleblowers and the media mouth piece, the mouth piece will be detained indefinitely while drugged or killed. IF YOU EVER WANTED PROOF 2022 WILL BE STOLEN, THESE ARRESTS ARE IT.

Everyone thought they would not dare steal another one, hell they got off scot free why not do it bigger and better?

"We have put together, I think, the most extensive and and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." - Joe Biden

a few quick items-

The election in Brazil was stolen in the exact same way 2020 was, and there are riots. My guess is that the corruption is rooted deeply enough there to make abject obvious fraud stick as well as it does in the US.
The Left.B.I. is inventing plot after plot and is not giving up on the pelosi hoax, and some people have actually made good guesses, like Nancy wanted to be rid of him. However, glass broken outward and gay man with prostitute history say it all, no matter who shils what those are the facts.
Kayne West is right about being targeted after speaking out perfectly accurately, however, it seems like he was so clueless about consequences he'd have fared better blindfolded swinging a weed wacker in a bee farm. As right as he is, he's toast, and if he was really qualified he would have weighed consequences an awful lot more accurately. Lets hope the black community and a pile of whites step up to the plate to save his behind, he's the black guy who should have been president rather than the hate America black guy we did get. "Clueless" is what advisors are for, as long as you don't get Kushnered.

This is a legit photo of the sun. Creepy. If that was caused by Haarp tech . . . . . then what?

It appears morgellons disease thrives on polyester and gets killed by cotton. That would explain the multi colored strands if it can feed off clothing, and polyester would obviously be easier to have a bioweapon reappropriate than cotton. If you have morgellons, how hard would it be to try all cotton clothes, underwear, bed sheets, towels? - that's just a difference in purchase pattern, definitely worth a try. you probably can't find cotton underwear at wal mart, but all the flea markets have at least 90 percent cotton underwear that is new.

Hawaii's Mauna Loa might be getting ready to erupt again.

That's barely news, it's not going to be like La Palma. Everyone is out of the way of Mauna Loa and everyone expects trouble. La Palma unexpectedly happened in the middle of a city. Quite a difference.

Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, 2021. Beginning of eruption.

BLOCKBUSTER: JERUSLAEM POST - The UN has ruled that Israel has to get rid of it's nuclear weapons

Maybe they figured out Fukushima . . . .
FAT CHANCE this will happen when Israel "officially" has no nukes. Israel has pushed the reactor at Dimona so hard to make nukes that incidents have happened that made the reactor dangerous and even better at producing material needed for nuclear weapons. They'll probably sacrifice some outdated crap for show and replace it with better stuff.

Hahaha, Elon Musk just told Hillary that Pelosi fought with a gay prostitute and that's the whole story

Nancy's husband was at a gay bar and brought the gay prostitute home when the bar closed and things did not go right.
The scamming Left.B.I. then invented a manifesto while the MSM "linked it to January 6" while Hillary drowned in the deep end.

If you want to watch an hour long technical breakdown of how the COVID vax destroys people, this is it.

Time has passed and experts have now been able to thoughtfully analyze exactly what the MRNA vaxxes are doing to people and why so many are now dying. This is the one to watch, an hour of solid data, not a tease to hook people into waiting forever for a minute of something useful.
I avoid long videos, if one gets posted here there is a reason.

Earlier this year I took existing data and projected it forward to predict when the huge die off would happen Most readers have seen that chart. Though a lot of people are dying now, the number is far less than I projected for this point in time. However, it is still going to happen, albeit delayed over a time frame approximately 4x as long.
The above video goes into how the MRNA shots cause the immune system to attack the body. The main problem is that rather than produce a foreign protein that is separate from the body the way a viral infection does - so it can be removed by the immune system without consequence, the MRNA vaxxes caused the spike protein to become the body itself. The proteins are still recognized as foreign, so to get rid of them the immune system has to tear the body apart. This overwhelms the immune system so it is less effective and eventually so much damage is done the body dies.
"They" were not stupid, they knew this would happen. This is damn near cellular biology 101, an intentional weaponization of the immune system and probably a whole lot more.

Russia has shut down private encrypted messaging

That's a key indicator of future events - you cannot have encrypted services running on your own turf during a war if you do not have ownership of them.

Police audio stated the guy who attacked Pelosi was a friend that had been arrested multiple times for gay prostitution.

Well, if the Left.B.I. did find a manifesto it is now clear the perp had more than that shoved up his ***.

UPDATE: this could be rumor: Russia has officially stated Britain did Nord Stream. I can't say "nothing follows." because someting surely will if this is legit.

GM is stopping advertising on twitter

They expect to keep using the platform to "connect with customers". Common sense: no pay, no stay especially since Twitter literally belongs to the competition now.

The employees are sabotaging twitter.

Elon needs to act quickly

Paul Pelosi's "attacker" had an anti-government manifesto with him!!!!

This attack brought to you by the LEFT.B.I, here to serve tyranny with staged attacks and manifestos on cue, like right when Twitter changed hands.


The EU has warned Musk that he has to censor as they see fit.

Musk should respond: "If you can't handle free speech go ahead and block us. Join the dictatorships, I won't budge."

The fix is in.

"Their" "ethical code" dictates they must tell us before they do it so when we tolerate it we are at fault. There it is.


Musk fired all the "data engineers" at Twitter, ALL OF THEM

But they ar needed because they understood the code, right?? well, NO. That was the title Twitter gave their censors!!

Opinion: Attack on Pelosi a sympthy ploy to offset Musk takover of twitter.

Gee, it is awful coincidental - the timing of this, and the leftie think goes like this: "now that our enemy, the American people, may have a platform to speak on, we have to try to shut them down IMMEDIATELY by showing that they cannot behave themselves when they do". I guess I could ramble out a huge spiel to increase read times, but I try to get to the point quickly with everything I post and that really is is ALL THERE IS to this.

Musk just fired the CEO and CFO of twitter, plus the lawyer who banned Trump.

BREAKING: Elon Musk fires Vijaya Gadde, Head of Legal Affairs, who made the decision to ban former President Donald Trump's Twitter account.
BREAKING: Elon Musk fires Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal.
7:48 PM Oct 27, 2022
My comment: Only 5,000 more to go, a script can replace a censor for absolutely free.
Update: 15 Tesla software engineers arrived, bypassed the software security and locked out all twitter employees without warning so they could not do sabotage or delete records.

An update on the homeless woman at the Trump tower

They don't want stories like this getting out.



Poor girl. Poor, poor girl.

WE NOW HAVE THE REAL DOOM JUICE - Pentagon just adopted a nuclear first strike policy

Earlier I mentioned that the US was supplying Asia and Europe with nukes. Now this was just announced the day after the decision to do that.

Youtube is now replacing real users with AI generated content.

I noticed this started a few days ago. Obviously fake names attached to lackluster content obviouly tailored to keep people in AI generated boxes where only pre-approved info is allowed. It appears Youtube has taken the ultimate dive into the control matrix where yes, accounts you know of are still there, but you'll never find anything new, instead you will find only new AI generated content on AI generated accounts that is safely within permitted limits and only regurgitates washed out crap you already know while appearing to provide variety by simply faking it. Was I told this? NO. But it is awful damn obvious. Aside from Whistlindiesel and Robot Cantina Youtube is now dead to me, you might as well shitcan all prospects of anything else other than MSM bloopers they decide to let live. Youtube was semi tolerable until a few days ago, now it is just a rotten carp.

How could Youtube do this?? EASY: WITH SOUPED UP TEXT TO VIDEO, where all you do is say a sentence and an AI generates a video based around that sentence.

I would bet this tech is so advanced by now that a massive government backed entity like Youtube could generate video on the fly simply based on typed in search terms. You know, a souped up version of this:

Why not run Youtube this way? and monetize it so Youtube does not have to deal with paying anyone once the AI gets good enough to mimic anything. It is probably already there. The NPC's will never realize anything changed.

When the war ball gets rolling it will happen in a very short time.

Right now the U.S. is placing nukes in Asia and Europe. This is not a guess, it is on Drudge. While doing this, Russia is getting pestered. My guess is that Posiedon is already placed. Why wait? it is re-callable so why not position it in advance? So many people are dying from the vax now that war would be a great way to take the heat off. And a great way to steal an election. and a great way to achieve 2025 population goals - are they going to give us a Halloween trick?. I doubt they have any treats. They are anxious, and it could all be over in a flash . . . . .

Pennsylvania election official openly admits the next election will be stolen

. . . . . stolen with as many mail in ballots as it takes because they received "threats". Listen to the leftist meta talk, anyone can translate leftie speak this basic.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams likely dying from covid shot

I said "likely" to avoid problems. My asessment: He's an honest man who was clueless enough to be allowed to publish comics despite not being Jewish. That cluelessness caused him to get the shot and he was not spared, he got the real one. Due to being clueless enough to be allowed to publish in MSM publications, he can't come to grips with the cold hard reality that there is true evil out there, even as he lived with it in his presence. A nice guy who's only 65 and now can't take the stairs due to the clotshot, he will soon be gone. Some are mocking him for ridiculing those who refused the shot, I won't but I will say the truth. A sad biowarfare fatality.

Some comments:

If Kayne West really thought Adidas would not drop him for speaking against Jewish tyranny because it is a German company, he is not qualified to be president; he would only get Kushnered.

Twitter did not suddenly lose a bunch of users unless the woke staff deleted them before Musk's arrival.

More likely it is just the usual MSM back stab committed against anyone who goes against "them", Watch the MSM wag up a Twitter meltdown that is 100 percent fake while a "new plaform everyone is moving to" pops up out of nowhere. Myspace was orders of magnitude superior to Faceplant and they did the same thing against Myspace, with great success. They absolutely will try it again with Twitter.

There is nothing on RT about Ukraine attacking chernobyl with a fake Iskander missile

What is there? A dirty bomb warning. Mention of the warning going to India and China. Notice of full scale drills for all out nuclear war. Chernobyl's exclusion zone makes sense for a dirty bomb because it is already abandoned and if the West was playing false flag, Chernobyl would work fine with literally no sacrifice.

The following post got interfered with and had to be re-typed several times, which is what happens when I hit a nerve.

Nicotine stops Covid and probably stops the clotshot.

There is probably a real reason behind the war on smoking that started in the late 70's.

It was well known 30 years before Covid that nicotine, when taken at a constant level from a patch, would cure tuberculosis. This got aired by the MSM in the mid 90's and then vanished. Now it is known that nicotine stops Covid by binding to ace2 receptor sites so whatever "covid" really is gets stopped by nicotine. As a result of this, nicotine also stops the MRNA shots from doing max damage and if taken in large doses, probably stops the shots completely.

when searching this out, be careful because those who are running the Covid con are burying this under fake reports, saying smoking makes Covid worse when in reality, smoking all but prevents covid completely. If so, smoking blocks the clotshot.

here are two good links showing how nicotine stops covid.


Was covid or something similar planned since the late 1970's, when the heat got put on smoking to eventuallly ban it because smoking was going to interfere with an evil plot? Sure, "we" did not have the MRNA tech yet, but what if someone else did?
This is where I was when they scrambled this report, forcing a re-type
Few people question aliens anymore. They are fairly obviously real at this point. There probably are a few lizards running around in body suits having influence on things.
What if back in the 1970's they directed tptb to ban smoking everywhere so they could help us in "DNA research" and then have the MRNA crap work when needed? that would not surprise me at all. What if the "V" mini series that surfaced shortly thereafter and was quite literally too good for television was their reveal? It was around that time that the nuclear tests stopped and everything started going digital. What if they detected the nuclear blasts, said "hell no", discovered how corruptible the Jews were and are using them as tools to desroy us so their babies won't wake up to a mushroom cloud on another world? What if they provided considerable tech assistance to ensure a digital hellscape could keep us monitored and controlled until our destruction is complete?

At this point the wanton destruction of everything ought to be seriously questioned, this, or something similar must be pondered.


It looks like LED lights FINALLY caught up with incandescent.

Oh, they have been superior for years!! BULLSHIT.
I have seen the false claims with both CFL and LED lights since the 90's. "this light puts out more light than a 100 watt incandescent bulb" only to try it multiple times and end up with bleak washed out crap. for the first time ever, I have seen that not happen.
Yesterday I went to an open market to find a better light. I did not want a disappointment. A new generation of light bulbs was there, under an obscure Chinese name - "TIANLAI" in all caps. It said "high efficiency, 28 watts = 150 watts" and I was like, "if that matches even an old school 75 watt I'll be happy". I smirked at the design, which had no heat sink (any led bulb that powerful needs one) but they plugged one in and it was bright, so I dropped the "enomous sum" of $6.50 for a generic bulb, wondered if they were going to laugh at me when I walked and went home to test it.
I checked it over real good before screwing it into the socket. It really did not have any means of internal cooling at all. I figured it would last a week at most. And then I turned it on. The room lit up the way it would with two of the old 100 watt bulbs rated at 1710 lumens each, the way it used to be in the 80's. I looked at the box at the rating and it said 2,000. It has to be 3,000 lumens - for a change it was not the standard lie: "this bulb puts out 1100 lumens" only to get home and have about 300. This led light puts out SO MUCH light that it escapes the bulb as heat you can feel coming out of the bulb, and it does not get hot. Almost all the energy leaves the bulb as light. It is weird to feel the heat and have the source feel cool.
I looked these up and they only show up on Mercadolibre. If you find this EXACT bulb in your area from this exact manufacturer, I'll guarantee it is awesome and a revolution in LED tech. There are so many look alike crap brands from china that if it is not this exactly, good luck! Don't worry about the "cool white" rating, unlike other "cool white" bulbs the light from this one is not thin at all, it actually matches sunlight. You can feel heat from this bulb when you walk under it, but when you reach up and touch it, it is cool. It obviously has the new tech and seems impossible, it really does emit energy while staying cool, I'd bet the energy to light conversion ratio is around 80 percent.

Avoiding DNA sites like 23And me -

I very recently warned people to never hand their DNA over to anyone and today discovered it is a fairly open topic, with the only things not stated openly being Israel, Dimona, and the first real progress being made before 2004. And I think by the time sites like 23 and me got going, Israel was already ready thanks to many Palestinian prisoner "research volunteers". I also think those volunteers contributed to the pfizer/moderna shots.
It is a safe bet that by now Israel has loaded their DNA weapon maker with all the data from the DNA sites and more from the COVID tests. Here is the Daily Mail talking about this a while ago. It is legit.

The statement: 23 and me "does not sell it" is not equal to the statement "we won't hand it over to the Israeli DOD for free!" or "we are not a clandestine branch of the IDF".

This is exactly how teachers are warping reality badly enough to cause the kids to go trans.

A history teacher is trying to pull this stunt. look evil straight in the face here. They obviously want this expunged so they can do it again, the lockdowns did not happen and the elections are not stolen.

Drudge headline: "voter interest at an all time high"

Translation: Conservatives are very discouraged by vote fraud and as a result not many will vote. HOWEVER, we have done SO BADLY that even our base won't vote for us so we will have to steal both sides. THAT will be a challenge requiring us to steal like we have never stolen before, so much so that we need "record turnout".

The Jews sucessfully rigged a Jew into power in Britain, "minority" my ^ss, watch Britain be promptly dis-assembled now all the while the talk will be for a "strong Britain."

They are afraid Elon Musk will give a voice to the people so "they" are ramping up the "dangerous nutcase" rhetoric as they wipe out Western civilization - all the while they lament how there's a Tesla flying through space that they are too lazy to go get. It will exist for all eternity as proof we existed and there's little doubt that galls them.

Someone started a rumor about America putting Airborne Rangers in Ukraine. If so, that would be a huge development as Washington and Tel Aviv pump up the demonization of Russia to unprecedented levels, worse than the crap for even Iran- an obvious commute down the road to a war they intend to start.

Russian jets use American chips.

Therefore they are crashing. Stuxnet has no borders. Russia will now pay the price for having no useful microprocessors they developed themselves, and so will China. That will be America's home field advantage.

But wait, Huawei developed a great chip for their phones, right?

NOPE. all they did was re-implement American tech under license, they may have come up with improved versions but the heart is still American, and bugged. The chinese could not comprehend what it all meant well enough to get the sabotage out. They did better than Russia, but not good enough.
By the way, the US military was rated "weak" for the first time ever. Want to know what that likely means? It likely means new tech is going to be released that will put kill ratios at 1000:1 against Russia, "by way of deception" ALL shall do war, anyone who shows their hand to the enemy is rock stupid. I predict the annihilation of Russia will proceed so swiftly that Russia will quickly be forced to go nuclear, and that is how the west will lose.

There was a major hit on a Russian manufacturing depot that made missile propellant and more.

Seems to be odd circumstances, STUXNET? Aaah yes, those American chips made setting up the factory easy!

Viral story "18 percent of cattle die from MRNA shot" hunted down to the source

The source was down the longest cow trail I have ever seen, and it was in an "oh no, this is probably true" location.
I first saw this on NaturalNews, but they were not the source. Here is the story line:
[Oct 1, 2022 at 14:42] Copied from an email: "Hi folks A friend informed me today that her neighbor, a dairy farmer, is now forced to vaccinate her herd with an mRNA vaccine! (NSW) She complied and of the 200 head of cattle, 35 died instantly! I would sue the DPI The farmer said it is mandatory for all dairy farms to have their herd jabbed with this mRNA vaccine. Am not yet sure if that's for NSW or across Australia, but will investigate immediately. Implications? Dairy herd DNA is altered. Milk is altered and you CONSUME IT! Butter constitution, yoghurt, cheese is altered MEAT is altered Will chicken and other meats be next? Time to grow your own folks, and maybe develop herds that are private, none tagged, and never vaccinated. Time to set up a community farm association with member - farmers who are not part of the system, have herds - animals that are not jabbed or tagged so a community of private people can be consumers of organic produced livestock. It's time to fend for ourselves as an organised community. You might want to send this message to warn your data base too
This is currently happening folks!!"
NaturalNews linked to a re-post, which led to another repost, which again led to a repost, which then went to tapnewswire and I was like "well that blows it then," but Tap was not the source, they linked to another repost and I then gave up and dropped a text string into DuckDuck, which then pointed me to the original post on Beforeitsnews.
My opinion on Beforeitsnews is that a lot of crap lands there. however, for stuff like this it can't get any better, due to the nature of this post and where it turned up first I rate this rumor as highly credible and possibly even actionable. The trolls got onto this with their usual expungement of the details saying Australia never mandated this while skipping over the very clear statement that it might only be mandated in NSW, which boosts the credibility even more - when trolls set up straw men you can pretty much bank on whatever they are trolling being true.
My conclusion is that this is probably legit, and is definitely something to keep an eye on. MRNA shots are being pushed hard on farmers, FOR COVID and I'd like to know why a cow would even need a covid shot, I don't believe they could catch Covid IF Covid really was not a hoax altogether, crap like this sure makes it look like more of an agenda than an outbreak.

I never mentioned the girl who was "beaten to death" in Iran because I knew it was war propaganda that never happened.

That story surfaced right when Iranian drones were being used sucessfully by Russia and I was like . . . . ...yeah, RIGHT.


The AI locked up my computer and deleted it from where I found it when I tried to post it. I then sucessfully hunted it down after two hours trying.

This is probably surviving on Twitter because of Elon Musk, thus leaving for "them" only the option of locking up computers and preventing re-posts. HERE IT IS FOLKS, ARCHIVE AND POST!

There is little question the cleanup crews who are still pushing the death shot are onto this and working overtime to kill it. The doctor is still clueless because he's "working with Israel" to get to the bottom of this, which, as shown in an earlier post of mine means he's being handled and will probably be derailed. even still, it is evident the wheels are coming off the apple cart. This is probably surviving on Twitter because of Elon Musk, thus leaving for "them" only the option of locking up computers and preventing re-posts. HERE IT IS FOLKS, ARCHIVE AND POST!

Introducing a top seller for Christmas 2022


Grocery store prices in the western nations are totally fake.

People in Mexico are complaining about increases in food prices and it is true, prices are going up. However, there's a difference between normal infationary increases and being messed with. I will give an example - last night-s dinner, enough for two -
Here is what I had last night: bag of noodles, 200 grams, (that's just under a half pound) 25 cents. Double sized can of tuna, 1.60. salt, half stick of butter, .50 then 225 grams of cream, .70 and about 100 grams of milk to loosen the mix, 10 cents. Total was $3.05, more than enough food, totally premium tuna noodle whatever. Things like tuna and cream stay fairly evenly priced across quality levels in Mex, but I could have paid several times more for the milk and noodles, when I see that it-s a no-go, I will not buy "premium" when there is absolutely no reason to. If I did in this case, the cost would have been $5. Maybe Mexico is cheaper, but those were convenience store prices to boot because I don't want to go far with a broken arm, the total would have been $2.50 at the cheap places.
I don't ever buy beef in a form other than hamburger, and at Soriana - which has by far the best meats - hamburger is now $3 per pound. In a grade above what is possible in America at any price. And that's their cheap stuff. Wal Mart and HEB somehow manage to sell the same skanky fat filled half spoiled chemical bath called "hamburger" they sell in the US, it must be a religious thing, even in their top grades. Chedraui starts out better than wal mart but I don't buy meats there because there is no attention to detail and it is often spoiled.
anyway -
Meats have increased in price but not an apocalypse.
Produce is still cheap.
high grade generic cereals that are better than and nutritionally spec out better than Kellogs (what happened to Kellogs anyway? they got totally passed up by the generics in Mex and all the vitamin fortification is gone, at least in Mex Kellogs is as bad as cheese puffs, the boxes used to have a huge list of vitamins that is now gone) so I won't ever buy Kellogs anymore and I rarely buy cereal but when I do it is because I sense a nutritional deficiency and a 40 ounce bag of FORTIFIED generic cereal costs about $1.35 now and it will fix a nutritional deficiency every time. I don't trust any jarred multivitamins but that cereal is THE TICKET. It is packed with vitamins the way Kellogs used to be, a huge list that is actually lived up to.
\ Maybe it is time to do another grocery store video to let people in the rip-off countries know where "terra firma" should be if they were not being robbed. Mexico's grocery prices were higher than America's 10 years ago, what happened? I think Mexico is damn lucky to have stopped the last election from being stolen via an operaton based in Sinaloa last time *Sinaloa if I remember right* Obrador was the best thing that ever happened to Mexico at the most important possible time . . . . . unbelievably so, I could not possibly stress that enough. Unlike Trump, Obrador got the job done. And the payoff is happening now.

If you use oil to heat your home make sure you get a price first

People are saying sticker shock is an issue and that in most cases heating oil that should cost less than gasoline is in some cases costng more than $6 per gallon. That's a terrible gouge, don't get ambushed by a surprise you can't pay after it is in your tank. know what it will cost beforehand.

Headline: Dems peak a little early and are now losing it.

Reality: An entire political group does not "peak a little early," when it comes to things like voting people don't just drift everywhere like a dinghy in a storm, they are instead anchored and drive it home consistently like a nail gun until something huge happens that changes their life. Literally every legitimate vote the dems had is still there, they are at their "peak" and will stay there for decades. Dems "peaked a little early" because their poll fraudsters suddenly got scared, knowing things have changed enough so that they might actually get in trouble for fraud. And the reality is that dems will never again peak above approximately 35 percent absent fraud.
A totally legit election would sweep them straight into the trash, the only people who like the trans crap, schools and more that the dems deliver are out there on the lunatic fringe. Their actual support base after "drag queen story hour" is likely below 20 percent. The dems peaked long ago with JFK and they were probably involved with killing him, it was not only Bush senior.

The only elections dems win at this time in history can be safely assumed stolen.

An F35 crashed at Hill Air Force base

It has been 12 hours since I posted this and no one has anything on this anywhere, it is like it did not happen. This is probably important considering the war situation, what if it was hacked? The 388th figter wing posts about this crash are Here. I had to double check to see if I accidentally posted something old and that's why no one else put this up but NOPE, this happened late in the day yesterday.

It was going fast. Pilot safely ejected.
At approximately 6:15 p.m. an F-35 A Lightning II crashed at the north end of Hill Air Force Base runway. On and off base emergency crews responded immediately.
388th Fighter Wing
The pilot ejected, was recovered and has been taken to local medical center for observation. The cause of the crash is unknown and will be investigated. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

The grand mosque in Jakarta Indonesia caught on fire and had the dome collapse the same way Notre Dame did.

The dome was being renovated and "sparks from a welder or some other source" lit it on fire, which is the exact same story for Notre Dame. coincidence??


Before 911 headlines were sparse, with whatever did show talking about a terror attack. Today is by far the sparsest I have ever seen Drudge and elsewhere (by a lot) ut Drude is sey up in a way that is easy to quantify - and what is on drudge is heavily weighted towards nuclear war. does this mean one will happen in the next three days? NO. but I will say the similarities between now and right before 911 are hard to miss. same people, same method, different trick??

The CDC just put the MRNA shot on the childhood vaccine schedule.

Why not?? We bitched and took losses without killing any of them. They see that as approval, they can just kill us off like dodo birds. This crap will continue for as long as "they" face no hard consequences. some states are already rebelling. And they should rebel. It is a fraudulent shot that stops nothing and causes lots. Worse - the pushers know this. They are now all running around naked shitting their corruption everywhere in public as obviously as this guy and no one is stopping them at the source of it all, which happens to be your local synagogue.

HUGE: (nice one for a slow news day - )

Suddenly there is a headline on Drudge that says "Republicans inch forward" when prior to this it was all about Dems making gains. Wanna know why? Because DeSantis started arresting people who committed vote fraud in 2020.
So for two years Florida knew who at least some of the fraudsters were, and FINALLY started arresting them at the absolute perfect time to scare them this time around.
"Oh, you mean you KNOW who was doing that sheet and I can get arrested without warning years after?? I'm outta there!!!"
Apparently they were guaranteed no trouble and are dumbfounded. WAY TO GO FLORIDA!

Circle K is going to start selling pot.

I bet it will be GMO pot, and you know prions can survive being burned. Don't expect such a venue to skip out on what can be done, Pfizer did not. I would trust a small time pusher long before I would trust a large corporation - If I smoked pot I'd skip it.

and that reminds me . . . . .

a couple nights ago the neighbors lit the hugest joint at 2 AM, and I mean a monster, a giant funnel and it was so strong it woke me up. I laid there wondering how on earth they could afford to make a stink like that. Amazingly it did not quit. I decided to get up to use the bathroom and then realized it was not the neighbors, it was chicken I put on the stove and forgot, it was going to be soup and was fine until the water finally boiled off. How can burning chicken smell just like an enormous doobie?? I don't know, it must have been the spices.


Over half the people going by did not see this.

A few quick items

This is why all the Marvel characters are turning gay. It is an act of war.

Russia scored the longest on record air to air kill

Mandela effect? I could have sworn American planes could air to air kill at over 200 miles which would dwarf Russia's recent 170 kilometers give or take a few, if that is a new world record what gives?
I thought America's system provided extreme range by combining different radars to guide missiles until they could see the target and do the final approach themselves. I know that system could also combine the abilities of multiple jets plus AWACS and track and kill at least 70 aircraft simultaneously across huge distances. I know that is how it was in 2010, what changed?
The Ukranian leadership is freaking out because Russia finally "started fighting for real". I don't agree, Russia still has the kid gloves on if only 30 percent of the electrical infrastructure is gone.
I am aware of the perfectly fit fighter who mocked anti vaxxers, took the shot, and died. What repeat of this scenario are we on now? Obviously you change what state you live in if the scools mandate the shot, which is increasingly recognized as fraudulent.
Saudi Arabia is joining BRICS. Hopefully when that dust settles it won't be glowing.
I am aware of Boston University producing an 80 percent lethal covid strain. Supposedly. But what if it was dreamed up by the political science department as a way to scare the kiddies into more clotshots, and stock photography was used?

The most important thing I could possibly post, and I am going to before I forget again.

this is going to be difficult with a one handed hunt and peck, I will be saving it in parts so make sure it is done before you re-post it.


The Jews claim the clotshot does not hurt them. This could be reality for two reasons, one we already know of (not all shots created equal) and I will post the second reason, based on my several years of direct experience with their community and other data I have that cannot be searched anymore.

First, the history of the clotshot.

The clotshot has it's roots in a late 1990's research and development project (continued to this day) done as "weapons development" by Israel in the Negev desert near Dimona. I was onto their race specific AND ETHNIC bioweapons plot in earnest at the turn of the century and totally in 2003, when I fully woke up. Back then data was readily accessible and I dug straight to the bottom of it all. Back then the human genome project was all the rage and was being done "for the greater good" and they asked eveyone to install something on their computers to give them more computing power "when your computer was idle", I had a good one and that chewed it down to nothing all the time so I took it off . . . . . anyway-
Years later (2002) I discovered that Israel was taking all the data people were donating with their computers and using it to find the unique differences in the genome that could be exploited via custom tailored genetic bioweapons. More importantly, they also, at the same time, had an even more useful ethnic bioweapons program that also continues to this day.

the difference between race specific and ethnic bioweapons:

The Jews had a problem with race specific weapons. That problem was caused by the fact that there are Jews from many races. This is why in the end, while race specific weapons were still useful, (especially under total control via "vaccines"), if they really wanted to do a bulk wipeout of populations and remain unscathed they had to use ethnic bioweapons.

The two huge ethnicity items Jews could exploit were the fact they did not eat pork, and Pareve. I also have a hunch that their push to get everyone eating insects plays into this, they sure won't, insects are not kosher. Jews also salt the hell out of their foods while telling everyone else to avoid it, and they avoid fluoride like the plague.

Pareve: don't mix meat and dairy. If you hav ANY dairy products, even in trace amounts as ingredients in prepared foods, you cannot eat any meat for at least six hours because of how meat and dairy interact in the digestive system. longer times are preferred. It does not matter what meat, Pareve is for ALL meat. I do not know the chemistry behind this interaction, I just know it is a rule, - one that could definitely be exploited with an ethnic bioweapon.
Do I need to explain pork? Something as obvious as pork in the diet would be beyond easy to exploit and I have a hunch that's what those fibrous clots that embalmers are finding are made of. If you have pork saved up, use it at your own risk until it is gone, an then abandon the concept.
Obviously, Muslims are targeted and they don't eat pork. That's where Pareve, insects, salt, fluoride, an generalized "Kosher" come into play. It is a safe bet that a pork avoiding Muslim would do much better against the clotshot than bar-b-q joe even if the Muslim did not observe Pareve. Muslims will be a harder target.

There is little you can do to protect yourself from a genetic bioweapon and lots you can do for protection against ethnic bioweapons.

All the people who sent their DNA in to places like 23 and me really screwed up, because now they have a perfect copy of your code they can exploit to destroy only you. If you have not done that, don't, ditto for any future testing (such as the fraudulent "COVID tests") that many were suckered into. For a genetic bioweapon to be "safe and effective" they really need the details, don't just hand them over!

People of all ethnicities: to keep yourself much safer against whatever comes next, look at your life, especially your foods and ask yourself: Are the Jews doing this differently? Protect your DNA record. And then remember the THIRD ITEM: not all shots are created equal.



It is obvious people want to read about hopeful scenarios - you know - how th white hats are going to save us, how all the bad guys are getting hung in gitmo and just wait, things will change; how a good segment of the military will save us all; how aliens are stopping/have stopped nuclear war; how Trump is still going to be inaugurated AND SO MUCH MORE.

If you click that horse sht and worse, if you believe it, you are a sucker, it is easy to get clicks for shit and that's all some people are posting. Is it better than nothing when censorship AI has wiped out all the real stuff, making it damn near impossible to find? I say NO. Post real or don't post at all.

It just galls me to see how many clicks regurgitated "gitmo B.S." gets, yeah, Hillary might be dead but she never went to Gitmo and they'll just fake the image of her if she is dead. We had better hope she is dead and not restored with MRNA tech that is not sabotage, the last thing we need is hag bags like that restored for eternity.

It looks like there won't be any more shutdowns

Aaah yes, you know the tides are turning when you see stuff like this.

NOTE: the tyrants will now play the victim by saying enforcing that crap bruised them emotionally. It is right there, in plain text.

You know the con is ending when you see people trying to sell boxes of 50 face masks for $1.50 US and there are no takers.

This is the real reason why they nailed assange.


this page had too much stuff on it to run well on a lot of computers so I cut it in pieces. click here for the rest of the current stuff.


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE