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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Alex claims Trump has video of Hunter torture raping young Chinese girls, and says he's going to blow it open. I HOPE SO. Those bloody mattresses in Epstein's temple happened somehow!

Laptop confirmed to be Hunters via the biometric scanner file. There's no way out of this. Hunter's lawyer is trying to claim the biometric files and other stuff can't be real because Hunter dropped of the laptop in 2017(before that model of laptop had the biometric feature), however, the receipt says April 2019 and that matches 2018 being the year that model of laptop got the biometric touch scanner.


The following (carefully composed) photo is 100 percent legit and was taken at 6:20 PM EST October 16

UPDATE: I have come across a claim (by a known troll) that this was taken on September 10. That does not really matter if true, and I am not digging that, it is possible it was taken then and they waited to post it and I doubt it ayway because the troll (though popular and impossible to issue a reply against is an abject liar.) In this case it does not matter anyway, the meat of the issue is the same.

Here we have 1. The Chinese billionaire that had to flee the communist party, who has 3 hard drives of dirt on Biden colluding with communist china to destroy the United States. 2. Steve Bannon, who has had a copy of Hunter Biden's hard drive for 2 weeks. 3. Rudy Giuliani (who is turning out to be a VER GOOD Jew, yes, it is possible), AND 4. The Chinese virologist who confirmed the wuhan lab made the virus and as rumor has it, also knows Biden and the Democrats had the wuhan lab create the virus (paid for with 2.7 million U.S. tax dollars by Fauci) for the sole purpose of de-railing Trump's election with a totally scammed mail in vote scheme.

I went too hard on Giuliani, it now looks like he opted to step over a dropped m&m (Hunters hard drive) so he could instead grab a whole m&m cupcake. If so, I don't think there is going to be an election, this is a solid case of GAME OVER and that photo was intentionally framed as such to taunt the Dems and tell them "GAME OVER."


I don't know what to say beyond that, I am STUNNED, other than Stuxnet nuclear reactor distraction?

I keep staring at that photo in disbelief. It is very skillfully taken to not have the photographer or Bannon in the mirror, leaving the entire frame for the microbiologist. This took very careful composition and was obviously done on purpose to terrify the Democrats. Photoforensics says it is 100 percent legit and that would not be surprising considering we already know Giuliani and Bannon have Biden's hard drive, the billionaire and the microbiologist are a serious bonus, the Dems are royally screwed. I just noticed, the chinese microbiologist is illuminated by a backwards facing photo strobe. This is FREAKING AWESOME.

NOT SO DEAR HUNTER: Alcohol and crack don't mix well with laptops left for repair, if you can't write down your data correctly and therefore cannot be contacted, and you were so blitzed you don't remember where you left it!

That said, this photo is worth more than Hunter's hard drive, this truly says GAME OVER, the hard drive was probably done to get people's attention before this asteroid hit.

Bannon says Biden cannot be president now because he cannot get a security clearance. I say "that is true", but only WE, THE PEOPLE, can enforce it. DO NOT LET BIDEN BECOME PRESIDENT, DO NOT LET KAMALA BECOME PRESIDENT, that is all there is to it even if "the election" "puts them in" and only shooting will stop it.

Judicial watch: 353 counties in 29 states have more people registered to vote than possible voters

This is why the left is so sure Biden will "win", some counties have registration rates of more than 150% of possible voters.


I clicked the Twitter link "Tucker Carlson: We Have Conclusive Proof -- THE LAPTOP IS REAL" AND THIS IS WHAT TWITTER SENT ME:


A comment to the leftist elite:

Yes, you need a distraction. An enormous HORRIFIC distraction. You know - like better than 9/11. DO NOT STUXNET BROWN'S FERRY OR ANY OTHER NUCLEAR FACILITY, I know it is hard for you, but you are going to get busted for ANY false flag you launch at this time and it will only be added to the list of things you are already wanted for. ADVICE: RUN. That way it will take longer for whatever replaces the FBI to nail you.

Thanks for the 7 extra ballots California!

Extra ballots have been happening WAY TOO MUCH, the steal is on. How about that California? What if the Dems are so upset with Biden this ends up backfiring? Add to that Virginia, Massachussetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and a majority of other states?? And the left is saying Biden will survive that New York Post article. If their votes are amplified 8 to 1 as the video below shows, maybe. Right click to save.


There is very little out there on the Hunter Biden story due to censorship everywhere but it can be found if you look for it

Twitter actually shut down to re-write it's censorship software to bury the Biden expose' and others likely did similar. As a result, there is very little out there on this topic today but I have discovered it can be found if you hunt for it, and not with Google.

Here is Tucker Carlson's broadcast Twitter shut down over, which is (surprisingly) going to stream from Twitter. Obviously someone applied pressure, and this is very good.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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