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                Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!


Ballot watermark story under serious question.

I am going to leave the ballot watermark post up, but it appears it may be a con job launched by the left to stall Americans from deeply scrutinizing the fraud. After all, if there's a watermark that's all we need, right? Well, no. Because though the story was that the DHS printed these ballots and watermarked them, ALL the state web sites still say they print their own ballots, which would make a centralized watermark that would bust them all impossible.


The great reset: Destroy every business with Covid regulations. Destroy every church, group, EVERYTHING and then bankrupt everyone so they have nothing. Then send in communism on a great white horse where the churches never re-open, no one has anything they own, and they all just live in the system taking everything thrown at them, every vax, every intellectual corruption, EVERYTHING, or they'll be un-plugged from the system and perish. Before that happens, America HAS TO DIE. So Trump is OUT, come hell or high water.

And now, the main report on this topic:


If you want to steal an election, you may have a problem: All ballots accounted for. So let's say you threw away Bob for Trump's ballot and decided to turn it into a Bob for Biden vote. Well, you need a new ballot for that, and if you take one from the official system, it will get noticed. So you have to print that yourself. Easily done. According to a whistleblower, one precinct said they had to stop "because they ran out of ink". AAAAND, they also ran out of watermarks, OOPS, I mean, they never had ANY. Times Ditto, ditto, ditto.

So that apparently is a BIG PROBLEM now, because there are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Biden votes that don't have a watermark.

The MSM was quick to say "That's a hair brained conspiracy theory". Only, OOPS, it's not.

To view the watermark, you have to have a 10X jeweler's loupe, and a light source that includes 640 nanometers. The mark, which is super faint in the least visible part of the red spectrum, is totally impossible to spot without a loupe, and to find it even with a loupe you have to know where it is because it is so faint and so tiny. The lady who shot this video only noticed the black dots when the actual print of the watermark was also right there. And it's real cute. SO CUTE, THAT IF THIS IS MORE THAN "APPARENTLY" TRUE, THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT GOES HARD RED IN ALL 50 STATES INCLUDING VERMONT AND CALIFORNIA. California got word of this AFTER they threw out over 7 million ballots for Trump, that were certified as having been cast. You know, THAT SONOMA DUMPSTER THING I covered in depth. Rumor has it that AFTER throwing away the legit Trump ballots and filling them in on fake ballots, they found out about the watermark and then threw away the fake ballots too and now they are over 7 million ballots short.

THIS IS (APPARENTLY) NOT A BLUFF, SEE THIS VIDEO (which I will obviously serve from here because it WILL be deleted despite the fact that deleting it won't matter.


SO THE BIG QUESTION NOW: IS THIS MORE THAN APPARENTLY TRUE??? Hopefully there is more than hope.


Preface not part of the message: Given that this site is only about 1/3 the size of Drudge (with Drudge in dilapidated shape now) chances are the president will not read it here. But this ought to at least get out there, I have enough reach for that and perhaps he'll pick it up elsewhere -

DO NOT GIVE UP. Never in the history of voter fraud has there EVER been so many clear cut cases of perfectly documented fraud. It's not spurious fraud, it is in your face, on audio, on camera, right out in the open for all to see undeniable FRAUD. If the supreme court is not as corrupted as I think it is, you will win this in court.

In the past, the left had excuses - "A voting machine screen was not calibrated right" or "this only happened in one small instance that we assure you was isolated," or "That was only an error". It simply is not that way this time.

This time, we have documented video proof of poll watchers being denied access. That's unprecedented. We have never had that before.

This time, we have documented audio proof of election worker training where they are explicitly instructed on how to get away with fraud. That's more than unprecedented, that's an absolute nuke on the national conscience.

This time, we have testimony and proof the U.S. postal service back dated disqualified ballots that were dumped in bulk AFTER election day and then counted as legit ballots. Another nuke, right in the heart of the DNC.

This time was the only time in history where so many states simultaneously quit counting ballots in a way that made it obvious they all got instructions from central command to shut down so they could steal it, and they went home EARLY to boot, only to have ballots jump by one candidate by 100,000 votes the next day without a single one for the other - that's an easily provable statistical impossibility that will never fly in court. That's an automatic judgement in your favor.

In the past, it was difficult if not impossible to prosecute the fraud because it was kept clean enough for there to be no legit proof. That's not the case this time, GO FOR IT TRUMP, BURN THEM ALIVE because you certainly have what it will take to do exactly that.

My advice to those who are attempting a coup on America: RUN. You had damn well better run because THIS TIME the gig is up, you're busted, and your best future will be to take your ill gotten gains and live like kings in a shithole country. Perhaps you're hedging your bets you'll win. To that I say: I would not enjoy risking it with those odds, when I still had a chance to run!

Dear president: You have stated in the past that they are not after you, they are after us. And with them explicitly stating that after this "election" they are going to remove every one of your supporters from society what you stated is obviously true, for our sake, for God's sake, do not let them steal this. We need you.

Preface to the following: How this ends is PERFECT, killing the people in the deep state is NOT THE ANSWER unless it is the only way forward, there's actually something far better that can be done to get them to behave. Guns should clearly be used only when absolutely needed - there are other things that will scare the criminals in the deep state a lot more than getting shot to death. And a lot more people would be able to cope with that than actually killing someone. So from this point on, with this site, I'll focus on SENDING A MESSAGE they survive receiving.

A disclaimer for the above: There are times when it is perfectly OK to use guns and other weapons to put things right, and this is one of them. I am certainly not telling people to put their guns away, at this point that would be a huge mistake.

Today I am changing where this site sits on the topic of warfare. After considering a few things, and who the enemy is, killing them is not the right way to send a message. Read this to the end, I know I have the answer.


There is now so much evidence and proof this election was stolen that no amount of censorship can bury it. The goverment needs the consent of the governed to survive, and clearly they don't have it. 30 percent leftist nit wits cannot save Nancy and the rest of the deep state all by themselves, they need the cooperation of the bulk of society and quite frankly, the genocide is going to be difficult this time. And now I am going to say some reality and give advice that will scare those stealing America:

The average Joe American just wants to live his life without trouble, and without "being violent" to put things right. The average gun owner is actually useless and the gun will never be used because the average gun owner is too brainwashed by all the "non violence" BULLSHIT to ever use it. However, there are a lot of things they can still do to screw those who stole this election (or at least tried) should they succeed, even if they don't have the moral fiber it takes to blow the brains out of a storm trooper that's taking their neighbor to the camps -


#1. DO NOT PAY TAXES. Are you kidding me? TAXES? WTF for? Come on people, all you'll do by paying taxes is feed the monster that stole the country, which will then take what YOU PAID and return every dime you sent in by destroying you. What would the corrupted officials do if people even stopped paying property tax? Crash, that's what. There's no reason for property tax and no allowance for it anyway, it's just something we all went along with while being conned. Now all it does is stuff corruption to the rafters. They can't kick everyone out of their homes, they'll destroy their base, and enough people will shoot anyway -

#2. Let all registrations expire. ALL OF THEM. And then live your life like you have them. And when the fines come, don't pay them. And if they threaten jail, say GOOD, because you're also going to have to jail Tom, Bob, Joe and the rest of the country that is not criminal, and when you do that you'll rip the rug right out from under yourselves. No one is going to feed you but US. Ditto for the IRS. If these people actually seize power, they'll dream of ways to destroy you that are worse than the IRS, giving them the funds to do so will be WORSE than the consequence of not paying taxes.

3. Immediately jerk your kids out of school. And don't put them online either. Set up associations where parents teach each other's kids in groups of 10 or so. The parents will have no trouble at all out-performing the schools drastically anyway. Even if you teach the kids NOTHING, the only thing lost will be the brainwashing the schools do. That is literally all they do, they don't teach a damn thing and today's kids simply pick up information and learn from the web. The motivation to use a tech device is what is teaching them to write, the schools sure as hell do not.

Once the majority of the people refuse to cooperate with the "public education" system, enough A-holes will be shot by people who are not brainwashed morons when the NOT ELECTED government tries to steal the kids via CPS over the kids not being in school to put a stop to that too.

4. Do not cooperate with ANY gun regulations, and I am talking NOT A SINGLE ONE. Sell all firearms and keep a record of the sale, including the first name of the fake buyer and nothing more. SELL EVERY DAMN GUN YOU HAVE TODAY, while in-person sales still don't have to be recorded. Lose the rest of them "in the lake". Have a nice gun safe that is empty to prove you sold them. Only a few people have the courage and morality it takes to shoot a tyrant, so it will take an enormous pile of people owning guns to hit the critical number of those to make it too dangerous for the state to become what Nancy and Kamala want it to be.

5. Prepare your most fuel efficient vehicle for war. The best prep you could possibly make would be to have the tank as full of gas as possible, plus have extra gas cans in that vehicle, plus cash to buy gas with, keeping it all topped off until the gasoline is cut off to stop you from getting more to transport yourself to wherever the battles are. The great ace of the war will be the guy who has the Geo Metro hatch back and 50 gallons of gas. It would take forever to stop that, absent blowing it up and if it comes down to that a pickup won't be any better. The sniper. With a Geo Metro. Bad combo for the deep state.

I have to repeat this - lots of people think what they need is a hummer or some other gas sucking pig. Such vehicles offer NO advantage in urban warfare, the guy who's going to win drives a Prius.

Other vehicle preps that are critical will be blankets in that vehicle. The light fuzzy ones, which keep you warm better than anything. Throw in the $20 wal mart tent and NOTHING LARGER just in case you have to abandon the vehicle and run for it. Then you'll be REAL thankful the blankets are light and fuzzy. If you have a large tent or a heavy bed spread you're going to discover just how useless it is when you have to carry it, let alone pitch it and then sit there like some giant icon visible to eternity and beyond. The little tents (and ultralight blankets and sleeping bags) will work better than anything. And no, a sheet of plastic will not replace a tent.

I would not bother with more food than whatever will go in the car easy, with a special back pack loaded with carbos to quickly grab if needed that will only last a few days at most. If you can't get food and you're fighting a war, starvation is your least worry, if you last long enough to starve to death and you were effective the whole time, you surpassed everyone else by leaps and bounds.


1. Don't pay taxes.

2. Don't register anything or license anything anymore.

3. Get your kids out of school.

4. Sell your guns and make damn good and sure you docmuent the sale clearly, while being totally obscure about who "bought" them. The lake can be there for one or two and don't bother "selling" any you know are not registered, why bother?

5. Seriously prepare your most fuel efficient vehicle and don't bother with the big one unless there's a damn good reason to. One more thing - a gun gives up your location instantly. Avoid using them where possible, and when you do, one shot, one kill, leave. Due to the fact that you can be sneaky with fire, fire is a much better weapon. I am confident the deep state wants gas powered cars banned because they know that, there's no other serious reason they want them gone.

Any government needs the consent of the governed. You were guaranteed to be "served" by those you put in power. After a coup like this, your a FREAKING MORON or total fool for complying and giving the usurpers power by cooperating with them, my god, why would anyone do that?

A few updates

I got the main computer working again by replacing the SSD, flashing the BIOS, and re-installing the operating system but by that time Trump's speech was irrelevant in the face of all the other fraud that is going on . . . .

A girl with a Chinese name (may have) phished Claudia for ALL her info and I was suspicious she was setting up a Paypal account closure case against us and I stopped it in the knick of time . . . . one more error would have done it . . . .

I saw the Mex news show "protestors" screaming "count every vote, every vote counts" and it made it clear: They are proud of their evil and their dishonesty, they revel in the filth of the portion of their existence THEY created and there is only ONE WAY to deal with those types, and it is not pretty. Unfortunately, good people can't comprehend that level of evil and get suckered by it easily. I see no good way out of this, they absolutely will steal it and today Biden set up his transition office and web site. They know this is going to succeed.

I have such a sense of impending doom despite being in an enviable position compared to most people. I toss and turn in agony watching the death of America and no doubt so many people I care about who are caught up in this and will definitely be expunged from existence. I cannot believe such filth and rot is getting away with this. And it is totally illegal, totally unconstitutional and not ONE lever of power is being pulled against them. It is perfectly clear America fell to communism before Trump was even elected, and they simply waited out his term and now it's full corruption ahead.

I am warning people - if you are stuck where you are and are powerless to escape your situation you need to turn to God now so you'll at least be either raptured or die in good condition. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who are going to think I am full of it, but it goes the exact same way in every communist revolution - you get people like me sounding the alarm and shouting from the roof tops that it really is over and to prepare, and few do. Then the axe falls and millions are dead. This time won't be any different, being "American" is not going to change the history of how communists take over and get it done.

I told Claudia to stop giving out info to all but the most trusted people who support this site after that Chinese girl phished her a good one. Claudia did not catch onto it but I noticed as soon as I went through the correspondences with her. We have to be VERY careful here more so than anyone because we are the tip of the spear. You cannot take being so with a casual attitude during a Bolshevik revolution.

I see these IDIOTS on TV, rigging the votes, screaming their hatred for America, burning, looting, committing treason and shake my head - they do all that and do not even realize the very communists they are ushering into power are watching their every move and will EXPUNGE them once the objective for what they are being used for - destroying America - is accomplished.

FACT: No communist wants a deceptive, destructive, thieving, treasonous, lying A-hole for one second beyond the time their usefulness is exired, the moment it is, they'll be thrown into the wood chipper and served to the hogs by the very same communists they adored. Communists know full well that those who destroy their countries will also subsequently seek to destroy whatever it is replaced with and they want none of that for themselves. Those who hate America can revel in their filth for now and enjoy being a tool I guess, a disposable tool, no communist is going to EVER trust someone who shitcanned their own neighbors and very often their own families. The communists already see them for the filth they are and when time is up, they'll immediately meet the same fate they sent everyone else to.

How stupid they are.

Here is what they are doing:

They are "counting new ballots" at an unbelievably slow pace (there's no excuse to not get them all counted today if they could not yesterday, it is, after all, the same country we have always had) but the problem is that they have to create the fake ballots to rig the election with, so the "counting process" is painstakingly slow -

They are smart about how they are doing it, having both candidates creep upwards in the totals while Trump slowly slips behind Biden. It makes my blood boil.

Biden will "win" by a razor thin line, after all, work is work and they don't want to write up any more ballots than they absolutely have to.

I am calling it: America is now a communist country and there's nothing Trump can do about it, and nothing you can do about it absent civil war.

Here is the future: They are going to do nothing this winter because Trump is going to have control for too long, and they won't get enough people killed by cutting power and food. They'll wait until next year, and right during the first cold snap out goes the lights and then what are you going to do? Nothing but die. They will make sure for one reason or another people can't head south, they'll probably build the wall at a break neck pace bragging about how fast they are doing it when Trump "could not" and then, when you arrive there you'll be trapped and shot.

Kamala and the rest of her ilk have OPENLY STATED they are going to kill white America, - their exact words: "Remove ALL Trump supporters from society". How are they going to accomplish THAT? There's only one way. And Deagel has it documented.

The supreme court is still corrupt and Trump will not be able to use the supreme court to put this right. The left put up NO FIGHT AT ALL to stop Barrett, they only complained enough to make people think they did not want her. They did. And Kavanaugh is not going to pull through. IF the supreme court is even willing to take the case, they'll whitewash it and the communist revolution will be complete. EVERY communist revolution - EVERY LAST ONE - has a huge genocide. Guess who it is going to be this time.

YES. THE MARS MISSION IS CANCELED. Musk will be among the dead.

Musk will be among the dead because people will sit on their couches rather than shooting until the lights go out, never believing it will happen until it does. Jews don't like shooting people, no, they like sitting in their safe little enclaves denying resources until starvation does the trick; guns are dangerous don't you know but anyone can flick a switch.

Here are scenes from the great genocide, YOU READ IT HERE FIRST:

Cops hear a generator. For some spurious reason their masters dream up and issue at a moment's notice, you need a permit. It has to be on the generator. Cops see no permit and cash for clunker your generator with a bullet while you sleep.

Solar panels will be destroyed similarly for whatever spurious reason they dream up, it does not need to be legit, the objective is to kill you.

Permit to travel will be drummed up instantly to "fight the virus" and even if you can get out of dodge, you'll be arrested on the highway, and sent back home to starve or freeze to death.

Kids will be taken, "because their parents are screwed up", but the kids are innocent. That's how the communists will get the new generation, totally under their control. Parents will be blamed for not being able to feed their kids and will also be blamed for letting them freeze to death. Central control will have a safe place for the kids but not the parents, and if the parents choose to keep their kids with them, freezing, they'll be labeled abusers and will be dealt with.

In the subsequent summer, the communists will go around and "clunk" all gasoline engines with sodium silicate. I predicted this a decade ago but never said it because it seemed preposterous but you can bet on that happening. There will be a surplus of cars with all the deaths anyway.

They will go around and "clean up America" and "return everything to nature" by burning all the "abandoned" neighborhoods to the ground, and if you're one of the few stragglers who managed to survive, they'll just cart you off and at that point they'll kill you with a bullet if you're not happy with it. After all, many of those homes have dead people in them, who wants to deal with that? Just burn them. They are an eyesore anyway.

I saw all this for well over a decade and this is the reason why I continuously warned people about the building codes and wood houses. With this election steal we are going to see this, and the people did not vote for it. Those who did vote Biden were stupid and did not associate consequence with their vote.

There will be those who resist, and the only response will be to light their homes on fire. Problem solved. They won't last out in the sticks.

So how did I predict this? Well, except for the modern differences this happened in Ukraine. It also happened in China. WE ARE THERE.

I stand by this prediction. If people do not resist WITH FORCE after they steal this election, IT ABSOLUTELY WILL HAPPEN.

Hold your guns ALL YOU WANT, if you don't use them, your food is NOT going to arrive at Wal Mart. YOUR GUN SURE AS HELL CAN'T STOP A CENTRALLY CONTROLLED POWER OUTAGE. You have to stop them before this happens. Prediction: You will not.


WARNING: THERE IS A VIRUS IN THE SPEECH TRUMP GAVE THAT ACTIVATES WHEN YOU TRY TO ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD IT. From what I can tell, watching it does not do anything, but downloading it will unleash a virus that will destroy your hard drive and re-flash your computer's bios.

I am taking care of this now, I got a new hard drive and a new memory card to flash the Bios with. Most people won't be up and running after this, and that's obviously the plan they are using to keep people shut up. It threw a brick in my path but I'll get over it as soon as I have an hour or so to fix this.


My best guess:

My guess is that Barret is a crypto christian and that Kavanaugh will end up being a traitor. Everyone thought Barret was SO GREAT because she did not murder her children. But lots of the criminal left did not murder their kids either. People overlook that -

IF the supreme court saves this, (and it is a BIG IF) my guess is that it will be because one of the leftists judges jumped ship and did the right thing. Already they have issued unlawful rulings allowing the mail in ballot charade, don't expect miracles from THAT court!






Suspicion - Amy Coney Barret is a trojan horse.

I hope I am wrong, but everyone knows what happened prior to this election steal where she refused to participate in shutting after election day counting down . . . .

Here's where I am at on Nov 4 -

Trump was the clear winner and they shut it down. After trying to steal the election via vote rigging and failing, they shut it down. That's how badly the government is infiltrated by communists. They delayed Trump's speech badly, and then when he did come on, they censored him by cutting his voice out when he said what they did. This morning, the video of his speech did get embedded into his twitter, but when you try to download it to save it, a VERY NASTY virus destroys your computer.


I am attempting to recover it, but so far it looks like it destroyed the SSD. It also made changes to the BIOS but I don't know if it re-flashed the BIOS or not, all I know is that with the existing SSD I cannot re-install an operating system.

GO TO TRUMP'S TWITTER, WATCH THE VIDEO, AND RECORD IT WITH A CAMERA. Fortunately I got GREAT recording with a camera. But I can't upload it because the computer that got whacked was the one that can compress the videos down so well I can post them and serve them.

At this time, I am solving problems because not only did those ****ers cancel the election after they failed to steal it, they infected his speech with a virus that will wipe out the computer of anyone who tries to download it, even with Linux.




UPDATE, TRUMP BUSTED THAT, HERE IS THE LIVE FEED OF HIM SPEAKING They censored him when he talked about vote fraud.

Trump has stated that he's going to the supreme court to cancel the vote count for all votes produced after the poll workers went home in violation of the constitution. He said he was not going to allow votes cast at 4AM to take the election away. He questioned why, when he was obviously winning that all the key states they refused to declare it and simultaneously stopped counting ballots and closed. He then said he won the election. And he obviously did.

MY COMMENT: That is DEFINITELY true, however, this is not over until the vote fraud is counted and given up on. Hold on to your britches people, we are in for one hell of a rough ride.

Every other election was counted on election night, but THIS ONE is special, in all the key states the workers quit early and went home!!! So miracle ballots could appear by morning. EVEN THE MSM IS CALLING THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

If rioters come to your neighborhood, don't wait for your house or anyone elses house to be on fire, SHOOT. You have your guns for a reason, don't disappoint the world by not using them when you damn well have EVERY right to, regardless of what the corrupted courts and cops say. Trump might drain the swamp now, and there is a LOT that needs to be done before the most basic common decency is restored to the police and courts.




If you see them ANYWHERE and you have a place nearby to put them inside, GO DO IT or you're gonna get smashed to pieces and burned.

You can also: Hand load them into your pickup truck and take them home, or even put as many as possible in your car. One way or another GET THEM OFF THE STREETS.


Prediction: Biden will landslide "win".

We are seeing EPIC IN YOUR FACE FRAUD and the margin Trump had simply is not enough to overcome it. Additionally, the poll workers are proud of the steal. That's a new one, they are so sure they'll get away with it they are bragging.


Last time, for Hillary, all we had was spurious crap. This time, we have hardcore widespread fraud documented. It is so bad they simply cannot hide it. They are brazenly going for it not even caring if people know, and it is SO BAD Bitchute got taken out over it.

Bitchute went down because of Cloudflare for several hours. They allowed Bitchute to function again after enough of the election was done to call it.


Poll workers say the system is down when it is not. They then tell you to leave your ballot with them, and they'll submit it for you later. They then trash your ballot. HERE IS PROOF:

ANOTHER fraud video. Here we have a Democrat cutie pie stuffing a whole pile of mail in ballots into a drop box in Pennsylvania

Mexican voter: I never saw this level of fraud in Mexico

A Mexican Trump voter tried to vote, and was shocked by the obvious fraud. She recorded this saying it in both Spanish and English, I have edited it down to only the English.

Click here or the image below.

New York is not even opening the voting machines

At this polling place, one is open and "broken" and they did not even bother opening the second one. This is obviously because they are afraid the machines will be monitored in this election, and they'll therefore do a manual steal.

Vote fraud underway in Pennsylvania

If not, then why was this poll watcher denied entry?


If you don't feel comfortable posting that people need to call synagogues for answers, that's fine, the video is not hosted on this server, GET IT OUT THERE.

Start calling synagogues in Philadelphia and ask them why poll auditors are being denied entry.

Don't make any threats, but DO say "We know YOU determine the outcome of elections, and we want answers!"

I have already called a few. It's quite enjoyable actually.

Beth zion synagogue: 215 735 5148
Bnai Abraham: 215 238-2100
Rodeph Shalom: 215 627-6747
Society Hill Synagogue: 215 922-6590
Mekor Habracha: 215 525-4246
Kol Tzedek: 267 702-6187

Be polite. Demand an answer. and if they scream anti-semite, tell them that's not what the poll watchers say!

Ok, here is what I am saying when I call: I would like a little insight into why poll watchers are not being allowed into the polling stations.

They will say "we don't have any information on that". Take the conversation where it goes and hold your ground, telling them they do know. At the end, state "The Jewish community controls the elections, YOU have the answer to this, and then tell them bye.

I have not had any scream "anti semite" yet, as long as they don't do that, then keep it as calm as possible. The call should be as short as you can make it and get the point across.

Demand an answer, but do not make any threats.

Synagogues are easily found, just type synagogue and the city you want to call to into any search engine. Keep it cool, MAKE NO THREATS. Just let them know without telling them we know they are stealing this.

Rush Limbaugh is playing from the exact same sheet of music I am

This is a transcript from a portion of today's program. This is it, EXACTLY:

Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a day to turn off all media except for the EIB Network, it is today, because we have reached peak disinformation. I'm gonna make a prediction to you, just to give an example.

Sometime tomorrow - and it may even be before the polls close - there's gonna be a network that will call the race for Joe Biden. And I don't know; they might use exit polling data. Who knows what they'll use, but the effort to suppress Election Day turnout tomorrow is going to be intense. Because, ladies and gentlemen, the people who are professionals in politics know one simple thing. There is nothing that overcomes Election Day turnout. Election Day turnout is how we avoid election fraud.

If we overwhelm the polls on Election Day - and don't be afraid of COVID, wear the mask, do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel safe. Stay six feet away from whoever you're nearest if you go. It's okay. You can do it. Election Day turnout is the best way to overcome election fraud and also the after-election chaos and the counting of votes, the chaos there, is to have so many votes on Election Day that it overwhelms the cheating. That is the magic of Election Day turnout. And don't think that your vote doesn't matter.

I'm not trying to be cliched here. This is absolutely the way we win, Election Day turnout, unless you've already voted. But despite all you've heard about early voting and absentee, the number of people who haven't voted yet is phenomenally high. So just make sure that on Election Day, if you've not early voted, that you get out and turn out because it is how this election is going to be won. And they know it on the left. They know it on the Democrat side.

Let me tell you something. These Trump rallies, these crowds are phenomenal. Even the governor, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania is saying you can't Photoshop these. I'm looking at a photo now. I was gonna put it on the Dittocam, but by the time it ends up there the resolution would be so off that it would just be a blob of red here. It's 30,000 people in Butler, Pennsylvania. Democrat Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman vocalized a major concern among prominent Democrats alerting his followers to Trump's massive crowd Saturday night in Butler.

He said: "The president is popular in Pennsylvania. I don't care what polls say. With 700K ballots still out there, you need to BANK YOUR BALLOT. Use a Dropbox. Get them in."

They are worried.

Make no mistake: There are elements within the left-wing establishment that would rather see the country destroyed than another Trump term. It's come to that.

My comment: Today was the day I learned just how many useless eaters get to cast a vote. And I'll call them that, because that's exactly what they are - absolute dregs that enable the worst communist hell holes to rise to power. I was knocked off my feet by it. It made me wonder if America is worth saving at all. But then, there's just short of a 2/3 majority that IS worth saving, I kept spinning today, saying MY GOD, there are tons and tons of people out there that literally need an adult to protect them from their stupidity. I never in a million years thought it was truly that bad. These people are the ones that put elections within the range the communists need them to be for a steal. and that's a serious threat.


It is going to take ALL OF US to save this, DO NOT let a single vote go to waste, get everyone off their butts and into the polls tomorrow to save this.


Trump is putting new people in charge of the FBI either tomorrow or on the 4th. Do you want to hedge your bets against prison? Like it or not, IF these people he puts in charge are not corrupt, they will have 80 days to hang you, and there WILL be a real investigation. Think you'll get away with it? If so, GO FOR IT. My bet will be with an FBI that is not lead by sh*t.

Another thing I find very distressing about the enormous pile of legit Biden voters is that if we do need to take this country back, people are going to have to shoot these idiots out of the way before anything can be taken back and a LOT of them are armed. They, more than the Chinese, corrupted police, or any military force are going to be the ones that need to be dealt with and they will be the ones that will screw the country in a civil war.

America has approximately 130 million zombies to deal with. That is a BIG PROBLEM and they'll be right there, ready to go for the next election also. Even if Trump does get in, the threat will not be over, we'll have to deal with it AGAIN, over and over again.

I was right to throw away all results submitted to

The submissions to that site were 100 percent Trump. As it turned out, that was not reality.

What was discovered with in-house polling was that an enormous segment of the American population really is stupid enough to support Biden. Biden's actual support level is somewhere between 35 and 45 percent. That's not as high as what the "official" polls are saying, but it is still so shockingly high it is a definite threat to the country. It is SO HIGH it won't take much to rig the election and put Biden in, even though Trump was the clear winner. Let's say that it's a worst case scenario - 45 percent Biden and 55 percent trump. To swing that to a steal all you have to do is give Biden 7 percent and steal 4 percent from Trump and it is IN THE BAG. Folks, that's a cake walk!

Trump will only take about 55 - 65 percent of a not rigged vote. I did not think America was in such horrible mental condition, all I did was pace half the day with my head spinning once the results of my own poll were tabulated. For the rest of the day I am useless, Claudia talked me into taking the rest of the day to unwind. An election loss via theft is going to be a piece of cake. I did not expect that. The rest of the top part of this page (below) is my first post on this topic. I am shocked and disoriented, never in a million years would I have expected a true 40 percent level of support for Biden. I am so upset with America I have to stop typing before I insult the good people. I just want to scream.

The polls are not as rigged as everyone is assuming.

Though Trump is indeed ahead, it is not nearly enough to account for vote fraud. Since the entire purpose of doing the election map was to prove the other polls were lying (and seriously) and that is clearly not the case, there's no point in doing the map at all. The slant is only about 15 percent. I did not intend to show a 15 percent slant in the polls, I expected it to be about 60 percent slanted and that is not the case and I am not going to sit here and lie. This project is canceled, my time is better spent elsewhere. It was an awesome pile of work for nothing.

I am going to clarify why I quit this: Because we all know that when the left does polling, there are margins of error they always put in favor of whoever they want. This will swing the results by 10 percent. Five more percent added to that is not newsworthy, If I am going to do any good it has to be an absolutely shocking discrepancy and it is not, 15 percent simply won't make enough of a difference in the public eye when the public already knows they are stealing this.

FACT: The MSM succeeded in it's goal of turning a huge portion of mainstream America into complete blathering idiots. The election fraud happened via CNN and big tech. There's a real chance Trump will lose this to not a whole lot of fraud, and we already know there is fraud. If you have any sense at all you had damn well better vote.


If Trump is only 15 percent ahead, he's going to lose this to vote fraud. That absolutely is how this will (probably) end.

The only caveat I see in my polling effort was that I had everyone exclusively call leftist hot beds. In the leftist hot beds, Trump is slightly ahead (not 15 percent, it is very close). And that's sure as hell not good enough to overcome the fraud when we need an epic victory that is a continent washing tsunami and not a mere landslide to overcome the fraud. Outside the leftist hotbeds, the country is still surprisingly ill informed and they will not be enough.

Sans fraud, Trump would likely take all 50 states but that's just not good enough when his lead is only about 10 - 15 percent.


Prepare for a post-America world, I'd say at this point it is highly probable. Trump definitely won but the fraud was simply too well refined and complete and now Kamala is talking pure communist. Biden will be flushed with Hunter's hard drive and Kamala will be inaugurated absent an act of God. These leftists have flatly stated they were going to remove the Trump supporters from society. Get ready for the Deagel report to happen as stated.

IF YOU HAVE NOT VOTED ALREADY, GET OUT AND VOTE, THE LEFTIST THREAT IS REAL AND THERE WILL NOT BE THE KIND OF SURGE EVERYONE IS EXPECTING TOMORROW UNLESS EVERY DAMN LAST TRUMP SUPPORTER VOTES. And even after that, we need to pray and pray hard, that's not just a statement, this time prayers will probably be everything.

My guess is that even if Trump did have 80 percent of the vote, they'd steal it anyway. 60 - 65 percent is absolutely not going to cut it.

Did that scare you enough? GET OUT AND VOTE.

Infowars: Trump set to win a historic landslide . . . . yes, 65 percent of the actual vote would do that, until you factor in all the crap!

If Trump somehow makes it I'll attribute it to the white hats at the NSA. The CIA can try all it wants, the DHS can try all it wants, but they'll lose against the NSA if that's what it all ends up boiling down to. If the NSA has been secured as some have claimed, they would absolutely destroy the FBI and CIA if they were asked to. That would be a good thing to pray for: Pray the NSA is not corrupt and will save this country. We'll have our answer tomorrow.

I gotta say, today is the day I am getting hacked hacked hacked hacked AND HACKED. It's not like I don't notice the remote desktop and other crap going on today . . . . . Even Google sent back a notification my computer was doing "illegal crap" AND I NEVER HIT GOOGLE, EVER. How TF did that pop up? Gosh, why would that be? Why are the passwords not sticking in the browser? Obviously because the other guy does not have them set and I'm his clone, on my own computer. The processor is not hot, maybe the message from Google was for the other guy! Nice how the idiot keeps ejecting the CD drive too! I GOT IT. I'm hacked by China after the Hunter stuff and they never get sh*t right, just like that damn virus!

Dear Bill: I regret to inform you that the also made in China "dark winter" virus - issued on warranty after corona failed - has also failed.

Millie Weaver got into the Left's secret meetings and busted them

They plan for total chaos, and are going to shut the country down. Watch what happens, every place they get away with it has an upper leadership guilty of treason, the cops could shut all of it down, STAT. They probably will not. So this is an important watch


Just when you think you've seen the most important one, a NEW MORE IMPORTANT ONE shows up, YES, BIDEN JUST SAID IN HIS OWN WORDS THE PEOPLE ARE NOT NEEDED TO GET HIM "ELECTED", I kid you not. See this:

The server is now sending the following video out about 1,000 times a minute. To distribute the load, please use these links that go to the video on a different server.

Biden screws up and says voters don't matter, he's going to be "elected" regardless.

The most current reports will post below the videos, which need to remain on top through the election.

I was going to ignore this letter until I saw it get posted by General Flynn. After a second look, yes, it should be stuck on top for a while.

If you have any trouple getting these videos to play, click the alternate links.

For a refresher: Miles Guo is a Chinese dissident billionaire who managed to escape the CCP, and due to his connections as a billionaire, he managed to snag 3 CCP hard drives that show the Chinese system of corrupting America's politicians, PLUS he was gifted one of the Hunter laptop hard drives. He is releasing it all now, I wish it would have been sooner but this is still very good.

Video 1 is how Joe manipulated the government of New Zealand.

This worked at first but now it only wants to download, the source page is Here, but these have been problematic. Maybe it will work for you.

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 outlines how Biden cooperated with the red Chinese to get American jobs sent to China.

Video 2 of 3

Video 3 is about how Hunter and the girl in Mulan were introduced for sex and how the Chicoms set it all up. There's no porn (at least not much) I saw this last night and then got bogged down trying to solve problems.

Video 3 of 3

Guo posted the best Trump talk video I have seen yet.

Here is a video which describes what Guo is trying to accomplish

Guo's site is working a LOT better now than it was, many of these videos are easy to find there now.

This one is the most important video ever released in internet history. This has to be listed first. The bidens sold America to China for $1 billion, documented.

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This two minute video shows the initial setup of Obama for what is shown in the first video (above.)

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This video documents the Hunter audio file we have all heard, and documents how Xi had Ye Jianming (the richest man in the world) drowned in the Yangtzee river because he knew too much after being Hunter's partner. This one is GOOD.

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This video shows how the Bidens laundered the money and identifies the people on both the American side and the CCP side that cooperated to get the money clean, so Joe could stand up and talk all about how he's completely clean.

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This video shows how the Bidens set up their shell companies to receive their funds, which CCP companies they interacted with to get the money laundered, and who the beneficiaries were.

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This video documents more Biden corruption

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This video shows Hunter screwing Obama's kids, plus him looking at a drug guide sheet to prevent himself from overdosing, plus showing him with a young kid buried under other women, plus him naked with his neice, plus MOST IMPORTANTLY Sex with Liu Lifey, KEY ACTRESS IN THE MOVIE MULAN, as a gift from the CCP, AND A LOT MORE Gosh, I wounder what Liu had to say about that! It probably did not matter.

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.

This video is a Hunter porn video that documents him getting a blowjob from (disclaimer, what is "probably" "his niece"that's a safe way to say it while she was underage and proves he did it in the United States, where that would be illegal. Guo was not so straightforward but the way he puts it is obvious anyway.

My link not working? Here is Guo's link.


I am going to finish up on election polling before the election, and I'll post my comments then, however, here is what is going on for now:

Due to excessive numbers of people not wanting to pick up their phones for strange numbers (I would not want to either anymore) we had to resort to calling businesses during business hours. This results in somewhat skewed numbers because Trump voters usually work. But that can't change the fact that ALL ANSWERS THUS FAR WERE TRUMP, EVEN IN TOTALLY LEFTIST HOT SPOTS.

There's no conceivable way Biden is even in the race at all, there are no polls going on, all Rasmussen and others are doing is looking at what needs to be said to support the steal, and I do not believe they are calling anyone at all.

If you're going to lie anyway, why bother?



Trump is not trailing, he's not leading, he's SMASHING with totally unwavering support at 90 percent AT LEAST. There's no other way possible, the sample pool is big enough now. I guess we are not calling into ballot harvested nursing homes so there are probably a few votes for Biden. - however - I'd like to hit a few Biden voters among the active population just to get a percentage worked out and it is simply not happening. The rallies really are telling the whole story. We'll have to get 1,000 Trump "YES" before we hit 1 Biden vote, the rallies prove it, Trump's attendance is 1,000:1 over Biden, and a few times Biden would have tripped a divide by zero. People hate that ****ER but the deep state NEEDS HIM IN TO AVOID PRISON OR WORSE, so the steal is on. You'd think at least Antifa would show up for Biden but I guess Soros never thought about paying for that.

Let's be frank here: The nation HATES BIDEN'S GUTS but the deep state HAS TO HAVE HIM WIN or they all go to jail. Who's filling out the ballots and counting the votes?

Rush limbaugh just walked off his program while live on air

Waiting for details. Not looking good.


Last night TONS of sites that use Cloudflare for HTTPS were accessing the Guo videos and at about 1 AM ALL the sites that were using cloudflare vanished. I am surprised it only dropped traffic by about 40 percent, however, all the KEY sites, like Infowars, use it.

Cloudflare is already being used to block links to the Guo vids even if the site operators can't tell, there's no other reason why all SSL hits completely vanished.

SSL is expensive to set up without Cloudflare, but I identified Cloudflare early on - in about 2013 - as a menace that should be avoided at all cost. When you use Cloudflare, you hand an outside entity a way to destroy your site, and just like Wordpress, Twitter and Youtube, Cloudflare has gone down the toilet, there is no other way all the SSL sites just suddenly vanished.

SSL is expensive to set up without Cloudflare, but I identified Cloudflare early on - in about 2013 - as a menace that should be avoided at all cost. When you use Cloudflare, you hand an outside entity a way to destroy your site, and just like Wordpress, Twitter and Youtube, Cloudflare has gone down the toilet, there is no other way all the SSL sites just suddenly vanished.


The main site here, ( has always had Cloudflare reduce hits to whatever extent Cloudflare can manage, but that was just life. Seeing them do that to Voterig showed me just how big the damage is. Cloudflare is damn near satan.

Before cloudflare kicked in their censorship last night, the ratio was about 550 megs to cloudflare sites and 850 megs to sites that are not using them, once every 8 minutes. After their censorship kicked in the 550 vanished completely.

I have warned about cloudflare being dangerous in the past and have explained why my site is not HTTPS even though it is right there in Cpanel, waiting to be switched on, and last night I just saw why NO ONE should switch it on.

Senate releases scathing report that is going to destroy Joe Biden???

The rumor going around is that they did. They did not.

Joe is taken out of all of it, and is instead an innocent bumbling fool who was totally unaware of it all, and totally qualified to be president. At least according to the senate. No matter how excited you might be about a "scathing report", nothing will come of it and it won't even be real until Americans use the second amendment to force it to be real.

We are far past the point of this government remaining capable of doing anything other than serve corruption. Perhaps Trump could fix a lot of this if he knew how, perhaps not, even if he was fully aware and had 8 years to do it.

One man with an AR in this case could match the power of the president. A million or so would have a chance of solving the problem.

The Biden corruption videos had a problem in Firefox.

If you have Firefox and they do not work, switch to a different browser. For now, by using Firefox to troubleshoot I got them to work in Firefox. Very odd.

ALL THESE VIDEOS ARE FROM BILLIONAIRE GUO, AND ORIGINATED ON HIS SITE. THEY ARE DIRECT SOURCE AND NOT HEARSAY. Guo's site is I have big difficulties trying to find anything on that site, which is why I am posting the videos on my own servers.

They are going out at a rate of about a thousand views every five minutes. I am happy with the server, which is not even registering a load. ANYWAY:

If the link to Guo's site lands correctly, there will be two new videos there which are worse than the ones already posted (no porn, just great and daming facts) that I'll post tomorrow, plus there are new e-mails, Guo has a sense of humor, those mails look so innocent yet are SO damning and he is so casual . . . . an example of the problem his site has: on one computer I hit that page I linked above and it worked right, but I switched computers and it was in Russian and the exact same URL loaded totally different content. That type of thing happens all the time on his site and it makes it VERY confusing, which is why I am serving these from here.

I hit a treasure trove of Guo corruption vids

In the videos there is proof the Biden family received a billion dollars from China, which was split among America's top politicians, including Obama.

There is also proof, (these have not been blanked out like all the other crap out there - proof that Hunter had sex with both of Obama's daughters while they were under age, plus his own cousin, while she was under age, PLUS a 10 year old girl naked in bed with Hunter with other women on top of her, she was obviously not being treated well.

The big hit in these is proof that the Bidens got a billion dollar payoff from China. Everything is proven, everyone in the Chinese communist party that was involved is identified and tied in, it is a total smack down. I obviously saved these and will serve them from the server (since the site is destroyed now with completely cut communications it totally needed to work at all) I might as well use the server resources for this.

Guo has the goods, but he has not organized them well and they are all but impossible to find, this treasure trove of videos (all less than three minutes long, they are very efficient and to the point) is HERE and it is obviously under heavy load. I'll help with that.

It will take me at least an hour to set this up in a way that won't eat the server, if Guo is too overloaded wait and they will be here.


If the election gets stolen, Rush is going to announce himself dead from terminal cancer and he will flee the country. He'll hang around for as long as it is patriotically wise to do so, attempting to save the situation and if in the end all is lost, he'll have to flee because the bullet will already be out of the gun.

This will not be an election, it will be a coup attempt and the MSM is already working very hard at it.

HUNTER HARD DRIVE BUST: Want to know how compromised even the secret service is?

This is the biggest bust off the Hunter hard drive and it recently dropped

Hunter requested the secret service set up a hidden video camera in the oval office at the request of Xi, before Hunter met with Obama in the oval office. The secret service itself recorded Hunter's meeting with Obama, and in this meeting key items proving Obama was sufficiently compromised were discussed. The secret service then gave the recording to Hunter, who brought it to Xi and upon viewing this, Xi decided it was safe to continue with the blackmail of American politicians and the rest of the Biden corruption.

Early on Guo was only posting still captures from the video, to "terrify whoever may be concerned" without saying what it was. But anyone who was involved with this would know. I'd say doing that was a mistake, he should have said it the way it is being stated now BECAUSE TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Look people, even the secret service is corrupted. They made the recording for Xi. And I do not know why American jewry is allowing this to continue by censoring everything in the media UNLESS. THEY. TOTALLY. CONTROL. XI. face it, they have GOT TO own him, this would not be allowed to continue in silence any other way.

Our very own secret service turned it's back on EVEN OBAMA on behalf of the Bidens and red Chinese. The corruption is so much worse than anyone imagined that even I am shocked. NOT VOTING THIS TIME IS IN ITSELF A VOTE TO DESTROY AMERICA, I know, I know - your vote may not be counted anyway but it will sure as hell make the steal more difficult by increasing the difficulty of burying our voices by one vote more. GET OUT AND VOTE, we are on the precipice of doom.

Trump knows everyone's vote has already been taken and that it has to be re-set with in person voting

Take a look at this latest announcement by Trump. It starts with him touching on Biden corruption but it then, after appearing to end re-starts with him explaining that the swamp was far worse than he knew about and ends with him telling everyone to vote EARLY and to "not let them take your vote away." I said right in the beginning that all votes have already been cast for Biden and that you have to re-set it with in-person voting. Trump, for obvious political reasons did not say it so bluntly, but he does say it. He does not say "don't throw your vote away" or "don't be lazy, get out and vote", no, he says "do not let them take your vote away." HE KNOWS.


It is clearly obvious they are going to steal this election because that is all the MSM is talking about - "election interference" and "not transfering power" with the meta talk being DO NOT INTERFERE WITH OUR COUP.

High stakes fashion designer selling bags with "ethically sourced children's spines" for the handle

Not my claim, go to News Punch for the whole story, and sadly, this story is real, I checked to see if this actually existed and it does. So how about that! I bet this will be seen on Epstein's island or somewhere near the Finger Lakes Hunter had tattooed to his back.

It does not matter how these were sourced, using them this way is highly unethical and it would not surprise me at all if the real source was rituals. After all, since they are killing kids anyway why not? Think we'd actually be told that with CNN being what it is?


FBI = Full Biden Immunity

The FBI warned Zukerberg that documents that would destroy Biden would be released before the election and to censor them entirely. Their little charade this morning "against China" was a load of crap seeping from a bucket of snakes.

Project Veritas released a Texas vote fraud bombshell

They have a sensitive content warning on the video, as usual. And there's nothing sensitive about it, other than the truth we all know was told.


They broke the water pipes and flooded the whole store.

Police stood around and did nothing, as usual. Remember: Kamala Harris supports these riots and believes they should continue, and the whole nation agrees because Biden is "winning". Police shoot someone, and it becomes a GIANT Wal Mart gift card with such a huge balance the store is predominantly destroyed afterward.

If you think you have seen a looting aftermath video, believe me, you have not, this one was on a level not seen before.

The FBI claimed they arrested "chinese law enforcement operatives" on American soil at a press conference this morning

Let's see if this ends up true. Let's see if Guo is still online, posting videos where he talks about the corruption in person, and let's see if the Biden drops keep happening. I suspect they lied at the press conference and took action against Guo instead, time will tell I guess.

FACT: The FBI and DOJ are nothing but barrels of snakes, and only America gets bit. That's what I am expecting from this.

Get out and vote as if your life depends on it, because it does, Here is proof.

I have spoken about the signatures not needing to match on the ballots repeatedly here, this points out South Carolina but there are in fact over 20 states doing this. And they HAVE TO, because they need to cheat so much they can't forge that many signatures.

Trump will need over 3X the votes Biden gets to overcome the steal. It is THAT BAD. Yesterday, got interfered with to prevent communications but before it did, it showed Trump holding an absolutely smashing lead. If they are claiming Trump and Biden are basically equal it is a lie, they are playing us big time. I won't post polls on this site because I will not get accurate results. I'll get my audience results. But is a totally random site not associated with anything at all, and even there Trump absolutely smashed this, with well over 90 percent of the vote.

One of my big worries with this election is Trump voters believing that with the rallies so huge, and all this horrible stuff dropping against Biden there is no way Trump can lose so they don't have to vote. That would be a HUGE ERROR, because we don't have mere vote fraud, we have a full on steal underway that a landslide will not overcome, we need a continent washing tsunami to overcome the fraud this time, a turnout so huge that they end up stuck with far more ballots than voters when their cheat ballots are added to the pile.

Trump again told people to vote early, and to not wait until the 3rd. This is because lots of people are going to arrive on the 3rd, only to find out they "already voted" and at that point they'll be given a provisional ballot that is just a feel good statement that goes straight in the trash. This is being reported in many districts by whistleblowers. If you get to the polling station and you are not given a totally normal ballot, that is deposited in a totally normal way, it means your vote got taken and they don't want you voting. The only way around this is to go early so you can get a warning that things are not normal and will have time to straighten it out with the election office and get the false vote canceled. Fat chance the election office is going to look into how your vote was already cast for you, they are in on it and only answer to forced accountability.

If THEY fail to steal this, they go to jail this time. And there are piles and piles of people that are going to go to jail, at the FBI, CIA, tons of politicians, tons of mayors, governors, fake media pushers - the whole ball of wax - but their numbers pale in comparison to the multitudes they have openly stated they will destroy if they DO manage to steal it. YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER VOTE, TO PROTECT YOUR LIFE IF NOTHING ELSE.

More Guo stuff dropped today

But aside from apparently under aged girls, it is boring. There's a fairly clear photo of him doinking what is probably a guy also. Clearly, there's no end to this.

The bus operator for Trump's Omaha rally cut out and left people stranded UPDATE:

The excuse was that the buses got clogged in traffic. Umm, whatever. I doubt they tried, it was only a few miles and they took 3 hours to finally arrive. Not believable.

And CNN had a heyday with it, bashing Trump to shreds.

Last night Tucker Carlson delivered a bombshell so bad the FBI called a "China related" emergency press conference at 11AM EDT today

Tucker had on Tony Bobulinski, a former Biden dealmaker that was involved directly in Biden's dealings with China. There were several items presented that should have had Joe in jail this morning. Tucker used the entire hour of the program for this, and after the program, the FBI called an emergency press conference on "national security with regard to china". You can damn well bet they are going to try to bury the truth, and implement "national security" by making sure the nation of America remains "securely" in the globalists pockets.

Tucker's bombshell is HERE and there are two versions of this on the page, a short 12 minute version and the entire 50 minute version in the page below.

What will the FBI say in it's emergency press conference? LET ME GUESS: They are going to protect Biden no ifs or buts, come hell or high water, they are not going to let the destruction of America be impeded in any way whatsoever if possible.

A few quick items -

Audio that proves Joe Biden is directly involved with China and working with their spy apparatus has been posted from a source other than Guo (directly from someone who worked with Biden and ratted him out) on Twitter, HERE for as long as it lasts I guess.

This audio (and a lot more of it) is going to be released tonight on Tucker Carlson at 7 central tonight, when he has this whistleblower on. What is linked is just a minute 20 second tease that proves without question the goods have arrived.

Proof of yet more vote fraud in Texas has been posted by Project Veritas HERE


Chuck Scumer made a huge blooper after the Barrett confirmation (and probably would not realize it even if it was played back to him 50 times) Here it is:

"Generations yet unborn will suffer the consequences of this nomination"

MY COMMENT: SAY WHAT???? Ha, what a fool. He referenced the unborn, stating they will suffer because there is a much better chance they won't be aborted. This just shows how irrational the left is, what a dufus!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please help find Obama's lost dog.

Perhaps Obama's daughters can help. This photo was taken by one of them, it is a reflection in a mirror.

Yep. it went there. Better stuff is supposed to drop soon . . . .

The photo above probably came directly from the Red Chinese, via the 3 hard drives Guo has, most likely they nailed this off the phone because they made the phone. TOO GOOD. I can't stop laughing. And I know darn well Guo was laughing when that got posted too.


That guy definitely has the goods. And Hunter is probably bi, it really looks like a guy in one of the vids. And Guo is making it easy to find now, he's just putting it all on the front page at GTV.

There is something more important than this though - Now it looks like Joe molested his own daughter repeatedly, yesterday "her diary" surfaced and I had my doubts so I did not give it a lot of attention but as it turns out, it is legit, and totally shows creeper joe to be chester the molester with his own kid. THIS IS BAD, a lot worse than the Hunter porn because it goes straight to Joe, who for this alone can't be president.

October 26 evening updates:

Biden stroke: After announcing he would not be in public yesterday, Joe is alive and they had him out campaigning today when they should never have done it. He clearly has stroke damage and he can't talk anymore. The latest video has his staff shooing away the reporters while he stands and babbles, oblivious to having everyone leave. He's a goner, I don't know what they have him on but he is obviously being used to the point of disposal. Almost enough to make me feel sad for him (I admit, I am a softie) but will still say it is better this than him in office IF we can keep Kamala from getting stolen in.

Barrett confirmation: Yes, it happened. Let's make it stick by having every Trump vote possible cast.

Another Hunter porno that was totally new got dropped come on kind Billionaire Guo, we need more than foot job sex tapes and I know you have it. To his credit, this time he's serving them sensibly and due to both cutting the length of the video down to a minute (that's all you need anyway) and then compressing it very nicely, he lightened the server load by at least 98 percent. The way he was doing it I knew he was going down, and he did. He's back up again.

Once again, I'll repeat that I seriously doubt Hunter "made new holes" in anyone, I just don't see it with him and I will also repeat that I definitely saw it in Epstein and Podesta. Hunter is simply not there. He is simply not that level of evil. I don't know about Joe though. However, I am certain there is far more damning stuff on hunter than has been released so far. I did not even bother saving the last video, perhaps I should . . . . . but I'd prefer a real bust.

Supposedly a former Biden associate is going to use a recording of Biden's operatives telling him to keep his mouth shut to fry Joe on FOX tomorrow night . . . . wait and see I guess . . .


I believe the Barrett confirmation was planned for this day which happens to be Hillary's birthday because it cannot be coincidental when everyone knew, and with respect would have avoided it. Hillary is obviously unpopular. Frazzle drips and blood transfusions saw her to another birthday. I cannot believe she is still around after the way she looked on 911 2016, everyone thought she died that day. Maybe they ressurected her - look at how they resurrected Joe. Joe is disposable so they probably are not giving him the full five star treatment Hillary no doubt gets.

Billionaire Guo (who I'd rather just call Guo like I say Trump) but I don't know if that is acceptable in Chinese culture -

He dropped some really nice stuff today but I think he should be focusing more on the really damning stuff from documents. If he has the documents I strongly suggest he stick to them and ignore all else, the clock is ticking. At least he has a really steep learning curve, he's definitely brilliant because his manner of serving the files is now drastically improved and that was quick.

Oh, and by the way, he's on Parler because Twitter is a worthless nation wrecking communist front. I did not see what he has there because Parler wants you to set up an account before viewing anything, I'll go through that when I feel like it, possibly later this evening.

UPDATE: THE CHINESE BILLIONARE HAS BEEN WORKING HIS BUTT OFF, HERE IS ANOTHER MASSIVE VIDEO (probably even better than the one below) Update to the above: The video linked above has damning info that is very damaging to the elite, it lays it all out and makes it perfectly clear that if Trump does not get into power this time around white America is finished, white America is the last obstacle in the way of global tyranny. It is interesting to see the Chinese talk like this. It speaks of a deep state triad of Russia, China, and the American deep state. All 3 are the same entity.


The good stuff starts at around 12 minutes in.

Guo used Youtube for this, which likely means server trouble because for this type of thing, Youtube is a very bad option. This is an hour and a half long video, and I managed to download it on time in 480P (good enough without wasting future bandwidth if I have to post this myself.)

I am going to hit a few topics I have been putting off

Biden started glitching so badly that he even stated clearly that they have the largest vote fraud organization in history. At about that time, he said he did not want President Bush to get another term. And then there were rumors he had a stroke. That fits. and we got the truth. He glitched out and said the Dems had the greatest vote fraud organization in history while going into a stroke. BANK ON IT, THAT IS REALITY.

Kamala ONCE AGAIN blundered and stated "220 million dead Americans". At this point I don't think it was a blunder, who on earth would blunder that twice? It is now a threat.

"Make a new hole" is now an auto-ban term, which obviously means it is legit, auto bans don't happen for B.S. and it is just like the term "tsunami bomb" after Fukushima. Remember, that "9.1" caused virtually no damage outside the tsunami zone even in Japan when it should have caused collapses in Beijing. How could that be??? And now, in similar fashion, "make a new hole" is banned the same way. And I was not the first to say it, that was being discussed in relation to the Chinese hard drives this morning, up until about 7 AM. Then POOF.

Hopefully the Chinese billionaire was the source of Biden's daughter's diary, which has her claiming Joe molested her as a child. Nice report there by the way -

That would not surprise me, however, if it does not have Gnews or GTV attached to it, I will not point blank state it is legit.

During the lull, if you'd like a long detailed 63 page read documenting Biden corruption, Have at it, this passed the sniff test.

Updates as of 6 AM CST on the 26th

Supposedly a bombshell is supposed to drop today. I'll say now that I knew what was going on behind the scenes with the elite, I simply have had too many connections -

The bombshell, (which may not drop today if ever, but damn well could so people had better be ready:) Some are now saying that the billionaire has CCP video where "they make new holes". I am not going to get specific, other than to state, "Remember those bloody mattresses in Epstein's temple"? I guess no one believed it at the time I posted it because that did not make the rounds, but yes, they make new holes, including through the skull.

That's not too surprising when everyone ought to know about the monkey head in the table top . . . . remember that? Special tools to crack the skull and eat? If they are killing the kids anyway, why not that and more?

If you receive such a warning before viewing anything that drops, about them "making new holes" be forewarned, it won't be a hoax. I already knew about this but never said it because without solid drops happening like they are now, I'd look like a fruitcake. They take their depravity to the MAX. At the worst level, the kids are single use, just like the child sacrifices and the end is as gory as they can make it.

I do believe however that if such video drops, it will be from the other 3 hard drives and not Hunter's, I don't think Hunter would do that but you can damn well make assumptions about Pedosta.

To be clear: I actually know someone who was involved in the ritual murders, but only when this individual was a kid, as an adult it was rejected but there was major life wrecking scarring. This stuff is real, DO NOT be surprised by anything at all that gets released now, if it does not get released it will only mean they did not get that far before their little expose' was ended, even if it appears to run the entire 13 days.

Dear Mister GUO: IF YOU HAVE IT, DROP IT, KIDDIE PLAY TIME IS OVER. The depravity is better exposed sooner rather than later at this point and "gas explosions" happen, they know where you are. That stuff takes some time to arrange - The sooner you drop the most damning stuff, the better your chance of living is.

There are ALL KINDS of rumors going on this morning, some from very prominent people, claiming Biden is on the run, Hunter committed suicide and more. None of it is defined yet but if you are wondering why I am not covering a specific topic in detail it will only be because it is not confirmed. I had to warn about the "new holes" thing because that is also one of the rumors going around, YES IT IS REAL and if you are sensitive, don't watch that sh*t, I will because I can handle it and already know about it, and then if it does drop and I talk about it, you won't be so shocked with this warning.

Remember this? Today or soon we'll probably be seeing how this happens if billionaire Guo lives to post it.


Another drop happened. This one was of Hunter with Obama in the oval office and is a reference to Ukraine corruption. I was worried about them going silent, hopefully all is well (that's not the most damning possible drop) but in all seriousness, just from what has already been released if Biden is not toast there is no hope left in the system, which means the system cannot be used to fix America's problems.


James sent $50 USD, thanks! Dominic sent $99.99 USD, thanks! Michael sent $50 USD, thanks! Kathleen sent $75 USD, thanks!


Updates as of 8 PM CST Oct 25 -

Biden halted his campaign today (not rumor) and rumor has it he had a stroke that was followed by a larger stroke and death. I did not say that, call it BUNK but that's the rumor going around right now. It is somewhat safe to say he at least had a minor stroke. If Biden is indeed dead, he'll be kept alive until after the election. If he is alive, he actually did suspend his campaign.

At approximately the exact same time Biden's campaign got suspended, all the Biden drops stopped. So there are also rumors that a deal was made, but I would not bet on it, I am betting on two things - the first being they got locked out of their servers and the second being they are in custody under arrest and/or dead. There is absolutely no proof of anything right now, no proof of a stroke, no proof of server lockouts, no proof of arrests, but one thing is definite: Something is very fishy.

If they were shut down, it is because they released proof that the credit card with cocaine lines next to it really was Malia's (Malia Obama) and that the stories told about a year ago with regard to it being stolen were completely false. According to what I found on this, evidently Malia had a bedroom romp with Hunter and there is quite damning evidence that this is actually true, and that the cocaine line photos happened when she was with Hunter. All of this got blasted to oblivion at the exact same time the drops stopped. I have seen (a few, but not enough) photos of this to get an idea it is true but not enough to solidly confirm it. Yes, it is very likely Malia naked in the photos and Hunter was there but everything is photographed behind and the only reference to prove it is Malia is a birth mark on grainy photos. It's just not good enough to conclusively say yes.

So now we have: Biden may have had a stroke, may be dead, and DEFINITELY suspended his campaign. Plus a good probability there's now compromising stuff on Obama, and definitely compromising stuff on Nancy Pelosi, (which also could have caused everything to get shut down). AND THEN, THERE IS THIS:

Biden staffer: "Lots of people tell us to fuck right off and the rest are more polite and eventually say "not interested". Everyone got discouraged and quit, I now quit and feel like dirt for working in this campaign". That proves everything is frauded for Biden as much as zero to 10 people showing up for Biden rallies while Trump's rallies are to the walls and beyond, this is a FAKE ELECTION, if anyone knows the truth it is Biden's staffers. So this must also be kept in mind - Biden may have dropped his public campaign because everyone walked out.

Additionally: Biden just can't shut everyone up, even if the billionaire really is silenced. Now John Kerry has stepped up to the plate and said he knows for certian Biden got the Ukraine prosecutor fired because he even helped. Not that this is a big secret but once again, even without new drops, the disaster keeps on ticking along for Biden.


This will come from Twitter until Twitter shuts it down, once that happens I'll have to open up more resources I did not want revealed until they absolutely had to be.

Here is what is going on in this video from OAN:

Two weeks after Trump was elected, (a couple months before he even took office) Biden made a call to Ukraine prime minister Poroshenko, threatening him to crash his bank so the IMF would pay for the damage caused by Biden's pay to play before Trump was asked to bail out Ukraine and as a result, be tipped off to Biden's corruption. Biden finished the call with a death threat.


I will serve it from here (when) Twitter takes it down.

How will Biden live THAT down? Just ask Suckerberg, the MSM, and the rest of the tech left! I don't think they are bothered by credibility issues anymore.

"Trump won't be sophisticated enough on time to handle this" HA HA, Biden thought Trump would get corrupted. He was wrong.



A reader sent an awesome link: How to track your ballot by state


People are writing saying the videos I linked do not work. They do. However, this is going so viral that all the servers are overloaded and you just have to wait, and wait, and wait . . . . .

I have a secret server I do not want to reveal and if it gets bad enough with the overloads, I might put it online here to serve some of this stuff . . . . . yeah, I never mentioned that but would anyone expect me to? This is a war after all.

I'll wait until they either get shut down or start releasing the nukes I know they have.


Here is a GOOD ONE:

The FBI just released a statement saying Hunter's laptop is completely clean of all international dealings, and therefore can be ignored. And then the billionaire dropped this from Biden's laptop. NOW WE KNOW WHY JOE WANTED TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA'S OIL INDUSTRY - BECAUSE HUNTER MADE A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR DEAL WITH CHINA TO GET CHINA THE ELECTRIC CAR TECH THEY NEEDED TO BE COMPETITIVE IN THE MARKET. read it and weep scam FBI, YOU ARE BUSTED. (as if that was needed, (NOT) everyone already knows the FBI needs to be abolished.

And in reference to both items posted above, YEAAAY! we don't need to bust all this with "debunkable" biden porn.

This is what is going on, (latest full info as of the 25th at 10 AM)

There is an uprising against the CCP, and the dissidents that are trying to overthrow the CCP are releasing files and information they got from the CCP's blackmail program against foreign governments. Obviously Israel is also involved in this, but let's focus on the CCP, which is a tool -

The goal of the Chinese at this time is to compromise as many of the world's politicians as possible with black mail threats. The stuff they have has in large part come from cell phone cams and other stuff they made that was sold in foreign countries, and I am talking even Apple, of which a majority of their devices were made in China. That, however, is not where the Hunter Biden stuff is coming from - instead, for Hunter they put him in a luxury hotel, sent in a pile of legal women at first, and then started sending him kids.

One of the videos they showed Hunter to accept the kids is here. Once he accepted the kids and torture raped them, the CCP then had the (sex related) goods they needed to have a solid blackmail threat against Joe. There is tons of other non sexual related evidence the Chinese have to destroy Joe with, it's not just sex tapes, it is documentation of piles of corruption and treason against the United States that they can release, and a lot of it came from bugged tech items.

The Chinese dissidents got ahold of all the blackmail stuff the CCP is using to blackmail the West, and it is not just Biden, it is Pelosi, Hillary, Merkel, and a whole lot more, probably even the queen. They are releasing all of this because they don't want China to take over the world and slam it all into a communist system.

Israel is also behind this, but I am not going into that - other than to state that Israel is a master at getting other countries to do their dirty work and China has not figured that out yet. Once China does it's job, whoever Israel wants will replace Xi and then Israel will own the world under a communist system that China put in place for them. Anyone who wants to argue that has to answer this question: Who owns America's media and tech, and why is that media and tech industry trying to stuff this scandal into the censor bin? If Israel was not the beneficiary of what China is doing, the American media, which they own, would be blowing this story to the moon. Yet . . . . . crickets.

Latest update: There have been a slew of photos released showing Hunter involved in sex with minors. Also a photo released of him having sex with his brothers's wife while she has the wedding ring on. Too much stuff like that to even go over but I am saving it all.


They are starting to drop the other stuff and Nancy Pelosi has now been dragged into this. Her boy, Paul, had a Taiwanese girl friend who has stated that Paul was setting up the same kinds of deals for Nancy that Hunter was setting up for Joe. At first she thought he was a legit business man but then discovered it was all fake shell companies being used to funnel money to Nancy from the Chinese government. When Paul figured out she knew, he left her and then sent CPS to take her 4 children. This story is growing, but Nancy is clearly another Joe.

The drops are now coming so fast that there is no way I can handle all of it, and it is now being dropped via multiple outlets once Twitter banned Gnews. All I was doing is saving files to the desktop as fast as I could and when I closed the browser it looked like I had a HUGE porn stache. I quickly put it all in a folder because even though Claudia knows what is going on, if she saw that she'd blow a gasket before logic kicked in.



I could not walk away from this, the next update has Hunter butt raping a child. OMG. I have this saved and will go over it later, I announced "celebration time" to Claudia (who is stressed over how much I work this site) and I can't say no now.

They are escalating this quickly, possibly because they are worried about getting cut off.


THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU GOD, BIDEN IS BUSTED, With our continued prayers this sham election WILL BE OVER.

Yeah, they blurred (only the private parts and Chinese girl's faces) but it was only blurred to "out of focus", you could still clearly see it all and Hunter's face is kept perfectly clear.

If they released something THAT DAMNING this early, what else is there???

The video is high bandwidth, you need a good connection.


For the record, I do not frequent Pornhub or any other similar site, (seriously, I actually do not) but I gotta say, I enjoyed the hell out of THAT because Biden is SOOOOOOO finished and DID NOT get horny. This is the earth shatterin political news of the century, FINALLY NOT CENSORED AND VANISHED BY THE SCAM FBI. Call me thick skinned I guess but no one actually got hurt, this was not the "torture porn" stuff we are told will come later . . . . .


Unfortunately, hitting a site like this one is probably the only way they'll be seen.

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, as bad as that video above is, the following is a LOT MORE DAMNING AND REVEALING AND WILL HANG BIDEN

Here. We. Go. (these are GREAT)

Here we have Biden identified as Peter Henderson in all mails. He did not use his real name.

Here we have "Peter Henderson" at a VIP meeting in China. Gee, who's that at the table with him???

Ohh, that damn crack pipe again (probably a different one)

Firefox appeared to get funky over this, maybe this is normal but I never saw anything like it before. UPDATE: I HAD TO RESTART IT TO CONTINUE AT ALL, AND WHEN I DID, POOF, ALL of the Hunter Biden stuff was gone, the promise of "everything coming back after restart" was a lie. I am glad I captured this, HOW ABOUT YOUR REPUTATION, MOZILLA? YOU ARE NOT NEUTRAL AFTER ALL, ARE YOU??? Thanks for making my readers aware of that while handing me a free report!


And it is confirmed that this is "normal" for Hunter, and that the other photos are real because HUNTER SHOT VIDEO OF HIS OWN COCK GETTING ATTENTION DURING THIS, he's TOTALLY normalized into it, and that speaks volumes.


There is more than this, please wait


I remember Biden saying "we are headed into a dark winter" VERY CLEARLY and did not realize it was a code name for something BAD.

I usually don't pay attention to Alex, but this really nailed it, this is far beyond damning and a solid warning. The report is here, and my comments are below.

Here's a summary: In 2001 there was a bio terror war game scenario called "dark winter" run by John Hopkins center and staged at Andrews Air Force Base that had a major outbreak, the need for an emergency vaccine, riots, and an economic collapse. And that's exactly what the elite want and are preparing for. I just figured Biden meant they'd cut the lights and freeze everyone to death during a "dark winter" they caused, but there is a lot more to that statement than that. The report on Infowars is a MUST READ. He deserves credit for this one (produced by Infowars) so go there to read it.

I want to repeat this to make it very clear: the "Dark Winter" exercise outlines a disaster so bad there will be no getting over it, and BIDEN KNEW WHAT IT WAS AND SAID WE ARE GOING INTO IT. He was involved in this enough to know what it was. That was one hell of a threat that just flew right over everyone's heads - a threat that could easily make the Deagel forecast happen. We had damn well better make sure Trump becomes president, one way or another, come hell or high water.

How Elections are Stolen

A friend of mine who is a successful CEO in a very competitive market sent the following after I chatted with him about the last debate. He may appear on this site occasionally now, under the name of Russ Clarke


How elections are stolen

Russ Clarke, Oct 23 2020

The Democrats are taking a very business-like approach to stealing the upcoming election in order to take control of the United States. It's not unlike Texas Instruments who had a focused plan to take over the calculator market in the 1970's. In the case of Texas Instruments they recognized a predictable ongoing drop in the price of components year after year so they priced their calculators so cheap that no one could compete. Their goal was to have the lion's share of the market by the time their components costs dropped significantly below their revenue stream. They accomplished their goal and they became enormously profitable. Their risk in the process was running out of money and going bankrupt if they incorrectly assessed the situation.

In the case of the Democrats [and the deep state in general] the case is similar in some respects to Texas Instruments. But instead of investing in taking over a specific market to gain control of the lion's share of the revenue streams the Democrats are investing in corruption to take in enough votes to allow them to take over all the levers of power in the United States. The Democrats risk in this case is jail time if they incorrectly asses the situation and fail to accomplish their goal. They are way down the learning curve and have a clear understanding of how each avenue of corruption contributes to their vote total. The qualification of their candidate is less important than the overall corruption and deception needed to acquire votes.

They look at it this way: Each crime yields a certain percentage to the vote total. Deceased voters yield X%, Illegal immigrant voting yields Y%, Social media censorship yields Z%, etc. Their bag of tricks includes a wide assortment of criminal tools. Besides what I mentioned above here are a few more ...

* voter intimidation at the polls

* carefully timed fake news

* Inserting a virus into voter machine software

* vote harvesting like what is being currently done by Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

* Vote reminders sent exclusively to Democrats by Facebook, Google and other social media

* Merging likely Republican name/addresses into the computer database at certain Postal Sorting centers to separate out selected mail-in ballots for disposal.

So if the Democrats piecemeal enough tricks together to win then they take control of America and they receive a "get-out-of-jail-free" card. They mean business!


At this point, after seeing what I saw last night at the debate, our only hope is to pray.

The scriptures make it quite clear that when people are corrupted enough, God allows evil to have it's way until all is destroyed. I do not believe America is there yet. I believe God will at least consider sparing America if the large number of good people remaining pray for it.

Last night at the debate, Biden made it perfectly clear that if the left takes over, all honesty goes straight out the door and we will be ruled by those who live by the lie, and completely. I do not see where the American people, who never voted for this to begin with (with everything in the past taken via subversion and election theft) - I do not see how mainstream America deserves such a smack down.

First of all, I'd like to once again remind people that God is real. I know there has been a lot of talk lately (since we can now envision it) that all of creation we see is only energy and does not really exist, and that we do not live in base reality. However, in a different way, the bible itself states exactly that. There is no dishonesty there. There was only the inability of people who never witnessed the power of computers able to create artificial worlds to comprehend how it could be true. - let me explain -

The bible makes it perfectly clear that not one thing happens in this world, from a bird dropping a feather to a great storm - without God knowing it and willing it to happen. Permitting it to happen. People overlooked this and silently likely thought "not really, that's just conjecture, it is not really that way." After all, absent computers creating artificial worlds we can walk around in - crappy computers, that common people buy can do this - absent that example, how could anyone figure out that there really could be a supreme being out there that can, within it's mind, create all of this? The Bible says it is so. And now, with what we have, it is possible to look at this if you read the scripture and realize that yes, it really is all real, just like the bible says.

The bible says God created your soul, your body, and everything you observe. And that none of it exists without him. What if that's an accurate statement? We now know how that can happen. It would be stupid to ignore it. God is right there with you, to hear your prayers. It matters not how all of this exists, it matters that you are real, your body is real, your life is real, and that you have value. And all of this is going to be allowed to crash if we sit here ignorantly and fail to remember who is in charge, and that we can ask for our nation to not be destroyed and if the numbers are sufficient, God will give us what we ask for.

It is time to pray. Pray that your country is not taken away by those who hate God and actively work against him. Pray for evil to not take it all over at this moment. Pray for time to be given to those who have not found the way yet and are still sitting on the fence. Pray for the liars to lose. Pray for God to have mercy on those who are still good, and to allow another chance for things to be put right. Pray for the will of the people to prevail this election, even if the Democrat side has no intention of honoring it.

The steal is on. They absolutely will succeed if God does not step in to stop it. And all you have to do to make it happen is to sit back and allow it to, without a single prayer to break the silence.

Comment on debate:

Now we know what kind of trouble we'll be in if Biden gets in, he's a perfect straight faced liar. I'd also like to know how he held together so well and in a discussion with a friend afterward got the probable answer:

Most likely, during the 5 days that he vanished, he received several complete blood removal cycles replaced with transfusions of children's blood, and probably had an adrenochrome booster hooked up to keep him going. He was also programmed with all the answers, including the lies. Yes, it would be expensive but this was worth it. This is something the elite do and it does work, any of them that appear to look better than they did years ago is likely doing this. Yes, that's one thing we are trying to stop -

Outside of that, I felt Trump should have brought up the laptop more and at least should have mentioned the torture rape of chinese children by Hunter and how that was going to be used for blackmail, thus disqualifying Joe. Trump did not totally bomb this topic and probably would have done better if the attack dog moderator had been fair, and she was not. She was not as bad as the first moderator but was definitely beyond biased. The left has it's behind to save and I think she walked a tight rope to "save it" while not angering the public too badly.

When Trump left, witnesses heard him say "Now let's finish this". Hopefully he meant "finish Biden," because Biden provably and demonstrably committed perjury with some of the lies, and they were done so brazenly there's a chance they can be punished given the setting and without a doubt can be used to hang him. Trump ought to start doing commercials with Biden brazenly lying, back to back with proof of the lies.

We'll have to see where this goes, last night we got a good look at what straight faced liars Biden and the left overall are. They have to be stopped at all cost because when they do kick off their "removal of Trump supporters from society", like they have now repeatedly said they will, the way Joe lied is going to be the lie told about YOU, and how/why you vanished.

And they'll do it straight faced, and with aplomb.

A great report from Turning Point Project

I don't usually post other people's stuff verbatim but this particular piece is one of those times when I will:

America's Last Chance?

On election day, you will have to make a choice between two political parties and two presidential candidates. Several days later you will in all probability have to make another choice. In the case of a closely contested election, whose side will you take?

No matter who wins, the losing side will very likely charge that the election was stolen. And if, the losing side is the Republicans, that claim could very well be true.

If Republicans produce solid evidence that the election was, in fact, stolen, what then? Should they, nevertheless, graciously step aside in favor of the illegitimate "winners" for the sake of peace, and in the hope that the American system will eventually right itself. After all, our constitutional system of checks and balances was designed to prevent one faction in government from acquiring excessive power.

But what if this is the last chance election? What if one side has no intention of respecting the Constitution or of upholding the system of checks and balances? What if one side wants to pack the Supreme Court and give voting rights to Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, and any other U.S. territory likely to vote Democrat? What if future elections are no freer than the sham elections held in totalitarian societies?

Our system of government assumes that all parties adhere to the same basic principles - life, liberty, equality under the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. It's understood, of course, that different people will apply those principles in different ways. The system is designed for differences of opinion. But is it designed for widespread betrayal? What if one faction or party simply rejects those principles? What if, for example, a political party only gives lip service to freedom of speech while actively working to suppress it? What if government representatives no longer believe in the oath of office they took - "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic"?

Generation after generation of Americans have assumed that we would never come to that point. But we're at that point now.

Some suggest that we're on the brink of a coup. That is quite likely. But the big coup that will transform our government and our lives beyond recognition has been built on the foundation of numerous smaller coups. Of course, "smaller" is not exactly the right word. Some of these coups - such as the takeover of our educational system from kindergarten through graduate school - have been massive. While most Americans were looking the other way, left-wing educators managed to steal the affections and loyalties of our children. As President Trump put it in his July 4th Mount Rushmore speech: "Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but were villains."

In recent years, we have also witnessed two other large-scale coups - the takeover of the mainstream media by people who reject the American heritage, and the takeover of social media by a collection of "woke" billionaire technocrats who look upon freedom of speech as an outmoded relic of the past. However, the biggest coup of all, thus far, is the takeover of the Democratic Party by the revolutionary left. Should the Democrats win the election, the 245-year-old American experiment in liberty will come to an end - perhaps gradually at first, but then with increasing speed.

When the full force of the new revolutionary order is felt, people won't know what hit them. They won't know because they don't have the historical context to understand that the taking away of liberties is what revolutionary leftists always do. Younger Americans will know everything about the danger of climate change and the virtue of wearing a mask, but they will have learned precious little about the Soviet gulags, the Chinese communist re-education camps, and the imprisonment and torture of dissidents in communist Cuba.

There is no guarantee that the American system of government and the American way of life will survive. We cannot, as columnist Tony Blankely observed 15 years ago, "assume that the benign trends of the recent past will continue." Instead, he cautioned, "we need to think in terms of when current trends will stop - and what will follow them."

Of course, we should not think of the American experiment with self-government as a trend. Rather, it is one of history's most splendid achievements - a priceless gift to succeeding generations. We must be prepared, however, for the possibility that it can come to an end, or rather, be put to an end. And we must, as Blankely warned, think about what will follow. We may have to start thinking about that future in as little as two weeks.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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