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Fukushima SABOTAGE!


My connections were right. Wait till you hear the punch line, It is PRICELESS.

I cannot get the capture to load, go to Trump's twitter and read it there. That's the most important tweet of his presidency.


Republicans in all swing states plus Nevada and Arizona voted Trump in defiance of the stolen vote. Though their votes won't count, they nullified the electoral college vote today, and the election will now be decided without the electoral college.

Don't let the MSM fool you, that is exactly what happened and no matter how the vote goes now, it is already over.

Wretched Shitmer got so worked up about it she had 200 police officers block Repbulican electors from entering the capitol to do this.

Republicans in the fraudulent swing states know about "that executive order" and are avoiding jail by appointing substitute electors that are not going to be counted. This is getting good.


NOT RUMOR: SWAT TEAMS JUST DECENDED on Michigan state capitol building

Michigan's secretary of state ordered a complete deletion of election records and the swat team descended. No one knows if they are helping or doing a bust.

UPDATE: It was ordered by Whitmer to prevent Republicans from entering to cast the protest vote that will be counted when fraudulent electors go to jail.

All Biden needs is California and it is over. But not really. Just wait.

The Republican electors in ALL swing states and a couple that are not, gave their votes to Trump. This created two sets of electors, which (may) throw the election out as "contested" and then on to a vote by individual states.

Waiting . . . .

Electoral College progress: Trump 232/Biden 240

No big news yet. The result of the electoral college is certified on January 6 and can be disputed before then.

I do not expect a single good thing to happen with this vote.

The lines have been drawn. Either people support the corruption or they do not. The corrupted states have ensured already that corrupt will vote.


UPDATE: There is lots of confusion with what is going on with this case. HERE IS WHAT IS GOING ON: IT IS NOT TRUMP'S CASE. IT IS A DIFFERENT CASE LAUNCHED BY REPUBLICANS, AND THEY WON. UPDATE: Wisconsin got frauded to Biden, but the protest election happened.


I now know too much for the good of America's future if I just blurt it all out. I have already held back info before this notice. I am simply too well connected - yet have to run this web site. - I am not going to become a de-facto data center the left needs to finish stealing America.

A huge amount of what you read "out there" starts here even if it does not appear to.

I will say this, and it is accurate: All we can do is wait. Nothing will be as it seems in the news. Be patient.

I do not have the most tiny details but I definitely can blow it for this country. So enjoy what is here for a month, and don't believe a word of it when it comes to "whatever Trump is doing". I now know what is going on, and it did not come from a "youtube video". If what is going on now fails, I'll call it.

I have opted to NOT post disinfo because there are ways to do this without doing that.

There is no donation request at this time, and claudia is not contacting anyone. Many thanks to those who help keep us going!

We placed a request to fund the servers forward for 3 years but we have to wait until January. There was no problem. We will do the basics to keep the site going well into the possible genocide/civil war/ or (hopefully kickass) this week with what came in during the short time we had that request up.

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I will run this site in whatever way I believe will save the most lives possible. It may be spotty, because I'll likely have to totally pay everthing with the alt income plans in the near future and that will take a lot of time away from this site. I want this site paid so far forward it will be here to post on for years, even if everything else totally burns. I will put 100 percent into this site for as long as it is possible.


It looks like the intel I got is accurate! Once this is all done, I'll lay it all out (when it won't matter anymore) and I did not get that intel off the web, it is not out there. Just wait. After this tweet I'll probably sleep (last night it was rough)

Defunding: The communist takeover has been in our face for years

Communists gain victory by denying their opposition funding, censoring - many different ways, and today Infowars put out a report about Stripe being controlled by Goldman Sachs, and subsequently Stripe banned conservative opposition. This pegs Goldman Sachs as a company that is assisting the communist takeover, and rats them out as actually being communist at the top. Obviously the low level peons don't realize it.

Communists hate competition, and do all they can to shut down underground economies that spring up to circumvent the problems they inflict

Watch for reports of "internet deals gone bad", where you get shot or robbed or whatever where you meet up to make the deal. These reports will come straight from the communists who, in the soviet union, had to compete against an underground economy that worked against the communist system. It is their goal to make people too fearful to make deals among themselves.

If Trump's plan fails, this time around the tyranny is going to be unlike anything seen before, they actually WILL be able to extinct people by starving them out after seeing "illegal onions" over a cell phone cam, or illegal chickens, or whatever, and KAREN will receive perks from the communist system every time she rats her neighbors out. This time around it is going to be BAD and Karens have to be dealt with harshly.

Communists have already banned gardens in many places because they do not want people being self sufficient.

They want to issue orders and have people live or die by them. IF you ever try to grow food and someone rats you out, and you figure it out, the rightful action is to turn whoever ratted you out into worm food. It has to be that way because those who rat others out in a communist system in effect murder those they rat out.

In addition to banning gardens, the "city codes" for the most part unilaterally make it illegal for anyone to keep animals such as chickens that they could use for survival. Interesting it is that the property codes have already made it so that you cannot do what you need to survive anywhere in a city, regardless of how big your lot may be. That is why communists want people rammed into compact cities.

Bugging out really is the best idea during a communist crack down.

I have said in the past that leaving the city would be a mistake. But after going over a lot of info on how communist takeovers actually progress, it became obvious that bugging out is the answer. Communists have a very difficult time dealing with people who refuse to concentrate themselves in the cities. I WILL REPEAT: If you have no place to bug out to that you own, try to talk to the people who own land you deer hunted on. If you can, go there, stay quiet and out of sight, and put up a humble shelter that is really only made to last about 10 years. Keep chickens. Hunt with pellet or BB guns. Even if rifles and shotguns stay legal, making noise with one unnecessarily would be stupid. Don't remind the land owner you are there, no matter how nice things seem, and if the land owner comes to you asking for supplies, obviously help out and then teach the landowner. Barter may be your ticket to staying on that land indefinitely.

Let's say the owner of the land you are staying on starts having second thoughts because he's worried. And he can't get eggs or meat. And he goes to have a chat with you and suddenly receives 2 dozen and gets 3 chickens. Think he'll kick you out?.

By the way, when I have talked about "survival chickens" I am not talking about one coop with five. I am talking about you keeping well over 100. After all, if you want them for a source of meat for a family or group, you'll need that many. You'll get a huge surplus of eggs. Eggs would be an absolutely great barter item.

Aaaand, YEAY!!! Here is the precursor to what I mentioned above, right on cue (actually a little sooner than I thought:)

By saying this, there can't be a legitimate vote tomorrow (Monday) unless for some reason the electors side against fraud. Biden cannot be certified now. Can't happen, with the statement above the day before, Trump just opened up a GIANT can of problems.

Obviously they'll say Biden nailed it, but just sit back and watch the fun unfold . . . . .


One thing that has been hugely missed lately is how much good a high powered BB gun can do. If all you are doing is going out plinking squirrels or pigeons for food, there is absolutely no need to even use a .22

Don't bother with a Daisy Red Rider. All a Red Rider will do is take out sparrows. What you want is a BB gun that will get the BB's up to about 900 feet per second. Many guns in this category can shoot pellets and BB's. Pellets are obviously better, but I have looked at pellet prices (in the large sizes above 25 grains) and they are RIDICULOUS. BB's (and smaller pellets, which still cost 25X what bb's do) have not suffered the same fate, you can get 6,000 BB's for next to nothing and if you want better quality you can pay a (little bit) more and the smaller pellets, at about 25X the price give you lots better accuracy and still cost only a few cents each. I'd avoid the larger pellets, which I consider a high priced reason to just get a .22 ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING - you want the air rifle, not a Co2 rifle! Where are you going to get Co2???

Larger pellet guns can be lethal against people but you'll pay so much a .22 is a better option.

Good quality BB guns are not toys. Don't treat them like toys - they'll still put your eye out or make you bleed real bad and any pellet gun that can deliver over 20 foot pounds might kill a person. By comparison, a run of the mill .22 does about 100 foot pounds. You won't likely get killed by a pellet gun that has less than 20 by all but the luckiest shot but the infection afterwards might take you out!

BB guns are good for crows, pigeons and squirrels. Pellet guns can go higher (ducks, grouse, rabbits, raccoons) and game higher than that is difficult to find anyway. ONLY USE A RIFLE ON A HIGH VALUE TARGET LIKE DEER.

A good pellet gun will sound loud when you shoot it, but despite this simply won't be anywhere near as audible in the distance as the smallest common rifle - the .22, which is the least audible of all guns. Pellet guns are far more discreet.

Trust me - BB and Pellet guns have their place, you don't need to show how big your balls are by using a shotgun on a squirrel!

I have encouraging news that is not rumor but I will not post it because I don't want to do damage. I'll instead post this:

Rumor: Trump will invoke an executive order that will destroy the deep state, and he needed to prove treason all the way to the top - the supreme court.

Gee, that rumor is looking somewhat solid after this tweet:

Once again, I have encouraging news but I will not post it to avoid doing damage. When (or probably not if) this comes to fruition, I will mention this post.


Don't jump the gun yet, just have it ready. And make DARN GOOD AND SURE you have it ready. The time is NOW, not when there are detainment vans going around!

As it turns out, Communists are lazy and probably won't chase you if you are well hidden.

BLM land is a bad idea. The BLM is all over the BLM lands like stink on crap and you'll get away with nothing. They have trolls on satellite looking down to manage the lands and your little encampment will not be hidden. Your best bet is to get permission to camp out on someone's 1,000 acre private plot. That will not be too difficult to accomplish if you deer hunt, any place you hunt east of the rockies will likely be private land and most private land owners that allow hunting are quite cool and they'll be Trumpers. They will definitely understand where you are coming from. Don't make whatever spot that landowner gives you into a sh*thole!

You will need a couple acres. Put up a tar paper shack and nothing more. Tell the landowner you will put up a tar paper shack made out of light lumber that will be easy to take down. HAVE CHICKENS. You'll need to grow food, so your spot has to be in a clearing, it cannot be in deep woods.

Make sure your spot on his huge patch of land is FAR AWAY from any place the landowner goes so he is not reminded you are there. Hopefully you'll go in and be forgotten. Don't haunt the woods with gunshots either! A .22 pellet gun would be GREAT. A bow would be GREAT. Game wardens will probably still be out there trespassing so watch out for those. They are a GREAT reason to grow your own food and keep chickens.


How about that! I was right about the treasonous supreme court, and ALL 3 Justices Trump appointed turned on him and surprisingly, though Alito also turned, he was not as bad as the ones Trump appointed. The swamp is deep, the swamp is wide.

HOAX: Texas had no case because Texas was not injured by the fraud. THAT'S BULLSHIT. THAT'S CORRUPTION. THAT'S TREASON. And I don't want to read the shitposting about how great it was because now it goes to the military, which Trump can't activate until 45 days after the election. WHAT THEN? CORRUPT MILITARY? Survey says, after Obama fired so many good generals, YEP!

I am now going to change the message of this site to how to cope with a communist takeover and avoid genocide. Only the military can save this, we now know that the corruption is so rooted it even launched an ambush from the supreme court. I WAS RIGHT IN MY SUSPICIONS, THE CORRUPTION WAS AS BAD AS MY WORST FEARS.

At this point, it does not matter what anyone says, or what corruption is revealed. We know now that only the military can solve the problem and if that does not happen, it is game over. The system is totally rotten, all the way through.

LEAKED ZOOM CALL OF BIDEN ADMITTING Trump beat the hell out of him in the election. Not that it matters now, the only answer is to invoke the insurrection act and jail the supreme court. If the military does not take action now, it is the end of the United States.

NOT RUMOR, Entities claiming to be "New California and New Nevada" joined the Texas lawsuit

What, are they finalizing the long rumored split?

Not rumor: Jared and Ivanka are purchasing a $30 million ultra high security lot to build on

Why would Jared do that? Easy answer: He SCREWED TRUMP OVER and tricked Trump into not taking the actions required to drain the swamp. Americans ought to be livid with Kushner for assisting in the ushering in of communism, and Americans STILL HAVE GUNS. So a nice secure lot on a highly secured island sounds GREAT.

And GEE JARED, just in case you want to sue me for this, I did not break this, I just refined it, made it a lot more clear, and then stated the truth about you and what you did to the United States, the original bust of your new hideout happened HERE.

FACT: IF TRUMP FAILS, IT PROBABLY WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT TREASONOUS TRAITOROUS KUSHNER AS AN "ADVISOR". Take that to heart if the communists take over by scamming Biden in and tshtf.

All news over the week end from all sources will likely be for entertainment only . . . . .

NOT RUMOR: Corona vax operation warp speed approved by FDA

RUMOR: Trump supporters are not stupid enough to get it. DO NOT GET THIS VAX UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Trump is DEAD WRONG with this one, we have seen repeated examples of Trump being misled, one good one is Kushner!

This tweet from Trump makes it look like it is over.

That said, his other tweets this morning prove he is dangerously in support of the coronavax, which, with Australia's version makes people test positive for AIDS. Fortunately Australia canceled the contract after tests.

I did not really believe he supported the coronavax until this morning, where he's crying over it like a lost baby.

Back to that tweet: If Trump is actually successfully thrown from power by a rigged election, there will be no supreme court in any legitimate sense, And there will NEVER be an election in the United States again.

What America just had was NOT an election. It was a scam. And the one prior was a scam, and 2016 was a partially botched scam. If this is not stopped this time, there won't be any reform, any fixes, anything at all, there will simply be a sealing in of the scam to lock it down so water tight it never gets challenged again. Voting HAS BEEN a hoax and allowing the hoax to stand this time will result in it being solidified forever.

If the supreme court fails to do the right thing at this time, it will be dissolved and the constitution they claim to uphold will be rendered irrelevant. The Biden administration will corrupt the court so badly there will never be a recovery, and voting will truly be a hoax waste of time. most likely, people will eventually be FORCED to participate just like they are in other communist countries so the scam is rammed down their throats like a 9 course meal.

2020 looks like it will be the year the communists complete their takeover of the United States. It happened suddenly, just like it has ALWAYS happened suddenly. People have gotten used to "tomorrow as usual" being there. This time, it won't be.

22 states file counter suit against Texas at supreme court.

Their lawsuit claims "coronavirus" made all their foundations for cheating necessary, and oh, they did not cheat.

Everything is up in the air. And if this comes down from the sky and crashes, there will be two options: 1. Trump activates the military and does the arrests, including on the supreme court, or 2. the American gun owners activate and start kicking but in GATED COMMUNITIES. If the supreme court forces a civil war, that's not on our heads, we have a right to elections that are ACCURATE rather than "fair" where "fair" defines the winner as Shin Bet and whatever hell hole Soros attends. We don't need "fair in the name of Covid" or whatever else they dream up, we need honest, accurate, and lawful.

If this election is allowed to stand, there will be no more legitimate elections in the United States EVER and it does not matter what your neighborhood moron thinks after being mind wiped by the MSM. If this election stands you can kiss it away. If it comes down to that, will you? or will you fight?


Not an old story, they just did this! Trump objected and they flushed his opinion.




"During the campaign, differing views and solutions to national policy were encouraged based on the famous expression by Mao: "The policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend is designed to promote the flourishing of the arts and the progress of science." The movement was in part a response to the demoralization of intellectuals, who felt estranged from the Communist Party. After this brief period of liberalization, the crackdown continued through 1957 - 1959 as an Anti-Rightist Campaign against those who were critical of the regime and its ideology. Citizens were rounded up in waves by the tens of millions, publicly criticized, and condemned to prison camps for re-education through labor, or even execution. The ideological crackdown re-imposed Maoist orthodoxy in public expression, and catalyzed the Anti-Rightist Movement."

Don't take the olive branch, it only bears "bad dates".

The great monolith hoax

I am just going to touch on this (I remember posting already but can't find it)

Most probably, the original monolith was a hoax that was placed for "government workers to find". There was no discovery, they knew it was there to begin with. It was a poorly anchored prop that could not have withstood any weather without falling over. It was "removed by trump supporters" saying it was calling in "illegal space aliens". And then 30 more popped up around the world.

The left flashed it across their media as some big mystery. It was not. They did this for a distraction and to front an anti-trump hoax that flopped abysmally. Don't waste your time on this crap.

The jury has yet to decide, but this sure looks like winning to me:


Bill gates and other leftists, NOT CHINA, fired American poll workers and replaced them with Antifa and other creeps. THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, AND ONLY THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, is using it's media that THEY CONTROL to claim there was no election fraud. I do not see ANY Chinese judges rejecting every voter fraud case, they are ALL Jews or were placed by Jews with Jew SOROS dollars.

Chinese people did not hand out black sharpies they knew would throw the vote in Arizona and eslewhere. Chinese people did not throw out Republican poll watchers. Chinese people did not shred the ballots, or run the incinerator next to the landscaping company. Chinese people are not doing the reporting that is fraudulent and covering it all up. Zukerberg is NOT CHINESE, and neither is anyone else in big tech, which is censoring it all, THIS COUP IS 100 PERCENT BOLSHEVIK COMMUNIST JEW AND NO ONE ELSE, IF THEY CAN USE CHINA AS A ZOMBIE STATE BY SUCKERING XI, THEY WILL AND THAT'S THE END OF IT.

Do not be the fool who can't see the obvious, all the scamming pundits slamming legitimate whistleblowers into the gutter while refusing most airtime ARE NOT CHINESE,


The Jews are now in the process of scapegoating CHINA so everyone looks away from them now, but on the ground, in the United States, there are NO CHINA MEN, ONLY JEWS making all of this crap happen. Put accountability where it belongs. DO NOT allow the scapegoat!

People are so desperate to stop someone who has been stuffed into China's back pocket and is endlessly corrupt from being president. so ANYONE who can be blamed to stop it sounds like a good deal. However, failure to remember who actually carried out and supported this fraud will only set us up for another round, and it WAS NOT CHINA.

The Jews support China and want China in all of this because China is the one country they can use to destroy the United States, which is the only country that can stop their bolshevik takeover. China is already communist, which is what the Jews want globally. China is a tool and nothing more!

Never forget: 1000. GOY. SLAVES. The Jews will do anything to accomplish it.


I have a GREAT response to trolls, which are now quite often AI

"You had better hope you are just a pool of electrons, "live and in the flesh" will feel when it has been shut off."

Don't even bother responding on the topic, because trolls will simply either ignore when you post, or respond with elevated lies. A simple response like that one will efficiently send a message.

Twitter is censoring Trump and fractional voting

Trump had a tweet about 100 ballots being sent through a dominion tabulator, and having Biden come out 27 percent ahead and Twitter vanished it in one page refresh. So if you are wondering why "Trump never mentions that", he does.

With 21 states (and possibly more) now in support of the Texas lawsuit . . .

What we are witnessing now is the rebellion of just short of half of the states against a communist takeover. This is where we are going to see both sides pull their best possible tricks.

I will admit - I never expected this to happen. They may have succeeded in railroading Trump in state legislatures and a subverted supreme court, but so many states have so much clout there is a good chance the communists will simply give up and let this slide. There is also a good chance of a horrific false flag. There is also a far better chance of getting massive military support for Trump, it is one thing to flail in futility in front of a bus as it runs you down, and totally another to have two buses do a head on crash.

Sequestered Dominion machine demonstrated in front of auditors

You don't need people forging ballots, you can just scan blank ones and then click the votes on screen and send them on as a legitimate votes. This fraud system is as polished as a word processor. It is slick and easy.

Nice glitzy news report about the Covid vaccine

HERE IS THE OUT: Say you have allergies. Then no shot, even if they try to force it.

I do not believe Trump would willfully harm the American people. If he really is for this vax, he's been suckered.

Some people will fall for how glitzy and clean and polished the scamming newscasts are, they are brazenly pushing all the lies. No mention of the state lawsuits against fraud here. That newscast comes off as something prepared for 4th grade level low information MORONS. It literally has frame sequencing and transitions just like children's educational programs.

I do not expect to have to tell my readers to avoid this and all other vaccines from this point forward.

There was a post to the chans supposedly from a manufacturing process engineer who said they are adding ingredients to the vaccine in small amounts that are not on the package label. He said it was to modify the DNA in the gonads to cause the next generation of women to become infertile much earlier in life . . . . and I think that's only part of it.

Just in case you missed it, ALL forms of the corona vax re-write your DNA permanently. If you're OK with that, go ahead and remove yourself from the gene pool I guess.

A reader sent the following:


You wrote "He knows his supporters are not stupid enough to take it"

That is not true.

Only SOME of his supporters will be wise enough to not take the vax, the rest will take it BECAUSE THEY TRUST HIM and they will have their health seriously damaged FOREVER.

So, Why is Trump supporting the Corona vax?

This is just one of the many questions that have surrounded Trump for 4 years and you have failed to honestly confront.

Please explain why he is willing to severely damage the health of his supporters at "warp speed".



My response: There will not be a mass vaccination campaign if Trump stays in office, and at this time I am not going to post why I believe this is true. My previous post was half joking because I know it is not going to happen under Trump's watch. Trump is not stupid and I am not going to give the enemies of America who read this site any pointers as to what is (very likely) really going on beyond this statement.

I could obviously be wrong, but I doubt it. At this time, the best thing to do is wait, watch, and avoid whatever few batches of vax do get to the public.


Now that 21 states have joined the lawsuit against election fraud, the FBI suddenly announces it had the laptop belonging to Seth Rich, plus 20,000 pages of evidence proving who killed him, and that they are "now investigating" to get down to the bottom of it all immediately!

I cannot say the FBI scrapes the bottom of the barrel, no, they scrape the lowest form of scum located in the earth beneath the barrel. If anything proves the FBI has always been corrupt, totally rotten across the entire agency with nothing worth saving anywhere, it is THIS, how much more of this kind of crap do we need to discover before anyone has enough sense to just shitcan the entire outfit and CANCEL ALL PENSIONS AND BENEFITS, after all, for such dishonorable service they'd be lucky to be rendered homeless rather than hung.

UPDATE: THe following is getting changed constantly. This will be a lot more concise tomorrow.

Good news about those states though, they are:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia. UPDATE: THIS IS HAPPENING SO FAST THERE IS CONFUSION. THERE COULD BE 23 STATES LET'S GET IT UP TO 27 PLEASE!

This tweet regarding China is interesting, for whatever it is worth.

Why is Trump supporting the corona vax?

Here's my take:

He knows the art of the deal, plus the art of war. He knows his supporters are not stupid enough to take it while he avoids being slandered by appearing to support it. And when the left takes it, they'll be destroying themselves and reducing his workload.

If I knew the evil scumbags would all go for it while conservatives would not, well, that's a pretty good strike against evil. Let them destroy themselves.

By the way, there is a rumor going around that the troops won't only be delivering the vax, they'll be administering it. Any takers?

There is a post missing here and I cannot remember what it was . . . . very odd.

Michael: Yesterday when you corrected my supreme court post, if I thought you were wrong I would not have posted anything. My point was that in the grand scheme it is going to be irrelevant, not that I was unhappy with what you sent. You were right, and your comment was appreciated.

Others sent the same thing and they were right also. But what can I do when it won't matter anyway? I am worried, this whole thing is hanging on Texas and if it fails there will be bloodshed. And I do not trust the supreme court AT ALL, the left is way too cocky which means they probably have that court totally subverted also.

Wait till the bullets fly. The FIRST THING they'll then do is scream INNOCENCE and VIOLENCE and VICTIMHOOD. Just wait. They are absolutely VILE.

I find this latest Trump tweet to be disturbing

What does he know? Let me guess: The supreme court is compromised and Alito, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are not what everyone thinks. Therefore there will be no election justice and rule of law, so we are all going to need courage. Question: FOR WHAT? Let me guess . . . . .

My personal suspicion: Alito is a sleeper cell, Barrett was not fought against because she's in on the steal, and Kavanaugh has dirty laundry. This is what I strongly suspect, and I hope I am wrong. But I gotta say, this does not look good:

Trump is completely wrong about one thing - "hundreds of thousands" because that's based on ballot stuffing, fractional voting, and disposed of ballots. Reality, Trump got about 110-120 million votes vs Biden's 20-30 million. I can see why Trump is not saying that, because he's a businessman and the smaller number matters as much as the big one in a technical sense. But he's totally messing up on the emotional outrage front. He's just not conditioned to go with that.

New problems with corona vax

According to RT, it now gives you Bell's Palsy

UPDATE: Another report said the facial paralysis went away, but why did it occur at all?

Update: I went over the FDA analysis for this, and there's no record of the woman who had the heels of her feet turn to black skinned over crap. Nothing in there about the six people who died. They are not being honest with this. Here is how it will go: THERE WILL BE "NO EVIDENCE OF VACCINE DAMAGE", JUST LIKE THERE IS "NO EVIDENCE OF VOTE FRAUD". This whole "no evidence of vote fraud" really slays it, just like there is "no evidence vaccines cause autism" there will be "no evidence" of ANY notable adverse reactions, while people get absolutely WIPED OUT.

A reader sent a message scolding me for saying the supreme court did not hear the Pennsylvania case

Thus far, it is indeed not entirely thrown out and I knew that within minutes of posting, however, Infowars kept this up, still has it up as thrown out, and there was too much conjecture with regard to this out there so I left it up as originally posted. It does not matter anyway, because the states pushing a lawsuit now has totally flown right over it all anyway so it is really not very important anymore.

They can reject Trump and individuals all they want, but they can't as easily reject a large number of states filing suit claiming injured status as a result of a fraudulent election. That's going to get heard, and heard clearly, PERIOD.

Whether or not the supreme court threw out an earlier case is a moot point. I am not in the mood to take that down even though from here it would be as easy as highlight and delete. It is simply part of the evolution of everything.

People need to realize just what kind of a pickle Texas filing this suit along with the subsequent support of a large number of states - what kind of a pickle this puts the scammers in. Now that this has been done, they don't need to drag this fraud case out for weeks and months proving "he saw/ algorithm did/ and she said,", no, all they have to do is show that against federal law four states violated their own constitutions to make this fraud happen. That's an open/shut case, they definitely DID. These states will be thrown out. They have to be or SCOTUS is too obviously fraudulent and could be easily impeached. GAME OVER. oh, wait, did I say that? In this particular case, one can only hope.

BUSTED: "First woman to receive covid vax as patient" died 10 years ago.

WHY NOT? If dead people can vote in the U.S., why not use the identities of dead people assigned to actors faking taking the shot? Yes, the dead can vote, and the dead can fake a vax:

The woman who "took the shot" was apparently identified as a crisis actor using the identity of a deceased woman. But Twitter banned that post haste, only the tweet pictured above remains.

UPDATE: Nobody named margaret Keenan lives in coventry now, this really was a hoax.



UPDATE: Louisiana is now in on this, citing "damage" to it's citizens due to fraud in other states.

UPDATE: Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina and South Dakota have now joined the lawsuit.

Alito threw a Pennsylvania case out of court. He's compromised. There is the Texas case to back it up now, but if it gets presented to Alito, he'll (likely) throw it out because as I said all along, he is compromised. It may take the military to fix this problem, and then the next step afterward is US.



Police raid home of a deeply funded well supported and prominent Coronavirus scammer

At first I was fooled by this, being accustomed to the police busting nothing but the good guys. But Rebekah Jones was kicked off Florida's coronavirus task force for lying the numbers up.

She then set up a false front and was posting the numbers from it. I figured out she was not a good guy because it was puzzling how she could possibly get connected to any data once out, and as it turns out, she was being fed data to post by the people running the covid scam at the national level.

What really tipped me off to her being supported by the scammers was a photo of her location where she runs her scam from, there's no way a state employee could possibly run such a well polished conference center that was of the highest order. Where did all the money for that come from?

I wondered why on earth Twitter allowed her account to stay open showing such a police raid, if she was one of us. REASON: Because the raid was against someone Twitter supports, who is part of the scam to take America over. The raid was a VERY positive thing in all reality, if any real americans want to have a life after the dust settles.


Today I saw it mentioned that all the medical workers, before you get injected with DNA corrupting agents, - ALL of them are required to ask everyone if they consent to the vax. You have to say yes. This is a probable deal with satan.

You do not have to consent to the vax, but it will be arranged that you'll die if you do not. And it appears they are making plans for that. FINE, you don't consent? We will close your bank account. You are FIRED. You are banned from goverment benefits. If you beg and get cash that way, you're not allowed into the store. You can't check into the homeless shelter. Only vaccined people can have a drivers license. Oh, you don't want the vax? You are mentally unstable, give us your guns. You're evicted, you don't have the certificate.

The list is endless. The coercion will be extreme. Yet you have to consent before they give it to you. No consent = throw away your life. But I WILL NOT consent!

I was not joking when I said people need to learn how to raise chickens! Do that right, and you'll have all the food you need, for the cost of 100 eggs from the store (you might get 50 or so chickens out of that) and then get more from whatever hens decide to brood.

Obviously you'll need a bug out location but I already also told people how to arrange one if they don't have their own land . . .

Interesting Barr interview, Where he stood his ground and said mail in voting is nothing but a cheating scheme

Watch how the Jewish news anchor handles it, even back when this interview happened they were spewing "No evidence whatsoever it is not safe and secure". Yeah, WE KNOW. We just saw it. And there is STILL "no evidence" it is not safe and secure. You know, like only bullets will send a message through that wall of lies. Seriously. Watch that CNN anchor. It is clear only guns will fix this mess when they lie so brazenly they look like they really believe it. That news anchor KNOWS he's spewing lies yet comes across like he's as clean as a fresh snowfall.

I was actually surprised Barr stood his ground like that and did not give in to the lies CNN spewed. Too bad there has apparently been no follow up.

THAT type of brazen commitment to enforcing lies HAS TO be answered with bullets, when corruption is so bad it creates such comfort in lying someone can present like that, hangings, arrests and jailings are the only answer outside of the people taking it into their own hands and shooting those bastards.

Just watch that interview and how that A-hole spews patent lies with perfectly slick and clean aplomb. Appalling! And that is exactly what you'll face if you ever try to enforce the truth via rebellion. Think you can handle it? Or will they actually convince you they really believe it and should not be punished? Question: Are you a sucker for a clean false front? Odds are that most people would fall for it and not shoot, and then after they con you into not shooting they'll make a call and PUMMEL YOU INTO THE GROUND.

Don't fall for it. DO NOT fall for it. Let that interview be your combat training, yes, the enemy really does win battles by telling perfectly slick lies and the consequences that follow can only be dealt with by force. We are damn near there. We'll have our answers shortly. This time, it will not be TICK TOCK forever.

Seriously, the best thing that can happen is for Biden to die before inauguration day. Pray for that. He's old and feeble and ready to die anyway. Timing is of the essence, God does listen to your prayers.

I'll guarantee you the kid in the next report that Biden and Kamala had murdered via the deep state that supports them was far more valuable than Biden's life, that was not a fair trade. PRAY for god to take that horrible scamming man.

I was skeptical at first, but this Infowars report proves the Dems issued Governor Kemp a threat to not do a signature audit by murdering his daughters boyfriend. NO QUESTION.

They chose the daughter's boyfriend because that is not immediate family and will be overlooked, yet it sent a clear message. It is obvious the car exploded from either a drone strike or car bomb because the engine was ejected 180 feet, just like Hastings. My guess is they rammed a a directional car bomb with a blast trajectory similar to a claymore between the firewall and the engine. The proximity of everything ruptured and ignited the gas tank despite the overall trajectory of the blast being towards the front. That's the only way the engine would have been totally ejected for a huge distance with no frontal collision at all with the rest of the car mostly intact. If you look at the photos, the hood is wrecked and open. That's because the engine is no longer in the car. I'll go for precison places shaped explosion more so than drone strike, but anything is possible I guess.

Kemp approved the signature audit, and then the left did this. WE ARE NOW IN THE MIDST OF A VIOLENT COUP, this is not just vote fraud anymore.

A VERY IMPORTANT one hour video

Remote brain control via the Covid vaccine is going to eventually be possible (within years) if it is not possible now. First a A two minute teaser taken from the main video and if that's interesting to you, see the main video here. This is not fruitcakery, it was a military briefing done at West Point. The speaker actually talks about encoding DNA for remote control of people. It absolutely can happen. It is well worth a one hour watch. If you only have a half hour, start it at 32 minutes

This is the spookiest thing ever produced, FROM WEST POINT, the guy is legit, the Corona vax really can be used as a remote control mind control shot, with everyone tied to a central system.

If this was a hoax, it would not have ended up at West Point.

The severity of what is in that video has me walking around in circles. I don't want any part of this to happen, and West Point says it already is. This is not future, it is NOW.

Detention camps: China is more honest and in the open about it.

In the U.S., it will be a white van at 3AM and you'll be added to the "covid stats" without anyone knowing what happened.

Was Guiado actually legit?

Gee, Maduro and pals just took FULL CONTROL of Venezuela - Venezuela is literally uniparty after that last Smartmatic election. After OUR last election, I'll never consider anything run through Dominion or anything else legit, - Yesterday through a machine taken from Georgia, they ran 100 Trump ballots and 100 Biden ballots through the tabulator and Biden came out 27 percent ahead. So Bev Harris with her black box fractional voting reports is SPOT ON, I never took that seriously because I simply could not believe it. I just figured they stuffed votes. SHE WAS RIGHT and that is probably the first time I have ever linked her site. I was suspicious but not 100 percent convinced of fractional voting until yesterday. It has now been proven. And the left has some explaining to do.

I know a fantastic punishment for Hillary, Biden, and more because I have experienced what it is like to ride in the back of a pickup that's flying down 4x4 trails. All you do is handcuff them so they can't hold on, and then go tournament style, while making sure you don't actually throw them out. You would never guess how bad such a ride would be . . . . do that to them on the way to the gallows.

With regard to that Malik embed:

Biden got a boot for "a fractured foot" where it was claimed the fracture actually showed up in an x-ray and he thereore had to wear a "therapeutic boot," of the type known for being a tracking device. Now, miraculously, 3 days later he is walking without it? NOT POSSIBLE. More probable is he can't run away and can't walk well enough with it on. Yesterday may have been a turning point, they proved the tabulation machines were rigged in a way that cannot be denied and then Malik tweeted this.

Britain's covid vaccine card appears to be beyond easy to fake, See this.

Update: Some people are saying that's just a British vaccine appointment card. However, that looks awful specific. I am not buying that totally. "Keep it with you at all times?" "Don't forget your second dose?" labeled specifically for Covid? Yep, that's normal.

It has to be easy to fake, because some people will need it without getting the shot. Interesting they want it carried at all times and include the batch number. Batch number 55738 is for the Gynan worm modification, batch number 55632 is for brain sculpting . . . . mixing batches between shots will create unpredictable results . . . .

This Ritz commercial is pretty bad. Decide where to put your money I guess . . . .

One thing I noticed in that Ritz commercial that goes beyond the gay theme is how every actor looks like a leftist slime ball playing a part, even where the commercial does not push depravity. That commercial is literally what evil looks like, every scene set off my "spidie senses".


This really is a capture of the entirety of flu cases recorded by the CDC for the last 8 weeks. THEY HAVE SEARCHED FOR A CURE TO THE FLU AND THEY FINALLY FOUND IT: CORONAVIRUS!

Can't let all those flu hospitalizations go to waste! The following is all confirmed cases in the United States. Not deaths, not hospitalizations, no, this is ALL confirmed cases of the flu.

I have something EVEN BETTER than this, but I am waiting until next year to post it because I want it to ripen and I don't want to forewarn the scammers. It is PRICELESS.

This is a pretty good Gates vaccine vid



FACT: The only group that will "benefit" from the collapse of the United States will be the Jews. They'll cash out BIG. And they think they own China, and that they do not have to worry about China. They'll learn about reality later, but for now that's what they think. They want the ugly whites GONE because white people have ideas and don't handle tyranny well. And China will be "good enough".

This is not an anti-semitic statement, it is simple fact. The Jews get what they want by deceiving nations and powers and they don't care about the aftermath. They absolutely will use China to eradicate every last shred of America's military and even if that military wants to resist, resistance will not be possible via attempting to draw strength from the corpse of the nation they assisted in killing by supporting vote fraud.

MESSAGE TO THE PENTAGON: THE FUN IS OVER. YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER SUPPORT YOUR GOLDEN GOOSE OR YOU'LL BE WALKING THROUGH THE MAGGOTS OF IT'S CORPSE, WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR YOUR SORRY SELFISH ASSES BUT THE STENCH OF IT'S DEATH, HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Or at least until the Chinese hang you. Do you think they'll tolerate you just because you allowed their boy Biden and other communists to rise to power? FAT CHANCE. They will instead know you are all pieces of shit and will deal with you accordingly. Communists will use traitors, but won't tolerate them after that use is complete. After allowing your nation to be destroyed even the Jews won't trust you and straight into the hog trough you'll go!

Two readers (right away) had differing opinions on what will happen now that we know the supreme court is corrupt. Here they are:

"Kindly note that Trump is working with special military forces that were not affected in the slightest by Obama. Trump did not get this far to be defeated by a bunch of criminal rats who orchestrated their plan with all the ingenuity of a five year old in a candy store. Relax".

My comment: How can anyone confirm this is the case? Here we have a system so corrupt that it does not matter how poorly the steal was executed - it is all based in how well corruption can be enforced. Whether or not there is a remaining military to handle this will be anyone's guess. I doubt it, and instead think the Obama generals will attack and destroy any good special forces that activate.

Another reader simply sent: "America is done, I agree with Jim" and he chain mailed it out. My main post on this topic follows:


I was right!!!

Trump put an appeal to the Pennsylvania decision before Alito. He did not immediately reject the appeal, but he said he'd give a yes or no on Dec 9, ONE DAY AFTER IT WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. F****************ING SLIME BALL! WE. JUST. GOT. OUR. ANSWER. Even the supreme court is corrupt, and in on the steal. Now it is time for martial law.

PROBLEM: The military will not cooperate, the notice has already been given. Obama's firing of countless generals just came home to roost. GAME OVER.

At this time I am calling it. The corruption is so deep it completed the coup.

I really feel sorry for Pat Robertson and all the others who correctly called this election, only to have it get stolen. They will undeservedly be considered dufuses who made false prophecies. Totally unfair. The only thing that will save this is a dead Biden, and even if he does die you know how long it took them to declare Ginsburg dead. They'll just use a double.


Biden's "broken foot"

If you add 2+2, it really appears he was trying to screw the dog when he got hurt. He was running after the dog, holding onto it's tail while naked. One version of a story that keeps changing. 2+2. You decide.

I bought one of Donald Trump's 100 watt light bulbs

In Mexico there must be problems with people bringing back burnt out light bulbs so when you buy one, there's a socket they push it into to prove it works. I wanted a good light in the office so I had them test the strongest LED bulb they had (a 20 watt) and even that seemed feeble. So I had them try one of the 100 watt bulbs Trump brought back (when the U.S. bans something, it will often vanish in Mex) and the 100 watt bulbs did. When Trump made them legal again, they returned to Mex. So I had them test that, and it seemed to make about 5X the light of the "150 watt equivalent" LED bulb. But I was so sold on the LED bulbs that I was skeptical anyway. Bought the old school bulb and wished for luck.

Brought it home, put it in the office and BOOM, Good old days, it was FAR BRIGHTER than the two "75 watt equivalent" CFL's I had in there before, even when they were at their brightest, brand new.

CONCLUSION: The light bulbs have now been made so crappy in the name of "efficiency" that people will never know what they lost until they plug in an old school 100 watt, there's no way the new bulbs are more efficient at all. Yes, they do use less power but you get less light and/or such low quality light that an old school 100 watt is probably in all reality more efficient. plus you get to see. Things in the office now have more detail and are more visible than they have EVER BEEN.

I now want to go where I have NEVER gone in the last 10 years or so, I WANT TWO IN THAT FIXTURE.

OMG it is SO BRIGHT the computer screen looks dull!


This happens at around 10 minutes - 12 minutes into the video. The whole video is worth watching, but the most obvious fraud happened with the lady in the purple shirt. She's top center. You can clearly see her scan the same stack of ballots 3 times. The woman narrating what is going on does not even point this out, they missed it. The testimony is damning though, here's your proof of vote fraud.

Denmark chickened out and will not be taking the vax until what happened in other countries is known.

Slave owning Democrats used a mail in ballot scheme to try to deny Lincoln re-election history repeats itself!

I removed the election rigger post because it needs to develop.

It is not provable enough yet - after a detailed look over the videos, there's still a way out for the fraudsters.

I want to go to bed after THIS ONE

Probably true "rumor" that really is probably not rumor - One of the things the "corona vax" is supposed to accomplish is to implant a bioluminescence gene that will cause your veins to show up under a blacklight. That sounds stupid on the surface but the rumor comes with a "legit" explanation - to make it easier to do medical imaging.

From the bottom part of the first paragraph On page five here

"Pfizer/BioNTech is also inserting an ingredient derived from a marine invertebrate, mNeonGreen, into its vaccine. The ingredient has bioluminescent qualities, making it attractive for medical imaging purposes, but it is unclear why an injected vaccine would need to have that quality. mNeonGreen has unknown antigenicity."

Is mNeonGreen the same type of thing as MRC-5? If so, the "ingredient" likely works by modifying your DNA, you know, like those glowing fish that got made in the 90's.

UPDATE: Get a load of this, from This infallable source, which means this is not rumor - "mNeonGreen is the brightest monomeric green or yellow fluorescent protein yet described to our knowledge, performs exceptionally well as a fusion tag for traditional imaging as well as stochastic single-molecule superresolution imaging and is an excellent fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) acceptor for the newest cyan fluorescent proteins.

It has so little sequence identity in common with other frequently used fluorescent proteins mNeonGreen will be an attractive target for antibody development and should be amenable to orthogonal immunoprecipitation experiments along with jellyfish-derived and coral-derived fluorescent proteins."

Say WHAT??? REPEAT: "mNeonGreen will be an attractive target for antibody development"


And they stole the election to ensure no one would get in the way of this. If Trump is on board, he's not getting the whole story.

I'll opt to not become a green glowing blooded chimera, I'll opt to NOT have that "hollywood" crap in my veins. I don't have a job acting Sci-fi, thank you!

Here is another great source that proves the animal experimentation has already been done. They are talking genetic modification here to make mice glow for identification. THE PEG IN THE CORONA VAX IS THERE TO PROVIDE A WAY TO GET THE DNA MODIFIERS INTO THE CELLS OF A FULL GROWN ADULT. They are not being secretive about that.

We have all (by now) seen those head height thermometers at the doors in Wal Mart, (At least all of the wal marts in Mex, plus lots of other stores have them.) I have posted them here on this site already. They look WAY TOO BIG to just be a thermomemter, I would not be surprised if those are already emitting a light source that will make your **** veins glow in the light to prove you have been vaxxed.

WATCH THIS HAPPEN: If you don't glow when you go through the scanner, you have not been vaxxed. No bread for you!!!

There's a positive side to all this. I am sure there will be a way to modify a gun scope to pick up on this "green" and identify leftists and other morons who need to be shot for being stupid enough to accept this~

I am not mortified. I am laughing this time, because that vax is SO BAD it is firmly into the realm of comedy. Who T.F. dreams up crap like this??? All switches are flipped to "off". You'd have to be laughably stupid to get that vax. They are expecting "massive unprecedented side effects" - OH REALLY???

Trust the science! It took a LOT of it to accomplish THAT vax! If you don't accept it, you're anti science!

Probably true rumor: Team Trump has a dominion machine with proof of fraud on it

Don't hold your breath. The legal system has been completely staffed out by scammers who will say it was obtained illegally and can not be used as evidence. Then the DOJ will go after whoever was involved in obtaining it and prosecute them.

To think otherwise would be to toke on the hopium, Soros and others paid for a LOT of corruption, those who stole this election thought about it like a chess board and made good and sure the most corrupted, bribe compromised and paid off crap occupied every significant check and balance Trump could possibly use to save this. Trump is supposed to have knights, rooks, and castles in this game but it has been rigged so badly he can't even come up with a pawn that has not been corrupted. Now it has come to light that their budget for this election theft was 1.5 trillion.

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO STAY STEADY ON THE TRIGGER, that is what this has come to and talk is wearing thin.

Can you believe Congress is bothering itself with big cats right in the middle of an election disaster?

Gotta get those priorities straight I guess.


1.5 trillion invested in stealing this election? Probably . . . .

Tired of hearing speeches about what needs to be done, even those delivered by generals.

I am tired of groundbreaking revelations that get bashed on the shores of corruption.

I am tired of press conferences that blow the fraud wide open only to have nothing follow.

I am tired of obvious B.S. arrest stories, which, outside of martial law cannot happen in a system so corrupted.

I am sick and tired of talking heads who know damn well the election was stolen to such an extent they assisted themselves, stating there is "no evidence of fraud". That is beyond galling, and it is so rampant Even Business Insider is assisting the steal.

I am tired of "the Kraken". I am tired of false hope.

There is no doubt Trump is trying to fight, however, if Soros and others actually did pump a trillion and a half into corruption for this election, the system probably really is compromised so badly all good efforts will go nowhere.

Most likely, the U.S. supreme court is totally bought out, and I do not even trust Kavanaugh. A trillion and a half dollars will buy one hell of a steal. And even if the supreme court does rule in a way that could save this, the next layer of corruption - at the state level - will probably throw enough state votes (after the electoral college) to still hand the stolen election to Biden. What then? Invoke the military, where Obama made damn good and sure every decent general got fired?

Trump's speech yesterday

At first I figured it would go nowhere because we all know about the fraud. But he is calling it his most important speech ever, and many are beginning to state that this speech, which may indeed have been his best speech ever, marks the beginning of the end, - the end, where he declares martial law. He's obviously proceeding with full knowledge of everything going on and apparently determined to save the nation. It is probable he delivered this speech to inform the public as to why martial law had to be declared.

And then he re-tweeted this, which clearly proves there was massive vote fraud right on camera. The speech is not bunk, that's for sure.

Quite conspicuous is the fact that there is no mention of this speech being given whatsoever in the MSM.

General flynn has called on Trump to declare martial law.

First Mcinerney and now Flynn.

He's right. This is the right time for it. We need an immediate way to bypass the corruption and just arrest the bastards. Martial law is rightfully declared in such cases, and is not "shitting on the constitution" as the trolls are saying, such words are said in desperation to avoid a noose!


The following was posted to Wordpress (which will get banned there) so I captured it. The source page is Here.

I have edited this capture down to the most important topic, the linked report has a lot more in it, plus a petition to the EU to stop this attack on the people.


Those tests did not make it into the package insert!

Time to state the obvious: Ex ANYTHING gets no new facts.

So when it comes to (current day) rumors about people who are no longer on the inside (which is what ex means) caveat emptor. I see lots of patent bullshit about this election getting posted by "ex" __________________ when there's no way they can possibly actually know. Hopium.


Americans really will lay down and die, if Trump gets ousted it is over and there WILL be a genocide, exactly as this guy lays out.

He nails every last reason why it will be game over without question, with the most important reason being that "good people follow rules". Being good and "complying" absolutely will get us all killed.

After viewing that, take my advice about "where you deer hunt" seriously, it is BANG ON and BLM land is not the answer either, it has to be private property. Chances are, you don't need to own that property (seriously).


GEE!!! PRESS CONFERENCES GET THE DEEP STATE BUSTED, LET'S HAVE MORE!!!!! Spinning and spitting and laughing at how the deep state is "so busted" during press conferences makes LOTS OF PROGRESS, you can forget prosecution, let alone arrests, PRESS CONFERENCES RULE!!! Take your ear candy and S.T.F.U. - you don't need more than that. Gosh. I am thrilled.

**** the links, I DONT CARE.

I'll post links when there's video of Obama in Gitmo. Please don't wait, your time will be better spent trying to find a spot in the woods where you can set up your shack. As it turns out, communists HATE THAT. I figured they'd like it when people do that, but they in fact HATE IT because they have to spend too many resources tracking down people who do that for it to be "worth it". So they generally don't.


One thing I found out during deer hunting is that there are LOTS of HUGE land owners who have back woods crap they don't care about. Sometimes, they'll let you go in there and "camp" damn near indefinitely with the right permission and if need be, a little cash. There are lots of them who have thousands of acres and they are just "bob", because in many remote areas the land is only a couple hundred an acre. Lots of these people are going to be trumpers.

If you have ever deer hunted on private property because the owner does not care if people go there, and that happens A LOT, find out who owns that land you hunted on, talk politics and see if he'll let you put up a "tar paper bugout shack" somewhere on his land, tell him you don't intend to live there, and you just want a place to go if TSHTF. Tell him you'll want to keep chickens and might want to chicken wire off a few acres for them, etc - whatever it takes to make it.

People need to start getting creative, the screws are tightening rapidly and you really don't need land to go to for your bugout, someone else's land will do, especially if it is on a 500+ acre plot the owner does not oversee too tightly, lots of these areas are the type that give logging rights to companies and your access to your shack will be a logging trail that has not seen maintenance for 20 years . . . . THAT is what you want to seek out for a real "bugout".


That's all, O'keefe??? Project veritas had a mole in CNN record very sensitive phone calls - hundreds of calls of all the top people - CNN threatened him, and he then posted 3 calls, all crap. Not even as bad as their broadcasts. UPDATE: Supposedly there will be more calls that are better posted soon, but seriously, this is just theatrics absent arrests and will do nothing to stop the election from being stolen. There should be ONE OBJECTIVE NOW: Stopping the steal, because if we do not, all this O'keefe fun will go straight in the trash on Jan 20. The last thing we need is a fruitless distraction. OOOOOH HE GOT CNN GOOD. That would have been GREAT a year ago. But now? The damage is done.

Trump cast doubt on his ability to stop the steal last night, and appears to have received some horrific news. All along I have stated the nuclear blackmail threat, and how Stuxnet and similar viruses were in America's nuclear facilities, to blow them up like Fukushima "when needed". Would the deep state do that to the United states to stop Trump and take everything over? HELL YES.

Supposedly there are "mass arrests" going on right now. I have not posted any of that (crap) because I do not believe it. Trump probably got the server raid done, but once Sidney blew the Kraken open, it was game over. The deep state then knew about Trump's main asset and likely dealt with it.

For the entire time, since the steal, Trump's "legal experts" have made "great progress" and today, we are NOWHERE. Don't let another message of "great progress" hoax you today, if there has been NO progress thus far, there won't be. The corruption is simply too deep and the threats are simply too good. All we will see from this point forward is solid proof the "tinfoil hatters" were BANG ON, ALL ALONG, and you can't be correct about an encroaching "conspiracy" since Kennedy and then have magic happen almost 60 years later. That is being proven in spades now.

I guess I could talk about targeting the "right people" but the "right people" ran their scam so well that even "tinfoil hat" stops short, you can't even discuss who is doing all of this now without being called Hitler. If "tinfoil hat" does not cut it, start screaming "Hitler".

WORSE: They are running my site administration today through a brand new remote capture server. It actually started yesterday. Tired of "winning" yet? Believe me, if Trump was "winning" even that would not have happened.

They are recording EVERY KEYSTROKE, including the ones not posted . . . . . yeah, I see you, or should I say "them". Question: HOW? I'm not supposed to see you! I can shake them off, but it does not stick. That's a new development. I'll probably hit a tribunal at some point while our new leaders "make new holes". Gotta keep satan happy . . . . . in general those who scream "hitler" don't take it that far, but then again there are those matzo balls . . . . Anyway, all friendly talk.

To the rest of us, Don't get caught up in inaction just because you think the "Kraken" force is real, Trump's attitude says it all, there is a really serious chance he will not be able to save us and the "Kraken" are probably all detained or dead after Sidney's gaffe. Seriously, it was THAT BAD, I toned it down with my post yesterday. I am only not calling her Trump's final fatal back stab because to do so would be to lose any glimmer of all hope.

I firmly believe I am on the cutting edge with what I am saying - among the first if not the first to say it like it is. If Trump really is going to give up after the court cases, we are all totally screwed, it will take the military to fix this and there is no longer a Kraken. Yes I know about the military police being sent to Gitmo, but most likely they'll be receiving O'Keefe, Alex, and the rest of us. All the talk of arrests thus far amounts to nothing but conjecture - DONT BET ON CONJECTURE.

BOTTOM LINE: I can accept being wrong about what I am saying, but I will not be able to accept being right, and I probably am. Don't sit on your couch waiting for a savior, even though we have one - Trump - when the demons of hell cumulatively hold a lot more power. I am really genuinely surprised by how much Trump actually cared about us. Believe me, he is standing alone.

CLASSIC: Trump knows coronavirus is fake.

He's only playing with the vaccine topic to avoid getting back stabbed there too, CHECK THIS TWEET OUT, from this you KNOW he knows it is all fake!

Barr did his "investigation" and found no evidence of voter fraud.

Not even any evidence of more ballots returned than sent out. He's the deep state traitor we all knew he is. No wonder why his "DOJ" accomplished NOTHING.

Trump should enact martial law with extreme prejudice and smash all of DC plus the state legislatures flat in hours, before they know what hit them, while 3 "why is the internet down" threads get posted on Twitter with two responses each because the web really is down.

Trump should issue warnings to the FIVE (5) good people left in DC so they can evacuate without spilling the beans maybe an hour or so before he sodom and gamorras the place with an enormous pile of nukes. We can rebuild DC, but we'll never get America back. Who cares about a few monuments?

NOT A HOAX: China really did buy Dominion Voting Systems for $400,000,000 a month before election.

And the American MSM refuses to report it, which means China is a proxy of the Jew. If China was not a proxy zombie state, the entirety of the Jewish media would be trying to wipe out China, and trying to reveal how "China stole the election" yet, crickets.

Why am I not talking about Gina Haspel getting captured, Obama being arrested, etc?

Lots of rumors are going around now about deep state arrests. Problem: This is at least the 5th time "Obama has been arrested" and I'll need proof. Like a public hanging or something.


Arecibo has completely collapsed.

I am going to say something that will not be popular. But it needs to be said, and I am going to say it anyway UPDATE: I toned this down just for the off chance she's "one of us."

Sidney powell's "Kraken" gaffe was as bad as it gets.

I figured this out during the interview of General Flynn and General Mcinerney, when it was revealed who "The Kraken" was. As it turns out, it was the 305th military intelligence division. Powell stating "release the Kraken" was an enormous problem, which amounted to a warning to the election thieves and communist subverters about who they needed to target to save their asses.

LET'S ALL FACE IT: Powell is a FREAKING LAWYER. No lawyer should EVER reveal a secret like that. There's a BIG reason why Trump got her off the team. She warned ALL Trump's enemies when she said "release the Kraken" - we all guessed at what that was, but you can damn well bet Trump's enemies were not guessing.

We all called her a genius. We called her a "genius" because she was out and about, stating what even an 8 year old would know - that the election was stolen, and she said it amidst a sea of lies so when she confirmed the obvious, she looked smart. REALITY: It does not take any sort of gift to see this election was stolen. The media knows it, every troll knows it, the judges all know it, the lawyers all know it, every damn last federal worker, bartender, mechanic, hood rat, Bar Mitzvot, congressman and EVERY LAST FBI agent knows it. But since Sidney was one of the only widely known about people saying it, everyone called her a friend and a genius, and hopped on the bandwagon with her. And then, with the spotlight on her, she called from the rooftops: KRAKEN!!! and blew Trump's cover straight into the sewer.

That was horrible.

If Trump somehow makes it, it will take the military to make it happen, Mcinerney himself has said this because every last step in the chain of justice is broken, from the Republican congressmen to the judges to the media to even the postal worker. This system cannot be fixed without the help of military intelligence and actual bloodshed, - KRAKEN? THANK YOU SIDNEY, yes, the correct dismissals and behind the scenes movements can now happen to finalize the death of the United States. She blew the one secret Trump had in his favor straight to hell.

We will now hear a few word games to prove how great she is, that will serve to anesthetize the American public and maybe even the military into not acting until there's a jack boot at the door.

It is not just Sydney's blunder that is a problem, the entire justice system is rotten to the core.

ENJOY THE SHOW, because like a hollywood production, that is ALL we will get through any legal recourse. The deeply entrenched Bolshevik communists will hand us a few victories to make it look like there is an actual effort to keep things clean, and then they will take everything - all they will need is ONE last elector we just were not able to get.

Mcinerney is RIGHT TRUMP. As soon as it is completely proven there is no legal system in the United States that will make a difference, on December 16th after Biden is scammed in, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY USE EXECUTIVE ORDER AND THE INSURRECTION ACT TO POUNCE WITH WHATEVER MILITARY YOU HAVE AND START THE HANGINGS WITH SWIFT 10 MINUTE MILITARY TRIBUNALS OR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND ALL THE REST OF US WILL BE DESTROYED.

You will have to act quick to prevent the corrupted portion of the military from stopping you, and you'll even need to target THEM TOO. Hopefully "the Kraken" will be able to totally disrupt their communications when they try to enforce communism.

DO NOT give ANYONE you know is guilty "their day" in a corrupted civil court, swift and decisive action will be needed or we will ALL be toast. You'll need to hang the judges too. If anyone refuses to sing like a songbird on the 16th hang them on the 16th and go after more with whatever you get from whoever does speak up on the 17th. If Rudy is not on board with this, ditch him ON THE SPOT and hang him too.

MAKE A CHOICE TRUMP: KILL OFF A FEW THOUSAND CRETINS OR LOSE 9 DIGITS WORTH OF GOOD PEOPLE. The evil absolutely will murder hundreds of millions of people to save their sorry asses. We are counting on you Trump. Make your decision, - US, or THEM.

DOJ is likely threatening witnesses

Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher from Chester, Pennsylvania, testified before the GOP Pennsylvania Senate hearing last week Gettysburg. Hoopes said she was kept in what she described as a "play pen" as an observer and no Republicans were allowed close to where the counting was taking place.


And then I went to Trump's twitter and saw he tweeted about the FBI and DOJ being in on the election fraud. This morning I went back and the tweet was gone. So I looked it up and found this quote on Sputnik news:

"This is total fraud and how the FBI and the Department of Justice, I don't know, maybe they're involved, but how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable. This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud,"

When the tweet on this topic was gone I was surprised. I knew darn well he said that. I was not mistaken. Here is a capture on this topic from Sputnik News:

If the DOJ is going around threatening witnesses as many are stating now, (this is not the only case) how big is the trouble we are all in, as a nation, really?


Can you add two and two?

Recent happenings have people not knowing where we sit with the election

Here's the one size fits all statement: Wait until the legislative processes are proven corrupt and then, if the election is finished being stolen, cut loose. Don't worry about the bullets because if you don't use them, you and everyone you care about will be genocided. There are many many cases of the left specifically stating this and they are getting expunged (I was going to do a big writeup about this on Saturday and just over the week end practically everything vanished) they think it is some sort of secret . . . . .

One thing is certain, we are discovering just how deep the treachery goes and it is starting to look doubtful the United States supreme court will even hear a case because they are all trolls, let alone hear it fairly. It is highly probable Trump will have to use the military to clean up this mess, however, with Obama firing so many good generals and Trump doing nothing to fix that, there is solid doubt there too. It likely will have to come down to the American people rebelling with force.

They may say Trump gave up and quit. He will not quit. If they say he did, that will just be another lie.

Biden now has a boot

Supposedly he hurt his foot while playing with his dog. But there are discrepancies about what happened, and now he's wearing a boot. Rumor has it there is a tracking device in the boot and that he's in deep trouble and facing arrest. McCain wore such a boot just before he "died", but Hillary has had one too and nothing came of it. So I am skeptical.

The Pennsylvania legislature went on vacation, claiming they don't have time to handle the election fraud issue so NOTHING WILL BE DONE. A HUGE back stab!

WE HAVE IT ALL. Make the deal mother F***ER, OR YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

This is by far the the most important video ever done. Spend an hour and watch it.

In the video: General Flynn and General Mcinerney are interviewed. Flynn confirms quite a bit, but Mcinerney blows it all open. And The Kraken is the 305th Military Intelligence division. Confirmed by Mcinerney: China, Russia, and Iran were involved in the steal. The CIA is operating as an enemy and was running a server farm in Frankfurt which did get raided by special forces. The CIA killed five special forces. The election was rigged wholesale. This is a coup. And they are doing everything they can to stop this by the 14th of December, because if they do not, it is "going to get very dirty".

If you are bandwidth limited you can drop it down to 180P and basically just use the bandwidth of the audio. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.

VERY IMPORTANT: Generals do not blow B.S. - this is as legit as it gets, and they have identified the MSM and big tech as enemies of the United States. They are doing everything they can to stop the steal "before it has to get ugly".


Let's see them argue this in court now!!! HA HA HA, busted!


Trump's case just got a whole lot stronger!!!

A few quick items

Sidney Powell got sabotaged, the same way this site often gets sabotaged, two egregious errors were right in the title of her filing and she did not get it wrong. I saw that right when she posted it, and there were no errors. I did not really like the case however, because she is mixing too much stuff with it that is not needed, and could be used to straw man the case down. But I can say she never made those mis-spellings and she likely cannot fix them now.

Communists are really being commie - the news reports are full of flat out lies and even after mountains of flawless evidence were put forth, none of the media wants to discuss any of it and Twitter is still putting it's "This claim of election fraud is disputed" crap up while they grease the bearings of tyranny and throttle up the B.S. even more. Trump's responses to how corrupt the media is are inadequate, he could totally lawfully shut them down, WHY NOT?

As it turns out, Dominion's servers also had hit lists of "alt right" people that had to be taken out first after the "election", Trump has all of it and none of it is good. He did say he'd surrender if the electoral college went against him and I don't think he should - he should, if possible, instead use the military to arrest every damn last commie critter there is, until there's no one left but him. I'd LOVE to see that day, or how about this -

Surrender to the electoral college, but during the rest of his administration after that, make damn good and sure EVERYONE who got stolen into power is arrested. Then what would happen? There would have to be a new election, that's what, under military supervision. Trump just might do that, to ensure he bags the last of the deep state, including corrupted electors. It will NOT be over until Biden is actually sworn in.

I found out how the U.S. Army did in fact seize the Dominion servers in Germany

As it turns out, they were being run from a U.S. embassy, and were not next to the coffee shop across from McDonalds

Since an embassy is "a small patch of official American soil" in the middle of the host country, Germany did not have jurisdiction over that embassy, the United States did, and therefore the troops could totally raid it without consequence. So that is how the server story ended up being real. In this scenario, the good guys would get the server, the bad guys certainly would not raid themselves, if they wanted the servers moved, they'd simply do it in silence.

Never in a million years would I expect the servers to be run from an embassy, everyone who staffed that embassy has obviously been arrested.

Trump did a very good address to the American people today

He totally hammered the fraud. This plays perfectly audibly at 2x so you don't have to spend a half hour on it.

Mexico does not have thanksgiving, but Claudia wanted it anyway. So we had thanksgiving.

Spur of the moment. So I bought a rotisserie chicken (a good one) we presented it like a small turkey, and had it with cream style corn and scalloped potatoes. It was good. The prayer basically went "Dear God, we complain a lot but always seem to make it, and for that we give thanks.

Claudia really enjoyed the evening.

WOW, look at this latest Biden video, where he quotes "bible" that does not exist, and mixes in gibberish. Shockingly bad, THIS is what they claim we elected??!!??

That was not quoting the bible, it was instead an insult to America. They claim we elected that!!! Over the top and OUT OF LINE.

RUMOR: This sounds silly, but . . .

It now appears the "water main break" in Georgia was in fact an overflowing toilet that got plugged by flushing ballots. At least that's the rumor, and quite frankly, I believe it.

I kid you not. And IF it all comes clean, I'll bet that is what really happened. Do not go reporting this as fact until it is actually proven, but for now that's what the rumor is. We now know there was no water main break and it was in fact a flooded toilet. Having it get plugged by ballots really does make sense.

It looks like those stupid "environmentally friendly" 1.6 gallon flush toilets BACKFIRED on the left.

"Shut everything down, and don't call a plumber for god's sake, NO ONE from the outside can know what plugged that toilet," And therefore there's no record of any repair being called out. It really does make sense.

Barr just appointed Robert Heberle to head election fraud investigation

This is bad. Heberle is F***ING EVIL and he ABSOLUTELY WILL prosecute and jail every whistleblower he possibly can. He'll totally de-rail the election fraud hearings any way he possibly can. He was appointed by Barr to do the cover up. Trump needs to fire Barr STAT and squash this IMMEDIATELY.

Heberle likely cannot have infinite influence over every court, and with the fraud being so far out in the open it is likely he can't kill the story off, but he just might stop everything from proceeding by promptly arresting every announced whistleblower. He is THAT BAD, he prosecutes and jails innocents left and right.

We need to all start protesting Barr and Heberle now starting with online messages to Trump, Bannon, Guiliani, Powell, Wood, AND EVERYONE ELSE. Trump can stop this. WTH is CRETIN Barr doing in his position still?

RUMOR: It appears the DOJ is fast tracking firing squads and electric chairs back into federal executions

I have looked into this, and it could have substance. However, since it is the scamming MSM reporting this, in reports full of flat out lies, it is really hard to discern.

My take: IF justice ends up being served against the likes of Zukerberg, Gates, Hillary and more, they should be considered so dangerous to society that jail is not a option. If they escape, they could very well doom the world once more, there really are times when simply eliminating that possibility is the best course of action.


Due to the lack of credibility in those reporting this, I have to say maybe, and sideline this as rumor. And "I hope so".


Rumor has it that Pennsylvania is supposed to have a review and vote to approve all voting systems. However, the Dominion voting systems were not part of any such approval process, instead Governor Wolf mandated their use by decree. If rumor holds, that's a SERIOUS violation of Pennsylvania law.

There are already enough votes in the Pennsylvania senate to impeach him, GET CRACKIN!!!

You probably heard about bookies paying out on Biden's "victory"

This is as far as I know only happening in Britain. Las Vegas is having NONE OF IT, and I can tell you why: Because Las Vegas, Reno, Wendover - these cities have as close to fair gambling as you can possibly get. No place on earth has gambling as honest as Nevada. Those boys DO NOT play around, do stupid crap, or rip people off. Since the odds are VERY close in Vegas (the way it will be if it is actually worthwhile to pull a lever) there's simply not enough leeway for the bookies to get over paying out twice. And if they DID pay out for Biden, and Trump then got seated on the 20th, Nevada would make damn good and sure they paid out IN FULL, to the "losing side" too. They can't take that risk, because they run the game too clean. They cannot just get over it by ripping people off.

Vegas became what it was for a reason. And that reason means NO PAYOUT until this fraudulent election is washed away.

I don't gamble a lot, ( and havent for 12 years) but I can say I have done it enough to know that if you're not in Vegas, don't even bother.

Trump granted Flynn A full pardon

Hopefully because the tide has turned.

As of today, it appears the ballot watermark story was true, and it is coming to fruition today.

UPDATE: The military intelligence guy did not specify "watermark", he only stated that they can verify ballot authenticity "from the print" and that as a result, the fake ones can be located.

A woman testified that when the machine printed out her ballot, her vote for trump was not on there. All the rest of her votes came out, but trumps did not. when she asked why it didn't, he told her that it was for privacy and that none of the votes for Trump show and to just send it through. So obviously this was done so much the election official said it was normal.

UPDATE: An unknown high number, above 700,000 Pennsylvania ballots have no watermark and are therefore proven fake. Let's see CNN say "There is no evidence" now. you know they will!

This is not just some idiot sh*tposting this time, it is happening live straight from military intelligence, before the Pennsylvania legislature.

Well, that's good. If the story came out during this hearing, it means TRUMP WON. There's no way out of it. Except for maybe a nuclear false flag . . . . or similar.

I'd laugh my butt off if Trump actually outfoxed the traitors, but what if there was a leak somewhere and the fake ballots have the watermark too? So we are not out of the woods yet, the corruption is very deep.

However, if the ballot watermark story is true, then the server seizure story is probably definitely true, and even with correctly watermarked fake ballots the ship of fraud is probably going down. If that ship DOES go down, it is hard to say what will happen next. If the communists have assets in place for an invasion, they'll do it. If they have nukes placed to just "pull" America, they'll do it. If there is Stuxnet in the nuclear facilities, they'll use it. One big problem is still in play: The communists are awful damn cocky, like they KNOW this is it, and no matter what happens they win. We will have to wait and see I guess . . . . . .

It appears that a Pennsylvania judge has blocked that state from certifying election fraud as legit.

Details on this are sketchy but evidently the judge saw enough evidence of vote fraud to stop certification of the results even after the canvassing boards and governor gave the go ahead.

Now, I'd like to present a salient point: WHAT IF this really is 5D chess, and Trump wanted it to go this way so everyone, from the governor on down could be indicted of election fraud? If the judge (who must not have been corrupt) stopped it before it mattered, after every last step in the chain proved itself corrupt, what can happen, with zero real damage being done to Trump? We'll have to wait and see on that judge I guess, and if the correct threats get issued.

It seems to me that Trump has finally taken action he should have taken day 1 in office

It took him 4 years to learn Kushner was a traitor.

It took him 4 years to learn all the advisers were traitors.

It took him 4 years to learn the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, and the NSA were all traitors, (and he at least partially fixed the NSA)

It took him 4 years to learn ALL the judges were crooked, except for a few lifers on the Supreme Court.

It did not take him 4 years to realize staff he could not remove was treasonous, but that staff still stayed in place all 4 years.

It took him 4 years to realize even FOX was rigged, and that even Rasmussen was bunk.

So what can Trump do in two months fully awake, with the swamp still completely alive? We are going to find out.


Japan was an important country because it has, until this point, been one of the last, great monolithic societies. Japan is still "Japanese". However, that is going to change, Because traitors within the Japanese government are now going to do the same mass immigration that destroyed Europe.

I am actually surprised by this, I did not expect anyone in Japan to fold into this crap but the new world order FINALLY got it's traitors placed. Probably via the same scam election system that stole the election in the United States.

Lots of Japanese people hit this site, I SUGGEST THEY STOP THIS SH*T RIGHT NOW. Do NOT let this happen.

This Trump presser is very disturbing. He starts at around the 2 minute mark.

UPDATE: I watched this several times full screen. First of all, Trump trolled them badly. He did not answer questions, which is what would be expected if he had a legit court case that was actually being heard. He only gave them one minute when they were expecting at least a half hour, he paid them zero respect and left.

He mentioned clearly the numbers 9, 48, and 30,000. He spent so much of that minute on numbers it appeared to be a secret message. Also, he looked concerned but not beaten. Something is up. The sense I got was that he just lit the fuse on a bomb. We'll have to wait and see if one goes off.

I have removed the previous comment. For the previous comment I only watched small screen, but at full screen you can clearly see Trump is not beaten and Pence is smirking and sort of trying to hide a smile. It is hard to tell what it all means.

No big developments today.

All we are getting at this time is the same old CRAP about "what they will do tomorrow". Things are NOT looking good. Paypal shut down our account for about a half hour. I was waiting for Claudia to finish up with one of her students before calling, and by the time that was done, the account was not shut down anymore. Probably because . . . Profeco. It just is not the same for them down here.

That is how far America has fallen. They can cancel anyone they want in the U.S. just for expressing a political opinion, but they can't in mex. Think about that.

Claudia just came to me and said "You are always doing the web site. I need time. So I'll post again this evening.

Update: Claudia saw that and told me to reword it as "I need a date with you".

There is nothing going on today anyway as far as news from team Trump, it is always "I love you tomorrow" which will soon be a day away from a communist smack down. Delay, Delay, Delay, WTH is this game??? Believe me, I HAVE NOTICED.

The most even keeled conservative forum I know of had this on it:

Thread: How will I know if gets shut down by "them"

Check some of the comments in that thread. Remember, this is one of the most level headed forums out there -

"I was txting with a beloved friend this morning. She sent a pic of her dining room wall. She had the main Wall in great 1940s stuff, one being a 1930s, 40s quilt featuring pickaninnies. I told her if she was found by them, they will kill her, imprison rest of the family and burn her house down."

"TB2K will be analyzed/watched by the powers that be for probably a few weeks before it's yanked down. Just enough time to figure out the players on here; who might be a true threat to the communist govt, who's just a camp follower etc.

And, most likely one or two people may pop up as new or relatively new members, functioning as trolls, eliciting responses from people that can be analyzed as to true intent and the like. Think about that. Don't feed the trolls takes on a whole new meaning in a communist government environment.

When the site is pulled down, Dennis is the one who would be arrested first. Yes, arrested. Think about that folks. He would be charged with any number of offenses; from sedition to running a hate speech website.The powers that be will figure out the charge and make it stick. The member rolls would be checked and those considered dangerous would also be picked up or boxed in in some way. Basically neutralized in one form or another. The rest would just simply be watched; step out of line and poof you're gone.

I won't continue-it's been a rough day at work and this subject is a little too depressing to continue to game out. But I'm not drunk and I didn't present a pie in the sky scenario. This is what will happen when TB2K is shut down."

"Well, actually, no, they won't yank it down. It will just be that, how shall I say this, each of us will have a different viewing experience when interacting with the site, depending on which list we are on. Not even Denis would be able to tell. The only way to tell is for two users to be side by side to compare. But that would get the person on the nice list moved to the naughty list."

" We are essentially a free think tank as far as TPTB goes. What I envision happening is the implementation of social credit scores, starting with the covid vaccine, those who are compliant will have a higher score than say someone like myself that tells them to FOAD. I also envision disappearings ala south american style. That'll put fear into the souls of the general public which will lead to further compliance. Taking down the internet won't happen because it's a means of control especially with the snowflake generation."

"This place is a honeypot. Most of you/us will be dead or in jail before they shut this place down. Remember all the lists everyone is so proud to be on? Where do you think they're generated from?

This place will stay up to keep sniffing us out. Assuming it gets that bad.

Think about this before posting after Jan 20, 21. Think about it real hard."

Awake again all night.

The prospect of such evil taking over the United States when so many decent people do not want it kept me awake all night, so I gave up at 5AM and looked for stuff to post.

Avoid the vaccine at all cost, for spiritual reasons alone.

It is more than widely stated that all forms of the new corona vaccine modify your DNA. Therefore, accepting it will be exactly equal to saying you're not satisfied with the way God intended you to be, to such an extent you are willing to allow some of the most evil people on the planet to corrupt your code of life. THAT is NOT FOR ME. End of discussion. I'll go off a cliff if that is what it takes to avoid this.

Polarization of good vs evil

One thing I believe is happening now is a polarization of good and evil that is taking place in the spirit realm. This is a stated event in the book of revelations. If you have noticed a shift in your behaviors and what you seek in life, and that shift is more towards God, don't question it, we may very well be going into the harvest. The scriptures make it perfectly clear that the evil survive the harvest, except for a few good souls that manage to stay hidden. If you stand for God and make it through the genocide or whatever else is coming, it will not mean you are evil, it more likely will mean you were aware enough to get through it.

Anyway, that's where it is beginning to look like we are at.

RUMOR: CEO hired team of hackers to verify vote fraud

This is probably true. It is hard to call it rumor, but until it is completely confirmed I have to. Here's the story:

The management at knew the election was going to be stolen. So they hired professional hackers and computer people (my guess is it was simply their regular employees) to catch the vote fraud in real time, and they did. Videos about this got posted when they went public with this, only to be slapped into the censor bin.

This was not them simply watching the MSM and notice the numbers going totally wrong on MSM broadcasts, no, they actually hacked their way into the data stream and captured the whole damn thing. Their comment was that the system was designed to hide fraud in a way that will bury it well enough to survive forensic scrutiny, but that it did not matter because they got the raw data that showed how the systems did it.

I would say this story is probably true. We all know this election was stolen. However, getting something done about it when the system is so damn corrupt is the real issue, many many people on many many topics have shouted the corruption, the frazzle drips, the rituals and everything else from the rooftops, WITH ACCURACY, and nothing got done. So what now? Will anything that gets presented matter at all? Don't bet on it.

I don't know if the following is real or not, but one can hope:

Greatest layoff letter ever sent

"Dear Employees:

As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Joe Biden is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But, since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.

This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go. So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty 'Biden Harris' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more, fair way to approach this problem.

They voted for change......I gave it to them. I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic."

REALLY disturbing stuff in the mail, which seems to be working now (after years of not working)

Oriana sent a video of Bill Gates talking about smallpox being released and that did not make me happy. Though after really looking into the outbreak in Senegal it appears that may be monky pox, Bill Gates did indeed talk about genetically modified smallpox and how we had to be ready for it. CUTE. I'll sleep on that. NOT.

Peter in Australia sent something that disturbed me even more. He said Australia is going to a FULL digital ID and he did not exactly specify the terms of this, he just stated that ALL businesses had to digitally identify all customers now and customers that did not have a smartphone to make it easy had to fill out papers to identify them so a digital record could be made. He said that they don't care how it is done, as long as a digital record is made. Why do they need a digital record on everyone? I'd certainly like to know. Actually /sarc. I do know.

also, Trump is getting railroaded SO BADLY that I really think it is time for people to seriously consider making serious preps to bug out. If you have property where you can hide any sort of shelter out of sight of any roads or any other areas that can be accessed on the property, you probably ought to put a shelter there and hide out.

I have consistently stated in the past that it would probably be best to make a go of it in the cities, but after reading through extensive literature on communist takeovers, the very best scenario is self sufficiency in a secret location away from the cities. However, it has to be TOTALLY HID or the communist goons will find it and burn you out.

Here is how you build a survival shelter for practically nothing.

I have done this. It works PERFECT.

Find the most obscure location on your piece of land - a location that cannot be seen from the road or any open area on your property. Get a shovel and level an area about 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. Don't go wider, things get tricky if you do. Don't go narrower because it will suck. Don't go shorter than 20 feet or you'll go nuts.

Go around all the industrial yards and gather up all the discarded pallets no one wants. Lay those down on your level spot. Pick pallets that have the boards close together so you can lay down a cardboard floor and not have your feet go through it. If you get your pallets laid out, you'll have a floor that is 4 inches off the ground, and it will be FREE. That's a huge bonus that HAS TO be done or you'll regret not doing it when it rains. You can even throw down some carpet on it if you can get it for free.

Then build a frame out of 2X1 boards (that's the minimum, it can be done with better wood but cost is an issue, right?) If you keep it down to 10 feet wide, 1X2's will hold quite a snow load. make sure your walls come down all the way to the ground, on the OUTSIDE of the pallets. Of course you have to at least do a rudimentary truss job on the roof, (an A frame truss that has only one horizontal board will work) On a 10 foot span that will be perfectly fine. Do your walls with the same 1X2's. To these boards, you attach cardboard. To protect the cardboard, finish up with tar paper. This comes on rolls and you can get it at Home Depot or Lowes or wherever -

Your boards should be spaced about 16 inches apart. For wooden construction that is ideal, it is not only a match for a plywood sheet, it is actually ideal.

You should cover at least one entire side of each wall plus the roof with cardboard, screwed to the wood with short drywall screws. That will give your shelter all the strength it needs, provided you cover the outside with tar paper so it never gets wet.

This will be easy to put up quickly. It will cost about $600 for 200 square feet. If you're feeling frisky, do both sides of the wall with cardboard and put fiberglass insulation inside the wall, between the cardboard. This shelter, if done right, will easily last 10 years. The cardboard alone will provide a LOT of insulation, with fiberglass inside the walls and in the roof, the cardboard will insulate DRASTICALLY better than the same job done with plywood and sheet rock.

Don't underestimate how good cardboard will work for this. As long as it never gets wet, it will last a LONG time. And you cannot beat FREE. Cardboard will be a LOT warmer than drywall and plywood, and BONUS: You will find all you need for FREE.

Here is, in general, the minimum building sizes:

One guy on his own: 10X10. 100 square feet. A couple: 10X 20, (200 square feet) Add 50 square feet per kid MINIMUM, in the form of at least a 7x7 foot bedroom.5X10 will probably work fine also. Whatever is practical in a given situation.

Those are minimums that will work.

Do not go extravagant, extravagant is FAR more difficult in a survival situation than the minimum. More wood burned for heat, more visible, lots more expensive to do . . . . and of course, the bathroom is the woods. Don't even bother with trying to get that to work in your "tar paper shack".

DO YOU HAVE LAND WITH NOTHING ON IT? GET BUSY NOW, SERIOUSLY, THAT TYPE OF SHELTER WILL WORK. It will take only a few days to build this. Someone with experience could do it in a day. I recommend using screws for everything if you have a cordless drill. Use the shortest ones possible to attach the cardboard to avoid stressing the wood if you use 1X2's to keep the cost down.

SECURE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE RIGHT NOW IN THE FORM OF ASSETS, IT IS HIGHLY PROBABLE YOUR ACCOUNTS WILL BE FROZEN. It will be a LOT better to have food storage, gas, and bullets than money in the bank!

Trump's first case before Justice Alito is happening today.

I only trust Clarence Thomas. If this case gets blown to oblivion it will be the first true look at DOOM ON. We will have a 90 percent accurate forecast of sink or swim very soon.

UPDATE: My comments about Sidney Powell backing out match what Rush Limbaugh said, there is no silver lining in this. It is just straight up BAD.

Claudia came to me saying George Soros was arrested


I told her I'd have to check. There is such a rumor going around. The rumor is that this morning he was arrested for election interference and a media blackout was ordered. I say DOUBTFUL. thic crap has been said how many times now? I don't know. But it cannot be written off entirely. Do not get your hopes up. Instead, read the following like it is going to happen and prepare like it is going to happen because it will be a lot better to be ready than to be pacified by B.S. until it is too late.


The Communists want everyone to voluntarily go into the cities where they will be dealt with. The best case scenario in a Communist takeover is a cabin in a remote area that has no real roads going to it. If it is just 50 feet off "county road 20," that does not cut it. The only appropriate place will not be visible from any road.

You had better have chickens. Getting them is easier than you think - all you need to do is buy 100 or more eggs and hatch them by keeping them at 95 - 100 degrees for a month, and turn them a couple times a day. This is done with a light bulb or an incubator. If you are lucky enough to find an incubator use it, you'll get better results. If you can't get an incubator you can use your normal thermometer (for fevers) to regulate your egg temperature. Don't let them get over 100 or so but keep them over 95, as close to 100 degrees as possible without going over.

Put the light bulb about a foot below the eggs, which should be placed in a bowl with straw or grass, then throw a towel over the bowl. The towel should drape down past the light bulb. When turning the eggs, do it quickly and put the towel back over them. If you can't get the eggs to hit 95 degrees or more within half a day, downsize and move everything closer until you can, or add another light bulb. If you hit 95 BEFORE half a day, you will probably wreck the eggs. Also, let the eggs sit out for a day not refrigerated before doing anything with them. A week won't hurt either, just don't let them go from refrigerated to warm in one big jump.

If you got a good fresh batch of eggs, you should get about 80 chicks. A lot will be males. They are fairly easy to care for, let them run around a large secure area and pick for any bugs they can find, and give them table scraps that include meat. If you are lucky enough, you'll have chick starter food and grains to throw them once they get older but that's not to be expected in a situation where you'll never be re-supplied.

Let the males grow until they are a couple pounds and then start eating them. If you have 40 females, let about five of the males grow up, and keep them with the females. 40 females will usually provide 30-40 eggs EVERY DAY, IF you can keep them properly fed. That's your job, and it will definitely be worth it. With that many chickens you'll be able to allow a lot of the hens to brood, make more chicks, and you'll have an endless supply of food provided you do the work and keep them fed from stuff YOU grow. That's all that is practical to post on this site, for more info just look it up. Chickens are THE ANSWER.

Huge sense of dread, so I went online to find out what . . . .

UPDATE: A lot of people are claiming we should not to worry about Sidney Powell "not being on Trump's legal team" as was announced yesterday. However, I am skeptical. Just look at this capture to the left that was sent to Lin Wood. This got posted to Twitter on Lin Wood's account for about five minutes, and Twitter deleted it.

Until I see a good reason for another perspective, this is my take on this situation. I believe at this time that anything else is merely an attempt to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.

Sidney Powell is no longer part of Trump's legal team. No explanation given. Trump and America are both being set up for a major betrayal. Remember, Giuliani was part of 911. Don't expect miracles. If he does screw Trump either with intentional incompetence or abandonment, well, chalk another one up for the tribe.


Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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