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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

The most impressive doctor we know of has a message for COVID.

We are not going to identify this doctor for obvious reasons. However, this doctor has a wall like no other doctor I have ever seen, and I mean IMPRESSIVE, high level diplomas from countries all over the world, this doctor is a total genius that aces the most difficult stuff instantly And that is important with this, because it proves the more intelligent and capable you are, the more you see through the Covid scam.


We got ALL the details. First of all, if you take ANY of the alternative cures for COVID, you will be denied insurance coverage. If you take the chlorine dioxide, quina, ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, zinc or anything else to help you overcome Covid that is not their vax or one of their other hell expensive cures, you will be denied health insurance. This is already (about to be the case) in Mexico and it is going to be global.

On the back side of this, this doctor has stated that they are indeed intentionally killing people that comply with whatever rules are necessary to get health insurance, and nothing can be done to stop it because the corruption is too complete. This doctor has stated that they have already started killing large numbers of people (a far greater number than even the newspapers are publishing) which makes sense, because now, in my immediate circle of association there are additional people (now 5) that are already "dead from covid" who died as soon as they went to the hospital when they had no Covid symptoms at all. The last one went in for pain in the left kidney, they gave him a shot, he died within an hour and they called it a COVID death. These five people are not the ones I reported before (scorpion sting, broken arm, etc resulting in immediate death and Covid diagnosis,) these people are IMMEDIATELY known in the immediate circle and not "someone talking about it". It is obvious they killed the last man but what can you do when a totally corrupted police state is running the covid scam?

FIVE people in my immediate circle of association dead vastly exceeds the number being reported when taken as a percentage of population. They are absolutely letting it rip in Mexico probably because of the orders to keep society open, so the covid scammers are murdering every possible person they can possibly get away with.

Back to what the doctor said:

This doctor stated in specific terms directly to US, not someone else, that Covid was a manufactured virus that was designed to be easy to cure and they want to punish anyone who seeks an easy alternative cure by denying them medical care. This doctor stated that the goal was to "simply kill everyone off" by threatening them with a virus they made that is not that bad and then killing them by other means once they enter the medical system.

Additionally this doctor explicitly stated that the "covid vax" is not a vaccine, it is gene editing to change people from what they are to what a group of evil elites want, and that the "easy cures" are for them while they offer NO CURE for the rest of humanity, only a shot of doom. This doctor is freaked out over it but knows that if anyone speaks up they'll immediately lose their license so rather than have that happen, this doctor is telling trusted people what is going on so a warning can be spread.

What to do? Take the hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Quina or whatever else you have, (it probably works) because this virus was explicitly designed to be easy to treat. When you take these things, DO NOT TELL YOUR INSURANCE YOU DID, you lie about that, don't be a fool - and then resist the shot for as long as you possibly can. Once it is impossible to have insurance or a job without the shot, well, go without insurance and eat out of the trash while sleeping in a $20 tent. Obviously if you go in for any sort of medical care be well aware of the fact they might kill you right then and there so make damn good and sure you have to. What else can I say? That's the reality we are up against now.

Coca-Cola considering a paper bottle

Kyle Rittenhouse

Gee, over the past few days it has all been "He jumped bail" and "there is an arrest warrant". Only, NOPE. This was just more leftist scammery, as proven by This report, which states prosecutors are trying to GET A JUDGE to issue an arrest warrant and hunt him down. but since he has been 100 percent compliant with every order, the judge said no.

That was a surprise for even me to see, the left said he jumped bail! And I'd bet pointing out the fact that he did not jump bail would trip a Twitter ban.

Cuomo is SUCH A SLIME BALL he's blaming "Trump's CDC" for all the nursing home deaths

Remember, Cuomo was the one that made the nursing homes the first responders for the "covid crisis" and if you had it you were supposed to go there. Then one day an enormous pile of buses pulled up to a large assisted living facility, emptied it, and the Covid stats spiked through the roof because Cuomo likely had them all killed. I had that prominently featured on this site, perhaps I'll hunt that down.

The bottom line is that everyone knew Cuomo was the reason for the enormous number of reported "covid deaths" in New York, and now he's trying to push it off on Trump. Evidently he expects people to remember things no more than two weeks out, and perhaps he's right. Perhaps NOT.

You can SEE a slime ball now. You don't need to be told, take a look at Andrew Cuomo(left) and Jamie Raskin, (the guy leading the impeachment (right).

Both signature slime balls, and interchangeable in appearance.

So how is that "impeachment trial" going to go? let me guess.

Another communist purge is underway

ALL the mainstream alt voices are being removed from social media, including even Robert F Kennedy, Project Veritas and more. I don't know what to do about that other than to sit and watch. And also repeat about how I have been warning this was going to happen since 2014 or so. THE PLAN: Get everyone hooked on a platform - make it a GREAT location to disseminate information and allow EVERYTHING for a decade or so, and then, once everyone is stuck on that platform suddenly remove everyone from it that provides real information while boosting the lies to the stratosphere.

It was a trap. Everything from Wordpress to Blogger to Twitter, faceplant and more. MANY MANY people opted to use those platforms because they were easier and cheaper than a real web site. And it was made that way on purpose. The trap is being sprung tighter now, hearing about decent people being banned is old news by now. And STILL, no one I know of is getting off those platforms before they are wiped out even after seeing everyone else get banned. I can't believe it!

Noticeable new false flag method

There have been two false flag shooting/bombing incidents now, blamed on white people, And the MSM is NOT blowing them to the moon. I think I know why -

It is probably because we are now into the communist era with secret tribunals and courts, and non-transparent lawmaking and they want to use these false flags to implement gun bans without alerting the people to what triggered the ban. It appears they don't want people screaming "THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY FAKE" while they reference their hoaxes as a reason to pass legislation. They just want the events logged that "justify" the legislation while they work in darkness. That is all a communist needs, why alert the public?

Excellent post from NCrenegade, who's on Wordpress and won't be for long:

"If You Think You Can Just be Silent and Obedient and They Will Leave You Alone, You Best Think Again. These People Hate You and They are Out to Replace You. They Want Everything That We Stand for GONE!

It’s frustrating. The world is laughing at us Americans. Here we are, armed to the teeth, larger than any army in the world, and we have allowed our country to be stolen from us. We have allowed the Communist to just do as they please. And all we do is sit and stew in silence.

People keep asking, "What can we do? Is there a plan?" I don't know the answer to those questions. I would have never imagined that we would have allowed things to get as bad as they are. It seems as though the real enemy of liberty is the average American. Our complacency and attitude of just wanting to be left alone has gotten us into this situation we find ourselves in.

People have suggested that we need to make sure the local Sheriff is on our side and will not enforce any un-constitutional laws. Well that's all fine and dandy, but when the law no longer matters and is irrelevant, what difference is that going to make? You see the law is now whatever they say it is, to fit the needs of the Communists who now run our country. And are you going to vote in a new Sheriff if he isn't a constitutional patriot? Now that voting has been proven to be a sham, who would even vote ever again and participate in this illusion of a Republic?

More here.

Stunning video of I-35 pileup

A glaze of ice on I-35 in Texas caused a massive pileup, including semi trucks that could not stop and impacted cars at full speed.

It appears this needs to be discussed again, (from the reactions on social media)

I have always stated that the elite will not release a disease that can return to nail them. Instead, they will create a scare and the disease itself, (or the vulnerabilities needed to mimic a disease) will be in the shots they give to "prevent the disease".

There is no way they would make themselves open to being killed by their own weapon. So there is no "weapon" floating around in the wild on ATM screens and shopping carts . . . .

Instead, they are giving shots which are so devastating they maim people frequently and immediately, and those that get through the shot without significant apparent problems get their DNA re-programmed to create locations on critical cellular tissue that appear to the immune system to be the same as what is in normally (predominantly) benign viruses that are already out in the open (the common cold in this case, which is the coronavirus).

The shots are given in preparation for the release of or resurgence of already existing "harmless viruses", which, when infecting someone, will trigger the immune system into attacking and eliminating them. But after the shot, once triggered, the immune system will see many sites on cells that have been re-programmed to look like a virus, and the immune system then attacks and kills the vaccine recipient. Since no shot was recently given, no one draws the connection. At least in theory. Because people already know what the shots are doing, the info I just posted is ALL OVER the web, tripping bans left and right yet surviving because it is so prevalent.

QUESTION: How on earth are "they" really expecting to get away with this?

I am going to say something straight: They are going to be needing people to administer the shots. With the prevalence of the knowledge of what the shots really are being so widespread, it will be safe to say that many, if not all the people giving the shots will know exactly what they are doing, and can be considered enemy combatants. Enough said.

Biden is considering a travel ban in Florida

The article starts out with how a new mutation will un-do hard won battles with the "pandemic". Because, well - obviously someone needs a mutation for an agenda. And a new vax. And a new "operating system update". After all, our DNA actually is an operating system. About 715 megabytes long. It would fit on an over-burnable CD. Some of that is chatter, if cleaned up it might be possible to reduce it to 500 megs or so. How efficient is that, anyway? by the time Bill Gates is done with it, I'd bet it would not fit on a blu-ray.

Anyway, we all know where the Corona scam is headed if we let it go there . . . . .

Impeachment trial update:

Many many people are aghast at how "Billionaire Trump can't hire a decent lawyer". I am not surprised. Trump trusts the Jews, and is getting funneled into the worst legal situations as a result, and even if he did not trust the Jews, the bar association is such a corrupted entity that there's not an honest lawyer in the bunch that will actually help Trump. They have their marching orders to destroy and not a single one of them is going to step out of line, even Giuliani raped Trump with a weed wacker. This is what it looks like when war is the only way forward.

Impeachment trial:

All we are seeing is that no lawyer can be trusted and the system is corrupted far beyond repair. Additionally, the intelligence agencies are eliminating anyone who would do anything about it before they even get a chance to take action. I do not believe no one did anything, what is happening is they are not following procedures that account for how invasive the police state is and that is essential.

Lone wolves who understand the severity of the situation are the only ones that will ever have a chance, IF they never speak up before acting. My prediction remains the same - the communist revolution is complete and will not be turned back. How is anyone going to do anything when even their microwave oven will rat them out?

Gorilla glue girl

I was not going to bother with this until it took a turn for the out the top ludicrous. Background

A black girl ran out of hairspray. So she went to Home Depot. let me repeat that: HOME DEPOT a well known hair spray vendor and bought gorrilla brand permanent spray adhesive. It says right on the can "Forms a permanent bond, keep off of clothing and skin". You know, because keeping it out of your hair, or off your cribriform plate (don't spray it up your nose) or whatever - is too ridiculous to mention, "Oh, my hair, pee hole and ear canal are OK as long as I don't get it on my skin???" I guess that's what her lawyer thinks because SHE IS SUING GORRILLA GLUE BECAUSE IT WRECKED HER HAIR WHEN USED AS HAIRSPRAY.

Her black lawyer, who goes by "Exavier Pope" is a real social justice warrior, already calling everyone who ridicules her "racist" when "laughing" and "common sense" are far more appropriate, and a lawsuit over this is beyond galling.

So now there's this bitter white girl, "Kathryn Brightbill" who claims to use styling gel called "gorilla snot)- that's a lie, she clearly does not gel her hair - who donned her goodie "me too" shoes and did search terms for "gorrilla snot" and came up with nothing but "gorrilla glue" in her search results, - she claims "gorrilla glue is liable because gorrilla snot" is a brand of hair goo, whatever works for a teary eye - and I doubt "brightbill" is really her name, she's probably a crypto (whatever, you probably know) and is being ludicrous and frivolous to hopefully one day in her pathetic life set a precedent for suing anyone for anything - look at her twitter page at the link - she's a real work of art - and she's ALL FOR suing Gorilla glue over this. I disagree. Gorilla snot is one word off from Gorilla Glue, and even one letter off takes you from "Fabled" to "FAILED" and I'd say the fable about having grounds to sue Gorrilla glue IS A FAIL.

Let me guess: A prominent (now) tribe controlled glue company that wedged their over priced crap onto every store shelf does not want to compete with REAL products so they went after a company that makes products that work??? Probably not. This is too ludicrous. I opted to not name the company but the "o" in the name is a star of david now . . . . and I'll buy ANYTHING BUT their products because they really are garbage. If gorrilla glue girl had any common sense, she'd accept being an icon for Gorilla glue, after all, she just proved it REALLY WORKS. Why the lawsuit? It worked as claimed.

Let's see if an "election lawsuit" court room, which refused to hear a legit case gives credence to this B.S. and allows Gorilla glue to be sued. I would not be surprised.

Oh well, I wasted time on that but it was fun and at least showed just how ridiculous SJW's can be.

Calls to make sure the SIX GOP senators who voted to impeach are voted out????

FAT CHANCE. There is no vote, the last election proved it. All that did was give them perks.


Remember when Greta Thunberg accidentally tweeted out her marching orders for agricultural protests in India? This proved that Greta was a scripted troll following marching orders. I posted this a couple days ago, and there has been a HUGE development. First, the classified document she tweeted, (actually there were several but this is the one I thought was most important) because it shows the specific plot against the government of India:


First they came for Trump, and misrepresented everything by censoring truth and boosting slander, and I did not care because I was INDIA. . . . . . now what???

The magnets in an Iphone 12 can switch a pacemaker off

If a hospital needs to disable a pacemaker so they can perform procedures, they use a strong magnet to tell it to shut off. Evidently the magnets in the latest Iphone are strong enough to switch off pacemakers also when the phone is placed in a shirt pocket.

PHRASE OF THE DAY: Design oversight. No one at Apple saw THAT one coming!


UPDATE TO BELOW: They gave up on this shooting/bombing hoax the same way they gave up on the snow shoveling hoax because both were so obviously fake they can't salvage them. You cannot have a bombing without disturbing the snow on the roof when there should not even be a roof. The empty parking lot also sorta slayed it.

Another false flag shooting

This time at the Allina health clinic in Buffalo Minnesota. They escalated this to bombs, though there's no indication whatsoever bombs were used in the building. Helicopter flyovers show no damage, and not even disturbed snow on the roof. That obviously means no bombs other than stunt props.

Mass shootings under Trump: Zero.

Projected mass shootings under Biden: Considering we are 19 days into Biden's "presidency" there ought to be 153. 365x4/19x2 and they are just getting started! If that is confusing, just take 365x4 and divide that by 9.5 days, which is at present, on average, the time between mass shootings under Biden. Probably a lowball figure (they are just getting started)

The bombing part of the story is a total hoax, but it is hard to say if there really was a shooting because there are some windows shot out

If the bombings were real, they'd have at least disturbed the snow on the roof. The entire story is probably hoakey BUNK when it is clear no bombings happened (and in HD, there is still no disturbed snow)

The bombing part of the story is a total hoax, but it is hard to say if there really was a shooting because there are some windows shot out

There is a "CIA twitter" account that claims there is "obvious bomb damage visible from the outside" but when viewed, there is no bomb damage, at most someone shot out a few windows AND IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE GUNSHOTS, IT LOOKS LIKE SLEDGE HAMMER.

I am going to state this early on: FINAL CONCLUSION:

No shooting, no bombing, this is a TOTAL HOAX fronted with a sledge hammer. The breakage of the glass is NOT the way a bullet would do it, it is what a sledge hammer would do. And "CIA TWITTER" is lying through it's teeth.

I don't care if they haul 500 "dead" people in front of cameras for this, it was FAKE. Gosh, if so many people are dead or injured, why are ALL BUT ONE CAR GONE FROM THE PARKING LOT? IF the people died, they could not have driven off and IF there were injured being tended to inside, the people tending could not have driven off and if there really are people laying inside and everyone who could have tended them drove off, why are there not ambulances there? IT IS ALL FAKE FOLKS.

I have all the hard evidence saved, I have to do an errand and will update this later this evening.

Do you have an auto start/stop car? Watch this.

The first time I saw this I thought it was ridiculous. One of these was next to me in a traffic jam and it had to start the engine once every 50 feet or so. And all I could think was "that won't last". And then I came across a mechanic's opinion, (linked above)

I am going to post this as fact, (for a good reason,) given after stating this:

Madagascar DID withdraw from the World Health organization after the world health organization DID offer Madagascar's president $20,000,000 to poison a covid cure Madagascar came up with.

Now read this African MSM report stating it is all false. This is echoed throughout American and European MSM also. And the MSM is lying, I HAVE PROOF. Easy proof:

Their statement that the WHO did not offer Madagascar $20 million "just because the regional offices of the WHO denied it" is obviously fraudulent. Why?

Because the president of Madagascar HIMSELF said the WHO offered him $20 million to poison the cure, he said this clearly and plainly right out in public where everyone heard it. Are there any FEEDERS out there that are stupid enough to believe the MSM anymore, let alone when they make a phone call ONLY to the WHO, which made the offer, and not the president, who reported the offer, and then just simply published the denial from the World Health organization as if it was fact? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THE PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH SOURCE??? RIDICULOUS! I only discovered the MSM was lying about this when I tried to tie down the timeline this all happened on and exactly when Madagascar ditched the world health organization. All the rigged search engines pointed me to was the same verbatim repeat MSM lie from different sources.

FACT: If they are lying about this topic by giving the World Health organization's response to "Did you just offer a president $20 million to poison his own country" 100 percent merit while totally ignoring the fact that the president himself made the claim and not a third person, then Madagascar DID withdraw from the WHO after they did this. My god, only in commieville will the MSM quote the perpetrator rather than the guy who stopped the crime!


(Don't even think about it)

Britain has just put in place new laws where if you were in a "mutated covid hotspot" and you don't tell them, you can go to prison for 10 years. This was just reported on Sky News and has not made the rounds yet (though I did find some reference to this on British CNN)

Additionally, to enter you have to go into quarantine for 10 days and you have to pay for a hotel to quarantine in, and the price of the hotel is 175 pounds per day. They'll let you split that with other people though, if you want to share the room . . . .

CANCEL BRITAIN, it was a nice place, -

I had no bothers or worries about Britain until all this covid crap sprang up, hoax or not (it is a hoax but whatever) the government did not miss the opportunity to make people's lives a living hell. And I'll state the method and objective very clearly:

METHOD: Create a situation that is peak tyranny, the highest any communist or totalitarian regime EVER INDUCED TYRANNY, put it SO HIGH that everyone will immediately die (within two weeks up to whatever time it would take to starve to death) if the tyranny was worse. That's where britain is now, and Canada is pretty much there too. If they made it worse, you'd perish.

OBJECTIVE: Get people so accustomed to being treated like crapped on rags that when the next tyrannical system the public would never normally accept is put in place and fully entrenched, remove the "corona scam" restrictions and people will be so happy they can at least breathe again that they won't worry about the clinking of chains. AT LEAST they can see the sun again. SLAVE POOL. RIGHT BACK TO MEDEIVAL TYRANNY THE LONG BOW STOPPED.

Claudia's brother stopped by today and I told him what it was like in Britain and Canada now, and much of Europe. I told him to be thankful Obrador is in power because if Anaya got in, he would not have been able to just stop by to say HI! Anaya was the globalist choice for the covid scam, which was planned long ago, THANK GOD he did not get in or Mexico would probably have gone right down the ol'shitteree like much of the rest of the world has. And surprisingly:

I told him that the stats in most nations show the flu, pneumonia, and common cold COMPLETELY CURED, with essentially ZERO cases, because all those people died of COVID. And he said, "I know. They are lying about that to get the stats up". So he's actually in pretty good shape as far as reality goes and for the most part only does not realize how lucky he is that Obrador got in.

If you post the following, you are guilty of sedition and a terrorist.


This was posted to Imgur


Coming soon to the United States: Organ harvesting without sedation

Evidently the Chinese use no sedation while harvesting organs because it improves the quality to not sedate. To hell with the donors, which in this case were Falun Gong. Quality is ALL THAT MATTERS. The most damning part of the linked report starts about half way down.

And yes, America's left absoulutely would do this. Partial birth abortion is a PRIME example of what lengths the left will go to. So if you hear stories about this in the upcoming years, they are going to be true, don't call B.S. on anyone who says they saw this in the U.S.

"Wow, you are unique! You survived us taking your kidneys, your liver, your gall bladder, your spleen . . . . . and you screamed the whole time. We are surprised you slept last night and woke up today, but you won't survive today! Today we take your heart."

Someone hacked Oldsmar Florida's water supply computers and bumped the level of sodium hydroxide from 100 ppm to 11,100 ppm

That's a LOT. That put the level to 1.11 percent sodium hydroxide! OUCH. Sodium hydroxide is lye. I don't know why they'd add that to water but that is a LOT. I can't imagine people would not taste that.

PERFECT: North Korea is calling Biden a fraudulent rabid war mongering dog and won't call him president, only "former vice president".

"Former vice president who should be beaten to death with a stick" to be exact, and I agree. Though the linked report is a couple months old, it is still completely valid, and you can safely bet Kim Jong has not changed his mind. I am not exactly a fan of his, but he certainly got it right. I have not looked for word on whether or not Bolsonaro or Obrador accept Biden, perhaps they will be forced to on paper but they also know he is not legit. Actually, everyone knows Biden is not legit, use acceptance of Biden off paper as a litmus test for who is a fraud and who is not.

ANNOUNCEMENT: All the "experts" are claiming Trump will take office on March 4.

If you believe any of this bull****, please remember how much Q came true and DO NOT LET THEM SET ANOTHER DATE AFTER MARCH 4 COMES AND GOES.


Even if Biden is doing everything from a movie set he's IN CHARGE, the coup is complete.

Silver is in the $27 range

That means the attempt to put the price where it should be failed. The elite have too many safety mechanisms in place. However, if you did buy silver you are basically only out commissions. That's why I told people to buy silver and not stocks, which have no bottom. Silver is going to stay right where "they" want it, not lower, even if everyone in the world can't make it go higher when they front paper.

THEREFORE, WHEN YOU BUY SILVER DO NOT BUY PAPER. DON'T MAKE A PAYMENT AND "HAVE YOUR SILVER HELD SOMEWHERE, READY FOR YOU TO GET AT ANY TIME" There is a HUGE fraud happening with silver now, ONLY settle for PHYSICAL DELIVERED SILVER IN YOUR POSESSION, AS I INSTRUCTED. If you don't have that, you have NOTHING, paper can be burned. If you have silver on paper, convert it to REAL silver NOW and have it in your posession.

NOTE TO OTHER ALT MEDIA: If you post my stuff, at least mention where it came from. See this. Most are very good about saying who the source was, but there are a few . . . . .

If you find anything I post elsewhere and in my original post I don't say I got it from somewhere, and there is no link back to here, it is a copy from this site that was posted without crediting the source.

This is just down the page a ways, under the title "I am not even going to go over the headlines today because the news is not important, this is"

It is good to see my stuff get re-posted but it is annoying when others apparently take credit for it. He threw a different title and ending on it but that does not cut it.

BOOS FOR BIDEN, they MUTED the boos at the super bowl, Here is proof, recorded at an un-controlled location.

Even still, they did not manage to totally mute the super bowl boos. Compare this to the comparative hoax they aired at the super bowl where "some people" were cheering. You can safely bet that aside from a few strategically placed actors near the microphones, NO ONE cheered.

I did not even consider watching the super bowl, nor do I specifically go on walks along the highway to photograph road kill though I admit I'd probably opt to do that over the leftist demonic freak show the super bowl has been turned into. What I can't figure out is why all these people gathered to watch it to begin with. Oh well, at least we got reality documented.

Greta Thunberg got busted as a total puppet troll by her own self

I missed this at first because Greta is so hated I figured someone was exaggerating. They were not exaggerating. As it turns out, she messed up and accidentally tweeted her handlers' instructions and Breaking 911 found the tweet on time, before the documents got deleted.

Going over what happened it is my impression that her tweeting the instructions was not really accidental, she meant to do it but did not think anyone would be watching to bust her.

There were two documents. The first one showed that American celebrities are involved in totally scripted social manipulation, with Rihanna being explicitly pointed out. Other than that, I did not see much on the first document. But in the second one, her marching orders were given to stir up a not grass roots "farmers march" in India, in an attempt to overthrow influential people in India and replace them with NWO stooges who will create a food situation that will lead to famine by banning modern agricultural practices. It does not directly say that, but it means that (for anyone who has any common sense) It is VERY bad. Here it is.

As a result of Breaking911 (on Twitter) posting this, an enormous pile of trolls are calling them trash and are saying "This is such trash I am unfollowing you" but the reality is that it's a direct hit, and either AI or trolls are trying to smear breaking911 by posting that.

Well worth watching: Woman dons emergency face mask (20 seconds)

I am not even going to go over the headlines today because the news is not important, this is:

There are a lot of people posting B.S. from "credible sources" about how Biden will be in power for 9 weeks, or how the military really is in DC to protect us, or (do I really have to make a 3 page line item list?) I'll skip that.

I understand that in some cases people can't come to grips with the fact that everything really is lost. So they post crap about "what is going to happen" and general blah said blah or my lawyer said blah or Sidney released blah or whatever blah blah blah - none of it has merit. FACT: The communists seized the country. The coup is complete. And it was well planned, where Obama rigged the military to make sure they went along with it. It is OVER. Trump is not secretly being president behind the scenes, no one is waiting for anyone to prove how bad they are before they get arrested and the military is not running the country.

People need to come to grips with this, because hopeful stories are paralyzing them like a frogs under a bright light, preventing them from jumping to action. Sitting still like it is business as usual right now is exactly what the communists want, while they pile more and more and MORE troops into DC to eliminate all danger for them while they shred the country. That is what the military is there for - to support the coup and at the bottom the coup has been enforced by kids that got brainwashed by communists primarily in school. Everyone just sat back and let the kids get their brains washed, and now we have the consequences. Communist soldiers that are America's own kids, enforcing the death of the country. It really meant something. The schools really were important. And got ignored. No one believed this day would come.

To see where America is headed, just look at what the trolls are saying online: Ha ha, Musk can't play his space games and he was trash anyway, - The MyPillow guy is a seditious former crack addict (after he released truly damning stuff that is anything but sedition) - and now even Time magazine is stating there was a coup, but "it is all for your own good". Translation: We are shutting the country down, if you even mention what we did you are a criminal, yes, we did do a coup and you will accept it.

Now the communists who stole the country are doing "good things" to help us like them. There will probably be a (few) bones thrown to appease the masses and "prove" those who did the coup are not all bad. But it will only be a game. The bottom line is that Mars is canceled and though SpaceX is still flying, it is only to fill government contracts and it won't be for long. The bottom line is that the Georgia Guidestones are real. The bottom line is 1984 is their operating manual, and it is worse than 1984, the bottom line is they intend to corrupt the genome to create an underclass - the bottom line is everything is going to China and America will be deleted. Do not delay your preparations over whatever shitposters who have not got a grip yet or downright subversives strategizing a way to get you to sit paralyzed under a spotlight say,

It happens this way EVERY TIME. The communists launch hopeful stories EVERY TIME in EVERY TAKEOVER to cause people to sit on their butts waiting for miracles to happen. Miracles are NOT going to happen.

My God the latest shooting hoax was so effing stupid cops and robbers BULLSHIT right when a gun grab bill is going through and NO ONE saw through it as far as I can tell - that was disturbing, how easily people were fooled -

And for that and a LOT more I have a huge ball of stress and dread. My thoughts are paralyzed and stuck on ONE THING: My God, they really are doing it. They really are destroying the United States and they are not taking their time, even insulin went back to $1000 a month, they are comprehensively destroying EVERYTHING, - setting up total destruction and genocide - they REALLY ARE DOING IT and nothing is stopping them. Paralyzing stress and dread.

And no one is doing ANYTHING because "today was like yesterday and I still have time". Actually, you do not have time. If you cannot bug out or GET OUT, and I mean OUT OF THE COUNTRY, NOW, your only option is to purify your soul and prep for death. I kid you not, it is THAT BAD. My estimate is you have anywhere from 5 months to 18 months. It won't be finished in 18 months, but it will definitely be started. It will be over by 2025.

For the record: No election will work. The last one did not work, and they are solidifying and rooting in the fraud to heights beyond what it took to simply steal it like flipping a switch last time. We are not going to vote our way out of this.

For the record: There will be no "charge of the light brigade" and Trump is in charge of NOTHING. It will be ALL darkness from here on out.

For the record: The military is NOT going to save you.

At least repent of anything in your life you need to repent of, so you can go to God in good condition. What more can I say? It is THAT BAD.

The ONLY reason why the Ukraine genocide stopped with only 30-70 million dead is because there was not a population present to have a larger genocide be possible. Communists will have zero qualms about pushing America's genocide to over 200 million "if that is what it takes" and they won't do it shooting, they'll instead, like Ukraine, cut off food and expel people from their homes. And they set this up with coronavirus, to prevent Americans from making payments.

The writing is ON THE WALL.


FACT: The Jews HATE America and stole it by PAYING for a rigged election, SCAMMING EVERYTHING in an MSM they wholly own, and rigging the courts that would hear all cases by stacking them with JEWISH JUDGES. The shutdown of Spacex was JEWISH, NOT CHINESE, IT TOOK THE JEWS TO DO IT AND THEY DID. Guess what? There's no national guard over at Shin Bet, they expect to get away with this so easily they need no protection AT ALL!!!



This very important post seemed to not get noticed so I bumped it to the top. New posts are below this.

WELL PRACTICED FAKE. HOWEVER despite how well they practiced this, - (here we go)

Summary: Studio quality sound track with no clipping from the gunfire, while voices remain audible. That's not possible. What security camera has audio anyway? I never saw that. No bullet impacts in snow, no reactions for the first six shots even though they "know he has a gun" - FAKE. Let's line item this:

1. No one reacts to the shooting AT ALL, she sees the gun, says "go ahead" and he starts shooting and they don't react AT ALL. That alone slays this, they KNOW he had a gun, HEARD THE SHOTS, and did not react at all, no reaction from either of them.

2. Finally, the guy gets hit on shot 7 and the wife on shot 8. Even after the husband gets shot, the wife does not react until she gets shot, which is JUST LIKE "Cops and robbers" as a kid.

3. Guy howls like "cops and robbers".

4. Not a trace of bullet strike recoil on the husband and he crouches forward like he got hit in the stomach. In real life, it does not go that way, you can't get a sense for where the bullet hit like that, point of entry won't be where it hurts the most. Perhaps it would be toward the front, but why not lean back or to the side or spin? Supposedly he got shot in the arm and the arm stayed on. That should have spun him. Why did it not? Because "Cops and robbers". His reaction was EXACTLY like a kid playing "cops and robbers".

5. Not a trace of bullet strike recoil on the wife from ANY of the many shots that "hit her" point blank.

6. Not a trace of recoil from the gun on the shooter.

7. Woman takes direct shots to the head and still gets up to bitch about it.

8. Woman subsequently takes direct shots to the head from an AR and still has a head.

9. No muzzle blast showing in the snow. If you watch from the beginning of the video, ALL the divots in the snow are the same ones, (camera compression makes them come and go, watch the whole video on each mark in the snow. No new ones show up from the gunshots. No bullet impacts showing on the people either, when (if) the bullets did not take the woman's head off, they should have passed all the way through solid and shown in the snow behind her head. They did not, which means no bullets. We all saw what happened with Kennedy, why was this so different?

10. The initial hand gun "ran out" after 12 rounds. You run out in 7 or 8, MAX unless you have a high capacity magazine or 10 round magazine, which will allow 11 shots, not 12, or (next step) 21 shots.

11. Obvious "security camera footage" has audio. Security cameras don't have audio. But in this case not only audio, but STUDIO PERFECT AUDIO, where the gunshots don't clip the audio yet the voices can be heard. The gunshots should have been nothing but distortion. There are no ALC systems that can record voice and gunshots simultaneously. There are only so many bits to work with and if the audio is going to have both voice and gunshots clearly audible, that can only come from a studio sound track where the 150 DB gunshot is dropped to about 10 DB above voice levels so it can be heard along with the voice. It's what a mixing board is for. The sound track alone totally blows it.

Nice job studio guy! You knew what clipping is, and did not let it happen. GOOD STUDIO JOB. Unfortunately, there was not supposed to be a studio, was there? Real life is not like that. OOPS. Missed that. Maybe NOT so good with the studio! shouldathoughtofthat!

AND 12: Wow, this happened right when they were pushing for another gun ban, AFTER Trump was out, the leftists are back to their SAME STUPID GAMES.


There was no shooting. Only an audio track and acting. And the two guys that run out "Are you OK" stupid stupid B.S., and I mean TOTALLY.

14. There are such glaring problems with this video that it is getting censored via browser based censorship

Lots of web browsers started censoring this, even though it still worked on Twitter. That's how I downloaded it. Obviously the truth of how fake this was recieved an order to be buried, but for some reason Twitter left it up.


16: And of course, the shooter too conveniently shot himself, so there won't be any perp walks or TV interviews! HOW PERFECT.

My Pillow guy Mike Lindell's election fraud video "Absolute Proof" is HERE

He thinks it is such a clear cut case that it will make a difference and change everything. I think he thinks the system still works, and it was all innocent!!! Who other than bitchute will air it, and who is going to watch it? It needs 100 million views minimum to make a difference and then if it does, that will just be part of the genocide stats.

It is probably a cool video, he is, after all, close to Trump and saw it all, (It has only been out 5 minutes at the time I wrote this) but no matter what it shows there will be nothing happening because of it when the system is so far down the toilet bowl.

One can hope I guess.

One positive is that this "tick tock" was delivered AS STATED. That's like (what?) a first?

Setup for new "right wing" false flag: Explosives might have been stolen from a military base

Biden: A vast majority of FBI agents are good people

My translation:

A vast majority of a porcupine won't poke you. The feet, the eyes, the liver, spleen, stomach, muscles and every other part of a porcupine won't poke you.

GREAT WHITE SHARKS ARE MOSTLY HARMLESS, you can touch them EVERYWHERE and not get bit, except for the mouth!

Gee, a large rattle snake weighs a few kilos, only about a gram of it, (the part it sticks into you) is dangerous!

OH WAIT A MINUTE, I got that all wrong! What biden is saying is that there are only a dozen or so agents left that don't work for the deep state, and are "not decent people" FOR HIM.

Biden just hates a pen light that might stab through his cave of darkness. he's gonna put it ALL OUT.

Whistlindiesel wrecks hellcat (slightly)

This is totally off topic but I received word of this and discovered it is getting no attention. I am posting this because whistlindiesel is the exact type of person communists want to destroy. He is a Youtube personality that does all kinds of crazy stuff like Steve Irwin did, except he does it with cars and trucks. I do not believe Irwin was killed by a stingray, I instead think it was a shark dart. The elite absolutely hated Irwin. Though the accident whistlindiesel had was probably legit, people probably ought to know about this and that he was perfectly fine afterward. He is VERY popular, (way too popular) to get away with being not liked by the elite. There is no reason at all for him to vanish if he does.

It appears some alt media is off line now

I am testing a few sites to see if there is any way to get through to them. If they are not back up by later today I'll post what they are because this has happened before and they have self-resolved. HOWEVER:

If, at this point, you have not shut down your American server and off-shored your site, you will be to blamed when it goes down FOREVER, EVERYONE warned you, even the leftists did. They themselves said they'd shut down DNS and if the servers were in the U.S. they'd shut them down.

1. BE OFFSHORE NOW. There's no excuse (costs more but it is tolerable)

2. Set up direct IP. Costs more, but you'll be a LOT more able to survive shutdown attempts.

Final warning? Probably not. I know some people have to be told more than once.

Report: "Abortionists are blind to the evil they do" DOUBT IT.

It is the innocence of the conservative mind that makes people think such things. But then there is reality: Abortionists are not blind at all to the evil that they do, instead, they see it clearly and REVEL in it. They love it. They love to murder the unborn. It gives them pleasure. That's precisely why they do it. And this type of behavior is shown in the elite, who love to murder rape young children, if they don't get blood from the child out of the act, it is not "fun".

For god's sake don't ever believe abortionists do their work in innocent ignorance, they know damn well what they are doing and it pleasures them greatly. All the while conservatives get villified, they cower in shame while the true filth absolutely revels in filth and enjoys it enormously. Don't be blind to this, when the genocide happens they are going to LOVE IT. They will pursue it with a passion, just like abortion doctors.

No, they do not feel bad about it or have second thoughts, it is instead a source of pleasure. Demons love to torture, just look at the testimonies of those who have near death experienced hell, DEMONS REVEL IN TORTURING, and you'd have to be carrying a demon to even consider doing abortions professionally. Only a fool would give them the benefit of the doubt and say they have light in them "somewhere".

A woman who gets tricked into an abortion is less guilty, but ought to have known better.

Repeat: If you are American, white, and conservative, you really need to RUN.

Within a month of Biden getting placed, the military is already (via the generals and upper ranks Obama placed) - already purging the ranks of conservatives and whites. If you are a white in the military, and you won't shoot your own parents, they want you gone. It is literally THAT BAD.

What I am stating is not an exaggeration. I am old enough to have gotten the REAL old school education, where the communist takeover of Russia was accurately taught, all the way from "orange man bad" to how they filled the ranks of enforcement exclusively with young people so brainwashed they'd shoot their own families. "Orange man bad" was a reality of the old soviet system, where anything published about their opposition showed that opposition with orange faces and hair. look at the old soviet posters and how much orange was used. Anyone who is obviously "honorable" is not orange. For Trump they tweaked the cameras, in reality Trump's colors are normal.

America is going soviet. They stole the election to make sure of it. "Orange man bad" is cold hard proof of precisely who is behind this takeover. These people murdered between 30 and 70 million in Ukraine. These people are now purging the military of whites and conservatives, to make sure only slime balls remain. Slime balls who will kill their own parents.

The writing is on the wall PLAIN AS DAY. They are proceeding with the communist smack down RAPIDLY. If there is any way possible for you, GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND SET UP ELSEWHERE, NOW.

If you cannot get out of the country, it is time to purify your soul

I do not want to preach, but I will refer to the parable of "the last shall be first" (matthew 20:16)

I am just going to paraphrase what this means -

If in the beginning of your life, you were 100 percent for God and did many good works, but you then turn to evil and deny God, the good works you did earlier in your life will not be counted and you will be cast into hell.

If you were a latecomer and you turn to God and do good works and pray to God and are one with God, you will receive positive judgement if you die in that state.

If you were always with God and stay with God and die with God, your judgement will be the same as that given to someone who was a latecomer and was truly with god at death.

The pressure is going to be put on people now, to cause those who are weak to walk away from God.

Deny God, and you live! Deny god, and you will receive everything! Go ahead and have a gay orgy, we'll give you a bonus, and if you will go so far with this that you'll rape a child and then shoot the child, we'll give you the world!

And we are going to KILL all the backwards anti-science hicks that can't understand that a rectum is for sex and that there's no such thing as God, the "science" says so!

You are going to have to pick your side NOW. Because things are going to heat up REAL QUICK, and there absolutely WILL be a genocide. The military is being purged in preparation for that now. I don't believe the American gun owner is going to fight it. MAKE YOUR CHOICES NOW.

The military is being prepped for a genocide

People, this is so dangerous it defies description

Before a genocide will work, they have to eliminate anyone who would stand against it. "Extremism" is the term communists assign to those who will not do their bidding to the letter. You can safely bet that once all the "extremists" have been purged, there is nothing that will stop whoever remains from going from door to American door.

Once again, I will state how dangerous this is, this type of thing is done to make good and sure patriots are gone and you can bet that ANYONE who is not worthy of carrying out the genocide will be dishonorably discharged. Look at how the election went. Yes, the military is that corrupt now also. Obama fired all the good generals and Trump did nothing to reverse that.



I am not going to cover this. Because to legitimize the capitol riots, he is supposedly rotting in jail, while making Trump supporters look nuts. Waiting for a pardon!

Story line: Viking guy haslost 20 pounds IN ONE WEEK in jail because they won't give him organic whole foods, which he requires because "he is a shaman".

REALITY: He is a fraudster who has been at BLM and Antifa rallies fighting for the other side, who showed up at the capitol WITH BLM looking like some sort of nutcase who was "there to support Trump". Now he's a shaman and he lost 20 pounds in ONE WEEK??? How do you do that in jail? You can't lose 20 pounds in one week, which proves Viking guy is a hoaxter there for the sole purpose of bashing Trump supporters. The whole story is absolutely ridiculous. If you come across it, now you know why I am not going to cover it, (OOPS, I guess I did.) That's all!!!

THE REAL STORY: Communists are fronting perfect communist style psy ops in an attempt to erase Trump and lay crap all over his base. That's how you get a ludicrous leftist fronting this kind of story after that same leftist was proven BLM/Antifa. Communists skimp at everything, including their actor pool so they had to get dual use out of this guy!

PREDICTION: Now that Biden is in, Boeing is going to dump their unwanted 737 MAX jets in Iran.

FACT: They will never be safe.

Speculation: Two will crash on their delivery flights.

Better use remote for that!


I repeatedly stated that Giuliani was involved in the 911 coverup and therefore could not be trusted to handle the election fraud case. Now, Joel Skousen at the World Affairs brief has come up with proof. The actual article is behind a pay wall but you can read it by using your "free sample".

IMPORTANT: If Joel makes a claim like this, it is ACCURATE. In the past I have tipped off Joel who sometimes listened but almost never does unless he has a totally confirmed insider source. He's so skeptical he misses an enormous amount of the stuff that goes on, but when he does something like this, every I is dotted and every T is crossed. FACT: Giuliani SCREWED TRUMP.

Joel's site is paywall and I am not going to post that report here. Right now it is referenced at the top of his page and there's a link on that page where you can read one brief for free. Make it this one.

Here is the text of his article description:

This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of has spent the last six months helping and financing the work of several researchers, technical analysts, lawyers, and others examining and documenting evidence of election fraud since the 2018 election. After the blatant election manipulation of 2020 unfolded, his group quickly went to work gathering and analyzing data showing widespread fraud. Eventually they offered their evidence and help to Sidney Powell, and then to Rudy Giuliani who was in control of Trump's legal team. They were astounded at the disarray, slow leadership and incredibly bad decisions made by Guiliani and his team. Despite his respect for Guiliani going into these events, Byrne's notes reveal not just incompetence but likely deliberate sabotage by the man Trump trusted to lead one of the most important legal efforts ever. Byrne's summary of events is shocking and eye opening. From his unique vantage point he has written what could be the definitive expose' of Giuliani and his staff. It will be shocking to you how blatant their actions were. To receive a one-time free sample of this brief, click on the Sample link on the left.

My comment: Joel will NEVER SAY THIS because he's too careful, but I will: THE JEWS SABOTAGED TRUMP VIA KUSHNER, STOLE THE ELECTION VIA WELL PLACED CORRUPTION AND FRAUDULENT JUDGES, AND THEN SEALED THE FRAUD BY SABOTAGING TRUMP WITH GIULIANI. Joel probably knows this but he'll never say it. WOW, all my suspicions about Giuliani just got confirmed. BASTARD. A total act!

Reuters has reported that a billion ounces of silver was traded on Monday

Yet the market remained stable. That's not possible unless IT IS ALL RIGGED FOLKS!

one billion ounces of paper!


I am going to link this 10 minute video that lays it all out.

AOC was not in the capitol building. She talks all about how she is hiding for her life in Katie Porter's office, but Katie has no office in the capitol building, HER OFFICE IS ACROSS THE STREET.

Here is what most likely transpired: As soon as whatever happened was started, AOC figured she'd take a tunnel and coffee break elsewhere. At no point was she ever under any threat whatsoever. She most likely left before any so called "rioter" was even on the capitol steps. Nancy organized this whole affair which is why they got into her office for the ridiculous photos. Fully forewarned AOC did not want to be stuck in a boring place doing an act.

Leftist trigger phrases

How you know you are being lied to

What will be the FIRST words in AOC's response if the truth about where she really was during the capitol riots goes viral?

Leftists use keywords or trigger words right before they spew a huge lie, to pre-condition people to accept the lie. Which ones will AOC use as the FIRST words in her response?

1. I am outraged
2. I am saddened
3. I am disturbed
4. This is disheartening
5. A fringe
6. Crazy allegations
7. Low information
8. Donald Trump
9. Shocking
10. I am a victim of
11. Cruel

Hire Russians. they work efficiently.

China's anal swab covid test

China's anal swab covid test

This is obviously ridiculous and China is doing it. Who would have ever thought of sticking swabs up people's butts at airports? -

There are all kinds of rumors spreading with regard to this so-called "test" - some are saying that the swabs are planting the disease itself, or nanobots, or whatever. I don't have any insider info on this topic but I will say I'd never do it. The trust is irrevocably broken and I'd NEVER in a million years do it.

Yesterday a video made the rounds showing boys "waddling like penguins after getting the anal swab test" at a hospital in China. China said they were in fact waddling because they all got circumcised, IN A COUNTRY THAT BULLDOZES CHURCHES. Ok, let me describe how ridiculous that is:

We are supposed to believe that in CHINA, where they BULLDOZE CHURCHES, there are special hospitals set up to do circumcisions of males in such ENORMOUS numbers that a video of everyone waddling was possible to make. I CALL MEGA BULLSHIT LAUNCH TO ORBIT on that one, HELL NO, and if they had the audacity to tell such a lie, WTH was on those swabs?

You know, usually lies anger me but the video looks silly and the lie is so obvious I want to laugh, but can't. Are those people in the video ruined? I don't think China is going to intentionally destroy people en masse and then let them walk out into society, (if they destroy you, you're headed for a ditch) so what is going on? Some sort of modification campaign? When it comes to communism and how honest communists are, the truth goes random. My guess is that the claims on the original video are legit, that really is the aftermath of their new anal swabs and the purpose of the swab and what really happens afterward is the big question.

Here is my final answer on this topic: If you are going to plant complicated self-replicating nanobots into someone, the last thing you want to do is drop them in stomach acid. You also can't inject them and call it a "test". But the rectum is not so acidic and the rectum absolutely will take in things the same way eating them can, this may sound ridiculous but I have a suspicion they are waddling because their butts are itching from the latest version of morgellons which may be the platform for interfacing people like borgs, and they are going to get modified.

I have no proof China is using the swabs for that (obviously, no one would get that proof), but it is what I suspect. I think there is a good chance they are are waddling because something is digging in and it itches like hell. The early versions of morgellons from the 1990's manifested themselves as rashes but the more advanced versions might actually be able to lay down infrastructure. ONE THING IS CERTAIN: THEY ARE NOT WADDLING AFTER BEING CIRCUMCIZED AS WAS THE EXCUSE FROM THE CCP, why would they need to tell such an obvious lie? After such a lie, anything becomes possible.

Sell your gamestop stock??

I have not paid close attention to Gamestop in particular (I kept on top of the silver and watched them rig that market) but at this time
Billionaire Mark Cuban is telling people to hold onto their shares of gamestop. And that has a lot of people nervous. If you have any of that stock, take a look at that report, look into his background, and decide what to do. I briefly looked into what he has done and it is not all bad, but the scamming MSM gave him a voice in all this and it all boils down to who you think you can trust.

Gamestop just shows how corrupted the entire stock trading realm is, here we have ONE relatively small enterprise being cashed in on by the little guy and the so-called "elite" flip out. So badly they took the voice away from the little guy (to prevent teamwork) to stop everyone. After all, it takes the little guys losing to make the big boys win, and the little guys had better stay in their assigned place.

If you still think News Max is not garbage, WATCH THIS.

If Newsmax is willing to lie and cover up like this, what else are they lying about? They are TRASH and anything "good" they might broadcast is done for the sole purpose of getting you to EAT TRASH.

That was absolutely galling.

SpaceX got another launch in

At least the FAA cleared another launch. Don't expect many more

It failed the same way the last one did. EXACTLY. I think someone is hacking it. It was the EXACT SAME FAILURE, as if they did absolutely nothing at all to remedy the problem. I am skeptical it could fail the exact same way twice. Maybe Musk has a Stuxnet problem.

STUPID election analysts:

"Trump set for a landslide in 2024"

MY COMMENT: That's absolutely stupid. Trump got more than a landslide in 2020 and the response was to boost the fraud up to exotic levels. You cannot have a landslide when an "election" is replaced with a carjacking to put THEIR guy in the drivers seat.

And a patriot in Florida KNEW THAT and when the FBI went to bust him for that, he kicked their ASSES. Then shot himself. YEP. SHOT HIMSELF. Because the FBI is all warm and fuzzy, and won't shoot. Just like all the rest of their lies. See the report on this below.

Perfect example of back woods survival:

If you get chased by a bear, throw anything you have on the ground. The bear will stop to sniff it before running after you again.

Video: Bear chases skiier down slope

The skiier saved his own life by throwing off his back pack which allowed him to get hoplessly ahead of the bear when the bear stopped to sniff it.

I don't think this bear behavior has ever been captured on video before but it was well known "bear safety training" when I was a kid, even the schools taught this.

FBI gets wiped out by gun owner during "bust".

They claim they were after "kiddie porn" when in reality they were probably taking out a patriot. GOOD WORK PATRIOT, this is exactly what we need.

PLEASE NOTE AND REMEMBER: When the FBI or any other agency wipes out a patriot, they are NOT going to say "He loved America and we hate America and that made him a threat so we took him out", NO, IT WILL ALL BE "KIDDIE PORN" SO THE PATRIOT GETS SMEARED.

Due to the TOTAL lack of credibility at the FBI, with the last election flushing it into a black hole forever, I am going to finalize with this:

We just saw what a patriot can do to the FBI when they try to destroy an American over phoney charges. No, I DO NOT believe he was a child molester with kiddie porn, I instead believe he was a patriot that was about to make a real difference and they took him out. When they come, shoot their asses, a few more incidents like this one and they'll seriously re-consider that gun grab!


The Kiddie porn must not be flying as a story line, so they just attempted to change it to "He robbed a store, fired a shot, and they hunted him down!" I KID YOU NOT!!!! I have the original article captured and will post BOTH if they actually try to ram rod that B.S. into "reality".

Thank you FBI! We now know that "kiddie porn" is not the only smear you have!

FBI: We conducted an arrest over "child porn".

ME: "I lost all my guns in a boating accident"

And no, don't use the "boating accident" excuse for where your guns went, that's as old of a story as the FBI's "kiddie porn", if they actually arrested people for that, the entire deep state would be taken out TODAY.

As of Feb 2, the FAA still has SpaceX canceled.

Will they launch again? I have a question: When has any nation that has been conquered via coup ever done one with the previous people overseeing it? Odds are American space flight is OVER and if it ever does happen, it won't be Musk doing it. He's a rebel. HE IS OUT.

REPEAT: If any more launches happen it will end at starship 9 and whatever government contracts Musk has to fulfill that they can't schedule elsewhere.

SpaceX will be the canary in the coal mine PROOF that vote fraud has severe consequences.

As it looked like it would happen in the chart I posted, "they" managed to shut down the silver rebellion.

Don't bother with buying any to get even, they have the system too well controlled for that to work.

New Covid strain with actual eyesight, levitation and super powers discovered in UK after people get snippy over quarantines

UK COVID news live - latest updates: Kent variant gains 'superpower' - as Sturgeon expected to deviate from England on border controls. Two new areas, Liverpool and Bristol, are revealed to have seen cases of the South Africa variant; the Kent variant has mutated.

Mutation of Kent COVID variant has been discovered

Public Health England has revealed a mutation of the Kent variant that is better able to evade the immune system has been detected.

And a professor of outbreak medicine who is part of a panel that advises the British government says this is the mutation that is currently "of most concern".

The new E484K mutation is the same change as has been seen in the South African and Brazilian variants that are causing international concern.

"The mutation of most concern, which we call E484K, has also occurred spontaneously in the new Kent strain in parts of the country too," said Calum Semple, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, on BBC radio.

The mutation had already been reported in a technical briefing published by Public Health England, but this had not been widely noticed outside of scientific circles.

My comment: Nobody has figured out how it can actually develop eyes and see with a genome of only about 65K. Here is more from the Mirror

The Mirror did not censor the comments! (OOPS)

StevieDee316 3 HRS AGO
Kent? Isn't that what posh people call anyone who believes every word of this nonsense?

pau64 3 HRS AGO
When are people go to realise this is all lies lockdown is here for good

REPLY PhilipDaniels 3 HRS AGO
Kent? now isn't that the place where dinghies full of illegals from God knows where keep washing up and are just allowed in?

BigBalls42 4 HRS AGO
I do hope we get an "aren't I stupid & dim for believing this nonsense" strain of Covvy-D...imagine how many people would have that ha!

southdogg 4 HRS AGO
ha ha Kent variant , heard it all now

MY COMMENT: If the people pushing this con job had any brains at all, they'd have called it the Sellafield variant

Hospital in Washington state detaining people until they submit to a covid test

This is a 12 minute video of the family and others going nuts trying to get a 74 year old woman released.

She went in for a urinary tract infection and the hospital detained her and put her on oxygen (as if she had covid) and they are probably going to kill her. There's no question they want her added to the Covid stats. That reminds me -

We brought my father in law to a neurologist last year during the Covid scam because (this time) he tripped on a curb and broke a tooth. This is not the same incident that happened a few years ago, (not related to it at all). The neurologist looked at his brain scan and told him his brain looked GREAT. And then he went off topic and said Covid was a scam being pushed by the Jews. And I was like, OH BOY, HERE WE GO. I never even told him that, he figured it out himself . . . .

So she (the neurologist) then said, "Maybe your brain is NOT in good condition, I think you need further testing. And I said HELL NO, IT IS A SCAM and the only error he made was saying that here and saying who's doing the scam. And it was at the end of the appointment so we left and she was circling us saying it is NOT a scam and I did not budge. She was flipping out. And when we got to the exact same doors we entered they were locked. And then the other doors were locked. And the staff was like "That's weird, they are not supposed to be locked, and they let us out a staff entrance. Obviously that doctor sounded the alarm and wanted us detained, and it was supposed to be a secret so much of the staff did not know. When we were just getting back to the car the cops arrived at the door we were first trying to leave through, we got in the car, and someone immediately pulled up behind us to prevent us from backing out (an expensive car, not a junker.) Parking help and "Tamale guy" flipped out and started screaming "You can't block them in" (I was thrilled by how they flipped out, it was PERFECT) and he VERY reluctantly backed up and we got TF out of dodge.

I have no doubt that if we had not escaped that hospital we would have been added to the Covid stats.

I reported on this a while ago. And this is exactly the kind of thing I believe is happening in American hospitals now, either you go along with the covid scam or you'll be detained. The old lady probably told them Corona was B.S. and she was not as lucky as we were. So they want to force a test, declare her positive, and kill her. I bet a $50 that is EXACTLY what this is about.

HERE IS THE VIDEO THAT PROVES THEY ARE SCAMMING COVID: Nurse in Broward County says they are already converting her unit over for a planned "covid crisis" and that even the supervisor giving the orders knows it is a con job but they are doing it anyway

Say Covid is fake in THIS hospital, and you'll likely be detained awaiting a statistic.

SpaceX was supposed to launch today, but it appears the FAA again said NO!

I'd call that a wrap. The vote fraud meant the end of America in space because those that stole the election HATE America to the core.

Just watch. They'll kill Elon and call it either "drunk driving" or a suicide.

Ted Cruz has definitively shown himself as the slime ball he is

On this (hour long) episode of The Verdict, Cruz claims Trump spouted "reckless overheated rhetoric" about vote fraud while failing to present any evidence of it in court. That's bad. That's an extremely high level of dishonesty. There were mountains of PROOF of election fraud, and Trump "did not present it" because as part of the coup on the United States, the entire system was so corrupted it was never allowed to be presented in court while it existed in vast quantity. We are at a crossroads where the corruption is so bad that if America is going to survive, it will be essential for Americans to kill their way out from under it. And I don't think that's going to happen because too many people refuse to believe who is behind the fraud, and will not access the soft underbelly of the fraud and rip it out. You can't solve the problem through the system OR by attacking DC, that is not how it can be done, and I am not going to continuously repeat where people need to go to settle their grievances with lynchings and more. I have said it enough. Cruz will NEVER be voted out of office no matter how much he has made people hate him, I can say that much.

As far as the elections go, (there are none) but in a pretend world, the SOLE litmus test will be whether or not congressional candidates supported the electoral college decision and declared Biden president. If they did, they need to go and even Rand Paul is worthless. Voting records after they supported the fraud mean absolutely NOTHING, they are part of the game. Part of the illusion of legitimacy - an illusion which now serves only to crush the legitimate will of the people.

I was going to ignore the Myanmar election until Biden flapped his yap

Summary: Myanmar suffered from the same kind of election fraud the United States did. Rather than sit on it's behind like America's military did, Myanmar immediately moved in and arrested the fraudsters the second the fraud was revealed all the while, just like America's media, Myanmar's media screamed there was not vote fraud.

I was going to just ignore this because America has much bigger problems than Myanmar, until Biden flapped his yap and stated the military taking action was "an outrage" and that the election there was not stolen because their media said it was not stolen! FACT: America's was definitely stolen and the military did NOTHING. That means Myanmar is a LOT less corrupt than the United States, because at least when an election was obviously stolen in Myanmar, it got put right.

Of course Biden is "outraged" because he does not want other countries setting examples after what he did.

Silver is up a little but not above $30 yet. ($29.77)

Update: It looks like people tried but they got it "under control". If there's not a major push again it looks like via some sort of manipulation they "won".

They have a manipulation algo in place or something, it is obviously being driven down in surges.

My guess is a way will be formulated to keep silver manipulated down. It will take an enormous effort to break that. The corruption in the markets is well entrenched.

Silliness out there in the leftist ranks, questioning why feminists are not protecting women's sports

There are quite a few people posting about how feminists are doing nothing to stop women's sports from being over-run by transgender males after Biden opened that up again. And now their ignorance as to what "feminism" was all along is showing.

"Feminists" were never about protecting or helping women, feminists were instead about manipulating women into being agents of destructive change. And now families, a fundamental building block of society, are significantly destroyed.

If the trans agenda succeeds in destroying without the help of women, why would women be needed? The end goal is destruction, and nothing more. No "feminist" is going to speak up when women get destroyed too. First target the men and families by destroying the women. Then destroy the women. We are entering that phase now. And when all is said and done, another pool of people they deceived - college professors who were manipulated into destructive teaching - will be the FIRST ones lined up and shot by the destroyers.

In ALL the communist revolutions, one early event is the usurpation of colleges and the destruction of the professors, which get turned into drones that teach the children to destroy their nation. And when their usefulness is gone - when the professors wake up to how they were used, they catch bullets.

It is all fun for those who were manipulated into destroying, until their usefulness is gone. I have said repeatedly on this site that communists in fact hate traitors and the very first target they'll pick is the traitors THEY used to weaken a country enough to allow them to take power. Antifa is going to be TOAST. The traitors know the secrets. Alex has said it differently: They'll wipe out their enablers because the enablers "know where the bodies are buried". Communists like to keep those secrets to themselves, so ADIOS, and they'll never trust anyone who helped destroy their own country to help them run their new communist replacement. "Tool" is the word, and add to that "disposable".

My guess is that a majority of the people who assisted in stealing the election at the local levels are already dead. The communists are not going to risk having them out in society, able to talk about it. Most of the sharpie gals are likely gone along with a slew of others.

I guessed right: Elon Musk was involved in the hedge fund mayhem

I was also right (about a year ago) when I said that if Trump is not president a second term, Spacex would be toast.


So now you can be investigated and punished for NOT hiring illegals and hiring Americans only! THEY ARE GOING TO SHIT CAN SPACE X. The same enemy within that destroyed Nasa is going to destroy Elon. We are seeing over a SHORT time frame now, (not a long dragged out obscure one) - we are seeing what an enemy the federal government really is. If I was Elon I'd be hunting out a safer country, this one is going to smash him after the coup.

They absolutely WILL destroy Elon. Elon was one of the best things that ever happened to America and they are going to WIPE HIM OUT. They hate America, they hate YOU, and now we are going to see proof happen right out in the open.

NO SPACE X LAUNCH TOMORROW, JUST WATCH. They are going to crumple up SpaceX and throw it in the trash.

IF a launch does happen tomorrow, it will be the last, except for whatever gov contracts existed beforehand and probably not even all of those.

Flu at the lowest it has been for 130 years (that is when they started keeping track of it)

In Britain, there was not a single hospital admission for the flu in January. Obviously because the flu is being called coronavirus.

There are a lot of retards saying "that just proves the masks work and everything else works". But the reality is that you can't drop the stats to zero unless there's someone lying and putting those stats elsewhere.


REMEMBER: If the banks DO end up being crashed and they come for your silver and gold, SHOOT. The days are OVER where when they win we lose, and when we win they steal. DO NOT BUDGE even if they threaten you with 100 years in jail, DO NOT let them take your silver or gold even if they make it a felony to have it. These are the bastards that stole the election. MAKE THEM CRASH TO HELL.

UPDATE TO BELOW: People are organizing to hit silver hard Monday to get even with those who stole the election. I kid you not. They are going to bust the $30 silver barrier by all buying in at $35. Once that happens, the price may go to infinity and beyond. The goal will be to put the banks under. Yes, that will lead to economic disaster but it absolutely will fry the living hell out of the fraudsters who stole the election. Americans are PISSED and are basically saying that if they are going to steal the country, it might as well be wrecked. It will make no difference to us anyway, other than it will all start sooner than THEY wanted.

For this to work, you must take posession of your silver, (all you can) and then buy silver futures HIGH, to drive the price up as much as possible AND COLLECT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WHEN YOU GET THE PAPER, DEMAND DELIVERY. It has been discovered that banks floated themselves by manipulating the markets to keep silver down. If people force the price of silver to go up significantly over $30, the banks then have to cover their shorts. The more it goes up, the harder the banks get hit and if it can be pushed to $100 ADIOS. They'll be destroyed. And that will be partial payback for kikedom stealing the election.

There WILL be repercussions as a result, but what does mainstreet America have to lose? Main street Americans are already facing losing EVERYTHING. Might as well make the other side that has already formulated doom for the rest of us pay.

Obviously with Biden in they'll just print money and hand it to the banks by the trillions. Therefore, whatever is done has to result in such a massive shift that doing so won't work.


Silver is likely to be pumped now. Get into it if you can. There's a rumor post going around showing it up DRASTICALLY on Monday. It is still at $27 the last I checked.

One comment about below: The Jews are screaming DO NOT BE VIOLENT through every outlet they have, and when Americans find a NON violent way to put things right, they then scream CONSERVATIVE. RIGHT WINGER. WHITE SUPREMACIST. TERRORIST! WE ARE GOING TO TAKE YOUR SILVER AND EVERYTHING ELSE IF WE GO DOWN!!!!!

They are such despicable A-holes.

One more thing: There are those who are skeptical and think this is the deep state playing games because too much money is going into it, and it is being sustained too long to be credible. But what if Elon Musk is behind this, getting even after the FAA shut down SpaceX? There are white hat billionaires too.

Since the MSM and "trigger girl" are flipping out screaming "white supremacist, it is probably a GREAT idea to short silver.

Kick those who stole the election RIGHT IN THE NUTS.


Here you go for stealing the election. How about a whole bunch of destroyed banks? Sure, we will all lose our dollars but YOU will be screwed out of the ability to rape us ad nauseum. The election was the litmus test - America needs a reset, on OUR TERMS. What is bad for the Jews is GOOD for us, even if it hurts. They are 100 percent polar opposite from us, they'll get screwed WORSE.


It is time to say ADIOS to "rules" where if they win, you lose, and if you win, they steal.


Fedex really is shipping millions of body bags

I ignored this because it "had to be bogus" because every time prior similar things were. This time it is not bogus. This is not a storage yard full of coffin liners, this is a legit "millions of body bags" being shipped by Fedex, with them being the only thing in the warehouse. There is not other stuff mixed in.


Tecsun PL-330, $59.00

It is such a new model I just found out about it.

This just became available (The American version) on Dec 30. After reading a bit, I discovered they released it in China in June and spent six months working out software bugs, and once everyone "beta tested" it, they then released it on the American market. Make sure you get the American version. The most prominent respected review on this radio is a glowing one. It has all the features you need, and is the first radio in this price range to have them. It is such a new model you cannot find it on Amazon as of my writing this (though I will not use Amazon, it is good for reviews) That said, this radio is not even there yet. It has SSB, and all short wave frequencies. The Sangean I mentioned has better AM but if I can, I will be getting this one because it can accept a custom made antenna I can build that will boost it's performance through the roof.

So far, it is only available HERE.

I strongly suspect that if you plug the right antenna into this particular radio, it is going to be PERFECT for busting censorship. You will be able to pick up ham operators and everything else. It will be superior to the Sangean for picking up HAM.


They were supposed to do another launch of their starship prototype earlier this week, and the FAA shut it down. The FAA then said they could do it today. Then, when they were ready, the FAA shut them down again. Now the FAA says they can launch on Monday.

I repeatedly stated that as soon as Trump was out, Spacex would be stopped from launching. That they'd be shut down. And it appears I am right, only I did not expect the FAA to do it immediately. I figured they'd start causing problems about six months after the election was stolen to avoid making their shutdown of Spacex so obvious.

When have we ever heard of a launch being scrubbed by the FAA and not those doing the launch? Like, NEVER? That's a previously unheard of topic, OF COURSE Spacex had FAA clearance for everything, up to years in advance, UNDER TRUMP. Welcome to the new normal. Has Elon figured it out yet?

It is the goal of those who committed a coup to destroy the United States. All their cronies were already planted, and only went into sleeper mode under Trump. Now they are wide awake. SPACE HAS BEEN CANCELED, a destroyed country cannot be doing that!!!

IF spacex ever does another R&D launch, it will likely be the last and aside from a few spurious deep state satellite launches, we are likely looking at the end of Spacex.

Well this is cute. Don't be fooled by silence in the MSM, this really is happening:

Humanized miniature pigs

Abstract: In the past, researchers have taken human stem cells, inserted them in Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) mice and thus created mice composed of human tissue. Today, with their humanised pig model, Kim, Hong and colleagues have followed similar steps to generate humanised miniature pigs. The humanised pig they have developed is a mini pig composed of human biological matter - human cells, tissues and organs. By inserting individual-tailored human stem cells into SCID mini pigs, one could modify a humanised pig to a specific individual seeking medical testing. With these customised humanised mini pigs, preclinical trials could be carried out with particular patients in mind.

In order to create a SCID pig with human stem cells, the centre uses a recently developed genome editing technology called CRISPR/Cas9. 'This allows us to edit the genomes of the mini pigs according to desired traits,' outlines Hong. 'Genome-wide approaches as well as classic cell biology and biochemistry are used to evaluate outcomes.'

The novel SCID humanised mini pig could not only be used for preclinical testing but also for life-saving organ transplants in humans. Thousands of individuals around the world await organ transplantation, and everyday individuals on the waiting list die without having received their necessary transplant. With the widespread use of humanised pigs, these numbers could be drastically reduced.

In the early 1900s, scientists began to experiment with xenotransplantation, or the process of transplanting organs or tissues from one species to another. However, they learned that our immune systems would prevent these attempts from success. 'The first type of rejection is hyperacute rejection which happens within minutes, followed by acute rejection which occurs within a couple of days,' says Hong. 'In addition, there is slow and progressive rejection called chronic rejection, which happens within a couple of years. The immune rejections make the xenotransplantation difficult to use in regenerative medicine.' However, in the humanised pig project, the centre can produce human tissues and organs in the SCID pigs directly, allowing for better uptake of organ transplants in patients and less risk of rejection.

More here.

My comment: Did this happen because their "children on trains" scam got shut down by "someone", so they could not simply steal central American kids and part them out?

And oh, supposedly, when Noah built that ark, the same types of things were being done.

Donald Trump JR comment on Game stop/ Robinhood trouncing by amateurs on Reddit:

"Hedge funders should really just "Learn To Code" or to "install solar panels" Am I doing this right??? I'm told those are the rules."

My comment: Yes, that is indeed what Biden said, and as soon as his words had to mean something for the "wrong people", it's a huge disaster. Yes, THEM, and US. Not the same play book.

Merck bailed on the Covid vax

Their testing proved their vaccine did not work, so they quit. Their vaccine was not the one maiming people. see this.

After I posted the Sangean ATS-405, it started selling out in all American markets.

The ATS-405 is arguably the best AM radio reciever there is. There are better short wave receivers (though the 405 is not bad for this)

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have the money, ALL of the CCrane radios in their latest releases are good.

I was surprised when I looked into this, as I was not impressed with Ccrane in the past. But after checking into them closely now, they ALL make the grade (skywave and up). There are probably some older or cheaper models that are not good, make sure you get a current model.

The Eton Elite executive (which is a Grundig) is the best all around mid priced radio, at $140. It is more advanced than the Sangean and can do SSB.

The best radio out there (anywhere) is the Eton Elite 750. I have had EXTREME radios in the past, and the only thing that matches what I have had before is the elite 750. I am surprised it only costs $350. It is seriously the only one out there that is totally extreme. I noticed this one months ago and when I saw it, I was like, FINALLY, there is a modern one that is like the one I had, swiveling AM antenna and all. Everyone out there agrees it is the best, for a price. When I had one of this caliber it could suck in German polkas like they were broadcast from a super station a mile away. No drift. It was flawless.

There are some pirate versions of the CCranes I am not going to list because they irk me, but they are as good and cost less. Once again, if you have very little cash, the Tecsun R9012 is the one to get, it is not great for AM or FM (only acceptable) but the short wave is excellent considering the price. It performs as well as (without exception) and usually better than the $50 radios.

Nothing in the news today

There was a huge event where a bunch of common people beat the crooks on Wall steet and supposedly that's a disaster . . . . Biden has now done 40 executive orders and they are all bad but that's not news because everyone should exepect that type of thing when a coup happens. Not news: The American gun owners are doing nothing to save the country because guilt trips and calling them radicals and nutcases is enough to crush them. Everything is infiltrated anyway. Any that have common sense will get whacked post haste.

So I took a look at Iranian media and evidently being able to enrich 17 kilograms of uranium to 20 percent purity in a month is some sort of huge breakthrough. Meanwhile there are over 100 American nuclear facilities sitting with thousands of tons of the stuff (each) in fuel pools. How many kilograms a month does that equal over the last 50 years? Probably a hundred thousand or so. The U.S. has to have done at least 100 tons a month for 50 years to get the fuel pools stacked so deep. How can Iran be screwing up that bad? Obviously they can't figure out a secret or two.

It appears Iran believes it has beaten Covid. But what was there to beat anyway? They think they won. Against WHAT? I'll postulate a more likely scenario - if the Iranians really think Covid was real, someone got into the food or water supply and poisoned it, and now somehow lost access. Now there are stories everywhere about the fraud in all of this - our landlord's mom was perfectly normal, happy, talking, partying, and then choked on something and had to go to the hospital. Diagnosis: Covid! It never stops. So what did Iran beat anyway, really? I'll say one thing they beat: The flu. Because now everything is COVID, every last sniffle and scraped knee.

Yes, there are piles and piles and piles of reports about how the vax is maiming people, but how many piles can you report before you have said it enough? NOT NEWS.

But obviously there IS news out there to report, what are we missing? With social media totally censored and me being about 2 weeks away from having an excellent antenna set up to make short wave really work well, what are we missing? All I can get now is the same canned crap the American MSM has on the BBC, a few Alex rants, bible stations, cuba and a bunch of Chinese. I need to be picking up the little guys . . . . . come to think of it I might need a different radio because single sideband is a real trick to understand when what I have won't decode it. Anyway, I am as new at this as practically everyone else is, I cannot believe how bad the internet dried up after they REALLY cracked down and I got caught off guard.

I mentioned potential false flags yesteday, should I do it again today? Anyway, I'll be changing tactics here, the old way is not working anymore.


1. $800 insurance per year to own guns.
2. Psych eval once every 3 years to own guns, including 24 hours training
3. Can't loan guns to anyone without explicit government permission
4. 21 year old minimum to own a gun
5. No magazines above 11 rounds.

MINIMUM of a $75,000 find AND 15 years in jail for ANY violations. Read this piece of work here. Will it pass? Foreigners are already laughing at Americans for accepting the stolen election without firing a single shot.


UPDATE: Apparently the FAA moved the launch date to the 29th. Watch it not happen, rocket launches are not so easy that without any precedent or reason whatsoever the FAA simply shuts them down. This is unprecedented, we are on totally new turf.


The communists are NOT going to allow America to advance in any area. they are shutting it all down NOW, and stopping spacex from doing a test launch they got approval for under Trump proves it. GAME OVER, all the way.

KISS IT AWAY FOLKS, AS SOON AS TRUMP WAS OUT, NOW EVERYONE IS SAYING REGULATIONS WILL PREVENT A MARS MISSION. Regulations are what communists use to destroy EVERYTHING in a nation they seek to destroy.

And I said this. I stated repeatedly over the past couple years that if Trump is ever ousted, you can kiss Spacex bye bye. There will be no mars mission. They did this sooner than I thought, like flipping a switch. It was like a switch was flipped the nanosecond they did their coup.

I may have picked up a viable shortwave for $35


I picked up a boom box style radio with cassette and short wave. I went through everything at mercado and figured if any of them worked, it would be this one (I bought other short waves years ago that did not work AT ALL) but I figured this one would work because when tuned inside a large building you could hear the frequency bumps. At first I did not think it worked very well after testing it oustide last night but then turned it on outside today and it was luckily placed right on the frequency for coordinated universal time. Clear as a bell, at 2 PM. So rather than (like I did last night) tune it quickly, I tuned it as slowly as I could possibly turn the dial and got all kinds of stuff. AT 2 PM. High sun. Cuba, the BBC, a bunch of American bible stations, universal time, China or NK or whatever it was, south american stations - LUCKY BUY, plus it has MP3 record. I think selectivity is a problem at night however, it may be too sensitive and may be signal overloading. I know that to get the BBC, China, Cuba and more at near high noon in Mexico it can't be a bad radio. Looks like a TOTALLY lucky buy.

I figured I'd take a chance on a cheapie because in Mex you can't touch anything that works for less than $150, not even that Sangean I posted plus getting a record feature is impossible on "anything that works". I have a hunch this one will do fine with a proper external antenna that is directional.

OK, so why buy a short wave?? EASY ANSWER: Already the internet is WHACKED.

Have you noticed how the site has been a little dry lately? Have you noticed many others are dry too except for obvious bullshit "military is in charge" posts and "A trump psychic said X" and other assorted garbage - ? That's because most of the news up until recently originated on the social media sites, and they did one hell of a purge. Everything fell dead. And if I want this site to be top notch, it is obvious it has to happen over short wave. MAYBE the $35 cheapie is going to do it, and no matter what I have, I want the record feature so I can tune around and not miss stuff, plus be able to listen to it repeatedly if it is meaningful, and also to perhaps post audio.

At any rate, I recommended the Sangean 405. However, there's another radio that reviews quite well that only costs a little over $20. It is the Tecsun R9012. That one is clearly the champion cheapie, (it is probably better than the one I got) but it cannot record.

You won't find the one I got anywhere in the U.S., it is a bottom tier radio you'd only find in a Latino market that is below what would be on the American market, the brand name is AudioBox, a rip off of the name Audiovox but it is quite well made (I already took it apart for a look-see) and as a bonus, the tuning knob does not rebound. It stays right where you put it when you let off. That's absolutely crucial with fine tuning. So despite being bottom tier, it's not bad.

Covid obviously being used as a front for an assault on christianity worldwide.

The Jews fronted the latest Covid scam against Christians, because it was "six churches" that did it. That's their code number, why is it that so many news reports are so often "six"? Well, that's how Jews tag a lie.

Anyway, the hoax goes: In South Korea, there was a Covid outbreak and it is the fault of CHRISTIANS. Anyone see the big picture yet? The Jews are ALL meeting like normal, yet there's no synagogue outbreaks ANYWHERE. Because THEY are God's chosen, and that's the whole story.


Something is bothering me about this lately. The situation is that at this time, they are too newly in power to have one ready. But give them a few more days and they will. We are getting into the time frame now where they might have been able to scrape something together.

They know the American people know they stole it. And they know the American people know (or at least too many know) that they were the ones who staged the capitol riot. In addition to that riot, it was not bad enough to get sympathy for. Evidently white hats stopped the worst. Videos leaked where an embedded reporter from CNN celebrates getting in. It was revealed that Viking guy was both BLM and military. And that pelosi's son in law was a coordinator. And that Nancy controlled the capitol police, who let them in, all caught on video while the MSM staged a fake entry showing them pushing over fences. The scam is too out in the open. So they might not use patriots for their false flag.

What might they do when everyone is expecting a false flag blaming patriots? They might come up with a different story line.

They can't really get away with using a virus because too many people know about that too. But Biden did promise us a "dark winter" so maybe they'll fake an EMP and take down the grid. This could be faked easily by simply commanding smart meters to shut off. There could be power in the lines the whole time and who would figure it was just the meter shut off? times the entire neighborhood or city? I have long suspected they might fake a power outage this way so the "good people", you know - the Jews - the ones fronting it all, won't be without. All they have to do is keep the lights low at night and since no one has the brains to go investigate their communities they'd get away with it. And I'd bet if someone did go there and discover this, they'd flap their yap RIGHT THERE, ON THE SPOT, asking them how they have power and then end up immediately detained, drugged, and then peddled on CNN as an American sleeper cell. The Jews would do that, you know. If you ever make a discovery like that, keep your mouth shut until you are OUTTA THERE. Then talk. Where you won't be instantly arrested for simply knowing that.

Other possible false flags -

A nuke is the obvious one. They false flagged a huge fire in Paradise California. Real, but false. The subsequent politics proved they did that to destroy the city and get everyone moved out of there. Perhaps Paradise was too much of a unified pocket of the old America. Had to go. Burn them out, and block their return. That's how it is done, except in Palestine they simply drive the bulldozers back and forth over the rubble until even the rubble is gone. That way no one even knows where the property lines were or where their house was. They seek total annihilation. Paradise was a good American example.

Who knows if they will use jets again -

Think of anything you can dream up, even a Chinese invasion. We don't know what it will be, but the easiest are big booms and gun attacks staged by random losers, maybe they'll even pick a plot where the shooter hates Republicans and Trump. Yes, They'll believe THAT story line because we are not blaming them, we are blaming one of our own, and we'll say LOOK, one of OUR nutcases shot everyone up, we are going to ban your guns to keep you safe from OUR nutcases! Will they be that lazy? We are soon likely to find out.

Do not expect to see ANY "trust the plan" or "the military is going to save us" NONSENSE here

Aaah yes, it is conspicuously absent here. That's because there is no plan and Trump is not mysteriously going to be president on March 5th or whatever some random fool who's probably a front posts. Here is the reality:

Yes, it is true that Biden might not be at the white house. However, he could go there any time he wants. We are in the middle of a communist takeover. The communists know we are armed. They are not going to sit right there in the middle of target central where we will know where to get them, no, THE DAMN TAKEOVER WILL BE FRONTED FROM SECRET CHAMBERS AT RANDOM LOCATIONS. THE PEOPLE DOING THIS TAKEOVER ARE EXPERTS, THEY PRACTICED ON A LOT OF OTHER COUNTRIES FIRST, DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO HANDLE AMERICA STUPIDLY, NO, BIDEN IS NOT AT THE WHITE HOUSE UNLESS HE'S SOME SORT OF FOOL, THERE REALLY IS A MOVIE SET AND IT MIGHT BE THAT WAY FOR A DECADE OR MORE.

It will be that way until they are DAMN good and sure they have crushed every last "threat" and then, the capitol might not even be Washington DC anymore.

FOUR face masks now.

I kid you not. They started by saying 2 are better than one. Then three. They won't stop until people are suckered into 10 layers of shrink wrap. There are too many people in the world anyway.

Not a joke. New biden executive order bans the use of the term "china virus"

It is all about priorities, and Biden is hard at work!

A Catholic priest speaks up

He lays it out very well, but had to stop short of saying it is the Jews and instead rips one of the organizations they founded - masonry. He stopped short of naming them directly to help avoid getting his channel deleted.

My take: Though he did not go beyond "it is the masons" because you can rip the masons all you want and never get deleted, he still covered key points with regard to what is really going on. The main points:

1. they spent 300 years setting up the world for a fall now.

2. They want everyone enslaved.

3. They want a majority of the population culled

4. It is not enough to have people enslaved, they want the people to be as perverted as they are and they intend to enforce it and kill anyone who does not comply. This means the child sacrifices, pedophelia - the whole thing must be complied with and condoned because it is their goal to take everyone to hell with them.

MY INPUT: Their envisioned end game is to get so many people cast into hell that their combined power will be enough to overthrow God in a final battle. The Jews do not believe God is infallable or all powerful, they instead think he can be overthrown the way they overthrew Trump. There were, after all, battles in heaven where satan had the audacity to challenge God, and he happened to lose the last time around. Prophecy states God will win the next time around also, but it does not mean they are not going to try. To build their ranks as tall as possible, they are attempting to corrupt as many people as possible. Obviously the Jews think they are superior and therefore we should not matter, but they are doing it anyway.

What this priest has to say is a must listen.

Impending sense of doom

Something is changing out there in the spirit realm, (at least as far as I can perceive,) initially I was less stressed after the election carjacking was completed but the stress has been replaced with something else.

I am not sitting down here happy I am safe from it all, (actually I might not be, it appears a hit may be getting set up but I am trying to confuse that) - I instead am very concerned by what is on the horizon - clearly the left is setting up a genocide. One thing to remember however is that China refused food imports from the United States so if the food "vanishes" it is the Bolsheviks doing a repeat of Ukraine. There won't be a genocide in Mexico but as far as I am concerned, communists always do their clean-up.

They don't even need to cut the food supply that exists off, all they have to do is have Monsanto, which is a very evil company, produce one batch of seeds for the United States this year that produce nothing. Have farmers go through all the work of planting and growing a crop, only to have it produce nothing. I am so worried for everyone, constantly measuring and analyzing and planning for what needs to be done to counter the left which rises to new levels of appalling every day now. And it is concerning.

By the way, if they do manage to cut the site off, or this site is still online while everyone else is gone and there's not sufficient traffic to indicate that happened, I will try to pop up on AM between 900 and 1100 and on short wave between 16 and 20 MHZ. If I show up on short wave at a lower frequency it will be because I could not get the components for the higher frequencies dirt cheap. Any transmitters will be home built for peanuts and be over 5,000 watts. Sky wave only, intentionally made for ionosphere only.

Have to start thinking like this, clearly the curtain is falling.

Strange happenings around here.

Let's just say that there is nothing pending that will stop updates to this site and I am not suicidal. Communists ALWAYS do a purge. And a few wierd things have happened that have me limiting exposure and keeping a watchful eye. Enough said?

Biden's own cabinet does not know what he is doing

They were stunned to find out he removed Trump's executive order to protect America's power grid from China. Or so even the MSM says. Additionally, there was a video of him being leered over by Kamala, where he states he does not even know what he is signing. He probably does not even know he removed protections from the U.S. power grid. It is TEAM KAMALA, in a single player game.

What the MSM allows you to see:

Indian women protesting the XL pipeline to get permits removed by Biden.

What the caption above should say: Two probable half Chinese women posing as Indians petition to destroy American oil projects while actual tribes are PISSED biden is canceling them. SEE THE NEXT ITEM:

REALITY: Indians are PISSED at Biden because they needed the pipelines and other oil projects for financing their reservations. But you won't find THAT in the MSM.

Aaah yes, week one and Biden is shutting it all down. Why use nukes and other weapons when a stroke of the pen can wipe America out? AAAAAND remember, YOU VOTED FOR IT. At least that's all most people are technically allowed to say, OOPS, yep. allowed to say, or you're CANCELED.


2020 - WHERE "VOTE FRAUD" was a literal carjacking to put someone the public NEVER ELECTED in the drivers seat. That's exactly what it was, AND EVEN THE INDIANS ARE PISSED.

China has rejected U.S. agricultural exports

There is no explanation as to why in this linked report, they just speculate that China wants to sell their own exports. But the problem with this is that China has huge food shortages right now, so American agriculture would be welcome (one would assume).

So why would they reject American agricultural exports by paying shipping carriers more than the goods are worth to bring the containers back empty? What if China is not interested in American GMO's? That's not something CNBC would mention, even if they knew it.

One positive aspect of this however is that at least, GMO or not, the food will stay in the U.S, which would make starving everyone out more difficult.

Many are speculating nuclear blackmail was used to ultimately flush Trump

No one can understand why he abruptly gave up. Nuclear blackmail would do it. The prevailing story was that 2 nuclear devices were placed in DC and set to go off if Trump did not surrender. I am not sure of that exact scenario but it is plausible. Any way you cut it however, most countries now have a nuclear blackmail threat in place for situations like this.

I believe I know how the bombs got placed, and they are in all major countries.

The original plan was to have Israeli security firms plant the bombs via contracts they had (this is what happened in Japan) but the bombs were simply too conspicuous to get away with long term. Read the Fukushima report for that, it is laid out quite clearly and is linked at the top of this page. They changed plans, and I believe I figured out method 2. I reported on method 2 extensively, while it was happening.

Years ago there were horrible looking spiders that were peddled as mobile art displays that got moved to various cities for a few months at a time. The spiders looked like this:

At the time these spiders were making the rounds, there was a mysterious shortage of helium 3" which has a half life and was needed for the sensors in nuclear bomb detectors. For a period of time, every nation's nuclear bomb detectors did not work. Nuclear bombs are well shielded, a geiger counter won't pick them up - a special detector is needed that detects neutrinos. And they were all offline a few years ago.

I did a huge report about this at that time, and speculated that the actual way the nuclear blackmail threats were being placed was via these spiders which showed up in many places. Once the "art" is placed, notify the country what the "art" really is, and tell them to accept the placement of another nuclear weapon or you'll set it off. This could have been done other ways as well, but I suspect the spiders. If the spiders were used, it would have been smaller (but more powerful) implosion type nukes placed in the body (which does not look like a spider at all, it looks like a container of some type). Any way you cut it, the "shortage of helium 3" was a manufactured shortage, and no one had the ability to prevent the smuggling of nuclear weapons EXCEPT ISRAEL between 2010 and 2015. No doubt it was somewhere in this time frame that the nuclear blackmail threats were placed.

So the big question is, did Trump bow down to a nuclear blackmail threat? Did he get threatened again for the patriot party? I would say that is highly probable.

Imagine the psychological aspect of having the bomb be in one of those spiders. Everyone threatened would know exactly where the bomb was, and it would be hideous in appearance. Perfect psych warfare.


This morning,, Infowars, and many other alt media websites did not work on Att but did work on Totalplay. I don't know what the game is but also, even with Totalplay a cached page AT TOTALPLAY was sent rather than the latest page, even changing computers sent the cached page for computers that never even hit it before. To get the page to show, I had to change .htaccess and point it to a new page (this is the usual (sort of) I know how to handle this but it could seriously mess with other sites. The objective is to make it appear no one is posting anything because only an outdated form of the site shows. If you totally change the landing page, it will then load fresh. No-cache commands should make this unnecessary but it happens even with no-cache commands.

Anyway at least I got on here to post this. It caught me by surprise and then I remembered "THAT GAME" Again!

UPDATE: Usually after I post something like this the problem clears quickly. But I just checked on ATT again and the site is hung like Clinton should be.

There's no question this ( site did make a difference, but when they were simply going to carjack the election NOTHING would have worked to stop it.

It was NOT an election theft, it was an election carjacking.

It was WAY worse than normal fraud or a simple break in robbery and now the communists are going to take America on a joyride off a cliff.


DOJ ordered to investigate whether or not anyone tried to use them to prosecute vote fraud

They are going to use this in the impeachment case against Trump, by claiming he tried to use the DOJ to "influence the outcome of the election" and they'll of course totally omit the vote fraud aspect of it all.

Communists always do their clean up after they rape a country, lots of IDIOTS are claiming this is proof Q is going to get even when in reality it is exactly the opposite, they are going to use the DOJ to destroy Trump. Nothing functions anymore, and there will be no cavalry, saving the country will be UP TO US.

This is an unbelievably bad developmet, they are not going to stop until Trump is totally destroyed, in jail, or executed. Communists do this to those they overthrow EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Drudge has fake stats

Even at it's dilapidated current condition that was a shadow of it's former self, (you know, when it at least appeared to be legit) the stats cannot possibly be as stated. Reason? Because I left the window to Drudge open on the screen (behind the laptop) while I worked on other stuff with the laptop and that site re-loads constantly, once every two minutes or even one minute, and every page load counts as a new page view and hit. Drudge actually updates real content so infrequently now that auto-page refresh is not needed, and only hoax boosts stats. In the past, Drudge used to keep that thing FRESH. Not anymore, he's not there anymore obviously. The garbage that gets fronted plus the laziness of the admins proves it. Not that it matters, we all ought to know by now that the MSM is total trash but it was still annoying to see.

And now that they scammed Biden in, it is puppy and kitten time!

Do you remember SRA's when you were a kid? The MSM sounds like that now

I don't remember what elementary grades they were in, but they were called SRA's, which were a single page of stiff paper that were handed out to students during class. Each one had a different topic and you were supposed to read them and then report or answer questions for what they said -

The writing was VERY SIMPLE but there was a lot of it considering the size of the page and it matched the style of the writing in this AP report.

Take a look at how that report is written. College or even high school or even middle school it is not, the MSM took another step down in the comprehension requirements, that reads EXACTLY like an elementary school SRA.

One comment on that report is they state Mexico is having more covid deaths than ever now. That is a lie multiple people in our circle of association, including two direct family members got the flu shot, it killed them, and all deaths were written down as Covid. If AP was worth it's salt the report would be about a deadly flu shot going around . . . .

I hit World Affairs Brief for the first time in a while, and Joel had this posted:


It has been a long battle trying to convince subscribers and Trump supporters that all the stories of false hope spread by "insiders" like Q about Trump staying in office after the theft of the election were bogus. In reality, Q was only a small part of the plot to lead Trump supporters astray with false hope. There were also former and current people in various branches of intelligence who would call up people like Generals Flynn and McInerny to feed them false information. They were so effective the good generals bought it-in part because they were naive about the depth of control held by the Deep State over the NSA and the rest of our government and military. Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood were also targets of disinformation, with Wood spreading some of the most bizarre rumors. Simon Parkes, an old intelligence man in the UK, developed quite a following to his daily "Online Updates" with a mixture of true facts and outrageous claims. The disinformation he gets must be coming from British Intelligence which is in league with our own Deep State, because it echoes what many have been saying in the US. It became downright absurd last Wednesday when he claimed that the Inauguration would be faked - that it would be a computer generated event using Deep Fake computer animation and that all the soldiers in DC were there to arrest all the traitors and reinstall Donald Trump as president. Of course, that never happened. Even as he was saying it, president Trump was packing up and moving out of the White House. What is most disturbing is that NONE of the sincere recipients of this massive disinformation campaign have come out and apologized for passing on the bogus information. None have come out to expose and decry the people who whispered these lies in their ears. How are we to learn from these campaigns to deceive if the victims of this disinformation campaign don't have the courage to reject and expose it?"

My comment: Mostly right. Except for the inauguration. The inauguration was indeed faked, however, that does not make a difference in the results. But for the most part Joel is spot on with this, I am not the only one saying it. I'll also add that the fact Lin and Sidney were probably working for the left (with the current dominion case being a show hoax) because they have not redacted known false data and anyone legit would have.

I was not suckered by Q, I figured that op out early on and even took heat for stating it had to be a hoax because nothing ever worked out.

Obrador has Covid?

Yesterday there were reports that Mexico's president Obrador has Covid. He said he's alright with minor symptoms, however, I find the timing of this strange considering the same people who hate Obrador ousted Trump, and with Trump gone Obrador is the biggest man standing against the New World order. Mexico is the last real toe hold on the cliff the world is being pushed off of. Trump was tough. Obrador's only big advantage is less corruption and the fact that Mexico is not a small country. How tough is he? We will be finding out. This will be something to watch very closely.

I lamented the election being stolen from Obrador last time, but it ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened, Mexican presidents can only serve one term and he's in RIGHT NOW, right when the world needs him the most.

And by the way, as far as Venezuela goes . . . .

Guess who Biden supported right from the get go - GUAIDO. If Biden being who he is supports Gaydo, Maduro is the legit president and somehow Venezuela kept their Dominion machines in check. Someone from overseas figured they'd rig Venezuela's election and then flipped out like Hillary did last time when something went wrong . . . . so attack the grid.

They tried to steal the last election in Mexico but got caught in one of the northern states and after that they gave up. I was onto that and used whatever pull this site has in Mex to report it while it was happening, during the election. They wanted Anaya in, what a disaster that would have been during Covid. He'd have probably hammed it up and made everyone happy as credibility bait and then slammed it into the sewer when directed to . . . . . I think Iran's last election got stolen like America's last election. In Iran they at least get a printed receipt that they can confirm online but how would people get together to confirm it was not stolen? you can't do that one receipt at a time. There can be two databases don't ya know!

Want to see something disturbing that proves Covid 19 was planned 4 years prior? See this two minute video by singer Poppy.

At first I figured it was too creepy to post. But watch it to the end. It spells out what has happened and is going to happen without even saying it. It is sooooo freaky. You will know after watching this what the game is, and remember, this is from before Covid 19.


And remember, even with all the vote by mail fraud, PLUS all the false ballots, PLUS all the dead voting, PLUS all the illegals voting, PLUS all the Jews "voting early and voting often," Trump still won by THIS MUCH and it took simply changing the numbers in the machines to fix it, his victory was so enormous they simply could not get that many ballots made.


Highly probable: Trump took every precinct in the United States once ALL forms of fraud are removed. It took the European smack down to destroy Trump AFTER all the other fraud, with the map still showing as is above.


Vaccines are safe, and THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.

Vaccines are "for your own good" and THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.


Sandy Hook will be used to take Alex out

A federal judge opened up the pathway for all the con artists to sue him. AND NOW MY NEXT REPORT: THE WALKING DEAD WAS REAL


YEARS AFTER THESE GIRLS WERE CERTIFIED TO HAVE DIED AT SANDY HOOK, THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. only not. YOU SEE: Zombies are real, there really is life after death and here is the proof:

You can compare these much more clearly with this larger photo.



Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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