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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Here is the Biden 3d render that proves he's fake (click to view)

Suddenly there's a pile of Biden vids showing him in embarrassing situations. Videos they'd NEVER release under normal circumstances. And they are fake too. They HAVE TO prove this guy is not just bits and bytes so they are releasing better "unflattering to make them believable" fakes that have had better scrutiny to bury THIS:

"NOT MY PRESIDENT" is no longer relevant. It is instead "I WANT MY PRESIDENT", because it is obvious America is now operating without one.

Anonymous sent $50 USD, thanks! Kristan sent $50 USD, thanks! John sent 1,514 pesos, thanks! Serge sent $25 USD, thanks! J


THIS is stuck in the Suez Canal REAL GOOD,

If this is a manufactured crisis, it could trigger $10 gas. FILL UP EVERYTHING NOW BEFORE THE RESULTS OF THIS GO BONKERS.

Was this done on purpose to create a crisis? It sure looks that way, how on earth would they ever get it sideways SO PERFECT by accident?

This is stuck so bad it could trigger a global supply chain crisis. I don't know what gets used more, the Suez canal or the Panama canal, but if they don't get this un-stuck it's gonna be bad. Count how many containers tall that thing is stacked. It's a monster, WAY bigger than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. This ship is 59 meters wide and 400 meters long. A Nimitz class aircraft carrier is 333 meters long. That pretty much sums up how huge this problem is.

This is a serious obstacle with no easy way to manage. Nothing can get past it. There's already a massive traffic jam. I am fairly certain they can't get it moving again because they poked a hole in it and it's firmly planted on the bottom. BIG PROBLEM.

Prediction: They will up "mass shootings" to several times a week

They might just AI blue screen them all, like they did Biden,

And all of them will: (Pick one per shooting:)

1. Promote the Covid agenda by making it look like gun nuts are anti-mask/anti-vaccine "fruitcakes."

2. Promote the race hatred agenda.

3. Support a war on the Arab world.

4. Promote banning of all guns. A variety of weapons will be used, they will diversify away from assault weapons to "justify" banning all of them. If they get down to air guns, there will be mass shootings with those.

All of this will be fronted by the FBI, or at a bare minimum, never be called out by the FBI which will know they are all either totally fake, or totally staged with brain wiped patsies.

Watch it happen. They'll hatch such a trail of damning B.S. that even avid gun owners will cry for it to stop. only it won't really be happening at all, we do, after all, have a blue screen "president".

With all shootings that are too convenient, nothing is to be fully trusted

As the story goes now, the "Colorado shooter" had a facebook page they made sure got deleted before they let his name out. I don't know exactly where they want to take the story now, but the deleted facebook page now proves he was a Muslim who hated Trump. However, they don't need "white supremacist" to accomplish a gun ban, they just need a shooting, so I am skeptical, it appears instead this shooting was entirely fake and that this facebook for the patsy either did not jive with what they wanted so they deleted it, or it is fake too. You decide I guess, either way they'll get their gun bans even if it was totally crisis acted.

To be ignored until . . . . Florida base jumper dies when chute fails to open

I ignored this at first because I figured it was just a chute failure the way the MSM makes it sound. Then I actually read the report and saw it was a case of bad reporting, combined with raw stupidity.

Here are the basics of base jumping: If a building does not have at least 30 LONG stories (not short stories and there's a big difference) and you can't jump from the top, DO NOT BASE JUMP.

Short stories can be as little as 8 feet and are used in hotels and apartments. Usually they are about 10 feet.

Long stories have, on each floor, above the space below, an additional level on the same floor that's in the ceiling that allows people to go up there and install things that are used in the office below. That space is typically about 4 feet but sometimes it is tall enough to walk around. That's a long story. Those are usually about 12-15 feet per floor.

This "base jumper" jumped from the 14th floor of a HOTEL because it "looked high" and was obviously stupid for 2 reasons:

1. He never read up on how long a parachute actually is once it opens.

2. He never read up on how fast he had to be going before wind speed would open a parachute, let alone how long after opening would be needed to slow him down.

The minimum is right around 400 feet if you don't have the wind speed from an airplane to help, even if you have experience. THERE WAS NO CHUTE FAILURE. Saying "the chute failed to open" the way the MSM is saying sure ignores the laws of physics.

After Biden GREEN SCREEN got "embarrassed" by the migrant situation, he -

Gave 86 MILLION to a "non profit" to provide 1,286 hotel rooms to migrant families for six months. How much per night does that work out to? $371.00 PER NIGHT.

That "nonprofit" is NOT a "nonprofit" though I'd have to say that if it was the Clinton foundation, that would be a remarkably good use of the funds compared to normal.


Here's reality: They probably got a contract with Motel 6, are probably paying around $80 per night and they pocketed $56 million with their "nonprofit". FIVE (5) new synagogues got built to the highest standards in prime areas.

Yahoo is lying about Sidney Powell

They claim she said "no one with a brain would believe her" after Dominion filed a lawsuit. Here is what she actually said:

"reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process"

That's lawyer talk. And it in no way states "anyone who could think reasonably would not have believed her". She's only stating that the claims are so phenomonal they would be hard to believe without being proven in court. But you know where the left takes things.

We all know the election was rigged. We all know Dominion made it possible at the level it happened. We all know there was a coup, and now that the enemy is in charge, that enemy HAS TO go back over the fields they burned and plow them under so they can deny it ever happened. That's precisely what they are doing now.

We all know the election was rigged. We all know Dominion made it possible at the level it happened. We all know there was a coup, and now that the enemy is in charge, that enemy HAS TO go back over the fields they burned and plow them under so they can deny it ever happened. That's precisely what they are doing now. Only, this time it won't work. And they know it. They are doing their damndest to FORCE people to accept the fraud so strongly they begin to deny the fraud, but THIS TIME that's going to take a genocide. It was too blatant. Nobody believes their crap, including their allies.

Woke math: This is not a joke -

Oregon has claimed math is "white supremacist" and that an answer, such as 2+2=22 is a correct answer because minorities have difficulty with math because whites made it difficult on purpose, to shut minorities out. Obviously we are at war, and the goal is to destroy the sciences so technology gets crushed. The people doing these things know what they are doing. They know they can't get away with bombs, so they subverted and moved straight to victory without them. The end goal of any war is to totally annihilate the people you are targeting, you don't necessarily want to kill them all outright.

Boulder shooting, all you need to know in one line:

Boulder had an assault weapons ban that was in place for two years and a lower court judge struck it down. It was then challenged and to be put before the Colorado supreme court. 4 days after that happened, and before it went before the supreme court, "assault weapons were used in a mass shooting".

Like clockwork. It's another fake shooting to influence the courts. Predictable. It could not possibly be more predictable.

No one would magically come up with an assault weapon complete with ammo during an ammo shortage and shoot'em up in four short days, when most people would not even know a judge ruled in their favor. Most likely this is another case of crisis actors.

There are many con job reports about the "side effects of the Covid vax"

These reports list ridiculous side effects claims, and are specifically intended to make anyone who claims to have been damaged by the vax look like nutcases. After all, they have already succeeded in screwing over a major portion of the British population and all they need is one more deceptive push making people look like fools to, for the most part, get them all.

I have seen many such reports lately, but today I hit one that was such a prime example of public manipulation to get people to go in for the shot that it really took the cake. It is here. Here are a few example quotes of the kind of manipulation being done:

"Physical effects that were more closely related to medical issues but seem extremely unlikely to be linked to a Covid vaccine included excessive blinking (one), eyes changing colour (four), growing teeth (six) and losing teeth (one).

Thirty-nine people said they lost weight after the vaccine compared to three gaining weight.

And 102 people reported flatulence - passing wind - as a potential side effect, while 558 simply said they had been "feeling abnormal" but did not explain how."

My comment: So if you think the vax did anything to you, you're just complaining about your farts! HOW CUTE.

And now, in comment sections, whenever people "complain about the vax" they Always say, "I am fine now, and it was WORTH IT." Without fail. I am seeing that everywhere. Tell that to Tiffany Dover and Marvelous Marvin. I am buying NONE OF IT.

Project veritas photos from Inside migrant facility BIDEN BUILT

They show migrants being treated so much worse under Biden, (green screen) in a facility BIDEN (Green screen) HAD BUILT that it is indescribably worse than anything under either Trump OR Obama. "Kids in cages" was PARADISE compared to this crap. Totally unbelievable. This must stink to high heaven.

No blankets, only sheets of clear plastic AND mattresses in plastic, packed in like sardines - like you just threw people like trash on the floor. THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE. This is what it looks like when criminals (truly,) are running a country. How much are they bilking the taxpayer for this level of horrific treatment? I'd bet it is something like $300 per day per kid for treatment that should cost less than $5, food included.

"Kamala cannot be president" is making the rounds after Biden's 3d render glitch

Here are the facts regarding Kamala: She really cannot be president. Both her parents were non citizen foreigners and her dad was Jamaican, which automatically, according to Jamaican law, made Kamala Jamaican at birth.

Here are the facts regarding the world we now live in: There's no such thing as law. Thieves and thugs have seized the federal government. They are so tasteless and unqualified that when in front of top world leaders they appear like club scene stoners with dyed hair. That belongs at Shanique's salon, NOT AT A GLOBAL CONFERENCE. We are being insulted by those who stole the election.

Here is the reality we live in: We have a trans and obviously evil assistant secretary of health, making decisions about children. We have an election that was run on broken law, where in all important areas the entire foundation was fraudulent, and then the fraudulent foundation was used to steal it and the courts would not even acknowledge that the entire foundation it was run from was fraudulent, with rules put in place that happened totally outside the legal process. For that alone, it's not a legit election, and THAT is what blue screen Biden, not qualified to fill the role Kamala, Miss Purple Hair on the world stage and the trans secretary of health rode in on. It's all fake, and all a fraud.

IN THIS SITUATION, DO YOU REALLY THINK KAMALA NOT BEING QUALIFIED TO BE EVEN VICE PRESIDENT WILL BE BLOCKED FROM BECOMING PRESIDENT? I don't think so, because the law has already been 100 percent broken, it will be whatever those who staged the coup want. Kamala CANNOT be even Vice President because that position may require you to become president and you HAVE TO qualify for that. You can forget the American gun owner making a difference too. Evidently all we are going to see as far as action from gun owners is more FBI fronted fakery with their paid goons to justify taking the guns.

Obviously Green Screen wants war with Russia. Probably because green screen wants to solidify it's position and I think green screen is probably Soros. Funding predominantly from Soros and Gates paid for this election. I don't think Soros likes to share, and I think Gates is fine with that, as long as he gets to corrupt the entire genome. America is being run by cartoon level super villains. Do you think they'll do nuclear war, to destroy the country Soros absolutely hates, and made it clear he did? All the way back in the 90's he openly stated he wanted to destroy the United States. Who's really in charge if Biden is not, and they want to fake him on green screen? Who's taking action that could end in the total destruction of the country? I'll leave it at that.

FACT: The Pfizer CEO has not had any Corona vax yet, let alone the Pfizer shot. All for thee, and none for me!!! I won't even eat cake.

A few quick, but very important items

First of all, we have exhibit A which appears to be some sort of biological creation from a lab. looks for all the world like the first crude yet successful attempt to build a truly mobile man made life form that's not totally a chimera. Obviously I could be getting punked with this, but I don't think so, after studying this video fairly closely everything adds up, including the fact that it does not move in a way anything of this size that is natural does, this looks like it uses the type of mechanism a spider uses to move (spiders are hydraulic) combined with what looks like a squid. This would be the easiest way to make "your first crawling life form". I bet they did.

Everyone walked out after exhibit A, there will be no exhibit B today.

RUMOR: Russia to go to war soon Russia has opened it's bomb shelters, which, unlike America's bomb shelters (which have mostly been bulldozed by now) can hold the ENTIRE Russian population AND feed them for a lengthy time frame. Obviously if the DOD has spent trillions WE at least get a hole in the ground with food, RIGHT? Actually, NOPE. The leftists made damn good and sure that money went elsewhere. Funny thing: The leftists are the ones who are going to die without them, "the rest of us" are smart enough to either get out of the way, BE out of the way, and prep.

Toyota has warned, and is continuing to warn the world not to switch to electric cars too fast

Toyota is stating straight up that there's no way the electrical infrastructure is going to be able to handle having everyone driving electric cars, especially with leftists shutting down as much generating capacity as they possibly can. Toyota is also stating that electric cars are going to continue to be expensive into the forseeable future. And Toyota is also pointing out that only 2 percent of the U.S. car fleet is electric at this time, so real problems are being totally obscured by this.

I believe Toyota is absolutely right. I'll add to that "what if it is a trap, and once all the cars are electric, they'll just pull a Texas on us?" But there is one thing that is making things not look so bad - cheap solar panels.

In Mexico, you can get 400 watt panels brand new on the (real) market, (not Home Depot) for about $130 USD. At home depot, even in Mex, that same panel costs over $600 from the exact same manufacturer. So it will be key to not get ripped off for this -

Let's say you buy an electric car for $30,000 because the price dropped a bit. IF you then turned around and bought $3000 worth of panels that were priced fairly, you'd get 10,000 watts of generating capacity and your car itself would be the battery, you could skip that cost. Such a solar array could be arranged to provide whatever DC voltage the car was set up to accept (and that can be done, very easily.) With such a setup, you'd get about 45 miles of driving from one hour of charge at Tesla's ratings, and there are other electric cars that would go farther. These panels would not be on the car, obviously. But if you pushed that out to an entire day of charging under good conditions, you'd get the equivalent of about 6 hours of full sun, and put hundreds of miles of range on the car in one whack for nothing but a small additional expense at time of purchase.

Additionally, if your car was in use during prime charging time, you could put a grid tie inverter on those panels and send the power out during peak hours and then take it all back at night, for free. Solar panels may become a standard add on to any electric car purchase in the near future. If you can skip the storage part of the solar equation and use the car for that, solar (can be) very cheap to do.

Trump just made a very important statement

He says it clearly here in a way that can't be refuted even if the courts refused to hear the case - the election is not valid, and it does not matter if the courts refused to hear the case, it was not valid anyway.


Investigators looked at the data in the car's computer and it shows the brake was never pushed and the gas remained pushed, all the way to the time of impact. I don't think Woods was suicidal, nor do I believe he could have fallen asleep within two minutes on a windy road.

Someone has something to hide. They are not telling the truth. If they had succeeded in killing him, the story would have been the usual: He got drunk and crashed.

Woods has likely stated what actually happened, but in a world where the president passes through microphones you'll never hear it.

The volcano in Iceland just blew. The magma is super hot

WAY hotter than Kiluea. Much much brighter color. And it's all happening within 25 miles of my servers there. They say there's no cause for concern at this time but I am a little bit nervous, especially since Iceland chose to be the world's last great outpost of free speech.

Wishing them the best for more reasons than my own, I hope they get 500 square miles of new land in the best direction possible.

The eruption is supposedly VERY noxiously gassy, which means Thunberg will soon be complaining about how diesel trucks are choking spotted owls. They don't care about how things correlate, if they can hatch a story about global air quality and never mention this eruption, you can safely bet they will. This one, despite being a rather mild (yet high volume) eruption is a very stinky one.

There have been changes since I last posted to what the real story is with this eruption (overnight it went from a "once every 14,000 year eruption" that will "probably persist for hundreds of years" to "A probably benign once every 6000 years (there's that number again)" eruption. Wait and see I guess.

SOMEONE GOT THE TRUTH OUT, you know - that BIDEN VID I have posted above and as a result -

Many major social media platforms have been shut down to stop that from spreading. But I am going to make damn good and sure THAT PROBLEM is persistent. RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE, BABY!!!!

A few random items

"White supremacist shooting" of asians - This is pure B.S., if there actually was a shooting it was done by intelligence services to divide the Oriental Asians from white people after leftists grouped them with white people and started bashing them the same way. They don't want asians and whites united under the same cause, so they'll pull this crap as much as they have to to prevent it. Having flags flown at half mast over this patent bullshit was the icing on the cake, we need the entire DC metro from Arlington to Baltimore CRATERED.

Biden "stumbled on the stairs to air force one????" Not hardly. After their fake of Biden they just got busted for, they need to convincingly humanize the corpse so they released a "poke fun" video of him tripping to "prove he's actally not spawning amoebas". AND PEOPLE GOT SUCKERED BY IT. I don't believe the Biden tripping video is anything other than an AI generating it, the microphones told the WHOLE story without picking up a voice or noise at all. How could they? They were just bytes off a hard drive.

Breaking: The states that had the highest COVID vaccination rates are now getting outbreaks of COVID more than the states with the lowest vaccination rates. I'm sure they will find a way to push that one away, they lie about everything.

A judge has ruled the details of Ghislaine Maxwell are too sensational and unpure to reveal to the public. Because that's a secret after all, we have absolutely NO RIGHT TO KNOW. In a world where an enormous segment of the population plays video games where they realistically spread guts everywhere, we can't get the details about Ghislaine because they are too "unpure". HOW CUTE. Like I said, we need a crater so deep starting just south of Arlington and ending just south of Baltimore - SO DEEP we get a nice new expanse of ocean. That's the only way to solve "we can't give you the details" while the FBI goes around shooting up asians and blaming whitie. How about THAT for "sensational" and "unpure"??? They'll certainly air THAT all day.

I am hearing LOTS of social media posts about prices skyrocketing in the U.S. HERE IS REALITY:

Check the USD to PESO exchange rate. It has been hovering right around 20 since before COVID. Since that ratio is stable, if there was a legit reason for prices in the U.S. to skyrocket it should reflect with the ratio of pesos to dollars dropping. That ratio is not dropping.

Prices in Mexico are STABLE. They are not going up, not even on American brands. I like to shop at HEB for the American brands and Soriana (a Mexican chain) for the meats. Both of those are TOTALLY STABLE for what I want. HEB raised meat prices horribly but Soriana stayed stable, so that's just HEB gouging. All other items, from bicycles to tires to microwaves to TV's to yoghurt to rice to Ramen to fresh tomatoes to YOU NAME IT are the same in Mex as they always were. If the prices are going up in the U.S., someone is SCREWIN YA. There's no reason for this at all, COVID cannot be blamed.

Death toll in Iraq now an admitted 2.3 million

This all happened before I was doing this site, but I was still online screaming about the official lie. The U.S. MSM was claiming U.S. forces were doing only precision strikes and only killed a few thousand (or hundreds of) Iraqis, depending on the day and who was lying. That was not the case AT ALL. Here is what really happened in Iraq:

The U.S. went in and carpet bombed and killed hundreds of thousands of people at a time. The worst example of this was the city of Najaf, where the U.S. military sealed off the city and attempted to kill every single man there. They totally leveled sections of that city so badly that absolutely nothing was recognizable, it was rendered to dust. In that ONE city and ONE assault alone, they killed a minimum of 270,000 people.

Now, years later, the truth about how brutal the U.S. forces were is starting to creep out. They were, in reality, horrific beyond belief. Punish a single soldier for doing "un-needed killings there"? Like what was in the news when Trump did a pardon? THAT'S BULLSHIT, all done for optics to maintain an illusion of righteousness. The reality was that they butchered wholesale and those that were not killed were, at an extremely high ratio maimed while depleted uranium (the preferred choice for American combat there) poisoned the ground so badly that future generations are now dealing with extremely high rates of birth defects.

The U.S. was doing THIS KIND OF BULLSHIT: They attached magnets to the jet rotors and coils to the cowlings to form enormous generators that were then used to power extremely nasty microwave transmitters they'd swoop down on people with, and turn the liquid inside their eyeballs into opaque and permanent cataracts. I was getting posts from American soldiers laughing about how small animals would instantly burst into flames when hit by that.

But for me, that's a 15 year old rant. Bush was responsible for that and he used 911 that HE DID as an excuse. Nice guy he was. On to the next atrocity I guess, which is shaping up to be the COVID vax.




So now we are supposed to believe green screen Biden said Putin is a killer with no soul. That's quite a claim, when the Biden presented has no heart, no spleen, no left or right hands and NO BRAIN. He's probably got a trillion amoebas and perhaps a few grubs burrowing through him by now.

Hey, there's a Russian sub missing now. One nicely placed if it can get through the strait of Gibraltar undetected. HEY PUTIN, GIVE AMERICA A NICE 4th of July show. If the American gun owner is nothing but a scaredy cat that can have it's treat taken, maybe Putin can do the job the American gun owner obviously won't do with a whole bunch of 10 megaton corrections on the 4th of July. Too bad a sub can't launch Tsar Bomba. Putin knows we did not ask for this sh*t. Let's all hope the guy has enough of a heart to do us all a favor.

PLEASE DO NOT USE KILOTONS!!!! Do not waste your efforts. For god's sake and ours, DO NOT USE KILOTONS.

No multiple warhead missiles, PUT THE SINGLE BIG ONES ON. America does not need suggestions, America needs results. A crater from just south of Arlington to just south of Baltimore. I have lately thought we need a whole lot more ocean there.


The best possible outcome to the Deagel report would be:

Russia nukes every leftist sh*thole to oblivion and leaves the American heartland intact to recover the nation. That would be the best possible outcome, but with 200+ million dead (according to that report) and only about 30 million true intellectual parasites eliminated, the price would be awful damn steep. And the disease is in the heartland also, every law office, judge, school administrator, most doctors, and every synagogue and mason lodge would have to be dealt with as after-the-matter cleanup.

If the Deagel report instead worked out like the Ukraine genocide and the heartland was targeted by the left and wiped out, the entire underpinning of America would be destroyed and in the end, within a year or two, there would be NOTHING AT ALL left. 100 million losers and parasites would wear the graces of China thin in a damn hurry and "learning to code" would not be a way out of it.

The following was posted AFTER the hacks, but it might cause more:

I am going to tell Russia straight up, with NSA experience, how to jam America's submarine detectors in the straits of Gibraltar. HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT.

You get an unstable and noisy AM reciever that can at least do a fairly good job of locking onto a distant AM music station and, with POOR sound quality that has good frequency response play that loudly through submerged speakers. That is the ONE THING the NSA and no listening device can counter, the incoming signal is too unpredictable with static and noise for them to use anything to effectively filter it out. By the time they are done "filtering" your submarine noises will be gone too.

Might as well start shitcanning it all, rather than support this PATHETIC TREASONOUS NOT ELECTED REGIME.

Don't even bother with digital noise makers or any other noise makers, they can handle that and phase cancel all of them perfectly. What they cannot handle is a shitty AM station. They simply can't predict and filter that. It is hopeless. It is the only thing that will work.

The best method would probably be to set up a very shitty AM transmitter on the same ship as the reciever at very low power (a few milliwatts) use a very powerful but not too stable receiver and then intentionally have it not pick up well. Have the signal get mixed with a bunch of switch clicks or whatever else, perhaps there will be enough trash in the environment for you to do nothing like that (the NSA never bothered with that, the environment was always enough) Play a bunch of polkas and old country tunes. Make sure they are good and staticky but still partially understandable. Pipe them through underwater speakers. It'l screw all efforts to hear small noises.

This is a factual bona-fide method the NSA used to bury all efforts to intercept audio in unusual situations that had a large area where listening devices could be a problem. It is not suitable for small rooms because the radio would have to be talked over. The radio has to be loud but far away and possible to talk under. Your sub will definitely "talk under". The ocean is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The AM radio method works far better than any commercial jammer because no matter what the advertising says, the NSA will figure out a way around it. AM radio is different. It is a big secret. It is what works. AM noise and distortion with poor signal is simply too unpredictable for anything in existence to handle. You DO want your polkas and old country tunes, don't just use AM noise.

You'd probably want to use thousands of watts and point the speakers down on a mountain or other rough surface to ramdomize it all and foil directional sensors.

A MESSAGE TO THE PENTAGON: If you are going to sit on your asses and support a regime you know is out to destroy us, I want you to lose. To hell with you.

The plotters behind non-existent Biden SERIOUSLY want war with Russia - Nord Stream 2 canceled???

They have ordered ALL European partners to the Nord Stream 2 project to pull out immediately. That's probably because they need to be gone before they can be captured.

The Nord Stream 2 project was a pipeline project to get natural gas from Russia to Europe. It was a VERY IMPORTANT PROJECT for both Europe's stability and Russia's economy, if the United States succeeds in getting this project deleted, it could mean a hot war with Russia is on the way.

A nuclear war might make the Deagel report reality.


And lots of news sources are reporting this, it is not spurious. This is what war with Russia looks like.

The assassination of vote witnesses post was removed because an effective side story to debunk it was released

Do I think that side story is true? NOT AT ALL but I can't counter it.


The early headlines which I ignored claimed Putin only recalled one. That's not newsworthy. But there is now news surfacing that following major insults from "Biden" - the man who is not - Putin recalled ALL AMBASSADORS to the United States. That's a prelude to war.

So here we have a "president" so phony he only exists in a computer. Trolls are trying desperately to call anyone who notices the green screen error "crazy", "delusional" "stupid" "too simple to see what really happened" and everything else possible which means THAT was a legitimate blooper, they did not want that getting out as some have claimed. Confirmed: BIDEN IS NOT PRESIDENT, SO WHO IS REALLY INSULTING PUTIN?

RUMOR: Trump dropped 30 pounds. PROBABLE REALITY: he took the body armor off.


County Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme, who oversaw child abuse cases has been arrested for violent child porn. This judge also was the one who ran and pushed Drag Queen Story Hour.

Surprisingly the state took his adopted kids (he was in a gay partnership with someone) and the state actually gave him kids. That's not surprising, the fact they actually took action on this is the surprise. Anyone with a lick of sense knows the state is not about protecting kids, Brett must have done something "wrong" or they would have just taken those kids to Molech instead.

So I have a question:

How does a guy who owned the organization that sent drag queens to libraries all over the country for "drag queen story hour" end up being a circuit court judge that oversees child abuse cases? The media never said who was behind drag queen story hour, it only reported when this was done at libraries, and now we know the truth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No other msm sources touched this story, GEE, I WONDER WHY.


Want to see a classic slick communist con job? HERE IT IS. Yep, she's cute, and that makes her innocent.

SLICK, CUTE CON ARTIST pushes the CDC lie: NO ONE has died from the COVID vax. When a cute "innocent" face makes you want to vomit.

BE FOREWARNED: THIS IS HOW COMMUNISTS GET THE JOB DONE. They front the best looking faces they possibly can to push a lie. If this so-called doctor (she probably is just an actor), if this so-called "doctor" really was a doctor, she'd know that it is impossible for ANY shot to be 100 percent non-lethal, which makes her claim completely fraudulent at the most basic medical level

Myanmar is now arresting Open Society goons

Yesterday Myanmar froze the bank accounts for the Soros NGO, and today the arrests have started. Funny thing how the MSM calls the legit government of Myanmar a "regime" while the Soros stealth infection is given a free pass. All a matter of "perspective" and "truth" I guess.

Just in case you missed it, Captain America is now gay.

I'd post the Kermit "offer" again but it is too disgusting despite only being a puppet. I'll let that one roll off the page . . . .

Take a look at this capture off Drudge - I was taken aback by how vapid it was, and how stupid people would have to be to go along with this crap.

If that's where the MSM is at after Biden was just proven to be AI generated (with faulty programming I'll add) it is totally obvious that the coup is complete and they don't care about what we think of them anymore.

OH, AND I HAVE BEEN FORGETTING: is Trump AI too? How on earth could any legit "TRUMP" push the vaccine the way he has? Something is smelly with that, he went into his presidency as an anti-vaxxer, how did that change????

I am suspicious to say the least, if they'll deep fake Biden, why not Trump? He might in reality be sitting under the street in a drain pipe on 5th and main. Try to prove he's not. It's ALL FAKE FOLKS!!!


All the REAL OLD timers who would disseminate that video use Network Solutions. I don't know how well that will work when my server alone that's on a totally different path has 400 people watching it simultaneously. It's handling it fine but I'll probably have to push it off on another server by the end of the day. All of those (simultaneous) views are my fault, I put that everywhere I could and it snowballed with other people. Very good. We need this OUT THERE.

Actually, upon checking, given the length of the video there's probably 6-700 simultaneous views because my server will send it out faster than it can be viewed.


As it turns out now, Minnesota and Virginia have both uncovered COVID shots that are given to regular people and areonly saline solution. They are trying to say it was an oops, but it can't be. That does not happen, PERIOD. What is obviously going on then is that they have the actual kill shots mixed in with the saline shots, and they have a way to track it so you don't get the wrong booster. Just because "Your room mate was OK" does not mean anything, because a certain percentage of the shots are fake by default, to cover up how badly the people who get the real shot get damaged.

LET ME GUESS: All but a few people who went in for their shots that day, (to get a record of it happening) were supposed to get only saline, but the records showed that a few people, in rare circumstance, got lucky and went in and got their shot while this was being done. Records show someone who should have been destroyed got saline, so they made an announcement everyone except the future victim knows should be ignored.


Google to monitor . . . . . . sleeping???

You know from this report what their intentions are. Obviously at this point they are not using tweaked DNA and the 5G network to do this, but from this you know they would.

"We have to do a no knock on the Andersons to take their guns at 3AM. Is the system reporting they will be deep in REM sleep when we kick the door in????"

Trump responsible for border situation??!!??

FACT: If the election was not overturned by a coup, there would be no border crisis now. Trump is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING now that Biden has finished wiping him out.

EXCLUSIVE: I came across a headline from 2055: "Trump policies still killing babies." Anything at all to put the blame for the abject failure of communism, OR any pain that causes on someone else. They are going to scapegoat Trump for EVERYTHING they do to destroy the country from this point forward. THEY will be perfect, every communist needs a scapegoat to hang their crimes on.


And as a result, the legit government seized the bank accounts being used by George's "Open Societies foundation"

Notice how the linked source states the accounts were seized by the "REGIME". HA HA, that's soros talk. Learn it and apply. If it is a "regime" it is not cooperating with Soros.

REPORT ON ANDROID AUTO-DELETING PHOTOS DOWN THE PAGE A WAYS - I am really mad about Google's attitude towards auto deleting images off android phones if THEY want the memory space, so since Google is Jewish and Joy Behar is Jewish, POS JOY BEHAR CALLS ANTIFA A "CONSPIRACY THEORY" THAT "DOES NOT EXIST".

Alex got this right. Joy Behar expects us to be such gullible short term reality ANIMALS that they can now just claim "there's no such thing as ANTIFA". Of all the gall. OF ALL THE RIDICULOUS ROTTEN GALL.

I think I know the end game with the vaccinations, and it is "impossibly bad," I am probably right, here it is:

The end game is to turn people into living computers that can interface with 5G, and it is not far fetched at all. Here is how it can happen:

First of all, to interface remotely, you need an antenna. Anyone with any common sense knows there's nothing in the body that can be used as an antenna that can transmit, RIGHT? Well, common sense would indeed imply that, but as it turns out, human DNA is in 23 pairs for a total of 46 strings that are all bundled up in a neat little antenna, which if stretched out is 1.695 inches in length. The actual length of all the strands is 78 inches if you put them end to end, but that's not how an antenna based on DNA would work, it will work on the actual length of the individual DNA strands that are all wound up together. That's 1.695 inches long, JUST RIGHT FOR 5G.

So there is something in the human body that can act as an antenna - DNA itself.

What else in the system is missing? To interface people you need a processor, RIGHT? That can't be done, can it?

Actually, YES, and it has already been done. In a report I posted yesterday, researchers managed to manipulate DNA well enough with CRSPR to force a cell to turn itself into a dual core microprocessor. That's something I never thought we'd see, but yes, it is indeed possible to command a cell to create structures that can be used for computing. That is, by conventional logic, not possible. And it has been done, it is not the future.

But there's no software you could run on that, RIGHT? How would that work?

Actually, everyone has seen the reports by now where AstraZeneca openly admitted their version of the corona vax is an operating system. That's month old news that has been around long enough to turn bread moldy. Literally, that's how fast things are moving now, - the life span of a loaf of bread is long enough for all new horrors to come to fruition -

AND, finally, ALL the vax manufacturers are admitting that their vaccines work by tweaking the genetic makeup of cells. FIGURE IT OUT. HERE IT IS, ALL ADDED UP:

Via a DNA tweak in a corona shot that they ALL ADMIT, ALL MANUFACTURERS ADMIT, functions by causing genetic changes, they will soon, (if not now) be able to cause cells to create within themselves microprocessors via a shot (they already have done this, whether or not they can via a shot is the only question) - and those microprocessors have a cute little 5G antenna right there inside the cells they can use - the DNA itself. We have AstraZeneca being honest, stating they already have an operating system.

They don't have to broadcast far, - only to the next street light, because there are going to be so damn many 5G antennas installed. They can't justify 5G even existing, because 4G was already so powerful it was impossible to exhaust the bandwidth with a typical customer base, why did they suddenly need MANY TIMES more bandwidth? EASY ANSWER: They want everyone connected to a system no one can escape from by leaving their cell phone at home.

5G was forced on us when almost everyone said they did not want it. Why? why would they then proceed to force a totally unneccesary system on us, with 4G being enough to truly connect everyone very well? EASY ANSWER: FREQUENCY. They needed the 5G frequencies to make it possible to install a system that could receive signals that were broadcast directly from strands of DNA. And from there, they have their perfect inescapable 666 system, as outlined in the Bible. Lots of people said "They'd never be able to do that" but now we know exactly how that could indeed happen, and it is probably happening now. The vaccines are devastating people because let's face it, you are not made to be a transmitter.

The big question: Can they do this NOW? I'd say under controlled conditions, absolutely. And the only question is whether or not any of the corona shots are advanced enough to get your cells to accept it. If they are not to that level yet, they surely will be, and my guess is that when it comes to cellular tweaking, "Moore's law" is probably now the "life span of a loaf of bread" law.

The stale bread law.

Mexicans are too smart for the jab

Last night I saw a pathetic and disgusting fear mongering (enemy mind control) newscast - (Mexico's media really went terrible in the last couple years and Diez En Punto and others are total crap now) - anyway, I caught a newscast and it was nothing but Corona B.S. with a small spicing of "violence against women" which face it - does not happen because if it did at the rate that this newscast claimed, all the women at Wal Mart would have one eye, a concussion and a broken leg and you NEVER SEE THAT, EVER, NEVER EVER EVER, NOT EVEN ONE BLACK EYE EVER. So you know they are pushing a man destroying agenda - Anyway -

So they ran this ENORMOUS damn near wall to wall hour long Corona fear mongering newscast that was SO BAD they showed a world map of all the corona closures that happened while playing horror music from a knife ripper movie, it was SO OVER THE TOP - and then the greatest thing happened -

They then went over all the corona vaxes and what brands got issued where and when to go in for your second jab, the whole 9 yards and they outlined every single state, said the vax was available for everyone and then (probably mistakenly) published the real numbers, and despite all their fear pushing the actual corona vax compliance in mex was .00413. They did not say it that way though, they said Mexico has already had 640,000 corona vaccinations and I was like - "Mexico's population is what? 145 million? That's a LOT LESS than one percent!!!

So no matter what they do, people are not buying it.

So then they had lots of dis-favorable coverage of Obrador mixed in with the corona crap and Claudia's dad said "Obrador really is not liked" and I said "Obrador is the reason why Mexico is still alive, he fought those bastards off, and that's why you were able to go to the park today".

A while ago Obrador said he was going to make sure Mexico did not comply with the lockdown demands coming from abroad and that Mexico would stay open. He said corona was being used by evil people to allow them to grab power by shutting everyone down and he was not going to allow it. So the newscasts which are owned by the enemy are shredding him to the max extent possible under Mexican law, I don't normally watch Mex news anymore because it turned to TOTAL TRASH that provides no legit content and makes my blood boil. Why waste my time and get mad to boot?

Only two years ago Mex news was less biased and more accurate than (that's not saying much) American news. "Corona" certainly fixed THAT problem.

Continuing the above: Update to below: I put some software on Claudia's computer that will hopefully work to recover the photos, and I repeat: Google is clearly responsible for this, they made a deliberate decision to "include as a feature" clearing up memory by deleting "any photos that have not been accessed for 60 days". Becase obviously, a photo album you have not picked up for 2 months is not important, RIGHT??? Maybe if you are some sort of short term memory animal that would be true, and according to how they flip the news cycles that's apparently what the tribe believes is the case. you had better check your bank deposit box, the same tribe that made the decision with your photos is holding your valuables, and about 10 years ago they made laws that if you did not request the keys to that box for six months, everything in it was automatically theirs, even if it was paid for.

"If you did not want US to delete your images off your phone, you should have uploaded them to skydrive (or similar cloud storage system) I KID YOU NOT, Google really did say that!!!

This is going to sound impossible, but it did happen

TO BE CLEAR: The photos were NOT DELETED BY US, they were perfectly browsable and Android auto-deleted them when we hit "clean up memory space" without giving us a bit of notice that it would simply because we did not view them for 60 days. They did not land in the trash either, they are GONE.

We probably got special treatment because of who we are -

Claudia never had any apps loaded to her phone, and Windows scan said the phone is virus free yet the memory kept diminishing. She had about 300 megs of photos that we DID WANT. Finally the phone got to where, despite having no apps, someone had something on it (we suspect Google) that consumed all the memory and it would not function. So we hit "clean up" and the ONLY THING IT DID was delete all the photos. 300 megs showed up as available, absolutely none of the internet cache was cleared (and we can't clear it) and there were no apps to un-install. The phone has 16 gigs, it's not a totally limited device. And then the most ridiculous thing happened -

It said "If you want your images preserved longer than 60 days, you should upload them to a cloud storage network."

I got so pissed off when I saw that that my optic nerves picked up what was probably notification of a stroke for a few minutes (the macular central portion of my field of view started flashing).

Apparently the geniuses at Google decided to put "auto delete" on all photos older than 60 days, and that's why "clean up" killed them. There was absolutely no notification whatsoever that ANY IMAGES AT ALL would be deleted. No screen whatsoever came up for that. That's like, the most important reason to even have an android phone, RIGHT???

Claudia was not mad at me because she was RIGHT THERE, looking at everything I did with total attention and at no point ever did the phone indicate it was going to wipe all the photos.


Supposedly there are ways to get the images back with second party software but why TF should we have to do that? Why did Google decide OUR IMAGES had to go, rather than their stored web history on us? If they could store the pictures to the cloud, why the hell did they not store the history themselves, on their shit, if it was SO IMPORTANT our stuff had to be deleted FIRST???

Claudia was not an app installer. This did not happen because any CRAP got on the phone, this lands squarely on Google and their nosy self centered butt holes wanting EVERYTHING you want to keep put on THEIR cloud. Probably for some sort of screwed up profit based analysis.

Anyone who believes old school digital cameras are outdated is kidding themselves, if that's Google's attitude your phone has NO CAMERA AT ALL. A camera is something that is supposed to keep precious moments, RIGHT? NOT ACCORDING TO GOOGLE. It's all just expendable trashable bits and bytes to them. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT WIPED THEM and they did it completely without notice (gosh, I was supposed to read a 500 page manual and "be smart" and automatically know total wipe was set to 60 days I guess.) Not on your life. A folder is a folder and a camera is a G__ D___ CAMERA.


Probably true. Story - he has been arrested for fraud, extortion, money laundering, and other serious offenses including putting pressure on his wife to place the worst COVID policies in North America on the people of Toronto.

The obvious goal was to abuse a city position to make life such hell for Canadians that they would submit to the vax, and they, as a couple, would cash in.

Alex had a whistleblowing doctor call him and say the Corona vax killed 22 of his patients

But, But, the doctor is ANTI SCIENCE!!! The CDC has PROVEN the vax has killed NO ONE!!!!

This is the kind of whistleblowing we need! How is the CDC going to say no to that?

The trolls are desperate over this one. They are actively slamming it so hard they are keeping legit people buried. Telling.

Remember the post by Astrazeneca admitting the vax was an operating system? GUESS WHAT

Today we have Scientists use DNA editing to turn cell into dual core computer.

"Tapping into these natural processes to build logic circuits is a key goal of synthetic biology. In this case, the ETH Zurich team found a way to slot dual-core processors into human cells by first modifying the CRISPR gene-editing tool. Normally, this system uses guide RNA sequences to target specific DNA segments in the genome, then make precise edits. For this project though, the team created a special version of the Cas9 enzyme that can act as a processor."

There was another thing I blew off because it seemed too far fetched: That the vaccine enables "remote control of functions". I am not too sure of that even after seeing the above, but it is CLEAR AS DAY where they are taking this. A dual core computer inside a cell???? No, I don't want the shot, even if it is equal to a "Model T" at this poit in time. It is fairly clear where they are taking this - once you get the shot, you're an always connected to 5G biological computer. Maybe that's why they wanted so freaking much additional bandwidth when 4g was not even close to maxed out yet.

I am actually stunned by this. Multi core processing inside a single cell with a DNA tweak? NOT IN MY BODY.

OOPS: A communist slips up and states real purpose of the lockdown, and it is not a pandemic, it is to enforce the vaccine

"The Carrot" needs to be a LEGIT pandemic and a LEGIT vaccine. If either were legit, that, by itself, would be the carrot! Instead, she's proposing slavery, confimements, and economic punishment as the "carrot" to force people to accept *god knows what* is in that shot!!!

Idiotic mayor of London: "We need to fix the problem of too many whites in science and engineering!

HA HA, whata moron. OK, he can hire whoever he wants and enjoy the bridge collapses. You can "politically correct" your way into an office job without devastating consequences so it has all worked so far, but JUST WAIT for what happens if he really does oust white engineers just because they are white and puts in others who grew up where cow crap was the main fuel!!! If they could have done better, that would NEVER have been a reality ANYWHERE. You can't use orientals as an example of acceptable "non white" engineering, because THEY CAN, and BECAUSE THEY CAN they are "white" now too!!!

If Kahn's real goal is to destroy society, he's going to have to exclude oriental Asians from the engineering jobs also, and I bet he will.

Kim Jong knows the election was stolen, And as a result he won't even respond to Biden

Fat chance any headline would ever say it like it is, but it does not take much brilliance to see right through what is going on with this. Lots of leaders have no time for Biden.

Last week I mentioned how Bill Gates will likely get a majority of the $5 billion "covid relief" for farmers -

Today it has been revealed that Gates is going to get a MINIMUM, (no less than) $3.5 billion in "covid relief aid" paid directly to one of his foundations. Go to page 613 here, it is right at the top of the page. Wait for the page numbers to stabilize (it took about two minutes on my computer)

They ought to have a fixed number on that, right? why the "minimum" of $3.5 billion? I first thought that perhaps the answer was in the final tabulation of what that farm aid will come out to, and they don't know that yet, but as it turns out over 9 billion has been made available "as needed".

Lovely YUM. Just YUMMY. This is what vote fraud looks like.

It would be one thing if he was just a fool that wanted to steal it and use it to buy stuff. But nope, he's an arch villain who will use that to destroy as much as he possibly can. You can safely bet he'll be efficient, THAT MUCH money could buy five bullets for every brain on earth. How much does that vax cost, REALLY? Let me hint: If all you want to do is destroy people, you could EASILY, for $3.5 billion inject EVERYONE with enough rat poison to do it. If those shots took out Marvelous Marvin, could it all be that simple? Perhaps. Poison is cheap and it won't take much via direct injection.

When I heard David Hogg was launching a pillow company . . . . .

I thought it was a joke so I ignored it. As it turns out David Hogg, the faker from Parkland, really did announce a plan to try to launch a pillow company to compete with MyPillow.

You can safely bet your David Hog pillow will be sufficiently "woke" and endorsed by Biden's new "secretary of health". Whatever it ends up being stuffed with will likely be permanently impregnated with enough female hormones to trans an entire NFL football team and these will slowly aerosolize over the ENTIRE life of the pillow.

What else would anyone expect from such a guy?

Don't worry, this will never come to fruition. A month on, and there's NADA. If Hogg ever did anything to this effect, it would end at the "what will the pillow look like" stage and go no further, not one patch of fabric would ever hit the market Because unlike Mike Lindell, Hogg is a communist, and communists simply cannot either think or do the work it would take to survive against capitalist competition.

How did China succeed then? By being capitalist. Yes, there's a communist framework in China but ALL THE GOODS, EVERY LAST PRODUCT COMING OUT OF CHINA IS PRODUCED BY CAPITALISTS. Most people know that. Hogg is probably clueless.

Opinion: World's first 3d printed houses look awful

What I don't like: 1. Total lack of style. 2. The actual 3d printed part looks weird and could have obviously been rapidly beaten with conventional molds. 3. It only does one floor, so you have to stick build the rest. That's worthless. In reality, all this 3d printer did was pour an above ground basement, and without extensive finishing work that would make the 3d printed part palatable, - EXPENSIVE HAND FINISHED WORK, no one will buy this except for the novelty of owning it.

4. If you look down the page a ways, you'll see a development render that shows what the 3d printer can do on it's own, with minimal work from people. The finished results look exactly like slaves quarters from a dystopian movie.

I am not impressed.


A man who has lived in DC his whole life who was RIGHT THERE when they claimed Biden was speaking in the rose garden walks from the window, where he can see it to the TV, on which they are showing Biden speaking there LIVE, and there's no one actually there. No media, no security, empty parking, empty rose garden, the whole 9 yards. No security, even on top of the white house and all of it is clearly visible.

FACT: The Covid 19 shot is the Jewish Bolshevik victory jab, IF they are really getting vaccinated in Israel and IF they really are doing the lockdowns there, it is all for show so people don't blame them for this and remember: NOT ALL SHOTS WILL BE CREATED EQUAL.

Middleweight boxing champion "Marvelous Marvin" dead from COVID jab

ALL the con job news sources are saying "no one knows why he died" but the Daily Fail at least printed the reason and I got the exact details of how it happened. The Daily Fail, (which is ending up to be more accurate than the rest of the media I'll call the daily con) was totally wrong about the details but at least there's this part of the truth

Here is what actually happened:

Marvin Hagler died TWO WEEKS ago minutes after the covid jab, he went over like Dover before he even left the hospital and died on the spot. The Daily Fail is making it look like he just died yesterday, but that's not what happened at all, he died in February at the vaccination site and the MSM buried it for as long as possible. Obviously you go from the vaccination area to the ICU before you are declared dead.

He's so famous they can't hide his disappearance any longer, so they are now finally saying it, and claiming they don't know why he died. THAT would be a BIG FAT LIE (at least the daily fail admitted it), they know, and they can't have the death of such an icon be reported accurately because if it is, even the brain dead won't get their victory jab.

FACT: Anything that will kill a champion boxer will kill YOU TOO.

The car that runs on water

This topic has come up again, and as usual, the same garbage that obscures the truth about this is being told. I'll once again put this straight.

Water is basically inert. It does not matter how much "energy is stored in the bonds" between the hydrogen and oxygen because ZERO energy is stored in the bonds, Water is stable because the energy that made those bonds was released while making them. And electrolosis does not cut it as a viable way to put that energy back. But there IS a way to get a car to run with water as a component of the process, and this is what the Pogue carburetor was about. It seems no one ever mentions the Pogue carburetor had a water inlet. And I figured this process out before I even heard of the pogue carburetor.

Here is how you make a car "run on water", (only, not really, it still runs on fuel) and there are MANY WAYS, not just one.

To make a car "run on water" you utilize the expansion characteristics of water. Once water hits 700 farenheit it is automatically at 3,000 PSI vapor pressure and THAT can drive a LOT. Water expands enormously when transitioning from a liquid to a gas, and at 700F it has so much pressure it is outside the realm of what most people consider running in a gasoline engine. Get water in a diesel and see what happens, a diesel will actually vaporize the water and put it to 3,000 PSI and then BOOM, with far less than needed to hydrolock. So you set up your gasoline engine to take advantage of this. There are MANY WAYS to do it.

How about insulating your exhaust manifold so it is always at 700F or more, and while burning your gas in the engine, you pre-heat water with it and then have a separate set of injectors inject a little water that wants to go to 3,000 PSI instantly when released? How much boost could that possibly give you? Enough to crush the piston rods if you were not careful, but today we have computers they did not have in the 1800's so we can utilize the higher pressures where water is most efficient. They could not do that back then.

The pogue carburetor did something a little different - instead of preheating water it just separately atomized it and had it go into the cylinder along with the fuel, where it provided additional expansion when the explosion happened. That worked, it gave amazing fuel economy and that is why allied tanks went as well as they did. I'm sure some fool is going to rip this and post "the pogue carburetor" that does not do this, and I have one comment for those types: MAKE IT WORK THEN.

I am not going to go over 1,000 ways to do this right, there are MULTIPLE WAYS, I'll just say this:

Gas engines in automobiles take about 15 percent of the energy in gasoline and convert that to usable power, while the exhaust system and radiator throw away 85 percent. If you get rid of the radiator, if you get rid of the entire cooling system plus use the exhaust for pre-heating and then instead internally cool the engine with properly regulated water you could probably at least get an engine up to about 90 percent efficient. But TPTB don't want that, and here's why:

#1. Let's say you have a piston powered airplane that gets 30 mpg (and those exist). It has a range of 600 miles with the basic 20 gallon tank. All of a sudden you do a design change and have condensors in the exhaust system to re-capture and re-use water, and you run ONE gallon of water in a continuous cycle, while now getting 180 MPG with an engine that is now 6 times as efficient - now your little prop job with a range of 600 miles can go 3,600 miles and bomb the hell out of the bad guys from let's say Zimbabwe on a budget of practically $0. WAR IS EXPENSIVE. FIGHTING EVIL IS EXPENSIVE BECAUSE EVIL PROTECTED ITSELF BY BURYING GREAT TECHNOLOGIES LITTLE GUYS COULD USE TO STOP THE EVIL. THEY DO NOT WANT WAR TO BE CHEAP, SO THEY BURY ALL TECHNOLOGIES THAT COULD MAKE WAR CHEAP. THEN THEY JUST STEAL THE BILLIONS THEY NEED TO WAGE WAR THE EXPENSIVE WAY VIA TAXES.

A stealth piston powered prop job with totally self contained cooling would be FAR EASIER, and I mean 1,000+X as easy to design and build than a stealth jet, so what if you go slower. And obviously, for greater range you start out with a propeller plane that has a greater range. You'd match a 180 million dollar stealth jet for $50,000 no sweat and you would not even need an aircraft carrier and thousands of troops to support it, you'd simply take off, fly to your tyrant 5,000 miles away, turn around and fly home for the cost of ONE normal fill up in a shitty plane.

The ultimate would be a solid copper block engine with only oil channels, a high temp oil, a copper head, run it at about 450F and use the thermal stability copper would provide to keep it running perfectly controlled and perfectly smoothly. I am not going into the details on this because they are vast as to why copper would be the best for this, (with steel sleeves for the pistons and lightweight alloy pistons of course) - the high temperatures would be handled by simply having a simpler system and using different materials for the seals. No radiator, and if there was an overheat you'd just start injecting water only and when above 450 degrees, water alone would run it with steam expansion alone no, that's not a conventional steam engine!

And there is why we don't have "water powered engines - a bad label not 100 percent accurate) plus how to do it.

As a side note, you need to ceramic coat the tops of the pistons, the cylinder walls, the head and the valves because water at 700F at that concentration will eat the metal.

For a quick start on this idea, rip apart a $99 predator engine, ceramic coat all parts that face the combustion chamber, and then use a super high capacity fountain fogger to atomize the water and have the carburetor suck that in straight with no air filter. Turn the fountain fogger on AFTER the engine is good and hot. You need a REAL fountain fogger, not one for a bowl on the table. It would have to be able to atomize as much water as gas you'd normally use, water that would get re-claimed by a condensor in the exhaust system. That type of high capacity piezoelectric water fogger costs more than a penny. There is an extremely high chance this absolutely would work, it could be that simple, run the engine lean. I have considered setting this up but never got around to it. And the governor will probably not work once you do this, you need to have the engine loaded to prevent runaway.

Lawn mower engines are already partially ideal for this process, no computer to worry about (if you run straight fog rather than injection) and the solid head and block run hot and would balance the process a lot better than a car engine. If you get it to work, block the fan so there's no air cooling.

The best solution would be a fully computer controlled solid block engine with direct injection, but there's nothing even approximate to that in existence now.

And don't even bother with dreaming about "the water only engine", that's a hoax intended to derail critical thought. It can't work, that's why water is used to put out fires. the "water engine" does not burn water, it instead uses the expansion characteristics of water to make the combustion of FUEL drive a piston lot more efficiently.

NOT RUMOR: Iran is doing nationwide air raid siren tests.


How about that! Biden was not the good guy after all. At least with Trump in charge you could count on seeing your kids grow up!!!

PREDICTION: Webb telescope will be "shot down" on launch


Here's the scenario: They claim they have to launch it from French Guyana. That's a load of B.S, but the launch is going to be there anyway. They are hatching stories about pirates stealing it on the way there, the WHOLE 9 yards, because the damn thing is probably as fake as the mars probes and they don't want that revealed. They don't want it revealed that all the huge over-run money got stolen and the thing is just a bunch of prop mirrors (who would know the difference on the ground anyway) and other hokum, - so they need a disaster to happen to prevent launch.

PREDICTION: Either "Pirates are going to grab it and ruin it" or Venezuela, which is right by French Guyana is going to "shoot it down on launch", one way or another, if they are really seriously launching that thing from French Guyana when Elon Musk has the real credentials for launching such an item, there's a reason, and I am calling FRAUD COVER UP. It will never see space.

Flow chart for Webb telescope -

Pirates take it --> BLAME IRAN --> PEOPLE SUPPORT WAR.


It blows up on launch --> OOPS, sorry all those billions were "lost!"

People were suspicious of games so launch was "successful" --> It encounters space debris and is destroyed in space.

LEAST LIKELY - it actually got built, will launch successfully, and will take pretty pictures.


Elon could launch this on a BFR, send up extra fuel on a second launch, and do it 20 times cheaper than sending it to FRENCH GUYANA for launch! Oh, yes, where Jim Jones sent people to space too. GOT IT.

I just figured out why $5 billion was set aside for "minority farmers"

It is because Bill Gates bought up an ENORMOUS amount of farm land that probably exceeds by multiples the total farmland owned by actual minorities, who in general don't farm. And Jews are a "minority." Gates gets the cash.

The scamming MSM is singling out "blacks" as those who will be getting the $5 billion farm relief, but that's not at all what the legislation says, the legislation does not mention blacks, it mentions MINORITIES. Who's BY FAR the biggest "minority" farm owner now?

There is NOTHING good in the Covid relief bill, NOTHING. For a total charge of $17,500 per recipient, the recipients that will end up paying for that help get $1400. The rest of it goes straight into CON JOBS LIKE GATES.

Speaking of "I just figured out" and "con jobs" how about that curfiew being discussed in Wales?

HERE IS HOW THAT WILL GO, this is the plan, BET ON IT: WHITE MALES, and WHITE MALES ONLY will be subjected to curfiew after 6 PM to "make women safe on the streets". The curfiew won't apply to the other races Wales brought in to destroy the white race with, it will only apply to whites. So when the white women go out after the curfiew, they'll be out there with ONLY the people who caused the problem to begin with, and there won't be any white males to protect them. The white women will, as a result, stay home too while hoodlums rip the country apart.

That's exactly the kind of planning and setup those who want western civilization destroyed do, that's the end game on that curfiew, BET ON IT.

If you are in Oklahoma and your car gets attacked by Antifa, you can now legally just hit the gas.

Actually, you always could in every state, but corruption said NO. All Oklahoma did was say NO to at least this part of the corruption.

Very frustrating - nothing in the news AT ALL.

I'll go over the headlines and say why there is no news I guess.

Mike Lindell, (My pillow guy) is going to start a new social media platform so people can communicate. That would be cute back in the 90's when it would have a chance of taking off, but Myspace was probably the last actually wanted platform that did not come into existence just because the media and CIA pushed it and supported it, and with all the sabotage, a total lack of supportive hosting companies that won't kick you off as soon as they are asked to, plus DNS server sabotage and a whole slate of other obstacles I have mentioned repeatedy, Mike does not stand a chance no matter what his intentions are. MAYBE he'd make it if he decided to get hosted by Orangewebsite in Iceland but I sorta doubt even that, unless he does direct IP like this site and he won't. All his "experts" will say WHAT FOR? That's not included in Frontpage or Dreamweaver and POOF, he'll be gone. NOTACHANCE.

How many others tried this and failed? Lots of talented people tried this and failed, simply because they were FORCED OUT. How's a pillow guy who's not even IT centered going to do this? The first thing that's going to happen is parasites from the CIA will hire on as his "workers" and that's all she wrote. He probably never thought of that.

Biden supposedly just gave a big speech. Sorry, NOPE. All we'll ever get is a deep fake fronted by a massive criminal cartel that stole an election and then rammed the theft down our throats. Lefties are regretting "voting biden in" in droves now, but if they think they actually accomplished that, they fell asleep on the river and woke up hopelessly stuck in a back water mud pit. The election was SO RIGGED what would be the difference if they had to print up 15 percent more fake ballots and use Dominion algo's to steal a few percent more because not a single Dem voted? A dem vote was irrelevant. ALL VOTES WERE.

Biden wants trans in the military 100 percent supported. That's not news, Obama did that too, but I will make a comment in this regard - What is going to happen to a trans "soldier" who gets captured? Do you think a majority of the people he was sent to blow up will help him get his meds and continue in his pathology? Hopefully he'll at least still have his d*ck. If not, WHOAH. What will they think about that????

Cuomo is facing being ousted Actually that's not a headline because he paid his dues to satan and won't be ousted as a result. I don't even bother with the headlines about how he's facing court, expulsion, sexual harassment cases, murder cases over how he handled COVID - I'm not even bothering with that because despite the fact it is all true and he is so clearly a slime ball YOU CANNOT FIRE SATAN, that boy, no matter how hated he is, will go NOWHERE BUT UP. Even Whitmer is facing the heat over how Covid was managed, but just watch. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, you cannot unseat these people.

The bottom line is that there is NOTHING in the headlines because:

We are smack dab in the middle of a communist revolution, where children in schools are being forced to denounce their identities or they fail (this is a base requirment of communist conversion), where math, the most precise un-emotional and machine like topic there is, is somehow "racist", - everything is being dissolved right before our eyes at a pace that is hard to believe, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it because the corruption is too deep.

HERE IS THE REAL ISSUE WITH WHY THERE'S NOTHING IN THE NEWS: Because the news is supposed to inform the public well enough to prevent the public from allowing us to get to where we are now, and now that we are here, NOTHING MATTERS. What can headlines accomplish now, especially when they are all written by corrupted usurpers? We can't vote our way out of this, the election system is far beyond too corrupt for that and that corruption goes all the way through the entire system, including the courts. The news was supposed to stop us from ever getting here which is why it was taken down so long ago we never even got the truth about 911. If the news is to do any good at all, it has to be for real.

I have said repeatedly "this is what vote fraud looks like". But actually, all of this started with a phony media that aided and abetted the corruption until it became so implanted they could actually get away with an election theft as brazen as what we just witnessed. They spent decades rigging the news to make this happen. Do you really think that same news entity is EVER going to expose it's crowning achievement? Do you really think they'll ever expose anything at all?

Don't let COVID con artist trolls fool you about how they are fine after the jab, Here is a stunning list of adverse events compiled by a soon to have his licensed revoked doctor.

$5 billion "farm relief" in Covid bill excludes whites

You can't make this stuff up. Guess who gets the "relief?" JEWS. They claim it is all going to blacks and "other minorities" and GUESS WHO THAT MEANS. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.


Own Firearms? DO THIS NOW and thank me later

I am going to give you a suggestion, run with it if you like or ignore it totally. I am not providing legal advice, this is just me telling a story, so listen to my story or ignore it, your choice.

I suggest that you create an individual REVOCABLE TRUST for EACH FIREARM you own and assign ownership of a firearm into the given trust. This means each trust you create will own ONE firearm. If you have 10 firearms, you have 10 trusts. You can also assign ammo into the trust if you like.

They can even be named in numbered order:

OK Coral Firearms #1 Revocable Trust
OK Coral Firearms #2 Revocable Trust
OK Coral Firearms #3 Revocable Trust


You will need at least one Trustee (you) and a beneficiary.

Trusts cost NOTHING to form (unlike filing a LLC or corporation) and do NOT have to be part of any public record. To establish the date the trust was created so it can not be disputed later make sure your signature is NOTARIZED when you form the trust.

Now... once you do this you no longer technically own the firearm, the trust does. This means that if you wish to transfer that trust to anyone else in the future you simply add a Trustee to the trust and then you can resign from the trust. That is not a transfer or sale of the firearm.

The new trustee now has control of the trust, and the firearm, and no "transfer" has taken place.

Do this BEFORE it is signed into law, if it looks like that is going to happen. I predict it will happen.

My comment: You need to look into a non-revocable trust (if that matters) AND notaries are cheap. This is a legit loophole, USE IT NOW before they say you cannot, "grandfather clause" covers everything if you get it done before any action against it is taken.

Yes, it is legit. You really could transfer firearms in private this way totally legally and legitimately.

The House just passed a major gun grab bill

Safe to say it will fly through the senate and into law . . . . the corrupted supremes will not stop this.

So lots of people are saying "300 million of us own guns, let's see them take them". REALITY: They will use whatever forces they have to pick people off with SWAT teams one at a time, and no one will do jack.

IF this bill passes and they come for the guns, don't use the safe, use only the safety and KEEP THEM LOADED even with kids in the house and keep a small light on at night so you can see where the guns are to grab them if you have time to when the door gets kicked in, and shoot their asses. A few bad encounters like this, and the gun grab will be canceled. And don't let the courts, P-docs, and scamming x-es be the venue for this either.

PROCEDURE: You hear the door get kicked in. You have everyone ready for this. The kids DO NOT get out of bed. Door gets kicked in: Bobby, sally, are you in bed? YES, YES, - OK STAY THERE and Marelene, you lay low too. Then shoot every shadow that moves. Not with an AR, be ready with the 30-06 or .270 or .308 with penetrator rounds, the AR will be stopped by body armor. That's a sad reality of the AR.

Also, in close like a home, a nice compound bow is really naughty against body armor.

Compressed air blow guns, if done right, will also chew through body armor but you have to literally use an arrow in those. Start at 4 feet long and use an electric valve if you can arrange that.

How to do a compressed air blow gun right:

You have to use at least a 1/2 inch air hose so there is no obstruction to airflow. One inch is better. You don't put a nozzle on that, you run the hose direct. If your compressor just uses the small fitting that's a drawback but it might still work. The biggest problem is opening the valve fast enough. It has to be slammed open and doing it right takes practice. The best thing to use is an instant opening electric Parker brand air valve. Those open INSTANTLY. And you will launch arrows if you have that quite nicely, make the back of the arrow a blow gun cup.

No further directions, those who can do this will figure it out, but I will say that if you do this right, you won't recover your arrow, the range is about 1/2 mile and be ready for a 12 guage quality kick.

While screwing around on the night shift we did this and after experimenting and getting it perfect the arrows go completely through buildings, walls and all. Aaah yes, the night shift before 911. we kept losing the arrows because we expected them to stick in the wall of a neighboring building 200 yards away and then we figured out they were going all the way through. The arrows we used were solid steel shafts. My confession. That was NAUGHTY. Done by the A-team, (the best of the best) and no, we did not get caught.

I only posted that because it looks like there will be a civl war, and people need options.

Never under-estimate what compressed air will do. To launch like that we used 3/4 EMT conduit (just the thin stuff, you don't need more), a 1 inch air hose hooked up to an "infinite" supply, a one inch Parker electric valve, 120 PSI, a sharpened and ground 3/16 solid steel shaft about a foot long and to keep it going straight we just electrical taped (very professionally, with 3m tape) a perfectly fitting back end that we shimmed completely for a perfect seal with just the right amount of electrical tape. The conduit was about 8 feet long. It's nastier than a shotgun by a lot. You hit someone with something like that, and body armor is probably irrelevant. We shot lots of arrows and even after we figured out how we were losing them we only recovered ONE that stuck into a thick I-beam.

A step better than the blow gun:

(edited) (some friends) were equally naughty, (even more naughty than that at work) and their machine shop got involved and made a super thick guage solid steel spud gun powered by oxygen/acetylene. It was SO NASTY that even with nothing in it it would blow the top 10 feet off a 40 foot birch tree. I was there when they did that. They proved it was possible to contain that type of blast without destroying whatever was used to shoot it, oxyacetelene spud guns are going to work IF DONE RIGHT and I don't have the calcs for that. I don't even know if they pressurized the fuel mix and they might have. So if anyone is wondering, YES, that has been done successfully before. It will definitely beat a .50 cal. It is loud, SPECTACULARLY LOUD, a LOT louder than a 12 guage. It is also worse than the 21 gun salute cannons. The blast has a different character to it, there's no roar. It is very percussive.

If it comes down to a civil war, you are going to have to think like that folks, an ascetylene spud gun shooting a one inch steel shaft a foot long will be needed against an APC.

Don't even think about using an oxygen/acetylene mix in a PVC rig or even a schedule 80 steel rig no matter how great you think it is, if you don't have a metal lathe to do it right don't even consider it.

IT ARRIVED: NOT RUMOR: If you refuse the vax, you are a domestic terrorist

COMING SOON: If you don't hamster felch, you are a HOMOPHOBE BIGOT with tendencies towards DOMESTIC TERROR.


Wal Mart is beginning to end their mask madates in the U.S.

Now the sign at some locations says "mask suggested" and not "mask required". Wal Mart Mexico is not being so generous, you STILL can't go in with a kid, mask or not. But Soriana is still "family friendly", so I shop there . . . . and the meat department does not sell bottom tier crap. Soriana is the store that had that "chicken not so little" I posted a few years ago though.

So I bought 150 face masks in boxes of 50 yesterday, the triple filtration kind, for about $3.75 a box. That's where this all went to, at least masks are dirt cheap now.

After banning private animals such as cows and goats, Britain gassed all the chickens they could find and then . . . .

Now a high member of the british family, citing "domestic violence" (which many know by now is a political tool) - with domestic violence as the platform, she has stated that there needs to be a law banning all British men from "being out after 6PM."

It is just a continuation of the communist takeover after the Corona hoax wore thin. Quarantines are getting serious push back, so now they have to say all men are woman beaters to such an extent they have to be kept OUT of public places as much as possible. FINISH WORK AT 5, GET YOUR GRUEL, AND GO BACK TO YOUR STALL. Just be thankful your bed is more than a pile of grass, we could make it that way, don't you know, we did, after all, take your long bows!!!

If you have paper gold or silver, get it turned into the real deal NOW

They are highly likely to implode the markets and leave the little guys high and dry. If you don't have it at home, you don't have it at all, and remember, a bank deposit box does not mean you have it either.

Under Obama, it was made legal for banks to raid your bank deposit box and simply steal it's contents. This has not been in the news probably because the press is totally rigged, but the rule, as it was, stated that if you did not check into your bank deposit box once every six months it was considered abandoned and could be emptied of assets even if the box was fully paid.

Logically then, if a bank can do that, it follows that if there is ever a metals crisis they are going to crash over, they'll raid your box, and if the bank bellies up I don't know what the rules are but how will you get your stuff out if the bank is gone?

The real safe deposit box is a refrigerator sized gun safe in the basement that piano movers had to take down there as a shell (because it was so heavy) and then put the bricks in to make it fire proof or whatever - and then you filled it with 0000 buck shot until it cracked the concrete slab, RIGHT? That's what a safe deposit box is now.

If you don't hold your physical gold or silver in your hand, you don't have it. If you think you do, HOW DID THAT ELECTION GO? The rule of law is NADA. You have been warned.

Rumors of Cuomo and Whitmer facing arrests for nursing home deaths

Don't hold your breath. Nothing is going to happen to either of them. The system is far beyond the level of corruption needed to keep anything from happening. If anything does, there will be a dog and pony show followed by acquittal and payback for their time.

Yesterday, Biden announced a massive cyber attack on Russia

Today there is rumor it is happening.

I find this questionable. Why would you announce an attack before doing it? I call BUNK. If Russia is being attacked now, there are third players that want anger directed at the United States, that would be the only reason for announcing a state level attack was about to take place. It is one thing to have random hackers in a country do it, but as an official action, it would be war, justifying a random (and bad) return action.

Never in a million years would a legit government that cared about the nation announce this beforehand, NEVER.

The founder of has died.

Let's see if the forecasts change now, this guy blew it for "them" big time, I don't think we were supposed to get that kind of warning. He was a probable white hat.

I saw a post by someone complaining about how long a computer "update" was taking.

Here is reality: Legitimate operating system updates done for legit security concerns (as they claim) should complete in a few seconds. All they need to do is patch one line of code, (or 50 lines, but not 2,395,000.) The operating system updates in the context of "security for you" are an abject hoax. There's no way updates tens or hundreds of megabytes, or nowadays even gigabytes are justified. NO WAY. If they were legit, they'd almost always be less than a meg.

I have always said the updates were not legit, and not as advertised.

Therefore, if you don't want long "updates", don't shoot long videos or have huge private documents or anything of engineering value that is extremely massive, THOSE "updates" take an awful long time for your computer to send out.

That latest "update" was NOT FOR YOU, it was ABOUT YOU.

Elementary level computer stuff! ALWAYS TURN UPDATES OFF (and pray they don't happen anyway), and if anything hits the news about a new "security threat" save all your crap, get it OFF your computer, and THEN update. Guarantee: It will be a MUCH faster update.

Maricopa county man finds LOTS of shredded ballots in dumpster

Right where any audit would be taking place. This appears to be an exclusive dig by the Gateway Pundit

Maricopa county wants this man apprehended IMMEDIATELY "only to reclaim the ballots" which were strip shredded and can be re-assembled easily. They are fully filled out 2020 ballots and were found this way days before an audit was set to begin.

Humor: Early Eddie Murphy - Kill the white people

Eddie Murphy totally slays racial ignorance in this comedy clip from the early VHS days . . . . yes, in a large number of cases the black community really is biting the hand that feeds it.

I can't believe this Eddie Murphy video was even allowed to be posted anywhere.

"Buy a man eat fish, he day. Teach a fish-man, to a lifetime." -Joe Biden

This has gone so viral and is so funny I have to post it. KEEP IN MIND: "Fact checkers" have said Biden never said this, but you know how credible "fact checkers" are, so there's that.

NO DETAILS: One of Biden's german shephards attacked white house security

I am not going to make any guesses about Biden's character with this, but they were rescued dogs. Also, German shephards have a far worse bite than a pitbull, with the difference being that German Shephards usually don't continue until they kill. It was probably not fatal, but it was probably bad.

So at least the one that bit someone is being shipped out. Everyone seems to be doing the obvious "Biden abused them so they did this" rips, but most likely Biden never even really sees them and they are there for optics. Most likely the real issue is that they were rescued, and there's no way to know what happened to them earlier in life. There would have been professional dog handlers there, and if they lost control the one that bit is probably a problem dog.

I don't like having elections stolen, but this particular story probably amounts to nothing more than "Something happened in the dog's life prior to the Bidens and that is what caused this". If a dog handler can't handle the problem then it was the dog.

Entire Nevada democrat staff resigns after communists sweep every top position

Quote from Fox:

"The entire Nevada Democratic Party staff quit after a left-wing slate of candidates picked up seats in the party's leadership.

The party's executive director, Alana Mounce, sent an email to Judith Whitmer, who won a spot as the party's chair on Saturday, notifying Whitmer that she and other staff members were resigning.

That included the party's operations director, research director, communications director, and finance director, The Intercept reported Monday."


After the stolen election, there's no way this happened by anyone's will, having them sweep every top position into their grasp is what a takeover looks like. No one wanted this. It happened. All the lower staff then quit.

Fox won't reveal this, they just said what they ran on was successful and accepted by the people and therefore they got in. THAT IS BUNK, Nevada does not have these types in it's population base, whatever the process was for placing these people got rigged and they simply stole power. Entire staffs don't bug out when things happen on the up and up.

Having an entire staff walk out is what vote fraud looks like, -

And gee, there's that name again - Whitmer.

Very odd in TEXAS:

Texas has road signs that display emergency messages. These are usually used for amber alerts, hurricanes, etc. But today they have the message: "Plan while you can" This is not in the MSM anywhere, it is getting reported by Texans on social media.

In the past, Texas has had these notices on signs before holidays, as a message to "plan the holidays while you can" to avoid drunk driving. However, it is Monday when these messages showed up this time, and there's not a holiday any time soon enough to be relevant for this.

The CDC has announced that ZERO (0) deaths reported through VAERS can be linked to the covid vaccine.

Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism either, and the election was not stolen.

Neat how things work when communists take over. And all their programs, once implemented, will receive either 100 percent or "near total support", except for treasonous anti-semites who hate.

ZERO (0) DEATHS FROM ANY COVID VAX, yet if you die within 30 days of testing positive for Covid, for any reason, OR if you die while testing negative if anyone you can be contact traced to "had covid" within 30 days of your death, even if you had a car accident or whatever, YOU DIED FROM COVID.

See how that works? Get used to it, the "charge of the light brigade" to take this country back is NOT GONNA HAPPEN unless YOU are the light brigade. And I don't mean you should try to bring Jesus to these people, they are going to need to be SENT to Jesus.

Arthur wrote to tell me I have bad math

And he was right. 300 tents for $50 each is not $1,500, it is 15,000. This, however, still does not change the fact that 16.1 million for the same and some food is too much from the public budget. Anyway, thanks Arthur!.

BIDEN VOTER ON CNN: Biden is dropping bombs on syria, and that's awful expensive for a guy who owes me $2000

Another four minute video well worth a watch

It goes over the child slave trade and exploitation problem quite well in 4 minutes and is like a pep talk for those fighting the good fight. It is shocking, I can only hope we end up winning this.


I tried to hit Drudge for joke headlines and quit when I vomited on: "Kamala caught between restless base and traditionalist Biden..."

Seriously? In this case "Traditionalist" would mean Biden only supports a partial genocide???? Are all the "traditionalists" getting black eyes now????


This soon to be deleted hour long video goes over Israel's plot to destroy the United States by stealing American secrets and handing them to China and Russia extremely well, and as a side note, it rips Alex Jones for FINALLY waking up about this far too late.

This video has lots of good info about just how bad Israel really is, and it therefore probably won't survive long on Youtube.


The virtue signalers got their undies in a bundle over this.

Burger King then goes on to explain how they'd like to help women pursue a culinary career, complete with a scholarship. PROBLEM: Burger King and "Culinary" are mutually exclusive terms. "In the kitchen" means you are actually cooking, and fast food made by an industrialized process does not qualify. Anyone they help succeed will immediately leave their jobs. That's not a good business plan.

And the zero substance leftist hacks were ALL OVER THIS crying. This ad belongs in the 70's when important media and public opinions were not coming from intellectual weaklings with tissue paper thin skin.

Two huge con jobs: Homeless tents in San Francisco, and the latest "covid relief bill"

Everyone knows the covid relief bill is a con job. GET THESE LOAN TERMS: The American people just took out a loan against the Federal Reserve for about $1.8 trillion. From that loan, they receive approxmiately $180 billion. The balance of the loan goes to corrupted politicians that stuffed their pockets with hoaxes and con jobs. AND, DRUM ROLL: . . . . . YOU HAVE TO PAY BACK A SIGNIFICAN PORTION OF THAT "180 billion" in taxes!!!

The federal government is SO CORRUPT it took about 92 percent of 1.8 trillion and simply ate it. I WILL TELL YOU WHERE THAT MONEY REALLY WENT: THAT MONEY WENT TO HUGE CORPORATIONS AND OTHER ENTITIES TO ALLOW THEM TO PAY A $15 MINIMUM WAGE AND THEN UNFAIRLY COMPETE AGAINST SMALL BUSINESS. Small business will additionally have to pay higher taxes to make up for that mostly stolen 1.8 trillion. This is all part of a plan to totally destroy businesses that are not elite owned. I could CARE LESS what their official reports state about where the 92 percent of this bill went, bet on it: it went to cronies in big business to enable them to pay an impossible "minimum wage". Ditto for the last covid bills that were just as bad.

Now onto that tent city in San Francisco:

How about a nice case of corruption on a smaller scale? San Francisco just paid $61,000 USD EACH, for 300 tents that cost less than $50 each. All the rest of the cash went straight into someone's pocket. And SF did this to "house 300 homeless people". So in Democrat land, America's down and outs the Dems claim to stand for, were instead used to CASH IN.

Here are the details: The City of SF handed the homeless, at the cost of $190 per day, food I could have bought for $3 or less, a tent that had to last a year that cost less than $50, picked up the trash that was paid for out of a different budget and then harassed with police that were paid for out of a different budget. IF the city of San Francisco was legitimate, and really did what they said efficiently and really cared, Here are the actual costs:

Food: $3 per person per day, (300 people) that's $900 per day and we'll cut them some slack here and leave leeway for $6 per day which is a HELL OF A LOT MORE than I EVER spent on myself per day and I always had hamburger, chicken and more what on earth is wrong with $2 per pound hamburger, as long as it does not come from Wal Mart? Nutritional requirements satisfied by bread, potatoes and whatever else that's cheap as long as there is meat . . . . generously we'll let them spend $6, so per day the food budget is now $1800. Carry that out to a year, and the food budget is $675,000. We'll cut them a little slack for garbage pick up, and say it was a full time job for ONE city employee (dubious, probably not that much work) and we'll pay that employee $60,000 and add dumpster fees of $20,000 for the year. 300 tents for $50 each is 1,500. No mention of anything else. There are always additional expenses, and those have to be factored in, so pretty much the standard way of calculating those expenses is to take the total projected cost and multiply it by 1.3. I will be generous and multiply that by 1.4. TOTAL PROJECT ACTUAL COST: 1,033,900

Where did the rest of the 16.1 million go??? YOU GUESS.

America will not survive being conned this badly, and it is happening everywhere. We simply can't survive having about 8 percent of what we pay into things being all we get out of it. And I don't think anyone expects this to last, corruption is going to crash the entire thing and everyone KNOWS IT.

I'll tell you where it went: (and they deleted this off the page, I noticed the text collapse went to check the report for what vanished, here it is:)

City official A has friend B who owns a food company. This friend charges 15X for the food, above and beyond what it should cost and kicks back a nice portion of the difference to the corrupted city official. Suddenly $6 in food costs $90 and it all balances just fine in the books, which show every dime accounted for. And the corruption was a LOT worse than that, the cost was actually $167 per person per day, WTF FOR????

And then they delete my rant because they can't handle having it be true. I know what I am going to do - I have an old tablet with amazing battery life and I'll set it to intervalometer and have it photograph what I type once per second. Then I'll see exactly what got deleted and highlight it beautifully.

The level of corruption in governments across the United States reminds me of an old post I did about the crack head and the vending machine

This is exactly how destructive this level of corruption is against the United States:

A crack head walks up to a vending machine with a crow bar. The machine cost $3000. He crow bars his way in and does $800 in damage to steal $50 in change. That is literally what these bastards are doing to the United States. And the little guy has to pay the repair bill.

Here is what would have happened if I was in charge of that homeless camp:

I'd have, rather than issue tents, had the qualified among the homeless start building homes. And I am not talking the fantastic rip-off "tiny homes", they'd average about 500 square feet. They'd have all been built in brick and concrete. If you have a contractor in an area that is allowed to have concrete, you can pour the whole damn house of that size for about $20,000 and then complete the finishing work, electrical and all, for about $10,000 more. It would be even cheaper with help from those who were going to be housed. Then there wold be about 8+ million left for other stuff. What is wrong with that city? Why did that not happen? You can't blame permits and regulations WHEN IT IS A G. DAMN CITY PROJECT, unless, of course, there are more layers of corruption standing in your way. And there are.

So there's all this talk about a "great reset". Why does even THAT have to work against us, when it should instead be a "great reset" purging of corruption? NOT TODAY FOLKS!!!

Bored geek re-appropriates outdated computer hardware to a different task

Who would have known scanner motors, floppy drive advance motors and hard drives doing the click of death could actually do the mission impossible theme? How much time did this guy have to do this with? quite interesting.

Jen Psaki is now in the black eye club.

First Mitt Romney. Then Nancy Pelosi. NOW THIS:

IMPORTANT: When I came across this, I figured someone was probably doing deep fakes of black eyes, because you know - NO WAY. So I went to an original press briefing that happened a day later, and sure enough the make-up is not doing it's job.

WHAT is going on? Who is physically beating high level people in the U.S. government??? Are Psaki, Romney, and Pelosi, as bad as they are, not bad enough??? Who is giving the orders??? Is Kamala having this done?

Yesterday I mentioned how people were hoax posting about getting the corona vax and stating they were OK and happy.

I stated it was all a hoax to get people in to get wrecked. Here are a couple PRIME EXAMPLES that have to be total B.S, all the trigger words for manipulating people are here. Get a load of these!!!!

"Biofortified" really will be the new name for GMO

Take a look at this search engine hit. Right at the very top, there's a fact check that says NO. But everything else after confirms that YES, that really is going to be the new label for GMO.

The "fact checkers" try to get out of this by stating "biofortified" simply means hybriding and feeding the plants right so they have the correct nutrients for people. But I have never heard that term used before, I call BUNK, if it was a term, GMO will be what blows it out into the open, and that will make it a "GMO" term.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen got a death threat, it is still online HERE IT IS. actually, This other death threat is more to the point. Problem: He is not dead yet.

Someone opened a Blogger account, set up a convincing news page, and issued a death threat.

Best selling author and navy sealRobert O'Neill posted the following:

MY COMMENT: I'd be ashamed too, but any guilt is not his. He trusted bad people to give him a legit mission like anyone else would, only to discover he was used. Ashamed maybe, guilty? no.

TELLING: CEO of Pfizer canceled Israel visit because he is not vaccinated

GOSH, that's an easy to solve problem, all you need to do to solve that problem is take your own "proven perfectly safe" vaccine, right?

MORE IMPORTANT: I think the Israel crap is a psy op.

I do not believe, not in the least, that the Jewish population that wants us all destroyed so they can reign supreme is taking their own jab for a practically non-existent "disease" THEY CREATED, THEIR OWN PEOPLE CREATED. Come on now - think about it -

FACE IT: ISRAELIS ARE NOT GETTING A COVID JAB, IF THEY ARE GETTING ANY SHOT AT ALL IT IS SALINE OR SOMETHING BENIGN. I am tired of the scamming reports out of Israel where they "have to get a jab" - reports which I believe are being done to make the world not blame the Jews for what will happen once the cold hard truth about what the shot really is becomes obvious. After all, THEY GOT THE SHOT TOO, right? They accepted all the ID's associated with it FIRST, RIGHT? They did EVERYTHING needed to enslave the world and keep it under control TO THEMSELVES FIRST, RIGHT?

And once everyone believes that B.S. they'll have a LOT easier time conning the rest of us into accepting THEIR tech, plus a jab THEIR people produced because THEY all implemented it and did it to themselves FIRST, RIGHT? They are "reacting more harshly to covid" than anyone, that must mean they think it is real, RIGHT??? Not hardly. I call B.S., I don't believe it at all. Perhaps there are restrictions there being done for show, but bank on it, it is ALL FOR SHOW, and they own the bank too!!!

So ban the CEO of Pfizer for not having the jab. That's HIGH PROFILE B.S.!!!!

Here is proof the "covid test" is not as advertised, and actually swabs the cribriform plate: Woman leaks spinal fluid after PCR test punctures "membrane"

THAT headline is a lie!!! It is NOT a "membrane". It is called the Cribriform Plate and it is a mixture of 50 percent bone and 50 percent nerves. It has your smell sensor in it. What happened here is people vary and everything works just fine as long as differences which would never be discovered absent messing with people are not discovered. I covered this before, in depth, here is a picture I posted months ago with regard to this test:

You NEVER EVER EVER, under ANY circumstance allow ANYONE to touch that, it is delicate and should NEVER be touched. It is my guess that this woman is not unique and serious consequences for many have gone unreported.

What happened in this case was this woman had a cribirform plate that was even thinner than usual, and they punched right through it because they lied about what they are actually swabbing.

The con job report on this says she's leaking "spinal fluid". That's not what it is, it is cerebral/spinal fluid and it is coming directly from a puncture into her brain cavity. If they were honest about what they are really swabbing with these tests, this should be impossible!!!

McAffee is now being punished, they have him in jail

Supposedly over a "crypto currency scheme" but we all know the deal - this is made up crap being pushed by a corrupt agency in corrupt "enforcement systems".

REAL REASON McAffee is being punished: It is highly probable he's the guy who got the drone footage of Epstein's island. He also challenged the system in other ways.

Communists ALWAYS do this to hide everything when they commit a coup, I predict McCaffee is TOAST. If from among our own people they found enough corrupted souls in the National Guard ALONE to enforce the coup and protect them in Washington, they are simply going to get away with everything while they take out all good people and dis-assemble the country like a junkyard Toyota. THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE.

MSN CLICK BAIT: 64 stat boosting clicks and loads to read: 64 signs you may have had Coronavirus

Here, let me do a few myself (humor) :

1. Your eye makeup did not go on right. Because the moisture content of your skin changed, CAUSED BY COVID.

2. Your butthole itches constantly because the virus disturbed intestinal parasites. That's what China is really testing for with their anal swabs.

3. Your breath smells like beer and garlic after the game.

4. There was more hair in your hair brush than usual this morning.

5. The taste of macaroni and cheese went to crap after "new and improved" when it should have been "better" because COVID wrecked your senses.

6. You became too docile after that road rage incident.

You get the point . . . . DISCLAIMER: If I accidentally hit any of the 64 signs you had covid, it was a coincidence, all I did was see "64 frames" I had to click through, said NO WAY, copied the link and closed the page. That's how you boost stats with clickbait, and it is B.S. - POOR MOLLY who believes this crap and would actually go through all that.

Two oil facilities struck by missiles in Syria

Details are sparse so far, (report a couple minutes old). It is a lose lose. If the ships struck were Israeli, Israel did it. Interesting it is how once Trump is out, all the crap starts, eh?

If the ships belong to another country, Israel did it and Russia might retaliate. No details as of yet, but BANK ON IT: This stuff starting RIGHT AFTER Trump was ousted in a coup is really all you need to know. What they did to Trump and who they installed is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. CIA/MOSSAD/ISRAEL. Back in full force!


A powerful mirage made a ship appear in the sky in Britain

I am metioning this because "flat earthers" often reference photographs that would not be possible to take because if the earth was curved, what is in the image should be past the horizon -

The truth is that because the atmosphere is a lens, occasionally the correct conditions occur for the horizon beyond the curve to be visible. This used to be taught in elementary school, which in my case mentioned a time when the ocean, ships and all, "appeared" in the middle of the Mojave desert. The linked report states the effect happens frequently in the arctic.

Obviously if people don't know these types of atmospheric anomalies happen from time to time, they might be fooled by unscrupulous actors with an agenda. Even I have at least seen mountains that were "too far away to see", it happens.

The atmospheric effect that makes this possible is the exact same one that makes stars twinkle when in reality their light does not vary at all. The linked report does not mention that the ship pictured could actually be a thousand miles away.

BREAKTHROUGH: the truth behind WHY some people keep watching CNN HAS BEEN REVEALED

I have seen CNN formulate totally new batches of lies that totally conflict with lies spewed minutes earlier, and have NEVER seen anyone watching CNN notice that. CNN viewers live in one dimension: the precise point in time CNN happens to be at, with absolutely nothing remembered from what was said a minute ago, only what CNN is saying RIGHT NOW matters. That, in my opinion, is an illness. Possibly hypnotism and it is PRECISELY how elections get stolen.

RUMOR: Covid vax disables cancer immune system

Update: The source naturalnews quoted has added a disclaimer stating it has nothing to do with the corona vax obviously, because the article is from 2018 and can't be used this way.

I went to the sources Natural News quotes at the bottom, and the only 100 percent credible one never mentions the Corona vax, and the reports there were done before the Coronavirus.

Much of the rest of what natural news says is not possible. If all the Mrna was transported out of cells by the corona vax, everyone would die very quickly. The main source natural news quotes is HERE. Read the date. This report does not apply to the corona vax.

Therefore stating the report says the corona vax causes cancer is not responsible. The only thing the referenced report does get across quite clearly is that Mrna vaccines will be far riskier than we are led to believe and it does this without mentioning them at all.

I only posted this to let people know I did not miss this, I guess if Natural News, (which has been right about a lot) stops a few people from taking the vax with this report, it is a positive.


WAG THE MONKEY "They" are claiming they corona vaxxed the gorillas at the San Diego zoo!!!

BULLSHIT. An MRNA shot would NEVER be cross species compatible, And now Monkeys can get hit by the Corona con job!!!!!

Gosh, I have to back off on always using the words "con job", but how can I when everything after the CON JOB election has been nothing but a con? They just want to tease people about how the monkeys got through it since monkeys obviously don't know about "conspiracy theories".


Hey everybody, "white hats" were supposed to install TRUMP as prez today!!!! Instead, we got Youtube escalating tyranny by deleting Trump's Cpac speech. Who's in charge NOW????

New Zealand just had an 8.1

They were having big quakes up to the 7's all day, and they just had an 8+. What is going on? Iceland, Indonesia, and now New Zealand. So far, a 7.4, a 7.3, a 7.8 and an 8.1 in the same day in New Zealand, plus lots of 6+ and 5+ quakes. Quite major I'd say. All quakes were local enough to population centers to be felt and a couple likely caused major damage in population centers. Who knows what will happen next, now might be a good time to go camping rather than be indoors in New Zealand.

Small tsunamis have been detected in relation to the quakes in New Zealand. If anything serious develops, people have been told to ignore the Coronavirus rules and get out of harm's way.

WOW, Youtube deleted ALL copies of President Trump's CPAC speech and suspended anyone who posted it.

They did not ban FOX yet but you can't get theirs to come up in searches unless you specifically type for it. Anything that does come up readily is a debunking con job. That's what the Fed, the media and everything else is after that stole election, a BIG FAT CON.

I know Youtube is bad, but that's enough of a shocker to get me to not even go there for instruction vids. They are a domestic enemy. THAT, RIGHT THERE, is enough to hang the staff and bulldoze the place, and I am NOT kidding.


This morning I took Claudia in for a thyroid ultrasound (all is well), And while there, they tried to get her to take the corona vax, and said crap like "My sister took it and she feels great" and all kinds of other stuff to "convince" Claudia it was OK to take . . . . . fortunately Claudia is not stupid.

AND NOW THIS: The CDC is expunging the VAERS system of corona vaccine related deaths. I caught 1,850 (approximately) deletions myself and wondered what was going on and if I read the data right the first time. It was SO FAR off from my first assessment of the data to the second assessment I just figured I screwed up. I did not screw up.

Want to know how bad America's schools are? Here it is:

Baltimore student, who rates "near" the top 50 percent of his class has a GPA of 0.13 and only passed 3 classes in his entire 4 years of high school.

At first I thought it had to be The Onion, then realized they'd get sued for racism, and saw it is an MSM report.

The mom blames the school for not informing her he was doing so bad, and for advancing him in classes like algebra even though he failed the class at a lower level.

She has a point, though she is partially responsible for this, no school system should ever be THAT BAD, especially since as bad as this is, the kid is STILL in the top 50 percent!

That's warfare. If ANY school would allow such a low level of performance, it is a subversive tool of war. They want America destroyed no if's or buts.

Deep fake Tom Cruise

I ignored this and finally watched it. Millions of people have seen this already. Deep fake Tom Cruise - about a minute and a half long, and proof video "evidence" is no longer relevant. So when proof is released of all the people who have been blackmailed, they can just scream "deep fake". Anyone who has been blackmailed to destroy the United States with video "evidence" of them murdering and screwing children can quit being blackmailed now and do the right thing. Is that why Mitt and Pelosi suddenly had bruises???

SpaceX stuck the landing of Starship 10

And then it blew up on the landing pad. Someone is stuxnetting these launches, no ifs or buts anymore.

I am not getting my hopes up, it is my belief that whatever SpaceX is allowed to do at this point in time is only to quell public outrage and obscure the fact that Jewish run communism has every intention of forever snuffing the American dream.

There will be no mars mission. Even if "they" have to allow Spacex to take it all the way to launch, and then stuxnet the launch so it blows up like Challenger. They absolutely would do that, no If's or buts. I don't believe the after landing explosion was anything but sabotage.

I am well aware of the fact Iceland is "about to blow"

A lot of people are saying this. And the servers for this site are there. But I looked into the situation and I am not worried.

The story: A LOT of seismic activity is happening about 20 miles south east of Reykjavik, and that could indicate a major eruption will happen. And the area has major "erase everything" volcanic activity once every 800 years or so, and it is due.

What say I? why worry! If anything does happen I hope everyone gets out OK. And it is not likely to happen, even Icelanders are saying "nothing will happen" and the papers are quite casual about it.

Both Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi have taken serious hits to the head lately

You may have heard about Mitt. Here's Nancy today:

What happened? Did Nancy just discover it was not going to be HER plan she was so corrupt for? Have I not always said that the communists immediately ditch their tools when they discover they are not useful? Gosh, was she actually hit in the head? That mark looks like it is where the electrodes would go. 400 volts anyone? it would take that much to do that.

"World's most advanced AI drones:" To successfully work on a project like this, you have to be VERY smart one way, and TOTALLY RETARDED another!

That may be funny, but a high performance pellet gun would work and there would not be a shotgun blast to tell anyone who did it.

Tesla (or other auto manufacturer autopilot) - only a guess -

I'd make a bet that a Tesla on auto pilot would drive right off this, because all the key indicators for the road existing that an AI would look for are still there. My guess is that the AI would interpret that darker section as a pavement patch or shadow.

Kentucky highway 22 collapse

A probable new "Q" psy op

I am only going to say the basics with this because I have said it before -

During the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, they ran a large number of psy ops intended to cause complacency by "ensuring the people" that the military was going to suddenly go into action and stop the communist takeover. America is having the EXACT SAME CRAP pushed.

I am not going to name the actual names of the people who are the originators of this crap, because there's a chance that (some of) the people involved in the "military is going to save us" fairy tales are innocent suckers. One who is very likely innocent is David Wilcock, and I'll state him because he's not the source pushing this crap. He's just trusting the wrong people, and he has been suckered cold and hard before. There are other well known alt media types that are pushing the con job . . . . . .

Let me state this clearly: There is no magical 70% approval rating the military is "waiting for" before springing into action and putting things right. That's just hopium and an already tried and proven method of conquer the Bolsheviks have already tried before, with success. They want people who could make a difference sitting on their butts waiting for a miracle until the people who could have made a difference are weakened sufficiently to render them irrelevant.

The Russian bolsheviks pushed a pandemic (the Spanish flu), made people wear masks, shut down large parts of the economy, ran a Q psy op, overthrew the tsar, and then, in the aftermath, launched an endless stream of psy ops intended to make people believe the military would save them.

The American bolsheviks pushed a pandemic (the Coronavirus), made people wear masks, shut down large parts of the economy, ran a Q psy op, blatantly and openly stole an election, and now, in the aftermath, they are pulling the exact same "military will save us" BULLSHIT.

FOLKS, THE MILITARY IS NOT GOING TO "SAVE US". The military is going to cooperate 100 percent with the coup BECAUSE OBAMA FIRED ALL THE PATRIOTIC GENERALS AND PLACED TREASONOUS BASTARDS INSTEAD IN PREPARATION FOR THIS MOMENT, they are still there, Trump did not do JACK to purge them. think they changed their minds??? THINK AGAIN.

If the current regime cannot get above 30 percent approval, they'll simply start killing dissenters until via that method they reach at least that number, and the military will back them up. No approval rating will be improved by communists via a method other than genocide. They don't expect you to like them, they know they are hated, and they'll simply get rid of those who hate them even if it means killing off most of the people. They don't need large numbers of people, and people have babies. If they take the genocide too far, they can just let their subjects re-produce for a while, and they'll then be "a lot better people". That's how the bolsheviks operate.

In this VERY LONG video, David starts going over this right around the one hour mark and he does name names. He is trusting the wrong people. I can only hope the names he names got suckered too. I am linking this because it is SUCH a thorough run-down of the BULLSHIT, stated by someone who has been fooled before, and is not a bad guy. I can only hope that in time he realizes I was right and is not offended by this (in the future,) I can handle not being liked for now.

NO MATTER WHAT THE CLAIMS, THE MILITARY IS NOT WAITING FOR "THE RIGHT TIME" TO SAVE US. The military leadership consists exclusively of trash Obama put in for the explicit purpose of supporting the destruction of the country. Let's see who's right. Remember I said this. REMEMBER WHO SAID THE OPPOSITE. I CAN WAIT.

Aaah yes, "retired and fired" generals are saying "all will be well". ON WHAT GROUNDS? They have no data, or false data fed to them by traitors!



China has put into it's new school textbooks that homosexuality is a mental disorder

LBGTQ had a court battle in China to stop this from happening and lost both in a lower court and in a high court appeal. And that's a good thing, because there are TWO genders and ONE place to "put it".

As I stated a month ago, the National Guard will not be going home

I said something to the effect of: "This extension of their stay will be repeated with a longer extension and talk of sending them home while even more extensions are planned". They won't be going home, they have to be kept there to allow an illigitimate government to proceed without confrontation from the American gun owner.

I know at least a few national guard on capitol grounds hit this site, the numbers bear that out. To them I state: Guarding that illigitimate presence in the capitol is an act of treason. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Probable new psy op

I have noticed on MANY venues, (every single one in fact, ALL OF THEM, EVERY LAST ONE) that in the past week at least one person posts that they had the Corona vax, brags about it, says everyone else they know got it, and everyone is OK. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM -

They are likely either AI or paid crap posters that were hired in an attempt to sucker everyone into getting the shots. Meanwhile, they can just filter everyone who posts legit testimony of being damaged or about others that got killed.

They did not fix these shots. And they want EVERYONE injected.

FACT: The effects are HORRIBLE, often fatal, and your DNA WILL be modified. Don't get suckered by a CON ARTIST posting "I GOT IT AND ALL IS WELL, GEE, I AM SO HAPPY, MY ARM WAS A LITTLE BIT SORE BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!" That's ALL B.S., the effects are awful and not a single one of these garbage posters I have seen have done anything at all but sing praise. If they were legit there would be variance, but ALL state it was just a sore arm for a little while. That's not possible.

Some people get a thrill out of lying to everyone, knowing it is nothing but a bait scheme that will wreck everyone. Approximately 20 percent of the society is evil enough to go for the shitpost if they are paid to even if they at least partially believe it's a nasty shot, and about 5 percent would do it if they were paid to, even if they knew the shot was destroying or killing everyone who took it. Bad people exist. Don't fall for the shitpost.

BLM is warning drivers about Unusual herds of elk and buffalo leaving Yellowstone

Is it about to blow? Is it GLOOM AND DOOM? NO! What is happening here is what John Denver was killed for trying to reveal - there are now so freaking many elk and buffalo out in the wild that they have become a MAJOR road hazard. Add to that the annual migration, where they'll be heading north to avoid getting infected by a brain eating parasite (and because they don't like too much heat) plus food is better in the north now, and it is turning into absolute mayhem.

So when heading across Montana, keep a watchful eye and don't go much over 90. You may kill the buffalo but it won't mean you win, you won't have anything left above the shoulders!

Biden says blacks should get free tuition at HBCU universities

That is one thing I can't argue with. Biden is a phoney president through and through, and he should be hung, and yada yada, however, that's an excellent idea.

Now, there is one caveat to this - if this does happen it will encourage people who are not college material to go to college. That in and of itself is not bad, However, it will tempt HBCU universities to lower their standards and they should not do that. They HAVE TO keep at least the same standards they have now, watering them down to help people make it will de-legitimize HBCU diplomas and that will hurt those who deserved the grades.

Whoppers in the news today

AOC wants a $24 minimum wage, and calls $15 an "extreme compromise"

SEE THAT? Never negotiate with leftists, as soon as you give in they ratchet it up. The goal is DEFINITELY to destroy the country.

Biden is going to bypass Congress on "reparations"

And he's going to make sure whites "pay blacks like they owe them".

They are going to blame soybean oil for Autism

And everything else they are conning the public with, suddenly it is bad for you and causes diabetes, Alzheimer's, depression AND GENETIC CHANGES, you know, so they can blame soybean oil instead of Moderna!

I will never buy soybean oil, I'll only buy corn oil, canola is OUT also - but I think they are looking to bury their crimes in soybean oil. I don't believe it is suddenly THAT BAD.

Doctor Suess to be discontinued?

They are pointing "racist" at Doctor Suess. Those books were great because they combined fantasy with reality. I guess leftists can't handle the reality part.

Israel's new "freedom bracelet"

It's an ordinary well established house arrest bracelet they are forcing people to use so they can quarantine at home. Aah yes, the FREEDOM BRACELET, sort of like "Operation enduring freedom" and "The Patriot Act" which only targeted patriots!

Biden is handing $125 million to Ukraine

Nothing changed.

New superman movie to have a black superman

Rumor has it he looks like Obama.

Japan is mad at China for China's covid anal swabs

My opinion is that China is either implanting nanobots rectally or China is doing this as a humiliation and submission tactic. There's simply no excuse for this.

The Church of Satan is filing a lawsuit against Texas

They are claiming Texas has restrictive abortion laws that violate their "freedom of religion". This was in the news a while ago but now they are officially going through with it. Ha ha, Classic, as if we did not know what this issue was really about all along.

The anti-pope is now saying the flood of Noah was fictional

He is stating this to enforce the global warming scam, because the flood of Noah was promised by God to never be repeated. So it is suddenly "fiction." That boy is on a highway to hell, he might as well ride in style!

And by the way, yes, the story of Noah has lots of rain, but the key factor was "the lord opened the fountains of the deep". And the earth does indeed have enough water in the crust and upper mantle to flood to the highest mountain top several times over. And it ends with "the lord caused the waters to recede", it does not say all that water dried up.

So that blows it for Mister notapope Francis.

Silly Sidney Powell brought more cases before the supremes

And like a broken record playing the same phrase it always played, the supremes simply threw them out. Corruption through and through. Why bother with even mentioning it? To prove I did not miss the story I guess.


There is no way for Nasa to back out of this, Perseverence is fake.

I have proof Perseverence is fake. And that proof is coming straight from NASA. A lot of people will not understand the proof I present, but it is undeniable and the most important people in key positions of foreign countries are going to understand this. I am going to make this as simple as possible.

The images from Perseverence are being generated in an AI that was not programmed right. If you don't program an AI right, the "world" it creates will be done the wrong way. And I have proof the "world" Perseverence is sending back was indeed not programmed right.

It is all in the sky.

A natural sky on ANY planet, and it won't matter what planet, has a brightness gradient that is vertical. This was proven by the Venera probes Russia sent out, and the Viking probes America sent out, plus any photo you take on earth. And it makes sense, as you look horizontally the sky should have equal intensity horizontally while it gradients to a different intensity as you look upward. The brightness gradient on the perseverence photos is horizontal. This cannot exist in nature. Someone screwed up and programmed that wrong.

I knew the very first thing someone was going to excuse Nasa away with was focal length of the cameras, which, if long enough, would confuse the vertical/horizonal gradient of the sky. If it was more than 1000mm this could happen in (some) but not all photos. But alas! Nasa has NO SUCH OUT, the focal length of the mast cams, which have 4X optical zoom, is 28-110. THEY ARE STUCK. Every single sky those cameras capture, regardless of conditions, should have a clearly visible vertical gradient. So let's do some examples.

Nasa will probably try to con their way out of this by blaming dust, and they might even now tweak the AI to "prove it". However, in absolutely NO CASE will dust change nature, even in extremely dusty conditions, the sky fills left to right.

OH, but there are people on the ground receiving telemetry, RIGHT?

Sorry, that's easy to put in a simulator, and everyone would think it is real.

Oh, but the money was spent, where did it go?

ANSWER: Into a prop SO CHEAP they used totally outdated GARBAGE 2 megapixel cameras, After all, the cost of this mission could have paid for 57,500 frazzle drips at the going rate of about $40,000 per child, or several private jets, or YOU NAME IT. Our country is lost. If we can't even stop an election, ON EARTH from being stolen, how easy it would be to fake Mars where no one can go to prove it. That alone would be a reason to stop Musk from going there. Why did they do that? Why mess with Musk? because he can prove we got robbed!

The following was my original post, where I first noticed this and waited for the final details to bust them with. They did not take long!!!

I have confirmed the Perseverence images are fake.

I am not going to say what is wrong with them to allow Nasa to blow it worse (with worse defined as, they are already busted but have ONE way to "save this well enough for the not too bright sheep to accept via plausible deniability" if they figure it out on time. They are already gone for anyone who has experience with photography. The images are NOT REAL, that's a 100 percent certified guarantee. And now that we are "getting the real images", the science cameras are absolute bullshit. It is not time to pounce yet, they have to finish blowing this out beyond repair.

And like I predicted would be the case, the image quality SUCKS. Sucks REAL BAD. Casual observers may not think so, but the image quality is indeed far below my FIRST pre-911 digital cameras. This is probably to make it possible to get a "more foolproof AI image" but when a fool programs the AI, they lose anyway. This could be an H1-B problem. Probably is. I am waiting on this before I nail them totally. Last time I did this for the other rovers I did not have a site like this one, but this time around I am going to slay them for real.

See this page for the images. Select the mast cams. See if you can figure out why and how they were faked. I certify with 100 percent certainty and lots of photographic experience that these images were generated by AI. They are not planet shots. They are AWFUL quality and the AI had a SEVERE glitch. Someone does not know how to fake a world, I can say that much. These images were not taken on earth, and were not taken on Mars either. They were generated in an improperly programmed AI.

I'll stake my reputation on this. Once I point out how to see the AI fakery, EVERYONE and their dog is going to know they faked this.

I am in the process of saving enough shots just in case they figure out their glitch and fix the AI. All it takes is ONE (1) fake image as they released it and you know the mission is bunk no matter what they release afterward. But alas, I have a LOT MORE saved than that.

Apparently good info: NWO using DNS servers to re-direct conservatives to spoof sites

Here is how it works: Let's say you want to hit Infowars and sign in - you get re-directed to a look-alike login screen right from the DNS servers (which operate on trust that the administration won't be corrupt -) the spoof login screen then steals your password, and a bot immediately logs into the real site with your password and it then immediately deletes your account. Supposedly there is a widespread problem with this today.

Supposedly this is happening to Brighteon and other alt video sites right now UPDATE: Happened to GAB

Oldie but goodie: Man robs bank to get away from his wife

He robbed it for 169.00 and then sat down and waited for the police to arrest him. He said he wanted jail so he could get away from his nagging wife. The judge then punished him to six months of home confinement. OUCH.

Here is a "news report" that is such a con it nauseated me

Yes. Patriots did the capitol riots, and reminded some guy who is probably a fabrication dreamed up by AI of the time he was tortured by Al-Quaeda.

Patriots are therefore terrorists.

But wait, there's more! The "news report" lays out all the details about how Al-Quaida is in syria and needs to be expunged. Double duty. Bash patriots and call for war. Is nausea being replaced by anger? No, the nausea is still there.

Rage. Vomit. Launch. A new concept in MSM reporting. Seriously, breakfast is pushing up after that one.

They cannot explain Tiger Wood's latest "accident".

Take a look at this latest report by the New York Post. Why all this speculation when they could just ask him? Now the accident is so inexplicable outside an intentional remote control incident they are saying he fell asleep behind the wheel. All the while all the earlier reports stated he sped off ANGRY - they said he was MAD ABOUT SOMETHING when he left to go to another golf tournament, and then crashed on the way down the hill, right after leaving. Who falls asleep in 2 minutes when they are mad, on the way to an important match???

They are hoaxing ALL OF THIS because they know what happened and can't say it. And there's another enormous glaring problem with the story they are now spewing:

Why don't they just talk to the guy and find out what happened? Obviously they are looking for a coverup and not an answer. So they "have forensic investigators looking for why he crashed" and they are not asking him. And they can't say he was not available for questioning, because the FIRST REPORTS, THE VERY FIRST REPORTS said he was in pain after the accident, but he was 100 percent alert and able to talk. And he supposedly said nothing about how it happened??? That's B.S.

They are not talking to him, or did not talk to him, because there's a coverup. Let's see if after his "medical treatment" he's still available to talk. Let's see if he's even alive, or if he "dies of Corona" or "complications" or suddenly develops brain damage and therefore can't talk. One thing is certain, there's no need for an investigation to find out what happened when he was 100 percent alert and talking. In this case, "Investigation" equals COVER UP.

He will NEVER be allowed to say "The car suddenly accelerated and swerved directly into a tree". He was supposed to be dead. They had to ditch the original story of "driving drunk" when he lived. He's probably in "counseling" right now, learning all about what "investigators discovered" and if he won't go along with it, there is a pandemic, don't you know.

When I bought an AMD K-5 75 CPU

The guy who sold it to me (who I knew well) told me the previous customer was in town to "weld handcuffs into boxcars". An ENDLESS stream of box cars. He said the customer told him straight up. I bought lots of hardware from this guy and would even visit him at his house as a friend. He did not fake this up. The story:

This was back in the 90's -

The customer walked in, said he was in town on a job for a few months and needed a computer. He was a welder. The job was welding handcuffs into box cars. He gave no specifics about the work, if they were individually welded or went in on a rack with several at a time (I asked about that), he just said he was welding handcuffs. This was when Clinton was in.

So that's old news, RIGHT? Did not happen, RIGHT? After all, if that did happen, we'd have been carted away by now, RIGHT???

Actually, the Rockefeller forest that's on the road to yellowstone (this used to be announced on a giant road sign back in the 80's but does not come up in searches now, only one in California comes up now) has plenty of rail parking space, (I hunted down the rail spur for it "way back when") and box cars stay looking new for decades. And there are tons of places elsewhere to park stuff. And even if used daily, rail cars can stay in service for 60 years or more. They don't change . . . . . there's not a "new stylish version" of the latest and greatest box car!

How long term was the plan to destroy the United States? At least since the federal reserve . . . . .

Check out the quotes I found on Moderna's web site

Our mRNA Medicines - The 'Software of Life'

Our Operating System

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the "program" or "app" is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers solely focused on advancing Moderna's platform technology. They are organized around key disciplines and work in an integrated fashion to advance knowledge surrounding mRNA science and solve for challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development. Some of these disciplines include mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & delivery, bioinformatics and protein engineering.

Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region - the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein. Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality. We also have the ability to combine different mRNA sequences encoding for different proteins in a single mRNA investigational medicine.


If you don't want to accept our new "operating system" and replace the one you already have with it, YOU are an ANTI-SCIENCE HICK.

Anti Science!

Anti Science!

And obviously, if Microsoft and others cannot do crash proof computer software for CPU's and memory where EVERY LAST TRANSISTOR IS KNOWN, - for processors and hardware that are explicitly and intentionally designed to be compatible, how can Moderna do software for the operating system of life, that is different for every person, as proven by DNA tests?

Far from "anti science", people who refuse the vax know tech and science and only a shroom would accept this! It is quite audacious, and remember, they are not liable if you get the blue screen of death.


Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.